January 8, 2013: Father, Mother and Son have united as ONE GOD, but we are still our old selves at the level underneath


Summary of the script today

7th January: Going through sufferings to avoid heavens falling down; we are only “seconds” away from our New World

  • Dreaming of meeting darkness as “Spanish on a white wall”, the WORST sexual dream ever because of going through the WORST darkness ever, and receiving nice music and playing too low volume.
  • I kept on receiving more darkness right after waking up making me nervous about our destiny inside the Source, until I had passed this darkness now being told that this is done with love of God “who loves you until the end of time”, and it is NOT founded of darkness of the world, but inside the Source self to bring us even deeper in order to bring even more love, joy and happiness of our New World.
  • The task of today was to visit Preben, to fix the saddle stick of the bicycle and to cycle the 48 kilometres home, as it showed out. This is part of lifting the train of creation off its frame and onto the family tree of the Source. This is the end of my/our train journey back “home”. Preben easily fixed the cycle – as I could have done myself (!) – herewith saying that there is NOTHING wrong with my new self and our New World. I did the cycle tour home without being in form thus bringing me extreme pain to my behind and legs, and GREAT sufferings from darkness attacking me and also in periods the gear of my cycle, and this was to save the world from experiencing heavens falling down on you. We are now “seconds” away from the shell of my old self to dissolve, Preben was helping to bring me the duvet, i.e. sexuality, of our New World, and we now only have to put gold of creation on me. The family tree has now been moved back to its original location, and the connection is still there.
  • I have now become ONE with Karen as the spirits of my mother and father are too. In order to create, your father had to create an explosion and the idea was then for this life to return home, which is what we are now doing.
  • First, the Trinity of God was made into a duet when the spirits of my mother and father united as one, and now as ONE when father/mother and I as the Son have united to become ONE GOD.
  • Short stories of “what’s going on”, Helena being the (ignorant) cross of my life, Eric Idle and Jeff Lynne bringing me darkness, MAD rulers of Iran using fear to make people submissive, Politicians have WRONGLY decorated on their WikiPedia profiles, Dan and his network was VERY inspired when receiving the words of God, he thought it was “funny” when I told him and this thread is the MOST inspired of all telling you about my coming birth as my new self, darkness wanted to spit out life because of wrong behaviour of politicians and media, the good heart of Helena, Inge and Tommy could also only think of their own “selfish needs”, and Eligael do believe in the message of the Jerusalem Video even though he rejected the video 6 bringing this message?

8th January: Father, Mother and Son have united as ONE GOD, but we are still our old selves at the level underneath

  • Dreaming of receiving faith of darkness and all of its wine and energy of creation.
  • The stories today was concentrated of having passed what we thought was the location of the Source having to go through more great sufferings to go back to the original location.
  • You – father, mother and son – are ONE as God, but you are still your individual selves as before, the three of you and everyone else, and this is the Pyramid with God at the tiny room at the top, and the Trinity of my father, mother and my new self in the room below and from there it will go all the way down until the newest level of life, so I am both God and my own self as the Son, and this is the structure of it.
  • We can hardly keep darkness away, and are close to celebrate in Champagne because of enthusiasm of what we have achieved.
  • I am catching up on Jette’s Google Earth pictures from January 6 and 7, which show someone eating faeces, combined pig-ants (light and darkness), a long line of people as in World War II waiting to receive life, a clown of darkness, and it is about time to begin the beguine with “one big lump of life” with all having good values of light. And also a dog of darkness waiting to become life, everything is now under one hat returning to Paradise of God, “a not satisfied God” (as part of the play as darkness).
  • Jette’s pictures show the Source lining up lost bits of my scripts, a meeting, dolls having to wake up, and my name again on the sky.
  • I used the evening to update my computer with audio and video software and codecs, which brought me the key to enter the penthouse of everything, which has waited on me “always” to return to finalise our New World when I was done with all creation, and this is now what will become the final creation of our New World when we will do it without any limits bringing “cosmic conscience” (as Martinus had) to everyone, and completely changing how you look and see life.
  • Short stories of the importance of Stonehenge to the survival of the world, David Bowie brought the greatest surprise in music history (?) when releasing a new song and album to come, and Messi is still a symbol of me being the best football player in the world, the Commune and Police wanted to “shut me down” online, is Nicolai Wammen “stalking” Helena (?), instead of WRONG sexual behaviour the world will receive its wake-up call, the energy of “nothing” of God everywhere, we are now VERY close to being home at the Paradise of God.


7th January: Going through sufferings to avoid heavens falling down; we are only “seconds” away from our New World

I had the WORST sexual dream ever because of going through the WORST darkness ever

I went to bed at 21.50 and – with disturbances – slept until 05.00 with these dreams.

  • Something about Spanish on a white wall, and I am writing an essay about “what does it mean to you”, and a couple agreeing to meet.
    • “Spanish on a white wall” is about darkness on the wall of light of the Source.
  • I received the worst and strongest sexual dream I may have ever had about wanting to make love to Vivian, who does not want to make love to me because I am insecure and not “strong” enough, and it makes her make love to others – in Vapnagård, Helsingør – right before me, and an older couple arrives where this man is so heavy that I cannot lift him.
    • This is in continuation of the story of yesterday evening where we had to go through the strongest darkness to reach the next ancient, Egyptian room where God had moved the light and axis of life to, and this is interestingly enough not about my “old nightmare”, but about Vivian as another part of the spirit of my mother bringing it out with what may be the dark side of me, so then again, it may be.
  • I also had a dream about receiving and playing a CD-box, which to my surprise includes much good music – after I started playing the wrong song – and I play it on my stereo of VERY good quality, and others play it next to me, and because the volume of mine is low, they cannot hear it.
    • This is about Andrew from the SAGA Facebook group, which has done amazing work with his SAGA radio station and also “Cosmic Paradigm Radio” playing non-stop around the clock, and I considered sending him a positive comment when seeing the second station (I have known about his first for a long time now), but I decided that I would like to know it even better before doing this.

We passed the strongest darkness of God – NOT part of the world – to bring even more love of our New World

I was told that we really don’t know if we are allowed to stay – and yes more darkness/nervousness brought to me only seconds after waking up, and yes the negative voices still wanting to overtake me still follows.

This is not only because we don’t like to be photographed. So not only about Hitler, but another force in here than expected, and yes will it destroy or save us (?), and what did it do, didn’t it save us (?), and yes but only because we dared to take that step forward (and for that we will remain eternal grateful for what you did, never looking back, Stig – and yes sometimes I write down information like this given to me).

So it has been an incredible journey, Stig, but it has almost not started yet, and where will this lead us?

This is truly a COLD buttermilk soup with no French fries (as I have started eating again, and yes the last couple of weeks I have been somewhat more “careless” about what I eat knowing that we have won), and yes pure destruction, and is that what we had to pass on our way, but still you say every little thing is to survive, so we have had to make a whole new road inside of here in order to get to where the axis had moved? And yes, this is pretty much it, and I have never had as wet pants before as this, i.e. going through as much sufferings.

So it was not an easy calculation to do, how many can we save or spare (?) and what will it take to get us there (?), and yes using “energy”, which we did not have, and this is what you have showed the world.

So nothing has happened to the TV (of everything), we just moved it, and we are all still carrying on, and yes for now it is, Stig.

It was a feeling like “it is going to destroy us”, but it was build on love …, and your “you are heartfelt welcome” is still what is opening the door to us.

We cannot keep preaching about how important it was for you to keep the door open to us so long as I was here told with a voice fading out.

This has nothing to do with darkness of Soviet Union or Russia as it is called today, but a phenomenon completely taking us by surprise, as if we needed to pass a test/solve a riddle to get in to where “the axis has moved” (???), and yes bringing us a VERY BIG surprise.

So no one has ever boxed like this way before, and yes with the strongest darkness AND love, and that is to get to a new location of what we believed was in the room we already had reached. And the axis is “the axis of life” or “family tree” if you will.

And this has nothing to do with you deciding to lift life self many times by moving this family tree and yes to its exact right position (?), which was said with this voice “of course it has”, and yes you and also we decided that when he continues working like that, we might as well go to the extreme to reach what is “perfect”.

And what about sacrifices/terminations of the night, and yes didn’t that happen because of my “old nightmare” being carried out (?), and eeehhh Stig, the dream was strong but you and Vivian were not together, so eeehhh was this also a play for today (?), and this is what I understand it is, and yes we are now starting to bring the full picture of what this is about, and yes you know the game by now, first you give me fear of darkness believing that we are still in risk of terminating life, and after some time, you bring me the full story and relief, and yes this is “simply” going even deeper into the Source and to follow the road of God.

I received George Michael’s very beautiful “Father Figure”, which is quite a while since I received the last time, and the lyrics “I will be the one who loves you until the end of time”, and this is what this is about, God bringing us even deeper in to bring us even greater love, joy and happiness of our new life.

“Nitroglycerin”, we walked right next to what could have been the biggest explosion of all, and Stig, this was the story of the Toruk Makto, and yes “not very easy” to go through, we know.

I am told that my sister also see my new Facebook postings of scripts, and yes “Stig has NOT stopped writing yet”, which I told my mother that I would do in December, and do you have any idea of how much more sufferings/fuel this is bringing me from these “concerned” ladies, and yes there you have it again again.

There are no newspapers inside of here, Stig, but what is then this darkness about (?), and that is the next part of the story, but first a shower, and then off to Preben, and yes I decided to take the train not borrowing my mother’s and John’s car and I also decided not to tell them not to bring any more concerns, and yes which may be good or bad for the game, but this is how I decided to play it.

How stupid as a cod can you be (?), I simply forgot to bring this out to the world, and is this it? And later I was told that this darkness simply had to have a beginning/end, which is what we are now reaching, and that is directly connected to the “family tree”.

I was told that it felt like our engine going on fire and then we were pulled in by the strongest love, isn’t this how you understand it?

I was told about the Pope waking up with nightmares about the world going under, so how do you think things are going yourself, Benedict (?), and yes not easy when you “cannot” read and understand and have to “guess” yourself, and yes pure darkness you know.

I was told that Rikke from Dahlberg has to fight the “stupidity” of these slow working and thinking people, and yes not only Bo, but also Torben and several others as I showed you when I worked there, and yes it would be a shame to call them “true professionals”, which they are NOT, but maybe “amateurs” is what you like to use instead (?), and yes I am NOT popular for having spoken the truth about them too, and yes “not easy”, Rikke, knowing about me via Facebook updates, which no one else gets in Dahlberg because they are not my Facebook friends.

Going through great sufferings to avoid heavens falling down; we are “seconds” away from our New World

I left at 09.00 to cycle to the station and take the train to Hellerup to visit Preben as agree, and I was wondering if he has less money than I, but no, he did not “think” of that when asking me to visit him.

On my way I was told that life of our New World will be lifted up “trillions of times”, and this was about volume, but I am thinking that it will also become MUCH stronger in terms of quality/concentration.

I was told that there are people out there also wanting to hear about Mussolini, and all I was told was my spiritual friends asking each other “who of us played that part”?

For some time I have received the name Jesper W. – the sales director of Danica Pension – and I was told that he is one of the chorus saying that Stig cannot be used as a sales professional, and also speak wrongly behind me behind my back, and yes this is the general perception of people remembering me from the Life & Pension industry, which is that I was a clever professional but NOT as a sales man, because it goes without saying that a clever professional cannot be a skilled sales professional, and yes the truth is that I was “the best” if people simply had allowed me to show me true skills, but when they did not believe in me, this was planted to the few potential BtB clients, which I spoke to not receiving any other results to speak of than the Union Frie Funktionærer when working for Fair Insurance, and yes this is “simple logic”, right (?), of how people’s perception of me was planted as resistance because of whom I am. And I was told that I have really done the best sales work to be found and accepted as the Son of God even though I am a normal human being, which was NOT the easiest because of the Old World, which really did NOT want me to bring a New World, and yes the rulers etc. of the Old World did NOT want my “intervention”, and I was told that the tool to doing this was to write both level 1, 2 and 3 of all of my website and scripts (headlines, summaries and full text), and to start with the full text, and to base headlines and summaries on this making these “very concentrated”, which is really the BEST way to sell, and yes instead of all of the empty air as poor sales people gives you.

It is alright to lift all of the train off its frame (which was used outside the Source) and yes to put it directly on to the family tree, and with a little help from my special friends, it works, and yes faith is growing in me all of the time as I am told.

Who has decided that Jacqueline Bisset was to become beautiful – as I have always thought she was as young, and still for that matter – and I was told that it comes from the tree all the way from inside of here, and yes how could it be different, because this is the Source of life.

I was told that your mother is incredible rich (on darkness), and she would not be able to live if it was not because of you and the love she feels for me, and I for her.

This is the last blood offering of your mother brought here, this is how it works and what we sent you to stop, and yes the whole concept of darkness.

I was told that Bjarne from the Commune believed that I was “dangerous” without reading or knowing me, but guessing because of journals on me, and yes like others from the Commune did in the beginning, and not easy to see my comments ending with smiles and friendly regards (?), and not the opposite, which is what would be “logical” in your twisted mind, Bjarne (?), and that Johannes, who is my Facebook friend, which Bjarne is not, who has seen me as more peaceful and friendly via the music, pictures of paintings and posts I send out, which was also how he saw me at the Town Hall last autumn, and yes was this enough for you to understand that I am not dangerous (?), and I might add that the only dangerous people here are people like you who could not control your thoughts and unnecessary fear in relation to me.

I was told about Kim Larsen and his album “Kielgasten”, and it made me take K and G from “Kielgasten”, and this was the start of KGH, which is the Royal Greenland Trading Department, and “Greenland” is God, so I was told that this is another candidate you know, and yes I know that I don’t know, you know.

I was told that this train journey symbolised the end of my entire (train) journey bring all of creation back to the Source.

I kept on receiving “I am the shadow man” by David Bowie, and this is what God/I am, and isn’t this just a wonderful song, and yes from the unreleased “toy” album, and why was this not released (?), and yes I wonder.

I was told about previous General Secretaries of the Soviet Union being marionettes of a powerful system, which was impossible to kill – even by Gorbachev and Jeltsin – and that it has its own plan of “controlled termination of life”? Well, it isn’t a plan solution made for the Soviet, is it? And I was told that symbolically there is now placed a statue of you on the Red Square itself, and yes thank you for deciding to be with me. I was told that this was done as usual with Russians without faith being in strong majority and only having little faith in me over there to support me and a little like Fernando Møghe from the Matador TV-series, who lived on a lie with people believing she was 100 years old, where she was “only” 90, and this is how the Russian “evil empire” is based on a lie, which has become reality, and yes with the evil system surviving until now behind closed doors showing a positive face to the outside including the west.

This darkness inside the Source is part of the pole self, which you decided to dissolve yourself by not giving up and by continuing work.

So, Dragholm, you are not an expenditure in the books of your mother because she decided to follow and not reject you, and this love is because the world decided to accept God, and yes behind closed doors.

If he, i.e. Stig, did not wear goal keeper gloves, you would see a fever save from inside of here, which was prepared because no one except me could break through this darkness, and if I gave up, it was only the tree of God self who could break this darkness.

I was told that my mother has been coded with the road to the Source, which she cannot remember as her normal self, and it might be but the other day I was told that we found the Source because of the voice speaking inside of me, so either this is wrong or can it be both/or?

I arrived at Preben in Hellerup at 10.30 and just before entering, I was told that some lamps have overturned, which we will have to rise again, and yes much sand of darkness was let out.

Preben hung up the bicycle and took off the saddle stick, and then he manually screwed the “screw, which was not a screw”, which I thought was impossible to adjust, and back on with the saddle stick, and yes this was it, piece of cake, and it proves as an example to me – and everyone – which is NOT to give up saying that “I cannot do this”, and yes this is what I thought and had I had more energy, I would have tried to look at it myself, and yes as I told Preben “this is the most stupid of anything I have done”, and we know, Preben could easily have told me this over an email of the phone, but he did not, so I “had” to drive all of this way to learn this lesson, so there was NOTHING wrong with the cycle (!), thus the New World, and I understood that the true test was to cycle home, and as I told Preben, no, I don’t believe I am able to cycle all the way home, so I might cycle to Rungsted or Espergærde and take the train from there ….

Preben was inspired to speak about his son, Jakob, who is 19 and has become a professional model working in PARIS and other fashions capitals on the runway and having photographs taken of him, and he showed him on the Internet and especially a Zegna suit of 30,000 DKK, which to me looked extremely elegant, classic as well as modern at the same time, and yes this is EXACTLY my taste, and I could not help smiling because these were symbols about coming home to the city of light, Paris, symbolising the Source, and the finest suit imaginable is to say that I bring home the finest life imaginable.

Preben also “entertained” me about all of the wrong doings of Aon, and yes according to Preben both parties believed it was a good idea that Preben stopped because of lack of sales results, which Preben said meant that for the first time in 20 years he was not able to make an income about the high tax limit here, which is approx. 400,000 DKK or 33,000 DKK per month (I receive approx. DKK 11,000 in cash help), and he told me about the POOR quality of telemarketing leads, which he and his colleagues were given to do sales on (sales of pension plans) with far too many misunderstandings etc. making the leads not “hot”, and I told him about the importance of working DETAILED with the telemarketing concept and my own experience in this taking care of all details of the process, and also that this is the most important part of this part of Aon’s business, and the end part to do the final sale is really not difficult for a professional, and the most difficult of this, is to make the telemarketing process work, and I did not understand that the managers or others of Aon did anything else than complain about poor results without having the “time or energy” to go in detail with this yourselves (?), and when I told him this, I received the feeling of “being employed there to do this work”, and this was the feeling of Preben while we spoke, and yes yes yes, Preben was supposed to be “independent”, but when you only co-operated with three of maybe 10-15 relevant suppliers in the market because these are the only ones offering you commission (!), it goes without saying that you cannot be “independent”, thus making this whole concept a lie to the customer, and yes not really thinking of the best for the customer, but the most money for yourselves, which you know is the infection of the world, and yes they receive 0.65% in commission of all deposits, and the partners received 0.15% of this and yes on a yearly basis (!), and that is without moving a finger (!!!), and yes the “money machine of Hell”, and I was told that Preben stopping to work for Aon was a condition in order to remove him from the worst darkness to being able to “work” for me, and that is help me through this darkness, and yes he spoke non-stop about himself the 30-35 minutes I was there, and not one single question to me (!) – Preben in a nut-shelf (!) – and I was told that when I decided NOT to speak about my writings or my spiritual self, this in itself gave more faith of Preben in me, so there you have it.

When he spoke about one of his old Aon managers, he said that he was small and always sat in a high position to compensate, which made me think of Uffe Conrad, the previous CEO of Danish FSR Accountants, and it made Preben smile and say my thought – “almost like Uffe Conrad”, and I was told that this was to tell that I have solved the most difficult task of them all, and yes to return to Preben to do this very task of today on top of everything else recently.

I could not help noticing that Preben has several training cycles of the most superb quality, and his computer is an APPLE with an ENORMOUS monitor of maybe 28 or even 32 inches (?), and yes in comparison I was thinking about the conditions I had to live with both with computers and work places in order to write my more than 7,000 pages ….

Preben also did a Google search on himself to show me that almost no results show up, and it made me somewhat nervous if he would see results on him from my website, but no, there was none, and this is because I have decided to write only the first name and sometimes the first letter of the sir name of people, and this is also what could break or make it, and had I consequently written the full names of people, I felt – and still feel – that it would have been impossible for me to come through all the way home, because it would probably have made more attack me even more strongly to remove my writings on them, and yes this was such a “let us do it like that” thing, which I decided to do quickly in the beginning of my writings, and yes so it is and so was most of my decisions; i.e. taken too quickly to what I would normally do, and yes Preben is apparently one, who has not discovered my writings on him, and just as he did not discover my “stunt” back then in DFM about the “hidden line” in a proposal for a customer, which he also did not read.

I asked him if there were still any of our old colleagues of Aon remaining from when we worked there in 1995-97, and he told me that Irene was still there – and yes this was REALLY what the name Irene meant, and yes you know I was given her name was it 1-2 weeks ago (?) – and she worked as a “handy woman” for Niels de Knald back then. Preben made the cycle work, and talked about Paris and “a perfect suit”, which is about the “perfect life of our New World”, which I am bringing to the Source”.

I left, and yes the saddle was now FIRMLY tightened, and I felt that there is nothing wrong with the gear except from when darkness in the air comes and shifts the gear up and down, which only happened in periods on my way home, and in other periods, darkness did not intervene, and yes I felt the power of darkness as part of the air around me, and I could almost see how it literally changed my gear, and yes a power inside the air itself, and I was told that the official world has also done research on me in relation to “God’s particle”, and semen tests I gave in the 1990’s when Camilla and I tried to get a child, and I was told that my DNA keeps changing?

I was told that the alternative to go through this road, was to be told about the dead man’s button of the train, which would make the train crash. And now we only have to bring on the gold on you.

I was told that it does not hurt, you have now become ONE with Karen as we are too, i.e the spirits of my mother and father, and this also means that all life has now been picked up. And Preben is helping to bring in my new duvet.

I was now on my way back to Helsingør, and because I drove a little bit almost backwards, the route became approx. 48 kilometres, which was TRULY impossible to do, and especially because I was NOT in form at all to do this cycling, and yes compared to last year when cycling on my old mountain bike, I am in MUCH poorer shape now, and this was the tour of Hell I had to take, and I was told that this was to help avoiding heavens falling down – as mentioned the other day – and later I was told that we are really only “seconds” away from my old “shell” to dissolve, and this is what it is about, and if I did not have the strong voice of God helping me to “not give up”, I would have given up already at Skodsborg and taken the train home from there, because my behind and legs were hurting, and it only became worse and worse the longer I drove, and when it was too much, it was simply impossible for me to cycle, and I almost overturned just when I stood off the cycle to take a break, which I did in Skodsborg, Vedbæk, Mikkelborg, Nivå/Humlebæk and Espergærde on my way home (!), and yes when I was almost giving up, darkness came to me even stronger, and I felt it even stronger “inside the air” than I have ever done before, and it changed my gear up and down at the most critical moments of this cycle tour, and I also kept on receiving notes to write down, and I can only say that I hurt so much that I VERY easily could have decided to give up and take the train, or simply to express my giving up attitude and yes “give me what you have as darkness”, but no, I will NEVER do this, and this is because my inner will makes this “impossible” to do – in practise – and that is even when the voice of darkness became so strong that it “broke through” to me, but no I will NEVER do actions of darkness, and no, I will NEVER be negative!

When I held breaks of maybe 5-10 minutes at a time, I felt myself walking as my mother and my legs being “dark frames” of the absolutely last part of darkness as I am living on also making this cycling tour only for “mad men” and yes Englishmen still being silent/mad about me!

Much of the tour home – and for days – I have been given with low volume the song “She sells sanctuary” by the Cult, and this is easily because I am now coming to this place, where the “sanctuary” is, and yes I really don’t like “too fine” words for what is a “normal thing”, and yes I loved this song too in 1985 I believe, and much better than much anonymous pop music of today.

I was told that I had all of these people of family, friends etc. – representing the world – against me and I only had the voice of God at the most inner to help me meaning that I had no physical or mental advantages over other, and yes this voice and a strong will is what it took to be strong than all darkness/negativity to bring us out from here, and yes I am shown a typical British actor, and yes one of those teachers from Harry Potter, and this is what the British are, “poor actors” when their culture often makes them yes-sayers, “silent” and speak behind the backs of people instead of simply speaking out the truth directly, and yes my ladies and gentlemen, I have not met anyone worse than you in this respect, but you do understand that I still love you, don’t you?

I was told that the family tree has now been moved back to its original location, and the connection is still there.

I decided to take lunch at the pizzeria Big Ben’s in Espergærde, which I had use to motivate myself to come as far as to Espergærde, and I had 36 DKK on me thinking that I could get a “lunch offer pizza” – one of the extremely rare pizzas I eat out, and is this the second in three years paid for my own money (?) – but their pizzas were 40 DKK, which almost made me give up and leave, but no, I needed food/energy to drive on, so I entered and I asked him MANY times “don’t you have anything you can sell me for 36 DKK”, and yes a cheap sandwich or something like this, and I was thinking that if I was in his place, I would try to find something, but no, his mind was “completely closed” – not often that he uses it apparently – but when I continued and asked again and again and again, I finally broke through and he suggested me to have a lunch pizza for 36 DKK and to come back another day paying the last 4 DKK, and yes I would happily do this, so this is how I also got something to eat on this tour, and yes no drinks other than from the water tab at the toilet, because maybe he would “charge” me to have a glass of water!

Even though I was completely broken down, I decided to do some shopping in Helsingør, and finally at 15.30 I was home and yes I had started at 11.05 in Hellerup I believe, and no, I could not drive quickly and yes my behind and legs hurt VERY much, and when I came home, and took off my warm jacket – it as only 3-4 degrees Celcius today – my t-shirt was soaking wet, and yes as far as I could see there was not one single dry spot on it.

I was told as examples that Shannon – who now lives in Denmark, but go to Turkey from time to time to teach one of her spiritualist teams – tells about me wrongly behind my back, and when Birgit tries to explain Jan L. from the Martinus workgroup and yes that Jan, who invited me into their work group was it in 2005-06 (?), but could not accept my Facebook friendship in 2010 or 2011, and yes difficult for him to believe in me, but you may remember Jan when I told you about a new coming, and you remembered that even though Martinus WRONGLY said that no one would come after him – he was the second coming – you also told me that at the end of Martinus’ life, he said that “someone” would come, and yes giving you some doubts about me, “my friend”?

I have been told about Tony Franke – my old business contact from the FSR accountants, and today the director of Danish IT – again and again, so how are you Tony, do you want to give me a special “clearance” too to the “secret network” (?) – and also about the party Liberal Alliance, and that it is simply laziness, which makes them not read and understand me, and Thyra is a “special deliverer” of messages to you, Anders?

I was told that by now many have seen Stig as an angel, but none are saying anything?’

You don’t know what your tour today has saved man from experiencing, and yes this is basically the idea, to save man from sufferings.

It is like this: In order to create, your father had to create an explosion and the idea was then for this life to return home, which is what I have been waiting for.

I had a lack of sugar when I came home, and I had to drink most of a 1,5 litre orange soda as I bought to bring back sugar, and if this was the worst cycling tour ever (?), no it was the second worst, because the worst was in 2000 and something, when I was not in form and driving approx. 120 kilometres being maybe 40-50 kilometres away from home realising that I had NOTHING to drive with, and yes it made it impossible for me to stand out of bed next morning because of the physical after effects on my body, which is “stronger” than what others receive, you know.

So after this cycling tour, it was NOT easy to write this long chapter, and not easy at all, and “mentally impossible” to do, but because I decided to sit down next to the computer and not TV, I expected that some kind of working rhythm would eventually come, which it also did, and this is really how I write/end these scripts, and yes by not giving up.

I felt life of light just on the other side and told that we have not looked up and in because you are still not finished with your computer.

I was shown a back of hand grenades turning into three bowling cones, and I was told that there is in reality only one, and asked if you are ready to become the one and only, and yes a surprise it was, and this is about first uniting the spirits of my mother and father into one as we did some time ago, and then Karen and I as one, and now all of the original Trinity as ONE GOD, and I could only say that if this is right to do according to light, let it be.

I was told that it was impossible to bring you and your mother out alive and to have everything perfect, but it could be done when doing performances like what you did today, so this is what we did, and I received the taste of nice food here.

I was encouraged to invite Jesper W. from Danica to become my LinkedIn contact, which I did and I also had a look of the management of Danica Pension, and discovered several that I knew and I am already connected to Jens (old colleague and “tool of Niels de Knald” against me in Aon), so I invited some of the others, and yes I was SURPRISED to see that Mia, my old overrated but good looking colleague from Aon is in the management too and she is not on LinkedIn, so I could not invite her, but here you can see that last four invitations, which are to managers of Danica and the status of people who “could” or “could not” accept me, and yes I wonder if this move of mine will make Danica speak about me (again), and yes this is really a symbol of entering my final location at the family tree of God.

LI 070113

I was told that it was an effort without comparison to keep the police away from you, which Bjarne from the Commune was the anchor of.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I noticed yesterday how Facebook has started bringing short messages like “how’s going, Stig” and also “what’s going on” to “motivate” me to bring updates, and when I saw the “what’s going on”, I thought about this FINE song my Marvin Gaye, which is then what Zahra later also did.

FN 070113 Zahra

  • Helena thought that this was “funny, funny” without having understood that she and her WRONG behaviour is the cross of my life, and also that I am this close to her, and yes quite amazing what a strong, inner and WRONG voice of people can lead to.

FB 070113 Helena

  • Eric was singing together with Jeff Lynne all night long, and their new name seems to indicate that this is what you are bringing me too, and yes, I wonder if you also spoke of me?

FB 070113 Eric

  • After I was encouraged to write about the appalling conditions of prisoners in Iran, Suzanne shared this photo showing executions of people, who are hung up for everyone to see to keep the population in an iron grip of constant fear and submissiveness, and it seems like rulers of this place have gone MAD too, and yes amazing that you even can THINK about doing this.

FB 070113 Suzanne

  • Dan said that he was going to use most of the day to correct information on him on WikePedia and “expect that I at the end of the day among others can be credited with having discovered penicillin, zumba and the apple slice pan, have been member of Simon & Garfunkel and been married to Daimi” (!), and this was his funny comment to the fact that the party organization of the Liberal Party of Denmark have had a declared policy to amend information on Wikipedia on MP’s and also the previous Prime Minister Lars Løkke, and yes you can read about the example of Lars Løkke here – where they wanted only “good stories” and to remove so called “negative stories” even though they are true (!), and yes just like Bjarne from the Commune, and yes PURE DARKNESS (!), and there is another example of the MP Ellen Trane here and others can be found too, and yes this is of course WRONG to do because the idea is to bring a FULL and RIGHT picture of people not forgetting anything (of importance), and this thread from Dan showed out to be a thread with MUCH inspiration from my spiritual friends because they were in good mood, and Lars said that “he took on the shoes and starting stepping”, which is for me/us to take on the shoes of our new lives, and yes Dan claimed that he now also wrote the scripts of the film Godfather (!) – coming as inspiration to him from God self – and it made Rakul ask if it wasn’t also him writing “to be or not to be. That’s the question” (?), and yes it probably was as Dan said, and you may understand the “direct inspiration” here?

FB 070113 Dan

  • He continued saying that he only sleeps 8 minutes during nights, the rest of the time he plays games (!), and yes that is the darkness you are sending me removing my sleep (!), and I decided to speak the truth “and your direct contact with God (without knowing it)”, and yes there was NO joke over this because this is what I am showing you – even though it is his cousin as darkness speaking/working through him – but still Dan and another “liked” this as “funny” (?), and Henrik wondered about the part of Dan playing in Simon & Garfunkel because he believed it was Peter, Paul and Mary, and then he asked “who the hell is Mary then” (?), which is really about “the Bloody Mary”, which he (and many others) was sending me because of his darkness/lack of understanding/interest.

FB 070113 Dan 2

  • Henrik asked if Dan also had a finger in “the ugly duckling” (by H.C. Andersen), and Dan said that he was mobbing H.C. Andersen so much that he went home to write it, which is here because it had a strong impact on me seeing the actor Peter Mygind on TV helping to decrease mobbing in schools, and that is because of his personal story and because mobbing to me is “the worst crime” you can imagine bringing great wounds of children/people, and also of course that it is Dan etc. making me the ugly duckling, which is what I have now almost grown from becoming the swan you know, and yes amazing how “inspired” they are (?) – you may remember these stories from previous scripts of mine – and Henrik later said “good that you did not invent Apple, because you would not be here anymore then”, which made Dan say that he settled with “Møller’s tran” (extracted from liver of codfish) and “push-up-ice creams”, and yes he did not support me creating the apple of our New World, and that is other than bringing ice cream/sufferings of darkness – but also fish, which may reveal who he ALSO is, and yes “the voice” you know – and Paul wanted to know “who have you kissed in the door”, which is about the actor Daimi, who Dan claims to have been married to, and yes playing together in this memorable sketch together with Dirch Passer, whom Dan in the next thread calls for a “long orangeade pipe” with “orange” still being a symbol of God, so Dirch was also part of God?

FB 070113 Dan 3

  • And finally Klaus wanted to know if Dan is not neighbor with Elvis Presley, Which made Dan say that he is and we are going to a birthday party today, which is really inspired speech about my birthday as my new self, and yes with Elvis also being another part of me (?), and Camilla asked to “say hi up there. There were probably two or three one would like to meet”, and yes for example Elvis, Michael Jackson and Mozart (?), and yes they are all been invited for my birthday and the time to come, and yes this is the most inspired of all inspired threads I have brought you, and really to say that we are now coming home, and my birthday is coming up “soon”.

FB 070113 Dan 4

  • Anders from Liberal Alliance said about the newspaper Politiken that “if you have no arguments, you might as well spit and scream”, and this is to say that SPITTING OUT LIFE is what darkness wanted because of the WRONG behaviour of politicians and media including yourself Anders.

FB 070112 Anders

  • I saw this GIANT duck in Australia, which simply is about our new creation :-).

Giant Duck Australia 070113

  • Helena spoke about people not being able to handle loss of other people, which she herself does admirable after having lost her mother’s sister, and she speaks about how other people “could not” visit her after she became ill, and yes I liked what I wrote, and this is showing you the good heart of Helena, which I also wanted to show you.

FB 070113 Helena 2

  • Kirsten’s mother and John’s brother Tommy’s wife, Inge, shared a pictured from a cruise to the Caribbean, and Jeanette – one of Tommy’s two daughters, Jeannett, who “could not” accept my Facebook invitation months ago, and yes in the past many years ago, I do believe we had good impression on each other, didn’t we, Jeannett (?) – was here saying that when her father, Tommy, is fine, you can go again too, and yes to cruises in Europe as Inge said, and yes yes yes we know, LAZY PEOPLE THINKING ABOUT THEIR OWN SELFISH “NEEDS” and yes this does NOT look good in a world when millions of people starve and also not good when you “could not” read and support me with your faith and also with financial support by helping me (and our LTO friends) with just a little of what you decided to spend on yourselves (?), but no, this is NOT how it was supposed to be.

FB 070112 Inge

  • After a long time, Eligael has now finally found the decoding videos of Gerald Vano – here and here – which I uploaded when writing my website on decoding of the Barbury Castle crop circle and Jerusalem UFO, and isn’t it “funny” that he thinks this is interesting when he “rejected” video 6 of the Jerusalem UFO, which is the only connection linking the crop circle and the Jerusalem UFO (which had the same diagram on the underside of the spaceship as this crop circle), so this is telling about Eligael having faith in this connection even though he has rejected it publically (?), and yes it is also “funny” that he does not link to my decoding website telling the full story, which this is only part of (?), and yes WHY IS THAT, ELIGAEL???

FB 070113 Eligael


8th January: Father, Mother and Son have united as ONE GOD, but we are still our old selves at the level underneath

Dreaming of receiving faith of darkness and all of its wine and energy of creation

I received scratching to the bottom of my head, which is still about the sufferings of LTO, and is it really so that Elijah and maybe also John prefer NOT to receive my money, because I have required from them to communicate with me, and yes I wonder who will be able to understand this, and I was told that it was important to receive my old friend from Karenvej in Espergærde, Morten B., as a Facebook friend to get the news of me out to the whole music industry of Denmark (he is playing the keyboards of Danser med Drenge).

I went to bed at 22.00 after I had been COMPLETELY broken down including a tired crisis, and I slept until 05.30 with this dream.

  • Jens Ove and Kresten (from DanskeBank-Pension) have faith in me, and give me the wine catalogue, and I have attached a label with name of a street and telephone number, which I know that they would like to remove including the first blank pages of the catalogue, but it remains as it is with my attachment. They have given me a task of counting the money of a customer, and there is MUCH money, including money notes and stamps of a value, I have never seen before, and Benta has received some of it, and she would like to count it together with me, and I ask her to wait 5-10 minutes, while I count my portion, and for some reason I have put up the money on a small balcony and exactly when I think that the wind may take the money, this is what it does but only one 500 DKK and three 100 DKK notes, and I quickly move all other money in-doors and ask Lars D. P. to look after it, which I rush down the stairs because I don’t want the money to be taken by others, and I see how the 500 DKK and the first two 200 DKK notes float down in the air for me to grab them, and I don’t see the last note, but I notice how birds are chopping the foundation of the house in order to get in building nests inside the darkness of the small caves they create, and I see a famous Spanish football player eating tomato soup.
    • So this is faith of the worst darkness to me bringing me the wine and energy of it, and there is still a fight on little money/energy, and yes I don’t know what to believe in regarding the question on energy or not, and I have decided to play my game as I have done for a long time, which is that I will not accept energy to be produced for darkness, but isn’t this what I did with the cycle tour yesterday (?), and yes not to bring energy to darkness but to create energy to free what is tied up as energy of darkness of this place, and this might be it. And the Spanish football player eating tomato soup is about my inner self becoming my new self, and yes I was told yesterday that this is the Costa Brava coast (from Barcelona to France) of God, which we are recreating, and yes I drove this exact route together with Camilla in 1999, and a very beautiful landscape it is.
  • Something about my mother died because of John who did not want to follow me, and yes as example not to install the WIMP music programme, which simply did not have his “interest” the same as my scripts.

Father, Mother and Son have united as ONE GOD, but we are still our old selves at the level underneath

I was told that we are dismantling the dark house of the police at the old axis, fun right (?), and I am shown Paradise with a square of the floor of it being pressured down into a tunnel when creation was done, and this it what we are now bringing all the way back to Paradise.

I was shown a reindeer with light all over lying down, which is now rising up, and I was told that it was wrong to give the key to the axis making the world believe that this is where I was located, and then it was not, but it was the only way to get you in.

And the efforts yesterday were to bring power to this remote house to return as light. I was shown a load of cigarettes turning into golf clubs, which is darkness that played against me/us too, and yes Stig, the outer joint of your left little finger is hurting and annoying you MUCH today when writing, and no, it NEVER became good, but the pain of it was kept down so I could continue writing, and today this pain is just there constantly when writing, which is bothering it much.

This was not a “random shock” because when we entered here, we thought that this will be the end of the King and everything, but no, it did not, Stig, because you were with us, and this is really why.

I was told that my mother’s nightmare has been to be alone after the death of John and to be placed on a retirement home.

Surely we are not still playing the international football match, are we (?), and yes he had changed the location of the axis to help us reach it, and when first in, we would take the last step together to its original position, which is where we are now, Stig, so what is remaining now, and yes some more loving feelings of your mother, and work of you, and it is just like the prick of the i on top, which we will now do.

No, there was not that great debt on the plot of land, and yes the cycle tour was supposed to pay for it, this is how it was.

I was shown a three wheeled cycle becoming a (single) scooter (the Trinity of the world becoming ONE), which is loaded to a truck, and I was told that this is what was needed to create our child, because this is how I see the world.

I was shown ourselves arriving at a VERY big plug, but instead of plugging into this, we drove by and continued our journey, and I was shown Elvis coming out next to this plug playing his guitar, and I was told that this is also what we saw/felt, which is God as the creator leading us the last way in and up to Paradise of God.

I was told that “the angel of Stig” is visible on the sky (!), and no, the world “could not” publish this information to the world (?), and what was that again again?

I was told that you haven’t had the whole Intelligence Service going through the Peblinge Lake (of Copenhagen), have you (?), and yes not nice for you to be “exhibited” in my scripts for your incompetence?

I worked from I stood up and until 10.15, and it was really an effort to write the script so far including the catch up on Jette’s Google Earth pictures, and I have much other work to do with my computer and updates to my website, and I am also encouraged to exercise at the swimming hall today – I don’t feel physically poor after yesterday, but TIRED – and I have to take matters into my own hand saying that I need a break now, and that will have to be a long bath, and after this there will be more work to the script and hereafter my website and computer and yes in this order.

I was so tired with my eyes running into water and also from work that I decided not to write everything down of the continuous machine gun of information given to me – I cannot do this speed anymore and CERTAINLY no exercise today, and yes I am continuously taken to my extreme limit where you cannot keep being all of the time, and here is what I decided to write down.

We succeeded combining blue and red as your old self into a small super plane – the dot above the I – isn’t this just what we are saying? And this is where you are ONE as God, but you are still your individual selves as before, and yes father, mother and Son, the three of you and everyone else, and I understand this as the Pyramid with God being at the tiny room at the top, and the Trinity of my father, mother and my new self in the room below and from there it will go all the way down until the newest level of life, and this is how I understand it. And since I was told yesterday that the three of us had become one, I have tried to be influenced by extreme feelings of wanting to stay myself, and yes I have decided not to care as long as it is light deciding, and yes I am both God and my own self as the Son, and this is the structure of it.

I was told that I can hardly keep darkness away any longer, and I was shown how this darkness entered the café on the main square of Epernay, France, looking out the Avenue de Champagne, which is where I sat several times with you Camilla, do you remember (?), and I was told that this fine avenue with fine Champagne houses were made to celebrate this moment uniting our New World with the Source.

I was shown a factory machine previously producing “ice chocolate cubes” because of the wrong behaviour of man, and now this is producing what I cannot remember nor read from my notes, but it was the opposite, and yes LOVE of God to man, and I was told that this is because of my decision going against the wish of man in terms of behaviour, but when asking everyone directly “would you like this New World”, I do believe that everyone will say yes, and at least on the other side you know.

I was shown a large row boat with people rowing, and told that the biggest decision was to dare becoming nothing, which makes it possible for us to become the new hybrid of physical and spiritual life, where everyone will see and understand how we are connected via cosmic consciousness.

I was told that we don’t know which leg to stand on – because of enthusiasm of what will come now.

God prevented three out of the four divided world to be created – to use the energy of darkness to drive creation forward, and I was told that pills as an example of the worst darkness in reality is the invention of God as the Devil not to harm but to create and yes via survival, and we know it is not easy creating life.

I was shown the last part of buildings coming in on land from the sea, and just before land was a deepening of water, which we did not know about.

I was shown the beautiful Paustian furniture house of Copenhagen harbour with a grey front and told that we have moved in, and light is almost shining through, which is why Jette receives symbols of both darkness and light on Google Earth.

I was told that Falck is also part of the steel skeleton of a car, which I was shown formed as a diamond.

I continued receiving the hand sign for “stop time”, which we to my surprise have not done yet and yes who should have believed that we would be able to continue time after December 21, 2012 (?), but this is how it became.

Who should have thought that the Source was hiding in darkness, and that all sexual activity in reality is a desire to return to the Source, and I was given examples of women “in love” with me, and was told that they were because I am the Source, and yes it was hidden inside of darkness of me.

I was shown and told that it will not be like switching on the ignition of the car – to start our New World – this is not how it works, and you will know when you are here because then you will “be” and “know”.

I was told and felt that Mærsk Mckinney Møller, Asger Lorentzen and Helene (Hans’ mother) as examples are still with me.

I am shown a long valley with red sky and an incredible number of soldiers, which is the “non existing road” back to the original location of the family tree, and I am told that if I give up, we will not bring it all the way back, but no, this has to be a game, because I have decided that everything is to be perfect and this is then what it will become, and we know Stig, you are closer than ever to simply stop working saying that I cannot anymore, the strain is too great on me, and still the pressure simply continues without signs of stopping.

I was not able to write all information down and was shown how darkness wanted to destroy small pieces of plants at the Avenue leading up to the castle, and I had to say strongly, no you are NOT allowed to do this, and yes I have no idea from where “energy” will come, and let us just stick to my old decision, which is that energy comes from thinking and not from me cycling, so this is the force I ask you to use, and yes this has to be right, and the cycling tour of yesterday a clever part of the game of darkness.

I kept on receiving speech and visions, which I did not have the energy to write down, and later I was told that I found a solution, aren’t you happy, and yes it has to do with “calculations” and the credit card, and what you cannot deliver yourself is what we will get from where (?), and yes the endless energy of God, which you showed me yesterday, and it cannot be otherwise, the only logical answer, so thank you for showing me this.

Entering the penthouse of everything from where we will do the final creation of the New World without limits

I was shown people about to climb up on the roof of a house, and when I wiped away water from my tired eyes, it was almost if I was wiping away this life, and this is the temptation given to me that I cannot take this suffering anymore so you cannot all enter – this is about Nazi darkness allowing some life to enter and other life to terminate – but no, this is NOT how I am, I will not fall for that trick, because EVERY LITTLE THING is to survive despite of the incredible pressure you put on me, and yes you may use the force of my old self to do this, and if this is not enough, you will use the force of my new self/the Source to help out, and so it has to be.

I tried to see if I was “allowed” to enter Windows Update to download updates to my Windows XP but no, darkness still keeps me out.

This roof apartment is far too expensive for anyone to enter, Stig, (?), and yes I am given the feel of Søren Pind here, so you are suffering too, my friend (?), and yes if you sum all sufferings of the world, this is what is opening to this apartment, and that is the top floor of everything, which we have now been allowed to decorate, and yes with the finest gold available.

I did some clean up of my new computer, it still had some old programmes/files installed from the previous installation, and I was shown a complete opening including light in the train and still being in darkness but starting to feel the magic around me, and I installed audio codec including the lossless FLAC enabling me to play this, and I was told that this is removing many newspapers (of destruction), and even though this should be a continuous game, I cannot tell you just how strongly this darkness is potentially hurting me much, but only “just to the line”.

I also downloaded video software and codecs, and was told that without all of this audio and video updates, it was thought of that the new TV could not start. I downloaded the Media Player Classic, which to me is a fine and light programme to watch practically all type of video files, and it was not easy to download because I have tried the official entrance several times, but it would not install because I don’t have Windows XP Service Pack 3 installed on my computer, which I cannot get because Windows Update does not work yet (!), but then I found it as a “backdoor” via a video codecs package, and yes I downloaded four of these packages trusting this site because I no nothing about the subject myself, and now I can watch all videos and practically all or most audio, and if there should be audio files I need to listen to and don’t have installed, I can easily find and install them. Later I discovered that on my system, the VLC player worked even better.

No, nothing has been destroyed either inside this top apartment, it has simply waited for me to return the day when I was done with all creation, and this is where you are leading me/us, Stig, and yes this is the place from where we will start all over again.

I was told that this is the same as installing the gold on top of me.

Now we don’t have to take on the night clothes, because now we can see even in darkness (?), and yes this is how smart it is done, and just like a flash light, and we need this to open to the door to the apartment of this top floor, and yes there are plenty of both apples and oranges inside of here, and yes before you can eat, we also need to do some setup here, and this is where your website comes in, and do you believe you will be able to update as much as you can to your website before the end of the week (?), and yes it is Tuesday today, and I can give it a try not knowing how much or little time and energy I will have, so we will see, and yes it can be done with little or much work, so we will see how it will go. And yes, he has walked the road himself all the way here.

There are no kitchens in here yet, Stig, and yes this is where we will do the final instalment of our New World, and what would you do if you had EVERYTHING in hand and no limits at all, and yes you would let everything be everything wouldn’t you (?), and yes Stig, please make your ultimate dream scenario come through, so this is what we will now install with all of these new drivers (no, I did not install new drivers when the old ones work perfectly) and yes new audio and video capabilities.

Isn’t it funny that a man from Scotland is seeing flashes of light, a machine gun and that he is told that he is blocking himself, but he cannot think of what more he can do, and yes my “good friend” Benjamin Crème is also brought up here at the top to help do this last part of creation.

This corresponds to washing yourself. No, your mother doesn’t mind that you live in a flat on top of everything, and yes Stig, we set ourselves up to be one God, and now you have the choice – no, you fool he has told us “do everything perfectly” and yes PERFECT, which you know and I don’t – so just carry on, my Son and ehhh …., we will take care of this, and yes this is still done from darkness as you can tell.

If you had not come here in the play, you would have been told that the top flat – the penthouse – would have burned, but no, everything is in here just waiting for this day and “last hour” of time before we will make everything and yes “disappear” in order for everyone to take on their new clothes, and yes it is not as dangerous as it may sound, but it will completely change how you look and see, and that is not to say too much.

With this you cannot invite new people to come over, and yes just continue Stig while we here decide what is the best way to arrange/set up all of this.

And it is the darkness you meet on your way in, which has this setup-information included as part of it, and yes connected with the work you continue doing on your new computer.

And yes, Stig, what will happen when we will “open” our New World, will the Old World have disappeared, and no it will not, but it might become what we have always planned for it to be, and that is so much more, and yes you experience problems with no matter which FLV-player you download, it will not work or claims that you don’t have a new flash-player installed, which you do, and yes also that your desktop is now not placed where it should be, and we know small errors, which we could do without, but we will probably find a good solution also to this, Helle J. And later I had solved these problems via the VLC-player and the other error had stopped when re-starting the computer.

Later I was told that it would have required that we were allowed to burn this place off, and yes this is still a desire of darkness to do.

And yes, I decided to do some work not requiring me to think much, which was to do some updates on the computer, and we know, if I had energy to work on my website, this is what I would have done first, but I did not.

I was shown the fire engine returning back home to its garage, and it was not a normal fire engine, because it both included the fire as well as the extinguisher, where I was the last one.

Shall we not give him his gift now (?), and no, Stig, we have gone through this road, which is what we are showing you as your old self to avoid sufferings given to the world.

So it is possible to open the door from the inside, so now we know that.

Google Earth shows that it is about time to begin the beguine with “one big lump of life” and light

I am catching up – like catching up a fish you know – on Jette’s Google Earth pictures from January 6 and 7, and here are first some from her Facebook group of January 6 showing someone eating faeces, combined pig-ants (light and darkness), a long line of people as in World War II waiting to receive life, a clown of darkness, and it is about time to begin the beguine with “one big lump of life” with all having good values of light.

FB 0601 080113 Jette 1

FB 0601 080113 Jette 2

FB 0601 080113 Jette 3

FB 0601 080113 Jette 4

FB 0601 080113 Jette 5

Here are more pictures from yesterday, which I also commented this morning, and as you can see, this is about a dog of darkness waiting to become life, everything is now under one hat returning to Paradise of God, “a not satisfied God” (as part of the play as darkness).

FB 0701 080113 Jette 1

FB 0701 080113 Jette 2

FB 0701 080113 Jette 3

Google Earth shows the Source lining up lost bits of my scripts

These are Google Earth pictures of today, and no, I did not believe that I could do this too, and I have decided that I will not have work on the agenda the rest of the day – it is now 16.00 – and that is to my website (ONE God etc.) and to continue working on the lacks of my computer, and I might do nothing, and I might do something, we will see.

Jette’s pictures show the Source lining up lost bits of my scripts, a meeting, dolls having to wake up, and my name again on the sky.

FB 080113 Jette 1

FB 080113 Jette 2

FB 080113 Jette 3

FB 080113 Jette 4

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Michael announced a few coming shows, which made Mike, the drummer of SAGA, ask if they will be playing “Stonehenge”, which appears to be a song besides from a prehistoric monument in England, and you can read the importance of this place to the survival of the world when Michael says that “we wont get out of the building if we don’t”, so expect also a coming show at Stonehenge :-).

FB 080113 Sadler

  • This came out of no where, David Bowie’s first new album in TEN YEARS – not five, but TEN years (!) – as you can see from his website only here, and when I wrote “what could you wish for more than this” (?), I was thinking both of Roxy Music (!) – and before that Electric Light Orchestra too (!) – and giving the feeling that this is what David was inspired to do as a gift for me coming this far, and yes THANK YOU, David, for making this “a very special day” to me :-). I was told that this is also because there are no buried dogs. And I was told that Bowie is singing about Berlin, which will become the capital of our New World.

FB 080113 Bowie

David Bowie new song and album

FB 080113 Stig

  • And you might have noticed that Messi became the best football player in the world for the fourth consecutive year, and yes a symbol showing that I am doing well playing the game against darkness.
  • For some time, I have noticed that the Danish to English dictionary of Gramtrans has had “problems” loading on my website bringing LONG waiting time, and this was of course “spiritual darkness”, and today, it did not load at all, and to my surprise it showed an error message of WordPress, which I don’t believe that it has anything to do with (?), and it made me afraid that my website was now closed, but when I checked, it worked fine, and I was told that this is because of “speech behind my back” and is this also included in the “considerations” of Bjarne and the police to “shut me down” online (?), and yes my friends, this is what I am told, and I do look forward to see what is right and wrong of this story.

Gramtrans problems

  • Helena published January 1 that she is in a relationship, and forgive me Helena, I don’t know who that may be with (this time)?

FB 080113 Helena 1

  • Helena wrote about nick names given by Ekstra Bladet/the media, and used “drug mayor” as an example of what the mayor of Fredericia is called these days, and others had other nick names of politicians, which they remembered, and yes not very flattering, but negative, and Jesper said “the eel Wammen”, which is about the Europe Minister being “slippery as an eel” (?), and he fell deeply in love with Helena, is this it (?), and Helena remembered “Casanova Wammen”, and Jesper wrote “STALKER” about him, so is this what he does, and that is almost stalking Helena because of being unhappy in love (?) – and he used a word, which I do NOT like (!) – and this made Helena say what I wrote the other day, which is that where there is power and money, there are women (and sex), and Helena made it clear that she is not “turned on” Nicolai.

FB 080113 Helena 2

  • Helena said that she “believed I was going to watch “Helena-porn, but instead I received a wakeup call”, and yes instead of your WRONG sexual behaviour, you are going to wake up together with the entire world, and that is after we have gone through a dangerous road back to the Source as this video symbolises, and yes “If you want to achieve something great, you have to risk more than usual”, so this is what we did.

FB 080113 Helena 3

  • This is Niels Bohr as I was shown on the sky the other day, and, and the power of everything real is “God”, who is all over and inside of us, and this is the power I was demonstrated on my cycle tour yesterday, and yes there is an immense energy and will inside the air of everything, and this energy is “nothing” of God.

FB 080113 Eva

  • Helena wanted to “get out”, and told that she is going on skiing holiday to Sölden, Austria, and “when you sit up in the lift and disappear far above the clouds, where the sun shines down, the snow creaks, the music plays, everyone smiles and are happy, so …. so I am definitely as close to paradise as you can get. I LOVE IT”, and this was Helena’s way to tell you what I have told you, which is that we are now VERY close to being home at the Paradise of God.

FB 080113 Helena 4

  • I received this Facebook “error” because of extreme darkness pressuring onto me, which I can hardly keep away, and yes you are welcome, but this is what this power of darkness does, and I can only hope that it is indeed a temporary error.

FB 080113 FB error________________________________________________________________________


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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One Response to January 8, 2013: Father, Mother and Son have united as ONE GOD, but we are still our old selves at the level underneath

  1. jette says:

    delvis tjæk.. men helt ❤ og 🙂

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