January 14, 2013: Love and warm feelings of the world and my mother brought my inner self back from the dead of darkness


Summary of the script today

13th January: Love and warm feelings of the world and my mother brought my inner self back from the dead of darkness

  • Dreaming of the Danish Parliament accepting me but bringing me much darkness because of its “love” to the system of the Old World, it would have been “very easy” not being able to find my inner self, which would have brought “another game”, the media is bringing me darkness too because of its misunderstandings of me, and John is sending me “warm feelings” despite of his misunderstandings in me.
  • My inner self is in a basket full of clothes to be washed, and I was much bigger than what normally could fit into such a basket. There will be “no cream” of the world, which is about negative effects because of my “old nightmare” being carried out, and it came together with enthusiasm, and I was told and shown that photographing my inner self – to bring me back home – could have caused burning damages given by the glass of the camera lens, and then again I was told that this would only happen if I allowed it.
  • I saw a beautiful classical church concert with my mother to awake loving/warm feelings inside of us, which was used by the world of my mother via my mother and me to heal my inner self and bring me back from the dead inside of darkness, which I felt as a dark king and DARK but beautiful shoes of life entering me together with a full sawmill of tree and incredible heavy darkness, which we will now start to clean. I’m back, Arnold!
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show that we are waiting (on a sunny day), Jette was sad that “the mainstream world” does not read her updates, mother and child with the child being my inner self, and lots of heads of life.
  • Short stories of Dan feeling my new heart, “the friend of the year 2012” could not be friend with me, the resistance of the EU against anything new including me, Michael Sadler from SAGA is still a “key player” to me, and a ROTTEN culture of the Danish Railways, who “could not” see what is right and wrong as a sign of EVERYTHING to come out of the closet.

14th January: The Danish Railways’ misuse of power is a sign to bring out ALL skeletons of all businesses etc. ALL over the world

  • Dreaming of a grenade of darkness being sent in over the New World, my inner self as stopped being the manager in control over darkness of energy, and creating an automatic system of MY LIFE.
  • I had to work all day – feeling Hugh Grant here – and overcome strong tiredness in order not to bring after-effects of burning damages to the world. I am filling up my new duvet with what remained inside darkness, which was “bicycles of Søren D-N”, my old school friend, who decided NOT to believe in me and to leave me as a Facebook friend. If I was not strong enough, this darkness would have brought a “surprise attack” on the world.
  • Giving the management advisor Soulaima “management advice”, which she had difficulties following – to speak the truth (!), which also made darkness oppose me even though this should be the most clear logics for everyone to understand (?) and eventually darkness understood that speaking the truth is EASY to understand.
  • The media was appalled by the WRONG behaviour (misuse of power) of DSB, the Danish Railways, as mentioned yesterday, and I brought my comment to be seen by “everyone everywhere” saying that this is a sign of our New World, which is about to open, which will bring ALL skeletons out of ALL closets of ALL companies, governments and their bodies. I decided to show DSB as an example of ROTTEN MORAL to the world and challenged them to show all of their skeletons hidden in closets to the world. I brought my application to become CEO of DSB in 2011, but they could not “use me” – do you think this was “right” or “wrong” of them to do? Tthis is what Shakespeares quote ”there is something rotten in the state of Denmark” is about.
  • Short stories of people expelling me as if I was paedophile, Jan Monrad is in a LONG line to speak to God but will soon be no 1, and Per Gessle being touched by the hand of God.


13th January: Love and warm feelings of the world and my mother brought my inner self back from the dead of darkness

Dreaming of the Danish Parliament bringing me much darkness because of its “love” to the system of the Old World

I went to bed at 23.15 and “tired” is not the word at the end of these days, and I slept until 06.50 receiving these dreams.

  • I have been elected to the Danish Parliament, and the rumour about me and who I am – the Son of God – is running around, but I don’t tell myself who I am. I am happy that Søren Pind speaks nicely to me. We come to a square with your people sitting around a table discussing politics with a young and beautiful woman taking the word however not knowing what to say, and Lars Løkke is inside a closed castle next to these young people, and he looks out a very small hole from the top of the wall looking down and saying that the woman is saying rubbish. And I say that we have to prepare a law against speaking out of that hole. I am in a rush because of what is needed of knowledge in my new work as a politician, and after work I walk around three very large social house building areas in Helsingør order to find all schools – approx. 12 – and to my surprise I see that inside one of these, the Danish Parliament with MANY supporters hold an outdoor party, it is now Friday evening, which I have declined to attend because I did not have the time, and I sit down for two minutes to watch what’s going on, and to my surprise they have a game where they throw a ball, and the one grabbing it, will have to stand up and attend a game, and the ball comes to me (!), which makes me stand up and present myself, and say that I may speak much, which some cannot stand, but for others having being in control with the right attitude, I bring value to them, and this is followed by a game of my opponent of the Social Democratic Party and myself throwing a ball each – a red and a blue – and to compete on which ball is thrown the longest, which is mine, and besides from this, I am also bringing their ball back despite of attacks on me to steal it from me, and on the way back I totally clean it now making it completely clean as glass, and I think that it looks like the wise stone. I sit next to Søren Pind, and he speaks of the importance of speaking shortly and precisely, and I tell him that I may be able to learn from you, and he tells me that people have started realizing that you are here (and I feel that they know and speak of me being an old friend of Lars G., who is well known by many), and I see him eating a desert with liquid chocolate sauce of poor quality, and he says that “it is disgusting, but we love it”. On my way out, I see a tennis match there also including a beautiful lady, but my view is blocked by others in front of me, so I decide to leave.
    • It seems that the Parliament “accepted” me, thus “electing” me. Søren feels like a “special friend” of mine, the young nice lady is again my “old nightmare” coming to me because of wrong behaviour of the Parliament, and when Lars Løkke speaks out through a small hole of the closed castle, it is also to say that he is both darkness and also “gossiping”, which may include about me too, Lars? The 12 schools will have to be about the continuous work locating all parts of me, and the party seems to be a party for people still “celebrating” the system of the Old World – not “easy” to change your poor habits/culture (?) – and this is the system I am fighting against, and red and blue are the traditional colours of socialist and non-socialist parties, but to me in the dream it was about suffering and not suffering with the blue part being my new self winning this close fight at the same time cleaning darkness of these people with “poor habits/culture”. The thing about speaking shortly is what I am not used to, but I do like to have this skill when you agree on this level of detail for example giving a short answer on for example 30 seconds instead of several minutes, and I am thinking that if this is what you want, this is what I will give you, and it is not different to what I show you in my scripts bringing you level 1, 2 or 3 (headlines, summaries and full text) of information, and my “problem” has been that people have only wanted to have level 1 or 2 not having the patience for level 3 information but without telling me directly (!), and yes so it is, so always good to agree on the level of information that you would like to give/receive, and yes to bring level 2 information based on level 3 of course, and the question is really if it was my “problem” or the problem of my surroundings that they did not have the patience to listen to and read me, and yes what do you believe (?), and let me tell you that your answer will be different according to whether it is your old or new self speaking.
  • Half awake I was shown a small metal container, which was described as a Tivoli container, and I was told that “I cannot find my son inside of there” and was told that it took nothing to bring this scenario, which I know would have created another scenario to bring me out bringing me sufferings instead as darkness, but so far, I know where I am and we are still bringing out my new self, and let us continue doing that.
  • Lately I have been several times to Hungary, and I am having a shopping note I use to buy from the supermarket, but what I don’t know is that local and desperate/hungry women have sold their wrong stories to the media, which has made the media write wrong stories of Danish models in the cash desk, which has made them sad, and this is why I am buying wrong products. I look at the window decoration of a wine store there, and enter, and they have a pedestal including a very special light blue wine, which everyone to my surprise can get a free tasting sample of and that is even though it is expensive costing 500 DKK, and I meet a shopping assistant playing classical music and a conductor praising the harmonies and tempo of this music, and he believes that it is local music, but I tell him that it is a waltz, which he can hear when I tell it. I am happy with the service of the assistant asking me if he can help and also understanding the importance not to be pushing.
    • Hungary is to bring another country of beautiful women, which is also the reason why this country developed much porn – because of my old self before 2009 – and this is about the media “misunderstanding” information about me, which is making it difficult to buy the right products at the supermarket, i.e. to save life. The blue wine will have to be about my new self, the classical music is about my mother’s husband John sending me warm feelings despite of his misunderstandings in me, and the waltz is a reference to when we were in Austria on skiing holiday in 1985 (my mother, John and Mette and I), where John could not dance a Wiener Waltz with my mother making him jump up and down, which we have often laughed about here, and this is to say that it is difficult to “dance”, i.e. to celebrate, because of the misunderstandings of John in me, and when writing the script of today, I am in periods given a feeling of “working slowly” – my hands and mind simply work slower – which is because this is how John is where everything takes a LONG time.

Bringing my inner self home could have brought burning damages to the world, which we will now avoid 🙂

I was told from the morning that we have “fantastic news”, which is that we have discovered that you don’t have to get out of the apartment, and eeehhhh ….?

No shirts fell out of the closet when you opened that one and also not that one (?), and no he did not allow it so we had to invent this and that “tool” to prevent it, and Stig, you will be surprised of how easily things could have escaped you (without your knowledge), but when you keep insisting “everything” and “don’t hide from me”, this is what we must comply with, and yes your mother respect. So no liquorices feel off the floor (?), no not one single, and everything transformed to light, yes everything, and what is he doing now (?), and yes working as long as he can, and he is fine if it takes all January.

So we had to create a special solution to get darkness of that size to fit in to a much smaller freezer, and that is really also how we have now been able to find you. And yes because of darkness pressuring you, which forced us to invent, and yes with this, you are now coming out, and yes “not via the apartment”, and what does this mean (?), and is that “no violence and crimes and natural disasters” etc. and yes we try to keep our arms down in enthusiasm, and this is done as long as you keep up working as your “old self”, so this is what we will continue doing for a while, isn’t it (?), and I see dissatisfied darkness trying to complain but there is nothing to do.

So it is just to (continue) saying no to darkness still wanting to take you over, and yes for how long can we continue (?), and yes your mother is “happy”, your sister too and they continue sending you darkness because they have not changed/improved, and with this, we dig deeper and deeper.

Isn’t it exciting if he will get time to achieve everything, to have everything float out like this, or if his sister will come and “destroy” it?

I was told that my mother simply cannot understand “voices” – given to my spiritually – when “nobody” can explain it to her, and yes this is the power of “authorities” given to her in life, and yes the “authorities” (family, the Commune and doctors!) have all dumped in disgrace, and no, “impossible” for my mother to listen to the one, who should be the most trustworthy in the world, which is me, amazing right.

We have shown your mother and also John “countless” times who you are – I understand in sleep – and the world too, and also your mother who she is, but no, nothing happens or is understood.

This is a dream match when you have decided to continue playing like this, which prevents me from receiving the strong coughing, i.e. destruction, as I was about to develop yesterday.

I was shown my inner self in a basket full of clothes to be washed, and I was much bigger than what normally could fit into such a basket, and I was told to get out and come closer to me.

Can he continue living a “normal life” including exercise using our new tools – to bring me energy (I sneeze here) – fooling his mother (?), and that is the question, and is this how it is, or is this deception with the truth being that I’m coming out now?

I was told that the SPIRAL LIGHT over Norway in December 2009 and the story in my scripts that man stands no chance to win a war in space over a superior force of people of other civilizations was also a game because we could do no harm as long as you had decided to be on the light side, so this is how we fooled man not to be aggressive.

I was told that you have a complete airplane of your own, this is how we have arranged it, and yes my mother too.

No, Stig, you don’t have to be careful about your blood sugar anymore, and do you know how many out there, who was concerned about you when cycling home from Hellerup the other day dropping your blood sugar to a critical low level (?), and yes would you like to come out now (?), and no (?), and in that case “let us continue a little bit longer”.

I brought this conclusion about God and the Trinity as a new text on the front page of my website:

“The father as the Source, mother as the Holy Spirit and the world, and the Son as the result of creation have now united as ONE God at the top of the Pyramid of everything of our New World, and at the level beneath this, we will still continue being the father, mother and Son as the Trinity.”

The pressure of darkness with voice, feelings and stress was MUCH easier to handle today – until meeting my mother – and I received many more smiles behind the act.

I cycled to the swimming hall and on my way there I was told that there will be “no cream” of the world, which is about negative effects because of my “old nightmare” being carried out, and it came together with enthusiasm, and I was told and shown that photographing my inner self – to bring me back home – could have caused burning damages given by the glass of the camera lens, and then again I was told that this would only happen if I allowed it.

When I started the left cross trainer it was not because I felt that I had energy to do this – feeling Peter N. from PFA again again – and I decided to start slow, and after the first ten minutes I had used 158 calories, where I turned up the pace/level and after twenty minutes I had used 335 calories, after 25 minutes 430 calories, and yes 532 calories after 30 minutes, and if it was difficult (?), yes you bet (!), and was it also easy (?), and yes not that difficult again, and that is because I decided to do it.

During the exercise I was told that I don’t produce energy for darkness to benefit from, but maybe it is needed to bring out life from darkness, and I was given two SERIOUS – for me – small heart attacks, which could have made me stop instantly, but no “I don’t care” is the attitude, and I was told that this is because of my mother and if I produced energy for darkness, this is how my life would be, i.e. totally unbearable, so I continued and yes I also received “lazy” feelings of my mother’s John not doing very much, which is what also brought these feelings for me to slow down, and this is what I had to resist today.

Afterwards I was told that Toruk Makto is a long time ago, and almost all hair has now been cut off, and we will now do a new shave to remove the last stumps.

I was told what I have been told before, which is that MANY have been speaking of me as “the crazy man claiming to be Jesus”, which has spread like rings in the water, and yes when I have decided to never give up, some of these rings have been turned around, and yes making people believe (somewhat) in me and yes when a story is told enough times, some people will start to believe it is, and yes making what they believe is a lie into the truth, which you know is what it is, and I was told that this is the same principle as the FAMOUS (late) Simon Spies of Denmark – the TRAVEL KING – who led a sinful life, but he was a genius and close friend with Mogens Glistrup, another eccentric genius, and yes “two of a kind” you know, and Simon was VERY often on the front page of the newspapers in the 1960’s and 1970’s because of “scandalous behaviour”, and every time he said that all negative publicity was good for business, and how unlikely this even was, it was true, so what you are seeing with me is “the opposite Simon Spies” effect.

I was told that what family, friends etc. thus the world do wrong in relation to me is what their alter egos do to the weather of the world as example, see the Australian weather these days.

I was told that we have “taken from outer space” to help photographing my inner self.

I received the words ”Stig is crazy” and the feeling of Karen several times, which is about her feelings of me.

And yes we know, Stig, it is now 20.15 and you would have liked to finish the script of today, and you have written the rough draft to the next chapter of the church concert with your mother and you would have liked to finish this, write the chapter on Google Earth pictures and to publish the script today, but no, I am TOO tired/exhausted, I cannot, so I will do this work tomorrow morning instead.

I was given the name of Mubarak as I have been from time to time, so you are thinking of me too, Mubarak?

Love and warm feelings of the world and my mother brought my inner self back from the dead of darkness

At 15.30 my mother collected me to the concert in Vestervang Church approx. 1 kilometre from here, and I was sad that John “could not” come as I had encouraged him to do – read: did not bother coming because he does not like music as we do – and on out way there, my mother said that she stood in line at the Aldi Supermarket where a friend of a friend was trying to pay with a credit card in front of her, and had troubles to do so, which made my mother “for fun” say that it is a false credit card, and I was told that this is in relation to the credit card we invented (to bring out energy), and yes it may be, who knows?

We took one of the last parking places, and also some of the last places in a full and beautifully designed, modern church, and my mother received the idea to sit around a pillar with her sitting on the left side of it giving her a free view and me on the right blocking half of my view, and yes darkness working to annoy me, but no, it takes more than this.

When the concert started, I felt how a massive almost like a physical grip entered me, which was incredible uncomfortable, and I was told that now the worst part was done.

The first three songs – of a 2½ hour long concert – I had a tired crisis fighting much to keep my eyes open, which I almost could not, and I knew that it would “not be good” for my mother to see, and when I could not keep my eyes open, I received enormous darkness fighting me, which I had to overrule by continuing to say over again “everything is to be light”, and furthermore my mother did not like the first three songs, but it became better and better with music of Tosti and Puccini song by wonderful opera singers (we LOVED Maria Blum Berthelsen and Visti Hald) and played by the 10 piece classical orchestra “Ensemble Felix”, which opened up my mother, and when they played a longer extract of Mozart’s Don Giovanni, it was truly the most amazing classical music you can ask for, and I thought that “Mozart was truly a genius/maestro, how could he write those harmonies and men and women singing up to each other” and I thought that he has had to have an “open line” to our musical spiritual friends to receive this, and yes my mother loved it too, and yes there is much beautiful music, but Mozart is also to me something completely wonderful (which his stories however may not be, but I did like when they sung of being together as a trinity and about FREEDOM).

I was shown that we are now close to play the violins of our orchestra, how darkness had taken maybe 1/5 of everything of the rice porridge clay plate, but almost nothing of the porridge itself.

At the break I told my mother about Lasse Spang Olsen – the brother to the “alien” Martin, whom I know from Facebook, you know (Lasse is not there, and yes “special friends” these are) – and his programme on DR2 TV the 12th January about “special abilities” and how he made my old friend from Tivoli (Grøften in 2008 with Dahlberg where he conjured away the watch from my arm etc.), the “magician” Henrik Svanekiær demonstrate how to read the mind of a sceptical when he read that the sceptical thought of a friend by the name of Bo, and he did another “trick”, which was to ask Lasse and the sceptical to close their eyes and ears and to stand up from their chairs immediately when they felt they were touched on the neck, and when Henrik touched ONLY Lasse on the neck, the sceptical sitting three metres away, who was NOT touched, stood up immediately too simultaneously with Lasse , and yes he was convinced that he was also touched, which he was not, and yes they did this twice with exactly the same result, and I told my mother that this sceptical man had just witnessed a man reading his thoughts and more, and still he said on TV that “there must be a trick I cannot see, because of course it is impossible to read thoughts” and yes this is what he really said (!), and this is the power of the voice of my family, friends etc. saying the same about me NOT wanting to understand, but I used this – encouraged by my spiritual voice leading me – to tell my mother that this is a spiritual force doing it the same way as it is NOT Bettina nor me healing John as physical beings, but when John was open and receptive to me as he was on the hospital, he allowed the spiritual world to start the healing, and this is what has cured John, and yes my mother said that “I fully trust that there is such a force”, and I asked her to tell John about this, and yes to make him understand too.

I felt how my hands where warm and “pricking”, and I told my mother that this is a healing power working through me, and when she feels the same, this power is also working through her, and just by putting a hand on another person, this brings healing, and yes I felt my mother’s hand, and it was VERY warm, as mine, and not long there after I felt how darkness of the king entered me together with the vision of the most heavy and handsome gentlemen shoes (symbolising life taken by darkness) – feeling Mads Mikkelsen here, and yes I brought him fame, which was an act of darkness, Mads, which is also to say that I could have become nervous too losing it, which would have made us do this work differently – and I was told that I was the world having left my inner self, “the king”, behind, and this healing power of my mother working through her and me is what brought my inner self back too – and yes “dead as a herring he/I was”, and later I felt how “he” entered my head, and I was told that it was with a sawmill full of tree, and I saw that that there was a sling of darkness around my throat about to strangulate me, which we have to remove, and at the very end of the concert, I was shown Fanny in front of me saying something like “you are back”, and I felt how EXTREMELY HEAVY METAL of darkness was transferred to me, which my inner self brought, and yes vacuum cleaning every single particle of darkness was my message, so this is what my inner self did, and I was told that “the world” saw a glimpse of the inner and immense beauty of me on the way in, and I was told that I am now back, but still as much darkness, which is what we will now use time to clean, and so it is.

During all of this, I had STRONG activity coming through my right and left ankles, which is really where I am entering, and no, we are NOT going to close these down, this will first be done when everything is done and light takes this decision.

The first half of the concert was classical where the second was more musical/operetta, and my mother simply loved the song “Dein ist mein ganzes Herz”, which she told me again and again, and yes, I got the point that I am her full heart, and my heart was here entering too, and it was indeed beautiful ♥.

I was told that this is what we used the semen for, and I also felt darkness of Karen entering me at the end, which is simply to say that Karen was led from the worst darkness of me, and yes I wonder how active she has continued being meeting new men, and the mere thought of this hurts me much.

I was told that we could not do this without Sanna, and I also felt my father’s wife Kirsten to my surprise also helping and yes with the feeling that you have at least some faith in me, Kirsten?

After the concert I was told that technically he is/was not alive also meaning that we were not, but when we believed we were, we were, this is the strength of faith, and now this phase is over, and yes “not nice” in world history as you will discover because of what we had to offer to keep you alive, and that is from your father, Kirsten and all of us: WELCOME BACK and yes our sufferings brought you back, and we gladly gave it.

So this is how it is to feel darkness from the other side, and yes a “hell” “my friend”, and that is to my own inner self now arriving at our side experiencing life here.

The only other way to get my inner self out had been to carry out my “old nightmare”, which would have brought darkness to us, which the world would have had to absorb and yes to free my inner self as part of this, but no, this is NOT how I want it to be done.

I was told strongly that we did not get something important with us from darkness and if it was alright to return to get it, and NO, I HAVE NO ATTITUDE ON THIS AT ALL, LIGHT WILL DECIDE (!!!), and yes this is what I have learned through my journey, and that is NOT to decide on what you don’t know about, and for what I know of, this could easily have been darkness wanting to return.

I was asked what are we to do with this giant mill wheel, and yes please ask light, because I don’t know the answer.

I was shown my new self as a baby with a umbilical cord, which darkness wanted to cut, but no!

I watched Denmark play against Russia in the World Championships in handball for men, which has started, and I thought that Denmark simply CANNOT lose this game because of darkness of Russia, which we have defeated, and even though darkness was working against us, as I was told, Denmark won by 31 to 27, and for example after 20 minutes, the commentators said about the Danish player Søndergaard that he entered into the centre of the Pyramid (!), which he could not (the middle of the Russian defence), but right after this, Mikkel Hansen, played him free, which made Søndergaard do exactly this, enter the centre of the Pyramid, and this is how we did this, and yes symbolising to get me out too.

My own inner self said that he was sad to bring bleeding to the world when working inside of darkness, and I was told that this is how it was thought, and I thought that it was not much bleeding, which came through because I would not allow it.

I received a new uncomfortable pressure to my heart, which is so uncomfortable that it is not to bear, and constantly I had to tell darkness that “this is wrong” in order for the negative voice and “claims” of it not to overtake me, and I kept on saying that “you are welcome” – NOT the opposite as darkness still wants to – and I don’t want to give up, and with this, this is bringing the worst darkness to me and not the world.

I was told that I did not plan to keep on waiting on you, and yes if you did not arrive, I would have exploded in order to get free, which is was we will now prevent, and yes because of strong throw up feelings now given to me symbolising my suffering, and less to my mother, and yes here feeling Jan Gintberg.

Darkness tried to let me know that we did not bring everything, but no, “everything has to be perfect” is what I have told all along and this is what is decisive.

I was told that this is how we do not have to bring you in as dead in our New World after the opening of it.

I was shown a BIG hole being made to steps – I was told “the Spanish steps” – but I was shown and told that underneath is marzipan all over, i.e. Stig never giving up to cover all entrances from darkness to enter, so everything was impossible.

I don’t bring any newspapers (of termination), but then again, you are also not allowed to bring that here.

Google Earth shows mother and child with the child being my inner self

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show that we are waiting (on a sunny day), Jette was sad that “the mainstream world” does not read her updates, mother and child with the child being my inner self, and lots of heads of life.

FB 1301 140113 Jette 1

FB 1301 140113 Jette 2

FB 1301 140113 Jette 3

FB 1301 140113 Jette 4

FB 1301 140113 Jette 5

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Dan said with inspiration “feel that I can feel your heart somewhere”, and yes his wife said that “it is also right here” and apart from this, this is also to say that you are starting to feel my new heart, and it made Niels ask “Gnags? … Late summer on the Pedestrian Street of Strøget”, and this inspiration came to him because I was thinking of Gnags a couple of hours before this and how great it would be if Peter A.G. from this amazing Danish band had decided to communicate on Facebook, which would have made me “like” Gnags on Facebook instantly, and yes this song – “sensommer på Strøget” in Danish – is one of their many FINE songs, and this is about “opening to love” and “late summer on Strøget” is really about love, which will shine on you in our New World ♥.

FB 130113 Dan

  • Rikke was very nice showing her great appreciation to her friend and our common former colleague at Fair, Michael G., when naming him “the friend of they year 2012” because “you are always read to help with anything, and I believe we have a good time even though we work hard, and I appreciate much your helpfulness”, and I am sure that Michael does everything he can to help Rikke (with her apartment and cottage), and I can only think that if it was up to these two as example, we would not be here today, and that is because of lack of faith, communication and really to be friends with me, which none of them could, amazing right?

FB 130113 Grøn

  • Jens from the EU tried to make his daughters listen and dance to Rihanna’s Diamonds, but they prefer to listen to the old song “0059” by Bjarne Liller, and he says “not a bad word about good old Liller, but what is happening here”, and this is to show you the resistance of Jens Rohde and the EU to “everything new”, which includes me and our New World and yes you don’t like the DIAMOND of my new self (!), and Dan says about the “Danish top” music of Bjarne Liller that “you can sing alone, later you can drink beer and sing alone, and even later you have forgot the lyrics …, but you can still drink beer”, and “beer” – as in darkness terminating life – is what they could not get enough of in EU.

FB 130113 Jens

  • I was told that Michael Sadler from SAGA is still important to our work, and I saw one from Canada clicking the Facebook link to my previous script, and I thought that this could be Andrew from the Facebook group returning to my website, and I also saw one clicking the link of the script to the 2002 live concert of the band, which I have uploaded, and later I saw another Canadian reader going directly to my new script, which could easily be Andrew telling/warning Michael because of the story of him that it includes (“the wrong photograph”), and maybe you did not like my link to the full live concert too (?), and what will they do now, will they “block” me and decide to attack me to remove my writings on Michael, or will they think that “just maybe he is the one” (?), and yes we will see, and what did you really think Andrew and Michael? And where do the other band members stand in relation to me (?), and eeehhh you don’t know because you don’t care to read and understand?

GC 130113 maybe Andrew

GC 130113

  • The late TV news on DR1 TV yesterday at 21.00 showed here about DSB – the Danish Railways – and their abuse of power entering into an agreement with the PR and lobby bureau Waterfront, which Lars G. used to work for including Lars Poulsen, and old Conservative, and yes Lars L., one of Lars G.’s good friends, also a Conservative – and yes I have visited the company a few times when Lars G. was there approx. 10 years ago, and it is the story about how they “did not like” a journalist writing “critical stories” about them, and this made them enter into a SECRET agreement (!) with Waterfront for them to employ the journalist (!) and to give him other tasks stealing his time thus preventing him to write negatively about DSB, and this is the story, which other media, for example TV2 below, decided to follow up on and write about, and yes an “incredible sick culture” of DSB is what TV2 names this, and this is NOT the first time that DSB has had “trouble” to find out what is “right” and “wrong” to do even though everyone can see that this is wrong (!), and this is to say that when you first decided to do wrong, it became accepted to follow this road, which only became worse and worse, and this is an example given to tell the world that this is what you will be going to see all over the world of businesses, governments and their bodies, armed forces, media etc. and yes just to “warn you”, and yes EVERYTHING will get out from the closet – and yes, another story here was about the Mayor of Fredericia, who had to resign the other day because he “could not” understand that the credit card of the Commune was not his private credit card (!), and also an example of EVERYTHING ROTTEN WILL GET OUT, and just so you know, and there is NO EXCEPTION and really only about sexual details, which I don’t want to hear about. And yes, the Conservative Party of Denmark is truly an example of this ROTTEN country! And I was told that the member of the European Parliament, Jens Rohde, did something like this trying to “close me down”, and yes ROTTEN behaviour too.

TV2 130113 1

TV2 130113 2


14th January: The Danish Railways’ misuse of power is a sign to bring out ALL skeletons ALL over the world

Dreaming of a my inner self stopping as the manager in control over darkness, and creating an automatic system of MY LIFE

I went to bed at 22.30 and slept poorly until 06.00 this morning with these dreams.

  • Something about saying hello to old colleagues in Helsingør, at Jernbanevej (“Railway road”) and sailing out to catch ship sending a grenade in over us.
    • This is about much darkness being sent in over the New World, which came with my new self yesterday.
  • I am stopping work at New Year – in discredit – and Jacob (from Acta) is going to take over, and I am throwing his doll over on the other side as I remember to show his true side. I understand that Acta have been interviewing my old GE colleagues about me without my knowledge, and they are surprised that I lost, and Camilla’s Swedish company will now overtake this company lending out money. I consider whether or not we should go out dining with Jacob as the new manager, and I am told that my belt is buckled wrongly because it has to be buckled at the third hole, which also goes with the light, and I did not know.
    • This will have to be about my inner self being in charge of money, i.e. energy of darkness, and I have now been dismissed simply because we have transferred my inner self to the right side of light too, and here it is about getting to learn the Trinity and light.
  • Something about a Nazi, who shot me during World War II, “remember that your children are from the time of the war”, my chair is in flames and the people loved me.
    • They loved me as darkness.
  • I am the IT manager of a company, and I am going to have an excel spreadsheet explained to me, which a colleague has done before – I feel that it is Henning L. from 3107 Danske Bank – and I tell him that maybe I would like (my old friend) Paul to explain it to me because he may give new information, but instead a colleague from the accounting department explains it, and I am glad that she does because she is the one knowing about the details of this, and she tells me that there is data of FDM (“United Danish Car Owners”) included in the spreadsheet and also someone else, and she leaves to get them from their office in Lyngby not long away from ours, and someone from FDM tells about their data going in greater detail, and a supplier adds more hours to an offer to develop an automatic IT-system taking care of this, and I tell him that I should send “Kontant” (a TV consumer programme, which I like much revealing the ROTTEN culture/attitude of “almost all” people cheating other people!) after him. I approve this spending/development and think that other people involved should do the same. Niels de Bang enters and tells me that he and Lone separated in 2009, and I ask to see his good sides, but he shouts, delays the traffic and speaks negatively about me to my colleagues in the next room while I now on my car fight with the black snake, he gave me and I feel that I gave him this snake myself.
    • This is an accounting system including information about cars, which is about “energy” and life, and this is what we will now make an automatic system for, and it will have to be about MY LIFE, Billy – a TRUE favourite of mine – and Niels coming here is to say that his key was also important to do this creation, and I was told that my journey was similar to the TV series/game “Les Clés de Fort Boyard” (“the prisoners on the fortress” as it was called in Danish), which is about collecting keys to get the gold out, and Niels was one of these.

Remaining darkness was hidden inside Søren D-N not believing in me, which could have attacked the world!

I was told about Dutchmen and “faster faster”, and I was shown a skull and arms spread out because they know about me.

I was told that we have not played out last Ipswich match – of darkness – but we will try making it easier for you, and yes “show me the best you got”, and feeling Metallica and Lars Ulrich here, and yes I could decide to write all these feelings down, and maybe I will write some of them, and this is about people knowing about me in “secrecy”.

I received the fantastic song “Macro” by Depeche Mode, and yes let us show the full lyrics of one of Martin’s songs to show you a man being ignited by the flame of God too :-).

Overflowing senses
Heightened awareness
I hear my blood flow
I feel its caress
Whispering cosmos
Talking right to me
Unlimited, endless
God breathing through me

See the microcosm
In macro vision
Our bodies moving
With pure precision
One universal celebration
One evolution
One creation

Thundering rhythm
Pounding within me
Driving me onwards
Forcing me to see
Clear and enlightening
Right there before me
Brilliantly shining
Intricate beauty

See the microcosm
In macro vision
Our bodies moving
With pure precision
One universal celebration
One evolution
One creation

And after this, I received Jeff Lynne’s beautiful “Borderline” and of course the lyrics “Take me to the heart of you”, so this is what we will do, and that is of my inner self.

I was told that we would not be able to lift everything up without the Bækkelaget female handball team as one example of more.

There is clear on the other side (the Swedish coast of joy and happiness), I just have to bring mine over too.

I was told that it was a giant goal saved by Jeltsin (when he in 1991 prevented the Russian totalitarian system to take over standing/speaking on a tank) and also that “he will never come again, but we will never forget him”, but if I am not wrong, he will be around here somewhere.

I have felt Elijah several times recently, and this morning the feeling of him came together with darkness and coughing, and for your information I continue encouraging him – and John – to communicate as you can see below from the scripts I sent them January 12 and 10, but apparently you have gone completely into “block-mode”, my old friend (?), and yes how can it be so “impossible” for you to get out of the closet (of darkness)?

I am still thinking about and hoping every day to be hearing from Elijah and John, and it should make me very sad having to stop transferring money to you because of laziness and misunderstandings, which however I will leave entirely up to you to decide on what to do.

Please find my new script below – and I am still hoping to be hearing from Elijah and John this month, but this may be “impossible” to you (?), and why is that (?), because of me or because of you (?), and yes my friends please look into the mirror”.

I am thinking about what I will do at the end of the month if I don’t hear from John and Elijah and IF I have not woken as my new self, which I might have you know, and it would hurt me to know that you decided to increase your suffering/starvation because of you inabilities to communicate, but if this is what you will do, I will share your “portion” with the team giving both them and myself more, but I hope that I will NOT come in this situation.

This morning, I was so utterly destroyed and close to giving up that it was more impossible almost than ever to update and publish my script of yesterday – feeling Moses Hansen here – and it took out my uttermost will power trying to get into some kind of working rhythm, and yes I succeeded publishing the script, and to continue writing this, and after this, I will take a long bath, which I truly need.

So now it is only to fill the duvet with everything, which is mine, and yes ”not difficult” to do, Stig (if you continue working).

It feels like we have a shirt, which has not been ironed, and yes Stig your feeling is to be without being, and yes this is the condition of our new life, and this is what was possible to do and right to do, so this is what we did, and yes ”they are crazy, those Danes”, and this is what my inner self is telling me now understanding the meaning of my decisions.

So we have not moved anything, we “just are” and yes the same as always but now also “so much more”, and yes this was how to do it.

It is all of our luggage, which will make you “old”, and not a child as today.

I was encouraged to write that I still buy new variations of gravy for my food, which is about adding new flavours of life all of the time, and we just received some new here, we know, and when I write “know” it is about people out there knowing about me, and I feel my mother but also darkness, and yes she “knows” but still darkness makes her “not know”!

You did not want to harm your mother, who “could not” take this darkness, which is what would have been the alternative, and yes to hurt her and the world, and this is what you have decided to continue doing, and yes to overcome some of the greatest disgusts to work, which I will continue doing if I can.

No, there is no Christmas tree hanging upside down, so there is nothing to do, you have to turn around too.

We are not going to break in any windows to come in (?), no we are already in, and will just have to go through the cleaning machine too.

I was told that my mother is still (!) thinking about whether or not she is to be burned when she dies, but eeehhhh mother you are NOT going to die!

Yes, this is really to tighten the sack, isn’t it, Stig (?), and yes I thought that I was about to destroy the world, and the one keeping me from this, was your decisions asking me to do what is right, and this is how we turned everything around.

I heard the sound of tin in the kitchen, which was of a ring, which was thrown away, and this was the dark side of my inner self returning to the home of God, and “I” said “now I don’t want to get married too”.

So this is what we had in line for you today, and yes the story of DSB, see below, and to go directly into the flesh of the worst darkness we could find, and yes to remove the darkness of my inner self too, and yes see the LONG short stories of today.

I was CERTAIN about going to bath, but when I was on my way, I was told don’t go to bath – we almost beg you – and it is because it is the remaining of the lenses, which may burn if we are not careful.

And when we first have turned around to “Italian coffee” – the best – we can never become darkness again, yes?

I was told that Dalai Lama just need to have my scripts/comments translated and he brought me much darkness too as one of the sources of me as my inner self now tells me, and yes “impossible” for you to find me it was, my friend?

And no we will never again have to worry if we can pay the rent.

And I just heard this voice “Jeg er fuldstændigt ligeglad, det skal være perfekt” (“I don’t care, it has got to be perfect”) all over inside of darkness (as I have said thousands of times), and knew that I had to comply with this, so what you are telling me is that this is what I did and yes together with “him”, i.e. my physical self, and that is to find and save every little thing, and yes “soon” we will be home, and I feel the Muslim middle East here and really Syria/Turkey, and is there talks behind the war play and “smiles” about what is coming (?), and yes a new child to be seen on the sky, that is why.

It has also spread to the Hellman province in Afghanistan, because we have been there too, and yes the Danish Queen visiting the Danish military forces there!

And yes I am indeed VERY tired and no, don’t sleep because we are removing all the ice cream of the ice cream boat.

I was shown and given a giant metal sledge and told that “I did not know what it was for”, and this is what was pushing all life from darkness to me, and it was completely tight not missing anything, and I was told that I also pushed forward “Michella, Michella, Michella” and yes as the tool bringing me there really, and we know this is about my “old nightmare”, which was both the required energy to save all and the what could have trapped me and made the world go under if I did.

I was shown a big bicycle room connected to the central station of Copenhagen, and shown my old school friend Søren D-N, and all of these cycles inside of there are cycles, i.e. sufferings, that darkness can bring to man, and I was told that this is where I was hidden, which was possible to do because Søren D-N decided NOT to believe in me and to leave me at Facebook a long time ago, and this storage room is what would have liked to create a New World of darkness with, and it could have been used as a surprised attack on the world too, but then I was shown the incredible amount of light of our New World outside the bicycle room and understood that there would be no doubt of the outcome, and I also felt my old school friend Peter T. (father in Dansk Flygtningehjælp, previous director) as I have been from time to time without writing it but understanding that he is a very special friend too, and I was shown how he took a parked cycle outside the cycle room, and another part of the spirit of my father he is?

I was shown a dark room including big dogs behaving wrongly, many big knives and sex etc., and this is this room of Søren D-N, and yes is he a turned around spirit of my mother as I have believed a long time?

And I was told that darkness wants permission to keep at least some cycles at the cycle room, but no, you are NOT allowed (!), and yes I am a dictator towards darkness, which is the only way to get rid of it, and this is why Julia wrote as she did, see the short stories.

I continued working late in the afternoon on my extreme edge of my working capacity, and was about to stop – feeling Jeanette, Tommy’s daughter here (!) – and I just had something to write, but my memory is NOT the best with all of this darkness around me, so I forgot it after a few seconds, and maybe it will come back, and yes I OFTEN fight with this, and normally when I am patient and decide that I want to remember this, it comes back, and that is most time, but here I am completely blank.

I was told that it was not Bettina but you who saved John, which I thought was darkness, so I decided that it was both Bettina and I, and I was told by my inner self that this is what I did from inside of darkness, and no, I did not know why I did it, because normally we like to kill and destroy, but here was a voice saying “it is alright to bring him back home alive” as I am told from the spirit of my mother to my top front/left, which I understand is ALSO because of the pressure on darkness, which the New World brings and yes because of my decision, so there you have it, this is what saved John.

During the afternoon I felt “fear of God” of frightened people coming to me because of my message that ALL of you will bring out ALL skeletons of your closets, see below, and that includes what you have hidden or destroyed, and yes there are NO exceptions!

And can you believe, Stig, that there is also darkness here because you could not write the chapter on chemtrails to your website (?), and yes you do remember the incredible STRONG reaction to your chapter on 9/11 (more than 200,000 “secret” read casts on Scribd), so there you have it, and I am here giving the feeling/visions of the Danish pop band TV2.

My inner self continues understanding more and more, and is now growing up giving me a more mature voice saying so he, i.e. me, is the one who decided not to lose a set, and yes exactly as we had prayed for.

I felt my FATHER very clearly inside of me, and he told me that I have not completely forgotten how it was to be “everything”, so it was not that dangerous as we told to have everything here and you there, and yes part of the game it was, and this was told as one of those “secret messages” still coming to me because of good work, which came after I also sent my comments on the DSB/Waterfront story to Waterfront self, and yes this was what I felt, which is as clearly as being told.

I received a feeling to my right ankle, which is really the rest of me of darkness, and I was told that it is of course my own decision – as it has been all along – if I will accept an explosion, and no, I will NOT.

We could have said “this is as far as we go”, but we know you, Stig, you would NEVER accept this, and yes there would ONLY be one way to play the game and that is to do as I have always done, and it is with this strength that we are bringing out this last of everything from darkness, and yes because I can, and this darkness also includes my mother’s impatient and negative temper as I was here given a vision of.

I was told that it is terminated life I am bringing with me home.

I was given a deep sound to my TV and was told “no, we could not swallow life afterall” and we know, we had to COME OUT sooner or later, and it is now that later has become sooner, so there you are :-).

Yes, I will let him go then, and this is what you are doing yourself, Stig, to be released from darkness ”caressing” you.

Now we have nothing hidden for you anymore, and I see darkness, but the voice is like Chris from the chocolate factory meaning that this is darkness disguised as light, so there is only one thing to do and that is to continue our game for as long as it takes to get everything out.

So a part of the 12 was included in this darkness making it impossible to start our New World because it had to be perfect, you know, and yes this is how we continue, and by the way, there is nothing to be sorry about in relation to Jack because the Navy is now also waiting to bid you welcome.

I was shown big gasoline tanks standing right around me as the Source, which you are NOT allowed to ignite, which is what we could have done all the time destroying everything outside, but now everything is inside, and eeehhh …, yes we are only waiting on you.

I was shown Helena, and told “be careful what you do”, and that came together with a feeling of not becoming negative.

I was shown a train on the Central Station of Copenhagen, which is inside darkness and it would like to drive away, and I see it transform to a scrimp, i.e. “making love”, and I heard the spirit of my mother say that this is the most important of me.

This will say that there is an opening between the spirit of my mother and the Source, which she did not know about.

I was shown and told that we have created a whole in a giant safe, which was shown as a whole in a giant wall, which you cannot do alone, and now we are bringing in the whole wall.

I was shown the most beautiful schooner coming in, and told “because of not giving up”.

I was told that Søren Pind is hurting much because of my writings on Helena, and yes I wonder if you are still in love, and you do know that it is BAD LOVE, don’t you, Søren (?), and do you hurt because of Helena’s casual relation to sex including “everyone she likes”?

Google Earth shows the darkness of skeletons inside closets, and darkness eating its own wrong words

Google Earth pictures from Jette’s Facebook group show the darkness of skeletons inside closets, wishing for a better world, it is now the bad getting the long nose, and a BIG face eating back what he former said was wrong and says sorry.

FB 140113 Jette 1

FB 140113 Jette 2

FB 140113 Jette 3

FB 140113 Jette 4

FB 140113 Jette 5

FB 140113 Jette 6

FB 140113 Jette 7

Giving the management advisor Soulaima the “management advice” to speak the truth, which she had difficulties following

I have subscribed to Soulaima for months, and she is a very succesfull young woman remembering what she learns from other people and telling all of this “good advice” to the top of the Danish business world and schools etc., and yesterday morning I listened to her being interviewed on the radio as you can hear here, and she was so busy speaking herself that I noticed her difficulties to listening, which I have experienced myself when speaking my best in my previous career, for example in 2001 when I was at the course in Brussels, and the story leading to her comment below is that yesterday afternoon I entered the lift of my building, which smelled like a full perfume store, which was unbearable to smell, and yes isn’t it incredible that some people can throw so much perfume on them that they smell “terrible” – and this is a symbol of the worst darkness too, and yes Soulaima is brought here because of her love of money, which is simply “too much”, and yes listen to the radio interview with her making 100 times what her husband earns, and yes for people to listen to her “good advise” (!), and in her comment she said that she was sitting on the train in front of a ”gentlemen”, who had put on FAR too much perfume, which made a HEAVY cloud rest around him, and she asked “can I allow myself to whisper it to him” (?), and here the roles were really turned upside down, Soulaima, when I told you that a good management advice (!) is to ALWAYS tell the truth directly, honestly and openly, and that is ALWAYS (!), everything else is wrong including to show wrong consideration because of wrong feelings and weak people and you can add silence and “white lies” too as part of a WRONG culture, and it is almost impossible for people to change today even though everyone knows that this is logics for battery hens (!), and I also said that when she has learned people to speak the truth straight out, she can learn them to LISTEN and UNDERTSTAND without using their own “filter” to change the story, but no, Soulaima said that he is such a “fine man” and “I doubt that I dare” and that is even though “it is really an ugly smell – heavy, heavy, heavy, heavy smell!”, so this is how she decided not to use my advice the same way as many of your “listeners” have difficulties using your advice, Soulaima – do you see (?) – and yes I told her that she can really use this for free, which she may decide to do in her lectures (?), and this was really with the lyrics of Shu-bi-dua’s “Små Duppeditter Der Smager Af Salt” in mind, which says “Kvinder bløder, mænd barber’ sig, og bløder også, hvis de skær’ sig. Det må de sgu godt bruge – det ka’ de få fuldstændig gratis” (”women bleed, men shave and bleed too if they cut themselves. They may use this if they like, they can have it absolutely free”), and this is about shaving off the last hair of darkness and to turn me around as my new self, and yes the world is not still bleeding is it (?), and that is because we completed my 360 degree journey now some months ago?

FB 140113 Soulaima

And this smell is so strong/heavy that it gives THROW UP feelings, which is about my sufferings to bring out my inner self from darkness, feeling Q from the James Bond films here, and what happened (?), and yes darkness decided to use Julia below to teach me that smells are individual and deeply personal, so what is the TRUTH as she asked me (?), and yes “you cannot make yourself judge of other people’s smells” (!), and also that “you cannot make your self “herre” (i.e. “lord”!) unless you are some kind of dictator” (!), and yes you may be able to see darkness of my inner self speaking against me using her as the tool (?), and she tried to say that my truth is not the same as what the gentleman of other people will understand as their truth, and yes yes yes, I told her about the INCREBLE bad smell of the lift yesterday, which gave me THROW UP feelings, which is the same as Soulaima experienced, and in this case, it is NOT about personal preferences, which I like VERY much, and in this case it is best to speak out the truth directly to make people understand just like Thomas Blachmann does in X-factor to make people believing they can sing that they CANNOT sing, and think if people had had the courage to tell this man, which “no one” has, because he is such a “fine man”, and yes this would have helped him to put the right dose on making both him and his surroundings happy, but because “no one” can, they keep him in the wrong faith that he smells nice, and yes I do believe this should be LOGICS FOR BATTERY HENS to understand (?), or have I overestimated you?

FB 140113 Julia

But Julia had decided to “not give up” (!), and yes bringing many good stories and explanations to this “complex theme” (!), and yes this is about telling the truth, and how difficult can that be (?), and yes “impossible” it is today because of this and that and did you also think about that and this (?), and my dear friends, please LISTEN to me: The message is to SPEAK THE TRUTH and to UNDERSTAND THE TRUTH and not to let your feelings intervene negatively, how difficult can that be to understand (?), and eventually the message also got through to Julia, but only with darkness telling me what Elijah used to say as example “but you don’t understand me”, but YES I DO, Julia – and also you Elijah – and this is how communication was the mean to bring understanding.

FB 140113 Julia 2

I brought this follow up to Soulaima’s thread to teach her and others to use my thread and dialogue with Julia as a case story when giving advise to managements – for example DSB and MANY others (!) – and to people in general, and that is to SPEAK THE TRUTH, is this very difficult to do?

FB 140113 Soulaima 2

The Danish Railways’ misuse of power is a sign to bring out ALL skeletons of all businesses etc. ALL over the world

In continuation of my story of DSB, the Danish Railways, yesterday, the media decided to write about it BIG TIME today, and I was encouraged to bring my comment to the media to be seen by “everyone everywhere” – in principle – so this is what I did bringing my comment below to Ekstra Bladet, Jyllands-Posten, BT, Politiken, Berlingske, DR TV news, TV2 news, the Danish Government/Parliament via the Church Minister – and also Michael Wulff (!) – who were all finding this story “unacceptable” and “crazy” and we know you haven’t seen anything yet (!), and yes when I wrote my comment and when I write this in the script, I am given this “secure deja vue feeling”, which is that I KNOW THAT THIS IS RIGHT TO DO so this is what I do, and as normal my spiritual friends are with me helping me to write “parts of this”, and I wrote that this case is an example of our New World, which is about to open, which will bring ALL skeletons out of ALL closets of ALL companies, governments and their bodies, armed forces and media, which will show the world that far more than what you believed could not separate “right” from “wrong” and was tempted and led in ruin by power, money and sex to do what is wrong, and when the world had first moved the “wrong” way, there was really no way back, the world was going under (!), but as you will understand – also publicly some time (?) – we succeeded to turn everything “wrong” around to “right”, which means that we are now close to opening our New World of endless happiness and eternal life in light without darkness, and this is not very difficult to understand, is it?

And as a matter of understanding I bring my comment to all of this media below for you to see.

FB 140113 Berlingske

FB 140113 BT

FB 140113 DR

FB 140113 Politiken

FB 140113 TV2

FB 140113 MW

I was also encouraged to write the following below on my Facebook timeline asking people if you believed that the CEO of DSB, Jesper Lok, told the truth on live TV news yesterday evening when he did not know anything and could only repeat again and again that an investigation will be initiated, where it should be EASY for the company to stand forward showing the world EVERYTHING you have in your closets, and yes I am using you as example to the whole world, and do you DARE to stand forward following my encouragement, or are you as much WIMPS as media and politicians, who “cannot” speak the truth about me and our New World (and so much else), and yes what will it be (?), silence from WIMPS?

And OF COURSE this story was connected to my application from November 2011 to become the CEO of DSB, which you can read here: http://www.scribd.com/doc/72385642/How-to-eliminate-impossible-problems-of-businesses-today. But DSB and the “professional head hunter” did not believe that they could “use me” – because I was “insufficient” and had “lacking skills” (?) – and maybe you want to read my application again CAREFULLY and answer me honestly if you don’t believe that I could have done a better work than Jesper Lok and the other “cowards” of the management of DSB?

It is also the story of “professional head hunters” believing that they know who are the best top managers, which they however do not because of their poor and slender work as you can read from my memos of “the best labour market in the world” (see the links in the application above).

And I am here thinking what the Job Centre/Commune of Helsingør and also Lyngby-Taarbæk will do when they will start to understand that I was RIGHT all along and they, DSB, professional head hunters and “everyone else” was wrong (?), and yes would you like to give me an apology now (?), and we know, Stig, I had hoped you would “be able” to do this as your old selves, but you “could not”, and yes A SHAME AND DISGRACE YOU WERE, and no, I was not, which however is what you believed that I was (?), and why was that again (?), and again :-).

FB 140113 Stig 1

Here you can see the crooks of the management of DSB, who could not avoid being tempted to do “wrong” instead of “right”, and this is what Shakespeares quote ”there is something rotten in the state of Denmark” is about, which really is a prediction about the day today. I do NOT want to see bad moral and failing ability to decide again.

FB 140113 Stig 2

And of course I also brought the comments of my Facebook timeline about DSB directly on DSB’s Facebook page, which you can see here, and I wonder if your “act” makes you proud or embarrassed, Jesper?


FB 140113 DSB1

FB 140113 DSB2

FB 140113 DSB 3

Finally, I also sent a LinkedIn email to Lars L. – Lars G’s old friend and employee of Waterfront working there until 2011 – and of course to the owner Lars Poulsen (including a LinkedIn invitation to connect), where I simply told them that they will have an interest to read my comments and information to the public about the DSB/Waterfront story, and it is of course up to you if you want to understand or misunderstand, and no, I cannot send this information to Lars G. because this man is as if he has sunk into the ground, “impossible” to find, he is.

Linkedin email til Lars L 140113

Email til Lars Poulsen Waterfront 140113

The first Lars was kind to send this NOT open reply, which he has sent to the media as he says, and yes he has NOT had time to read my “English language blog” and that he respects his professional secrecy so he has not other comments that he is happy that he in 2011 “took the right choice to resign to re-focus on my own business”, and how is this to be understood (?), is this with a TRUE focus on his own business but also that he did not “like” the “business model” of Waterfront (?), and yes I have NO clue, but I do look forward to the day where Lars and Waterfront will also decide to speak the truth and that is directly, openly and honestly, which I like so much as my new self now without much darkness and “grown up” tells me.

Mail fra Lars L 140113

And no, I only received a few non-secret visits to my website, one “like” and no response to this work above, and apparently it is not appreciated, and I am here shown an old American actor I cannot remember the name of.

  • Lars said that he has inherited 7.3 million dollars from a family member after his lawyer finally found him, and he said that it must have been difficult finding a man with his name Vinterberg and he is thinking of the director Thomas Vinterberg and he asks if people have seen his new film “the hunt”, which is about a man wrongly judged to be a paedophile, which makes him expelled by “everyone”, and this is really similar to the treatment I have received, and the “fun” part here is that there seems to be a few people actually believing that Lars will receive this inheritance, and this is then an example of what NOT to do, and yes these spam emails trying to cheat people float around in millions – “poor moral” you say (?) – which I am sure will stop very soon, and Kristian said “Fantastic, I presume that you will give a round to the whole gang in the airport”,  and these were really the hidden inspired words here with “a round” being “celebration”, the airport being the world and “the whole gang” as I normally say, and yes “come on, show me the best you got – and that goes for the whole gang” as example.

FB 140113 Lars

FB 140113 Lars 2

  • The funny man Jan Monrad from Monrad & Rislund – some VERY funny comedians (if you remove sex and primitive language) – brought his drawing saying “You have called God. All of our lines are busy. You are in line as number 56 billion 48 million 418.334. It is still busy. You are now in line as no. 56.48.418.333”, and I told him that he will soon be no. one “with kind regards from …, and yes who do you think” (?), and that is even though he believe that “beer is God”, and it is really more accurate to say that “beer is the Devil”, but then again the Devil was God as the tool of creation, so there you have you have your inspiration, Jan :-).

FB 140113 Monrad

  • I told Per Gessle that he is indeed touched by the hand of God :-).

FB 140113 Roxette



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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