January 10, 2013: Bringing our New World to its perfect location at the family tree of the Source of God


Summary of the script today

9th January: Bringing our New World to its perfect location at the family tree of the Source of God – with MUCH suffering

  • Dreaming of still being at my waiting hall with “make believe” darkness attacking me, I am setting up my new helicopter to lift the world, and I was the most happy in my “Old life” as a boy at the Jægerspris summer camp symbolising the happiness of our New World.
  • I am about to get access to the engine room and cornucopia of God removing darkness and sufferings of this place. All worlds of our New World will connect directly to me, and not in our previous four-divided world. We are bringing everything of our New World inside of here, and it fits perfectly, which is being helped by the deepest darkness of the world coming to me, and this meant that after I had completed the setup of my computer using days on this, the computer broke completely down impossible to start again, which forced me to do a new installation followed by a new installation of many programs, drivers and individualisation, but the data symbolising life was not harmed. This was the deepening water I experienced when reaching home with our perfect New World still making it impossible to enter because darkness together with the warm voice of God motivated us to continue working to do a new installation (because God wanted to bring the family tree back to its original location). This is me going through what my inner self did already October 31 still in order to save the world from “heavens falling down” on you.
  • Jette brought Google Earth pictures in her Facebook group showing the birth year of my sister and darkness, and we are looking for water on our way to finish everything saying “that’s all folks”, and yes it did not take many minutes before “feelings” started coming in of people reading my post below on David Bowie and listening to this song, and yes people of the “secret network of the elite of the world”.
  • Short stories of LTO not meeting as a team anymore, spiritual darkness also ”invading” my Thunderbird email client symbolising errors of creation of the Old World, Helena and the FIREBRAND of Søren Pind, my spiritual friends brings me positive F-words through Helena about my new self and FREEDOM coming, people of the “secret network” of the world including royalties and Intelligence Services could not keep their mouths shut about me, it takes “nothing” to be expelled by Facebook and I was protected by my spiritual friends, and Jimmy has lost his girlfriend, work and home as his sufferings.

10th January: We have moved the family tree of life and started photographing people to become their new selves

  • Dreaming of a tiger of darkness still wanting to eat me, and darkness does not want me to enter the game.
  • I finished that instalment of almost everything of new programmes, drivers and individualisation on my new computer today – for the second time this week – and I felt how the last actors of darkness was coming in, who in reality has a code of light/love underneath darkness. We have now moved the location of the family tree, and only very little “furniture” now remains to be installed. We have started photographing people to become their final new selves of our New World, and I am approaching the outer edge of the gold of our New World.
  • The cross of darkness/death was the same as the guitar of light/creation with God playing both parts to create life in the middle of this until it would become strong enough to bear life self as it has become now.
  • Jette brought Google Earth pictures in her Facebook group showing still some darkness blocking the view of God/me, “sailing in a wooden shoe” of life – knitting socks, and still fights with snakes of darkness. Later, she brought pictures showing a reptile of darkness returning to the beginning, “it is all very old-fashioned”, and the cinema of our New World is now visible behind the darkness.
  • Short stories of visitors from the secret world elite, “now I have reached the top, mother, it is bloody cold here”, you have a future of ONLY LIGHT, did Facebook “save me” because they know who I am (?), IMAGINE to exchange “terrible violence” with PEACE, and poor abilities of Elijah and John to communicate.


9th January: Bringing our New World to its perfect location at the family tree of the Source of God – with MUCH suffering

Dreaming of still being at my waiting hall and setting up my new helicopter to lift the world

Again yesterday evening, I felt like a bomb had exploded inside of me, this is how tired I was, and I kept awake until 22.40 trying to make my night/day rhythm normal so I would not awake too early, and now it became 06.15 and no, I still do NOT feel fresh at all, but this is how it is, so we better get started with this script too, and as usual a few dreams.

  • I am at Hotel Marienlyst in Helsingør, and something about not lending out a computer, models and Preben attacking me when it gets dark, but he is not really there, I am pouring with a board, but lose it and have to collect thousand bits before tomorrow. And outside it is the most beautiful moon shine over the sea.
    • The hotel is still my “waiting hall” – been there for a long time – and darkness is only “make believe”, and what is it about this board (?), and nevertheless it brings much additional work.
  • I have bought a helicopter, which I would like to use to get to Jylland (Jutland) this afternoon, but I will first have to get out to collect it, John is driving my mother and I to the workshop, where there is another one before us to be serviced first, and I realise that if we can collect it this afternoon, I still don’t know who to fly it, and I don’t want to take any chances, to I tell them that we better take good time so I can take a certificate, and I look at programmes of evening schools, and see helicopter training is on the programme, and instead I will drive to Jutland, where I understand there are many parties, which also makes me wonder if I can afford attending.
    • The helicopter is really our New World you know, and I will not use it before we have collected it all and I have learned to “fly” it, and Jutland is also our New World where celebration is ongoing.
  • I am WALKING home from North-West Zealand, which is more than 50 kilometres, and on my way home I visit the Jægerspris summer camp (which I went to every summer for 7 to 8 years as a boy/teenager), and I meet the manager, who is alone to start with, and I tell him that I had my best time there, which he is somewhat sceptical to, but this is what it is, and I ask him for permission to look inside, which he allows me to, and now I see how employees all dressed in yellow arrive and eat at the dining room, and I have taken MANY pictures of the place and written a text, which I hand to them and tell them that it is online on my website, which makes them negative, because can I really write this on him or her, which may be considered negative, and their behaviour surprises me and makes me sad, and when I leave, I meet the manager again out on the ground, and he has set up the strangest fish trap I have ever seen, which is on land, and this has caught a walking weaver fish (!), which he gives to me as a gift, and points at a boy driving on his bicycle having a dark splint covering one of his lower legs, and says that the boys is in much pain, and I see the boy cycling with much speed directly into the fence with his side.
    • Even though I don’t remember one FEELING of a happy moment of my life, this is the place where I was the happiest, the one week every year meeting Anders, the twins Lars and Bo and yes all of the others, whom I cannot remember today, and the beautiful nature, and walks through Jægerspris to Isefjorden, so this is one of the good things my mother did when I was a boy. The yellow is still about the colour of my mother and our New World I guess, which also is blue. The fish is me, but this fish is also poisonous, which may be about darkness of me, and I was told that this child is me because of my sufferings. Finally, I had the feeling of “check cash help, he is not drinking etc”, so how deeply is the Commune and others going to search on me in this relation in order to “learn” about me? And the walk is about me being the WANDERER, and yes this is a SUMMER camp :-), and yes wasn’t she also another part of my mother, and yes I am looking forward to learn as much as you about who is who? And this summer camp is also a symbol of the beauty and happiness of our New World.

Bringing our New World to its perfect location at the family tree of the Source of God – with MUCH sufferings

When I woke up this morning, it was with the feeling that It is so terrible knowing that now the wave of darkness will enter you and the next many hours torment you constantly, and I still cannot describe how unhappy and poorly this makes me feel, and can I really continue working just until the end of this week (?), and we will see.

I was told that we will also finish work on a group of world servants.

Where is the Whitsun party you say (?), and yes him there is afraid of me (?), and why is that because I am not dangerous and no, he is and Fanny, and yes she is right here, a prisoner and ready to enter the sack if you ask me, but him, no we have tried and he does not want to, so we have to comply with him and now he says that he fears me have, you heard it all of you (?) and eehhh there is “only you” and me here, and yes no pretending anymore.

You have now secured yourself a place on the board for an eternity.

I received the song “Goodbye once upon a time” (“this video has content from UMG. It cannot be viewed in your country” – how much or little do you think that I like this, and yes the Internet is spread with this virus of darkness!) by SAGA and the lyrics “Goodbye once upon a time, No more living in the past, What’s mine is mine”, so this is what we are now setting up.

It is also in here that we release the slave strings, which follow all the way home to you and me, that is us, i.e. me, now. So it was your mother’s task to bring cream to you, which was really to get you here.

There is no more hunchback of Notre Dame in here anymore, only me, and yes sufferings, and this new thing, which we will continue unfolding today.

The information of your mother finished as a pop singer was to say that you could not get here yourself, but you could. Otherwise we would have had to borrow a “coat” from someone else for you to get here, but this will get too complicated to explain, and yes as many people believe today because many people don’t care to listen and mainly not to details, which will also change in our New World …

Has the news about you almost drowning went “around the world” again and is this also how it reached Prince? Yes “vorsprung durch technik” has only be read by few, i.e. my scripts, but the word on you has spread to many, this is how the rings of the water spread, my dear LTO friends.

This is what “holiday” is about, to get in here. No one has been deeper inside Ibiza, i.e. darkness, and all of this is what we use as “ingredients” of the work we will now do together with the know-how of God.

I was told that I will now get access to the engine room of everything, and we will only need to change a few wires here and there, and yes to remove the giant fountain inside the yard of the four-divided square building, and then we will simply continue the old setup of the four-divided world, wont me (?), and no, a little later I was told that all new worlds have strings directly attached to me, which is what we did the setup of during my journey, and yes Stig, this is what you are coming with, the New World as you decided to set it up, and I am really only giving you the final location of it, and yes it matches perfectly when you come here, because I have already adapted to it being the mirror of it, so this process is not that dangerous, and yes you thought that this could mean deep changes to your website too and MUCH extra work, but no.

From the morning, my right computer speaker did not work, which is really a “catastrophe” when you love music and are tied to the computer the whole day, and yes do not use your normal stereo mainly of considerations to your neighbours, and I unplugged and plugged the sound wires both to the speak and the computer, and this made the right speaker work again, but for the next hours, the speakers changed from playing all notes to only playing low frequencies without the high, and yes there is NOTHING wrong with the speakers, and yes I do feel how this darkness is coming to me from right and yes as if there is now almost no more sand bringing a life giving hole to “air” and that is “new air” coming in, and if this is annoying me as much as the gear changes to my bicycle (?), and yes you got it (!), and we know Stig, this could easily also make me start speaking negatively to darkness, which is what it wants me to do, so I also have to be careful about this, and yes if it makes it difficult/impossible to work (?), and sure it does, but a work day without music (?), and no, it does NOT work when I am alone, but when I am with others at “normal work environments”, I prefer to have NO music or disturbances. And by the way, when there is no music to my right speaker, it is also an old sign of my father dying, so if he is not dead yet – Inge or Kirsten (???) – he seems to still be in pain, and yes it is mostly the fading up and down on low and high frequencies, which is making me “mad”, and yes my father’s old problem in relation to me, and when he decided not to see me, he also decided that not to receive healing energy of me, but then again, I have sent him MUCH healing energy, and so much that he still made it, and I wonder how many times his “concerns” too – and WRONG speech about me behind my back – would have killed me (?), and yes the totally opposite world you know. And this “sufferings” given to me via the speaker was also to remove sufferings given to me directly, which I simply could not take this morning, and after a couple of hours, they worked fine again also playing the high notes.

I was told that the world know about the road I have been driving, which was vanishing when I drove it, and I was shown myself now on what I easily can call the TALLEST bridge in the world, which is “extremely tall”, and I saw that this bridge/road is being built while I drive it – on basis of my continuous work – and it has the most spectacular view over landscape and water, so this is what we are driving now, and I was thinking that this is how it is to be God on top of everything.

I was given a 1/8 out of this world pain to my right ankle as I also was yesterday and I was asked “what about this one” (?) and yes in relation to “make believe darkness”, and is this still about saving/bringing in more life from the right and yes extreme right of darkness it is.

I was told that all of this work and coming here is STILL based on your mother refusing to believe that you can be the Tivoli gardens itself, which is also what is still bringing me sufferings.

Eeehh, Stig, you have made it here without the world bleeding and yes we would have liked to convince you that the world is still bleeding, but it is not, is it (?), and no I feel while writing here a lift of darkness, which is a lift of me, and yes to the left top, and yes Stig, there is still a road to drive to get to the ultimate end of me, so this is where we are going.

I was shown my self inside a recording studio with the walls being of SILVER – did you forget about this my new colour, and yes I did – and there is a microphone for me to sing in when recording, and yes recording is the creation of this place, which we really have already created, so it looks more to me that it is to bring it the last part of the road “all the way up to the left”, and yes I still become nervous – a feeling given directly to me from darkness – when I think of “what happens if I cannot”, but yes, I can!

So is everything really about opening the safe of God and to bring everything inside of there (?), and is that what we are still doing (?), and yes it looks as if he will make it, right (?), and yes, Stig, to finish your work doing your “best”, and it is now 10.30, and no, you are not that tired and also not that fresh, but this may give more time to finish the setup of my computer – still have some things to do – before I will look at my website again, and yes I “know” from a feeling inside of me that if I can finish this, this is the same as finishing all of my journey, and “not very easy” indeed.

I looked at which programs and services, which automatically start when I start the computer, and yes a mess is what can be collected here making every computer slow, and yes Thomas Bo Larsen knows too and an act this is what this is, Thomas, and I was told that this continuous work is still dissolving darkness and I felt a clearing inside of me for doing this work.

I felt “ladies” and was told that not all can be your wife with the feeling that we have arranged “something/someone special for you”.

I felt how more darkness came to me, and I was told that you are taking in the deepest darkness (of your mother/the world) in history/known to man, and this came together with the installation of the lightning calendar to my Thunderbird email client, and I like this because it both includes events and tasks (an action plan) and yes not very detailed, but fine for my needs today, and of course you will have to do MUCH better in our New World bringing level 1, 2 and 3.

We have decided to play a little film for you, Stig, showing you as the first how our New World will become, and yes for you to SIGN OFF, and we know not easy for Bjarne “to get rid of you” and yes my “nasty” way of treating his staff, and is this how you were thinking, Bjarne, before you started to understand?

And yes we would like you to call your mother today and to “call for the big wagon” is what this is about, and that is to tell her about your cycle tour making her believe once again that you truly have all of the power in the world, which is what is making us come through this darkness directly to the place where you – and everything – was born. And I received a “deep wind of nothing” going through me and was told “it is because your heart is ready/welcome”.

And this is because the tie does not hang the wrong way out of the throat anymore, and yes you defeated the Toruk Makto too.

I cannot stress enough that the design of all of this world says that IT CANNOT BE DONE TO LEAVE YOUR SCHOOL WITHOUT THE FAITH OF YOUR MOTHER and this would require for some of the world to terminate, but no, you decided to “keep on, keep on, keep on” and with this, we decided to develop solutions on our way and discovered that yes, it can be done, and this is why you are standing here today as the victor without the other two – your father and mother and yes they will come together with the awakening call of the world, and so it is, and no, we are NOT kidding you, and this also goes in relation to Karen not having faith in you, this could NOT be done, but we made it work.

And yes I personalised the search and address bars of my Firefox browser, which took some time to do, but I like to setup things properly in order to make it work even better and faster in the future, and yes I am happy as it is now.

The swimming hall is closed today – new showers you know – and I was encouraged to exercise on my cycle today also to keep the poker game on-going with my mother, but no it is too cold and I decide to concentrate on work, and yes to continue exercise when the swimming hall will re-open in two days, and that is if I can.

I installed the Nero CD burning ROM, and what should be the first new homemade CD, I would burn (?) and yes of course MR. BLUE SKY by Electric Light Orchestra, which is why Dan was inspired to bring this too today, see the short stories, and this doesn’t mean that you are well by now – not sick anymore – does it (?), and yes now I am able to produce “new music”, which is to send out all of my love, and it includes “us” who almost did not catch the aeroplane, but don’t you worry about a thing, this is also what the feelings of “nothing” going through me is about. And yes what A BEAUTIFUL NEW DAY this is listening to the new versions of Jeff’s/Electric Light Orchestra’s old hit songs on my stereo system and yes in the absolutely best quality, which this is thought to be, and yes you know, this is also about our New World, THIS IS THE DAY WE HAVE WAITED FOR :-). And if I can hear that the songs are more clear, crisp, dynamic and yes better quality than the original, and yes YOU BET, Jeff, and yes MUCH that is and that is even though I am writing this without sitting in the right position listening carefully to the songs, and yes THIS IS HOW TO DO IT :-). Later: IT IS CRAZY HOW MUCH THE SOUND HAS IMPROVED, JEFF (!), and yes now listening to “can’t get it out of my mind”, and we know FORGET ABOUT MP3 FILES, THROW THEM FAR AWAY AND DON’T EVER START A DEVELOPMENT POORER THAN WHAT YOU CAME FROM only because you wanted to be “smart” and make money (Apple Computers with MP3 and Ipod’s).

I received another smaller out of this world pain to my right ankle and told that this is also us, who were supposed to bring energy to bring everything back except from us, and yes we made a “magical formula” making sure that EVERY LITTLE THING would be saved, and now is it also almost your turn, and yes the next LITTLE WONDER on the way in.

I spoke to my mother and she was “impressed” with the long cycling tour I had done, and yes she would like to come and see my new computer equipment, which she may do tomorrow, and yes they had been to the hospital, and John’s figures look “fine”, which also made the hospital happy, and yes maybe also a little bit curious to know how in the world he could become better/well again?

And not that long after I was told that this is about opening for the next phase and yes my mother does not suspect that I am more dead than alive, and this is how I bring in everything, and yes before she would change her mind, and she wondered if I sleep normally, and yes I sleep during nights and expect also to do it the coming night, and this is how we play this POKER game. And the truth is that I am still broken completely down without having any energy.

I was shown my spiritual friend holding BIG dogs in a string to my right and told that “we cannot hold the dogs steady”, and yes your mother’s concerns over Christmas and New Year has been so great that she has brought you ALL OF THE POWER/DARKNESS we needed to get up here, and of course provided that you did not break down, and yes not easy to understand it is when you don’t read and understand.

I was shown a giant monster in the shower taking me and actually bringing me in, and when we first would be in, we would receive our new life without being terminated, this is how it was thought, but now, I will not let you take me with darkness.

I was told about the Danish Intelligence Service PET if they can interrogate people without rights, and told that it happens all the time, and is this what you were expecting/planning to do with me?

I completed the setup of my computer almost to what was 100%, and the very last thing was to correct a small error, which had happened when I was in doubt if I could have installed another graphics card driver, which I tried to do the other day, but it gave an error, and afterwards the file systray.exe of the first driver I downloaded would not load anymore, and I looked for a long time for the latest version of the driver, and then I saw the latest version of another driver of the same company, which an automatic driver detector scanning my system had suggested to use, and I thought that maybe this would be even better than the first, so I downloaded and installed this, which I really should not have done, because hereafter it was completely impossible to open the computer again, and yes just like when we expected to get access to the Source and it was impossible because of new darkness keeping us out, and this was simply what I had run into now seeing that Windows COULD NOT load no matter what and that is neither in normal condition or “safe mode”, and yes it gave me some nervousness, but nothing more than this because I knew that in the worst case scenario, I could install Windows again and start the installation of additional drivers, programmes and individualisation from scratch, and that is what would not “survive” this new installation, and I thought that all of my old data was safe on the external hard disk not affected by this – and I had some new files on the internal hard disk including this script, which I thought would also probably not be affected, but it was “not nice” at all to experience and especially not because of how I feel because I am still as exhausted as ever before not having the energy to start over with what I had just finalised, but instead of giving up and going to bed or doing nothing, I decided to do my best first to open windows, which I could not – I was shown two boots in an attack from behind kicking me up, and I understood that my sudden change in which driver to download came from the worst darkness making the computer break down – and instead I inserted the Windows CD rom, which I was planning to give back one of these days to Bettina (the next time visiting my mother on Friday, in two days), and first I tried to use the option of “re-establish” Windows, which however would not work because it asked for an administrator password of the computer, which is not existent and then it jammed (!), and the next option was to repair windows, which it tried to do copying and transferring Windows files, but no, Windows would still not open, and yes no matter what I did, it would not open to me, so there was only one thing to do, which was to do a whole new installation of Windows knowing that it would delete/overwrite much of what I have done the last days, so I started doing this and was also told by a warm voice of God inside this darkness that “I don’t want to bring any harm”, and I thought that this is simply what met the New World and my new self October 31, and yes the deepening of water/sufferings just before reaching home, where we had to do everything all over, but we did it because we don’t want to give up, and because God led us the right way, and yes just like here, so this is what I am going through now in this game to take on sufferings myself to save my family and the world.

And despite of not being that afraid, I felt that I still became concerned about what will happen if it is simply impossible to install and get to work again, but I told myself that it will, and also that I will not lose any data really no matter what.

During all of this, the newspaper BT called wanting to sell me a subscription, and no thank you, I did not have time to read your newspaper, which I still do not, and yes the WORST darkness showed itself here when it had just crashed my computer and yes the New World, which we brought, but only the installation and not the data/life of it.

While the Windows installation was copying files, I decided to cycle to town, I needed to get some fresh air, and I was told that my mother and sister maybe also (?) think about Stig receiving voices and having no girlfriend, so you “understand” my sufferings – even though it is only on the surface – but no, you don’t say anything, and I was told that it hurts them, and they think that I am no “nerd”, so why do I have these difficulties (?), and yes I wonder why ….

I was told that we now are crossing the last “Guldborgsund” – (the strait between the Danish islands of Lolland and Falster) – which is close to where Jette lives, and I was told that we are doing this with her help.

I was told by this darkness that “it is me being tax collection” – tax is still “termination” – and I could only tell that I will NOT allow you, and instead this is the next life now coming in as mentioned before.

At the desk at the supermarket, the customer in front of me was paying with a special credit or maybe debit card, which she could not get to work because she did not have the password, and the assistant told her to enter “0000”, which was really to say that this is my situation too, I do have the “administrator password” to my computer, thus the New World.

I read the newspaper at the library, and felt God as Gandalf coming to me from right, and I was told that the encouragement to watch the Hobbit film was to say that I am coming.

I was told that you should believe that your mother was employed by the HK union because everything has been transferred to her, and here as example all of the negativity of Falck in relation to me because of my memo on them – I wonder how many of you from the secret network, who will click on this link knowing that I can see you doing it (!) – and from her further on to me, and she lives because of you, and you live because of will power (and of course also because of her love).

I felt this darkness coming to me, but with it I also felt freedom and relief coming to me from right from God, and who is coming from right (?), and yes my new self and New World, so there you have it, and can you see it too, my dear world?

I was shown and told that it floats with pans and pots in here, it is a cornucopia, and that is because darkness in here is about to being cleaned up making me able to see.

How will we tell him that not one single, whom he met on his way (all of my life really), we could do without, and I was given the name of Bente N. – a Facebook friend and previous Fair colleague – who is very silent in relation to me and generally on Facebook as far as I can see, but still she is busy speaking about me behind my back too.

I received the beautiful song “Thursday’s child” by David Bowie from his album HOURS – don’t have many of those remaining before the end of time – and the lyrics “Throw me tomorrow, Now that I’ve really got a chance, Throw me tomorrow, Everything’s falling into place”.

I was told that the same darkness bringing down the computer or programme with Fanny and Jette, is what also brought my computer down requiring a new installation, and I was told that this is also because of darkness coming towards me from my father’s wife Kirsten.

I was told that we have not come to your sofa yet, which will come as the absolutely last, and this is about my own sexuality.

I was shown a GIANT key, and was told that this is the master key (for everything) because you are everything, and because of this, I cannot do anything else than to open to you, and this is of course right after doing the last details here.

I came home, and continued the Windows installation, and in the waiting time, I listened to the old Electric Light Orchestra songs in new versions on my stereo, and yes they sound brilliantly – but I do miss some of the opera parts in your new versions, Jeff – and I was shown Bev Bevan and told “don’t forget about him too”.

I was told that we did this despite of “too much chocolate”, which is a reference to me buying chocolate powder the other day in the supermarket, which I normally do not and the first time in many years, and this was from God saying that he would really have liked me to use less money on my self during my journey, and yes to experience more sufferings barely surviving too on food and drinks, but when I decided to carry out my journey with what may be 1,200 DKK in average budget per month – and not 800 DKK as example – it meant that I was given even more darkness/sufferings in other terms because I had to received what I received.

I got Windows to work again, and saw that my documents were still there, but audio and video drivers had vanished, and the same had Microsoft Office, other programs and all of the individualisation of Firefox and Thunderbird (including the WiseStamp autosignatur) was also lost, and yes this will take many hours to re-establish, but now I have in fresh memory what to do, and then it is really “only” to do it with the greatest challenge being that I received these many notes to write down in my script, which I decided to write today even though I started re-installing Microsoft Office, some programs/drivers/individualisation, but I could not finalise all today, so some things today including the script and the rest tomorrow, and yes it is a GREAT challenge to write and publish the script of today, but nothing different to how many of the scripts have been, and yes on the other side of what is normally possible to do – also for me.

No, I am not at all as ugly now, and we are now over the worst and up and running again – with the computer and New World – and that is instead of giving up and deciding to do nothing because of being broken down, and yes this will lead no where, and this is how it was thought of “a long time ago”.

You don’t build a bridge without going down in cadence, this is how the New World will see it.

I was told that Putin is a well kept secret, and he has also helped me/us not having energy, and I was told that it was also exciting for you to read me, Putin, but you had some loyalty problems towards your system, and yes a GIANT dog as I am shown, but now here in control on my left side.

When I re-installed programs, I felt an opening inside of darkness to the right of me, and I saw/heard an incredible whispering, which is about people speaking (wrongly) of me behind my back.

Is it possible for “the world stage” to see that you are breaking down today, but now you have decided to go through this darkness too (?), and yes it is, and I am here feeling Putin, who also receives “information of me and the world” from “your system”?

This is the quickest road to the gold, and yes I am doing the same work, which I have just finalised, but no, it does NOT mean that I will do short-cuts despite of the “mental challenge”, which is really no challenge, because the right thing to do is to do what is right – and I am here told that we expected this tunnel to break down, and yes for heavens to break down, this is how it would feel before you would be able to see my new self on the other side, but now, we are still keeping this membrane intact, and you can almost see us through it, can’t you my dear world?

I was told about a fight between the central China, the government, and the Southern parts of China, and later that “it is nothing against what he did to terminate and yes in the great Mao’s name”, which is about “keeping down numbers of population”, but no, this is NOT how the great God wishes it, and I do NOT speak of Mao! And with this, we have prepared for the next chapter of China to be revealed.

If I “lost it”, we would “open up” and pretend that everything would now be in the power of darkness and yes destroying whatever you would decide, but no, he will not do that no matter what.

The newspaper Kristeligt Dagblad also called, and yes you may understand the symbol of “newspapers” being termination of darkness here attacking me, and this very eager salesman thinking of his own sales and not the customer – as usual – could not sell me anything when I told him about the old fashioned newspaper not having faith, and yes you may keep a record of this conversation (?), and you may also hear my difficulties speaking, which I had here, and even more when speaking to my mother, and yes strong darkness, and maybe my mother could not resist speaking about me with my sister once again ….

I felt Jack clearly and was told that he is one of those the furthest ahead wanting to get home.

I was given a sound to my kitchen, which was immediately followed by a sound to my shelves and I was told that there is now a direct connection between what used to be the spirit of my father and the spirit of my mother, now united as one.

During the evening, I also experienced that both Google, WordPress and Facebook logged me out, even though I should be locked in, and yes the new system still “cannot” recognize me so I had to show myself and yes using the key to log myself in again.

But the computer speakers are playing perfectly again this evening without the problems of the morning, which was really much darkness coming in over me and the computer, and yes breaking it down.

She does not like doing it but here it is your mother bringing back her golden ring, which is what we gave her the opposite story to look after and yes to burn if I got near again, but now she sees that there is nothing stopping us and nothing dangerous.

Finally, I published this script at 23.55 today, and yes one of the worst of all to publish, but we did it.

Google Earth shows the beginning of darkness, thus very close to Paradise of God on the other side

Jette brought Google Earth pictures in her Facebook group showing the birth year of my sister and darkness, and we are looking for water on our way to finish everything saying “that’s all folks”, and yes it did not take many minutes before “feelings” started coming in of people reading my post below on David Bowie and listening to this song, and yes people of the “secret network of the elite of the world”.

FB 090113 Jette 1

FB 090113 Jette 2

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I sent this email (via the Thunderbird email client, which I now use again) with the script yesterday to the LTO team, and no, they (almost) don’t meet as a team anymore, which you may remember that I have encouraged you to do (?), and that is to STAY TOGETHER, and you can also see the auto signature I did via the small add on programme of “WiseStamp”, and yes I like the outcome of this, and it makes me think of how many auto-signatures there are within each company not taking “standards” of the best quality seriously, and yes I am still wondering ….

LTO email 080113

  • Let me here share with you another example of ”spiritual darkness”, which has followed me since 2009, but this is the first time I write about it, and it is in relation to the Thunderbird email client, which does not show “remote content” (pictures) as a standard, and when I click the link “always load remote content from …”, it does not accept this, but instead – every single time (!) – opens the “new contact” pop up window, which has NOTHING to do with this (!), and I am here told that this symbolises “errors of the world/creation”, and this makes it necessary to MANUALLY every single time to click the button “show remote content”, and yes I here feel that this is what God does to the world, and yes “manually” makes it work instead of having an automatic setup, which is what we will get in our New World.

Thunderbird 1

Thunderbird 2

  • And this is how the email looks like after having clicked ”show remote content”.

Thunderbird 3

  • As written in the text, Dan was inspired to bring “Mr. Blue Sky” by Electric Light Orchestra because this is the first CD I burned when I could do this again.

FB 090113 Dan 2

  • FC Brøndby is losing sponsors and employees will not accept a salary decrease as part of a rescue plan, and this is the worst darkness trying to terminate life of darkness self.

EB 090113 Brøndby

  • In continuation of Helena’s thread on ”nick names”, Pia Kjærsgaard and Morten Messerschmidt from Danish People’s Party were called “Nazi Pia” and “Nazi Morten”, which you know is “almost right”, and Helena said that she has invented “the hobbit” herself – “how holy Franz’ish this is of me” – which is a referral to what I was told about seeing the Hobbit the other day, and no, I have not prioritised it despite of the potential meaning of it and Gandalf (symbolising me/God) as I am here told, and Jesper said that she also had many nick-names on Søren Pind back when she thought he is a “weirdo”, and she said that he is still mega weird with strange interests, but he is VERY funny and “insanely intelligent”, which made Jesper say “you are a funny mix, you and Mr. Pind” and Helena to say “My own little firebrand”, and yes a FIREBRAND you were, Søren, when you could NOT control your negative emotions as I have shown you before, which should have been EASY to do (!), and is this to say that Helena and Søren are still together (?), and that Helena is still having casual sexual relations with others (?), and yes I don’t really get the picture here, and yes THE WORST DARKNESS is what you are looking directly on, my dear friends, which is also what they are, but they don’t know yet.

FB 090113 Helena

  • Helena said that the days tastes of ”F”, and you do remember my old line of POSITIVE ”F-words” (”fantastisk, forrygende etc. in Danish), and here Helena added with “free, fresh, fruit, hairdresser and Fitness World”, and yes fruit as oranges and apples as we have in here, and hairdresser is really to setup communication, and Kim of course added “fish”, and yes my new self is coming together with FREEDOM, which also will make me/us feel FRESH and to get proper exercise, and yes looking much forward to that. And talk about Helena being “inspired” by my spiritual friends.

FB 090113 Helena 2

  • Dan said that he has “the wildest DJ-jobs over the next week, and then I am not allowed to speak anything about them. Do you realize how difficult it is from Dan Rachlin to keep his mouth shut” (?), and both Laila and Pia encouraged him to run out in the woods and scream it out loud, and this is really to say that people of the “secret world elite” reading me in secrecy, could not keep their mouth shut making the rings of me spread from one person to the next – “have you heard about Jesus/Stig coming” (?) – and Henning encouraged him to tell, which made Dan say “I will have to shoot you then”, so telling this secret was “not well seen” by the secret network and yes what could happen with you if they knew you told (?), and Paul said that you cannot pressure Dan to say anything because he will then break the contract he has made with William and Kate, so are you examples of people, who “could not” keep your mouth shut as you had been “ordered” to (?), and Dan said “and PET” (the Danish Intelligence Service) and I am told that this includes “Jack and those people”), and this is from where the orders where given (including CIA and whatever they are called around the world), but even they “could not” keep their mouths shut, and isn’t it wonderful that the power of people to speak in secrecy behind the backs of people were so powerful that this was a vital tool to bring survival to us all?

FB 090113 Dan

  • Pias Kjærsgaard wrote on Facebook that “the Prime Minister is simply to stupid and naïve”, which someone reported to Facebook, which made Facebook remove Pia’s comment and giving he a SECOND warning – she has done this “crime” before – and it made me think that it is incredible how little it takes to make Facebook sour, and also that I really must have been protected by my spiritual friends to keep me on Facebook because with all of the people reporting me, I have not received any true warnings from Facebook, and yes “first priority” is what I decided that it was for me to remain on the Internet including Facebook.

EB 090113 Pia

FB 090113 Pia 2

  • Jimmy has lost his girlfriend as he wrote about recently and also his home and job, and he is now moving into a room in a basement without light, and asks his network for a job, and this is how he is suffering helping to absorb darkness, and I was encouraged to write a word of comfort to him, but I was too tired with too little energy – it was EXTREME today – so this I decided not to do, and no, I did not hear from Jimmy ever to bring me words of comfort, and no, NEVER!

FB 090113 Jimmy


10th January: We have moved the family tree of life and started photographing people to become their new selves

Dreaming of a tiger of darkness still wanting to eat me, and darkness does not want me to enter the game

I went to bed at 00.20 and woke up far too early at 07.00 still feeling completely down, and yes another full day – can I really (?) – and to my surprise, I can only remember these dreams.

  • Something about a tiger wanting to eat me, tastes me, had many young one and bed and kitchen is here.
    • An aggressive cat wanting to eat light/life, but soon over it is.
  • I am seeing myself in parts of the zoo, where there is not many people, and I see and hear teams competing with each other where the game is who can run the fastest and hit and opponent with the hand, which will bring him out of the game. I see beautiful women smoking, and a new game is about to begin, and I am surprised not to be invited, so I go to the desk placed at the King’s way in Hørsholm where Sanna and Hans used to live, and the grill bar next to them, and I ask to be enrolled, but I cannot.
    • This game is still about terminating life, it seems, and I am not allowed to enter (?), and maybe because I am all out of energy (?), but on the other hand, I am still working, thus still playing the game. The beautiful women smoke because they cannot get through to me.

We have moved the family tree of life and started photographing people to become their new selves

How does it feel like to have gone to the extreme edge of everything, and not to have fallen in (?), and yes you tell me, Stig, you did it, I just followed you, this is also how it is seen from here.

I was told about Jack’s late father, John, and that it was not easy to receive cancer and at some stage to be told about me and what would be coming without being able to tell your family (?), and I here feel Jack’s mother, Evy, so did John tell you Evy, and what did you do with this information and that is if he did (?), because I don’t know I only write what I am told not knowing if this is light or darkness speaking the truth or a deception.

I was told and felt that we have almost all versions of the spirit of my mother inside of me.

We can now climb down from the clouds, there was no “Royal Fire”, which was also a reference to the Danish insurance company Kgl. Brand meaning exactly this.

I was told what about bringing “Vinterdage” (“winter days”) by Søs Fenger – “snow on my window” – because your mother like it so much (?), and yes “I keep an eye on you” is what my mother does with me, and what my spiritual friends do too, and yes how does it feel like to never have any privacy with my spiritual friends ALWAYS being around me (?), and yes this is also part of my sufferings. And beautiful this song is indeed :-).

I was told that Bent (from Rungsted and Danica, a friend around 1990) did not know that he was switching off light by stealing Liselotte from me in the beginning of the 1990’s, and that is because she was spiritual, and opening the eyes of this world to me via her stories to me (we saw each other not that many times, but she made a great impact on me, and maybe also the other way (?), but this was before my “debut”, thus making me VERY nervous to be around such a beautiful lady, and yes one of the few I had the courage to ask out with my heart beating like a drum in my throat I remember when meeting her at a discothèque in Copenhagen), and when she and he decided to leave me because of “poor conscience” both of them, this also meant the end of what could have been an earlier development of me, which first came many years later instead.

This is how it feels like, to come out of a forest on fire, and yes broken down also today is not the word. It is first now we put up the lamps which had fallen down, there are not that many.

The photo camera cannot keep up the pace, meaning that we have started photographing people to become their final new selves. So there is no place outside, and we don’t wear any shoes and are not burned either, and yes we have a pass port, and then we enter here – as if it is the rollercoaster of Tivoli – which is where the magic will happen, and yes our New World at its final placement inside the Source.

I was shown myself now in a very small room with some but not much furniture, among others a mirror standing against the wall, which made me think that this is the mirror of God bringing what you give, which hereafter can only be light.

My heart is still beating, right Stig (?), yes (!), and we are still walking all the way in here, and I can bring everyone you say, and yes I don’t want you to separate people in “live or die”, which I know was your role, and yes to let some die for others to live, and that is because when we can make all live, this is what we OF COURSE prefer to do.

I was told that my mother wakes up in the night being asked to take the telephone, and yes she still does not know about me ….

My mother told me yesterday that she may come for a cup of coffee today, so even though I did NOT feel like it, I decided to clean the apartment this morning, and yes even though it was really not dirty or a mess, it was a good feeling to make it look the best instead of having a few things lying here and there, and yes not having cleaned the tables etc.

I was told with a nice/serious voice without acting that you are first now approaching the outer edge of the gold, but you are coming here and this is what we will now open to you over the coming days.

I felt red of darkness and was told that that no one can shoot you, so I will enter too, and I was shown someone entering and waving at me as the German Carsten did on a picture I took from our holiday in Vorupør (which is where Jack’s mother is born) in 1982, wasn’t it, Jack?

There is NO ONE, who is going to take my place, but ok, if it is him there, it is alright”, and yes it is “everything” coming, and yes I would like to get on that wagon, and this is really how it is thought, and that is all the way in here (with life/guards) but not that many “pains to my right ankle” remaining, which I was then given.

My mother called without my phone ringing (!) – it was right in front of me when working, and it did NOT ring, but it gave a message about a new voice mail from my mother – and when I tried to call back, nothing happened. Later she called again, this time it rang, and she was now visiting her friend Kate helping her to get a time with the dentist as she had visited herself this morning, and yes he could give Kate a better and more modern treatment than the alternative, and because of this, she will not come today, and when I spoke to my mother, and also to Kate – my mother liked me to say what I told her, which is that I notice that Kate is active on the Helsingør pictures Facebook group – and when I finished the call with her, the question was if this was the finish of the entire call, or if my mother would return to the phone, so I decided to wait a few seconds, where nothing happened other than my mother saying “no, he cannot hear this – he has finally received his new mountain bike”, and they were going to continue this talk about me, which I could have decided to listen to because Kate did not hung up the telephone, but I did NOT want to, so I hung up right after this, and yes “good for my mother to know that I cannot hear what she says about me” (?), and yes how sad do you think this made me (?), and yes this is NOTHING compared what she still does with your sister.

I was told that if I want to do what is WRONG to do – sexual indecency on the Internet as example – you have to do it now, because you will soon not be able to do this (because of being light only).

I was told that the Crazy Christmas Cabaret show December 22 also received a little bit of “magic” on stage, but you did not tell about it, Vivienne (?), and yes enough to make you “curious” about me?

And we know, Stig, it is 13.30 and you are almost falling down the chair of tiredness, and how in the world am I to continue work or just staying up the rest of the day (?), and I really have hours of work to do on my computer, and maybe also more to the script, which keeps coming in.

I was told that my mother is now taking off her wedding dress because there was NEVER going to be a wedding – between mother and son – and that is if we were going to make it this time around on contrary to all the others before us.

I started working on the setup of the computer again, and was told no, there is no darkness inside of here, he is just here and that is reflecting us, so when we have converted all darkness to light, he is happy to have us here, and yes smiling back as we are smiling at him.

And your mother has received ear plugs only making it possible for her to listen to what she wants to believe and what John tells her, and not me, and these are also being removed now.

Your mother will not get the pleasure to act as the bailiff removing and destroying furniture at your/our home, which is what the many visits I had by the bailiff until approx. 2000 symbolised, and yes darkness of the world removing my furniture.

And the most important is, Stig, that if there was a back, we “did not need”, this back – i.e. world – would be recreated inside of the Source with the main thing being that we returned.

I had received double “users” on my Windows installation, both myself as the new user and still my “old self” as the old user from the previous installation, and when I deleted my “old self”, I was shown and told that this is like tidying up inside of this room.

I received the feeling of people of other civilizations together with darkness and kept imprisoned at military areas in USA and told that we know you are suffering much, but we are too, and this is what this sweeping is also about.

And we are also bringing in flowers which will not become “dark pianos” and dead, and yes because of what the U.S. Air Force had us doing, and I am given the thought of “Alien abductions” and yes they were our masters, but not anymore, and yes you will also be free to go my friends.

We have not flied the last tour in space if it is up to our commanders, who still don’t believe in you, some of them, and what do you want us to tell them and yes the truth directly, honestly and openly, and that is if you can only follow my command and not theirs, this is the truth, and no, I do NOT want you to continue missions of evil.

I received new darkness coming to me as heartburn.

No, we also did not need these air attack alarms, and yes all designed to help you coming through.

I was told that we had place a coffee pot of light not in the shelves but all the way out of a hole of the shelves where darkness would not be able to get it, which was also to secure our survival.

And then we will get this – I cannot see it – up from the intestine, and the best is that it is inside of here that we have hidden.

I have MANY times for a long time been given the feelings of Angela – my old colleague from Fair and friend – and yes “hvem FIK RET” (“who was right”) (?), and is this about this, Angie (?), and this is because we always met at the restaurant/café “Fik Ret” in Søborg when we met until approx. 2008.

Yes, you were allowed to play a little with the sand box, and yes we could not help it, Stig, and that is when the darkness of other people was too strong against you, but we have recovered everything, which is to say that darkness is really not here at all, and yes isn’t this exciting (?), “a tool of creation” it is.

I continued updating my computer with Adobe Reader, the video codecs etc. and was told that this is like receiving back your clothes (from darkness now returning).

I was told about my old friend Thomas H. “how many times have I asked him to call you” (?) and “asked” via thoughts given to him, but no, no one could call me to support/talk to me.

You cannot continue opening the lock to this place, but yes this is how it works.

I continued updating for hours programmes and settings including some nervousness of things going wrong, and there were some “moment of truths” here and there with the computer acting strange, and on my way, I as told that we are getting closer to the kitchen.

I felt how a previous monster from the Aliens film entered me and it was told “do you remember your original code” (?), which is the code of light/love before darkness, and yes, “it” does.

I was shown a fireman in Brussels pulling forward a Formula 1 car in a string and was told that this is how to get forward the quickest way possible, and yes via the stories of the European Union previously in my scripts, and how are you doing, are you still lying down (?), and yes it hurts to be exhibited as fools and ignorant, which is really what you are when you cannot communicate nor do what is right to do, but keep thinking of yourselves and yes the Old World Order.

This corresponds to having completely turned around Snekkersten, i.e. darkness, and to say that this is from here we will now start all over.

I received darkness including heartburn etc. and was told “you don’t know how happy it makes me that we will not get married”, and with this part of the spirit of my mother, which is really the spirit of my father – as I felt – returned to me too.

I was told by a spiritual friends entering me that it was also me playing the game making Karen believe that you were “demanding” and yes of course selfish without being able to see herself that the roles in REALITY were opposite. And I was told that Karen and Denis have been fighting about me many times.

This is the food manager saying that we are almost up and running again, and yes moving the whole system from one place to another was symbolised by breaking it and my computer down and to install it somewhere else and yes the new installation, which I had hoped to finish today, which I may have a chance to do still here at 17.25.

If we should play “dead ball situations” it is now, which is about the elimination of darkness of the spirit of my mother.

I was shown the spirit of my father as the judge coming in from my right with the feeling that he is there and about to enter to make sure that we will bring everything, and this was when I was also re-installing the Thunderbird calendar, the WiseStamp signature (and setup again again) and Nero CD/DVD burning software and yes I was encouraged to burn Jeff Lynne’s solo album, but no, I am almost begging for “Mercy, mercy” now, but of course only when it comes to Jeff’s beautiful version of this song :-).

I was told that when I went with my mother that day some months ago to the auction in Hornbæk, it was also to receive a GIANT iron cross, and I do mean GIANT as it is shown to me, and I was told that this cross of termination/death is really the same as the guitar of creation, and yes we had to stand on our heads to solve the riddle of how to become something in between, and when we had – i.e. physical life – and this was strong enough to stand alone, as it is now, we can remove the other bearing leg, which was the dark side of the cross, and there you have it.

So a cancer as example is every single time God working inside of it to solve the riddle of life to bring you/us all eternal life in joy and happiness.

In stead of letting John die from cancer, we discovered that we could get much more out of him and your mother by giving him good health, and yes to let your mother concentrate her concerns on you.

So this game was about how we the best possible way could create our New World, and I was shown one of the guards of life contracting this behind a wall of darkness.

I felt more darkness coming in and also Japan and told that this also has to be pressured in, and I wonder what you have been up to over there, but I am sure that you will soon tell?

I was told about Madonna and the question if she is another part of the spirit of my mother – their might be 3 times 12 of the Trinity after all (?) – and told that my information about who these may be was designed to create the greatest degree of nervousness to “help” us too.

I was shown and told that we have now found the biggest refrigerator and darkness, which came while I was installing the new graphics card driver, and yes this became perfect, and my new installation is now (almost) over, and it has become the most perfect I have ever done, and yes also the fastest, and I have not yet done the Windows Update, which I will see tomorrow if this works, and yes satisfied about the day (?), and you bet and especially compared to the difficulties also coming through today.

I am really not that dangerous anymore.

I published the script at approx. 20.30 and continued working until 20.50 this evening, and yes somewhat less stress today, but truly a hard day UNDER THE CIRCUMSTANCES – otherwise it would have been easy if I was not tired and without energy.

Google Earth shows still some darkness blocking the view of God and also the cinema of our New World now visible

Jette brought Google Earth pictures in her Facebook group showing still some darkness blocking the view of God/me, “sailing in a wooden shoe” of life – knitting socks, and still fights with snakes of darkness. Later, she brought pictures showing a reptile of darkness returning to the beginning, “it is all very old-fashioned”, and the cinema of our New World is now visible behind the darkness.

FB 0901 100113 Jette 1

FB 0901 100113 Jette 2

FB 0901 100113 Jette 3

FB 0901 100113 Jette 4

FB 0901 100113 Jette 5

FB 0901 100113 Jette 6

FB 100113 Jette 1

FB 100113 Jette 2

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I published my script late yesterday evening including a link to my memo on Falck at Scribd, and even though it was late and despite of writing in my script “I wonder how many of you from the secret network, who will click on this link knowing that I can see you doing it (!)”, you can see from the green line below that it brought a clear increase in the number of visitors to 17 yesterday, and yes normally it is between 0 to 5 per day and the last increase was simply because of the last time I brought a link to it on my website, and yes my script of yesterday had officially zero visits yesterday, so I wonder where this increase to Scribd comes from (?), and yes you do get it by now, don’t you?

Scribd 1001 including 0901

  • What may be a Dane playing an American singing the Danish lyrics to “Står på en Alpetop” (“Stands on an Alp top”) in the video below because it brings healing – and many smiles when watching it, especially as a Dane – made people laugh and as Mads said “we will become a people of healers thanks to Shubidua, ha ha”, and better yet, Shubidua healed the Danes via their WARM and HUMOUROUS music, and it made me say that this is what beautiful music and smiles/laughs do to people, and what may be the most difficult to believe in, which in reality is what is the truth, is also true in other connections, for example with the lyrics from the song “now I have reached the top, mother, it is bloody cold here” with “cold” being sufferings because of misunderstandings and wrong human behaviour, which sends sufferings to others, and yes to me, and this is really to say that what is the most difficult for people to believe in in relation to me – being the Son of God, or really God now – is what is the truth, and who can avoid smiling from a lovely song by Shu-bi-dua as this, which used to be their ending song, which herewith is to say that I have reached the top, mother, I am cold and suffering like never before, but I reached the top of the Pyramid of everything, and with an ending, there is always a new beginning and that is in the greatest context you can imagine.

FB 100113 Steen

  • Michael Wulff brought this the other day with the text “well kids, what do you think of the view, this is your future”, and yes a future of ONLY LIGHT :-).

MW udsigt

  • Pia received an excuse from Facebook today after they had “cut her down” yesterday after their Nordic Manager had contacted their European office having “special people hired knowing about and dealing with Nordic cases”, and I am thinking that one employee there decided to ban Pia, who did not do anything wrong when addressing Helle Thorning-Schmidt, and as Pia said “when I think about what I have experienced of the worst comment about me and my person, I have difficulties seeing why this has not been blocked and deleted by Facebook’s censorship group”, and yes it is “difficult” for people to see what is negative and what is not and Pia’s comments are in the group of NOT being negative, and I am wondering if Facebook did not receive many complaints about me and my “negative” comments and “spam” (?), which you “could not” understand (?), and why was I not deleted by Facebook (?), and is that because my spiritual friends kept complaints from you (?), or is it because someone kept the hand over me knowing about who I really am giving your employees orders to “save me” (?), and yes we will see.

FB 100113 Pia

  • Now I better understand why John Lennon’s beautiful song “Imagine” came to me so strongly the other day, which is to say that my heart is included in this – and yes IMAGINE to have “terrible violence” replaced by PEACE ♥.

FB 100113 Torben

  • Once again I was happy to hear from David, and I am wondering if I am completely “lost” to Elijah and John, or if you are lost to me because of you own “incapability’s”, which basically is about your POOR abilities to understand and communicate, and this is basically the mean of everything evil.

FB 100113 David


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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