January 4, 2013: Life will be lifted up to something much more than man and life of today including breathtaking beauty


Summary of the script today

3rd January: Life will be lifted up to something much more than man and life of today including breathtaking beauty

  • We jeopardized all life October 31 believing that we would be stronger than remaining darkness and survive.
  • Dreaming of doing impossible work to bring out my inner self from darkness.
  • I am continuing my extremely difficult journey without energy out of darkness on my way towards freedom, and I continued updating drivers and programmes on my new computer to make my inner self including all of mine/his findings enter my heart, and it brought me much heart pain because the surface of this is red darkness, but the inner is light/pure gold and “breathtaking information” on life self.
  • My mother’s John was VERY kind to visit me and help to move ram-memory from my old to my new computer and to connect the old hard-disk to the new computer symbolising that all life of everything is connected to our New World. Creation was not possible at all with the access we had to life, which would have made new creation fail forever, and that is if we had not gone outside to “nothing” of darkness bringing in breathtaking information of life, which will make everything work for an eternity and will lift life up to something much more than man and life of today, which will unfold before the eyes of man as beautiful as you can imagine.
  • The Google Earth pictures from Jette’s Facebook group show a VERY tall lady, incarnations shown together, more darkness, and big heads of lumps of life.
  • Short stories of David being kind to wish me a “new brother” :-).

4th January: We will receive a whole new way of life with no limits to our abilities, which we will use fully

  • Dreaming of Danica as the New World cancelling co-operation, which may be the “highest” game of darkness. And later about light of our New World of the finest quality not being switched on yet.
  • We will receive a whole new way of life with no limits to our abilities, which we will use fully. Darkness does really only exist in our imagination, and when we remove this, it will show what life of our “golden times” really is about;, a party of fireworks and happiness. My old friend/colleague Preben is helping to bring this to man also being released from strings of his old being.
  • Heaven will “fall down” to reveal our New World, which is much better than darkness (!), and my spiritual friends bring me many smiles. We are still bringing everything in to the most inner of everything for everyone to come HOM for everyone to come HOME ♥.
  • I am now seeing myself as the Source with the New World just on the other side of little darkness on its way in, and I feel how it is God sending out this darkness, and only when creation was strong enough to return with everything, we would be able to declare a perfect New World.
  • The Trinity has become a duet with the Son after father and mother have united as one. And darkness tried to misuse Fanny stealing and hiding keys of mine with her to potentially close the gate to the Source, which I refused to happen, and Fanny had “difficulties” knowing if she should be loyal to me or to her nice spiritual voice of darkness disguised as light.
  • Jette wrote about the Google Earth pictures of her Facebook group a cyclone (of darkness) looking like a radio-car from Tivoli (of Paradise), the most clear face I have seen on the sky, life being happy for being rescued – having the crocodile of darkness after it, and “the little fat has keys in his hand”, which may be about me still being too fat having the keys for everything to enter the Source, we were also shown “the key as well as the key-hole” and later that “the ladies are not happy..I think you caught them in stealing the key..”.
  • Short stories of the world elite also clicking in on my library, Helena coughing and being annoyed that she cannot exercise – like me, and politicians don’t have time to read/understand what they vote about – turn the pyramid upside down, “lazy and sensitive” Lars Løkke, Helena showing herself as the true Devil using slander and sex as her weapon, my heart is about to move in with me at the Source, I gave the CLEAR sign to let the sunshine in, Bo from Dahlberg and David from London treating me wrongly, and asking Preben for his help to adjust my new cycle making me able to use it (and the New World as it symbolises).


3rd January: Life will be lifted up to something much more than man and life of today including breathtaking beauty

We jeopardised all life October 31 believing that we would be stronger than remaining darkness and survive

After midnight when working on the publish of my script of yesterday, I was told that we know you don’t like to hear it but we jeopardised all life October 31 believing that we would be stronger than remaining darkness and survive, and yes we did, and if I had calculated wrongly, we would have ended up as nothing forever and ever, but we did not. And this was meant to be given as a question for you “do you have the courage to see if this will work or not” (?), but no, we know that you have decided that we will decide so this is what we did. And I have been told about Czech girls today, which to me are the most beautiful in the world – and what brought an incredible amount of sexual indecency with prostitution and pornography to this country (before my spiritual opening when I lived in sin and still had “the power” without knowing it) – and this is what I could have had myself as darkness of the Devil if I decided for it, but when I turned it down, this was the same as bringing us survival and yes when I could take on darkness attacking me.

You have only gone through difficulties like this because of working your best, and I was shown myself working at the Hotel in Nairobi as example when the locals where watching Champions League football, and that is to prioritize work over pleasured always.

As usual when preparing to publish my script, darkness was very strong truly making this impossible to do, and when I had published it at 01.00, darkness said “he is truly a tough employer” and yes for us to have to accept him treating us like this.

They keep on showing Westerns on Swedish TV, and yes is “darkness” and “the end” all that the world is seeing too, and we know maybe they also see me and my arrival?

I was shown and told that it will be the spirit of my mother who will “let the curtain go” when stopping the game and bringing me forward as my new self.

I was told that you cannot invade this darkness, but I did when it did not suspect me, and “it” is here my mother.

Dreaming of doing impossible work to bring out my inner self from darkness

At 03.00 I decided to see if I would be allowed to get a nap, which I did after some time until 04.50 receiving this dream.

  • I am at a military test over three days where I have done well theoretically and when the teacher sees that I have received 6,800 points in physical tests – an obstacle course – he says that it would have been good if I had received more than 8,000 points, which would have made me super-elite, but still 6,800 is above average and he believes that I have the potential to reach even higher (despite of what I believe myself), and already the first day out of three he decides to say that I have passed the whole test. I meet my old class friend Lone G. and also Jack, who normally is doing better than I in tests like this, and Lone asks me how I normally do, and I say “averagely”. I see myself being tied up to a test machine of the size of some metres, and I have to throw an item and hit a small hole at the end of it, which practically no one does, but I do, and when I do, it removes the strings keeping me tied up, and I can swim out through a hole, which is also not easy to do, but I did it, and I saw that one other also managed doing it. I am told that the women of our team performs in the cow stable, and I am not motivated to go because I understand from the excited men that they wear very sexy outfits, which is practically nothing including to showing their breast, which I will not see, but I know that I have to go through this test too, which I do, and I look away when needed, but practically I don’t see any bare breast. At the end I see an exercise, which I and another must go through, which is for a female of the team to give me an intimate shave, which she does, and afterwards Jarl Friis Mikkelsen has to give me a normal shave but using a sword doing it, and to my surprise I get out of this test without bleeding.
      • This test is to get my inner self out of the worst darkness, and I do what is “impossible” to do to get free from the strings, which tie me up, and this is done via my continuous work, which is truly the most difficult now as it has ever been. And the almost naked women are about the risk of my “old nightmare” and for me to not look at beautiful ladies on the Internet showing breasts, which may sound easier to you than what it is because of the feelings and desire I am given, and not least because the Internet is FULL of this. And the last shave is with a risk to “cut me off” and that is the sex of me, which will have to be me really, but I come through this one too, and it seems as if Jarlen is speaking much about me, is that the case, Jarl?

Going through an extremely difficult journey out of darkness with pure gold of breathtaking life

When I woke up, I was given two loud hiccups, but there is no more life to destroy?

I was shown a giant Russian canon pointing directly at me, which I succeeded to remove.

I was given a giant portion of Lasagne by my mother, which is about love and also joy and happiness of the spirit of my mother, and lasagne has always been a favourite dish of my mother to do, and it has always been delicious.

I received the catchy song “(baby) come back” by Eddy Grant, which of course here is about my inner self to come back (from darkness) to the world.

I was shown a statue (of liberty) on the top of a wardrobe closet, and saw that I have gone through this even though I could hardly reach it, and I am now going through the arm of the statue held high, and I was told that trust in me is what is bringing me freedom.

I was shown that all life here is connected as beautiful, naked ladies also bringing cookies.

I was told that darkness cannot terminate any life inside darkness when I sleep because this life is me.

I was given the feeling to “believe the worst case scenario”, which is often the case and then I was told about the “understanding” of me being a potential killer with Karen as my potential victim (!), and about how Bjarne, the director of Helsingør Commune, became an “allied” receiving access to “secret files” about me and would that be from the National Police, and the same who believed that Henrik Sass Larsen was infiltrated by the Danish Rocker-environment after one random with one at a public restaurant (?), and yes I am excited to see what is “bottoms up” on this story, and who was “drunk” listening to their own compulsory thoughts.

My mother (and John) also gave me a new wireless keyboard and mouse in Christmas gift, which I however decided to exchange – to receive the money back, which I gave to my mother, who will give me another gift later because I did not know what to get – and I exchanged it because I have what should be two fined wireless keyboards from Logitec, which I believed would work fine on the new computer, and at least one of them, but when I tried this morning, they did NOT work, so the story should have been that I should have kept my mother’s gift to receive a perfect New World symbolised by my new computer, but I could not tell, but this was part of the story, and no, I am not going back to get that keyboard now, all of this is only a symbol and I will get a completely new computer one day, and that is if I should need it, which I may not at all ….!

It corresponds to taking in water into the basement without anyone being there. Do you freeze (for my inner self) – yes and no. Is it you then who will bring the sun in here or what (?), and yes as mentioned before it is the light of the world, which will be reflected in here.

I had more updates to do on the new computer and really much more than what I suspected, which was “under the surface”, which is ALWAYS a good place to look (!), so I downloaded Java and when I watched the acoustic half hour video with Jeff Lynne and saw how the video was “hacking”, I realised that there had to be a problem with either the graphics card driver or the graphic cards itself, and sure enough, Windows XP had not recognised it, and there was no driver in the box with computer CD’s from Bettina, so I had to find a programme, which could search my computer for needed driver updates and to give recommendations of which driver to download and install, and after having used at least a couple of hours on this, I found one fitting the card really (a SIS 650 to 760 series) without knowing which card it is, and after installation of this, the system worked MUCH better, but still it is in need of more ram-memory only having 500 MB as is now, and when doing this update on the graphics card driver, I received the WORST heart pain coming from my inner self on his way in, and so much that I was truly about to break down.

I cannot forget that you decided “no energy at all” and did not care what we told you, and yes not even to write down about the pressure we put on you, and yes we could talk, but it did not change my mind.

So it is the hand, which went out to “nothing” – of what was not created – which is now returning, and I felt the red of it coming, and this darkness is influencing my body and head negatively as if my whole body is throwing up, which is how it has been for a long time, but now stronger than ever, and of course I am still tired.

I heard speech to the spirit of my mother – you weren’t sick were you, i.e. the world (?) – while I continued the work on drivers for the computer.

It feels like having been to war against my self and that I am now returning as the soldier. Well, we aren’t going to enter through the same hole we made to get out to nothing, shall we (?), and yes it is now made bigger symbolised by the modifications on the computer.

If your father had died, we would not have gone this way, he is the security to return to the world, which might have looked differently if he had died because we would not have had the overview of everything as we had here. And had he died while being out here, we would have had to throw away some of the sensational findings of our origin away in order to be able to come back.

As example, it was out there that we learned that we were beings before sexuality.

And it required that you took on the absolutely worst sexual torments, which I – my inner self – otherwise could have taken the spirit of my mother of.

And I continued receiving MUCH pain to my heart together with the feeling of red darkness, but the outcome of this is “the greatest quality”, and later I received three small heart attack still with the feeling of red given to me, but now also all light inside of it, which we found, and I was told that the world will never be the same again with the finding of this.

We could also have chosen the millionaire-package, which would have stopped us a long time ago never getting into this layer.

I had placed red guards along the way, and had you “lost it”, I would have too and I would have gone through much more pain than now, which I was told after having received a series of hiccups symbolising pain to my inner self. I was told that Didier and Diana have also been all the way out here to discover what is.

So I am the train, and we had the power to burn down houses, i.e. worlds, here, but only if you accepted it via the “old nightmare”, this is how it works also here.

I was told again that if I had lost it, it would have looked like firemen pulling huge “items” of darkness – feeling whales – up of the Pedestrian Street of Copenhagen, which would have looked dead (but was not inside of it), but now you are Spider man doing this task yourself.

The thought is that Sanna will discover that you are the truth (I was here given the name of the Norwegian city Sandefjord meaning “true fiord”), which will be followed by your mother.

I have received the words “you are not unemployed” for some time and now I am told that this is because this is what Bjarne from the Commune was thinking right until I let the bomb explode on him and not me, and now I am unemployed again, and yes for my cash help not to be stolen from me.

I continued working on updating software on my computer, and I continued receiving errors, which was spiritual darkness working, and it was as annoying as it gets with the same programs, which “decided” not to download or install, and sometimes the computer was completely jammed blocking where nothing happened, and this was a complete waste of time in itself almost making me give up because it took 10 times longer than needed and is “impossible” to do, and I don’t have that much energy you know.

Here are a couple of examples with the first being the installation of Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 to replace version 6, where “an undefined error” occurred, but eventually it succeeded, and afterwards, I tried to get Windows Update to locate what I needed to update to Windows and Internet Explorer, but it kept on giving me the same error not being able to show the page, and here there was nothing I could do to make it work today, and yes darkness is simply too strong to make it work – I was told that this is Toruk Makto darkness, the worst of all, from the Avatar movie – and yes I am given feelings and also some speech whenever this happens.

Microsoft Internet Explorer error when checking versionWindows Update cannot work

It is still true that it is amazing that you did this alone without the doctor, i.e. Karen, as example helping you, and the Toruk I am meeting is still all of the resistance of Karen and my family, friends etc., thus the world working against me.

I was shown that my inner self is bringing the purest gold back home.

I was told that I could not AT ALL look at attractive women in the summer of 2010 because I had reached the Source where sexuality was not yet defined, and yes I remember that I looked down in the road all of the time for months and not on people and this was sufferings at such an extreme level that no one understood (?) or will understand (?), and yes just one look at a beautiful lady I remember, whom I almost bumped into in Lyngby, would have brought the end of the world, this is how strong it was.

We have been out here in a previous world, which is why we know and could plan to take it in.

I decided to cross my “no energy” feeling and cycled to the Irma supermarket maybe 500 metres from here to buy a cake for John, and my new bicycle is truly fantastic, and that is if it did not have two “errors” completely annoying me – but I cannot become negative, so a part of the game (!) – and one thing is that the saddle stick is “very smart” where a switch easily can adjust the height of the saddle, but another thing is that when I lift the saddle up maybe 15-20 centimetres, it takes it less than two minutes when cycling to fall down again, and yes there is no screw to tighten to solve this (!!!), and another thing is that some of the gears keep falling out of gear giving me very uncomfortable “jumps” when cycling, and yes if these details were in order, it would be “perfect” to me, and they will probably be corrected with the opening of our New World, and yes this was making me “almost lose it” because of annoyance, which I really did not “need” on top of everything else.

Life will be lifted up to something much more than man and life of today including breathtaking beauty

John arrived at 14.30 as agreed to help move ram-memory from the old to the new computer and also to transfer data from my old hard disk via a special tool of his making it possible to take out the hard-disk of the old computer and to connect it to the new via a USB-plug.

Already before he arrived, I was told that John takes his time being careful with everything he does, and also taking longer than what most have patience for, and this was also the case here, where mostly he separated the old computer and took out 2 ram-memory cards of 512 MB each, and when he opened the new one and tried to insert the cards in the clickable slots, he tried it MANY times but was never satisfied because it was as if they did not click right, and I felt how extreme impatience was given to me wanting me to push him or even to take over, but I knew that this was wrong and decided to do the opposite to give him all the time in the world – as the world gives me to do this creation perfect – and to bite the pain and voice of darkness given to me in me, and eventually he succeeded, and that was to add one extra card, because the “new” computer only have room for two cards giving a total of 1 GB ram-memory, and that is double as good as it was, but still nothing compared to the 4 GB, which John told me that he has in his computer, but this is how life is here.

Afterwards, the task was to get out the hard-disk of the old computer, which John declared was impossible or almost impossible to do, because my old computer only had access from one side, with the three other being impossible to open, however it was possible to get off the front cover and eventually – requiring much patience from me – it was possible to take out the hard-disk and now it was time to use his tool to connect the lose hard-disk to power and to the USB-plug of the new computer, and this hard-disk had other plugs than what John had seen before making him in doubt if he could, and he said that he was sorry that he could not get the wires to work straight away, and I told him to take his time, we have plenty of it and to try all logical options where the wires fitted, and I was told that the impatience I am given is the same as my mother receives, which makes her the most impatient of all not being able to control her temper, but I am going against it deciding to show the opposite attitude, which is because this is right to do, and eventually he also connected this, and when I tested it, it worked so now “I got you” as I am told here, and yes bringing all data of everything with us to our New World, which this symbolises, and that is included what we tried to hide from you.

And the “fun” part is that the old computer said that my hard-disk was full of errors, which it continued saying for months, but when it is now attached to the new computer, there is NOTHING wrong with it – no error messages (!!!), and furthermore now it does not give the same noise as a machine gun making me “crazy”, so it was the cabinet around it, i.e. the creation of the world, which was not good enough, and with our new set up, it works perfectly.

During his visit of almost 1½ hours – it was no longer than this – I was also given surprising and breathtaking information, which only came in lumps making it impossible to understand and write down when John was here, but here is what I received afterwards.

Well, you can imagine that our surprise was big when coming out here (to “nothing”) beyond the point where anyone has been before seeing that creation was not possible at all no matter what we did (!), and we had to go deep enough to bring material from the most inner as we were able to go to make everything work, and you can imagine our celebration when we learned this.

I was told something about Karen and I not being able to get children, i.e. to make creation of a world work.

And this is what we have now ended, Stig, yes setting up a completely New World and new structure, where you and Karen are eeehhh not the same after all, and yes who did we find out here (?), can you remember (?), and no I was told some while John was here, but I did not understand and/or remember and did not take notes hoping that you will repeat it, and it was something about our child and who we are/are not.

What did the “state report” say (?), bad to very bad, and yes a new creation was not possible, but we never gave up because you never gave up, and together with LTO and yes a long night mare also here, my friend, Stig, we pulled it out, and yes because of this content from “nothing” where it was stuck at its original location of darkness of our creation surrounding it, and if we would never be able to get in here, we would continue making New World’s not being able to survive.

We are not here at all, no, life was/is meant to be so much more/higher, which we did not know about because we had never entered this place before, and this is what will unfold before the eyes of man as beautiful as you can imagine, and then again we can not really ourselves, and yes Stig, we are not those people we created, we are something else, something much more, much more than man and life, and yes lifted up to/by God to become and yes for you to see shortly.

There is no money inside of there, and only by deciding not to produce energy here, we could enter it. And I was told that we wish that we could have done this at the original creation.

I continued receiving the STRONGEST feelings when John was here to be careless about everything and to let this darkness hurt people around me and the world and yes it can be so strong that the risk is that the torture of it would make me give up and become careless, but no, I have decided that I will do my best to avoid this, so this is what I do.

And no, John did not want to have a piece of cake ……

When writing the script this afternoon, I kept on receiving visions of where I went to on Mallorca in 2007, and I received the feeling that without doing this also visiting many beaches, I would not have been able to fight darkness as effectively as I did.

I was told that Allan – Grete’s husband – has had a “cold heart” lately, but I do hope that he will survive this too depending on how well I do my work.

I was given a deep, red pain to my left ankle and was told that this is also brought to me by my sister.

I was told that the wrong behaviour of Helena and Søren Pind was also what made it possible to push me out there in darkness where we have never been before.

After John had left, it was “impossible” to resist impatience and tiredness/exhaustion and to get back into a work rhythm to write this script when all I wanted to do was to relax my heavy head, but somehow will power made this possible again.

Darkness was extreme until 17.45 making life – the destructive feeling of darkness together with negative voices – the worst hell, and here at 17.45 it lifted some giving me some relief, and yes every second is still unbearably to go through.

My mother called me and offered me to go to Ikea tomorrow morning to buy a closet for the bathroom, but I told her that I really don’t need more room to my few things on the bathroom, and instead that I might wish for a cover for my old hard disk, which I will look at over the coming days.

I was told that we are coming in through the same hole, whihc made my throat hurt some weeks ago.

I received the feeling of Gandalph from Lord of the Rings and was told that this is to say that we are not really here, Stig, and yes what does this mean (?), and this is connected with “the great discovery of life”, which is what it is also about.

This means that we have no basis points here, which also means that we can develop into a completely different direction than what we thought possible and yes when daring to face and overcome darkness, a whole New World of opportunities opened to us, and now we will not share anymore today because he is still as tired that half could be enough as we say here.

This was not the most dangerous part of it, was it (?), and that is to bring all this data to our New World.

I received pain to my left foot and is this about two worlds being brought together (?), yes we could cry because of this beauty and that is if we were not darkness. And this is because no one has been this way before; remember that creation was done by the spirit of my mother outside the Source.

We went out there to save the world, but we found something completely different, and we will be both. You are the only one in the world knowing about this, and yes all of the normal grind  (“trummerum” in Danish, a word based on “drumming”, herewith also about original life returning) continues on the news, Facebook etc. with people doing what they normally do WITHOUT YOU.

I was shown a vision of Peter, my old class friend from Alberslund (1972-76), and I had almost forgot about him, and that is even though I believe he and I were friends (?), and yes Niels and Bjarne were my best friends of the class, and I remember where they lived, but Peter was also a good friend of mine, and where did he live (?), and yes the memory of this has been removed from my head, this is how it is and a sign of darkness removing life.

We are now inside the cinema, and I was reminded about John speaking of a BLUE MONITOR, which to him was a danger sign, but to me this is to say that everything is blue of me, and we will now adapt everything, wont we (?), and the feeling is that we have already done this, and yes all of this because of faith in you, which is bigger than you believe.

Google Earth shows both light and darkness including a VERY tall lady

The Google Earth pictures from Jette’s Facebook group show a VERY tall lady, incarnations shown together, more darkness, and big heads of lumps of life.

FB 030113 Jette 1

FB 030113 Jette 2

FB 030113 Jette 3FB 030113 Jette 4

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • David was kind to communicate again, which seems to be “impossible” to do to John and especially Elijah, and I don’t understand why you just don’t to it, my friends?

FB 030112 David


4th January: We will receive a whole new way of life with no limits to our abilities, which we will use fully

Dreaming of Danica as the New World cancelling co-operation, which may be the “highest” game of darkness

At 20.00 yesterday, there was no limit to how tired I was so I went to bed, and when I was waken up with a dream at 02.00 and encouraged to stand up writing, I thought it was a lie and that I only had slept a couple of hours, so when I kept on trying to fall asleep, eventually I was allowed doing this, but after receiving information for a while, and then I slept until 05.50, where I decided to stand up to finish a little to the script of yesterday and to start writing this, and this is even though I would really have liked to continue sleeping, so here we go again again, and I wonder for how long.

  • I am attending a status meeting as Kim S’ employee between Kim and Danica – the Life & Pension company – which I normally do not, and the Danica-man, who smokes much, says that they have bad news, which is that they have had to cancel co-operation with insurance brokers, and now they will tell the last two, which also includes Kim’s company. And I see myself playing badminton in the garden with someone, and the balls are hit incredible high in the garden.
      • Normally Danish is the “good” company symbolising our New World, and PFA the “bad”, so what is now this about with Danish cancelling the co-operation (?), is this darkness inside our New World, hence the smoking, trying to play a game with me to make me nervous saying that we cannot get the New World to work or …?

We will receive a whole new way of life with no limits to our abilities, which we will use fully

I received a very uncomfortable cough here at 02.00, which is strong darkness giving it to me, and I was told that Preben was about to die from being famous. Sadly you have to stand up, and no, I could no more. I was told that the these will be the last days of our lives as our old selves.

I was told that Flemming – Sanna and Hans’ friend – also put on cream (sent me darkness as sexual torments because of his wrong behaviour, and I am here given the taste of red wine, and told that this is what the cream has now become), which also ravaged our property.

It is not a Columbus egg, it is a whole new way of life. I was given “fights” and “Norway”, i.e. darkness, and was told that we were “nothing” without knowing it, which created darkness.

I received the lyrics “det er på club det foregår” (“it is on club it happens”), which is inspired by “det er på disk det foregår” (“it is on disc it happens”) from shu-bi-dua’s “fiske-disk” (“fish-disc”), and this was with the feeling of Karen, and the new nightclub, which has opened in her beloved and nearby Rungsted Harbour, where Dan Rachlin by the way is the DJ, and this is about the song of meeting “loverboys” to use Karen’s language, which does NOT make me happy, but as the song says, it is also about having your hair arranged by the hair-dresser (to receive communication as your new self), and to trade with fish, which is to become our new selves, and I was told that Karen has a fifth place here.

When the feeling will spread that the police, i.e. darkness, has never been here, there will be no limits to our abilities, which will we use the absolutely best that we can.

I was told that this could not been done without a lot of unnecessary crying of my family.

It is difficult to find someone like that down at the negotiating table. Those students there etc. don’t really exist other than in our imagination, and when we remove this, it will show what life really is, a party of fireworks and happiness.

At 07.20 this morning, Per Gessle from Roxette was inspired to share Roxette’s video “Fireworks”, so this is the connection, and yes I LOVED Roxette before they became a BIG SUPER-GROUP world-wide, and yes their story reaching fame was “with a little bit of help from my friends”, and I saw this AFTER bringing “Joyride” by the band below, and yes I LOVE to see that it is Per self bringing these Facebook updates, which makes him unique compared to most other bands on Facebook, and yes I wonder what “the girls on TV2” have to say about this (?), and yes I love “GOLDEN TIMES” too, and yes Per’s old Swedish band (“Gyllene Tider”), and you may understand a connection to me (?), and not only during summer times (?), and yes this band was a part of the Swedish wave of music of the 1970’s making me fall in love with Swedish music.

FB 040113 Roxette

I received the lyrics “I can still remember how that music used to make me smile” from Don McLean’s American Pie, combined with “these will be the days of our lives”, which is about what is coming to us and that these days are the last of our lives before the change – and during the night I kept on receiving “when music dies” from this song, which I could only think was darkness still wanting to “kill love”, which it really means, and yes confusing me as the dream with Danica also did.

I was told that there will be no more Black Renault, which is about a car of darkness and a cognac symbolising darkness, and the disgusting coughing I am given is the last of the old, which is removed, and when this will be gone, we will receive an “incredible” revelation, you, mother and the world, which is not about waking up to who we are, but more a feeling of being.

I was told about secret negotiations of Aon with 247 high school students, which was a reference to Preben again (where he now was working, because he stopped January 1 without having new work), and this is how we could continue, and I was told that there is also explanation in this (about Preben).

I was reminded to say that I of course have NOT activated Windows Firewall and also have NO virus protection on my new computer, so I am completely open to the world, and the only protection I have is from God being stronger than attacks of darkness also to my computer and that is as long as I don’t give up, you know.

I was told ”no dictionary” about our New World, where everyone will “know” and there will be no limits to what everyone can do. This is the secret of the smallest part of the Source, where not even a pin (of darkness) is allowed to fall to the ground.

This is build on Preben’s faith and we could have chosen Ib from Skive too, and this is the force replacing everything with magic. Today is a unique opportunity to prepare the last of this, which will remove the western, which mad the girl, i.e. my mother, and everyone SCREAM.

This is like digging out a moat and sailing all life hidden inside of there out in a liver pate package, which is very uncomfortable, but joyride is coming, and the liver pate is given here as example because after I froze the last I bought, it was looking “gross” when it came out, but there was nothing wrong with it as I could see when heating it, and this is how it is to get out of the freezer of darkness.

I was told about Preben indulging whisky (of darkness).

So this was the information above, which I received maybe until 03.00, and hereafter with this combination of dreams and visions/speech, but mostly the last, and yes it is really the same with the only difference being if I sleep or do not sleep.

My sister tells me about how Preben’s wife Lone, has written a negative text about me, which makes me conclude that I have not seen everything.

I was told and shown a postman setting up a ladder to reach a hole on the top left side, and he is carrying gold packages, and yes this is where we are going.

I was shown the inner fish coming and being full visible – a LARGE fish – and I was told that I am decided an entrepreneur and could not do this without Preben, who has also been lifted up and out of his skin to help bring man out, and in through the left entrance there to the inner fervour of everything, which is completely without thrombosis etc., which is only given on the way there, and they have no toilets, i.e. “destruction”, there because they have never invented this.

I was told that everything apparently will be revealed to us the first day, which we have known about for approx. one month, and I was told that everything new will come on top of what we know.

I kept on being asked to stand up to write, and I was still too tired, and I was given threats that if I do not, my family will suffer, and those are the things, which you really don’t like to hear.

Dreaming of light of our New World of the finest quality not being switched on yet

I had this dream.

  • I am in Helsingør and wonder why the light in not switched on at the kiosk next to the bus station, and everything should be fine inside of there. I notice how stores having street displays of their goods sell different qualities of handmade bread – rye bread and white bread – and I notice one rye bread being the most delicious I have ever seen, and I meet my mother and John there, and my mother says that she would like to visit people on her own without always having me and John with her, and I tell her that it is fine by me – and I am sure also by John – if she visits people without us up to half of all visits, and she says that she is going to visit Allan Bak, and I tell her of the “co-incidence” that this is the man who has made this delicious rye bread. Down at the “flower-square”, I see remaining of white bread – one large and two small slices – which used to be very delicious, but now is less delicious with the crust becoming crisp, and I ask the seller of how much he wants for this, and he says “20 DKK, Stig”, which makes me annoyed because it is not worth more than 10 DKK, and I am surprised that he knows my name.
      • Helsingør is still our New World, where the light is not switched on yet, which is what I and the world is waiting for, and I love street displays of goods, and the VARIATION and quality of homemade products – instead of boring, similar and poor quality industrial products – and the dream of visiting people with or without your family/partner will probably be to say that you have the FREEDOM to do what suits you the best as long as you are considerate and let people know of your plans, and yes to BOTH prioritize the community and individuality of people, and no, there are NO books telling you that just because you are married, you have to be together always, and also the opposite for that matter. In our New World the goal is really to find the RIGHT price on products based on what it is REALLY worth, and to do your best doing this, and I am here given the vision and speech of the Suede Glenn from the Føtex Supermarket, who is also active on the Helsingør Facebook groups as example of people of Helsingør now knowing me after I went up against Bjarne the other day.

Heaven will “fall down” to reveal our New World, which is much better than darkness

I was told that not being able to sell tickets to his family – to make them believe in me – is part of the game, and I received hiccups because of the pain my sleep is bringing my inner self.

I was still tired when waking up, but when this is written now at 09.05, I feel more “fresh” than for a long time, and so fresh that I will cycle to the swimming hall today, and yes I have really felt poor/annoyed that I have not been able to exercise, and in general that I have NEVER been able to exercise as I would have liked to, and yes the last few years were of course the worst of all to go through also in this respect.

I was told if we have butter, flower, sugar and eggs, which are ingredients for a cake you know, and I was shown sugar and egg together, and egg is creation, and what was it again that sugar is about (?), and was that “new energy” if I remember correctly, so this is what is coming to us, and what I am given some of today making me able to exercise again.

I was told about “himlen faldt ned” (“heavens fell down”), which sounded as a negative sign, but is this what will happen when we will get through to everything of our New World at the Source, which will be visible on the sky (?), and yes “det var bedre end af fyre en fed” (“it was better than smoking a joint”) (of darkness) as Shu-bi-dua sings, so this is how it is going to be and this is “in a whole New World” as they sing, and we know “it is pingeling” (!), and yes I LOVE this song from their golden period, and what would life be without Shu-bi-dua (?), and yes certainly NOT the same :-).

I was told that it is NOT “fly high, fall deep” as we also say here – and no, I do NOT know if you say this elsewhere too (?) – and this was “half drunk darkness” telling me, and the reason why this comes, is because I saw on TV yesterday that “Fly high” as the American comic film “Airplane!” is called in Danish won a vote on being the funniest film ever, and this is really to say that I love these kind of movies deliberately misunderstanding and making a fool of yourself, which Leslie Nielsen of course was the master in, and this is to share the smiles of my “actors” with you, and also an inspired film showing you the difficulties of stayin’ alive against all odds.

Who are those parking at the top of the mountains there (?), and this is my inner self returning, and with “him” also UFO’s, which will come out.

This is with other words such non-celebrity as a Royal Wedding happening.

Yes, and you can get a ketchup conk (!), ha ha ha, and yes a very warm laughter, which impossible can be darkness, right (?), and yes this is the laughter which I gave Lucas and the entire world because of course it was “impossible” in their minds that the world could go under, because how could it (?), and yes how could you all tell as ignorants not knowing what you spoke of (?), and yes this example should be pretty clear to our future; don’t pretend to know about what you don’t!

“We practically don’t complain anymore” (because we don’t read) is about my family, and darkness told me that this is because of my work, and really because I am doing well under the circumstances.

I was told that the main parts of your heart have not arrived yet, and can it really be (?), and if this is the case, more sufferings are coming.

The everyday use of my new computer symbolising our New World is that it is much more stable than the old, and does not have the incredible long waiting time as the old did for example every time I inserted a picture or a hyperlink, which now is done without delays, and yes it is NOT the best computer of today, but as a symbol of our New World, it will have to work – and I really thought that the symbol would become my old laptop again working AFTER the opening of our New World, but you never know my friend as a warm voice tells me here, and yes also of darkness and that is of course “impossible” for clairvoyants to “misunderstand”, and this is how they are kept passive in darkness.

I was told that we have not come out yet, and also received big smiles.

You and Karen have not had any children yet, and Stig you are really your own child, and yes I do believe that this is what I was told yesterday when John was here, and something about me being the father, and now I am the Son (again again), and yes I started my journey as the father (and mother) in order to end up as the Son, but here also about what we discovered on the other side as my origin as I understand it.

I was given the feeling of black darkness to the inside of my right lower leg and told that it is not impossible that it is within this that the gold lies, which is what we are still coming to.

In the morning when working, suddenly Microsoft Word received another “life” not acting at all to my “commands” meaning that when I hit a key, something completely different happened, and yes the play for today by darkness, so I had to start all over switching off and on the computer to make it work again, and yes as my inner self does too.

I was told that my mother would not survive a weekend without seeing me, which is also about the healing I give her, and I continued receiving negative voices, and when hearing what they say – I don’t often “enter it” – it said “let her die then”, and no, my spiritual friend, this is NOT how we work here, and yes easy to do the opposite of what darkness pressures on me, and in theory that is because the power of darkness you know ….!

Yes, we have the stamp completely pressed to the bottom, and yes signing him there off to become the new great King, and yes is that you there (up on the wall) and also you there, and yes we are really here, there and everywhere.

I was told that this is/was the sharpest turn right of all, before we shortly will turn left coming HOME, and yes here you have both of these songs, which I love equally as MUCH, and “very special” they are to me.

I felt the spirit of my father and darkness and he asked “has he not given up yet jumping on the back of a motorcycle and riding to the right”, and no, he does not want to give in, and this is to say that it is still God above making this game continue, and yes “as long as it takes”, and since the world is still silent about me, we might as well continue and yes for as long as it takes.

I continue receiving a few sneezes per day.

Will we soon go out fishing (?), and yes my actor and I STILL receive darkness around him, when we will get HOME.

I was told about an application I did to Ejendomsinvest (“Property Invest”) in Copenhagen after being WRONGLY dismissed by Acta in 2007, and yes I attended a public meeting, which they arranged, and decided to write a memo in detail explaining them what they did wrong and could improve, but “you don’t do things like that”, so “professionals” as they “are”, they did “not like” me to tell them (?), so you did not invite me and not even send me a reply, and no I did not want to follow up, and this is both to say that these “professionals” showed themselves as amateurs, and here I was told “what did they use as reference when improving their public meetings” (?), and yes you might want to take a guess?

I continued working until 11.30 before I could get a little time off.

I was shown a lasagne plate on the top of the shelves to the left on its way out of a hole to the wall of the shelves, which is where we are heading and yes “follow me”, and that is with the love of my mother, hence the lasagne, which is making this possible.

When a really get move-in comes, you will know that the time has come, Stig, but not yet.

I keep hearing “kill him, kill him” or “telephone” and yes what are we to choose if he should give up, and yes it is still not easy to go through this journey, and it still requires my best no to give up.

Is it really possible to lead everything up to where you just had your hand up, and yes “inside nothing”, and I wonder if this is where the hole of the shelves is leading to.

I was told “airport” and tasted Champagne with the taste coming from an area right in front of me, and I was told that we cannot lie anymore, it is “straight ahead” giving me that understanding that we are truly only days from home?

I was told that it is not only FC Midtjylland in female handball, who are “special” but also Bækkelaget in Norway (women) and Kiel in Germany (men) as examples, and yes I wonder how far the word on me has spread among the handball world, and yes did you see the Danish Handball Federation’s “amateurish” performance once again at the last Euorpean Championships when they did not know the rules thinking that a fifth place would qualify to the World Championships, which it did not and yes just showing you POOR WORK of people who loves to talk talk instead of TRULY knowing their work, and yes you better come out too, Morten Stig Christensen, the chairman and yes as a “special friend” of mine.

John told me yesterday that Niklas will come next week and help him set up some technical things, and Niklas is ALWAYS nice to help people, which he has done with Bettina and Søren MANY times over the years with their IT-equipment, and I was thinking about asking Niklas to come and visit me too because maybe my old hard disk can fit inside Bettina’s cabinet instead of buying a special cover, but then again, I will NOT ask him based upon my last experience with him, and I will also not start to “mess” with the details myself, this is not how highly I prioritize it now, but if I had, this is what I would have done myself first, and yes learning while doing it, and if I could not, I could ask a mentor, and this is really GENERALLY how I like to work. And by the way, I am happy to be able to use the Firefox browser again, which was blocked to me for months on the old computer, and to me this is way better than all the other.

I went to the swimming hall and when cycling there, I discovered that I truly don’t have much energy, and just because I feel better does not mean that I feel fine, and I noticed that they will now replace all showers, which I has asked them to do months ago as I am sure that MANY people have asked them to do, and yes they were of TERRIBLE quality, and you should think that basic services of a swimming hall will be working properly (?), which they did not, and yes also giving people life dangerous bacteria, and to me this was also a positive sign really.

I exercised on the left cross trainer, and I felt that I have not exercised for a while because it was tough, and after 17-18 minutes, I very directly received the worst darkness attacking me giving me the strongest desire to stop, which I received 5-6 times, and I don’t know how I came through this, but I did, but after 20 minutes, I had no more to give, and I had used 354 calories by then, and we will see if I can make 30 minutes the next time.

I am now seeing myself inside the Source with the New World on its way in, and I heard myself being addressed also as the mother, which is to say that mother and father are becoming ONE, and I was told/thinking that when creation was strong enough to return to the Source, it is because we have made perfect creation, and I felt this darkness around me, and also Preben inside this darkness, and I was told that he is really darkness and yes because of what he told others in the insurance business about me not having read and understood me and you can add much selfishness too both in terms of money and speaking of himself, but despite of this, I of course like Preben very much, and I was told that we would still like to say that you are coming home without receiving the help of your mother.

When I was cycling, it was raining and the saddle again went down annoying me so much that what should be a pleasure became the opposite, this is how low I was sitting, and furthermore the gear jumps (when I was NOT changing gear) became EXTREME today, and I was almost sure before cycling today that these gear jumps were spiritual darkness doing this, and it now kept on happening also making me potentially “crazy” because of just how annoying it was, and I was given more and more clear feelings of darkness just around me actively changing my gear when I did not do it myself (!), and when I did it myself, I noticed that what normally had been an immediate shift, now came with delay or even did not shift, so this is spiritual darkness and at the end I was told that this is really about fitting in the New World to the Source, and we are testing the gears up and down to make it fit.

I felt “someone” who wanted to remove the connections via my ankles and immediately a response from another voice not to do it, and is this right or wrong to do (?), and is it right or wrong to move out of the shelves to the hole to the left of the shelves (?), and yes I really don’t care because I have said that I don’t know, so it is up to light to decide what is RIGHT to do because it has to be PERFECT, and yes this could potentially evolve into completely impossible to decide tasks.

I felt Karen just on the other side of this darkness and was told “you are a mean banana”, which is what she will tell me when coming here, and that is because I did not give up to the power of her and my family, friends etc. and MANY people opposing me.

I was told by God “here” and yes at the Source behind this darkness that it was him working as darkness and also him giving me/us three chances to carry out important tasks, and if I could not, it would have been the end of the world, and yes I received a few of these warning during my journey, and cannot remember now what they were about.

I continued receiving some negativity today, but the pressure of this and physical darkness with negative feelings and a weak heart was MUCH lower today, and as if the power decreased from maybe 10 times my strength to what is now maybe 1 or 2 (?), and it includes the same relief to my right ankle, and yes this is a relief of what became an incredible difficult Christmas/New Year Eve. God also said that “keep on, keep on, keep on” as I continued DECIDING to say was also coming from him.

I was also told about a sexual detail of Karen, which could make strong men start to cry, this is how dreadful it was for me to hear, and I truly felt MUCH alone not having anyone I can speak to as a TRUE friend really listening to and supporting me, and yes I am glad for Jette, Fanny and also Meshack and David, but I truly don’t have a good friend, who will offer to sit down and speak to me for hours doing his best to LISTEN and UNDERSTAND and yes to show him/herself as a TRUE friend, and no, I had NO true friends in this manor.

I was told that Nixon placed an atomic bomb in South Vietnam in secrecy before leaving in “disgrace”, and he wanted to bring this to explosion later, and this was told as if there is now a new threat potentially making it impossible now to connect the New World the last short road to me at the Source, and this sounded so crazy that I was very close not to write it down, but sometimes what sounds crazy is the truth – which MANY people out there will understand, in relation to me (?) – so here is this story too, and yes is it darkness or light speaking a lie or the truth?

I have been told several times about my mother thinking what will become of me when she dies, and yes because it is “impossible” for me to take care of myself (?), and yes you will have to get further out on the country with this, and yes it is really “far out” and we know …..

My mother’s old friend Ely called me by mistake again as she also did a couple of months ago, and since she has sent text-messages to my mother on my phone, so another lady not in much control (!), and again she was surprised to hear my voice, but it gave us a couple of minutes to speak before her other telephone rang and she had to end our conversation, and I was given some difficulties to speak, which told me that she and my mother have spoken about their misunderstandings of me behind my back, and I asked her how her husband John and son are doing, and “terrible” was her answer, and yes he is “very” sick after a fall a few years ago, and her son is of course “crazy”, and yes “destiny” that she and my mother both should receive crazy sons with the truth being that it was the mothers, who were “crazy”.

I continued receiving the voice of darkness wanting me to say that you are not welcome, but NOT!

I was told that we don’t pass such a small guard without Bjarne from the Commune, and yes he is still with me and must be playing the role of darkness too, and yes am I “too strong” on you, Bjarne?

I felt Jeff Lynne in darkness around me and was told that my mother’s father is also helping me to move in through this darkness.

I continued receiving a machine gun of noises to my right ear for maybe 15 or 30 minutes, which is about “spiritual development” or maybe just development now.

I received the feeling of Kim S. and saw HUGE oxygen metal containers being lifted up from sea – maybe 12 – and I was told that these were connected to the story of the atomic bomb, which was the last surprise because there is not room enough at the Source to store the whole New World with the logics being that we had to explode it to make room for the rest, and then I was told that it of course would require my acceptance of my “old nightmare”, and later that in order to avoid this, I have to stay awake until 08.00 tomorrow morning, but no, I believe in the first I am told, and I will NOT accept my “old nightmare”, so I will also try to get some sleep tonight. And this is MUCH darkness having to scare me as its basis, but no, I don’t want to be scared, which I otherwise easily could become, and no thank you to darkness coming from my right to “sexual offers/temptations” and yes this is part of the game.

I was shown darkness installing the spear to my head for me to become the Unicorn, and I was told that we are a little late installing this because we just had to get the remaining life with us after I completed the 360 degree tour is that 2 or 3 months by now?

The Trinity has become a duet with the Son after father and mother have united as one

I received a text message from Fanny telling me about “the building stones of the Universe”, and I asked her to send me daily or maybe a couple of times per week emails instead because it costs me money every time to send a text message, which I would like to avoid, and later in the day, she sent me a Facebook email saying that she had prayed for her computer to get to work again, which it then did, and I told her that the worst darkness has lifted today, and she asked me if I got something out from her building stones, and I was told that they helped to push the New World in the right direction towards me at the Source, and also that this has to do with our heart, which will be united as one when the father and mother now unites, and the Son is part of God too, but a different individual (?), or are the three of us now one (?), and yes I have been told that God is One but divided into two beings, father and son, so this is what I will stick too, and yes the Trinity has become a duet of father/mother and son.

Fanny was also kind to say that Earth has been healed and it is now possible to send light from here and “darkness truly has a problem now, they want to return but are absorbed by love of light”, and yes this is what understanding makes possible, for Fanny to work for light too, and yes I was happy for her to decide continue our dialogue even though she knows that I publish it, and maybe she was not that afraid of being OPEN, and at least this makes me happy that she did.

FB 040113 Fanny 1

FB 040113 Fanny 2Two hours after Jette had written that “the ladies are not happy.. I think you caught them in stealing the key..”, I received this message by Fanny saying that after I wrote “perfect”, she received the “perfect-diamond-immunity-key” and the “little key-harem-freedom fighters”, and I remembered what Jette wrote two hours ago, and decided that this has to be darkness trying to hide my keys with Fanny, so this is what I wrote to her and also that I cannot allow these keys to be given to her, which could potentially risk the opening of the Source, and I asked her to say NO to receive these keys, but this is truly Fanny’s problem, and yes her VERY NICE voices of darkness speaking to her, how in the world can they be “wrong”, and this is the play we are playing once again because Fanny had decided to show faith/loyalty to Archangel Michael and she said “I am the one giving you the Universal key” and also that “I have Archangel Michael’s” protection”, so I had to send her Jette’s two-hour old picture where this scenario was predicted where I “caught them in stealing the key”.

FB 040113 Fanny 3

FB 040113 Fanny 4

A little later I was told that we have now come a step even closer to you, and yes as darkness we have decided to be loyal to you, and not to Fanny, and no he will not allow us, all keys are to be with my new self opening to the Source, and yes for you to do this PERFECT and that is NO MATTER WHAT!

I decided to add to the front page of my website that the Trinity has now become a duet, and I was told that this is also why I receive sneezes and also heartburn, but I was told that there is now almost no more darkness to give me so the heat burn I was here given, was only little, and yes a potential match being lid is what I smell here too.

I received a strong pain to my left testicle and was told that we will now avoid having to do this, to give me and the world (?) this pain when opening, and yes because of writing about the Trinity now being a duet.

Google Earth shows darkness of a cyclone becoming light of Paradise because “the little fat has keys in his hand”

Jette wrote about the Google Earth pictures of her Facebook group a cyclone (of darkness) looking like a radio-car from Tivoli (of Paradise), the most clear face I have seen on the sky, life being happy for being rescued – having the crocodile of darkness after it, and “the little fat has keys in his hand”, which may be about me still being too fat having the keys for everything to enter the Source, we were also shown “the key as well as the key-hole” and later that “the ladies are not happy..I think you caught them in stealing the key..”.

Jette believed she saw me in the picture two, but when I looked at it, I saw more features of my father and strangely enough also of Niels Bohr!!! Later I understood why I also saw Niels Bohr in this picture together with my father, which I did not write here, and that was because of the threat of the atomic bomb, but there is no such threat, because it would require that I accepted my “old nightmare” to take place, i.e. for darkness to overtake me sexually, which is what would destroy the world, and secondly this is only a game by now, where I am convinced that even in such a situation, God would let us in leaving his role, and yes the game is only to see how far I could enter as my old self, and to avoid sufferings to be given to my family and the world, and so it is.

FB 040113 Jette 1

FB 040113 Jette 2

FB 040113 Jette 3

FB 040113 Jette 4

FB 040113 Jette 5

FB 040113 Jette 6

FB 040113 Jette 7

FB 040113 Jette 8

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • The other day I brought a link to a picture from my confirmation in 1980, which is located at my library at Mediafire, which does not receive as many visits as Scribd, which is “easier” for people to “access” – at least mentally – and this picture is called “80-konfirmation-i-kirke” as you can see below and it has received a total of now 46 downloads/visits, and I don’t know how many it had before, but the other pictures from my confirmation has a 6 to 10 downloads, so this is telling me – as I was told about – that the “magic” also works here, which is to say that the “world elite” reading me in secrecy is also revealed when clicking on links to my library, and if this has a clicking rate of 1%, it says that approx. 4,000 read this script of mine, and yes “something like this” it is, and even though it makes me VERY SAD to see this WRONG behaviour of all of you “silent people” out there, it also makes me happy to see that some people at least are following me, and yes faith of the ones bringing the world down, is also what is making the world survive – “strange magic” right :-).

Mediafire 040113

  • Helena also received the flue also with a very annoying cough (“hoste”) as you can tell, and this morning she said that she needs to run and does not like this ridiculous virus anymore, and this is of course some of the cough of darkness sent to man via this flue, and Helena showing you my feelings of being annoyed that I cannot exercise because of darkness keeping me down, which is you know because of tiredness/exhaustion.

FB 040113 Helena

  • This article is about local politicians of Denmark drowning in material, which they do not understand and do not prepare thoroughly before they are “pressured” to vote (!), and yes this is about the system of the Devil where a few people sit on top of the local community or the whole country (or United Nations!) having to decide on “everything” even though they know only little or even nothing (!), and I am here shown a Pyramid of these people sitting on top deciding on behalf of everyone else, which everyone soon will understand was “the game of the beast” with the only right thing to do is to make sure that all people work their best and those knowing about the details also being the ones deciding. (I have written our New World Order including the new New World Government thinking of only giving it limited tasks compared to today).

DR 0201 040113

  • And this article from August 2012 shows the attitude of the country organisation of local communities, which is “local politicians don’t need all information in order to decide” (!!!), and yes this is really what it says, and my dear friends, the idea is really for you to turn the Pyramid upside down to make the man on the floor decide on his own life and work, and what else is more right (?), and yes nothing is of course.

Politiken 300812 040113

  • Since Lars Løkke lost the election to Helle Thorning-Schmidt it seems that he has been “relaxing” (?), and at least he has not be on the platform of the Danish Parliament the last 12 months (!) – what do you REALLY do, Lars (?) – and Helena said that she had read the front page of a newspaper saying that “Lazy Robert” – the one who did not want to take “the first the best job” as a cash help receiver – said “And? .. he still receives his pay cheque”, and the word “And?” is really why I bring this because this is what Camilla told me when she showed her most insolent behaviour, and yes “the worst darkness”, and this becomes a little more “complicated”, which is what many thinks, and that is because of her “relation” to Søren Pind, whos has Lars Løkke as his “boss”, and when this is the case, she better be “careful” what to say, and Søren Pind was the subject among the two “ladies” below with Jane saying that Søren will tell her off because of this, and Helena said that he would be too busy for this and also “it is some very sensitive buttons we push here”, and yes those of Søren Pind and Lars Løkke as examples, and this is again the worst darkness which makes it “impossible” for people to speak out the truth straight forwards, and yes Lars and Søren, two of the worst people of darkness, but “of course we are the nice people” as they will say also today (?), but no, my friends, I do NOT like people doing “backroom deals” as you and most politicians and MANY other, in fact this is what I tell you to stop and instead to be OPEN, DIRECT and HONEST, and what is wrong with that (?) as now almost previous darkness here asks me (?), and no, nothing (!), and that is because the world knows :-).

FB 040113 Helena 2

  • Here is another by Helena, who showed herself as the worst darkness and just by thinking the thought (!) – I wonder where she gets it from as the voice giving it to her says – and she saw James Bond the other day and now thinks about men torturing each other to solve a conflict, and for her, women are much easier when it comes to revenge, which is about speaking poorly about each other and if necessary to go to bed with the husband of the enemy, and the good about this is that you can have both sex, revenge and handle job and possible family life the day after, and yes the Devil as long as it takes and yes for all of us to break the last barrier of darkness to get into you at the Source, Stig.

FB 040113 Helena3

  • Tomas Ledin will be on Swedish TV this evening, which I recommended, and I “just” (nu) had to find a song to follow it and with the right mood it had to be, and it the beautiful “a part of my heart”, which I afterwards figured out was to say that the New World is my heart about to move in at me at the Source and yes this is my view point now feeling the New World just on the other side of “little darkness”.

FB 040113 Ledin

  • A couple of weeks ago I was encouraged to upload Michael Sadler’s solo album to Grooveshark, and the answer came today when Anja SUNSHINE was sorry not to find any of Michael’s songs on YouTube, which was the sign given to me to say that EVERYTHING IS “CLEAR” and yes to let the sun shine in.

FB 040113 Anja SAGA group

  • The other day I invited Dahlberg’s insurance broker connection in London towards Lloyds of London, David, to become contacts on Linkedin, which he has NOT accepted – despite of our VERY close contact when I worked there in 2008, and afterwards I saw that Bo entered my Linkedin profile, and yes what makes two and two, and yes four, and this is about Bo and David speaking much about me, and how crazy I am, Bo (?), and yes while we are at it with David’s, I asked David from the Jerusalem UFO group about his website and if he had uploaded his “research”, and yes NO ANSWER was what he decided to send me, and yes SAD of this WRONG behaviour of people is STILL what I become.
  • I decided to write this email to Preben telling him about the problem to adjust the height of the saddle on my bicycle in practise making it impossible to use and yes a sign that our New World “cannot” be used, and yes a warning about danger, but no, only a game to be solved is what I am convinced about, and I asked for his help saying that I am not skilled at this and cannot avoid to go to a repair shop, which I am not sure would be able to solve the problem, but maybe Preben can (?), and I wonder what Preben will say to see me again after what Lone has told him about me and yes her view on me (?), and this is what I am told, and also the darkness I have to go through, and no, I did NOT include “problems” about the gear shift, because this is spiritual darkness, which will disappear. Later Preben was kind to offer his help, which will probably be in two or three days from now, and at this place because after he stopped working for Aon, he cannot afford to drive to long in the car in order to be able to afford staying in the house. And let me say that if I had more time and energy, I would try to fix this problem myself, and only if I could not, I would ask for help – and yes in other situations, you may decide that you do not want to use time on this and yes a matter of prioritization, and it is really about ATTITUDE because I don’t like the attitude of many people today, “I do NOT bother and let us get it done as easy as possible” without me learning anything.

Email Preben 040113

Email Preben 040113-2



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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One Response to January 4, 2013: Life will be lifted up to something much more than man and life of today including breathtaking beauty

  1. jette says:

    tjæk – når din mor og John forærer dit et nyt tastatur – er det da fordi de vil være sikre på – at du er i stand til at skrive historien færdig.. ❤

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