January 18, 2013: Following the difficult end of the line going from “something” to “nothing” to become part of God


Summary of the script today

17th January: Following the difficult end of the line going from “something” to “nothing” to become part of God

  • Dreaming of sexuality of darkness being the tool of creation.
  • I solved the challenge to update the Windows System of my computer, which helped removing darkness/sufferings and installing a new floor to bring me the last part of the road to “nothing” of the Source.
  • I am going through the most extremely thin line at the end of the tunnel, and “you may or may not become what I was myself before starting to build a thing called life”, and yes can you get all the way up here as your old self (?), which is to go from something to nothing, which is not easy.
  • This is helped by feelings of pride of my father after reading my website of yesterday, but also “strong feelings” brought to me, which is part of making this stage the strongest ever of darkness as well as faith in me. This darkness is so strong that it is being brought on my cycle when cycling, symbolising the New World, making it feel as if it is breaking down under me, which is to say that it is NOT easy to get become “nothing” as our final destination. I am shown that I am “very close” to the garden and light of Paradise.
  • My inner self is being turned automatically around inside the Source because of the wish of the New World, but it is not done without the greatest sufferings. And it is the opening of feelings of my father in relation to me, which is opening the entrance here. I am still moving straight forward, but this darkness was so strong that it made my cycle, thus the New World, unsteady, and in another scenario, we would have lost the main part of me here on the way in, which first later would become alive again. But this hidden part is now becoming visible again because of the opening of my father.
  • Short stores of a special friend helping me to save life, taking out energy via Helena – if required, Helena understands how terrible it must have been to go through a pain hell without anyone bringing relief – do you know someone having done this (?), speaking almost the same language as Stanislav, “Italian coffee” and strong darkness opposing Helle Thorning-Schmidt and Annette Vilhelmsen.

18th January: Change your routine, put an end to the tears, decide on the policy of truth and become CLEAN 🙂

  • I was IMMENSELY tired again today, and had to go against my voice and what was right to do taking a long bath with a nap, which brought terminations of life on the last part of the road to the Source, but since darkness is an illusion, this life is or will be recreated inside the Source. I have given everything I have to reduce sufferings of the world as much as possible, and I am told that I might be able to continue the game some days with my own goal being until the end of January.
  • Lance Armstrong finally became CLEAN admitting to his wrongdoings taking doping and Helena showed as an example to the world just how FALSE that Søren Pind is, which is my encouragement for everyone to change your routine, decide on the policy of truth and become CLEAN :-).
  • As the Source I am still hidden inside of darkness – driven by my sister and Karen – now only the size of a football, and I have decided to continue the game for as long as I can.
  • Short stories of I ask everyone to COME CLEAN and of course to speak the truth (!), Google Earth pictures showing much life and light.


17th January: Following the difficult end of the line going from “something” to “nothing” to become part of God

Dreaming of sexuality of darkness being the tool of creation

I went to bed at 23.30 yesterday – without taking a nap during the day (!) – and woke up at 07.00 almost as “bombed” as yesterday, and I only remember this dream.

  • I am walking at an underground station with MANY people, and I notice how some are making love in the open room, which I do my best to not look at.
    • This was the basics of the dream – and a voice trying to tell me that I have now done the basics and “I am sorry but there is more” and yes the journey and more sufferings, and this is the same voice showing itself as my father sending me STRONG darkness this morning, and yes I was not popular yesterday, and did you see that he also read my chapter on him “my father only understand his own strong voice” (?) – as you can see from the statistics of yesterday – and yes this is not a chapter, which receives visits everyday, but yesterday it received some, and yes it is not everything that my counter catches, but according to WordPress, I do believe he – or maybe Kirsten – also read this page (finally!). And I was told that this sexuality of darkness is what is creating!
  • I woke up to ABBA’s “the name of the game”, and yes “so I wanna know”, and this is simply about the game I am finishing, and it was called “Stig, find yourself and lead us to our New World”, and I clearly remember when ABBA’s “the album” was released in 1977 with “a different sound”, which some reviewers did not like, and I do believe that Björn promised to return to the “normal ABBA sound” after this album, and yes, to me it had this amazing SPECIAL touch and feel already when hearing it the first time (Christmas Evening 1977 at my father’s mother), and this is how it has stayed over the years, “a unique sound” if you ask me, and some of the best work that ABBA ever did (even though they only almost made fine work), and this goes for the entire album.

Following the difficult end of the line going from “something” to “nothing” to become part of God

This morning, I received a constant annoying voice in the background – he was in contrary wind but “don’t care”, which is how he moved on, there is only lunch package paper in here now etc.

I was told that the Panama channel is also “like hell” and yes also because of the US.

Yesterday evening I was thinking that it is fine to start the New World when we can do so without leaving anything behind, and I was given a potential great physical pain as part of this promise, which scared me, and is this how it is going to be (?), and is this also how the world will feel it?

I was told that we are making a 5 room apartment, and I received another maybe 1/10 out of this world pain to my right ankle and was told “just because of this”, and yes my father visiting my website.

I received “Danser med grise” (”dancing with pigs”) by Shu-bi-dua, and not very often this happens, but to me this title means “celebrating life”, so there you have it :-).

I was shown a GIANT ship with a library in the middle of it, and out of it came a raccoon wanting to hide on the ship, and this bear is called “the European Union” and yes grown up men (and ladies) doing what Devil’s do, which is to be silent and trying to hide, and I thought you should know by now that this is NOT how I am.

I was told that it is “growing faith” of Kirsten, who worked as “the eye opener” of my father, and yes yes yes, this is what you say, but I know how sceptical and better-knowing he is, so it should surprise me if he has faith in me.

It isn’t a completely new plane is it (?), and yes it is and this is about our New World.

I was still very tired and also very tired because of being very tired especially the last days, and it was TOUGH to get started to work today instead of just relaxing, and I “forced” myself to sit at the computer waiting to wake up and my rhythm and concentration to enter, and yes it normally takes some hours to do, and yes receiving the vision of the dark haired lady from “Desperate housewives” here, and is this still about people knowing about me (?), or that the play is on-going (?) or maybe both really as I am told.

I decided to do a few updates to my computer – as I also did yesterday installing Skype and Spotify etc. – and it included to download the HTC Sync programme to my HTC Wildfire (android based) phone, which I could not remember the name on and it was not written on the phone, so it took some time to find (!), and when doing this I was told and shown that I can now almost look into the secret US command centre and yes of all of your “secret activities”.

And I am thinking that when I do this work, it will help to reduce the pain/sufferings even more to wake up as my new self.

As you can see, it also brought trouble to install this programme, which required other programmes to be installed first, and the installation of Adobe Air failed, and I am thinking that this is about installing one thing after the other and to have one thing up and working before the next will work, so it will be exciting if this will work, and also at some stage if the Windows Update program will work too, we will see.

HTC installation

Despite of the problems above – I already had Adobe Air – the installation of the HTC Sync software including drivers succeeded, which also removed the previous “AKB-error” message when plugging in my phone, and with this, I was told that “your father is proud of you for having passed your sufferings”, so this may be the feeling he had when reading about my sufferings, and yes everyone should be able to understand that I love my family, also my father, very much when reading about it (?), and yes at the same time telling the truth straight out.

This is the most crazy ride we have experienced, and yes to get your father back to the computer reading your website – some of it at least – and yes, Stig, “completely impossible” because of his better-knowing attitude it is, and yes he possesses the strongest of such an attitude of all people, so there you have it again again.

I was given the taste of TRUE Italian coffee, and yes there is really nothing better than this – and I have been given the brand Segafredo even though this is not what I have most experience with – Illy and Lavazza is, but it is far too long since I have tasted the TRUE and ORIGINAL taste of coffee, and yes this is a symbol of the TRUE and ORIGINAL love of mine, which I will share with all of you when coming this far, and again, this is what my physical father opening to me is opening to the world :-).

I was UNHAPPY to see that apparently all of my subscribers, which are now called “followers”, on Facebook had disappeared (!), and what had happened (?), and yes it cost me half an hour to search for and find the answer that they are still there “behind a curtain”, and yes apparently completely gone, but when you click the “plus” icon on your timeline, you can add them again, and yes I wonder why this can happen to Facebook, who are not as professional as you would like to appear (?), and I wonder how many thousands have had the same shock/challenge as I (?), and no, it was “not enough” for you to decide to communicate what went wrong and how to solve it by emailing people with followers?

I was told about my father understanding/believing in me, which I decided not to believe in, and then I was told what about “Stig is not mad at me” (?), and yes better understanding me after reading about my chapter on him on my website.

I heard “I cannot be made responsible for this”, which is about people of the “secret” or even official world, who want to run from your responsibilities, and don’t you know that this is only what WIMPS do, and all others made of “the right stuff” will stand forward like a man – or woman for that matter – and say “this is what I did (WITHOUT hiding anything), and this is why I did it, and if I feel proud (?), no, I do not, I apologise for what I did and will NEVER do it again”, or something like this, you know.

I am the last foreman and have promised to keep open until you have come all the way into the New World too, and I was shown the foreman – as in a ship yard, this is where I am, and yes building the ship of the New World of course and not destructing it, and that is by being stronger than darkness (!) – on the path towards the New World.

Isn’t it him, who built the bridge (?), and yes Stig it is still here, we have not removed it, so now it is simply up to you when you want to cross, and yes you are not done with the last work for your computer and website, we know, and we will see if we can keep the world going as your old self while you continue doing your work.

I tried to run the Windows Update in the Internet Explorer again because I know that there are MANY updates to my Windows XP, but it still shows an error message and this is practically the last task I have on my list on “updating the computer”, so if this will not work, I can only say that I am happy with how it works, and yes there are NO Windows firewall and NO virus protection software on my “new computer”, which this is about, and yes I am protecting myself and there will be no sicknesses of our New World. And yes, I have automatic updates from Windows switched on to install everyday, but nothing happens, so either this is darkness preventing me, or light saying that we have everything we need for our perfect new system.

I was told that we have also used the road from Marbella bus station to the city and marina and that is to escape darkness, and this is because I went to Marbella on sightseeing in 2007 walking much around.

I was shown myself on my way up from a deepening in the ground, and yes it is still the deepening I met on my way in to the Source, which I am climbing up from bringing everything with me, and I am shown “not much” anymore remaining.

I tried to look deeper on the Windows update not working and followed a link to a forum, which “by co-incidence” told me that I needed to have Windows XP service pack 3 installed before it would work (!), and yes why did it not tell me (?), and when this is written, and when I discovered this, I was told that there is no limits to how proud your psychical father is of you, and I received much enthusiasm.

After difficulties to find out whether or not it was safe to download and install a “network” installation of this service pack 3 – because it was impossible to find a standalone – I found out that it was, and installed it, and it took maybe half an hour where I was somewhat nervous that something should go wrong again, but it did not.

I was told that Ankara could have shot me down, this is how important Turkey is for the world situation/installation, which this is about.

I was told that it is your golden watch coming closer and closer with “perfect installation” of my computer coming closer now with the possible update of the Windows operation system, which was not very easy to do even for me having some experience working on this.

I was told that Arne Treholt – “a former Norwegian Labour Party politician and diplomat convicted of high treason and espionage on behalf of the Soviet Union and Iraq during the Cold War” – installed important files of mine in relation to the Soviet Union.

This is to go through the flames – I felt Burger King – which also would have grilled you, i.e. me, and yes given a small heart attack here, like this you know.

I was told that you are a donkey – meaning “stubborn” or let us say having will power – first installing all data of the world (the transfer of the hard disk) and now this, which is about the update of your father.

You could easily get around the globe with the ring you have already earned, but you are serious about getting the most valuable I have – said with a smile – and yes based on your old self, and what is that, and yes you have already received access to our New World, and when you decide to do your job “perfectly” – still miss the chapter on creation, however the world understands you – and yes with this you may or may not become what I was myself before starting to build a thing called life, and yes can you get all the way up here as your old self (?), and yes we would also like to know, so the game continues while we figure this out, and yes what will he do (?), and yes to go from something to nothing is apparently not very easy to do, and yes two people are speaking together, which is my new and old self (?), and yes God and then the Son also becoming nothing and this is the road we have prepared for you, so tell me if you can find it (?), and yes father fine, sister finer, mother fine, and everyone is fine, and by the way, how do you think Käte is doing seeing “over the rainbow” on his Facebook update, yes it was her husband Erling dying from cancer maybe five years ago having this as his favourite (?), and what will it do to her faith and yes see him again (?), and is Stig God or becoming God (?), and yes quite amazing what you can do as a normal human being breaking through to people nothing reading, listening or wanting to understand, but if you can do this, this is also what we can, and yes to lift you up, which the Englishmen and you know the Intelligence Service over there also do not like, or do you (?), and yes did you enjoy the show almost from your windows (?), and yes do you finally get it (?), and yes Stig when you add one after the other, you continue climbing the stairs of the ladder and on top of the world is nothing, this is where you are, and then you just have to find the right road up here to find us because we are inside of this darkness being without being, and do you have any idea of how this is done (?), and no, none other than a “feeling” and yes this is what he has followed all throughout his journey and what he will use here, and together with growing faith of the secret world – and some others too – he might also get in here before we declare the game entirely over, and yes this is also what Lance Armstrong going public is about, and yes can you read through him or can’t you (?), and yes if there is one who can see his “secret message” it may be you, Stig, and yes is Lance the access to us (?), and yes yes yes we could speak much more and yes by telling off the world media of their mistakes, or are we darkness speaking here (?), and e will see, and good luck my friend, and yes he has decided to go out cycling again today, and we know to buy a little extra and another 10 kilometres on cycle and maybe exercise at the swimming hall again despite of being on the edge and really preferring to sleep now, but no, better do what is right to do, so this is what we do.

I was told that I am going the most extremely thin line to “nothing”, and yes it is really the end of the tunnel, and I was given the understanding that this will really hurt, and do you dare (?), and no, I have absolutely no meaning on this, I will simply go on, and this is how it normally is here as my voice says.

I was thinking that for 2,500 DKK I could have bought a completely new computer with Windows 8, 750 GB hard-disk and 6 or 8 GB ram, but no, I could not afford it, so this is the long way around I had to take, which was also really for the best ….

And yes I tested Windows Update again after the installation of the Service Pack 3 before, and finally it worked without error messages – after some additional installation of software as it wanted – and here is really how the New World looks when it works, and yes including an additional 125 files to install (!) and I better do this installation too, but it will be when I come home, and yes it is 15.00 and time flies, and yes this is what Michael also thinks being “THE FLYER” :-).

Windows Update 170113

So the blood of your mother is circulating fine (?), and yes she is in perfect condition now, this is what this means, so it was good that you did not give up. And all new blood is coming directly from you/me/us and yes from the Source of “nothing”.

I cycled to town and out to the Aldi Supermarket and had planned also to go to the swimming hall and afterward the Netto Supermarket, but inside Aldi, I felt just how extremely poorly that I feel still with darkness pressuring on me making my whole body feel like “give up/scream mode”, so I decided to cycle home here, which may have been about 8 kilometres of cycling, which was really enough, and on the way I was told that no one can help you with this, not even the Lord, and if one wants to, one has to take care of it by himself, and I told myself that “this sounds wrong”, so I did not believe in it, and on my way home in a cross on the King’s Road, the only lorry passing me had written “the flyer” on it, and with this, I smiled and knew that I am still on the right track to enter nothing of the Source and there is really only one way doing it, and that is to do as I have always done, which is to never give in and continue working and when there is no more darkness, I should be in, and yes yes yes my cycle yesterday started a phenomenon, which continued today, which was mostly the back wheel – but sometimes also the front wheel – which had now decided to buckle so it clearly could be felt all over the cycle including the steer, which also started to buckle, and it was with the feeling that the whole cycle was about to break down under me, and I was told that this was to give the impression that there would be problems entering the last stage and pretending a fight just before this (because of feelings of my physical father and others), but I both feel and also hear two individuals inside the Source, which is my father and my own inner self (been there since October 31 making this a game only to enter as my old self), so I am not that worried even though the game is convincing, and yes the gear was some times too also shifted up and down, and I can only say that I feel the force of “nothing” doing this, and it happens so I feel it and sometimes it is on, then changes and then is off, so a game only it is to show/teach me that entering here with the New World is not the easiest to do in the world.

And you will believe that “this is the strangest in the world” and we know, this place is not a home, but this is how it is and that is until you will discover who I really am, and yes Bowie is the symbol of me inside of “nothing”, and you know “the being”, or “I (simply) am”.

So Elijah has become what he said (with all of his temper) that he (certainly) was not, which is someone who is not my friend and misusing me because of my money, and yes Elijah, I knew you had it in you as the spirit of my mother tells me here from the New World coming through to me via not much darkness, and this darkness includes you still trying to prevent creation, and yes because you could not and would not understand me believing that I “could not” understand you, and yes that is your destiny.

I came home and downloaded and installed all of the 125 updates above and again I was fearing that something should go wrong, but it went fine, and took maybe one hour to do. And I was told that we had created a bog for you to go through but instead we are now installing the finest wooden floor helping to bring me the last way.

So it is you (son) and not me (father) now sitting on the safe, and you just have to get used to that, and later I was told by my father behind the game that you will get your sleep soon, and yes we will still need sleep in our New World, and at least to start with.

I was told that this was the chapter – on my father on my website – which was needed for my father as the last to go through this, and I understood that my mother, sister and Karen, whom the other chapters in “my sufferings” are about, have gone through this, and yes bringing many STRONG feelings you know to be used for my way forward.

I have been given physical shakings and almost cramps to two of my left fingers sometimes the last couple of days and I was told that this is also to symbolise the New World almost breaking down on our way in here.

I was shown a small and open tool shed with the door open to the fine garden (and light), and I was told that it is inside of here that we have lawn mower etc., and this small room includes the tools inside of darkness to be used for creation and it is now very open meaning that it cannot take long for everything to be light with Paradise being the combination of our New World and the Source.

I felt my mother’s (adoptive) mother Petra and isn’t it funny that this was me, and yes God alive coming from “nothing” – and “not being able” to show feelings as part of the desired upbringing of my mother also to give her the desired upbringing of me.

I was shown myself on the way into me (!) with the lowest part of my right leg being held back by a force of darkness trying to prevent me, and at the same time this force of darkness is being used to build more and more of my leg and me – i.e. the New World.

I was told that there has never been as much darkness as now and also never as much faith. And I was given the feeling of Fuggi around me and told that exactly as expected, he “could not” read me and is now part of this darkness trying to prevent me.

I was given the thought of when I lived with my mother and father on Rørholmsgade in Copenhagen, which we did until 1972 (my father moved out before when my mother and father were divorced maybe in 1971?), and I was given the memory of my father joking with becoming 29 at his next birthday and not 30 because he did not want to become “this old”, and this was in September 1970, where I was four years old, and I remember it clearly when I told him – or thought – on the stairs in front of our door “never mind, just say that you are becoming 30”, and I understood that the reason why I thought of this was because my father is thinking of me, and also that this is some of my first memory of all, and this is a symbol of going all the way back to the beginning of everything.

I was shown the feet of an eagle, and then a penguin and I felt actors inside darkness around me – as if I am inside a circle, and they stand around the circle directing it – and I was told that we are the actors (father and son) even though we are really not here (and that is as the presence of “the natural being” of God).

I was told that the successful update of Windows corresponds to having received a new goalkeeper, so now we can continue a little now again.

My right computer speaker is now receiving a new order – I feel it when I am giving an active feeling inside of my body when it happens – and it is to momentarily play and play with reduced volume, and the right speaker is the symbol of my father, and apparently this is to say that he is suffering much, which will have to be after “reading” my website yesterday, and yes there are many pages, which he and Kirsten could read to get an understanding of the Big Picture, but very few works like this I can see, and then it is better to guess you think?

I was told that I am still inside the refrigerator – i.e. producing life – and have NEVER left the world as some people say, but darkness became STRONG, that is right.

I was told and felt that the entrance is completely open and please remember that you will decide yourself when to enter, and we know Stig, not as long as there is still more work to do, and no, I will not force it.

The opening of feelings of my father to me is opening the entrance to the Source, which could have killed much of me

This is information given to me in the evening written down “tomorrow” morning.

It is not nice for Lars G., who has now been told, and yes he still has contacts to the Conservative Party.

To my surprise, Windows Update continued to suggest new updates to be downloaded and installed almost all evening, which I did – it took hours to do – and I thought that this is the update of the Source with me as the Son entering.

Hours before the interview with Lance Armstrong would be sent, I was told that he had prepared this moment in time and was nervous because of the entire world watching – and me too, Lance?

I continued receiving visions of MANY famous people apparently knowing about me – or it may be darkness coming out like this too – and I have felt the Spandau Ballet band for days, and now again.

We are not about to also hand over the golden necklace to him are we (?), and yes that too, and it was part of the cross, and yes you will get automatically turned around here when this is your wish, and this is also how we thought it was, so it is the wish of the New World to turn you around from dead to alive without your physical death – to wake up a little after you as dead was brought to your left – and this is the reason of Messi/Barcelona (winning the first 18 out of 19 matches this season on its way to set even higher records for the best season).

I was told by the spirit of my mother that the task was to come here. This is part of us, and you are all us, and when we will bring you back and enter you again, it is your rebirth, and this process is on-going. So we have tested if you can enter here as nothing and turn something, which really is no longer, and you can, and this becomes you.

So you were not alive – my inner self, but my physical self was – when arriving, and then you have been given some of our heart, which is also you, and this is about rebirth, so don’t give up, we are not done at all, and the Helsingør Convent is also part of this, and yes people centuries ago knowing that you would come here through information given via meditation etc.

Your mother knows nothing, so she does not have part of this .. shark bite … don’t worry, she is also not dead, she is also kept alive because of you keeping John alive. We thought this was better than lose John and her.

And I felt strongly and was told that it is me, still my inner self, coming from outside here, who is the worst darkness of all, and I am being released by my father, and yes his opening to me is the reason why, and take some days extra to see how much we can bring. So this is the part we bring because we can, and this came with the strong feeling that this one is truly impossible/crazy to do.

You will get apple slices not matter what, but if you do/did not do this, we would have had to cut off this the biggest part of you pretending to never see this again, but this would only be until we came in to bring everything alive. This saves you and the world from much sufferings.

I was told that the Theosophical Fellowship in Copenhagen are also formidable opponents offering no help or support but plenty of talk about me behind my bag, and I felt the late Lady Ananda from here and the question how do you feel about Jan and others from there (?), and yes embarrassing (?), and yes they did not even offer to visit you and talk, but they “know all about you”, and you too, Inger?

This is how to give birth to small children, but not even the size you have asked for, which is perfect age and size, which your mother and the world was meant to do – if you did not live as your physical self – and we don’t know how without your help, but since you are here, we are too and together this is what we do.

Kirsten’s son Stephan is a sneak, so there is plenty of power, this is not the problem, it is more if you can survive. I felt Søren Pind all over and was shown myself with his help crossing the connection from one side to the other.

And I was thinking that I have both been told about only little darkness remaining, and here about the strongest of all darkness arriving, and what is the truth and not (?), and I received such strong darkness that it also made me nervous about what will happen if I lose it, this is part of the feeling it gives me, and I was told that this the strongest darkness comes because my father is sad because of me.

You will not be killed, but we also cannot liberate you now”. You are not a wimp. You don’t come to your father asking for war or peace with the strength he possesses, and how would he react (?), was the message of love (on my chapter on him) strong enough and that is for me/us to come through without war but with love (?), and yes yes yes no “hell love” of Karen, but TRUE love, which is why we have given you the feeling of Spandau Ballet, so here is this MAGNIFICENT song :-).

Your soul has not arrived yet, but you did succeed to get in to your father, which is about entering my father as the Source, and this is how you did it, and we will help each other to transfer the last. This is what the unsteady cycle was about. And what would have happened if your father did not long back (?), and yes dying as the only way out maybe. You cannot come through here after so many years where your father apparently has had no feelings for his old family, but yes you can, when the son comes and asks for access, which this webpage on my father is about, and yes, then you are granted access because of love. So you have now broken through this barrier.

Do you know how much your webpage on the Jerusalem UFO meant to make the rulers of the world understand the meaning/importance of this (?), and yes without this, there would also not be a New World.

I was shown an extremely dark hangar and a jet fighter being pulled out of there, and I was told if this was a hidden plane (?), which is now being pulled out because of the darkness and opening of my father (?), and yes this is also connected with Jack, and my father is his too.

So we are coming through the entrance of your father without being asked to return anything with apologies like “there is no room” etc. And in this case, there would only be one way in, and that is via you “old nightmare”.

I was told that you are not such a dr. hook (a pirate) anymore when your father gets out of your shirt as I was shown, and yes changed his attitude in relation to you. This is the way in for fish and everything else – as your old self – and this is what would have been enough to make you turn us over as the gold treasure without knowing how otherwise to enter.

The truth is that you are still heading directly for the GOLD, and yes this is what Spandau Ballet is also about, and we know because of the attitude, I don’t care about your obstacles, I am coming in.

The last couple of days I have received a symbol of destruction – Østjysk Musikforsyning (!) – and today you saw Muslims in Algeria taken hostages leading to deaths and casualties when the military intervened, and yes they wanted to open “the gates of hell” because of the situation in Mali, and this is really what we do except from the fact that going through this the strongest darkness of my father is to come home to Paradise, and I am here giving a strong burning feeling to my left foot.

What do you do if you cannot swim through everything (?), and we don’t know, it hasn’t happened yet, and he, i.e. me, will not allow us to do anything else, so we are only doing what he wishes.

For a few days, I have been given the memory of MANY old dreams with the underlying encouragement also to write these down, which however has been impossible, and yes too much information is what this is about again.

I was told that there will not come new million invoices, energy has been secured, and today was yet another of the most important days of history.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • My old colleague from Fair, Kim, is in Mexico doing the same with a pyramid there as he did in Egypt, and I understand that he is a “special friend” of mine – receiving a nice taste of food here – so this is what his journeys mean, to save life and brought to me (!), and as I commented, it is only one metre tall, and you should really believe that it as taller, but an optical illusion it must have been … :-).

FB 170113 Kim

  • Helena gave an emergency number because she had handed over her phone including the sim-card, and she said it was her secretary doing it, which made people tell her to dismiss her, and Jess to say “if you send her down after money, she will leave the credit card in the dispenser”, and this is about the credit card taking out energy of darkness, but didn’t we entirely close down energy at one stage (?), and I believe we did, and this is what I am playing after despite of all of the references to “energy”.

FB 1601 170113 Helena

  • Helena spoke about a six year old boy, who was badly burned in the face because of an adult using inflammable liquid on a burning fire, and furthermore the adults believed that he did not required treatment, which made her say “he had – he has lived a pain hell without anyone coming to his relief”, which made her feel poorly, and yes tell me about it, Helena (and the world!), and she also thought of the law on unemployed asking them to seek “wide”, which is “everything” and as she says “NO, they shall not! Of course they shall fill the place precisely within their profession giving us a community where the best skills are divided the best way possible”, and yes how difficult can it be to understand (?), and yes all of the “experts” in the administration, Ministry and Government/Parliament don’t understand it (!), and you might say “within their skills” instead of “profession”, but the meaning is “good enough” as we still say here. And yes, Helena has now opened up for subscribers to comment and that includes “previous Facebook friends” like me, whom she “could not stand” any longer.

FB 170113 Stanislav

  • I was happy to find Stanislav almost speaking the same language as I. This is an update to our public communication yesterday.

FB 170113 Stanislav

  • In my script of yesterday I included a link to my memo on Scribd to “Alex the psychiatrist”, which was not important now compared to the DSB link the other day, and even though my script of yesterday was only read two times yesterday as you can see below, suddenly there was an increase from normally 0 to 2 readers on my Scribd memo to Alex to 61 (!!!), and yes it is still “good enough”, these are visits of the “world elite”, and my best guess is still a click rate of 1-2% making the true number of secret visitors to my scripts, which are NOT recorded, between 3,000 to 6,000, so “a few thousand” is my best guess, and yes all of them not saying a word, and yes SPEECHLESS they are these cowards of leaders of states, businesses, media, armed forces and royalties, and yes isn’t it incredible (?), and how many of you would have liked to support me “if only I could” (?), but no you “could not” herewith brining (young) blood to me again, and so it is.

WP stats for 160113 script

Scribd 1701 including 160113

  • Some hours after I was given “Italian coffee”, see the script of today, Paolo was inspired to read about this INCREDIBLE album by SAGA, “Worlds Apart” and that was “with my Italian coffee”.

FB 170113 SAGA

  • Both the Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt and also the new leader of the Socialist People’s Party, Annette Vilhelmsen, receive MUCH resistance these days from people “opposing” them and speaking behind their backs, and Politiken’s Kristian put it like this: “Cough, cough”, which is about the worst darkness as I feel exactly like this: “Cough, cough”, so there you have this one too, and we know Stig, a little old this quote maybe, but we still receive more life from inside this the most dark, dusty bedroom as you show me, and yes incredible small this room is.

FB 170113 Kristian


18th January: Change your routine, put an end to the tears, decide on the policy of truth and become CLEAN 🙂

Dreaming of practically not being alive as my old self

I went to bed at 22.50 being INCREDIBLE tired as I am these days and I slept until 05.00 still feeling “destroyed” when standing up, there was nothing to do, the game started again meaning that I was attacked by “negative voices”, which is really not a very nice way to start every single day, but this is how it is, and here are some dreams too.

  • Something about being locked up together with the most beautiful lady at a hotel, and cannot speak nor make love, and I see my self as “half” because I am closing down.
    • This is my old self being closed down, I am practically not alive.
  • Many different teams from Norway, Sweden and now also Denmark are on holiday, it feels like the Island of Fyn, I feel nature, we check houses, there are big birds, a beautiful lady wearing a yellow jacket and something about being disciplined.
    • The lady is my mother, and the rest is about ….?

I could not keep up the page of the game being IMMENSELY tired bringing temporary terminations

I was truly incredible tired again today, and it was only with my outmost will that I wrote the last chapter of my script of yesterday and published it at 08.00 and I did it thinking that this could be the last script I will do (?), and then I better do it before I cannot do it anymore, and yes still receiving 1/10 out of this world pain to my right ankle here.

If he has not mixed his cards well, this might be his last day alive, and yes this is how strong this storm is, but if you have – yes including China and so on – you might be strong enough to continue one day (at a time), let us see.

The roundabout, what is status (?), and there are also no burning marks there, and yes how did he succeed getting in (?), and yes his father and not to give in (?), and is that it (?), and yes there you have it, the recipe for not falling in love with darkness to do this work.

Bruce Springsteen, Stig, would you believe that he sends you darkness too?

There is not moved a whole refrigerator, or is there?

In a former life we would have become married, are you strong enough to give up on me, your own mother, no father playing that role (?), and yes I will do the best I can to support you, but the last step is “impossible” to take and I see much darkness.

Is it a former prisoner who is still sitting there (?), and yes refusing to give up and to his “old nightmare”.

It is meant to look as a surprise when he enters as the spirit of my mother said.

So the sale of tickets is done, and there is no fear anymore, so he is ready to be lifted up (?), and yes by himself, and that is me, and the New World.

There is not much blood dripping over this, it is more like a re-location inside of here. You with him – God and Son – or is it the other way around, and yes all of this is put in my hands.

And he would have said that we could forget everything about the farm in Sweden etc. and that is just to get us on place. This was only one of those bicycles at the Central Stations you know (of Søren D.N. some time ago).

Do you remember that there is a “secret” access from me – the spirit of my mother – to the Source (?), and yes this is what we are using, and we were going in that direction anyhow, so we might as well continue.

And this is how we have saved you from going through a big fire as she says. And it is in Egypt that “the fight” begins and now also ends.

After publishing my script of yesterday, I simply had to take a long bath, and I was told not to do it, but I had to overrule this because I simply could not take anymore, so this is how I took another maybe three hours there including a nap too, and I did not write much down, but here is some.

Can you imagine our surprise that we did not only speak on the phone, but also have direct access (?), and that is from the spirit of my mother to the Source.

So Jerusalem was the place of birth of this world, and the access to the Source, and this has now been moved to Helsingør, to Kronborg Castle. This is what the song “halo” by Depeche Mode is about – one of the STRONG songs I was woken up to when my spiritual voice opened in 2006 incredible STRONGLY one night after the other for example giving me the chorus of this song over and over again – and this is the great discovery really.

And this is what the “impossible opening” of Lance Armstrong is about – finally admitting to his doping – which is about the opening to the Source and yes the opening of my father, and I was told that this has completely changed the Source self.

I was shown that we are inside the library of the Source, and one shelve after the other was put in our way not to enter our final destination. I was shown the fighter plane, and the opening of the cockpit of it, which changed into a missile, which is about the world we are opening for.

It was clear that going to bath was NOT a good thing to do, but I had to give in, and afterwards I was told, don’t you believe that we hung on with our outermost too, Stig, yes not only you having to take a bath.

We were also almost moving those groceries there, but then he could no more, and now he says, please carry on the work, and yes they are crazy those Swedes, and also Romans, thinking of you here Benedict.

It almost felt like Ipswich equalising to 1 to 1, so now you know, and yes don’t you ever do that again, don’t come here and so on, this was the prize we had to pay. But not for long, because he will accept no terminations and “only the best is good enough”, so there is still room for everyone and yes also the unlucky red dog and so on.

I was told that it felt like destruction, and I was shown eggs being removed from one tray to another and told that we saved them.

This is what the shark bite was about. And I was told that this is what Stanislav’s message confirmed, that darkness is an illusion, so everything survived.

Later however, I was told that this is what the Shu-bi-dua song from the other day about bleeding was about, and is this the truth, that we did bleed, i.e. terminate life, on the way in (?), and if we did, it is or will be recreated.

I keep hearing that France would like me to say what I believe of its intervention in Mali, and I can only say that I do NOT like war and oppression of people, and if things cannot be “perfect”, I prefer the solution bringing the least violence and oppression to people according to your best judgment, and this is really it.

It was expected that your mother would fall on her behind as part of the game, but not this late in the game my boy as she says.

So it means that there is really no dirt inside the engine (?), and I see someone looking interesting with a small flash, which will have to be John, and yes another part of me trying to find you too through the fog, which is what the accident in Sweden the other day was about, and yes Stig, you concentrate on doing your best work under the circumstances, and have said that I still have more to do, and yes the computer is perfect now, but I may be able to do a few updates to my website if I can generate will and energy to do so, and we know it is 14.30 now, and I have more work today and am going to my mother this evening, who has had back pain all week, so she is feeling it too, and I may have a few more days to continue doing my work, and we will see how much I will do, and I will be happy with “just a little”.

So there are no flat bicycles (?), and no, that is the best part of it as I felt a smiling God say, and yes my task was simply to get in bringing as little suffering to the world as possible.

I hear “yes, you are allowed to come with the ambulance too”, which has to be about our “people recovering life” on the way, but no, not yet, we are not done working yet, and yes let us see if we can work until the end of January as the goal.

I just had a glimpse of my new bicycle, and yes it is completely white, as I was told with a voice of much excitement/anticipation.

Something about HK (the union symbolising darkness coming from Falck to me), and it became your mother after all doing the head cleaning here, and that will have to be the New World helping me to do what I could not, and yes not easy when you were told that your mother could not, but this is how the game was designed to help bringing as little sufferings to the world.

No, we will not build a new ship yard because when we are done, we are done, and will NEVER go through this road again, and this is why he says that he will continue and yes until the end of January if he can, and yes “let him” as I am told.

I am reminded that the last couple of days I have received the name of the previous ski racer Gustav Thöni, and I understand that this is about terminations on our way in as part of the game.

I was told about fire, no class parties etc., and also that the floor is now not wet anymore.

I continue hearing through darkness to the right of me that “we are ready”, and that is to start our New World, but no, there is still darkness, and when there is darkness, I have decided that we cannot start, this is how it was and still is.

I was told about the importance of delivering practically everything about my self – I did not “exhibit” people compared to myself – and again about the importance of “speed” being crucial in order to defeat darkness.

One of the things darkness has made me do stronger and stronger – as it also did when I was a child and “my young years” – is to make me bite my nails, and yes another suffering, which has been completely impossible to resist.

Yes, it is a mean Satan you have to go through here at the end, but there is a meaning with everything.

Stig, darkness does not even want to say “thank you for the match”, and we know, this is how they are, and no my family, friends etc. and the world cannot say “we are sorry”, and yes still thinking about Elijah and how sorry I am that he “cannot” say that he is sorry and cannot behave, which will only make things worse for him and his family, and yes this is what he is thinking and “too proud” to speak with me again, Elijah (?), and yes I have been thinking all along that I will probably be my new self before the end of January to help you out anyway, but we will see.

How shall we make him understand that he is not me (?), and yes Stig, Karen is not you (?), but that does not fit what you have said before, and now you say that we are one as God at the top but we found a way to make you different people at the level below, so this is what we are.

My book is not published on “RIGET” – the Danish national hospital – but it is quite spread anyway, and yes I have been told about “Riget” some times and is that because “my case” is “interesting” for the “leading experts” to learn from (?), and yes you might want to tell me why (?), and maybe “how can a man live even though he should be dead – and to continue working hard as if it did not bother him”, is this it?

I was told – still to the right of me – that here she was arranged “ready to kiss” and yes all of this set up of darkness – my “old nightmare” – you know, but no, I don’t want it!

And we almost took the ticket there ourselves, i.e. dying, and yes to sell tickets to the world and yes to get you to read, understand and follow me of course.

Bringing the Cure to my mother and family driven by LOVE – receiving a mixture of darkness and smiles of light

I was told that the last football match will be Germany, where your home is, and Denmark/Helsingør is the Northern region of this. Aren’t you soon finished with all of those clap hats (?), and the feeling is that we are still working and yes with celebration of our New World coming.

I was told that this is the longest we could extend it without the world going to war because of you (!), and yes could you not agree, my friends (?), and we will see just for how long I will continue working.

For a couple of days I have received the name of the band “the Cure”, and is this because of Robert & Co. knowing/thinking about me (?), and when I met my mother this evening, I understood what this is also about, because after I spoke to her on phone this morning where her back was in pain and had been all week, she was suddenly this evening completely without pain (!), and yes this is what the Cure is about, and I was told that it was given to her after giving me strong darkness of speech of my “old nightmare” of a king you just don’t want to receive, and yes John is even better than before, and I have been told that my father is also better (?), and yes what song to play by the Cure other than the plain LOVE SONG of course, and yes also from an “exceptional” album it is :-).

John and my mother told me that they will be going to an event tomorrow where they will have patty shells for lunch, and yes beginners, main and desert, and I told them to be sure not to have too many, otherwise it will go them as it did Harry from the DSB commercial film, who simply had too many shells making him almost throw up in the train, and yes this is a symbol of the sufferings/throw up feelings I went through when new “food” continued coming to me, which I had to “eat”/absorb in order to save every little thing, but still we “take it easy” (“tar’ det let”) as I have always said and yes “this cannot be true, can it” (“det kan da ikke pasta, kan det”), but yes, it can, this is also how I am :-).

My mother served veal rump steak, which is one of her favourites, and this time, the meat was even more sweet and tender than ever before, so this is what my voice through me called for “the best meat in the world”, and yes still about our new life just behind our façade, you know.

For a very long time, John has not had wine, but lately, he has had beer (after water for a long time), but this evening, he liked to have a glass of wine, and afterward I was told that this is to say that John is changing too from beer of darkness (terminations) to wine of light (i.e. “everything which is”).

My mother told me that Niklas and Isabelle had decided not to buy the house in question, and also that if John gets the permission of doctors to fly, they will order a holiday to Egypt with only a few days notice and leave in the beginning of February, and yes they were happy visiting Egypt the last time, and as she said “you will probably understand that we have been through a very tough period”, but of course I will, mother, but you may understand that I was thinking that it truly makes me sad that you don’t understand that I have been going through an even tougher period than you, and of course, I know, I cannot afford to go on holiday, so therefore I need to stay at home – “it goes without saying” – and if John “liked” it, I am sure that he could also invite me, couldn’t he (?), and this is how it is, and yes my mother had bought me a sweater on sale (reduced from DKK 400 to 100), and we know she surely “looks after me”, and you do get it by now, don’t you (?), and I can give you more examples of “Stig cannot afford, so he cannot get” but “we can because we can afford”, and so it is. And my mother and John in Egypt in the beginning of February, which may be to say that this is where I will open as my new self and show myself to the world (?), and yes walking out of a Pyramid there (?), and yes wouldn’t it be good (?), and yes a true favourite of mine too :-).

We watched X-factor on DR1 – still not live shows – and I do like Anne Linnet and her “strength” playing up against Thomas Blachman, but don’t say that he does not have humanity, Anne, because I do believe that the world will agree with me that he has, and that it is really only weak and too sensitive people – also of darkness – who “cannot” take Thomas, and yes there were some examples of this this evening, and yes also of two couples of siblings having the “greatest” difficulties to sing together in pairs because of far too big egos, which I was VERY sad to see, and yes how can it be difficult to do what should be the most natural thing to do?

And my mother is really either white or black, and yes either things are “FANTASTIC” with great enthusiasm or the opposite, and we know RAP is certainly NOT her cup of tea, and she kept on telling me just how much she “hates” this – “this is NOTHING to do with singing” etc. – and can you imagine that her negativity, which is repeated endlessly, because she receives this input endlessly, is also making me suffer (?), and yes because I do NOT want to think negatively myself, and this is exactly how it is – but it also goes the other way you know when she is positive – and I could only say that rap is NOT my kind of music, but when I hear people having a great talent, for example Jokeren or L.O.C., I can truly hear that this is great too, but will you please CLEAN wrong/disgusting language from much rap/hip hop because this I truly don’t like. And this was also a game of my spiritual friends, whom I heard with smiles (!) leading the voice of my mother, and the game was to say that we want to ELIMINATE these from the game, which is really the message of these reality shows JUDGING people (!), and I could only smile my best too looking away from the distraction of it knowing that this is wrong.

During this evening, I received a mixture of the worst darkness including references to my “old nightmare” and smiles of light.

As the Source I am still hidden inside of darkness now only the size of a football

When I came home, I was told that it is first now via the entrance of your mother, that it has been possible to separate you and Karen.

I was told “interception” and now we will inform you about what we did not bring (from darkness), and what to do about this, and yes the feeling was that the game would be “because of this, we cannot make it work”, but I know that this is a game and because of the way I played it, this is NOT how it will be effected, and I was told that “this one was too difficult”, and I felt/understood that this darkness is represented through people on Earth resisting me, and I felt Karen and was told that she is the only one having the strength to fight me here, and that it goes via her wrong sexual behaviour. I was told “not unemployed”, which is about the Commune and told no, this is not it.

This is now the last darkness, which you have NOT given up on, so will you get this as a gift of God (would surely be easy/nice) or do you want to give it self (?), and yes the right answer is of course to continue fighting until the end, and yes if I can of course, and this is where my walking around Mijas in 2007 comes in, and that is because darkness has no way out to escape from me.

I was told that this is then the force, which wanted to shut everything via your sister bringing lack of faith to your mother, but we neutralised it not long ago, and except from this, there is reasonable clean inside of here, so we will just keep on going this direction and that is with everything/everyone and yes towards the eye at the end, and that is the eye of God.

I have been given the feeling of Kim S on and off, and was told that it is “typical” of people hiding that they don’t communicate, so Kim did not want to play bowling (?), but he “cannot” communicate about this to me (?), and also not Preben for that matter?

I heard a giving up voice saying that we have gathered so much darkness around Cala d’Or, Mallorca (where I lived on holiday in 2007), so we might as well give up and walk on by, but NO, NEVER!

I was told that you – the Source – is still hiding inside darkness now the size of a football, and it is inside of here that the whole “power device” of the world is located, and it is from here – the “secret world” – that WRONG information on you NOT being the Son of God is spread out, and yes HOW COULD YOU???

And I was told that this darkness is driven by my sister, who still needs some comfort because of me!

Change your routine, put an end to the tears, decide on the policy of truth and become CLEAN 🙂

Finally, the Oprah Winfrey interview of Lance Armstrong was sent, and no, there was NO DOUBT, he had really taken doping for years to help him win the Tour de France seven years, and yes like “everyone else”, but not Rolf Sørensen (the Danish star rider of the 1990’s), who still claims that he was “clean”, and this is what this story – behind the acting – is TRULY about, which is to come CLEAN, which is both about everyone doing the same as Lance Armstrong, which is to tell the truth about your wrongdoings – but NOT to leave anything out including details/names, which Lance still does (!) – and here also supported by the song CLEAN by Depeche Mode also from their Violator album, which is “one of the greatest albums in history” if you ask me, so this is really an encouragement for everyone to tell the truth, to come CLEAN. And to me this is also about “victory” – feeling Martin Gore as a gentle soul around me, and yes light only starting to enter me – and that is because it was IMPOSSIBLE for Lance Armstrong to come out telling this story, but when he did, everyone can! Finally, this was also a BIG surprise to myself as part of the game, where it turns out that it was darkness telling me for years that Lance was clean only being “doped” by the force of God, and this made me so disappointed to hear this morning that it also almost knocked me out, and I kindly ask you to remember that I receive both the truth and deceptions based upon behaviour of man, so this was one of many lies given to me because of the behaviour of man. And yes, I feel like playing the whole VIOLATOR album, so why don’t you join me listening to it here and maybe you will also REACH OUT AND TOUCH FAITH J. Later I was told with a strong voice of God through darkness to me that this is about getting sin out of my house.

Afterwards, I thought that what Lance did was WRONG, but it is equally as wrong of the world now to threaten him with law suits and run smear campaigns against him, and yes I told my mother this evening that the POSITIVE is that he did WRONG, but now he did RIGHT (however not 100%), and we should focus on what is RIGHT, but my mother had very negative thoughts about him focusing on what he did WRONG (!), and yes this is apparently how darkness is still working, so will you please help me to change this focus and yes to focus positively on what people do right?

CBS 180113 Armstrong

Helena brought this dialogue she has had with a “politician”, which she could not hide saying is from the Liberal Party, and Jane could not help revealing that this is about Søren Pind through her dialogue with Helena, and yes this “politician” asked her why she has chosen the special, she has, which made her say that she has always wanted to help the weak as a call, which made the “politician” laugh out loud asking her to “peel off another layer, lady, I want the right answer”, which she could only say “eeehhh” to – as I would have done too, you know – and this “politician” really had his layer of darkness peeled off here when he said “you are not a politician and you don’t stand in front of rolling cameras on TV2 News. SO TELL IT LIKE IT IS”, and yes “completely impossible” for him to understand that this is really her motive (!), which she told him that it was, and this is really about PEELING OFF DARKNESS, which has been my mission also the last days making my “circle of life” immensely little, and to Søren and the world I can only ask you to NEVER AGAIN tell lies, but to always follow THE POLICY OF TRUTH, and I can only think that I am SURPRISED to see the TRUE face of Søren as the “professional politician” showing himself in a FALSE light, which to me is as disgusting as it gets, and yes Søren, do you feel proud or embarrassed by your “girlfriend” and me here (?), and yes, this is your destiny too to be the example of the FALSE world, and this is really about putting down all facades and being HONEST.

FB 180113 Helena

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Nikolaj is one of those group of young people finding me “interesting” approx. one year ago, but I haven’t heard from any of you for a long time, but you are still noticing my Facebook messages (?), and here he apparently came CLEAN saying that his double life will have to stop now, and he admits to having smoked hash during high school, which he is not proud of, and he will now actively fight for a CLEAN Danish youth, however he believes that his name and reputation can do more damage than good, he retires from all voluntary work (!!!); and yes this is also to say to SPEAK THE TRUTH about your wrongdoings, and hash is “the worst darkness”, so these young people also brought me much darkness, but they will come CLEAN too.

FB 180113 Nikolaj

  • Jette brought these Google Earth pictures yesterday, and decided to be “silent” not bringing any comments on what she saw, which is why I bring a few pictures here as they are.

FB 1701 180113 Jette 1

FB 1701 180113 Jette 2

FB 1701 180113 Jette 3



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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2 Responses to January 18, 2013: Following the difficult end of the line going from “something” to “nothing” to become part of God

  1. jette says:

    my comments had ‘run out’ I saw the same, and the same, and the same..booring for you and for the public and in between my PC went down again – and I could only upload a few pictures – had to do that – no time for comments.. tired, too – but we shall continus – ❤

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