February 5, 2013: Denmark show DOUBLE-MORAL when condemning a murder attempt on “freedom of speech”


Summary of the script today

4th February: Lars Løkke and Jens Rohde hide their roles as leaders of the closed Totalitarian World Government!

  • Dreaming of creating life and turning around the Source, reaching the point of no return of the Source after becoming part of our New World, darkness bringing me to Paradise – CORRUPTION OF SPAIN (!), and there is still much preparation to do before reaching the land of joy and happiness.
  • We will soon show you who we really are, us standing behind everything. The “big dinner” is being prepared.
  • The love of my mother, i.e. the New World, is on its way towards me, and we just have to get through some hills on the way in.
  • The Source are realising that it fought me trying to destruct the world at the same time bringing me building stones to build it according to the wish of the seed of the Source at the centre, and it would have been impossible to do if the Source other than the seed knew about it.
  • I was shown the first crack of the door opening to the light of the Source and told that I am the only one knowing, and also that if we did not, the world would not be able to make it by now.
  • I was completely broken down being closer than ever to give up and also accept my “old nightmare”, but still the inner of me says “never”!
  • I have come to the last and most dense chest of darkness, which includes Denmark and the former Prime Minister Lars Løkke, who was one of the architects behind the new Totalitarian World Government appointing the member of the European Parliament Jens Rohde as the Chairman of this government because he was a “tough” candidate, which everyone could agree on, and this is what Lars and Jens have since tried to hide by removing Jens as the lead candidate of the Liberal Party for the European Union. COME OUT AND TELL YOUR STORY TO THE WORLD PRESS, ALL OF IT, AND DO IT NOW, MY GENTLEMEN (!), including your acceptance to use UFO’s, who was “this close” to kill me making you my murderers. We had to stop their plans, and the election of Helle Thorning-Schmidt to Danish Prime Minister in October 2011 was part of this.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show that both sides of the story always matter, the genie in the bottle, a sack of lumps of life, and “big heads” catching/ destroying also by x-rays, eeehhhh (?), be careful about a gent with a sword, a man who cannot stand and is coughing, confusion about seeing the worst darkness now, and darkness still wants to marry my mother and I.
  • Short stories of the power cut of the Super Bowl being a wake-up call, I do NOT like killer drones of the US, and Desiree has gone through hardship too.

5th February: Danish media and politicians show DOUBLE-MORAL when condemning a murder attempt on “freedom of speech”

  • Dreaming of going directly from not being able to work anymore into my new room creating life, the worst darkness of the world producing oil etc. made my most inner self into the worst terminator of life, “everybody dance” in celebration in USA.
  • I visited the dentist in Helsingør and had x-rays taken for the world to see future life of our New World when looking carefully, and besides from this, my teeth are practically “perfect” also because I decided not to lose to darkness, which would have made more teeth break than the one, which broke in 2006.
  • I went to the hair dresser – a Christian man from Iraq – who spoke about what everyone EASILY can see is wrong, which is Mohammed’s 40 wives and the last one only being 9 years old (!!!), and when I arrived home, I saw that the Muslim-critic Lars Hedegaard had been exposed to a murder-attempt when a gunman missed his head firing from a distance of one metre (!), and this is to say that Muslims CANNOT hear other than what they want to hear including Muslim leaders not having faith in me as the Son of God telling you that MOHAMMED WAS NO PROPHET OF MINE BUT THE DEVIL (!), which everyone can see if only you open your eyes and ears (!), and it made the world and especially Danish politicians and media outcry their worst disgust for this attack on FREEDOM OF SPEECH, which is really about their own DOUBLE-MORAL when they were willing to sell so called freedom and democracy to a new Totalitarian World Government in the name of “financial crisis” and to “control the world”.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show darkness everywhere, my family brings me darkness to get the best out of it in the end, the Trinity is cleaning darkness, I remove dirt of Earth, all kind of souls are hiding in the dark or getting out of it.
  • Short stories of Mads really speaking of me as the King living from social benefits, I do believe we are about to run down the top of the mountain to end my/our sufferings, telling Jane and the Danish Parliament to KNOW WHAT YOU WORK WITH (!), BT as the newspaper of the Devil is “unstable”, Helena and Søren Pind has stopped being sweethearts symbolising the end of the son and mother together, telling Kenya that all their leaders are CORRUPT and our New World Government with Obama is coming, and my old colleague Lone absorbed darkness too.


4th February: Lars Løkke and Jens Rohde hide their roles as leaders of the closed Totalitarian World Government!

Dreaming of turning around the Source and reaching the point of no return with the Source being part of our New World

I went to bed at 23.40, and first could not lay on my side constantly receiving small heart attacks from darkness of the Source on its way in, so I had to turn on my back, but I decided not to be afraid, so not long after I returned to laying on my side, and eventually I fell asleep and slept until 08.50 including these dreams.

  • I had difficulties sleeping and BAD VISIONS/DREAMS, which I would have liked to write down to tell you, but I did not, but it was about difficulties to get everything of the Source through.
  • I am one of two taking part in a chef competition, and my competitor talks about cutting three holes in a piece of paper as preparation, which is “insane” to do and it makes the host tell him to only do two, which he does, and when it is my turn, I don’t care what the host says, I cut three holes, which is about the optimal use of a palm tree, which I bend completely over to make the crown of it touch the ground, and it makes me much faster than my opponent, and now I am making the third dish and am stuck with peeling the potatoes, takes much longer than I thought, which also makes the Asian food I prepared before cold, and I see that my opponent is about catching up on me, but I am “a natural talent” and win.
    • Preparing food is still about creation of life, and I use the Trinity giving me a solid lead, and the palm tree being bend all over is to turn around the Source itself, and the potatoes is still about being “down to Earth”, which I have difficulties with (?), and I cannot see how this should be, because I am simply a mere human being, and it seems as if there are people of Asia believing that I take too long, which is making you lose your patience?
  • I received the SO FINE new song by Electric Light Orchestra/Jeff “Point of no return” with the message that we have now reached this point of no return, the Source is now inside the New World.

  • I am in Copenhagen showing a tourist the direction to the Police, and they work out in the open from an open square, and I decide to enter the desk myself to ask for directions to the police in Paris, and I am surprised to find a man from Spain working here, followed by one from Taiwan and other nationalities too, I had expected to find Danes here, and they don’t have a list of telephone numbers, but give me a map over Paris and a smaller leaflet of telephone numbers of Paris issued by the newspaper Berlingske.
    • Police is about darkness, and it is darkness bringing me to the centre of the Source at the city of light, and here are some nationalities – and yes have you noticed that corruption of the government in Spain is also being revealed these days and yes going right to the top, but they do the same as active racing cyclists as example, which is to reject because it is “totally impossible” to admit as long as you are still depending on money from the business you work in, and it is first when you are out of the system that you can stand forward doing what is RIGHT and to admit, and yes it is a CIRCUS what you see down there (!) and a sign too about what is coming – and I understand that the newspaper Berlingske has some kind of co-ordination role of media in relation to me (?), and yes HELLO LISBETH KNUDSEN, the editor-in-chief, I cannot hear or see you, where are you (?), have you become SILENT too (?), and I keep hearing “deaf”, so she is much more a member of the “old school” still (?), and yes there are many STUBBORN and BRAIN-WASHED people out there, who simply “cannot” get used to a New World coming, and it is “so exciting” to be part of the old power and money base, is that it, Lisbeth?
  • I am with Sanna and Hans and also my mother and John on our way to their cottage in Sweden, but first they have MUCH preparation to do, and I wear the same clothes as yesterday, and Sanna asks me if I have changed my underpants, which I of course have, and I am with Hans in Gurre arriving at “the smallest hotel in the world”, which Sanna and Hans are sponsors of, and the window pane of the reception is full of the most beautiful small flowers including roses, and now they bring even more, but I see that one flower – feeling like a person – at the bottom of all, is sick and really needs attention to survive, but Hans does not want to bring this. And something about losing my patience with all of the preparation needed before we can go to Sweden.
    • It seems as if there is still much to do when it comes to prepare all of the flowers of the Source before we go to the land of joy and happiness of Sweden, and I am here given a smell of perfume given to me by my mother, and no it is not too strong, and I don’t know yet what perfume symbolises, and still there is darkness inside the Source, which has not turned over becoming a flower yet. Later I was told that I am the flower at the bottom about to die really.
  • I also remember cycling on my new bicycle where the back wheel is NOT buckled, which is constantly annoying me when driving on it in reality, and yes is it really God making it buckled (?), and this dream said that it is.

The love of the New World is on its way towards me at the inner of the Source

I was told that we now await the dentist tomorrow even though we cannot wait any longer, and the dentist is to show the whole world that we have moved in, we are no longer “nothing” inside my teeth, we are everything, so we are no longer in your teeth, we are everywhere, and yes I understand that the world can see this through X-rays, which I will get done tomorrow.

We were ready to do a show below the belt, but someone came and took over, “you are no longer allowed to do that”, and yes your new self in action.

You have not yet told him about the challenges being away from his body, and that is that we are no longer in control, and yes, still the Devil speaking.

I was told “Jørgen” meaning “money” or “energy” really and it is not as if we are protected behind yet another gate is it? There is no cloudburst on the way, you have dealt with this yourselves. We simply are once again, but now in the new Universe we have built and yes to protect yourself, Stig, and that is from the dangers threatening life, and I felt that this was the real reason behind building it.

We are no longer in State prison neither in Horsens nor here. We are out and then in. We are also no longer a four-back chain as we had divided into.

So we say no to cigarettes and will soon show you who we really are, us standing behind everything. It is not as if your mother is your heir or something like that, we are all coming from the first seed of the Source, and it is more about WHEN we have arrived, and you will see the order as it happened, and be prepared for a surprise to find out what life really is, remember that we are “nothing”?

So I am not yet without job, but this is how it is starting to feel like with lower work pressure than before, and at least the view to have some hours off more than normal, but we will see, maybe I will get surprised and receive more work.

The Commune is no longer annoyed with you (for me telling the world in public documents of their harassment of me), they have reached a conclusion what to do with me, and do they believe that I can work, or have to prove that I can work once again in CRAZY “work practise”, or have they decided to give me permanent disability pension (?), and yes we will soon see, and I believe that it is in February that I will meet them again.

We will no more go to the toilet, but instead bring out plates (?), and yes to prepare for the big dinner I have in mind.

So there is no more hiding here, but more like “waiting for the right moment”.

The idea is to keep making everything of life even more concentrated.

I was shown the hallway of a stable with Elephants at both sides and at the end was a HUGE stone blocking access to the continuation of this hallway, and I was asked if I want to go left or right, and at left I was shown a football stadium, and I really don’t know, but I want to do what is RIGHT, and is the idea that we will play football forever inside of here removing darkness of the past?

I was also shown the first crack of the door opening to the light of the Source and told that I am the only one knowing, and also that if we did not, the world would not be able to make it by now.

So the Devil was God about to turn around from “nothing” to “everything”, which everything of the Source other than the original seed itself resisted, which is what created the resistance/darkness I met.

If you were not “mentally ill” as Karen believe you are, she would move in with you straight away.

I still feel a layer of darkness around me, which I do my best not to enter, and when I touch the surface of it, I hear “no, they are not going to get me”, and this is still old darkness wanting to protect me as “nothing”, but no, this is not how I want it.

I was told that when “they” discovered that we used “the bomb of Nixon” as symbol of the judgment day weapon (in my scripts mainly in 2010), “you could hear a pin drop to the ground”, and yes because who knows that Nixon was prepared to throw an atomic bomb over Vietnam to “get it over with here and now” and not very much patience with that man you know, but he did not succeed when the bomb would not ignite, isn’t it funny?

Do we have an “automatic zip-opener” to all levels of the Source (?), and this is what you asked for, wasn’t it (?), and yes but I did not write it down, and what do you think (?), and yes the first seed is able to get in everywhere, so this wish is herewith granted.

We could have given your warnings about “heavy rain” in front of you during your journey, but that would have taken the effect of them, and yes they simply entered me – the strongest attacks during my journey – which I was completely unprepared for and had to do my best to avoid them with very little or no sleep with much or VERY much work as the consequence.

I was told that the Commune has involved Rolf from Brede Park again to “find out about me” and checked my social security number in databases again, and yes they have to be completely wild and crazy, and we know in order to trying to protect themselves, and how difficult can it really be to understand me instead of focusing on yourselves???

I was told and felt that the love of my mother, i.e. the New World, is on its way towards me, and we just have to get through some hills on the way in.

So this is really about “pulling rope” as I dreamt as a boy/young man, and I was the one man having to bring everything of the world on my side, and now everything of the much bigger Source, and yes funny that we could, but we could, and that is to make everything follow the original seed.

It seems that we under-estimated you (?), and yes not only the world but “everything of the Source” too and that is except me as the seed.

So it is us you see in the clouds (?), now looking up from my viewpoint on Earth, and yes this is the content of the Source, and what will happen when all of it turns around to become everything which is and show you our true flowers (?), and “be prepared for a surprise”.

I felt my mother arriving and asking “is this my bathroom, is this where I will live”, and yes it is, and this is to bring the New World right to the centre of the Source.

My coffee thermos gave a sound from it, which included the feeling of people of other civilizations showing me a helicopter – yes, this is EXACTLY how it was (!) – and saying that they can do nothing else than to follow the world to this place of the Source, which will help to start the helicopter lifting all life up.

We now understand that we have been given the old telephone number for your old self, and that is because we felt a disturbance inside of here, and now we see your new self arriving, and yes is that a gift for us (?), and yes Stig, the Source – except from the first seed – did not know about this development otherwise it would have been impossible to create, and now we are all becoming one, and yes PHYSICAL LIFE you say, and yes it has to be tried, and we feel like children at Christmas eve sliding down our sledges from the snowy hills and that is because we now understand that this is how you feel, and yes “snow” is suffering, and I am still so dizzy that I could pass out at any moment really, but I don’t have time for that and yes the show has to go on, and we know a new queen of my mother is coming, and that is the New World :-).

How does it feel like to have the Police after you (?), and yes we had no idea, Stig, and I feel without the words being said “can you forgive us, Stig” (?), and there is nothing to forgive, and that is when you have done your best now knowing that you did wrong, but you can of course always be sad of the consequences, but that is totally different, and I feel Obama here too, and the same goes with you, my friend, and here I also feel that he is thinking of me in relation to LTO, and yes, Elijah is a man “impossible to reach”, but he will come around too, and then he will know that we used him too to reach the centre of the Source.

I was told about the Danish Government having monitored me since Copenhagen Climate Change Conference (December 2009) – and since also other countries – and also that if you know what you are looking for, you can see the Source through the X-rays I had done at the dentist on Hørsholm Hovedgade in 2008, so this is what the official world following in my footsteps have seen as I understand.

And I was told that the Danish Government as example had considerations about whether or not they should intervene seeing what the Danish Communes of Lyngby-Taarbæk and Helsingør did to “destroy” me, and this was another “risk” because if they had, they had also stopped darkness as building stones coming to me – and yes, Stig, this dizziness and tiredness is truly as deep that it is making me disabled, and yes difficult to work when you are a living zombie it is.

So it was our attacks making you feel like a Zombie, and this is what you used to as building blocks to create our New World.

Now we understand why he was not tired”, and yes I did not get much effective sleep.

I was told that we are bringing more out of me for the final clothes of my mother.

I was so broken down in fact that I did not have energy to cycle to Prøvesten shopping centre to do a little shopping, but I had to, so I did it anyway, and my rear wheel is making me “mad” (!), and on my way this together with everything else pressuring on me was the closest yet for me to accept negativity and my “old nightmare” to be carried out, but still I have the inner of me saying “never” (!), and I was thinking about giving up in terms of not being able to leave my apartment to shop and even to tell my mother, but then again, this would make her think of putting me to hospital to be treated, but as everyone one knows, there is NOTHING wrong with me other than the effects of darkness pressuring on me, and how would the hospital “help” me to “treat” this (?), and yes, there you see.

I was told that it is possible to be indicted as if you have killed if there are “evidences” of you having plans to kill according to the terror paragraphs, and this is what I was relieved from going through.

I was told about how Greece has “hyper-inflation” but cheats with its official statistics in order to borrow money, and yes “difficult” for you/everyone to hold out “the pain” until I will show up?

Lars Løkke and Jens Rohde hide their roles as leaders of the closed Totalitarian World Government!

The glass is what we had to go through to become physical, which none of us had seen coming because we were busy trying to catch your mother, and she led all of us inside here, and eeehhh what is that (?), what are we now (?), and yes physical, and this is how we were “cheated”, and no, we would not know what physical life was about, and I was given a special “high-frequent pain” to the left side of my stomach, which is also how I felt it when it happened, i.e. the crossing through the glass.

So it is now with all of our strength the next task is coming – giving me the understanding that I will now go through “ever worse” – but the story changed and I was told that this is about how to wake him, Stig, up, and yes when he will give up?

For some time I have been thinking about why it was necessary to bring the physical world as close to nothing that we practically were nothing in the summer of 2010 (?), and yes this was the only way for me to re-connect with the Source and build our New World eventually including all of the Source of “nothing”.

I still felt strong darkness – a curtain was pulled down over me – so how can we say to the world that this is the end (?), and that is because you cannot any more, can you (?), and the answer is in what I was told the other day that “we are cheaply for sale” because there is really no energy here, this WAS the answer (!), so we really don’t have energy to bring out your “old nightmare” including destructions of the world, but if you thought we had …, and yes part of the game it was, so this small explosion was a way to open you, but no now, so now we just wait for everything to become light without darkness, which will wake me up automatically?

So you will not just die, and I was given a dark sound to my kitchen and was told that this means that we will not be here much longer, and is there more inside of the Source, which has not come inside the New World yet (?), and yes not easy to say when you are told both.

I was told about Henrik Ramlau, the previous CEO of Danica Pension and now Financial Director of Danske Bank and member of the executive management of the bank and how he was my key to the system upwards, and also that you received a surprise learning about me, Henrik (?), and yes we know each other from the 1990’s where I worked as an insurance broker being more detailed into the principles of how to calculate the “money tank” of a Life & Insurance company than most/all brokers, and Henrik was the brain behind these calculations, and you do remember that we had several talks about this, Henrik (?), and I was told that he and Peter Straarup had a leading role doing the setup/financing of the evil New World Order – as I understood it.

And I was told about Lars Løkke Rasmussen, the Chairman of the Liberal Party and Prime Minister of Denmark until October 2011, and asked what do you try to hide (?), and I was shown only a small chest, which could stand on a desk, and this includes the last “almost no darkness” remaining, and inside this is Denmark as the small “almost neutral” country, where Lars Løkke was one of the architects behind the new totalitarian world government as we can also call it, and Jens Rohde was “conveniently” removed as the lead candidate of the Liberal Party for the European Parliament in November 2012, so this is how you are trying to hide (?), and yes Lars, “no thank you, not me” as the new leader of the world government, which came after Cop 15 in Copenhagen in December 2009 (?), but who can handle the pressure (?), which people could see that you could not, Lars, and yes this is how it became Jens Rohde, who was not a dangerous man, whom everyone could agree upon, and yes, Stig, he has not yet seen the writing on the wall, and this was when you were almost destroying everything making the world being “this close” to go under because what you did was NOT sustainable with life self.

And I was told that these leading politicians gave their acceptance of man (mis-)using UFO’s, and in this sense, they are my murderers with a UFO trying to murder me, remember (?), and when I went to the midsummer party at Marienborg, the official residence of the Danish Prime Minister in the summer of 2010, and stood next to Lars Løkke and I am sure that I was also photographed standing close to him (?), it was to say that I am not afraid of you, and this is really how these WIMPS of politicians have tried to remove their traces and are hiding behind silence, and I am here given the taste of eggs because they have decided to support me instead, and no, Lars & Co., it is “not easy” for you to “wear” this secret about me and yourselves, but you are going to speak out ALL OF YOU including all details and names and just like a professional racing cyclist would do it, and yes WELCOME ON THE FRONT PAGE, don’t you look forward to being “relieved” from all the pressure you carry (?), and I can only wonder why all of you were WIMPS???

I was told “Izmir” together with Cop 15 in Copenhagen, and Turkey, and this is where the agreement of the world government was also made (?), and where everything was breaking down really. And I was told that the involved parties fear reading me because of what I might write about you (?), and yes I have NOTHING against you, you were only led by God to save us all and that is if I was strong enough to keep everything together, and was I not, we would all have been terminated by now, and yes because of you, nice thought, right?

And I was told that these plans of Lars Løkke etc. had to be stopped, which the election of Helle Thorning-Schmidt as the Danish Prime Minister in October 2011 was part of, and yes she HAD to be elected, so this is what we made sure that she was, and that is because it was possible because of my support of you, Helle.

And all of this process started with Jack making the Intelligence Service of Denmark “interested” in me – “throw an eye on Stig, do you think that he speaks the truth” (?) – and I was told that the world would never have discovered me if I don’t gave them a little help via Jack.

I was told that this is where my golden watch is buried, and that will have to be the before mentioned chest, and you will not get deeper than this, and yes if there is still darkness as there is, it is logical that it is not everything of the Source yet, which has been transferred to our New World.

I was told that Reimer Bo, who is a famous TV-journalist and host here, is ”part of it” too, and yes just an example of course.

It is possible that we could go through the last without visiting the dentist, which we first see now, but now it is set up, so let us include this too, and I here feel that this is “to show a superior victory”.

What are those yellow stains on the wall (?), and yes I found a treasure map here saying that I am you, so it has to mean that you are me, and yes you are my physical counterpart, so this is my home, and yes you are welcome, and I guess this is my own inner self.

I felt and was told that this is now the last part of the Toruk Makto entering you.

Google Earth shows that both sides of the story always matter

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show that both sides of the story always matter, the genie in the bottle, a sack of lumps of life, and “big heads” catching/ destroying also by x-rays, eeehhhh (?), be careful about a gent with a sword, a man who cannot stand and is coughing, confusion about seeing the worst darkness now, and darkness still wants to marry my mother and I.

FB 040213 Jette 1

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Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Michael Wulff wrote about the Super Bowl (of the night) naming it the “super trouble”, and he wondered why they play IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT (?), and this is really to bring forward Kim Larsen this way – with his INSPIRED song “midt om natten” (“in the middle of the night”), which is about the police coming in the middle of the night (to “cut off” the power of life really) and instead he sings “åh manãna håber vi får i morgen med” (“oh, hope we will also get tomorrow with”, and yes YOU DID, Kim :-)) – and I am given the feeling of Kim from time to time knowing about what is going on, and as Michael writes below, the power but was not a mistake, but a “wake up call” according to the President, and yes what do you know?

FB 040213 Wulff

  • The media is writing these days about Søren Pind and his “big mouth” believing that he will not get his desired job as Foreign Minister, and it is right that he has problems controlling his temper, but when it comes to his statement about US Drones being “murderers”, I am fully in line with Søren, because this is what I have been thinking too, the worst/most disgusting killing machine, which is, and here Helena told Søren that the Red Green Party is not as crazy as he believes because they agree with him.

FB 040213 Helena

  • FC Brøndby saw directly into the abyss with a risk of going bankrupt today, but they SURVIVED too :-).

DR 040213 Brøndby

  • Desiree has gone through hardship too, and you know that people having gone through the worst sufferings, is what develops them into my “special friends”.

FB 040213 Desiree


5th February: Denmark show DOUBLE-MORAL when condemning a murder attempt on “freedom of speech”

Dreaming of the worst darkness of the world made my most inner self into the worst terminator of life

I went to bed at 23.40 and slept until 08.30 but only very light so I am still tired and also feeling half-sick with a cold, which will probably not break out. A few dreams.

  • First I was not allowed to sleep, and was told that abuse of children is also coming from inside of here, and then I was shown everything opening.
  • I try to fly in Snekkersten, but I cannot, I see sweet dogs on my way, and enter a LARGE room where I see a table in the middle FULL of MANY scrimps and I see individual scrimps around the room hanged up in transport lines.
    • I am going from being completely down into my new room where “scrimps” means “making love”, which is about creating life, which is from here that it is done.
  • Jim Carey is a werewolf haunting the place in incredible speed, he is son of a very big snake or lizard, and I see how he quickly kills many of my army, and then I meet him directly first fighting him with one sword and then two, and when this is not enough and we are still equal, we “fight” each other with our eyes looking down on the other and this brings out rats also part of this fight, but we are completely equal .
    • This is about my most inner self and I was told that this is what wrong behaviour of man in relation to PRODUCTION of oil and silence turned me into, and as you see, it is impossible for me to defeat the monster of me terminating life, but “temporary” it is only. And this also gives a better explanation of the Google Earth pictures of yesterday.
  • I am visiting USA for the first time except from stop overs in New York and California. We are following Eric Clapton, and are now inside a theatre where “everybody dance”, and we cannot afford a DJ to play, so we have arranged for people to stand in line to change LP on the gramophone after a song and to start the next song.
    • I am in USA where there is also an atmosphere of celebration according to this (around Obama I guess), and we have no energy left, but make it through as a joint effort, and this is also to say that Dan Rachlin is not with me.

Visiting the dentist taking x-rays of my teeth for the world to see future life of our New World when looking carefully

But it is Holger Fællessanger (“Community Singer”) and you have not wished anything, and that is because my teeth hurts so much because of all people not having faith in me, and I am the last one of darkness you say and everyone else is dancing, and I feel him/me becoming happy just because of this, and there is only one way to get me over too and that is for people to have faith or for Stig to “force” me, and yes he will NOT accept his “old nightmare”, so come on and dance with us, and yes Stig, believe it or not, but this is what we will use the results of the dentist of today for, and that is when the world will see what I have in store for it, they will say “yes, thank you, please do”, and that is because they can see into the New World via these x-rays, and that is if they REALLY want to, and yes “look carefully” you know, and you know where to look.

And then we will get a needle for your tie too, and get you up to “dance, dance, dance”, and is this really how easy it is (?), and yes this is how it is thought of. This is like getting released from State Prison you say (?) also meaning that I don’t have to be unhappy destroying parts of your mother and so on (?), yes, it will, and YES I WILL BE FREE AND BORN AGAIN TOO, and I feel Elijah here, and yes a very depressed man keeping me down.

But you forced him to do this, remember (?), and I here received a name on a Finish ski-jumper, and yes this was my faith, to be the last of darkness suffering and binding this together, and who will unbind me?

Release the child, otherwise you strangle it”, is also part of this.

All of these foreign productions are already ready (media items of me), but not one single about me truly explaining my feelings – I am feeling Elijah here again – which is that darkness self was God on the other side transforming into physical life, and when changing from “minus” to “plus”, he became darkness until life was strong enough to bring all of me over to show you my TRUE load of GOLD and LOVE.

So in other words, it is like an election again, will the world be happy about what I have created (?), and with their reactions, we feel sure that this is enough to get me up from the bench too and stop sulking.

And we repeat, this is ONLY to avoid “a little catastrophe” by blowing me up, and afterwards to re-collect me.

But do we have time to make this (?), because we have set up your mother, i.e. New World, just in front of you, and yes this is what was supposed to be my grave, and the stone blocking the hallway at the elephant stable you know, and yes this is what we will try to move, and not always easy to know what is the road of God, because I thought for a long time that I did NOT have to go to the dentist because I would be my new self before this, but this was wrong, so I am late out.

No one has an abacus strong enough to calculate how to remove that stone, but it seems that this is what we have.

TinTin is not my favourite cartoon, but “GULDKORN” “(grains of gold”) is and yes driving that small train also to bring what I have before you will start everything, and yes this is a result of the fact that you do NOT want to accept your “old nightmare” and that is no matter what.

I received a pretty strong feeling to the backside of my lower right leg and asked “what about us” (?), and yes it is all of you behind the stone, and yes I am working to set you free and to make this world a better place, and that is for all of you, and yes Michael has made maybe three songs of this calibre, which NO ONE else does after him when it comes to sheer beauty and strength of the message to IMPROVE THIS WORLD, but still it was not “strong enough” for mankind to listen to.

I keep receiving feelings of Lars G. being in contact today with Danish MP’s and is he still connected with Waterfront, and know about me too now?

I was given a feeling to one of my teeth and was told “I simply cannot get out of here”, and yes we need a little help, which is what the “official” world will bring me.

I keep receiving feelings of my physical father, who seems to be thinking much of me?

I was given the song “the sign” by Ace of Base again, and they lyrics “And I am happy now living without you” and “But where do you belong?”

I received the feeling of “everybody coming to me from right” and that is also those not having faith in me, and I was told that LOVE is the driving factor.

I was told about the yes-doll, which the spirit of my mother would play making my every wish come through, but no, I will NOT play the game like this, and NEVER!

I received another out of this world pain to my right ankle and felt that this would be the last turning my inner self around and I was given the feeling tht “we can see it coming” and also how it is coming (via the dentist).

I was told by Ole – my mother’s ex-husband – that not even I have seen you winning a clean victory not losing any sets.

I felt my mother “reflecting” and saying something like “and otherwise it would have been too expensive to enter” and this is what I was supposed to be used for (?), but no!

I was told about people “collecting signatures” since 1968 because they have felt that I was born (in 1966).

I was told that the force of Christoffer – Mette’s son – is not that powerful today, “but it is there”, and yes I received his name more yesterday, and this is darkness he is sending me too because of the reactions of Mette, John’s daughter, and her husband against me (?), and yes “nice” for you to talk about me over the dinner table thus influencing Christoffer against me?

And this is where my mother wants to place the Christmas Tree, but I am far too tired to receive it, but what the Hell, are you still working, my friend (?), and yes physical friend that is, and alright, I better stand up receiving it, and yes I feel the trunk of the tree, and what do I do then Stig, and yes receive it and place it perfectly according to your absolutely best skills, so this is what we do, but first when I receive some more flowers and inspiration of people out there following me, and deciding to say that “yes it is indeed Stig, we will take him too”, and with this, I do believe that all of us will come home to all of you inside of there, and it seems as if there is still life of “nothing” inside of my teeth, but now you can see what life of our New World will become like, which will probably convince a few of you out there, and feeling Ida Corr as one example!

My mother said that it is really not her but darkness/life of my inner self, which will bring me blood, I felt the taste of it, and I was also told “be careful”, and yes darkness is trying to bring on my “old nightmare” tempting me, but no, there is NOTHING you can do, I will say no, no matter how strong you come on to me.

I was told that Falck can easily see that they treated me wrongly NOT using my true skills, but still they focus on themselves in relation to my memo on them, and this is the same of the official world when I tell them about their wrongdoings – for example of the European Union and the WRONG systems of hell you have established (for example the Danish labour market “trying” to “help” people to get job doing everything WRONG) – and that is that they can easily see it, but still they focus on themselves and keep on following their old habits, because “this is really what makes us feel the best”.

It was a new experience finishing work at lunch today also including the first of Jette’s pictures, and there will probably come more, because she is working in a “mad” pace bringing more pictures than ever before at the moment.

I was told about lack of faith in me from many of the official world because of course Stig is not God/Son of God because then he knows everything and will be very different, which is what their wrong inner voice tells them without understanding that I had to arrive as a normal human being in order for darkness not to destroy me/us all, and yes just like how Jiro, the Devil’s advocate is thinking, and that is completely without knowing and without a desire to read and understand.

After lunch I cycled to the dentist in town, and the chain of my cycle “decided” to completely jam maybe 5-6 times, which first made me think that it needed oil, but I understood that this was the darkest darkness trying to prevent me from this visit, but I made it, and later I was received by the very kind – and pretty – dentist, Marie, who only made my deep miss of a nice girlfriend even greater, and I do believe that she had a good eye to me too, and yes you can see that clearly on people, but no, not for me (!), and it started with the assistant having to turn around the neck-paper she had put around me to the other side because she normally works for another dentist, and Marie is left-handed, and this was a symbol of turning around the last part of my inner self too, and yes from here, Marie checked my teeth and took two x-rays, and no my teeth is practically “perfect”, and maybe there is a small hole in the upper right wisdom tooth, and maybe there is an opening of my gum in the back, but no in practice there was nothing wrong, and she said that it is because I am good at brushing my teeth (!), and yes if she knew that I only brush them in the mornings, she would be surprised, but this is of course my spiritual friends helping me to keep them clean, and not broken because I decided not to give up during my journey, otherwise you would have seen more teeth break (than the one in 2006 where I today have a plastic filling, and yes I received this implant by this dentist in Helsingborg, Sweden, who probably also have x-rays and more on me on file), but I had MUCH tartar, which she removed, and this really HURTS (!), and when she did this, I was told and shown that we can now see the golden watch again, and I was shown activity of life of nothing inside a tooth – this is how it was shown to me – and it was with the feeling of ancient Egyptians, and I was told that the layer of darkness covering this was not that thick – we would have removed it sooner or later also if you had not visited the dentist.

I was also told that this is remaining darkness of the now former French President Sarkozy, which we are removing (!), and I was told that he was one of the main architects of the expected new Totalitarian World Government and I understood that the Financial crisis was leading not only to help packages to Southern Europe but also “how can we avoid this from happening in the future”, and yes to take CONTROL over the world and all of its irresponsibility, and what do you do then (?); and yes NEGATIVE CRITICS do what they love to do, and that is to work as DICTATORS and yes just like my sisters and MILLIONS of business leaders, they are everywhere, so as a “strong man”, Sarkozy, you decided to show the world (?), but no, this is NOT how I think, but how could you know because you “did not need to know” (?), and yes because I am NOT the one as I am when I was also having “a good eye” to your wife, remember (?), and was this done together with Angela Merkel and with you two, everyone could jump onboard your “train”, and who could “afford” not to do that, and yes “money rules” and with this as “oppression” it was “easy” to speak countries into this new “rule” of yours (?), and also armed forces (?), and yes I know absolutely nothing else than what I am told spiritually a little about here and there not knowing what is right and wrong, but as usual everything I say here is what is given to me spiritually, so maybe some of your lies are also part of this message, and I have NO IDEA, but I am telling the truth 100% as it is given to me.

Afterwards, I went to my hairdresser, see the chapter below, and afterwards, I could walk the streets of Helsingør in the most calm I have had since before 2006 not receiving that much negative pressured and speech, and I even took a cup of Cappuccino at Café Vivaldi for the first time in months – this is luxury to me – and I was told that this is the darkness of Spain from the World Championships final against Denmark, which I had to go through, and do you believe that there were people out there understanding the nature of darkness when seeing how Denmark was cut down by Spain?

I was told that the most impressive is that the old Heart as I have kept given you – as my clear actor tells me now coming to me clearly again for the first time in a long time – did not stop working, which was because of my will power not to lose.

So this is/was darkness, which is also what darkness wanted me to “spit out”, which would also have led into what is underneath, but no, I will NOT accept any loss of life, which this would have meant. EVERY LITTLE THING is to be saved. And I was told that this was the hardest road home.

At 14.45 I felt a crack in darkness from the outside leading in to me, and was told that the x-ray results are now starting to spread, and I thought “already” (?), and apparently yes, and the official world has access to all computer systems as I understand it, and this is the system of this dentist in Helsingør, and her name is Marie, if others out there are interested, and yes they are also bringing in the x-rays from 2008/09 from the dentist of Hørsholm Hovedgade for you to compare with.

I received the word “flamboyant”, which I have received for days, and I understand that this is how people think of me, and I hope that this is for the positive, and this is one out of more definitions of this word, but “something special” is part of it, and “to do his best and show his true personality” could be another way of putting it.


I was told that my journey would also not have worked without the help of my late father’s father, whom I don’t know, but do know that he has been with me all of the time – thank you.

Is this your sound-man, and yes one of the last to set up antennas of our New World, and that is because you have allowed us to come even closer, which we then do.

And yes, when I came home, I was surprised to see that you had decided not to make me unemployed with MUCH work coming in.

My mother called, and was as HAPPY as only she can be when hearing that everything went fine with my teeth.

I received sounds from my kitchen, and God said that he is now only removing small twigs before we can enter.

This script if written FAR TOO QUICKLY as the name of the game where I have to play against darkness on its home soil, and as you know, I like to use more time to THINK CAREFULLY and WORK CAREFULLY (especially on the murder atempt of today), and you might not see a very big difference (?), but to me there is, and yes I would have liked to have at least 2-3 times the time to do this as most of my scripts, and if there are mistakes of the “I should have know better” kind, this is the reason why, and yes I have to do my best working under unacceptable conditions, and if I could not, I could not win against darkness.

Danish media and politicians show DOUBLE-MORAL when condemning a murder attempt on “freedom of speech”

After the dentist I went to my normal hair dresser from Iraq in Bjergegade, and among others I spoke to him about my long hair and I told it that he could use it to make a wig, and we spoke about wigs in general, and also about what language he speaks at home in Helsingborg with his children, and I was thinking of Danish, Swedish or Arabic, but to my surprise he said that they are Christian people from Iraq and ethnic Assyrians speaking their native language, and this led to me asking him about their relations to Muslim people, and he confirmed what I suspected, which was that Christians are pursued by Muslims and that is even with violence, and he told me that most Christians have escaped Iraq as a consequence, and also that Muslims does NOT want to understand others than themselves and their faith, and then he started speaking about Mohammed and the Koran, which I know absolutely NOTHING of because I have NEVER read it, and he said that Mohammed had 40 wives, which I could only tell him is WRONG because one man with one woman is “more than enough” as I said, and he told me that Mohammed last wife was only 9 years old (!), which clearly for everyone was also VERY WRONG (!), and I asked him it this means that Muslims accept abuse of children and yes because their prophet apparently was married to a child, and no I don’t know the answer, but I can tell you that this is WRONG, and it is also WRONG trying to spread a religion oppressing people to all mankind as you wanted to, and yes there will be NO MUSLIMS or any other religions of our New World – only ONE GOD and ONE PEOPLE – you will all be LIBERATED from this terror of a religion and converted to me bringing you TRUE freedom.

So in other words, this is also the WORST darkness still part of the last chest you know, and yes “impossible” for some Muslim countries to follow me because I am correcting you in relation to your “prophet” (?), and all I ask of you is to use your SIMPLE LOGIC and COMMON SENSE and ask yourself if oppression of women and child abuse as examples is how you believe life is to be (?), or to bring TRUE FREEDOM and EQUALITY to all (?), and yes the answer should not be that difficult my friends, and it only takes for you to OPEN YOUR EARS, so there you have it, Muslim people wanting to bring a totalitarian dictatorship to the world also punishing people the worst with Sharia-law, and do you really think that this is the wish of God (?), well think again because God is “ONLY LOVE” you know.

When I arrived home from town, I saw the news all over about Lars Hedegaard, a famous Danish critic of Islam, who was as close as you can get to be murdered when a gunman with a wig (!) and a red post jacket (symbolising that life is coming through the worst darkness, with the postman delivering letters, i.e. life, to people) rang on his door, fired his gun at him but missed from a distance of one metre (!) – incredible how you can miss this close and yes, it was only a “warning” not meant to be carried out (!) – and the best part of it was that the perpetrator apparently escaped through the Copenhagen Zoo, and yes you do remember that my mother wanted us to visit the polar beers here the other day (?), and this is what it was really about, and you can read here as example to get more details of this story, which the whole world finds “very interesting”, and that is of course because it is related to the Mohammed drawings and the fundamental right of FREEDOM OF SPEECH, which is what Muslims as a totalitarian belief/regime wants to bring everyone.

FB 050213 BT

050213 Newscom

And I wonder if this is as simple as it appears, which is that there are Muslim leaders, who have wanted me dead too, but did not have the courage to bring a fatwa on me because of my “offending” comments (for example on the front page of my website) on Mohammed being a man serving the Devil, and yes “what if he is right” (?), is this what you also thought, and yes one more bunch of cowards to put on top of everyone else of the world, who did not have what it took to get rid of me, and yes it was like sailing through a water full of mines ready to explode around me, and there was ONLY ONE WAY through and that was to be strong, so this is what I decided to be, and if you want to know who were the closest to kill me, it was the two Danish Communes of Lyngby-Taarbæk and Helsingør with their “insane” demands towards me as an “unemployed” person (working more than full hours ….).

And I was told “no, there is NO ONE landing the aeroplane of Muslims”, but this is what this is a try to do, and yes to make Muslims of today understand their “crimes” – I am seeing the Afghan President Hamid Karzai here, and do you KNOW about me, but what did you decide to do with your knowledge (?), and was that to throw away the paper with this information and to spit on it because of course I “cannot” be the Son of God “smearing” your “holy Prophet”, Mohammed (?), well think again, Hamid, and USE YOUR HEAD and not your feelings and brainwash this time, will you?

And this was BREAKING NEWS of all media here and ALL politicians were VERY BUSY to speak out loud just how disgusting this crime was, and here are some leading Danish politicians saying just how unacceptable it is to attack the FREEDOM OF SPEECH itself, and I wonder if you wondered how your system with your law in the hand together with misunderstandings removed my freedom of speech when I criticised Lyngby-Taarbæk Commune over their WRONG torture of me in 2010?

FB 050213 Pia Lars og Lars

And can it really be that all politicians speaking FOR freedom of speech as the foundation self of a democratic society had plans to introduce a TOTALITARIAN RULE via the new Totalitarian World Government (?), and yes you will be surprised to see what money can make people decide to do, and yes I am looking MUCH forward to receiving your testimonies, my ladies and gentlemen, and yes of how you can be so “offended” and “disgusted” by Muslims trying to remove the freedom of speech when you at the same time was selling out on all of your moral and so called “good values” of Denmark to a Totalitarian World Government, but then again, do you know what “good values” are about (?), and yes I am just wondering, and this is also what I was when another “politician”, the local Benedikte from the Conservative Party, who said that this attack on Lars Hedegaard was “terrible”, and then her feelings ran with her as it also did with Pia Kjærsgaard and others and she said “hope that he is caught quickly – and that he receives hard punishment here and now!

And no “I could not help it” and told her that “help” is better than “punishment”, and asked her if this is because she cannot control her negative feelings and desire of “revenge” (?), which is NOT how to establish a society of justice, which I asked her to tell the Parliament. YOU CANNOT REMOVE NEGATIVE WITH NEGATIVITY (!), which should be apparent to everyone. And I told her that the only way forward is to HELP people and the WHOLE COMMUNITY to responsibility, freedom, good moral and behaviour, which should be your most important task, but how can you trust such a task to people who live by throwing stones in the glass house and see it as their most important task “to be right at any price”, where you often don’t understand yourselves what “good moral” and “purity” is, and no, Benedikte could also not comment this, so SILENCE is your preferred weapon of darkness too, Benedikte (?), and yes you are also welcome to come by for a “friendly” visit and coffee, and I do believe we live within 200-300 metres apart, so it should be “easy” to you, right (?), and this is also what my actor tells me about writing and publishing this for the world to see the DOUBLE-MORAL of politicians and yes media too, and “what goes, goes”, right (?), but no, WRONG!!!

FB 050213 Benedikte

So this was the BIG NEWS everywhere in Denmark today, and if you don’t know me by now, you are SIMPLY RED (!) (of darkness), and you are still SILENT not saying a word, and how come all of you are still WIMPS (?), and yes are you still afraid of the MONSTER of a Totalitarian World Government and what it might do to you if you simply speak the truth (?), and if I was you, I would NOT be afraid – also not you Helle Thorning-Schmidt (!) – and simply SPEAK OUT THE TRUTH ABOUT ME, and yes I have encouraged you to do the RIGHT thing all along, and still do, and still all of you are silent as a tomb, and is that also because you are waiting for me to leave the tomb (?), and yes feeling Margrethe Vestager here, and is this also because money’s too tight to mention of the world, and MONEY is your preferred language herewith falling completely in the trap and potentially big pot of the Devil, and yes so you are.

And to give you another example – I could have given you “hundred” – Simon was as “appalled” as everyone else and could also not control his negative feelings of the perpetrator saying “may he be caught and punished hard” (!), and yes “Simon, it is also WRONG with your human view, which is the case for most of you. See my response to Benedikte Kiær “if you want to know more””, and the last part of this is an old slogan of the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten, and “welcome on the front page” as I have also used recently is an old slogan of the newspaper Ekstra Bladet, which is to say that I am sad to see that you are cowards and “bought” as everyone else, and have FAILED showing the world how WRONG you are NOT daring to do what is the only right thing to do, and yes SIMPLY RED you are, and you do know that I LOVE SIMPLY RED, right?

FB 050213 Simon

Google Earth shows the Trinity cleaning darkness and I remove dirt of Earth

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show darkness everywhere, my family brings me darkness to get the best out of it in the end, the Trinity is cleaning darkness, I remove dirt of Earth, all kind of souls are hiding in the dark or getting out of it.

FB 0402 050213 Jette 1

FB 0402 050213 Jette 2

FB 050213 Jette 3

I love this “band in Heaven playing my favourite song”, and yes I LOVE Mick/Simple Red, another truly amazing artist, and right back to his first single/album.

FB 050213 Jette 4

FB 050213 Jette 5

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Mads is also making fun of Prince Henrik, who would like to become King when writing “if I had lived a life on social benefits, I would also insist to be addressed as King”, and this is really me you are speaking of, Mads (!), the “funny” part is that when Queen Margrethe’s father, King Frederik, married his wife Ingrid, she was made into Queen, but no, not this way around, and did anyone tell you that it is only going on inside of your heads?

FB 050213 Mads

  • Helena wrote with one of her friends to compete about getting down first all of the 11 kilometres of ski tracks from top and down to the village of Sölden in Austria, and to me, this is about how quickly my sufferings can be removed.

FB 050213 Helena

  • My old “friend” Jane, was at a consultation with Astrid, the Health Minister, about “security and escaped from the law psychiatry”, and she said that the Minister cannot decide but shoots all decisions and initiatives over to the psychiatry committee, and “this is what you can call to run from your responsibility”, and yes “I could not help it”, Jane (!), so I also sent you my comment asking you to WAKE UP at the Danish Parliament and KNOW what you work with, which you can tell everyone really, and it hurts me to see that you have trust in a hole industry, who cheats you and the population DESTROYING instead of TRULY helping people, but if you don’t want to read and understand the truth, it goes as bad as it has gone you, and yes, what did she reply (?), and yes Jane, your “good old friend”, and no, NOTHING, absolutely nothing, and yes Madness on the way to CAIRO, we know, and you do too by now, Jane? And maybe you are more “annoyed” than anything that I make you look “bad” towards your constituency?

FB 050213 Jane

  • BT and its mother newspaper Berlingske have MANY times had IT problems making their websites “unstable”, and since BT is the named newspaper of the Devil, which could have ended all of us because of your WRONG attitude bringing stories, which could have led to the “too early” publish and fall of me, I could only tell you the truth, which is that I do believe you are generally too unstable, and that goes for both newspapers and yes the media in general, and we know “business ethics and moral” and LACK OF it my friends, and yes READ and UNDERSTAND my page on media and politicians and I do believe that you will understand, right? And this is also a sigh showing the end of darkness when your IT-system has “difficulties” to work.

FB 050213-2 BT

FB 050213 Berlingske

  • Helena had “the worst” post yesterday, which is the day where I was the closest of all to give up to darkness and my “old nightmare”, therefore (!), and yes “so bad” that she decided to remove it from the public, but it was because she had been “burned off”, which made her react with “all Hell”, which is what I received, and today, she decided to keep this message from yesterday, which is about her genuine belief to find a man being “man enough” to accept her – and to be “strong” instead of the “weak fools” many men are towards beautiful/strong women – and she is really looking for someone like me, but that is of course out of the question, and when I decided that I did NOT want her because she is another part of the spirit of my mother, she received Søren Pind instead, whom I understand is another part of me, thus bringing mother and son together in the forms of these two people, and as I understand her message, Søren has now dumped her – I was really not sure that they were or were not together, and was I the only one not understanding (?), also when Helena slept with other men and women for that matter …. (?) – and that is because Søren has slept with another woman (?), and now Helena – of all (!) – feels “totally stupid and a laugh”, “I was so much in love. It was not returned. This is life” and she really thought that she had found the one in Søren and feel embarrassed, and yes, to me, you have shown poor sexual behaviour to the world, and can it really be that Søren could not keep his fingers to himself even though he knows that he is another part of the son and Helena another part of the mother, and is this the real reason that he now (again?) has made it over (?), and yes I can only guess when you don’t tell the truth straight out, and at least this also means and end of the mother and son being tied together, and yes this is the INCREDIBLE STRONG pressure of darkness brought to me for years to carry out my “old nightmare” (!), but NO, I will NEVER accept it, and today I felt that this pressure of the spirit of my mother being used as hostage is being removed from me, so this is the connection and what you see here.

FB 050213 Helena 2

FB 050213 Helena 3

FB 050213 Helena 4

  • I sent my regards to Kenya “if you understand such a small one”?

FB 050213 Kenya Nation

  • Lone is my old colleague from Acta, whom I hired because of a recommendation from Jesper, which I should not have done, because she was NOT qualified being “average” working too slowly and with too low quality, as MANY do, but she had good looks, which fooled me too (!), and here she says that she has returned home from hospital after having received a lung thrombosis, and I thought that it was the lungs almost killing my mother in 2009, so maybe this is connected (?), and darkness sending out its darkness to be absorbed this way.

FB 050213 Lone

  • I also had this chat with Fanny, who was “fighting with my  (i.e. her) ego” as she wrote, and I encouraged her to always understand others before trying to make herself understood, but no “I know” as she said overbearing with me, and yes not her problem, but it is other people hurting her when they cannot understand what she says (!!!), and yes this time around, there was not way around, so I told Fanny so I told her that this is ALSO her challenge when she is too quick and impatient NOT listening carefully and NOT asking questions, but no “my (i.e. her) problem is not so much this” but more her temper as she wrote, and eeehhh Fanny, how many times have I tried to explain you something, which went entirely over your head not captured by any of your ears because you were too busy thinking about yourself and your own thoughts (?), so therefore I took in once again for Uncle Sam – how are you doing over there, are you still “reading and understanding” or still having difficulties to understand anything else than your own inner voices (?) – and said this is EXACTLY what you have to work with and also to control your negative emotions as most do, and when you are the person you are, you take on responsibility by LISTENING, UNDERSTANDING and trying to live my words, and if you cannot, how can you make the world do the same, which will be your task (?), so all you have to do is to do what everyone knows is right to do, and to start by LISTENING and UNDERSTANDING, and yes this made her listen/accept “Yes sir, I know”, and yes that is fine, but please do not address me with “sir”, and yes please take this POSITIVELY as I told her because only a TRUE friend will tell her the truth directly asking her to do the same to her friends by being equally as brave to tell them the truth directly and using my words to LISTEN, ASK and UNDERSTAND and do that CAREFULLY!

FB 050213 Fanny 1

FB 050213 Fanny 2



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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