January 20, 2013: As the last inside darkness, I was meant to die and first resurrect after the opening of our New World


Summary of the script today

19th January: As the last inside darkness, I was meant to die and first resurrect after the opening of our New World

  • Dreaming of waking up the last life inside of now only little darkness, which has almost become light, the Commune is considering whether to send me in work practice or on early retirement pension (!), there are now almost no line on the horizon – it is MAGNIFICENT :-).
  • The New World is now reaching through a very narrow tunnel to me at the Source now only with reminiscences of darkness coming in between.
  • The official world “could not” support me or speak publicly about my arrival because it was preparing for the opening of a new totalitarian world government.
  • I received new pain of darkness to my right foot, which is about life of darkness being hidden from me right until this day, but now this is being transferred too, and in order to do this, I have to open the door to my father and inner self at the Source. I was meant to explode as the last of darkness, being spread all over and first after the opening of our New World, I would be located and resurrected, but now I will be included from the beginning, and that is because I am still alive and because the world allows it making me work in silence to bring ALL life out of darkness.
  • Jette brought Google Earth pictures in her Facebook group showing a big soul and brought rap/hip hop music as a symbol of my inner self being saved from inside the worst darkness, and she “could not” answer my repeated question from where she suddenly “likes” this music thus showing closeness and not openness, there is still lot’s of work to do, “modern art” of two opposite faces, eating more darkness, the children seem clean, light over Australia, and Blue Eyes is still suffering, that’s life.
  • Short stories of PR companies being the worst tool of the Devil, hateful people wants a Romanian murderer to rot up in Romania not understanding the need of helping the criminal as much as the victim to remove crime, which was also used to “activate” Dan Rachlin to help me turn around the last darkness, a human being in fact being a man from a people of another civilization “could not” listen, read and understand me but lectured me about being “psychiatric” etc. herewith bringing me MUCH darkness, and a Bulgarian Party leader almost being assassinated because of darkness of politicians not wanting to take responsibility of their WRONG actions.

20th January: It is almost impossible to hold back light and the opening of the gate of Egypt as the beginning of Paradise

  • Dreaming of the difficult creation of my self as the fifth part, being the only one facing the opposite way, darkness is now playing an extremely poor game, light inside of darkness, my nephew Tobias is also bringing me darkness, it is impossible to find new shoes/life, “I will show you, you’re so much better than you know”, and is John “crazy” too?
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group shows the permanent pattern of my mother and I on the North Pole, the mirror of my inner self, big lumps of life and help from the Source, a clear grey face of darkness, many souls are climbing up, the King asking you to “pull yourself together”, and the oil industry is still destroying the world!
  • I was shown and told how the last layers of my inner self leave darkness to enter light, and there are no new motorways of darkness to open. I am “bald” now after having removed hair of darkness, having saved all terminated life inside the metal container, which is now empty, and received the golden watch by original people of Peru.
  • There is almost nothing left to do than to clap the white horse (of the New World). “We almost only have the diamond to bring you now”, and I was shown the gate of Egypt, which I will open and walk through with our New World to enter the beginning of Paradise. We have run out of fuel, and it is almost impossible to hold back light of our New World. We continue on a day by day basis because I still have more work to do.
  • I was told about how the Commune approx. one year ago feared I was a potential Breivik murderer, and how they spoke to my mother behind my bag, and my mother told them about her misunderstanding brought to her by Sanna that I was indeed “offensive”, which was close to lock me up behind bars of a mental hospital, but I was saved by my letter to doctors/the system in 2008 telling them that it is against the law to “imprison me”, and apparently my mother is feeling poorly about what she said because afterwards she discovered that I am truly kind and loving as I have ALWAYS been.
  • Short stories of the WORST darkness of RICH PEOPLE buying politicians, politicians believing that “lazy unemployed” are the problem, which is really about the poor world order (and themselves), FREEDOM is coming to the world also to freely share everything (good) on the Internet, EVERYONE has something to remorse, Danske Bank is a symbol of THE WORST DARKNESS too going badly because of my progress.


19th January: As the last inside darkness, I was meant to die and first resurrect after the opening of our New World

Dreaming of waking up the last life inside of now only little darkness, which has almost become light

I went to bed at 23.15 and was surprised when I was allowed to continue sleeping until 07.25 – however still with the usual wake ups during the night morning – making me more fresh, but not “normal” today, and yes, Stig, there are still new dreams, so here we go once again.

  • I am at a small call centre at Østerbro in Copenhagen. I have gone there with my mother finding the rest, David (from Kenya) is here too, and I have two weeks and am writing an application. I tell people that “poor and selfish behaviour” in Denmark really brings the problem that people are not ready to work when they cannot control their negative feelings, and this feels like a “work practise” of a period of only 2 weeks, and it makes a man next to me ask if I really can work my best for two weeks not knowing what comes after this, which he cannot himself, and I tell him “of course I can”. An employee tells a manager about me after having discovered how “special” I am after opening my mouth that “he is a superman, we have to employ him”, and this is the same man going to buy a new amplifier of outstanding quality of 60,000 DKK. I am giving a nice cake. After this work late in the afternoon I will continue work at DanskeBank-Pension and on my way there, I pass a café on 1st floor where the owner has worked for 30 years making delicious white cakes, and he believes they are “fantastic” but I can tell that they are “good” but could be even better.
    • So a small call centre this is to wake up the last life inside darkness of the football surrounding the Source, and darkness is here represented by my mother and you too, David (?), and yes would I hear from David if I did not send money (?), and I don’t really know and the only one I feel sure that I would hear from regardless of money of the four of the LTO team is Meshack. The application will be to see if my work can bring out this darkness too, and the work practise may be about what the Commune is “planning” for me behind my back (?), and yes CRAZY they are that they now may “feel” that I “need” work practise (?), and it is really employers and not me needing this, and this reaction of the employer of the dream may be the reaction of employers of our New World, when they can see, hear and understand the truth about me? The amplifier is of course about life of the finest quality inside this darkness, the cake is about creation and yes even on the 1st floor, which is where darkness lives, and this is to say that there is so much light inside of this darkness that it is almost being brought home, but we can still improve the cakes of it, and yes one thing is that you will not work for 30 years the same place in our New World doing exactly the same day in and day out.
  • I am at DanskeBank-Pension where I have worked hard to produce a thorough report of what may be 100 pages or so. Jens Ove is leading a Friday meeting poorly without an agenda other than the hidden agenda to have it over with ASAP, and I tell about my report over unemployment benefit funds and their control of early retirement pension and the advise they offer, but it is impossible to be heard because of noise, something about three birthdays, and to my surprise Amagerbanken has taken over DanskeBank-Pension – we are now no longer part of the largest bank anymore – and that is via their Swedish property company, and I understand that the consultants knew about this, but I was not told, and I tell them that the worst is that you knew!
    • This is the department of Danske Bank that I worked from 1988-91 as part of “the world of darkness”, the report about “early retirement pension” may be to say that this is the option, which the Commune considers about me (?), and darkness is now only very little, which is why the small bank of Amagerbanken has taken over, and this is really to say that it does not exist anymore, this darkness – our game is an illusion after October 31 and really “only” a matter of how we divide/absorb the last of it – and that is because Amagerbanken does not exist anymore, after it went into administration a couple of years ago, which was really wrong because it had more assets than obligations, and this is the strength of our New World, and yes I remember that Bjarne and I at DanskeBank-Pension often did not receive the same information as the “fine” – but lazy – consultants, which at least I felt was VERY wrong making me feel less than they. My old colleague Carsten H. was strongly present in this dream too, which may be because he is “busy” speaking wrongly about me behind my back because of the updates he receives as a LinkedIn connection of mine.
  • I am at the cottage and take a walk to the stadium close by, and somehow I can turn over the pages including events week by week, and I see U2 playing a concert and to my surprise also how some women uncover their breasts. I return to the cottage, it is the warmest period of the year, and we can still hear U2 playing at the stadium.
    • The cottage is our final destination, and the stadium is the place of fighting darkness, and it here seems that U2 to my surprise – who should be about light only – is bringing out darkness wanting to bring me my old nightmare, and it may be about your WRONG way of life, my gentlemen, and yes not living a simple life like me, and when you do not, you become servants of darkness (too), so there you have it, and yes MAGNIFICENT is still what this band is, and there is almost no line on the horizon anymore, and yes only the end of it, you know, and yes I LOVED this the latest album by U2, and look much forward to the next.

As the last inside darkness, I was meant to die and first resurrect after the opening of our New World

From the morning I received “the sweetest perfection – to call my own” by Depeche Mode, which is also from the magnificent VIOLATOR album and this is where we are still heading, our new home.

I heard speech about the bell on my own racing cycle, and yes we are ringing in for the last round, Stig (?), and yes this is about Dan being “confused” about you – see the short stories – and who is this “Stig character” (?), and yes READ and UNDERSTAND, Dan :-).

We have decided that you decided yourself how long to sleep, which made me think that is this really “the strongest darkness”, or is it so that we have now passed “the worst of all” of John and my father (?), and yes I am not that tired and tormented by darkness today for the first time in some time, and the worst may have been when my father was reading me the other day?

Your mother is not only one of the richest around …, and yes you get the picture, she IS too and that is part of the Source. But it has got to be voice controlled (?), and no, we simply are.

The stamp has not been damaged by darkness, and we are now working with the stamp in bottom, which is impossible.

I was shown darkness now almost being light to the right of me and was told think that he found me hiding inside of here.

So we have no newspapers running down this channel anymore, and yes I see the New World arriving through this channel to me at the Source.

I felt the New World bringing in signals through a very narrow tunnel to me, and it brings references to Lani and Vivian (!), which is both about my “old nightmare”, and yes because of the (reminiscences of) darkness still inside this thin tunnel/line, but there is “hole through”.

What about UFO’s, they have not landed yet (?), no they are not in this country, but the feeling is that they have landed (?), and people of other civilizations have quite serious talks also with the US President at “remote areas”, and yes what do you know, Obama (?), and that is because “what do I know”, get it (?), and yes this is still one of my true favourites of SAGA, and it used to be THE favourite, but today it is among top 3 at least.

All of this we are going through is part of the goal of the Source, which was removed, and this is also about bringing home my mother to the Source. I wonder if he isn’t also washing potatoes with me.

I am enjoying VERY much to listening to my Jeff Lynne homemade CD on my stereo over and over again, and yes for the first time since 2009, the right channel of my amplifier is NOT turning up the volume to “crazy levels”, which is about my father not being able to control himself in relation to me, or the amplifier clicking on and off as it always did when I lived in Lyngby, and yes a JOY is what it is.

I received some pain to my behind, which is to say that my father is still thinking of me and sending me darkness too, and yes we are still playing, Stig, right (?) as the actor of darkness here asks me and gives me some annoyance to my throat, and yes we are, and is this darkness of my father coming through Dan (?), and this is the feeling here given to me.

I was told about how people of Dadaab are waiting for me to come and liberate them, and yes giving me the same feeling as people of World War II waiting to be liberated from the Germans (or others), and yes I am coming.

In the afternoon I cycled to the swimming hall again, and I have to say that I am cycling slowly when even ladies overtake me, and yes because of lack of energy you know, but when I first get started on the cross trainer, I use more and more strength.

On my way there I was told that the European Union was planned to become ONE SUPER MINISTRY of the totalitarian New World Government, and during the tour and exercise I was told that the Vatican Church as example would also receive a representative of this “government” (!), and later that the Danish government as example would also be represented, and this is why people “cannot” support or talk about me publicly.

I was told as example that the day on the sofa in 2011 in Lyngby when darkness came crawling in over me wanting to carry out my “old nightmare”, and when I stood firm on my ground REFUSING this to be done, this was because darkness had caught me – because of immensely strong darkness of my sister, thus family – and when I was strong enough to refuse this, it was because of the Source helping me out, and I was told this to say that I did not do all myself, but was helped by the Source and yes probably on many occasions “more or less” and of course also by the world suffering taking on VERY MUCH of my sufferings, otherwise it would have killed me in seconds, so there you have it, and yes life of darkness is still coming in, and we do write January 2013, and yes on the other side of what should have been the end of time December 21, 2012, “funny” right (?), and no “suffering” is really the right word, but you do understand that it is possible to smile in the midst of your sufferings, don’t you (?), and yes Jeff is STILL playing “with a little help from my friends” on the stereo, which is about the Source and the world helping me, and yes will he NEVER get tired (?), and it has played maybe five times today, and no, I will NEVER get tired in relation to continue doing my job, and yes I will try to make the last of all of my work, and that is if I can.

I received darkness coming in, and was told that this is because some politicians of the Danish Parliament have now read my thread with Dan, see the short stories.

I did not believe that it would be as difficult as it turned out to exercise today, and yes besides the cycling of course, and all 30 minutes on the left cross trainer was hell to come through – I understood that it was the effect of the last days of extreme pressure on me – and I was more than happy for not giving up after both 2, 7, 12, 17, 22 and 27 minutes and to finish what I started, and yes burning 520 calories today, and after maybe 17-18 minutes I received a sting – as I often do – and I received the feeling from Kim S. “I am desperate, what am I to do”, which was really the strong feeling of darkness wanting me to become desperate right there when exercising and this is about Kim not “looking well” because of my public writings on him (also on Scribd, and yes in the description of the best insurance system in the world you know) and it made me think that the reason why he and Pernille did not sue me was because they did not want to bring more “secret information” about them out in the public room (?), and I also received the feeling of Jeanette, Kirsten’s daughter and also about Danish politicians wanting me to spit them out, which was the strong physical feeling I received, and yes still (!!!), and this is about “the strongest darkness” surrounding me, and yes of “desperate people”, and it made my sting become stronger and stronger, and I felt how it tried to attach to the bones of the right side of my skeleton – first time I have ever tried this (!) – and this was the STRONGEST darkness wanting to terminate me, but there was nothing it could do, it had to leave me again because of the strength of our New World, which is inside of me just underneath the surface.

On my way home, I received the feeling of “giving up”, which is about entering this last “football of darkness”, and I understood that this is the feeling of my mother really about giving up on life, which is given to her from this the worst darkness, and I was told that it is among other reasons is because of her comments about me to the Commune, which is the worst she has ever done, and yes I hope this is the truth I am told, but I never really know, but this was 100% accurately what was said to me, and in this perspective, the story is the truth.

I was also told by my mother underneath the game that “here is incredible beautiful” and yes of our New World.

I was told that if I had not found the white paper on the law on “free process” – to have the public pay for a law suit when you cannot afford it yourself, which was ONLY granted by the public because I documented sloppy law work (!) – in 1997 when suing Aon for wrongfully having expelled me, it would not have brought me MUCH darkness to go through, and this would have cost the life of one of my parents already back then (!), and alter I was told that instead Jack lost his father, and yes that’s life, blue eyes, and you too, Jack.

I received the feeling of Obama and then – for the second time really – a new feeling of pain to my right ankle, which was a very precise and concentrated beam of darkness given to my ankle from outside, and it came together with the information that Obama has been flying in space with people of other civilizations because of selfish reasons, this is what I was told (!), and I understood this as the “right” people of other civilizations, but shortly thereafter I was told that it was the system (of military forces) influencing him to fly with UFO’s in their possession, and this is exactly how it was told me, and my old rule is that the first is right, so this may be what it is, and no matter what, I was told that Obama here is the reason why I am given this concentrated beam of darkness, and yes the most inner of the football, and apparently darkness, which has tried to hide and escape from me right until this day, but no, you are NOT allowed, and yes I don’t care, if Obama has made mistakes, these will come out too the same way as I try not to spare myself when I do mistakes, and what is the truth really, Obama?

I was also told that “the system” has convinced him to use the nuclear weapon “if needed”, and can this really be true (?), and yes I thought that of course it must be difficult for Obama to always take the right decisions because of the immense pressure of darkness of the US military and we know congress and business world too, and where is he to draw the line and where to play an act, and yes it must be difficult, but you do fine, my friend as long as you NEVER lose your COMMON SENSE and decide to do what is RIGHT to do, and I do believe that everyone has this natural feeling inside of them, and then it is only to follow that direction, which is really not difficult, and yes if you have the energy of course ….

I was reflecting, and yes – always good to do to understand – so this is about hidden darkness right until this day, but no, I will accept NO DARKNESS TO HIDE, so now it is COME OUT IN THE SUNSHINE ALL OF YOU and yes WITHOUT EXCEPTION!!!

And I was given the song “nigthboat to Cairo” by MADNESS, and told that this is the last boat or train if you will on my way to Egypt, and “Madness” is given again because this is what “some people” still thinks of me out there.

I felt and was told about the old city of Stockholm and told about Anna Karin and the Finance Minister, and you have been up there in some meetings too, and if this is the truth, which it may or may not be, Anna Karin is also working for the Devil being silent about and not supporting me.

I was shown a giant crane and the elephant of it, and a new ship (the New World) being lifted up from dock, and yes “we are ready” is the message, but I am not!

You are not a hay thief are you (?), and yes “hay” is material of our world, so please put it back where it belongs, and yes to our New World of course and that is no where else.

I was told that we have secured a direct line to Buckingham Palace, do you want to hear (?), and no I have no personal desire, but I would like to be told what light believes is right to let me and my readers know, and that is really “nothing” for the time being even though I feel Kate here, and yes I understood that “the direct line” is you following me on Facebook, and I am here given the vision of Prince Harry, so how are you (?), and yes I like a kingdom too, is that your feelings, and don’t you worry about a thing, you will all feel as Kings and Queens in our new Kingdom, because this is what you are, and yes everyone of you :-).

I was told that you needed someone strong going through this darkness, so this is what we brought you – see the short stories, and I was told that many of Desiree’s network now have faith in me after reading the thread there, and a few minutes later, I was told that they have not together with the feeling that darkness cannot no longer lie to me, and yes normally it is the first version, which is correct, but here I do believe that it is the last, so this might also be the case with Obama?

I was told that Harry is nothing without Potter, and that this is the general perception, and in relation to me it means that people reading me (in secrecy) believe that I am nothing without God and my spiritual friends, and that is right, or let me say that I am a mere human being.

I was told (again) that I am far too big to be inside the train, but I am still there, and yes MADNESS it (“he” – as many think) is, and I was shown that this darkness was meant to burn the greatest value, but no, NOTHING is going to be burned, EVERYTHING has to be perfect, and yes we know!

And this is “the gravy”, which you are still packing, which was meant to be discovered later, but this will not be included from the beginning. So we believed that we would drive down the great driving teaching, and you would first arrive later then, but now when you are alive, and mother/John/father etc. too, we will turn around your inner self, which is not easy. And we do it because we can, which Harry (of DSB, and some magic of “potter” too) is helping to do, and we know that every day we come closer and yes every day we transfer a new great vintage.

This is the darkness, which I should be able to defeat as I was told – despite of its immense strength – and this is because my inner self decided that I will go home now and because the world allows it, and it is “only” a question of how much sufferings you will take compared the world.

We have not been so proud since World War II where we also tried to get out during all of the chaos and disorder, but we could not unite all parts together as you have done now, and yes we were working inside darkness of Hitler to use this energy for goodness.

I received the feeling of Karen inside of here in relation to me, which is that she does not care about me (!), and yes strong darkness, but still I believe that I was the only one being strong enough to speak to the goodness of her heart.

And no, it does not take that much to open the door to me/us, and yes Stig, your inner self is with me at the Source, so the only way for you to meet “me”/us was to “walk the line”, so this is what you decided to do.

I still receive feeling to both of my ankles, sometimes constantly, and yes we are still holding on tight, which will have to be about the last life of darkness attached to me.

I stopped working at 22.00 still having a couple of hours of work to do on the script of today, which I will do tomorrow, and yes I am told that I also used one hour to watch “Mrs. Violet” in Matador, and that is the dancing teacher of course, and yes every time I see it, I confirm to my self that this has got to be the greatest TV series of all times, and at least what I know of, and what do I know, and yes “I know nothing”, and that is because I am from Barcelona you know, and yes Jimi, my Facebook friend, whom I met as a business contact at Green Credit when I served them working at Dahlberg, today lives and works in Barcelona, and “spread the word about me” he has too, and when checking him on Facebook, he is now doing the same as Michael Hardinger and Helena always used to do – miss his humour – which is to be “half vanished”, but he will probably re-appear, this is what Michael and Helena always used to do.

FB 190113 Jimi

And no, we will NOT wear a handbag again, and I am given the greatest smiles you can imagine by father and Son, and yes I do believe my mother is there too, or is she still the New World on the way in, but I do believe that it is from all three acting as ONE.

I received a very precise and now constant thin “laser-beam” of darkness now on the lower part of my right, front leg approx. 15 centimetres from my ankle, and I was told that this is from where my inner self is coming, or is it the New World coming to my inner self and yes I have the view point of my inner self, so it has got to be the last, right?

And this is how you got your new bedroom moved up here and yes as your old self. And the concept here is “feel free to be” and yes decorate as you like to.

You have not brought a full bus here have you (?), and yes in principle we have.

So we are about to announce a winner, but oh no not yet, because there is more work, and yes I do feel God and my inner self very close because of elimination of darkness and they are my actors speaking together.

No, we could not hurt a fly, so why did we have to develop darkness in order to create, and yes we will tell you on the other side for you to understand.

Well, for once there are two or maybe three cinema tickets, which has now found a winner, and yes all of us, and with this, the rest of the world.

And it is with tennis ciphers – 6 to 0 – that we are closing the game. So we are close to where Hans brought us, and yes your sister’s husband, who did have faith according to this.

So we don’t begin a New World with an earth quake, which could be felt “all over”, and yes the darkness of me being spread all over, which we had to locate and reunite first.

And yes, Hans, I am “wise enough” to be who I am (?), and this is also what the feeling of the FUNNEL really to my throat was about weeks ago.

What am I (also) doing (?), and yes collecting firewood for my own funeral, and yes that is part of me, but no, and here feeling FERDINAND THE BULL who knows now that I am redirecting his, i.e. mine, effort to collect flowers instead and this is because you are transferring part of your own self to the right of you to me in the middle/front of you, and this seems to be the way to do it for everything to become nothing, but still we are everything.

Your mother is “as sure as damned” dead, isn’t she (?), and no, I see now, it was all a game and I am him sitting there too, so now it is my turn to get up, and yes you are the next, and that is “him” – another part of me sitting next to, and yes for how long can this go on (?), we will see.

I felt Jack clearly, and was shown that I am exactly on the borderline between “nothing” and “everything” with the shelves of a living room continuing through the wall into a substance of nothing, and I understood that I am here very close to being Jack, or simply being Jack, and no I have no intentions to read his mind, and yes let light decide what is right to give me, and that’s it.

To tell you the truth we cannot bear to be ship yard workers. All of DSB had been destroyed now if it wasn’t for you, and yes DSB also here meaning the world.

We have only created hating losing like Ipswich, and yes to bring out everything of life to secure life, and is that difficult to understand (?), and no, we do not believe it is.

Only by putting your hand into the worst hell – bringing the worst sufferings, which was an “honour” given you – we could do what it takes to create.

We also did not receive many deductions from the Suez channel, which could have been lethal too.

Rap/hip hop music as a symbol of my inner self being saved from inside the worst darkness

Jette brought Google Earth pictures in her Facebook group showing a big soul and brought rap/hip hop music as a symbol of my inner self being saved from inside the worst darkness, and she “could not” answer my repeated question from where she suddenly “likes” this music thus showing closeness and not openness, there is still lot’s of work to do, “modern art” of two opposite faces, eating more darkness, the children seem clean, light over Australia, and Blue Eyes is still suffering, that’s life.

FB 190113 Jette 8

FB 190113 Jette 9

FB 1801 190113 Jette 2

FB 1801 190113 Jette 3

FB 190113 Jette 4

FB 190113 Jette 5

FB 190113 Jette 6

FB 190113 Jette 7

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Ekstra Bladet brought this on Lars Poulsen and his PR company, Waterfront, saying that “Waterfront is a gross business”, and what they do is to “help” businesses “navigate” in the political environment and to “promote their interests” in legislation etc., and yes, this is the WORST that I know of, and you know THE WORST DEVIL that is, and no, I do NOT like businesses working in hiding, and to give what appears – in this case as example – to be WRONG “personal characteristic” about politicians (to DSB) and their own “valuable” contributions to “help” influence politicians to take what their client believe is “the right decision” (to “help” them out, make money or “escape” problems etc.). And you can add “gifts to politicians”, and yes bribery, and some are direct and some are “hidden” or in a “grey zone”, and yes the worst game of the Devil. I like communication, which is DIRECT, OPEN and HONEST, and this is NOT what PR companies like Waterfront practises, and yes “welcome on the front page of Ekstra Bladet”, Lars, and there are many more to come.

EB 190113 Waterfront

  • Dan wrote about a Romanian killing a stewardess at a Danish hotel in 2010 as Ekstra Bladet writes about here today, and he says that “some may believe that it is relevant and good style that Ekstra Bladet uses several pages and well set up photos on the Romanian dog, who maltreated a Norwegian stewardess at a hotel in Copenhagen just two years ago. I do not”. And this led to people showing their worst negative feelings/hate when for example Michael said “send home the dog (to Romania) and let him rot” and Peter that “such people are to be forgotten .. put them in a black hole .. take their well deserved punishment”, and Thomas that “he should be silenced to death in a Romanian hole instead of watching Danish TV with free food and pension” and yes “the black hole” is about this the last WORST darkness around me wanting to terminate life (!), and Dan had decided that this man is “helpless” and “a simple murderer, who does not regret and will resume his career whenever he has the chance”, and yes he was really annoyed by Ekstra Bladet writing as they did about this man, and I decided that I might as well comment this, which I did mainly to see if this could bring even more darkness to me from Dan, so I wrote this old story about the importance of “forgiveness” and that it is as important to help the criminal as the victim, and how sad I am to see the blunted negativity and hate of people here, and it should be logics to anyone to help BOTH sides and not only to “punish” as the society (mainly) does today, also to avoid the same crime to come, and yes “everyone deserves a life and to receive help when they for one reason or another has come in trouble”.

FB 190113 Dan

  • And yes, this should be EASY for people to understand if they have an open mind, but not for all as you can see from a couple of comments to me, and Dan decided to start his reply by unnecessary confronting me with “you speak as you have a mind for, Stig” – do I or do ya, Dan (?) – and he wanted me to start reading the story to understand this exact criminal before I comment, and he said that we ought to use our power and forgiveness to integrate Danish criminals in society, not a Romanian murderer, and yes here is Dan in principle agreeing with me, but darkness using the old argument of country borders – “we only want to help our own” – and it made me tell him that in ALL cases no matter crime – for example also Catholic priest’s abuse of children/young people – it is about HELPING both sides, not least the criminal and that is instead of doing what people show here – “let him rot up” etc. – and if society had used all of its will and effort, you could have changed life and culture as the only way to remove crime, but when people AND politicians could not abstract from their negativity, you tried to remove negativity with negativity, and as you will know from my case, this is NOT how it works, this only makes the cancer grow (!), and the only way to remove darkness is to help, and that is to throw light on it, and the only way to remove gun shootings at schools in the US is to REMOVE weapon, which they can also not understand in US because of a WRONG culture, and yes how difficult is this really for you to understand out there (?), and yes if you don’t want to listen to/read me, you cannot, but it seems that my influence has some impact because in the last picture, Kenneth said that “dogs are nice, so he is not a dog, but a pig”, and you do know that pigs are symbols of “life”, and yes I shared this on my own Facebook timeline to make at least a few people understand that I am really not that crazy as what some may “feel”, and I wrote both there and at the end of this thread that you also see examples of how negative/hateful people have become today and lack of understanding of the big picture, which is that if the world society did everything to HELP and not to punish, and when “everyone” believes that you cannot help the worst psychopaths, as some said here, of course you cannot, but if everyone of world society did their best to help, you would have changed life and the whole culture, and with a little bit of help from God and not Satan, you would have removed crime – and victims of crime, and yes this is REALLY how it works. And Jacob with the very saying name “beer” – meaning “terminations” you know – said that “now I become even more scared of you than a Romanian dog, who only deserves one way”, and yes Jacob, you can SERVE as an example of the worst hate/darkness of the world, which was about to terminate us all, and maybe you would like to serve me one day soon instead?

FB 190113 Dan 2

FB 190113 Dan 3

FB 190113 Dan 4

  • And I thought that my last comment above would be the end of this, but no, not to Dan, because is ”a fighter of God’s grace” – do you say that too in English (?) – so he decided to use some darkness to attack me again, and he said that if people of his calibre was to be helped, it starts with him wanting to be helped, but this murderer shows no signs on remorse “and now I ask you to stop, Stig, you call people for hateful. I call you for noisy naïve on the border of being “crazy-good”, and yes this is what he called me, so now I am the problem because I am “not allowed” to call people “hateful” when this is what they are, but no, Dan, don’t change me, because my mission is to change you and the world, which you will now finally get a chance doing, yes using this part of “me” to open for darkness as I am shown to the right of me, and it made me say guided by my spiritual voice that “the one who laughs last, laughs best” – I do believe you say this in English too, right (?) – which is about the “we did it” feeling shining through from the New World right on the other side, and I told him that naïve people often don’t know that this is what they are and without being able to admit that this is what they are – they are not smart enough (!) – and yes instead they insist to be right, and this is really often the description of Dan, but he cannot see (or understand) it, and I asked him this as a question and gave him my “kind regards”; and yes he decided as darkness to focus on my kind regards this time, and not on the fact that he is naïve and “not smart” – the opposite world you know – so there is a proof of darkness almost being turned around.

FB 190113 Dan 5

  • I met this human “Wolfeh Raven Heart” in Desiree’s thread below, and when I read his comments and saw his commitment, I thought that this might be a man from a people of other civilizations disguised as a human being – like Martin Spang Olsen as example – and this is also what he confirmed as you can see from the thread below, but he did not bring me as much information as I would have liked – here afterwards I am encouraged to search on his name, and I found among others this channelled message from the Commander of the Ashtar Command, which he had received, and no, my task now is NOT to read and decide what is true and not true of these channelled messages, which I don’t have the time, energy or know-how to do, and this is not what my spiritual friends is helping me to do, and as you can see below, he received the same “stroke” as almost everyone else when seeing my website for the first time, which is that “this man has got to be crazy”, and yes simply because of his own strong inner voice, and yes I do have experience with these people of other civilizations sending me an incredible amount of darkness as Martin also did in the beginning, so this was really the purpose, and yes also to help Desiree regain faith in me, which she may has lost when she decided to stop reading me, and yes I wonder if people will believe that I am simply speaking the truth also when bringing TRUE documentation that we are almost OUT OF TIME, or am an imposter using Photo-Shop to make my own documentation (!) as he naturally thought, and yes a man working both for light and darkness as you can tell, and no, he “could not” accept my Facebook invitation, but maybe I got him to think about himself and his “mission” and “can it be that I am in fact receiving darkness”, and yes my friend, you are NOT only light, but a victim of darkness too, and yes an incredible strong voice he has and that is the same as Martin, and “impossible” it is that you are wrong, but is it really? And no, Desiree did not say a word, and isn’t it amazing that she has blind faith to Benjamin Crème via his website Share International apparently not understanding my message about Benjamin also being attacked by spiritual darkness, which he “cannot” admit to, but maybe she will understand this “concept” better when reading this thread, but better to be “silent”, Desiree? And yes, I decided to prioritize these short stories of today over work to my website because I thought it would be good to bring more darkness this way. Here is the link to Jesus in Nairobi 1988 from my website, which I bring in the thread below.

FB 190113 Desiree

FB 190113 Desiree 2

  • Here are the two pictures mentioned above with and without a time stamp. And no, I do NOT cheat by using Photo-Shop, which I don’t have, or similar programs (which I also don’t have), and that is simply because it is NOT in my nature to speak lies, only the truth.

FB 190113 Desiree with time

FB 190113 Desiree without time

  • And our dialogue continued here, and as you can see, gradually he “overcame” his shock and decided to concentrate on our dialogue, which is what has happened to many people before him, and yes a pattern it is.

FB 190113 Desiree 3

FB 190113 Desiree 4

FB 190113 Jette 5

  • Here is a previous post by Desiree and an answer from Wolfeh, which I as mentioned will NOT comment, but it is given for you to understand the kind of messages he is bringing, and yes some or much of it is darkness, and not very different to darkness of my scripts given to me because of the same phenomenon, and yes I could have told this to him too to help his understanding, but difficult it is when people cannot/will not accept the truth of them being victims of darkness too as ALL people receiving spiritual information have been. But light is in there you know, and yes using deceptions of darkness as part of the bigger plan to make us reach our final destination, and yes if I decided not to give in, so there you have it again again.

FB 1601 190113 Desiree 1

FB 1601 190113 Desiree 2

  • When I read the news of this failed attempt to assassinate the Bulgarian Party leader Ahmed Dogan, I was told “they don’t try to escape, do they”, so this is really darkness you see because of WRONG behaviour of politicians of the “old school”, who are trying to run from their responsibilities knowing that it will be my New World Order taking over, and not their evilness, and do you know who you can thank for being alive, Ahmed (?), and yes I am looking forward to registering you too, and that is if you want to, do you?

EB 190113 Bulgarian leader


20th January: It is almost impossible to hold back light and the opening of the gate of Egypt as the beginning of Paradise

Dreaming of the difficult creation of my self as the fifth part and being the only one facing the opposite way

We know, Stig, it is now 12.55, it is after lunch and I used the morning to finalise and publish my script of yesterday, and yes I went to bed at midnight and first received STRONG visions of LIGHT including a vision of being at a museum of a king and queen, and I was told that Indonesia has helped me too – thank you 🙂 – and the visions were so bright, clear and would not leave me so I could not sleep for some time, and I was shown the most beautiful golden threads being connected to an even more beautiful white Christmas tree and told that “you have finished”. I slept pretty poorly until 08.00 with these dreams.

  • I am at a cooking competition of five people, and somehow I have to reduce necessary 67 hours to do the job to only 23 hours. I see how the other four receive a “snegl” each (Danish Pastry) for the competition, which I do not, but still I prepare a special honey icing, which will improve it if and when I get one myself, and also a special cheese from a café, which I visit, however I only receive very little, and it is FAR TOO EXPENSIVE, and when I call my confectioner from there, I am told that he risks being fired because of my call. I see only few ring binders at this kitchen.
    • The four may be the old four-divided world, and the fifth is me in the middle of everything with everything connected to me, which is difficult to do and that is because of darkness trying to bring out energy of me, and yes still bringing me threats to be fired, which will have to be “get out of here, let us be”, but no, I will not!
  • Guests are coming to the hotel, and I see a couple moving in to the most valuable room, which is the only one having a view the other way, and the room is really far too expensive and also worn down, and something about too noisy sexual activity, and Paris Hilton being judge. My mother’s John is wearing a jacket making his clothes look like a regular suit, but it is a special code, and he is told that it is fine, and others have other codes.
    • The hotel is still our waiting hall, and there is only one room turning towards darkness, which is where the rest of me is, and the suits are about our final selves.
    • During the night, I kept on receiving “mercy, mercy” by Jeff Lynne and the lyrics “Have mercy, Have mercy on me”, and this is what I could tell my family, friends etc. and the world, but no matter what I tell you, it does not help when you simply “cannot” do what is right.

  • I am following Tiger Woods, who is mentoring a young man in golf, and they play at the Hørsholm golf course, and I get the feeling that I am not welcome, and both of their first strikes, are terrible only coming a few metres. It is a strong wind, and they show me a little fire in between some trees and are concerned that it may reach the tree, but no, it does not, it is isolated.
    • This is to say that the game of darkness is going extremely poorly, and yes there is nothing it can do.
  • It is New Year’s evening, and Sanna has invited the family for dinner, and is calling me at my old apartment in Hørsholm and inviting me too, and I have difficulties to get things done and keep agreements, but I say that I will come maybe at 21.00 to 21.30 because I first have to visit my father and Kirsten on the main street of Hørsholm, and I come to a party, where Christian Philipson is serving sparkling wine, but to my surprise it is not Champagne, thus not of the best quality, and furthermore it is not free, but you have to pick up French chips from a bowl of water, and pay maybe 45 DKK to receive some, and later, he invites the ladies of the party, but not me, to join him at a new party at the Great Belt ferries (which used to unite Denmark, but was replaced by a fine bridge in 1997), and after this, I am now on my way to my sister, and it is now after midnight, so I should really have been calling sister midnight, but I did not!
    • New Year is about opening our New World, but still there is darkness, and this is where I am, in the dark city of Hørsholm, and even inside of darkness, it is becoming light symbolised by the wine merchant Christian, who became my Facebook friend some weeks ago, so I have “influenced” you too (?), and yes the poorer sparkling wine and French chips say that we are not quite there. And I continued receiving “have mercy on me” by Jeff Lynne.
  • I was shown a very fine dinner table with only one light on it and was shown that this is you, and it is about standing on your own legs.
  • Tobias has received a new mountain-bike of another brand than mine, and it has a back screen over the tire, and I offer him to try mine, and first he brings down the saddle all down and when he drives it, he continues falling because he is drunk.
    • This is about my youngest nephew, what is he by now (?), maybe 23 years old, and his priority of partying and living life in the fast lane, and this is what is making him drunk, i.e. a man of darkness, and when he puts down the saddle, it is to say that his darkness and “inability” to understand and support me, also made the saddle of my cycle break – as it did twice in the last year – and yes to bring me down you know, and I am here told about Tobias being very sensitive, and yes when he was VERY sad because of John’s “sickness” some months ago, how do you believe he was reacting when his mother, my sister, told him about me (?), and yes he was CRYING, and yes a favourite of my mother’s and me too, and yes to say that this is what was also necessary in order to save us all.

  • I am shopping with my mother, who wants to buy new shoes for me, and we find a very nice looking blue shoe in size 42, but there is only one and not two, and we cannot find the other, and I am disappointed by this but think that I already have shoes.
    • For some reason Lloyd shoes has always held sales of shoes in size 42, and shoes mean “life”, so this is about shoes not in my size and only one, so either this is about life we cannot save, or that it is not “right”, and yes I have shoes already, and can only repeat that everything has to be saved.
  • Another dream of sexual content – having to say no to porn.
  • I woke up to “by your side” by Sade and the lyrics “I will show you, you’re so much better than you know”, which will have to be about my new self, and yes when watching and hearing this song by Sade (after 1:41:15 below), you may understand why I am crazy about her?

  • I was told half awake that before it rings, I will bring you “more worst darkness”.
  • My mother’s John has been put to sleep here in the weekend, and my mother says that yesterday he was crazy, and I ask her if he had a diagnosis.
    • If the doctors were to look for “mental sicknesses” of John, how many do you think they would find (?), and yes “not many, but a few”, which I am told, and yes this is better, but just to say that he would also be declared crazy, and “not normal” is what he is in terms of social behaviour etc., but we all love him anyway.

It is almost impossible to hold back light and the opening of the gate of Egypt as the beginning of Paradise

I may be half as tired as the day after I brought my public comments about DSB receiving darkness from MANY people in return, and yes because of darkness of people thinking negatively about me after reading my comments to Dan’s and Desiree’s threads yesterday, so I received MUCH darkness/life because of this.

And this again made work “impossible” to do where the disgust and displeasure factor was immensely great making me “desperate” not to do anything, and yes an incredible impatience and disgust to do anything, and this is what darkness is bringing me, and yes I had to work slowly to be able to do work also today, and “terrible” is not the word ….

It is like going into a lamp store not getting anything …, YOU ARE SO UNFAIR (!), and yes I just discovered that I am the one being wrong, but no, you will not get me, but yes, and I am shown a wheel barrow carrying this part of me now with a small Australian flag, “where do you take me, because I don’t want to be saved”, and yes isn’t it funny that many people of other civilizations born on this planet to help apparently don’t have faith in me and the saviour of the world?

It is not cloudy today (?), and Kaj Ikast and the others from the traffic committee of the Danish Parliament are not going to open new motorways (?), and no, because there are no new roads of darkness, I have made sure, counted and double checked, and yes I am here, but part of me is dark, so we know the road, and so it is, go right ahead my friend, as the dark “man” sitting in the barrow says, and eehhh what is this, you are taking me to light, and it did not say this in my “manual” or operations directions, and we know, I have been fooled too and yes by darkness, and with this I fooled people, and yes this is about the “alien” of Desiree’s Facebook group yesterday and people like him.

I am giving strong pain to my left foot – the instep – and told that you have decided not to party without me (?), and yes we have good time to get you in and that is because nothing happens in the world, everyone is waiting for me without saying anything.

Is that the man called “Stempelkvist” (“stamp twig”), yes it is, alright I better be going home then, and yes this is I, the part of me, which was dark now, and now I am going directly through there you say and yes right in front of me, and inside there are the other parts of me already transferred, and yes “hi, how are you”, and yes “everyone says hi” here, and this is how it is :-).

No, is that a helicopter (?), and yes are you aware of what they (now I) are planning, Stig (?), and yes they are COMPLETELY CRAZY!!!

It feels like getting a new child with every layer of me being saved.

The moon is now out of what could have been a dangerous out of phase situation.

I was told that if I had decided to go on safari holidays with one of Elijah’s neighbours, who had a small company and bus arranging such tours, which Elijah would have liked (!), I would have lost my mother, and told “now we better get started, don’t you think”?

Can you feel Stig that it is me approaching the gate, and yes the next part of me about to leave darkness, and this is how quickly it goes now.

I heard my mother saying with a huge smile ”how is it to cut off the hair of a bald” (?), and bald it seems that we are/I am removing the hair of darkness allowing every little thing to enter.

Where is the toilet (?), but you are going a completely different way (!), and yes I really do know, I am heading for the light.

When I was preparing to publish my script of yesterday late this morning, I received the usual stronger darkness trying to stop me – including a new out of this world pain to my right ankle, which however now comes with a feeling of “almost only light” – and I was told that now we see what he is doing (from darkness), which is that “I am completely careless”, and yes about darkness, which is NOT going to stop me, and yes when he publish new scripts, this brings new reactions of his family, friends etc. and the world, and this is what we are using to get out through, and yes cracks of light to open for darkness, and this is what we will also use too Stig, when it is now our turn next as the actor of my inner self here tells me.

I was given the ”day dreamer view” a few seconds before shaking it off, and it came together with a feeling of Elijah sitting down and looking straight out without seeing anything because he is day dreaming, and why don’t you get started writing an email to me showing yourself as “a little bit responsible” instead of doing nothing, Elijah?

It has got to be perfect, and yes he does not want a layer of us – i.e. darkness – over him (?), and no, nothing at all, everything has to be clean, and this is what the story of Waterfront of yesterday also will help to secure, and yes when it gets out, and “hurts” the Conservative even more, and yes not nice to read about your own wrong doings is it (?), and do you think that I am to blame for writing the truth, and not you having done what is wrong (?), and yes this is really the general idea of how to fight darkness and its wrong reactions.

There is almost nothing left to do than to clap the white horse (of the New World), Stig, this is how far you have reached.

I received the feeling of my mother and I – and John was there too – walking from the car to “Riget” – the National Hospital of Denmark – and first I thought that this was simply to say that they are still with me, but then I was told that they have also confirmed my story about my mother being more dead than alive, and yes you have her journals and medical history too?

Again I received the taste of fish – and sea water – and was told that this is still the direct road back home isn’t it (?), and yes it is, and we know Stig, I am the wanderer now returning, and that is right, I was shown the wanderer all over the inside of me yesterday, and yes if you felt it, you would understand that it gives a great impression.

So this is really more about the cover of the duvet arriving more than the duvet itself. And yes also a taste of pan fried onions.

When I was finished preparing the publish of the script of yesterday taking maybe 30 minutes to do, the last voice of darkness – still led by my actor – told me that no I am not disappointed at all, I now see that you have build a castle much finer than mine, and to tell you the truth, I really never liked this old worn down and rotten “castle”, but this was the only tool I had to bring about creation in a reasonable time, otherwise we would maybe never be able to create, so there you have it once again.

I am sometimes told about stories, which I missed, and yes a GIANT piece of gold found the other day was one of them, and yes a picture of one of my Facebook friends showing Pippi Longstocking and her two friends smoking the other day was another and that was a symbol of darkness, and yes there are stories planted for me, which I don’t see and others that I decide that they are too small to bring.

We have moved inside of you with the greatest care not to bring any physical damage.

The spirit of my mother said can’t we give him the table football game now (?), and yes ending the game once and for all (?), and yes it is coming very close, but no, I am not done yet.

I don’t know how much I weigh, my weight is not working, but I do believe looking at me physically that I have lost a little/some weight.

Even though I am closer to only light and smiles/warmth than ever before, I am still receiving enough darkness to make life a pain, when it is now brought to me by the spirit of my mother and yes of our New World pressing on bringing this darkness to me trying to make me speak and think negatively, which is still the WORST and yes I have to be very careful not to let it slip away, David, and that is simply one second to be overtaken by darkness, which I will NOT accept myself doing.

Would you believe that Karen has not stopped thinking about how you are doing (?), and yes, I shouldn’t be surprised.

I received a strong, clear and “open” feeling of Jakob Scharf, and yes nothing stopping it, so how are you doing, Jacob.

I heard “we are going to tie the last tie on you”, which is the last darkness of me, and it was given when I was almost desperate NOT wanting to work anymore at 13.30.

Suddenly I received a new and even finer attack to my right ankle, which comes from the Source, this is how it feels, and it is now an incredible fine/thin “laser beam” directed and hitting the area of my right ankle, which tells me that this is really the end of the line, and the thinnest part of it.

Afterwards I received a little pain to my behind, which is to say that this darkness is still coming from my father.

Do you have any idea of how much power the fear of the official world of the world going under brought (?), and yes part of creation you know.

I was told (again?) about John being healed spiritually, and that this brings him faith too (?), and yes in general at least.

I was told that no one today knows exactly just how great my sufferings have been with work, tiredness and also the threats of my “old nightmare”, and yes it requires for people to have read everything and to be able to “imagine”, and yes when no one can imagine how terrible it is to live at the Dabaab refugee camp because the world “cannot” or “will not”, no one is able to understand the degree of my sufferings, but you will.

I heard the spirit of my mother say “we almost only have the diamond to bring you now” and we have travelled a long way to reach you.

In one of the short stories of today, I received the word “offensive”, and was told that this is what the Commune spoke to my mother about approx. one year ago, and yes my “offensive behaviour”, and this is what my own mother confirmed, that I was “offensive” and yes towards my sister as example (?), and with this “acknowledgement” we could have loaded off the entire loud of the lorry onto the world as I am here shown, and yes all darkness, and that is because this said that “Stig is aggressive” and yes a “potential Breivik”, and can you see the headlines in front of you (?), and yes everything was based on people’s inabilities to read and understand me, and to speak wrongly about me behind my back making it impossible for me to intervene, so the only way to save us was really NOT to break down because of this immense darkness, which my closest family and the system brought on me, and yes yes yes, my mother should know of all that I have ALWAYS been kind and positive and that is NON-AGGRESSIVE (!), and in my scripts, you will find absolutely none threats at all, only the direct truth about my sister’s and other’s behaviour, and yes laziness, misunderstandings, poor behaviour of people who could not control their negative emotions brought this, amazing right?

And what do you do to people who are threats of society (?), and yes if you cannot imprison them, you really only have one way out, and that is to lock them up on mental hospitals (!), and this is what my letter/memo to doctors etc. from December 2008 explaining WHY it is against the law to hospitalize me – because I am no danger to myself or others – had to be strong enough to withstand, and yes who wants to go up against Stig knowing the law in detail (?), and yes apparently I was strong enough to break down the system, who decided to give up on me, and yes I was told that it took a few months watching you to see that you truly were not dangerous, and I am excited to see what the journals of the system about me, and yes EVERY LITTLE THING (!), and no, I have not wanted to waste my time on doing this yet, and I could have decided to do so, but there was really so much else to do.

And I was told that this is what my mother discovered later, and that is that it was WRONG that I am aggressive, because I am exactly as I have always been – kind and non-aggressive as everyone CLEARLY can see (!!!) – and this is what has made her remorse, and yes a “heavy burden” it is, and yes this is how darkness of my sister was working to influence my mother, and it would have been my mother, who had brought me, thus all of us down for not knowing what she did, which would be to kill me, thus herself and the world.

And can it really be that it was my nice “friend” from the Commune, Lisbeth, who was so shaken by the information on me coming from the job course seeing “ghosts” when there were none (“Stig has to be potentially dangerous”), and yes so she decided to call my mother behind my back (?), and yes you do remember the attitude of Lisbeth the first few times, when her mind was completely locked on “the fact” that I was potentially dangerous, and yes reporting me to the National Police, and yes people could not read, understand and see me as the positive and likeable person as I normally am, and can you guess what people will say when all of this is over with (?), and yes, Stig, but of course he was the nicest, hardest and best working person we have met, but eeehhhhl, we were blinded by the light making us misunderstand, so there you have it once again.

I was told that it was needed like this to come as close to the family tree – to bring it down – also so we were able to move it later on.

This is how we will recognise myself, but first when I get this sorted out, and yes assembled again, and there is still more work to do, and can you do it, my friend (?), and yes some days are better than others, and today was a matter of “survival”, and that is really “just to get through”, and when I feel better, I can set in “new attacks” on darkness or prioritize to do a few updates to my website.

I was told that we only went to extreme because you decided to NEVER give up, and we heard “everything has to be PERFECT” again and again inside of here, so this is what we did, and yes we were in control of this game – handled from inside of darkness – as long as you decided to NEVER give up meaning that darkness of your family and the system did not stand a chance!

And yes, Stig, it is now 17.00 and still working, and I am feeling physically disgusted, and yes feeling as if my whole body is throwing up is the best way I can describe the feeling, and that is every part of me.

And I was told that if they had taken the phone from me, there would still be a chance, and yes if they had locked me up, don’t you believe that my mother would receive “cold feet” doing everything she could to bring me out again (?), and yes with a change of mind of your sister too (?), and this is also how we could have worked in another scenario. But no one has called me up yet, and this is how we like it to be.

I was told that my mother would have stayed in bed – to use Matador-language about being depressed – all through this if it was not for and yes the “injection” you brought to cheer her up, and yes simply by being.

I am given coughing today, so much darkness.

The US has known since the days of Nixon that this day of my arrival would come, and still they decided to build an evil New World, and yes talk about STUPIDITY!

And this also goes in relation to Dahlberg, where I saw the other day that Stinne – my Facebook friend and old colleague from Fair (!) – has been employed as a sales professional, and yes, Bo “does not like” to sell, but he LOVES to go to London and dine and look at naked ladies on the invoice of the company (!), and isn’t it funny that Bo was convinced that I could not sell, but he could (!), which of course was also the opposite world (and told to him by references on me from previous managers misusing me to do their work) and maybe Stinne would like to tell about her impression on me preparing all of her work with a memo on how to do professional and effective sales meetings, and through list of prospective clients and a description of practically all insurance programs and their marketing potential as you can dream about, and no, Bo, I “could not” sell, but you knew all, but forgot to think, is this it?

I was told that it will come as a shock to my family about who I am, as great a shock as if they knew nothing, and that is because of my sister having told them that I am crazy (!), and yes with the “fun” part being that all of them should know, and easily that is.

I received some physical touch around my private parts, and was asked if I have thought about God doing this and is bringing sexual sufferings to the world as a tool of life and really goodness of life, and yes there was more than this which I did not really get.

I was told that God played this game completely clean without differing from the rules, and this is also what brought confidence to me as the Source of people of other civilizations, otherwise I would not be able to be here today, and yes as the Source inside of me, and I was given “home by the sea” by Genesis, which is one of my favourite songs of theirs.

Couldn’t we have finished this a long time ago with Sanna changing attitude (?), and yes both yes and no, and no because Karen would not be finished, and this is because we needed darkness to create so everything had to finished together, which is where we are now, and finally we can lift the acting.

I was shown a VERY BIG gate and was told that you don’t get out of the kingdom of death without dying yourself and in through the gate to Egypt, as this was, which is the start of Paradise, but since you are now here, we think that it will probably work out anyway :-). We cannot stress this enough, and people of other civilizations know it too, and I felt their presence from outside.

I was given the feeling of Indiana Jones and told that it is really “Raiders of the Lost Ark”, which we are after, and the magical moment will come when the New World will meet the Source without darkness in between.

I was told about Braco, and that he is all forward in the Pyramid for helping to save me when I attended a healing meeting of his in 2010 in Copenhagen, I believe.

I felt how darkness was almost “running along with me”, which is really an old feeling when there is too much pressure/stress on me, and this is how it feels when it comes in too quick and uncomfortable waves.

I was told that the Associated Press were close to send a personal letter to you saying that “we dare”, but still you did not?

I was told that my description of the 9/11 attack planned and carried out by the secret government of USA self (!) helped to make the world understand of this fact, and this was a “decisive stroke” to darkness.

Isn’t it funny that you finish your journey in disgrace, and will be met with honour, which is already (silently) here, and again I receive the feeling of Lance Armstrong as I am now and again.

I was told that information sent within the Commonwealth about me is full of errors, but the main part was to inform about my arrival, and I was told that I come too late to budget negotiations to some countries (?), and yes bringing you trouble now because you decided to wait on me instead of continuing your work to do your best, and yes this is always a poor idea, and you really always need to do your best from start to finish without relaxing and losing your concentration on the way, which should also be simple logic for everyone?

I was still feeling so poorly physically and with negativity of darkness coming in over me – speech and feelings – that it keeps me on the limit of actually crying because of despair, but no, this would be to be weak, which darkness would misuse, so therefore I could not behave like this at any point.

I was told something about unpacking our New World as unpacking an archive, and a few seconds after in the World Championships handball match between Denmark and Tunis, the commentator said “it was a gift they received there, and fortunately he unpacked it”, and later they also said that “he looks like a wandering mummy, which he is woken up from”, and this is of course to say that I will soon go through the gate to Paradise of Egypt and wake up as my mummy there, and yes maybe while my mum is there too in the beginning of February?

And yes, Denmark won comfortably over Tunis showing where the closet is as we also say here, and I believe they were ahead by 27 to 14 but only won by 30 to 23 because they lost concentration during the last maybe 10 minutes, and no, I do believe this is WRONG to do, and yes do your best all the way from beginning to end no matter how much you may be ahead or behind for that matter – NEVER GIVE UP!

I was shown and told that we will just get in with a new barrel of gold coins, and yes you are welcome.

I was told by darkness that it says “X” here and I felt orange, and was asked “what does this mean” (?), and “X” was “no access”, but I said that if this is darkness, please continue, and if it is not, please ask light, and I was told that it is “good enough”, there is a big “lemmedasker” (a tall/lanky person with long arms and legs – don’t you have this word in English?) on the barrel, which is really me, and yes another part or layer of me.

I was told about the lady from Montenegro, whom I met at the A2B job search course in Gladsaxe in 2010 – what was her name (?), I have forgot as usual – and how precious she is still having contacts to handball of her home country, and yes a network within handball is helping me on my journey and also now, so please do your best, Denmark, and why don’t you become World Champions (?), you are really the best team and at least so far.

I was told that this was the penalty kick that I was given, and it was like coming a cork into a very small hole placed at a hotel on Mallorca.

I was shown the empty end of the inside of a dark metal container, and told that we have reached the end and have now saved terminated life including my inner self, and what do we do to remove this container (?), and I thought that it may be darkness too, so whey don’t we convert it to light? I felt the New World around me and was told that you have your head inside of this container, and when you decided to come out, we will be ready.

I was shown my self inside the Statue of Liberty and told that I am inside one of the tips on her head, thus already being inside the statue itself with the statue being all of me, thus our New World.

I was told that we have run out of fuel, but you don’t care as long as you feel darkness coming at you. There is nothing much else for us to do than to say that it has been a pleasure to know you, and yes likewise, and especially the first 14 days of 2006 where you showed a little about what you are about, and I know, the rest was darkness and acting from our side.

I was shown a fan instrument with such little darkness on it that it is almost impossible to not break through and I was also told that we can hardly not hold it anymore, and I have thought for days that I feel pressured to publish a new script in the evening because what if I will not be able to finish it in the morning waking up as my new self, and I told myself that I cannot finish the script this evening, but it is now 23.30 and I have written the last notes the last hour or so, and yes a good habit it will be to do this.

I felt and was told that there is also darkness of Jack here, because he is still a man of the system, and also that it is almost nothing now, and I received a new small out of this world pain to my right ankle together with the feeling of orange – the symbol of God – and this is really to help putting the sofa on its right place.

I was told that Britain and Herbert Pundik as examples are happy that I don’t live where they live, and yes risking my stories on you.

I was also given the feeling of ”original people from Peru”, and see what we found in here, and yes the golden watch, and I was shown it covered with darkness, and a knife is there too, and yes much other “not that fancy things” and what are we looking for (?), a treasure map, and yes SAVE EVERY LITTLE THING and convert it to light, and yes we know by now.

And yes, Stig, the most important now is finish and publish a new script everyday, and if you cannot hold it tomorrow, you may open, but if you can, I will keep on working, and that is because I can, so this is my priority, and yes I will continue right until the breaking point, and just so you know “my friend”.

I felt Obama, and was told that I feel like an actor, and yes congratulations with your swearing-in today, and I know, a big act it is, and also to me, you feel.

I continued working until 00.40 until I had published also the script of today, and yes at 22.30, this was looking like “mission impossible” but after one hour it was easier to do, but no, never very easy really.

Google Earth shows the permanent pattern of my mother and I on the North Pole – and the Source helping

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group shows the permanent pattern of my mother and I on the North Pole, the mirror of my inner self, big lumps of life and help from the Source, a clear grey face of darkness, many souls are climbing up, the King asking you to “pull yourself together”, and the oil industry is still destroying the world!

FB 1901 200113 Jette 1

FB 1901 200113 Jette 2

FB 200113 Jette 1

FB 200113 Jette 2

FB 200113 Jette 3

FB 200113 Jette 4

FB 200113 Jette 5

FB 200113 Jette 6

FB 200113 Jette 7

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • The incredible wealthy Lars Seir – one of the owners of Saxo Bank and yes “it is completely wild” that you can become rich like that (!) – held his 50 years birthday party yesterday, which Suzanne attended and he said that she has just arrived home “from the most grandiose and cosy birthday party ever”, and besides from a “divine dinner” (!), Bryan Ferry with band entertained (!!!), and yes incredible what rich people can do to entertain themselves instead of giving Bryan’s fee to feed some thousands of poor people, and when seeing this, I simply felt disgusted, and that is also to see Anders and Simon from the Liberal Alliance sitting to the left and right at the picture below, and yes they are “bought” by Lars and Saxo Bank to mean what Saxo Bank means, and yes another symbol of the WORST DARKNESS, which is, and we know, I like Liberal Alliance wanting to remove taxes etc., but their anti-social belief of people on cash help like me having too much and misusing the system (I could have decided to write about the anti-social behaviour of Joachim B. Olsen from this party MUCH more than I did) really does not fit with their flatter for the rich Denmark wanting them to become even richer, and I do know that these are also “special friends” of mine – also the connection of Saxo Bank sponsoring Bjarne Riss and his cycle team – but they are showing themselves as the worst darkness there is, and yes I could have commented this and also Anders’ thread of today telling you about my attitude of you, but it would be “impossible” to make you listen and understand without being called “crazy”, so I decided not to do this but to bring the story of you here – also making the headlines some day – and that is also because I have decided not to be active on Facebook today because of how poorly I feel.

FB 200113 Suzanne

  • The Liberal Party in Denmark will now force unemployed people to move to another part of the country to get jobs, which is to totally remove the freedom of people as the worst dictators they are – yes, a LIBERAL party (!) – and Helena said WITH IRONY what should be simply logic for everyone, which is that “employers scream for long time unemployed cash help receivers” and “good that the Liberal Party finally broke the code”, and what politicians are doing, is to punish the unemployed more and more (reduce payments and increase demands), but it is really not the unemployed, who are the problem, but the world society because of a poorly working world order, and yes the problem is that there are not enough jobs, and in Denmark because many jobs have been exported to China and other “cheap” labour countries, and yes completely crazy, and in fact a much more expensive “salutation” for everyone. And in many countries, there are not even social welfare, which makes people rot up and die from hunger and diseased, but I do hope that Suzanne, the Liberal Alliance, Saxo Bank and Bryan Ferry loved their “cosy party” (?), and yes it is “completely wild”!!!

FB 200113 Helena

  • I was happy to see this because I do LIKE FREEDOM very much, you know (?), and of course you will not find and share porn and other offensive material in our New World.

FB 200113 BBC

  • Politiken shared this drawing of the most famous rock band ever of Denmark, Gasoline, and asking for absolution of having had too many beers, smoked hash, and taken drugs, and yes they do it to the Oracle of the Matrix films, and the message is that EVERYONE HAS SOMETHING TO ANGER, so please go right ahead, my friends.

FB 190113 Politiken

  • I could also have written stories about just how “unlucky” Danske Bank have been over the last few years bringing commercial campaigns and new policies making people see them as they truly are, the WORST darkness first and foremost thinking about how to make money, and yes you saw darkness of this bank being “too much” for the nation, and that is because of my progress. Jette shared this picture today re-naming “Danske Bank” (“Danish Bank”) to “Udanske Bank” (“un-Danish Bank”), which really says it all about how they “succeeded” to get the public on their neck.

FB 200113 Jette Danske Bank



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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