January 26, 2013: Heaven is just around the corner and I am throwing down the secret world government!


Summary of the script today

25th January: I decided NOT to become my new self Dec. 21 because the world was SILENT herewith saving the world from sufferings

  • Dreaming of cleaning my sofa as the “kitchen of God” producing life.
  • I received indications of having difficulties to continue my journey through darkness to reach my inner self, but I decided that it has to be perfect no matter what.
  • The only reason why I did not open the eyes of my new self December 21, 2012, was to save the world from killings/sufferings, which I could do because I had more to give when not giving up, which is why we pushed time in front of us, and this was also possible to do when the media/world decided NOT to report about me thus enabling me to convert darkness of my own inner self as the last man inside darkness to light instead of giving it as destructions to the world.
  • Denmark won in GREAT style over “unbeatable” Croatia in the semi-finals in the World Championships in handball playing in a gear, which NO ONE can follow, and the team of Croatia was literally dissolving because of darkness dissolving, but still I was shown the next part of “half hidden” darkness of my inner self about to become visible, and this is “seaweed of darkness”, which is more terminated life, which is really not terminated at all, but negative non-living life, which I will now start to turn around to positive life too.
  • Short stories of Helena showing my difficulties to get inside the very heart of me, my father visiting my website again because I am not “crazy” anyway (?), is the “prince of darkness”, Henrik Sass Larsen, also trying to throw me off my chair (?), a Danish handball player was SCREAMING in pain but continued playing just like I do, I do not like people dying from “religious fanaticism” when they could be saved and also people hating these people.

26th January: Heaven is just around the corner and I am throwing down the secret world government working for “totalitarian capitalism”

  • Dreaming about being a prisoner of darkness of people even thought they love me, the “official system” chasing and grossly humiliating me, the VERY TRADITIONAL staff of the White House being “forced” to follow me against their wish and now seeing the view of our New World, telling my story to the “world elite” bringing me sufferings when not having the full patience to understand and when media pretends that nothing has happened doing what they normally do.
  • My story does NOT only have impact on the state of Denmark but the whole world because Denmark is “controlled” by God reflecting the attitude/behaviour of the whole world.
  • Heaven is just around the corner, where everyone will be FOREVER YOUNG when receiving eternal life.
  • I am everyday news all over the White House, and will use their negative feelings/reactions sending me darkness to “get out of the battle ship”, and that is to throw down the sitting (secret) world government, which has been working on and thinking that their New World Order of “totalitarian capitalism” inspired by China would come into force, but no, this is NOT what I really, really want, and instead you will get FREEDOM with “diamonds and pearls of love” of my New World.
  • My mother is the angel of the world having the greatest love and affection loving me “whether I’m right or wrong”– everything else doesn’t matter!
  • I was told that the last piano will come out at once opening to my new self and our New World as when you open the cork of a bottle of wine, and also that this may mean that I will not be able to take on all sufferings myself, thus having to bring one time only sufferings to the world, which will be recovered at our New World. Later, however, I was told that there is no energy inside of this almost making black of darkness the same as orange of God, and this is the game we are playing now: Is there potentially destructive energy inside of this, which will hurt the world if I cannot take the sufferings myself?
  • The winner of the Danish part of the Eurovision Song Contest this evening became the beautiful song “only teardrops”, which includes the story of teardrops of my mother and family because of their misunderstandings in me. The show was VERY INSPIRED when bringing “the winning recipe” including our heart of existence and gold of divine creation, and with this, everyone will receive love of God and their new golden shoes of our New World with Heaven opening up. Furthermore, the show showed how “silence” of me is darkness trying to knock me out, which I still use as building stones.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures of her Facebook group show a SPECIAL tall lady, “dancing queens” celebrating our New World, rough sea and tall waves (of sufferings), strength of having South America in one arm, the arrival of the Creator, another VERY TALL lady, the light of God and our New World shining through including the story of my new self already having been brought out of the taxi meaning that for now I am hidden to the world (and my self for that matter).
  • Short stories of Dan telling the story of my mother and father dancing of joy and happiness because of our new creation, telling NATO that money don’t matter (i.e. the secret world government will step down), more of my father’s “new family” reading my website on my father and not the big picture, everyone will receive COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS when the secret world government will give up, it will open to our New World :-), and “melted butter” means that the last part of my inner self has been demantled.


25th January: I decided NOT to become my new self Dec. 21 because the world was SILENT saving you from sufferings

Dreaming of cleaning my sofa as the “kitchen of God” producing life

And yes, Stig, it is now 12.15, I have updated and published my script of yesterday, I have had lunch, and now I will move my self and the chair in under the table again and that is as far as I can get and take on the “alright, let us do it concentrated attitude” – instead of the opposite of being loose/unconcentrated as so many people are/keep on being – and yes TAKE ME ON AND ON and yes on and on and on once again, and no “not easy” to do because of what I have been through.

I went to bed at around 22.00, and was allowed to sleep until 07.45 and better than for a long time making me feel better today, and only with one dream that I remember.

  • SAGA is playing their album from 1984 as a theatre concert, and Fuggi is there loving this band as much as I do. After the concert where the stage is being removed, I put on a CD, and help to remove the last projector from their show. I am shown a small bottle of a special “very efficient stain remover”, which someone puts on a stain of my sofa, and it will need some time to dissolve the stain, but I am told that it WILL come off, and I am impressed by this remover and ask where it can be bought, and I am told that all supermarkets have it. I am told that the next exercise is to let two cows rot on the sofa, and I think if it will be possible to remove all traces of these cows too, and the dream continued being about sex with “light women” moving in, and Fuggi being lazy not bothering to get things from the supermarket etc.
    • SAGA did NOT do an album in 1984 – but in 1983 and 1985 – and their music is ending now, which may be about darkness ending, and 1984 is about “big brother is watching you”, so this could be about Michael and Jim from the band as my Facebook friends following me? When writing about the stain remover and supermarket, I received the feeling of two people I used to meet on the streets of Nairobi – the one I gave a date of my arrival/opening, which of course was wrong because it was given to me by darkness – and that is because to clean my sofa also means to bring “normal life” to the world. The sofa is really about “the kitchen of God” producing life, where we are still removing darkness from, and Fuggi is “helping” to bring this darkness not truly helping because of his laziness to read, which is really about him being too lazy to help saving life.

I decided NOT to become my new self Dec. 21 because the world was SILENT herewith saving the world from sufferings

I was told that we will now take the last decisive suitcase this evening.

I received the song ”the sign” by Ace of Base and the lyrics ”but where do you belong”, which comes after the lyrics “No one’s gonna drag you up to get into the light where you belong”, which I was NOT told, and I also received “I am happy now” followed by “living without you”, which I did NOT get, so is this about “I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes” (?) or is the game that I am not getting into the light now because I have misunderstood the game (?), and we know a game it is, but no, I will NEVER believe that I don’t get into the light, because this is my very being as I am told/feel, and the light is inside me, so don’t you worry about a thing, it will come sooner or later, and yes many songs here and there.

I was told that it is a little like throwing away the key. Do you know any good local real estate brokers up there? So a game it is ….

Which currency do they use here (?), is that a fact (?), they don’t take money here, Stig (?), it has something to do with your way of life, Stig (?), and eehhhh no we cannot accept, and yes you will guess the rest, my friend, while the blood runs out ….

He doesn’t care, he simply says that “everything has got to perfect/light” and I will wait until you will show me the road, and yes me as darkness confusing you, and yes this is how it is.

It was still impossible to work from the morning, but I do feel better today, and that is at least when sitting down, but often when I stand up and especially when going/cycling out, I feel (much) poorer, and I do believe that I will exercise today, we will see.

Michael Bundesen is still here but says “we will go another place” and yes, Stig, if you cannot break the code of how to enter? And we know, “everything has got to be perfect/light” this is what I ask you to do, and then it should be not much longer than this as we say here, and I am in no mood to guess, and have no FANTASY to imagine that you can keep me out because this goes against my wish, and you are obliged to follow me as I understand it.

No, it is not “you are welcome”, is it (?), and yes Stig knows that the Source is inside of him, so therefore “you are welcome” will have to do. And I felt darkness and does that mean that I have to walk into him (?) this is Michael Bundesen, and no you don’t like it.

Does he have a lie detector (?), and yes big smiles, and no there is nothing to do, we have to get closer he says, so this is what we will do, and yes not easy to convince darkness.

A little later I felt the spirit of my mother and she asked, “does this apply for me too” (?), and yes all of you are welcome.

So it doesn’t cost a thing to enter here, and yes there is no energy here.

I was told about a “frozen oil pan”, which is a reference to a poorly working oil pan of 1.6 Ford diesel motors as I saw on TV the other day – with Ford cheating its customers not speaking the truth, which I do NOT like to see, and yes I see it EVERYWHERE; weak people lying and cheating making me sad – and I was told “smashed” too, and this is about the most inner of me, which is where I am approaching.

I received the clear taste of onion, and was told “just in there, and then we are home”.

Shall we lift the veil, and yes he has had his hand all the way in here before – reaching us – and I feel the greatest smiles, and receive more heart pain, and no he doesn’t care, he just want to get HOME, so shall we take him in (?), and what do you say (?), and I feel/see my inner self and father “negotiating” about this, and yes there is no doubt, he will not give up, so it has to be a matter of time only, and yes he found the road leading all the way in here, and that is for not giving up.

So the plane, which we could not bring down, will have to land there (?), and yes, Stig at the very top of everything.

I heard something about “stamp” and “we could have used our money as teaching money inside of here”, and yes, there is no energy here.

I received the strong feeling and vision of “violent temper” and yes it would have been/felt like smashing a lunch package (which is not there), and that is to let out energy here.

So you don’t weigh “seven tons” inside of here, and no, Stig, this is the place you have reached/are reaching where you just are, and yes you are thinking that you have emptied yourself completely of everything, and when you are nothing, you are simply becoming us, and “how difficult can it be” (?), and still the world is everything, which I will also be myself, which will have to be the level below, and if I understand this correctly, the worlds of my mother are being installed below us and connected to us, and we are here on top “just being”, and “we” are here ONE, but still you show me both father and Son (?), and this is how I understand it.

And this is the chairman of the teachers coming there (?), and yes you have no lunch package with you (?), and again I feel Michael Bundesen, so we are walking in here together.

So there is no square – four-divided (world) – inside of here (?), and no we just are.

I have bled and almost missed, is this how it is, Stig (?), and yes this is about your mother, thus the world, and you are asking me as Stig, how should I know?

So, he has risen from the sofa ….

There are also “liquorice traffic signs” showing the road inside of here, and yes I love them too, you know the liquorice pack :-).

I was shown the three nephews of Donald Duck walking down the ladder from the top floor of God, and they brought a game of Ludo I believe, and I was told that the game was about whether to bring down the Source or to bring up the world, and yes “please make it perfect” and I can only say that the Source is INSIDE of me – not anywhere else – and we are going to the very top with the top being “nothing” and yes “everything” just below us, and that is as I understand it, and yes the “Doomsday priest” of Indiana Jones did not cut out my heart on my way here, and this was the strength of darkness I had to pass, so will we let him pass (?), and we know I only have one thing to say, which is “don’t let it pass you by”, and now I understand why you gave me the vision of Bjarne from the Commune a few minutes ago, an that is because you knew that I would think of this amazing song by UB40 (which you can watch from their full concert after 26:40 below, and yes a concert from 1981, which was the top of their career if you ask me when I also saw them in Copenhagen), and yes “unemployed” I still am to bring me Unemployment Benefit, or “cash help” as they call it here for the “losers on the floor of the society”, which is where I am working from, and yes in the view of the society of course.

It is now only about “cosmetic changes” when coming here?

So there is no risks at all that he will not get his driver’s license, but there are more “enrolment tests” first (?), and yes “as I understand it” as my actor-friend says because this is what I say.

We are still in the process of exchanging darkness to flowers (?), and yes because this is what “him there”, i.e. I, says, and I get a strong taste of fish, and yes we are still vacuum-cleaning.

And no, I don’t know if we are bringing furniture out or in of this place – or it is simply is on top of everything else – and yes let it be perfect, and you tell me (!), and then I was told that if it was not because the family tree had been removed, you would not be here at all.

No, you are in no Asiatic newspapers, and “not yet” as I am told. I was told “the Trinity” and I was given the feeling of Clint Eastwood and told that his “inspired speech” to the empty chair of Obama – and yes “completely crazy” you know – is what opened the eyes of Asian people.

No, it is not only us having made the cream-machine, who are inside of here, there is also pure darkness, and if this is the case, there is life inside of this darkness meaning that we are bringing out more furniture to become part of our New World and that is before I reach the stage of “just being”.

Don’t you have more matches (?), and yes couldn’t it be “fun” to pour on gasoline and to burn down this place (?) and the feeling is that we cannot do this no more, and also that this is what you did, Amin (from Restaurant Vejlegården) (?), and yes to burn down a restaurant is about removing life of God, so this is also what this symbolised, but no, I will NOT accept it.

This morning I sent this email with my script of yesterday to LTO, and yes it is full of lyrics from songs, which is about my true feelings of these friends having “difficulties” to remain friends, and I wonder why it is so “difficult” for you to do what is RIGHT to do instead of WRONG?

Email to LTO 250113

During the following hours, I was given the feeling of David thinking “more money”, which must have been “nice” to you David, but what about the others?

I was surprised when I had finished work for now already at 13.30 today, and also did not receive an enormous pressure of darkness – neither physical pressure nor much negative feelings/speech – and is this a game because I have not walked the right way in (?), or is this because of the end of darkness (?), and I don’t care, because I am walking right in, this is what I have decided to do and I am sure that my spiritual friends will help me, and yes, this will bring me time to go to the swimming hall, so this I will now do.

No we have not called him and found him busy” and yes, he has been working constantly, so what is the matter if anything is the matter?

I went to the swimming hall, and on my way, negative speech and feelings now became so strong again that I could have not have giving me the feeling that it totally ruins my mood, and yes try to imagine having someone shouting everything negative you can imagine into/inside your head, and you cannot give up turning negative yourself because of negative consequences it will bring – feeling Obama here, do you know about this feeling too (?) – and it keeps on coming stressing you incredible, and furthermore I am INCREDIBLE tired of working as I do, being tired, having no energy, not being able to exercise fully, being fat, feeling unwell in my clothes, being alone without a girlfriend, biting nails and making me embarrassed too etc. and yes all because of darkness, and it was so much that I lost motivation to exercise on my way, but I decided to do it anyway and only to let the game continue and that is to be able to tell my mother that I am still exercising, and yes so everything is normal – feeling Prince Harry here, “you know” – and I could not help smiling when I passed two teenagers on the way, and just when passing one of them shouted “I LOVE TOMATOES”, and yes this was the only thing I heard, but it means that he loves my new self really.

When I stood on the left cross trainer again – I do NOT have energy enough also to swim and that is a long time since I did this – I told myself that “this is completely impossible to do, there is no way that I will come through this” and a voice asked me to remember this, and we know, this was the reason why I only had used 150 calories after 10 minutes, and I felt so tired and without motivation and not least tired by my negative voice, and so much that I was told that the only alternative would be to give me my “old nightmare” to “explode” my self out, and then I was told that this is indeed about getting my inner self out, and that is to give birth to my inner self, and I understood that the judgment – also in previous worlds – has always been about my birth, and if there was too much darkness, it would destroy the world, and if not, we would survive, and yes I thought about darkness being turned to me to absorb and convert to light, and did I not do this, it could only be turned to the world as destructions – feeling Helle Thorning-Schmidt here – and for days I have received the word “neon” and now I was told that we are forming my mother’s name in “neon lights” and I felt that this is “the last work” we are doing, and yes because of the KRAFTWERK of me, and the last 15 minutes was indeed impossible/difficult to come through also because I felt laziness of President Kibaki of Kenya, which was given to me as a pretty strong feeling trying to make me give up the last exercising, and I was told that he has been looking forward to relaxing, and he will soon be replaced because of the Kenyan election coming up – and a New World too (!) – and I was told that he has been told about me, but don’t know much about me and also that Kenya was told about me by US Intelligence when I was in the country in 2009. And yes, I burned off 515 calories on 30 minutes, and I did it!

And I was told that the only reason why I did not open the eyes of my new self December 21, 2012, was to save the world from killings/sufferings, and that is because I had more “marzipan” to give, i.e. to “never give up”, which is why we pushed time in front of us, and yes because the media/world decided NOT to report about me and this is how it was also possible to convert me as the last man inside darkness to light, and furthermore I was told “don’t you believe that the (official) world celebrated when it discovered that we survived” (?), and yes, but still you “could/would not” speak out loud the truth to the world?

When I came home, I had received this email from John, and yes it really gave me mixed emotions, and certainly I was happy to be hearing from him, but it also told me that if I had not pressured him because of money, I would not have heard from him, and besides from a short text message at Christmas, I have not heard from John since August 24, 2012 (!), and the only reason, John, is because of laziness, which is truly what makes me VERY sad, and yes this little “exercise” shows that you have no problems communicating if only you want to (?), and yes money can make a man stretch himself, and this makes me extra sad to see, because it is UNNECESSARY because I know about the friendly feelings of John, which is the essential, but you have to show it, John (!), and will the same happen to Elijah, or will he try to make a statement by NOT communicating (?) and yes because he “cannot” stand me and has lost (some) faith in me, my friend (?) – and yes, I will now keep John on my money and email-list, and in case I have not heard from John again in February and have not opened the eyes of my new self before the end of February, which today seems completely unthinkable, I will leave him out, and yes I will not accept to “never” hear from friends, who have “no problems” to receive my money, and so it is. So now it is up to you, Elijah, and yes how strong are you to keep on fighting me, are you about giving in too?

Email fra John 250113

And yes, Stig, we discovered a new way to bring you alive, which was not to explode you and collect you afterwards.

Denmark won over “unbeatable” Croatia in handball playing in a gear, which NO ONE can follow

This is written “tomorrow morning”:

I was told that when we spoke of looking back in time recently it is because we have seen how life will turn out in the future, which I felt made my spiritual friends “incredible happy”.

Some times I have been given the feelings of – and also told – just how impossible it is to release strings of darkness wrapped around me, and this is because of my family, friends etc., thus the world who quite simply “cannot” understand me, thus not having faith in me, so when I remove darkness, it is also because I open up for more faith of family, friends etc., thus the world, via my work.

I was told that what I have gone through December 21 has been ”coal black” darkness.

I visited my mother and John again this evening, and the first thing John said was that he did not believe that Denmark would be able to defeat Croatia – having played “dream handball” this World Championships – and that is because of their second half the other day, and I told him that I did believe that they would win and that is because of their first half the other day (!!!), and this was really as saying as anything and that is to show the difference in attitude between he and I, and yes there is absolutely no doubt that Denmark plays the most wonderful handball in the world when they play their best – they have a gear like no one – and the question was only if this is what they would be able to do today, and yes depending on the strength of darkness too of course.

At dinner I said that I was very excited to see how John’s cancer results will be (January 31), and also heart results (February 21), and my mother said that he walked right back from town the other day (approx. on kilometre) WITHOUT becoming exhausted, and yes a sign that his heart is much better, and she do believe that the results will be better, and yes then they spoke about heart medication again (!), and yes what do you know, and yes “old and poor habits” focusing on medicine instead of him being healed by my spiritual friends, which they should be able to understand by now, and yes, by the way, I was told one of these days that it is not only medicine for “mental sufferings”, which is completely “off”, it is medicine in general, and yes if only people and their surroundings live a “good life” with right behaviour and life content, they would not become sick.

My mother’s back is also better after she has started to go to massage, and yes she also receives “light treatments” giving her more energy (it is DARK here during winter), so LIGHT she receives, and yes feeling better too, she does, and then I am really the last one to be pulled up from this hole of “no energy”.

I received the smell of seaweed, and understood that this is a symbol of terminated life, and the first time that this symbol is given to me, and yes this is what we will continue saving, and here feeling the parking place of a city near Weingut Christmann, which is about my thinking that today, which is tomorrow morning you know, I may get some hours to do what I like, and no, I will NOT start to write the chapter on creation, I am too exhausted and have too little energy to start doing this, and that is at least today, and yes this is my decision, but maybe one of the next days, if I am given the opportunity.

We watched X-factor – while Spain as expected won the other semi-finals against Slovenia – and two of the judges took their teams to “very fine” hotels in Århus and Berlin, but Thomas Blachman had decided to bring his team to the Job Centre in Gladsaxe of all places (!), and yes NOTHING GLAMOROUS about this (!), which is how I live my life, and he had made a “completely crazy” questionnaire, which he asked his attendants to answer, and yes there might have been a deeper meaning to this to teach the world about most people being alone/isolated from other people as one of them – and yes just like what I have said too – but to me, this was to say how “completely crazy” Job Centres work asking people to do “crazy” things as dictators, and yes my mother shifts from liking Thomas Blachman much to disliking him much and yes being “too tough”, and you ARE too tough sometimes, Thomas (!), and need to relax more, and when you show your serious self without losing your temper, you are doing a great job, but the most important thing is to do as you do which is to ALWAYS tell the truth directly, openly and honestly to make even “deaf” people with wrong interceptions of themselves UNDERSTAND, and yes this is what we agree on, and as I have errors, Thomas has too. And maybe you noticed Anne Linnet in the Xtra Factor follow up show playing fish pond with Emil (?), and yes “to pull up a fish” is what X-factor is really about (!), and yes via Thomas Blachman’s work “playing” with the feelings of not only contestants but viewers too!

My mother asked me “seriously” about my writings, and I told her that I decided to keep on writing, which I still do, but I will finish this work “at any time now”, and yes I wonder what my sister and mother speak about, and are they waiting to see what may happen “any day soon” now and yes for me to become my new self (?), which is a clear message I give to everyone to see on Facebook – as my sister does – and yes just wondering I am because no one tells me! Later I was told that seeing me physically suffering – over Christmas and New Year – also has importance here.

And then we watched the semi-finals between Denmark and Croatia, and within “no time” Denmark was ahead by 6 to 1 (!), and yes against the “unbeatable” Croatians, which had NOT been in “difficulties” in this tournament, and again you saw this “very special gear” making the Danes so much better than any other team, and I thought that this is the same as looking at the Danish football team of the 1980’s, which was the absolutely best team in the world when they played their best, and it was only “the evil spirit” of Spain stopping them (!), and the same goes with athletes like Peter Gade in Badminton at his height of his career having a “speed/gear” like no one else, and this is the same as you saw with Ingemar Stenmark as example – and yes, this is what you saw this evening, and what you believed in (!), so this is what we gave them (!), and I was told directly many times when Croatia scored against us because of darkness coming from my mother etc., so Denmark had to win over this team and had to defeat resistance of darkness playing on the side of Croatia!

So this is what they did, and yes Croatia showed that they are truly a fantastic team too, but you saw how the teams in the 1st half fought over the ball sometimes lying down in lump games (!), and yes Croatia was tired and had some of their key players injured, they could no more (!), and the commentators today o DR1 (I like commentators on DR1, but I LOVE the commentators on TV2 – they share the broadcastings of these World Championships – and yes here TV2 are almost 100 points to me, and DR1 maybe 85 to 90, but in other shows it is vice versa for example with Aftenshowet on DR1 against similar programmes on TV2) said that “the Croatian team is breaking apart” and “the Croatian team is completely dissolving – they have not seen this coming at all” and when they said this, I felt my sister, and this was about darkness now completely dissolving, and no, my sister had not seen this coming at all, and we know my fight to bring myself alive as my new self, which is the fight all of the world can see, but no one – including my sister – is commenting on this, and yes apart from Jette really and rarely Meshack.

So Denmark won in great style by 30 to 24 and can now “walk on the water” as the commentators said (!), and will now play against Spain in Spain in the final, and we know, there is practically no more darkness, however still some of my inner self, but if the caves of Spain have emptied for darkness, it should be “easy” for Denmark to win this final too, and yes to get the GOLD medals over their necks.

When leaving, as usual I received left-overs to bring home, and my mother had bought some more groceries for me, and I always say “you should NOT have done this”, and my mother always say the opposite, and as usual this is how my mother expresses her love to me, which is really what is bringing me darkness, and yes because the way she should do it should have been to listen to, understand and support me, but then again, this would have ended the world as you know, but more sufferings is what this essentially brings me, and yes who should have known because she only wants to help!

During the day/evening, I was several times receiving the feeling of Inge’s son Jan, and yes, he has been a GREAT opponent too trying to influence his mother Inge against me, and yes Inge is reading and doing her best to understand me, and yes at the moment, she does not read all scripts, but maybe half, and “difficult” to get over the negative influence of Jan in relation to me it is, Inge (?), and this is what I am told and understand, but I was also told that Inge is now again running the veins of my mother, and yes this is what I was told and felt too for that matter, which is about “faith” returning.

I was told that world leaders and politicians in Davos speak about me and my arrival coming “very soon” now, but still “silent” you are???

I was shown a half hidden dark bear at the player tunnel of a stadium – more hidden darkness of me about to be released – and this came together with the commentators saying that “we look forward to making a party on Sunday, because this is going to get wild”, and the key here was “PARTY” because this is about the feelings of my spiritual friends influencing them here and that is just behind the game I am still going through.

I felt herrings around me inside of darkness, and I felt that this is darkness of seaweed, and I was told that we are not really dead, but yes, you are negative life, so I will continue working and playing the game to turn you around to light too, and I heard my self saying “not good enough” maybe 50 times in a row, and yes I am not finished with my work yet, so this is what I say and this is what comes to my from my spiritual friends, and I was told “so I am heartfelt welcome too”, but of course you are!

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Helene was swearing and saying that she wanted to hit the manager of the city planning of Århus when there is a left swing road on the cost road and I understood this as when driving to the city centre (?), and I understood this as difficulties to reaching the very heart of me, but Jane said that there is indeed a lane and that is when goods are not delivered and garbage collected etc. and yes of the stores on the way as I understand it, and I can only see this that there is a road driving right through darkness trying to prevent me from reaching my own heart, and no, I have NO intentions of anything to stop me, and no also not Falck as you give me the vision of here.

FB 250113 Helena

  • I have now changed the IP-address of my father into “far”, i.e. “father”, and again today he – or Kirsten – visited me, and now NOT the script of my father, but eeehhhh “normal life”, and yes he is not “too quick” to understand and not very busy too trying to read one full page after the other, but here he shows that there might be something good working inside of Stig (?), so is this a sign that “Stig is not crazy anyway” (?), and I was told “no, it wasn’t Ricki, was it” (?), and Ricki is Kirsten’s son, and several weeks ago when I visited the Prøvesten Shopping Centre in Helsingør with my mother, I was passing a man, whom looked much like Ricki, and I only saw him right when passing, and he looked surprised too, so was this Ricki (?), and was this also a help making my father “read”?

GC 250113

  • I do NOT like “RUMOURS” – and not even the ring of it – but rumours have been strong the last days about the Social Democratic Party planning a coup against the Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt, and so strong that one of the suspects, our “good old friend”, Henrik Sass Larsen, had to say publicly that there are no coup plans, and here Peter talks about “good Latin” – “Quo Vadis” (?), is this “good enough”, Peter (?) – which is that when a politician is needed to say this publicly, it is because there are indeed such plans with the Finance Minister Bjarne Corydon being the new chairman candidate, and I don’t know about this, but if there are/were these plans, I can only say that Henrik Sass has a “very unlucky” role being darkness then and still now trying to throw not only Helle but also mean down from “my chair”, and yes this is “the worst darkness” I meet on my way up to the very top of the Source, and this is what I am told, so we will see if this story “holds water” as we say here …

FB 250113 Peter

  • Helena is an example of ”most Denmark” supporting the Danish handball team with MUCH enthusiasm these days, and when the Danish player Mølgaard had his finger out of joint and was SCREAMING in pain, she wrote ”just tape that finger up, and away with him” (!), so this is what he did, and this was really a symbol of how darkness – I feel my sister again – brought me pain, which made me SCREAM, but still I just had to “get away” really (yes, Maurice White IS Earth Wind & Fire together with Philip Bailey if you ask me), and yes in a positive meaning of course :-), and Helena also said that “he can smell “blood”, so he doesn’t feel a thing”, and “blood” is here terminated life, which I am saving when continuing work, so there you have it really, and as she says “it will end with a happy ending” :-).

FB 250113 Helena 2

  • Here is a thread with Helena telling about just how much she “contempts” the Jehova Witnesses, which is a feeling of TRUE HATE as most people of this country shares, and yes the Devil right back in work via her as the symbol of the world, and I will not go into a greater detail on this other than saying that some of what the Jehova Witnesses do is wrong, and some of what Helena does here – contempting them – is wrong too, and yes it should not be necessary to receive blood transfusions as example if people lived “normal lives”, but when they do, I do appreciate doctors doing their best to save lives – but it is more complicated than this with doctors also killing much life with medicine, but this is really to say that I do not like people to let people die when they could be saved, and I do NOT like people being as negative and hateful as Helena is here, and yes I met very nice people of the Jehova Witnesses when they “witnessed” my presence here approx. one year ago, and of course without being able to open their eyes as everyone else too.

FB 250113 Helena 3

FB 250113 Helena 3b

  • Jimi is still only “half alive” as my Facebook friend, but today he also invited me to connect via LinkedIn, so he is really still alive and kicking inside darkness.


26th January: Heaven is just around the corner and I am throwing down the secret world government

Dreaming of the VERY TRADITIONAL staff of the White House being “forced” to follow me against their wish

I went to bed at 00.20 and slept until 08.00 making me as “fresh” (!) as yesterday, and yes with quite a few dreams to write down, and no I don’t like doing this also because sometimes I really cannot read my notes written during the night, which is bringing me sufferings too when I cannot write down the dream accurately as I received it leaving out details, which I MUCH would like to include, and yes this is how it is, and in this respect I am also suffering really, but let us see if I can read the notes today.

  • I am a prisoner of the police and am in a traffic accident, a car and house is separated and I am brought to a new place, where birds, which are really people/police treat me endlessly poorly – but it feels as a game and they really love me – and I am walking on the earth embankment myself with my old dog Don in a string, and there is nothing else that my dog wants more than to get its freedom also experiencing life and to make love, but I will not allow it, and this brings me to the prison of Jyske Bank, they feel poorly for me and Glenn (the Swede from Føtex) believes that I am treated with unjust, and I receive the task to write about myself to bring away the misunderstandings of journalists bringing wrong quotes of me, which gives me yet another task, which I know I can do, but I really don’t have the time to do it – feeling Michael Bolton here “a little, not much, but he really knows too”.
    • This is about darkness holding me as its prisoner – just look at “my life”, Billy (!) – and that is despite of people actually loving me, but this is how it is when you “cannot” show the right behaviour, and Don is my old beloved dog (1975-88), and really more than anything in my life, and here it is symbolising myself watching life without living it as I have thought about often also when I have no love-life myself, and it still seems as if the media is doing POOR WORK about me writing wrongly about me, so will you please IMPROVE my friends, and FIND AND BRING THE TRUTH, which should not be difficult if you only do your best.
    • I was told when writing down the note of this dream that this is driven by my mother believing that I am not stupid, and because of my influence on her without Sanna, which is helping the world to believe in me.
  • I have been brought as a prisoner of two guards/police men on a bus driving on Nørrebrogade in Copenhagen, and this is a tour for a day, which the system abuses me to do bringing me an incredible humiliation, which I tell people about to make them understand.
    • This is the system chasing me not realising just how much they humiliate me, and is this solely about the Commune, or maybe I can add “the Danish police/intelligence”.
  • I have created a new play by an amateur theatre ensemble, and we are playing the premiere of our show to people of “Inner mission” – a VERY TRADITIONAL Danish church movement of people – and this is a large group as I see in the theatre watching this show even though they did not at all want to watch, but preferred to do their traditional singing/chanting, which originally was on their programme today, and when watching, many are singing with low volume to express their dissatisfaction, and when we make fun of the Conservative Party, half of this traditional audience cannot take it, and leave. Afterwards I see how joints of a flower on a table has been cut off making it impossible to stand up as my colleague wants it, and there is dust beneath the vase, which she “cannot” remove, which I then decide to do also knowing that I am watched by these traditional people. I now notice that we are inside the most beautiful house in America, and when I enter a large dining room, I see that we are inside the White House in Washington, and to my surprise there are not only one long dinner table but two with MANY people, and I believe that the first table includes all the “fine people” of the White House and the second our theatre ensemble, and first I decide to stand up on a chair of the first table even though it is fine and I wear shoes and that is to see if I can see the sea from the window, which I can, and I tell people “can you see the sea” (?), and I hear Americans correcting me when saying “can you view the sea” (?), and when I get to the next table, which is next to the window, I now see that the sea is MUCH more visible than what I thought because everyone can see it from here, and I hear people saying that Navratilova cannot get back by now to become the world champion, but now we have Djokovic who can. I see a free chair at the next table, which I discover is next to a very good looking woman, who is actually not sitting in the first line of the table, but somehow the second and that is even though there is room at the table with a couple of free places/plates, and I thought that this table would only include the theatre ensemble, but I feel that there are also people of the White House sitting here, and I say that I did not realise how serious they would take it and measure it.
    • This is my play to the world, which is received by the VERY TRADTITIONAL Conservative Old School of the White House, and yes, they do NOT want to become part of my play, but would much rather like to play their old traditional wicked game, but there is nothing you can do, you are “forced” to play the game, and you do NOT like me writing the truth about the Conservative Party – or the Republicans in the US – which you decide is “negative behaviour” and yes you do find SIMPLE MINDS everywhere (!), and the dining room here will have to be about changing the view (!) of people, and yes before you could not see the sea, but now it is clear to you too, and this is the old symbol of sufferings, but here it is also the feeling that we are watching out over the sea for our New World, and the dinner table is almost ready, but there are some details we are working on, which includes the spirit of my mother sitting in the second row here. When I wrote down the note of this dream, I was told that it is as if everyone is now eating on Restaurant Lumskebugten, which is where Jack was kind to invite me for dinner maybe 8-10 years ago, and yes we had one of the best salmons I have ever had, and this is to say that Jack has helped to open the eyes all the way into the VERY TRADITIONAL Old School system of the White House, and yes, Obama, how can you stand being together with this darkness surrounding you (?), and yes how is it to be “traditional staff” wanting an evil world order only to discover that your “boss” is God self too (?), and yes have you got it by now (?), and we know, not easy at all for you to listen and understand it is? And the dream about whether to use the word “see” or “view” is about TRADITIONAL people not wanting to understand that I present myself as a normal human being not being perfect in English, but “God/Jesus has to be” is what you tell me (?), and that is because “this is how it has to be like” according to you (?), and that is because you don’t want to do what it takes to understand that I am simply a normal human being until we will open our New World?

  • Somehow by “co-incidence” I am at an incredible cold place with a lot of people telling my story in a microphone with people listening but eventually they lose patience/focus, and starts to ask questions before having heard all of my story, and some are raising their hands to show me that they would like to ask, and one simply asks/interrupts, and I see that Peter Mygind arrives to help me, and an amateur cook brings me a taste of what I believe was sole inside a bivalve, which it however was not, and now I see talented cooks on TV, and Louise from Aftenshowet is interviewing Anne Linnet in the back of the large room, where I was speaking, something about coffee and now Anne Linnet presents a big cheque and says that this is then a deal to have a new auction on TV.
    • This is really the “dark room” of the official world, which I am telling my story to via my website/scripts, and it is incredible cold because you are the world bringing me darkness because of your wrong-doings and wrong behaviour in relation to me, and your impatience and misunderstandings of me is keeping part of the fish away from me, and the media decides to do their own show without me pretending as if nothing had happened, and yes Anne Linnet is a “special friend” of mine too, and she is much in focus now in Denmark as the new judge on X-factor together with Thomas Blachman, and yes as her son Xander was a few months ago on “the Voice”.

Heaven is just around the corner and I am throwing down the secret world government working for “totalitarian capitalism”

I received speech right from the morning – often it comes to me in the morning as a “machine gun” as a pressure from the night, which we have to get released – and the first I was told was if you want to join killing many people (?), and no, I do not.

This has not been too simplified/”made Danish”, which is about the attitude of the world watching not believing that you can “use” what I write about and the Danish focus, and to this, I ask you to remember that I have made the state of Denmark reflecting the attitude/behaviour of the whole world, so indeed this is what you can!

You have reached the majority of Swedish pop, none are sick, and yes I was encouraged to tell you that I love Lisa Nilsson too, but of course, how could I otherwise with Mauro Scocco making her big not only in Japan, but also forever young here (two VERY SPECIAL songs to me :-)), which is what we will become in our New World with eternal life (!), and yes this is to say that this is about “himlen runt hörnet” because HEAVEN IS INDEED JUST AROUND THE CORNER as this means in English, and I do believe that even Cock Robin should be able to find it very soon, and yes a collection of songs coming here “with love” as usual, and I am sure that Lisa and this song will become a HUGE international hit too, and yes I love the music of ALL of your career, Lisa ♥.

No, you have not hidden yourself, and yes this is your mother’s evaluation of you, and my aunt Inge is running in her veins again.

No, we don’t have to stand on the toes of our feet on the milk box anymore (with milk being sufferings of my “old nightmare”), this is what the dream of the chair at the White House is about, you are everyday news all over the White House.

No one at the mental hospital knows about this – the official world knowing about me – and no one of the official world has spoken to the hospital about me confirming who I am, and yes the only one managing to stay out of the hospital was me, and it was quite as difficult as expected when the system wanted to lock me up being “unable” as dictators to look deep inside, and instead I was the “problem”, which they wanted to lock away, and yes potentially a dangerous man (!!!), and we know, this was to show you a system of people being “crazy” and not able to listen/understand what should be easy to understand. And here I am given the vision of Anders M. – my GEFI manager for a period in 2000/01, and did the Commune speak to him (?), and yes a game it is to discover whom they spoke to?

We have not only divided mail with express speed but also done the unthinkable to extend time itself to bring out my own inner self after saving the world, and yes to avoid bringing sufferings to man when “exploding” my darkness. And you can do the calculations of the accounts of how impossible/difficult it is to reach the family tree (how much it would take out of me/the world), and then you can add how much it takes to save myself too with the world of the spirit of my mother helping me, and what is the result (?), and yes it cannot be done, but that is only if you think that you cannot, because when you don’t know that it is, and have decided not to give up fearing my “old nightmare” and “natural destruction” as the consequence, this is what makes the impossible possible, and this is really the recipe of life, and yes to use darkness as the factor making creation possible.

I was told that on turn, we have thrown snow balls after you, and I felt that this is my father and own inner self, and then I received a VERY well known song and after some seconds, I recognised it and yes “And through it all she offers me protection, A lot of love and affection, Whether I’m right or wrong, And down the waterfall, Wherever it may take me, I know that life won’t break me, When I come to call, she won’t forsake me, I’m loving angels instead”, and this is of course ANGELS by Robbie Williams – one of the most beautiful songs I know of – and the angel is my mother protecting me with all of her love “whether I’m right or wrong”, and this is what is the inner of my mother where everything else really doesn’t matter at all, Jeff, so let us bring this incredible song too, and let us all sing along on this master piece, and yes I am brought tears here, which is because of the tears of my mother thinking of what I am going through as I understand it – and through these tears I feel how light is almost shining through ♥.

I was told that Obama was afraid of me getting arrested by the Danish authorities, and also that he could see this through his IT system set up by the American Intelligence.

We might first get out of the battle ship tomorrow, Stig, and yes this is what we will use the reactions/feelings of the White House to “help us” doing, and that is because of the darkness you “crazy dogs” will bring me, and yes you might want to check the link my friends seeing what I really, really want – and bring you when changing you from “crazy” to “diamond” – and yes Spice Girls too bringing the link to the zigazig you know, which is where it all started, and we are full of good links really (yes this is leading you to “good links” if you search for it), and this is leading to the fish of me, got it (?), and yes “this is not that bad at all” as they say in Jutland, remember Morten J. when we said this at a GE course in London (?), and yes that’s why!

And all of this music is of course the climax of love of God coming to all of you.

I was told “is this strong enough to throw down a sitting world government” and understood that it is, and yes the power of God and light almost shining through that is, and with this I was told that there is truly a sitting SECRET world government in place working on the transition to your “new power generation”, but NO; “money don’t matter tonight”, which is to say “pack up your old clothes and go home, I have other plans for you” and that is because I am going to bring DIAMONDS AND PEARLS OF LOVE to you and a completely different “power generation” compared to what you thought.

D to the I to the A to the M, O to the N to the D to the pearls of love, D to the I to the A to the M (To the M), O to the N to the D to the pearls of love”.

And I was told that the idea was for this world government to “almost” come into force and yes visible to the whole world, and believing that it would, and who could have imagined that a poor and “strange man” from Denmark would ruin your plans (?), and yes of a totalitarian regime build on Capitalism and yes “strange experiment” it is (?), but you learned from China that this is possible to do, and then it is “only to enrol out all over the world”, so this is what you are still planning to do (?), but oh no, not any longer, the game is over, my ladies and gentleman, come out from your hiding places and SHOW THE WORLD WHO YOU REALLY, REALLY ARE and I will tell you what I really, really want, and yes FREEDOM (!), see (?), and yes that is right NOTHING WILL HAPPEN TO YOU, you were part of my plan bring creation of eternal life and our New World, which required that we had to fool “nothing” that it was winning again, when it in fact was losing, but you do see this now don’t you?

You have not been presented for the supreme court to hear what is ”possible” in relation to me (?), and yes with the law of today, how can we control “desperate and potential dangerous lunatics like Stig”, or “something like this (?), and is this how far you decided to go, and to leave me out in darkness?

I tasted cigarette smoke and was told that “this is the decisive battle” Stig, and yes we know, but you concentrate on hearing Robbie Williams from Knebworth and his all time favourite song “Mr. Bojangles” and seeing a little in between while writing this, and yes I agree with you, Robbie, this song is incredible good, and fantastic when you sing it, and MAGICAL when Sammy David Jr. sings it and hit the high notes – what an incredible voice (!) – and yes “it doesn’t get any better than this” is the feeling I get EVERY TIME when listening to this, and yes MAGIC is what the Diamond of me is about, and “just you wait and see my dear world”.

I was told that you can leave your keys over here, and also that Michael Bundesen has now almost carried out his job.

I was told that we cannot change plans now because he, i.e. me, has insisted everything to be “perfect” for such a long time that this had grown inside everything, and this is light shining through the worst darkness, and yes this is what is opening the world and what the secret world government is seeing coming through, and that is also via the Google Earth pictures as my tool communicating to the world via kind assistance of Jette.

Some time after sharing the last of Jette’s Google Earth pictures to my Facebook timeline including the summary of bringing down the secret world government and after bringing my birthday greetings to Anders Fogh Rasmussen, I received the feeling of my mother’s mother – which is God self – who told me that the process (of bringing down this world government) has now started, and yes the battleship you know.

We thought that we cannot get him through that piano, but he said ”bring the piano too”, and this is what made it possible.

Yes, Stig, this is still about “stepping on it” or to “have the iron in bottom” as we say here, and that is to continue bringing out new stories and yes to absorb darkness, and when this is done, you simply say “come on, bring me more”, and yes when there is no more furniture or pictures behind the piano – I just see darkness now – what do you do then (?), and yes when there is no more darkness, you are welcome to wake me up as my new self, but if there is, we will continue, and yes this is the “crazy attitude” I have brought you as you want me to say so this is how it is and yes WE TWO ARE ONE, so this is how we did it.

I heard “when are you coming to the cottage playing with us “(?) and also the answer “I cannot get off the chains of my ankles quickly enough” but Stig says “first when everything is perfect”, so we continue work you know.

I was told about the healing I received several weeks in a row on Frederiksberg (Copenhagen) in 2010, when I fought to staying alive, and also that we could not help bringing (some of these) healers at the most inner of me, and yes I had reached the absolute low point being inside of here, and they started to not only heal me but to build my new self, so you are going to meet these nice people again not having a clue about the importance of the healing they did to me.

My mother says – almost with a sigh – that there is nothing more that I can kill now, but a voice behind this voice tells and shows me an incredible heavy piano, which will fall down, and “just so you are warned”, and this may include “immense sufferings” (?), and yes it cannot be any worse than when Laurel & Hardy removed both the piano and the hat of the professor, can it (?), and here “hat” is darkness, and professor is really too as Jan Monrad would have said, and in this respect it is to remove darkness of the secret world government, and here is the full movie of Laurel & Hardy, and yes I loved them too.

And I was told that this means that “all faeces will be let out at once from here”, and I don’t believe that I can take all of this, so the world will probable also absorb this darkness, and if this is the case, I can only pray that sufferings will be as small as possible, and this is what I have done my best to bring you.

And I was told “change of air” over again, and also that this will bring the first change of air to me because this is about removing the piano imprisoning me behind it, and in this respect I understand that this is about the removal of the last darkness as the cork in the end, and I here feel the old boyfriend (who did not want to commit himself) of the character Carrie Bradshaw of the movie/TV series “sex and the city”, and no, I see no trouble of the Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt being “thrilled” about meeting the actor of this character, Sarah Jessica Parker on the street, which many people here have ridiculed, which I simply cannot understand why you can be so negative/low, but I do see a PROBLEM with the human attitude, which this series is about, and that is “casual sex”, which you know is what was destroying the world because this attitude is NOT sustainable with life itself, and this is also a reference to New York being the city of sin, and I also feel a relation to the secret world government, and yes we are coming back to the United Nations, and how much DIRTY WORK (also bringing me sufferings of my “old nightmare” you know) have you already carried out inside of there to make everything of the transition be as “smooth” as possible so the world will have “no chance to turn back the clock” (?), and yes my dear friends, it is TIME for you to STOP ACTING and to play with OPEN CARDS, because this is how I like the game to be played as you understand from my OPEN scripts for everyone to see.

I continued receiving the taste of the most delicious baking and fish, and also a constant work pressure until 19.15 bringing me MUCH more work today than I could imagine in my “wildest dreams”, and yes I just ended this, and later this evening I will publish my scripts of the last two days.

And I am still given the feeling of a big dark lump to my right ankle, which I understand is what is going to be released together with this piano, and yes it may run down the steps you know.

I was also told about government leaders speaking about our coming New World of darkness but in the corners speaking about me coming to save us all.

I was told “thank you for not leaving me and this came from the “outermost of the Universe” – from far beyond all life of today, and this is part of my inner self having been everywhere to save everything.

And now I need to take a break because I received one of these PHYSICAL visions directly on my LEFT EYE with lots of flicker and COLOURS making it very difficult and even impossible to see what is behind and it includes country flags, happiness, and dictionaries being uploaded to my new self, but first and foremost a long line of country flags as I am told and I see the Swedish flag meaning joy and happiness and hear “thank you for coming to save us all”, and yes because none of you really want to rule the world as a totalitarian regime, and yes because “everybody wants to rule the world” and the reality is that these are a bunch of WIMPS, who “could not” do what it takes to remove me to bring your own rule forward, and yes because of FEAR, so there you have the meaning of TEARS FOR FEARS and this their biggest hit of all.

And yes you are allowed to explode the last of my right ankle if this is your LAST option and if this is according to light, and that is even though you have not given me my “old nightmare”, which I will NEVER accept no matter what, but please continue to do your best to avoid this, and yes this is what you tell me, so this is what we do, and yes I have not given up, and will also work tomorrow.

Later I was told that this will have to include my “old nightmare” giving me the feeling that it is impossible to avoid, and I said NEVER (!) – please invent something new.

I received feedback after people had seen my sharing of the last of Jette’s pictures today, see below, and that is because “Stig is trustworthy” and has always been as people may recall, and when hearing this I was also told that here is another out of this world pain to your right ankle for you, so this is what I received, and yes this late in the game.

I was told that peeing into the bowl comes closer and closer.

By the way, did you notice Mikkel Hansen hit the post of the goal was it in the semi-finals or maybe even quarter-finals (?), and the ball had so much power that it “decided” to lift right up to and hit the lamp in the ceiling, and this was simply to say that light if coming to the world, and yes Mikkel has been “half-damaged” this World Championships only scoring few goals himself, but he has been “a perfect playmaker” making the other players shine, and I have been told that this is what I have done myself “making the balls” for the world via my scripts, and yes leaders of the world etc. have used these to work for me and all of us.

I was told that Jack had to give up a big position offered to him in our New World in order to support me, and yes “not easy” to do.

Finally at 21.15 I published the last two days of scripts, and it was with the absolutely last I had after having been “bombarded” with work/information because of darkness coming to me and life inside of this to be saved, and I had to slow down this work, otherwise I would not have been able to publish today.

Darkness kept on coming in and wanted to destruct, but no, my rules have not changed, I will NOT accept this to happen unless you have no other choice, so when there is no explosion, it simply means that we have another choice, and yes to let me continue the play so this is what we do when and if I can.

So you have told me not to lose the piano but to bring it with me, and yes of course because this is the only right thing to do.

I was told that it was necessary to bring me fear of all of the piano coming at once to hurt not only the world but also myself physically.

I received yet again the “kill, kill” command, which was really more “kill me, kill me”, and it came together with the strong feeling of Karen, so her misunderstandings of me are so strong that this is what she makes darkness want to do, which is to kill me, and that is really herself.

And this is how we are coming down anyway without losing anything, and yes by walking through the door as darkness and to close it from the other side, which we really already have done (October 31, remember?), and also expected that you would do as you do now.

This is what we have done now after receiving your approval, and now we wait for the dark piano to roll down towards us – when the secret world government will give up – and then the idea is that we stop this darkness via my suffering to spare the world.

I was told that when I did a business plan for the French insurance company Assurdiscount in 2002 – which I don’t believe exists anymore – working at GE Frankona’s offices in Copenhagen on a business plan and presenting a summary of it in Paris, it was a condition to continue “the game” to save the world that it would be accepted in Paris as it was, but later “silly/stupid people” – “silly” because of my spiritual friends being in good mood – turned it down because it was “too complicated” and you did not want a “nerd” like me to run this company (?), which was also to show the world wrong decisions of people.

I was told that what we do now corresponds to going to the “planet of the apes”, i.e. the worst darkness, to find a very little coal black bunker inside the jungle full of energy, and I see an elephant of it, and to decide not to blow it up. And it is our invention making it possible not to do this.

I was told that we have not been at the Bay of Biscay (France/Spain), and I was told about a lost atomic vessel being hidden from the world, which is also a ticking bomb under the sea risking the break down of the world.

No, there will be no scratchings to any pane, and yes it is only me on the other side, and I take on these sufferings because I can, and that is when continuing the game still receiving love of my mother as condition.

I was told that the half-loss of Jimi on Facebook shows that we were almost about to lose it.

I was told that if I had been together with the beautiful Vicky from the mental hospital in Helsingør, who invited me home, we would also have lost it because it was too late for me to be together with any lady when I had to be “pure”.

Yes, Stig, there is no money here, i.e. energy, meaning that black is almost the same as orange, so we have been playing on fear of the official world as part of the game of the piano hitting them.

So it is now up to Anders Fogh Rasmussen – see the short stories – to make the world give up on its world government, and I was shown my inner self standing on top of the stairs on 1st floor balancing with the piano, and yes is there or isn’t there dark energy inside of this piano, which potentially can hurt the world (?), and can I hold it from the world (?), yes that is the game.

I forgot to write that my mother also served Asian wok food again yesterday, which I understood was a symbol of Asian support in me, and the rest from here should be “piece of cake” because no one wants a totalitarian world removing freedom of people.

So what/who was hidden all the way out there at the end of the Universe, where there is no life (?), and yes my inner self, this is from where I return.

Well, she did not receive a driver’s license before the end of time (?), and yes you mean Karen (?), and no, she did not and none of them really, and yes Stig, you decided to go through alone without “true faith” of your closets family – mother/John, father/Kirsten, Sanna/Hans and Karen too – but you decided that no matter what I have to get through, so this is the road we created for you – and yes they will think I am crazy too as my inner self says turning his back telling the part of me not in yet, but this is how he was, he could not get enough and that was to protect the people he knew was making his life a constant misery and killing him.

Rasmus T. followed in my footsteps throwing him self in at the most dangerous places in the world because this is what I did.

And then we were almost running out of our own form, and yes did it really but wait on the other side and that is to get the form with us.

And we did not have to get to the Southern Germany and all the way back here to bring our selves back alive, and yes he decided to accept our new invention, so this is what we do instead.

My cinema was not very big, but there is much following me.

And then it soon will start to rain down from here. It may feel like the Matrix dissolving, but it is not – stop making him afraid says the director smoking here, or darkness – and yes bring it on!

And you are the closest to throwing up yet, which is what your surroundings are too, and yes now it is midnight, and I cannot and will not work fearing to stay awake tonight, but no, I have decided that I cannot work, so this is how it becomes, and I end the day by receiving a vision of Anders Fogh, “my good old friend” if you understand such a small one, and yes if it was up to him, you know.

The Eurovision Song Contest included our heart of existence and gold of divine creation bringing man your “golden shoes”

This evening also brought the Danish final of the Eurovision Song Contest, and as usual it was very professionally made, however with varying quality of the songs if you ask me, and in the end, the winner became the VERY beautiful song “only teardrops” by Emmelie – I like the flute, drums, verse/lyrics much – and when it was announced, I felt my mother and was told that this is about the teardrops “wasted” on me because of misunderstandings, and as the lyrics say:

Tell me, How many times can we win and lose?, How many times can we break the rules between us?, Only teardrops” and “Let’s leave the past behind us”, and we know START TO UNDERSTAND AND BY HAPPY instead of the opposite.

And as one of the other contestants said about this song: “I have to say that my heart opened when I heard it”, and I felt the same way. This was the only song, which could win.

Before this conclusion of the evening, the show also contained inspired speech, so here are some examples.

The three presenters had sent themselves on a task to find out the RECIPE of a winning song of the Eurovision Song Contest, and besides from a good melody and show, they said that a it needs to have “something on heart”, and this is what they showed here bringing the original big drum from the Danish winning song of 1978 “Boom boom” by Mabel, and yes to me, this original drum symbolises “original life” and the heart is “love” and really survival and “everything of me/us”, and as Mabel sings, “it says boom boom, and knocks as possessed, it hammers and knocks day and night”, and that is because of “only love” you know.

DR1 esc 260113The recipe to win the Eurovision Song Contest includes to have “something on heart” symbolising our heart of existence and the coming of original life

The Danish musician/producer Kato was part of the jury this evening, and here he was asked what the artists had to do to receive his votes, and he answered with inspiration “to me, this is much about this magical moment, where the whole hall and whole Denmark receive the shiver, and this is of course what we hope one will do, or maybe even more will do this evening, I don’t want to say if I have received it yet”, and this made the host Louise ask “I was almost asking you if your hair was about to rise”, and yes this was a “funny” thing to ask a bald man (!), and he replied with a laugh “I don’t want to say yet”, and to me this is about “the magical moment” coming of our New World, and Kato did not want to say anything, which is about his knowledge of me, and yes the music industry knows, and this is at least what I am told and this shows too, and yes SILENCE you know. And later here, he spoke about “full destroy”, and he really meant it to encourage people at home to vote on their favourite song, but this is how it turned out and it should be obvious to everyone that the meaning of this is that when the world knowing about me decide to be SILENT, you are bringing me maximum darkness because of what is VERY WRONG of you to do, and yes working directly for the worst darkness bringing “full destruction” if I was not able to absorb this darkness, but not as in full termination you know, but destruction of part of us until everything would be resurrected in our New World.

And finally, Kato, who was the symbol of “the black dog” this evening said at the end of the show here that “I am excited to see how the hall and the TV-viewers receive my votes”, which obviously was because he did not have the popular winning song as his favourite, and a little later, Louise asked him “well Kato, do you dare to continue” (?) to which he replied “it feels as if I am at cross examination right now” and also “based on my music taste, I feel sure that we have to get someone, who can knock out everyone up in Sweden”, and again, this is what darkness of silence does to me, to knock me out (lack of sleep, negative voice of the Devil tormenting me etc.), and even though this is VERY WRONG of you to do, it is actually right to do in this game, and what we had expected that the world generally would do, and yes we are now at the end of January 2013, and the news of me has still not reached the mainstream world, which is why we are still playing with a chance to end the game saving the world from most sufferings, which you otherwise would have been given.

Here, the former national football player of Denmark, Flemming Poulsen, who was part of the 1992-team winning the European Championships in Sweden, was asked by Sofie if he had something he could add to the recipe of winning the Eurovision Song Contest, and sure he had, he had brought the GOLD MEDAL from 1992, which he always carries “close to my heart” as he said, and he gave this as inspiration for the Danish winners, who will represent Denmark in the European final in May, and you do know that GOLD is creation, so this song contest was really telling you the story of how to put together ingredients to win a song contest, and you need to have a good song/show and yes a “heart of gold”, and that is about “divine creation” and to receive all love of God, which I herewith bring you, and this is really said to me from the part of my inner self still on “his” way out of darkness. And hereafter, all three girls “attacked” Flemming and kissed him all over, and this is the man bringing the gold, which is to show you the love of man I will meet because I brought the finest gold of creation to everyone.

DR1 esc 260113-2The winning recipe also includes a “heart of gold” with gold symbolising “divine creation” and love of God

The three-time former winners of the Danish contest, Kirsten & Søren, was interviewed and Kirsten said that at the European final in 1988, when she was pregnant (three weeks from giving birth), “maybe I could have given birth on the stage, but it would probably not have been very delicious”, and this was really to say that if I decided to bring birth to my new self before “time had run out”, it would “not have been very delicious” to the world with the last of darkness exploding as a result, and yes “det’ lige det jeg går og tænker på” (“this is exactly what I am thinking on”), and that is in case “sku du spørge fra nogen” (“if you should ask from someone”).

The previous winner Anne Herdorph was here asked what she should have done to have won the European final, and she said “I should have tied up Johnny Logan to his chair at his hotel room”, and this was also given to you from above, Anne, and this is to say that you belong to darkness having tied me up at my hotel, and yes this is what I am still working on, and that is to untie me self from darkness, which is really to continue working to spread faith in me.

Jørgen Mylius was also part of the jury, and he said about the winning song that “I almost thought that when the panpipe came, Roger Whittaker would enter the stage”, and you do know that Roger is also a “special friend” of mine – yes, a white man coming from Kenya – and I wonder if it was “a new world in the morning” you were thinking of, Jørgen (?), and at least this includes a panpipe, and as Roger sings “Everybody talks about a new world in the morning” and it does take “so long” as he also sings, but one day soon it is here, and then you will forget about all of your troubles and sadness of all time, which is also a message here given by my mother to me.

And when writing this about Jørgen, I was shown boots of a Western film symbolising darkness, and given yet another out of this world pain to my right ankle, so this is what “silence” is bringing me, and that is building stones of darkness here turning even more parts of me around.

The show had decided to ask three former winners of the Eurovision Song Contest of the “recipe to win”, and I was VERY happy to see that they had also invited them to come and play their well-known and yes VERY POPULAR previous winner songs, and first up was Brotherhood of Man playing their WONDERFUL – I feel John Cleese here, and yes “say cheese, Cleese” and smile J – winning song from 1976 “save all your kisses for me”, and LISTEN TO THE ROAR OF THE AUDIENCE OF HAPPINESS when hearing this, and now I understand better why I was given this song was it 1-2 weeks ago?

AND OF COURSE (!), they had also invited Herreys from Sweden to come and play their 1984 winning song “Diggy-loo diggy-ley”, and as I have written about MANY MONTHS ago, this is truly an INSPIRED song about what we are now almost about to discover, which is our GOLDEN AGE coming where everyone will receive their new GOLDEN SHOES of life lifting everyone up to receive “cosmic consciousness”, and as the Swedish brothers sing:

“I have visions for millions, Golden shoes for you and happiness is a fact”

“Diggy-loo diggy-ley, the sky was opening up, You hardly believe your eyes, Oh… and I almost begin to fly, In my golden shoes”

“Oh… I’d like to wish, For everyone golden shoes”

And just how happy do you believe it made me to hear and see this again (?), and also to see the audience going “absolutely crazy” hearing this song, and yes from our neighbour country, which is something very special here J.

DR1 esc 260113-3Sofie borrowed the “golden shoes” from Herreys symbolising the final creation of God bringing everyone their final life of everything opening up and making everything possible

Finally, they had also invited Johnny Logan to come and play his 1987 winning song ”hold me now”, which is whey Jette was inspired to play him also 1-2 weeks ago (?) – and as he suddenly said in Danish during the song “Jeg elsker allesammen” (“I love all”), and when he said this, I was given the feeling of Eddie Skolller, and told that this is about what we “learned in school” and yes that is to LOVE YOU ALL, which we will in our New World, which was “impossible” to say for many of the Old World, and WONDERFUL it is this song too :-).

And when writing this chapter, I was told that you would like to read my chapter on your “inspired” show (?), and this goes to those of the hosts, participants and  DR TV knowing about me, and yes this was my vote, and you did fine with the show, and WRONG with your silent behaviour, but LOVE OVER GOLD it really was, and yes we have saved this song all throughout the writing of this chapter so tell you about my love of man, so here it came anyway.

Google Earth shows the arrival of the Creator and light of God/our New World shining through

Jette’s Google Earth pictures of her Facebook group show a SPECIAL tall lady, “dancing queens” celebrating our New World, rough sea and tall waves (of sufferings), strength of having South America in one arm, the arrival of the Creator, another VERY TALL lady, the light of God and our New World shining through including the story of my new self already having been brought out of the taxi meaning that for now I am hidden to the world (and my self for that matter).

FB 2501 260113 Jette 1

FB 2501 260113 Jette 2

FB 2501 260113 Jette 3

FB 260113 Jette 4

FB 260113 Jette 5

FB 260113 Jette 6

FB 260113 Jette 7

I shared Jette’s picture above on my Facebook timeline and also brought these two extra comments.

FB 260113 Jette 7B

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Dan was in the mood to rhyme today saying that when the Danish part of the Eurovision Song Contest is finished this evening and when you have had your coffee, he will play up to dance at Madam Sprunck, which is a nightclub here in Helsingør – maybe I should go and say hello to you, Dan (?), but no, it will have to wait until I feel better, but I could do it if I wanted to – and he ended by saying “come and feel the rhythm of the music and dance like the nun and monk”, and yes, Dan, where do you get it from (?), and yes from OUT OF THE BLUE of course, and what is it about (?), and we know, it is of course about the joy and happiness of my mother and father as the nun and monk celebrating, and it is indeed “poetry at its highest level” as Jens said with a glimpse in his eye, and yes just the way that I like it in fact, and because it rhymed in Danish, Frank said that he wanted to kick Dan in the testicle (!), and this made Dan ask if he just wanted to kick him in one testicle (?), and yes this is because this is what rhymed, and Frank said that it indeed was and also how precisely he kicks when wearing his finest shoes, and yes it may sound as volapük to you, but yesterday I had pain to my left and only my left testicle, which is pain I have to take on and on and on, and that is among others because of darkness of you, Dan, and yes to cross and bring your piano too, and “finest shoes” is to say that this is still about creating the “finest life”, and I feel Karen here, and no I have not written about what I was told a couple of weeks ago about you and Karen meeting at the new nightclub in Rungsted Harbour (?), and if the two of you did as I was told you did, this also brought me much sufferings, and I was told that this was also the only way that Karen could get to the hairdresser, and yes reaching me through Dan, and of course through the worst darkness of them both.

FB 260113 Dan

  • And Mia was “funny” when she said that this is “pretty good by a man on 73! Maybe one should drop by with a “plum in Madeira”, and isn’t it “wonderful” that she should mention “Madeira” here as a reference to my cousin Jan living on Madeira (?), and this is to say that darkness sent by Jan helped to make me “a wonderful thing, baby” and that is because I decided to take it on by continuing to have more marzipan, and yes we know symbolising to never give up, and this is really the main ingredient together with Madeira of these chocolates. And Dan does not know that he is a poet, so surprise he will become too ……

FB 260113 Dan 2

  • Some time after I had included Prince and the story of money don’t matter tonight in my script of today, Anders, the previous Prime Minister of Denmark and present Secretary General of NATO, was “inspired” to write this on his 60th birthday including the words that age “doesn’t matter”, and this seems to be a theme of the script today, and I understood that Anders has got to be involved in the thinking and planning (?) of the evil New World, and this was the feeling given to me, so I gave him my greetings too thinking that he will understand this symbolic language saying that the secret world government will step down, and if you do not, Anders, you are always welcome to read my scripts of course :-). And when finishing this, I am given heartburn of darkness.

FB 260113 Anders Fogh

  • I saw this visitor from Herlev reading my webpage on my father, and I saw that he/she has visited my website three times this month and every time ONLY reading the page on my father (!), and the “funny” part is that the first visit on January 11 at 22:48 came only a few hours before the first visit of the visitor I showed you and wrote about January 22, who visited my site the first time January 12, 01:32, and to me, this seems that “the jungle drums” work with what I can only think is my father’s wife Kirsten’s family reading and “gossiping” about this site of mine of my father, and this seems to be “far too much for you to handle” (?), thus sending me MUCH darkness, and maybe an “eye opener” too (?), but incredible that you cannot read other sites than this.

GC 260113

GC 260113-2

  • I saw this crop circle including a message about “a superior degree of consciousness”, which made me tell the world that EVERYONE WILL RECEIVE “COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS” including “a profound expansion of consciousness sensing and understanding the whole universe and divine principle of creation”

FB 260113 Crop

FB 260113 Crop 2

FB 260113 Crop 3

  • And I brought the above comments to my Facebook timeline too including this little song of mine, and “little” is given here by people walking with “very small shoes” knowing now that they will have to SHOW THEMSELVES TO THE WORLD as they are, and yes your feeling will change from “small” of the Old World to “BIG” of our New World :-).

FB 260113 Stig

  • Even Daniel could bring the news that “Capitalism has crashed” and that is of course “totalitarian capitalism” of the secret world government, so DO YOU GET IT BY NOW, and yes this is a BIG LUMP to swallow, but when you do, this is bringing the New World free :-).

FB 260113 Daniel

  • When I visited my mother yesterday, she gave me 20 DKK on the way out the door saying that I could buy two packages of butter on sale in the Netto supermarket, and I thought that it was “funny” that she gave me 20 DKK for this – sometimes she gives me maybe 50, 100 or 150 DKK – and the answer came here when Kenneth said that he had hard butter from the refrigerator, and he wanted to soften it, so he put it inside his microwave oven (!), and “forgot a little bit about it” (!), which of course melted the butter, and this is a planted story about “melted butter”, which is the opposite of creation, so this is showing you that my inner self is being demantled and yes I know because I write this “tomorrow”, when I was told about this.

FB 260113 Kenneth



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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