February 1, 2013: Landing all content of the Source inside our New World with the love of God now spreading everywhere


Summary of the script today

31st January: We are completing the work converting God and the spiritual world into everything of our new physical world

  • Dreaming of the “army of me” entering me as PURE DIAMOND, top business people of the evil World Order as the WORST darkness, American media bringing me darkness, abuse of children, I am continuing the game saving more life of darkness/pure water of God because my sister is open to me, and the life entering now of God is the most precious wine of all.
  • Remaining parts of “nothing” of God – or “the piano” – keeps on coming in, and instead of breaking glass when entering the world, we continue turning minus to plus. To combine the Source and the New World has always been our highest wish of everything, and doing this work is potentially very dangerous to burn, but this is kept away from me, and everything enters me “without problems” because I have NEVER asked it to stay away but to always welcome it, and this code is part of this darkness impossible to change. Elijah’s extreme darkness in relation to me is a driving factor doing this work, and I transferred money to the three of the team today, but not Elijah who is no friend of mine, when he cannot control his negative feelings and cannot communicate with me, which will probably make him even more negative?
  • The Universe is expanding much with the last parts of God as the Source entering, and we are now completing the task of converting and merging everything of the spiritual world into our new physical world, which is what was “impossible” to do because “nothing” would resist with everything it had when life and “everything” was NOT the natural way of life, but this is what I/we did.
  • My mother’s husband John’s cancer is “reduced”, he is becoming better simply because I am removing darkness of everything.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show a tall figure carrying a lamb, the mirror/glass, which the Source is turning around to enter our New World, extreme pollution of Earth, Russians in glass, the death of the old King of Karen as “opposite love”, and “the (new) King is white and in the crowd”.
  • Short stories of Pure Water of God resurrecting all terminated life, Dan is on his way home to original life of God and everyone will follow him, Danish pigs are grossly tortured/abused, which I do NOT approve of, will FC Brøndby be saved or will they have to start all over (?), the “chicken” of a Health Minister and the pharmaceutical industry, Mads speaks about my new self living and arriving in a taxi, the Danish star racing cyclist Michael Rasmussen is now a “clean chicken” admitting to his use of doping, but do NOT tell about others behind closed doors and do not laugh or cry because of people admitting to their sins, but be happy of this as a sign of what the whole world will do.

1st February: Landing all content of the Source inside our New World with the love of God now spreading/cleaning everywhere

  • Dreaming of saving more life with the help of my family.
  • Except from three hours of poor sleep, I was kept up having to go through another of the worst tired crisis, and I received the WORST heartburn, which was mainly because of darkness of my mother thinking of spending money, which is making it almost impossible for me to bring the last part of the Source inside our New World on the highest level, and I had to suffer much to be able to do this carried on the deep love of her to me being even stronger than her desire to spend money. But it was also darkness of General Electric/the business world, Elijah, dahlberg and others coming against me.
  • We will get a whole new watch when reaching the very end, and it will not be about the dark lady of death coming to kiss us, no it will simply be what you asked us to design via your thoughts and yes a practical “divider of spaces” in order to you to “meet on time” and keep your appointments and so on, and yes purely practical.
  • I was shown the inner self of me, which is the same as my heart, with a circle of sharp pencils all being “locked” in their position and now it is only the very last few we are placing. And I am driving on the absolutely last fuel making it “impossible” to continue my journey as my old self for much longer.
  • And we have tested “Germany” of our New World, which is completely clean and were everything works perfectly, we are about ready to take-off, it will not become boring.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show a smiling lady, souls leaving one and gained by another King, a happy face and one sleeping, my mother advertising for darkness, an open window to our New World and my book, the world is clean, love and happiness of my mother to man of our New World, my father on the sky with darkness, and celebration/dance because of our creation.
  • We landed the rocket (or “piano”) of the Source, and the SALT warehouse of “everything” is inside of the Source, which we have not seen yet! All of the Source is now inside of our New World including civilisation self, and I was given the LOUDEST physical noises yet to my kitchen (of God), until God “broke out” from the dark plate or dark stocking holding him back, and started spreading in the air around me, which he will continue doing also repairing/cleaning everything and resurrecting terminated life/stars, which I have not been able to do myself. And when this “silver“ will be switched on, it is what will create the PARADISE of our New World. God was the building stones of the world being “negative energy”, which had a natural instinct to destroy creation self, and is now turning around all of nothing to all of everything making everything “love”, which will be felt everywhere.
  • The heart of God has first been created with the creation of the world now letting God in. This is what is integrating spiritual with physical life.
  • The ship yard of the Source cannot burn now, and my “old nightmare” (including destruction of parts of the world) cannot be carried out.
  • Short stories of NOT reporting people behind their backs, today is DEPECHE MODE DAY, an incident of Messi showing darkness and misunderstandings of Real Madrid.


31st January: We are completing the work converting God and the spiritual world into everything of our new physical world

Dreaming of the “army of me” entering me as PURE DIAMOND and life entering now of God is the most precious wine of all

I went to bed at 00.20 and slept until 08.00 with these dreams.

  • First I was told before sleeping that types like Per Ericsson are responsible for regions including “everything that it takes” including murders etc., and I was told about “95 million dollars” and yes receiving an enormous amount of money for doing “nothing”, but they do love to TALK, TALK and TALK, which I remember that Per was truly fantastic to do, but what about WORKING, Per?
  • I was shown my self having a dagger made by ivory and I am the leader of an enormous army of “monster-men”, who look dangerous making me somewhat scared when they walk towards me, but I see that they change attitude and show me big smiles when entering around me.
    • This is the remaining “army of me” arriving, and yes Björk in the 1990’s is on the very top of my list as the most amazing/experimental music, truly fantastic, also this one, and yes it is from inside of my teeth that these monster men are coming out and transforming into PURE DIAMOND driving the lorry of the world as you can see, but it is no longer needed to explode the world to bring me alive, and yes a VERY INSPIRED artist she is.

  • I have been following professional golf players without playing myself, and they laugh over amateur golf players.
    • I received the feeling that this is top business people like Per Ericsson believing they are so much better than others, and are you really, Per (?), and no, I don’t believe so, on the contrary in fact.
  • I have bought cigarettes at a kiosk – I feel the kiosk as being served by American people of the media – and I cannot read the notes but something about a shirt, a restaurant with Finns and a room where guest arrive, and Hans points and says that there is sweet inside that bag, and Niklas and Flemming (Hans and Sanna’s friend) tell me that I did not show for the change.
    • American media is bringing me darkness because of its silence and lies to the public too, and “sweet” is still a symbol of abuse of Children.
  • I am at Sanna’s home and want to remove her opened iron board, but there are coins on it of hers, so I leave it. I encourage her to walk her dog, a cocker spaniel, which truly needs to receive exercise, to run, and she talks about a place of hers in the forest, which I understand as a place of darkness. We are in the year 2030, and I am shown on TV an artificial skiing hill, which is made to the right of a big social building area, and it is being criticised because it has a long straight piece, and people there are interviewed about a place in the forest, which they like to visit, and they say that they would rather not talk about it, but everyone knows now they talk about it on TV. Later I am in the Hørsholm shopping centre with Sanna, and they sell tickets for a wine tasting, and I ask Sanna if she wants to attend, which she finally accepts, and I don’t know if I have enough money, the tickets are 200 DKK, but I decide to buy three tickets – also for Hans – and the salesman is an old man TALKING so much that it creates a VERY LONG line of people after me, and he says that he doesn’t know if the 1st or 2nd “flight” (i.e. tasting) is the best, but I see that one bottle of 3,400 DKK is to be tasted, and I say that I wonder how it is possible at all to produce such an expensive wine.
    • The iron board is where my shirt is being ironed, and when I don’t put it down, it is because there is still more life, i.e. coins, to be saved and once again, this means “energy”, and the dog is really myself after my decision yesterday that I might stop exercising now – and I also had French fries and fat dressing yesterday (!), which I have almost not had when living in Helsingør. The place in the forest is the worst darkness, or concentration of PURE WATER, of God, and this is now on TV meaning that the world knows that I have arrived at this place of the Source, and this is what is bringing us by far the most concentrated wine of life, and yes with the acceptance of my sister, who I will visit on Sunday together with my mother and John, we are continuing the game, and the 1st of 2nd flight is still about which level I will end my journey, if I can do it going through the most difficult level or if I have to go down to the 2nd, and yes exercise seems still to have some importance, but not easy to do it is these days.

We are completing the work converting God and the spiritual world into everything of our new physical world

I felt all over and was shown a giant insect coming in, and “insect” is the worst sexual torments really, but now the most condensed life-giving water of the Source.

I was told “finally” in Swedish (!), and that is because I can stop being the murderer trying to kill James Bond and I am here shown the scene of James Bond (Roger Moore) in the hotel room where a man with a German accent plans to kill/torture together with his partner in crime.

I was shown rope being fastened to shore, which is what we continue doing, and yes grounding me.

I was told that we say goodbye inside that shop, we don’t get anything more from there, Stig, and my reply is that we have to get everything everywhere, so please carry on and try again.

We have also not been on Gran Canaria (with Lars G. in 1991) for nothing, so this is where this life is coming out from, as if it was Napalm bombs, this is the sheer strength of it.

Is the gasoline not far too heavy for him, i.e. Stig, to lift (?), the piano you know, and let us see, we will give it a go, and yes it is a big piano you know.

I wonder if you are not a horse head ahead, and I here feel the Mafia, and yes darkness wanting to kill me, which is about the business world, and no, you do not dare coming after me today after that “incident” with the UFO, which could not penetrate the window to my apartment.

The Marchmann family believes that you have to get released from being tied up at the mental hospital, and yes because of “your good old school friend, Allan”, who could not read and understand before giving his judgment of me to his brother and family.

I was shown and told that it is not as if we are hiding at every street in Helsingør with darkness and energy of big bombs, it is nothing like this, or is it (?), and yes my friend, darkness had WAY MORE energy to bring against you if your mother, thus the world, had decided to use it, and this is what we are also transforming and getting inside of you now.

For the last time, hold/leave me now as I am told, and yes this is the Johnny Logan song, and “hold or leave” is still the feeling of darkness.

So the meaning was that I with all of this darkness via your mother was meant to kill you and for you to come here and help me to get everything through and yes first killing your mother/sister, and yes for us to get this through, but no, you did not want to die, so this is what we invented, and yes a new invention to carry this through based on “I will NEVER give up” and this has build up so much energy here so when I open a little for this, it makes this darkness – feeling my mother/sister – sop afraid of you that they will do everything they can to accommodate you, and yes the opposite world of the opposite world,, strange right?

You were half way to get a warning (about being killed) but then you entered safety.

And the watch is still inside this darkness and “it is still going you know” as Jeff Lynne would have said.

I was told that to combine the Source and the New World has always been our highest wish of everything, and this could only be done when you would be far too big inside a far too small room at the every end, as now you know.

Well, you are NOT the company’s man are you (?), and yes we are speaking of MAFIA methods of the business world to stay in power, and what would the business world by itself be capable of doing if they don’t send UFO’s after me (?), and yes to kill me with cold blood on the streets (?), and yes GO FOR IT, try to do it if you DARE, so the only question I have for you is: DO YOU DARE OR ARE YOU CHICKENS TOO (?), and yes, you are as pumped with darkness/hate/lust as “the chicken” – the racing cyclist Michael Rasmussen – was, who was the next in line today to stand forward and “tell it like it is”, and yes this is the NEW WAVE coming with people standing forward admitting to and apologizing for their wrongdoings/sin, so what about you, my dear business world (?), and what do you say, DSB, to get started and yes by admitting to EVERYTHING of your ROTTEN business moral and culture?

It is like having sent a rocket away from Earth, and it is getting further and further away, but the bottom of the rocket is now off, and the light of Earth is spreading to the inside of the rocket.

And the question is how long it will take to bring your bag (of darkness or PURE WATER really, i.e. of God) down to us all.

I received a combination of speech/feelings/visions with the content that God is right at my back wheel, and we are now packing everything together around me as you would wrap a Danish Pastry really, and yes a part of the pram of my new self, and I was given a maybe 1/15 out of this world pain to my right ankle (still uncomfortable) and told that this is one of the last times I need to do this (to turn around everything you know).

How many heart attacks can you get in January” (?), and yes we know, Stig, you decided to survive them all (receiving help), and you did not really believe that you would make it until today, but here we are, and yes the new goal is now to continue and to make all February too, and that is if needed, and we know “this would be completely crazy” of course, but only “if needed”, and yes it may look easy to you to continue writing these scripts, but I can ONLY do it by NOT taking breaks, and yes to concentrate from the morning EVERY SINGLE DAY and to continue until I finish, and this is TRULY not easy to do, and also not now, but we better make this script too, and yes later in the day to go to town to transfer money to LTO and yes to call my mother and John to hear about his cancer results, and we know maybe I will finish my greatest hits compilation by Electric Light Orchestra this evening (?) – it takes a long time to do when deciding to LISTEN TO ALL SONGS and choose the best in my taste from here, and I have done this and now have 3½ CD’s, which I will narrow down to 3 and yes to make 1-2 to my sister when visiting her on Sunday three days from now and so it is.

My monitor started to blink again, which it has not done for a long time, which is about “the end” coming again again, and it kept on having a constant yellow/green colour nuance, and yes it could also be the colour canon self arriving (?) as I am asked, and yes who knows?

I was given a strong burning smell and was told what I felt, which is that this goes right pass my nose without hitting me, and yes the “army of me” entering you know.

I was told by more pure water/worst darkness of God entering that it does without telling me that we cannot find your heart and that is because I have always said “you are welcome” and not the opposite and also because I have always said about people hurting me “I want them to feel good” and when you only want the best, this is also what is good enough for me, and this is really why we bring you “the best of me” without playing a game that we cannot make it.

I was told that we could also bring you a warning when entering you, but no, we cannot, and yes because you have been 100% clear/pure that EVERYTHING HAS GOT TO BE PERFECT/LIGHT and so much that even I – with the worst darkness/purest water – has got it by now, and yes a reference to people out there, who has got it by now, and yes faith in me and us being “heroes” you know.

I was shown a crane and my self as a crane driver, and everything of the crane zooming in on me, and yes another way to say that we are coming home all of us and yes inside of you and your small heart, which hereafter is the New World as everything.

I was told that we are not even an airplane now, but I am shown an airplane and how it zigzag’s down to me, and yes this is really a reference to Ziggy, and also what I understand the music industry is following/understanding and yes when I wrote about this not that long ago.

I was told/felt/shown that if we had not washed Elijah’s hands back then in 2009 allowing him to enter our New World without having shown a clean heart, we would not have made it to here, which was the only way for us to open up for this part of the Source, and yes through the worst darkness, which is, and yes Elijah, “welcome in the club”, and this is to say that “the club” of the world elite is reading and understanding about Elijah too.

So this is what the top room has been designed for (?), and yes for you/God to be here as your new home.

I cycled to town this afternoon to transfer money to the LTO team with the exception of Elijah and on my way there I was told that what I am doing now is to turn around remaining parts of God instead of breaking through the glass, and we all know what “breaking glass” sounds like, and yes it can make you feel LOW really, so this is what we avoid doing – remember Fuggi from the school (?), and here is the email I sent asking them to at least think about sharing their money with Elijah or someone else, and yes I wonder if they CAN (?), and feeling Obama here too, and yes we are still struggling to get around, but as you see it is not that bad, but I wonder how much Elijah is suffering, and why it is completely impossible for you to communicate, Elijah (?), and is it time for you to send one of these “I am so very very sorry emails” again (?), and yes “I will never do it again, but always support you” (?) and do you remember, Elijah (?), and yes a man, who cannot understand and who is not to be trusted and that is despite of what I taught you about Basic Rules/Recommendations (?), remember Elijah (?), and yes LAZINESS is an enemy of the worst, which you could not shake of you?

Email til team 310113

I was happy when John decided to do THE RIGHT THING instead of being lazy, and I do believe that you have learned your lesson, John, and I am only sad that it took money to change your mind to start communicating with me again.

Email fra John 310113

And I was told that there is no room for the rest of the Source to enter, and what do you do then (?), and yes later I was told that the Universe is expanding to provide enough room and yes with God self changing form into everything of the Universe, and yes I am about to learn this game, and yes the simple answer is that God changed from a spiritual being of “nothing” into a physical being of “everything”, this is what all of this was for, and yes why (?), and that is to LIVE and enjoy life, and because we could, and yes God came from nothing, which is the same as darkness or all negativity and when creating life, the idea was for life to grow stronger and stronger from the outside of everything and eventually to become stronger than darkness and yes by going deeper and deeper to convert everything from minus to plus, which is what I did. And all of the resistance, misunderstandings and angriness/sadness you have met of people in relation to me, was darkness of nothing working inside of people fighting to remain as nothing because this was the natural starting point, and yes not everyday that we take a full ship with its top upside down and to turn everything around, and yes do you follow me Johannes from TV2 (?), and no, you are NOT a chicken are you (?), but yes you are, and what the “chicken” of the racing cyclist did today when he admitted to having taken doping in his active career is the same you will go through when you will admit to the world that you knew about me but was SILENT and yes just like Michael, and you know that this is wrong as Michael knew that it was wrong but both of you did because this is what was the WRONG culture of your “businesses”, and when Michael was TOO TIRED to meet you at a direct interview at the TV2 news broadcast at 19.00 this evening, it is to say that you are DARKNESS when you keep being silent, and yes you may understand that “too tired” is a reference to me being tired because of cowards like you (?), and yes I am only saying things straight out, and yes for people to understand, so you understand?

I had been STRONGLY encouraged to exercise this afternoon and yes to cross the wheel of my cycle annoying me and to get going, so this is what I did when I cycled from town to the spiritual world, and yes I did half an hour on the RIGHT cross trainer, and burned 552 calories, which was good under the circumstances, and yes it shows approx. 7% more than the left.

When exercising, I felt my mother being excited/happy, and by this time, I had not called yet to hear about the cancer results of John, and I felt a BIG part of remaining God now part of the New World, and he was HAPPY and spoke of having FLYING EARS and yes just like the Walt Disney elephant JUMBO you know.

I received a couple of maybe ¼ out of this world pain to my right ankle, which is about this part of God that we are turning around.

And then I called my mother, and yes, she was happy because John’s cancer has REDUCED, and I had really hoped that all of if would have been cured by now, but no, there is still more darkness remaining, so the day when all nothing is everything, there is no darkness, thus no sicknesses left and that goes for the whole world and not only John, and yes I am hoping that the progress of John is also the situation for my father and Inge, and yes how are you, Inge (?), and do you read this (?), and yes she only reads some and NOT ALL of my scripts by now, and why is that (?), and yes would you like to tell me how you are my father are (?), or do you still prefer SILENCE OF DARKNESS?

My mother checked if I had ordered a time with the dentist, and yes I had – good for the game you know – and now she has seen an offer including x-rays, which she believes I should have taken, and want to check tomorrow in town that this is indeed the dentist at Fiolgade 7 I have booked with, and if it is another, I will have to reschedule, which is something, I do NOT like as a head rule, but we will see.

And no, dinner tomorrow on the regular Friday evening is postponed to Saturday, because Niklas had a “coupon” of some art to the SAS Radisson Hotel in Copenhagen, so he decided to invite my mother and John on dinner there (!), and yes next week, he is going to Tasmania, and yes “some people can”, and that is when they receive help from the Devil you know.

I was told and felt that here my old school friend Christian G. entered, and yes an “important” old school friend he is too as you will understand as I have also been told before.

I was active most of the day working until 22.00 before I had published the script of today, and I had hoped to get a part of the day for my self to continue work on my greatest hits compilation with Electric Light Orchestra, but maybe I will use 1-2 hours now.

Did you pack your suitcases (?), well, some of us did not, we were simply brought here.

And yes the day contained the old game of whether or not there is energy remaining, and if I need or don’t need to produce energy to liberate this life of darkness, and yes I receive a STRONG pressure, and have to say 50 times “I don’t care, let light decide”, and I am still kept on one of my borders – not the highest, but still very annoying – of darkness about to speak negatively through me, and yes all the worst you know of speech and acceptance of old torments/temptations.

Did you give him Chloroform (?), and no he keeps on saying “it has got to be perfect”, and what you did today is also about the game of going through on the 1st or 2nd flight, and yes today is a clear 1st flight, and that is because I cannot work better or harder.

Is it Karen’s turn now to close the door behind us?

And the voice “you are NOT welcome” keeps on coming strongly to me and this is still the wish of my family, friends etc. thus the world because of its misunderstandings, lack of faith and wrong behaviour.

“Cant I have your phone number” which is about the last lines of darkness being connected here, and I felt DanChurchAid being one of them.

Because of the story of “the chicken” of today I was given the fine song “something happened on its way to heaven” by Phil Collins and the lyrics “How many times can I say I’m sorry How many times You know, You can run and you can hide But I’m not leaving less you come with me”.

Google Earth shows the death of the old King of Karen as “opposite love”, and “the (new) King is white and in the crowd”

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show a tall figure carrying a lamb, the mirror/glass, which the Source is turning around to enter our New World, extreme pollution of Earth, Russians in glass, the death of the old King of Karen as “opposite love”, and “the (new) King is white and in the crowd”.

FB 3001 310113 Jette 1

FB 3001 310113 Jette 2

FB 3001 310113 Jette 3

FB 3001 310113 Jette 4

FB 310113 Jette 5

FB 310113 Jette 6

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Scribd now shows that all terminated life has been resurrected and that is with the Pure Water of God entering.

Scribd 3101 incl 300113

  • Dan is on his way to Greenland too, “funny” that both Helena and Dan are going there, right (?), and yes Helena is already there, and Dan is leaving today to play as a DJ tomorrow and the day after, and he says that he is sitting in the train, yes “I take the train to Greenland” as he says, which is really about taking the train of Gold to return home to God, and Kasper said that he will try this route too when Dan returns, and yes EVERYONE will try this route, and Steen asked if he will bring back the tooth of a narwhale, and you may understand that it is inside of my teeth that everything of the Source is hidden and whale is a symbol of the Source, therefore (!), and Henrik said that he thought it was the “driver” only using the “dead man button” (of the train), and no, Henrik, no one will use this button, this is simply about Dan also returning home, and to bring the Source to the world via my teeth.

FB 310113 Dan

  • Later Dan was at the airport on his way there, and I told him that “you have to think new thoughts if you want people out on the dance floor up there. Here is a free tip, which cannot fail”, and then I brought a popular artist from Greenland, and this was to tell Dan that he needs to change to get people to celebrate over our New World, and that is to return to being “original life”, which is where we are headed, and yes the free tip is a reference to the Shu-bi-dua song about shaving off the last hair of darkness.

FB 310113 Dan 2

  • Episode 24 of the Danish TV-series “Borgen” (“the Parliament”) was shown the other day, and it was about the POOR meat quality and life of pigs of the HUGE Danish production of pork meat and I am here given the thought that pig symbolic means “life” to me, which is why Denmark is among the leading producers of the world of pork, but the way that it is done is the worst HELL self with no concerns to the life of pigs but only to efficiency and “cost control” above anything, which is the same as TORTURE of not only pigs, but also people eating pigs bulging from medicine/penicillin, which is also making people sick and yes even die. And it showed that farmers would never dream to eat their own mass-produced meat, but prefer pork from pigs having been out in the free living a good life, which of course is SIMPLE LOGIC to everyone, but not to the greedy business wanting to make money, and people wanting to buy the cheapest they can get herewith in practise accepting mistreat of pigs, and yes the worst darkness again.

DR1 Borgen episode 24

  • It made Lecia bring this comment asking man to “STOP the CRAZY abuse of animals” and “think if you had to be fixed and not able to move yourself, and never get out to see the light of the day”, and yes this is why I was told as I was about the Marchmann family believing that I should be “fixed” on the mental hospital and yes not to have me running around as a free man “tormenting” people with all of my rubbish (!), is that how it is?

FB 310113 Lecia

  • Here is the list, which Lecia brought above, made by “Protection of the Animals” among others saying that antibiotics for pigs may be dangerous to people, 25,000 piglets die EVERY DAY (!!!), pigs are fixed in metal hangers (TORTURE!!!), NEVER get out and more, and you have probably guessed that I do NOT approve of man treating animals like this, and not at all. The only RIGHT thing to do is to NEVER torture/mistreat/abuse animals and do what is “simple logics” for everyone to do.

Dansk svineproduktion

  • These days are critical for FC Brøndby. They have made a “survival plan” and their survival now depends on the players, their association and banks, and the question is if they will manage to sail through the pitfalls and survive (?), and I do hope they will because we really cannot do without them, and if they cannot, they will have to start from scratch just as the destiny of Glasgow Rangers, which went into went into liquidation and have now started over in the Scottish third division, and yes we will see what will become the result of Brøndby as part of this play, and yes by now, the previous chairman, Per Bjerregaard, who was the man bringing Brøndby on top in Denmark and also the man bringing them down, is out, and yes after it took years for “everyone” wanting him out, and will they survive Per (?), and we will see, but so far the player’s association has saved them.

BT 310313 Brøndby

  • The Health Minister said that she is happy the fewer “mentally ill” patients are exposed to force – this is also about my inner self as it really is being tied up you know by darkness of these “stupid” politicians and the whole system – and when seeing this I was told that this is where I also receive “insects” from, and yes is it also “very uncomfortable” when I “spam” you with the eeehhhh … the truth (?), which you don’t like to hear, Astrid (?), and yes I wrote the old truth that the minister with the top responsibility DOES NOT UNDERSTAND that you kill/destroy people with killer medicine, but maybe it is too “inhuman” to go up against the whole system (?) – as I do and feeling Falck’s head office here too, and yes I have been a couple of times to your head office too as the coolie of your Lyngby branch – and I asked her to bring my regards to the “crazy” Parliament, because it is you inside of there who are “mental sick”, and yes is it “spam” to tell you the truth, and do you think so Astrid (?), and I am here speaking to my actors of darkness, who are the ones feeding you, Astrid, but if you had a TRUE heart and courage, you would do as I do, and yes “MINISTER” you are (?), and let me say that you are a doll wagging its tale, because you don’t mess with the billion dollar industry in USA and elsewhere, do you (?), and yes what happens if you do (?), and yes are they so addicted to power and money that they could think of killing “small Stig” in Denmark (?), and yes whom else is working actively against your EVIL New World Order (?), and do you get it by now (?), you will NEVER be able to “hit” me because you are too weak, and I am too strong, and yes it is all in between the ears, and this is where I am sane/strong and you are insane and CHICKENS (!), and yes you can walk into the line of people and businesses admitting to their sins and yes the FULL story ….!

FB 310113 Astrid

FB 310113 Astrid 2

  • Mads said that he was driving with a taxi-driver, who sees the traffic law as “a living document”, and what you were REALLY speaking of here is my new self arriving with the taxi, and yes I am ALIVE AND KICKING, and you were the building stones to create me, and yes the WORST darkness, and yes, Mads you were so stupid that you “could not” understand me despite of your intelligence and “what he said was strangely enough also intelligent” and then we are back to your inner voice, which did NOT want to understand to bring me as much darkness as possible with life inside of it wanting to become light of everything too.

FB 310113 Mads

  • It did not take long with pressure, hard work and little sleep for Soulaima to visit the doctor, who told her to go to bed to sleep for 12 hours, and yes given to you to understand what I have been giving for years, and yes really since 2004 and even worse from 2006.

FB 310113 Soulaima

  • Today it was the former STAR racing cyclist, Michael Rasmussen – called “the chicken” – to admit to HEAVY use of doping for 12 years, and for lying and betraying people around him, and yes he is now RELIEVED, which is how you feel when you start telling the truth, which is the only RIGHT thing to do, and also to tell details of it, and yes Armstrong “could not” tell about details and names of people involved, which “the chicken” could, but he decided to do it behind CLOSED DOORS to the Danish sport authorities, and to be silent in front of cameras, and no, this is NOT how it works, how difficult can it be (?), and yes when I encourage you to speak the detailed truth including names etc., I mean to do this OPENLY, DIRECTLY and HONESTLY and of course to make sure that people involved will know about what you say, because I do NOT like at all people to speak behind the backs of other people, do you get it by now (?), and yes Michael, back to the table and tell it EXACTLY like it is, will you (?), and yes you are not a chicken for nothing, are you (?), and yes I might add that you are now a CLEAN CHICKEN as a symbol of the world becoming clean of darkness.

BT 310113 Kylling

  • And DR P4 radio said about Michael that “we don’t agree if this is tragic of comic” (?), and yes how difficult can it be for you to understand that this is neither/or, but a HAPPY event when people admit to their sins, which is a sign of a new and better world coming, and yes EVERYONE is going to do the same, to stand forward and admit to their sins, and notice that my post is brought as the first in the thread even though it was only no. 13 with all others you can see in this picture coming before mine, and this is to say that this part of God/me now arriving, is entering at the top of the Pyramid of our new creation, which is about the most inner becoming the top of the structure of our New World.

FB 310113 P4

FB 310113 Stig via P4


1st February: Landing all content of the Source inside our New World with the love of God now spreading/cleaning everywhere

Dreaming of saving more life with the help of my family

It is now 09.45 and I had NOT imagined that I would still be awake and also write the script of today without sleeping first, but this is how it goes and yes when I was on the extreme border again sitting for 15 minutes having to decide between sleeping or staying awake and work with the desire to sleep being to strong that it was “impossible” to decide to stay awake, and this is the difference between life and death and yes throughout the script and in this game also now because what I could not deliver would have had to be delivered by the world instead.

I went to bed at 23.10 and was woken up at 02.00 receiving much new information, which I was far too tired to receive by now, and before this, I also had this dream.

  • All of the family is at my home for lunch, and to my surprise, Lars G. is coming for a visit for the first time in a very long time, and he does not know that my family is there, so he will meet them for the first time, and an “invisible Fuggi” is there and I explain to him that Lars has recovered from an attack, which was the reason why he decided not to see me. Lars says hello to my mother, who asks him to my embarrassment that “I hope you are for girls, and not interested in my son”. Outside a chauffeur brings a new, white Ford Taunus, which comes in unassembled in pieces, and I tell him that I have not ordered this car, but I understand that my sister has, and John says that it is not red as he thought it would be. I also see that I could have ordered a VW transporter including leather seats, which are guaranteed will not receive stains, but it has too small an engine to me. I see how my mother/John and Sanna/Hans are inserted into a box out over the harbour as “test pilots”, and the box is VERY little making me somewhat worried if they will make it, but they will, and I see the old DSB ferry between Helsingør-Helsingborg “Najaden” sailing by, it now has a new name, and the captain is not very alert, and I fear that he will sail into a boat about to cross him, but he prevents it in the last moment.
    • Lunch is about saving more life with the help of my family, and Lars G. has symbolised God all along, and my mother has never met him, but feared that I was homosexual once before meeting Camilla, which explains her reaction. The Ford Taunus is an old car, which is not running its best compared to cars of today, and furthermore I have to assembly this to make it work, and again that is to save the next layer of life coming to me. An invisible Fuggi means “faith, but I don’t want to come out and support you”.

We have tested our New World, which is working perfectly and we are about ready to take-off

I was kept awake – I could not fall asleep again – and I was told that when writing down information, which I had the GREATEST RESISTANCE to do, I only wanted to sleep, this is how I will become everywhere instead of receiving small rapes, and I am here given the feeling of the area around Lama Yönten on Frederiksberg, which I am quite often, so darkness is coming from there too, and yes because he decided not to follow me but his own, “old agenda/world” instead and this comes now because I received an email the other day inviting for their New Year!

I received lyrics from two Electric Light Orchestra songs at the same time, first “But it’s alright. It’s alright with me, You better believe me now” from “above the clouds” and then “That’s all she says, her money and her place” from “Oh no, not Susan”.

I was shown “green lights” in relation to Falck, and how I as a coolie driver one of their top managers to the airport, so they decided to accept my writings on them afterall.

I was told that we have released the largest bank in Nordic, I felt Peter Straarup from Danske Bank (one of the biggest, but not the biggest), and I was told that this will bring new air, and even more later when the biggest bank in the world will be released, and this is potential energy of God, which has not been used as I understand it.

I was told that this is one of the more calm days today, and I was shown the tire of a car belonging to a manager in Mali explode.

I continued receiving the lyrics “her money and her place” from the Electric Light Orchestra song, and I was told that this life is not easy to move because of what goes on in your mother’s mind.

I was told that we were low breaking glass the last time we played all three albums, and I was shown David Bowie pulling forward with a rope in his mouth (i.e. teeth), and I was shown that it is because of me being a rolled up cat – just like a yarn ball, and this is because of the most condensed darkness of people around me, and especially my mother as I am told.

I was still in bed writing down this information given to me with the greatest trouble only hoping to be able to sleep, and I told myself that I can NOT any long play this night game, and I was told that getting access through the top liquorice pipe can be tough.

I was told that the authorities here still send me darkness, but also that this soon will be released by balloons, and this was said to me by what was darkness of God a couple of days ago, which is now inside our New World.

I was told that we now only have the road Kalvebod Brygge in Copenhagen left, and this is where I worked for Dahlberg in 2008, so they are also sending me darkness, and then I will be King, and we almost cannot do my “old nightmare” instead of sorting packages, which was said with this song given to me, and we will only do it if you insist.


I was told that here comes Fitness World in Valby, where I exercised and met Fuggi in 2010, to my benefit.

I was told that I am meeting darkness here because of the American Embassy and Per Ericsson, and it started when they offered me to stand on goal for them, and I was shown a plastic bag almost without cutlery, and yes my destiny was not to get a big career, but I could have become responsible for Denmark of the General Electric co-operation, and yes I was part of the leadergroup of 13-14 General Electric businesses in Denmark, and they were SLEEPING and WITHOUT VISIONS of how we could work together and make General Electric strong in Denmark, and the only other leader of this group, who had “a little will” to do a difference was Henrik, who was the leader of GE Capital Bank after Torsten stopped, and I wrote a memo about our unused opportunities as I remember it and also spoke to Per Ericsson about this when meeting him in Stockholm on the same floor as I worked on, and yes this is what leaders are made of, but I was NOT made a country leader because it would have given too much liquorice, which is why my selfish colleagues of GE Insurance in Denmark “broke my neck” and had me dismissed by the European HR Manager, who did not know what he did and also that he took the wrong decision, and you may like to hear people of GE outside GE Insurance Denmark if they believed I had a future of the company, but no, I was dismissed in disgrace, and this is how I was secured a place in the history books, and this is what is now coming against me as darkness of General Electric, and once again I received the lyrics “her money and her place”, which is about my mother, and yes I have some stammering when speaking with her, which is because of her darkness.

You have also not had a visit by the United Nations, which could have happened by a break-away – “we prefer Stig to a corrupt world society” – and this is why we are still playing the game of “chicken, soft ice and sausages”, and yes “that is my favourite menu” (!), and what a “crazy” thing to say (?), but no, not to the inspired Shu-bi-dua 40 years ago when they song this song about “creation, sufferings and my “old nightmare”, which is what it means and yes this is the menu bringing our creation/survival.

Darkness tried to say that we don’t want some from Barcelona within the door, yes everyone is welcome, and here Barcelona was meaning “life”.

I have not practised doing this since the 1930’s.

Per Ericsson did not have to excuse to the committee when he found out that you had stopped working for General Electric in 2002, did he? And yes, what was already back then an organisation of “future leaders” of “the network”.

All of those locked cycles of Søren D. N. have my name written on them. And these are the ones we are opening, and yes via sufferings.

It was not because this part of the cinema was about to fall down that we woke you up, was it (?), and yes it was, and now I will be “sweet”, yes that part there with child abuse also within the family, is also part of this.

No, we could not use any of the tools of South Germany – resurrection you know – so we had to do it this way, the hard way, and yes to disturb your sleep, which is the worst, which could happen now to you, we know.

And this is because we are sad that we cannot participate helping you to do this work, and this is the combination of my mother and father/John speaking, so this is laid upon my shoulders too.

This heart ambulance also drives through the streets of Nairobi, and yes because of Elijah – and also Karen too, and yes you know the old gallery of people sending me darkness.

At 03.30 I received the worst attack of heart burn with extreme darkness rolling up from my inside through my stomach and throat making me feel incredible poorly and as if I was going to choke, and I felt the red darkness of it, and was told when it happened that “we are sorry to have to do this to you, this is because of your mother”, and it continued giving me the worst sinking trouble, coughing and annoyance a couple of hours, but also the feeling of yellow inside of it.

Welcome, and you were not blinded by the light (?), and no, there was none, so we had to enter the tough way, and yes breaking a little glass with Stig instead of the world, and voila here I am too.

Do we have a pocket watch in our pocket (?), and yes, but this is all it is, we are still moving forward with rocket-speed, Stig, and yew WE ARE ROCKETS, we know.

No, we don’t have a video camera, and no we have not seen each other since school, this is the hardest part of darkness to transfer.

How much iron horse will he/we receive tomorrow? Yes, it will continue and as long as he does his best, this is what we do too.

We have also been in Bulgaria to get some there.

So he is not ready to be kissed, will he be ready for dinner then?

I was told about Barcelona again, and it all leads us back to the SAGRADA FAMILIA, the famous/magnificent church by Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí, where we have hidden the treasure of gold/life, and yes that is since you visited the church with Camilla in 1999, and this is where the crowning will take place, where you will get your head back so to say, and this came with the feeling that Gaudi knew that he was on a special mission building the church (which has been built on since 1882 and is still on-going!) and this was the importance of it.

Have you had a “FLYVERSJUS” (A Danish alcoholic drink, which is also about “flying” and “drinking”, i.e. destruction), who, me (?), no I have not, I have just been saved by him there , and yes I feel hostility of darkness on its way in transforming from darkness to light. He, i.e. darkness of God, would much rather go out and play football in the grass, and this was a message by light of the spirit of my mother also receiving this part, and I am here given a SAD Elijah, which is helping to make everyone happy because of how he contributes to this process.

So you are really not welcome here, but no, that man, Stig, decided to give me another chance, and in I took it.

He has almost not known about Germany” and I felt Jack. And this means that he is not as smashed as I am, and no, he can hardly feel it, and yes “locked” he is mentally, and the feeling was that he was mainly supposed to bring me darkness, but feelings of friendship should “awake” him, and so they did.

It means that it is now cloudy here, and also not in Japan too, they have also accepted their responsibility for NOT informing the world – using the meltdown of the Nuclear Power Plant as example.

It equals one month of rent, which we have compressed into a small row boat and a tour via Hawaii and yes not into the volcano, which we saved the world from and that is by staying up yet another night, and we know Stig, this is done especially because I agreed with my mother to do shopping together with her later this morning, and that is to bring me maximum sufferings.

And this was co-incidentally when we found your mother, and yes she had left you when she was thinking of where to spend her holiday with John.

So we are in a hurry or not in a hurry to get down to the radio-store to test our new headphones too (?), and yes Stig, they are as amazing as they say, our New World, and yes first when creating this your own greatest hits compilation of Electric Light Orchestra, you really discovered that every single song on a New World Record is a hit and “impossible” to remove, but you had to do it for art’s sake, and I finished this work this morning after having working in detail on it most of the night, and here is how the result looks today, and yes there are songs, which I would have liked to fit in, but there was no room, and I did not want to make it a 4 CD compilation, and no, I have not made this compilation on Spotify, Grooveshark or elsewhere, I only have this in the best audio quality as I can dream of today.

ELO Stigs Greatest Hits 1

ELO Stigs Greatest Hits 2

ELO Stigs Greatest Hits 3

Well, it isn’t the ambassador self – here seeing the US Ambassador to Denmark, Laurie S. Fulton – who is going to open the door to you, and yes for the rest of you to enter as small chickens too, and we know CHICKENS are what you all are and both because of you are WIMPS and CREATIONS at the same time, and this is how all of you are coming up into the arms of your father.

This is to avoid any deaths of this round, which we first had to resurrect later.

So in other words, your mother was doing commercial campaigns for beers to welcome me, which is what this will prevent.

So we have saved this the last part of the guitar, which is becoming a harmonica (?), and yes what do you think of (?), and we know Benny Anderson from ABBA and his new orchestra playing harmonica’s and why don’t you find one of their happy songs to share here, and yes by co-incident I chose the song “dear sister”, and yes this is for you, the most wonderful Swedish nature and joy and happiness as you see here :-).

I was told about my father that “we almost also have no more life annuities if you care”, and that is that they are running out of what they earned on house sales and pensions too?

I was shown the inner self of me, which is the same as my heart, with a circle of sharp pencils all being “locked” in their position and now it is only the very last few we are placing and I was told that this is what your tour with Lars to Århus around 1990 was about (a business tour).

This is how your mother gets dry clothes out of something, which does not exist.

I received the smell of cleaner and was told that it is completely clean in here.

No, normally it is not allowed to take with gloves of a goal keeper INSIDE THE PENALTY AREA but here we were allowed to do it because we figured that the love of your mother is stronger than darkness of your mother and together with the pain it brings you, this is how we bring home the last.

I was shown a glass of very light beer as I am here told and also that I was given the choice between this and the very fine and almost invisible pencils that it contained, and yes of course the last.

What will we wear this summer (?), yes short trousers, and what do we wear right now (?), and yes nothing (!), meaning that the sexual torments is at its highest, or should be but the water is now so clean that you don’t feel it meaning that these sufferings don’t come to you.

This is like moving the whole Marina of Marmaris, Turkey, in, and yes it was also very beautiful as I remember it from my holiday there with Camilla in the 1990’s.

This is the last piece of the sand castle coming, and you might also say that you would have been given the choice if the last of the ship yard was to be burned, but we know the answer is NEVER!

And I heard the spirit of my mother say – however looking very male (!) – that this means that I am now much closer to Earth.

This glass could also be used as a burning glass, but don’t you believe that it is about TIME to remove it.

It is also me with the black curtain and I see from inside the curtain how I/it is being put down into the wash by old time cleaning ladies around it, and this is the absolutely last darkness there is.

We would give all of our house rent – all energy – to get the last, which remains, but it is not needed, and this is the importance of this the last, or the first of everything.

And my mother says, “but I have no more money” as my old self so how can I get this in (?), and yes be prepared for a surprise when you see just which diamond we are bringing in, the cleanest of them all.

This would feel the same as if we burned the golden tree because this is from where we all origin – “now I remember” as I hear a man awakening with hangovers – and yes, Stig, do you think you will be able to stay up and write the script of today (?), and no, I am not sure at all that I am, but I may decide to give it a go, and I was feeling the absolutely worst and most dizzy.

It is like looking at yourself sitting at the gold toilet, the origin of the Source, and what came before the Source (?), or what is the Source made of (?), and yes don’t hurry, we will get to that.

It is like moving out the whole Pompidou centre and installing new software of the entire building being our main central, and when I am told this, I am once again given fear and this very clammy feeling of nervousness “what if I cannot do this” …

Doesn’t it just mean that the access will become perfectly clear to what has always been there?

And yes, Stig, it is now 07.40, and no, I am not able to write now, I have written down quick notes above, and it may take me maybe 2-3 hours to write the script so far and I am feeling too poorly to do this, so it will be on a lower level I will go through.

At this point I was literally hanging with my head deciding to take a long bath including a rest before my mother would come at 10.30, but still the absolutely last will of me held me back putting me on the torture bench of half an hour where I was almost desperate thinking “how in the world can I go through this being this incredible tired” and yes I have by far surpassed any limit of “night games” including to stay awake the next day, and when I was almost sleeping and deciding to give in, I was shown and told that the finest structure, which we have started to be build will be destroyed as a result, and is that what you really, really want (and yes as yours truly in 2095 :-))?

Even though I was shown and told that there is now only this one red spot in a tie of an “incredible amount” of blue spots, and that blue will absorb the red if needed, I took a decision telling myself that if I have been able to do this before, I can still do it, and after this I was told thank you for deciding to not sleep, and to get over this worst tired crisis moment once again, which is TRULY “more than difficult” to do because of exhaustion due to the sheer length of the game, and I received the song Mama by Electric Light Orchestra and the lyrics “Momma, it’s so hard to carry on” and also “though the end is near”, and this is really how it is.

At the shower I received strength of darkness wanting me to destruct using the FC Brøndby about to go under as example, which simply may go down as a symbol of darkness going down (?), and also some sexual torments.

Later I was told that the spirit of my mother now almost have no panty hoses under her feet, not even the thinnest part, and that is because everything of God has become everything of our New World, the transformation is almost complete.

I received a vision of the Commune – the leading employees/politicians – and the mental hospital and was told “well, you don’t put people to mental hospital just because you are annoyed with what he writes, do you” (?), and yes this is what Helsingør Commune ALSO was about to do and I also felt Lyngby-Taarbæk Commune here, and yes then “it did not matter” that they had not read and understood you, and was the mayor Johannes preventing this from being carried out (?) because Stig is a nice man to speak to?

My mother arrived a little after 10.30 as agreed for us to go to Hornbæk to REMA1000 to shop, and to my surprise, she told me that she had called me three times this morning to say that she would be a little late, and I could only tell her the truth and show her on my phone that it had NOT rung (!), and yes I was awake all morning with my phone next to me, and she showed me that she had really rung me, and yes I told her that I had faith in her, but this was about “strange things happening here” as a new example, and then my mother knew what it was about, and isn’t it funny that practically the only thing, which can make her visibly nervous to listen to is when she is aware of our spiritual friends being around, and yes for the next five minutes I heard that she was clearly nervous.

We drove to Hornbæk on the absolutely last fuel and had to put more fuel on, and yes yesterday I saw a car in the middle of the King’s Road not moving out of the place because it has run dry for gasoline, and this is to say that I am using the absolutely last of my energy to do this and my mother is bringing her love as fuel to make me go a little longer.

She also told me that “the matter”, which John is given, has a positive effect on his cancer as the doctor explained John, and yes, I did not want to say anything because it seems as if the truth is that both John and my mother still believe in the doctors and not my explanation about healing of my spiritual friends being his saviour, and yes the doctors had given up on him, remember?

On the road, I was told that the remaining part of the Source can now almost NOT pres itself through the membrane/glass to our New World, which would create sufferings of the world, and instead this part is coming in too without causing harm, and I was told that this is the football match against Germany self that we are playing.

We will get a whole new watch when reaching the very end, and it will not be about the dark lady of death coming to kiss us, no it will simply be what you asked us to design via your thoughts and yes a practical “divider of spaces” in order to you to “meet on time” and keep your appointments and so on, and yes purely practical.

My mother told me that Sanna and Hans have called off their dinner on Sunday because of “potential stress” for Hans just having returned from Beirut on business and next week he will leave for Egypt, and Sanna will arrive some days later for them to go on holiday in Dubai and cruise from there, and yes the rich people really can (think of themselves), and feeling Obama here, and yes Stig, when are we finished (?), the world can hardly wait, and yes I know, my friend, and it feels as if it will only take days, but who knows?

And it made me tell my mother that there are several restaurants on the hotel and she remembered the very fine/exclusive Thai BLUE ELEPHANT restaurant, and besides from the blue elephant being a symbol of me, it was also to say that Thailand also plays a role in all of this creation, which I really understood after the former radio host (and VERY popular he was) Michael J. S. was in Thailand (he is still there) meeting first HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn at his hotel, and later also the North Korean national football team (!), and yes I have been told about this a few times afterwards, and now you can also read about it.

My mother said that she would like to invite me to the Copenhagen Zoo tomorrow if the weather is fine, and that is to see the polar bears – they have received a new area making them start to live now only receiving “less abuse” than before (!) – and this was of course a symbol of the worst darkness/sufferings coming to me, and yes because of my mother’s thoughts of how to “spoil” herself and John with a holiday (instead of TRULY helping my LTO friends and I).

This is like Chrysanthemum bombs, which we are free from throwing on the world now.

I was told that the BBC as example almost don’t bother any more to keep on writing on their scripts about me, and yes, you think it is difficult for you (?), and I am wondering, and still you know.

It also means that we don’t have to call far away to get a lunch package meaning that we are “close to the Source”, but “not perfect”, but no, that is NOT accepted, everything has to be perfect.

I was told that my mother was about to start sewing rain clothes – when I was ”this close” to sleeping – but no, now it is clearing up, and yes Stig decided to start writing the script of today (before 10.30, and finishing after returning home at 12.15), and with this we will bring the next on place and that is without having to suffer by bringing temporary terminations.

The spirit of my mother told me that she has held the refrigerator door open to the very end to bring in the Source instead of the Source having to enter by “breaking glass”.

I was told that when I met Karen, she was “in a hurry” to get a new child before it would be too late, “and this is what we also had to avoid” and that is because she was not pure, so had she decided on me, we would have given her the child if I wanted one too, which I did if she did, and this would have given birth to the Devil, so it was small odds, and yes because she could see that I would make a good father in every other sense than to be sleeping with her.

“Testing” – as in the dream of this morning – means to test if everything of our Germany-tour is ready, and it seems as if we are about ready to take-off, Stig, and yes it will NOT become boring, we promise you.

I was told that I have just been to the button of the Pyramid to test, and everything is fine, and I continued receiving visions of even more knowing about me, but no, this will have to be it.

So you don’t want me to enter you as the most drunk of all (?), no! (only if needed).

And yes, if Stig had not paid the rent today, we would still have made this work perfectly, and yes from the other side after opening.

I published the script so far without Jette’s pictures and the short stories at 15.15, and I am completely and utterly broken down and almost sleeping when working, which might be what I may do because how in the world can I keep until until tonight?

David and Meshack was kind to send me their thank you’s and also telling me they and John are going to meet today, and yes I wonder if you can agree on helping Elijah (?), and look forward to hearing from you again on this.

Are you stopping, and yes I am just heading into the grocer to see if there is anymore I forgot, and yes because he simply continues to write on the script and now also on the short stories.

I was told about Per Ericsson going on holiday in France, which is what he and the likes of him are doing, and that is to run away from me and their responsibilities hiding inside of darkness, and yes this is the worst darkness making it like a yarn ball you know, because it does not want to open to me, and yes CRAZY is what you are, because who truly do not want to open to me (?), and that is only the Devil self, and yes the opposite God you know.

Landing all content of the Source inside our New World with the love of God now spreading/cleaning everywhere

I was told that the SALT warehouse is also inside of there, and “salt” is everything, so there is “more” inside of the Source.

I was shown how the Source entered via the opening of a corner of the apartment, which you really cannot do, but I hope that none of the world saw it because they would receive a shock, but now we are in, Stig, and what now (?), and yes we will continue working until there is no more darkness, and yes, this is right, Stig, everything is inside, but there is still darkness, so there is nothing else to do.

One just has to get used to be inside of here – I feel I can throw my coat, and walk as a physical creation now, as my father said.

By 19.00 to 20.00 I was DEEPLY tired and had an impossible tired crisis, but somehow I also came over this.

I felt “deep darkness” around me, and understood that this is coming from RICH business people in collusion with the secret government of the world.

And I was given even LOUDER physical noises from my kitchen, and now not “cracking noises”, but a noise to a dark plastic cover (!) and this is in format of what (?), and yes the civilisation itself, which I bring.

This is the power I am now slowly spreading out to the world, and this is what will become magical when I switch on all of this (“silver”), which makes everything into “Paradise”, but first I will do this, and how long will this take, Stig (?), and yes until you/we have done it PERFECTLY, and it takes the time that it takes to do perfect, and yes we want no rush.

I still felt INCREDIBLE uncomfortable with tiredness penetrating every cell of my body including a pressure of darkness on me, and I felt this force of God spreading, which also felt very uncomfortable even though the message is the opposite, and yes it hurts to create good.

I was told that it is only because you have stepped on the absolutely last mask of stocking that we begin this process, and the question is if I can do this continue working as Stig, or if this requires sufferings of the world to do?

So now your “old nightmare” is not the worst, which can happen, it is to give up, which will mean that we cannot spread everything magical.

Wasn’t it the cat playing with the mouse?

I was shown and told that there is a thin, dark plate in here, which is not yet connected to the hole of the Source, and I was told “be careful” and that is not to destroy you and to be afraid, and is this here where I will completely change my skin (?), and yes what will I become, Stig (?), and yes I don’t know, so please do what is RIGHT to do, and I was told that I, i.e. God, cannot become fertilized and do this change of me to become the neuter in the physical world to keep the balance of everything if you don’t accept love of your “old nightmare” to be carried out, and yes I was asked to accept what I have been fighting every second for years, but it was God with a serious voice asking me to do this, so should I (?), and I know only one bullet-proof way to play this game, which is that “light will decide” as the top rule, and if this is what is needed, fine by me, but you will NEVER get my direct approval to carry this out and the more I spoke of this, the stronger this feeling became, so it became NO MATTER WHAT (!), and that is because this is still darkness, I felt it, so we will continue the game using my old rules.

And this meant that I received the answer that we will see if we can make it then without this, and now the black has already become red (= less darkness) because of this, and I was told that we are like a submarine under water cleaning/purifying all of it as I was shown – it became clear – and this is how I bring life, which had terminated, and I heard God say to life, which was just saved “you are welcome too”, and this is the cleaning process of God, which has now started inside the Universe.

I felt how this force attracted darkness, which could not stay away, and I was told that God is “nothing”, and I thought that this has to be darkness again playing a game with me, so I could only say that God will decide this self as long as is if light deciding and that everything will become perfect, and yes I will NOT decide on what I know nothing of.

Yes, the ship yard cannot burn now, and your “old nightmare” cannot be carried out; it was a game before, and do you want to hear (?), you passed this too, so this is what we will do, make everything perfect, and I was shown the actors behind the STRONGEST gas masks, and yes I have not seen them for days when going through this act. You are not the world without me, and I felt that this will not take long, but maybe it was a wrong feeling?

So this is the energy we send out to the world and now as “positive energy” as love and not the opposite as darkness of nothing, and I was shown and told that my actors now strongly feel like throwing their acting masks far away, but no, let us play right until everything is done.

I was shown myself as a star, and told that God is now also resurrecting stars, which terminated, and yes everything has to be perfect first.

I was shown the inner of a tunnel, and was told that we will now recreate the connection to my self, and yes we will just get this in place, and that is because he insists that everything has to be perfect, and to me, this is about taking the last steps up the stairs.

I was given LOUD noises from my kitchen, louder than ever before, and I was shown the time 09.00 on a clock and told you we/you will decide time ourselves.

And it is all darkness, which has pressured on you, which we are moving, and this is what was forcing your “old nightmare” on you, and gave you the strongest hormones in the world, which in itself gave you the worst life in the world, and I was told that in our New World, everyone will decide their sexual drive/instinct themselves, which everyone will be intelligent enough to know and control.

So all force of God will now be turned to love inside the world and not the opposite, and do you believe that this will bring a difference?

And when I received this information this evening, I still received much darkness bringing me this nervousness of “what if ….”, but I decided to tell myself that God is in control and there is no “what if …”.

God said that my heart has first been created with the creation of you, who are now letting me in. This is what is integrating spiritual with physical life.

I was told that the sound of the kitchen means that we now for the first time changes into “plus” and move out everywhere repairing/cleaning everything, and I felt this force of God leaving the kitchen and moving around in the air around me.

This is the rocket, which we sent down through the atmosphere with God without burning, and now God will walk out and see everything.

I was shown and told that there was also a garbage can on my balcony, which was saved, and this is about “hidden life” inside darkness, which I have not been able to locate and save myself, but with God it is impossible not to do.

So what does this say about me? And yes, you are EVERYTHING, the building stones of everything visible and invisible, all force and existence everywhere.

So it was my force as “nothing”, which wanted to destruct everything as its natural instinct, and this is what I had to turn against – decide to do everything opposite of the strong power wanting me to be/think negative and destruct.

And this is how we open the most refractory darkness – I felt the secret government of the world being it – and this is what would require the sacrifice of your mother and potentially several parts of you/her to open to, and I felt darkness coming to me, and “it” asked me if I also want to see secret documents of governments (?), and yes of course I do (!), and I was told that this is the feeling God will spread around the world, so your days are numbered my “dear people” of the secret government, you cannot hide from God as you yourselves are part of, remember?

I was given the feeling of Martin S.O. – the “alien” as he calls himself – and I was told that this darkness also includes those people of other civilizations to whom it is “impossible” to believe in me (because of the absence of God from their “existence”).

I was told that this darkness would explode by itself, this is how far you have come, and I was given a cold pain to the tooth in my lower jaw, where I lost a little bit of a corner (which I did to two teeth approx. 2006 together with half a tooth), and was told that I would feel that you entered deeper and deeper receiving more and more tooth pain, but you were far from the gold/diamond, which was safe from darkness, and yes when removing all darkness, this is what is opening to this Paradise coming out.

All of this is what work was about today, and this is why it was good not to give up and to sleep.

Darkness told me that God has not yet discovered precisely how to release darkness still making the world bleed (!), and “do we have to give up now, do you believe he can” (?), and yes he is us, so it will spread.

I was told that a very big part of the sexual sufferings given to me is coming from my father going all the way back to when I was born because he did not want to get children and all of the problems we have had always.

Google Earth shows an open window to our clean New World and celebration/dance because of our creation

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show a smiling lady, souls leaving one and gained by another King, a happy face and one sleeping, my mother advertising for darkness, an open window to our New World and my book, the world is clean, love and happiness of my mother to man of our New World, my father on the sky with darkness, and celebration/dance because of our creation.

FB 3101 010213 Jette 1

FB 3101 010213 Jette 2

FB 3101 010213 Jette 3

FB 3101 010213 Jette 4

FB 3001 310113 Jette 5

FB 010213 Jette 5

FB 010213 Jette 6

FB 010213 Jette 7

FB 010213 Jette 8

FB 010213 Jette 9

FB 010213 Jette 10

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Helena had an experience – guess by whom as I am told (?) – which was “someone crazy had reported one, who wrote on my wall, the person is reported to be offending or spamming” to which she said “pull yourself together, reporter, and get lost, thank you”, and this is about not reporting people NOT knowing about it, which should be SIMPLE LOGIC for everyone to follow (?), and Jan said that his best friend through 17 years reported him to the tax authorities now making him owe 2 million DKK in taxes, and yes your best friend reporting you (!), which is ungefär the same as your mother and sister stabbing you in your back and yes with the only difference being that they did not know about how much they hurt me, but you do get the picture, also this one, and I see it being removed from the wall.

FB 010213 Helena

  • Today is DEPECHE MODE day, and yes we are heading towards HEAVEN my dear friends :-).

FB 010213 Stig om HEAVEN

  • My attention was directed to Messi from the morning when I was told that “the inner circle” knows that he is a symbol of me, and when he scores an incredible amount of goals, it is to say that I am winning comfortably over darkness,  and later I saw this article about the match the other day between Barcelona and Real Madrid where two Madrid players harassed Messi when running their hands around Messi’s head and it was NOT an act of kindness, which made Messi decide to meet one of the Madrid players afterwards in the parking cellar to tell him what he thought of it, and in the tunnel when leaving the field, Messi had told Real Madrid’s assistant coach that “you are only Mourinho’s doll”, and as you have seen before in my script, a “doll” is about darkness misunderstanding, and is this what darkness of Real Madrid does in relation to Messi and me, and not believing in the story that my progress is what is making Messi the GOAL KING (?), and no, have you noticed by the way how Mourinho has been fighting with Real Madrid players lately (?), and is way behind Barcelona in the league (?), and yes, there you have it, which is to say that Barcelona is my team inside darkness to save all life.

EB 010213 Messi

EB 010213 Messi 2



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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