February 9, 2013: The give up of the Totalitarian World Government because of faith in me, while I enter creation self


Summary of the script today

8th February: The give up of the Totalitarian World Government because of faith in me, while I enter creation self

  • Dreaming of “the worst darkness” of Muslims sending me much darkness, but it is now not as dangerous, Jan from Fair is sending me darkness too, and depending on the energy I give now, I can choose between three different engines of my new self.
  • Angels have been sent to get me out and to raise to bar even further. We thought that the only way to break through this darkness (taking control over the stream of life coming from the Source) was to give him, i.e. the Toruk Makto part, toilet paper in the mouth and explode him, but no!
  • The reason why state leaders of the European Union held a MARATHON meeting was not only to negotiate a new budget, but also to decide to give up their plans of a new Totalitarian World Government because of faith in me. And this surrender is coming when I am now moving into where the bicycle itself, i.e. creation, is made, with the spirits of my mother and father creating this scenario really with the purpose to get us all out of here and together at our New World.
  • Life was created almost as a coincidence of something becoming more concentrated making us “think” what if we continue doing this (?), which is then what we did, and now we have arrived here with the feeling that we have almost only started.
  • My mother served “Rib-eye” steak this evening, which to me symbolised entering “bulls eye” and releasing mankind from the worst darkness almost bringing a new Totalitarian World Government. My mother does NOT want fat in her meat, i.e. no terminations, and I made her and John understand that selfishness of people today and my mother’s STRONG tone telling the truth straight out make it “impossible” for people to accept what she says not because she is wrong, but because they don’t like the tone and what she says, just like people (including themselves and my family) “could not” accept the truth I wrote straight out on them.
  • The live-shows of the Danish X-factor started today, which included inspired speech of the judges of how IMPOSSIBLE it is/was to come through the narrow entrance to the Source, the beautiful of our New World and the Source “melting together”, darkness of the US sending me heart pain potentially killing me, the official world believes in my storytelling because I am the real thing/authentic, it was “raining with diamonds” symbolising the beauty of our united New World/Source, we will now create an “incredible beautiful road” of our future life inside the Source, and it is difficult to create life and important for man to be RESPONSIBLE to be FREE.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show the Source still cleaning darkness, “it aint over till the fat lady sings” and she is practising “all night long”, behave in the future (!), darkness around Australia looking at God, looking through the mail box to life inside the Source, “Hello Mr. Radio” and new communication, spin it again to make everything perfect, strong pollution of USA, and thousands of the official world is visiting Jette’s Facebook group in secrecy.
  • Short stories of God via Klaus opening a new bar on the island of previous darkness, the bell is ringing in for the start of our New World, and telling Fanny to bring the advice I gave her to her husband to make him listen and understand.

9th February: Receiving the first light of the Source including all life as creators of eternal life in their own right

  • Even though I was UTTERLY empty from energy, I was kept awake receiving more information to write down, which was about receiving the Source self as the final fight of the Kingdom of Germany without exploding anything, which otherwise had been planned since the beginning of time because it is impossible for one man to take the sufferings I have taken. This is about the final dismantle of the skeleton of the absolutely worst darkness, which was made by tree of God as the tool of creation.
  • I received the first light of everything – still the light of all life – standing on dark barrow being brought to me. It is from this light including an “incredible mass” that our development is decided, and it wants to show all of its inside to everyone and everything by turning around becoming physical life. All life is part of this content, which we have first started to open now not knowing about all wonders of life as we will meet when we will start exploring it.
  • The Source includes an eternity of hills/bumps with one “hill” each going to become a human being. Life was created by co-incidence with a will of concentration of hills, and the invention of sexuality together with all materials found inside the Source brought physical life. Each hill is eternal in depth meaning that each human being is a creator of eternity of new life and New Worlds, which will go on forever, and there is an eternity in all directions out there not knowing that they will turn into life as human beings.
  • We have now brought together the physical and spiritual worlds, and prepared all TV’s, i.e. life, of our New World. We are only a few feet under now and ready to spring up, and it required more faith of the world in me to do, which is what the x-rays of my teeth bringing a look into our future life brought via the official world looking.
  • Dreaming of receiving a warning against the Commune working against me and not being able to continue working, which I however am now again, and bringing in all life of the Source, which darkness in vain still wants to steal from.
  • I received the worst darkness from two beam-attacks from outer people of other civilizations directed towards my teeth to eliminate me and the Source, but it could not enter, and I was told that this is the most dense of all darkness, which is an evil axis of US/UK co-operating with outer people of other civilizations with the aim of world control, which they however now also needs to give up on with the end of the plans of a Totalitarian World Government. These people counting a couple of hundreds leaders kept the best preserved secret of the Universe, which was the most dangerous to the world, and tried to terminate me too, which is bringing them “the smallest shoes” of embarrassment today realising that I am the real thing. Is it inside of here at the end of the very top that I find my own inner self as a smiling Michael Jackson, which was his task to find when he was sacrificed in 2009.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show the four-divided world being told by me what to do, 1-2-3 of the Trinity, much sufferings over Greenland/me/us, Biiiig lumps of life, my scripts, a big one with curly/flower-ears, turning the globe/the Source around, and incredible amount of light turning the Source around bringing snow/sufferings over the Big Apple of New York/USA and I.
  • Short stories of wrong sexual behaviour leading to the end of the world, HEAVY snow storms over New York symbolising my sufferings when opening the Big Apple of the Source, Jan Monrad could not “opn it”, but I could (the Source), the death of Teacher Andersen in Matador also symbolises the end of the worst darkness, and Niklas is bringing me the worst darkness of sexual torments too.


8th February: The give up of the Totalitarian World Government because of faith in me, while I enter creation self

Dreaming of “the worst darkness” of Muslims sending me much darkness, but it is now not as dangerous

After publishing my script late yesterday evening, I was asked that you succeeded not to touch the glass (?), which is the Devil self, and yes, we did not, we turned around the Devil not becoming the Devil having to destruct to turn over.

And then we would put gasoline on the newspaper, and him there inside of it, and yes blow all of it up and out of it would come the most beautiful flowers of his new self, and yes this is what he has seen himself coming with one difference being that you, as my physical self, did NOT want to accept this, and that is because it is simple logic that this is WRONG to do, so therefore we had to follow you, and that is because we have to according to the rules of the Old World.

What follows a fire at the forest (?), and yes is that many years of recovery (?), and the question is if we would have started at the same high level of our New World as we do now if I had not done my best work since October 31 (?), or if this was “only” to save the Old World from sufferings of partly physical destruction as I have been told, and no, I don’t know, we will see, but I decided to do my best “just to be sure”.

So you have built blue right up to the edge of me, i.e. the entrance to the Source?

You will get a WHOLE new cycle inside of here.

It is here AFTER the election that we really thought that you would decide to go on becoming your new self, but we know, only if there is no more darkness, and there is, so this means that we will continue playing, and yes Stig, until the very near end of time that is.

I went to bed at 01.15 and “slept” until 09.30 with these dreams.

  • I am at war where Muslims have overtaken what used to be a Christian square, and now they are shooting against us. I am together with two women, one is Muslim and back on the team again.
    • This CLEAR feeling of the dream was that this “the worst darkness” is now not that dangerous anymore.
  • My old colleague from Fair, Jan, is an “efficient smoker” at the airport. He still believes that I smoke pipe, and he pours out pipe tobacco from my jacket.
    • Jan is still living his “normal life” of Hell – prioritizing himself with luxury goods, holidays etc. – and is still sending me darkness, which makes it possible for me to get this our of my jacket too.
  • People are football training. There are mice everywhere in the food, “remove this earth”, speaking in telephone etc.
    • I did not really get this, but more darkness to be removed.
  • My colleague Morten J. is stopping at work, we are good friends, and I have to decide which car I will continue driving in. I can chose my old Opel Rekord as it is called even though it is the last version of the Opel Vectra from 2008, this car has 125 HP and a value of DKK 230,000, but Morten recommends me to take over his Opel Rekord/Vectra, which is the same model and year, but it has 300 HP and a value of DKK 370,000, but I don’t know if I can afford it, and finally I am recommended a third car of the same brand, model and year with 170 HP and a little bit more expensive than mine, and I have to give my decision to my colleague Helle Aa (from DFM). I am now driving in Morten’s car from the backseat (!), and he is in the front knowing the direction home.
    • Wasn’t Morten J. a symbol of the Old World always about to resign (?), and he still is, and here I am given the choice of the engine of my new self depending on how much money, i.e. energy, I put in, and yes I have decided to play this game without thinking of energy, but simply to do my best under the circumstances, so this is what I will do.

I am taking control over the stream of life coming from the Source without the need of any explosion

We have sent angels into your grave to get you out, which is before Gustav Thöni has died, and this is because we believe that you will make it without breaking down.

Yesterday I was told about old members of the “late” political party Centrumdemokraterne meeting and speaking about me and my writings on you, and today that they would also be able to create a “proper stinker” by themselves, and yes Mimi, I have been told about you as a “special friend” of mine a LONG time ago, and I wonder if you are still lazy and TALKING much (?), and please say hi to Peter D. and all of the other “good old ones”, will you?

Jørgen was not here when I was born, it was first later that he and the bomb was invented, wasn’t it Stig (?), and “Jørgen” is a name symbolising “money”, thus energy.

The bar cannot be raised any further (!), but still this is what we try to do.

It is one from the sacred halls who has decided to help get you up of there.

I was told that my father thinks “you did not get cancer as I”, thus not suffering as him, and I was told that I did (!), but it was not in outbreak for it to be seen, but it was still slowing me down, and now I unfortunately have to tell you that we have not found any of these cells for a long time because your mind has “terminated” them or converted them into light, and this is what is also happening with John and your father, and I hope my aunt too.

I felt Toruk Makto as darkness and was told that I will now help him to read his homework too.

We thought that the only way to break through this darkness was to give him, i.e. the Toruk Makto part, toilet paper in the mouth and explode him, but no, and it is in this light that your/our comments to Mads of yesterday is to be seen, i.e. to help “the worst darkness” to open more, and yes keep it coming my friends.

We have put down only a couple of bags to you to start with, to get you going. And it really happens automatically every time he decides that he does not want anything to burn.

So instead of a new duvet, you only sleep with a blanket of darkness becoming thinner and thinner.

This is the wallet I showed you yesterday (from the kitchen), which I did not write down, and when it will not disappear, let us take this on too.

Wow, what rockets we can fire from here.

So we were really at the end of the motorway, but this was something we did not calculate you at all to start testing your power with, but here we are so let us make the best of it.

On the other side, this darkness is “almost not existing” and we know, it is coming straight from the barrel so to say, so you should have a good chance to defeat it anyway?

See you in around a weeks time, which was my actor leaving.

I was told about an intestine and a sling, which is what it turns into when life of wrong behaviour is to decide. It is from here that “everything“ comes out – from the Source – and I have now arrived here where it has not yet been decided if this energy is becoming light or darkness, which is up to life to decide. So it is more like the waste pipe you are inside now before all of this energy is divided between light and darkness.

This will extend your mothers stay at the summer palace. Everything is ready, and this is just “something extra” coming on top, and that is because we can.

Well, it isn’t you now taking control over this stream too, is it (?), and I see how it bends from its regular route to the Old World to the right of me really, and now has to go over to me, and yes good day mate, what would you like today (?), and “breakfast at bed” (the UB40 song below), and yes you are still officially unemployed, which is also the reason why we can continue this game and at the same time this was also a reference to Niklas now in Australia really sending me darkness with threats of my “old nightmare”, but no, I will NOT accept you to create darkness from the Source, so this is really how to stop it, and what then (?), and yes ONLY GOOD, and so you/we are.

This is from where the “coal prints” for the plate of darkness is coming from.

I was told and shown that this energy normally is sent to my actor to be divided, but now it is coming to you instead, and yes when starting to work, you discover just how tired you are again today, which is because of reactions to my script of yesterday, and yes not easy to get over this hill and keep it going when it is MUCH EASIER to do nothing, but we have to, so I “just” have to get the first 1-2 hours over with, which is FAR the most difficult, and yes always it was.

Isn’t it a ”lovely thought” that your sister and her husband is now on luxury cruise from Dubai, Niklas is five weeks in Australia, Bettina and Søren are several weeks in Goa, India, and your mother and John are still planning to go to Egypt, and yes you are still working here and living on next to nothing compared to them and that is because you decided to continue sending approx. 2/3 or your net disposal income to Kenya, and yes this is till how life is. And I now don’t send my scripts to Elijah anymore via email, but still to the three others, but still Elijah is with me now opening my new script from my website, and yes, this is Elijah, because I only have few visitors from Kenya to my website, and none opening it and going directly to my new script, so “happy” to see you here, Elijah, but unhappy that you CANNOT communicate, and if there is one thing you should have learned ABOVE everything else I taught you in 2009, it is to COMMUNICATE openly, directly and honestly, but still you “cannot”, and yes the part of understanding and deciding not to be negative is the problem, you see?

GC 080213 Elijah

So this is before taking on pantyhose, but still I can give you this, and then I was given some small heart attacks and told that this is because of the mere work to bring this energy from your inner self to your physical self.

I was told that we don’t know what is inside of these layers of darkness now being brought to you from your inner self, and yes you know what the whole is like, but not the ingredients of the gravy bringing this “taste”, so this is what we will also decipher.

I received the taste of fat from delicious steak, and was told that this darkness coming to me now also includes “fat”, i.e. terminated life, so you are welcome all of you, and I was here told what about telling Jette that the numbers visiting her Facebook group can now be counted in thousands and not hundreds” and yes people of the official world spreading the news and using their “secret IT-network” keeping them anonymous you know, and yes you are all WELCOME, and all of your visits will be published to the world and I here feel Princess Victoria of Sweden, so these are the kind of people visiting, Jette.

No, we will not even use amniotic fluid to bring birth to him there, and yes this is what was the purpose of this darkness to bring me, but since you have decided to go all the way self into the Source without being helped by the world, this is how it becomes, the reserves of darkness meant to bring you/us the last way is becoming light to just before entering.

At 16.00 I had written most of the script today (not knowing about the next chapter to come), and had a longer comment to Marion and a reply to an email to Nigeria on the to-do list but I could no more, this will not be today, but tomorrow if I feel better.

So we have to stop paying taxes, which is one of your commands (?), yes you are absolutely right.

The give up of the Totalitarian World Government because of faith in me, while I enter creation self

I felt and was told that it is the old plug self to the source which you are removing itself.

I received an enthusiastic spirit of my father talking about losing the old house self, and I was told that we are driving in big lorries of wine, and I received great pain to my left leg, and was told that this is what I really received the 31st October.

During the later afternoon, I was INCREDIBLE tired, but knew that it would be wrong to take a nap also because I was to meet my mother and John at 19.00, but it was yet another pain to go through this extreme tired crisis.

I was told that the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour was also me, and there would be no New World without it bringing USA into World War II including extreme sufferings, i.e. energy, coming to millions of people.

I was told that Marion is looking all the way in here, but as darkness without knowing it, and I had taken notes of writing a comment to here as a reply to her question on what to use the spiritual world too, and I received strong encouragements to write my reply to her this afternoon, but no, I could not, and decided to do it tomorrow, if I can.

I was told that by continuing to write about Helena, she led me straight to the top of the Liberal Party of Denmark via Søren Pind, so she, Søren Pind and Lars Løkke are also inside here of the worst darkness, and they were working for an evil New World Order but controlled by me in order to get us all our. Don’t you think there will be an outcry when people will know what you have done (?), and yes this was opened to me because Søren Pind could not keep his hands from Helena, so what was darkness own desire, became its fall, and yes you saw it coming. So we are the cleanest swan self with darkness of man also reaching us and pulling us through.

I received the feeling of spaceships from the outermost people of other civilizations, and I was shown a “beam” from them into items inside my apartment, and was told that they have the technique to remove these, thus also me, from my apartment, and at the same time, I was shown this beam of darkness as now almost sun rays of light, and I was told that they were almost throwing up themselves, but could not do anything else because of mankind sending us these impulses, and it is all the way into the very core of darkness here that I am stopping the evil Totalitarian World Government.

So we are ready to jump out with flowers, and yes this is why state leaders met at EU having a MARATHON meeting to negotiate their new budget and more (!), and why Jette’s Google Earth pictures also shown cleaning of EU, and now we only lack to get you out from there.

So you have moved inside where the bicycle itself is created, and I felt that the dark side of the spirit of my mother is also inside here. And I felt how this darkness came floating in over me and encapsulated me, and I was told that this is also done because I never lost my temper during my journey.

I was asked why my mother’s husband (1972-78), Ole, was hospitalised on mental hospital a period when we were together with him (?), and was that only because he believe he was sick without being it seeing “signs” everywhere on his skin (?), and did he say something about me and Jesus (?), and yes isn’t this funny if this is the case (?), and no, my mother has never said anything about this, and I also felt Ole’s sons, Niels and Thomas, in this relation and a strong move to my right leg here, and also about how Niels and Thomas are both still in pain about me. And I was told that my mother and John speaks about this without telling me, and that this was also a game giving this information via Ole to my mother, Niels and Thomas, and still they “could not” discover me, when I “broke out”, and this is how the game was thought of and also to balance it because this was also meant to bring them faith that “just maybe Stig is really the one”, see?

I was told about Storkespringvandet (“the stork fountain”) on the pedestrian street of Strøget in Copenhagen, and that this is where we are born, and I felt both the spirits of my mother and father here, and yes how do we create life (?), and what about a game cheating “nothing” to create “everything”? So it is us bringing darkness to the world to receive “impossible power” to create, welcome Stig, and it is also us with the layer cake on Kronborg Castle, i.e. the creation of everything.

I was shown white, and told that white is the purest of everything from which we create Orange of my father, and the input is really “nothing”, but when you get enough of this and concentrate it, the most beautiful patterns stand forward, which also are us, and this is how life was created almost as a coincidence of something becoming more concentrated making us “think” what if we continue doing this (?), which is then what we did, and now we have arrived here with the feeling that we have almost only started, and who knows what the future will bring?

I was told that we created Synnøve Søe and “the most amazing exits” (of other people too) to get ourselves out too and inside the New World, but all of this is unnecessary, so we will take all of this with us, and that is all of these unused threads leading to you.

I was told that it was the defeat of Berlusconi and his supporters via my Facebook posting on him a few weeks ago, which led the way to this, and later when cycling to my mother, the chain of my bicycle “curled” together shortly and I was told that Berlusconi was almost bringing us to a full stop, therefore, and if you had not “understood” about Berlusconi before, my dear “official world”, you did when reading my comments on him and just how crazy he truly is?

I was shown and told that we have put the absolutely finest white fish into the sea right in front of Kronborg Castle here in Helsingør, and this is about bringing the beginning of everything from Jerusalem to Helsingør, so this is where we are now.

So what do we do now, Stig (?); and yes, there is more work to come, so bring it on!

I was shown the inner of a parking house, and told that this is where everything is created, and this is where you are now entering.

I was shown a small fan turning quickly around, and received the feeling that this is the fan, or heart, which is making all life work, and I was told that if I did not continue my game, it would man that we would make you believe that this fan had stopped, and we would have had to start working ourselves out of these exits of people, whom also include Margrethe Vestager as I was told, and she believes that she knows you, and yes a hidden support for us she is, and through her singing today about “heart of honey” for her colleagues from the Danish People’s Party of the Danish Parliament as you can see here, she is symbolising what happened today when the world gave up its plans of a Totalitarian World Government because of faith in me, and I was told that the world believed that the European Union was the best structure/organisation to work together, which is why it was decided to place this evil world government here. So this is about the OLD evil world bringing their SURRENDER to our New World :-).

I was told that we would quietly had let the salt (of everything) float with the water, and suddenly we would be here saying congratulations to you after you had thought that everything was dissolving, and when I was told this, I still received darkness swearing and yelling at me wanting me to be negative.

I have hit and entering the “bulls eye” of everything, where I will accept no fat, i.e. terminations

This evening, I went to my mother and John again, and my mother was enthusiastic about steaks of Rib-eye she had received from the butcher of Kvickly, and Rib-eye is not a common cut here, but to me this was more like “bulls eye”, and yes coming to the very centre of everything and also dissolving the worst plans of darkness of the Totalitarian World Government as a result, and it was truly a fantastic piece of meat – which you will also taste my LTO friends, you have NEVER tasted meat like this before (!) – and I thought that this was the steak I had been given a taste of earlier in the day, and yes to release the fat of it you know.

My mother told about how she also had bought Gullash meat yesterday at the butcher of Irma, which gave me a better understanding why I have received “Hungary” coming to me (which is also about “beautiful ladies” you know, and still my “old nightmare”!) these days, and she was VERY disappointed that maybe 1/3 or more of what she bought was fat and tough, and she had returned to the butcher bringing all of this fat etc. and telling him STRAIGHT OUT just how unsatisfied she was with this, and instead of accepting what my mother said as the truth/valid, the butcher decided to tell her to boil it for 2½ hours, and yes my mother kept on speaking about this again and again and again and yes she entertained John and I for maybe 20 minutes, and I told her that she is the person of all that I know having the STRONGEST commitment and yes when she first gets started, there is NO END to her commitment making her talk and talk and talk about the same, which is so strongly on her mind (brought to her by our actors, you see), and it made both her and John smile, and yes I repeated that this goes both when she is positive and the opposite, and then I told her that very often you receive POOR TREATMENT of people because they have poor manors and selfish not liking to receive the truth as my mother gave it, and especially that it may not be what she said, but the TONE of how she said it, which made the butcher turn into “defence mode” and simply because he did not like to be told off so strongly by my mother even though he knew or should know that what she told him as the truth, and here it came: This is exactly the same as what I did when people reacted to the TONE of my writings telling the truth straight out, and yes, I do believe that they understood this example very well, because this is EXACTLY what it was for, and yes to help them understand that I was not wrong, but they were, and furthermore this is to say that my mother will accept NO FAT, i.e. no darkness/terminations, and yes, we are all in line.

And we know, my mother said that “it is always better to pay more for meat to get it tender” and that is because “John has always said this” and yes as another Teacher Andersen from Matador really, and yes they did not think about me buying the cheapest meat to get my money last all month, and yes, my mother has just bought new glasses, John will also get a new Iphone 5 because he “need it” to communicate with his Ipad, and yes my mother’s 32 inch TV – maybe 3-4 years old – is now too small, so they will also get a bigger TV, and yes the rich have many things to look forward too, and isn’t this “hilarious” that this spending of money of the Devil is happening right in front of my nose from my own mother and family (?), and yes they “cannot” TRULY help me to get a “normal life”, and what about LTO (?), and no, you have heard them, “they only take advantage of you, Stig”, and yes, it is of course better then to make them die, which is what the world does to MILLIONS of people (!), and DO YOU GET IT BY NOW THAT I WILL NOT ALLOW SUCH A “WORLD ORDER” TO CONTINUE (?), and that is because it is WRONG as EVERYONE can see, but still the world “could not” change it, but decided not only to make these poor people suffer, but to terminate them once and for all to “solve” the problem, and yes HOW COULD YOU???

I was told that my mother is emptied as much for energy as I am, which is why she has started to visit a light-therapist to receive more light/energy, and also started swimming.

During a period, I again received the strongest sexual torments of darkness.

I returned home being not only tired, but “burned completely out” except from the fact that you don’t allow us to burn, and I was shown my cousin Jan also welcoming me inside of here, and yes he is also darkness, who tried to block me out with his negative influence on his mother, Inge.

I was shown that I am now following the continuous hallway of the stable after having crossed the most narrow place of all removing the stone/rock blocking access, and from here, I saw and was told that the stable will now expand.

I have received the feeling of Kirsten’s son Ricky, and here I was told that he recommended my father and Kirsten for me to visit a doctor (!), and yes he was certainly not the only one being this wrong, and this has also given me heart pain.

I was told that the spirits of my mother and father almost did not exist during World War II because of the extreme darkness being led out on the world.

And I was told that it was also important to open up to this inner place of the Source, that I decided to comment one of Dan Rachlin’s threads not that long ago where I told him about being “naïve”, which I believe he was too naïve to understand.

X-factor spoke about how IMPOSSIBLE it is to enter the Source, and our New World and the Source “melting together”

It is now the 10th February and it is first now that I have a little time, but no energy really, to write this chapter on the first live show of the Danish X-factor this year, which I saw together with my mother, so here we go.

And first, I was VERY HAPPY to see that the contestant Stephanie was singing Björk’s Joga from her brilliant period of the 1990’s, and when hearing/seeing this music, it made me think that it is stronger than most, and even though Stephanie did a fine job, there is no one doing this better than “crazy Björk” herself with her marvellous voice and performance – including the exceptional use of instruments and nature/rhythm of the song – so here she is, and here in a classical version of only strings, but look at her and enjoy her powerful performance :-).

And the first inspired words – or even more direct in Thomas Blachman’s case – came when he gave his feedback to Stephanie – I will do it only in English this time – where he here after some time said (after having said how IMPOSSIBLE it is to sing a song in a talent competition with one of the best voices of all) “I really believe that you got through something, which should be impossible, you should receive one over your neck for choosing this song solely because of the reason that you don’t do this, but you got away with it”, and this is to say that I am coming through what is IMPOSSIBLE to come through, and yes the most narrow entrance to the Source, which was blocked by a huge stone of resistance of man towards me.

Anne Linnet said here about her group called Lotus that “the beautiful about groups is that you grow together”, “it is a development, which we will see” and “what I look very much forward to seeing with you because you have so much to offer, and it is already happening, and it is already melting together with full screw“, and while she said this, she showed her two hands closing/melting together, which of course is about our New World melting together with the Source for us to become ONE.

DR1 100213 AnneAnne Linnet shows how the beautiful of a group “melting together” symbolising our New World and the Source melting together as ONE 🙂

Thomas Blachman said here about the next contestant Chresten that he is one of the best, but still “I lack all of the poetic layer, I lack where I receive heart pain, because this is exactly what you can, and if you sing melodies with a little more nuanced accords structure, then I die, but now you dig down into this blues-box, and then we are transported down to Sam’s Bar, I am sorry for saying it (but what you can, you can, I am a big fan)”, and this is about the heart pain I am given as part of the game of darkness, which potentially is able to kill me, and from where do I receive some of the worst (?), and yes not directly from “Sam’s bar” (“karaoke bar”), but from Uncle Sam, which you will remember that I told Mads the other day, and yes the US military and all of their darkness/evilness.

Thomas Blachman said here to Karoline that “I believe it is genius that you sing in Danish because you are a storyteller” and “this is the real thing, it is authentic, I believe in you”, and this is with a reference to one of Jette’s Google Earth pictures, which she brought some days ago about a “storyteller” where I brought David Bowie’s song “survive” from his storytellers live show, so this is about my scripts telling the story of survival, which brings the reactions of people reading me in secrecy that this is “the real thing, it is authentic, I believe in you”.

Hereafter it was Anne Linnet’s group of Anna & Lusanda’s turn to sing “My kind of love”, and as you can see from the background, it is raining with diamonds symbolising me as the combination of the Source and the New World, which you know is what you will see when we will open the view of the New World inside of the Source, which is “breathtaking beautiful”, and this is what “my kind of love” is about ♥.

Here Thomas Blachman had something he eagerly wanted to say to Anne, but “somehow”, he had forgotten her name, and said first “Sanne”, then “Hanne” before he found “Anne” on his tongue, and this is to show you that mostly my mother – but also others of my family – in periods for years have mixed up our names, and I told them a long time ago that it is the spiritual world doing this for example when my mother looks at Niklas calling him for “Stig”, and yes it has happened MANY times, and this is to say that these thoughts are still intact with my family, and yes a little sign it is to them. He continued speaking positively about his artist, Amanda, among other things saying that she has not come to sell, but to give with great credibility and more and then he said “we should say thank you … thank you!”, and this is really about what I give you, and that is “all my loving” and your new life.

And Thomas: I like what you say generally, but will you please STOP SWEARING, it does NOT sound good, and a man with your background should be able to speak nicely, don’t you think???

As feedback to Jonas, Thomas Blachman said here that “I just have to get to learn you first, this is what it is also all about, now are going to …, how do we start this, and of course you can all go in all possible directions, but the art is to create an incredible beautiful road because you have started the right way. There have been several episodes tonight, where some may not have started all correctly, which gives a little bumpy road”, and this is about “how do we start this” (?), i.e. the New World inside of the Source, and the art is really to “create an incredible beautiful road” because we can go in all directions, and it is indeed a “bumpy” road we will go through with all of these bumps we meet inside the Source being new life.

Thomas here spoke about being here to see credible, wonderful and beautiful music, and “everything which music can be, but it is very difficult creating this moment”, and when he said this, I was given the taste of wine because what he spoke of was about how difficult it is to create wine of “everything”, i.e. life, which is based on “music”, i.e. love of God, and he continued speaking of the young attendants having talent, but it is also a burden, which you have to take seriously, which may make you a little bit less free, less irresponsible, but instead you have the chance to bring life further on and bring freedom to everyone else, and what he spoke of here as a “burden” is really about people being RESPONSIBLE as a condition to be FREE and a condition of life self surviving, and yes did you get the meaning of this, Denmark (?), and also you Morten Messerschmidt (?), and yes, it is NOT forbidden to think before you speak, and you may understand what kind of man Thomas really is now (?), and yes let us say that he is “a good friend of mine” very close to creation self.

Google Earth shows a look through the mail box to life inside the Source

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show the Source still cleaning darkness, “it aint over till the fat lady sings” and she is practising “all night long”, behave in the future (!), darkness around Australia looking at God, looking through the mail box to life inside the Source, “Hello Mr. Radio” and new communication, spin it again to make everything perfect, strong pollution of USA, and thousands of the official world is visiting Jette’s Facebook group in secrecy.

FB 080213 Jette 1

FB 080213 Jette 2

FB 080213 Jette 3

FB 080213 Jette 4

FB 080213 Jette 5

FB 080213 Jette 6

FB 080213 Jette 7

FB 080213 Jette 8

FB 080213 Jette 9

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • My old colleague from Fair, Klaus, has apparently made a lot of money too, and instead of helping me and LTO, he is now the “happy bar-owner” after having bought a bar at Palma, Mallorca, and you do know that “bar” is the home of God, and Mallorca was the home of darkness, so this is a symbol of God overtaken all darkness.

FB 080213 Klaus

  • The other day, I offered my neighbour, Jan, who likes to work with bicycles, that he could use my old mountain-bike as spare parts, which he then did a couple of days ago, and I told him “everything but the ringing bell” because I would like to have this transferred to my new mountain-bike, and yesterday I noticed that he had been kind to doing this, and to me this is to ring them bells you know, Bob, and here the Vinoble wine store was inspired to say that now the GONG-GONG is ringing, and yes just like when ringing in people at the theatre just before the show will start as I am here shown, and this is what it is about, the start of our New World.

FB 080213 Vinoble

  • When I returned home from my mother, I was COMPLETELY broken down with no energy, and Fanny sent me this Facebook email saying that she is married to a man, who rejects what she believes in, and she has only few friends speaking her language (the spiritual world you know), and I used my last strength telling him to bring my regards to him telling him to LISTEN, ASK AND UNDERSTAND instead of listening to his own wrong voice, and also tell him that he is UNNECESSARY bringing himself, Fanny and also me sufferings for not doing what is right, so this is the advise I gave to her, which is also the advise to her husband, do you understand the importance?

FB 080213 Fanny


9th February: Receiving the first light of the Source including all life as creators of eternal life in their own right

Receiving the first light of the Source including all life as creators of eternal life in their own right

I went to bed some time after 23.00, and I was as tired and completely “empty” inside as you can get, which means “totally drained” feeling the absolutely worst, and still I was not allowed to sleep, and I started receiving information, which I was IN NO FORM at all to receive and even less to write down, but even though this was the most difficult of all times receiving and writing down information, and the fact that I was fighting a fight to do this or to give up on this for maybe one hour, I wrote down most of this information, and yes this came together with the knowledge that I have now “far too much work” to do, which has accumulated to becoming “totally impossible” to do and yes the last two chapters of yesterday including the chapter on X-factor, which is NOT written yet, which may take half a day to do alone if I decide to do it properly, and then I received ALL of this information, and POOR sleep being awake until 04.30, and yes all of this information coming too, and still I have to write that comment to Marion and also reply to the Nigerian email, which I had hoped that I would do today, and all of this would only be possible to do if I received good sleep in order to get a good work day today, and now it is like this, but no, I decided not to give up but to continue writing down this information from the night, and yes to continue the game even though this background was almost making me throw the rope not bringing the ship the last centimetre/millimetre to dock, but now I am here and it is 14.35, and I have decided to continue working my best and what I may not be able to do today, I will do tomorrow and see if I can remove the work pile ASAP and at least within the next 5-6 days to come, and yes we better get started writing this information too:

I was shown a character looking like Napoleon, and I was shown an old dark hand pulled barrow being pulled towards me, and on this barrow I felt a cake standing, and on top of this one single living light, and I understood that this is the first light of everything, and it is still this bring life to everyone, and I was told that we would like to bring you this, and also that it comes because of the love of my mother to me this evening.

When writing this, I still receive the feelings of MANY knowing about me, which I have decided to stop writing, but as examples I was here given Kenny Rodgers, Michael McDonald and the President of Syria, Bashar Hafez al-Assad, and still you decide to fight when knowing about me (?), and yes this goes straight over my head too, and yes no darkness is hitting me!

So we are not even going to play the “win or disappear game” (?), no, we are not!

And how much energy is inside of such a small “gadget” like this (?), it is “everything” or “nothing” or something in between (?), and this is the light of everything, which will become physical life when we start our journey inside of it.

I was shown an excavator of darkness approaching a small shed of light wanting to tear it down, but you don’t need to do this because we are taking care of it ourselves, and I was shown that half of it has already been removed, and yes this is where we keep the eternal flame of everything.

It is from this light, or seed if you will, that our development is decided, and it wants to show all of its inside to everyone and everything by turning around becoming physical life, and I felt the spirit of my father.

So all life is part of this content, which we have first started to open now, and when receiving this, I still received “you are not welcome” and negative speech, which I as usual “just” have to go against being and doing the opposite, which is RIGHT to do.

I was told that it is coming from inside of here that it is “impossible” for one man to do the work you have done, Stig, without breaking down, and I told myself that I could only do what I did because of your voice helping me to not give up, and without this, I would never have been able to make it.

I heard a low voice, which I was “this close” not to write down because of EXTREME exhaustion lying on my bed still hoping to fall asleep and having disgust to writing down this information, which I furthermore did not know if I would be able to write into my script and publish, and I was told that wrong actions of man made me younger and younger growing inwards/downwards until reaching this the first light of everything.

I may have fallen asleep for a short while because the notes on my phone says “dream”, and let us see if I can read it.

  • My mother will not come home this evening because she is with John, and I have decided to vacuum clean the house once again, which is really not needed, and to my surprise I hear a “fine sound” and I receive a shock when I see that it is coming from a little girl, who has entered the house and is now walking around it, and I follow her out to the car entrance, where there are other children, and they warn me against a lady, who has driven her car into my entrance, and I feel that she is from the Commune, and she brings me a plastic bag, which is empty of potatoes, there will come no more, and I think that it doesn’t matter because I have food at the house, however I am not quite certain, and inside the small kitchen, I now meet my mother and Bettina, and I use a piece of plastic held over my head to show them the impossible that this is bringing magic to lift me, however I am only lifted 1 millimetre over the floor.
    • The cleaning of the house is to say that it is not needed to clean the world from darkness once again. Potatoes is about being “down to earth”, which they Commune is not in relation to me believing that they are my “rulers”, or is this what they believe I am not, which is a misunderstanding if this is the case, and is this because the Commune has “bad news” coming to me wanting to go against me once again (?), or maybe even to remove my cash help illegally (?), and I am not able to fly, which is that it is completely impossible for me to keep working, and yes I “wish I could fly”, which is what I now do again, and this is why I was shown Per Gessle from Roxette a few minutes ago, you had seen this coming, so here he and Marie are in one of my favourite songs of theirs, and yes beautiful it is.

I was now kept up again, I had NOT slept for a long time, and I was told that my admission fee runs up in several hundred thousands DKK, which is about what it “costs” of energy, if there is energy inside, which there is not (?), and I was also told that there are no fees when you decide to get home alone.

I was told “warning about the nation changing into one to one mode”, and I was shown land of Spain reaching land of Morocco – with Spain coming to Africa – now only being 1 millimetre from its final arrival, and the nation is of course about all content inside of the Source changing over too.

I am here giving feelings about guards of the Royal Palace next to the old city of Stockholm, and yes I have also been there (outside), and that is many times, and if I am dangerous to Princess Victoria (?), and yes, I do believe that this is something you have dreamed, so what about OPENING your ears and eyes and start to read and understand instead of misunderstanding me negatively (?), and yes it is completely crazy that there apparently are still “crazy” people out there listening to their crazy inner voice instead of just listening and understanding the objective truth, and yes incredible what a single picture of the Princess in Jette’s Facebook group can do, and not only in this relation, but also in terms of opening up the Swedish Royal Family, and yes HOW DO YOU DO (?), are you still playing icehockey very well over there (?), and yes a symbol of “sufferings”, and that is not least with the King, and we know, here are Per and Marie again again in another of my favourites of theirs, and yes I have quite a few of those :-).

I was shown two lines with one line being the darkness of the Commune gossiping about me (almost making the official system of Denmark treat me as a potential terrorist “bringing me in” and “locking me up”) and it is now running together with the other line of the official Denmark/world knowing the truth about me, and this is about darkness now “knowing” about me meeting light at the very beginning because light and darkness are the same, and yes it made me think that my mother also knows, or “should know” you know.

I was shown that EVERYTHING has now been emptied in the kitchen, all boxes etc. are completely empty except from the coffee box, which includes the very last grains of coffee, which is “practically nothing”, which means that we have truly emptied EVERY LITTLE THING of God and the Old World.

I was told that you had to bring the 3rd, i.e. the child, here otherwise I would have started destroying a canvas.

I was shown an empty half litre bottle at the waterline and told how it used to contain the most concentrated urine (destructive darkness), and with this also came the last two packages each containing five kilos of meet, i.e. more life.

I was told about “not few King murders” because of wrong decisions of public authorities, and I was shown a pantyhose of darkness being taken on, and how “150,000 people make wrong decisions”, which came together with an understanding that this is a message, which the official world understands, and yes one of my main messages are about crazy systems of darkness living a life of their own growing like freaks of cancer out of control.

I was shown maize and told that a little light – the first light of the Source – weighs as much as if you bring one maize on the first square of a chess board, and follow the ancient Indian chess legend and double the amount of maize for every square, which will bring 18,000,000,000,000,000,000 maize on the last 64th square weight hundreds of billions of tons, so this is an example telling you about “incredible mass” inside of this little light of everything.

Exponential_growth_chessboard_with_riceThe ancient Indian chess legend of one grain of rice – or maize as used in my example – grows to an “incredible mass” symbolising the mass of everything inside the light of the Source

During the night I received Shu-bi-dua’s VERY inspired song “the hand without hair” and here the feeling of Michael Bundesen being with me once again, and here it was with the message “without hair”, i.e. without darkness – and otherwise this song is FULL of symbols, and also a man having difficulties sleeping (!) – and I also received “goodbye cruel world” by Pink Floyd, which is simply about saying goodbye to all of this disgusting, but necessary darkness to create physical life, and yes there is indeed anybody out there, Roger, and yes MANY that is.

I was told that we are doing all of this extreme/impossible work to enter the French castle of Monty Python, and because I don’t want anyone to die.

I was told that I am 10 feet under, I cannot make that plane, I thought, but now we try, and no, I am NOT going to write all of this during this night and that is after having stood up from bed at 01.30, and that is because I am far too exhausted to work, and no, not even if this is once in a lifetime that I will do this, I am beyond my ultimate border to work, so I first need to get some sleep, and later I was told that I am now only “six feet under” just because of writing down notes and standing up, and this led me to SAGA and their 20/20 album, and yes about the story that this album had mysteriously disappeared from Grooveshark, thus also from my SAGA playlists, so I had to download it from the Internet and upload it, which I believe I did yesterday, which I had to do twice because the uploader “froze” the first time, and yes the second time, I had made sure that all tracks were uploaded, but now when checking again, I see that tracks no. 1, 2 and 4 have been deleted (!), including the song “six feet under” from this album, so I decided to upload these songs again, and yes I checked the other songs on my list of favourite songs, and saw that all other songs where there except one, which was the song “trust” from their album of the same name, where all other songs by the way had remained without being deleted, and this was simply to say that there was not enough TRUST in the world in me to make everything of our New World PERFECT, i.e. 20/20, which is why I needed to go to the dentist, and to let you look into our future life of the Source, and yes with this, we are getting there.

I was reflecting for myself, and thinking that it was the stream of energy I was changing to come to me, which is now the Source self being brought to me, and I was shown that this is the field self with yellow coming from “an eternity” of the outer of it now entering me.

So it is with the Kings that we move in all of Leisner’s wine stock, and this is about “the crazy wine man” having the best wines in the world, who became the grocer of SuperBrugsen in Hørsholm when I lived there, and today has his own wine store still with some of the finest wine you can get, and the feeling was here “many kings” and not only one.

This was not only meant to be done with your mother having blood running down her face, was it?

So now I am being covered by the Source as “the faeces machine”, and the light has not been switched off even once (?), and no, because I did not give up receiving information during night even though I was this close many times.

I was told that there are no humans out there (in the eternity of the Source), they are yet to be invented also meaning that we have only created a fraction of all life, which we will continue to invent for an eternity to come, and this is what is now pouring in rapidly.

I was told that it is as crazy as it gets because when you look in at the Source – feeling Angela Merkel here, so making an exception here telling about the feeling of you, so have you looked too via the x-rays of my teeth (?) – it looks empty, and that is because you have to imagine what can be inside there, to zoom in, see the structure and start to create a picture of all of these hills/bumps, which is what I am meeting now, and these are all naturally inside of the Source, and yes, who has put them there (?) because I have not (!), they are “just there”, and life was invented by coincidence, which is the closest we can get to the answer of this by now, and this is the origin of life, which the official world has looked into, and via the invention of sex, this has become all life, which has “a hill” each inside of the Source making us all “nothing”, which has been amplified/concentrated.

So we are now saying “good day” to all human beings coming in not knowing that this is what they are becoming, and this is how we have created every hill, i.e. as a human being, and each hill covers more than what the eye see, and I understand that it is because we can also do deeper inside of each hill, and yes it includes an eternity of information also going in this direction, and this is how each individual becomes a creator of his own, see (?), and this is what his papers say (i.e. my website), and if it did not, we could not go on, and the Universe is really only what we see inside the Source.

And alright I will tell you that I also received a feeling of Tom Cruise here, and yes it is not a luxury-cruise to do the Mission Impossible you know.

It was on the way through the Source that we found the possibility to build a physical world with all material being present, which just had to be put together and then “a little hard work”, we thought, and who knows what we will find in the future?

I was shown and told that without faith of my old school friend Søren D-N in me, we had to stand up from bed still wearing pantyhose on the right leg but to do this based on love and everything else found on the road, and yes bringing sufferings doing it.

I was told that we would also not have been here without my old colleague from Fair, Lisa, and yes the present priest in Lyngby, who also decided to leave me as Facebook friend, and amazing just how “deaf” and better-knowing people were.

We are on our way in to a department of the Supermarco (an Italian supermarket in Copenhagen, which Camilla and I loved, which is really symbolising life of joy and happiness), where we have never been before.

I was told that you are now entering the inside of the Toruk Makto, and I was shown a table tennis match inside of this the most inner place too and that is because we are both blue and red fighting on each side to create a new physical world or to keep nothing of the spiritual world.

How many of the world has felt loss of energy (?), and is that all of the world as I understood (?), and yes as part of an ingenious figure system.

I was told that we had to cut off part of us – the spirit of my mother – risking to lose this part in this game.

Finally, at 04.30, I was allowed to sleep on my sofa, which I did until 10.50 receiving this dream.

  • My partner in crime is small and thick, and he has asked me to dress down as he has himself, and he does not like to see how well dressed I am. We are going to do a break-in at a container to steal what is inside, and we are now inside a long lift with my partner standing at the end of it, and I at the side, and I see how a lorry is moving in a container into the store, and it fits only with very small margins pushing my partner so closely to the wall that he starts to bleed, and I see how the lid is put on, and somehow I am now inside a shopping centre, which this has opened to, and I see one long table where an old and completely grey haired Poul Bundgaard and his family are sitting, I hear Poul say that this is a good ending of his life, and when I understand that this is reserved for his family/guests, I go to another long table, where Ole L. (the old chairman of the Liberal Party in Helsingør, whom I worked together with as member of the party in the 1980’s) sits with his family, and they have just had breakfast, and there is really no more and also no proper chair for me to sit in. I try to fly, but I cannot.
  • My partner is darkness, and the container is really new life of the Source, which we are bringing in, which is giving some bleeding of darkness, but only on the surface, the feeling was that it was no worse than this, and the shopping centre is about life too, and Poul Bundgaard died many years ago, but when he sits here, it is because of darkness opening and his wonderful song to celebrate it, and yes acting too – thank you for showing and telling me, Poul – and Ole L. is very much alive, even though I somehow thought he was dead for many years when I lived in/around Copenhagen before I reconnected with him now as Facebook friends, and yes what was it again that breakfast meant (?), and at least “food” is about life, and is this darkness trying to hide life from me?

I received the very beautiful classic “Massachusetts” by Bee Gees, which is also a song that my mother ALWAYS reacts very positively on when hearing it, and to me this is about going home, and no, you are NOT going to let all lights go out (!), and yes let us bring these guys together again, and what about playing together with Billy Joel too (?), and yes just thinking of how much MORE joy all famous artists can bring to people for example doing the same as Billy Joel and Elton John did when they toured together, and yes sometimes on your own, and sometimes working together with old and new friends, and what a life, you know :-).

I was told that if we were four adults – the four divided world – we had to use all our strength to get him out, and this is what you have just done.

I received another song with the lyrics “I only wanna be with you”, and yes, Stig, it is now 17.45, and I have written constantly the last 5-6 hours and my hands are now hurting so much that I can almost not continue, and I am here still giving a let us say “rolling heart” more than a heart attack, but in the same category you know, and yes thank you father and your “new family” sending me darkness.

Could you hear him scream (?) – the difficult/painful birth of you – which is now over with.

So now I am wrapped up inside the cottage house.

I was told about the Danish handball player Katrine Fruelund, whom I have been shown for days, and that she also helped turning this around, and the feeling of Katrine actually covers “handball players” in general, and here feeling Anja Andersen as example and yes all of you out there knowing about your network in relation to me.

When I started writing today at 12.00 again surpassing extreme disgust doing so – but it became better later – I was told that this is the final fight of Germany and yes our Kingdom you know, and I still feel and am shown darkness wanting to possess this, and this is what is still given to your sister in relation to you, and yes especially for writing your scripts so it takes MUCH love to overcome these feelings, which is also coming to your sister from your mother from you, and yes this is what was stronger than darkness.

While writing, I was shown the dark skeleton of Toruk Makto and how it is now being dismantled, and I was shown that it is made of wood, i.e. by God.

So we did not have to use that blood bench anyway, yes threatening him with the deaths of his mother, John and other close to him, no he did not want us to do this, and then there was only one way, and that was to bring you through sufferings yourself via this work you are now doing.

I was told that I have been going through a game all the way with darkness trying to catch and break me for example also in Danske Bank, Espergærde, in the middle of the 1980’s with Susan WRONGLY complaining about me – her own misunderstanding and inability to control her negative feelings – which completely took me by surprise and brought me to a meeting with Bent, the manager, and also report to the HR-deparment in Copenhagen, Bent (?), and I had Lars, a “crazy” manager at Danske Bank, Freeport, from 1987-88, and what did you tell the HR-department about me (?), and yes it was “not easy” to place me inside DanskeBank-Pension as “one of the career departments” of the Head Office, and yes because of people having given me a WRONG and negative impression with people at the HR-department knowing nothing about me, and yes the same story as when the central people of the Commune received WRONG stories about me from selfish people who could not control their negative feelings and misunderstandings about me and “forgot” to tell about their TRUE and very positive impressions of me, and yes darkness trying to kill me/us all of the time.

So we will never lose a pin or draw another comic strip anymore?

I was told about my father’s family, i.e. Kirsten’s family you know, and do you only talk about me (?) and then that Jeanette, Kirsten’s daughter, has recommended me to come for all of us to speak together, Jeanette (?), and I here feel Kirsten, so who is opposing this (?), and yes she is because “something not very nice information could come out”, and yes this is how darkness is hiding, and I am here given feelings about Niels de Bang, who was also afraid of the law case I put on him and Aon after he had thrown me out in 1997, and yes about just how ROTTEN he and the company was, and this is what darkness hates more than anything, so when Kim S was working behind my back to “save his own skin” by influencing my lawyer NOT to follow my wish to speak about the ROTTEN climate, which Niels brought on me, it was the worst darkness self working inside of Kim and the lawyer to make Niels go, and yes to continue bringing the world to its end before we could lift it up to our New World, you know.

I was told that if I had given up continuing my work, just maybe my father’s family would succeed to get a doctor “taking care of me”, but no, I will NEVER accept that, and yes, this is how CRAZY they are. And later that this would finally be the decision of my father to take, and when I keep on working as I do, I also influence him to decide “let us give Stig another chance” and yes to open his heart of goodness and love to me instead of letting the agenda of darkness win, and yes “just like that”, and that is because I do NOT like darkness, so therefore I will NOT accept the agenda of darkness, so there you have it.

I was told that “speed” is also of importance here, and we have kept back Gustav Thöni (terminations because of darkness coming, which is really about the content of the Source coming), and that is if you today finalise and publish your work on the scripts of yesterday and today. And this came together with the feeling of the pressure of darkness on me lifting, and yes I cannot tell you just how strongly this relief is, and yes it has been like being inside a submarine for years with darkness from the outside pressuring physically on me and trying to penetrate me with its worst speech and feelings and yes to get inside of me and control me, but no (!), and yes I also received new out of this world pain to my right ankle today, so there is still more being turned around.

The golden watch also sits wrongly on me!

I was told that it was not without importance that your mother became happy to hear about your perfect teeth and how “good” you are to brush them.

Is everything going to become good now (?), yes Stig, this is the end of the shipyard.

No, we have not yet opened space for you to see, but you will be surprised to see the cornucopia of gifts also approaching from here, and yes we are about having defeated this evil thing called “evilness of love”, which is really what it was.

So the bleeding is really about opening up to the inner inside of here, but no, he did not want that and yes the world/people are NOT to bleed if I can avoid it, which is what was my driving factor and that is if I could help it.

I was shown half of an incredible dark “creature” on its way up through a concrete floor, and this floor felt like a giant parabolic transmitter, which is about communication of the Source, but I was told that “this is too early yet”, but we are coming closer and closer to the surface, and yes only a few feet under, you know.

I was told about a part of the spirit of my mother coming home, and I saw her holding me as a baby just like my mother did when I was a baby, and saw how incredible happy she was to see me. Later I was told that this is my mother of our New World, who is now so close to me at the Source that she can do this.

Some days ago, I again had the feeling of having a “big lump” attached to my right ankle, which came together with the feeling of a risk of this exploding, I am here given the vision of a beautiful lady, but no “old nightmare” to me (!), and today, this feeling of the lump has almost gone, which is to say that the Source self is coming in without having to explode anything.

I was told about Mette’s son Christoffer that another part of the story is that we have kept him ready to take over from me in case I should have “lost it”.

I was shown the BIGGEST spring just below ground from where a man was sent out high above ground, and I was told that we are ready, and yes I really just have to do the last of my work.

By the way, MP Henrik Sass-Larsen was visiting the LO-school next to me, two days ago, and I really would have liked to go if I had been better to plan when seeing it the first time, but I first saw it again when it was too late, and I was just reminded of this, and yes to say that I had a visit by the worst darkness too, and yes Henrik, this is what you became in relation to me when you could not control your own dreams of power and nothing had to stand in your way?

We have now turned the buttons of ALL TV’s of our New World to the end – as far right as possible – meaning that we are ready with everything.

I was told that it was the Source, which I coughed up is it now 1-2 weeks ago (?), when I had pain of my throat a couple of hours afterwards and this is also to say that I could not visit the dentist before I did, and I was given the feeling of Michael Jackson given to me and told that he comes from inside the Source self, and yes this is how far he went when he was “terminated”.

When I was preparing to publish the script of today – despite of everything – I was shown and told what are you doing (?), well, I am only bringing back the bicycle to him, which I had stolen.

And finally at 21.20 I had done this work publishing the script, and no, I did not make everything, I still have more to do tomorrow, and no, I will not continue working now as my voice encourages me to do and that is because it would break me down, so tomorrow, I will continue, and no, not tonight.

The worst evil axis was of US/UK co-operating with outer people of other civilizations for world control

I was told about USA – the Al-Gebra part you know – and that it has been considering its “strategy” and concluded that there is only one way, and that is to “get out” and yes to leave darkness, so good choice my friends, what took you so long (?), and yes you would like me to answer the same question (?), and yes I was waiting on you, you see (?), and yes going both ways.

This means that your mother has entered the taxi so now we are only waiting on you.

I still received constant attacks from darkness wanting me to be negative, and it kept on becoming stronger during the evening, so I had to avoid this hundreds and possibly even thousands of times.

I was shown that we are bringing in a new dark and hidden sofa, which is the combination of USA and the UK working undercover to take over the world, and yes including cover ups of UFO’s and “all of the stories I have told you about” (chemtrails and much else). This is the outermost of the piano/the nails, which is the worst of the worst darkness.

I was shown first one previous colleague from the management of Acta in Norway, and they told about another, Jostein, being “the big star”, who has not crossed the goal line yet, and yes Acta had plenty of money and with a head office in Stavanger, Norway, together with the oil industry, they met in “secret network” (?), and yes who did you discusss (?), and was this Stig “destroying” it for you?

This is now the last darkness showing itself to you, which is related to the fact that you have not yet done your last work, and it is us, which is authorized to hurt you and yes from this darkness, but no, he says, also to us, you are WRONG, I only want you to do good and wait on your turn to enter as light. So with the entrance of this darkness, the corresponding darkness of reality – of the US and UK – also gives up, chickens (!), and I felt my father and was told that they are all fed from me, and this is because of my physical fathers wrong treatment of me, which is really all of my life.

I was told about the Top Gear host Jeremy Clarksom that he is NOT allowed by the BBC to speak/write about THE STIG, and I was told that he has seen the TRUE Stig, me, in dreams.

I received the voice of this darkness saying with a drunk voice that “it is me binding everything together”.

I watched the Norwegian final of their part of the Eurovision Song Contest and I agreed that it was the right song winning, which was “obvious”, and when the winner was interviewed, and outbursted “åh Gud” (“oh God”), I felt the spirit of my mother speaking through her, and this was to bring you her message, which is the title of the winning song: “I feed you my love”.

I received a “beam” from outside my window leading to one of my teeth bringing a cold feeling to it, which was an attack of this darkness to destruct me and the Source inside my teeth.

I was told that there is also coldness of SAGA inside this darkness, which is why there were SAGA songs lacking at Grooveshark, and yes “cold feelings to me” they have this band.

I was told that there is no one having heard you at Olympia in Greece, is there (?), which I understand there is.

I was told and felt that life inside this the most dense darkness of all is still coming in through my ankles, so they are still working.

Again, I received a beam from outside – from the spaceship of outer people of other civilizations – and this time, it made a piece of my upper jaw vibrate, which was a new attack on me and the Source, and this could potentially make me nervous, because would this continue and also become even stronger than this, and it gave me some nervousness for the next hour or so, but I decided to ignore it not believing that this is anything else than a play, which was now starting to become one of the strongest of all games I have gone through, and these games are so strong that they feel very real you know.

I was told that the thought is that this darkness will follow the official world reaching its goals, but when the official world has given up, it has to do the same too.

I was told that a license to kill me was given by this man, who is now wearing the absolutely smallest shoes knowing that I am for real (!), and I was given the feeling of Al Pacino, which was to say that this is Mafia darkness, which wanted my head on a plate, and once again the motive was greed, power and sex of a few people, and “nothing will stand in my way”, and this was the feeling of the leader of this, and who is this (?), and it led to the feeling of Jens Rohde – seems as if there is a mix of “interests” of the secret government of USA/UK and the planned Totalitarian World Government – and do you still play the game, Jens (?) and were you ambitions strong enough to allowing me to be killed?

I felt blood inside of me coming up through my throat, and I was told that this is part of the Source, which was lost to overcome this darkness, and it came with STRONG conviction, but no, not strong enough to convince me because the Source is and was 100% protected from darkness and the Doomsday weapon to explode it before it would enter the Source, so you are NOT going to play this game with me, and we know it took much to go against this because of the strength of it, but this was what I believed in and decided to do.

I felt extremely concentrated darkness, which also is given to me as some strong physical pain given me here and there on my body also potentially giving me nervousness, but it is “only a game”, which I know that darkness is, so this is what I continued telling myself, and also the last days to “enjoy the pain, enter it, let it be welcome”, and yes, it is really easier to play this way doing the opposite of what it wants me to do, which is to say “you are not welcome”, but you do know that by now, and yes also those clowns over in the USA and yes also you cowards in UK having run away from your posts, but don’t you worry about a thing, you will ALL face the world telling in detail about what you did including how you wanted to terminate me, and eeehhh you really did not believe in me for a very long time (?), and yes DEAF is what you are, and yes the worst darkness you know, just like my father and mother too for that matter, and yes my father was the powder feeding you, and my mother the Molotov cocktail bringing you “life”.

I felt a strong pressure now late in the evening to write this down, but I decided that I will not, I was too exhausted even though I could have done it, and I felt how this pressure coming from outer people of other civilizations on me physically moved over to my heart, head and above it – and I understood that this pressure has been on me for a long time – and these people of other civilizations co-operate with man, and my defence against you was to say “give me the best you got, you have NO chance”, and no you did not as long as I was the strongest in our mind game not giving in to voice of darkness, and I was here told that when I did not give in to darkness wanting me to watch porn, this darkness can also only decide to give up, and I was shown people coming forward to me and heard “what are you doing” and was told “laying our weapons down”.

I was told from this darkness (of my father) that it is also I being responsible of the terrible sufferings of Poland during World War II, which were also needed to bring survival and the creation of our New World.

I kept on receiving STRONG darkness attacking me from outside from these outer people of other civilizations and it included a STRONG desire to shoot back darkness at it, but when I decided not to do this because it is WRONG to do, they were not able to shoot me down (!), so I was my own code stronger than all of you.

This is the best preserved secret of the Universe and yes the US/UK strategy to co-operate with these people of other civilizations including the termination of me. And I was told that there are only a couple of hundred incarnated leaders knowing about this, and they were waiting on the news of having killed you, but it never came.

I felt how this darkness is on its way to lift my arm in victory, but not yet, first we will play this game.

I was shown David Bowie of the 1970’s on a ship entering me with David Bowie still being the symbol of God, and I was given the song “Panic in Detroit”, which is about these people being in panic, and yes it is spreading to the automotive industry in Detroit, and yes Ford & Co., how do do you do (?), and do you want to kill me too to disturb your evil plans (?), and yes world control was your goal.

I have been told that Hørsholm Commune, where I started receiving cash help shortly before moving to Lyngby in 2009, is also “following me”, and yes darkness of these communes united.

I was told that we were only at a trial overtaking the world, which is about this US/UK darkness, and also that I considered this to be the most dangerous to the world. There is not only a need of paint of this darkness, which is completely black. We paid them (with energy) to let the colour TV of the world stop working.

I was again given the worst sexual torture, and was told that inside of this is where our new diamond for you is hidden, and yes you decided to go to the absolute top, which is a feeling you have always had inside of you (in my professional career too), and this is where you are, and I was shown Michael Jackson smiling sitting here at the very end of everything about to come out too, and also told that this was his true task after he was killed/sacrificed in 2009.

Will you order an extra room (?), we will be three and not only two, and this is what we meant.

I tried to go to bed at 01.00 to see if I could sleep, but I thought that it would be impossible because of this darkness, and yes it was, so after 35 minutes of torture lying there, I stood up again, and I was thinking about watching TV until the morning, where I would try to sleep again, but then I was encouraged to write this chapter too, and yes, I was too exhausted, but knew that I could do it if only I pulled myself together, so this is what I decided to so, and it is now 03.00 when I am ending this chapter.

I was told about Dueodde on Bornholm and now we shall see if we too – this darknss – can let him, i.e. me, pass and it was with the feeling that it will probably work out.

When I tried to sleep, this darkness brought me a STRONG game giving me a desire to bring out my “old nightmare” as a trick being done to myself, but no, I refused it half sleeping, and I was told that it knows that a fish of me is also coming out from this darkness, but still it fights me, and when I was shown an almost invisible glass dinner table being brought out, I was shown how this darkness of my actor threw himself on the table screaming that he did not want it to leave.

I was told that what I am doing to this US/UK evil axis is corresponding to entering a US base in Germany and when being inside of it, to make them a laughing stock to the world, and no, you don’t like to be “embarrassed” my gentlemen (?), and I know, you are NOT gentlemen, you are the worst there is, but probably with a nice looking surface, and yes for example looking like Mads Fuglede, which is “almost human”, but CRAZY of course.

I was told that this started with the Comet airliner, which is the dreams of world superiority.

And it is not like the Russians, who just wanted to eliminate you without the use of UFO’s, and yes “who will do it” (?), and did you send people my way (?), and what happened (?), and yes looking forward to hearing ALL THE DETAILS about this too, da da da, and yes almost like a TRIO you know.

I was told that ”I have not skipped for the last time”, and I felt Cassius Clay, and was told that what I am doing here, is also helping him, and yes I do hope that you will make it all the way through, champ.

You don’t become rich and a judge by this (?), no, it is sadly he who is killing us, and yes also with this update to his script here at 03.15.

Google Earth shows me in control over the four-divided world and turning the Source around bringing snow over the Big Apple

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show the four-divided world being told by me what to do, 1-2-3 of the Trinity, much sufferings over Greenland/me/us, Biiiig lumps of life, my scripts, a big one with curly/flower-ears, turning the globe/the Source around, and incredible amount of light turning the Source around bringing snow/sufferings over the Big Apple of New York/USA and I.

FB 090213 Jette 1

FB 090213 Jette 2

FB 090213 Jette 3

FB 090213 Jette 4

FB 090213 Jette 5

FB 090213 Jette 6

FB 090213 Jette 7

FB 090213 Jette 8

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • This is a “funny” sequence of what led to “the scream” (of the world going under), but nevertheless it was the truth with wrong sexual behaviour leading to the end.

FB 090213 Tommy

  • New York and five US states received heavy snow and “emergency”, which is really about sufferings to bring out everything inside of the Big Apple you know.

NYT 090213

  • Jan is bringing this add offering to come as his character Mogens to take photographs of dinner guests – and bring funny/”insulting” comments at the same time – and yes yes yes, Jes said that “Jeg kan ikke åbn’ den” (“I cannot opn’ it”) as he says in one of his famous/humorous dialogues, which is really about our difficulties to open for the Source, but we know the (mainstream) world never discovered this, so you are FREE to go and photograph all people, Jan, at our dinner bringing everyone inside the New World of the Source :-).

FB 090213 Jan

  • Henrik was laughing about Jim, who LOVES the scene of Teacher Andersen dying in Matador, and Jim even thinks it one of the most beautiful in Danish film, only surpassed from the Olsen Gang breaking in at the Royal Theatre, and this was really another sign of the end of the worst darkness receiving “free dinners”, i.e. stealing life and energy from creation. And I am sad to see just how much simplified hate/negativity pouring out of some of these people not at all agreeing or recognising Matador for anything other than being “amateur theatre”, I am sad that they don’t understand quality, which is really a chapter in itself, but Henrik said that Matator is full of “grains of gold” and indeed it is.

FB 090213 Henrik

  • Niklas liked this video of a young lady opening a package, which terrifies her, and the video does not work properly on my screen, but is it lizards coming out from the package (?), and to me this was to say that Niklas’ fear of me and immense selfishness is bringing me what these lizards symbolise, which is the worst sexual torments by darkness. By the way, he is first leaving for Australia in four days from now.

FB 090213 Niklas


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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