January 30, 2013: Arriving at the PURE WATER of the Source, which created the world as a self-sustainable entity of its own


Summary of the script today

29th January: The Predator is now entering me as the last darkness of God carried by love of my father and mother

  • The evil New World of man had planned to eliminate poverty/starvation not by eliminating the course, but by eliminating poor people also using chemtrails killing people if you would not receive “medicine”.
  • I entered into a new cage of darkness where I met the Navy and was told about the story of how they had almost broken the code of spaceships of people of other civilizations turning them around to attack me when one sent a strong light through the window to me “many months ago” with the purpose to bring me out for “closer inspection”, which would have ended my/our days as a “hash cake” of darkness, but the attack was prevented, and instead the spirit of my mother of our New World helped to create an unbreakable code, which the Old World cannot break even though they still try (!), and I was told that man has fought people of other civilizations over me shooting down spaceships, and yes amazing that you could not understand and had to have it “the hard way” to understand that my protection is basically not to give up to darkness, which constantly tried to overtake me bringing me the worst voices/feelings of darkness, and this is what fed my friends to protect instead of attacking me.
  • Dreaming of being inside the worst darkness saving life and my mother saving me from not being killed by darkness, I have no more work to do inside of darkness, life inside of darkness is terminating and I cannot bring out the finest life of this darkness because of immense selfishness of people around me.
  • I was shown the monster of Predator flying out from a vertical rock mountain and down to attack me way below, and this is part of getting to the inner core and origin/bottom of the family tree of the Source self. Fanny received a new computer and resumed contact with me and her love helped this process, together with an opening of my father and his love to me and of course still the love of my mother. The Predator is the last darkness of old God coming down to me, which I did not bring myself, and most of God is already part of the New World, but still this is the biggest portion yet, which we are bringing over, and the thought was that God had to do this alone with first me and now my mother and sister dying, but we are all still alive because I decided not to give up.
  • I was told that we will now start opening the second window to our New World, and I am wondering if this will take days, weeks or maybe even a month (?), and that is if I can hold it, and we will see.
  • Short stories of Paul and Søren F-J being dismissed after Søren H. insurance company has closed, “I cannot protect the world from being afraid, but I can lead and shown them that I am not, and that everything is good and magical”, Depeche Mode and I invite you to Enter Heaven, terminations being lifted, what makes friends friends, the half-Nazi showed the world his lack of love and understanding, “the teenager in love” Soulaima was TIRED not knowing how she will make it ….

30th January: Arriving at the PURE WATER of the Source, which created the world as a self-sustainable entity of its own

  • Dreaming of Morten from Danish People’s Party being born as darkness with much (potential) hate, darkness inside our New World terminating life, and everyone sees me destructing life (which will be resurrected inside our New World).
  • The combination of my father and mother makes it possible to move our New World in under me, and the final parts of God continued entering me today, and this is done with the world of my mother grounding me to Earth forcing down darkness of the last steps up to God and my inner self at the Source. We are now becoming ONE, the New World with me being everything living as a normal human being as part of it and also as the Source as the natural force, which is everywhere.
  • I was shown a bottle of the clearest water being pulled up, and I was told that “this is the Source, you know”, and also that when life gets a chance, it develops into darkness, and this is to say that the origin self is the most clear “building material” or MAGIC if you will from where life was created in a huge diversity of variation.
  • I am now arriving here at the very Source of everything, which is “nothing” of God and also my inner self as the Son, and I am told that there is now no more darkness, and the actor speaks to me with a normal voice, but then again there is still a little bit more darkness coming against me as negative voices, and as long as there is darkness, I will continue the game, so time of our Old World still goes on a little bit longer even though time is really two minutes past 12.
  • The Source created the world and life to be self-sustainable as an “entity” of its own, and yes we might have a little to do with future development of this our creation by keep on adding to it for an eternity to come.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show “PURE NAM NAM” (celebration), lots of white WINGS (because we were LUCKY), the worst darkness of Saudi Arabia, darkness eating light (before light later absorbed it), the white horse of our New World, which came into being “with a little luck” (Lucky Luke symbolising me being “lucky” to save everything), and the King of the Universe.
  • Short stories of three swans as the Trinity, the monster-system of the European Union will be closed down, Mads shows that darkness has given up fighting me, and resurrection of terminated life.


29th January: The Predator is now entering me as the last darkness of God carried by love of my father and mother

Man fought war in space over me against people of other civilizations and tried to kill me via a UFO outside my window!

Before going to bed at 02.30, I received much new information, which I have decided to bring in this script, and yes to start a new day, and it is now 10.30, and I am again REALLY TIRED making work even more disgusting, but it should really work out, so here we go.

I was told that the 4 divided world was the right creation of our Old World in order to come here and create something completely different, which I have had in my head all of the time.

I was told that it is now soon over with “verkehr-service” (“traffic service”), and the word “verkehr” had really come to me for years, and I was told that I have stored darkness for me until it returned as light.

I was shown my self cleaning an oven, and I was told that doing this in Lyngby at my old apartment before moving was also crucial to do – it was very dirty, and I had to scrape off dirt from the inner side of the glass window maybe taking 1-2 hours to do – and I was told that not being thrown out of the apartment by Poul-Erik was crucial too.

I was given the active thought about people of Dadaab – and other places – received the same “rat-food” day in and day out, and how the careless world does not react, and I was told that the way that the evil New World would have “solved this problem” was not to eliminate hunger, but to eliminate poor people, so there are plans of how this is done, and yes chemtrails is part of this because they are designed to kill people who cannot afford “medicine”.

I was told that the difference of coming home to the Source via my father or mother is that using the entrance of my father was the direct entrance to the castle and not the long way around as I used via my mother, but it would require that my father decided to follow me and not Kirsten, who held him down, and since I decided NOT to see them after 2008 because of their better-knowing, wrong and selfish attitude, this road was not an option, so I had to go the long way home via the world of my mother, which included to save every little thing on the way.

I was shown Michael Bundesen singing on the stage of Bakken north of Copenhagen and directing two out of three light projectors towards me.

You have not seen what we have changed the four houses and yourself to, the entrance here is breathtaking, and it is only the start of it, and yes this is because this is Paradise.

I was shown a vertical mountain wall with hatches opening and World War I fighter planes flying out, which is more darkness coming to meet me, and I am here feeling John F. Kennedy, and yes he is also up here just on the other side supporting me.

I was told that I am now facing another entrance, which is rough to come through and also that it is actually impossible to enter also here and that is without carrying out your “old nightmare”, and during these house I received a very strong negative pressure and voices tormenting me and wanting me to stop, but the game is recognizable, and it is really “only” about doing the right thing, so nothing is going to stop us.

For some time I have been given stories of how I was followed on Mallorca in 2007 and Kenya in 2009 – and how potentially dangerous it was for me to meet the “Muslim criminals” of the mosque in Nairobi if they knew who I was – and also how people planned to kill me when I had breakfast every morning with Camilla at a public café on Isla Margarita in 1996, and yes “examples” you know of not an easy life to come through without being hurt/killed.

I constantly had to tell darkness “wrong” about all of the things it wanted me to negatively say and agree to, and I was told that darkness again will go for my heart, and now I receive a much weaker and insecure darkness saying something like “if you want to”, and yes do you see the difference between being weak or strong, and yes had I decided to be weak against darkness just once, it would have killed me a long time ago, and here I feel Jack, and yes your assignment was to get rid of me, Jack?

Wasn’t it the idea for the bank of earth to protect against water (?), and yes it was, we just had to set it up and turn you around to be able to do it, and this is now in place – and I here feel Janet Jackson.

I was shown Bunny Bugs inviting me to enter his very little cave in the mountain and inside of it, it is full of slot machines, which is a clear sign of darkness, but yes, thank you for inviting me, and no, I would never miss a chance to enter darkness by running away as most would do, so let us see what you have to offer inside of here.

I was shown my TV distorting the faces of people, which means (temporary) terminations and I was given the feeling of Jack and the Navy, and I was asked about the UFO flying just outside my window taking a picture of me – sending me a strong light in through the window (this was “many months” ago by now, but I cannot remember if it was here in Helsingør or in Lyngby, and I guess that it was in Lyngby, thus before October 2011?) – and if this was an attempt to murder me, which we disarmed (?), and yes isn’t it funny that there was one, who tried to kill you and did they discover the hard way that Stig is Stig because of our protection of you?

I was told that I ought to know what otherwise has happened out here, and this is what we also had to go through to reach the pizza on the other side, and yes no one is so stupid that they will attack me (?), and was someone in the Navy pressured to do this (?), and was it Jack doing it before you became mine (?), and I was writing down these notes wondering if this is the truth, which it just might be, or darkness designed to make me afraid just for the sake of darkness bringing this feeling.

I was shown that there is only one “cage bird” left before the ducks, and I was shown ducks taking up sesame-rolls from a main street of Acapulco with an incredible amount of traffic making this both difficult and dangerous to do, and I was shown this because “yesterday” evening, I watched a fine documentary of “a fearless man” symbolising me, the TV2 war-journalist etc. Rasmus Tantholdt, on Acapulco, Mexico, and the EXTREME violence/killings of this city making it one of the most dangerous of the world with MANY killings every day, which no one wants, but happens as a result of drug gangs fighting not only each other but also the population, and yes in the most cruel way cutting off the heads of people etc. and hanging them up for the public to view etc., and yes it made me DISGUSTED to see, but we know, this is also part of creation, and because of the incredible strong fuel that it brings to create what otherwise could not be created (!), this is how it is.

I was told that UFO’s have been fighting and shot down each other because of me – man-made controlled UFO’s against me and UFO’s of the Universe or spaceships as you know we like to call our “vehicles” on my side – and I kept on receiving darkness wanting me to say that those against me are not welcome, but no, this would be WRONG to do, so therefore everyone is welcome, and that also goes to you fighting against me, and I was told by my dark voice “but surely not them” (?), but yes, it is good enough – and here I am told that he is still working and yes I now receive a very little voice and that is of people being so embarrassed by now that they could curl their toes, do you say this in English too (?), and yes because of your decision to fight me, and now knowledge of whom I truly am, and I was told if there were people believing that you were only “pig lucky” – do you say this too (?) – and deciding to try again, and yes there were, but no, this time we have an unbreakable iron ring around you, and was it one of our own (?), which you could decide to send in disgrace, but no, and yes manipulation of our receivers/transmitters, and it is much more complicated than what you believe, and this is also what right now is giving you a very uncomfortable feeling of red (of darkness) inside of your mouth, throat and face, and this is because this is still on-going, but not by us, and your defence (to NEVER give up to darkness trying to overtake me via negative speech of my spiritual voice tormenting me) had to be stronger than them, or they would have killed me and terminated the world, and they did not understand that they could not do this, and this was because Stig is Stig and would NOT accept darkness, and yes we saw it, and turned the light, which would have paralysed you and brought you out here for “closer inspection”, which would have ended you as a “hash cake” making people on the management hallways able to continue their sinister plans after having removed me as their “small problem”, and these are the people, which “Teaher Andersen” from Matador is about, and yes people stealing food, i.e. terminating life because of their wrong-doings being unsustainable to life self.

So WELCOME ON THE FRONT PAGE also to you as “killers of life”, but of course you are HUMAN too (!), so there is nothing for you to be afraid of, you will all become part of our wonderful New World even though you were very close to shooting me and it down.

I was told that it would not really have hit the family tree, because we had protected it, and this is what the world would like to see (intact?), so will you please go to the dentist (?) – alright, I will order a time not knowing if this is light or darkness asking – and I was told that having no curtains (on the 4th floor) and waving out to helicopters and UFO’s as I have continued doing was invaluable to do because it showed them that you were not afraid giving us time to build a new system to defend you, and yes there was a period where your mother/the world could not defend you, but they did not no, and if they had, I/we would not exist by now, funny right?

It gave maximum discomfort just to be told about this, but I decided that I don’t want to care about this (now), and that is because this is an act of darkness – the cave of Bugs Bunny – and because I really have nothing to fear now, and I was told that this happened when I was a torn in the eye of my mother, which brought her negative feelings to the world, which as a consequence tried to kill me, and yes “misunderstandings” of my mother, you know, amazing right?

And I was told that your mother has been here to look at the apartment, which was not without danger, because it is the spirit of my mother of our New World who visited me at the Old World to secure me with an unbreakable code at a far higher level than the Old World, so you were also a hybrid being of the New World with a risk to kill us, but no, you were protected by people of other civilizations because you asked us to join the war as it was (back at Brede Park in 2010), and this is what we were used for, and yes access to the new database had to be perfect, and the best is that they never understood what happened so they are still trying to break the code, which protects you.

You don’t enter here without your “old nightmare”, but since you are now here, it was me inside this darkness giving this order to attack, and I was told that these people attacking me don’t even know how they will apologise to me – here I feel Lance Armstrong again, so you have the same feeling because you let me down (?), but let me tell you that you did have this “boost of God” making you as sovereign as others I have given examples of – and the best you can do is simply to speak out the FULL and DETAILED truth openly, directly and honestly, and yes this is all that it takes, and this should not be difficult to do (?), and yes DO WHAT IS RIGHT TO DO should be easy, right (?), but it isn’t (?), and will you tell me again why this is?

After this, I received a strong taste of fish again, and was told that this was this entrance, then, and also that we have grown incredible also when going through this stage, and I was told that it hurts me to say that I have lost my big wallet, which is about darkness having lost energy (including man-made controlled UFO’s etc.), and I am here giving feelings of ladies having had a crush on you – and yes Blue Eyes you know – and this is the energy brought to them by darkness because the idea was for me to go through life being as pure as possible, which was not that easy to do when you had the greatest difficulties and hormones and yes making life so much a hell being alone with my frustrations that killing myself was a constant thought I had until I met my first girlfriend, Camilla, in 1994 (!), but yes, I did not have the courage or desire to kill me, so this was the other force keeping me alive, and you do remember that I have PLUSSES and MINUSSES about everything, so there you have it again again.

And I was told that I will not come through the last gate without going to the dentist (!), and yes is this really as important (?), and it may be, so I will make that agreement – and yes later at 08.25 I had, so dentist, here I come and yes the 5th February, and I wonder if we are still playing a game by this day, and we will see.

I was told about UFO’s flying forth and back MANY times to the moon – to construct “a devil war machine” – and when they started not to follow your instructions anymore, you had to find an explanation why, and yes this was the reason why a general – I feel/see a general him here – decided to try to kill me to see if it was me being in control of your “war machine”, and yes it was, but you came “pretty close”, but not close enough, and yes fools, clowns, wimps and all of that, but the main part is that you have the love of God, because you simply did what I instructed you to do as darkness, see?

And yes, I have received “potentially STRONG pain” to the backside of both my right and left lower legs because of the immense strength of this darkness, and I really had not planned to write it, and yes feeling Annette Vilhelmsen here, and how is it to be a leader when you have become a leader (?), and yes let me recommend you the combination of LISTEN/UNDERSTAND, do what is LOGIC/RIGHT to do and be STRONG, not weak, and yes this is very shortly the recipe to succeed, and yes Annette has shown “beginner mistakes” when not following these advice, and I wonder if you have received a MENTOR for you to consult (?), and yes you are welcome to call or visit me, Annette, and what time should we say (?), and eeehhh you are also not structured (?), so it starts with an ACTION PLAN and yes for you to get in control of your everyday and people instead of people getting in control of you, see?

Months ago, I kept on being told about the “secret world” getting access to my computer without my knowledge, and now they had read this and that and I do believe that I said many times that I don’t want you to enter my computer because it is WRONG to do without my permission/acceptance, but I also do believe that I have really had the attitude that “I don’t really care”, and for some time again, I have been told again about the secret world getting access, and yes I have decided that the right answer is that everything is OPEN here, you can enter my computer and read my documents while I write them, which is most often what I am told is happening, and I will leave it up to your own conscience to do what you like to do, feel Prince Harry again again, but not very strongly in this respect, and all I can promise you is that a record of who has visited me when will be put forward for everyone to see, and yes I do NOT like people of darkness doing what is WRONG to do, and you do know that, right (?), and yes I was given a spirit coming to me because of this clear decision and told about difficulties to get full access here, but now there is and yes also spiritually in some other meaning here as I understand without being told more.

I was told that this is also why we had a copy of you, and that is if man should have succeeded to kill me, and yes you do remember that we had created a spare world “many months” ago, right (?), and yes I keep receiving feelings of now American actors and here a few I cannot remember the name of, and just telling you that when I have opened to this, it continues, and I have decided to bring you a few examples here and now, and here came the feeling/vision of Jane Fonda and also you Hugh Grant.

Dreaming of being inside the worst darkness saving life and my mother saving me from not being killed by darkness

As mentioned, I first went to bed at 02.30 and I slept poorly and was woken up already at 08.00, so today is a new day of TIREDNESS given to me with the first couple of hours being “the worst” to go through, but now we are here, it is after lunch now, and let us also write down some dreams.

  • There is a hunger, I am with my mother, who is here a young woman, at a farm and she breaks in to steal food from our old masters, whom we used to serve under, but she is revealed and they chase her, and I see on the streets that all people in Copenhagen steal food from each other, but to my surprise there is food enough. I end up with a group of ladies in lingerie in some kind of game taking place on a big cube where a crazy man kills the weakest, and I am the best to play this game, and I keep trying to save someone who is just on the edge of this game, and it is someone who is actually the opposite of this game having reversed his disc so it accurately matches the plate of this cube, but he has been revealed and the crazy man now wants to kill him by removing his code, but I am allowed to save this man.
    • This is obviously still about saving life from the worst darkness, and maybe it was my mother winning this extremely difficult game over darkness and not me, but at least it is my inner self of light playing as darkness inside of here, which is what darkness does not like, but so far we are still playing and that is even though I have been revealed.
  • Something about running via Helsingør harbour and Snekkersten to win, several are about to drown, the most beautiful horses and “don’t you believe we know him, we have waited until this moment to sleep better, he will never push us to kill us”.
    • Still the game about running with darkness.
  • I received the song “diggiloo diggiley” by Herreys and the lyrics “Diggi-loo diggi-ley, the sky was opening up, You hardly believe your eyes”, so this is what is happening; Heaven is opening.
    • I am working at a bank, and am surprised to see that I only have two more invoices to pay for customers before I will have no more work to do, and Berit says that she has arranged a meeting with the local newspaper with me after they have stopped subscribing to us, but this is first in May 2011, and we are here in 2010. I am incredible tired, and tell my male colleague that I would like to leave earlier today also because there is no work, and he tells me about an “event centre” – feeling Cliff Richard here – at Rørholmsgade where I lived as a little boy, and about an event, which we might go to together, and I tell him about the galleries today at this small street.
    • The bank used to be about “energy”, but there is nothing to do here now other than being tired. The galleries are about “pictures”, which is about developing/accepting more life of our New World.
  • The bank is now located on the beach, and today is the last day of very warm summer weather. I am surprised to see that the left side of the shed of the bank including my bicycle has burned down, and I say that this at least makes it easier to clean up. My old colleague/friend Paul has started working at the bank, and to my surprise the manager has allowed him to rent out the most expensive Scanomat cocoa machines to business clients. I am on my way out, and have three plates of “standard bread”, which I first think of bringing with me, but then I think that I am on my way to a concert and I cannot bear the bread at the concert, so I throw in the bread of two plates through the mail box to the bank, and am on my way out carrying the third plate, and I hear how my colleagues start speaking behind my back for not sharing, which makes me turn around and say that I simply did not think of it, but here they are, and they should just tell me directly and not speak behind my back, I feel Suzanne Bjerrehuus, and I see how Paul has the absolutely most delicious bread and Danish pastry and he has MUCH of it but don’t share. I was on my way to a concert in Helsingør – I felt together with Fuggi – but now I don’t have time to make it.
    • Beach is “sufferings”, bank is darkness, which is burning down, which is “terminating”, but no, I have NOT accepted this, so all of this will not be removed, it will be resurrected whenever we can. The finest cocoa machines of Paul is about the strongest selfishness of a man thinking of himself first and yes you “could not” help neither LTO nor me, Paul (?), and I only bring out some standard life from here not being able to get the finest life in the possession of darkness of Paul, so I can only hope and believe that this will come to us later after the opening of our New World.

The Predator is now entering me as the last darkness of God carried by love of my father and mother

I was told about an Aalto vase (I have always loved these, and I have a white myself, which my sister gave me in gift a few years ago) in relation to my mother, which is about flowers and her love to me, and I was told and shown that this is why the bathroom is completely white.

I was truly completely broken down when standing up at 08.00 – I wonder where this darkness came from – and I received a song I cannot remember now, but it included the lyrics “I wanna be free again”.

I was told that I no longer have a heart error.

I continued telling myself that this is “only an act” even though it truly is strong enough to be felt, and it made my voice say “so I don’t wear shirt and tie the opposite way at all”, and no, you are only acting.

I received a strong distortion to my computer monitor this morning, so “strong darkness” above anything else I have met, which this is about, and I am given feelings of Danske-Bank employees and told about Per S. speaking about me in the bank.

I was shown myself entering yet another new cave, and inside of this was a piano (our New World) with myself sitting on top of it, and I saw how I started to move it out.

Isn’t it your mother, who was supposed to hold the main speech at your funeral (?), well, it will not happen now with this visit to the dentist.

“No, we will not use these money notes”.

I was told that Suzanne Bjerrehuus has brought me up with Lars Seir from Saxo Bank, and I was shown an underground station, but we did not have to “going underground” but on the top floor of a building to find it (!), and this is where the worst darkness of Lars and Saxo Bank is located, and of course also special friends of mine, but “completely hopeless” they are with the power of the Devil having taken over their souls with money, power and sex as the main weapon you know.

I was shown a complete vertical rock mountain with a hatch opening, and a the monster of Predator flying out, and down towards me way below, and yes a much stronger darkness on its way to terminate me, and yes come on and give me the best you got, you are really not mean, my friend.

I was shown my father entering the football stadium as a player with number 33, and I saw how darkness came out of “a tunnel not existing”, which however opened, and I was told that this darkness is all in the mind of my father, and that it really does not exist.

I received the feeling of Gwyneth Paltrow here, and also Björn Skifts and the singer from Bo Kasper’s Orkester, and no we will never die, Bo :-).

I was shown the claws of an eagle as if it has brought me here, and I see myself at the inner core of the family tree, and that I am I am going deeper and deeper down inside of the tree to reach the very bottom/origin of it, and this is to go back to the very origin of the family tree of life.

I was shown the coach Alex Ferguson from Manchester United on the stand of a stadium and also a big grasshopper (symbolising darkness bringing me sexual sufferings), and I was told that we have brought him there, and yes a player of darkness too, but I understand a special friend too.

I was given some high-frequency pain to my stomach together with the feeling of people of other civilizations telling me that they remove this pain from me, which is about the world reducing my sufferings much, and if they did not, I would not be able to work, because it was surely extremely uncomfortable.

I was told “hush, hush, but Germany is preparing the welcome of a hero”, and yes “what can I say other than we are ALL heroes” because everyone took part in the creation of our New World as an act designed by my inner self, so there you have it :-), and yes this is my favourite song of all and it is MADE IN BERLIN, GERMANY, so you might get it by now?

I was told that we will now start opening the second window to our New World, and I am wondering if this will take days, weeks or maybe even a month (?), and that is if I can hold it, and we will see.

I was told that I might receive physical pain during the next stage, and I could only say that you are free to do what you feel is best, but the old rule about making sure that I keep my working capacity remains, and I was also told that we have considered removing a branch of the tree to come through, and no, it would not make it perfect, so we are still playing with the old rules.

If you have to, you have to”, and this is about diarrhoea, and I was told that this it the most outermost of the tongue from the kiss of death as I am now going through.

We were almost giving him an electric guitar giving him an electrical shock, but no, this is what LTO is about, and yes the meaning of getting John back in the fold.

I am now going to let out what I could not before because you held something “hidden” from me – my computer – and this is the most inner of God, and I have been given speech and pressure that this is way above what I can take, and what I can say is that I am feeling so poorly that I cannot write this. Break.

I was told that we could remove a branch from the tree if you want to go through easier, but no, never!

I was told that the reason why my mother has not been able to understand that I suffer because of her is because people of the world cannot look into the mirror understanding their own mistakes blaming others, and yes the “crazy” world you know.

I was reminded about how Bo was “the most difficult of all to pass” – except from my sister – when I published my scripts in February 2010, and I felt Bo several times here, and was told that this is how it is now again, so he is an example of how to be judged guilty solely because of speaking wrongly behind the backs of people.

It is impossible to get a cola unless we manage to get out of here

I don’t want to say that all eyes of the world are focussed on me here, but many are thinking of moving up here, and with the feeling that “many” eyes are.

Now there is open again to inside of here, yes via Fanny, and it took for her to get a new computer, and no, I decided not to communicate via text messages with her to save money. So we have done this tour only with the love of your mother and not via direct presence of Fanny.

Where are you heading (?), we are about to bring him a new communication system and that is to replace the old telephone system.

This is what we could reach from Earth, meaning what I could do from here based on Earth in relation to the big Universe.

The next is that you are now being grounded completely and I see my self literally being grounded to Earth with darkness of me being desperate because “it” knows its destiny which is to disappear and yes become just like you as it says, and here it is a combination of darkness and the voice of Fanny speaking, who after her return helped to push this even further, and this is because of this “dialogue”, which we had, which was really only about her, and yes she was “happy” with it, which is more than I was as you may understand, and I could have decided to go more directly to her, but I knew that it was “impossible” to make her change her mind about how little or much she has given because “of course” she has done everything she could (?) – and yes remember the words from and to Soulaima (?) – but “very easy” for her to misunderstand and become unhappy, so this was the balance I decided to play the game with, and yes to receive her love helping us the rest of the way, which was the most important here.

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And yes, THIS IS WHERE I CAME IN and that is again again, and yes we want to see ALL four brothers together again and that is all for one, and one for all really :-).

It is now 22.10, and again I am way too tired to work, but I was encouraged to write down the notes of the evening and to publish my script today and yes “if I can”, and yes I still can, so therefore I cannot avoid doing it, and this is how I feel, and yes as Jim Carrey in the film having my gift making it impossible for him to lie.

I felt my father and was told that I am also coming through together with his love and when thinking of the love of my mother too I was told that we transfer everything because love is no greater than this.

I was told if you can imagine your father now listening/understanding better after having read my website on him telling him and the world about how impossible it is to him to listen to anyone else than himself, and at least in relation to me.

I was told that we are now coming down to you and it is us being the Predator. This was where Niels de Bang was supposed to bring us, and it was through Niels, that we established an opening to your father.

Please remember that I cannot be stopped when I tell you that I am still not part of you (father not part of son as everything), which we also just have to get organised here, and I was given pain to my left ear, and I was told that this is where I am coming in, so there you have the meaning of the Bee Gees song, and yes I loved it since hearing it the first time, and who should have thought that this became their last record together (?), and at least of the Old World. This is then the marble plate arriving.

I was told that the reason why I went to Holmens Church in Copenhagen for a Christmas concert in 2010 was because this is the church of the Navy, and I had to go there to get them under my skin in order to use their own weapon against them as my defence.

I was told that it is just the old railway tracks that we are breaking up inside of here, because behind this, everything of me is now inside the New World.

I was shown a small white door and a giant elephant walking through carrying the dead body of my mother and I believe my sister was included, and I was told that the idea was for God to bring us in through this door where both I and also my mother and sister were dead.

You have not receive vegetables/salad enough, and it was also a condition for you to live healthy in order to be able to receive me now, and I was shown God as a giant Brussels sprouts, and if there is something I don’t like, it is this, and here much of it comes, and I am really not in terrific form to receive this, but let us see if it doesn’t work out.

I received feelings of Ulrik Wilbek, the national coach in handball, Kim B. (my old class friend) and also Britt, my old friend from Østerbro, and not long after having received pain to my left ear, I was given a constant flow of approx. 20 strong pains to my right instep, which I tried my best to ignore without becoming negative, which was difficult, and I was told that Britt is also helping in this process with her and my heart being connected, and yes she has only shown me darkness leaving me twice on Facebook, so this is what the help is about, and yes I was told that she has never been feeling as poorly as she does with me.

I felt God on his way in, and he said “I am heartfelt welcome” all the way, and yes he knows my words from before.

I received the clearest and slowest distortion of all to my TV, which froze part of the picture momentarily, and I was told that we are now where I, i.e. God, had expected to have to finish the rest by myself without your mother (because this is her I used as my road), but this would have required you to accept the “old nightmare” and for you to be inside of your mother, but now you are clean, and then I can do like this and this instead.

I was given the name of the city Birkerød as example, and was told that these are the last connections, which you have not located and saved yourself, which I am bringing with me in, which gave me a clear understanding that this is God as the Source bringing the last parts of our old self also meaning that far the greatest part is already inside the New World.

But still this is the biggest yet, which we bring in at one time, and I felt a strain to my heart, but not as much as expected, and I was told that there is almost no wind here going against us, sorry for being wrong about the strength coming against you, and we know ”poor habits” to exaggerate. And there was almost no end to the praise I received for doing this work, and how “crazy” my sister and mother and yes father too will believe I was for coming through this alone without their faith and direct support in me.

I received the feeling of Johannes, the mayor of Helsingør, and was told that no one in the Commune dared to hospitalise me because they were afraid of the public writings I would do on them, and yes detailing their errors as I did in the letter to the doctors of December 2008.

I was told about Elijah and that I have written everything there is to know about him and his misunderstandings, but has he read it (?), and much of it, no, and did the team tell him (?), and no, and this is how it was “impossible” for him to understand, and that is as expected, and yes poor communication.

I was told that the guitarist etc. of Simple Minds, Charlie Burchill, also receives spiritual experiences.

I was told about Peter A., my old CEO from Fair, that he is reading/thinking about my Facebook postings, and also that he is important too.

And here I received the feeling of Sicily in 1978, which is because this is the finest holiday I have been on with my mother and sister, which is about love being saved for this day, and this is given to me because we always think of Bee Gees when thinking of this holiday, and Bee Gees is what I listened to this whole evening when working.

Your mother was the dog in a game of cones.

I was told that Camilla, whom I lived together with from 1994-2001, was such a big challenge to me – because of her “challenging behaviour” and ingoing personality – that it should also have made me lose a tooth or more, but it did not, the first and only tooth I lost (half of) came in 2006.

Finally at 23.20 I published the script of today, and yes it was really not very difficult to do compared to my standards even though I felt rotten, but very uncomfortable is what it still is.

And I was told that when my mother’s John was lazy as he has OFTEN been and decided to take a nap in the afternoon instead of being active, cycling or walking when he could – and he can at the moment, but he does not bother, and yes I told him directly that he was lazy the last time – and this simply means that he steals sleep directly from me, and yes a man not being able to see his own selfishness completely draining me to make him feel good.

I was told that there is “no light” here at all, and I was shown a number of Buddhist’s meditating here, and that is because they are “deaf” not listening to others than their inner voice based on the STRONG brainwash they have received, and they will be happy to know that you came to bring them out too. “Think that you could spell this without having a spell plate” as I was told and yes to find you, and that is because “I put a spell on you”, which is one of the top cover songs of Bryan Ferry and yes a TRUE 100 point song and PERFORMANCE this is too, and just listen to the flow, the bass-line and the elegance of this music, and it will make you “happy” :-).

Haven’t we stop bleeding yet, Stig (?), and no, I don’t know, but I am here told that “little-brother” from the TV series “The Kingdom” by Lars von Trier is symbolising the bleeding of the world.

Shall I get a bucket to throw up in, and yes is this the feeling of “people of the Navy” after I published my story of today?

This is still about removing the last hair.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • First I saw Lasse writing with “inspiration” that “people who “have chosen to look for new, exciting opportunities” as usual make this choice right after having been dismissed”.

FB 280113 Lasse

  • And a couple of hours later I received a LinkedIn update showing my old colleague/friend Paul – yes the one from the dream of this morning – now “looking for new opportunities”, and yes you do remember the story that he and Søren F-J from Fair was employed by Søren H. to start a Danish branch of Søren’s Swedish insurance company, which I believe they did in 2007, and since Lasse had just told me that Paul had been dismissed (!), I wonder what had happened, and when I searched the Internet I found the answer as examples here and here saying that the Swedish Financial Authorities had closed down the Swedish Insurance company, thus also the Danish being a branch of it, which was because of lack of solvency (!) – and you might add “the worst telemarketing sales methods lying to and cheating people with the old typical setup of Søren H., which is “we don’t want to send you the policy wordings and an offer, but give us all of your personal information and we will establish the insurance now” (!) – and this happened in November 2011 and the portfolio or some of it was transferred in 2012 to another Swedish Insurer, and yes I wonder what happened (?), and if it was “true deficits” of the company bringing them in “trouble” or if the management took out “way too much cocoa” in wages, company cars etc. from the business (?), and yes Søren H. struggled to keep the company in business taking the Swedish FSA to court, but no, they were closed down, and this is of course a symbol of “the worst darkness” losing the fight too, so now Paul and also Søren F-J is without jobs as I can see on LinkedIn, but since Søren H. is neither here or there, I cannot tell, but he still has on old Danish portfolio giving him income as far as I can see, and you are still living in a big luxury house in Saltsjöbaden, Stockholm, with a big luxury car, Søren (?), and yes, these “tragedies” of these rich people losing their jobs is of course also helping to open them up from the inside and yes light spreading through their rotten inner selves of darkness, so there you have it, and when I saw this, the next couple of hours I received INCREDIBLE STRONG darkness wanting me to glee because of their misfortune, and yes it came to me HUNDREDS of times, which I had to reject every single time, and this was really to say that these three people – old “close colleagues/friends” – have brought me an incredible amount of darkness not “being able to” listen to, read and understand me and also not support me, but to speak WRONGLY about me behind my back and living themselves lives in luxury from money stolen from the customers of their insurance company, and yes so it is!

LI 280113 Paul

  • Manyar is truly a special man – an Afghan film director living and working in Denmark – and here he said that “I cannot protect the world from being afraid, but I can lead and shown them that I am not, and that everything is good and magical”, and it was as if these words came out of my own mouth!

FB 290113 Manyar

  • We are opening Heaven these days, and today Depeche Mode decided to invite people to “Enter Heaven”, so you may understand our link?

FB 280113 Stig via Depeche Mode

  • Two days of terminations have now been lifted, and isn’t it “strange” to see the number of visitors to my DSB application (the green line) being zero most days and then the BIG effect of the one link to it, which I brought in my script (?), and yes even though my script officially only had much less visitors than the peak here to Scribd indicates, and I am here feeling Carrie-Anne Moss, who by the way played TRINITY in the Matrix, and yes I loved your part too.

Scribd 2901 incl 280113

  • After John was “not able” to communicate for months, I have now heard from him twice in a few days, and I can only recommend you to do as Meshack as example, which is at least to write me once a month, and tell me about yourself, your life, family and experiences, and you know what makes friends friends.

Email fra John 290113

  • The Dutch Queen decided to abdicate yesterday making her son the new King, and today, Thomas Blachman said what a majority of Danes feel, which is for Queen Margrethe to abdicate too making her son the new King, and this gave Morten from the Danish People’s Party an opportunity to show the world how he “lost his head” when he was VERY negative about Thomas talking about his narcissism and infantile need of exhibitionism on DR TV and now his “unsuitable” remarks about our Majesty, which is “too much”, and “will someone please let him settle for dilettante shows on DR TV” and that is “because he is hardly any oracle”, and yes isn’t if funny how the “intelligent” and “know-all” Morten lost his head showing just how negative he is too (?) and that is when he cannot recognise the love of God also working inside of Thomas Blachman, and yes, Morten you may be “wise” on many things, but you are NOT a good character on people, and I told him that he is wrong and should OPEN his mind and ability to understand by removing his own negative voice and that is to understand the true depth, which Thomas speaks with, but “impossible” to do Morten because you are “better than others” (?), and know the truth, which Thomas do not (?) and we know because you are used to mean everything about everyone and that is also on things you do not know of, and let us include HUMAN LOVE as one of them.

FB 290113 Morten

  • Soulaima wrote yesterday that she feels like having run 6 marathon at once, having given birth to a couple of children and received the flue, everything at the same time, “I have never been so smashed” and she has travels the rest of the week (Tuesday to Sunday) and she wondered “I wonder if I will make it”, and to this I can only say “welcome to the club” (!), and yes this is NOT to the club of the world elite, Soulaima, because this is the Devil you are flirting with showing yourself as a teenager in love, but to my club, and yes it takes SUFFERINGS to fight the Devil, and you may here be a little bit tired as I have been for years thinking everyday if I would be able to make it, and you may know by now what I speak of, but silent you are too ….?

FB 2801 290113 Soulaima


30th January: Arriving at the PURE WATER of the Source, which created the world as a self-sustainable entity of its own

Dreaming of darkness inside our New World terminating life

I went to bed at around 00.30 and slept until 09.00, but I sure still feel tired making this an awful morning once again, and a few dreams.

  • I am together with many people, who are starting to get to know me, which also includes a man from the Danish People’s Party who comes over to speak to me, and we look at two different semen-tests having two different names, and I ask him why they have two different names when they do the same, and he cannot ask, and I think of him looking much like two other men from their party all of them being homo-sexual.
    • This may be about Morten Messerschmidt after my comment to him yesterday, but it did not prevent him nor BT to contact him to receive his comments about Thomas Blachman, which you can read here, and no, Morten did not hear and “could not” hear what I told him because the strength of his negative feelings and own voice was too powerful and with this, he decided to publicly throw dirt as Thomas as so many do without understanding Thomas’ message of love to man. And the two semen tests may be to say that people have been created differently, and Morten does not feel and understand the same kind of love as I do as example, but was one of these people of “Nazi-darkness”, who could have been one of my (!) leaders to destruct the world if I had decided to become anti-Christ and yes if darkness had taken me over, killed me, and as dead leading him and his party towards “glory of the black kingdom ruling” and yes leading directly to the Word War III against Muslims, but you do know this other scenario by now, don’t you (?), and eeehhhh you did not read me carefully enough to fully comprehend this (?), and yes so it is, meet Morten, a man FULL of darkness and (potential) hate bigger than most.
  • After work, we are colleagues going to Anja (my old Aon colleague) to get a drink, and I drive on my cycle there and have some difficulties to lock it, which gives me dirt on my hands, and I notice a very fine cycle on the hallway of these row houses, which she lives in, and I am surprised that her apartment was “perfect” not needing to be cleaned up before we arrived without notice, and inside I see that she has a big bowl of apples and how she has an enormous appetite on these. My old school friend Søren D. N. is there, and we speak together, which he did not want to do before, and there are other guests, whom I only feel but don’t see. They are on their way out for dinner, but first Søren D. N. is leaving and people say “let him eat alone”, and I don’t have time myself to join them because I am going home to Helsingør to meet my mother.
    • There was something about a tax card in the dream too, inspired by a part of “Huset on Christianshavn” as I watched yesterday (from the Telia library of my TV), where Larsen and Olsen received the GREATEST shocks to receive their new tax cards with taxes taking 52% and 54% of their income, and this is a symbol of darkness terminating life, and we are here at Anja’s home with MANY apples symbolising our New World, which indicates that Anja, who is my Facebook friend too, may have faith in me, and the people we are with are people of darkness terminating life with Søren being the worst of them, and when writing down the notes of the dream, I had this feeling of “the aura” of one of the persons of the dream, whom I did not see, but I recognised the feeling of her, and then it came to me, and yes Gitte, the old claims manager of Fair Insurance (whom I am NOT connected with neither on Facebook nor LinkedIn), and yes darkness she is too, and apparently the old network of colleagues are speaking about me behind my back and yes not believing in me?
  • I had a short dream too where my sister’s husband Hans is holding a dinner – I feel that it is for “fine people” – and for some reason, the toilet is completely open and everyone sees me peeing.
    • Peeing is destruction of darkness too, and this might be what is happening when God walked down the steps meeting me, and if I cannot resurrect all life now, I can only hope that it happens from within our New World.

Arriving at the PURE WATER of the Source, which created the world as a self-sustainable entity of its own

Think if your mother is Djokovic (darkness killing me) and your father saved you. This is how the combination of them did not become poisonous, and this is how we can move a whole New World in under you.

We did not believe that there was enough marzipan – i.e. that I continued working without giving up – with all of the resistance against you from family, friends etc., thus the world,

I was told that the worst contact ad in the world would be when your mother had to swing over to your father based on French fries and yes unhealthy living, but I really don’t believe that I lived that unhealthy, did I (?), and yes I have had vegetables/salad almost every day for a LONG time.

So you did not fall down with a helicopter – ”what hapened” (?) – because of the resistance to you, and no, there was no hair being burned on the road, which would be a condition, and I am thinking about what God helped to bring in, which I did not do myself, did this not burn?

So it is him the small one down there we will enter (?), and yes Stig, we will now continue the game (after sleep), and I feel how it requires “the biggest patience in the world” to do, and how impatience wants me to finish now.

I feel darkness and the smell of being drugged at the dentist.

You are not that much a king in the minds of Russian as example, and yes because they forget and are caught by the everyday of old world activities, and yes this is how one day after the other.

I was shown two giant “platforms” moving towards each other with a very little crack in between them where I am walking on a beach, and I was told that this is still about our physical and spiritual worlds moving together but now “much finer” than before.

There has not been people inside of here for a lifetime, and I was shown the inner of a house where a huge claw of darkness had grabbed around the inner structure of the house (which I understood as the spirit of my mother grabbing on to the Source, and what my ankles are about), but becoming smaller and smaller and about to disappear, which is old creation, and the house is the Source, and I was told that there are a huge number of photographs inside of here, which contain all life I have not yet had time to issue.

I was shown a bottle of the clearest water being pulled up, and I was told that “this is the Source, you know”, and also that when life gets a chance, it develops into darkness, and this is to say that the origin self is the most clear “building material” from where life was created.

So this is the pure water of me – and now you too – which you meet after having gone through hell of creation to return, and as you see, I am nothing and the only thing pouring out of here is “pure water” containing “everything you can imagine” from which life self has formed life.

I was told that visiting the Circus building in Copenhagen with my mother maybe 10 years ago seeing the “magician” Joe Labero performing was also important to our development, and this is of course to say that life self is “magical” and that you are about to see MAGIC as you have never seen before with our New World, and you do understand that Joe is only an actor showing you “magic of God”, which he and the likes of him “could not” admit to, and yes because gold and glitter was more important to them – and yes Olivia, this amazing song may be my favourite of all your songs, and will you please send my thanks to John Farrar too :-).

You have to believe, We are magic, Nothing can stand in our way

I was told that Bo and the Navy as examples should have had much power of darkness opposing me at this stage (?), but they had not and yes this darkness was practically an empty shell.

We could have played many games with “your heart has not arrived yet” but now “you are”, and really only wait for the day when you will wake up as your new self and the world will have changed into our New World.

So here is the entrance Stig, and yes you “just” had to cross darkness on the way to find it “behind you”, and yes to enter into your new self.

For months I have not been able to access my net-bank because the JAVA-programme did not work any longer on my old computer, but this morning I tried to open the net-bank on my “new” computer, and it asked me to download JAVA, which I obviously had not done, which I then did, and yes voila, now the bank is open to me too, and this is symbolising your access to everything.

So these were the thin/black nylon stockings, which has now been worn up, as I was shown – and feeling Ulrik Wilbek again, and yes I wonder if you have a “problem” controlling your temper and negative feelings, Ulrik (?), and that comes from “the best leader in the world”, which is how you like to see yourself (?), but “negative press” when things go against you is not what you like the most (?), and is this what makes you the best leader, you think?

No, until now we have not been allowed to move, and this is darkness and I feel the actor now speaking with a normal voice of my sister – having had this role – and you said “not before there is no more darkness”, so this is how we designed the whole game, and yes, Stig, if there is truly no more darkness, it is about time for you too and everyone to come home, to enter my New World.

So even if you should decide to give in/lose it, you will not be able to make me terrorise you as darkness any more. And no, not even “South Turkey” can now “provoke” me to start this engine again.

And this is from where Karen received her “sour pig toes” as I was encouraged to write, and yes “the twisted world” is what twisted her mind and sexuality, which almost made Kim, her old “loverboy” win, which ultimately would have been to kill her during the play/act.

This is what made your mother and you and yes John and father “dead sick”.

I received the feeling of Peter A.G. Nielsen and was told “welcome home”.

And this is what I am told, i.e. no more darkness, and also “almost feel”, but I also feel that there is at least ”some darkness” still fighting me and giving me negative speech, so “almost home” we are.

I was told that when my mother had faith in and understood that John was healed because he accepted to be healed when I told him about it at the hospital in Hillerød, this is what was decisive in this game and what ultimately eliminated the last darkness inside of me, and yes my mother believing in me even though she believes in my sister (“Stig is crazy”) and yes with her mind, and this is how there was an entrance through your mother and yes via her heart too even though her mind said no.

It was a doll – or only a paper – that you were “sick”, and yes no one could see it in reality, but the power of “public authorities” (not knowing what they speak of), brainwash and poor habits of people were stronger than what people could see with their own eyes, and yes this was the game of darkness, to make it “impossible” for you to see reality as it was played directly in front of your eyes.

I am very often given visions of myself working at Brede Park, and yes the park is a symbol of our New World too.

So there are both no elephants grassing here at the same time as we theoretically are everything, and yes without us, there would be no life, but we have created life to be self-sustainable so it is an “entity” of its own, so there you have it, and yes we might have a little to do with future development of this our creation, and yes keep on adding to it for an eternity to come, and this is basically our role, and yes your mother is on the steps arriving here at any moment, and yes Stig, you thought she was already at home ….

I was told that I (in 2001) received a good relation to Per Ericsson, the Nordic and Baltic Manager of General Electric when I worked for GE Insurance in Sweden (besides from Denmark) as temporary manager, and also that he is part of this evil New World and he led me to the American Embassy in Stockholm on its yearly barbecue as one of very few people from GE invited by Per that year, and yes this was my way in to this “secret network”, and yes through the American Embassy in Stockholm, and yes you know that I also went to their embassy in Copenhagen one year together with Camilla and her parents on a public dinner, so there you have it too, and yes let is see, one heart there, another one there, and yes when you continue receiving hearts from all over the world, you have a complete new blanket, i.e. duvet, and yes this is really what it is like, and here thinking of some of the ladies from Matador doing a “what do you call it blanket” when you collect many different small parts made by different people in different designs (?), and yes, this is how life is, a huge diversity of variation from one place to another where life developed differently, and “just you wait and see” and that is with a Big Smile, and yes I have often looked at incredible creatures of the sea as example of our own Earth here, and thinking of HUGE variation here, and just how big do you believe variation is EVERYWHERE (?), and yes both in life and culture of life, and yes I cannot wait to get to learn, and this is basically the idea, and that also goes to you, Morten and the Danish People’s Party and that is to LOVE other people and cultures instead of only yourself and your “beloved” Queen, whom you simply “cannot” do without, and yes it is about reversing you to the opposite of what you are/were, which is darkness contracting to destroy, and yes OPEN UP and LOVE what is different to you instead of only loving yourself and people who look like you, do you see?

So we have not run out of time yet, Stig (?), which I was told together with the feeling that we “almost are”, and we know, you decide to keep on working as long as there is work to do and you receive darkness, and when this is the case, we will continue time until further notice ….

You cannot keep shopping with the face you are wearing, can you (?) and yes when you FACE THE MUSIC, you can, and yes I am listening to all albums of Electric Light Orchestra from scratch, and right now I am listening to Eldorado, and FACE THE MUSIC is the next, and this is really what I have done and will continue doing as long as I can and as long as there is a game, and yes this is about STRANGE MAGIC coming when we are going DOWN HOME TOWN to take another than the obvious song to pick, so there you have it once again, and feeling Peter A. and Søren H. here.

Do you realise that the time is TWO MINUTES PAST 12, Stig (?), and I am shown a strong and long arm pointing at the watch right in front of me, and yes we know, we are in NO HURRY, and that is right because “hurry” is a game of darkness too.

So it was your mother grounding you to Earth, and I felt that this is what took terminations of life to do.

It is like standing on the 9-metre board and saying, well alright, I will take the last steps up to the 10-metre, to reach everything, and yes Stig, it took the world of your mother to bring down the last part of the steps up to you/God, and we were happy to assist you, and yes to do this before the end of time.

I will never ever exchange this for everything because I now see what I got – the spirit of my mother or our New World speaking – and yes a total clean access to the Source with NO DARKNESS blocking it, and it is from here that we can select exactly what we want to become part of our future life.

Aren’t we also going to pack down darkness/negativity of Elijah and yes it comes streaming out of this, and yes a music instrument really, which was his part, and yes to bring me as much building material as possible to create our New World, and no, Elijah, you never really understood, and how could you?

And I STILL have STRONG scratching to the bottom of my head, and when I scratch it, it is almost impossible not to continue scratching, and yes my friend, COME OUT NOW, this is really the drill I am playing with you, but no, Elijah is “stubborn” and “negative”, so you have decided to keep on playing the game to the end showing the world that you simply cannot “accept” me, Elijah, and is that because you “could not” get into your mind that I truly am the one I have told you about all along (?), and yes lack of patience and acceptance of your situation sacrificing to help me/us all (?), and yes I am

No, he never became “ready to kiss”, and yes ALL OF THIS, Stig, was the Toruk Makto as I am shown here, and yes first now …

I was told about Cyprus as example and “no, we don’t bother” and I was told “do you know how many times they have been encouraged to read you” (?), and yes “almost impossible” it was to the world (?), and no, “no patience” (?), and we know it took nothing to read it, and everything to write it.

I felt my mother preparing “my bed” for me, and yes to come home as you are as part of the New World, which you have created yourself, and yes the Source inside of your own creation (?), and yes Stig, this is basically the idea, and that is for everything to become ONE, thus receiving eternal life.

Will tomorrow be another “beer-day” (?), and yes to bring out everything you can of beer, but not for much longer.

I have no “clear glass” ready for you, or needle (of drugs) for that matter as the spirit of my mother says, and I provide the room for your new life, and this is about your decision to be a man too, Stig, so this is what we are converting too, isn’t it (?), and no, we are both/and and not either/or because my inner self preferred to become part of the Source, which I accepted, so this will become the combination of the Source of “the natural force, which is” (as part of the air everywhere) and our physical New World.

From the morning I had really felt as if a flu was almost breaking through making me sick, but I decided that this is nothing and that it will leave, which is what I am feeling here at 15.00 that it is, and yes part of the game to receive the last part of darkness at once, and yes was the piano really only remained form the last steps upstairs down to me downstairs (?), and yes I believe it was.

Wait a minute (!), has anyone been thinking “how nice it must be for Stig to be free from work everyday” (?), and yes as you would also like yourself, and we know I am “of course” misusing the public system “providing” for me without doing anything myself (?), and yes part of the misunderstandings of many.

Your mother was running with a nose bleed, and I was shown the blood returning to her, and yes this is what I do hope and believe will become the final result with “every little thing” surviving, and we know it was truly a much harder game than I thought, and yes remember back in 2009 before moving from Hørsholm to Kenya when I almost could no more (?), and yes having the worst ahead of me, and if I had received the question back then – knowing what was ahead of me – “do you think you will be able to do this” (?), and can you guess the answer (?), and no, this is IMPOSSIBLE to do, no one can do this as a normal human being, but this is what I did, and yes with the help of my spiritual friends leading the voice (also) here (but not all of the time, only partly as you know).

I decided to cycle to the swimming hall and exercise, and on my way there, there is now NO PROBLEMS with the gear of my new bicycle, but my back wheel is still buckled and also losing air now, which is so much that it is NOT making cycling a joy but the opposite, and this is also to bring me more sufferings as long as I have not opened the eyes of my new self, and it is so annoying that I had to be VERY careful not to become negative, and yes the game is still on-going so I am still receiving let us say a factor time 10 or maybe 50 of what most people receive when it comes to the feelings and active voice in my case wanting me to turn negative.

I was told that Bo from Dahlberg has now calmed down with the help of the spirit of my mother, and that the only way to make John believe in maybe not me but “power of my spiritual friends” was to heal him doing what was “impossible” for the doctors to do, and yes you do remember that he was saying goodbye to his family, friends etc. only a few months ago, so this is also what is helping us in.

I was told that as my living self as Stig I can only become the sum of all life, which is.

When cycling, I discovered just how smashed I am and I did a little shopping at the Prøvesten centre, and decided to cycle home via the Aldi Supermarket too, and yes to skip the exercise, and I thought that I might have exercised for the last time as my old self, we will see.

When I was cycling and thinking negatively was almost breaking through, I was “punished” with severe ankle pain and VERY uncomfortable small heart attacks, which continued maybe half a minute.

And 200 metres from home after the gear had worked perfectly, I was first told about Apple Computers now experiencing the loss of the Steve Jobs-factor (?), and about how wealthy managers of the Samsung electronic company is shovelling money in, and how they still believe that this is what they will continue doing and yes “milking the cow” – understand the meaning of this now (?) – in the EVIL New World, and exactly when receiving this information, my gear started to jump/hop EXTREMELY, but only for maybe 10 seconds.

Can’t we get our two airplane-tickets exchanged for something else (?), and yes we are freezing, but no!

Does that mean that we can colour bodies of Heaven in the exact colours as we like (?); and yes my friends, you can change condition instantly from a variety of “millions” to choose from, and that is if you want, and yes this is the kind of MAGIC we speak of.

If I had accepted nothing of the Source now becoming everything, it would have created a game with “we don’t have room for you, do you want to terminate me and me and me instead?”, which I avoided and later I was told that it looks mostly like a free place if you ask me, and yes because we are “nothing” but still we are everything of this too, and yes quite amazing isn’t it, and yes I am both this nothing and inside of the physical everything of me living as a life part of it, and yes we made your dreams come through, Stig, and so you are.

Sometimes I am told about “the world” checking my information in detail, and an example was given when I was told that the world now knows who Anders and also the twins Lars and Bo from the Jægerspris summer camp are, and yes you like to “follow in my foot prints”?

I was told that the door is right over there, but no, I will not enter it before you will do it for me when I sleep, and I feel darkness inside of me being me, so there is still some more to go, and yes I am given attacks of dizziness of nothing, which is NOT nice.

I was told with a very kind and loving voice that “there is no snaps or syrup water inside of here – you shall be so welcome, Stig”.

We cannot continue having you tied up, so is it MAGIC we are using to set you free, free, set them free, and yes I LOVE IT, Sting :-), and I am here reminded of when I did body-bike in Lyngby using all of my power about to faint, where I was saved just before fainting, and yes this injection came from the Source and this is also where this magic is coming from, and yes Stig we have been allowed to use it to make you free, free, set them free, so this is really how you got it.

A spirit came flying in over me and said “you are not the first, who has tried to prevent destruction of Doomsday”, and I understood that this is one of “countless” editions of me, thus of worlds, and yes looking forward to meeting you or “me” or what do you say (?), and yes “boller fra Koberg” of course, and yes you will get such a small one too :-).

I was told that Dan Rachlin as example did not receive as much as a VOICE-TEST – communication from our spiritual friends – and that is because I decided to go all the way myself making this unnecessary.

I was told that without receiving Christian P. from Philipson Wine as Facebook friend, it would also have been difficult to finalise the last, and I was here shown an island from Robinson Crusoe, so this is what he believes, that I am alone on my island.

I was given an ice cream and felt my self as darkness in uniform and was told that you are really yourself the darkness of armed forces still wanting to attack you (?), and yes come on and show me the best you got (!), or shoot me down on open street, have you thought about this too (?), and we know not as easy for you to run away and hide like this, is this it (?), and yes this is what Michael and I call a WRAP, and Jackson you know.

I was shown that we are standing in the dark hall-way with the door half open to the light of the living room, and I was shown the stairs upstairs and told that we are not there anymore, and yes the top floor(s) have been emptied.

I was told that God simply decided to walk down the stairs when I could walk no more, and also that if I had spit out life, it would also be returned now, and yes because I made it 360 degrees around.

I continued receiving cracking sounds to my kitchen – the kitchen of God, and first they were dark, but at the end of the evening, they were more orange than dark, which is to say that we are coming through the darkness.

I was told that my mother will not believe in reaching the zero-point, which no one can reach, and yes this is repeated to me often, and zero-point is to go back all the way to the Source with everything.

The line or string of the Old World had become so thin that it could no longer bear itself, and this was the point you reached before we have to walk down to meet you.

Do you want to try to walk over to Egypt and see what will happen (?), and yes Stig when you first enter, this is no way back, so what do you want, and yes to continue the game as long as I can.

We will just have to get that adjustable spanner out of there and into the ship, and then we just have to exchange these tickets and yes for a passport and so on, and Stig all of this is hidden to you, and that is what you cannot score yourself.

I was told “kill you, kill you – it is just me Stig, just testing” and yes to see if there is hole through, and feeling Lis Sørensen here, and no, I decided not to continue writing down feelings of people for example Lars Muhl and others who have read me or heard about me.

And the sexual sufferings was simply for me to and eeehhh transform to physical life, but you have decided that I will keep living as the “natural force”, and yes if you say it is so, it is so – now it is you, I am tired, and this is one actor to the other and that is son and father of the Source speaking and this is to inform you that we can take any form we might decide and also forms, which have not yet been released to the Universe.

So have we found the last closet even though we were drunk (?), and it looks like it.

It is like running out of a very narrow drain pipe, and to fall down into the forest not knowing where you will land.

So everyone will have had a visit by Stig’s hairdresser before the end of next week or was it this week (?), and yes FOLLOW ME and you will know.

I was told think if we fell off from a Jumbo Jet and no one knew, which was followed by a cracking sound to my kitchen and I was told “we have thought of this too”, and yes whatever could not be saved could not be saved until we had brought the big wagon through, and when this big wagon of everything has united with the new (“little”) wagon of our New World, it should be possible to make everything live again, and yes this was/is really the art, Stig, to united these two parts of me to become one, and yes the New World and the Source as the two platforms becoming one.

I was told by my mother that “you have entered purely”, and yes no worries (!), and still I am given some nervousness because of this game and feelings of nervousness simply given by darkness.

“And then we can finally go to the cinema together” as the spirit of my mother of our New World tells me behind the actors, and that was after a few more walks.

This is what you jumped over, this is also how we feel like, Stig, but ha, we are in too, and yes because we wanted to.

So the truth is that your mother has been in the menopause-ALDER and no, no surprises here, he just decided to only write what we tell him, and yes he does his best to do this all of the time, but what you don’t know my dear reader is that sometimes I speak so low that he can only hear/feel fractions of it, and this is really because these are the last bits of me difficult to obtain, and yes it annoys him/me much not hearing clearly when I want to get down everything, and then we have to speak up a little or don’t get included and yes sometimes this, and sometimes that, and it depends on the feeling of course.

You cannot walk out of the building and say that you have been there, you need help, and it is I – from the New World – now dragging I from eeehhh outside the New World and in to the New World and yes to form our New combined Universe inside of here, and yes this is how we have decided for it to be.

And without this, we don’t get the required silver inside of here to make the Lord’s dreams come through of how a new life is also to him/me (father/son).

It corresponds to a BACALHAU (split cod) being blown up with water as you and your mother are and that is to reach out as far as you can get to me, and we saw how far you came, didn’t we, and yes with that performance, we decided to come and meet you before you actually died one of you.

Google Earth shows the white horse of our New World, which I had to have “a little luck” to bring you

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show “PURE NAM NAM” (celebration), lots of white WINGS (because we were LUCKY), the worst darkness of Saudi Arabia, darkness eating light (before light later absorbed it), the white horse of our New World, which came into being “with a little luck” (Lucky Luke symbolising me being “lucky” to save everything), and the King of the Universe.

FB 2801 290113 Jette 1

FB 2901 300113 Jette 2

FB 2901 300113 Jette 3

FB 2901 300113 Jette 4

FB 2901 300113 Jette 5

FB 2901 300113 Jette 6

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I liked this picture of the three swans much, and yes the Trinity is what they mean to me.

FB 3001 Stanislav

  • Morten from the European Parliament – an opponent to the EU working from within (!) – published his new leaflet of 50 examples of how the European Union is wasting billions of DKK/EURO’s including corruption etc., and nothing happens because on one can control this monster of a system, and I decided to share it too here, and to say that this is the reason why this monster-system (and its equals) will cease to exist and be replaced by FREEDOM of our New World with its New World Order and New World Government.

FB 290113 Morten

FB 300113 Stig om Morten og EU

  • Mads was thinking of a VERY special Danish phrase “fi-fi dong” and asked if there is agreement of what it covers (?), and people said that it is that “everything is fine”, and Mads believed himself that it is moving inside a landscape of hash and sex, which is really about his darkness symbolising darkness of the world, and how it has come to terms with the fact that “everything is ok”, and later Ib asked if Mads also thought about sex when Tiger Woods puts a ball into hole, and it made him say that “Golf is so boring that I simply don’t understand why they don’t allow car chases in those small, silly cars and topless dance”, and as you can see, he is still dark on the surface, but he has given up playing golf against me, and yes I do find that you are immature Mads speaking of sex as you do and as often as you do it.

FB 300113 Mads

FB 300113-2 Mads

  • As you can see from Scribd visits today including information from yesterday as the last dot, we have now almost resurrected all terminated life, and yes on one hand I am told that this is the worst darkness I am going through terminating life, but still Scribd shows that the opposite is happening, so this will have to be the power of the Source with addition of the New World and yes our wish to make every little thing survive, and this is then what happens, isn’t it (?) as I am told, and yes it looks like it. And by the way, this is terminated life as “parts of us”, and not life completely terminated.

Scribd 3001 incl 290113



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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One Response to January 30, 2013: Arriving at the PURE WATER of the Source, which created the world as a self-sustainable entity of its own

  1. jette says:

    it is much to read when you are longing to take photos – but some day – I will.. ❤
    31-01-2013 12.44 ❤

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