January 28, 2013: The window of our New World has opened with the light of our new creation gradually shining through


Summary of the script today

27th January: My journey and time will end opening for an endless line of New World’s when I soon will give up “the game”

  • Dreaming of suffering much being inside nothingness to save the part of my inner self here, there is only an empty shell of darkness remaining, darkness treating me wrongly – also coming from my family, and can I bring in everything before the end of time (and here feeling Peter Kær).
  • This last part of me inside darkness was split up in a part of life without content and content without life to be carried out with me as the Zombie living without living (!) doing it. We already have “countless number of editions of me” of New World’s being created, and now we are receiving even more from even finer potential life inside of this nothingness.
  • Turkey and their “inability” to read and understand were a card of darkness designed to help destructing (parts of) the world, and Britain read me without wanting to understand because of their STRONG and WRONG voice, which made them the worst sinners bringing me darkness to terminate the world – and also to help me build the New World!
  • This afternoon it was “time” for Denmark to win the World Championships in handball as “everyone” knew that they would/could being the strongest team, but they were playing against Spain in Spain, which symbolises the worst darkness on its home ground, which again is ALL CONDENSED DARKNESS of my family, friends etc., thus the world, “playing” against me, which is much stronger than I, and this was the explanation to what else was a “mystery” of how Denmark could collectively break down catastrophically losing with as much as 35 to 19, which is really also to show you the power of God changing the performance of even the best team from “the best in the world” to “the most catastrophic”, which can be from day to day or half to half.
  • However, the game continues because I am still bringing in more life of this darkness still scoring goals. But I am coming to the end where time and the game will end when I will stop scoring and cannot no longer breath/survive, which will make God/my inner self pull me up the last few steps to the top of everything of an “endless line of worlds/editions of me”, where I really already am, and again I am playing this game pretending to be the Old World taking on sufferings in order to save the physical world from pain when opening to our New World.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show the Pearly gate to Heaven, the painted lady in Gold, a lady stands behind me, dressed for coldness/success, handing over the keys again, caretaking, what will happen now (?), many grey of strong darkness, and “a pearl with a prince”.
  • Short stories of Kenneth dreaming of God, we continue to “go west”, Scribd shows more terminations, Margrethe Vestager was one of the finest servants of darkness, Mads again shows you that we was working for darkness to end the world, Dan shows our connection again via his inspiration, Soulaima taught people not to misunderstand but to look deep inside and I taught Solaima to THINK when she was wrong, nobody REALLY wants to hold my hand, we are coming to the end and Deutschland, Deutschland úber alles, the world saw me screaming because of darkness attacking me and did … NOTHING (!), Berlusconi showed himself as a Fascist and the WORST darkness, the SAGA workgroup decided to damn God, and many deaths of a nightclub fire in Brazil symbolises terminations of darkness.

28th January: The window of our New World has opened with the light of our new creation gradually shining through

  • Dreaming of darkness of the world trying to stop me from lifting up the world and catching more of the WORST darkness of all.
  • I continued playing the game receiving yet another layer of “nothing” going through me and I received several small heart attacks and felt how they were on their way to become stronger to kill me if it was not for the Source keeping me alive.
  • The wine cork of our New World has cracked open, and our new piano is now gradually coming out. We have shaved everything off and now the roof of our new house is lifting off with my self, thus the world, being “pulled up” to the top level of God and our New World.
  • Jette’s pictures from her Facebook group shows “granny” of God in a hurry to save as much life inside of darkness as possible, the window coming up through the Earth opening for our New World (!), I am still absorbing destructive darkness of man, greeting from upstairs, “much darkness” everywhere, light over Australia (and silence of the world), massive attack of darkness bringing a teardrop (all sufferings of all life of all time brought creation, and you do remember the title of the song winning the Danish part of the Eurovision Song Contest the other day?), and more darkness is hiding.
  • Short stories of the recipe of perfect eggs/creation, there will be NO STATE to guarantee for businesses of our New World, I ask the business world ALSO to PUT ALL CARDS ON THE TABLE, if you remove the business climate of our New World, you will remove foundation of life itself, Helena wants to be “lifted up”.


27th January: My journey and time will end opening for an endless line of New World’s when I soon will give up “the game”

Dreaming of suffering much being inside nothingness to save the part of my inner self here

I went to bed after midnight and slept until 08.00 – so darkness of the official world did not keep me up, and I had also said that I could not have stayed up, and had I been asked to do this, I would probably have turned this down for the first time on my journey, this is how exhausted I felt – receiving these dreams.

  • I have been collected by someone invading me, and I am driving with him and two others, and I ask them to drive nicely, but instead they drive in Copenhagen with an insane speech, which is directly uncomfortable.
    • I was told that not before now I am in nothingness, and the currency is called “wet” – as in sufferings – and there is nothing and no life here but me.
  • I see how Niels de Bang has received a budget forecast from the Life & Pension division of his company, and together with his general division, he has put together the whole forecast of the company, and when I look at the numbers, I see that there is absolutely nothing behind it, which is “no details” of how to achieve the budget, which is taken from out of the blue, and later I see Niels driving up in a lift, and he is cheated standing on the top of the lift trying to reach another floor, which he cannot reach.
    • This is about the frame of darkness, which is completely empty inside, and yes thanks to my spiritual friends explaining the dream to me when I wrote it down above.
  • I meet a taxi at Helsingør Station, and the driver asks me where it is possible to sleep 3-4 hours, and I recommend him to visit the youth hostel, which he does, but instead of being cheap, which was the reason for recommending it, I see how the taxi driver is being asked to pay 370 DKK from a lady of the hotel complaining loudly.
    • The taxi is still about my arrival, and I want to sleep almost more than anything else – and that is REALLY to sleep without being tired from “light sleep” – and this is about darkness treating me wrongly and asking for money, i.e. energy, but no, we stopped that a long time ago.
  • I am at a hotel and my mother, Sanna and Tobias have said that they want to come for a visit tomorrow morning, which I don’t like much because I have much to do and only little time. The view is fine.
    • This dream also included strong sexual references, and this is about what my family sends me, and yes I have much to do before the end of time, and can we bring in everything before we will have to stop time?
  • I meet my old school friend Allan at the harbour of Helsingør. I have just thrown out the last coffee into the harbour, and did not see that I was almost hitting a man in a small rubber boat beneath. And I am surprised to see that the Internet of my telephone is working again with my old provider.
    • I have always had “cold coffee” in my cup, which I have had to throw out, and yes I now understand that this means to say goodbye to warm feelings/love, which will have to be part of life, which we cannot save, and that is theoretically at least because all terminations will be resurrected if not now, then in our New World. For approx. two years, I have only used my telephone as a telephone without connection to the Internet to save money, and when I here get contact to the Internet again, it may mean to get contact to EVERYTHING of our Old World.

The last part of my inner self is split up in life without content and content without life to set me free

I was told that we would have had to say goodbye to this part of life of me making me think that I would never see this again.

It corresponds to losing a large portion of punched cards into the freezer, which is about potential life “from way back before our world” at this nothingness.

You have not burned the family tree have you (?) (this part of me), no no, I am coming out because this is what him there, i.e. me, believes in.

We were almost meeting each other and yes on our way in or out, me going home and you coming out to get me, and I understood this as my inner self and physical self.

You have not even been to South Germany, but this is how it feels like, yes the effect of my invention saving myself.

This is what that pump was needed for, to bring you out.

You already prepared this in Lyngby, and I was shown a beautiful farm from the old city of Lyngby.

The spirit of my mother told me that she, i.e. the world, was dripping of blood to help my inner self start moving.

It will not be so tough from here even if you work less and this was said because this morning I had the feeling that I cannot stand more work, the disgust is especially strong in the morning as this.

We are handing over school bags as our passport to enter, and this is darkness, which we had to cross to make life a reality at this part of the Universe not having life.

I heard “legalise hash” (!) and then “no, I am a harbour worker”, which is about the conflict of darkness disturbing life on its way in.

We do our best not to spill cream on you.

This is not an exaggerated strong motorcycle, and yes Stig, your mother is all the way up here to receive you, and as I understand this, it includes “temporary terminations”, but what do you do when words are not enough (?), and yes it is to “let the love light carry”.

Are we going through that gate (?), and that and that and that too in order to come home (?), and yes Stig, no one is going to believe that the love between your mother and you are strong enough to make this last, and yes to come through without hurting yourself and the world, and yes we found a way to minimise sacrifices and that is on our way home, and I here feel Anders Fogh again, and are you as efficient as you have always been, Anders (?), and yes to help us on this day to bring down not the EU flag full of stars on a blue background, which also could have been the star of Mercedes – yes the world industry is part of the plans of the totalitarian new world government – but the flag of the evil New World itself (?), and yes this is what I put my trust in.

Now it is your chance, your big time has come”, and no not easy to put the message forward to the world to say that “we have lost to God”, but this is what I do with a trembling hand as I am told here, and yes this is written while I speak these words.

Can’t we get a new duvet (?), and yes Stig, we are looking directly into it, and this is from the viewpoint of the worst darkness, which is also to say that the world can look right in to the light of our New World opening, which is what it also sees via Jette’s Google Earth pictures included in my scripts, and yes “that’s very smart” as Frede would have said in “hit first, Frede” and yes to use the knife of darkness to open the orange of God :-).

So you don’t wear a tie at all (?), and yes this is what he allowed me to do, and that is to “split up” in two with one part of life without anything and the other part as everything without life, and we thought that he is used to be a Zombie, so why not being able to take on this too, so this is how we are coming in, and yes bringing both life and the piano box surrounding it.

Yes, we had replaced all of Egypt with a Python snake “in order to get her”, and that is to say that darkness was the only mean powerful enough to bring us all the way home.

And then we will simply take on the night clothes and walk (?), and yes “night clothes” as in “Zombie”, and yes with your permission, Stig, this is what we (continue) to do.

We cannot count all numbers of editions of you, whom we have already given birth to via New World’s, but here comes a bunch of “I don’t know how many else” and that is of “potential you’s” of even finer quality, where we however were not able to make life grow, and that is before now, and yes Stig, this is also what you are bringing home now, and I received more praise for doing this, and yes I only continue working on my scripts, so it is you doing the magic, and I am just a writer really. And this is part of what we told you to be careful about before, but not now (?), and yes you really don’t care, I just keep on working taking as long as it takes, and if that includes February, we will do that too, and yes if I can and if it is needed.

I was told that if I had decided to accept my “old nightmare” to be carried out, it would have felt as the end of the world coming to me – and probably to the world too and feeling Jesper Langberg here – but in fact it would only have been a smaller part of me as the spirit of my mother says, and this would be resurrected afterwards in our New World, “so don’t you want me to do this now” (?) as darkness asks, and no, NEVER (!) and that is because it is WRONG, therefore.

You were at the World Cup in football in Germany in 2006 to initiate a network of these football players too, and here I feel the new Danish X-factor judge, Ida Corr, being overwhelmed.

So we don’t really have a license anymore, are that is not living but it really doesn’t matter, and yes because of the world government coming to its senses, which is bringing as much darkness that it makes this possible.

I was told how my sister is thinking of me – because I did a Facebook update bringing the Brotherhood of man song this morning – and I was told that the darkness I am going through now also comes from inside of her!

He does not bother to play “I have bought a guitar of 85½” does he (?), and yes because of how utterly and completely broken down he is/I am, and yes Michael Bundesen is still working inside of here, Stig, and “it has got to be celebrated with a proper bang” really :-).

I was told about Jill K., Vivian’s mother, and also about Vivian having spoken to her about me and “he was such a nice young man”, and yes I have received much darkness/resistance, also coming from here.

I was told that we did not believe you would have the courage to walk right in with all of us to get out your most dirty laundry of all, but this is what we are bringing out now, and that is simply because you have decided to continue working also today, and I receive some of these layers of darkness as very uncomfortable physical pain given to my body at different places.

And this part is going to Germany you say (?), and yes we take the direct road to Germany and that is because there is not much pee over him, i.e. me, as I was told.

We almost do not dare speak to you about anything” is also a feeling coming directly here from darkness, which is about my family when they tried to CORRECT me instead of just listening to and understanding me (on my website/scripts that is, not in general), which made me tell them straight out the truth, and so much that they became scared of me, and as you know, there was nothing to be scared about other than yourselves because all it took was for you to LISTEN and UNDERSTAND instead of question and resist me wrongly.

Did you never see the Germany-match (?), and yes the TRUE fight on losing or winning and yes “everything”, which we would have played for you, and no, he decided that he did not want to lose, so we never got this far, and that is in the game you know.

And this would include for you to go without pants/underpants and being told that Turkey lost, which it was “very close” doing – “difficult” for you to LISTEN/READ and UNDERSTAND my Turkish friends (?), and yes not very much TURKISH DELIGHT over you in relation to me (?) – and “would you like to hear more about what would have happened in this fight” (?), and yes I receive questions like this from time to time trying to trick me into saying “no, I don’t want to listen to you”, which I however will not be tempted to do, because this would be wrong, and this is also to say that Turkey thought that I was a dictator, and you did not realise that I had to be strong on you as darkness, but I am NOT a dictator but the opposite when I give you FULL FREEDOM in our New World and yes HAVE YOU GOT IT BY NOW (?), OR DO YOU WANT ME TO REPEAT THE SAME MESSAGE OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN ALSO FOR YOU TO UNDERSTAND?

This would make my mother ”hit her own clothes” so hard that it would make us lose part of existence/life itself, this is how it was thought of, and yes Turkey being one of the worst cards of darkness played out against me, but I am sure that you would like to wake up too in our New World and NOT to die/terminate (?), and was this the fear, which finally made you decide to jump on board too?

No, you really cannot get a guitar of 85½, and it has to be used at least, and then maybe you can, but what you tell us is to bring in the finest marble too from here, and yes be careful not to waste this, Stig, because this is truly the final station before lifting you up, and yes God is at the end of the Universe, and we are going from STATION TO STATION to reach home.

And you did not even have to “give him the slightest sexual services” (I changed the wording of this), and no, he denied to let it happen.

We are looking directly into the clear crystals of light, as I was shown too.

England has been with you since the story of the belly dancer (I put my hands on her, and it made her neck physically move/get back in order, and wrote about this a long time ago, I believe), but still they “could not” believe in me, which is quite “impressive” and yes to have such strong character that you “could not” believe in me? And afterwards I was shown a nuclear weapon flying in my direction ready to hit me and explode, and yes Britain is the worst sinner in this connection, and yes bringing darkness to me potentially exploding/terminating the world.

I was told about darkness of Geneva also being part of life now being uploaded to me and “believe it or not we also influenced NATO, when you were in Geneva in 2009”, and yes I did not write about this yesterday when I was told that same because the head office of Geneva is in Brussels, but you may have an arm or two in Geneva?

No, your mother is not a “form white bread” (a popular white bread here), but the most delicious Danish pastry you can imagine.

First at 15.30 I had written the rest of the script of yesterday – it took hours to write the chapter on the Eurovision Song Contest having to see/hear all of the show once more – and published it, and in-between I received speech of the script today, which I am now editing here at 17.20.

I was told about Synnøve Søe and “mental problems” given to her already when she was a child and that was to being able to support you if the world would have judged you as “crazy”, and yes, she was, but for no use at all, so sorry about doing that Synnøve, but we did not know that it was unnecessary, but you were on “the sideline” all of the time, and yes I have been told about Synnøve before, and that goes several years back.

So leaving this place would be to leave the piano, which is part of me behind, and no, I will accept NO LOSSES. And if you did not, you would allow me to start chopping directly into the wood of me – I am here shown an axe chopping directly into me – and I am given the feeling that God of me would stop this (?), and even so, it is better to be on the safe side, and here feeling Johnny Madsen, and you may feel that it is “out of the season” to speak about me publicly?

There is life of God out here – but not man – and you, so in reality there is only you and I here, which is about being “nothing” of God.

I was given the feeling of the short road between Falck in Lyngby and Lyngby Shopping Centre, which also includes the Job Centre of the Commune, and I was told that Falck are still busy putting a pressure on Lyngby-Taarbæk Commune in order to “do something” about my writings on them (!), and can they ask Helsingør Commune to delete my Falck memo (?), and yes don’t be surprised about how mean people who cannot understand really are, and I was told that this is also what Soulaima’s and Dan’s Facebook postings of today are about, see the short stories, and that is to look deep within yourself and yes to see what you were, which this is really about as the voice tells me from the New World!

Denmark suffered a catastrophic loss in handball to the most condensed darkness of Spain on its home soil

I watched handball from 16.00 to 19.30, quickly commented Jette’s pictures below because “I had to” not to make pictures older than one day, and I stopped working at 20.20 with severe disgust, I simply could not continue working even though I had much more to do not having written the short stories yet and more, but this will have to be tomorrow morning, where I am now finalising the script of today, so here we go.

So now it was time for Denmark to win the World Championships in handball, which everyone knew that Denmark “had to” because everyone had seen that they were the best team, and yes they won by 30 to 24 over Croatia in great style, who yesterday defeated Slovenia in the bronze match by 31 to 26, and Spain had only be able to defeat Slovenia by 26 to 22 in the semi-finals, and furthermore, Denmark had won over Spain the last four times, so this was “almost sure” and yes Denmark should “run them over” with the fantastic defence and quick attack, and of course they were much quicker than the Spanish players, right (?), but no, this is not how it was supposed to be, because this was to play Spain on Spain’s homeground (Spain was the home of darkness you remember, thus the old “evil spirit” of Denmark in football), and in other words this is a symbol of my fight being alone inside of darkness trying to defeat it on its homeground, and this darkness is “the small bunker” inside the jungle of the planet of darkness as I showed you yesterday, I believe, and it includes ALL resistance, misunderstandings and lack of faith in me from family, friends, ex-colleagues, the official system and the world, and this is what I was fighting alone, and the question from the beginning was if I could win this one and if God would come and help (?), but no, you saw it, I could not win, the most concentrated darkness was simply too strong, and what about God …?

It did not take long before one of the commentators on TV2 said that “now our own medicine is injected directly into our blood”, which was when Spain simply ran us over, and this is the darkness running in my blood, the darkness of my family, friends etc., thus the world, and the commentator said at the end of 1st half when Denmark was behind with 8 goals (!!! that “det er en om’er” (“it is a redo”), and this is of course the slogan of Danish Tuborg beer commercials, and the meaning in the commercials is about a man, who “cannot” do the right commercials, but it is really inspired and means “it is a redo” in connection with life and that is if we had to terminate life once again to redo everything from scratch – and I was shown digital scratching to faces of players on my TV also meaning terminations – and this is the power of darkness of Spain coming against us, and yes this the last and most concentrated is impossible to win over, but as you know it will not mean the end of the world by now, only to say that I cannot defeat this without the help of the world and God.

At the half I was asked if God will use the spirit of my mother, i.e. the world, to help us come through the hardest nut of all as I was told, and Brian gives a pretty good impression of the mood half time in Denmark when he wrote that he likes that Denmark give Spain so many chances to be a little ahead, which only makes the ending even more exciting when enthusiasm will show when they will take over, and he was almost peeing in his pants of excitement, and yes peeing means destruction as darkness of Spain does too, – here feeling Søren Rasted from Aqua – and yes today it was the opposite roles with “the road runner” of Spain running from the Coyote of Denmark – but you know, this is ONLY in the centre of Barcelona we speak of with the rest of the world already being light having run from Spain.

FB 270113 Brian

I was asked if we can put our shopping bags here (?), and yes you are welcome, and I was told that even though darkness here is much stronger than I, we are still saving out some.

And despite of darkness also coming against me when watching this, I kept on saying that nothing will be destroyed, and I was given a cracking sound to my kitchen (of God) and was told that not a knot is destroyed and “you are allowed to enter anyway”.

Watching Denmark being run over, which continued almost even stronger in the second half, was also an eye opener to me showing me that I could not come through this without receiving help from the world of my mother and from the Source.

I was told that darkness from A2B – the job search course I visited in Gladsaxe in the beginning of 2010 – which we never was released entirely from (I was told that this is especially coming from Olive, who was “not convinced” about me), has been hidden and grown stronger, and today works through my mother and from her to my father. And later I was told “not to mentioned David” and it continued when I received examples of one after the other of family, friends, colleagues and system, and yes the darkness inside the most concentrated nut of everything, which I am here fighting. And I am only doing this fight because of the love of my mother supporting me, and if I did not have this, we would never have made it to here.

I was told that Morten Stig Christensen – the chairman of the Danish handball federation, previous manager of the sport news on TV2, and a star handball player in his time – dismissed Jørn Mader as TV2 commentator on the Tour de France transmission after 14 years because of drinking problems and that is without giving him a chance and despite of Mader being loved by most of the population watching Tour de France, and that Morten Stig is darkness self working inside this handball federation, and yes you have seen “scandals” over recent years, where I have told you about some of them in my scripts, so this was your role, Morten, and this was the darkness being released today.

And I was told that all of this darkness I have gone through for weeks is because of lack of faith of my old school friend Søren D. N. in me, so this is his importance.

Finally, Denmark lost in “disgrace” by 35 to 19, and yes this was “the best coach in the world”, Ulrik Wilbek, who shortly afterwards said that he did not know what happened, and yes EVERYTHING went wrong, the players lost concentration, the will to fight and did not keep agreed tactics, and how could everyone have such an off-day when everyone knew that they were the best (?), and yes “a total mystery” it was (?), and as you have guessed, this is the power of God, and you have seen how strong he makes players when being on their side, and how weak he can make the same players the day after, and even in the same match as you remember from the match against Hungary when Denmark was ahead by 7 goals half time and only just won at the end, and yes this should be strong enough for everyone to understand, and that is if you want to understand?

And Ulrik felt “too weak/poor” to meet the media after this defeat, so he decided to run away as he also did at the Olympics (taking 14 days to “recover”) receiving MUCH criticism, and yes are you indeed the best coach in the world, Ulrik (?) – not necessarily having the best team in the world (?) – or do you believe that “luck” and “the will of God” also had importance (?), and are you able to control your negative feelings and impatience yourself (?), and yes just wondering I am …

And Brian was “hanging with his beak” as we say here when receiving this slap in the face, and yes then the only thing you can do is to show the other side, so this is what we will do also with this, and he concluded at the end of the match that it is “uphill” to say the least and also that the Smurfs apparently on another TV channel is quite exciting (people did not want to watch this humiliation of the Danish team the same way as darkness humiliated me really, and I also did not see the second half, only heard it) and he said “at least they are blue”, and this is certainly what we are including this last darkness too!

And Henrik asked why he was thinking of the old Danish racing cyclist Jesper Skibby when he was once asked at the Tour de France about how he would deal with the Pyrenees, and he said that “the best would probably be if they vanished during the night”, and yes I also loved Jasper’s humour, and here it is to say that the last of the mountain of my sufferings will soon vanish.

FB 270113 Brian 2

And how does it make you feel, Spain (?), that you only won because of the help of darkness making you win?

My journey and time will end opening for an endless line of New World’s when I soon will give up “the game”

I was told that we are trying to say that even though everything is dark here, everything is also blue (the colour of my new self), and it only has to do with “set up”, and I was giving the thought of the dream of birds bringing me darkness the other day, and yes birds are normally light and freedom, and yes Prince Harry is with me again again.

We are now trying ourselves to step down from the top steps here unless you want to come to me (?), and I could only say that “perfect” is still the goal, and I have not given up walking the last steps.

So no new darkness is being produced, and this is what we are going through to get home, and to open everything of me.

It this a question on how far back I could move our family tree?

After watching TV for some hours before returning to the computer to write my short comments to Jette’s pictures below, my sufferings were reduced – negative voice/feelings reduced – and I was shown God/my self on “his” way down the stairs, and when I decided to walk right back to my computer – are the Brothers Olsen here too (?), yes thinking of you everytime when writing these words – I was given far more sufferings again, and yes this is how it is with pain given to me when doing the right thing, but no, this has NEVER influenced me, but really the opposite deciding to challenge darkness with “give me the best you got”.

During the evening I received the feeling of many knowing about me (?), for example Anja Andersen, Helge Adam Møller and yes several others, whom I did not write down.

I was told that we are now on the border of “you can come out now”, and we are really not on your TV channel, but on the new, so why have we not changed over yet (?), and yes to avoid destructions/sufferings of the physical world when “burning off” remaining darkness.

I was told that I did not move the ringing bell from my old to my new bicycle meaning that I cannot pass this darkness, and I was reminded that I decide myself when we will close this (old) cinema, and yes when there is no more darkness, or when I cannot no more.

Is it with Berlusconi – see the short stories – as the worst darkness of all that we will now close?

I was shown the Little Mermaid and a large fish inside a small bag and the fish cannot breath, and I was told that it will die if we don’t change now, so this is why we are on the border, and all I could say was that “det styrer I bare” (“you control this entirely”) as Lars G. always used to say.

And again, darkness wanted to carry out my “old nightmare”, but no, I will NOT accept this to happen NO MATTER WHAT (!), and you will have to pass this darkness otherwise, and that is if you can.

I was told that when I developed the NOA system in Aon in 1995/96 – overview of a customer’s life & pension schemes together with a full insurance tariff and calculation/bonus system including ALL Danish insurance companies (!) – this was “impossible” to do, and I was shown the IT developer, Ole, whom I worked together with, and he did his best, but it was “impossible” to him to bring out my visions, and I was told that this was also a test I had to pass to save the world, and it was never finalised according to my specifications, but it was introduced with all advisers receiving laptops and “transportable” printers as the first in Denmark, and this was what it took (!), and yes Niels de Bang took the decision of this investment, and “impossible” it was to bring him over on my side, but this is what I did.

I received a famous song from the 1990’s where they sing “to the left” – I cannot remember or find the name of the band now, but American they are – so this is the road we are taking.

I was shown myself at Piccadilly Circus in London – the very centre of London – and a yoyo with no more line and also a Joker having no more cards, which was to say that I have reached the very centre of everything, and this darkness is run from our New World, which we can only do because you are here with us, but decided to carry on the old game taking on sufferings to save the physical world from sufferings in the transition to the New World.

So you are not there at all, but here (!), and the New World is perfect, so you are really living in the past!

I was told that there are finished articles of me ready to be printed, but they contain misunderstandings of me, and did you read and understand my text on Berlusconi as example (?), and yes please do as I have told everyone, which is to READ and UNDERSTAND objectively instead of making your own mind up.

For a few days and now again I have been given the vision of the old basketball player Flemming Danielsen from Stevnsgade – the best player of Denmark ever – and I was shown him scoring, and was told that as long that I keep on scoring, we will keep on the game, and when I cannot no more, time is up and we will end the game.

I was shown the mountain top of a Tour de France stage, and just on the other side of the top, I am shown the leader in yellow jersey crashing on his way downhill, and it is not only his jersey, which is yellow, everything is yellow, i.e. the colour of my mother, and I was told that the meaning was that when Lance Armstrong went public with his confession, you could no more, but we know, I have taken on some more days, and we will see if I can continue, and I here feel my old self as Jesus as you would imagine “him” looking like 2,000 years ago – on the way to the cross really – but no, this is not how you will see me as my new self, where I will show myself as “modern” to the world, and yes it is a MODERN WORLD right (?), and yes I LOVED this song, and it was really this, which made me become a fan of the Jam, and yes focus on the music and expression of “raw energy”, which is what I loved about Paul, and not necessarily the lyrics, even though you will be RELEASED from all of the people of today constantly telling you what is RIGHT AND WRONG – because you know and they know too – and yes receiving a TRUE mentor when and if you need it that is, and yes listen to the energy of the last 30 seconds of this song, and there is nothing better than this :-).

I was shown and shown that there are no rye bread sandwich and no scrimps remaining, and also that life inside of this darkness, which I have gone through for weeks, have only entered our New World because I went through it also meaning that what remains, will first become part of us after having started our New World also physically.

I was shown thin curtains of darkness being removed from a LARGE number of TV screens all over a room, and told that it is about time for us to remove these curtains to show you our new creation, and I was told that I came incredible close, so the question is now if I will come down to get you?

I felt my physical father and was told that you don’t come through this darkness without him – and his darkness with his family apparently going ”nuts” over me and my writings on him – and I felt how the last darkness of me (feeling Prince Harry here again again (!) was spread out to the outermost of my fingers, which I understood is what it will be in the Universe of our New World.

Google Earth show the Pearly gate to Heaven

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show the Pearly gate to Heaven, the painted lady in Gold, a lady stands behind me, dressed for coldness/success, handing over the keys again, caretaking, what will happen now (?), many grey of strong darkness, and “a pearl with a prince”.

FB 2601 270113 Jette 2

FB 2601 270113 Jette 3

FB 2601 270113 Jette 4

FB 2601 270113 Jette 5

FB 270113 Jette 6

FB 270113 Jette 7

FB 270113 Jette 8

FB 270113 Jette 9

FB 270113 Jette 10

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Kenneth said that he dreamt about an elephant being happy about him, and I told him that the elephant is God and that he is a special delegate of God, which he later “liked”.

FB 2601 270113 Kenneth

  • Pet Shop Boys are coming to Denmark again, which made an inspired Michael ask Rikke if they should “go west” again, and yes this is about the West END girls you know with “end” being the end of the game :-).

FB 270113 Michael

  • Scribd shows even more days of apparently “no visitors”, which is the old code meaning “terminations”, so there is life I am not saving these days because of the strength of darkness, hence the handball match against Spain.

Scribd 2701 incl 260113

  • When I saw this update from the Economy Minister, I was told that Margrethe has seen and knows that we are about to end time, and if you knew my symbols better, Margrethe, you would probably not have published this “innocent” posting with the headline of the poster saying “let your restrains lose”, and she believed that eating a cookie is a wildness, which Danes can overview, and what she did not know is that cookie means creation and milk is about my “old nightmare”, which is really “destructive darkness as the building stone to create the cookie, and yes so it is, and in this respect, Margrethe, you were one of the finest servants of darkness bringing me sufferings of this darkness because of your better-knowing will and attitude working on behalf of the Old World.

FB 270113 Margrethe

  • Mads is a “funny” man, but a man truly infected by darkness and here he said “Then the Lord told Satan: Now you will get the power over all that he owns, but you cannot reach the hand out to himself. And finally I want that his sufferings will be to give him a Nupo-diet”, and I wonder who “he” is here, Mads (?), but nevertheless, this is what your game was about, which was to hand over the power from the Lord to Satan, which would have brought the end of the world, but you did not believe in that?

FB 270113 Mads

  • This is to show you how close Dan and I really are, and yes a couple of hours after I had remembered to bring “love over gold” by Dire Straits in my script of yesterday – one of my TRUE favourite songs of Dire Straits – Dan was inspired to give good advise to people meeting him as a DJ, which included that “you may have a good evening even if your favourite song by Dire Straits will not be played”, so there you have our connection once again, and yes his “inspiration” is me, and he loves music, which is really to bring love of God to the world and that is what is working underneath his darkness. And this is part of the lesson to look deep inside yourself before deciding that the DJ is the problem, and it is really showing POOR BEHAVIOUR of people, which they cannot see themselves.

FB 270113 Dan

  • And Soulaima followed up on Dan teaching people on poor behaviour and to start looking yourself in the mirror and make that change – and yes I know we have already made the change, Stig – and she said: “Before you COMPLAIN over something, ask yourself if you have done the finest you could. Always!” and “At any time I can challenge you on: Have you done EVERYTHING you could. Do you blame others? What have you decided to do about it?”, and Asger asked “who will evaluate if I have done what I could” (?), which really made Soulaima “lose her head” when she replied “you should know best yourself”, which made me tell her and her network that the problem is that most have a potential to much more/better than they show – work, intellectual capacity, behaviour and performance – but complacency, selfishness and laziness had meant that most people really under-perform – sadly without being able to or wanting to understand that this is the truth – and therefore, they need a mentor, who can tell the truth straight out, but this requires a mentor, who perform his outmost himself and who sees purely to have the necessary credibility to be able to work as a teacher to lift up people, which this really is about, so I am sorry, Soulaima, but your advise above (“you should know best yourself”) is not right or thought over, and what do you want to do when you as advisor receive advise (?), do you decide to be open and receive, or will you also move up into “the red field” and block to the truth as most people wrongly do when they meet a TRUE mentor (?), and yes this was to say that she is really not the best teacher, but this is what she believes she is – she has “incredible success” so of course she is, right (?) – and here she was not open enough to reply to my comment, and I felt that this was also about not being open enough to understand that I am the World Teacher, Soulaima (?), and yes SILENCE is the best tool of darkness, so here you have it again again, and we know, SAD is what this lady also makes me.

FB 270113 Soulaima

FB 270113 Soulaima 2

  • Everybody wants to hold my hand, but when I show myself saying that I want to hold your hand, everyone is silent, and do you get it?

FB 270113 Godvine

  • Per brought a link to the amazing later singer Nico – I don’t really know her other than her name – and he said that seeing her in concert in 1982 was one of the most fascinating concert experiences he has had, and Henrik was inspired to ask him if it wasn’t at this concert that she played “Deutschland, Deutschland úber alles”, which made Per burst out: “GOD, YES”, and this is really to show you that this is THE END and we are coming home to our New Kingdom as Germany is the centre of, and already the other day I was told that Haydn, who has composed this the national anthem of Germany, was a gifted composer, and the link came here.

FB 270113 Vium

  • Jette found some pictures of the moon saying that there are others and different figures there than what she hs described on Earth, and I told her that I am sure that they are also dancing up there :-).

FB 270113 Jette 1

  • A couple of days again an American student in Copenhagen was attacked in a full bus, which did NOTHING (!), and today I was told that this was a symbol of my family, friends etc., thus the world, who saw me being attacked by darkness making me scream in pain, and what did they do (?), and yes ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

TV2 2501 270113 Ingen greb ind

  • I was happy to be hearing from David again, but it was when my dinner was served, and I was all out of energy.

FB 270113 David

  • Jette brought a link to me leading to this article showing himself to the world as a true Fascist, Berlusconi (?), which made me bring my writings on Berlusconi from my website on media and politicians, and when I did this, I received the worst darkness coming and was told “is this to witness the existence of gas chambers”, which also shows me that he is probably one of my very dear friends too as I am here helped to say, and yes working through the worst darkness as the building stone of life.

AP 270113 Berlusconi

FB 270113 Stig 1

FB 270113 Stig 2

  • Jan from the SAGA Facebook group was inspired to write about the damning of this group of God, which is truly a “killer”, if you understand such a small one (?), and yes you do understand what these small words mean, right (?), or you may ask Lars Hjortshøj to find out :-). And yes, this track “killer” by Adamski/Seal is one of the best dance songs of all time if you ask me.

FB 270113 SAGA group

  • I was sad to hear about the many deaths of a nightclub in Brazil, and I was told that they symbolises the (TEMPORARY!) terminations of life taking place these days because of the most condensed darkness of all.

FB 2701 280113 BBC Brazil


28th January: The window of our New World has opened with the light of our new creation gradually shining through

Dreaming of darkness of the world trying to stop me from lifting up the world and catching more of the WORST darkness of all

I went to bed at 22.40 being completely empty, which is really the best word describing how I am, and I slept until 08.00 making me “fresh” under the circumstances today, and had these dreams.

  • A girl of maybe 10 or 11 has followed me home, and inside the yard of house buildings in Copenhagen, where I have a helicopter, which is locked, and somehow she is disturbing this helicopter and I ask her to leave, but she is unshakable and somehow I believe that the helicopter is now inside a plastic bag because of her, but I see that it still is in the yard.
    • I am looking forward to flying this for the first time to lift the world, and this may be my mother as a girl, i.e. darkness of the world, trying to stop me, but that will NOT happen.
  • I am the manager of Customer Service of the credit card division of GE Capital Bank with the purpose to lend out money, and employees encourage people to use this card. At the curve of the hall, I see a dog catching a big rat, and I enter the Finance Manager’s office to escape the rat, and he is cold, don’t speak and asks me to leave. I walk to the management at the 1st floor bringing a gift and a card to someone having birthday there, and I congratulate him and also see that Søren H. is working at this office too, and I feel Ib from Skive working at the top management several floors above, and how he supports me.
    • I am managing darkness, and this dog has come over on my side to help me catch more darkness, and RATS are the worst darkness of all, and the Finance Manager don’t want to speak to me, which may be because he is protecting darkness from me, and I am giving my gift to darkness on the 1st floor, which is saying that darkness and light are really about the same, and the top management is God above watching my every step and the Police of darkness.
    • When writing down this dream, I received the memory of VERY OLD dreams, which I had totally forgotten about – something about flying around the coast line of Amager MUCH MORE BEAUTIFUL than reality and working at a company with an INCREDIBLE BEAUTIFUL round staircase in noble tree in the middle – and this was because I could not remember details of the dream above as I cannot remember details of these old dreams, but in general if I have not written about this before, MANY dreams I have had all of my life have been MUCH MORE BEAUTIFUL than reality, and yes cities, buildings and nature all being much finer than reality, which only can be to say that life of our Old World is nothing compared to what is waiting you, my dear world.

  • A short dream about parking my car in the city where it may be possible, but extremely difficult to park at the first row, but then I see that there are free places at the third row.

The wine cork of our New World has cracked open, and our new piano is now gradually coming out

I went to the baker and received pizza, which is to first create and then to receive joy and happiness.

Did I win in that election too, or do I have to fight?

Will it be beach weather now (?), no, but the weather here will now change from very cold below zero as it has been for a while to above zero, so “less sufferings” it means.

I have this whale on the drawing table, but do I bother and can I make it before the end of time to get it in?

I was told that when my mother and John together with Bettina and Søren is it now 6 or 9 months ago visited the restaurant in Hornbæk where my mother’s old colleague, June, lives, it was decisive and yes “does he have a voice” (Stig hearing “voices”), and yes your mother speaking wrongly about you behind your back, and as a consequence we had to give John the food poisoning, which he received there, so this is what we took care of, and what you did not know was that this made us move this from there to there, which we could not have done otherwise and yes because of fear of your mother and the sickness of John being the fuel, and with this we practically saw the end coming, i.e. the final structure of our New World. So it was not from here, but way down below, that we thought that we would be pulling you up, but now only from here?

I was told that the number of deaths after Chernobyl is nothing compared to the number of deaths after the meltdown of the Japan nuclear power plant during the tsunami in 2011, which the media “agreed” not to write about to keep the world ignorant thus not receiving the public against itself and its plans to take over the world, but this is “nothing” compared to me and this was basically the reason why the world “could not” write about me, and yes the one who did would had his head cut off or “something like that”, and who was one of the main architects of this (?), and could it be Berlusconi (?), which is the reason why I received the chance to highlight my writing on him.

I received a pressure to accept darkness and what could happen about doing this because I now know that it is pure/blue and from the same source as light, but no, NEVER (!), and yes as a matter of principle, and still the easiest would be to accept, but no!

I was given the name “Jørgen” and asked if it isn’t so that everything inside of this concentrated darkness is “energy”, and when you have decided that there is “no energy”, you can pass it (?), and yes I have absolutely no idea, and here I feel Ghita Nørby from her role on the gasoline tank, which symbolises “energy” of darkness, and shall we guess that this is about “silence” too, Ghita (?), and yes I loved that film too, and there are some old Danish films with an incredible gallery of the best actors the world has seen, which you can find in these old Danish films from let us say mainly the 1950’s and 1960’s.

I received yet another layer of “nothing” going through me and was told thank you for deciding to continue to work, and I received several small heart attacks and felt how they were on their way to become stronger to kill me, and I was told that if it was not for the Source, this is what this darkness would do to me, and yes kill me and you know because of my family, friends etc., thus the world, who “cannot” take me.

I was told that Procter & Gamble is one of the companies “gambling” with the world and yes part of the secret world elite, and here I am given the feeling of Teacher Andersen from Matador, which is both about one of these FINE Danish actors of “old time” and also about his role STEALING dinners from single ladies without wanting to pay, which here is a symbol of darkness of this company and others of the same standing, which is stealing food of the world symbolising the termination of life, and yes WELCOME ON THE FRONT PAGE too (!), and yes Ekstra Bladet, do you still hesitate while I dare?

I was told about the video below filmed January 21 that it is the wine cork, which has cracked open and is about to reveal the wine of our New World, and also that I am the one holding back not to release everything at once in order to save the world from sufferings during this transition.

FB 280113 Russis

I received too much information to write down, and heard something about ”this will be thrown out too”, and yes I cannot write all of this “too much information” meaning that my spiritual friends have to slow down while I use today to catch up on my scripts, but no, I have NOT approved anything to be thrown out.

I used the day to finalise my script of yesterday, which was a TRUE KILLER to write – “too much work and too little time” – and first by 15.20, I had finished it before I could start to write the script of today.

I was told that Sergey Bubka in pole vault is another example of an athlete receiving these “vitamins of God” making him so much better than everyone else, which was really to say that we have used darkness of Russia as the SPRING BOARD to create our New World, and you may remember that we already in 1917 warned about darkness of Russia (?) – the Apparitions of Virgin Mary in Fatima, Portugal, in 1917 including the prediction of the emergence of Russia as a world power, which would spread its errors throughout the world causing wars and persecutions against the Church and the break out of World War II – but no, they did not improve, and this was needed in order to save the world and create our New World, and I am here given a vision of a young Russian lady from about that time, and I don’t know who she is, but I have often thought that I only receive visions of people I know or know about, but I did not know this young woman.

I was told that I have shaved everything off and now the roof is lifting off, and more of this “I am incredible proud of you”, and this is coming from my mother, and I feel my father just behind, and yes I received the feeling of Kraftwerk, and this is to say that my mother is “the model” of my father really.

Does this mean that we will soon be on TV” (?), and yes you got it, this is where the sun always shines on TV, and yes a new A-ha experience you know, and yes I have always LOVED this one :-).

We also don’t have to play the game to your family about “no, it is completely impossible to locate Stig” and “we will not tell you where he is”, and yes there are no limits to the difficulties of finding you, if you had given up here, there, or there as examples as I am told.

I received pretty strong heart burn this afternoon, which I understand as darkness of my father given to me, and no thank you, I do NOT want to receive my “old nightmare” in disguise as a beautiful lady, so there you have the nature of this darkness.

I was shown “secret missiles” hidden in underground facilities and also fighting professional soldiers, and I was shown myself as Rambo – the character of Sylvester Stallone – being the one man army having to combat the armed forces of the world, and I was told that we are still surprised of not having met true resistance, and yes maybe a little looking through my windows and spying on me, but no, you did not have what it took trying to “poison” me or similar dirty tricks of your books.

I was shown a Indian with BIG FEATHERS to the right and behind me, and yes inside of this darkness about to come through to me too, and it continued with strong feelings given to me that we are just around you and with the feeling of being opened “very soon” because we cannot keep the game going, and I was given annoyance/coughing to my throat and the feeling that this is the last darkness I am now “throwing up”.

I was told that we will not transmit on “FM-radio” of our New World, which will be the BIGGEST change, and yes I can only try to imagine what it will mean to OPEN up everything, which I really cannot.

I was told that you are not a new duvet yet, but I felt myself being “vacuum cleaned” and that is “pulled up”, which is the process I am going through now, and yes I am actually nervous because I still have the old feeling of “I really just wanted to be the human being Stig living in quietness”, but life is about to change, and this is for the good, and we know, there are no Tears for Fears here so “you can change” (?) or are there (?), and yes there are elements of this first album by this amazing band, which I find is the most beautiful of all that they made, but then again, they made MUCH beautiful music, but just maybe you were too rich and too lazy, my friends?

And I heard by the actor of darkness – feeling my mother too (?) – “now I really don’t want to continue this play”, and yes, Stig, there are CLEAR feelings of this act dissolving, and the same feeling as when people are leaving a party or dinner when everyone knows that now it’s over.

So what you are seeing now is the piano of our New World being brought carefully down instead of “thrown down”.

I was told that the heartburn I receive is also because of darkness of Elijah being sent to me – I have given him SEVERE sufferings making him consider whether to stay in touch receiving my money or to continue showing his anger/silence not receiving my money – and I was encouraged to show you my email to the LTO team yesterday, so here it is.

Email til LTO 270113

I was told that there were people believing that I tried to create a sect and to make money from people supporting me, which forced me to write on my page of “donations” that I will no longer accept donations.

You will not find me in the bedroom, Stig, but this was the road you decided to take, and yes following your mother and not your father, so this was the role I had to play, and yes to bring you the threat of your “old nightmare” with your mother, and not with your father, which was the other way, and yes still your “old nightmare”, but with your father instead of your mother, and yes even more disgusting, but these were the two roads there were to come all the way home.

Isn’t it funny that there is really nothing inside of here, i.e. no energy, only a shell and this is what you are walking right through.

We are almost about to say that without Kaiser Chiefs – the concert in 2008 bringing you and Jack together again as friends – we would also not have made it, and we did not even realize ourselves at the time of the great importance of this, and yes waking up old feelings of friendship, and yes which Jack understands when reading your scripts, and of course he does not feel as you – as Karen also does not – and this is how it is to play the role of darkness, but when you talk about “your old best friend” saying that this is also what I was to Jack, NO DOUBT ABOUT IT, this is what forces me to brings friendly feelings to Jack, and without these, he would not have done as he did, thus not bringing the whole world to me, and yes this is coming from the Source on the other side as “new information”, and yes this was to “never miss a beat”, you know.

No, he does not feel himself that he has received a new racing cycle, and when will he (?), and that is when all of the New World has opened.

I received MUCH impatience today as if the New World would open now, which I did not have time for because I was working concentrated, and I decided to keep doing this NOT accepting to be rushed.

I actually worked the whole day until I published this at 21.15, and no, I did not have time to go to the swimming hall today, but now I am up to date, so maybe tomorrow (?), and yes I have decided NOT to prioritize visiting a dentist yet – my scripts is first priority, a dentist is not – and that is even though I have been told that the world would like to see an update on my teeth, and yes I do believe they look like they did in 2008 (!), and I may decide to book a time tomorrow and that is unless something not foreseen will happen, and it very often does here, and yes yes yes Prince Charles, Angelina Jolie and Niels Bjerre Poulsen were among the people I received feelings of today.

Google Earth shows the window coming up through the Earth opening for our New World!

Jette’s pictures from her Facebook group shows “granny” of God in a hurry to save as much life inside of darkness as possible, the window coming up through the Earth opening for our New World (!), I am still absorbing destructive darkness of man, greeting from upstairs, “much darkness” everywhere, light over Australia (and silence of the world), massive attack of darkness bringing a teardrop (all sufferings of all life of all time brought creation, and you do remember the title of the song winning the Danish part of the Eurovision Song Contest the other day?), and more darkness is hiding.

FB 2701 280113 Jette 1

FB 2701 280113 Jette 2

FB 280113 Jette 3

FB 280113 Jette 4

FB 280113 Jette 5

FB 280113 Jette 6

FB 280113 Jette 7

FB 280113 Jette 8

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Dan was the “doubtful” attendant on the “Masterchef” programme on TV, which made his young daughter tell him that she can show him how to make pancakes, and yes I have been thinking of making pancakes myself for a long time, if only I had time to do it, and Mette asked if she can also teach her to cook eggs (?), which Dan claimed that even he can – yes, there are no limits to what you can do, Dan, “if only you knew” – and it made Martin bring Dirch Passer, who as a comedian was as brilliant as Sergey Bubka was in pole vault as example, or David Bowie in music as another, and we know “simply the best” you know, and he knows that it takes 3½ minutes to boil an egg, and yes to do “perfect creation”, which this little thread is about.

FB 280113 Dan

  • The time stand on Facebook was here blinking again, but NOT when I took the next three hardcopies, and this is to say that it is just before time will be removed and time only exists because I keep on working, and yes you have to pull me out of here because I will continue working until I can no more and you remove me “by force” and so it is. And here Mads brought a link to the Danish Railways having lost 900 million DKK (160 million USD) on “coffee wagons” in trains (!!!), and this is really to show you an “incredible lack of love in the world”, which is what the Danish Railways keep on showing through POOR BUSINESS MORAL and also poor business conduct, which was the name of the game of this thread, which started by Mads saying “Long live the state – it can only go too slow to nationalise the banks”, which of course was irony because the Danish Railways is owned by the Danish State guaranteeing its operation in theory regardless of its accumulated deficit (!), and this is OF COURSE NOT how to run a business, which should be simple logic to everyone, and let me tell you that there will be NO SUCH THING of our New World meaning that business, which cannot survive will close down, and yes only the strongest will survive, and that is really the name of the game of life, and Troels below said that there are probably also examples of private business making big mistakes, which made Mads say that a private business acting as DSB will “die in the market”, and Svenning – the old EU commentator for TV2 and “dark man” you know – said that the private company Arriva operates trains in Jutland driving on time and with a profit, which can be done as long as tax payers don’t guarantee on the deficit (and yes there will be no profits of our New World to share between “owners” because we will all own all production, but otherwise this is basically the idea, i.e. for business to be strong enough to make it themselves without a state guaranteeing).

FB 280113 Mads 0

  • Svenning here brought a list of other Danish state owned businesses also giving HUGE deficits with HUGE debts and said that “as long as tax payers and compulsory committed consumers cover the deficit, billion-deficit and billion-debt will grow”, and yes isn’t it “funny” that this makes people “lazy” not doing their best, and we know give them a pillow, and they will sleep, and yes you do know in DSB about my tiredness, and no, you did not help to reduce it by following my encouragements to stand forward yourselves and PUT ALL CARDS ON THE TABLE and we know there are as many WIMPS of the business world as there are of the media, political and military worlds, and yes what about the HAFNIA SCANDAL in Denmark as I am here given examples of again, and yes PUT ALL CARDS ON THE TABLE for EVERYONE TO SEE!

FB 280113 Mads 0B

  • And yes, there will be NO state to guarantee for banks of our New World, and that is because there will be no state and no banks (!) – read the New World Order – and Mads here said that DSB with debts of 18 billion DKK would have gone bankrupt if they were not held up by the Danish State and the same goes with the Scandinavian Airlines, and yes just as examples, and what about the American Auto Industry if Obama had not saved it (?), didn’t he do the right thing (?), and yes, I am sure that he did, but there is a HUGE difference between what was right to do in the Old World, where it often was “impossible” to do what was right having to choose between “bad” or “even more bad” (!), and our New World, and in our New World, you will NOT see a state, this is how it is, but a small New World Government led by Obama during a transition period, and do you know just how unpopular you can become by statements like this, Stig (?), and yes among Old World leaders, who DO NOT want to give up power voluntarily (?), and yes there you have the nature of the game of darkness, who don’t want to understand the big picture, but focus on your own small selves (?), and yes HOW COULD YOU???

FB 280113 Mads 0C

  • Here is a “joke” by Mads about Fascism, Socialism and Capitalism showing you how much he “loves” Capitalism, and yes if you have two cows, he says that in Fascism, the state will take them and sell the milk to you, in Socialism, the state will take one cow and give it to your neighbour, and in Capitalism you will sell one and buy a bull instead, and in Denmark, he says, if you want coffee to your milk, you can buy it at 600 DKK per cup at DSB – because of the “joke of DSB” of today – and this made me think that thought that cow is the symbol of God/Buddha, milk is the building stone of God, which is darkness in its raw form, but when it is made into cheese or butter, it becomes light/creation and yes symbols of the process of creation you know, and yes life comes through darkness, and it also made me think that if you remove ownership/profits of Capitalism, and let us all own everything, and keep freedom of Capitalism, this is the business climate of our New World, and what do you want to call it (?), and no, I have NO NAME for it, it just “is”, and so it is, and this means, that this is a recipe of life itself, which is how I used the building stone, and should this theoretically be changed, it will also remove the foundation of life itself, do you see?

FB 280113 Mads

  • Helena said that when she will grow up, she wants to become a helicopter pilot and except from the sun glasses as she also said, this is what you will feel, Helena, when you too will be LIFTED UP, and yes, Elijah, we are still finishing what we started, and I am sure that Jeff knows what I speak of here.

FB 280113 Helena



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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