February 7, 2013: We will open to the masterpiece of life at its highest level, which is completely different to life now


Summary of the script today

6th February: We will open to the masterpiece of life at its highest level, which is completely different to life now

  • I had a terrible night because of darkness of the scared world elite to stand forward coming to me including “pain attacks”. I am still on my way up to reach the golden watch of Big Ben at the top of the Eiffel Tower (!), and remaining darkness eagerly wants to burn itself off, which I however had refused.
  • I was shown the worst red monster inside of me, and dreamed of a monster killing people for nothing, but also that there is a way to save everyone, who are unharmed inside the Source.
  • I was told that my mother is the whole Pyramid of our New World and when adding my father of the Source, you will get me as the end result of the Diamond of everything.
  • The watch is an expression of “everyone and everything of all time”, and this is the only key working to open the Source, which has NEVER been opened before, and this is because “everything” is the only thing, which will make the diamond of our New World work as the combination of the physical New World and eternity of the Source. We are about having earned enough points to reach the very top opening up for everything because of the spreading of the world elite of what is really inside of the Source seen from x-rays of my teeth.
  • When we open the New World inside of the Source, we will open to the masterpiece of life as it was originally planned at its highest level, where life is really something completely different to what it is now because life has continued to develop, and this also means that we will have come over all other sufferings, which history otherwise have told you would come.  All of this is inside of the chest on my desk, which is really inside my teeth as the entrance to the Source. This is what comes out from my kitchen, when you decide to use it “perfectly”, and it is from here we will start the exploration of what is really inside of me/us all.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show light eating faeces of darkness, which is “caught in the trap” and it is sorry for what it has done – and as usual there are more pictures to be viewed at her Facebook group.
  • Short stories of the LTO team doing right to share my money with Elijah, destructive darkness of Marion Dampier-Jeans, who “cannot” accept me and Shannon leaving me as a Facebook friend (!), Henrik Qvortrup is the “Prince of darkness” together with media trying to kill my inner self, Niclas (the other part of me and leader of the old meditation group) still slumbers light from me sending me darkness, Jens Rohde is still silent and NOT on my team yet, the dictator/fool Flemming Østergaard has also removed my freedom of speech (!),“it’s easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled”, Margrethe Vestager is fearing the end of the Old World Order, “King Obama” and the Zombie nightmare, “WAKE UP GREENLAND”, Helena is being brought over to the other side from darkness to light, Brian spoke inspired of me as the Source producing life, Mads associated with the darkness wanting me to release the bomb of Nixon.

7th February: I received the result of my journey: “Approved” because I have saved every little thing

  • Dreaming of having difficulties accessing the system of darkness, my old friend Britt thinking of and hiding from me, and Bryan Ferry and others thinking of me as a dictator telling you about what is right/light and wrong/darkness.
  • My new self now cannot help showing through darkness. I continue receiving much life/”fish” from darkness, which is to resurrect life from the freezer of darkness, which I have done the last 2-3 months, while my mother/New World continue using the key of everything to open the entrance of the Source. The absolutely last dark part of my inner self showed me the stamp “approved” telling me that I am finishing my journey having saved every little thing.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show COURAGE (as it takes to meet darkness), darkness cannot hide from me with the New World moving forward, a man with glasses, a dark man with glasses (also me), the Source is cleaning Germany – using an old-fashioned dust-cleaner (!), and there is now less and less to clean, which I can confirm now feeling darkness almost as light as it originally is originating from the gold of the Source self.
  • Short stories of double-moral of Danish/world politicians being “double plus good”, the coach Morten Olsen did an “opposite triangle” thus losing by 3 to 0 to despised Macedonia, “one of these days” everyone will become 20/20 perfect, darkness of Mads and his cohorts were killing me/us, Mads don’t know much about Algebra leading to our new WONDERFUL WORLD with the end of darkness, Indians and fire-water are both “only love” of God, beer is NOT God, wine is!.


6th February: We will open to the masterpiece of life at its highest level, which is completely different to life now

The last remaining darkness eagerly wants to burn itself off, which will open my new self and New World

Around midnight once again I received a small heart attack, so this has not passed yet.

Yesterday, I was told about a “silent movie”, which is really about the world being “silent” in relation to me, and here I received the words “giffen guffen gaffen giffen”, which is “nonsense” rhyming on “biffen” (daily slang for “the cinema”), and the first verse is about liking to go to the cinema (symbolising our New World), and it goes like this among other including the words “silent movie”, therefore (!), and Michael Bundesen self may be the waiter of the silent movie as he sings about.

”Jeg ka’ li’ at gå i biffen, giffen guffen gaffen giffen, den anden dag i kino så jeg en med Valentino, han var tjener i en stumfilm, i cola og hvidt”.

This was is one of the Shu-bi-dua songs coming to me, and yes this is also from their golden period, and as usual the lyrics are very talented/funny, and “I do wish that you will feel better” were the words coming to me in relation to Michael Bundesen, and at the same time, I feel Michael and his hopes that this is also what I will, and yes to feel better.

I was shown that I am on my way up a very tall tower in Paris – looking like the Eiffel Tower – to reach Big Ben on top (!), which is the golden watch, and I was shown a coffee machine in Sweden full and really more than full of coffee, which is about love of our New World.

I received “pain attacks” to my feet and elsewhere, which is about reactions of the official world to my script of yesterday.

I had spoken to my mother yesterday, and she suggested for us to go together to the swimming hall the afternoon of today, and I told her to speak about this, this morning, and now I received so much darkness that I was not sure that I would be able to sleep, and no, I am NOT going to the swimming hall if I don’t have energy to do it and no, especially not with my mother, and I was happy that I had given myself an option instead of obligation, which I might not be able to meet, and that is no matter if this is the game set up for me to go through, and yes I will do my best, and if I cannot meet the game, I will set the game myself, and this will make my actors make the best out of it, and so it is, and yes the feeling of me being in control over the game and not vice versa is stronger than ever.

I received a game about which road I am taking, if I am the New World still on its way in to the centre of the Source, or if the Source is now spreading in the New World, and yes this could also have broken me down when it continued on and on and on without breaks, but I stopped it by being stronger and yes this is still about removing the stone blocking for an even deeper part of me, which is also behind the façade of sexual torments as I am given and “sexual beings” really, and this is the road we are still following, and yes I will NOT explode this stone/darkness NO MATTER WHAT, and then it will simply take the time it will take depending on how I play the game together with my actor, and yes he will bring forward the best possible road designed according to the circumstances and my decisions, and so it is.

I went to bed at 00.20, but quickly I was not allowed to sleep, and started receiving information to write down, but no, this is by now so DISGUSTING to do – and to write it into the script afterwards – that I decided to break out of this role, and to stand up “killing time” and to write down notes in English (instead of a combination of Danish/English on the phone) directly into this script.

I was shown the WORST red monster – looking somewhat like the Toruk Makto – inside of me, and was told that Hitler succeeded to get in behind of this monster (at his end days in 1945) and to regret his actions, which is what we build our New World upon, and without him and this achievement, we would also not be here today.

When this is written/edited, now at 12.50, I receive a constant pressure on/pain to my heart, which is about more darkness of the world entering.

I was shown a STRONG Russian man with big muscles, blonde hair and probably blue eyes, and it made me think of Hitler’s “master race”, which he did not belong to himself, and something about “turning the world around”, which was also his task.

I was told that Thailand is leading in a football tournament, which I understand is about Asia, and yes I am supporting you, Thailand.

I was given a burning smell, but no this is NOT how to enter through the last darkness via my “old nightmare”, and no there is NOTHING you can or will do as long as I say no to my “old nightmare”, and that is absolutely nothing at all, so this is the game we continue to play, and yes I will go through it the best I can do, and my “old nightmare” will not be forced upon me when I say no, which stands clearer to me now than ever.

So I stood up and decided to stay up maybe until 05.00 and to see what will happen from here.

The plane has not left yet (?), no Stig decided that he will wait for ALL OF YOU/ME/MY INNER SELF to come with us and we know there is NO REASON TO BLOW UP ANYTHING and we have good time, and so it is.

I was shown my grandmother’s home of darkness looking out of what is now white curtains, which are drawn, and behind this I see the Kingdom of light, which is also what Hitler was dreaming about, and we used “different roads” to get there, but both of us were equally as important to create our New World, and had he not succeeded to create as immense sufferings of people of the world, we would not have received enough energy to keep on working and for me eventually to take over to complete the last and even more dangerous part of the road leading all the way up to the light of the Source bringing our newly created world.

Are we turning strongly to starboard and then right in, is that the thought (?), and yes if he wants to, but no, he is NOT going to the swimming hall with his mother if he is too tired, and then he asks us to play a new game reaching the same goal, and so it is.

I was shown a war ship and the canon of it being all close to me together with a feeling of Henrik Ramlau from Danske Bank and his thought “can it really be Stig being the one” (?), and “not easy” for you to tell, Henrik, when you “cannot read and understand” (?) but you are “fantastic” to calculate and yes for a whole new and “very exciting” world structure (?), and the only problem you had, my dear world, was that you did NOT ask me if this was sustainable with life self, and no, it is NOT, and would that have made you consider again (?) or were you too blind in your chase on money, power and sex (?), and yes not minding a couple of billion people to be slaughtered on your way to richness and fame (?), and yes yes yes, you know it, but it is not easy to admit to, and yes does he really mean for us to stand forward in full public with all details/files/names, and yes you got it right, and I here felt first a lower and lower feeling of embarrassment, which is about you making it to the very bottom for us to become “nothing” on our way towards the Source and then stronger and stronger rising up again, which is about “the rising” of our New World, so who wants to start (?), and yes I am still waiting, and you are still embarrassing me to my own family, friends etc. when not supporting me, and do you find this “right” or “wrong” (?), and you know IT ONLY TAKES A DECISION FOR ONE OF YOU TO STAND UP AND SAY “NOW I WILL DO WHAT IS RIGHT TO DO” and yes follow in the footsteps of Lance Armstrong and Michael Rasmussen, but please do it even better than them NOT leaving anything out, I want the FULL truth of you and for you to be STRONG instead of weak wimps!

Well, it isn’t one of those giant Jumbo’s you have filled up once again (?), and sent forward and yes to the New World with “good luck to you too”, and we know, if this should take all February, I will do it, and yes “as long as it takes to break down all darkness”, and you are sure that you don’t want to stand forward my dear world and yes tell about your vicious plans (?), and you would only make me happy to break the silence.

All night long included the game about darkness wanting me to stop my “you are welcome” and now trying to use me changing the game a little, but no, this is NOT how the piano plays.

Finally, at 04.45 I decided to try to get some sleep, which I did on the sofa until 09.45 receiving these dreams.

  • I cannot read the notes of the first dream, but it is something from the “father to four” movies being small, single records, marzipan, cycle etc.
  • I am at the room together with the absolutely worst criminal of all notoriously known for killing people, and I see flocks of people coming, and even if they look down, it is wrong and he decides to kill them. And this is a previous boyfriend of my mother, and her new is also there, and the new one understands that by changing yourself, everything will be reduced except from terminated life of darkness, which will become visible again, and the old boyfriends sees this when it happens.
    • The continuous game against the actor of my inner self being led by the worst darkness of man, but it seems as if we know the way leading to salvation of everyone.

I called my mother after having thought about whether or not to “play the game” accepting this to bring “a little energy” if required, but no, I decided that I was to tired, and told her what was also the truth, which is that I did not want her to be depending on me maybe taking longer than her, and also that I did not want to be stressed myself having to end quickly if she had ended her swimming, and yes when she understood that this was “fair/reasonable” it was perfectly alright with her, and this is really to say that it is important that you decide to explain the rationale behind your decisions in order for people to understand you, which far to people do not or cannot do only explaining half of it thinking that what they know themselves as basics is also “clear” to everyone else, whom however do not know thus not understanding the big picture, and yes, this is a “sickness”, which my mother’s John has talking about things without starting with the start often making it impossible to understand what he speaks about.

I received the very nice song “29 palms” by Robert Plant, which I like much – I really should start go get to know your music in a greater detail, Robert – and the lyrics “It comes kinda hard”, and this is indeed what every single day does here being a fight of the great to come through.

I was told that we are not quite in Belgium yet – broken through the last darkness – but shall we show him the biggest sea treasure of all (?), and I felt and was shown “luggage (of life) inside a sea scorpion”.

So he does not want to receive any more of my handler goods, which is the sailor as I am shown here wanting to get rid of his goods and that is to bring terminated life home, and this is really all that happens, and no, I do NOT want you to terminate life.

I thought about telling you that I as a boy had removed four teeth, two of my upper and two of my lower jaw, and ”nothing” is inside of my teeth, so I can only hope and believe that ”nothing” of the Source had arranged itself for this not to destroy anything – “do you want my confirmation, is that it” (?), and yes impossible to trust in because this is still the voice of darkness speaking so it is depending on wrong/right behaviour of man, and at the moment, we receive negativity of people from my old meditation group via Kenneth, see the short stories, and yes is really also to say that Benjamin Crème’s MANY confirmations about me now being seen here and there, and on TV around the world, is DARKNESS being brought to him, and you are not that stupid that you believe that everything you receive is the truth, Benjamin, after you have seen how you have been cheated over the years when proclaiming my arrival “now” and that is a number of times, and here I feel Jimmy Savile, the late BBC host sexually abusing children/young people – and is this “also something for you, Benjamin”?

And if you want to get deep into my dentist history, if you haven’t already, I had my teeth taken care of until I was 18 I believe at my old school Mørdrupskolen in Espergærde, I had teeth correction made as a teenager at Borupgårdskolen in Snekkersten, and I am not sure that I visited a dentist from approx. 1984 until approx. 2003/04 (!), which was here, where I had a check-up (not anything wrong except from tartar), and I “forgot” to pay this invoice, which made a lawyer go all the way to my surprise having the court opening my home and removing my Holfi amplifier set, and I may have paid him maybe 6-8 times the original invoice to get it back (!), and I have told the rest about dentists, so here you are, if you can find information about me.

We have not hurt our (right long) finger much (?), and to tell you the truth, we have not hurt at all, all of us are saved inside of here at the Source, and this is terminated life, so there is more terminations even though Scribd is not showing it.

I received two new out of this world pain to my right ankle.

I received the feeling and speech of more flowers coming on the way up to me, and this is still flowers of our New World on its way in to my most inner self.

Do you want to play “Space Invaders” (?) and this is about life of people of other civilizations also coming in now, and you are welcome all of you.

I received MANY short stories today as you can see at the end, and was told that the reason is darkness coming to me this way bringing me more work, and that is because of the “poor feelings” of the world elite knowing that I ask them to put forward all details, files and names, and no, you don’t feel good about this (?), and why don’t you pull yourself together and get it over with, come on and show me what you got, and I will send a smile when the first of you will step forward, who dares (?), and eeehhhh no one, is that still the game we are playing (?), and you do know that I will NOT stop my game before you will step out, so who do you think will be the first of our STEPPIN’ OUT bringing the absolutely best ending to my journey (?), and yes you do read me, but are “paralyzed” because of the information I write about you and requirements for you to stand forward?

I went to town this afternoon to do a little shopping, and to read the newspaper at the library, where I was so incredible tired that I almost feared not being able to return to home, and I was given new feelings of how close the New World just on the other side of darkness – the stone you know – is on my most inner self, and I was told that “there was no layer cake bump there” and remember that we only had hills/bumps to cross?

I was told that my mother is the whole Pyramid of our New World and when adding my father of the Source, you will get me as the end result of the Diamond of everything.

Don’t mind us saying this “then we close the bridge and leave everything behind us”, which is about my soon ending of my journey.

Yes, you want no “blood on the dance floor”, when we are through (?), and that is right, nothing at all, no burnings, no destruction of my inner self and the world even though this will be resurrected afterwards, and that is if we can, and if you have “inventions” to do this.

I was given a couple of times today new incredible dizziness floating through my head, and I was also presented with firewood, which is given to me, and yes we also do not want to burn anything off if we can avoid it, and here was another “small place” now secure as I am shown.

I was told about “very great efforts” of the world elite to keep their knowledge about me secret, and also frustration about not being able to stop the knowledge spreading, and yes “totally impossible” it is to stop people from talking even thought they are “not allowed”.

We will open to the masterpiece of life at its highest level, which is completely different to life now

Who has hidden the watch? We all have making the watch express “everyone and everything of all time”.

I was shown and told “don’t push”, and now we cannot get much longer.

The voice to my left of the Source said “Shall I or will you – the voice to my right of our New World – tell that we are about having earned enough points to reach the very top” (?), which I understand is the effect of growing the number of people having faith in me after you have seen the true content of the x-rays of my teeth, and this means that we are now moving the Pyramid into your final home.

It had also not worked out without the four-back chain, otherwise we would not have enough power to penetrate the last darkness, which we now know.

Is it really possible to bring in all of the world inside of there (?) – to nothing of my teeth (?) – but yes, when you are nothing, you are everything and enough milk to make you one big diamond.

I was given very uncomfortable burning marks to my left side and is this what may still happen if there is darkness I cannot prevent from burning off (?), and will this give the worst pain to both me and the world (?), and I do hope that the question is hypothetic only because I will NOT allow anything to burn off, but still, I have not felt previous terminations.

I was told as exampled Bill Clinton, John Major and Mogens Lykketoft being some of my readers, but also that it may be less than 25 times because you are “busy”?

During the evening I was kept showing a key together with the feeling of the spirit of my mother and how she used this to open the lock, and later I was shown the Pyramid of her, i.e. the New World, coming very close to me, and I was told that we now only need “the last click” to lock her together with the most inner of my self at the Source.

I was reminded of how I visited the beautiful Drottningholm Palace outside Stockholm, which is the Royal residence of Sweden, and I was told that Queen Silvia of Sweden  is also a “special friend” of mine, and yes she is from Germany you know, and I know from old dreams etc. that King Carl Gustav is a special friend too, so “hur är läget”, Silvia och Carl (?), and all my best for you, your daughters and family too.

I was given feelings of Michael Sadler during the evening and that he is becoming affected by some of my Facebook postings, for example about how the world elite will stand forward admitting to their sins.

I was told that the Totalitarian World Government is without the signature of USA confirming its involvement, and I do understand that this is what the last US election was REALLY about, and yes Obama would not sign, but Romney would have, and with Obama winning the election, it gave us more time to continue and end the game the best possible way.

But afterwards I was told that you were almost about to approve this because wasn’t this the New World Order you wrote about (?), and eeehhh was Obama almost cheated to sign making him believe that we had come home (?), and I am here shown a well-known American actor, who is very UNRELIABLE (in his acts), and I cannot remember his name, but I do believe that he played the CIA-agent of one or more James Bond movies, which is to say that “the system” tried to cheat Obama (!), and this required an extra effort of us to help Obama out and sometimes vice versa to help me out and that is to avoid the world from taking away the power from us and cutting our tie.

I was told that we used Michael Hardinger going against you to speak to Michael Bundesen about me, which was leading the way for me, so this was his most important role – for darkness to bring life.

I kept receiving darkness wanting to destruct, which is really ANNOYING when it keeps on and on and on hundreds – and thousands – of times, and extra disgusting when I am on my edge almost accepting it hearing how it wants me to destruct him or her, but no! I was also still given physical touch to my crutch.

Yes, the connection has to be perfect”!

For some days I have been given the name “Berkel” of my mothers old employer in Albertslund (until 1977), and this is a Germany company producing weights (!), which you know could have been about separating the sheep from the goats as someone used to say, and this is what darkness has wanted right to the end, and did I tell you that it has also spoken of the final result 5 to 1 once again (?), and no, I will NOT allow darkness to score!

I was told that the address to the Source inside of here has never been revealed before, but now EVERYTHING is coming, and you are welcome then, and I felt darkness here together with throw-up feelings, which is also from my mother, and had we lost anything here at the end, the game would have been that I would not have been granted access, and as usual it would have been strong enough to make me believe in this, but it would only have lasted “this long” until all darkness had disappeared, and we would still enter – yes because I finished the 360 degree route – and I was told that we are also coming here because of my physical father, and I received the feeling that the Source walked some steps down the stairs to collect me, and now we have walked up the steps to the top again, and I was told that this is the only way we can make the diamond work, which is to receive EVERYTHING, and I heard the absolutely last part of darkness of me say “you are welcome”, and this is what I have always preserved in my inner.

I was told that it is the New World, which brings my inner self to wake “me” up (the father) to show the world my masterpiece of life as it was originally planned, which you know took “some time” to create. So this is the tunnel I have protected with my life (I continued receiving the feeling of fear again of the risk of all of this and all life to be destructed, or at least during my journey previously, which I actively had to decide to cast away) and this is what I am opening to showing the road to the endless Paradise, and this is about moving the big stone/rock blocking it, and I received the feeling of Greece and a Greek philosopher, which is about God self. And this is the world of Paradise, which I opened a corner of to make the world see via my x-rays and understand the impact of my work, and their own insignificance.

And when you look inside of here, you will understand what grains of gold is, and that life is really something completely different to what it is now, and this is what I have allowed to develop – I also felt Obama here – and yes “original life”, remember (?), and this is about the window being brought all close up to you with the New World looking in seeing everything opening inside of here.

I was told that the bomb of Nixon, the Doomsday Weapon, was to protect the Source from the world coming as “imperfect”, but now everything is perfect (the New World just under the surface) and then you are of course welcome.

I received marks inside the back side of my lower right leg and was told that this is what will be a little bit difficult because when you return, you are no longer what you were trying to make life work, because life itself has developed here, and with your approval we will implement this from the first day, and yes everything has to be perfect (!), and this also means that we will have come over all other sufferings, which history otherwise have told you would come (to survive). And this means that we will start from the highest level we can today – we don’t have to wait for my inner self to be resurrected from an explosion spreading me everywhere – and from here start the exploration of what is really inside of me/us all.

I was told that Lima, Peru, is also not uninterested in this, so how are you over there (?), and no, I have never visited your country, but hope to visit you too.

And all of this is inside of the chest on my desk, which is really inside my teeth as the entrance to the Source. This is what comes out from my kitchen, when you decide to use it “perfectly”.

Google Earth shows contrite darkness caught in a trap being cleaned

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show light eating faeces of darkness, which is “caught in the trap” and it is sorry for what it has done – and as usual there are more pictures to be viewed at her Facebook group.

FB 060213 Jette 1

FB 060213 Jette 2

FB 060213 Jette 3

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • This is my email to the LTO team of yesterday – now excluding Elijah – and the reply from Meshack today, and I am here given a STRONG smell of cleaner, and that is because the LTO team decided to share with Elijah as their friend/brother, and I thought that this would be clear for them to see that this was my wish, but for them to decide and not to be tempted to keep Elijah’s share of the money, but as you can tell from Meshack’s email it was not, it was causing them difficulties/sufferings, but eventually they decided to do the only right thing, which was to share, and yes it is RIGHT for you to share with your friend as it is right for me NOT to share with Elijah when he does not want to be my friend anymore, and even though this is now out of my hands to decide, it still hurts me to see that Elijah can decide to receive this money still being SILENT to me as the official world is too, so in reality Elijah decided to become a man of darkness cutting me away herewith giving me immense pain, but also opening up for me to enter this darkness, and I am here shown bicycles inside a new room, which is a German bunker from World War II, which has been hidden until now, and if you want to enter this (?), but of course (!), and yes this is also to say that Elijah “cannot” understand that “nothing” apparently happens, and this is again coming back to his inability to read/listen and understand, and instead he is guided by his own negative voice causing us both pain, and it should be VERY SIMPLE for him to do what is right, but no, he “cannot”. So you did right, Meshack, and I am happy that you all decided to do right, and sad to see that Elijah still “cannot” do what is right, which should be simple for you to understand, Elijah.

Email til LTO 060213

  • I saw that the most famous medium of Denmark, Marion Dampier-Jeans, has joined Facebook, and I sent her an invitation to connect approx. one week ago, and when she had not reacted to this, I sent this short message to her the other day telling her that I hoped that she would accept my invitation and that she will meet the Source through me, and when I did this, I felt darkness of Marion, and is it really so that there are parts of the “clairvoyant industry”, which does not want to have anything to do with me (?), and when writing this, I am suddenly thinking that I have not seen a new post of Shannon for a long time, and yes when checking, it is “good enough”, and that is that she has left me to as a Facebook friend, and “totally impossible” for people to understand the truth, when they only want to understand the truth of their own minds, and so it is, and yes not even “enlightened people” were able to understand me, and yes quite amazing, right?

FB 040213 Marion1FB 040213 Marion2

  • So I am not friends with Marion, but subscribing to her, and here she was inspired to show her own darkness – selfishness without understanding/accepting me – which is about graffiti, which made her smile, and yes about farting, and farting is symbolising “destructive darkness”, so now also you, Marion, and yes welcome to the club.

FB 060213 Marion

  • Henrik is a public figure as one of the most known and also feared political journalists of Denmark working for TV2, and here he decided to publicly make fun of Prince Henrik, and how “wise” do you think this is, Henrik (?), and yes a man of the Devil totally without moral or scruples to follow his own game of power, money and also sex for you too, Henrik (?), and he said that all compassion should go to Prince Henrik, who so much would like to call him self King, but cannot, and according to a newspaper, the poor thing now considers to reduce the number of quail eggs from three to two, and yes this is truly “hysterically funny”, Henrik, and is “hysterical” also the right word to put on you for not being able to control your negative temper and desire (?), and this is about eggs, and if you remove one egg of the Trinity, it is about removing the Son only having father and mother remaining, and this is the game we are playing, and as you know, I would never dream about destroying anything of myself, and not even because of the strong darkness that you Henrik and the media sends to me because of your WRONG behaviour, (lack of) “moral” and SILENCE, and the comments from his “friends” are only a few of many thousands of DEGRADING and RIDICULING comments about the Prince, and yes I wonder if you would like to be treated yourselves as you are treating the Prince (?), and is the answer a clear NO from all of you (?) as I am hearing here (?), and if this is the case, you might want to tell me why you did as you did (?), and is that because all of you “could not” control your inner beast (?), and yes, there you see again again.

FB 060213 Henrik

  • Kenneth wrote about a new dream, he received, saying that Niclas – the old leader of the meditation group – would start the group up again if receiving 250 DKK from people wanting to join, and neither he nor Jonathan understood, so I told them that “money” is about energy, which is what Niclas is soaking out of the Source to bring himself “happiness”, and this is what “darkness disguised as light” is about, and I said that he is truly the one he says he is speaking with the voice of God, but he has a layer of darkness over his heart called “selfishness”, and as usual I only speak out the truth, which you don’t like to hear, and that is also that “your big heart” really makes you look into yourselves shutting out the world around you, who does not want to understand your reality, which really is not real (!), and as usual, it hurts to speak the truth to these DEAF so called “enlightened” people, so Lene was the one deciding to stand forward using the normal “arguments” of darkness, which is “do you have the truth” (?) meaning “who do you think you are telling us” (?), and yes the Source self, Lene (!), and then she speaks about “many big gifts inside the so called darkness” (!) and “love is in all if we look for it and feel it in our hearts”, and yes these are still people living in an illusion of darkness burning off light of the Source making them believe that “everything is good”, and yes you have seen it before, and still they are as deaf as ever or should I say “stupid” when you “cannot” understand the truth, Kenneth (?), and yes he said “there can be much teaching in the darkness” and “everything comes from love, so it cannot be all that bad”, so what you see is people who “could not” understand the destructive power of darkness, and if it was up to them, we would not have been alive today, and yes it went right over their heads, so what they did here was to show exactly the behaviour I told them about above. Furthermore, I was told that Lene felt feels sorry about me “hurting” Niclas’ feelings without understanding that it is still the opposite world with all of you sending me darkness when seeing this, and yes because of your “inability” to understand what is right and wrong, which should also have been EASY for you to do, but the power of your own inner voice and “heart” misleading you …..

FB 060213 Kenneth

  • Martin wrote about live radio where Kirsten was called up and told that she had won a dinner on “the world’s best restaurant, Noma”, which made her say “this is not me”, so both she and also her husband decided to turn down “the best restaurant in the world”, which is symbolising “the finest life of our New World”, and here Jens Rohde was active, when he decided to comment this when saying that once he did a radio competition where people could win the new Carlsberg Ice beer, which a lady won, and when she came for her prize, she thought that she had won a travel hearing “ice” as “rejs” in Danish meaning “travel” in English, and you do remember that “beer” is the symbol of termination, so this is saying that we don’t yet have Jens on our team rejecting our New World, Jens (?), and instead you are still in favour of the other what I will now call planned Old World Order, which was leading directly to termination, and yes Jens, WELCOME ON THE FRONT PAGE (!), and when will you go out telling the FULL truth about yourself and “the system” (?), and yes I am looking MUCH forward to this and that is also to have the sufferings removed from me, which you and all of your partners in crime are STILL bringing me, and does it not matter at all knowing that you are making my life the absolutely worst hell (?), and not even this can make you speak out?

FB 060213 Jens R

  • Flemming has become an ambassador for an organisation helping abused people, which I liked to see, but no, I could NOT express that I “like” this, because where was now the “like” button to push (?), and no it was not there, and also not the option to comment, so Flemming is here showing himself as another of those fools, who believes that he knows better than most, when he really does not (!), and he could also not handle my “better-knowing comments”, is that it, Flemming (?), and as a result, you removed my freedom of speech the same way as dictators do it when they don’t like the hear the truth, and yes this is the difference as I have told you many times, and that is that I speak the truth to you, and you “cannot” or will not understand and we know because of your better-knowing ignorance and laziness in relation to me.

FB 060213 Flemming

  • I told about the world elite, who will admit to their sins speaking out in public, and also brought the TRUE message of Mark Twain, which I have seen before, which is that people do NOT want to understand how the world elite has played the worst game of darkness with them.

FB 060213 Stig via Samuel

  • The Economic Minister Margrethe Vestager was on DR P4 radio this morning helping to collect money for Africa, and there was some inspired speech, which I decided not to write down accurately, but I felt how she is sad of everything of the old system about to come to an end, and also for her having to stand forward telling how she participated to “control the world” and fool people. I felt darkness of the sister working inside of her, and she said that “I have started to sweat”, which is really about the end of the old system, Margrethe, which you are not very happy to face (?), and she was inspired to promise to bake buns for Danish People’s Party when collecting more than 25,000 DKK, and when lifting the bar, which is what we do all of the time to get one floor higher (as I am shown here of construction workers), she also could not help promising that she will sing the old Danish song “hearts of honey”, and this is really about our new heart of “land of honey” you know, and this is what we will reach when we will use the “heart starter”, which conveniently was the song by Nephew, which she decided to end the show with, and I am here told “there is almost no traffic up here in the higher altitude”, and yes no one else than you can breath here, but since you are still breathing/alive, we have also decided to continue the game, which is made possible not less because of the sufferings of LTO these days. And let me say that I like Nephew much too, but cannot remember if I included them on Spotify?

FB 060213 P4

  • Paula is one of those so called “enlightened” people, but she is VERY negative about anything, which Obama does not really understanding his and my connection, but still she got the part of Obama also being part of the “King” and the Zombie nightmare, which he and I even more have gone through, and yes “funny” how inspiration comes, right?

FB 060213 Paula

  • Darkness in the form of thousands of Chinese are on their way to my home at Greenland to start ”the adventure to destroying me” by pulling up natural material of the underground without any other interests than money, and it made Maria say “WAKE UP GREENLAND”, and yes, we are coming, Maria :-).

FB 060213 Maria

  • Helena said that she cannot bring two handball teams so now she has to play football, which made her fear that she will grab the ball, and it made Christian say ”you can come on the opposite team then”, which was really to say that we are bringing you over from darkness to the opposite side of light, Helena, and you do understand now, don’t you?

FB 060213 Helena

  • Brian brought a picture of cheap mackerel salad, which looks like what I have been thinking MANY TIMES of most of these cheap mackerel salads, which is that there is FAR TOO MUCH mayonnaise and FAR TOO LITTLE mackerel in them – I have found the best in Aldi having the right dose of both and made by a producer better than the rest of the other supermarkets – and this is really about his inspired comment about scrimp cheese where “the cheese drove under a hung up scrimp on a transport belt, where it occasionally happens that the scrimp fell into the cheese”, and of course he wanted to say that there are far too few scrimps in scrimp cheese, but it was really about the scrimps of life as I am bringing to the New World as the Source as I was shown in a dream or vision the other day.

FB 060213 Brian

  • Mads changed his picture with what Mads and others thought was a youth picture of him, but it was not, it was Nixon as young, and you do know/remember about the Nixon-bomb, which wanted me to explode it as the Doomsday Weapon (?), and this is simply to say that Mads is related with the darkness wanting me to release it, and it is also what the last darkness still wants me to do and tells me this afternoon that it will, but no, I will NOT allow you, behave and become light, this is my message to you, and Malene said that he should get this haircut the next time at the hairdresser, and yes to CUT YOUR HAIR, i.e. remove all of your darkness.

FB 060213 Mads


7th February: The New World continues using the key of all rescued life of all time to open the Source

Dreaming of people thinking of me as a dictator telling you about what is right/light and wrong/darkness

I was incredible tired yesterday evening, but I decided to stay awake almost until midnight because there was a documentary about the life of Leonardo da Vinci, and what paintings and life work of that man (!), and I slept until 09.15 this morning with a few dreams.

  • I have stopped working for Dahlberg for quite some time ago, but have continued to have access to its IT-system, and Bo asks me if I still can log on and gives me the understanding that I cannot anymore, but I still can from Stockholm – but maybe not to their insurance system – and their system looks like the “standing order” system of a bank of account-to-account transferrals.
    • This is about continuous access to life inside of darkness, and it was not clear to me if I have or do not have full access.
  • I am going to meet my old friend Britt N. at Café Victor in Copenhagen, and on my way, I notice that there are almost no people inside other café’s but when coming to Café Victor, I see that it is full of happy people, but I cannot see Britt.
    • So Britt left me twice on Facebook, but are still thinking and maybe even having faith in me today?
  • Half awake I was told something about delivering the key to someone, and I told that “light decides”, and I felt a motorcycle and darkness, and no, don’t play games with me!
  • I am setting up the last details of my shelves in my apartment on Ndr. Strandvej 4 in Helsingør (where I lived from 1986-88), and I have one shelve of Danish music CD’s and one of foreign music, and a dictator is telling me to mix the two, and Bryan Ferry is there and cannot take the orders of the dictator, and tells him that he will go now – it is afternoon and he was meant to stay also in the evening – because he cannot take the controlling attitude of the dictator. In the mean time I see that the shelves is really almost perfect, there are a few bottles of cleaner, which is now moved to the bathroom. A new man has arrived demonstrating a small transportable device of his including music, video/TV but it has not telephone.
    • This is the shelves of God still being assembled with the last life from inside darkness, the lack of a telephone in the portable device is about “new communication” coming up, and is Bryan Ferry one of more, who thinks of me as a “dictator” telling him what is right and wrong behaviour of today (?) and that is what is darkness and light (?), and you do understand that I have told you clearly in order to understand and in order to separate light from darkness only keeping light of our New World, where you will receive total FREEDOM, so do you think you will be able to “accept” me telling you when you understand the background and what is coming to you (?), and I do believe that 100 out of 100 should be able to say yes, yes (?), but no one tells me, and yes yes yes I am still owner of a lonely heart with most of my (family), friends etc., thus the world of politicians, media, armed forces, and the business world avoiding me.

I received the result of my journey: “Approved” because I have saved every little thing

See this as a friendly warning, he returns home now.

It was like a Central Station here, but not anymore, we are now home and are plugging in everything. It is also including them, and I feel green people of other civilizations.

From the morning, darkness spoke to me but so low that I could not understand it, but eventually it was about how it wanted to tear down the last, “but this is what we are for”, and the purpose with us, to tear this down, to come through”, and no, it will NOT be while I’m alive, so therefore it is faith of people together with my sufferings, which is still bringing us through.

So it is not that terrible to be released after all (?), and this is just my new head inside the bag of darkness as I am here shown on its way up because it is impossible to keep down.

This is about a voice closing down, this one, which has been tormenting you for years, but only as “an act”.

So it is from out of me that you have created the baby of your New World (?), and yes you are now the last of darkness going the same way. And you let Gyro Gearloose do exactly as he pleased (?), and yes to do his absolutely best creation/invention ever – or “her” because it was my mother – and this is what we will live with forever, and improve on.

And we saved a tour in space …, and you did not have to become an adult first – I felt the spirit of my mother – before you gave birth to this “wonder child”, yes Stig, this is how we look upon you. And this was what she had to do for her to be goal keeper and to receive me and yes protection against herself coming.

It is not sad that it is time to go to Church now or whatever they call that “big round thing”, a Dome, in the middle of you, and yes yes yes, we will pack the last of our goods and enter too if it cannot be differently.

There will be no FM-radio anymore, which is about how this old communication works via the spiritual voice, I am given, and yes when “you are”, you simply are and know.

We don’t have any wake-up or sports clocks in there, we just are, and the watch there is not really a watch but a “time-keeper”, which is very different as you are going to see.

We will receive no higher happiness than at the new home we will get.

There is no police auction (?), well here is a dark jacket then.

If there are no higher bids than this, the cycle – and really the hidden Nazi bunker of cycles – goes to him, i.e. Stig, and that is because no one wants to fight you.

I wonder if my sister and mother are nervous because of my latest Facebook posting saying that Mohammed is a prophet of the Devil, and yes will Muslims come to kill me as they tried to do with Lars Hedegaard (?), and what did Muslims of my Facebook friends think of my posting with Nazer and Sherin in the lead, but I also have other Muslim friends both in Denmark and North Africa etc., so will you shake the head and ignore me, or spread my information on your “prophet”?

At the shower, I was shown the key very clearly in front of me, and the key is “everything”, which I have saved.

Where do fines of the police go (?), and yes put them in this pile, and that is what we have on the way to him, and no, it is not very big today, and yes this is how you have seen it work through your journey, which is about darkness becoming accumulated until unleashed on you.

I was given a feeling of Stanislav thinking of me going up against the sins of the official world, which gave me another out of this world pain to my right ankle.

I was told that I did this journey not really being allowed to take a “drivers license”, but we did it because we could.

I continue receiving maybe 2-3 big sneezes per day.

Yes, there is no doctor here (?), together with the feeling “no, it is not needed” and this is what my mother now thinks?

I had some more time today with less work, and I was fresh enough to cycle to the swimming hall and exercise this afternoon, and yes still receiving darkness most of the time still as negative/annoying as ever, and I wonder for how long we can continue this game (?), and is “one of these days” in February (?), or maybe first March (?), and yes I take one month at the time, so my aim is now to hold out the rest of February, if I am not woken up as my new self before.

When cycling there I was told that “all of this is taken up from the sewer”, which I understand we have now done for is it 2-3 months (?), and really since completing the 360 degrees tour, and “all of this” includes the Source self (!), and the sewer is really also a part of me made as a play that it would not survive, but when you open the door, it is just behind there and yes together with all the cleaners and so on, which is all darkness you know, and that is when seen from this side.

When renewing my monthly card approx. one month ago, I was told that I would receive three days extra because of the tree day period where the showers were exchanged, and I believed that the expiry date was the 4th February, which would make it the 7th February, i.e. today, but when I arrived, I saw that it was renewed the 4th January and expiring the 3rd February, which would make it the 6th February with the three days extra, so it should have run out, but I decided to test the reader of it anyway, and yes it worked (!), and also at the next reader in front of the exercise room, so there you see.

I was happy to burn off 515 calories on the left cross trainer, which I thought was “pretty good” under the circumstances, and when training, I was told that the Health Minister Astrid really has given up (because of my pressure), but when she was down and needed a helping hand to get up, she also pulled out energy from me, so there you have it, Astrid.

When having dinner with my mother and John the last time, one of the things we talked about, which I did not write down, was “stamps”, which for some reason came to us, and I told about an experience going back to the DFM-days in the beginning of the 1990’s where one of Kim S’ small children were visiting, and I remember that of all things at the office, the child was the most happy with using the stamp over and over and over again, and I was told that this came to me because this is what we are doing, pressuring the stamp completely in bottom, and here when exercising, I was told that there is also a text on the stamp, and I was shown the pressure of a paper from the stamp saying “approved”, so this is the end result of my journey: “Approved” because I have saved every little thing, and it was told by the last part of darkness of my inner self here actually giving me and my chair a “roll”, which was a new experience.

226ASP6179944780The result of my journey: “Approved” because I have saved every little thing.

I was also shown “many new fish arriving” together with a feeling that this is “overwhelming” and as positive as it gets.

I was told that Nelson Mandela has received some readings of me, and I have been praying all the time that he will survive experiencing the great day of our New World opening, and these days, I am hoping the same for Cassius Clay, whom I understand is deadly sick, so don’t give up Cassius, and let me share this beautiful song with you hoping that it will give you healing, and this song has really come to me also before today because of my appreciation of Kath Bush, and let me say, that I also like Peter Gabriel very much, and yes “he is not crazy”, you know :-).

I was told about “Forrester” and the TV-series “the Bold and the Beautiful”, which I also saw episodes of in the 1990’s, and to me this sir-name is about “forrest”, thus the home of God, and they made clothes, which is what we have made for life and that is new clothes of your new selves of the New World.

We are not going to throw out the camera are we (?), which by the way was here shown to me as dark, because this is darkness too making sure that everyone is granted access to our New World.

I continued receiving low speech while working including as examples “There is no prison”, “don’t you come out and play with us” etc.

I also continued hearing “around the globe”, which will have to be a return to the status after having gone through everything once again and bringing what was hidden inside the freezer of darkness, which we did not bring out through the first tour, and yes if there is still more, please locate and save this too.

I received more of this high-frequent pain given to me deep inside the left side of my stomach, and I am sure that some of the physical pain I am given, I am the only one who has even received simply because it is “out of this world pain”.

I was told about “space” several times today, and this evening I received much darkness, which came to me from “outer space” of people of other civilizations, who are giving me the feeling of bringing me their excuses and having fought against mankind of Earth or maybe on the side of mankind (?), and yes I don’t know, but it was with the feeling that this has been hidden to me until now, and we also lay down our arms, and yes you are all welcome in our New World.

I was told that Netherlands is part of the wave on its way to us, which is about “special friends” of mine, whom I met on Danish-Dutch week on the Arthur Findlay College in 2005, and yes my good old friend and colleague Paul also has Dutch roots, which is to say that help is also coming from there.

After I had brought my comment to Mads on Facebook, see the short stories, I received darkness coming, which was shown as the police floating around me, and it told me “where can we put his crown”, so you have accepted me “after all”, and yes isn’t this beautiful :-).

This is what we drilled the little hole into, which is now opening to us”, and this is about the Source opening as my spiritual friends said with much enthusiasm.

I had severe scratching to the bottom of my head at the end of January, which could potentially had been so severe that I could not help to scratch it until I would bleed, which is also the potential scratching to my crutch, which I don’t believe that people have really understood just how deeply this potential pain is and would be if I had not done my best to fight it by doing what is RIGHT instead of WRONG, and to me, this is about Elijah’s fear of losing my money bringing me much pain, so I wonder how you are feeling Elijah knowing that you bring me MUCH pain and I continue doing my best also to help you, now via your friends because you are no friend of mine.

So we are now making the aeroplane right on time again (?), and that is because Stig is once again publishing his script on time.

We cannot wait to get out of this clown-costume, also leading Mads against you.

I am setting up the very last details in the sliding door (to the Source).

I can now see “angels hop” and “I assumed that this is how you would look” and I feel spirits coming to the entrance of the Source looking into “wonderland”, and yes how does Paradise look is what my spiritual friends now see more and more of.

No we don’t have any more newspapers for the one coming there, and also not Jumbo there, and then someone pointed at me writing these lines.

I was told that had I started showing doubts about writing this or that, or shall I be this strong or maybe weaker on this and that (?), there would be no end to how much darkness would have abused this opening in order to weaken me, but no, there was NO PARDON – also not to Mads today – which is the only way to treat darkness, and yes by being stronger than it, and I know from when I worked at GE Insurance being too weak/kind which made darkness run me over dismissing me instead of showing my ignorant, selfish and spoiled colleagues where the closet stood teaching them to improve, and yes they will tell you, so you will know.

No, it is not as if there is a rest-sale of clothes at the church for the last life of darkness to make it, no he has said clearly, there will be NO TERMINATION OF LIFE and it will take all of the time it takes, so this is how we are still working in February 2013, which is “way after the end of time” and that is what was supposed to be the end of time, and yes you did take a note about this, did you not my “dear” press? And no, we never tried how the feeling is on the tongue to be kissed by the kiss of death.

In Brazil they are not close to tear down their Jesus-statue, are they (?), and no, it was not as much faith in me as it was faith in Rio becoming world famous attracting tourist, money and fame itself, which was the reason behind, and yes I do NOT like this at all, and that goes with all “hidden agendas”, OUT IN THE OPEN WITH EVERYTHING!

Google Earth shows that it takes COURAGE to meet darkness, which cannot hide from me

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show COURAGE (as it takes to meet darkness), darkness cannot hide from me with the New World moving forward, a man with glasses, a dark man with glasses (also me), the Source is cleaning Germany – using an old-fashioned dust-cleaner (!), and there is now less and less to clean, which I can confirm now feeling darkness almost as light as it originally is originating from the gold of the Source self.

FB 070213 Jette 1

FB 070213 Jette 2

FB 070213 Jette 3

FB 070213 Jette 4

FB 070213 Jette 5

FB 070213 Jette 6

FB 070213 Jette 7

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • As Micha from Selvet said “moral is good, and double-moral is …” (?) and yes “DOUBLE PLUS GOOD” almost (?), and “double-moral” is given to her as a word hanging “in the air tonight” and coming from me because of the double-moral of Danish (and world) politicians as I wrote about yesterday.

  • Denmark played a friendly football match against Macedonia this evening, and they are “only” no. 80 on the world ranking, where Denmark normally is between no. 10 and 20, and sometimes even better, so everyone had expected them to win, but no, we don’t have to be careful not underestimating them, and this was the attitude when the match started, and after 24 minutes, Denmark was behind 3 to 0 (!), which was also how it ended (?), and yes why was that (?), and simply because the SILENT about me national coach of Denmark, Morten Olsen, had decided to play with an “opposite triangle” at the midfield, and this is to say that it does NOT work to be a dictator like Morten in our New World and this “fine” national team has now not won for eight matches in a row, which is the worst performing team since 1971 (!), and I just gave you the reason, because of darkness of a dictator being the opposite of my true self, the real triangle/diamond bringing you FREEDOM, see?

EB 0602 070213 omvendt trekant

Sporten 070213 landshold

  • Mads is “the wise man” knowing more than most (!), thus also here when saying that that ways of the National coach, Morten Olsen, are inscrutable as Isaiah said “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord”, and this is what happened, Denmark lost 3 to 0 instead of wining 3 to 0, and this is what an “opposite triangle” does, so if you had used a triangle turning the right way, you may be able to guess what the score would have been ….?

FB 070213 Mads

  • First, SAGA gave Albert Einstein a perfect 20/20 vision, and now Justin Timberlake does the same (!), so it seems as if everyone is becoming perfect of our New World (?), which this is really about, and yes this is what is coming “one of these days” when we will “wake up” as SAGA sings about. Jurgen is the man having “courage” to show the displeasure of many SAGA fans again me, and I felt how these people brought me more darkness, but the band “knows” or have “other believes” than their fans?


FB 070213 SAGA group

  • Jette brought a link to the new CEO of Danske Bank “earning” 40,000 DKK per day, and I said that what he “earns” in two hours, is what I make per month (!), and who do you believe is the most valuable, him or I (?), and yes in our New World, everyone will get the same income per work hour.

FB 070213 Jette om DB

  • Mads wrote an “open letter” to Obama asking for his attention to a problem about to destroy the capital of our small country, which is called “Christiania-bicycles”, which he claims are enemy combatants, and then he brought the picture of the US killer-clone as you see, and everyone knows that Christiania is a symbol of our New World of freedom, so what Mads is here showing is that he asks the US to kill our New World, which is what he – and his cohorts – in practise did, but everything turned our fine anyway.

FB 070213 Mads 2

  • Mads said that he was on his way to the cinema to watch “Zero Dark Thirty” about the hunt for Osama bin Laden, which he expected much of because, as he said, when he was boy, he was chased by the terror movement Al-Gebra (!), and for days I have had this song about “algebra” at the tip on my tongue meaning that it was on its way, and here it was, and it is really about Mads, who “don’t know much about algebra”, thus being the stupid man in the yellow jersey, which is what we spoke of several months ago by now, and this is what I told him and also that the yellow jersey indeed is his, and when the old and hidden world order of 9/11 al qaeda and “everything else made up” as you know (by Uncle Sam), it will be released by our new WONDERFUL WORLD without all of your evilness.

FB 070213 Mads 3

  • Here he said that he “fools about” when he works on a report as now, and “everytime I am about to explode, I bring an update”, and yes Mads as a symbol of the worst darkness of the secret government of USA and the world threatening to explode the last darkness of me, which is what it would have done also strongly lately as you can read from my scripts, and I could only tell him that he is indeed “the bomb of Nixon” as he here shows you both with the picture of Nixon being his profile picture and his “threat” to explode, what more proof do you want (?), and yes how many thousands of times have I brought you “proof” like this of “inspired” speech of my spiritual actors putting the words in the mouth of others, and yes Mads is so close to me that he simply “cannot help it”, and yes, he is the stupid one of us even though most of Denmark (and the world) believes that he is “wise/sane”, but no, he is NOT!

FB 070213 Mads 4

  • And he continued here saying that he also learned French, which made Peter bring funny clips of Monty Python’s “Holy Grail”, where King Arthur and his army wants to bring the Holy Grail itself to the chosen castle by God, but this castle is inhabited by “dark Frenchman” fighting against with EVERYTHING they have insulting the King the most grossly, and throwing cows as their weapons against the King, and this is really about darkness of the “official world”, which did NOT want my arrival, and decided to fight me and insult me (with your silence and gossip behind my back) grossly, and you were playing with “the cow” self, which symbolises God/Buddha, and yes if I did not enter your castle as the worst darkness, the cow would die terminating the world with all life, but now I do understand that most of you are looking forward to my arrival and to getting this done and over with? Yes, “Algebra” (!), did you get it???

FB 070213 Mads 5


  • Torben said that he has had two beer and “start to believe in fire-water economy as groundbreaking innovation”, and you do know that fire-water is the Indians’ brandy, and also that Indians are about “original life”, which is to say that we are here all the way back to the beginning of everything, where the Source brought both original life and darkness to the world as building stones, and both was brought with “only love” and it was up to life self to be stronger than darkness transforming all of it to light to secure our eternal survival and return to the Source.

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  • Jan is doing one of his comic shows on Saturday, this time without his normal partner Rislund, and I told him that “beer is NOT God” (as he normally claims it is), but his alter ego the Devil. “Wine is God”, and there is almost sold out of beer, which even Mogens – his character to the right – may be able to get something out of?

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About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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2 Responses to February 7, 2013: We will open to the masterpiece of life at its highest level, which is completely different to life now

  1. Jonas says:

    You have a serious problem, Stig, and after some research on you I have been informed that you have a record of being mentally unstable. You are not a second Jesus, Messiah or whatever you think you are and The Source is not coming through you. Please stop thinking you’re better than others and and go back to treatment. Let people live their lives and take pictures of whatever they want. Laughter is allowed, you know?! and we do not have a dark soul or anything else because we enjoy life instead of thinking we are God’s messenger as you do. And please don’t bother commenting anything: I am well informed about you, your history and way of thinking and I will not be doing a follow-up on this page… Enjoy life, and let the rest of us enjoy our life that God has given us. Do not judge other people; love is what God teaches us, and no, you are not God or his messenger. May peace be with you and please seek help.

    • Jonas, your problem as so many else is “betterknowing ignorance” trying to teach me what you have no knowledge, but only a “meaning” of, which is as WRONG as it gets.

      You will probably agree with me that your comment to me is embarassing when you will discover that you were wrong, and I will stand forward as my new self.

      You had all the opportunities to read and understand the signs/proofs of me, but you “could not” because of the power of your negative voice/”meaning”.

      Take care, Jonas – I will also come around and pick you up, and yes, this is only meant to be understood positively, do you think you will be able to do that?

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