January 22, 2013: God is ending my journey and connecting the world to become one with the eternal family tree of life


Summary of the script today

21st January: God is ending my journey and connecting the world to become one with the eternal family tree of life

  • Dreaming of going forward still playing against darkness to recover what the lost faith of Paul destructed.
  • At the beginning of the day, the game kept on when I met an even smaller layer of darkness of me, and it is inside of this darkness that the design of darkness via the “world elite” has been spread, which is what I am stopping now.
  • I was shown remaining life inside of darkness being wiped away together with the end of time. We have removed “the shoes” (i.e. main life) of me from darkness, and with this, the last darkness is loyal to me and has to follow too. I was shown heads of parts of me still inside darkness, which now come up as light because God has started bringing out the last of this life. We are ending the game because I have accepted it to finish under condition that every little thing is saved.
  • I stand right next to the eternal family tree, which we will “now” connect to and become one with when starting our tour of Paradise with the opening of the Gate of Egypt.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show the big hat of darkness in disguise, oil production and pollution makes it necessary for man to move to our new planet Niburu, “chaotic savings”, someone walking to and from Greenland, a big head made of small and eating more faeces of darkness.
  • She brought a new set of pictures including an African head shouting (as two of my LTO friends not understanding/communicating with me), the lifting of the Excalibur sword, solving the Gordian knot having God helping to lift my journey, more light to Australia, and a zipper to open our New World, where you don’t have to hold on as tight as if I had not taken on as much sufferings as possible.
  • Short stories of darkness cannot drive out darkness, I was included in a Facebook group of Egypt symbolising that I lean up against the Egypt gate to Paradise, a BIG gold nugget symbolising our new creation, there is STILL more life to be recovered, it should be elementary to have faith when being a priest, I do NOT like extravaganza of rich and selfish people in a world full of POOR people suffering, Helena is coming home too, Desiree is not deterred by me but the opposite, we have sold out on all shelves of the Old World making maximum of our New World, do NOT report or speak wrongly/negatively about people behind their bags!

22nd January: I have been laid into the grave in Egypt and now only wait for “magic” to bring me out

  • Dreaming of continuing work when the world is silent, I cannot stop flying, i.e. being lifted up, sending my application to continue working against darkness, I have difficulties finding my wallet bringing me energy to continue work, being my STRONGEST when working against darkness, which is killing it, the old location of the family tree has now received gold, working at the taxi company (to bring out my new self), and the official world is afraid of darkness being released at the transition from our Old to our New World.
  • Everything around me is now “solid tree” of God/creation after having gone through an “amazing wrestling fight” with my mother of the world to show that I was strong enough to increase the standard of the world to my standards, and if it is good enough for you, it’s good enough for me, and that is “nothing less than perfect is good enough for me”.
  • We have put you into the grave in Egypt and now only wait for you to come out. We cannot tell you how valuable it is that no one has dug down to my body, which is the body or my previous self, and apparently I will wake up inside this body, and what about my body here (?), and how will I get transported to Egypt (?), and yes “magic” is the only right answer.
  • The family tree is the only thing being eternal, which is why the New World will have to become one with the tree to become eternal itself. I am now receiving (only little) energy from darkness after it used to take out energy of me. The roles have being swapped. We are working on the last piece of the cheese cake saving much neglected life, which we will soon finish, and everything has to be ready at the same time.
  • I was told that Venezuela did not believe in me and their uncontrollable feeling could have ignited the nuclear arsenals of the world if we had not been able to control it, and this is a crisis not known to the world community and also not Obama because it was “handled” on military levels. Venezuela is now also part of the fold.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show God helping to remove darkness, Australia covered in light, chaotic activity beneath Australia, and the arrival of my new self as the new King.
  • Short stories of Falck still sending me darkness, the home base of my gold is Germany, our happiness/celebration of receiving all life inside our New World, the Restaurant Vejlegården is an example of poor communication between people leading to tragedy.


21st January: God is ending my journey and connecting the world to become one with the eternal family tree of life

Dreaming of going forward still playing against darkness to recover what the lost faith of Paul destructed

When publishing my script of yesterday, I was shown Christoffer – Mette’s son – and told that I have been waiting on you out here, and according to this he is another part of me here at the end of everything.

After publishing the script, I was told about the media being the guard dog of the world, or this is what you believe (?), but eeehhh it was almost impossible to wake you up and make you “interested” in me and to start understanding the truth (?), and why is that (?), and yes because most of you do NOT like to work with details, but quick and good stories/sensations is what sell, and then on to the next and next and next story, so you did not have “time” to concentrate on me, and to read me thoroughly to understand (?), and no, not easy to get the world read, understand and have faith in you.

I was shown a very small room on top of a house where it has been burning, and there are Falck firemen there, and I am told about the journalist Kurt Strand, yesterday I was told about the DR1 TV news director Ulrik Haagerup, and yes there is a ladder leading further up to an even smaller room on top of this, and yes we will go there too, and just to say that these “silent” journalists are THE WORST DARKNESS IN THE WORLD; and yes WHY DON’T YOU COME OUT NOW WITH ALL OF YOUR “SECRETS”???

I was told that the Commune and my mother also also went through you being lonely, and yes anti-social of course, and no, they “could not” understand that it was not me but all of my surroundings being “crazy”, and that I am the opposite of being anti-social despite of the feelings of darkness given to me!

I was told that John was also not without faults influencing your mother wrongly, thus bringing WRONG information to the Commune.

I received heart pain for some time, and then suddenly I received severe heart pain making me nervous, and yes welcome to the next and even darker part of me.

I went to bed at approx. 01.30 and was woken up at 08.00 not allowed to sleep anymore, and yes as tired as yesterday also going to make today a hell to go through, and I only remember this dream.

  • I am on my way to football stadium, it feels as if it lies beneath the hill at Højstrup Station here in Helsingør, but it says Valby Park, where “Frem” (“Forward”) is playing, but then again I see that it is the team of Hellerup playing on home ground (!), and I really have no plans to stay, I am planning to walk on by, but I see Paul in the audience watching, he sees me too but does not say anything, and the row of seats continue to the left of him, but the seat at the very end is destroyed. And something about a poor opponent and to cheat him for fun. I also felt South America during the dream!
    • This is the football match against darkness, which I really would like to end, but we are still moving “forward”, and I understood the dream that when Paul lost faith in me – was it in 2010 (?), and yes the old dream of destruction at the restaurant, and ice cubes – he broke the first parts of me, which is what we are recovering now, and yes the upper seat of this dream. And yes I simply LOVE the music of Bacharac/David, which I would always stop up to listen to, and yes not to walk on by, so here we are, and what now, Stig (?), and yes we know, no energy to work also today ….

God is ending my journey and connecting the world to become one with the eternal family tree of life

I was shown and told that we have a FULL manual of darkness on how to kill you, and when turned around, it is a manual full of opportunities on how to awake you.

Has Jack not published a book to the Russians, which has also reached the top in Pennsylvania (?) – which may be the Avenue we talk about, and yes in Washington DC (joining the White House and United States Capitol) – and this is where Lance Armstrong also comes from, and that is to show you that we are ready to confess to our sins?

We look forward to receiving a new child as never before.

You have borrowed one of the seats on the board, and now comes the decisive moment when God/You will head in the ball in the net and make you king, this is only what we are saying, and yes still darkness speaking I feel, but knowing what is right to do, and yes with the actor in the background.

You have not spread lies on purpose (i.e. “spiritual darkness”), this has been understood, but it has not been understood that you NEVER lie yourself, and this is in relation to the blinking time stamp on Facebook, and yes there are people out there also not believing in me, and yes Panama and all of those people in charge of the channel you know, yes those with dirty flour in the bag, and when you have that, how can you believe in people not lying (?), yes “impossible” it is, but this is how it is here, and again I feel Armstrong.

We almost did not walk the direct road to the Egypt gate, and yes part of the game to confuse you with “we cannot find home” and all of that, because of wrong behaviour of the world, but no, we are still heading directly towards the light, and we really only need to ring the bell, and yes let us see what the manual says: Never call light to receive help, let the dark man come and get you, and when he does, DO NOT LIE, and yes a message to the USA and others really being this darkness, and yes let him bring you safely out when he does his best, don’t object to him, let him run with the ball and when he is done, try to kill him …, and eeehhh isn’t it funny, Stig, that we have an even smaller layer of you to bring in first (?), and yes the game goes on.

My mother has not stopped endlessly in front of BP, has she (?), and yes not only Esso destroying Earth but all oil companies removing life giving elixir of Earth.

It is not that unusual that you want to escape – think of the Danish politicians when exercising the other day – no, the unusual is that we had no idea that HE would come and get us, because the manual does not mention this situation, and yes there is only one thing to do, and that is to FOLLOW ME and that is because I set the rules, I am your manual, and I do NOT want any darkness, and yes there are no alternatives, and no handcuffs as you show me, just follow me to light and FREEDOM.

Hans Henrik Palm is also not here anymore (darkness of (previous) rich people responsible for bringing down the economy), no this “group” only includes the worst criminals of all, “this is hardcore” (this is about TRUE heart blood here, favourite music it is, and yes also a reference to my “old nightmare”), not even the Norwegian “money-men” are here, no, this is the place of the “brains” of the “evil world revolution”, and yes the ones designing a new EVIL World Order, and how are you doing over there (?), and how do you like being defeated in this game of mine (?), and yes “not funny”, and isn’t it incredible, Stig, that these people know about their defeat and I am here first told that they sent forward Armstrong as a sign of being prepared to admit to their sins in public, and then that they carry on their evil plans without slowing down, and what is right (?), and maybe both and that is because you have started an evil destroyer, which you “cannot” stop, which only I can, so this is what I am doing.

I surely felt as poorly today as yesterday making work very difficult indeed to do, and it made me question if I can do anything more than the script of today and yes impossible to do the final work to my website, but maybe I will become better as usual also starting to do this work later (?), we will see.

We just have to report it first (?), what about the police (?), but we are the police (!), and yes who do we have to face then (?), and yes Stig, that man there, a mere human being (?), and no “we cannot do that, we have to wait until he will become the Son of God” and yes so everyone can see, and is this is (?), and yes COWARDS is the only right word I can find to describe you. Do what is RIGHT to do, and forget all about “politics” and bad habits too, do you think you can (?), and no, you “cannot”, and yes COWARDS you are!!

And I feel Obama, and that is because he is right at your heels, “don’t hurt us” and yes weak people they are these “leaders” of this world revolution, which will NOT be carried out.

We are in the outskirts of Oslo, where there are no police officers, but when you enter town, and yes they will try to stop you at toll gates on your way in, but when you are first here, there is nothing really to be seen, it is the eye of the storm, and yes from where darkness goes out – because of what man brings in – and this is what you are facing, and yes I have started being giving direct attacks coming from darkness outside to my throat not only making me cough but as if everything immediately falls into the wrong throat, which requires that I instantly clears my throat, and this is the power doing it.

You are also held up by trade over the borders, which they don’t want to stop.

It is a giant crocodile now on swamp feet coming in, and it doesn’t know why it has to get up now, and yes the next layer of me.

For days I have been told about my old class friend and leader of Espergærde Youth School, Jais, who has been telling stories about me and yes “have you heard that he claims to be the Son of God – and yes MY old classmate” (!), so the word on me is also running free there, and I have kept receiving visions of Britt, my old friend, and yes the only one leaving me TWICE on Facebook!

I was shown a HUGE metal pole planted right in front of me, and this is the eternal family tree with no end to it, and afterwards I felt a red spirit to the left of me with the strong feeling of it wanting to physically stick in its hand to take out my heart, which was VERY uncomfortable, and yes just like Indiana Jones in the “Temple Doom” scene, and this is really what the doom of darkness was about, to remove my heart to remove all life.

I was told that we are already the New World and are looking back in time seeing you do this work (!), and yes I decided NOT to write this down, but then again, I am also a reporter having to be objective, so I bring this to you too, and if I believe in it (?), no, I do not, but this does not mean that it is not true, and yes how many are there of you having such a “faith” in me waiting to see what will happen (?), and yes probably quite a few.

No, it does not matter what he wears in Caribbean, and yes when coming home.

Shall we give him a gift/surprise, there is ignition liquid in here, and much more, which we have not even come to, is this how it is?

It is also inside here that the deductions of life has been designed, and if I remember it (?), and yes I do believe it is coming forward to me now, and yes this is the design of God to use the threat of terminate to create energy/life.

You have not run yet inside the state prison (?), and no, I am not able to run more than a few minutes, but the cross trainer still fits me fine, and yes the best way for me to exercise at the moment, but no, I am far too broken down today to exercise, and maybe, and only maybe, I will cycle to a supermarket to do a little shopping, and yes to cross strong tiredness, and yes when I had to work everyday at Brede Park in 2010, there was nothing to do feeling as I do today, it was simply to take out the iron-horse as we also say here, and to cycle to the park during winter in coldness and darkness, and yes those days were not very good really, but I came through them ….

I was giving up at 14.00 today and at least to work now – nothing else – and I was told “be careful what you wish for now”, which I understood as a risk of ending the game now, but no, I will not do this with more darkness remaining, and I was shown my own dead inner self (next layer) being rolled out from the head of a rocket, which will be the part we will save one way or another.

I was told that Molotov cocktails don’t get very old in here, and had to regenerate on basis of life, which it stole from light.

I was shown a mooring right in front of me, which I understood was of darkness, and this is where we have moved back the family tree, and this is the place we take over from the worst darkness.

I watched some TV and maybe at 14.30, I simply had to get a nap, and yes it takes much for this to be a necessity, and I was allowed to sleep until 17.00, which I surely needed, and I dreamt about telling people that I made a survey in the 1970’s concluding that man is crazy, which included some details about man taking two kinds of drugs, which I then had described with the conclusion that “everyone is crazy” (!!!), and someone tried to look into my research and question my results.

I was told that this sleep is part of a lump game in front of the goal, and also that we have not yet brought all rooms in, but if you want to sleep, this is what we do …

I was told that I have raised darkness to be loyal to you, but still this darkness speaks negatively to me, but I do feels its loyalty now.

The next question is how we will grasp and become one with this tree, which will make remaining darkness stand off, this is how it is thought.

And he has decided not to stop now and accept his “old nightmare”, which is also mine, and with this decision, we will carry on.

I was asked what will happen if you decide to stop working (?), which I will not, and later that we were about to hang up pictures on the wall, and then he came and said that he wanted us to do “nothing” and yes to sleep, and I am here again given the understanding that this darkness is loyal to me.

I was shown the time stamp on Facebook blinking again, and also how darkness was being wiped away with time, but no, the idea is NOT to stop time before we have transferred everything, and this is what I kindly ask you to continue doing.

It is because your mother or was it I (?), and yes your mother pressuring on me from “outside”, which made me find this wet tie too – I don’t like that – which almost makes me promise you to bring out everything here, and I am shown my inner self inside darkness holding this tie not being satisfied with it and standing in maybe 10-20 centimetres water, and yes “tie” is life too. And that is because “we” cannot stand being in here without my shoes, which are also somewhere around here, aren’t they (?), and no the gentleman leaving before me took them with him out, and with this, we have no other choice than to follow, because whomever wears the shoes, has my sympathy and yes loyalty you know.

So this picture (coming back) looks a little bit like me, yes – he is crying, but almost tears of light – and that is because they have started carrying me out of here, and as I understand it, this is God bringing out the last and that is NOT to destroy anything, because this is against my wish, and yes I will save some as my old self, and God the rest.

This does not mean that you are given up (“prisgivet” was the Danish word I received meaning “price given” when directly translated) and that a price has been set on my head – and yes you and you and you too – and yes, Stig, these are all heads now coming up as light, and if you will, heads, you could not bring out yourself, but you gave it your best “shot”, yes we saw it.

And this is because you have accepted us to finish, and that is under condition that we bring every little thing, so this is what we have started.

I cycled to town and the Prøvesten shopping centre, and was told that soon we cannot play together anymore, and I felt relief from before and after sleep.

I was told that my mother used to use me as a lever telling about how well I did – with work etc. – and since I stopped “working” at Dahlberg in 2008/09, it has been downhill to her, but of course she has been able to use just how well my sister has been doing, and yes I turned out to be the black sheep of the family, or did I really (?), and yes not easy for my mother to see and understand.

I was told “we have missed that building stone” and told that I will be spared to listen to statements like this.

Isn’t it bad luck that the evil world order needed a signature of USA to proceed (?), and then Obama did the “impossible” to win the US election?

When I was cycling and shopping, I received more desperate feelings completely surrounding and almost choking me, and the feeling is so strong that this is almost what I become, and when all energy has been soaked out of me, and I feel that now I simply cannot anymore, it is really not very funny to continue, but then again, I had to get home, I could not stay there all the time you know.

I was shown parts of me to my right about to being removed and can’t I be with you at your exhibition, and I heard “with him there you mean” (?), and “no, not now”, and this is about parts of me, which according to this will not become part of me when opening our New World, but gradually afterwards, and I could only say that to me, it is fine, let every little thing become part of my “exhibition”.

I was told that blood tracks of my mother – thus the world – in theory could have brought us here, with the feeling that this was not needed because I went all the way.

We are not going to a corps house – meaning that I will not die – but these are not unimportant parts of you and life, and yes what will happen to these parts of me/us, will they be transferred to my new self as I have said I would like to if possible, or will they become part of me/us later at the New World (?), and I receive a mark to the last, so we will see.

After my sleep, the negative speech, feelings and pressure given to me from darkness – here feeling Annete Vilhelmsen, how are you (?) – reduced much, and I can only tell you to be glad not to have experienced the sufferings I had; they were truly as disgusting as anything gets.

Later I felt life of darkness now pressuring on me again, and I was by this darkness “I don’t want to return” and yes to him, and this is God bringing back this life to me, and yes because I don’t want you to remove it from me, so therefore!

I was told that Obama also would have liked to send money to help Elijah and his family, but no, as part of the game it is not good, and yes this is not the way to “discover” who the US President really is, and yes, Stig, no one “could” ask me the right question, so this is how this “secret” was kept making us work on saving/creation right until the end, and yes because of POOR COMMUNICATION of the world, and yes using the poor characteristic of darkness to our benefit.

Stig, you have never accepted your “old nightmare” to be carried out, and yes also having the recreation tool, so this means that I have been allowed, extraordinary, to return to life and yes by the kind man to the right of me (?), and yes if you can bring me in before the end of time, that is, and yes I will continue working, but no, I will not work on my website today, and not even after my nap this afternoon, and it is now 23.20, and I will first finish my work today after midnight, and yes then I need to relax a little, and if we still play a game tomorrow, and if I can, I will, and if I cannot, I cannot.

I received a STRONG feeling of Peter Asschenfeldt, who used to be in a relation with my old friend Britt’s twin sister, Ann, and I wonder if they still speak with him, also about me, and yes ”do you remember, Stig, he has become crazy”, and what one says, is brought on by the next, and yes, did you do this too, Peter (?), and this is a man of “the higher social circles of Denmark”, and the news of my view on Lars Seir’s 50th birthday is also spreading among you (?), and yes “no likes” on this?

At the end of the evening I feared that we may lose the last parts of me for good, but then I thought that God has promised to make everything perfect, which I do hope is true.

I was told from my right, which is that I cannot move with you, Stig, because I am not very strong, and it came together with the “Chris from the chocolate factory” feeling, which is to say that we will be seeing each other on the other side.

I was shown an open room with a drum set, and many bongo drums being lined up giving me the feelings that they should be easy to get out and bring with us too.

There are no duvets on sale here, Stig, are there (?), and yes this is what you are giving me, and yes duvets for your new, big duvet, and that is cheaply for sale, it does not take much to receive much by now.

I was shown and told that we are now letting the dogs out again, which will never happen again hereafter, is this how it is, Stig? And this came when I was preparing to publish my script, which took out much of me – I am feeling my neighbour Preben here also being responsible for this – and yes bringing me more “desperate pressure” while uploading MANY pictures, which requires the “patience of an angel”, which I do not have and yes because of Preben and others continuing to destroy me, which is the game I have to go through in order to transfer these parts of me too.

I was given a vision of one of the café’s, which Camilla and I sat at in Paris when we visited the city of light together in the end of the 1990’s, and yes in the Latin Quarter.

This is also about the back of the sofa, which will be used to lift up the world, and yes we are about to setting this up now, “are you ready”?

So we don’t have to think about a funeral anymore, and no him there, he cannot die, we have tried, there is nothing to do. And this means that we don’t have to go down into the grave, which would hurt us, and yes the world, and Stig, we found a new solution making it possible to save you and the world from pain, and simply pretending that you don’t exist even though you do and yes it only takes a moment of time, and then I am back as the baker/pizza-chef, and yes what will it be (?), and we know THE FINEST YOU HAVE because this is what that gentleman there – writing these lines – have asked for, so this is what we have done, and yes one of those new inventions you know.

I received the vision of Camilla and was told that she has woken up a few times thinking “what if Stig is really the one”, and dreaming she may be, and no, she is not a BLONDIE, but this one is :-).

Thank you for the national game, Stig, and we know you are breaking down preparing your script and receiving an incredible amount of stress from us, and now tired again, and so it is, a new game we designed.

Finally, at 01.05 I had published the script of today.

Google Earth shows oil production and pollution, which makes it necessary for man to move to our new planet Niburu

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show the big hat of darkness in disguise, oil production and pollution makes it necessary for man to move to our new planet Niburu, “chaotic savings”, someone walking to and from Greenland, a big head made of small and eating more faeces of darkness.

FB 2001 210113 Jette 1

FB 2001 210113 Jette 2

FB 2001 210113 Jette 3

FB 2001 210113 Jette 4

FB 2001 210113 Jette 5

FB 2001 210113 Jette 6

She brought a new set of pictures including an African head shouting (as two of my LTO friends not understanding/communicating with me), the lifting of the Excalibur sword, solving the Gordian knot having God helping to lift my journey, more light to Australia, and a zipper to open our New World, where you don’t have to hold on as tight as if I had not taken on as much sufferings as possible.

FB 210113 Jette 8

FB 210113 Jette 9

FB 210113 Jette 10

FB 210113 Jette 11

FB 210113 Jette 12

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • The other day I said in my script that you cannot fight darkness/negativity with darkness/negativity, and I now see that someone said this before me, and bringing this picture was not the only “inspiration”, no the breathing out of butterflies is to show you the beauty of our New World, and “Only love” came to Valentina, because this is the song I have brought some times also not long ago, and now again again :-).

FB 210113 Samuel

  • My Facebook friend William decided to include me in this group on Egypt, which is really just to say that I am leaning up against the gate of Egypt, which is still locked, and yes not we, but he – darkness looks confused here – has the key, but he will not open it before ALL OF YOU around here have become light, and this darkness gives me here a STRONG pain to my left foot, and yes do not like it as part of the game, but this is the ONLY RIGHT CHOICE and yes for me to continue working until I break down, and no I have not broken down yet, and have no plans to do so, so this is why we are still playing ….

FB 210113 Egypt group

  • Here was the gold nugget found the other day, and yes not everyday you do this, and of course in Australia and gold symbolises “creation” and Australia our New World, so there you have it once again.

CNN 2101 Gold

  • This statistical information of my Scridb documents shows “no visitors” the 18th January, which is really saying that there is indeed more life to be recovered inside the metal container, and yes it had another room, which also tried to hide from me, but no, we are NOT leaving from here before EVERY LITTLE THING has been recovered, and yes I expect to see this ZERO visitors being corrected one of the next days.

Scrib 2101 including 2001

  • A Danish church is looking for a priest believing in God (!), and yes there are examples of priests here not believing in God, and it has made some “intellectuals” discuss that it is “not appropriate” to write this in the job ad, and I could only say that a priest without faith is like a chef not being able to cook, and this is “difficult” to understand for some (?), also including the Church Minister Manu as the article says (!), and yes what are you to believe in these days (?), and elementary if you ask me … :-).

FB 210113 Politiken

  • It looks like Bryan Ferry and band was VERY happy to be “travelling in style” with the company jet of Saxo Bank when going to his party the other day, and yes I wonder how much this has “set you back”, Lars Seir (?), but nothing is to be spared when you turn 50, is that it (?), and yes it must be “wonderful” for you to be in such a situation that you can “enjoy” the sweetness of life and making a whole lot of friends “loving” you because of all of your “love” and eeehhh money too (?), and yes, Bryan, you will also wake up some day understanding that I really do NOT at all like this extravaganza very much in a world where millions of poor people scream and die on the streets in terrible pain, and yes have you heard about Haiti as example (?), and why don’t you send your jet and money there, Lars (?), and eeehhh not that “funny” and “entertaining” for you (?), but just maybe this would bring you TRUE SATISFACTION, and yes “wrong love” is also what your money tempts you to do (?), and yes THE WORST DARKNESS is what you see here, and together with him ALL RICH PEOPLE OF THE WORLD DOING THE SAME!!! And if you can dance, Bryan, but of course you can, and soon from joy/celebration :-).

FB 210113 Ferry

  • Helena will be going to Greenland to do a project, and yes she is coming “home” (to God) too.

FB 210113 Helena

  • Diana from the SAGA Facebook group, who became my Facebook friend, has now decided to leave me as Facebook friend, and yes it was her time to have had more than enough of me, and yes making you feel “disgusting”, Diana (?), and yes herewith bringing me your feelings too. And Jimi D. is still only “half visible”, so there is still a risk of losing life as this says, but no, I don’t believe so.
  • I was happy to see that Desiree had not become deterred, but the opposite maybe, from my dialogue with “the alien” in on her thread, and here she asked me about “transmission meditation”, so maybe a sign of faith after all.

FB 210113 Desiree

  • In Denmark, almost all local municipalities, or Communes as I call them, offer people to anonymously to report on people on social fraud etc., and DR News asked if it is alright to report on each other, and I gave an old reply really, which is that it is only a pathetic society anonymously report and speak wrongly/negatively about each other, and the only right thing to do is ALWAYS to tell the truth and to treat people as you would like to be treated yourself, which should be easy for all to understand and to follow, also for government and local municipalities, and this shows wrong behaviour everywhere – both of people individually cheating and of people employed by authorities chasing people cheating – and this goes right to the top of the society, where we really should have role models for the population, but we have not (!), so what we need is a paradigm shift and new culture, and as luck is, this is what we will get with our New World (!), and yes the media could have decided to show the RIGHT way, but no, their “accepted norms” – with money, careers and sex too being the motive power – made them as rotten as everyone else, if not worse, pulling the population in the wrong direction, and sad is really what this is; that a whole society/world “could not” behave correctly simply following what everyone knows is right behaviour, amazing right? And this is one of my few comments receiving many “likes”, which will have to be because these people don’t know who I am.

FB 210113 DR

  • Cheese is the product of milk, which is about my “old nightmare” really, and cheese is such the result of creation, and here Henrik brought another splendid sketch by Monty Python where the only thing the cheese store does not have, is cheese (!), which is to say that we have sold out on all shelves, and yes transferring everything to our New World making minimum of our Old World to make maximum of our New World, and so it is, and yes the man machine/KRAFTWERK, which of course is what I was, the “energy plant” to help building our New World, so this is what Kraftwerk is REALLY about.

FB 210113 Henrik

  • This is “inspiration” given to Jais and my nephew Tobias speaking about “wrong sexuality” because of their wrong behaviour in relation to me bringing darkness/my “old nightmare” to me.

FB 210113 Jais

FB 210113 Tobias


22nd January: I have been laid into the grave in Egypt and now only wait for “magic” to bring me out

Dreaming of continuing work when the world is silent, I cannot stop flying, i.e. being lifted up

I received a small sound to my windows, and was shown parts of my old self now on the other side and I felt my mother meaning that this part of me is now becoming integrated with our New World as I understand it, and yes I hope that it will not bring great sufferings to the world to do this, and I will be fully assembled on the other side as I understand it.

I continue receiving attacks of “nothing” coming to me and lasting for maybe 1-2 seconds, which is almost making me faint.

Sometimes as now I still receive a dark pressure to the instep of my right foot which is from where terminate life gets out.

It had to correspond for man to dig you out of the gas chamber, and yes we have to get everything out not matter what, and this has been knocked into our heads.

Now we will withdraw again, and we will see if a new game will come tomorrow.

Finally at 01.45 I went to bed, and I was shown the remaining dark part of me inside of darkness, and instead of leaving out the door, this part went together with me in bed – as a spirit crawling down with me under the duvet – and that is because this darkness is still me as Stig alive.

I was not allowed to sleep for quite some time, and I did not write down all, but I was shown myself looking at watches in a store (to extend time maybe …), and how I have returned my old and the first fine suit I bought in the 1980’s, which was a Rene Lezard suit from the Lord Nelson store on “Strøget” in Copenhagen, and to my surprise the suit has a stain on one of the legs.

I was shown my self walking with Peter Duetoft – a former politician close to Mimi Jacobsen – and I have recorded a video of how poorly they work including the founder/management, and he asks me if I want to continue, and I reply that I will if you will let me be, and now I am flying up into the ceiling of the hall, which I cannot help doing because this is what this is about, and that is my work going to lift me up to become me/our new selves.

I was told that you will believe it is a lie, but Irene – from Aon – hs the key to keep this going without the world breaking down, and yes Preben has told her about me (?), and for days I have felt her, and I was shown her in front of the shelves receiving horns being put on wrongly on her, and yes I remember her as somewhat backwards from when we worked together – even though she worked on the floor above me and I did not have much contact with her.

I was really on my way to stand up, but somehow I fell asleep, and slept poorly until 06.45 with these dreams.

  • I am writing an application on an old type writer at an office in Helsingør where Anders Ladekarl (from Red Cross) is the manager, and I am impressed to see the speed of how a male colleague of my is typing. I see how Danish military troopers walk in line at Helsingør Station and they are in camouflage with dense fog hiding them so they will not be discovered by the Russians, whom they are going to fight, and I cannot take a photo of them.
    • The application is to keep on working inside darkness to reduce the worst darkness, i.e. the Russians, in order to make the transition to our New World as easy as possible. And the fast typing is about what some may believe I do.
  • I am at a small store at some kind of camp, and yesterday I hid my plastic-bag including my wallet behind some kind of device standing in the floor closet, and when I now return, I see how the female middle aged assistant has taken out this device making me fear that my bag has been stolen, and when I ask for it, she starts to search for it without being able to find it, but she is clearly incoherent, and finally she finds it and that is at the place where I put it, and another assistant asks me if I did not became nervous knowing about the importance of this, and instead of becoming concerned/stressed while she was searching, I decided to be calm. The first assistant also has some kind of board including her clothes, and this board is hiding my clothes behind it, which I would like to get access to.
    • The wallet is money, thus energy, and I have absolutely no energy these days, and as long as I keep the game ongoing, I do not have access to my final clothes as my new self.
  • I am on visit at Aon together with a few colleagues from Dahlberg, and I am surprised to see two British former contacts of mine sitting at the reception with one being Paul (an old connection from Woodchester/GE Capital Bank in Denmark), and he gives me and a colleague of mine, whom he also knows, a warm welcome. I wear a fine suit, but I am surprised to see that I wear sandals and have no socks on, and I think that I really should have taken on my business shoes. I meet the IT manager Søren on the way, and I ask him how quickly he believes that Niels de Bang will get out of the office when hearing me, and if he will have lost his temper, and it is no surprise that when I have walked up the stairs and Niels hears me, he instantly comes out from his office having lost his temper, and to my surprise, Fuggi is also arriving on visit, he has also been working here before (in the dream at least), and he is very popular by the employees, but not by Niels, and Fuggi has a pram in front of him, which Niels pushes to in order to push him out, but does not succeed. And I tell Niels directly when the employees heat it that everyone knows that he is the problem, and you have to give employees responsibility in order to be happy and improve, and when he does not listen, I shout directly into his face that you are the problem, you are sick in your head, and I can tell that he knows, and he replies something about “what about my pay of 2.1 millions dollars”, and I see that he is losing his balance because of just how strongly I effect him, and it makes me concerned that he will die in front of me. Later I sit with him at his office, and gives him a plastic folder including detailed calculations on accounts, and he promises to have a detailed look on this and to come back with his decision on whether or not he can follow my suggestion. I ask him to remember that the main thing is that we like him. Afterwards, at the floor below of the Benefits department, I have asked to see old colleagues including Anja, but I am surprised to see that it takes time for them to come out, and in the waiting time, I remember that the three files I have prepared for them is in the folder I gave Niels, and I think about returning to him to get these files, or alternatively to send them later from home where I also have them.
    • This is about continuing the game inside darkness of Niels de Bang, and when being stronger than this/him, it will bring new information to our New World symbolised by the benefits department, and this may also be to say that my contact to Niels de Bang via LinkedIn some weeks ago, was almost killing him, and yes “not very nice” to think about whom I “may” be and to think back about havine disgraced me the most grossly and wrongly when expelling me from Aon in 1997.
  • I am visiting the place where my employer used to be located, and the view is not as nice as our new location, there is much construction work here, and I see that one of the tall buildings have received a golden façade.
    • This will have to be where the family tree was located until it was moved back to its original location, and this is where we are converting darkness to light.
  • I am working as a new assistant at Østerbro Taxabil, and I have taken my first two orders by telephone, and promised to send out taxi’s, and I am now looking for the employee who can arrange this, and I come to the lunch room where I ask the first man I meet, and he is the manager, and there are others there too, and they say that I have been offered to drive out with the taxi, but it is against the law – and something about deceptive spray making things disappear.
    • The taxi is bringing my new self, and it is from darkness that this happens because this company felt as dusty as the worst and most lazy social democratic environments of the 1970’s where everything took “forever” because of people working slowly and talking much. The deceptive spray is darkness, which apparently wipes out life even though it really does not.
  • In the harbour a machine is designing a city after my invention, but the Kraftwerk/power plant is moved to another station at the harbour, and something about counting down. I cannot look out from my bedroom because of curtains blocking my view. People are afraid that it will explode. Something about wearing two pregnancies, and we have taken a test from evilness of my mother, and if the pregnancies turn out to include this evilness we can remove them. The freezer is opened, and I am surprised to see a huge creature almost looking like Frankenstein, who runs out and directly towards a man, who he is trying to kill/drown in a bowl of soup, but this man, who has no brain, is given an injection by a needle, which kills him.
    • Harbour is the symbol of my old “safe haven” and it is from here that we are designing, but I have no energy to continue doing this, but I don’t care, I work the best I can under the circumstances, and this will have to bring us as far as possible. And this will have to be about the official world being afraid of what will happen when remaining darkness (the explosion and Frankenstein) is released with the transition from our Old to our New World.

I have been laid into the grave in Egypt and now only wait for “magic” to bring me out

I woke up to the song “When I´m Sixty Four” by Beatles/Paul McCartney, and I was given the name of the Beatles throughout the night – and “who won the trophy” (?) with the answer being “the Beatles” – and this was a direct encouragement to tell the story I was told the other day without writing it, and it was about my old feeling that I would have loved to experience the 1960’s and to see the Beatles when they were active (and the impact they had on the everyday of the time), and not “just” afterwards, and I am here shown my sister as little in the 1960’s, which is to say that darkness unfortunately also hit this band, and yes when I was asked to collect one of the greatest, I thought about who it should be, and yes I chose John Lennon and not you Paul McCartney, and yes so it was, but instead there is a secret hidden inside of you Paul, and yes I am AGAIN given the “another part of me” feeling, so we are back to the question about who the (thre times) 12 really are, and the other day, I was told that Paul would also like to experience me himself, and yes, you will Paul, and “a great surprise is also coming your way”, and yes who would love to see the Beatles play live again, and yes what about warming up with Mozart, have some Beatles, Elvis and the Electric Light Orchestra with a full orchestra, and yes just one of those dreams of “wild times” you know, which may not be completely impossible to carry out :-).

When I woke up I was told by my actor playing the dark character “Stop, we are not going to the sawmill” and I was shown people carrying solid wood (of God), which is “everywhere around me”, and no, we are not because everything will have to be perfect. So we will not be carrying out his “old nightmare”, no!

I had another day, where I was at least as broken down as the last two days if not more, and it was truly completely impossible to start writing the script of today and the many dreams, and I had to write one minute, relax two minutes and so on – something like that – and waiting for things to turn over knowing that eventually it will also be possible to work today, and yes I was looking at one point at the monitor and feeling so disgusted that it was really impossible to work, and then I told myself “you can do it, just do it, ignore how you feel”, so this is what I did, and now I have done the worst part of it, but the question is truly if I will be able to do some work to my website today, and that is also because I have promised myself to take a long bath after writing what I can this morning, and yes I know it is no good, but it is needed.

I was told with a very weak voice that my heart has arrived, and it will be delivered in “some days” from now.

I received the lyrics ”I wonder” from the beautiful song “runaway” by Del Shannon, and you may understand that I like it even better in Jeff Lynne’s version (Del Shannon is his great idol, and later also collaborator), and yes I wonder why you were a runaway, Karen, making me walkin’ in the rain.

I was told that we will bring you a ringing bell for your bicycle in Christmas gift, and yes this was another task I have not done, and that is to move the bell from my old to my new bicycle, which has none.

So he is not even feeling poorly today, is he (?), but yes, still tired and still us actors giving him darkness/voice.

We have mixed our cards endlessly, which darkness really could not understand, and this is basically the key of our success/survival, that “no one” can infiltrate our system, which is way too complicated and now simple too, which is the beautfy of it.

This is what the game was for, to turn around darkness – to make everything strong as I understand it. You don’t give the Devil a little finger without getting it 10 times back, and yes because of the improvement this brings when doing a new creation.

It corresponds to removing the gas mask of man what we will now be starting to do.

We saw this result coming already when we were winning 4 to 0, where darkness became weaker, but we did not say anything, we had to keep the game going.

And this was said just seconds before I read about this not dangerous gas leak over Paris.

Politiken 220113 Paris

We could not turn the back to you – I see my mother – before we risked you scoring to 2 to 0, talk about playing well….

There is no camel smell here, yes Arabia and oil, and yes of our New World, and just to underline that.

So only by getting out of an amazing wrestling fight between your mother and yourself, you showed that you were strong enough to increase the standard of the world to my standards, and if it is good enough for you, it’s good enough for me, and yes “nothing less than perfect is good enough for me”, we know.

There will come a letter with the mail to your mother, maybe not tomorrow, but certainly within the next couple of weeks, right (?), and yes as darkness we have absolutely no knowledge when this will happen, but as light, let us say that you are following the plan.

You don’t get out of there without your father shouting out loud (as he did recently when reading my website on him).

There is almost no more blood pounding in your mother, so how do we get this back (?), which will become part of the transition.

You can go under the (Christmas) tree too”, and yes gifts to be unpacked.

Do you think man will forgive me for using darkness and extreme sufferings (?), and no not as the Old World, but the beauty is that you will in the New World where you will also forget about all sufferings of the past.

Isn’t it funny that we have shown you our spaceships looking like airplanes when you first see them, and this is also because this is what man has developed with manmade clones of our spaceships and that is with the purpose to fool man saying that it is not us flying those (aggressive) saucers, but it is.

How would it be like closing the airport a full Sunday for example (?), yes it would feel like the world going under, and that is until we had exploded/removed the last darkness, which is what you will be saved from now, but you will receive “some pain” (?), and yes depending on what I do now, i.e. how much work I will do.

I am often given your name, Tony Franke, and here that you were disgusted too (?), and yes wrong resistance was amazing.

“Det er helt hen I vejret” (“it is way up in the air”) as we say here, and it is amazing in itself that no meteorologists have spoken out loud when seeing my force changing the weather, and yes “strange weather” among other things.

I was told yesterday and also today that Soulaima has used the case story of not having the courage to help the man in the train to remove his stench of perfume and the importance of speaking the truth, and she is right now in Davos together with “the greatest leaders of the world”, who “enjoy” themselves by giving lectures, and yes a “good life” on top of this, and it gave me an attack directly to my throat of darkness, which made me almost get it in the wrong throat if I did not clear it, and it was followed by strong darkness now to the back of my right foot.

Well, your mother is not a teacher as you are, but she “is” too isn’t she (?), and yes just to say that we have now divided the roles between us of our New World, and yes we are One God and I do believe we have the roles, which you can read from the front page of my website, and more will come, yes isn’t it exciting to see if I will get work done to my website today?

I was shown one candle light burning, which is the family tree, and I was told that this is the only thing being eternal, which is why the New World will have to become one with the tree to become eternal itself.

And I am still driving in a small military wagon, which almost looks like a small tank having only a small hole to look out of, where I see a jungle around me, and yes as darkness, which is what this says.

I was shown an ancient Egyptian head and then a Nazi, and told that I am going directly from one to another.

For a long time, I have been told about the Swedish music industry knowing about me including the Swedish part of the Eurovision Song Contest – remember the winner of 2012 Loreen and her fantastic song/performance EUPHORIA and my story of her bringing the light to me in Helsingborg (?) – and now I was told that the Danish 2012 contestant Soluna Samay also knows, and also that the music industry/artists in general is spreading the news of me because I love music as much as I do.

I was shown a turkey roast, and in the middle is an egg – the middle of everything – and I was told that my father’s wife Kirsten is also part of this, and yes earlier I was told about my old class friend Christian G. and his resistance to me – not “being able” to accept me as Facebook friend after having seen my website – and that is because he is part of us too, and his resistance brought me MUCH darkness as a consequence.

I was told that I am a stingray, and it made me think of fast Corvette Stingrays because of my work bringing us forward, and also of the Australian “crocodile hunter” Steve Irwin, who was killed by a stingray in 2006, and yes the work of darkness chasing me!

I was shown smaller and smaller rings leading to the Source in the middle, and I was shown and told that we had to get all the way in here before my mother will be released on the planet of our New World.

I continue being told about names – for example Sys Bjerre – having heard about me, but this will do for now only bringing you examples here and there, and also not knowing if this is light or darkness speaking through me.

I was shown the Danish Parliament of Christiansborg and told that this used to be the worst darkness, but now this has been turned around too and yes becoming light of our New World.

Where is my regular table at the bar (?), have you moved it (?), and yes Stig, we are going to my extreme limit of work again today, and just to look up words in the Danish-English dictionary is putting me on my extreme edge, and yes because of the immense stress factor of work, speech and how poorly I feel.

This morning, I listened to the Danish singer Stig Rossen being interviewed on DR4 radio, and here (after 1:03:15) he was telling about how he had been on a VERY long tour singing in the Les Miserables musical, and they had reached Hong Kong, where he feel asleep on stage and only woke up because it was his time to sing (!), which he then did, and then song “bring me home” – of course and yes as beautiful as ever – so he had to be VERY tired before coming home (?), and yes just like me, and he said that the same evening he watched the INSPIRED Groundhog Day movie, where Phil experiences the same day over and over and over again, and Stig said that this was exactly his feeling when doing exactly the same every day on this very long tour, and yes this was the sign to change his life, and here it is a sign of me also going to change my life after I have experienced the same day over and over and over again going through sufferings, being alone and writing all of these pages, so there you have your inspiration, Stig.

I have no Volvo yet parked inside of him (?), and no, there is still darkness inside of him remaining.

I was shown a dark horse carriage, and the back axis of this and I felt Elijah inside of this and his negative energy making it turn around, and I felt my mother too, and was shown how the axis was moved from the back and inside the cabin self while the carriage was still driving, and this is what we have done with the family tree while the world was still “driving”.

I was shown a large board of the New York Stock Exchange showing stock prices, and it was shown as the worst darkness just in front of light on the other side of it, and you will understand from my New World Order and previous writings that a buffet of “take yourself what you like without any limits/moral” is NOT what I like, this is the game of darkness.

Now we don’t have to build a bridge, because we are him, but still acting as darkness and yes until he decides to come out, and we know, there is more work to do, but now it is 12.00, and I will take my long bath hopefully being able to do some work to my website later depending on how much more work there will be to the script.

School-bag …, your mother and father too were not evil as the starting point, but when knowing that this would be the end point, we decided to use darkness as the tool to get there the best and quickest way.

It is now 15.30 and I have had my long bath, and must say that I am fully, utterly and completely destroyed today, so I will write the script but I will NOT start work on my website, I need to feel better than this, and yes no exercise or even a cycling tour today.

We have put you into the grave in Egypt and now only wait for you to come out.

Half awake in the bath, I was told that Hitler in the last days of his life became mainly light/good.

I was told about Hans Engell – the previous leader of the Danish Conservative Party – (coming from my old city Espergærde) that he is a key contact person in Denmark, and I understood this as for the “secret world government”, so there you have even more darkness of this party, and later I was shown that right behind the Conservative Party, is a Christmas Tree and balloon swings, which is to say that I have several “special friends” there, who were taken over by darkness, and yes even you, Brian!!

I was told that the grass was created as red (darkness), and became more and more green through each new world created, so darkness was indeed the building stone of our world.

I was sleeping a little, I believe, in bath, and dreamt about going on a car tour to Sweden together with Lars G., and we only have one day, and we will drive almost 1,000 kilometres north, then east before driving south, and our goal is to visit cities as directly north as possible, and I see on the map some cities, which crosses the North Pole and reaches the other side!

I was also shown a large yacht crossing with immense speed, and saw myself in the water at the entrance to a harbour, and there are large sea animals with most of them being kind coming close to me, but there are also some biting after me, but I know how to handle those.

I also saw two local politicians on their way home to southern Jutland, and they decide to visit my old “friend”, Jane, the MP of the Liberal Party, on the way, and they don’t call, they just show up, which stresses Jane much. Later I was half awake told that Janes and I have family lines meeting two generations back.

I have been told about Hans in relation to his friend Bent Michael, whom I have always spoken well with, but who “could not” accept my Facebook invitation maybe two years ago, and what has Hans told him now (?), and what is Bent Michael thinking, and this has importance too.

I am at one of the tunnels of Kronborg Castle with a lid torch, which a large group of people is attracted to, and I have a tresure map showing the road to the most sacred room, which is where Holger Danske (Ogier the Dane) sits, and yes you do remember that he will wake up as a sign with my arrival, right (?), and I was given the feeling that this Holger statue is what was the inspiration why Denmark was hit by the “Holger flu” maybe 10-20 years ago where everyone wanted to “find Holger”, which first was inspired by the political slogan “Holger and the wife says no to the (European) Union”, and then a game also on TV “can you find Holger” (?), and yes not easy to find Holger, i.e. to reach home at the most sacred inner part of me.

I was told that Wenche Myhre – a Norwegian singer apparently also knowing about me – is helping to save a much neglected calf standing in water at the end of the stable with its head turning the wrong way.

Darkness asked what to do because we cannot afford two new pins, and I was told that we have turned around energy making me receive energy from darkness to survive and not the opposite direction as it used to be, so it is energy of darkness giving me also a little nap today.

I felt and was shown darkness as a Coca Cola looking backwards up on its actor asking that he, i.e. me, smashes us and this turns us into the finest vintage wine (?), and yes this is basically the idea.

I was shown a very special transport belt next to a water mill where the belt is made of dark pasta, which is soft and impossible to get to work, and I was told that we are all the way out there – “impossible to get to work life” like the calf above – and this is shown because my mother has strongly recommended me not to eat pasta because everyone knows that carbohydrates is not good when you have to lose weight, and yes I know that it was important for me to loose weight in order to receive “faith” from my mother that I am feeling good, but I refused to stop eating carbohydrates meaning that I have enjoyed eating pasta and of course also rice, potatoes and white bread, but of course (!), and yes because I will NOT accept to eat what is NOT normal!

I was shown and told that we have hidden BIG sunflowers, i.e. love, inside each part of darkness, and all we needed was energy to unpack it.

Half awake, I heard “bliss” and was told that all parts have to be ready at the same time, and I was shown two pieces connecting like a star, and I thought that this is the New World connecting to the family tree.

I was told that all people are in connection with the Source – via me – via sperm cells and their way to the egg to produce new life.

I was shown a three dimensional cube of darkness with my actor just behind it, and told that this is the building stone, and I am now so close that I can almost reach out and touch (somebody’s hand) and make this world a better place. And this is the building stone we are all made of; i.e. from destructive darkness.

I was shown that we are working on the last piece of the cheese cake and I was shown a piece on its way in made by blue cheese, and on top of the cake, I was shown many whole eggs, and this is the last little piece we lack to make everything perfect.

I was told about Lisbeth from the Commune again and what she did when they thought I was potentially dangerous (!), and I was shown my CV, and told that she has also called previous employers to check up on me, and that is behind my back and can you do that (?), and yes in a “crisis situation” you can, and so it was thought (!), and who did she call, and I was not told but I was shown the sister of Pernille S. (Kim S’ wife, and I worked with Kim from 1991-1995 at DFM, and from 1995-97 at Aon), and told that this is how everything matches, so did Lisbeth somehow get connected with Kim?

I was told that the video yesterday of the Indiana Jones film of the “dark man” removing the heart of a man made the world scared, which is why I am incredible tired/destroyed today, and yes did you not read carefully in order to understand that there is nothing to be afraid of?

I was told that we cannot tell you how valuable it is that no one has dug down to my body, and yes this is the body or my previous self in Egypt, and I am told that I will wake up in this body, and what about my body here (?), and yes just wondering I am, and how will I get transported to Egypt, and yes “magic” is the only right answer.

I was told that my father has received (some) faith in me, and my reaction was that this is ”impossible” because of the incredible strength of his better-knowing and WRONG voice.

I was told that my shirts have been fine after wash, and they have not shrunk at all, which has to mean that all of me will be saved.

I still receive some loud sneezes.

I was shown the Danish Defense Minister Nick Hækkerup from the Social Democratic Party and was told that “it was him starting it all”, and I was told no more, but I thought about “conspiration” of the Social Democratic Party, and yes connected to Henrik Sass-Larsen maybe (?), and we will see what this story covers when it gets revealed, and maybe you would like to tell, or even to send me an email explaining how you have “wrapped me up”?

When preparing the publish of the script today, I was asked can we now get home to our father (?), and only if you cannot “make it” anymore, otherwise we will continue working.

I published the script at 19.40 after having worked – slowly – most of the time, and no, I will NOT work this evening, and yes I WILL suffer simply by continuing to receive more information/notes without being able to relax, and yes another new day tomorrow morning with a new script ….

Uncontrollable feelings of Venezuela could have led to world arsenals of nuclear weapons to be ignited!

It is now tomorrow morning, and even though I feel somewhat better now, I am still so tired and disgusted by reading and more than this also having nothing/so little energy that it hurts more than you can believe to do this, but here is the information I was giving during the evening.

The reaction of darkness after stopping work was now we don’t bother doing this, we will also throw this away, and yes EASY to just relax and say “just do it”, but no, this is WRONG, I want you to save everything, which is really not the easiest thing to do.

The spirit of my mother said that I will not get in without the very big shower, and I was given the feeling of David Bowie and was told that this goes for me too, i.e. the spirit of my father.

I was told “Lord Britannia”; we also just had this on place meaning that nothing more is now going to hinder us.

For maybe 1-2 hours I felt strong darkness all around me, but I was not given visions or negative speech, this was kept back, and yes it should not be as I expected to receive much disturbances during the evening, but it came.

I was told that I walked up the ladder I was shown the other day and am now at the very top of the house at a very small room going directly after the Blue Mountain coffee of Jamaica, and I was also shown an incredible little God walking around/working in the harbour.

I was told that this will bring me even bigger heart pain/problems, and I could only say “come on, give me the best you got”, and yes no change really. And the rest of the evening, I received high and uncomfortable pumping sounds/feelings of my heart beating bringing me some concerns of what would happen, but nothing happened.

I was so incredible tired again this evening that I really could not stay awake, but I did not want to go to bed too early knowing that this would wake me up during night and not in the morning.

I was given the name of the Turkish city “Izmir” with the first two letters underlined meaning “ice” in Danish, thus the symbol of “sufferings”, and isn’t it funny that Turkey did not know about the great sufferings they very directly brought me (?), and this is why there is a focus on “my sufferings” in the Google Earth pictures of today.

I was told that I have been allowed to receive more darkness by God because this is your wish, and this is the only reason why I do it, and yes I don’t want to escape if I can.

I was told that it was during the last days of Hitler’s life that he planted the seed corn, which I collected when visiting Berlin in the 1990’s, and without this, there would be no New World, and this was the purpose of Hitler’s and your life.

I was told that Venezuela also has decisive impact in the world history, and I was given the understanding that when Camilla and I visited Isla de Margarita in 1996, it was not good that we did not carry out our considerations to also visit the mainland of Venezuela, and this is because this country is/was a powder barrel, and could we keep them in chess (?), and this is why the President Hugo Chávez became “ill” with cancer

I was told that this branch gives the biggest cough, which I was given, and yes a crisis not known to world community, “we shoot hostages”, and yes Stig is not truth, this is western propaganda, they are deaf and threaten with nuclear weapons, if they have these, Stig (?), yes we keep our breath and wonder what they will do, however their thinking activity is still influenced by my visit in 1996, and I am told that the Montenegro lady (from the A2B course you know) and the handball network is designed to handle deviations including Venezuela, and this is the crises I now enter going into the next layer of darkness, and it could have made the world bring its “enormous arsenals” of nuclear weapon to ignition if we could not control it, and no, Obama does not know, it has not been dealt with by the government, but military and yes part of preparation of a world government, and if you don’t want to, we will force you, and big words, shouting and risk. This is one of the doors we could have taken out as darkness, which required extra protection.

No, there will come no Arafat investigation, which is also because of my arrival.

There are even greater values inside this darkness, just hold on, Stig.

This is why we were silent earlier this evening, this – Venezuela – was part of your Mission Impossible. It feels a little like joint property now, because they are now part of the fold too, and yes it was “impossible” for Obama to win (?), and no, you did not cheat with the US election, did you (?), and that was to guarantee Romney the win bringing forward a new world government of your choice (?), can you imagine this?

So the world has brought you extreme coldness. Your mother, thus the world, could easily have smashed you out, but no, love – also from Inge to you when “no one else” could “handle” me influencing my mother – made her stick to you with her outermost, otherwise we would all be on the bottom of the sea.

And that Yemen conflict is nothing in relation to this, i.e. Venezuela.

Italy has not tried before to fling someone like you out, but this is how the lynch-mode against me from the blind and deaf Berlusconi people was (because of my writing on Berlusconi on my media and politicians website).

Your mother equip you with binoculars etc. but she has not said what she really thinks about you, and yes she drinks too (as I have written about), which is about her believing that she is taking on the worst sufferings coming from her son not to lose her son, thus life self.

I was told that we have locked up the most important photos of us inside here, where no one in the world would come, but we did not believe that Jesus would refuse to give up as extreme as this, which is why are still in play-mode, and I was given a little smell of burning, and was told that this means that there is still life and yes inside this darkness.

Is Tommy – John’s brother – the drum stick for you (?), with drums meaning “original life”.

This evening, I was beyond what you can call “feeling poorly” in a traditional sense, I had reached and surpassed my ultimate limit, and told my self that I cannot kep on like this, and the negative pressure/voices still coming to me, which you cannot feel/hear my readers, are completely unbearable, and I have to feel better tomorrow in order to continue, otherwise this is it.

Google Earth shows the arrival of my new self as the new King

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show God helping to remove darkness, Australia covered in light, chaotic activity beneath Australia, and the arrival of my new self as the new King.

FB 220113 Jette 1

FB 220113 Jette 2

FB 220113 Jette 3


FB 220113 Jette 4

FB 220113 Jette 5

As a follow up to pictures of yesterday, Jette encouraged me to tell about my sufferings and she decided to get in contact with my LTO friends.

FB 220113 Jette 0

FB 220113 Jette 6

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Helena was very busy today saying that the ends cannot reach, and she is looking (for fun) for a secretary, and when people asked about the pay, she said that it will be according to the collective agreement of the HK union, and yes just saying that darkness of Falck is still active because of my memo telling the truth about their poor work (see my Scribd profile) and sent to me, this is what “HK” means-

FB 220113 Helena

  • Germany is bringing home gold reserves, which it has placed in USA and France, which is to say that my home base is Germany.

e24 Guld

  • Dan wrote about his friend Eddie, who is an “excellent photographer”, and if you visit him, he becomes so happy that he dances tarantella (folk) dance, and this is again about our happiness/celebration of photographing all life to become part of our New World, and yes “he sews all his clothes himself”, which is about bringing new clothes, i.e. life, to everyone.

FB 220113 Dan

  • The labour conflict at the Restaurant Vejlegården took a new development some time ago when the restaurant was set on fire, and when the tenant – NOT the owner – said that he was attacked, and his life was in danger, and yes was this an attack by the Union, or was it himself, who put the restaurant on fire (?), and now he has been arrested for doing it himself, and I don’t know what is up and down on this story, but more than anything it is a story shown to the world what conflict because of poor communication between people can lead to, and yes NOT NICE to follow and just thinking that if you had been able to communicate and solve any issues without conflict, this would have been a well run restaurant today, but instead it has ended in unnecessary tragedy.

Politiken 220113 Amin Skov

  • Since January 12, a few dates before the visit of my father to my website, this person has been visiting and returning to my website with 2/3 of the visits being to my chapter  “my father only understood his own strong voice”, and furthermore my photos (focusing on photos of my father, but also others), Doomsday Scenario, Jesus in Nairobi 1988, and very little also my front page, and I wonder who this is (?), can it be Kirsten’s daughter Jeanette (?), and do we talk about “uncontrollable feelings” here (?) and saying to my father/Kirsten “you have to read this” (?), and this is my best guess without knowing, but as usual I am VERY SAD to see that people “cannot” read to understand the big picture, but are so focused on themselves and their own “interests”.

GC 220113 Rødovre

GC 220113 Rødovre 2



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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