February 11, 2013: We are setting up our New World inside the Source, which will crystallize into the most beautiful Paradise


Summary of the script today

10th February: We are setting up our New World inside the Source, which will crystallize into the most beautiful Paradise

  • Dreaming of creation of the Trinity with darkness not stopping me, I have unfiltered almost all darkness by now, I have emptied many bottles of darkness and now seek a little more energy to continue working.
  • I am bringing the New World without anything burned down and am entering even more dense darkness, which is now becoming more and more white on my way into God self inside the Source. When you continue doing this work, suddenly you will have me – the one inside the white, i.e. my father/God – without any red, and at the very end, I will receive the diamond of our New World inside the Source. We are setting up our new home, which will crystallize into the most beautiful Paradise, where everyone can see the beautiful hills/bump and what they contain just by looking inside of here, and yes remember how the most beautiful crystals look inside a mountain cave (?), and you ain’t seen nothing yet!
  • The one being in State Prison is/was God waiting voluntarily for you to come and release me with the world around me as my invention as well as prison meaning that I cannot move, but when you are returning as “nothing” – but still everything of physical matter – there will be free lane, which will release me and start the magic.
  • I was shown in visions and told that my ignorant and misunderstanding father and Kirsten’s family want to hospitalise me, which would also stop my writings, which is why my Microsoft Word suddenly “decided” not to work, but I am no afraid, come and get me if you dare!
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group – still only a selection here – show a big champion, waiting for the gathering, a witch of darkness, the ever going washing machine, integration of souls become clearer, look up (working for darkness not to fall down on the sky), life of clouds everywhere.

11th February: I ask the world to STOP PRODUCTION OF OIL and to START USING FREE ENERGY – NOW!

  • Dreaming of a rotten alliance of media, politicians and (previous) US Presidents, I am still moving into darkness even though I don’t like it, and darkness still wants to overtake, but I will not allow it, but it scored a goal?
  • We are bringing out beach furniture from the Source, which is what brings me my sufferings, and we are now cleaning up all of this very heavy mess after having turned around “the doubler” of God self.
  • The spirit of my mother has held the taxi of my new self back as long as she could using all power to be found to help me continue my journey to bring out the very last flower seeds of the Source. I was only able to penetrate the rock blocking the narrow entrance to the Source because of immense love of my mother.
  • The Source is now entering me and the singer Annisette from Savage Rose was used as a key to help transferring the Source to our New World.
  • The so called business star, Soulaima, is in Dubai surrounded by money, power and desire, and could/would not listen to Meriam telling her about the true dictatorship of the King and his family owning the whole country of United Arab Emirates, and I told her to LISTEN and UNDERSTAND others than herself, and understand the TRUE content of the abundance surrounding her instead of being attracted to it without questioning it, and I asked her to bring my regards to the King and followers of this country, which is a message to all oil producing nations of not only Arabia but the world, and that is to completely STOP productions of all oil and to start using FREE ENERGY as man has had access to for decades, and I do mean to do this NOW! All pollution of man has to stop, and this is a main part of it. This also became a lesson when Soulaima showed herself as a uncritical dictator not allowing me to tell her the truth when she decided to remove my freedom of speech, and also declare that she has no intentions to read me, which is what “stupid people” who cannot understand and control their negative emotions do, and these are sadly also negative role models of the world of today.
  • Short stories of the finding of King Richard III as a symbol of finding me as the new King, darkness of the Conservative/Waterfront/DSB also helped to bring forward the taxi bringing me, wishing the resigning Pope Benedict well and showing the wrong side of him too, Mads and others ridiculing the Pope and Prince Henrik, my sister and her husband is burning off money in “the worst darkness of Hell”, and Lars Barfoed is pulling down darkness of the Conservative Party.


10th February: We are setting up our New World inside the Source, which will crystallize into the most beautiful Paradise

Dreaming of creation of the Trinity with darkness not stopping me and I have unfiltered almost all darkness by now

I was told that this darkness of the US/UK alliance was bringing the world to war in space, and there was no one who could stop it but me, and now you saw how I did it, and yes a “mind game” it was, and I received many smiles.

I was told that if I did not do this work, it would be released as darkness to the world with the feeling of a nuclear plant blowing up.

It was not only Michael Hardinger and Michael Bundesen creating the road for me, but they did much of it.

I was shown a very fast train and my own dark inner self being the driver of it and we had to bring the world to the very end as you understand in order to make it through, so this is how it is, and yes let us put all plans of “war in space” away, don’t you think?

I stayed up until 04.30 when I went to bed again, and the speech and visions continued, but even though I would have liked to write down the information, it was less important and I was on my most extreme edge not being able to stand receiving anything more without throwing up, and even though I received difficulties to sleep, I felt asleep and at 08.50 I was woken up with the feeling “stand up”, but I went to bed again because of extreme dizziness and slept until 11.35 still feeling absolutely terrible when standing up, and now it is 14.10, and I better get started on the script of today, and let us see if I have strength also to write the chapter on X-factor from the other day, we will see, and yes I will do this first and will follow up on Marion later, and consider whether or not I will write her this late, and by the way, she accepted my friend invitation today, so I just had to be patient really waiting for her taking longer than most people.

  • Jacob Haugaard has three wine brands, one carries his name and two the name of John H. (the director of the Union Frie Funktionær, and my old business contact), and I am setting up something without receiving any trouble, John H. is happy.
    • Jacob is a Danish comedian/artist etc. and is about “happiness”, and the wine is the creation of the Trinity, which is done using darkness as building stones, and unions is darkness.

  • I am in a house with Sanna, where our now VERY old dogs, Cas and Don also are, but I have not seen Don the last day making me nervous of where he is, and if I have lost him, but I see that Sanna is almost ready brushing them and clearing out their very filtered fur, and she has gone through all of it with now almost nothing lacking, and I hear the dogs speak about Sanna and I, and about a poster from year 1899, which is approx. 20 years ago.
    • The dogs symbolise all life, I loved them more than anything (1975-88), and Sanna is darkness, which we have now almost completely unfiltered/released.
  • It is Sunday and I am bringing many empty bottles to Irma at the Hørsholm Shopping Centre, and even though the store is closed, it is still open or at least there is an employee standing outside with a storage of bottles, and he also has access to the store, and I ask him if I can return my bottles and receive deposit, but don’t get an answer. Inside the store, I see that the manager has created what to me looks like beautifully made and decorated chocolate cakes, but someone asks him very clearly to improve on this, and talks about poor organisation/structure of the store making it in-efficient.
    • Hørsholm is darkness, and Irma is a luxury supermarket for the rich, thus even more darkness (when the world is starving that is) – this is where I shopped myself before 2009 (!) – and I am bringing in bottle empties from darkness, and now ask darkness to receive more energy, and I criticise their chocolate, i.e. selfishness and also poor work and organisation/efficiency, and yes let everyone be his own manager and show his full potential!
  • I also remember dreaming of plenty of fresh potatoes, but not the content of the dream, but this is to say that I do have my feet on the ground.

We are setting up our New World inside the Source, which will crystallize into the most beautiful Paradise

I was told that you are not a Nile fish alone, we are all three, but first now.

We cannot change colour now, but it does not matter everything is exactly where I want it in the kitchen as the spirit of my mother said.

We came out of this without being put to jail by your father.

The first hour or so, remaining darkness spoke constantly about threats difficult to hear but it led to “everything is white in here”, so I succeeded to get in behind all of this too.

This is the end of “the pole”, it was not hung up anywhere, it did not exist, it was just our invention.

So I am not going to national matches anymore (?), which were the kind of messages I also received this morning from darkness, which was now not as incredible bellicose as yesterday evening and in the night.

Where do you sign to get out of here in triumph? Where is the lunch outside in the green you say?

I was given the feeling of Karen, and was told that this is what we would throw against himself, and that was the worst darkness you know, but I do believe that this is wrong, because it is the world of my mother, which would suffer if I did not take this darkness, but just maybe I would suffer too, and yes never figured that out precisely.

I was told “yes, you are allowed to attack him”, and felt how this came from people of other civilizations, and this order to kill me was given by man (!), this is the darkness you sent me, and yes you believed it was necessary to get rid of me; and will you tell me again why this really was (?), and eeehhh because you had NOT done your homework properly discovering that I am not a nutcase but the real thing (?), and because of this, I had to do your home work and yes to teach you where to put the closet, so there you have this too, and yes given up, they could no more, and no they also did not like Jette’s Google Earth pictures and your comments, which were an “unbeatable cocktail”; so when Jette decided to feel “insulted” for months refusing to work to help mankind (!), it was because she was infected by this darkness, and first when I was on top of the situation, she received strength to resume work.

So it would first be at the very end when we had everything that we could re-collect everything, which had burned, but now we are here at this very end, and yes let us see what is burned (?), and do you have the record (?), and yes a new all time record bringing 100% here at the end NOT accepting anything to burn.

We have the smallest gas handles inside here, we are really nothing, but this is where we think the big thoughts about life and future etc.

We can even do high leg lifts here, which is about the Ministry of silly walks of Monty Python, which of course is their most classic and VERY funny, and yes SILLY is what these people at ministries all over the world is trying to take over control and freedom from man.

And here suddenly my Microsoft Word started behaving “completely crazy” with nothing working according to what I entered on the keyboard, which opened completely other commands, and it did not help closing down and opening Word, I had to close down and open the computer to make it work again, and this is about “threats to make me stop writing” and yes of people NOT liking my writings, and I was shown the surroundings of the mental hospital of Hillerød, and again I was told about my father and Kirsten’s family wanting me to “serve time” (!), but no, you are NOT going to get your will, and yes the absolutely worst darkness is what is coming to me via my family this way, and yes corresponding the absolutely worst darkness of the world via the Totalitarian World Government and the US/UK axis on war in space etc., but still I am here shown different members of Monty Python and also the taste of smoked salmon, so this is only a game, but it is now starting to become stronger again receiving physical pain here and there, and I was given a sound to the kitchen of God and shown even deeper and more concentrated darkness and told that this is why I told the official world to look deeper into the x-rays of my teeth, and give you a clue about what you are searching for, and yes to open for this darkness, so this is about whether or not he can go through this without receiving a salt-water injection, and yes the alternative is still my “old nightmare” and explosion, but no, you will NEVER get my direct approval on this.

This is also about people who “cannot” and will not look into the mirror believing that the messenger speaking out the truth directly is crazy, and yes I am sad to see just how simple minded and stupid my father’s family is without having an eye open for the big picture, and yes then there is Inge caught at their darkness as the only one of my family really still following me, so thank you for still checking up on me, Inge, even though you have difficulties to follow at the moment as I see.

What is the room behind the bathroom called (?), it is not called anything, it is not there. And this is how we could continue, but we do believe you need a break now, don’t you, and yes I do, but let us continue work doing me best under the circumstances.

This is the last room, and it was blocked by concrete, or the big stone/rock, and this stone is lack of faith and/or wrong behaviour of people in relation to me, but when you want to get in, this is what we do, so with more faith of the world, we did it.

Now we are not going to wait long on the heart doctor, which eehhh Stig is your self, yes the new part of you

I was told that we are still looking in through the window, thus also the picture of Jette the other day, and this is life inside of darkness on the other side, which is coming through the window and the question is if we can do it without breaking the glass, which is my aim and really because it will probably not be a very beautiful view on the sky feeling as if it will fall down is what I am thinking.

I am so tired and disgusted of continuing to meet darkness and that it seems never to end, and still the only answer I get is the offer of beautiful ladies as the front to carry out my “old nightmare”, and yes receiving even more disgust on top of what is already way above my edge, and what do you do then when you cannot no more (?), and yes you continue because there is no alternative, and this is how it has been for years ….

By 16.15 I had completed most of the script of today, but was so affected by the last days of hard work that I was considering whether or not to start the work on my chapter on X-factor of the other day, and yes it will take hours to do doing it right, and alternatively I can do it somewhat shorter (?) and I feel Thomas Blachman and “come on now, Stig”, and yes yes yes, can I (?), and that his the question …..

When I decided to start the work – we will see how much I can do – I was told that we are still in the back room, but different furniture/realities of it, so bring on the next layer of darkness, and yes I wonder what can be worst than what I have already seen, if any. Eeehh Stig, this darkness is “more white”, and yes whiter that ever.

Eeeehhh Dragholm, it is really not a bleeding I will do to open up inside of here, and yes bleeding is the language of darkness, but we are really light, so what is the opposite of bleeding and that is to receive light, and this is what is melting together here.

And I was given now a very low noise to my kitchen and was told that “this almost does not exist”, and yes darkness is turning into light inside of here, and that is the presence of God, so we are really entering a place where there is no longer a “pole” but only a presence of being, isn’t this how we are, and yes Stig, welcome home to nothing, and no you have not discovered us yet, cannot really see us, feel darkness/cannot see, and this is really how it is, there is apparently nothing inside of here, and that is until you will switch on the light of what you bring, i.e. the New World, and then the idea is that this will crystallize into the most beautiful Paradise, where everyone can see the beautiful hills/bump and what they contain, and just by looking inside of here, and yes remember how the most beautiful crystals look inside a mountain cave (?), and yes you ain’t seen nothing yet.

So you are dragging in the New World and setting it up to start seeing this spectacle of a show, and no, we do believe that we can promise you that Heaven will not fall down – other than a few stones here and there if you should give in now.

And now when you are working on X-factor you might like to write what we told you, which is that Anne Linnet “could not” keep quiet but decided to tell her two young contestants Anna and Lusanda about my presence, and that I am also watching, but of course you are welcome to tell anyone, and should anyone say that you are not, they are darkness trying to block your freedom of speech, and is this also what my father and Kirsten’s family intends to use “against” me by telling doctors that “we don’t like what he writes about us” and yes “can’t you stop him” (?), and no, there is absolutely nothing you can do, I have shown the system that you cannot and that is even though everyone wanted to stop me, and this is really part of going in through the most narrow entrance of all, but this is what we did.

So that phone will not keep ringing, Stig, and yes the phone, which has bothered me immensely the last couple of days stressing me with much work and constant negativity, but we are using it to set up our future selves inside of the Source, so this is how it is, and by the way, Turkey is not really with me yet, which is also the impact of Søren D.N. not being with me, but what does that matter when we do it anyway and that is despite of the sufferings you bring me when doing this work.

This also means that the threats of darkness is really only that, because should you give in, this is not really darkness, but light, which will not carry out this, but in order to bring fuel, this is what we do.

So I am really just “a soft sofa made of brown leather”, and this leather is coming from a cow, so this is what I am, and that is God/Buddha and yes behind all of this darkness as the façade/building stones you had to cross to meet me inside of here.

And now it is about bringing your mother to the Central Station and to send someone to pick her up, and this is what we are now preparing, the arrival of the New World inside the Source, and this is what will not becoming boring.

We have not yet found into your shoal of fish, but we have found you, and this is the spirits of my mother and father speaking, and this is meaning that just underneath is where I save all of me, which you know is “everything”.

I was told that my mother believes that I am not crazy – we see each other regularly, so she knows – but my father and Kirsten’s family is now going through “their first shock”, which is what comes with much power to people in the beginning, and when they don’t see me and cannot and will not understand, this is how it turns out.

Your message of going deeper into my teeth has not been passed out to the most distance parts of the world, “but we are getting there”, and yes your mother just wanted to hear that your teeth was fine, and the world just wanted to see the Source, so there you have it, do you have other “concerns” you would like to address or is this good enough for all of you (?), and yes we are getting there, Stig.

Finally at 19.30 I had finished the chapter on X-factor in to my script of the 8th February, and yes I did it close to “perfect” and that is to my best, and now I will stop working for today, but have some dinner and watch TV, where I will probably get more information to write down, which I will do tomorrow if I will be allowed to sleep tonight.

I still receive darkness/sufferings and was told that this will continue until I will get all the way into this US/UK alliance making them understand that I have come to dissolve you, and this is really also what I am doing now, which is to get all the way through into the Source.

This is also about dismantling and throwing away incredible expensive equipment of billions of dollars (?), and no, you don’t just do that, do you (?), and yes if you don’t want the world to see your small “play things”, this is what you decide to do, and I am here told that I can recreate them to show to the world, but Stig says that he does not want to see NEGATIVE inventions, but to fully document what once was, so this is what we will do, and yes some good movies of the flying saucers of yours?

I was told that self-centred behaviour of India is also part of the road through this darkness.

We are now digging through to reach even more white layers, and I was shown the finest burgundy wine, which also could be Bordeaux or another fine wine, used as a baking-roll for pizza dough, and I saw it doing the outer areas of the dough moving to the centre, and I was told that every single layer has been made with the same quality, i.e. “perfect”, because of my work, and if I had not, we would have to live with this missing quality here and there forever and ever.

Here is everything, which had not returned as nothing, but in its new shape, which is why we not yet switch off the socket yet, and I was given the clear sound of the switch of a socket, and this is about keeping up the system of the Old World to complete this.

Your father is a previous prisoner on his way to receive you.

The TV-show “remember the tooth brush” was in reality a positive symbol.

When you continue doing this work, suddenly you will have me – the one inside the white, i.e. my father/God – without any red.

It may be tough to go through this tour, and yes with your mother in the process of believing, and can you become a believer reading my Facebook posts as she does now (?), and yes you can.

So it is me inside here, who wanted to kill you – as part of the game – and now you come to me saying that we are ONE, yes, this is how it is, and without me you would not be able to do magic.

I was given a sound from the cabinet of my TV, and was shown the vision of an incredible small box around this sound, which was to say that “the Old World” is now incredible small and not big enough to swallow anything of you, which I believe is about possible terminations.

The one being in State Prison is/was God waiting voluntarily for you to come and release me with the world around me as my invention as well as prison meaning that I cannot move, but when you are returning as “nothing” – but still everything of physical matter – there will be free lane, which will release me and start the magic.

It has been like constantly pouring milk on the strawberry, with the strawberry being God and milk darkness of the world bringing God self pain.

I was shown and told that it is still my (giant) library you are getting out, and when told this, I was given a huge pain to my right foot, and these days I am now and again given very strong physical pain here and there on my body because of extreme dense darkness here.

If your father had died, you would not be granted access to here, or this is what we would have said, and in practise there should have been no way leading in here without an explosion creating a road.

When I come out, i.e. God, it corresponds to becoming married with everyone, i.e. everyone will receive me as God (for the first time).

We also drove through a big part of me through the Jægerspris summer camp – because of the story I brought on them previously (my was it 7 years in a row summer camps there as a body/teenager) – which is because of their faith, and again I felt darkness and received strong physical pain.

I still receive speech with a low voice and one of these was about China, where it was said that a world war was too big a challenge, but you thought that a financial take over of the world is possible (?), so still it is about rulers/dictators, who cant get enough.

And at the very end, you will receive the diamond, and yes first we have more of the piano to bring down, and then it will be time to close down this house of the Old World, which was called for an “experiment”:

Surely I will not become hysterically happy and also proud over what you have created for me, which you bring here, Stig, and yes my children, and this was exactly the feeling given to me by God when he said this; who is looking forward to this with GREAT excitement.

I was shown a cross with Jesus hanging on it, and God said that this will be here that I can bring down this too and let you become part of me as originally planned.

I was told about the Danish Crown Prince Frederik that he has been wakening up from dreams of “total destruction”, which is not very nice, Pingo?

I was shown the diamond inside the trunk of ONE car only, which is to say that God is “one hill” only, who has created everything.

For periods this evening, the MOST incredible pressure ever given to me was lifted, and yes you cannot read it maybe, but this pressure on me, physical including pain, work etc., was the greatest of all.

I was shown a snow landscape of darkness and a TALL snail house, which I have entered, and this is the house of God as I am now moving up in, inside of it.

God showed me himself surrounded with newspapers meaning that we are still releasing terminated life going through this, and I was told that this darkness also includes secrecy of the British royalties, so what about SPEAK OUT THE TRUTH, Charles & Co. (?), and yes, you are also welcome to come back to Helsingør on a bright and sunny day this time to get the best view, and also a cup of coffee here if you would like to visit me?

I was shown long dinner tables in a sport hall about to be laid and the floor of our New World being pulled in at the same time, and if only your (physical) father could see you.

I was tired during the evening and received several small heart attacks, and the old trick about which view do I have, as the Source or the New World (?) and what am I to say to the Source now being the view of what I enter in front of me and not the inner of me, and yes trust me, darkness can use this to perfection to torment me – making me unsure – but no, I don’t care, we will become one, so go ahead and do your best torment!

Google Earth shows that we are waiting for the gathering

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group – still only a selection here – show a big champion, waiting for the gathering, a witch of darkness, the ever going washing machine, integration of souls become clearer, look up (working for darkness not to fall down on the sky), life of clouds everywhere.

FB 100213 Jette 1

FB 100213 Jette 2

FB 100213 Jette 3

FB 100213 Jette 4

FB 100213 Jette 5

FB 100213 Jette 6

FB 100213 Jette 7

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • My comment the other day in Kenneth’s thread about the selfishness of Niclas was “too much” for Jimmy, so now this “very nice man” has decided to remove me as a Facebook friend too (!), and yes, you truly do NOT like me to tell the truth and “cannot” understand when you don’t want to, and yes Niclas still has the key of me remembering that I was in control over his spiritual voices sending him darkness because he is a “good hearted fool, who cannot get enough of darkness disguised as light”, so with his “stupidity”, I have all of this old meditation group against me, and yes quite amazing that they “could not” recognise and understand me because of their own selfishness and deafness, right (?), and yes, Jimmy saw my Facebook postings for more than one year, but “completely deaf” is what he was, and yes because of his “fragile feelings” taking nothing to “shake” him and his “world view”.

FB 100213 MINUS Jimmy


11th February: I ask the world to STOP PRODUCTION OF OIL and to START USING FREE ENERGY – NOW!

Dreaming of still moving into darkness even though I don’t like it

I went to bed at 00.30 and was allowed to sleep and even though I still don’t sleep well, it was much better than the last days, and I woke at 08.10 after having receiving these dreams.

  • On a long path in California, I see media and politicians ruling and laughing because of their richness, and I feel a President, and am told to follow them and at the end you will see how a rotten airplane lands.
    • This will have to be before President Obama, and I have been feeling the previous President Bush Sr., so maybe you can tell me about this rotten system you were at the top of?
  • Half awake I was told that “the film of Aristotle Onassis started it all”.
  • I have decided to move to Brøndby – it feels like Brønshøj – and I think that it would really have been better to move into a very nice apartment at Østerbro, Copenhagen, where a lady has moved out because she could not afford to pay the rent, and this apartment in Brøndby is even more expensive, and I see that Sanna has negotiated this for me and I read her notes on a piece of paper saying that Stig has good skills, and how she said something like “if I was you, I would do like this and that”, and that is to secure me this new apartment, but then I also see that I don’t need to move from Helsingør, because there is no ending to my lease. My mother is in the dream too saying that she has not worked in Brøndby.
    • This is about moving even deeper into darkness, which is not nice, but has to be done, and it still requires energy to do?
  • I am working with Kim S. and a few others, it has just been Christmas, and Kim is on his way home here early in the afternoon, and I think that I would also like to leave early, but I am working on four Conservative candidates, I have had meetings with in relation to a new position, I was sick the other day, but feel better now, I have checked the Conservative database over each candidate to read about their view on the European Union, and I see Lars Barfoed and other Conservative, and they tell me that the database does not necessarily cover the individual views of each candidate. Two of my administrative colleagues at the office want to take over from me and call in one of the four candidates for a new meeting, which is not the candidate I have decided for, and I see this as poor behaviour interfering, and I decided that what I have started, I will also finish, and they are welcome to take on the next similar task. I see football in South America including a Danish team, who looks like professionals, but really are “half fat amateurs”, and one of them scores, and I see that they are sponsored by Danske Bank having their name on the jerseys.
    • We are on our way to New Year here, and the four candidates will have to be the previously four-divided world, and Conservative and EU are “darkness” still wanting to take over from me, but I will not allow it. Danske Bank scoring a goal is about darkness scoring, which I do NOT like, but maybe as a result of not giving what it takes to avoid it, but still I am sure that everything will turn out fine.

The spirit of my mother has held the taxi of my new self back as long as she could using all power to be found

We need air change much.

We have not broken through at the Panum Institute (?), what happens there (?), tests with people?

We have much mess on the ceiling and only little time to sort it out, I wonder how we are going to make it.

That hammock is not bent is it (?), which it is, there has to be a picture on that too? And HUGE and HEAVY it is, and on its way in.

And beach chairs have not been clapped together, which is what makes us freeze, yes all of these tools are here, and of course they are the opposite when turned around, but who cares about that and yes about how I am doing (?), and is the truth that many would like me to feel better, and I feel Berlusconi here, and yes I am sure that he has many good qualities too, but I cannot tell you more of this because I don’t know the man, but he feels that he knows me too, is that it?

You cannot get all your behind to the cinema, is that it (?), and yes Stig does not care, we will not start the cinema before this has been achieved.

You cannot have guests like that (!), and yes it is us trying to sort out all of these beach chairs, you don’t have to get involved, Stig, and I feel my sister, and this is also a feeling of darkness, which is people who don’t like other people to “interfere” in their work, and in our New World you will be OPEN and not closed to people (there is difference between listening interested to the work of others and offer your services than a desire to want to take over from you).

I was told that you don’t get in here without my father, mother or I being dead, and “has he done all that”, i.e. me, so it means that we really “only” have to clean up now. And we have done this using the old “telephone line”.

This is why your behind hurt that day cycling home almost 50 kilometres from Preben, to open to all of this.

There is no aeroplane competition anymore, this means that we will bring everything.

Sometimes I am still giving feelings of my physical mother inside of me when walking, and I feel how she walks with some trouble.

I continue receiving the worst small heart attacks making me somewhat afraid, and I am told that it is still because of my father, and yes I wish that he would not be as simple minded and closed/deaf as he is.

And this is really about killing you, and I see a dark blanket being pulled over me as if I was dead, and yes because of my father!!! And this is why I still receive the “kill kill” voice!

I was given a feeling of what I believe was ancient Greece, and I saw eaten apples, and then a landscape of hills, so now you have looked inside the Source too.

My mother was kind to bring me money to renew my monthly card with the swimming hall – I can only hope that I will be strong enough to continue going there and in the best case to increase my number of visits – and when looking at me, she said with a smile that my stomach is becoming less, and if this is the case, it is NOT because I exercise more and eat less fat, but because this is what my spiritual friends helps doing, and yes as part of the game going the right way home with this being important to my mother.

I was told that doing the work on the next chapter that this is also about winning 6-0 and not 5-1 (!) over darkness, and yes still!!!

No, he has not yet been all the way up at the top delivering his final exam, but with the feeling that we have received it at the bottom of the house of God, so we are still “moving on up” (love this band too). Do you have any ides of just how many cigarettes of darkness it takes for one man do to what you just did/are doing?

We could have thrown “salt-bombs” (liquorice from Haribo) against you, Stig, but now we will only throw one, and again this is about only receiving a little darkness of all potential darkness inside of this place (together with “salt of everything”), and that is because when I work fast and publish this, people will understand and this will remove the last of these salt-bombs from ever being thrown.

No, no one can hang up your picture at the most dense darkness of these Arab oil States, so I better do it myself, and yes this is the purpose of the work today.

I was told that you are now turning not 5-DKK coins anymore, but 10-DKK and that is because you are turning around “the doubler” of God himself, and yes the one returning what you bring, and yes in our New World it will ONLY BE LIGHT, you know.

I was told about how my old class teacher Vera, who is reading my posts on Facebook, is spreading the rumour of me around my old school and surroundings in Espergærde (south of Helsingør).

We have now almost moved the bed also meaning that you will soon no longer receive sexual torments and negative speech.

I was shown the monkey from Star Wars, Chewbacca, who is the pilot of the spaceship, and this is because we are bringing all of God and my inner self home to the other side of new life.

I went to town at 18.00 to do a little shopping, and I was surprised of just how immensely dizzy and tired I am – it goes right in to and through my bones – and I really cannot continue working as I do, but until now it still goes SO FINE, Jeff – and yes this is a NICE song of yours, but certainly not no. 2 of all as the Electric Light Orchestra forum voted, and I more agree that the winner TIGHTROPE may be the best of all or in my book one of the best of all, and this is really is to say that our New World does NOT get any better than this (it is a “Record”, cant’ you see the sign?), this is the ULTIMATE best – and I was happy to see a UFO flying very low over me in town even though it was almost overcastted, and it showed me almost only red lights because of my extreme sufferings but also that it is a helicopter, and I was told “now I will show you the way”, and yes I was on my way to the Føtex supermarket, so it was nice of you, and when I returned home to the Højstrup Station – I did not cycle today – the UFO was there again making me smile much, and again it was red and again it said “now I will show you the way home, it is up there, right” (?), and this is exactly how it was, and now I was also given the feeling of my mother, so this is the light of my mother on the sky or the Jerusalem UFO if you have heard about it (?), and this was to say that it is love of my mother driving this work, and that is to remove the stone/rock from the narrow entrance and to get all inside.

I was told by the spirit of my mother that she has held the taxi of my new self back as long as she could, and I was shown an ancient Egyptian vase from where the content was emptied including flower seeds etc. and I was told that she has not used power on flower seeds pouring out on the way, but concentrated to help me to get to the very bottom of this “everything” to bring out the very last flower seeds, which I was shown pouring out too, and this is how I have received “the last power of hers”, so thank you my mother.

I was asked if you are unemployed when you work full time in private (?) – without pay – and was told that these are the kind of considerations, which my Commune has had lately, and they have had to check the rules, and yes “not easy” for you (?), and then I was told that Stig worked full time with Falck telling you that I am indeed “available” for the labour market (?), and I was told that this danger has now driven over.

I received a mark to my teeth and understood that if the attack of darkness to my teeth had succeeded, the salt of everything of the Source would have poured out this way to become part of “everything of nothing” of our New World, and yes I have been thinking of that, because we are both everything and nothing now, and both things go fine together.

I was told that “commercials were also prohibited at that school”, which was also occurring, and this means locations of “the official world”, who was NOT allowed to read me!!!

I was told that Jack was not at the level having access to the secret of UFO’s, but he was the level below, and what he did not know was that the information he brought on me was also what the upper level used as foundation to trying to kill me.

I felt extreme pressure when preparing the publish of the script and as if it was darkness, but I felt pressure of white of God, and this is because this is what it is this “darkness”.

I published this script at 21.25 with the feeling that maybe this is my last, but I will of course do my best to continue the game also tomorrow, and yes the rest of February, if needed and if I can.

I was shown myself as a small baby in the middle holding my father and mother in their hands to both sides of me, and I was told that you are still our small child because you are still new here.

I received some coldness to my teeth this evening, which is the Source getting out from there or us coming in (?) and at least us coming together?

I was told that it was really only possible to transfer the Source via my “old nightmare” leading to “destructive darkness” and an explosion, and we had to invent a new system, so we found the worst of all darkness, and sent Sanne down there and yes to the Arab King you know and then it was “bytte, bytte penge” (“change money”), and yes we are still here.

I was shown a pipe leading in to a stadium, and this is the pipe, which used to supply the world with what it gave (mostly darkness you know), and this is the pipe we are trying to get the Source through when you don’t want to “stab yourself using a sword” as I was shown, i.e. an explosion of darkness and acceptance to die, I think.

I was told that it is not only the Solaima story, i.e. asking the world to stop production of oil, which is our driving fuel, Waterfront and other sources of darkness still are (including my father and all of them you know).

I was shown a BIG dark roll opening and it kept on saying again and again as text on the roll: “All we is love, all we do is peace”, and this is the original message of love from the other side before it is received as the opposite on this side, see?

I received MUCH darkness as an attack really and with the attitude that it would now take me and also a warning of what was to come, but no, I don’t want that, I will NOT accept this, and so it went away again, and it also included my “old nightmare”, but no, I will NOT have it!

But I was given the thought whether this will now be too much for me to handle, and yes I am MORE than tired/exhausted/dizzy, and if I cannot handle it, please do what ever is necessary to make everything come through, and yes let light decide.

I was reminded of Jack’s father, who used to smoke “Senior Service”, and Jack and I also thought that it was “smart” to smoke these cigarettes in periods as teenagers/young men, and I was told that this was a sign planted of Jack entering the Royal Navy as it also means, and the “Senior (Intelligent) Service” of it, so there you have it once again.

I was told about the singer Annisette from Savage Rose, whom I feel now very clearly inside of me, which is another and deeper feeling than how I really have felt thousands of people for years before, and how she was also a way out for the Source, and this is why I also met her – and her late husband Thomas – at the Shawarma Bar on Strøget in Copenhagen approx. 10 years ago, and I was told that the death of Thomas Koppel has maintained this connection to Annisette, and yes the best female singer of Denmark ever (especially as young).

I received the feeling of my father together with darkness and a key and I was told that in order to receive this, it was needed to wake up Annisette, whom I can only say THANK YOU to with all of my heart, and I feel her here once again ♥.

I was shown that we are now about to open for me to see an endless line of cars in the street of New York, which is about all life being released from the Source.

I was told that you do NOT ask the Arab World and entire world including Russia, USA, Venezuela (!), and Norway for that matter to stop production of oil as I do today, and they will do “anything” to keep their richness and would that be also to kill me (?), and no, you should know that you don’t stand a chance and that it also would have no meaning to the end result, which is that all oil (and similar) production will STOP and be released by production of FREE ENERGY, and yes this is what was the high point of the worst darkness, and yes OIL was the worst of all, which darkness was centred around.

No, I have decided not to be afraid, and I was here given a déjà vue of God having told me once – stored inside of me – not to be afraid of my own people, but no, he did not have to remind me, I did what came naturally to me.

So there was no more gas on that gas station, and then I stole some there when they did not notice, and some there. So there was really no more gas, but then we decided to steal from darkness and yes as it had stolen from us, and it required that we entered without being detected, and it was mainly used to bring you sleep during nights.

So we helped darkness to carry its handbag, which has never be done before, but yes new inventions is what we did to keep you going.

I decided not to go to sleep this evening even though I am “cracking up”, and that is because of the amount of darkness, which must come through to me because of resistance to closing down oil, so let us see how long I can keep it going, and no, it is totally impossible to last all night and all day tomorrow, I cannot do this anymore, but maybe I can hold it going some hours of the night, let us see.


Soulaima has now been in Dubai – the largest city of United Arab Emirates – for some days sending updates of her enthusiasm of the place, its luxury and the gifts she receives, which has almost burned me off because of just how much it brings up in me of resistance – because of their extreme richness/destruction of the world when so many millions are suffering/dying at the same time – and she is at a big conference of “important people”, where she will also speak herself, and yes she was interviewed by TV today, so she is now seeing herself as one of these “important people”, you know, which is very often the same as “better-knowing people”, and here she writes about how the King told them where it was sensible to gather 40 countries and experts, and also that we have to remember that governments are to service and not control people (do you REALLY?), and this was the thread designed for me to speak out loud as usual – I have been close to comment other of her Dubai-threads, but this one was it.

FB 110213 Soulaima

And the reason was mainly because of the comments of Meriam, who KNOWS what she speaks of, and she brought the link to the article of “The dark side of Dubai” telling Soulaima that the Maktoum family represents an ugly dictatorship, but no, Soulaima was NOT ready to listen and understand, she has already sold her soul to money, power and desire, so her answer was that people can get in and out of the country and in only few years, Dubai has developed an impressive industry and status (!), and yes she is “obsessed” with turning things around asking people to look at themselves, so when she is now so “wise” as she is, she asked Meriam to read “the Dark side of Europe” too, and I wonder which article you think of, Soulaima (?), or “did it just sound good in your own ears” (?), and this made Meriam tell her that even though Europe has many problems too (yes many!!!), we have another view on human rights (yes, also in Denmark, even though they are also dictators, see how they mistreated/tormented me as example!) and as example, she said that 13-14% Emirates keep the rest of the population in slave-like employment relations and the right to punish employees, and the fact that the Maktoum family owns all of the country because of their birth of right, and with this I do believe that “all normal thinking people” should be able to listen to and understand Meriam (?), but oh no, not Soulaima, because she is truly enjoying herself with these very nice upper class people “knowing” what they speak of (but not showing it, Soulaima?), so her answer was to say that “when we point fingers, we have to remember to look inside too”, and her answer was to compare how au-pair girls are treated in “nice” homes in Denmark, and yes this was seriously her answer (!!!), and this comes from a “star” business woman not only in Denmark but starting a career all over the world, where they are “impressed” by her!

FB 110213 Soulaima 1

And she continued driving her “mantra” here to always look at yourself before criticising others, but the irony is that the advice she gives others is really the advise she should give herself because of her DEAFNESS (!), and Meriam said that she feels privileged to live in a part of the world where she as woman can open her own business and have a career without being dependent of a man or the mercy of a King and also not to risk being married away to a man with three other wives, and yes you should believe that it would be easy for Soulaima to OPEN UP and say “yes, I understand what you say, I do NOT like what they do too here in this country”, but no, she “cannot”, and why is that (?) and yes it is as obvious as when a professional racing cyclist, who CANNOT admit to using doping, when he is still an active cyclist depending on an income from the team, and everyone knows that it is to “commit suicide” to do things like that, and yes this is what Soulaima would risk doing admitting to the information, Meriam gives her, and yes would she be send out of the country and be blocked from similar events in the future (?), and yes, this would cost her her career and “luxury life”, and of course it would be “wrong” for her to do, right (?), and yes this is how totalitarian regimes work, for followers to be uncritical in order to be allowed to be inside “where it snows”, and this is what you see EVERYWHERE also in private relations of people, who do not DARE to speak out the direct truth and become yes-sayers, and yes you are looking at the game of darkness.

So this is here I decided to write my comment, which is that it will suit her MUCH to LISTEN to others than herself, and to UNDERSTAND the real content of the abundance of money, power and desire, which is around her, which she is attracted to like another teenager in love, who cannot get enough, but when you are first a part of the inner circle, it is almost impossible to keep your objective and neutral overview – and to speak out the truth – and to let knowledge replace “the promised luxury life”, which drags so much (with delicious Samsung-gifts, and even though au-pairs can be misused in Denmark, the conditions are however much better than in Dubai, which Meriam tries to make her understand, so start by looking yourself in the mirror and understand that you are NOT clean before you ask others to do the same, which in reality is a defence for your own wrong choice of life – and furthermore it is clear to everyone that Meriam here knows what she speaks of, but still the ignorant Soulaima tries to teach her otherwise, and yes if there is something I do NOT like it is IGNORANT DICTATORS, whom you find everywhere, and here you have another one almost educated and yes by so called “role models” as she use to form her own “medicine”, and you do know that medicine is lethal, right?

So I told her that she lives her life in a gold-covered illusion and should speak the language of the man on the floor rather than the ruler/dictator, and then it came: Please say hello to the King and his followers and ask them of their reactions of the oil taps, which will close soon, and that they will receive a “normal life” without all the gold and glitter they surround themselves with today meanwhile extremely poor people SCREAM and die in pain all over the world, and many of them not far away from the King himself, and this is what really SCREAMS to heaven.

Dubai is one big inflamed abscess and the WORST example of “Hell on Earth”, and you are duped with it, and the most incredible is that an intelligent girl like you can fall on your behind as much as you do (two meanings, also after sending her this comment).

So finally I asked her to THINK CAREFULLY AND WAKE UP, SOULAIMA and to ALWAYS use your LOGICAL SENSE to do what is RIGHT an do not let yourself be duped and tempted to do WRONG – as she does here, and I told her that she will now become part of this script, which the whole world will read, and “doesn’t it make you proud” (?), and no, I guess no, and will you please tell me why this is, Soulaima (?), and was it because you “could not” listen/understand and was duped by money, power and desire (?); and yes I told you so.

FB 110213 Soulaima 2

After I had written my comment above, I received a taste of very fine wine, which is now coming in from God because of this, and yes this is “the most dense” darkness coming from these Arab Oil Sheiks/Dictators/States destroying life and Earth with your oil production and WRONG way of life.

Here are a couple of picture so her luxury stay in Dubai, where the view from the fitness centre is “a little better” than in Copenhagen, and her Samsung gift “well, I just got myself a Samsung – it is a little wild being here – it is raining with gifts”, and yes it is “easy” to become used to such a life, right Soulaima?

FB 110213 Soulaima 3

Somewhat later I received the feeling of light of God and it included the feelings of Soulaima given to me, which was “you bother me” (!), and yes it is truly “not easy” to be her when she “cannot” understand.

And I understood what it was about when I saw her short reply here telling her about the opposite truth as she believes is the real truth, which you know it is not, and she said: “I meet people without prejudices, Stig – the great difference between you and me. I don’t understand why you bother to “follow me”, if you have so much against me”, and yes we know, I have NOTHING against you, Soulaima, I am just teaching you and the world NOT to do as you do (!), and when I tried to bring my reply below, I was now NOT allowed to do it as you can see, and yes, what does a DICTATOR, who does not like to listen to the truth, do (?), and yes she removes your freedom of speech as you have seen many others doing to me too.

So I could not bring my answer to her telling her that she is showing me the prejudices, which she wrongly convinces herself that she does not have, and that my purpose is much deeper than what she understands today when she is part of a lesson to the world of what NOT to do and when you don’t want to listen/read, you cannot understand, but still I care for her as much as I do for all. This is about FAITH, do you believe?

So she truly reacted to the TONE of my comment believing tat I was negative without being able to understand the true content that I am the opposite, and no one calls her a “teenage-girl in love” (?) and should I have called you “Daddy’s girl” instead (?), because isn’t this the truth?

FB 110213 Soulaima 4

FB 110213 Soulaima 5

And not only did Soulaima decide to remove my freedom of speech, she also tried to “change history” as dictators do by removing my comment, so instead of my comment, her thread now looks like this, and Soulaima was now getting started, so it was not only I, but also Meriam who she now says has prejudices (!), and yes talk about a “strong lady”, Soulaima – and yes just like my sister, she is TOUGH on the surface, but when you get deep inside to hear heat, she breaks down, so this is where I touched her, but I don’t hope that I ruined your day, Soulaima, because of course you were strong enough to go through all of your programme (?) – and Soulaima is still using the example of au pairs (!), and she does not mind men having several wives (!), and Meriam of course said that she was sad to be called “full of prejudices” and said the perfectly logical that she questions a community where there are no equal rights for everyone (do you get this in India too and many other places?), and where the big motto is “if you have money, you can get”, and finally this made Soulaima open a little when saying that “I do not say that they do NOT have challenges, I just try to say that we also do not have entirely clean hands in everything we do”, and yes DIRTY HANDS is what you have, Soulaima, you are NOT clean, your mind has given in to “the promised land of luxury”, and this is NOT right, right?

FB 110213 Soulaima 6

I decided to share Soulaima’s thread on my own Facebook timeline, which Soulaima could see too, if she wanted to (she receives notification of this including my comment), and in my last comment below, I wrote that as so many else before her, Soulaima could also not bear the (apple-) juice, when she acted as a dictator instead of listening and understanding, and this is how she is now herself developing into a “dictator” as most leaders of today, and in other words, this intelligent and very acknowledge business woman/”star” (but not in my eyes) was “too stupid” to understand that her opponent was her own wrong, inner voice, which could/would not understand anything else than herself the same way as “everyone else” in relation to me, which of course only applies until people start to understand that there is another truth than what they understand as the truth, and you do remember where your inner voice comes from (?), and yes from (darkness of) God, so this is really a play that I am playing with God and that is my/our inner selves, and that is to show you that you are WRONG, and when the world will know, this darkness has become light too, and yes this is what wash machine, remember (?), and I also wrote that I write the truth directly to be understood, which does NOT mean that I am negative, which I am NOT, because I care for her as much as for everyone, so if you believe I am negative, my dear reader, it is only because of your own misunderstanding and negative voice, see?

FB 110213 Soulaima 8

FB 110213 Soulaima 9

And yes, Soulaima truly “could not” stop thinking NEGATIVELY about me, and COULD NOT control her negative and misunderstood feelings so it made her write this new thread, which I of course also cannot comment (other than here), and she stared by saying that “an increasing number of old, angry and introverted men send hate mails to me” (!), and I could only think that this is because of me because she sent this not long after my comment to her, and again she could not get enough of listening to her own voice, which was released here for the world to see, and yes it is VERY negative, and I will not translate all of it, but here are a couple of examples where she is not using simple words or swearing.

“I am a free, independent, private person, who deals with and travel wherever I want to”

“I owe no explanation on anything – and not when I pay all of my activities myself”

“I am not paid by anyone and do not owe to stand responsible for why I simply am not condemnatory”

“So please don’t be my Facebook friend. Write a column and complain to BT or such a sick place. Now I will certainly not listen anymore to angry, old men (and women)”.

FB 110213 Soulaima 7

And yes, this is TRULY what she said (!!!), and yes yes yes a so called “star” and can you believe how a lady can fall so deeply (?), and yes so deep that I am given a taste of orange here, and yes a lady planted for me too as part of the game, so this is why you are brought to “the top”, Soulaima, but as your old self, you will never be able to understand because of your strong inner voice, and you may understand by now that you can ONLY be a leader/mentor when you are able to LISTEN and UNDERSTAND and to speak out the truth for people to understand without holding anything back because you do not DARE or believe that the truth will not be beneficial to you, and DO YOU GET IT BY NOW (?), and yes I am only fishing to get hold on another part of God and my own inner self truly buried VERY deeply.

And isn’t it hilarious that she is thinking of me as one of those “angry old men” (?), which is how MANY people are as you see from negative/hateful comments of people on Facebook, and then it is of course “easy” to misunderstand me as being one of them without understanding the difference, which is that I am NOT negative, but help you to see the light, and the only negativity here, Soulaima is all of the darkness you send me, which is helping me to open the gate to Heaven, and even more when I published this on Facebook and now also when bringing it in my scripts to make the SICK AND DUMB RULERS OF ARABIA UNDERSTAND THAT I MEAN BUSINESS: TURN OFF THOSE OIL TAPS my friends, and that goes ALL OVER THE WORLD, and START TO USE FREE ENERGY as the world has had access to for decades, and yes I do mean NOW!!!

And as the case with Soulaima in relation to following the “world elite” uncritically, she has herself uncritical “followers” believing that her words are “the Bible”, which they are not, and to her thread above, where she was NOT right in relation to me, ignorant people and yes-sayers said “that’s the way to go, Soulaima” and more, but no, it is NOT, and this is how people on different levels work as WRONG “role models” poisoning and destroying the world and that is instead of following Obama and me, and yes when you speak the truth directly for people to listen to, it makes people leave me as Facebook friend and almost never receive any comments, and talk about the opposite world and yes up hill it was to make you understand!

FB 110213 Soulaima 10

I also shared her thread above on my Facebook timeline saying that this is how a “primitive person” reacts when she cannot control her negative feelings, and she is so aggressive/negative/uncontrollable that it completely blocks her to LISTEN/READ and UNDERSTAND, and if she only had done this, she would have smiled and said “thank you for helping to open my eyes, I could not see that I was entering a slippery slope” and this is really what most of the world was making the world enter the same slope leading to the end.

FB 110213 Soulaima 11

FB 110213 Soulaima 12

Google Earth shows that we are coming to an end turning around “faeces of God”

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show that we are coming to an end turning around “faeces of God”, and we are still cleaning at the EU.

FB 110213 Jette 1

FB 110213 Jette 2

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I was told that the finding of the bones of King Richard III is a symbol of the world finding me as the King.

National Geographic 040213

  • Dan said with irony that on his way to the airport, he is very surprised to see that the train is late, and here it is both a joke and sadly the experience that the “coast lane” train from Copenhagen to Helsingør is OFTEN late, which DSB has “never been able to solve” annoying THOUSANDS of people on a daily basis, and yes many other railways can drive trains with precision, but this does not go for DSB on this line particularly, and most people followed the irony of Dan sayding that “this was something new” etc., and Kenneth even said “stand off at Waterfront, they will give a taxi the last part” and yes what a thing to say (!) and that is if it was not meant to be brought here saying that darkness of the Conservative/Waterfront is also what is bringing forward the taxi bringing my new self to you, and Rune was wondering “will he make it or not” and it is “full of excitement to see” and yes if I will get all of the “mess” of God with me before the end of time really, and yes also showing DSB and their “incapacities” and POOR BUSINESS moral together with Waterfront (they can also manage themselves showing poor moral even without Waterfront!).

FB 110213 Dan

  • Today, the Pope announced that he is resigning, which is truly “breaking news” since this is the first time since God knows when this has happened, and I can only wish you “good health” and hope you will make it through too Benedict to “the big day”. Take care and see you one of these days – and yes I am WISHING the Pope WELL with a nice piece of music from an artist also close to my heart ♥. (Thank you for starting up on social media too :-).

FB 110213 CNN Pope

FB 110213 BBC

  • And this is the gold and glitter and fake of the Pope and the Vatican Church, which I do NOT like, and I am sure that everyone understands (?), including the Pope and the church self, but still you “cannot” do the simple of doing what is RIGHT and not wrong to do?

Wrong side of the Pope

  • Mads was quickly out to day that when you cannot become King, you should be able to become Pope, which brought “scorn, mockery and ridicule” from people, which people of darkness simply LOVE to do, and some believed that Prince Henrik is a clear candidate, and Ejvin simply concluded that here is an area (as so many else) where you don’t have problems to “scorn, mockery and ridicule”, and yes this was the only comment Iiked here, and you may understand why?

FB 110213 Mads

  • And my sister “thought” about sending me a “postcard” via Facebook from Dubai this morning – before my “dialogue” with Soulaima – and she is happy to live on the 26th floor with a view over the sea, which has to be “beautiful”, and they are now on their way to visit Oman and Muscat too – just like “nut” you know – and I wished them a good tour not really telling them about how sad it makes me to see my sister and her husband “burn off” money like this for their own “pleasure” when so many else much better could use it, and I told her that Soulaima keeps me updated on Dubai, and that is unless she decides not only to remove my freedom of speech, but to throw entirely out from “following” her. Later I was told that my sister is in Dubai in order for darkness to spread from her, and yes to me for me to open even more, and this is how it is when we play the game to my best under the circumstances. And I received new out of this world pain to my right ankle meaning that there is even more darkness or let us say “white” being turned around when doing this.

FB 110213 Sanna

  • Now I better understand why the chairman of the Danish (almost not existing) Conservative Party, Lars Barfoed, was part in one of my dreams of the night as darkness, which is because he is getting a divorce, and as his wife says it is because he was unfaithful, and yes I wonder if you believe yourself that you are a ROLE MODEL, Lars (?), or do you think that this is also “acceptable behaviour” because this is what many/most people do (?), and let me tell you that it is WRONG and you are NO role model behaving like this, and this is really a sign of pulling down darkness of the Conservative Party completely – yes the last of darkness of God you know – and I wonder how many politicians/chairman having done the same as you believing that this is “alright” to do for example when you are in Brussels, Lars Løkke and others (?), and yes just wondering, and also “how much is it” (?), and yes you get my point, right? And Karen said “God Father at horse” and she did not care about who does what, and I simply said “let us just get God Father at horse – preferably the white” (symbolising the whole world), and yes this is how I will show my self too :-).

FB 110213 Peter M

  • Chris did a MARVELOUS album with Sanne Salomonsen, some of the best of their careers, and below is “In a New York minute” where you know that everything can change (?), and yes when the Big Apple is coming down to everyone, and I also bring my favourite song of the Doky Brother’s, which is their co-operation with Al Jarreau in “How can I help you say goodbye”, and it receives a clear 100 point from me and yes it is melting together pop and jazz heaven, and it surely looks as a GOODBYE, dear world, from my old self, you will soon see me in a new and seriously updated version, as you will also with yourselves, so “goodbye cruel world” it is.

FB 110213 Doky

  • And so they say but don’t tell me ….

FB 110213 ELO



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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One Response to February 11, 2013: We are setting up our New World inside the Source, which will crystallize into the most beautiful Paradise

  1. jette says:

    “so when Jette decided to feel “insulted” for months refusing to work to help mankind (!), it was because she was infected by this darkness, and first when I was on top of the situation, she received strength to resume work.” – and I owe you a thank you for that help ❤ 🙂

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