January 2, 2013: We have collected all papyrus documents of all creations/worlds forever uniting everything to our New World


Summary of the script today

1st January: We have collected all papyrus documents of all creations/worlds forever uniting everything to our New World

  • Dreaming of Russia bringing me the worst darkness of all, John being a pessimist, and saving much life of previous creations working completely without energy.
  • I was utterly broken down after a difficult Christmas and New Year including feelings of lack of faith and disappointment that we are not finished with the journey yet, and the strongest darkness challenged me to cross my old rules of my own behaviour, but I stood my ground, and eventually decided to finish my work also today continuing work to save big lumps of life. This darkness still wants to explode and to grind me, but follows me when deciding that this is not how we work.
  • Darkness has spread poison all over here, and I am not supposed to be here, but am when I am doing my best also breaking the code of it, and when not showing enough crises to my family for the darkness of my mother to overtake me.
  • I did the re-installation of Bettina’s computer, which she gave me as a gift, and I succeeded to correct the previous installation errors on it symbolising that we are removing errors of previous creations to make everything work of our combined New World inside the Source. We have collected all papyrus documents of life of all creations/worlds forever uniting this to our New World.
  • We have now removed the bag (of darkness) of these previous creations, and now there is only a lamp shining on it. We are now bringing back the last life of this darkness.
  • Short stories of Fanny bringing her New Year greetings and darkness, darkness of Mads makes me start the new year as a Zombie.

2nd January: Bringing out my inner self as the last from darkness including much life of nothing is the greatest challenge of all

  • Dreaming of doing my best work inside of darkness expanding our New World and the amount of life of it.
  • I worked much to overcome “mentally impossible work” to do with an overload of work given to me after I had used time yesterday to set up the “new” computer. We are still painting the façade of the dark ship, and I was shown myself inside a very little floating balloon, which is inside the most inner of the Source at the Command Central itself. We are “almost happy” by now still handling the last darkness.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures of her Facebook group show heads growing even bigger (with new life), Greenland (of God) is an angel-wing, a band around Earth with big heads on its sides, darkness still tries to hid from me.
  • Dreaming of having lost my working capacity but I keep working, the power of the secret world elite working against me, and Karen loved a man treating her as dirt killing her and me via her.
  • Bringing out my inner self as the last from darkness of nothing is the greatest challenge of all, which John will help doing tomorrow when he will help transferring data from the hard disk of my old computer and the ram-memory of it symbolising the transfer of a large amount of hidden life as “nothing as everything”, which my inner self will bring.
  • I am completely without energy only working because of will power.
  • More pictures from Jette’s Facebook group show New Year cleaning, dark hiding behind light, my bad heart, one clear heart to fill and one full to empty, I am a “very big and sad” alone, big head, and lumps of life gathering..
  • Short stories of Michael Sadler not believing in me, I receive smiles for fighting the director of Helsingør Commune, the US economy did not slide into the abyss which the world did also not, a sign showing that my mother’s friend Käte has faith in me.


1st January: We have collected all papyrus documents of all creations/worlds forever uniting every-thing to our New World

Dreaming of saving much life of previous creations working completely without energy

Finally at approx. 01.30 I could go to bed and I slept until 08.20, which is still far too little to cover my need of sleep, and these are the dreams.

  • I am with Karen, I am 30 centimetres higher than her, but she has another boyfriend being 30 centimetres higher than me, whom I feel like a Russian. 
    • Russia is this worst darkness bringing me the worst sufferings there is, which is about Karen being unfaithful to me!
  • John is Trafic Minister, and I ask him why it is not possible to receive customer service in the airport about passenger ships, trains and aeroplanes – to unite all customer service departments of these three to benefit customers – and John says that as long as each of these don’t work, they will not be united. I see that he has one man included in his network, who is working at Jyske Bank and “climbing” up. 
    • This is about a cracker, which we pulled yesterday, which said that a pessimist is a man seeing problems in every situation of opportunity, and this is the kind of man that John is, and this dream is about uniting the Trinity, which is not easy to do with John seeing “problems” in everything. The Jyske Bank man is Bent from Skive, who is really now at the top management of Spar Nord Bank.
    • I received the lyrics “Oh no, not me, I never lost control” from David Bowie’s “the man who lost the world”, and this is what I did.

  • I have been hired by Amagerbanken, I don’t have updated qualifications to work there, but I attend a music quiz for all employees, where everyone received at least 5 of 7 right answers will win a prize, and this includes me receiving just 5 right answers. I see a box including all albums of Electric Light Orchestra in an incredible delicious packing and all of the albums are remastered, and I would very much like one of these. Something about the longest street becoming Århus where everyone is led into a repair shop to bring out beer from heaven – or something like that. 
    • Amagerbanken went bankrupt in 2011 I believe, and this is to say that I am working as my old self being completely emptied from energy, and still I receive “warm feelings” of life, and the absolutely warmest there is because of the Electric Light Orchestra box, and this is because we are saving this life of previous creation becoming part of Århus, i.e. our New World.

I was utterly broken down with the strongest darkness challenging me to give up, but no, we will continue work!

Despite of the sleep, I was still broken completely down this morning, and I checked Facebook updates, and when I just had to watch a few beautiful ladies too, and saw how I was “inspired” to watch a few teen ladies, I knew that this was the most inner and worst darkness of all challenging me to do what is wrong, and you will have to imagine this as a very direct pressure coming to me with darkness bringing me very direct feelings and desire to do what is wrong, but no, this is not my cup of tea, so there was not much danger at all, but I felt how destructive this was potentially.

I was told that we had four boxes at goal – the four-leaf New World – and we are still working on the fifth one (previous creations), which is a major German test as I was told.

I was a yacht out on sea in beautiful weather, but we are still fighting the worst darkness inside of the cabin as I was told and shown.

I was told that Århus and the ancient Greek are not yet fully in, so we will continue. And I was shown and told that people of other civilizations will make the most beautiful entry flying in fleets of their spaceships.

I received a large “lump” of life and was told “no, we will not become tax deductions”, and yes that’s right, still thinking of you, David.

I was so tired that I had to take a long bath before thinking of starting work today, and at bath, I was shown the end of an underground train line with a solid wall at the end of the tunnel, and I was asked what you do when you have to get into the core of this, which is concentrated darkness, and “explosion” was put in my mouth, and I said “only if this is the last option”.

I was told that my mother and sister together being “completely deaf” are this darkness.

Here in bath, I was much affected by the incredible difficult Christmas and New Year I went through and my continious tiredness/exhaustion, and I had hoped that this night would have been it ending my journey and sufferings, but here I lay with much darkness still coming against me, still suffering and darkness still wanting to bring me my “old nightmare” if I just gave it one small opening, and I also received “doubts” and lack of faith because when will anything happen (?), and this came together with the feeling of Elijah in relation to me, and yes Elijah this is what your lack of reading/understanding and your doubts in me is bringing me directly, so I had to decide being stronger than all of this, and to decide not to be weak and give in to all of this, so this is what I did, and no, I do NOT want to give up and that includes NOT to give up on my own rules, which is what was tested to the extreme this morning.

I was told that it is still very violent going through a night of sleep, and what was the outcome (?), and yes some gold bracelets stolen and nothing much because we were guarded, and yes Stig, we are back on the chain gang, the train is still rolling deeper.

Your mother has not cough mixture, but I have. It feels like some did not catch the plane home, but we are still here all of us (?), so we will just continue, and yes also fuelled by Bjarne from the Commune sending this destructive darkness.

There is nothing wrong with my photo equipment but it is as if it is not installed correctly because something is lacking from your mother, and is it love (?), is it support and yes we know it is faith, and without it Stig we cannot walk any further, and I feel Chris from the chocolate factory and “poor excuses” so I have only one answer for you, which is to continued and to please make everything perfect and that is because you can, and I feel Obama with me again.

It is a rigid party, its not your party anymore, where is the veterinarian, I cannot stand it – I feel Sanna here – and no, he is not and I mean not Jesus because anyone can tell that he is not, and yes those kind of things take on your sister and mother.

This is only a very little fishing competition, but who is right (?), and yes that doesn’t matter because to your sister and family, it is all about feelings.

With sadness we cannot get in when you sleep, yes we turn into “bastards” chasing your mother instead and that is right after being laid to bed, and no, no dreams on this, but you better take my work for it.

Your mother and sister have a hole in their heads, they have completely lost it, now not a matter of what is right or wrong, but no, we don’t want to lose Stig, and what is he getting into and so on.

The truth is that we have been expecting you, Stig, there is no one in here to feed but you, you don’t have a porpoise, do you (?), and yes small whales, which we are picking up.

No one here has pocket money for her, she is far too expensive, she is this world’s Toruk Makto (from the Avatar film), you cannot approach her, and this is what you still do and yes ask to get the cupboard stand right and that is next to me and for all of you to follow me to the light. And we would much rather go to the hospice, and I am shown the one at Frederiksberg (Copenhagen), but we know that you will take us to the call centre (Excellent as it was called) and get us all out of here, it is only a matter of time.

And no, you are not as cynical as you pretend to be, because when you open up the feelings of both your mother and sister, it pours out of them and these are the main sources of what you receive these days, and yes your sister is very concerned for you bringing your mother down too.

We have reached as far down as Southern Germany covering our New World of ALL creations, and we only have some loose ends here and there to cover, and then we will surely start up this place wont we?

Yes, not even a small news story on DR P1 radio is what they could do – about “the incident” December 21 – and this is also what is fuelling this extra tour.

So this is still about “remember the tooth brush” and yes you promised your mother to visit the dentist after New Year, and you had absolutely no idea that you would still be your old self making this come into force.

We don’t need a key anymore to get in, we feel you are in, and I feel my sister and mother, and now only a matter of time.

We don’t have any standard songs here, this song is going to be hanged up in the ceiling and this one on the floor, and no you are not going to kiss anyone but only use this “energy” wisely.

It is not a matter of money anymore, and she – this one – is not dead yet, right?

There is nothing to do, he does not want to give up, and yes Stig instead of an explosion, we will remove the radio tower of this darkness via the work you decide to continue doing today and that is despite of all because nothing is going to stop you/us.

This was the remaining of the chrysanthemum bomb, which wanted to explode, and if it had, it would have been directed at your mother and sister, but only if I accepted of course.

I was told that it is incredible that none, who has seen you as your new self coming, has not called you yet, and for some time I have been given the name Irene, and I have a vague memory of having gone to EFG-school in 1980/81 with a woman of this name.

What if you put the sugar pipe down there and soak, do you get the rest up (?), and yes Stig, it is something like this we are doing.

We had to get rid of that antenna to be able to open our new radio/TV store here too (communication inside these worlds of previous creation), and I see an iron pole being cut over. A little later I was told that now this is in the lunch box.

I received strong pain inside of my right foot, and the ventilator of my computer kept on turning on and speeding quicker than it is supposed to do and yes bringing “danger” to my old computer to break down before changing to my new.

At 15.10 I was told “thank you” when I was updating my script of yesterday including the chapter on New Years Eve, which was NOT easy writing because of how I feel, and I felt that doing this is what is bringing in this life of darkness wishing me “good new year” too at midnight. This also means that we can soon stamp out from here.

I was shown a “machine” looking like a “scanner”, which was designed to “grind” us all, but there is nothing to do, he does NOT want to enter, and when this is the case, we can only give up, but maybe he will give us another chance tomorrow, and yes to break him, to bring him down with his neck.

I received the taste of food, and was told by my understanding friend of this darkness that there is nothing to be burned, and that is because we are still making everything of this back into life.

I received a feeling of “cold fear” coming to me from this darkness to the right of me, and told that I can still be given a heart attack, which I received a small of, but this was also to bring me the understanding that no matter what happens from here, this darkness will follow my rules not to kill me and to protect my family/friends etc. the best, and this was given because of the work I did today also writing this script.

I felt Bjarne from the Commune and was shown the mental hospital of Helsingør, so in your mind, there is no doubt that I am crazy, Bjarne (?), and you are “only” the director of this Commune with a wrong attitude who cannot understand and yes the most sad is that his man is placed on top receiving a very high payment for doing what, Bjarne (?), and is that “nothing”?

I was shown the unicorn and its sharp spear together with “perfect teeth” of my jaw and told that this is connected.

I received more life walking up from stairs in light in front of me, and they spoke of wanting to have an ice cream kiosk, which is really about sufferings, and this is what they come from, but back to life, back to reality they are too.

So we are going on to the top of the “the Swedish pop”, and yes Mauro Scocco, and this is to say that Swedish music knows about me too, and about newly saved life going to the top of our New World.

We have collected all papyrus documents of all creations/worlds forever uniting everything to our New World

I was told that we have spread poison all over here, you are not supposed to being here, we did our best to keep you out, but how can he then (?), and yes because I am the one and when doing my best I am better than this darkness breaking its code everywhere, but still this darkness wants to hide from me.

I was told that you have not been unemployed since last Friday, and Bjarne from the Commune is the worst darkness wanting to kill me by removing my cash help. And it is my “threat” to bring him in the newspaper, which makes him give up this plan, and yes he “hates” to have “negative stories” written about “his” city, so there you have it, and when I shared our Facebook “dialogue” on my Facebook timeline, the mayor of Helsingør also saw it, so do you want to attack me, or are you cowards giving up?

It is like Nixon looking back on World War I saying what do we do from here. And I was told that we will now load coffee (“warm feelings/love”).

I started working on Bettina’s computer this afternoon after receiving the Windows XP CD-rom, and yes I have accepted that if I can get it to work re-installing it with Windows XP, this is what I will do instead of the newest software, and that is because even though this computer is “fine”, it is not a new computer and it does not have as much memory as I would have liked it to.

I was told that you have not shown enough crises to your mother/family for the darkness of your mother to overtake you and this is what the game these days is also about.

You ought to believe that there has been a war of the wehrmacht inside here, but there has not, everything is perfect just underneath the carpet, which I expected to find again some day.

It is not nice when you have been a Dracula to be told to recreate everything, and is this what Bjarne is doing by not closing you down (?), so my comment to Bjarne was a message to the inner world to close down darkness and open to Stig.

I was shown myself driving a train almost not being a train anymore, but only outlines of it, and I was told that this is the last part of the train journey without any energy, to reach the salt of everything, and with this to start from the beginning.

I kept on working on Bettina’s computer, and I was wondering if this re-installation would mean that the errors of “her”, now mine, computer would be corrected, and yes the Internet connection did not work before, USB plugs also not and other smaller things too, which here is a symbol of previous creations, which also did not work, and if I can get this computer to work, it is to say that we are making everything now also of previous creations to work, and I worked with destructive power around me making me suffer (including to my right ankle), nervous and removing my energy making it almost impossible to work, and I would MUCH rather relax this afternoon/evening instead, but I thought that I might as well get this done too.

I was shown what looked like the Alhambra Palace in Granada, Spain, which I visited in 2007, and I looked out into a square with the building around it, and I was told and shown that light is removing darkness of the building with the speed of light.

The re-installation of Windows was now on-going on the “new” computer, and it took maybe 45 minutes to do and when it was working, I was shown and felt “data” of previous creations being transferred to me, and told that this is the opposite of counting money.

But I was not sure that it would work, and with this feeling, I was shown a black train “puff, puff”, and is this going to be thrown out (?) as I was asked, and we know, NO it is not!

Finally, the Windows installation finished, and I was now excited to see if it had corrected the errors of the previous installation, and if the Internet would work, and when I inserted my Telia Internet CD automatically searching for and setting up the connection, I was almost throwing up food I had had the last hours, and I saw that the Internet really did work now, and I was told that this is how close we were to spit out everything, and yes do you remember the night when I published a new script at Hotel Marienlyst is it 9-10 months ago (?), and yes where darkness had decided to leave me, and it only stayed because I decided that it was not allowed to leave, and yes an example.

I felt Henriette and was told that without her and without “choosing” the right 3 times 12 of the Trinity, we could not do this.

I was told that there is now no more “Kongeåen” (“the King River”), which is where the border between Denmark and Germany went from 1864 to 1920 after Denmark had lost a battle including the Southern Jutland to Germany, and this is the story of how Denmark was a large kingdom, which was almost eliminated during history, but it survived at the very end as a small country as a symbol of life self with darkness almost destroying it.

We have now removed the bag (of darkness), which contained all of this, and now there is only a lamp shining on it. The mission is accomplished. And we have not given you one warning all the road as your old self/the spirit of my mother.

I was encouraged to call Bettina here at 20.00 as it had now become, and that was to remove her nervousness of me having access to her old private documents, which she had not deleted on the computer, so this I did, and I told her that I had not accessed any document and by now they had been deleted, and of course I thanked her much for her kind help.

How did Spain (the home of darkness) look like that last time we were there (?), and yes we could not get access, and now it is open via Bettina, who decided to help me via my mother speaking to her. And the bag of darkness is what Sanna voluntarily has given from her because she had confidence in our mother, who had confidence in me.

I was told that you decided to drive the whole road taking your exam with a little or some help of God (?), and yes it was a game to see how much the spirit of my mother could do through me, and we could have done this without the help of my old self, but it would have made my mother sick/die (via “Michella” brought to me), and I am given a strong feeling of Karen here, and told that “she is just here”, Stig, and I feel her as darkness but becoming more and more part of me, because with the end of darkness of your sister, this is bringing these old worlds of darkness inside of you.

I was told that you really took the easiest road in this respect only receiving little of your “old nightmare”, and only when sleeping also meaning that I took the maximum amount of sufferings, which I could take on me to save my family, friends etc., thus the world.

I was told that we have not received a new duvet since 1864, and we have done all of this only having this little (part of Denmark, thus life) remaining, and I was thinking if this was really the case, because God was still 99.99% of everything behind darkness, wasn’t it?

This was the goal of today – to set up the “new” computer, and if I had not gone through the extreme darkness today, I would have been told that we would not be able to get access to the Source.

I was shown the flag of pirates/darkness and told that it is singing its last verse, and soon it will be “jingle bells”.

I kept on working on the computer now making sure that the USB plugs also worked, which they did, and I discovered that there was no sound drivers on it, so I had to download and make these work too, and before I knew of it, I was going through the complete installation also including the Microsoft Office package, which was included in Bettina’s package to me – and also in the old installation – and other programmes and individual settings to personalise the computer making it “work” to me, and as you know, this takes time to do, so I was working on this the whole evening therefore NOT writing the many notes given to me today, which means that this chapter is first written “tomorrow” being UNDER PRESSURE, but I decided not to give up, which you know is the recipe to keep the game/dream alive of completing this game at its very end.

I was told that the alternative would have been a giant bus (i.e. “making love”) would be brought to me as my “old nightmare”, and the force of this would bring everything forward – but also much sufferings to my family, friends etc., thus the world – which would have made the end result the same – “perfect” – but it would have made my family, friends etc. and the world not believe that this would be the case, but that Armageddon was ongoing.

I felt a police car and Elijah, and I was told that he brought me right to the foot of darkness, which required his lack of faith to bring me there!

So everything is a rain coat of sufferings until the very end, where I will meet the inner coat of light only.

Earlier in the day I was told about teachers, who were forced to enter the teacher’s room, which i did not write down because I did not understand it, but this are teachers of darkness being brought home, and they did not give me any warnings when I chose the direct road home without errands on the way. And even if we worked against you as darkness, our inner code was to work for this, and I felt Mogens Amdi Petersen (the founder of the Tvind school community, and I am here shown how the worst darkness also overtook him making him a “sexual devil”) and was told that he also feels me and this development, and I am given a mark to my left ankle and told “we did not bring any ladies (of my “old nightmare”) here”.

I was shown how papyrus was put into ancient vases everywhere of all creations/worlds, which was the only way to do it, and I understand that these are books of life of everything ever created, which we guarded with our lives. We have done this as common teachings, and I was thinking that this is piece upon piece of MANY pieces, and I am really only the last in line making us come through darkness and bringing everything together, and yes it took an individual effort in the end to bring all collective together.

I was shown a globe coming to me, but the backside of it is all white, which we are still painting, which means “to refresh life”.

It is not nice being in London (of a New World) and then being removed, I tell you, I have tried it MANY times and yes by my own lieutenants/creations trying to set me up perfectly, and you were the only one who could, which was really with the message to say that I cannot, but my inner self can when I decided to bring the energy making him and my spiritual friends work.

We have just lifted all of the aeroplane up again – everything – to see if there is any more down here before we will get the unity of all of this to work together as one.

Are there any more bombs hidden in London somewhere (?) was part of this, and no, the answer is no, there is no chocolate but a piece of white paper saying “good ahead” and yes your turn to get back to everything, Stig, and stop being nothing.

How did the hostage drama of Munich in 1972 end (?), and yes what was the morale from that story (?), and it is connected with this very time and place now (?), and yes can you find it (?), and as Stig, I can only read what Wikipedia says, which does not bring me answer, but maybe the world can see it (?):

The Munich massacre is a common reference name for an attack that occurred during the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, Bavaria, in southern West Germany, when 11 members of the Israeli Olympic team were taken hostage and eventually killed, along with a German police officer, by the Palestinian group Black September.[3][4][5][6] Shortly after the crisis began, they demanded the release of 234 prisoners held in Israeli jails,[7] and the release of the founders (Andreas Baader and Ulrike Meinhof) of the German Red Army Faction, who were held in German prisons.[8] Black September called the operation “Ikrit and Biram“,[9] after two Christian Palestinian villages whose inhabitants were expelled by the Haganah in 1948.”

By now, I was moving files from my old to my new computer, and was told that this means to do the final installation of our New World to the Source.

And the loss of gravy of your mother was that she was/we were ready to give you a box on the ear and yes because you exhibited your tiredness, which (was IMPOSSIBLE not to do and) endangered this mission, but still you pulled it through.

And the teachers room is what Mogens Amdi Petersen and his school community symbolises, but was NEVER meant to be a business for your own benefit, Mogens, this is where things started going wrong, this was the Devil working inside of you, and if it had not, we/I would also not have been able to go through this journey of mine, so many things for a long time were required to make this work, and I was only the last man having to do my part too. 

Did you get your hair coloured at the hair dresser (?), and yes I did not even know that I did, but him there, i.e. Stig, brought the colour, and then it was simply to say “yes”, and this is what is happening when you once again install the programmes you need on your computer.

I was given a small heart attack, the feeling of Elijah, and shown a plastic cup including a couple of keys, and I was told that this was one of the hidden keys; for Elijah to lose faith in me, and how could you, Elijah (?), and yes slow understanding, negativity, laziness and a strong temper was the name of the game of Elijah.

I was given a feeling of being in Brussels in 2001 (on a General Electric course), so the European Union is also about to fall in place. And later I was told that this is about the people of the course – including a certain lady, whom I had “a good contact with” – who are special friends of mine.

I was shown my old colleague/friend, Paul, and told that he is one of the dark men playing violin inside of darkness waiting for the light to return. And I was shown the whole island of Corsica wanting to be brought to Italy (of joy and happiness), and I was told that some papyrus documents changed hands from one darkness to another to avoid being burned off, and yes we saved everything from darkness, and I was told that Lars G. would have destructed all of this, and this is at least the feeling given to me, and yes I would not have been able to fight Lars G. if I had told him about me, and he had read my scripts of him, which would have made him chase me without ever giving up, which I did NOT have the strength to resist on top of “everyone” else chasing me, whom however did not have the incredible stubbornness of Lars.

This is how little it took to create sunshine all over, and yes let us say that it was the bakerman bringing it deciding NOT to be Laid Back :-).

Be careful that he does not get that sport car” is now only a show, because the truth is that we have helped you all the way – the guards of darkness – without you knowing about it.

At 22.50 I had finished the setup of the computer of today making most of what I will do and everything works, and I now have access to a CD/DVD reader/writer again, which I did not have for approx. 2 years when the old broke down because of darkness, and this means that I can burn my own music CD’s again, thus bring my love to the world.

I was told about the Nilfisk (”Nile fish”) cleaners and Klaus Riskær Pedersen trying to do a hostile overtake of this company in 1988 and yes “it is as simple as this” with fish being me in the Nile and our chance for the fish to reach the Pyramids to make everything survive, which is what this RICH and fraudulent man did what he could to prevent, and yes Klaus is also a “special friend” of mine as I have known about for years.

I was told about Niklas and the crème I won in the package game the 26th December, and the connection between Niklas, Benjamin Crème and me, which is not all lost, which is also of importance.

I was told that the spirit of my mother has been on my side since we reached “more than half of the world” – to be able to save more than have – which also means that the worst was the start to bring her and everything on my side.

I was told that I have not once been down into the Dutchman abyss, which would make us hurt you with regret.

Eventually I worked with my new computer until midnight, and I was happy to do this because then I had done something instead of just relaxing.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Fanny was kind to send her new year greetings including tears (of joy) saying goodbye to the old, dancing and entering the new, which will be good, and she thanked me for that – and later she said that there is a leak of Mother planet asking me to step carefully, we cannot be detected and have to get back to Earth to take over the command, and to me this sounds like darkness self – “we cannot be detected”, this is how darkness works – and I told her that we are now saving life of previous creations before we will switch on our New World.

FB 010113 Fanny

  • Mads said that as usual he starts the new year as the vanguard of the “Zombie-apocalypse”, and yes it is “good enough”, Mads, you are darkness also making me into a Zombie and that is in order to stop the apocalypse, which you otherwise would have brought.

FB 010113 Mads


2nd January: Bringing out my inner self as the last from darkness including much life of nothing is the greatest challenge of all

Dreaming of doing my best work inside of darkness expanding our New World and the amount of life of it

I went to bed at midnight still feeling way too poorly, and I could have hoped for a normal sleep, but at 04.20 I was woken up given “the chance” to write the last part of the script of yesterday – the last three pages – which I decided to do, but first I had to recreate information to my scripts of the 31st December and 1st January, which I had lost when changing computer, and I could get it from my website, which took 1 hours and 15 minutes to do and yes putting me on my extreme edge because of the amount of work waiting for me, and now it is 09.40 when coming to the script of today, and yes I have some more work to do on the computer and to update of my December book to do too, so we better get going, and here are some dreams.

  • I am running from one place to another. In Århus, three boys – with one of them being a very young Peter A.G. Nielsen – is very happy about what an exhibition has done to the youth scene giving them a special stage including a bar next to it to perform on. I keep running, I run fine, and I know that I have to run towards Mørdrup Church and bring luggage with me from there instead of running without, and when I get there, I see Tore Samuelsson (from Lutheran World Federation) speaking on the phone lying about me to protect himself, and he speaks of my past working for the General Electric company claiming that I was placed wrongly according to what they have told him (!), and I stop around the corner for a short while thinking of listening in to the call, but I decided that I will not, this is wrong to do, but he has seen me coming, and is afraid to be revealed, so he comes over on the other side of the building to me, on an external gallery, and he asks me what I have been doing since visiting him in 2009, which he is excited to her, and I tell him that I have only worked a few places since, and I have come to get the cases I worked on when working for him, and I have found “half a metre” of cases, and Peter Nissen (my old colleague from Aon, and now a sales director of PFA Pension) arrives together with another, and he is all red in his head, and I also now see a part of Jacob (my old Acta colleague) in him, and he does not want to speak to me, and that is even though I smiled at him and said “der er Jule-nissen jo” (“there we have the Christmas-dwarf” – which “nissen” means in Danish), and I thought that he is reacting just as disgracing/poorly to me as I expected, and he has transferred an amount to a customer in the Netherlands, and the third man is a manager placed even higher than Peter, and he says that he has to transfer the amount in D-mark, which Peter does not care about, but this third man, who was an old bank colleague of mine (maybe Peter J. from 3107), tells him that he has to.
    • Running in Århus is to say that our work is progressing fine because of the work I keep doing to my scripts, and the Trinity is happy about this bringing new facilities of God, i.e. the bar, to our New World of Århus. I was confirmed in Mørdrup Church in 1980, which is to say that I am bringing luggage out of there and also of Tore/LWR, which is previous life of darkness, and this dream says that Tore has been busy lying about me after having “found” me in 2009 and presented me to the whole “company” and management of LWF in Geneva, where after I “cheated” him by leaving them and writing the truth about them, which also was “unacceptable” to do of course, and it seems that both Peter Nissen, focusing on his career in the company of darkness, PFA, and Jakob are “mad” on me, and yes showing themselves and their poor behaviour to the world.
  • I have gone home to Snekkersten to work, and when I look out the windows, I see one person imitate another walking directly in his heels, which is recorded and broadcasted by hidden camera, and when he is detected, he keeps on imitating, which hurts the “victim”, and Sanna arrives and asks me if I should not work, and I tell her that I do, and also that I found room inside my closet to include two refrigerators instead of only one, which I am happy with making me able to store the double amount of food, and they are a little dirty and need cleaning. I also go directly to the face of Sanna and shouts with a very loud voice that I don’t NEVER want to see her poor behaviour again, which she has to stop forever and ever.
    • Snekkersten is still darkness where my sister is working against me with her far too big and misunderstood mouth, but this is also what is bringing me life inside of this darkness of previous worlds, which is “doubling” the amount of life of the refrigerator of our New World, and when I shout at her to stop her wrong behaviour, it is because of what I write in my scripts, which is what is making this darkness stop, and yes if my mother, sister and family had not had enough of my “far too long scripts”, they would still have the patience to read me, which would make them stop seeing me again, which would make it impossible to enter here, because this is also done with the love of my mother and sister, which is what is the most important of everything – the love we share as a family – and everything else is really only details, and yes when we left my mother and John at New Years Eve I was shown how Sanna’s and Karen’s attitudes are the same, they are made by the same darkness of cheating, lying and better-knowing behaviour, which you know is the WORST I know of. At New Year’s Eve, Sanna and I had pulled two crackers, and they included two crowns, which she symbolically put over my New Year’s hat, which was a symbol saying that she gave up bringing me the kingdom of our New World. And yes I also had Dirch Passer and other actors with me this evening to underline that the whole evening was an act of my spiritual friends to divide darkness, and yes a hell it was for me to come through – but I appreciate VERY much what my mother and all did to make it a good evening, and yes they did their best, please don’t misunderstand this.
  • I am at a class, which feels like my old Commercial Class in Helsingør, which has done a thorough cleaning of this room where I am, and they have found MANY hidden insects, which the owner did not know about, and the owner overtook it as it was only being painted on the surface, and just underneath this, it has all of these bugs, which were gross also to me, but still I decide to open some delicacies inside of here.
      • This is to say that there was much sexual indecency of these previous worlds – with sexuality being the language of darkness brought to me – which we have now cleaned in order to bring out the finest life

We are still painting the façade of the dark ship, and I am being set up as the Command Central of the Source

I was told that we have said goodbye to auto updates from darkness, but still we have not reached the bottom of it.

I received the amazing song “uptight” by Stevie Wonder and the lyrics “ev’rything is alright, uptight, clean out of sight”, which will have to be about nervousness of darkness still being brought to me, but “ev’rything is alright”, really.

We were ready to take an overdose of morphine, and yes your mother too, and we only kept her because of your work making her think differently (not to take her own life).

We have had a hand up behind creation itself at what is “absolutely nothing” in order to understand everything, which is. And still he is not dead, but continuing his work.

I felt happiness but was told that you are now going back to what was supposed to be the most dangerous of all parts of the journey, and that is the opening to the Source self (?), or have we already done this also making this a game (?), and yes Stig, you are home without being home yet, so what we are now going through is only a matter of time and how to divide sufferings.

I was told that my mother and sister’s fear is that I am building a sect, which will end with collective suicide “or something like that”, and what can you do against it (?), there is nothing you can do, and this is their feeling.

I was told that we would have been able to make it look to you and the world that the walls of our world were coming down, which you would believe in, and yes the alternative scenario, you know.

It is truly not the easiest to switch computer, to make it work and still to continue your work having a load to do, and even though the new computer is “clean”, stabile and don’t have extreme overloads of spiritual darkness making it extremely slow in periods, I am surprised to see that in everyday use, it works slower than my old computer, and this “new” computer is from 2006, where the old is from 2001, and this might be to say that I have to move computer memory from the old to the new if I can, and if not, John has offered to help me, which I might follow up on later. And the new computer has a constant noise, which is bothering me, but not as much as the “machine gun” of the old computer, which was making me “crazy” to listen to for thousands of hours.

Is that Stig coming there again (?), and I saw myself cycling through darkness now becoming visible again to my spiritual friends, and yes catching up on work to keep updated, which was not easy to do today having to cross “the mentally impossible to do” barrier.

So we are now about to bring the cycle pump and everything from here to support you, and yes you are given the face of an actor you don’t know the name of, which is saying that this is an act and you don’t know for how long this will continue, and you have decided that if it takes all January or even all 2013, you/I will do that, but it is only a matter of days now, isn’t it?

I was told and shown that we are still painting the façade of the dark ship if you would like to know.

I was told that we have not once run idle; the motor has kept on going all of the time because of my work.

I was told about the Concordia luxury liner running aground in January 2012, and was this a symbol to show the world that the end was very near (?), and yes it is, and now they are ready to raise this ship I have noticed.

I was shown myself inside a very little floating balloon looking out on the city, and I understood that this is me being inside the most inner of the Source at the Command Central itself, or “the egg” as I was told, and to me this is to say that we are almost done, but also “not quite yet”.

I am not spiritual, I am (!), which is from where everyone receives spiritual information, which is the difference, and I am told this from time to time.

It is now almost impossible to us to speak negatively to you.

Don’t you think that we will be able to hold board meetings without being infected by darkness in the future (?), and yes we will, and also not easy to hold board meetings of the Universe when darkness forces you to speak in tongues like some talking heads you know including deceptions.

I was given a sneeze and told that this is going to be one of the last because there is nothing inside of here, which can now be destroyed.

The radio host this morning on DR P4 radio used the word “umanerlig” (“immensely” in English), which in Danish is not very often used, and it was a new referral to the song “Nærmest lykkelig” (“almost happy”) by the Danish band TV2, where they sing “hvad nu hvis det kun er dit hår som jeg syns er umanerligt pænt sat op” (“what if it is only your hair, which I think is put up immensely nice”?), which is part of what makes them “immensely happy”, and with this song, this is what my spiritual friends – including my own inner self – is saying will bring happiness to our New World, and yes “hair” and “hair-dresser” are symbols of “spiritual communication”, which is working fine, and yes setting up our command/communication central of our New World, and this is from the golden period of Danish music to me, which is from the end of the 1980’s.

I received some deep pain to one of my left fingers, and darkness wanted me to forget about this life, and I said “never” (!), and was asked if we will now save terminated life of yesterday, and yes we will, and that is if there is any.

I was somewhat surprised when I received a new strong heartburn coming, so there is still more darkness “down there”.

I was told that without meeting these people in Brussels, I would have stood down a too steep hill of darkness making it ”impossible” for me to do my journey too.

I was told that we will now never again have to enter here – inside nothing – to get out beer (of terminated life).

We would never have been able to handle darkness if we had not divided it collectively among us, and I feel a large ship rocking and sailing into me, and this is what we are uniting and yes removing darkness after we found out how to do it.

I published the first part of the script of today at 13.25 where I received very strong darkness/pain when I was preparing it, and here a small heart attack – thank you, mother, for your “concern” – and I was told that we cannot even afford to park where we do park now, which is still in the middle of nothing.

Google Earth shows heads growing even bigger (with new life), Greenland (of God) is an angel-wing

Jette’s Google Earth pictures of her Facebook group show heads growing even bigger (with new life), Greenland (of God) is an angel-wing, a band around Earth with big heads on its sides, darkness still tries to hid from me.

FB 0101 020113 Jette 1

FB 0101 020113 Jette 2

FB 0101 020113 Jette 3

FB 0101 020113 Jette 4

FB 0101 020113 Jette 5

Dreaming of having lost my working capacity but I keep working, the power of the secret world elite working against me

How do we end everything now without hurting; to do the most difficult of all (?), and I received the feeling of the late actor Grethe Sønck – when she went down on all four with difficulties when playing the Erling Bundgaard TV-quiz, this is how I feel when going down on my four for example plugging in the new computer, with GREAT difficulties – and she said “I cannot tell you too”, and yes we know, Stig first want to exit when there is nothing more at all inside darkness.

Later I felt my new self coming from right of darkness and he said something like “it’s too bad” and was negative influenced by this darkness, but no, “you” are of course welcome too, and yes Stig, now updating this at 22.10 and I am still incredible tired with absolutely no energy to do this work and that is even though I slept approx. three hours this afternoon receiving these dreams.

  • I am crawling over a bridge across the tracks of the train station being afraid of heights. Here are claim forms to report redundancy etc., and I am looking for the form to report loss of working capacity, but it is not there, and these forms belong to Rikke, who is VERY efficient handling 100 claim cases per day, which is putting her to her extreme edge, and she is grossly misused by her employer. I am now down at the tracks and decide to run my own train in the middle of three tracks, but to my surprise, another trains is heading towards mine, and when I enter this, everything inside of here is of the highest secrecy with guards wanting to report me to the police, which they however do not, and I see that the train is incredible luxurious, and feel that the Danish Queen is located further down the train, where I don’t go, but in the first wagon, where I am, I see how a crowd of people is now entering, and they all receive the finest and very cheap lunch, and there are now so much that the expression “herring in a barrel” comes to dignity – do you say this in English too (?) – and so much that I have to lift myself up over this crowd not to suffocate. I meet Steen, my old GEFI-colleague, who is VERY annoyed that Morten J., our colleague, did not even say a word or look at us, and the mayor is there too.
    • This is to say that I have in fact lost my working capacity and am only working because of my will power. I got the feeling that this train is the secret world elite, who are really the same people as you see in charge of politics, government bodies, armed forces, businesses etc., and they are the force driving against me, which also would have terminated the entire world, and can it be that even the Queen belong to this “secret party” and yes party because we will soon starting to celebrate forgetting about old sins when they are out of the way so to say.
  • I am speaking with Karen and a former boyfriend of hers, something about taking stimulating drugs in the coffee, and much chocolate, and she says that 6 months ago she decided not to take Denis nor me as her boyfriend, but Tom – meaning “empty/nothing”, and in reality being Kim – and when he tells her that if she does not come over, he will get another woman to come, she is there straight away.
      • This is about Karen’s curse being in love with the Devil sending her a man dominating her, which is what she “fell” for without seeing/understanding that he was killing her, and me too via her besides from making me unhappy.

Bringing out my inner self as the last from darkness including much life of nothing is the greatest challenge of all

I was told that we don’t bleed now when you sleep. We have found a way to survive this but you give us immense pain when you sleep. So in other words, you have jumped out with a parachute on, but you also bring us much pain, and this may be, but I cannot do without sleep, so we will have to take it as it comes, and I will NOT let this pressure me even more.

Does it mean that the tour to the cinema this evening has been cancelled (?), no he is back, but we will not open before everything is done. And this is how we have decided to bring your inner self out, by going through pain ourselves.

You are so much welcome home, Stig, but “not yet” now includes your own inner self, and yes if you have hidden more darkness for me to find, now is the time to come forward, and I will find you.

This is because there is now nothing remaining of “the pole”. And your mother will receive no blood nose, we will make sure to get you out, isn’t this what we say, and yes it is but the question is if this is right (?), and there is only one way to tell, and that is to see what will happen and to do my best work myself.

And we have also handed over our bag, Stig, so there is nothing left here, and why it is that I don’t believe in you and that you probably are hiding life from me …

I went to the library – even though I had so little energy that even short walks seem impossible to do – to do a new PDF-document of my December book, which I later uploaded to Scribd and my library.

My inner self showed “him” as an ant being soaked up by me as the anteater, this is how small my inner self is.

I was happy having a UFO following me, and several showing small blinks of light on the sky to tell me that they are everywhere MANY of them without light on, and others having light on in altitudes of only a few hundred metres but still man believes they are stars, and yes to cover for the lack of stars on the sky when the Judgment were hanging over us about to kill us all (!), and I was told by some of these that life of old creations is “incredible beautiful”, and I do look forward to this thinking of some of the positive words I described Elijah’s family and mother in their rural village not being destroyed by the culture of darkness also destroying Nairobi as example.

I kept on receiving the words “Pollux”, which reminded me from when I was a boy playing the table game “Derby” with Thomas, my mother’s man Ole’s youngest son, and I remember the name of this and other stars, which was given horses at this game, and I understood that this is from where these people of other civilizations come from (“a star in the northern constellation of Gemini”).

I was told that paintings of Eckersberg are also beautiful, and yes I don’t know much about other culture than music, but here is an example I found.


While in town, I truly felt that I am completely out of energy, and still I continued receiving the strongest pain coming to me from darkness pressuring me from outside, which also included strong negative speech and threats of sexual torments. And it also wanted me to accept torments being given to my family, for example my father, because of the torments they have brought to me, and I had to say no despite of being in great pain not having anything really to stand against with.

When I came home, I called my mother thanking her for a fine New Year’s Evening, which it really was on the surface of it – I cannot speak about the deeper truth that I write, which is really also why I write – and my mother kept on repeating “meget godt” (“very good”) as Lama Yönten used to say and yes Buddha you know, so he is still with me, and she asked me if I had been out cycling, and no that would have been impossible to me, but it shows that my mother believes that I still have strength to do this (and to carry heavy things for her), and instead I told her that I have managed to set up Bettina’s computer removing the installation errors of it, which made her very happy, and so happy that she asked John to get to the telephone, and he was so kind to follow up on his previous offer to help me remove data from my old hard-disk and also the ram-memory to make the new computer faster, so they will now come tomorrow afternoon, and here my inner self says that he is not nothing, but really “everything” of what remains as nothing, and this is what we will bring here when John will help transfer this data and expand the “memory” of our New World to make this possible; to bring in more beer as I was told, so this was the answer about “hidden life” of darkness. I was happy to hear that my mother’s severe back pain is now doing better again.

Afterwards, I was told that we are already home, Stig, this is only how to divide the sufferings, and I also felt how a King of red was entering me, and when writing these lines, I receive a new kind of much pressure/strain to my heart coming from outside together with the feeling of “light”, but it is first and foremost an incredible pressure to my heart almost making me nervous, which is about my inner self including all remaining life returning.

I was shown a truck with a large missile entering a valley from the Mask of Zorro film, where slaves work to find gold for the masters, and this truck belongs to Israel, and I was told that they were almost bringing you down from within, and yes simply for deciding NOT to stand forward revealing your knowledge and also faith in me, and yes you were the sinners watching the event of the Dome of the Rock right in front of your noses and you decided NOT to tell the world anything to “save your own skin”, but consulted with Vatican/the Pope (?), and when they also decided not to say anything, you believed that this was for the best, and as you know, this was the WRONG decision, but what we counted on you doing herewith being the RIGHT decision to save us when the world was turned upside down.

I was told about what John thinks of and believes after I told him at the hospital a few months ago that he would receive help from a power unknown to doctors, and now he is almost well again, and yes did this bring faith of John in me too, which he however does not express?

I was told that there is only one lamp post bringing light to our New World and that is you, Stig.

Google Earth shows my bad heart, one clear heart to fill and one full to empty, and I am a sad and alone

More pictures from Jette’s Facebook group show New Year cleaning, dark hiding behind light, my bad heart, one clear heart to fill and one full to empty, I am a “very big and sad” alone, big head, and lumps of life gathering.

FB 020113 Jette 3

FB 020113 Jette 4

FB 020113 Jette 5FB 020113 Jette 6

FB 020113 Jette 7

FB 020113 Jette 8

FB 020113 Jette 9

FB 020113 Jette 10

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Michael did not believe that I am the truth going back to make a brand new stand.

FB 020113 Sadler

  • This is the continuation of Bjarne’s thread from the other day, where Anne says that it is good to bring positive stories, but we have to be spaciousness enough, which we can learn from (you can tell that she read my comment), and Bjarne said that he agreed – but he wants to prioritise the positive more because the negative comes by itself, and yes there is a difference in being “negative” and to tell the truth from which you can learn from – and the reason why I bring this is really because Birgitte says what I have been told these days, which is “smile to the world and the world will smile at you”, and Carsten brought Victor Borge’s saying, which I have taken from him, which is that a smile is the shortest distance between people, and I received the feeling that “smiling” is what we do because I decided to fight Bjarne, the director of the Commune, and not to accept him winning over me.

FB 020113 Bjarne tråd

  • Obama was backed up by US Congress passing the Fiscal Deal to end the US economy falling into the abyss, which is really the same as saying “go ahead” here too, and it makes me wonder how “the greatest nation on Earth” – is it really, Obama (?) – can be so incredible irresponsible not making sure that income will cover expenses, and yes it is as easy as that, and that is despite of what all the wise “economists” say out there, and “a fear of taxes” is what it is about, and yes we know as long as you have an OLD and WRONG system based on public spending, you need to make sure that the public finance the spending, and the next job from here, it so stop all of this public spending by introducing our New World Order.

NYT 010113 Obama abyss

  • For some time, Jette’s comments to her Facebook group have been “disguised” like this when I received emails, and as you can see, her comments now appear as if they come from my mother’s friend Käte posting to the Facebook group including pictures of Helsingør, which they do not, and this is to me to show the importance of my Facebook postings and comments, which Käte sees as my Facebook friend, which my mother does not, so here it seems that Käte is believing in me, which my own mother cannot, which is “quite interesting”, don’t you think (?), and also that my own family does not want to speak to me about the story of my scripts (?), and yes “terrible” it really is, or what do you say?

FB 020113 Jette 2FB 020113 Jette

  • Jette said that the meaning of life is what you put into the now, and she showed the picture of the happy elephant, which is really to say that the meaning of life is also to live in pact with God bringing you much happiness.

FB 020113 Jette elefant

  • I noticed that John from Kenya was online on Facebook during the day today, but unknown for some reason, he decided NOT to write to me, and does it take much “preparation” mentally for you to sit down and use a few minutes to write to me, John (?), and I am thinking of what may be more important for you to do?
  • This is also how people are, Andrew, and do you remember how you treated me for being different to “the truth”, which you believed in even though I am the truth?

FB 020113 Andrew

  • I received a text message from Fanny saying that her computer is dead, the monitor is not working and she cannot afford buying a new computer, “so they got me”,  and that is darkness, and I told her that I know this from myself – darkness was destroying my laptop and almost my old desk top – encouraged her to write to me on text messages or via the library computer.



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