January 24, 2013: We have started the merger of the New World and the Source and to bring me alive as my new self


Summary of the script today

23rd January: I am still without energy, completing my work and feeling that I am now coming to the end

  • Dreaming of Preben stabbing me in the back, darkness took the wrong beatle, I found my own way out, my heart will move on to our New World, the spirit of my mother of our New World is joining the Trinity.
  • I am still completely broken down without energy, but still working thus receiving even more life from darkness, which cannot stand the light without becoming light itself. We only continue this game because this is what I have decided bringing in the last of me on airplanes, which are now becoming gold themselves. I am now update with my work except from the chapter on creation to the front page of my website, which I cannot do unless I receive time and energy to do it. I am strongly feeling that I am now coming to the end.
  • I received darkness in the form of the tool creating darkness self and more, and I am now at the stage just before becoming united with the Source having walked the road as my old suffering self. I will not burn nor have pieces of me being cut off because of loss of life, but survive right until I will open up the eyes of my new self. We are now trying our best to bring everything from the Old World with us before the end of time, which is VERY near; I feel it.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show that I am flying (being lifted up to become me/our new selves), lots of souls, collecting coins of life, “all for one, one for all” to save all life “all of love”, and God is shouting at darkness.
  • Short stories of the connection between Michael Sadler and I, the most disgusting darkness of a PR company, the world’s 100 richest could have ended global poverty but “could not” (!), the Commune does NOT like that I tell the world that they harass me, the world could not kill me, Helena was darkness pointing her laser pen to my right ankle.

24th January: We have started the merger of the New World and the Source and to bring me alive as my new self

  • I was shown in a vision/dream that I would suffer this night, which I did when it started with not being allowed to sleep, but instead I was shown that I am standing right in front of the light, and told that the creator with my mother will now start the impossible process of hatching the egg of me using strong darkness to do so, which is about exchanging my old self with my new self, thus being the opening of our New World.
  • Dreaming that the set up of the world of the Source can be improved much, which we have started doing, and it has cost temporary terminations to reach the command central of the world of the Source, which we are reaching now.
  • We used the entire strength of the New World having to temporary sacrifice life in order to enter the room of the Source full of darkness/sufferings bringing me maximum sufferings and a risk to be thrown out again, and we will now re-design all of it and bring it back to its original grandiose design before becoming darkness. This is the kitchen of God to produce life, and I am vacuum cleaning all of it to become part of the fish of everything of me.
  • This kitchen of God is the final location of all worlds of my mother, which we are bringing here, and where they will be plugged in, which will end all darkness and start the magic of our New World.
  • There is an even deeper level of the Source, which we will use the Shu-bi-dua singer Michael Bundesen to enter, and this is the “magical entrance” of all light. Strong darkness tried to confuse me/us, but we agreed to work as a team and to let light show us the road to “perfect” at the absolute top of the Source, and without Michael, I could not open to this part of me.
  • Finding and entering the command central of the Source corresponds to finding a gold ring placed at one beach of all beaches of the world. I have now received the gold ring of the Source, and will start to transfer and install all of the New World, which will gradually make me stronger and stronger. This is how my old self is becoming my new self, to go from “completely empty” to become “everything, which is”. This place is becoming as beautiful/perfect as it can because this is what I decided for it to become.
  • Besides from darkness of my family, friends etc., thus the world, it was “hidden love of Karen” bringing me here. And we will also now start to save terminated life on our way here.
  • Short stories of Preben sending me darkness terminating life, telling Benedikte Kjær that I am “the one and only”, sending my love to refugees of Syria, the take-yourself-table of the EU, a ferry caught fire symbolising STRONG darkness, it is “festive, fantastic and delightful” to enter the command central of the Source, we are about to RISE and SHINE, our New World is now yellow and wine all over.


23rd January: I am still without energy, completing my work and feeling that I am now coming to the end

Dreaming that I found my own way out and spirit of my mother of our New World is joining the Trinity

I went to bed at 23.20 and was told that the waste pipe has been secured so “he” will not fall no matter what, but he keeps on, so this is what we do too, and I slept somewhat better but still poorly until 07.00 this morning, and yes even more dreams.

  • First I was shown giant monsters at the bar, which is the darkness I am facing now, and Preben smoking pipe at my apartment taking tobacco from my cupboard, and I smoked too, which is about the darkness he is bringing me, so you could not keep your mouth shut with misunderstandings about me, Preben?
  • I received “afraid” by David Bowie and the lyrics “But I put my faith in tomorrow, I believe we’re not alone, I believe in Beatles, I believe my little soul has grown”, and this is about the wrong guy of Beatles, which darkness took apparently with Paul McCartney carrying the secret of whom he is to the world.

  • I have become Facebook friend with Jeff Lynne without him knowing about it, and I am writing his name in an impossible part of the circle, which is outside what can normally be reached by his Facebook friends. He helds musical shows for his Facebook friends, and he looks at one of his Facebook groups including me and says “hi, my young friends”, and this group is really younger than his normal friends, and it makes me afraid that he will check and find me, but he does not. I am standing with Jeff at the entrance to where public busses are parked next to Helsingør Station, and David Bowie stands further in, and I see how Jeff Lynne is led to the door of a building inside this place, and then he is gone, and together with David Bowie, I am checking the roof, where he is not, and he is also not at his apartment, and I have changed the wires from Jeff’s stereo system, which used to include double wiring from the amplifier to the speakers, but I made it into single wiring and created a new way, and I am afraid that someone will notice, but none does, and also if I should have said it myself, which I however did not, and I am now cleaning up and bringing down items from the roof, which Bowie says that the assistant working there can do, but I decide to do it myself.
    • I have known for a long time that David Bowie symbolises God, but it is first now that I learn that Jeff Lynne symbolises me as the Son, and busses are still about “making love”, so the plant of life really, and I have done what is impossible to become my new self without my new self discovering it (!), and now I’m gone and not to be found, which is because I have created my own way, where I used to be connected with God, but I found a road of my own leading to Egypt, I presume, and I continue bringing down items at the very top of the house, which are also impossible to bring down, which God would have done.
  • I could not read the notes on this, but it was about drum sets at the most inner, “you will not get any further than this”, DR radio/TV also being there (darkness!!!), “my heart will be moving on” and no one can see me, we meant this was the best, I have only one visitor, the most valuable of all, and I should have been sent home.
    • As the Son I am at the most inner of all only together with God, and it is from here that my heart will move on to our New World.
  • I have returned to work at DanskeBank-Pension together with Bjarne. I am still not a head clerk, which makes me sad. I have an interview with a potential employee called Michael Boldsen as the number three of Bjarne’s and my group, and he has previously turned us down taking another job instead, but now he is back, my manager Kresten is busy so I take the interview alone, and invite the candidate to see the whole head office of the bank to give him an impression of just how big it is including the hidden underground tunnels. I have absolutely nothing negative I can find on him making me wonder if there is something I have overseen, I have recorded him on video, and consider taking two references on him, and afterwards I suggest Kresten to invite him for a second interview where we can interview him together, and Kresten suggest that we invite him out for dinner, and then I see Kresten on the roof of a Norwegian Bank on 26th floor making him dizzy. We have all been asked to write two songs, which I am not good at, and I see that Bjarne is much better skilled at this than I,but I decide that my second song will be called “meeting old friends”, which I what I believe I am now working together with many of my old colleagues here. The new employee starts, and now “he” is a “she”, and she is given somekind of cube including strings of it, which can be turned and used as some kind of game to unfold.
    • This sir name of this new no. 3 employee includes “ball”, which is to say that we are still playing the game and also a reference to Joachim Boldsen, one of the Danish “handball-heroes”, we are still working inside darkness and Kresten is dizzy on top of darkness – have you heard about me, Kresten (?) – and this third employee turns into a woman, which is my mother thus uniting the Trinity. Later in the day I was told that this is the spirit of my mother of our New World!
    • I woke up to “caught in a bad romance” by Lady Gaga, which is what darkness wanted to be carried out as my “old nightmare”, and it was because I was thinking of “hits of the time” and just how strongly Lady Gaga is compared to others.

I am still without energy, completing my work and feeling that I am now coming to the end

We don’t have Scania Bank, do we (?), and Scania are here Scania Trucks sending out much pollution, which is to say that there is an incredible amount of pollution of the world, which is what Jette is showing much of in her Facebook group these days – more than what I have brought in my scripts.

I was shown myself living at a patricia apartment in a beautiful building in Copenhagen, with a parking place outside, which I don’t use, and I see a sign on a nearby store, which I believe is the Electric Light Orchestra logo, but it is in fact flowers, and I see this as darkness, but flowers is what is the true essence of darkness, and yes love/light in disguise as darkness, and yes which you first will see when you get all the way in changing the name of the game.

You dont get fried any more collecting a cat from this darkness. There is no more Gustav Thöni inside of here, you have removed him/me, so we are really just an empty shell – led by the actor.

If you did not get in from the motorway yourself, you could not have brought your mother in too.

So those two, him there and the sad remains of him there will be united into one without any losses you say?

We don’t hand out gifts yet – until tomorrow (?) – and yes also to that man sitting there writing these lines (?), and yes I think I got it by now, even your sister thinks “my brother is not special” or is it “very special”, and yes YOU CHOOSE, Sanna.

All of those lamps there, Stig, are not pee-good because I am disappearing because of them, I simply cannot stand being darkness receiving all of those light”, and yes almost like vampires staying up during daytime, but here with the difference that we become light too.

And it is him there refusing to bend his neck and being punished by darkness – despite of the sufferings he go through?

I am not a full liquorice or undertaker anymore, Stig.

I was shown a small seagull egg, and told that this is how Rikke also is, and that is to harsh about me to others.

I received another out of this world pain to my right ankle, now mostly with the feeling of light inside of it, and I was told that this is because I am publishing the story of Venezuela in my script of yesterday, which I updated this morning.

We constantly tried to get a new bathroom table set up and yes because of the input of Sanna to your mother, but no, there is nothing to do, and yes Stig, the first couple of hours today almost beats the record of how disgusting work can be, but you decided to work and not relax knowing that your rhythm would be stronger than darkness just waiting for this to overtake, which it has now finally done at 10.15, and with this, we will keep on working, and maybe even also do some work to my website today, we will see, and yes I am truly almost out of time, this is the VERY strong feeling coming together with my feeling of stopping to work, which cannot take long to do, and I am here given the feeling of Karen, which was mixed with Sanna of darkness, which was required to bring her home to you that way, and yes going the worst possible way through darkness to reunite with you before becoming her TRUE self, and so it is.

You have done the house without invoice”.

I was given feelings of Falck in Lyngby and the officer in charge of work thinking of me right now, and I was told that this is like sitting in a kitchen dunghill – also for your mother, and that is because of the darkness sent to us because of this.

This used to be the office of the judge, but there is really no point telling you, because this also does not exist anymore.

We are headed to Tivoli to defeat him.

No, we are also not going to throw this out, and I am shown myself walking slowly around kicking this and that on the floor, and I am told that I am now back at the cave – was it on Mallorca (?) – where there was an explosion inside, and yes Stig, it took some weeks (or is this 2-3 months ago?) to tidy up this room, and with this, we will now proceed – but no, as another voice says, and yes that is the loyal voice of darkness sticking to me and not the actor as I am shown, and yes to follow my decision, which is that if we have not completely cleaned up everything here, we will continue, so this is what we do, and yes with the power/energy I have left.

And we are here looking out to the most outer of the Universe, and I am shown a dark eye of people of other civilizations, who are not there at all (?), and why am I then shown this (?), and yes I also do not know, and have no energy to write, but here it is anyway, this is not you, this is me or that is life, which could have been if we had not taken another road – feeling Søren Pilmark here, how are you Søren (?) – and this is what you have asked us to clean up some more, so this is what we will do, and yes also do this before entering himself, and yes that poor thing there.

Have you remembered to buy toilet paper (?), no we don’t believe we will need it anymore, there is no power to destruct.

So the last airplane “up there” has not departed yet (?), and no, and that is even though I see the gold dust surrounding the plane, and yes continuing the game right until the end we are, and yes Stig, this can be compared to driving in with the Jubilee Line of the London Underground.

I was told that “Dana’s have (garden) is also beautiful”, so here it is, and maybe there is more to these lyrics than what you can hear, Kim?

And yes, Stig, it would still only take one short moment of non-concentration for darkness to speak out itw worst language via me, and we don’t want that, no.

The game we are playing now is to NOT let darkness – pressured by the New World on the other side – under any circumstances come out of me as negativity, which would harm the world, and in periods an incredible pressure is put on me to do exactly this, but no, this is NOT how I am going to wake up, I will NEVER give in to darkness, and yes you can only imagine how it is when you are still completely without energy making this torture to go through.

It was not because I liked it very much, but I decided to cycle to town and the SPAR supermarket on Kingosvej – happy that I found that only a couple of months ago – to buy cheap wine, and yes “not easy” to come through a cycling tour like this, and maybe I could have exercised today but only with the greatest trouble so I left it with the cycling, and I thought about the scenario that if I had lost all energy not making it possible to leave my apartment to go shopping (!), I would have had to tell my mother, but no, this was not necessary.

I saw a lady looking like Karen, and was thinking of how much I would have hoped that it was her, and that we could meet without misunderstandings and facades, and just “be”.

I was shown a very heavy dark piece of furniture being moved down from the roof, so there is still some more cheese to be moved, and darkness wanted to shut me off here because I may stop working now, but no, I will keep on working until the very end.

I was thinking that now I may have a few hours of work to do on my website, and then that is it (!), and I cannot tell you just how strongly I am looking forward to finish this work, which is truly impossible to do, and to relax and that is at least when I feel as I feel.

I received five minutes of heart pain as if an arrow was stuck into the heart, and I was told that this is because of my story of Venezuela.

We don’t have any dogs in running time, yes we have one, she is now also part of you helping to bring all of you home, and I am given a loud cracking noise to my window and told that this is the spirit of my mother from the other side and that is the New World.

You are not the only one feeling that we are coming to an end because just because you are thinking and wanting this, this is what is received by many around the world.

I was told by the spirit of my mother of our New World that it is her task to bring my new duvet in over me, and yes you are very welcome :-).

I updated my old work document on creation and uploaded it to the frontpage of my website, and yes it is truly impossible for me to finish even though I would have liked to do this work.

I also updated the front page of my website with the information that mankind will move to our new planet Nibiru because Earth needs to recover, and I was told that Obama knows of this also from people of other civilizations, and when writing it, I received a pretty strong pain “of orange” as I was told to my right let, and also that when this is now written on my front page we can start bringing God from Earth to Nibiru or to mirror God to Nibiru, and yes I don’t know the right answer, so will you please do what is right to do, my friends of light, and yes sir and we know you don’t like to address people with “sir” and “madam” etc.

And this really finished the updates I have decided to do for now, and yes I could have written a little more to my Doomsday page some time ago, but it was not essential, and I might take a note about checking video links, which may not work, and yes to the fixed pages of my website, and not all scripts, which is impossible to go through, and yes I may decide to do the summary of the January book too and yes still because I can, Obama as I feel here, and to update this on my website, and together with the script, this will have to do it for today, and yes I am given visions of people knowing about me, and sometimes they come with several in a row very quickly, but no, this is not prioritized.

I was shown a telephone and an incredible small tunnel, almost wire, leading into me in a very small room, which is how we have communicated, and we cannot tell you just how big the difference will be when you simply “are” in our New World, and I am here giving a smell of fine baking as in fine creation.

My mother called me from the supermarket and asked me if there was anything I needed, which was inspired because of my thought one hour earlier, and no thank you, I have everything, but I had ran out of telephone time and written her an email saying that I will buy more time the 1st, but she was kind to say that she will buy it and come around with it, which she then did also giving me a few groceries and a little money, and yes this is how my mother is, there is nothing that she would not do to help, but “understanding” me as the most important thing of all was what she did not understand – and so many others too.

I was told that my sister will not be able to understand how I survived, but I did it with the love of my mother.

At 17.45 I had also written the summary of my January book so far, and updated the front page of my website with this, and yes making me feel good knowing that I now have the evening to myself, and I really “have” to do my own version of “greatest hits” with Electric Light Orchestra, which I have postponed for days prioritizing work first, and yes also watch Denmark defeat Hungary in the ¼ finals in handball, and yes sleep, and start a day of the same again tomorrow, and yes I am not finished working, because I have a new script to write, and should I fine time and energy, I may decide to start writing the chapter on creation, and that is “just maybe”, but not a promise.

How is it going with those excavations (?), and yes Stig, if it was not for “poor work” and “inabilities” of the Egyptian government, we would not be able to get out of our Egyptian “imprisonment” and yes really through the gate of Egypt to our new home, which means that my old mortal remains are intact and not found.

I received smiles of what is now possible to do because of the changes to my website and that is because of the world reading, understanding and accepting what I write, and when this is the case, this is how it is going to be, and yes among others “cosmic conscience”, which everyone will receive in our New World, which is a profound expansion of consciousness sensing and understanding the whole universe and divine principle of creation.

I was shown a microphone rolling down to me, and I was told that this cannot be different, and yes the microphone, which my actors used to speak to me through, and when you ask to receive everything, we will give you this tool too – and I am here feeling Lance Armstrong again, and do you know and also receive spiritual information (?) – and yes Stig there is no limit to how dizzy and “restrained” you feel in your head, and “not here” is a good description, because I am practically nothing with practically everything of me still floating around me just waiting for me to “give up”, but no, never!

And despite of being inside what is “nothing”, everything here is still darkness with negativity and sexual speech and torments.

I am VERY close to the end of time being at the stage right before becoming one with the Source

It is now 22.50, and I am strongly encouraged also to write notes of this evening into the script, which I really did not expect that I would or could to, but let us see how far we will get.

So you do hope to reach a minimum level of us being able to hold up the world, which will force us to start the New World, and also to never accept negativity and your “old nightmare”, and alright, we allow you, and the only thing is that you don’t know how long you have until the end.

I felt the Source together with the cockpit of a Boeing 747 – the New World – being all close to and looking in through the windows of a very little dark cottage house where I am sitting inside not being in a rush but insisting that we have good time, and I felt impatience, but no, this is WRONG.

We are not going to see him burn up (?), and we will also not cut pieces of you (?), which made me feel very poorly, and yes we are sorry but we had to cut pieces off you to remove life if this is what you had decided, but since we have saved everything, we have decided that nothing will be cut off.

This is part of your gift not to be destroyed, which is what darkness tells me, and this darkness is so loyal to me now that “it”/he will almost not allow the actors behind to come close, and this is how much we have changed his habits, but yes the actors are welcome too.

I felt Søren Pind as example and was told that there are almost no limits to the act and cover-up of people who did not want to speak about me, admit to their knowledge of me or to get confronted with me, and yes WIMPS!

I was shown my self looking into the periscope of a submarine with the Marine and Jack being the target of what I look at, this is how they feel, and I received a first hitting me from out of the periscope, and yes you did not like it?

I was shown myself playing a piano in a small room and I am playing the far left keys – saving the maltreat life out here, and I was shown a dark thief wanting to escape through the window, but no you are going no where!

I received many names of people apparently knowing about me – Jytte Abildstrøm and Maria Bramsen as a few of these – and unimportant stories for now (I was also Alexander the Great), and I was told if he, i.e. I, had deserved to receive this gift, which is the last piece of darkness producing the red of darkness self, and with this, I receive this.

I was again told what should have been so obvious to everyone that it was SCREAMING OUT LOUD, which is that I was NOT unemployed but working hard, and yes in practise no one could see this because they did not want and could not see what they were seeing with their own eyes, and this is how it became that I was ”unemployed” in their minds, and yes, why try ”your best” – i.e. your worst (!) – to “help” me find a job when I did not need it (?) and why could you not see that all I needed was financial help with practically every private individual and the Commune would have helped giving me without blinking if only you read, understood and had faith in me?

Is this here where you have to hand over your passport (?), and yes it is, so this centre has now also been transferred to me, and I was told that this is the step right before my enrolment with the Source also meaning that I went all the way as my old suffering self, and this is why the spirit of my mother is here; to help opening the gift.

I felt the Source and the New World and can you feel that time almost stands still (?), and yes I felt it, and this is the natural condition, which will return when all life with return to the eternal now of the family tree of the Source.

Darkness asked if we are really going to bring all of this out now, and not recreate it later, and yes EVERYTHING inside of the old house has to get out, and that is without exception, I will accept nothing hiding at all, and just so you know, and yes no matter what!

I received a déjà vue about the need of mankind having to start life a new place – on Niburu, leaving Earth – and it made me think of what I wrote in 2010 when I visited different museums and that is that we can bring some museums and part of cities with us to remind us of the culture of the Old World, and this is what is still the case, and yes I will also write this to the front page of my website.

I was told that the game I have gone through has been much more detailed than what I know and have written, and as example, it has also had importance of the truth of details of dreams written in my script.

I was shown the open lock of a bicycle attached to a bicycle pump, which is leading directly into the Source, and I was told that there is no battery, i.e. no energy, in this pump, and will you please write this down this evening, and here by 21.50 when this note was written, the answer was a clear no, but now at 23.15, it became “alright, I’ll do it because it does not take that long to do, and I can still do it”, so there you have it again, again again, and yes a new out of this world pain to my right ankle, and here given by my mother still uncertain about the result of the scanning John went through last week, and yes on January 31 he will receive the answer about the status of his cancer, and can it be that he is almost or maybe even completely healed against ALL odds (?) – he received 6 months to live some months ago (!) – and we will see.

I was told that my old colleague Jacob from Acta has had decisive impact on the Danish Parliament in relation to me, which will have to be about “I know him”.

I received the yellow colour of the spirit of my mother and was told that we can almost not pres more furniture in, which I understood was because nothing much is remaining?

There is ONE mark only remaining in the famous line.

It is also impossible to create something from out of nothing, I will tell you about it, but when you believe in it not knowing, it can be done, and this was the task of the spirit of my mother.

I received the feeling of weingut Joseph Leitz in Rheingau, which Lars and I imported – is he family to me as I have been told (?) – and I was told that this is the most clean, which is, thus symbolising our creation.

We have now sent this darkness to detoxification, which is what is giving me constant restlessness, disgust and nervousness, which I try my best to shake off.

I was told that Utøya is also a dynamo all the way inside of here.

I watched Denmark play against Hungary in handball, and in the first half, Denmark played “the best handball in the world” at one stage almost having scored double as many goals as Hungary and being in front by 18 to 11 at half time, and “everyone” knew that now this game was settled, but it is exactly what I told you the other day, which is NEVER to give up and that is both when you are in front and behind, and Denmark “decided” to slow down, and Hungary never gave up, and this was darkness of Denmark working and slowly Hungary ALMOST ate up all of what they were behind, and with one minute left, Denmark had one player sent off, Hungary had reduced the lead to only one, and had a big chance to come back, but at this critical phase, a Danish player did what he “never” does, which was to score a goal from left wing, which he has not done for “20 years”, but in the ball went, and Denmark won as I had said, and yes this team is playing from inside of darkness, and yes with my support. By the way, Mikkel Hansen has been half-damaged during these championships not playing his absolutely best, which is just like I being “half-damaged”.

I received the feeling of Esso and pollution continuously being shown on Jette’s Google Earth pictures and the the cracking of or maybe even explosion of Earth (?), and I was told that it is the worst darkness facing us just before the end/opening to our New World.

I was asked that if there is one song you want to play with Siouxsie & the Banshees, what should it be (?), and yes “Rapture” was the only one I could think of as “appropriate”, so it comes here, and yes because “rapture” now means to bring mankind in safety on our new planet Nibiru.

I was told that to bring everything before the end of time is really also impossible to do, which is why I receive a pressure to write this this evening.

I was told about my visits at Lama Yönten, and there is really only one – the new Buddha – who do not bend down on his knees to the Lama, which is what my action not doing this means, which Lama Yönten “could not” understand, but maybe it came to you my dear friend?

Will he write or not this evening (?), because this is one of his last chances to get the gift, and yes still alive he is.

I was shown an incredible small motorcycle now opening up to and driving into the clay bowl/plate normally containing rice porridge, but now it is empty, and we are now removing this plate itself too.

I was told that Putin does not know if he has to laugh or cry because of this, and yes “impossible” to read all of the pages that he writes, and is it really, my friend?

I was told that Sikhs do not understand me simply because I as Stig – a mere human being – do not understand the religion of Sikhs!

And updating this chapter including summary at 23.45.

Google Earth shows that I am being lifted up to become me/our new selves

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show that I am flying (being lifted up to become me/our new selves), lots of souls, collecting coins of life, “all for one, one for all” to save all life “all of love”, and God is shouting at darkness.

FB 230113 Jette 1

FB 230113 Jette 2

FB 230113 Jette 3

FB 230113 Jette 4

FB 230113 Jette 5

FB 230113 Jette 6


Ending the day with these short stories:

  • This is from the SAGA Facebook group including the word “extravaganza” as I was given the other day writing about very rich people, so is this also what Michael Sadler is (?), and yes just showing our connection really.

FB 230113 SAGA

  • It seems as if Lars Povlsen from Waterfront truly is the WORST darkness you can get not answering the questions truthfully when interviewed on TV, and now a former employee – maybe Lars L. (?) – has reported him to the police for monitoring of private emails, and furthermore he has hired new employees without paying anything to them before they have created an income for his company of at least DKK 80,000 per month, and when they have done this, they will get DKK 30,000 meaning that Lars “scores” DKK 50,000 himself for doing “nothing”, and yes employees can earn more but everything is 100% commission, and yes as I told you, the most disgusting darkness, so Lars, you better get out of there and join my team of light where you truly belong!

FB 230113 Berlingske

  • Doesn’t this make you think why it was “completely impossible” to remove poverty and people screaming/dying on the streets (?), and how does it make you feel (?), and how does this make the world’s 100 richest feel (?), and is that “proud” or “ashamed”?

RT 230113 RICH peopl

  • The number of visits to my document on Scridb about Helsingør Commune harassing me, which normally only gets very few visitors, suddenly received 26 visitors yesterday (the green line), and this is WITHOUT me bringing a link to it, which can only mean then that the Commune is finding this document “very interesting”, and will you please tell me that this is because you want to help me or to do the opposite because some of your feelings are “hurt”? And I was told that people of Lyngby-Taarbæk Commune are still following me too, and yes I am an “exciting case” to see how a “citizen” is playing with the system?

Scribd 2301 incl 220113

  • Dan said that “I’m alive” and this is really what I still am, and yes the world could not kill me.

FB 230113 Dan

  • The last days I have written about the very precise pain given to my right ankle as if it was a laser beam, and today Helena was inspired to write “cat + laserpen = psychosis”, and she was playing with her cat having it to chase the the dot of the laserpen, which made her friends call her “evil”, and yes “cat” is “life of light”, so what she is saying is that her darkness is what is bringing me the laser beam of darkness to my right ankle, and yes when turning it around to light, so there you have “inspiration” once again, and yes how many of these did I write to let the world slow world read and understand?

FB 230113 Helena


24rd January: We have started the merger of the New World and the Source and to bring me alive as my new self

My father and mother have started the impossible task to exchange my old self with my new self

I went to bed at 00.20 and was told that there are still people of the Commune – as part of the strongest darkness – wanting to lock me up at mental hospital, and even to belt me, and yes, is that a fact – or darkness speaking?

I was half sleeping for 20 minutes where I saw my self at my home together with my mother and someone else, and I see a water glass bowl, which is not mine, and I ask where it comes from, and I tell it “fly”, which is then does, and it flies over to my bed and lands on my pillow, and this is both to show my power to my mother (which she obviously knows), and also to tell that I will receive a night full of sufferings, and I was told something about doing two things at the same time with one of them being a normal intercourse.

I was told what I was also told yesterday without writing it, which is that Soulaima at Davos meeting the “leaders of the world” speaks about me, which also has importance in this relation.

So it was the fever of dance that the King received, and I was asked to work the whole night and start writing my creation chapter, which I can only give a clear no to, I cannot do this.

I have received the disgusting/racist word “nigger” for some days, and now here again, and I was told that this is because of Obama in relation to me.

I was told that what we will do now is like hatching an egg, which don’t want to hatch, and I was shown the small entrance to a cave full of light – our end destination – behind broken, dark wood planks in front of it, this is the end of the line.

This corresponds to letting East and West Jutland meet and swap places with one becoming the other, and this is what my father reading me some days ago is leading to.

I was told that David Cameron speaking about Britain and the European Union yesterday is having poor conscience in relation to me because of his speech, and no, David, I have NO opinion on this, this is Old World Order to me, which will lose its importance, and to me, you are only playing a game.

I was given the feeling of diarrhoea and was told that when we stand here right in front of the entrance, this is the loveliest active darkness, which is going to bring me there, and yes part of this is that your mother was about hanging you, which makes her think of hanging herself as result, and this is used to bring your old worn self together with your new self.

And the cherry, which was about to be missing – to make you believe that it was – which I felt as the most inner of everything, and together with your mother, this is what will bring you. And now you are here, and we will not use the gas chamber (reference to Jews being exterminated during World War II), but the opposite, and yes the creator of the world this is, and together with you my friend, we now initiate the first step against what the world is waiting on, and yes you cannot do this without faith, thus showing faith of the world in me, thus also of my mother in me.

Go up and write this, and go back to sleep, and yes these were the words given to me, and I understood that publishing this together with the understanding of this, is what is the purpose of doing this.

I was told that the Veszprém handball club (of Hungary) together with all other top handball clubs are involved in this handball network helping me, which is because of the talk about me.

There is not a farm lying down to the lake is there (?), with the feeling that it looks beautiful.

I was told about the strong reaction of my father to my website, and yes will he “accept” to have writings like this on him lying publicly to be read by everyone, or will he try to “shut me down” (?), and can it be that this is what “simple minded” people on my father’s side is planning to do, and yes because what I have done is “completely unacceptable” disgracing my father (?), and yes for telling the truth?

After writing the above, I updated the front page of my website with information that Earth in fact is in “critical” condition, and that it will be possible to bring examples of cities, monuments and culture to our New World.

And I was told that there is a reason to say congratulation because you have now initiated this process, which cannot be stopped and yes because it is alright with the world.

It is not easy if we shall give you hiccups of darkness or joy of light, which is because we can bring you both.

I was shown a roundabout with all of my keys hanging around it, and there is an embankment of Earth to the side of it, and I am given the feeling of digging out through the embankment, but I also see sea, so will this bring us great sufferings to do?

And I kept on receiving more information here at 02.20, and I am so tired/exhausted that I truly very much would like to get some sleep now, which instead brought me a strong out of this world pain to my right ankle as a warning of what will happen if I do not do what is required, and yes we will see what will happen.

I received immensely strong darkness trying to speak me into accepting sexual torments/temptations of darkness, but no, NEVER!

It doesn’t correspond to quickly cross the King’s River and back again, does it (?), and yes Stig, this is what we just did, we brought you part of your new self, which “in time” will grow big and yes based on your continuous work, so now you will decide yourself when you will be the man you are, and when you believe you are, we can begin our new tasks.

And this is instead of using the key directly to open for the White House, and yes, this is still to save the world from sufferings, so maybe not the best idea to remove the Earth embankment from before.

You are not a routined teacher, but you are the best we have, so we have decided to stick with you all of us, and yes you now have the responsibility of the future of our world in your hands, and how does it feel, and yes completely unrealistic and when you say it like this, this is of course darkness pushing a pressure on me, which I cannot take other than doing what I normally do which is to do my best work.

It is now 10.00 and I will start writing a LOT of notes, and I feel as terrible/tired as ever and this task as tall a mountain as ever, and I can only hope that I will also be able to handle this, so let’s go.

It corresponds to finding a gold ring at any beach (all over the world), which now has been transferred to you.

I felt darkness all around me and Dennis, my old class friend from Espergærde as part of this, and the feeling of him actually comes to me now and again.

I received a mark to my right instep and was told that this is from here that we are getting out alive, i.e. from terminated life.

It corresponds to moving into the fine Restaurant at Ålsgårde Beach Road (I am thinking of it while Jan Hurtigkarl had it, not knowing about it today), this is where we will start up. And then it is only to deliver all basil (of the New World), which will make you stronger and stronger. This was it, and in principle you are now your new self, and that is still without energy in the beginning.

Dreaming that it has cost temporary terminations to reach the command central of the world of the Source

Hereafter I fell asleep at the sofa receiving these dreams.

  • A wire from the head store of Hifi-klubben on Aaboulevarden in Copenhagen leads directly to their store in Hørsholm. I meet an assistant and the owner of the store, who is Michael Bundesen (the singer from Shu-bi-dua), and I tell him about how wonderful the store is. I bring home two large boxes of equipment from the store, and am surprised to see that one includes and old Bang & Olufsen wheel-to-wheel tape recorder and not my much newer and more modern Denon cassette tape recorder, and I think if it is possible to return to get the Denon recorder. My father has set up a TV before, and to my surprise, I now see many men helping me to completely change this installation, and it seems that the TV/stereo is connected via a simple system to inner walls of the room, which is torn down, because it can be done much better, and when looking at the TV set, somehow my father has installed the TV placed too high, and the signal can improve much by installing it at its right, lower position.
    • Hifi-klubben is my favourite stereo store, and this is about doing the final setting up of the perfect TV/stereo system of our New World, and it seems that the old setup coming directly from my father at the Source can be improved much – it is based on very old technology made “many worlds” ago – and yes we are still in darkness of Copenhagen and Hørsholm and Michael Bundesen has a main role to play here – so let us bring another old favourite song of theirs sounding like “a boy’s choir from Bethlehem”, and yes you had to be there in the time pocket back then (and now too for that matter in relation to this task of ours) and to know Danish to experience the humour, “atmosphere” and just how great impact this song also brought a boy like me.

  • I am together with my mother’s husband John at cinema, and we are going below the cinema, and can choose to go left or right, and we go right trough an old and closed supermarket, where I notice incredible long white breads on the shelves, and we reach the command central of the cinema, and I have the code 31/12/00 (even though I was uncertain about the year), which grants us access. At the same time I see David Letterman on TV presenting a song by Madonna, and she has brought a full video of two hours, and to my surprise, David decides to pour out everything of the video including a great deal of water, and I see how SAGA is playing on all of the wires of a hanging bridge in New York as if they were guitar strings, and I fear that they will break and tear down the bridge because they are really swinging much from side to side, but they keep, but I see the effects of this, which is that people on the bridge have received the absolutely worst burning, which have killed many and I see the fear printed in the faces of people when dying.
    • It seems that this is the water from behind the earth embankment, which has been led out terminating life, but it is part of BIG CREATION because of the guitar of SAGA, which is also a bridge, and in order to cross this to reach the True Blue of the Source, we have to sacrifice bringing (temporary) terminations.

We entered the Source using all strength of the New World and have started the work to become ONE

I woke up at 07.15 where I received this “pressure of information” coming to me.

I was told that this is also like Geneva, which was about getting access to secrets of NGO’s as I did in 2009 when visiting Lutheran World Federation (see my library), and to release them as I did.

I was told that we will do a complete re-decoration too of this place. This is only the start of painting and re-designing everything of that command central. You can still get a taxi at any point, but we recommend you to carry on, and yes if I don’t do this, this re-decoration can be released from an earth quake bringing much sufferings to man, which we would like to avoid.

I was told about “Frau Rieber” – one of the teachers from Mørdrupskolen as I remember, but not one of the regular teachers of our class, but she was feared, wasn’t she (?) – and she is one of the constructors here, and yes darkness has “decided” that every time Microsoft Word do an automatic save, it changes window to another open application, and yes done that before it has (in Lyngby).

I was told that we have now reached the 31st December 1996, and there are pins of darkness and maximum coldness, because no one of my family, friends etc. will stand on the stage – i.e. to be public – which is why we are burning people of fear, and I received the old German wander song “Falderie, Faldera” – with “falderie” giving to me as in “falder i”, which is Danish for “falling in”, and this is the STRONG feeling of darkness given to me – this experience this night and morning is among the strongest of all coming to me including potential nervousness – but the song is happy and about the wanderer, so this is the road I wander, and I was told that this is part of the entrance.

I was shown and told about national-socialists playing at the conference centre Bella Centre in Copenhagen and they brought the strongest negative words on my mother, and yes “poor losers” is what darkness is.

I was told that there can almost be no more gold medals in the closet.

If we had used the entrance to the left, we had been expected and would not have received access, but no one expected access from the right via the secret access to the Source of my mother, and for us to use the entire strength of our New World. This is how to open the lock to the oldest combination of the world by the use of sheer strength, and I here feel the Cure. This is how much it means that FC Barcelona knows about you, and I was also told “do you know how much the Stig (the BBC character) has done to you” and yes to help out too.

I was shown and told that we are now again testing the left wheel of the wheel-to-wheel tape recorder, and no, no tax money will be repaid because “I don’t care, everything has to be saved” does not work here, as I was told, which required that I had to overrule this – feeling Nicolas Cage here – not knowing what is right or wrong to do here, and if this decision would have negative consequences, but it has been a strong rule of mine NEVER to accept terminations, which I will also not do here, so the decision is still to save every little thing.

I was told that you are terrorising with power and a 23 year old man has been sacrificed, but we – the New World – have far more power than what is needed here, but it may look violent, but just keep on, this is what we recommend you, and yes the experience of this was STRONG – feeling you again Mads Mikkelsen, and yes MUCH acting here.

I was told that we also did this 14 years ago, and that is to visit this place to prepare the work we do now.

I was shown raw meat and told that we have taken the initiative away from the Devil self, and as reward I give you myself and that is God behind this invention, and how do we get in there?

I was shown a toast with much cheese on it, which made me think of France, which is darkness, and I was shown Michael Bundesen from Shu-bi-dua again, and I was told that this is him I am lowering down into the deep, and there is still darkness there, but we hear the voice of your self, so this is the magical entrance, and I was told that Jonathan and the entire old meditation group I attended when moving to Helsingør, are part of opening this closet because of the shock I brought them when telling about who I am and directly that they were wrong, which is also bringing the strength necessary doing this. And also the belief of the official system here that I am so sick that not even medicine can help me!

In reality, this is God’s kitchen (to produce life), and I was shown a VERY big kitchen where I have started vacuum cleaning the kitchen table top to the left, and I am told that I am catching fish too doing this inside of here.

I am here given the feeling of darkness of Irene from Aon, and told that she cried too when she heard about me.

I was shown and told that you found the white chair at the very highest point of a building in Helsingør, and we are now bringing you to the very highest point of all buildings of Helsingør. And I was told that Anne Grethe (from the old Phonoteket store) could not do this any better, and this is about music, singing and happiness.

My mother is not only the asphalt (of my road home), but the inspiration to walk this road, and without her faith in me when it comes to exercising etc., we would not walk this road.

This is what the French revolution was about, to fight the tyranny, but it became a corrupt tyranny itself, and this is also part of this darkness.

If this is an article writing about the background, which I felt that this script of today is, this is what you do, and I was told about Berlingske, and given the thought that you have written a background article about me, which you have shared with the world?

This is how fast it goes to transform the farm of Sweden to something new including the finest design, and I am here given the delicious taste of a biscuit with strawberry filling.

It is not Intel/Insel you are shooting off, is it (?) – with Intel being the mind of the computer and Insel being German for island – and I was told to be careful what you do here, and yes giving me potential nervousness again, and yes I should not be here (by my mother/the world), but now that I am here, I am given this warning as part of the darkness I go through, and I do still believe that if I “cannot”, the sheer yellow force of our New World will be able to help, but let us see how it will turn out.

I was shown and told that it is the smallest unit of the world, which I am now fighting a battle with, and part of this darkness is as mentioned corruption of France (the political system etc.).

I was shown and told that I drive directly into a room full of water, and now we can see the contours of this room much bigger and very beautiful as it was originally designed (before darkness), and that is if you can find the drawings (?), and yes I can because they will come to me via continuous work, and yes just a feeling of course :-).

Has he burned himself (?), no this is what man was intended to be used for and that is in theory all sacrificing for you to walk through here alone, but now there are MANY following you.

How is it to be zuruck/back when I need your strength to pull back all of this and change it into the soul train.

This is what Carnival is about; the most beautiful party on Earth. I was shown a “cool figure” fighting in front of a small screen in the cinema and told and shown that the outcome of this fight against darkness will decide the outcome of the big screen, so it seems that we are taking on only little of this darkness, and as usual, when we defeat this, the remaining darkness will follow us before it can mobilise to fight us.

I was told that all roads lead to Germany, and now there is nothing in the world, which can prevent our arrival.

Again I was told that this may seem like hard to go through, but it has been part of the plan for immemorial time.

I was shown and told that there were several holes, which the train could come through, but you took the easiest if you ask me.

All of this above were notes written down when lying in bed, and I receive the feeling of my old friend Kirsten – Inge’s daughter – as I have received several times lately, and when I looked out the window right after, I was shown one of the most beautiful sunrises and views out over the blue sky and blue sea this morning; it was incredible beautiful, and is this also to say that I have reached Kirsten’s heart, who is finally starting to understand and believe in me?

I was told about the Balkans and that it is not surprising that Denmark will now meet Croatia in handball again in the semi-finals at the World Championships, and something about vacuum clearing and this is where the Jubilee Line is taking us – via snaps of darkness – to the end stations of the fine BOND Street in the centre of London, and yes the home of 007 you know and that is in my mind at least.

I was told about an old dream, which I normally don’t write about when I receive these visions, but here I will do an exception, and it is a dream “several years old”, which is about a visit to Danske Bank, Espergærde, which has been completely modernised, and I am entering the archive in the cellar to clean up, which is what I do here too with one bread after the other of my mother having arrived, and I see that one bread used to have a mouse – of darkness – inside, but now it is solid bread of creation/light, and this is the final destination off these breads of worlds of my mother, and I see how they can be plugged in in a line, and this is the force of everything good, good new music (love) etc.

I was told that we – God and I inside the Source – in reality are right here, and I was shown ourselves underneath only a very thin layer of sand as part of the railways itself, and we are really only providing the facility for you, i.e. life/the world, to do this setup.

Instead of walking around many kilometres in the desert, we are going directly to the dish, and this is when the magic will be switched on and all red of darkness will be eliminated, and yes when all of these breads/worlds of my mother will be plugged in.

I was told about a Stratocaster and Fender guitar, and told that we have been here before, but no one would ever believe that it could become as beautiful/perfect as it is now becoming, where it will takes us what (used to be) centuries just to find around inside all life, which you bring.

I was told that the Algier hostage crisis at the BP gas facility was about bringing fuel to doing this task now, and I was asked if there is a dark poppy seeds bread following (?), and yes Preben as a dark world in itself also to bring fuel and that is because of him speaking about me behind my back, and I was told that now we don’t need him anymore, and we can then … and yes SAVE him too, you are absolutely right (!) – not the opposite as darkness wanted – and this cost power to do too, which I don’t have.

I was told that USA also keeps on bringing damage, and I was asked what do you see out of your window (?), and yes only a BLUE SKY without chemtrails, and this is the future, but they have to be convinced first. And I was told that there has not been measured colder temperatures in the Siberia because of you, so all of this – and more – is the power to make this old bathroom of darkness work, and what do you believe will happen when the world will be lifted up (?), and yes all of this darkness of the world will automatically get “better thoughts” and give up.

We have looked very much forward to this moment coming with you sitting at the end of this table since World War II because of all of the destruction which would come. But Ipswich did not get one single goal in, so this is how we have succeeded keeping everything intact and that is on the surface of it – you should have seen how the judgment could have looked like!

So if we had met in court, she would have said that “it was meant friendly” as Shu-bi-dua sings in what was a HUGE hit here in the beginning of the 1990’s, which is about sexual chicane, thus my “old nightmare” with destructions of the world, but we would still get coffee – i.e. love of God afterwards, and that is when reaching this place, and this will be like “the golden trumpet”, which is a special story of the new, Danish Donald Duck (“Kalle Anka” as I was told, which is the Swedish name of Donald Duck) cartoon written by the famous Sigurd Barret (playing piano for children etc.), which is about a treasure hunt to find musical instruments, and yes “love of God” it is ♥.

Anders And og Den Gyldne Trompet

No you do not shake on your hand just because of this – we also know a Paul Anka you know – and yes DUCK is the word (meaning “creation”), so therefore we will continue as if nothing has happened, and yes you will soon meet the baker behind it all.

No, you are NOT unemployed, NOT unemployed, NOT unemployed (!), how many times do I have to repeat it before people will understand (?), and yes “difficult” it still is for people because you don’t bring value to community, Stig (?), and yes are people thinking this (?), and YOU BETTER THINK TWICE, and this is about stupidity and better-knowing attitude of darkness also still being part of this.

Isn’t it fine, we are laughing underneath the school bag, Stig, and yes school bag of my journey, and of course this is “only” a game, but truly one of the greatest of them all, and my actors only show themselves very little, but here they were, and the true message is that this is AS PLENTY SMILES AS YOU CAN CARRY and yes those are without limits, so here you just received an eternity of them.

Don’t say a word, I will just hand this over in Haugesund (Norway – I don’t know what it is about this city, or maybe it is really a reference to Torsten, the old CEO of GE Capital Bank in Denmark when I was with GE Insurance (?), and yes HAUGE was his sir name), and no, this is NOT how I want it, every little thing is still to survive, and we did not scare you enough to believe that you had to accept terminations (?), and no, this is a ground rule I will NOT give up on, but yes, I was scared not truly knowing.

This does not correspond to jumping into the water from the five metre board, but to go right on top from the highest 10 metre, and at the same time I was told that “going right to the top” as we do here is also one of those “crazy” stories, and yes I want NOTHING to stop me, but everything to be perfect and that goes also in here.

No, you did not develop whims being who you are, which also could have stopped you.

And his decision is also to make this the most beautiful bathroom we can imagine, and yes please go ahead with the work, and I am still afraid of having to write the chapter on creation, which I cannot do or oversee to do feeling as I do, so this is really my decision, and we know unless you will get energy and time, and yes the “fear” is about receiving time but having no energy to work…

And yes your mother also continues stabbing you in the back, which is also why we have come here, so everything is still going according to plan, and yes no ambition to relax now, and we know I will write my scripts, this is my promise, and it may mean less work to come, we will see.

This also means that we enter almost without receiving heart pain, which I am now given but only for a short time.

Those rumours on Stig also have nothing on them”, is this how it sounds more and more out there in the “landscape”, and yes you can almost hear it.

We cannot raise the fee for you to enter here, you know that – but if you did not, maybe we could play a game with you, and I receive an immensely strong smiling feeling here of your mother underneath the game.

You cannot get the stamp coffee any more concentrated than that (?), and no, as my mother says, because he decided to bring us here as “perfect”.

Writing today was also “impossible” to do bringing much disgust, but a little easier than the first couple of hours of the last days.

I was asked if the British Government would let me fall, or come to my support (?), and was told that after my comment on Cameron’s EU-speech, which I consider as “acting”, they will support me.

We did not know if you had it in you – the power – to “wait another day” until you would come to this place, but here you are and yes still on-going.

I was given a TRUE favourite song of mine, which is “Nobody’s diary” by Yazoo and when hearing this song and reading the lyrics, my tears come pouring out my eyes, and yes my ladies and gentlemen, because of such an extreme pressure given to me that this is a natural feeling and yes when hearing what back then and ever since has been a top favourite song of mine, and yes I love Yazoo and their fantastic songs, and this goes right to the very depth of me, and yes you do remember “feelings” as a tool of darkness, so this is what this helps to do, and yes to open for all of the love and light inside of here, and that is because these are the feelings I receive with this song not least because of these lyrics about moving my life onto another stage, and yes this has an incredible strong impact on me and that is today because of this immense pressure and incredible burden put on my shoulders.

If I wait for just a second more, I know I’ll forget what I came here for, My head was so full of things to say, But as I open my lips all my words slip away and anyway, I can’t believe you want to turn the page, And move your life onto another stage, You can change the chapter you can change the book, But the story remains the same if you’d take a look.”

I was told about people of other civilizations being trapped inside the “secret” Area 51 military base in USA that their feelings are similar to mine, which is that it is HELL to be trapped in here, and we look VERY much forward together with you, Stig, to open to FREEDOM.

I am already the most photographed in history, but it doesn’t hurt to take some more photos, and yes just a little bit more, and this is like my mother giving birth, which is truly not very easy to do.

I also received “I’m a wonderful thing baby” by Kid Creole & the Coconuts, which is music I associate with a beautiful Caribbean island symbolising God.

I was told that you now don’t need to be careful anymore because the risk of completely falling out of the Source has now stopped, which was a couple of hours after receiving the warning – feeling the Aqua writer here – and that is because of your decision also to work today, and yes we will not be thrown out from here.

I have been encouraged to run at the fitness centre at the swimming hall both yesterday and today, and yes theoretically, I may be able to run five or maybe even 10 minutes, and I write “theoretically” not believing that I will go to this extreme feeling as poorly as I do again today.

I was told that we also could not do this without the “help” of Dan Rachlin, which is why I finally decided to bring him my comments to a thread of his the other day.

What do we have here (?), and yes another good story of the Source, which we have just picked up, and it says “when you have reached this far, go straight ahead and you will find that you are at home”, but all I see is darkness (?), and yes because you bring the content self, which is what I will adapt to, and this was basically the idea from the beginning you know, and yes to let life decide to stay alive overcoming sufferings of darkness saying that life is not possible, but now when you are here, you have proved yourself worthy of eternal life, and this is the next secret I will pull out of here, and yes what do you see, Stig, and yes purple flowers made of paper, and yes “hidden love of Karen” to you is what is bringing you here, amazing right?

I was given maybe 1/10 out of this world pain to my right ankle and told that this is because of the publish of the script of today too, which I plan to do during the afternoon because “then it is done”, and if there is much darkness in here, it is also normally a good idea to work fast.

I was told that we have not yet seen what is behind all of this, but with this speed, we expect to do this tonight.

Will we not soon get access to and benefits of the turned around golden watch (?), and yes I receive the feeling of diarrhoea together with orange and told “all in due time”, and yes we have good time.

I was told that the feeling of my mother “he cannot be completely crazy” also has importance here, and yes because of the healing of John too, and I here feel Per Gessle, and yes as you can see, if I open up to it, I am given feelings of other people all of the time.

I was told that when I visited Genève in 2009, we also visited this place to see what it took to open the door here, and if we had not, we would also not be able to do it – and here feeling Paprika Steen.

I received the smell of sulphur of a match, and this is what was hidden inside of here, and yes burning darkness, which we had to cross, so this is what we did.

How many bottles of beer can you open inside of here (?), and yes all of them, just bring them on (!), so this is what we do, and yes there is still terminated life from Scribd the other day, and some new when entering here, and will you please turn this into wine.

Yesterday, I was given the thought that I am no longer friends with Elijah and John, so unless anything happens between now and the end of the month, I will stop sending them money and also exclude them from my email list, but I will still send the same amount, which is as much as I can spare, and send it to Meshack and David, and ask them to decide how they want to use the money, and if they decide to share with their friends Elijah and John, the outcome will be the same for everyone, but the difference will be that Meshack and David will follow in my footsteps despite of their own difficulties, and yes do you believe they can do this, or will they, and let us say David, decide to keep all money to himself (?), and yes exciting to see the outcome of my dear world (?), and no, none of you “could” send me/us as much as one dollar, and not one single dollar from any of you, and this is the world elite you know!!!

I heard in the background another scenario, where we would not have moved the Source back to its original location, and was told that this is what the dream of the TV is about, and yes doing this change of set up, moving back the family tree of the Source, is what will improve everything much too.

It is not because he does not want to do his homework, and if it was, we would never have come this far, and I am here shown Carlos Santana, which is about playing guitar, i.e. creating.

When I was minutes from publishing the update of my script of today – thinking that it was important to get out – I received even more darkness trying to prevent me, but was also told that now there is really no more difficult/dangerous work in here.

I was told about Brazilian football when they play their best as another symbol of doing my best work when publishing this update at 15.30, and yes it was certainly not easy to do, it took some sufferings, but then it was not worse than this.

Will Uffe Conrad become ”not fine” again, and yes there is never a guarantee against this, and yes just think about how far we have extended this game, and you had no imagination to think that this could continue after Christmas, and yes your sufferings were at the worst there too making it impossible to continue, and hasn’t this really been the case for a long time, and yes you remember January 2010 as “completely impossible” to go through where you were thinking about lying down, cry and let darkness take me, and yes the scripts of November 2010 were also “impossible” to  do, and I could keep on, so this is what I did, and I wonder for how long this game can continue keeping “on and on and on” (?), and maybe Björn and Benny can tell me?

And then we would have blown that light on the cake out too, and at the end, he would believe that he was in great trouble not being able to do anything else than give up, which is where we would open up anyway welcoming you home, but the difference is and yes my dear friends to take on as much sufferings myself in order to save you.

This was done with practically no spill of oil or blood as I was told, and I now feel darkness in the kitchen of God – and also Bubber – which we will continue to clean from here.

And during the day today I can say that my “old nightmare” has been closer than ever to be carried out, and yes as the alternative to doing this work in order to bring destructions to the world to bring fuel doing this work, but no, you would NEVER get my approval of this, but yes, if NEEDED and ONLY if needed, you could use the head rule to “make it work no matter how”, and would this come into force (?), and yes that is really the question.

I decided to get out and cycle a little – to the Fakta supermarket – and this time and the last 1-2 times, there have practically been NONE spiritual darkness shifting my gear many times, and yes it “decided” to stop.

I received the feeling of Soulaima, who is in Davos and having “the time of her life” being together with “the finest” business people and politicians of the world including Gordon Brown, David Cameron, Bill Gates and many more – and yes she is TRULY “impressed” – and isn’t it funny that many of these are the “world elite” I write about reading my scripts in secret, and I wonder if any of you “could not” keep quiet about my arrival during one of her “confidential” meetings (?), and yes Soulaima, you have not been very “impressed” by me, have you (?), and isn’t it funny that much of what these “oracles” preach (in economical terms etc.) is OLD WORLD POLICY on its way out (?), but still you are “amazed” of how a girl like you suddenly receive a place of the inner of the world (?), and yes maybe you have even been recruited to the secret network?

At 17.40 I was told that it is about time to inspect the bathroom, and yes how does it look after I have worked most of the day and yes publishing my story (?), and the question is if there is still darkness inside of there, and yes some here as I understood but nothing here, where it is mostly blue/yellow, and to you now see whey the flag of Sweden is blue/yellow – symbolising my new self and my mother and here the merger of the Source and the New World – and why I have LOVED Sweden since 1975 at least when going to Motala on holiday for one week with my father and his previous cohabitee Annie, so it is looking good, or better or what do you want me to say (?), and yes this is my inner self directed by the actor still inside of darkness, and “he” is looking like crazy to find and bring out all clothes of the wash basket, and yes we are saving terminated life, remember?

Swedish National DayThe yellow in the Swedish flag is my mother’s colour, the blue is my colour and the combination is symbolising the merger of the New World of my mother and the Source of me, and Sweden as a whole is symbolising our new joy and happiness

And can you imagine just how many times family, friends and previous colleagues have been asked the question “how is Stig – any news” (?), and yes if you “cannot” understand, you should really not answer, but when most peoplecannot help it, they brought the most crazy answers about you, and yes I am thinking about the same people being asked about work they know nothing or only little of, and still many will try to sound like “experts” – Bo from Dahlberg is the worst I know of this – or on all kind of different subjects.

It is now tomorrow morning again, and I will write the notes of this evening.

Isn’t it incredible what can be inside practically “nothing”, and yes the absolutely last pieces of hair, and yes the deeper in, the more concentrated.

I was shown a whale swimming towards me, which is the combination of my mother and I.

I was shown a waiting polar bear and told that we also did not know that we would be met be such wanting to burn us off, but now I see that there is almost no fire inside its fireplace.

I felt my self with the view point of the Source again still having darkness around me, and also Michael Bundesen and what should we sing (?), but of course DANMARK, my old favourite song of Shu-bi-dua, so here it is :-=).

You keep saying “you are heartfelt welcome”, and instead your sister, i.e. darkness, dies.

I felt Michael Bundesen speaking about my heart, and what do you believe he has told Michael Hardinger – I believe Michael Bundesen must have had experiences in relation with his “sickness” (?), otherwise I would not meet him here, and I am happy to see that he is now better – and yes he is surprised to find me here.

He asked me “how are you” (?), and I felt that he believed that I wanted to kill him with the stroke he received, and I said that it was not. He said that it is his job to bring me out, and yes I would like to be set free (from darkness), and I said that there is nothing keeping me here unless light says otherwise, and I was told that it does not and that when I say that everything has got to be perfect, it also covers this, and I was told that we expect to get you out before tomorrow, right (?), and I felt that this was darkness asking my actor.

Later I was told that we have been told that it is better for all of us to enter you, and yes you are welcome and “I thought it enough” as a Dane not very skilled in English would say, for example Bent van Helsingør, and yes it has to be perfect all the way up to the very top of the Source, and I received pain to my right instep.

Louise Wolff and Sofie Lassen-Kahlke are two out of three hosting the Danish part of the Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday, and they were interviewed in Aalborg live from the studio of Aftenshowet on DR1 TV, and did you notice that Sofie Lassen-Kahlke could not hear so she had to ask Louise to tell her what happened (?), and yes a little after, her ear plug started working again, and this was really to show you that my mother has started listening to me and we know “Stig is not entirely crazy” when it comes to the “spiritual world”, and yes Louise, you are one of many I have received feelings of also knowing about me, so how are you and also your colleagues and just maybe you like this song too?

Around 19.00 to 20.00 I was to incredible and DEEPLY tired that I thought that I truly cannot stand this, but it “just” became one more of thouse tired crisis I stood out because it was too early to go to bed.

Michael Bundesen continued being with me all evening, and now said that this is why I hand over myself to you because you don’t give up, and eeehhh what did this mean (?), and no, I don’t want you to die, Michael.

So it is you we have all waited for, and now you don’t want to come out, and I received the strongest pain to my right instep and felt inside the strongest and most disgusting darkness of all, and let me underline that the feeling of this is “NOT COMFORTABLE” if you should be in doubt, and yes “you are (still) welcome”.

Michael Bundesen said, no, you don’t need a doctor, I can see that and I have been with you for a while, so the thrombosis of Michael Bundesen in May 2011 opened up to a channel reaching me (?), and yes this is what this says.

And he asked if we can see the inner side of you with the feeling that until now this has been impossible (because of darkness closing the access), and I could only say that of course you can, everything is open here, and yes he said that this is not what I told him, so I am the Source inside of here, and was told “more accurate the combination with Michael Bundesen”, and you will never get access to yourself without me, and I felt how a strong force tried to withhold this, but I was told that “yes, we will give it to him even though he did not re-write the chapter on creation”.

And without me, you would not get in, and I was told, take care, we now look inside, and “ha, got him, he is now locked up” (!), and I felt drunk darkness, and this is how the game was played, and I felt Michael Bundesen again saying that you don’t get in there without me, and I was shown him leaving me to the right, and I had to repeat that I am the Source, everything is inside of me and “you are welcome”, but it made me somewhat in doubt because of Michael leaving me, so I said that “everything has to be perfect” and “light will decide what is right to do”, and I know that his will NEVER fail, and Michael Bundesen said, right, so my roll is more to move furniture out (?) and we know “light will decide”, and this was darkness of my sister trying to confuse us, and I said that I feel fine partnering with Michael, and I was told that he feels fine about this too, and he said that you don’t know how much pain I have had waiting on you here, and I was told that we have made a small hash cake with Michael Bundesen.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Preben only rarely brings Facebook updates, but here he thought that he would like to say “what do you have on heart. The answer is still: FAT – so this will be changed”, and fat is about destructive darkness terminating life, so this is the darkness you are still sending me, which is giving me heart pain and trying to destruct me, but this is the power we are using to do the exchange of my old self with my new self, and yes a BIG MOUTH is what you have, Preben (?), and when you cannot read, you cannot understand, remember?

FB 240113 Preben

  • Benedikte has experienced the discouragement/disappointment to be called for “Henriette” and that is because of the now previous politician and minister Henriette Kjær, whom obviously is “close” to the previous minister Benedikte Kjær, and yes even on the front pages of the local newspaper here and also Berlingske (!), and I simply told her and others that I am “the one and only”.

FB 240113 Benedikte

FB 240113 Benedikte 2

  • Naser wrote about now 3 million internal refugees in Syria and 700,000 escaped to the neighbour countries with children dying because of night frost and this is because of CRAZY PEOPLE/WIMPS in power (!) and I sent my love, and regrets that this is needed, but they bring MUCH help to our creation. And Lisbeth below claimed that the heart is her compass, and is this what is leading you on holidays, the golf course, and fine clothes and food, Lisbeth (?), and yes, let me tell you a secret, there is something wrong with your heart/understanding/behaviour, but “heart” is given to her and Preben because of the final instalment of my/our new heart.

FB 240113 Naser

  • Morten was inspired to write about the take-yourself-table of the European Union with people receiving millions, and this is really the buffet-table I was speaking about the other day, and yes planted to be used by Morten here.

FB 240113 Morten M

  • A ferry between Denmark (Jutland) and Sweden caught fire this morning, and when seeing it, I understood that it was a sign of strong darkness too, but I was told that we have reduced the strong heat from this, and yes via a VERY strong marzipan bread, which is because of my attitude not to give up.

JP 240113 Brand

  • Søren wrote about 4,000 Chinese people on their way to Greenland – which is part of the Danish Kingdom – and we know to plunder what they can really, and the capital Nuuk only had a population of 15,000, so the Chinese will be very visible, and with irony he said all of these positive F-words (“festive, fantastic, popular, delightful and colourful”), which is really the HAPPY message of the event of today entering the command central of the Source.

FB 240113 Søren

  • I like the morning show of P6 radio much both because of the music they play and because of their passion for and knowledge of music, which makes them MUCH MORE interesting to listen to compared to most radio hosts working on a much lower level, and they were inspired to write “RISE and SHINE”, which is what we are doing now, and I asked them if they would play this beautiful song by SAGA, but received no answer.

FB 240113 P6

  • I saw this update from Anne Sophia via Jens Rohde, and she simply said that she drinks Pinot Noir, which is red wine originating from Burgundy, which is where my heart is too – wine of people coming from Bornholm, “my island” you know – and her picture is yellow all over, which is to say that the spirit of my mother of our New World is now wine, i.e. creation/everything, all over. And yes, the finest smell of a Burgundy wine is when it smells of a “cow stable” (!), and this is really to say that a cow symbolises God/Buddha, and when you convert the faeces of these symbolising “destruction of darkness”, you will get the finest wine of creation/everything, see?

FB 240113 Anna Sophia



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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