January 6, 2013: Transferring life to the hall of the Source, which is “completely priceless” – our eternal journey awaits


Summary of the script today

5th January: Fighting the strongest darkness to release the spirit of my mother of the most inner cave of all

  • Dreaming of bringing injured life out of a tunnel, darkness tried to cheat me yesterday, creating a credit card to bring out energy of darkness, darkness now only has one road of the kingdom of Germany to drive, my mother is darkness inside our New World still trying to destroy life, and looking for secret life inside an “atomic reactor” of darkness.
  • At this inner cave I have arrived, “my mother is finished as a pop singer” meaning that she does not send out love after darkness a LONG time ago overtook her completely making her believe that she would NEVER return as light, and it was this darkness, which tried to hide inside of Fanny, but was forced to get out when I did NOT accept this. This work is difficult to do because my old class friend Søren D-N does not have faith in me. Everything inside of here is a complete mess up, which we have now started to go through carefully in order to bring out all life of it. This is part of the work of cleaning the strongest darkness of all, the Toruk Mokto.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures show “what a fight” (with the strongest darkness) and what is right and wrong with thousands of heads?
  • Short stories of fires of darkness on an island of darkness, my old music teacher may have faith in me, and SAGA DELETED the post where I brought Michael’s album for free.

6th January: Transferring life to the hall of the Source, which is “completely priceless” – our eternal journey awaits 🙂

  • Dreaming of finding the ”secret life” and finalising approx. ¾ of the setup of the 12 parts of God, Cher seems to be part of my mother/God too, NORMAL LIFE will come to the world but NOT because of the United Nations!
  • I bought a new, used hard-disk and transferred data from my old to the new hard-disk symbolising the transfer of life to the Source and my own self arriving at our New World, and I felt how the sunshine moved into me.
  • Life origins directly from the “family tree”, which is what I now am after being selected as the one, which I was not born to be from the beginning. The four-divided world was to bring us here, and we now arrive at the hall of the Source, which in itself is “completely priceless” and will begin our journey for an eternity deeper and deeper into it, and we don’t know what it will bring, also of answers to our origin.
  • Jette brought Google Earth pictures at her Facebook group showing shallow ladies with darkness hiding behind them, calmness and fear on either side, dog of man making friends with a lady, and BIG LOVE of God as the foundation of darkness.
  • When we had entered the Source, we were SURPRISED to see that the light and axis of life had moved to a deeper room, and we decided to go through enormous darkness/sufferings to reach this making us believe that life was jeopardised again, but it was a deliberate move from God to bring us even greater reward of life.
  • Short stories of doing and working my best bringing the best “cars” of our New World, darkness wanted to spit out and crash the aeroplane of the world but was stopped, Helena is the Devil showing sexual indecency bringing me sufferings and also that sex and power are ingredients in the play of the Old World.


5th January: Fighting the strongest darkness to release the spirit of my mother of the most inner cave of all

Dreaming of looking for secret life inside an “atomic reactor” of darkness

I was told to my surprise by darkness thank you for the work I did ”yesterday”, which will help to prevent ”sexual contributions”, and off ”he” was again, because ”I am busy”, and yes this has been the story of my life being WAY TOO busy with work stealing my private life, and some of these songs by Grace Jones are truly “one of a kind”.

I was told that if there was one who had to grease the hair, it became Preben, and we had not settled for this in forehand, but this was the best choice or so we thought, and yes I will be going there on Monday the 8th and Preben said that “there is a solution” so hopefully he will be able to fix it thus also helping to “fix it” making the New World enter/fit in height with the Source.

I went to bed at 01.45 where darkness tried to scare me also by showing a dark spirit in my bed ready to carry out my “old nightmare”, but no, there will be no such thing, and yes maybe not the easiest decision to do to sleep, but I felt sure that this was fine to do, and here are the dreams.

  • I am in Helsingør and feel that Fuggi is with me too. I am about to enter a tunnel, but it has been announced that an injured man will be brought out, which then happens just in front of me.
    • So more life of darkness coming out, and I was asked “isn’t it with this that you will peel off the roof of the train to being able to look at us inside” (?), and it may be, and I understand that getting in to the Source is not the easiest thing in the world to do.
  • I had a dream where I don’t remember the details, but I remember the message which was something about trying to cheat me, this is not the end of the world, and I felt Fanny, and yes the victim of darkness.
  • I am at a course together with my girlfriend. I meet a lady, whom I have been together with at a previous course, and we want to create a credit card to be used by employees of Danske Bank, and we also think about doing a marketing campaign of it and know that it will take MUCH work to do – and I feel attracted to this lady.
    • This is inside darkness and the credit card it to take out money from darkness, and that is “energy”, and this is what I have decided that “I don’t care about” as long as we do what is needed in order to make everything perfect, and yes I will produce NO energy for darkness, and if it is old energy that we bring out to bring out life, it is of course fine by me, but difficult it is, and we still meet challenges of the lady symbolising my “old nightmare”.
  • I have moved into a place in Germany, which also works at a toy store. I leave to look for a three headed microphone, which is of better quality than the usual microphones, and I see Hans and Niklas together inside an electronics store, and I am thinking that they are now out again spending money. I am told that such a microphone is 800 DKK. Back at the toy store, the floors and everything has been washed perfectly so we can go on holiday. On the 1st floor I meet a couple of people including a man in a suit where his tie is not tied 100% perfectly, it has a small flap at the side of it at the knot, and he does not want to buy clothes, and says that Danske Bank employees are using the road for Bonn, which is the only one still being open.
    • Germany is our “new kingdom”, and toy is what I am bringing everyone, i.e. new life, and the microphone is new communication of our New World, and the three headed phone is for the Trinity, which might become two headed in the end after the Trinity has become a duet. The tie is to say that not everything is perfect yet, and we are still chasing darkness and there is now only one road open for darkness of Danske Bank, and this is what we are following until the very end.
  • I am inside a forest and feel a giant whale underneath it, and I see divers and come into a room inside of the whale, where a very old dinner table – several hundred years old – is standing as the only furniture of the room. My mother is there too and is pushing the dinner table making it rock and almost break.
    • The forest is the home of God, the whale is our world, and dinner table is about food and more ancient life to get out, and it is my own mother working against me as darkness, and if the table did not break entirely, it was very close doing it.
    • During the whole night when I was awaken with dreams, I received the song “just nu” (“right now”) by Tomas Ledin, which is obviously to say that were are coming “right now” with the end of this work, and yes it is really lying in the air you know, and yes here is a couple of songs by Tomas ending with “Just nu”.

  • I am together with a couple of others at a remote open cave on Mallorca – it is as if it is a nuclear plant too. I believe it is Kim S’ father, who used to live there until he died in year 2000, and since no one has been there making all of his remainings still be there, but now looking like a COMPLETE mess. We are looking after something, and it makes the other couple of people realize that there is no other way than to go through everything from an end despite of how impossible it looks like doing, and when we start, I am surprised to find money notes here, there and everywhere, and also that they are still here with no one else having been here. And we are looking for clothes, and print outs, a secret is inside of here.
    • This has to be what risked exploding as an atomic bomb yesterday, and is this the next level inside the Source, where darkness has also been storing “money” as energy of life, and yes “clothes” seems to be life we are looking for also inside of here, and a “secret” too, and yes SECRET LIVES is what this will have to be about.

Fighting the strongest darkness to release the spirit of my mother of the most inner cave of all

Finally, I woke up at 10.30, which also included the feeling of Jack being annoyed also not having had children as I.

I was told that your mother is finished as a pop singer (meaning that the spirit of my mother does not send out love), and I felt Whitney Houston, and what was this then about (?), and I also thought it I did wrong in relation to Fanny yesterday (?), and no, I don’t believe so, and I told me that if I did, the top rule of everything having to be “perfect” and to “correct my errors if needed” will have to set in, but on I could not see it differently, it was darkness trying to hide from me by trying to remove Fanny’s faith from me and to believe in “darkness disguised as light” instead.

I was told that my FREE dictionary has not arrived yet and also “just carry on, Stig”, which was because I was VERY SAD this morning that the game simply goes on and on and on and nothing apparently happens, and yes it is NOT nice waking up to yet a new day of sufferings and more of the same work.

I was told that the spirit of my mother is finished as a pop singer does not mean that I am finished as a rock singer and that is as the spirit of my father so inside of this nuclear plant we are missing the part of the spirit of my mother, which may be the secret, and yes where is it, and have you looked here and here and yes Stig, only by doing your work thoroughly also in this phase, you will bring us the same attitude to find what is inside of here, and if you decided to jump over where the fence is at its lowest – as we say here, and no I still don’t know if you say the same where you are, and no, I don’t know yet what these symbols mean about what we are saying here, and yes “communication” in order to understand (?) – it would mean that we would be careless not really looking everywhere to find it.

Shall we tell him about one of the big works of one of the great masters/painters (?), did we find that (?) and yes via Fanny and what else (?), and yes nothing via Søren D-N (my old class friend), who is not here to witness your development, and yes he had no faith, so we had to adjust your journey because of this fact solely, and yes no soul, no sun without it, it was thought, so we went out to buy something cheap to replace it, and no, does not work so go back to the cave and try to find it, and yes as revolutionary as it is cheap, a new wave in heating so to say, and yes yes yes where is it – has Karen stolen it or is it really so that we managed to keep it out of the hands of Fanny and Archangel Michael and that is the dark side of him, and yes “only light” and “perfect” and all of that, does it work really (?), and Stig, this is the big question today, and no I am not lying, and not easy for anyone of you to understand what is the truth or deception of my voice. And I am thinking what I have been thinking/feeling often, which is that Søren D-N may be a turned around part of the spirit of my mother too, and when he decided to cut me off, we are missing this part of him/her at the most inner, and when this is the case, we will have to bring sufferings to find it, so this is what we are doing.

It would correspond to bleeding if we did not have that and that and that article, so this is mainly about a book we are missing, and yes can’t do without it, it is thought, so what do we do now (?), and we know, Stig, we keep searching for it until we find it, or to follow the light if it has better suggestions. And I hear reports coming in saying that “no, we don’t have it”, and it is from darkness, so normally such reports are not to be trusted, so we will have to search high and low, and I am here given the taste of the pork with chilli and vanilla and the feeling of my mother, and yes darkness of my mother is making this happen, but no, we will NOT give up, so go ahead and do your finest work.

It is because I get so furious that I cannot keep it inside of me. It is not the eyes of evilness you have met, Stig, you are home, but not if you cannot find this, a magic eye so to say to make us see all. It is because there is no more blockbuster video. Bye, bye no Denis in here is part of it too.

It does not correspond to your mother cutting the umbilical cord, does it? Will we not be going out shopping anymore (?), no, this is part of it. Because your mothers name was always the last in the class. It corresponds to finding a gold age finding, but without the last of it. It corresponds to letting England wait in a football match with a crowd going wild because of impatience, and yes we don’t care, Stig, you are also not going anywhere before everything is perfect, so what do we have here, a deadlock (?), or is it dreadlock holiday, and yes an old favourite song too, and I know Karen, the (beautiful) song “I’m not in love” (with Stig), is this how it is?

This is how it goes when you pull out the Devil from his cave. It corresponds to Chelsea or Ipswich (of darkness) only getting silver, Stig, because we do know this road, we have been here before, and know what to do, we only have to keep on going. So this is where we need many potatoes, right?

I was told another detail about Karen and prostitution from her own apartment, and there was an eagerness to bring me sexual details of the worst kind – because this is from where it comes – but no, I will NOT write about it other than say “of the worst kind”.

We will soon wake up from the Moon base alpha dance, Stig – and Jack too – this is just “half the way through what we expected”.

Isn’t it here we normally would give a warning (?), but no, because he has nothing to fight with, and yes Jack you know.

And then it ends up with Stig still getting the bow (of original life) in the end, smart right?

So we remove the potency extension, which hit Denis and you too in some degree (?), and this is in relation to Karen and “what she did”, but no, I did not feel it, and during much of writing down these notes, Roxette was playing inside my head with “Joyride” and “magic friends”, and these are indeed “magic friends” of mine.

And in the end we will still get to dance the balloon dance you say (?), and we “just” have to go through a rough time again. I felt people of other civilizations, and told that it would also feel as if we were never to leave our planet without this.

So this is part of sending your clothes to be cleaned? This is part of the finish of the train journey – to get “everything” with you. And part of the photographing too. Because there is nothing on the other side of 12 o’clock (we have to get everything with us now). This is about the total cleaning of the bathroom. And that is if there is power enough to get it? It was when we were dismantling sexuality of man that we almost forgot this.

You could also go on strike, which would mean nothing much other than … and then I was given a not that loud sound to the window frame of my apartment as if this would mean entrance of darkness.

I was shown myself inside of darkness at the bow of a ship museum, with the museum self being the bow of the ship, which however was also a building (!), with everything outside being light very close to shining in.

This would also be part of bleeding, to get you right down into my sack, but no, we are now going to turn this upside down too.

This is what we would handle underneath darkness if this had broken out – if you had “lost it” – but when it did not, we are showing the work to you instead. And if you had not shouted as loud as you did – via my scripts – we would also not be here.

At the shower I was shown darkness wanting to delete the coast line of Costa Brava, Spain – symbolically – which you know is the old story of darkness wanting to terminate life, but no, you are NOT allowed!

Your decision to work means that you after this will receive no more English homework. It is a little bit like cutting yourself out from the car with a blowtorch hoping that no one will die.

I was surprised that my mother’s friend Ely called again still believing that she was calling my mother (!), and I smiled at her asking her “have you had put something in the coffee” other than sugar (?), and yes making her “lose it” of course and she said that she is VERY confused these days and also that my number is listed as “Lona – home”, and now she will change it to “Stig” – and I asked her again about how her husband and son are, but she really did not want to speak about it other than “terrible and eehhh is that because I am ”sick” too (?), but no Stig sounded completely open and normal, and yes someone you can trust in, right (?), so this is why I opened up a little bit –she told me about seeing her son Lars daily and that it is impossible to get him to say a word, and I offered to come and speak to him because I am good at communication and know better than many how he feels, and yes it made Ely happy to hear, which SHE will consider much, and yes I hope she will ask Lars about it, because HE is the right man to decide, and yes this was to help open the worst darkness, see?

And it surely was “the most lovely morning in 100 years – and I’m alive” and yes the coffee tasted great here, and no, Gnags, I have put NOTHING in it, and we know in my mind it is to pollute the coffee if you add sugar as I have always said, and yes I take it black as it is :-).

I told Ely as I have told my mother that she needs amusement from me, mother, her family etc. so negativity around her don’t become entirely negativity pulling her down too, and she said “you are absolutely right”, and yes I am just thinking that I was “allowed” to handle all negativity of the WORST kind myself non-stop without anyone offering to TRULY speak to me ….

Fanny sent a text message at 02.00 saying that “when you wrote that I had to speak against Michael, my computer broke down”, and I wrote back telling her that she here received the answer to “if darkness wants me, they will shut down my PC again”, so this is what “they” wanted (!), and again I told her “be careful not to get cheated, and when it comes to creation, you can refer to me and say that everything has to be perfect without going in details”, and Fanny simply replied by “thank you”, and maybe 15 minutes after this, “sad darkness” came to me from right and yes we better hand over to him, which is because of the acceptance of Fanny to let me do “the dirty job” and yes DO NOT HIDE FROM ME, DARKNESS!

But there is no beach there, there is no beach there, but still there is indeed and this is what we decide to save too (?), and yes don’t rush, darkness, take your time, make EVERYTHING perfect.

When I was writing this script, it was with the feeling that it is still not easy working having a heavy head and feeling without energy despite of the sleep of the night. I also received a feeling of laziness coming to me from right giving me the desire to do nothing, and it came together with the feeling of Ely, who was also too lazy to read me, and we know “I don’t have to read him to tell that he is crazy”, but eehhh Ely, is this also how you feel now?

I felt a GIANT spirit of darkness and was told that this is still the TORUK MAKTO that we are fighting, and yes “not easy” to do.

I was told by people of other civilizations that it is a shame that we cannot show you “air guitar” now, and that was because of my decision to keep on working, which “they like much” – thank you my friends and yes best regards to you and from you and yes all of us :-).

I was told with a low voice that this is one of the beers, which tasted the absolutely best of all, and yes this is now gradually coming out of darkness to the right of me, and yes the strongest you know, and this is what my inner self is also bringing out, which I just have to help “him” do, and yes “the secret” you know.

I was told that “nobody enters here” and also “there is not even a restaurant here”, it is such a long time ago that I have been alive that I have become accustomed to be darkness self, and if I want to survive, and yes when you ask me directly, “pooh – fine then” and yes “bring it on”, so this is what we do bringing the eternal torch here, and yes this is what we thought that darkness would be and for light to never return, but when you are here, and say that you are stronger than us and have the key, and we know we are not allowed to hide as you told Fanny and us as darkness, this is then what we have to do, and we had almost forgotten about this power being stronger than us, and yes the only one who can save us, came to save us and yes walking all the way into here, and we know it cannot be done, but we did it.

I felt Hitler and was told that this was part of his plan too, and yes to remove your mother from me entirely.

Late in the afternoon I decided to continue the setup of my new computer and to see if I now could download/setup programs, which I have not been “allowed” to do until now, and yes now I was able to download and also install Windows Live Writer, and later I found out that now my old way of publishing scripts now work again (!) meaning that I can do all the formatting relatively easily at Microsoft Live Writer and to copy all of this into the WordPress editor INCLUDING all formatting code, which was lost before for was it maybe 2 or 3 months, and from WordPress I do the final edits (which cannot be done in the Live Writer), and yes this is to say that now I don’t have to manually copy and paste each paragraph when publishing new scripts, which was a NIGTHMARE to do (!), but of course you cannot tell when looking at the final result, but this is how it was, and yes as physical Stig, and I do believe also as my old self in order to keep the Old World going to do the last creation, and yes “not easy”.

It is not my birthday yet, is it (?), and yes this is darkness still speaking and the symbol is that you are coming closer and closer to the birth of your new self as you continue setting up your new computer eventually to make it perfect despite of the problems you face on your way with darkness and drivers etc.

This is like a boxer, and then to change the whole colour spectrum of your TV, and yes for this part of me to return.

You are not getting the finest voucher for the Magasin Department Store now, are you (?), and yes he is still working as his old self.

I was told that we could not photograph also a little because of China, but MOSTLY because of Russia, and yes this is still the worst darkness we are going through, and I feel like smoking here.

I heard the spirit of my father speaking inside of me as the son of darkness saying – this is me too – and he said “welcome home” and that is to this part of the spirit of my mother, and yes right here at the Source.

It is still a joy to work on this new computer and even though it is not very fast compared to the very new, it is MUCH faster than my old computer, and yes “clean” is what it is and the extra ram-memory of John made if possible now to open my own long websites without “breathing problems” as the computer had before this expansion.

I continued installing drivers etc. to the computer and was told that this corresponds to installing the lung of my mother, and I received some very uncomfortable beating knocks to the underside of my left thigh, and this is the same as saying that there is no more Cola, and yes we are returning home to our very first place of living and yes alive ourselves and now as part of something much greater and that is the son including ALL creation after us, and yes who should have known that, and yes don’t you remember that before taking our “sleep medicine” we promised each other “let us build a new house and sea if our son cannot come back and save us” and yes Stig, this is to bring creation back to the origin of creation and just as we thought of really, and yes I felt God as the actor on top of all of this and speaking this to me

I was shown the café on the 1st floor of Lyngby Shopping Centre – nice coffee, i.e. warm feelings – and told that “it is almost to cry over” and the feeling “this is how beautiful it is”.

I spoke to my mother and told her about my conversation with Ely and it made my mother “aggressive” – “what did you speak to her about” (?) and it was with the feeling of maybe she would be revealed about what she has told Ely about me (?), and I told her that I have given the offer to speak to Lars (which my mother obviously has NOT given to Evy/Lars!), and what was her reaction (?), and yes negative and “don’t get involved with that family” and yes my mother keeps Ely “on ice” at the moment (!) as she said, and yes because she is “unbalanced” and a shame it is because Ely just wanted to hear how my mother and John is, and I could tell that she truly needed to speak to a friend because of how sad she is with her husband and son, but no, she is “on ice”.

I was shown how a long carpet was rolled out inside of here, and how a very long stack of newspapers were removed, and shortly thereafter I installed and had my previous email client Thunderbird up and running together with my Gmail account, and yes Microsoft Outlook is also installed on this computer, but when I tried to use this, it would not let me enter the email setup, and I was thinking back on my experience with Microsoft in 2009 when I was in Kenya, and it seems as if Microsoft is not my “preferred partner”, and yes we like FREEDOM here you know.

I was shown a sausage and a train driving out of the tunnel with the train turning upside down and yes deliberately and isn’t this what you think by now, that the overtake by darkness was necessary to do for some reason in order to do creation.

We have just found out, Stig, that there are really no dogs at all out here in the snow, and yes it was all “pretending” by the big man, and yes waiting for you to bring home everything.

Isn’t it funny that we have not peed at all (?), and yes you thought that you were destroying everything (?), and yes, Stig, isn’t the truth that all of this was a play to bring out EVERYTHING we had and yes fear and sufferings were much more effective tools than everything else, and with the end of this, we will now remove these “tools” and yes to show you the love I am really about (?), and yes this is what I do believe has to be behind “the act” of all of this.

So it is not the semen bringing out life from the egg (?), no it is an underlying mechanism behind this, and yes “the stamp of God” is what you might call it, and this is what I will show you when you get home and yes “as the first” isn’t this what I told you (?), and yes look who we have for dinner (?), and yes to your mother who is not there, because who are we when “we” are “nothing” (?), and yes you will see, “my boy”.

I noticed how the white pages of Denmark – www.dgs.dk – had a wrong telephone number listed for me, which is an Internet telephone number, which was included with my Internet subscription, and I could not change the telephone number myself because it was required that I called from this telephone number to confirm that “I am me”, and since this requires a hardward-telephone, which I do not have (!), I sent a form from their website asking them to register my telephone number and I gave them my website-address and Facebook address and told them that they can see that “I am me” via these and also call me to receive confirmation, and I wonder if they “can find out” to do this or will reject me, and yes not smart to have a telephone number registered, which is not in order.

I used some time to create my new email signature from the add-on programme WiseStamp to the Thunderbird email programme, and yes I was very happy with how this works, and yes a very fine small programme and seldom that I am so satisfied with a small programme, but it could include free social icons instead of choosing from a long list, and yes there were a few I would have liked to include if I could.

We are now replacing the train with shining sunshine together with the feeling “I thought you like to know”.

I received a noise from the kitchen and the spirit of my father said “I am still in here, I never moved” and yes a part of me moved and that was the spirit of my mother now returning.

I was told by the spirit of my father that if there are no inhabitants, you become lonely, which I understand is the case here.

Jette’s Google Earth pictures show “what a fight” (with the strongest darkness)

Jette’s Google Earth pictures show “what a fight” (with the strongest darkness) and what is right and wrong with thousands of heads?

FB 050113 Jette 1

FB 050113 Jette 2

FB 050113 Jette 3

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Fire has broken out at Tasmania, which is also the home of the Devil you know.

ABCnews 050113

  • My old music teacher from Albertslund commented on this calculation and yes what is the answer to this (?), and it either has to be 1 or 12 right (?), and yes I am no “eagle” at this – this is ALSO what we say here, and yes at the most inner place where I am shown the first eagle of everything now returning to his/her sleeping place inside the mountain, and this is about a “duvet” too, you know – but I do believe that you multiply first and add afterwards, and if this is the case, 12 is the right answer with 12 being the numbers of us and this will have to say that Mogens is believing in me, and yes I have very often had feelings of Mogens and asked myself the question that I wonder if he has faith in me, and I don’t know why, but this somehow had importance to me.

FB 050113 Mogens

  • The SAGA Facebook group decided to remove Anja’s post (!), and maybe it was “to push it to the limit” that I also brought Michael’s solo album for FREE, and yes you do NOT like that, Michael (?), and there is really no difference between Grooveshark and YouTube but in the minds of people, there seem to be, and yes my words on a New World Order about bringing income to artists too seem not to matter in this respect, and yes lack of faith and love of money apparently. So I am probably not that “popular” with Michael and the band about this (?) but maybe Anja is (?), and yes again a story about how the “interests” of few destroys it for many. But they did not throw my out of the group, and not yet that is, and why is that, Michael?

FB 050113 SAGA postFB 050113 SAGA post removed


6th January: Transferring life to the hall of the Source, which is “completely priceless” – our eternal journey awaits

Dreaming of finding the ”secret life” and finalising approx. ¾ of the setup of the 12 parts of God

At 21.40 I was “destroyed” by tiredness, and when I kept on closing my eyes, I also kept on receiving the strongest jerks to my body coming to me from darkness. I slept poorly on the sofa until 02.00 receiving these dreams.

  • We are going to some kind of company event, and Morten J. will come too bringing his entire family and possibly also camping wagon. Something about having 1 to 8 or 9 delicious food items and working on the last up to 12 and some kind of accessory is missing, and we go out into the city asking for this. I come to a French hotel where a very good looking waiter asks to receive my order, she only speaks French, and I order one piece only of what seems to be the accessory we are missing, and I discover that I have a credit card, so I could really order all, and I notice how the clothes on the back side of the waiter is about to cut open.
    • This is still about setting up the 12 of me, and as I understand it, we are still 3 times 12 (?) even though the Trinity has been reduced to a duet (?) – we will see, and the waiter was the Spanish actress Penelope Cruz, who is Spanish, thus being darkness, and working in Paris, where we are, which is my city of light and home, and this is really the same place to look as the cave of Mallorca of yesterday, and we have now found the “secret item”, which is a part of food or in other words a part of life, which I can now bring also because I have this credit card to take out energy of darkness, and the beauty of the waiter is still also about darkness wanting to carry out my “old nightmare”, and no, it never becomes tired and will first disappear with the complete transformation of all darkness, and that should be very soon by now.
    • I woke up to SAGA’s “Goodbye once upon a time” and the lyrics “Goodbye once upon a time, No more living in the past, What’s mine is mine”, so “close” we are.
  • I am at a concert in Copenhagen broadcasted on live TV, one of the original members of the band is Cher, who comes over to me, and I see that she is the author of all songs or that is “variations” of her name.
    • So Cher is also a candidate to be another part of my mother and really “part of God”, and yes who would BELIEVE in that (?), and this is also about “warm feelings”, and yes she is FANTASTIC in concert, isn’t she?

  • I am about to finalise a long report of more than 100 pages, which I write on basis of a UN survey of hunger of the world, and I see a poor boy in the poor world telling visitors that all he wants is for his village to have a “normal life” with “life” on the street (of open stores, working people etc.), and I now have only little time to finish my report, which will become “good” but I would have liked more time to improve it to do my best work, which I tell my teacher, Vera, and my mother offers me to visit her to write in the report over one morning, and I decline her offer telling her that I have now been working on this for more than 2½ months, so the work is much greater than what she believes.
    • This is to say that NORMAL LIFE will come to the world, but not via the United Nations, who could not lift such a basic task like this because of a POOR world in terms of doing what is right, which should have been EASY for you (?), and also that my mother may not realize the efforts and pain it takes for me to continue doing this work writing my scripts.
    • I also had a dream saying that NORMAL LIFE in terms of sexual relations will also come to the world.

Transferring life to the hall of the Source, which is “completely priceless” – our eternal journey awaits 🙂

He cannot keep playing football, can he (?), but there he is again, and this time this came with joy from the returned mother of here.

What about the Hobbit movie, you never saw this too (?), and no, your mother did not want to go anyway, and yes “hidden messages” of this film too, and what about going this week, Stig (?), and maybe if this can become part of the postponed Christmas gift of my mother, which I am not sure about, we will see.

“House on the beach road” and how is Michael Laudrup doing (?), and yes is “fine” the right word to use about his Swansea football team, which goes up and down in performances and almost as if it comes in waves (?), and yes the story when you were meditating one day in 2006 with Lis, Kirsten and Lotus, and my voice had just broken through (spiritual voice), and it asked you all to look up in heaven and there was nothing to see, and also that I would get Michael Laudrup’s house on the beach road as “reward” for my work, and yes this is indeed what was said, and is this to say that Michael is totally in love with money that he lost his common sense of what is wrong and right to do (?), and yes as many millionaires around the world did, and a disgrace is exactly what it is when you look at the number of people screaming and dying from starvation and other suffering. This is really the same as shooting knot swans.

There is nothing as releasing prisoners in Teheran, do you have any idea of how they treat people there and many other places too around the world (?), and yes we do love to see people receiving their FULL freedom with my arrival.

We are not going to smoke rya carpets are we (?) with “rya” also meaning “smoke” with a good will in Danish, and that is to destroy life. And yes Stig you are given many stories with a low voice difficult/impossible to hear, which is really putting your patience on test because the natural reaction of today would be to become VERY negative and curse, but no, you are welcome, and I will write what I can hear, and yes this is MUCH more annoying than you can dream of.

This Glistrup thing (“never give up”) means that you had to live on your smallest to get you through, and yes I both managed to live on a small budget, and decided that I will have wine as part of my road and yes sometimes I even feel like living a “good life” when I get delicious meat on sale (however costing only little compared to what people otherwise pay here), and yes I am not having much compared to what Danes have, but I live a luxury life compared to many Africans as example, and if I really had pushed this to my ultimate limit, I could have managed with maybe 800 and not 1,200 DKK per month in average, and it was really the limit of Western Union and their “fee policy”, which made me decide to transfer a maximum amount of DKK 2,800 per month to my LTO friends in Kenya, which last month became DKK 2,900 because I noticed that they raised their limit to DKK 3,000, so this is the story behind this. And yes, my small budget has not been suffering compared to having the Devil work actively inside of me, or vice versa, making me a living dead for years.

I am happy to say that my aunt is now back as a regular reader of mine, which she has been for approx. one week by now, and I wonder how she and my father are (?), but you will not tell me, because you do not like to appear in my scripts (?), and yes with this behaviour you work for darkness against me also bringing me sufferings very directly, and yes who should have known about this (?), and yes not that difficult to understand if you ask me.

I was told about Russia not being happy about being mentioned in my scripts as the “worst darkness” of all, and I was told that plans do exist also in Russia to eliminate a large number of man (?), and yes why is that (?), to make life “easy” and “good” for the elite (?), and tell me how you prepared it and believed that it could be done also without my intervention (?), and yes looking like “natural disease”, is this how it is?

Will you get the ambulance (?), which I was told just before starting to work again, and yes to save life, and we would have told him that it would be impossible to bring in anymore, but no it goes fine, and yes bring in more/the last life.

Isn’t it wonderful that we will never again bring out newspapers (?) and mail too (?), and I don’t know about the last one, but the first one is at least right.

You can see the farm, and he did not run a metre (?), and yes since “a long time ago now” and why was that (?), and yes because he cannot (!), but the cross trainer suited me fine under the circumstances.

I kept on receiving encouragements to mention the “international Sunnipan-Islamic political organisation” Hizb ut-Tahrir, and no, I don’t know much about it, so I will not say much about it, but I do NOT appreciate violence and Islamic law/Shariah, which has NOTHING to do with me, so for all those believing that they are fighting in the name of Allah, there is no such name, and just so you know, my friends, and I was told that the development of this organisation is related to an old friend I had when I lived on Frederikssundsvej in Copenhagen (1988-90 I believe), I believe her name was Birgitte – I wish that I had not lost contact to her and MANY other people just like what most people believe – and she told me about how she had written a letter to the editor of a newspaper asking for a ban of facemasks at demonstrations, and yes to tell Muslims that I do NOT like people “hiding” your true face, which ONLY people of Satan does – but you do remember that all people are people of the TRUE God, and you are my people as much as everyone else, and I love you as much as I love all, and I here receive very warm feelings of love.

I received some stomach pain and also pain to my spinal column from drinking coffee, and I was told about and shown Bjarne from the Commune, and yes he still thinks about me …. And a little later the feeling is still that this is giving me so much pain that it is removing my working capacity as it also did as example when I worked for Falck in Lyngby in 2011, and even though this is not nice now, it was even worse back then.

Thank you for dong this, Stig, this is for the protection of “data”, i.e. life, so she will not bleed anymore. This is also to say that NO DATA has been destroyed. This is the most important of all, and yes to find a permanent solution Stig, because we are tired of being out here in the cold, and yes this is the symbol of bringing home the New World with all life.

I received a small heart attack – this aeroplane is not delayed, is it?

But isn’t this data saved already (?), and no, Stig, this is only a temporary solution, remember, and yes this is what is inside of the Mallorca cave. And this is to get out of the cold freezing closet here. But we cannot move our apartment all the way up there, can we (?), and yes Stig, this is about making “everything perfect” and that is right to the Source. We feared the most that we would not have enough gasoline on, but we solved that with the new credit card. Isn’t this to bring the apartment right on the very top of everything (?), and yes it is, and that is without anyone crushing a hair on him. So we have all of the music and celebration ready just on the other side of this little darkness as you feel.

There were no ends to the plays we could have played saying that your mother ended at the last place and what would you like to avoid bringing with you etc. while we were working inside of this to bring everything and yes that it the amazing part, but no you did not want to play the game like that.

Nothing has disappeared of it you say (?), and yes we are bringing back the ORIGINAL paint of everything.

Lst couple of weeks more careless what I eat knowing that we are home.

You truly have to pay a lot to get such a big apartment?

We origin directly from the family tree, but none are the family tree and that is up until now, when we have given it a name, and yes given it to you being “the one” we selected, isn’t this true (?), and yes his name was not “born to be alive” like this, was it (?), yes, but was he this from the beginning, and no (!), and yes and no and not not but yes, and everything has a start and was he there too, and yes as much or little as anyone else, so there you have it.

We may have looked a little through the keyhole to the inside of this place, but we never believed that you would open to it for all of us, but this is how it is and when he say “home” this is “home” to us, and yes we know no where else, and yes comes together with the “completely insane” feeling.

I was shown a hospital bed entering me together with the feeling and it was really also said that we were prepared to go a long way and yes to give everything we had to bring birth to you.

Fanny was about to open up to her own washing room (with the keys), so it had probably worked out too don’t you believe?

At 07.00 I tried to see if I could get some more sleep, which I could until 10.30, and I dreamt about having my office in our old row house in Snekkersten, where Sanna lives, and when she leaves for work in the morning, I ask her to leave the key, which she was almost forgetting, I am listening to nice music, and when I find the dog string, my dog Don is as happy as I have ever seen it to get a walk outside, and this will have to get freedom, and yes the key here will have to be the “secret life” we found.

Yesterday evening I had used some time to see how much a small hard disk cabinet is to contain my hard disk – I don’t want to try to fit it inside the computer, which is too complicated for me now only having little time and energy, and I suspect, but don’t know for sure, that the motherboard of the new computer does not have the correct wires to this SATA-hard disk of mine – and I found out that it is approx. 250 to 300 DKK, and as an alternative I looked up both cabinets and external hard disks for sale on www.dba.dk, and there were no cabinets, but I found an external hard disk of 320 GB, where my old is 200 GB, for sale of 200 DKK, which and it really had to be this then, and I called and made an agreement to come and buy it in Allerød by 13.00 today, and I could have taken the train and walked from the station, which however would have taken some time, but when I told my mother, she was kind to let me offer to borrow the car, so this is how we will carry this out, and yes to install a new, used external hard disk, and to transfer the data from the old hard disk, and to have this in reserve for the future, and so it is, and I was told that it is sad, there will be no repeat of our act because of this, and also that “this is what Flemming is about” (“to make sure that the house will not burn”).

For “some reason” my mother was surprised that I called her this morning, and asked “is something wrong” (?), and no, I just did as I told her yesterday, to check on the hard disk, and I am here told that there is not a long way to make her lung fail.

And I was told that if I did not move the data to a “fixed media”, we would continue to (try to) bring you your “old nightmare”, but this today and yes Preben tomorrow, and it had really been better to visit Preben also today, but “I came to“ say Monday (tomorrow) instead of Sunday, so this is how this has to be.

I received the song “Pokerface” by Lady Gaga – what a smashy hit this also was and I like it very much too – and the lines “P-p-p-poker face, p-p-poker face (Mum mum mum mah)”, and this is how I feel like knowing what will happen when my mother is still kept in the blind, which I actually feel sorry that she and the family still are.

So this hall alone is “completely priceless”, and yes this is how we feel, and Stig we have no idea what is deeper inside of your house, which is what we will call it now.

How much is a kilo of coffee inside there (?), and yes that is the good part, it is “nothing”, it just comes to us.

After lunch I went to my mother to borrow the car – I used the cycle and darkness still makes the gear jump but less, and I thought that it is logical to get the data on place today and the saddle of my bicycle tomorrow symbolising that our New World is now in place – and from there the 40 minutes to Allerød, and when I was driving there I was told that the four-back chain – the four-divided world – was only made to bring us back to the Source, and we don’t know yet what is inside of there, and how our future world will become.

I was told that buying this hard disk and getting a permanent solution of where to store all data, i.e. the symbol of all life, corresponds to setting up the last light.

I met the young man selling the hard disk, and we made a fine deal, and I gave him the 200 DKK for it.

I was told that when I will receive no homework any longer it means that my sufferings will stop, and yes the whole day it continues with negativity coming to me putting me on my edge, and it is still the most disgusting you can imagine, which includes everything being made into sex and sexual objects also – including the worst language given to me – and this afternoon also a strong pressure to my chest, which was because of Bjarne from the Commune, whom I was told that he had a “crisis” meeting with the mayor about me, and yes not nice to “exhibit” the Commune “negatively”, Bjarne (?), which you have “not deserved” making you sad, is that it (?), and yes the opposite world you know, and yes he is influenced by journals on me from the last three years of the Communes of Helsingør and Lyngby-Taarbæk and also the mental hospital, and all of their misunderstandings also makes it “impossible” for you to understand, Bjarne (?), and yes I still wonder about his astronomical pay cheque and his lack of basic qualities. And I was told that these “difficulties” in understanding is not different to the whole world, and yes was it difficult to “understand” me, and not the official journals about me?

On my way home from Allerød, I decided to drive over Hørsholm and to visit the shopping centre there, where I have not been for a long time – which was part of my everyday life when living in Hørsholm from 1996 to 2009 – and I went to the book store because the Christmas gift from my mother was 350 DKK (the money from the returned keyboard), and I really needed a proper underlay for the keyboard and mouse on my table to replace dinner underlays as I have used temporary, and yes I found a fine plastic underlay with a map of the world, and I thought that this is really a symbol of the world coming all the way home, and yes it looks fine on my table.

I was SAD to see that the café on Hørsholm main street, which I visited so often when I lived there, has closed, and I thought back on the advise I gave the nice man and woman of the café in 2008 to receive cheaper rent, but it was impossible for them to communicate with the landlord as they told me about, and yes the result was consequently that it had to close.

I was afraid of meeting Karen and also René when I was there in Hørsholm, and I was sad that I had to be afraid of meeting them because of their misunderstandings.

I returned home, and I was told that it is as if Himmler is dancing around up here.

Despite of my sleep, I was also today feeling completely without energy, and it is a great overcoming every day to make the programme, thus also today, and just to have to drive back the car to my mother and cycle the approx. 1 kilometre home knowing that I had to transfer the hard disk data and write the rest of the script today was truly taking out all of my mental capacity, and yes “can I really do it”, and this is how it is when you drive on your edge.

I was given Adore by Prince and the lyrics “until the end of time”, and yes if we have not reached this yet, we should be “pretty close”, which is also about the “relation” between Prince and I as I am told, so another candidate for the twelve of me?

When I came home after getting the bicycle, I had much darkness with me, and the chest pain of Bjarne followed me, and this together with Bo from Dahlberg, Mette’s son Christoffer speaking wrongly about me because of wrong input from his mother as I was told and other sources of darkness came to me strongly, and I was told with MUCH eagerness/willingness of my spiritual friends if I want to be a frog, as I was shown, and to start destruction, or maybe to eat spinach to chose the figure of Popeye instead (“Skipper Fear” in Danish), and yes had I done this during my journey, there would be no hesitation or opposition of my spiritual friends supporting me to be darkness, and yes because of the behaviour of my family, friends etc., thus the world. A little later I was told that “I have now been turned around now realising that Popeye is not bad, but good” :-).

Just before I started copying the data from the old to the “new” hard-disk, I was told that you cannot reach all aeroplanes, can you (?), and yes this is really the basic idea, and yes to bring everything and everyone with me in here.

Finally from 15.50 to 17.10 I copied all approx. 40 GB of data to the new hard disk, and yes I “feared” possible trouble, but it worked fine, no problems at all, and I was told that this corresponds to taking a picture of you, which is really to let me enter the New World myself.

I was told if it is now that I will get up, but no, I will not receive a hello yet – and my gift – which is what darkness tells me, and that is because I still have more to install on my computer before it is “perfect”, and yes I still have the challenge with Windows Update not working and then some individualisation of the Firefox brower and Thunderbird email client, and also to install audio and video software to make everything work.

I was given a noise from the kitchen and felt the spirit of my father and was told that the most FRAGILE is the most inner of him, and in order to get here, it required a decision to never give in to darkness and I do believe also to have the tool of recreation, and this was also to bring one of the most beautiful of Sting’s songs, which was with a feeling that he is a “special friend” too.

While the transferral of hard disk data was on-going, I felt how the sunshine was moved inside of me.

I started receiving some information, which I did not believe in what to believe in, but it was about Hans, and I was told that he was NOT with me – despite of what I have been told – but a part of the blocking of darkness keeping the New World out, and we had to get around this. And I was told that it was not your sister but him, who lead the family behind the light, and no, this I do NOT believe in, because he is “careful” in what he says on contrary to my sister, and it is her “having the shoes on” in this respect, and I was told that we will not be able to continue on this road – because I did not believe in it – and I was asked “may we come anyway”, but of course you may.

I was told about my old colleague from Danske Bank, Espergærde (1984-86), Steen M., that he has also humiliated me, and no I did not want to write it, but was told that this is also part of the blocking darkness I had to cross, so it is not your mother all of it – no, but I do understand that all of this is also influencing my mother to be as she is, thus bringing me the sufferings as she does.

I was shown my spiritual friend with a dark pen telling me all of these stories, and I was told that he will now soon be brought away, and yes he is part of the origin and has been waiting for us to arrive, and when I was told this, I was given a deja vue that this speech and my writing of it is what is making all of us able to continue my journey using this voice as the guidance to get to my inner self behind all darkness.

I was told that we only enter the hall now and eternity is inside of you and we don’t know what we will find, and maybe our origin is in there somewhere.

We had reached the Source, but God had moved light/life even deeper to bring us even greater reward of life

I spoke to my mother on the phone, and again I had stammering because of the force of darkness, and yes every time I have this ALSO in relation to my mother, it is because of her misunderstood voice speaking wrongly about me behind my back, and today she and John visited John’s brother Kyril and his wife to play cards, so there you have it.

I was given the name of the Danish comedian Simon Jul, which was followed by a new maybe 1/8 out of this world pain to my right ankle, which came as a big surprise to me; this late in the game (?), and can it be that Simon as example of Danish comedians is suffering because of me (?), and maybe because of your silence too?

We are standing out here almost crying from happiness, but not yet, and I still went through much darkness, and yes it is still a strong fight getting hidden darkness out.

And the BIG question is if there is room for all, and Stig says yes, and then we are all welcome. “The whole airport needs a change of air”, and that is really to remove the darkness we are breathing with light.

A couple of days in a row, I have used my oven, and a few minutes after the food had finished, it turned to the “E3” error position being hit by darkness, but first AFTER the food was ready.

I felt people of other civilizations and was told that they have spoken to Obama, so there is direct communication between “us and them” (?), and yes it does NOT get any more beautiful than this :-).

I received the voice of the spirit of my father to the right side of me, and he said that he just wanted me to know that it does not look like a bombed privy anymore, and the most important was to transfer the data, and now I need the updates to my computer, and also video and audio, which is about “seeing and hearing”.

This has been much more wild than expected, which also brings even greater rewards when entering the smallest, known hole through the biggest darkness of all, which is from where we will start, and I was told that this road was founded via the work I did for the National Museum at Brede Park, which was “tough” to say the least.

I was shown how a monster of the Aliens film turned into a big egg without darkness, and how we were brought to a new axis, which we knew nothing about, which we – after due consideration – decided to follow, and I received big hiccups, and was told “is this an octopus of darkness” (?), and then I was given a jump from my left and told “or a deliberate move from God the right way”?

It is not a ship disaster, which could have happened (?), which is why the saddle on your new bicycle was not working, and yes it was a shock to us too. I was not allowed to tell you before now – because of darkness of your mother. And this is where we have now moved in, which was also impossible to do, but you decided that we had to go through it.

We were about to take in so much water (of sufferings), so we could not make it, which is why we continued the fight/game, and yes risking it all if you could not continue. This is why you have received extreme sexual torments here at the end, which you handled, and yes who knows what would have happened if you did not, but now we are home here, and what will then happen?

I was shown on ancient Egyptian room, but it is the next room where the light shines, and we decided to believe that there would be no trapdoor in the floor leading to darkness, and then we were helped in, and it turned out that it was not that dangerous at all, but it felt as a big thing having to ask you to save the world again, so was this move done by God or by me as my old self (?), or maybe even both/or, and yes when I was given this information, I was given MUCH fear again, which I know is a sign of darkness, but still this made me nervous – and almost give up everything and also becoming negative using negative words to let out my almost frustration – because were we in risk of destruction when entering this place believing that we had come home, but then we had to move to the next room, which was also jeopardising all life (?), and yes I was thinking that this happened October 31, which I am now experiencing on my journey as my old self too, and yes it truly made me feel BAD, and I felt how an EXTREME amount of darkness rolled in over me, which was a strong part of it.

At 21.50 I was again completely broken down also with a tired crisis, which I had really had a couple of hours, and I decided to go to bed, and on my way, I was given the word “Rialto”, which here is a theatre, which will have to be confirmation saying that I went through another play this evening, and I was asked “how much of the root net have we brought with us” (?), and told that we had to explode that bomb (the atomic bomb of the other day), which corresponds to the effect of going through your “old nightmare”.

Before sleeping I was told that we lacked something from Lars G., and God did this for us, otherwise there would have been no doctor present, which would have …. (led to destruction).

It is completely against all odds to get in here, and this is no play, this is what the bicycle tomorrow is about, do you believe that Preben will make it work, and yes if not, the game is that …. – and I was here given even more nervousness because if I cannot make the bicycle work, we cannot make the New World work, thus destruction, and yes these are very fine actors of mine being able to make me believe in everything, and yes I am feeling the Crazy Christmas Cabaret here, so there you have it, and yes Stig, this last chapter was written “tomorrow morning” from 05.30 to 06.30, and yes I had to finish the script and publish it before going to Preben, and I here felt how my heart was physically moved beating wrongly and as if it was moved to the right, and yes giving me fear of dying, because this is NOT what you do, but this is how it was done.

I was told that Stauning was the first Prime Minister of Denmark being told about you, but not the last.

Google Earth shows BIG LOVE of God as the foundation of darkness

Jette brought Google Earth pictures at her Facebook group showing shallow ladies with darkness hiding behind them, calmness and fear on either side, dog of man making friends with a lady, and BIG LOVE of God as the foundation of darkness.

FB 060113 Jette 1

FB 060113 Jette 2

FB 060113 Jette 3

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • My spiritual friends keeps posting this as the first on my Facebook timeline, so now I will bring it, and that is because I am impressed by the design of Jaguar cars, and this is to say that I am still doing and working my best and fastest.

FB 0501 060113 Jaguar

  • Anja said that she would like the SAGA Facebook group not to be public because everyone can find it – and read it – from Google, so she had an attack of darkness wanting to be in private, which made Cécile react with the right answer, which is that “we have nothing to hide”, and so it is.

FB 060113 SAGA Anja

  • This drunk passenger on Icelandair was spitting at and groping on other passengers, which made the employees pacify him like this, and yes he even said that the plane would crash, and you may understand that this is how we deal with darkness to avoid anything being spit out or for the aeroplane of our world to crash.

Nyhederne 060113

  • Yesterday – Saturday evening – Helena asked if anyone offered Coffee after 23.00, and “I mean coffee” because she had to go on work Sunday morning, thus “no sex”, and Jette was kind to “volunteer”, and during the night, Helena said that “coffee, carbohydrates and love. Life is good”, so this looks like Helena receiving some “casual sex” and it does not matter much if it is with a man or woman (?), and she shows in practise the Devil giving her the desire of casual sex with “anyone” she “likes”, and she is living what the Devil wants to give to me, and just by reading these stories, the same Devil tries to make me “imagine”, but this is NOT what I want, so this is just to tell you that her sexual indecency is giving me much suffering and yes as the indecency of the world does.

FB 0501 060113 Helena

  • Helena spoke about political parties receiving financial support from “outsiders”, and the discussion developed into how much insider-knowledge Helena has from Søren Pind, which is “nothing” as she says, and Jesper said “we will have to see if Søren Pind tears apart Nicolai Wammen at the next election”, which is not only because of political differences, but just maybe also a fight over this woman (?), and yes have you been there too, Nicolaj (?), so this story is about “high politics”, power and sex, and yes true ingredients of the Old World.

FB 060113 Helena________________________________________________________________________


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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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