February 13, 2013: God as the Trinity has now started our eternal journey inside the Source including new life and worlds


Summary of the script today

12th February: God as the Trinity has now started our eternal journey inside the Source including new life and worlds

  • The light of the Source melted together with our New World is now right in my living room, but not yet entirely done even though I am told that my school is now finishing. I received the stick of the wanderer of my new self.
  • Dreaming of the love of my mother and also Tobias bringing me forward, I am now working with the smallest egg of all, the Danish National Team in football bringing me darkness, and cleaning and lifting up people.
  • I was shown an old fashioned street lamp (symbolising the Source) and told and shown that we have succeeded emptying it from water, and now we only have to switch it on, and this is where I come in, as my new self, the resurrected Jesus, who will switch on this light of everything.
  • The dark surface of me is now incredible thin, which I am almost falling through, and physically I am “completely empty/dead” but somehow still carrying on. Darkness still gives me the worst threats, but just underneath this, I feel the light of my new self, so if I lose it, I/we will only receive little darkness/destruction before our New World will open.
  • With the Source (of my father now also with the son) and the New World (of my mother) united, the Trinity is now united and we have started our eternal task bringing in new “hills”, which is new life and New World’s continuously expanding our Universe.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show the Trinity in action cleaning the world from darkness, the TV broadcast of the world, the Source is cleaning after the leave of the Pope, parts of heads – look up, I still carry on, more darkness coming in, which I continue to absorb almost fainting, and the two others (father and son) are in the supermarket Irma to save life.
  • Short stories of the lightning hitting St. Peter’s Basilica as a sign of darkness of the Vatican and the Pope, and encouraging the Danish Bible Company (and the world) to replace the Bible (and all other religious scripts) with my scripts as “One God, One People”.

13th February: God as father/son is recreating the last terminated life and doing the final touch of our New World

  • Dreaming of the death of the Devil symbolised by Simon Spies, nice music and warm feelings, still bringing more life of darkness to the home of God even though it should be impossible, I get access to all energy of darkness with the help of love and energy of people around me.
  • The Golden watch of everything were made in Duisburg of the Ruhr Area in Germany. We are still eating liquorices of darkness.
  • I was shown a long round pipe where all of it looking from the inside was designed as a theatre with balconies all around each being a world, which continues forever, and this is the family tree we are setting up with all physical worlds being directly attached to the family tree.
  • It is now impossible for me as my old self via the road of my mother to recreate the last of terminated life. I brought everything of the Old World intact with me to the Source, and God as the new combined God of father and son, is now recreating what was impossible for me to do during my road, which will bring the final touch of love to our New World. I will continue receiving pain while this is done. God will not only appear in Helsingør via me, but also via David Bowie in the Big Apple of New York and “many other places” (remember the 20 parts of me?).
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show doing everything backwards, my sister of darkness entering light, more darkness and newspapers of terminated life, transparent heads of darkness, ladies with flower-power hats (and love of my mother), a “big gray” of darkness (which is what makes my father think of hospitalising me), and glasses with the eye of God.
  • Short stories of neither Muhammad nor the Pope being my delegates, active cyclists and others “cannot” speak out the truth of their wrongdoings, which I ask all to do (!), Marion is twisting “with ease” out of trouble, knife stabbings in Prague symbolising resistance of the worst darkness to my cleaning, “rap, rap” – it is soon Christmas again.


12th February: God as the Trinity has now started our eternal journey inside the Source including new life and worlds

God as the Trinity has now started our eternal journey inside the Source including new life and worlds

I was shown the most beautiful buildings from a LONG avenue/street leading up to the Piccadilly Circus in London, which is another sign of the very inner of the Source, and all buildings have been made “perfect in details” as you asked us to do, Stig, and yes based on your own work, even though this was “only” the best I could do under the circumstances.

Isn’t it the worst birthday ever of the world, which we are missing, and yes the world does not know what it has missed.

I am a little sad that no more took the ticket to get out on that bathing jetty, which was darkness speaking, and I am not and yes saved from much darkness here, and I have received the feeling of Søren from Dahlberg MANY times and here again, so you are with me in your thoughts at least?

I was given a loud noise inside my living room together with the vision of the first light of the Source, which is now melting together with the new coming from outside the balcony, but now both is right here inside my living room, and I was shown this first light as a white lamp, and not entirely done, and it also came together with “the worst sexual speech” of darkness, which was the alternative to bring it forward, but no, I wont do that, Meat, and yes I would love to see you in concert too, and also Fleetwood Mac coming to Herning, and what are the odds of this “old” band to tour again, and to come to Denmark (?); and yes you tell me (!), and how much on a scale from 0 to 10, and yes a clear 10, but I cannot afford it, you know.

So you have no more surprised attacks at all remaining (?), no that was it (!), and yes we know Stig, this truly leaves room for a surprise attack, so we will see.

Have you written any mathematical exercises for him on your way up (?), yes I have – which I am shown – but no, you will not need them anymore, and yes did I walk right through all darkness and negative surprises we had planned on your way (?), and no, you still cannot understand how you did it, because you know with yourself how many impossible tasks and nights you did, which each of them was impossible to do and when adding everything together not giving in to darkness even once, there is only one thing we can say, and that is that we never received a medal as a swimmer (of darkness), and again, Stig, NOT LEAST because of your mother and yes BECAUSE OF YOUR MOTHER.

So the final result is that we almost did not enter any stores (of darkness) at all, and yes simply because they were not activated by the world since the knowledge of me was kept on a relatively low number, and yes the balance of not having too many for me to handle (sending darkness to me), and still having enough faith to create everything and let everything come through, and this is what we did our best all of us to bring, so this is what we did.

I was told about the Panum Institute if they are creating the “proto type” of future mankind and that is according to darkness (?), and yes my friends, will you PLEASE STAND FORWARD telling the world of your plans and also the results of your tests (?), and yes you do know that I do NOT like man to mess around with DNA doing things, which you have NO knowledge of and that goes with human DNA as well as of nature.

I was told that it was all of my life, which was used as foundation to create our New World, and the first ¼ of it was not 100%, which we have to correct also here at a later stage, and yes we do believe that you/we/us all can be happy with the final result, and yes NO DARKNESS, I told you so, and I am shown the cave of Mallorca, and a little school girl also wanting to play, but no, I have not received the kind of darkness bringing a desire to abuse children, which this is about, and that is because this was not for me.

How can you play with your back turning against us not knowing our next step with us knowing everything you do (?), and yes this is what your sister wants to know (?), and yes FEELINGS was the only way out, and a little bit here and a little bit there, and some luck on top from my spiritual friends helping.

I received the feeling of a stick coming down to me from above via darkness together with the feeling of Big Katama from Kenya – the stick I had in my hand in the following picture from 2009 from his home in Nairobi – and this is the stick of the wanderer coming home, i.e. my inner self.

Stig with Big Katama Nairobi 2009My inner self handed down a stick to me, which is my stick as the wanderer symbolised by this picture from 2009 from Nairobi, where I am holding Big Katama’s stick in my hand

I was given the name of Thomas Edison and told that it is also about time to cut the last telephone line to me of the system of the Old World.

Finally at around 04.30 I believe I decided to sleep, which I did partly on my sofa, partly in my bed until 10.40 receiving these dreams.

  • It is my mother’s birthday, and I ask her if I may take Tobias with me to Hornbæk, and for her to pick us up there, which is fine with her. I prepare a greetings card, and I do a draft of content to rye bread open sandwiches, and I have an extremely small egg, which I put on a piece of rye bread almost filling nothing, and it makes me think of what to put on the rest of it, and my mother says that I cannot finish this.
    • This may be about love of not only my mother but also my youngest nephew bringing my journey forward, and the very small egg is the smallest entity of the world, which we are opening with the inner of the Source, and we may not be able to finish this, and I may never be able to do it perfectly (?), and again, I am given cold feelings to my teeth and now more of them, which is about coming to the end, where I hope that no explosion or similar will happen.
  • At a TV station, Hans does not bother to watch handball anymore and turns off, Tobias watches the semi finals, however not on TV. I am the passenger of a bus and next to the road, the Danish national team in football is playing, and one player is hammering as hard he can to the ball, and it hits the bus making a dangerous situation. I show people flying dogs at the stadium and in total five different flying animals, which normally do not fly, but still people are sceptical and don’t believe in me.
    • TV is the world, Hans does not play against me as darkness, but Tobias still does, and so does the Danish national team in football, and it is lack of faith of some of you, which is making this dangerous.
  • I am washing clothes and have the clothes of several people hanging on my washing line, including Preben’s. I have an old transportable cassette player, and I send nice music out to people, and Anja (my old Aon colleague) brings me a cassette from her wedding with nice music, which she would like me to play. Later I am coming to a helicopter with a large body, which can carry 100 people, so instead of using two helicopters as I had planned, this one helicopter with its body is enough to carry all, and I sit down on it asking if anyone dares to sit next to me, which also has to be a heavy person to bring balance of the body, and I see people, who would like to dance on it, but it brings it out of balance, so this is not good to do.
    • I am washing people following me on Facebook, and the small cassette is about music, i.e. love, which I send out as my old self using the smallest channel remaining, and this is also via this channel that I receive warm feelings of my old colleague Anja, and yes I am still thinking about meeting my old colleagues from different employers, and also from Aon and that is when I/we can. And the helicopter is about our lifting up, which is not easy when working as I do.

I was completely dead after using all of me yesterday and poor sleep, and after having checked Facebook, I took at long bath and I first started to write the script of today at 15.00 truly feeling as poorly as you can think with the first hour being on my edge again of continuing or given up (?), and yes I am still writing, but it is NOT something just to be expected, because it is truly not easy doing this.

I was told that the balloons are not completely finished.

I was shown the TV programme “let it sing” and was told that we are still singing, we have not closed yet (which you do in the show when you decide that now you want to close your answer) and this is leading to the song “Indianer” by Tøsedrengene (“The Wimps”), which was one of the greatest Danish bands of the 1980’s, and a special song because it is about “original people” to me.

I was also given the name of Lee Ritenour, who is a musician I normally don’t listen to – but easily could if expanding my music sphere – so he has to be a “special friend” too, and yes he has come to me like this before.

You cannot hang mattresses up in heaven with this material, which is why it also had to become 5 to 1, but no, we are doing what you say cannot be done.

I was given the smell of and told that all the faeces (darkness) of my sister was directed to me instead of my mother, and I felt that this was also “difficult” to do and not planned. It is part of this process of removing me. And this took me out of my prison.

I wonder if he likes hollandaise sauce (?); and yes gravy for the fish, and I am here again given information, which has come to me for days, which I have decided not to believe in, thus also not writing before now, but it is about what would have been destroyed/destructed by now if I had not continue working, which we will bring intact into our New World and start on the highest level, which we would not if I did not do my best – having to gradually resurrect this (?) – and really since October 30, 2012, and no, I still don’t believe in it, but what do I know (?), and we will see.

We are now prepared to lay out our full grass mats.

So we are in the airport now closing it without those fights expected for centuries to come.

So now I will grunt my way through the liquorices as God said, if you don’t want me to explode these, and no thank you, and bon appetite.

So we cannot bleed any longer?

I felt LWF in Geneva, and was told that the plan was to bring the golden watch to Tore S. (!), but he, i.e. me, has decided to land all of the plane by himself?

Well, you were not “sticky” in relation to Karen, were you (?), but this is how it feels when you “cannot” stand him anymore and yes the feeling of Karen and Denis in relation to you and that is because they simply could not bear you and this is because of my 2-3 letters/emails per year, and yes it takes nothing to get the feeling of being “stalked” if this is the WRONG feeling you decide to go into completely misunderstanding me and my message.

I was shown a very big chandelier being hung up in the castle, and I was told that your mother is a Mausoleum.

I was shown myself inside a small, dark cell where a light coming from a small hole is becoming smaller and smaller and smaller, and this is the light and size of the Source making it increasingly more difficult to continue my journey, so what are the odds out there on me (?), will I be able to make it through February too?

I was shown a gas flame of the Source and was told that creating physical life corresponds to getting life out of this.

I was told that everything inside the Source also wanted to make love – coming to me as sufferings – in order to come alive too.

I was shown the Source as a plastic bag of blood, which we are emptying/bringing out without pricking a hole to it and let blood be spilled on the world.

I was shown the end of the cave (of Mallorca) being incredible narrow, and I see parts of me being tied to the wall, another part trying to squeeze out and bleeding as a result, another part losing a leg trying to get out, and yes because of the wrap up of darkness.

I was shown an old fashioned street lamp (symbolising the Source) and told and shown that we have succeeded emptying it from water, and I was shown squirrels jumping out from it, because it is really a tree underneath, and now we only have to switch it on, and I was told that this is where I come in, as my new self, the resurrected Jesus, who will switch on this light of everything.

I was told that it was the golden watch of everything of the Source, which we would burn, but it was designed to endure this (but I would of course be told something else).

I was shown a GIANT sport hall, where they play badminton, i.e. the game against darkness, but this is only on the surface of it, because underneath I see that it is our new garden, where sprinklers are watering, and I was told that you were not supposed to see this.

I was shown a GIANT organ being transported to God to play on using all of “his best skills” to create the most beautiful music, and this organ is the New World and it was designed as the relatively new Opera House of Copenhagen, which was given to the city and people by the now late Mærsk McKinney-Møller, and I wonder how can you be late when you are always on time (?), and feeling first Mærsk and then Anders Fog here :-).

I was told that we succeeded doing this – bringing the New World to the Source – despite of my mother being a “chocolate form” for example very well knowing that I have not been on holiday since 2007 (Mallorca), and still she is planning her own holiday, which of course is also because she is “not allowed” by John to help me more than a little here and there as she does and that is without his knowledge, and yes both is wrong.

I was given a dark curled feeling inside the back of my left lower leg, which I am sometimes, and it is strong and potentially developing into an incredible painful cramp, but stops every time, and this is about wrapped up darkness impossible to open, and later I was told that impossible work is what has opened this darkness, and we will see if I can do a little bit more, Dr. Hook!

I was so tired and broken down when working that I was told that today will only be about cleaning up a little, and yes no new big projects today because I cannot bear it.

I was told as one of those secret messages of today because I continued working that the camera (to accept and bring in life to our New World) cannot even burn, so a fire will not destroy anything.

I was told that if your father had succeeded to hospitalise you, you would also have lost a tooth, but nothing would have happened, but of course you would not know this.

I was shown the surroundings of the mental hospital of Hillerød again, and was told what I have difficulties to believe in, but it just may be the case (?), and that is that my case has been transferred to Hillerød and the very doctor “examining” me in June, and yes “crazy Alex” – the “cold” man without feelings, remember (?) – so he is the one evaluating whether or not I am to be hospitalised against my will, and yes COME AND GET ME IF YOU DARE; DO YOU DARE (?), and yes as it I should be at danger for others or myself (?), and yes I have written in my scripts and also on Facebook lately “goodbye cruel world” – the Pink Floyd song you know – and that is because I will become my new self, and are there really anyone as stupid out there, who may believe that this is a threat of killing myself, and you might decide to come to my rescue (?), and yes COME ON AND GET ME if you want to take more public humiliation, which is what darkness fears the most, and what about Alex (?), and yes does he have what it takes to go up against me (?); and no, I should be surprised, and if he does, take me in for a couple of days until I get out again and once again write the full truth about you, and yes I am NOT afraid, and have never been about this the worst threat of the public system not being able to use their two ears, which I gave them to listen with.

I received another Shu-bi-dua song from their golden period, “Huckleberry Finn”, which I believe is one of the only originals they ever did in English if not the only one (?), and you may be able to understand some of the humour of this band (?), which otherwise is only FULLY available when you know Danish, and this could be a song about Karen and me really, and for my mother to help me through, and Michael Bundesen came to me and said that it my task is now about being finished, which was to deliver you to your father, and yes THANK YOU very much, Michael, and yes I do look forward to meeting you, Sanne, Annisette, Peter A.G., Steffen and the other pioneers of the top of Danish music.

I was shown a big roll of fish net inside a sport hall, and when being unwrapped, an icehockey goalkeeper came out, and this is my father self, and I was also received an “offer” of beautiful women, but no thank you!

I was shown not many Coca-Cola cans being removed in front of a door, which was opened into a new hangar, and I was told that my email to Nigeria and copy to Morten, see the short stories, is helping to do this.

I was shown GIANT stables including a HUGE number of cows, i.e. Gods/world, being set up inside of here at the Source.

I was shown a huge building with a huge beer bottle opener being dismantled and an old transport system in the ceiling, which is belonging to the old system already here, which we are now turning around to be used as its new task as light.

I was shown a plastic bag of blood and how it potentially includes the monster of the Aliens films, and this bag brings me into the most sacred halls, which is a three dimensional area where everything is cinema all over, and this is to say that our physical view of the world will change as I understand it. I was shown my writings and told by the spirit of this place that you have been recognised, Stig, and I felt how all of my scripts were very quickly read and my father bits me welcome with the alternative being to rake out my heart, and yes I felt concentrated darkness being able to do this, but not in my case.

I was shown how God inside darkness delivers a large number of roses of love, which he sets inside light.

I am at the stand of a football stadium walking horizontally along one of the paths, I feel green and understand that the Trinity are together here, and at one point, I see a bump at the railing to the right and am told that we can do this, and I am now shown how the cement floor has melted together with the next stage, and this is about one hill/bump of the Source after the next, which we will meet and bring inside our New World as new life, and I was told that this is our task to expand everything inside our world, and this mission starts now.

I was shown the rotor of a helicopter and told that this is what we call the helicopter, and we are now so much “white chocolate” – white of the Source without darkness – that we can start this, so why don’t we wake you and the world up yet (?), and I was shown myself walking above this level on a path of very thing dark chocolate layers, and I see myself falling through these because I really almost cannot continue doing this, but everything below this thin surface of me is now perfect with the Source and the New World united also meaning that the Trinity is united and with this we have started this task of exploring eternity inside of here, which is what we have been waiting to do from since we received the idea to build a physical world imprisoning God self until this day.

I was told that you are now entering a diving tank with another pressure, and I was given pain to my heart and told that this may hurt you, aren’t you afraid (?), and no, I have decided NOT to be afraid, so let’s carry on. And I felt how the New World pressured on me, which gave me a taste of blood in my mouth, and I will continue as long as I can.

I was shown a prison guard having all keys attached to his trousers, and I was shown how he is bringing in my new self lying on a dark stretcher, and I felt my sister and told that I am brought all the way in here via my sister.

I was shown myself at the inner cabin of a ship, and how an incredible force of the New World from outside again and again actually smashed down the wall and into this cabin, and I kept on saying “no” (!) bringing back the wall on place, and again the New World smashing it down, and back up etc., and this is me resisting the power of the New World still going forward bringing me deeper and deeper in at the same time as I hold the pressure and tell it NOT to destroy anything because this is NOT the way I work.

I was told that at the end, there is no bathroom here with bathroom symbolising destruction, and yes I will NOT accept this last darkness to break through to me while being awake, my plan is still to wake up one morning as my new self, so this is what we are still going for.

I was told by the Trinity that we have just put out flag at the door step to the next hill and yes world as it actually is (eternal in itself), and I was told that this is in principle a war each time to win but we have the recipe otherwise you would never be able to enter the Source and with this we have begun our eternal journey.

I went to bed at 23.30 hoping that I would be able to sleep today, but no I was not, and I started receiving information to write down, but I decided that it was NOT important – something about one of the biggest cases of government corruption etc. – and also that I would NOT work, and this made darkness show me a little show as if this meant that my “old nightmare” would start, but no, it requires my acceptance, and you don’t have it, and when not being able to sleep, I had the choice between standing up watching TV/killing time or to write the last part of my script, and I decided that I might as well do the last even though I am still as critically exhausted that I really cannot do this work, but now it is 01.30 and I have completed it, and yes making the script of tomorrow easier to come through, and I wonder for how many day I can keep this going, it can not be very many, it is feeling critically at the end, but we will see.

I continued receiving the greatest threats still of my old nightmare etc., but when this comes, I am also told just under this “is he coming home now” etc. and feel that there is practically not any darkness yet, and should I accept this, it would burn away quickly.

I continued receiving what I remembered as a 90’s dance hit, which we always heard on the nightclub Submarine, and for maybe half an hour, I received the rhythm of the song but wrong lyrics saying “the girls is mine”, but then I was given the right lyrics, which is “Please don’t go” by KWS, which in practise is the original artist for me because I never heard the original by K.C. & the Sunshine Band before after this, so here we go, and it still brings memories of Submarine, and yes now 20 years ago, incredible how quickly time passes, and soon you will NEVER get this feeling again.

I keep receiving the feelings of a LARGE number of famous actors and others, whom apparently know about me, but no, I don’t write down this anymore, and I keep receiving coldness to my teeth, but not that much.

Finally, at 02.20, I had done the last work and also published the script of today.

Google Earth shows that I continue cleaning the world and saving life almost fainting

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show the Trinity in action cleaning the world from darkness, the TV broadcast of the world, the Source is cleaning after the leave of the Pope, parts of heads – look up, I still carry on, more darkness coming in, which I continue to absorb almost fainting, and the two others (father and son) are in the supermarket Irma to save life.

FB 120213 Jette 1

FB 120213 Jette 2

FB 120213 Jette 3

FB 120213 Jette 4

FB 120213 Jette 5

FB 120213 Jette 6

FB 120213 Jette 7

FB 120213 Jette 8

FB 120213 Jette 9

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Already yesterday I had noticed that the lightning had hit St. Peter’s Basilica, and I saw it in one Facebook comment, which linked the divorce of Lars Barfoed, the resignation and this lightning together, which to me was about the Trinity and darkness really, but I did not write it, because I was not sure and was told nothing about it, but here BT as example writes “a sign from God? The Lightning hits the St. Peter’s Basilica after the exit of the Pope”, and again I did not want to write anything unless I received information about it, and then I was told what else proof do you need (?), and that is that when BT writes it, it must be? And I am given the thought that this is to underline that this is the worst darkness too, that the Pope could not even when stepping down tell the world about me, and I wonder if your resignation also has to do with me, Benedict, and yes an internal fight of power of the Church, which led the Pope to step down, so a message of darkness, and this is what this lightning is about, and yes, I noticed how media spoke about announcing a new Pope as “God’s right hand” etc., and I could only shake my head and say that this is NOT what the Pope and this church is, and you do remember that I have rejected this church (also because of its gold and glitter, which I do NOT appreciate when the world is screaming/starving) and all other religions of man (?), and that is because I will collect all mankind under “One God, One People” through the only organisation of God, which is LTO as you can see from the front page of my website. Later in the day I was told “is it as simple as this; that the Pope wanted to announce your coming and the system of the Church did not” (?), and yes they are CRAZY down there, too much Rum, you know, and yes in Danish it works better with Rum and Rome being the same word. And I felt the Pope around my skin as if I am the Pope self ….!

BT 1201213 Peterskirke

  • This is the email I received the other day from Nigeria, which I decided to reply to this evening, and as you can see, it is open, direct and honest (and warm too), and I decided to TRUST in this on contrary to the hundreds of spam emails I also receive from Africa and elsewhere trying to block me from money, and this was not a request of money, but of Bibles, and it gave me a chance to encourage Uwa and also my Facebook friend, Morten, the General Secretary of the Danish Bibble Company, to replace the Bible (and all other religious scripts) with my scripts as the philosophy “One God, One People”, and besides from this, this will also bring me some more darkness, and I wonder how it is for Morten to have known about me for now “several months” and still working to promote the Bible (?), and just before sending my reply, I received a relatively big heart attack from darkness trying to prevent me.

120213 Uwa 1

120213 Uwa 2

120213 Uwa 3

120213 Uwa 4

  • Jimi, my Danish Facebook friend from Barcelona, is still shown only “half” on Facebook, so almost not alive.


13th February: God as father/son is recreating the last terminated life and doing the final touch of our New World

Dreaming of the death of the Devil symbolised by Simon Spies, and still bringing more life of darkness to the home of God

We don’t have three cameras in now, do we (?); and yes brought in by the son without the will of his mother and father, isn’t it funny?

Now your head phones will be destroyed anyway, which will have to be the same as the last telephone line.

I was told that when I did not write the comment to Marion, we have tried to influence her by accepting your Facebook invitation and seeing your Facebook posts in order to “get the piece of the Source out of her” as planned.

I have received a game of darkness with extreme pressure on me on one side to keep on working – it comes to me all of the time to “keep on, keep on, keep on” – and me saying “no, I cannot take or will not any more”, and it is WRONG of me to go against this voice, so I can only say that I normally do not, but if I cannot or will not these days, I will take your “good pressure” – but immensely hard – as recommendations and decide what I will do myself, and potentially this is about me becoming darkness fighting light wanting me to work, and yes darkness can get MUCH out of such a game, and this is how I play it, and no, I cannot do all, but try to get up to date this week.

I stayed up until 04.00 and slept hereafter poorly on the sofa and afterwards in my bed until 09.35 with these dreams, if I can read the notes, which looks “impossible to read” because of just how tired I was during the night/morning when being disturbed in my sleep writing this down.

  • Something about a quivering camera, and everyone wants to take a picture.
  • I am visiting Simon Spies and his wife in their luxury home, which has no windows, and while I am there, Simon dies, and it makes his wife break down in tears, and even though he is dead, he keeps on grunting and twitching and even saying “yes please” when asked if he wants beer, but these are reflexes because he has died.
    • Simon Spies is the Devil self, which you may understand seeing how he threw around with money, and had sex with his “morning ladies” and even was in the press during orgies, and yes a true travel king of darkness he was, and he was the man starting Danish tourism to Mallorca and Spain, so there you have it, and now he/darkness is dead as I am really too as my old self when writing this, and that is because Simon is/was inside of me, and I had to go to here to convert all his darkness to light.
  • I am going to work together with Steen Pihl and two others about cultural history, but Jørgen Mylius, who has a VERY long name, keeps on speaking without listening. Where do the three boys live then (?); and I feel that I live in Sweden myself.
    • Steen was the famous, local DJ here when I was teenager and went to parties in Espergærde Sport hall, so this is about music and warm feelings, and Jørgen Mylius is the most famous radio host here, who speaks without listening according to this, even though he is good both to speaking, asking and listening as far as I can tell from his radio interviews.
  • I work at Danske Bank Pension and is still “less” than the consultant, but despite of this, I am now a candidate to become the new manager after Jens Ove has resigned, and I am competing with the consultant, Klaus, who wants to fight me physically, and even though I have only been there three years, I feel that I have good chances.
  • It is Friday afternoon and I am on my way in my car to Bornholm also bringing Sanna’s little dog, which I am very careful that nothing happens to when it is stored together with the luggage, and also nervous that something happens, but it does not. On my way, I am going to a big office to pay some kind of public fee in relation to my car, and when I open my wallet, I am surprised to see a cheque of DKK 312,000 issued to me, but when seeing it, I am reminded that this is indeed mine and that I can cash it whenever I want. At this office, Sanna’s little dog stands on a shelve, and to my surprise it starts speaking, and it is very intelligent. Afterwards I switch on my laptop, and try to connect to the central computer, and even though I have an old model, and it should not work out, I still succeed to connect, and it makes me think that my meeting in 45 minutes at 17.15 with a IT company to set me up, is now unnecessary.
    • This is the clever dog of darkness as I am moving to my island of Bornholm, and I have to give a little energy myself with the fee I pay, however I have all the energy in the world as reserve, which I can open whenever I want to and that is the New World self, and I am still working inside of darkness connecting to the system of it even though I should not be able to do this.
  • To my surprise, I am the only one meeting at Danske Bank, Espergærde, in the morning, I succeed to open for the big safe keying in the code 999, which do not make the alarm sound. It is now 09.30 and customers enter the bank, and I am now at the cash desk trying to enter the computer, which is new since I worked there – I really don’t work there anymore – and I see that I need a new card with the label “15” to open the cash desk, and my card is the old “14” not working anymore, but I discover that I can order a new card, and have several options including the Jeff Lynne credit card, Electric Light Orchestra cash card and a normal cash card, and when this is done, a colleague of mine, who is now there, comes to help me clean the cash desk area from much sawdust. Afterwards I see customers, who have walked to the back room and started helping themselves to take out money from the big safe, and I ask them to return the money, and get out from there. Jørgen and another colleague have come on visit, they are really off, but see that we critically need manpower today, so Jørgen decides to work today.
    • This is still about darkness and getting access to much energy inside of it – I thought there was nothing, but you keep on telling me that there is – and even though this should be impossible by now, I still succeed and it is nice music, i.e. love, which is opening to this, and energy we pull out of darkness of “Jørgen”, i.e. people around me.

The Golden watch of everything were made in Duisburg of the Ruhr Area in Germany

I woke up coughing, which I had the first couple of hours today witnessing that I am going even deeper inside the Source.

I was told that when Camilla and I were on holiday in Marmaris, Turkey, in the 1990’s, there was a young bartender, whom we had a good talk with, and I was told that I left a “slice” of my right leg there, and this is why faith of Turkey in me was important.

I was shown Fleetwood Mac play a concert at the medieval fortification, Hammershus, on Bornholm, which is where my mother/John, Sanna/Hans and I went on holiday to (in Allinge) at the end of the 1980’s, and I was told that Hammershus included the key of civilisation self, and yes I was listening mainly to Fleetwood Mac and their “Tango in the Night” on my walkman back then, which I thought was nothing less than fantastic.

I was told that darkness of the Source is grateful not to be smashed down, but do you know where to get beer (?), and no, I do not, and you are NOT getting any!

Don’t hurt a defenceless lady. Well, it is not us who could tear down the farm, is it (?), and again the feeling is that this is the feeling you would have given me if I gave up my play and the New World “smashed” down this place.

You cannot set up your postal office here, but still this is what we do.

I was told that Karen is still missing me (!), and that is because her constant chase on sex in life is NOT what is bringing her happiness but sadness, and what she is missing, is what I brought her, myself and my personality (!), which she declined because of her misunderstandings and wrong priorities of life.

By the way, this golden watch is made in the Ruhr Area of Germany, in Duisburg, and yes I have also been driving through this area both with Camilla and later with Lars as I remember, and I have stayed in Düsseldorf three times, I believe (wine fair and World Cup in football), and visited Dortmund.

I was encouraged to become Facebook friends with some of Kim S’ employees, and it was because they receive information on me via Facebook – as I have been told for days that “many” do – but I did not find those being close enough to contact with, but at least one, whom I don’t know and therefore will not connect with, but you are still talking about me in Hillerød?

Later, I was encouraged to seek more and I tried to search for Lisbeth, who was also my old colleague from Aon, who appears still to be working as a Market Manager for Kim, but here comes the interesting part that she does not no longer and has not done so since March 2012 (!) – she is now working for Dahlberg, which probably give them even more to speak about in relation to me (!) – so how come that she is still appearing on Kim’s website 11 months later (?), and is this because Kim’s company has been forced to reduce activities (?), and yes “because of Stig, who stole our “golden egg”, the business organisation Danish Trade” – the reason is here – and yes I see that Peter T. is still with Kim, so his company is not closed down.

And I was told that this has brought me incredible darkness of Kim & Co., and also Lisbeth telling Dahlberg that it was “my fault” that she could not continue working for Dahlberg, and yes what do you know (?), and I only do what is RIGHT to do, and they do not.

Isn’t it incredible that his mother is not even interested in him (?), this role has been overtaken by Karen.

I was told that we are still eating liquorices, and when I stood up and started washing clothes and my bathroom after lunch, again I understood how close I am to fainting out, I have absolutely no energy remaining, and yes I was encouraged to watch Benny Hinn again, and can it really be that I need this (?), and yes let us see later …

I was told that it is impossible to see his cards because they are so well mixed and this is the feeling of my sister and yes with the truth being that everything is out in the open for her and everyone to see, so if this is her and your feeling, it is ONLY because you have NOT read and understood me carefully.

I was told “remember this” (?), and I was shown a long round pipe where all of it looking from the inside was designed as a theatre with balconies all around each being a world, which continues forever, and this is the family tree we are setting up with all physical worlds being directly attached to the family tree – or path of the stable if you will.

And now we only lack to hang the most outer fruit on it, and I was shown yellow berries.

Late this afternoon I was so tired that I could not even cycle to the supermarket to do a little shopping, and exercise is completely out of the question these days, and if I do not spend the money of my mother to buy a new monthly card at the swimming hall, I will return it to her.

How do you find everyone/everything (?), this is done via this golden watch.

I felt Annisette and heard her voice saying “thank you for having faith in me”, but of course, Annisette, and yes you have also always been special to me :-).

At 18.55 I decided to watch some Benny Hinn, and was told that we will now see if we can get out the last with his help, and before this I was told that Marion was meant to help with some of this.

I was shown my father still on steps further up the house, and this is where I am still heading.

I was shown a screen to the left with dark curtains inside a room, and how these curtains were removed and the screen brought to the middle and now becoming part of the BIG screen of our New World.

I was utterly broken down and tired this evening.

God as father/son is recreating the last terminated life and doing the final touch of our New World

I was utterly broken down and tired this evening just relaxing and when I was way beyond my worst tiredness at around 23.30, and should go to bed, I decided that I might as well write down the notes from this evening, so here they come.

He is now not going to wash up, eeehhh how am I going to say it, I will do the rest, and that is no matter what happens from here.

But still we may hurt you, and yes as part of the game with the feeling that this is not connected.

And this is because you simple cannot get in here.

This is a little bit embarrassing to admit, but you don’t give up, don’t you (?); and yes you are absolutely right and you don’t need a key to get in here because you are me and I am you, and yes in this case, I will leave voluntarily, and this is to say the power of your mother and her concerns for you, and yes for the Muslims to ring my door, you know.

Is it inside of there that we have the last monkeys (of darkness)?

When seeing Obama on the TV news here, I was shown a GIANT guitar (symbolising) creation going from the White House and down all Pennsylvania Avenue, which was in relation to his re-election.

I felt Michael Sadler from SAGA, and was asked if he is inside of this darkness, which I understood that he is.

I was shown the most beautiful piano with flowers on it, and Liberace next to the piano, and this is really the second time he comes to me, so a special friend he must have been too, and yes certainly he could play the piano, which this is really to show, and yes “the most beautiful music too” on this the piano of God, and yes I love classical music too, but does not listen as much to it these years during my journey because it “takes more” really and yes I would like to attend classical concerts too.

I was told about these outer people of other civilizations trying to kill me, which is that man made them believe that you were crazy and this was why you had to be removed.

I was shown Elijah’s and Meshack’s rural village and was told that Uwa from Nigeria, whom I sent that email to yesterday, thinks it is gracious that I support my Kenyan friends, and I was given the feeling that having faith in me is difficult, and yes I should be surprised if I hear from him and from Morten.

I was told that the Alhambra Palace in Granada, Spain, which I visited in 2007, is a haven we activated at my visit also to bring out life from darkness, which followed the road I drove with an excursion bus back to Costa del Sol, and yes I should have visited Morocco too during this visit, which I did not make, which was to finalise the route of freedom, and because I did not, my mother’s John later did making it work.

I was told from inside this darkness that it is me too bringing your taxi (new self).

Here are more monkeys”, which was more life of darkness being released, and I was told that this is how it is when you no longer can do this yourself. I was given a concentrated physical pain to my left foot and was told that instead of you, I (God/my inner self) will take this pain.

But I was told thank you for coming to here not giving up, which gives me the opportunity to do this, which is to eat my own darkness. I was also told that as long as I do this, you will still receive pain, but it is not you, but me now removing this darkness, and this brought me a new temptation to be “careless” and to relax or even give in to darkness forcing me, but I decided that there is really no need to change a winning formula, so I will continue working the best I can and to keep all of my rules, and yes no need to change anything.

I here see high placed people of the Vatican Church, and I wonder how you feel to play a game to the public starting a new process to elect a Pope, and yes instead of just pointing at me and say that “HE has arrived, and we will no longer appoint Popes” and do you think you can do this (?), and no, you have decided not to follow me and to show your complete breakdown/failure to the world when we will open our New World (?), and yes what a shame that you cannot do what should be the most obvious thing for you to do, and do you think that this action alone will make the world understand why you are not mine but followers of the Devil?

I received different songs and felt that life of darkness is being released in an even greater tempo now, and I was told that this is because I made it possible. And I was told that this is the only way to come out and that is also replaces the “old nightmare” and fire of the world.

I was told that you walked the long way home via your mother, and here at the end, you had to go through your father anyway, so this is the road I am walking now, and yes your father’s shock (reading my webpage on him) was great enough and still his love also great enough to let you in.

I was shown Lyngby, and told that what is now recreated is what I could not recreate on my road via my mother, for example when living in Lyngby via the work I did there. And I was given the strong feeling of pain entering my left heel and a screwdriver made it go through all of my left leg, and I was told that this is now what is lacking, which comes from God, and the screwdriver is about a TV documentary I saw the other day about the last two years before the closure of the Odense Shipyard, where a workman having 50 years anniversary visited the owner Mærsk McKenny Møller and said that when they build very complicated warships and lost a screwdriver, it was impossible to get it up again, and as only Mærsk could say, he said “it would better in the first place not to lose it”, and this is to say that this is what I lost on my way, which was impossible for me to get up again, and this is now what God is doing.

I was told that there will soon be no more warnings given to me anymore – only few I have received, and none very serious really – and I was told that this is only the final touch, and when my head was not bleeding (because of scratching), my teeth are still intact etc., it means that I brought everything with me, and yes the final touch on this is what we do.

I was shown myself looking into the wide mirror of a wardrobe of actors of a theatre in New York, and then I saw myself as Ziggy Stardust of David Bowie, and was asked “where does David Bowie live” (?), and yes of course, he lives in New York, and I was told that he knew where he had to go – thinking of his Berlin years, and now living in the Big Apple of New York.

I was shown a Japanese fighter and told that this is why Japan attacked Pearl Harbour and brought USA into World War II, which somehow is related to this, and then I was told that God will “get out” of New York too via David Bowie and “many other places of the world” (remember the 20 parts of me?) and that is not just here in Helsingør, which is the best kept secret of the world, and I was told that the story of me getting out of a Pyramid in Egypt was only a symbol because I live here in Helsingør, and I was shown the spirit of my mother acting as Cleopatra completely stopping and complaining asking if all of this really was a game, and yes it was also to create frustration (i.e. “energy”) of Egypt and Zahi Hawass, and I received the very nice song “surrender” by Jeff Lynne and was told that we are now a combination of these two, David Bowie and Jeff Lynne, which is father and son and we are both One God and still father and son.

This is also how creation would have become through your “old nightmare” if you had accepted this, perfect in the end.

He has brought everything from the first Babylon, the first creation, which is why we can do it this way.

These days and also in periods today and this evening, I receive STRONG feelings of desperation trying to overtake me making me desperate because of physical pain or just negativity and great pressure of darkness given to me, and I have to decide every single time that this is NOT how I want to be, and to get rid of that attitude and I am even surprised myself that I can, because it comes with great strength.

I was told about North Korea and their nuclear test bomb, which I also do NOT like at all, that this is only the after effect of what has been, and if I wanted to start a war originating from the worst darkness of North Korea, we had already done so a long time ago. There is nothing to fear.

Google Earth shows transparent darkness entering light and love of my mother

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show doing everything backwards, my sister of darkness entering light, more darkness and newspapers of terminated life, transparent heads of darkness, ladies with flower-power hats (and love of my mother), a “big gray” of darkness (which is what makes my father think of hospitalising me), and glasses with the eye of God.

FB 130213 Jette 1

FB 130213 Jette 2

FB 130213 Jette 3

FB 130213 Jette 4

FB 130213 Jette 5

FB 130213 Jette 6

FB 130213 Jette 7

FB 130213 Jette 8

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Politiken brought a caricature drawing, which I always like when it is done with a smile without any negativity, and it was the Pope confessing to the Oracle (of the Matrix films) that he has been doped on everything (holy water, incense, tallow candles etc.) even including myrrh, and it made Christians here say that you do not make a mess with Muhammad, but “God’s deputy is apparently “fair game” for the decent” (to mess with), and yes incredible how people can be brainwashed, so I decided to underline that neither Muhammad nor the Pope are delegates of God, but to God’s dark cousin – and you do know that I do NOT like gold, glitter and secrecy of the Vatican Church – FREEDOM with RESPONSIBILITY and good behaviour is ALWAYS right, and to hide, suppress people and lead “holy war” is ALWAYS expression of behaviour of “the cousin”, and this comes directly from the architect (of God) self, and if someone (Muslims?) wants to kill me for saying the truth, you can ring my door, because the Postman always ring twice, right (?), and you do know that life originates from darkness, so here it is darkness of Muslims bringing life via the postman. I also shared this on my Facebook timeline for my family, friends etc. – including my mother – to see, and of course no one will be concerned about me for writing to the Muslims as I do (?), and yes my mother will if she sees it, thus bringing even more energy.

FB 130213 Politiken

  • The truth is moving “dangerously” close to Bjarne Riis and the whole circus of professional cycling now that it has emerged that also Bjarne’s former star cyclist Ivan Basso was using dope (as “everyone” else), and Bjarne was “almost” about to speak, but “difficult” it is when you are still active in the game (he runs one of the professional teams you know) and when the International Cycle Organisation stands forward saying that Bjarne should keep his mouth shut because it damages the sport to speak about the past (!), and yes this is indeed what he said, so all of this sport is STILL playing a game, and everyone knows it, and still the active “cannot” speak out the truth, but former stars can, so now we only have to bring the active forward on the cross they brought me and confess to their WRONG actions, and yes you know the story, SPEAK OUT THE FULL TRUTH WITH ALL DETAILS, FILES AND NAMES – IN PUBLIC, and yes it should not be very difficult to do, right (?), and this goes to ALL DARKNESS OF THE OLD WORLD, and you know, all of you still hiding out there!

FB 120213 MW

  • I have not yet written my comment to Marion, and this means that she has been brought an old Danish saying on her mind, which is “you have to twist yourself like the eel”, and she asked what this means, and it is from an old Danish novel “the eel” and means “to get out of trouble with ease”, and this is what she is doing these days getting out of “my trouble” telling her how she is working for darkness when focusing on herself and what spirituality means to her, and what she has decided to use it for (personal use for herself and others, and not to help the world).

FB 120213 Marion

  • Thousands of young Danes have been partying, shouting and destroying in Prague making them feared and there has also been two knife stabbings among Danes there, so 4,500 Danes are now sent home, and this is again a symbol of the worst darkness working inside the city of the most beautiful ladies in my mind, and this is happening because I am cleaning out the worst of all, which darkness does not like.

BT 120213 Prag

  • Elijah has NOT returned to my website since February 8, so he is missing the three last of my scripts, so “impossible” for you to keep up, Elijah, when there is no true will?
  • Torben brought “Piano for Rap”, and I brought Shu-bi-dua’s “Rap Christmas” with “rap” being what a duck says trying to save its life, and I said that this was really “symbolic inspiration” given to Torben, because “rap” is here a symbol of new creation, and it will soon be Christmas again.

FB 130213 Torben



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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