January 12, 2013: I saved the world and the world will save/bring me home with love and understanding of my mother


Summary of the script today

11th January: I saved the world and now the world will bring me home with love and understanding of my mother

  • Dreaming of Kim and Pernille having started the most beautiful and a GIANT company of our New World with only little still remaining at darkness and stealing something from darkness of Karen.
  • I saved the world, and now the world is going to save me too bringing me as “dead” from darkness as the last one over to light, and this road will be as difficult as the last difficult darkness I have crossed. This is the point where I will die as my old self, and hopefully soon wake up as my new self to much better times.
  • I was encouraged to produce CD’s with Jeff Lynne and Electric Light Orchestra for my mother, which I brought her this evening awakening much love inside of her when remembering these songs from when I lived at home (until 1986), and together with two of her friends, as I have spoken to over the phone recently, telling her just how much they like me bringing my mother the final understanding that I am indeed POSITIVE and NOT negative as my sister has claimed, this is what is bringing me – and my inner self – over from the dark side (of the moon) to the light of the Source and our New World, which will make my diamond shine.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures of her Facebook group show darkness of Esso/the oil industry, which cannot be cleaned (I wonder …), a TALL lady over the COLD Russia, and dogs of darkness turning into DIAMOND DOGS :-).
  • Short stories of Michael Sadler apologising for not giving the right photographer credit as he will apologise to me too, Dan Rachlin played as a DJ for the Danish Parliament and his thread includes MUCH inspired speech about the darkness of politics but also happiness of surviving, visit by a Tax Minister symbolising the WORST darkness, more about the world elite reading me in secrecy, do your best to read/listen and understand instead of making up your own mind, and we will soon start to “shine on you crazy diamond”.

12th January: My inner self is (was) hidden inside the sexual invention of darkness using its energy to save and create

  • Dreaming that man will be removed from Earth to our new planet Niburu, because work is to be done on Earth, I should be able to defeat “not that strong darkness” now, our new life is the greatest life ever made, and bringing my new self up from darkness as the high points of our career.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show SMILE :-), big big faces of BIG LIFE of our New World, extreme weather conditions of Australia, which is about resistance of the world against my return, I thought Earth was round (?), and a couple with a baby.
  • My inner self have arrived at the Source turned around as darkness without being switched on, and “mother love” is helping me to turn around going against extreme resistance to me of family, friends etc., thus the world symbolised by extreme weather over Australia, which again is symbolising our New World. This is my match ball, which I should be strong enough to win over darkness. I am now becoming “the Lord” as we have never been before, but will be now that we have arrived with everything – and I am still God of “nothing” too having created “everything”.
  • Inside the “one man cell of darkness of me” was also the worst darkness on Earth, which was the British navy working as the world’s hit men removing “unwanted garbage” threatening their plans of a future world in control of mankind to protect its own business and power “interests”, which included plans to kill me and people in my surroundings because I was a “national security threat”, and this was stopped because Jack was loyal to me working as my “informer” bringing managers – without faith in me – of the British navy down with express speed. Norwegian oil-dollars were working to finance an evil New World Order without free energy.
  • My inner self is hidden inside the sexual invention of darkness using its energy to save and create – if I could bear it. This is my “sofa” of reproduction, where darkness never expected to find me. My job as darkness was to terminate life, but when I went against darkness, this brought down darkness saving life instead. If I gave up to darkness, it would make me explode terminating life – starting all over – and now my end will be the start of our New World.
  • Short stories of more darkness of the Vatican Church, extreme weather of Australia trying to block me out, Dan receiving many symbols of darkness and new life too, fraud and waste of the European Union is made by the purest darkness too, RAVING MADNESS of Nike and the Old World Order.


11th January: I saved the world and now the world will bring me home with love and understanding of my mother

Dreaming of Kim and Pernille having started the most beautiful and a GIANT company of our New World

I went to bed before 22.00 and slept until 07.00 this morning – without becoming any fresher of this, I am still without energy – and as usual I start a new day by checking Facebook and having breakfast, a bath and yes updating the script of yesterday and starting the script of today with dreams, which I have now done and yes every single day since arriving in Nairobi in May 2009 where I was encouraged to start writing my experiences and yes not knowing that more than 7,000 pages were waiting ahead of me to be written …. , and I do look forward to changing this rhythm, but for the time being, let us continue, so here are the dreams.

  • Kim and Pernille S. have opened a GIANT new insurance company – both general insurance and life & pension – and it is incredible beautiful and modern. Preben is speaking about me to new employees making them understanding that I am “very clever”, I see myself floating for them. I see there is a call centre selling general insurance, I receive a new pension scheme myself deciding to receive “average interest” instead of market interest because I believe the market will decrease, and instead of letting the bookkeeper know about payments to be done to our pensions, Preben believe that my idea of asking Pernille is good, and he and I are working in the department of life & pension, and I am surprised to see that there is an also incredible beautiful department of managers, and that I don’t work there. We go there meeting both Kim and Pernille, I see three video cameras on the wall and am told about who the other managers are, Janne from Fair is regional responsible for part of the world, Torben S. fra Aon should have been a manager but decided not to take the job because of concerns, and I ask Kim and Pernille as the owners if they have not brought in plenty of money to do this, which they confirm. Next to the business is the biggest and most beautiful shopping centre I have ever seen, which is part of the company, and I fly there too, and also enter the first floor, which is a package company still belonging to the national mail of Denmark – they don’t have the mail anymore – and they have not met at work yet, they will first come at 10.00 and on the door a sign says “fart off”.
    • This is the company of our New World, floating/flying is still about continuing to work, my behaviour in relation to the pension scheme is selfish thinking of receiving the best interest/most money, but I do expect that people of our New World will have a “healthy” interest in buying products of the best quality and price as a combination – following “the strongest” principle to build life on – and the shopping centre is about life of our New World, where we have overtaken all mail, but what are “packages” about (?), is that life too (?), and at least there is still an old department of this belonging to darkness with a lazy and wrong attitude at the traditional Danish national mail, which is not very different to how the old Eastern block “worked” when they did work, and yes having 5 or 10 people to take care of a process, which one person should have taken care of. The cameras are about accepting and bringing people alive as their final selves inside of our New World.
  • I remember flashes of dreams of cleaning up, “this room used by everyone” and also about taking something from Karen and visiting the hair dresser at the ground floor of her building, and was it a lunch pack (?), it could have been, and no she did not see it even though she was following right in my footsteps, but without catching me, and yes a symbol of darkness wanting to bring me down.

I saved the world and now the world will bring me home with love and understanding of my mother

I received a pretty strong cough during the night, which was also with me this morning, together with the feeling of becoming sick, which might be the flu coming to get me too (?), and we will see, and yes it is a sign of more darkness coming at me.

And yes, you cannot imagine the joy of working now sitting in a proper chair, at a proper table having a proper computer reacting instantly when I right click on the mouse or using the normal menus while working in Microsoft Word as example, which was NOT the case of the old, where there was always shorter and often LONGER waiting time, and yes just to have the machine gun sound of the old computer removed is a relief, and think if people would have helped me with proper work tools to make my work to write my scripts easier (?), and yes, it would have been to help the Devil because this was part of my pain.

He has lifted up from “very bad” to nice, guys, yes that man there.

We don’t take pictures during the winter, do we (?), no but he does, and yes the Søs Fenger album/song was really to say that he is hurting because of his mother’s wrong behaviour.

It is not at all bad over there in Sweden, and no he does not try to cheat us, and we know still a few problems/updates on your computer to do – now I don’t have an “AKB-driver” for my Android phone to connect to Windows XP, and no I have never had that problem before and don’t know what it is about and what it will do, because there is contact to the phone (!), and yes I will look at this later.

So we are delivering a totally different world than what we received, and yes the process of him there, and we know uniting everything to one whole.

Here is your bed from all of us, Stig. You saved us, and now we save you, and that is mighty nice of you all – and yes we are you and you are us, and when bringing us in, you are bringing yourself in.

We just wanted to say that we can now see the Swedish coast, yes the final destination after you ”tricked” us with the deepening of water making us do more work than expected.

For days I have thought about the possibility that I may write the chapter on creation to my website, which however may take MANY hours to write, which I may not have neither the energy nor the time to do before Sunday in two days from now, and yes I have more work to do on scripts and a little on my computer yet, and yes this has been stressing me too, and that is just the thought of writing it and how to write it, and realistically I will not be able to write this, but I do have some amendments to do on my website, which I plan to do before Sunday, and this will have to be it – unless I am given more time and energy.

I was told that we have all three been inside of there, so your mother – and Fanny etc. – do know the road leading there, and yes as part of their inner selves, which is information not part of their physical selves.

I was told that it is also a catastrophically course the last way, but I will lead you. We will go through similar darkness to what you have just done, don’t you believe me (?) – which was difficult, but if you say so …. – and this is where I laid plans for you and your mother together. This corresponds to being alone in the forest without people, and how do I get over on the other side then?

I continued working until lunch – truly still being tired/without energy – and I had decided that I would go to the swimming hall today, so this is what I did after lunch, and first I drove to the Telia (telephone, internet, TV) store in town because the remote control to my TV had broken, and no, they did not have any on store, but I could call their customer service, which I did, and they were kind to pack and send one immediately, and to me, this is to say that I cannot control the TV, i.e. world, as my old self, and when the new will arrive, probably on Monday, this is my new self controlling the New World as light and no longer darkness. And yes, Telia hung up – is it now you again, Madonna (?), and yes been thinking of you before when writing “hung up”– a LOT of balloons in front of their store, and you do remember that balloons are one of those symbols of celebration/happiness.

I was shown a drunk character of darkness bringing me down as dead from the 1st floor, and is “he” still alive after having saved all (?), and yes you are still the King but not the easiest to get in.

I was shown and felt how I have soaked in the whole world and this feeling came together with one of Madonna’s “too much sex” songs (!) – it will not “justify” to be brought here – and it is now from within that the New World will break out to the edge of me, thus the world.

I was told about how my mother and father met “many years ago”, which was at KTAS – the Copenhagen telephone company – where my mother worked at the desk connecting people, and my father was an electrician setting up telephone centrals, and isn’t it funny that they produced me as “light” with the task to make all phone numbers (of all people of the world forever and ever) work (?), and yes so it is.

I did 25 minutes exercise on the left cross trainer today, and yes I am still broken down without energy but somehow after some minutes, I am still able to exercise, and after ten minutes I had used 160 calories, 250 after 15, 340 after 20 and finally I did the hardest exercise I have done while living in Helsingør when I gave almost all I had using 100 calories in five minutes making the total 440 after 25 minutes. And yes, the swimming hall has now opened after exchanging their old very poorly working showers with new, which work “perfect”.

While exercising, I received some minutes with immense darkness coming to me feeling like a lid being put over me, and it included the game of me producing energy or not, and yes coming with an incredible strength making me hurt much, and I only have one answer, which is “I don’t care, light decides”, but I will NOT produce energy for darkness.

I was told that we are now getting to the point where I will have to die, and that is not because of a traffic accident, and yes you gave me the words “getting to the point” a couple of hours ago, so here I wrote them, which was really to getting to the point as predicted.

For 2/3 of my cycling, the gear was working without interference of spiritual darkness, and the last 1/3, it included the gear being shifted up and down MANY times annoying me incredible, and I was often told just before it happened “because of your father”, and yes not easy to be “sick”, father, without your own son and yes did I abandon you (?), or isn’t the truth that it was you (and Kirsten and her family), who “could not” understand my sufferings NEVER bringing me any support and decided to leave me, and yes this is what this misunderstanding/darkness is about, and then I was made to think about Shannon being negatively influenced about me by “Paul the great” from the Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, and when I thought of him, my gear went “completely bananas”, and I was told that he uses me as example of what can happen negatively if all of this spiritual interests gets over your head, and yes a TRUE teacher of darkness, he is, and yes the most respected of his kind he is.0

On my way home from the swimming hall, I was given the idea of burning music with Jeff Lynne/Electric Light Orchestra to my mother (I now have a working CD/DVD burner, which I have not had for 1½ to 2 years), who I was going to visit this evening, and suddenly I was now busy because it was already afternoon and I had to buy a CD pen – to write the content directly on the CD – and I had to get home, as I did and to start seeing what I had of songs in lossless format, and what I had to download, and yes I started this work at 15.40 and I also had to download some additional software – APE lossless and cue splitter – and also Jeff’s solo album in FLAC quality, and yes using APE and FLAC files without loss of sound quality, and I had most of Electric Light Orchestra’s greatest hits, maybe 100 songs, on my computer to choose from, and even though I could not find a few songs with such short notice to include, I did one full CD of Electric Light Orchestra and one of Jeff Lynne (and some extras), which ended up looking like this removing the most up-tempo songs, which my mother don’t like, but I thought that this might work out fine, and had I had more time, the content would have been a little bit different, but not much, and yes starting the first CD with the new version of “can’t get it out of my head” and ending the second CD with the old version of “can’t get it our of my head”, and yes my mother’s old favourite song of yours, Jeff :-).

ELO 110113

JL 110113

And this is one of MANY beautiful songs of these CD’s and yes a “moment in Paradise”, which will be forever ♥ .

When I had finished doing this work burning the CD’s, I was told that we have not started giving him gifts yet, and also that the end document will be about “only love”, which is what we are all about (behind darkness).

I arrived at 19.00 on the minute at my mother and John, and gave my mother the new CD, and when she heard the first song, “can’t get it our of my head”, she truly remembered it and liked it much, and yes at dinner she continued remembering this and that song from “old days” when I used to play these songs when I lived at home with her in Snekkersten from 1978-86, and John said that it is indeed fine songs, and my mother added “it is different when you remember the songs from back then”, and yes this is part of it really, for my mother to remember “good old days” bringing me/us even more love.

At dinner we also spoke about John’s “remarkable recovery” and he said that it was “against expectation” as the journals of the doctors say, and I told him if he remembered what I told him at the hospital in Hillerød, which is that there are other forces than what the doctors believe in, and yes he would take it all, and this is what has made him recover, and he and my mother said that this is also what Bettina has told him, and my mother added “she believes that she has done it”, and yes my mother does not fully understand that Bettina works as a medium through which we send our healing, but the main part is that they both got it – yes I would have liked to include some of Jeff’s hits with Roy Orbison and others as a producer (and sometimes song writer), but I did not get time to find them – and yes believing that there is indeed a spiritual world working, and with this, we are really as close as we can get of faith without having faith in me! And next week he will receive the status of how his cancer is doing, and we know, this is what the doctors a couple of months ago said that he would have no more than half a year to live in, and will John also be able to make this (?), and yes when believing in me bringing him healing, it can, so there you have it again again :-).

I have often been given the words “Fru Madsen” (“Mrs Madsen”), which I have thought was the old Danish teacher I had in was it 8th of 9th grade in Espergærde (?), but I understood that this is my mother self, which she told about over dinner and yes she was not adopted by Petra, but “in care” by Petra because it was only “temporary” that her true mother decided to place her outside her home, and yes she met a new man becoming the father of Per, who is the name of her brother, and this man did not want anything to do with my mother, so from she was 7 months old until 2½ years, my mother was at a children’s home – without the critical contact to her mother/parents – and afterwards with Petra, who I have always considered being my grandmother, and yes one day as a child, my mother’s true mother returned asking to bring my mother home, which Petra declined, and yes these is the reason why my mother received “uncontrollable feelings” because of her miss of a true mother/father and family and no contact with her mother in the critical first couple of years as a child, and we know also Petra, who could not show her feelings, and not an easy upbringing of my mother it was, and yes her true mother was called “Madsen” – was it Helga as her first name, and yes I believe it was – and this is what my mother was also called, Madsen, before her new sir name became Erlandsen after Petra, and later Dragholm when marrying my father, so there you have it. Mrs Madsen was really my own spiritual mother speaking to me saying that “we are fine – but how in the world are we going to bring him up too”?

My mother prepared Asian wok-food for the first time ever after she bought a wok-pot recently, and yes “new life” is what this is symbolising, and she told that she has now finally received her new tooth replacing the old ones not working, and “everything is perfect now”, and I was told that this is what we have been waiting on, and what this has been symbolising, and yes the tooth operation of my mother taking months to complete, but now it is done as our New World arriving at the Source is done too.

And my mother was very “proud” after she spoke to her old friend Ely, who had been kind saying that she was happy for me to ask about her husband and son, and how happy this made her, and yes also Kate as I spoke to on the phone when my mother called from her place the other day, and we know, her friends are telling her just how much they like me – as they have always done – and then it is difficult to maintain the illusion, which my sister gave for years, which is about my “negative view” and yes so much that I was a “potential killer”, but no, Stig is as he has ever been – and it was only you, who could not understand/tell, and yes we know, Stig, and that is all of us.

We watched X-factor together, and even though I like many of your comments and the love behind it, Thomas, I really encourage you NOT to swear, which sounds VERY wrong (!), and also NOT to judge people before you have given them a chance, and yes there was this wonderful dark young woman, who had written a song about her now late mother, which really “caught you in the wrong bed”, so please don’t JUDGE people in forehand – give everyone a chance to show their best, and yes just like the man, who could NOT sing (a “special” song), but still did his best, which won your heart, Thomas, and my too ♥.

During a period of approx. 10 minutes I received the absolutely worst sexual vision, which you just don’t want to receive while being together with your mother, and it was almost breaking me as usual, and I was shown and told that my mother would not have been able to handle darkness if I gave up, and it made me think that it would have been other parts of me taking over in case I could not.

We are about to set up a new sofa for him, and yes when he and Karen will make love, it will produce new worlds, this is how we have also established it for ourselves.

Google Earth shows darkness of Esso/the oil industry, which cannot be cleaned

Jette’s Google Earth pictures of her Facebook group show darkness of Esso/the oil industry, which cannot be cleaned (I wonder …), a TALL lady over the COLD Russia, and dogs of darkness turning into DIAMOND DOGS :-).

FB 1001 110113 Jette 1

FB 1001 110113 Jette 2

FB 1001 110113 Jette 3

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Michael Sadler brought the IMPORTANT story below telling how the band had used a photo crediting the WRONG photograph – thus discrediting the right one – and he says that this was “wrong and should have never occurred” and he gives his apology, and this is to say that this is what he will also understand in relation to me, and discovering the right photographer is also confirmation to the story of yesterday that we have started photographing people as their final selves of our New World, and yes it will come as a BIG SURPRISE to the world when I return, which is really what the new surprising music by David Bowie was about, a “sign” of my arrival too.

FB 110113 Sadler

Sadler 110113

  • These are some of the replies to Michael, and Andrew uploaded and brought my favourite SAGA song “believe” to YouTube, where it has not been before, and yes he did it using Michael Sadler’s YouTube account, whom he is close to, and maybe they noticed that I loved this song as my favourite and decided to upload it when it was not there (?), and yes YouTube is fine to publish to in order to market you, Michael, but not Grooveshark, which is “stealing” your money?

FB 110113 Sadler 2

  • And maybe I don’t become popular too bringing the full video of Live in Bonn at the Internet Archive (?), as you can watch here, so is “money” what is the main “trouble” between you and I, Michael, which is making you “blind”?

FB 110113 SAGA FB group

  • The “fine” people, whom Dan played to as a DJ was no one else than the Danish Parliament at a Party yesterday evening/night – and these are the ones he was “not allowed” to speak about the same way as they are “not allowed” to speak about me (!) – and he did not want to say who opened the party as he said, which made people guess on Helle Thorning-Schmidt and Villy Søvndal or Mikael simply “the clown”, which is about darkness of the Parliament (!), and Pato thought about “the good old song” “der noget galt i Danmark” (“there is something wrong in Denmark”), which is about darkness needing to be replaced, and really all of this Parliament as a symbol of the world of “politics”, and it made Dan think about “the rock raisin and the sausage ends” (with “sausage ends” symbolising my “old nightmare”), which apparently is a band, which Paul brought, and yes singing Shu-bi-dua songs – for example “the Red Thread”, which is what I am bringing you 🙂 – and Amin Jensen, another famous Danish comedian, whom I just subscribed to yesterday, said “I shot the sheriff”, which is really about darkness of comedians and politicians of Denmark shooting down the man bringing order to you, and yes a New World Order.

FB 110113 Dan 1

  • Jane was making fun with Margit asking Dan if he dares to have Margit in here, and Margit asked if she cannot be a “sparetime stalker” without her interference, and yes “just for fun”, but here it is about the Parliament knowing about my story of Karen, and do you believe that I am stalking Karen with the potential aim to hurt you (?), and yes this is what I have been told that the National Police and maybe PET Intelligence Service too “believe” (?), and yes not easy to make the “official authorities” understand the truth because of your inability to read/listen and understand anything else than your own voice making up your own mind (later I was told that the all dominant perception now is that she was the one hurting me much), and Annette asked why they did not use live music, which made Mikkel say that Dan is still alive or what (?), and yes I am STILL alive, which you know too at the Parliament – the sufferings, which you give me too, have NOT killed me – and yes the last three comments were also inspired with “Snapstinget” being a symbol of “drunk politicians”, i.e. DARKNESS, the song “jeg har set en rigtig negermand” (a huge hit from when I was a boy encouraging everyone to become BLUE – my colour – and to stop racial discrimination), and “the dance Simon Emil” (from Liberal Alliance), with “dance” meaning celebration of (some parts) of the Parliament for surviving, and just to say that Dan’s threads are VERY inspired …..

FB 110113 Dan 2

  • Facebook has OFTEN shown me Ole Stavad – a previous Danish Tax Minister – as a someone I may know, and this is just to say that you are also visiting my Facebook site, Ole (?), and you do realise that TAX MINISTER is a symbol of the WORST darkness, which wanted to cut off life (?), and yes the darkness still haunting me.

FB 110113 Stavad

  • Much of the secret network of the world elite reading me in secrecy/public silence first saw my script of the day before yesterday after midnight to yesterday, which is why the link to my Falck memo included in my script of the day before yesterday continued to bring “secret visitors” to my Falck memo on Scribd, and yes normally it receives between 0 to 5 visitors per day, but the day before yesterday it was 17, and yesterday it was 23, and with a click rate of maybe 1%, this is still about “some thousands of people” reading me in secrecy, and yes incredible that none of you have the nerve to speak the truth about me – and you – in public.

Scribd 1101 including 1001

  • I liked this one by Deepak Chopra, and you may like to add ASK and REFLECT too :-).

FB 110113 Deepak via Stig

  • The amazing album “Dark side of the moon” includes “Shine on you crazy diamond”, which Pink Floyd shared today, and yes I understand just how important this album is in world history as an “inspired work”, and also because there was a lecture of this album on Helsingør Library earlier this week, which I thought about attending, and yes a sign of the diamond of my new self, which will start to shine on all of you, and isn’t this music simply beautiful and yes it brings me the same feelings as when listening to Neil Young, which is that there is nothing more beautiful than this ♥.

FB 110113 PF


12th January: My inner self is (was) hidden inside the sexual invention of darkness using its energy to save and create

Dreaming that man will be removed from Earth to our new planet Niburu and bringing my new self up from darkness

I was VERY tired when returning home from my mother yesterday evening, and could not finish the writing of my script of yesterday, and by 22.45 I went to bed sleeping until 07.00 this morning – but still as tired/without energy as usual – and here are the dreams that I remember.

  • I am with my class visiting USA, and I explain that you have to believe much more than you believe, and UFO’s will remove us somewhere else in the Universe because there is work to do at our old location. I am sitting next to my old school friend Søren D-N, I remove a Volvo station car to make passage for a bus. We are now in Copenhagen, I have never seen more beautiful buildings than this, and the entrance to the underground metro station has been expanded with slot machines. I see a place with HUGE hams being made – they are the size of pigs – which are as juicy as I have ever seen and with the most crisp rind imaginable, and people are killing for fun, and they come in teams, who are not that strong, it is only the leader of each team being “somewhat strong”.
    • I understand the dream that man will be removed from Earth to our new planet Niburu, which I did not believe was necessary – I saw Niburu as an alternative – but here the dream says that work is to be done on Earth.
    • USA and my old school friends are about darkness, which Copenhagen is too, and “bus” is to bring in my new duvet really, and the slot machines are darkness, which I have to face taking this train journey, and there are people of darkness not that strong, so I should be able to be strong enough, and the hams are of course about the greatest life ever made, which is our new selves and our future.
  • I am a visitor at an auction house with two male employees, one has been there for MANY years, and they show me a small glass statue called “Jesus Svendsen”, which originally was DKK 1,200, but now it is worth DKK 52,000, and I look out their big panorama window, which is shown the bottom of the sea, and they are lifting up a statue from the bottom using a very special machine/tool, which is work done not without danger, but it goes fine, and it makes the two men say that this is the highpoint of their career. I feel I am an outsider to this team “only” being a visitor, but then Helle (from DanskeBank-Pension, the beautiful one with the house she thought was sinking, there were three Helle’s there, if not more) grabs my hand making me feel how incredible I miss love and support of a girlfriend.
    • This is about bringing in my new self from darkness to light with the help of love and understanding of my mother, and I do understand that after yesterday, this has now happened, and yes bringing me out of the sea of sufferings also meaning that my sufferings should stop “any day” now. The dream also says that it is ALWAYS wrong for a product to gain value because of demand – the product is NOT more valuable because of this, and it is the TRUE value of the product, which is determining the value of it, nothing else (!) – and the beautiful Helle is yet again a threat of my “old nightmare”.

My inner self arrived at the Source as darkness not switched on, and “mother love” is helping me to turn around

I worked until 11.15 to finish my script of yesterday before starting to write the script of today.

Now we only have to count everyone, and I was told that we have done this despite of “evil tongues”, and yes of my family, friends etc., thus the world.

I am now inside the house (of the Source) without being switched on, and I was told that this process bringing me here could not have be done quickly if for example darkness of England had ”lost it”.

And you have the cream tool with you and everything is intact (?), and yes this is what “mother love” helped with.

I was told that “Dr. Elster” as he is called – my old friend Christian – has never trained before, i.e. seen you like this before, and if not for him, we could also not have done this. Later I was told that this is what the biggest shot of drugs is about, and I here understand that Christian was living the “rich life” using much money on drugs for your “pleasure”, which could have helped my LTO friends and me, but then again, if you had, you would have killed us and not saved us, so there you have another, who “could not” do what is right to do.

We have never lost a re-match against FC Lyngby before, and not that it matters now.

This is what the game in relation to your mother was about, and your hard cycle tour and also to the swimming hall yesterday, and yes “everything is fine” to enable this operation.

Have you opened the Champagne (?), and have I been transferred to our new house (?), and yes this is the state I have been in since October 31 – still turned around on the dark side inside of the Source- and it is now your decision what to happen from here, also to involve/invite your sister (?), and yes one of many suggestions I have, and who knows (?), and yes I know, it is Saturday today, and I have work to do and tomorrow I agreed to go with mother and John to the Vestervang Church for a classical/opera concert, so it will not be this weekend.

It is now not the least dangerous – you said “the most dangerous” but changed it – because you have now showed that the key worked, and when you are in here, what do you do then (?), and yes both “nothing” and “continue working” until I have turned around, and yes I here received pain to my heart and whole left side of the body, and we know I have continued receiving small heart attacks too.

We are not the Lord now are we, Stig (?), and that is because we have never been before, but we have now arrived with everything, and here is also just cold and dark – reminiscences of what used to be – and no you don’t have to switch anything on, so this is about me taking off my dark coat if I dare, and this is what your sister was meant to help with, but if you cannot invite her, and yes with a short notice because of what you said, we will see if we can use the connection to your sister via your mother to get this done, and I am still given nervous feelings and yes I am still tired.

We have avoided a mass marriage if things went wrong – people suffering because of the marriage between mother and son – and what will happen now if we cannot get this up, a wooden pole from darkness (?), as I am shown here.

So you are not only “not stupid”, but you are (still) kind to other people, which your mother has “discovered”, and yes herewith testing your sister’s word of Stig being negative/crazy.

I was told once again that John played the Devil here making me hurt.

And we know, it is too short notice to invited Sanna and Hans today – this is how it is here – and it would be too little time to invite for coffee tomorrow afternoon before the church concert, but of course there it was, to invite them for the church concert, and if they like coffee first, so this is what I did as you can see here. I was told that we need all the bull semen we can get to do this, and apparently this is how to do it.

FB 120113 Til Sanna

And this is first and foremost about your mother “discovering” that you are NOT negative with others, and yes as I have NEVER been, which all people will “admit” to after my journey is done, but still “impossible” to do when this is written.

And isn’t this great that we will (probably) be meeting and it is with my favourite music of Jeff Lynne/Electric Light Orchestra in the middle, which symbolises my greatest love (?), and yes just telling my mother and the world that nothing (of my sister) could remove my love from man, and this is what they are now discovering, and yes the fuel to convert darkness to light of me.

So you already have the gold inside of you – I feel it here – and it is the true love of the family to you, which will switch it on.

And I kept on hearing “Fanny”, and this is to say that Fanny’s computer has worked on and off, but yesterday it finally “stood off”, and she asked me in a text message to write about this on her Facebook wall, which I did, and this is not only for her network to see, but also mine, and yes seen by my sister, and probably heard by my mother, and we know “you’re not alone”, and this is also part of the big picture.

FB 1101 120113 til Fanny

And yes we will do “completely different” this time, Michael, and yes I do “get it” (!), and you will have to watch the video to understand, and yes “you’re not alone” in here really :-).

After some time, my sister wrote that it was a good idea, and they would have liked to come but Niklas and Isabelle are looking at a house in Humlebæk to buy, and they will go there tomorrow afternoon, so they will not be able to come, which will leave me with my mother and John at the Church concert, so this is how it had to be.

FB 120113 Fra Sanna

I was encouraged to find the house they are looking at to show you just how much money they need to pay as down payment, and my sister wrote that it is the neighbour house of a house we visited a 2-3 years ago after we went to the Lousiana museum, and yes then it was quite easy to find this house, which Isabelle and Niklas want so much, and isn’t it “adorable” next to the lake and sea and yes a beautiful garden and terrace and what more can you want (?), and yes when you can only think of yourself deciding to spend all money on yourself not giving me one single Krone (dollar) – except from the few my mother gave me – this is really how to save the world, when it was created as the opposite world, and yes with darkness bringing life, and we know the price of the house is 4 million DKK with a down payment of 200,000 DKK (!), and yes Niklas has truly been born under a lucky star, and yes the star of darkness, that is, and is it now you again, Madonna (?), but you are welcome, and yes just to say that it is the spirit of my mother opening to the inside of me bringing me HOME :-).

Bolig Humlebæk 1

Bolig Humlebæk 2

And I felt how darkness wanted me to say “this is simply too much” and also potentially to hurt them, but this is only in the background, because already a long time ago, I decided that nothing is to happen to all of my selfish family, friends etc. and I have repeated this thousands of times making this wish much stronger than darkness also bringing us here.

So this is about removing the last degree of frost from your sister/mother.

I received an “almost not worth mentioning maybe 1/12 pain to my right ankle” but this is still about life coming in and turning the Source the right way.

This is a match ball as great that you cannot and must not miss, Stig.

Isn’t it funny, I have now arrived and I still have the closet – my self – turned with the back to you, and all I have to do is to turn it around, and yes inviting your sister, Stig, was what made this possible, and that is even though they could not come, because they know that you don’t mind inviting them, and that it is not only them inviting all of the time.

I was told that my sister is really a man born as a woman, “so now you know this too”, which is the reason whey she also don’t like “scrimps”, which are a symbol of making love (with men), and yes apparently interested in women, she is.

I was told that there is no kennel inside of the Source, it is all inside of my head, and yes the head of God of “nothing” making everything of the world.

I continued receiving the taste of much delicious food, I cannot remember the taste of much of it, but nuts here is part of it, and that is about creating life, and I keep receiving visions of famous people knowing about me, which I have decided to mostly not write about.

I was shown a large ship turning around, which made me say “I don’t have to write about this”, which I do often, and then I was shown a helicopter landing spot on the deck of the ship and told “also when it includes this one” and yes to LIFT ME UP and with me the world too, and yes let us bring this one of my favourite Jeff Lynne songs :-).

And I will decide myself which rooms I want to start using first (?) and this is my inner self waking up to REALITY asking my mother about this, and yes because him there decided that this is how it is.

I was told with a voice behind the game that there is no one we have looked more forward to to returning home.

I kept on receiving sticks of pain to my heart during the afternoon, which together with “no energy” and darkness still wanting to use me as its tool also made today a hell to come through.

So I don’t have to worry anymore about people not making the aeroplane or to be stopped in customs (?), and yes Stig, you brought everything out, and now we only have to bring all of you out alive too.

I felt so extremely poorly with the inner of my body making “trouble” including continuous heart pain and some out of this world pain to my right ankle that this is the worst nightmare to come through, and I was shown a dead sword fish being dragged in, and this is me, and yes I am dead even though I decide to be alive as physical Stig, and this is really what is making me hurt, and that is to live as the most extreme Zombie.

I received the new remote control to my TV box already today, so now everything should be ready for me to become my new self.

I finished writing and also publishing the last two days of scripts at 15.40 today – an update will come later – and I could choose to use maybe 1-2 hours from here to update my website, but no, I am completely broken down, so now I will do what I have not done for a long time, which is to relax on the sofa hoping to become strong enough to do this work later today.

The British Navy was the WORST DARKNESS wanting to eliminate me, but Jack infiltrated the navy as my “informer”

It is now 19.10 and here follows the promised update, and we know, Stig, I am pushed to and beyond my extreme limit without anything holding back darkness coming to me, and only when I decide to relax, darkness is led away from me hitting something/somewhere else, and here is what I decided to write down of information given to me also not writing down much information, which was “too much” for me to take, and yes I really cannot continue but maybe I can do this chapter too, let us see.

I was given a GIANT sneeze and told that this is what I save the world for – because of my work.

I received EXTREME resistance to allowing my self to enter and had to stick to my old “you are welcome”, and darkness wanted to bring out the worst side of me speaking its words and really cutting off myself, and yes because of the WRONG resistance of family, friends etc. and the world!

No, I don’t have a letter in the bag for you” came together with smiles when I was almost giving up, and told that this is an act, and yes it is given to me as long as I don’t give up, this is how it is, so the stronger I decide to be – way above what a man can do – the more darkness I continue being given “without limits”.

I was shown and told that we have now moved to the one man cell of darkness of you, and the power inside of here – with the total power decreasing – is what we would have let go on the world if you could not do this work.

I was told that the FBI in USA were the most crazy there wanting to kill me, and why is that?

At around 16.00 I had a strong tired crisis, but passed it, and I am NOT feeling good now either, not at all in fact, and I was so disgusted as never before thinking of doing more work when I kept on receiving a pressure to continue working also including the wake up of my computer, which I had set on “sleep”.

I was told that “welcome back from hell” is coming closer and closer.

It is possible to fit in the British Royal Navy inside of this small cell (?), and yes they are among the worst darkness there is, and it is the navy where we placed Jack to help bring you out by infiltrating it, and yes “loyalty problems” was not only about Jack – show my loyalty towards the navy or Stig (?) – but also the navy in relation to me.

If there is one navy army we are to announce as the worst killing me slowly, this is it, the British, and I feel “biological warfare/weapons”, which is not told to the public, and yes part of the future threatening the public; “if you don’t do as we tell you, we will kill you”, but you managed to keep “protected” yourselves?

And this is what you thought, but you did not count on me, whom you could do nothing about, and yes faith of Jack in me removed the stripes of these British navy managers, so this is also about Jack – in me – returning home from darkness to light at the Source.

So Jack’s “mission” was to work for the Devil and his stick doing everything wrong until I came to turn him around in his mind, and who could see this (?), and yes with him all of you, this was my weapon against you exactly as thought of, and this is what we just needed to clean too, Stig, and I was shown a door vault opening, which is impossible to open, this is what this is about.

So there are no informers in your lines, this is the explanation to your decline. I was told that there are people who wanted to hit Fanny too to hit me in their desperation, and this is what her computer “giving up” shows. And it was only with my outermost will that we succeeded stopping these, and was Jack part of these plans (?), and yes, but not on their but my side, so there you have my “informer”.

So it is Jack who ordered the air flight, and yes by bringing myself inside the worst darkness and by telling him that this is now what you (I) do. And I was told that this is also the channel – the original dark side – that Jeff Lynne was fed, and this is also what led to Istedgade/the red light district of Copenhagen, and the birth of “Lavender’s dream”, and yes “the fish” of me you know, this is what brought me back, and sadly I don’t know much about his music, but I can tell that he is “my kind of singer”, so there is much for me to discover and enjoy too, and this is at least very beautiful in my mind too :-).

I was told about the British navy being the toughest hit men of the world removing so called “garbage” not wanted, which also included me, and we had to have Jack there too on my side, which was necessary to come through.

We have been moving on the edge of a new world war since World War II, and if it has not been one against the other, it has been the other against the one, and the Cuba crisis was “nothing”, and we had to avoid this too, which was about everything dark wanting to eliminate the world in order to stop development of eternal life of our New World, which “cannot” be made because it goes against “nature” of me.

This is the energy we released with Hitler as a buffet of the world to take freely from, and who would do a mistake first (?), who could not endure (?), whom we would punish, which would NOT bring me/us free, which is why we all worked hard to come to the day of today bringing you freedom.

Yes, you were not like the character Niles Crane of the TV series Frasier – who was a “wimp” in relation to his wife – which was really turned around, and yes how many did you want to kill of my surroundings to reach me when you “could not” kill me directly?

So Jack is the most secret agent of the world working for me bringing the bivouac – I was told “bio” and “vuak” in Danish uniting the two words of “cinema” and the bivouac shelter of Greenland – for everyone.

And now there is no one who can kill me, they have been replaced with express speed, which is what my computer breaking down the other day was about, and yes did you want to kill me right up until “now” (?), and this made me think that the other day I was told that it was not Jack ordering the helicopters flying around here ….

I was told that “they” – managers of the British navy – were sure that it would come to a clash with me, and that is because they did not have faith in me, and you did NOT like what I wrote in my scripts and on my website making me a national security threat to you. This is what faith of others in me helped me fight, and this is what my strong coughing/sickness was about.

And this is what bacon and potatoes of life is about, for Jack to work inside of the worst darkness as my inner self was too, and that is without being detected as my family did not detect who I was and what I truly did.

So Halvorsen – a typical Norwegian name – was not the worst darkness as I was told again and again especially around 2005 +/-, but the British were, but maybe Norway was a hide for many, because billions of Norwegian oil-dollars, yes these “nice people” on the outside, was financing a New World without free energy for the Old World to stay in power, and this is why I worked for the Norwegian company Acta in 2007 coming to Stavanger a number of times, and yes a capital of the Norwegian oil industry and that was to infiltrate you.

I was told that nothing of this hell broke loose, “I am proud of you”, and everything was controlled by the work and mind of this man.

I was also told that no one as the British are do deeply involved as the “man on the moon”, and here about using it for “military purposes”, which is also what brought lack of sleep to me. And all these threads of darkness led to me but now no longer because I found a way to finally convert them to light. And Jack’s problem was that he did not know if you knew about him, and this was to play the game also there.

And I was told that much of this is of course done without the knowledge of the British Prime Minister Cameron and government – and these planned attacks on me was because of the lack of understanding and wrong doings of my own mother.

My inner self is (was) hidden inside the sexual invention of darkness using its energy to save and create – if I could bear the suffering

It is now “tomorrow morning” at 08.40 and I am starting the day by writing down the notes I received yesterday evening, and yes still “far too much work” to do still making me feel let us say “beyond what is normally reasonable” to feel like.

I was told that this is like a bundle of cotton becoming bigger and bigger, and that is the cleaned thread of my inner self coming in, and the published story of the British navy also helps doing this.

We can continue going further and further down, and I was shown an outdoor standing toilet with a portion of rice porridge on the floor, and I can go into this and also into the smaller entity of butter in the porridge as example. So our goal is to enter as deeply as possible to save as much as possible.

I was told that this is the female part of my mother that I am bringing in, and we found something amazing there, which is not only a part of the sofa but the sofa itself of me, which we had hidden there, which she never dreamed about looking for there, which also means that sexual pleasure of the world in reality was bringing energy to bring me “back to life, back to reality”.

And we first discovered this when your mother discovered the other day that you are still yourself (!), which made us see and there you were, which is from where you controlled the world without existing. And this is from where we are helping you out.

Your mother never received potatoes like you – being “down to Earth” – which she could not see herself, and isn’t it funny that this was a put-on behaviour of hers on contrary to you.

I was shown all (old) keys hanging on a horizontal bar over the cash desks of an old bank – given to me because I watched Matador – and I was told that now we only miss the head cashier self.

You were the part, which darkness thought was used to bring out newspapers (i.e. terminate life), but when you did not work according to “nature” but opposite, you became the weapon against darkness, which they could not see because they could not see light inside darkness – as the navy “could not” see me.

So it is me – my inner self – floating up here as darkness as I was shown, and as long as we can, which in reality is up to you (as long as I can keep working without breaking down).

And it is our little child, which we hold up to the gods and ask “is perfect perfect enough to bring out all of your/my secrets” (?), and yes “perfect is perfect”. This corresponds to being completely bald without a hair on the head – I have really understood this for some time, which is the symbolic goal at the hair dresser, to have all hair of darkness cut off.

This is not a result of the opening of the “corps flower” in the Botanic Garden of Copenhagen in June 2012, because if it had not opened – which no one had expected – we would also not have been here today. Part of this work of ours was to reveal the secrets of sexuality.

I had some poor conscience for not working this evening – I knew it would be good to do, but I could not – and I felt people of other civilizations and was given some cough, and told that they are taking on sufferings because I cannot work, which really did not make me feel good to hear.

I was told that when I visited the Skanderborg music festival in 2008, it was a goodbye to the world, but also hello to our New World, and that is because we put a key there for someone to overtake if I could not continue and end my journey, but no, I took my own keys myself.

I was told that I carried my mother, i.e. the world, to her grave, and refused to give up myself, this is how everything and everyone survived.

We are not even supposed to be at the restaurant outside the season, Stig, which is also how she feels, and yes she could not kill me, she had no idea I was there using her weakness (of darkness wanting to kill) as our strength.

So in other words, her lotus flower is what was killing the world, which is also where I hid to save the world if I could make it without giving up. This is where it burned and hurt the most, and where I would end the world at the ultimate end when I could no more with an explosion, and I understood that this explosion is now so small that it will start our New World instead, and I am still here not having finished everything yet and I will continue as long as I can bear the pain – to reduce the explosion and bring as much as me as possible.

Google Earth shows extreme weather conditions of Australia, which is about resistance of the world against my return

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show SMILE :-), big big faces of BIG LIFE of our New World, extreme weather conditions of Australia, which is about resistance of the world against my return, I thought Earth was round (?), and a couple with a baby.

FB 1101 120113 Jette 1

FB 1101 120113 Jette 2

FB 1101 120113 Jette 3

FB 1101 120113 Jette 4

FB 1101 120113 Jette 5

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Darkness of the Vatican Church and bureaucracy and yes the continuous crazy story it is ….

Medjugorjetoday 1101 120113

  • Dan encouraged people to write something, which could get him out of bed and to run in the cold (-2 degrees), and Michael said “your car is burning” – this is what darkness would like to do just as in Australia – and Simone thought about the same, i.e. to run, but decided to keep lying in bed until she will return to Costa del Sol on Tuesday, and yes this is the location of darkness where Dan comes from too, and Jan spoke about Pamela Andersson bring “beautiful ladies and sex” into the game, and David about a 6-pack inside the stomach skin, and yes “beer”, i.e. darkness of Dan, and how many proofs do you need in order to tell that this is truly INSPIRED speech of God (?), and you have got it this time around too (?), and yes it took “I don’t know how many examples” to make a deaf world listen and understand. And Winnie said “free bread at the baker”, which is about “creation”, and Ivan said tat there is 10,000 DKK in the mail box, and yes all energy of darkness has been transformed to mail, i.e. life of our New World.

FB 120113 Dan

  • Morten from the Danish People’s Party of the European Parliament wrote here about the accusations of fraud, which he among others have described the last 50 days, and this is about fraud of 250 billion DKK, and he says that the directorate of EU has now “defended” themselves – “the empire strikes back” as Morten calls them, and yes DARKNESS you know – and they have only found errors in Morten’s investigations of 52 million DKK, and no, I don’t know what is right and wrong, but this shows an enormous colossus of a system of darkness, which no one has control over, and then it tends to get a life of its own, and yes money is the mean of darkness, so here you see what is simply a waste of money leading to “no where”, and yes the tool of darkness too to destroy the world, and you may start to understand by now that my TRUE nature is not to see up unnecessary and complicated systems like this to control people, which is really to remove freedom of man, and no I do NOT like it, and is that your reactions too (?), and yes the “responsible” leaders of the EU still believing in your “project” (?), and yes you may go “down under” and yes “bankrupt” too, and is that what is your main fear and what you concentrate on, and then you don’t want me to “interfere”, and yes part of the fires of Australia this is too. And yes, Morten encouraged to share this to bring out the truth of EU’s fraud and waste to as many as possible, and I said that this is now done to the whole world via this new script, and yes Morten when I say “the whole world”, I do mean “the whole world”, which you do understand by “now”?

FB 120113 Morten

  • I heard about this story the other day, which is truly and utterly RAVING MADNESS (!), which I am sure that EVERYONE can see (?), and still you decided to do nothing about it to change this Old World Order of “capitalism” (?), and yes it is not very popular for the world elite out there knowing that I will “break you” and that is both your power status and “profitable jobs” (?), and yes there you have it, the people I had to turn around and that includes business people of Nike and many others – this is darkness also in the purest form and yes completely dark and when turning it around, there is gold on the other side.

Daily Mail Rory



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