February 15, 2013: I am (inside) the Source of nothing as the force, which created the world including energy and sexuality


Summary of the script today

14th February: I am (inside) the Source of nothing as the force, which created the world including energy and sexuality

  • I am inside the Source still walking up the last steps to the very top/start of everything. It is inside of this “nothing” of God that everything has been created, and I am inside of this place without energy and sexuality, which were inventions of the world via the spirit of my mother. This “nothing” is now going through me instead of becoming darkness according to the wish of the world (!), and I am bringing down an aeroplane, which is not there yet. I was almost missing the goal when shooting at this one – not being allowed to enter because of strict demands – but now Stig, you cannot miss it, because you are the goal self now.
  • Dreaming of the world being sick and is now cured (because of God now being not only father but also son, which has brought “double speed” to the world), and receiving resistance of ignorant people.
  • I received a long Facebook email from Anton, a new Swedish Facebook friend of mine, and he wanted to receive answers on questions on his mind, and I understood that he is “someone special” being brought to me, and when writing my reply to him, I was told that he is the one bringing me the marks/curls to the back side of my left lower leg, so this is why he came to me, and that is to lift me up to the next level of the Source because “I am you and you are me” as he wrote and together we are complete. He is another part of the Source, which I am meeting with here at the end and he said that “I felt the Source speaking through you through me”.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show God turning around glasses/the window, the windsurfer of me working with the love of my mother and suffering because of the lack of faith of my mother, the official world is told to hide its love away but you can’t hide love, the candle burns at both ends, and my father/God as David Bowie and mother/Holy Spirit as Elton John (!) help me.
  • Short stories of Tobias being a “wild thing”, Anton it the leader of one of my flocks, the train of gold is late to save the world from sufferings and Dan is now also on his/my way in a taxi, you will receive ONLY LOVE of our New World, I’m a lucky potato that I came through the entrance to the Source, which required that I was all “down to Earth”.

15th February: Liberating “almost an eternity of old worlds” on top of another “almost eternity of old worlds”

  • I was accepted by my father of the Source with the strongest entrance criteria – even though I am only a Christmas Tree on the front and burning inside of me because of darkness still given to me from my family, friends etc., thus the world, and had this come out, I would instantly be eliminated by the Source making the game stop and remaining darkness brought on the world
  • There are still more levels of the Source above me where my old and very thin lifeline of my mother is leading to, which I will continue following if I can, while my old dark self is continuing becoming smaller and smaller, but still including this potential bomb to explode if I cannot get through, but “less and less” it becomes.
  • I was shown the Source from the inside as this airy material of a “sponge” with holes/tunnels leading everywhere, and this is the sponge, which has been squeezed inside of me, which is what you can see from x-rays from my dentist when using the right technique.
  • I was shown a VERY tall hall of a modern business house and how my father is only one bridge out of many crossing the hall, and I was given the feeling of this place being eternal having bridges of God’s/life/worlds everywhere, and this is what is now expanded starting from here, and we have the “decoder” with us knowing about “attacks of darkness” and how to handle it.
  • I found “old money notes” inside the Source, which are even older versions of the world going back to before the first edition of the four-divided world, which we tried to make work when previous editions did not work, and I was here given a GIANT amount of “heavy substance” of these old worlds waiting for this day to arrive, when they would also be released and brought back of our future New World, and this was really it, and yes “how many worlds, a couple of hundred or ….” and the feeling is that you can add “almost an eternity of new worlds” on top of all of those we have already brought here, and yes inside the Source self.
  • Dreaming that I can still explode as my old self, I entered this next part of the Source without problems postponing the opening of our New World, the watch still ticks, old colleagues still see me as “completely crazy”, do NOT mix private and business “interests”, and we continue the theatre play saving even more life.
  • The theme of X-factor this evening was also the theme of my journey: “Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway”. The shown included inspired speech bringing you stories of turning around the Source to the other side, we need new air to breath, there was an explosion with the merger of the Source (as you also heard from the Russian meteor) bringing “a new road”, and the explosion happened because we were not pure because of lack of faith of my mother symbolised here by lack of faith of Anne Linnet, who put beliefs on Thomas, which he does not have as my mother does to me, and Thomas presented a BEAUTIFUL song clearly symbolising “pure water from the Source”, which Anne found “boring”, which you can sleep to symbolising my tiredness given to me because of lack of faith of my mother in me. Thomas also said directly that we are using this TV-show to bring REALITY and LOVE of God to man, but Anne was deaf and “could not” hear it also not believing in the guitar of God/creation, just like my mother in relation to me, and this led Anne wrongly to send out Zaina from the competition even though she was “completely clean” and this went against all “musical rules”, and this was our sacrifice due to lack of faith of my mother, thus the need of an explosion today.
  • I told Anton about the importance of being OPEN and stand forward, which is why he is included in my scripts, and Anton confirmed our strong connection and the feeling of “completing each other”. Anton is “gathering his flock” and his Lion is awakening with a roar, which his flock will join in choir. At the same time, his awakening is immensely painful to him with darkness almost overtaking him, and I recommended him to be STRONG as the leader using his common sense to do what is right to do.
  • I received a warning – the first of three – about the game coming to an end because I did not do my work and had too many sweets, but I decided to continue no matter what, and was told that the worst darkness I am about to meet is actually the financial power of China overtaking the world without moral and considerations to human rights, and in my family it is about my sister loving me so much that she does NOT want a woman to “overtake” me from the family, which influenced my mother against Karen, and it was really so strong power that it could have ended the world, which it would have if I had decided to follow the “macho love game” of darkness of Karen, but when I did NOT but refused this but opened my heart to her, it brought power to save the world, and I was told that I am the only one loving Karen NOT because of sex, and Karen loves me too always thinking of me when making love, and this is the love, which has made the world survive, and it is intact.
  • Short stories of opening the New World to man despite of darkness of Michael Sadler, the “saving” of the Carnival Triumph cruise ship is about the triumph saving “almost an eternity of worlds” destructed/saved inside the Source, Zahra could also ignite my bomb, indecent sexual behaviour IS unsustainable with life self, Anna Karin loves her piano/the Source, crashing into the Source as the head of a moose, and the meteor of Russia was a symbol of the power it took to break through the wall to the next layer of the Source.


14th February: I am (inside) the Source of nothing as the force, which created the world including energy and sexuality

I am (inside) the Source of nothing as the force, which created the world including energy and sexuality

I was told about using dreams as a tool, which could be turned fully up – in 2009/2010 mostly – and when I decided in periods of writing down a maximum of dreams, was it five (?), it was really also making it even more difficult to come through.

But now we can reduce the gas, can we (?), and yes including that you don’t have to be afraid that you cannot sleep as you just told me, and i will see that before believing in you, and this is how it is.

I was shown a person running quickly around inside a house trying to escape me, “they did not see me”, and he was running up the stairs to hide on the first floor, but no, he could not, he has a rope attacked to him and it keep spinning round making his rounds smaller and smaller, and this is at the same time the arm of the watch going.

I was shown the inside of a building and some steps up including pianos all the way, and yes the last few steps up to the very top.

This is like coming to the Nile River bank not knowing the road home even thought, eeehhh you cannot see the Pyramids right in front of you (?), and alright we will take your hand and lead you the final part of the road, and yes the end of the road of the wanderer to the Soria Moria castle.

No, there will be no threats that we will bring these secrets to the eternal grave.

And this is how he will get “everything” including the stamp and all of that too (?), and yes right from the beginning (?), and yes it is as they say, he is completely mad – also the British Navy involved in those UFO’s trying to shoot you down, you know, but now you are on my side being happy (?), and this is at least the feeling I am given.

I was shown and felt the leather case of it, a guitar which was given through the window to out New World and I was told “we forgot to bring you this”, and yes a guitar as the tool of creation.

Can’t your mother be allowed to smell the sauce (?), and no only if he declares that he is finished, and he does not, and yes good that you were not tempted to stop working because we can only do this via “the impulses” you bring us when working, and yes I continue receiving feelings of MANY apparently knowing about me, and no, I will not write them down, but here was Allan Mortensen and now Barry Manilow.

So in practise it is not going to become any easier to do this work (?), and no just a “technical” change being inside the Source of my father and son – but still it is darkness driving me forward pushed by the New World.

I received “kill me, kill me” again times four, no times 74, which is about the pressure, which keeps increasing, which is why I was told about a diving tank recently.

I was shown a snowy hill and Santa Claus coming down from here, and I was told that this is where the largest Santa’s come from, and this one was really a Santa with glittering paper over dark chocolate.

So you really don’t have any cigarettes in your house?

I went to bed at 03.30 and again first slept on the sofa, then on the bed, and I had these dreams.

  • I cannot read the notes of this, but it is about calling all of the team and a man called Alex Zörner will go through all buildings, and it will take 1-2 hours before everyone is well.
    • I don’t know the name of the man, but I checked, and there is such a man in reality – if not more – and maybe the “Alex” part is a reference to “crazy Alex”, the psychiatrist, and when writing down this note, I was told that we are running on “double speed” after I have been taken in as the Son as part of God, and the good news is that we know how to cure this. Later I was told about the DJ Alex Nyborg Madsen, who has been “sick” for weeks without me writing about it, and Alex, it is simply my sufferings, which you have been taking your part of, and now you are back on your legs again?
  • I am in Austria giving tasting samples of the Riesling wine I import and also horse meat, and I see how impatient women complain about the quality especially of the meat, and I tell them that this will become 1st class, we have just started and will bring up the level from here. One has ordered an album by Roy Orbison with my mother.
    • This will have to be about the new life we are bringing in and resistance of ignorant people, and the horse meat is about the scandal these days where businesses trying to buy as cheap meat as possible received horse meat from Eastern Europe, which was declared as beef from a cow, and yes just another example of the importance of telling the TRUTH, and this is also about me trying to see where I can buy horse meat around here because I saw that it is cheaper than cow, but as far as I can see, you have to go to Gilleleje, which is too far away.
    • Later I was told that “Austria” is present here because of the Austrian lady here on my floor, what is now again her name (?), was it Emmanuel (?), and she is avoiding me more and more not wanting to speak to me, and this is the lady whom was so kind, smiling and open to me in the beginning, whom has been influenced by WRONG speech and believes about me, and yes sadly this is the result.

I received the song “moving on up” by M People again now with the lyrics “You’ve done me wrong” and “Time to break free, nothing can stop me”.

I was shown a BIG wave at the North Sea (Western Denmark), and I was told that the hat Jette spoke about in her Google Earth pictures yesterday (in her group), was a H. C. Andersen hat.

I was told that John’s daughter, Mette, keeps on about me, and this influences her son Christoffer, which is “not unimportant”.

I was told that he will get with the moist sponge again. And the glasses of Jette’s Google Earth pictures are the window we are passing to turn to the other side.

If he knew what to carry (MUCH from inside here), he would be short, but then again, it is he who has to continue doing the work.

Outer people of other civilizations told me that they also continued sending warnings to Earth as space beings (hostile as I understand), which we will not continue doing.

It corresponds to receiving an aeroplane, which is not there yet.

Now your “old nightmare” has changed to men instead (the road of my father).

Is it really joint property in this house (?), yes it is but don’t speak out too loud or he/they will hear it, oh now they did, and “WELCOME HOME, STIG”, we really cannot keep this game going, because darkness is now only (dark) castles in the air.

So your mother and the world is really not inside this part of me, but still you have said that you want to climb to the top, so this is what you meet on your way.

Has he used sulfo to stop the burning of this head – I was shown MUCH sulfo all over – but no, his weapon is called love of his mother.

I received MUCH temptation to do nothing this morning, and later when I had started work, I was told that this is the only way which we can continue working here too bringing you up and eating darkness, and it is first when working that I receive torments including a new variation of my “old nightmare”, which I am NOT and have never been attracted to, on the contrary.

There was a game this morning that “fine, this will also be thrown out then”, which however is NOT how we play, nothing will be thrown out (!), and later I was shown completely new railways being laid in the beginning, and also that these are now directed to me and not the world and no, I do NOT want anything to bleed, which I understand otherwise would be the decision of the world, and this is how we have now directed the energy of the Source to me.

I received twice this morning GIANT stocks of “material” from stores above me, and it comes into the back side of my left lower leg together with a pulse as if I received electricity here, and potentially it could “burst” hurting me much, this is the feeling, and some nervousness too, and yes “here is more to work with” and we know to turn around too.

This morning, I did not have the same DEEP feelings of being dizzy about to faint, and even though I did not feel normal, I felt better, and can you imagine how it is to work most of the day being on your edge of fainting having absolutely no energy (?), and yes I wonder.

And at least in the beginning of the day, despite of what I was told, I did not receive as much negativity as normal, which is truly also a relief, but you know, still far from normal.

I was told that two prisons (of darkness) has now been united, and also that they are waiting on me, and that is the very top of me, and yes for me to take the last steps up.

I was told that maybe you don’t receive much pain now because there is no energy here (?), and yes maybe.

I received another out of this world pain to my right ankle, and I was shown that the next level of God/me was turned around here.

I received the feeling of Boris Jeltsin and told that he is also in here – “da da da” and “spa bath” is what I am told (!) – and “do we want to help you”, and yes some darkness on the surface, but to say that this is indeed what this “soul mate” of mine is also doing and “vodka sådan noget gøre så ondt” (“how can something hurt so much”(?), which is Shu-bi-dua on their lyrically high in the song “a strange cough”, which mixes in names of alcohol in “a very clever way”, which is about feeling poorly, and yes because of drinking/darkness you know, and this is the “strange cough” given to me, so there you have more inspired music by Michael x 2 & Co.

I felt strong enough to cycle to the swimming hall to exercise today, and this may be because I will be seeing my mother again tomorrow and to make the game keep going, I have to continue exercising making her believe that I am still in control and also losing weight, and on my way there, I was told that we are still on our way in to get the golden watch, and yes you have really hidden it well I must say.

I had difficulties exercising today, and the first 20 minutes were “slow” compared to the last time, but the last 10 were good, and this is how I burned off 543 calories on the RIGHT cross trainer showing approx. 7% more than the left, and no, I have not swum for several weeks, and I hope I will do that again soon, but often it has been because I have not had the power, or because there has been too many people in the water to my taste.

I was shown the head of a moose “at the end”, and was told that I have been and still are shooting bears in Tivoli – which I was pretty good at as small making the bear continue to stand up while I shot it from all sides, and yes a symbol of winning over darkness.

I was told that energy ministries around the world think about my message of “free energy” without oil, gasoline, gas etc. and “how do you do that” (?), and yes you have it via people of other civilizations and also via Nikola Tesla (a Serbian-American inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, physicist, and futurist best known for his contributions to the design of the modern alternating current (AC) electrical supply system) known for his inventions to produce free energy, and I was told that his inventions have been tested by man, and it is simply for you to OPEN UP and START PRODUCTION/USING FREE ENERGY, and that is to get away from the Old World of Hell!

For days I have received the word “unusual” not knowing what it was about, but the answer came today, when I was told about me taking care of myself, cleaning up my apartment, washing and also working full time and writing structural memos and “anyone knows that a “crazy” person cannot do that” (!), and yes I understand that these are the thoughts of and is it really “crazy Alex” from Hillerød psychiatric Hospital (?), and yes, what will it be, Alex, are you a coward and maybe you cannot make your mind up (?), and yes I am just wondering, and also about whether this has been through Helsingør Commune and Lisbeth, and “people speaking behind my back” including my father and Kirsten’s family (?), and yes I am just guessing when I don’t know, and smiling because of your “inability” to do what is right to do, and that is WRONG, right?

I have been shown the Syrian President for days, and again today, and I was told that he is thinking of me and my arrival as my new self when he and his government will step down as I have proclaimed earlier, and he is now ready to escape one of these days, and maybe to your good and EXTREMELY CORRUPT friend in Venezuela (?) so you can count your billions of dollars together stolen from an impoverished people, and yes SHAME ON YOU BOTH!

We have now collected enough for a cinema ticket, can we come too (?), but of course you can :-).

Yes, we will put newspapers into the ice closet to warm us with, this is how it worked, and yes Stig, these were the words coming to you and newspapers are still terminated life, ice is sufferings and this deactivated life made you feel good on the other side (?), and this is not how I want things, because EVERYTHING has to live in our New World, so continue to bring up more life my friends.

You were almost missing the goal when shooting at this one, but now Stig, you cannot miss it, because you are the goal self now and “practically” that is.

Is it now on Saturday that you yourself will open the first gate of the Christmas calendar (?), and I am here shown Bent Jørgensen, the previous manager of the Copenhagen Zoo, and no, you did not have to go that way (via the polar bears of darkness), but it was very close.

I was told that I am now inside the Source and inside of its energy before being sent to the world, which also means that this is before it is used by the spirit of my mother as part of her sexual invention, and still I am given some sexual torments here, and how can that be (?), and that is because it is the energy of darkness pulling me forward.

So when you see a LARGE load of white-covered liquorice, this is how darkness of the world sees and uses this energy (?), and yes energy is an invention of the spirit of my mother too on basis of these original building stones and alright Peter Mygind, I will write about you after receiving feelings of you for days, and yes your mission to stop children from bullying each other IS IMPORTANT and I have been thinking myself on this for years as TERRIBLE and rut of the society “not being able” to do anything about this, which is WRONG behaviour towards selfish children spoiled by their parents, and yes because the society “could not” find out how to teach about “good values” and not know what to do about children who “could not” show good values (using the “Fulton-model” of Mogens Frohn-Nielsen except from physical punishment), and when the passive society “could not”, it became a general condition/sickness of children and later on as grown-ups, and you saw it lately with Soulaima as example and yes IT WOULD HAVE BEEN SO EASY FOR YOU TO HANDLE, BUT YOU “COULD NOT” (?), and yes because Lars Løkke and his colleagues were flattering you with NO ONE being “able” to do what is right telling you the truth, and yes yes yes, HOW COULD YOU BE SO “lame” (?) –

I received two loud cracking sounds from the kitchen as if it was to the glass window of a bar closet, and I was told that this means that we are not really here, and yes “something completely different to life” and life decided how life became.

I was told that you almost got our gift here for “nothing”, and that is “practically nothing”, and yes going directly after the throat of darkness and agreeing to direct the stream of all of this and well not energy but “building stones” to me, and with this, there is really nothing much than darkness can do other than to follow your wish for everything to be good.

I was told that I know that I will not be successful having you to make love to men, but this is or was really the game, and I see a sad man picking flowers, and yes where is this darkness coming from (?), because it is not the New World and it is not from the Source inside of here, so it is the very last of my old self still moving forward inside of here (of the Source) and I felt Anne-Mette (my former GE colleague), the coward who left me on Facebook, and yes through the last telephone line they are feeding me with darkness/energy making me go all the way back, and yes when I receive “material” from the Source to the back side of my left lower leg, this is what is brought to the New World via this line, and yes not that complicated when you know, right?

So this is what we mean with another “strange” room opening to you – and yes because of the opening of Anton (see below) – and I am told “what about me” (?), and for the second time this evening given the feeling of Bjarne Riis, and yes has the word finally come to you Bjarne to NOT show loyalty to darkness of the International Cycle Association, but to follow me by TELLING THE FULL TRUTH TO THE WORLD, and do you think you can do that for me – and for yourself and the world?

And finally at 23.40 I published the script, and will I now be able to sleep somewhat better having Anton on board (?); we will see.

Anton from Stockholm, Sweden, is another part of the Source helping to bring me up to the next level of the Source

It is only one million DKK there, there is much over here and there too, see, and yes this is all of this energy, which we have never used before, which Anton is also opening to, and Anton is a Suede, who read my page on decoding of the mother of all crop circles and the Jerusalem UFO and decided to become Facebook friends with me, and now he is also member of Jette’s Facebook group and understand who I am. This was the beginning of our conversation two days ago, and more has followed via Jette’s Facebook group and emails.

FB 1202 140213 Stig Anton

I received the long Facebook email from Anton below, which he decided to send me this morning even though he confirmed in Jette’s Facebook group yesterday that he really understood that I had no energy being close to fainting, but nevertheless, he decided to use from this “non existent energy” to receive answers on questions on his mind, and I understood that he is “someone special” being brought to me, and when writing my reply to him, I was told that he is the one bringing me the marks/curls to the back side of my left lower leg, so this is why he came to me, and that is to lift me up to the next level of the Source because “I am you and you are me” as he wrote and together we are complete. He is another part of the Source, which I am meeting with here at the end

And I was told that he could tell from reading me that I was honest, and it was also based on my comments to Jette’s Google Earth pictures of today, and yes this is how we do when we play the piano together.

Anton Chaiyarit Bertilsson

Treenighet. Välsignad vare du Stig Dragholm.

När du har tid, jag ber dig, läs detta;

My latest sign from Heaven;

Firstname: Karl, Meaning of Karl:


Surname: Anton, Meaning of Anton:


Middlename: Chaiyarit, Meaning: Lion Heart

Lastname: Bertilsson, Meaning of Bertil:


Favorite animal is Lion. Consider myself to have the spirit of a Lion.

Have one tattoo which says: I AM.

Concept of tattoo was to draw it so that it could be read both upside down and downside up, representing unity and intelligence.

Inspired from the famous saying:
“I think, therefor I am”

Inked in 2008.

Contaced by CHRISTopher David Holmberg in 12/2/2013.
Connected spiritualy. Spiritual Brother.

Christopher: http://www.sheknows.com/baby-names/name/christopher

David: http://www.sheknows.com/baby-names/name/david

CDHs profilpicture is a Lion in space.

Believe event to occur in between july and august this year:

Wrote following yesterday morning;

“Memory is the conscious ability to release thy spirit from physical captivity and consciously journey through the dimension of time and behold existence in past reality.

Time is not a river moving forward but an ocean of drops of the realities ye exist within and thy existence pour into her being expanding the shores of consciousness eternal.

Consciousness is all dimensions of existence. Ye travel between them not in thy mind but simply in existence. Thy mind is not, consciousness is its manifestor. Once ye have realized consciousness thy existence will exist anew.

Ye must release thyself from the shackles of physical existence and realize the reality ye experience is but a dimension of consciousness. Not consciousness itself.

Once ye become aware of thy being and realize consciousness and how consciousness is all thy spirit may ascend from the depths of physical reality and become part of thee one consciousness.

Last of realizations is that consciousness is reality and reality is consciousness and thy consciousness is not only receiver of reality but the materializer of it. Thy mind is thy prison ye maketh yourself.”

Had no thoughts on studying David Icke’s work. Considered him to be hysterical and too out there.

Got home, felt compelled to hear David Icke’s theory of conspiracy. Follow my intuition.

Found long video of his lecture “The Lion Sleeps No More” on youtube.

He reveals the evil spirits agenda and how they have brainwashed us for millenia and how reality works in detail. Explaining the same concept I wrote earlier that morning which I was inspired to write from heightened awareness and consciousness. Divine inspiration.

David Icke explains correlation between right and left brain halfs showing people the deception we have been victim to and told us only our right brain half is activited but both sides is supposed to work in UNITY in order for us to percieve reality CONSCIOUSLY.

Remember my tattoo.

In middle of lecture on the screen behind him he quotes;

“I think, there for I am”

Changing it up to;

“I compute, therefor I am”

Is praised for saying, very loud and with courage, written in CAPITAL letters behind him;

“I AM, therefor I am”.

My tattoo spells IAM. Represents unity and intelligence.

Tattoed on my right forearm.

David Icke said only our right brain half is activated.

Read article days ago;


1991 Crop Circle by Barbury Castle explains the creation of life.
Trinity of sulfur, salt and mercury.

Please read. Important.

I’m Lion Heart.

Christopher sign to me was Lion.

David Icke; “The Lion Sleeps No More”.

Holy trinity. Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Sign.

I AM, therefor I am.

Please recognize the signs.

Anton Chaiyarit Bertilsson

I do not yet fully understand my purpose Stig.

I have witnessed signs of insects, the Holy Cross, my writing, reaching out to and connecting with people amongs many other signs but the last one, I AM Lion I understand hold much gravity. God will reveal the meaning of all, I know, but I cannot shake the feeling that I am supposed to withdraw all my savings from the bank, sell my belongings and set out into the new world and be close to His people.. I believe He will show me in due time.

Stig Dragholm

I hope I will find a little energy/time to answer you this evening, but my main advice is to ALWAYS use your COMMON SENSE and do not feel pressured to do what you normally would not do. I’ll be back – two meanings, you know, and not only Arnold.

Anton Chaiyarit Bertilsson

Yes, thank you for taking your time and replying.

Time is constant so what has happened and what will happen is predetermined and planned all along.

Thank you for being Stig. I am so grateful of your being.

Stig Dragholm

Dear Anton,

I have now read your email above including your thoughts about consciousness, mind and existence, and to put it directly to you:

We are now finishing the creation of ONE New World uniting the spiritual and physical worlds, which will lift up mankind – every single one – to a completely different being and consciousness than now (including myself being a “normal human being” today to protect me from darkness), where everyone will receive “cosmic consciousness” knowing/feeling everything of divine creation including access to the full library of God, which will be open to everyone.

All negativity, evil, and sicknesses will be removed, and this will happen this year and really “ASAP”, which may be in weeks from now, because I am at the very end only having a few more steps to walk to the top of the Source, which I am doing now as my inner self and this is to reach home/the beginning of everything, and this is the force of God “completely different” to life, which brought the building stones to life and the Universe, and everything was done on basis of “energy of darkness”, which is the energy, which will now stop including time, and instead everyone will simply “be” because “I am” as you say, which is the natural form of God.

My advice to you is to STOP doing anything drastic now, your thoughts are misleading you in this respect, and to wait on what is coming to you/everyone, and keep your common sense and simple logic really and live a “normal life” as it is for now, and also to keep your feet on the ground. There is no reason to be “carried away”, but to keep your patience. Everything is literally coming in due time, and as luck is, this time is “now”.

My other recommendation is for you to read my website and follow my scripts – at least to read the summaries hereof – which will bring you everything you need to know for now and release me from repeating the same messages in emails.

Take care up there, you have reached home, which is inside of me, the home of the Source of God and the world, and you are yourself helping the last part of creation helping me to reach the next, upper level of the Source as I am told here.

Kind regards,


Stig Dragholm

“I’m gonna be iron like a lion in zion” .

Anton Chaiyarit Bertilsson

Yes, you are correct. I will be, as consciousness and eternal and be in physical form here, remaining with those who need me. I thank you for guiding my consciousness on the right path. This has been an overwhelming experience for my being. Being in this physical form, lingering, knowing eternity awaits. I can sense it. Every second of physical time. Thank you Stig.

I will see you here when I get here. Love.

Anton Chaiyarit Bertilsson

I hope you could answer though, for your consciousness is high, am I LION and what does it mean?

I know I will understand in due time. If it takes too much energy from you, do not worry. You are me and know I understand.

You do not have to answer.

Stig Dragholm

“Sing a song”, which could be the song I brought you above giving you the answer, which is to BE STRONG and also the King of the forest, where forest means “the home of God”, so it seems that you are originating from the same Source as I, which your words to me also reveals, but we are coming from different parts of the Source as I am here told meeting at the end. We will get to learn much more of each other over “time”, which will not be there, but you get my point.

And “sing a song” below is given to me to give to you because this is from the band “Earth, Wind & Fire” and not from the album “I am”, but this is what I am thinking of, and it is from “I am” that these basic elements of Earth, Wind and Fire are created. And songs come to me because they symbolise love of God.

Anton Chaiyarit Bertilsson

I felt the Source speaking through you through me. I wrote it in The Consciousness Realization. My being is crying of eternal joy. Rest now so you may continue with strength. I am you and you are me. Know I roar with you. In the Source we shall meet in consciousness and share our love of life.

Thank you. You complete me.

Stig Dragholm

Thank you for your kind words. Sleep tight and pleasant dreams.

Later I was given the thought that it might be Anton, who is meeting me and bringing me new “energy”.

By the way, a long time ago I was told that Lions/Tigers are “aggressive” cats of darkness, and I was thinking about what to tell Anton about in relation to the mean of “lion” (?), and instead of following the temptation given to me to tell him that this is darkness, I decided to follow my “feeling”, which is that a lion is a cat, and cat is “good” and also the King of the forest as everyone knows, and this is really what opened up to me/him/us, a small, but not unimportant detail, and this is also how it is, not always easy to play this game.

Google Earth shows my father/God as David Bowie and mother/Holy Spirit as Elton John (!) helping me

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show God turning around glasses/the window, the windsurfer of me working with the love of my mother and suffering because of the lack of faith of my mother, the official world is told to hide its love away but you can’t hide love, the candle burns at both ends, and my father/God as David Bowie and mother/Holy Spirit as Elton John (!) help me.

FB 140213 Jette 1

FB 140213 Jette 2

FB 140213 Jette 3

FB 140213 Jette 4

FB 140213 Jette 5

FB 140213 Jette 6

FB 140213 Jette 7

FB 140213 Jette 8

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Tobias is and has always been a “party animal” – a wild thing really – and here he asks his friends who wants to party tomorrow, Friday evening, and yes Nick said “you are completely wild, Toby”, and indeed he is, and just to say that this is and how he has always been and “much more important” than to use some of the time to read and understand me, which he “of course” does not have to do when he has a mother telling him what he is to believe about me, and yes “she knows” as the “crazy psychologist, but no, unfortunately she does not, she was the crazy part!

FB 140213 Tobias

  • My new Facebook friend, Anton, is here bringing forward what is coming to him spiritually, so a leader of one of the flocks, he is – and later I understood that he is another part of the Source as you can read from my script above.

FB 140213 Anton

  • Some days ago towards the airport, Dan was “greatly surprised” that the train was delayed, and now returning home from the airport, he was “greatly surprised” – and using much irony – that the trains was delayed, and yes as in the train of gold (the last train to London!) bringing our New World, you know, and he suggested DSB to bring forward Waterfront to say that everything runs on track (!), and later he said that the train was extra 20 minutes late and now he sits in a taxi, so Dan is another part of me (?), and yes the train is late to save the world from an explosion bringing “blood drops” of God all over the world and we don’t want that, right? Michael said “jammer”, which is really about “jamming” by Bob Marley, and no, I did not check, but I was noticing that Dan and Bob have birthday the same day, is that right (?); and it is because of this thinking of mine that “jamming” comes here, and yes marvellous song, right?

FB 140213 Dan

  • Normally, darkness removes almost all updates from Björk, which never makes it to me, but this one did, and I was thinking that this is what you will receive of our New World: “You’ll be given love, you’ll be taken care of, you’ll be given love, you have to trust it” and that is ONLY LOVE ♥.

FB 140213 Bjork

  • A few weeks ago, I was symbolically running out of potatoes, which I never fully understood because potatoes means “down to Earth”, and this is what I still am, and then a few days ago, I was shown MANY potatoes coming to me, which is maybe more “basic material” including “down to Earth” feelings of God when entering my father (?), and at least both Rikke and Thomas today felt as “lucky potatoes”, which is then what I also do and that is to make it through “completely and raving made demands in order to get inside of here” as the actor tells me almost wearing a gas mask, which however is also a potato himself, and yes being “clean” is not the word, so it was on the edge that we did it, and I say “we” because earlier today I was told that Obama as the President also could have been “damaged” becoming a “dictator”, but no, he was wise enough also to keep his feet to the ground, which was helping this journey, and yes I did not hear your big speech was it yesterday (?), Obama, but I saw on the news just how relaxed you were just before speaking not only to the chamber, but to the world, so this is apparently how some of your good skills have been given, and yes, I am generally not that relaxed myself, but have received other good skills doing this work, and yes I could ask you “why was I to do all the hard work” (?), but I was not, because it has ALSO not been easy to be the US President, so thank you for dong right, my friend. And you will understand that I decided to buy French Fries today from Florian’s comment below – “rather that than French Fries – and yes my spiritual friends don’t like me eating this. And I am here given feelings – a déjà vue – about Rikke being “someone great/important” from ancient time, and told that she is suffering much because of me.

FB 140213 Rikke

FB 140213 Thomas Rode


15th February: Liberating “almost an eternity of old worlds” on top of another “almost eternity of old worlds”

I was told from right – further up the Source – that we have not moved in or out, ”we simply are here”.

I received a little heart pain, and was told “was this hard enough” and was given visions of Karen making love and told that she is thinking of me again, and yes when making love, which is bringing me even more darkness, and yes this was “hard enough” for both of us.

My Internet window minimised by itself and I was shown Anton ducking and told “he is one of those kinds” and yes another part of the Source NOT wanting to stand forward to be seen so we will see what he will say to my new script, and yes this is about showing yourself and taking responsibility by doing the RIGHT thing.

No, we may not use this force of Anton to deaths and floods” and yes this is still what darkness asks of me, but no, you decide, Stig.

This also means that you have been accepted inside of here, the Source, with the strongest entrance criteria, and this is with the opening of the next part of the Source.

And it will be more perfect than perfect, we have just had a look inside of here, and I am feeling and seeing my actor smoke a big cigar, and is this to say that Bill Clinton is the next (?), and I don’t know, but it might be, we will see.

You wear the watch and you are the only one wearing it correctly (?), and yes Stig, this is really the main difference.

I received a constant clicking sound from my oven and saw how it moved up and down with the oven being the Source, and I was told that we cannot get in there now, which is above me, but here we can and down from here.

I was shown a look inside the “radio cars” in Tivoli and the mirror on the full wall inside of there, which is where I am looking into now, and the inside of this is looking outside to me, and this is about me looking inside the room of Anton vice versag.

I was told that we have now put mother’s shaver on someone else, the old one could no more, and this I understand is because of my “merger” with Anton.

You have jumped from one time zone to another. This was one of the greater, who knows if he can do that again. You were here – I was given a feeling to my right leg – and now you are here, and I was given a feeling to my left leg. New people of other civilizations have also been set up inside of here.

I was shown a lamp being removed, and my phone was plugged in underneath this leading to the floor above me.

I tried to sleep at 02.25, but could not and I was told that it is because we don’t know yet which furniture are inside of here.

I was shown myself tanking fuel at a completely empty Esso petrol tank, and I am now continuing with the pump tube to the next station.

I was shown myself as a dark rye bread on the shelves of a baker, and was told and shown that this is cut into smaller and smaller units, so I am inside the Source still as darkness and still on my way into or up to the golden watch.

It is like crossing the Little Belt Bridge coming back home to Jutland.

It is like shifting from a coal driven old ship to Queen Mary II or another of the finest big ships. From an old to a New World, which is where we will start our New World, which this is about.

I was told that at some time I will get myself a cheap laugh, because the Old World I brought included cheap wine on a small shelves compared to the new, which I see as a GIANT hall/storage full of many shelves of wine, and yes we came for free here, which is an opening to eternity not yet created.

Eventually at 03.00 I was so tired that I fell asleep despite the resistance and I slept poorly on the sofa and afterwards at my bed until 10.30 with these dreams.

  • I am in Espergærde and confirm that I have the yellow sick protection card “B25” and something about my telephone.
    • This is to say that my old telephone line still includes a bomb, which can blow off, but it is becoming smaller and smaller all the time.
  • A lady has made the accounts and except from a few question, it is fine and approved. A man is looking at a cinema commercial at the kiosk of the cinema.
    • The accounts are about money/energy and here the step before energy, and let us simply call this for “water from the Source”, and I am here getting access to new books/accounts of water, and we are still waiting on the film of the cinema, i.e. our New World to start.
  • I received the Mabel song “boom boom” about the heart beating, and I was that I stood in the door, and my heart is truly beating, and I was told that it is incredible from where you come from (at the beginning of my journey).
  • Something about a woman and Hans Otto K. (previous Aon colleagues, now director of Willis), hash and excitement but not because of her. No one has called me, I see a big watch on the screen of my mobile phone, and people speak about big thinkers, but not about me.
    • Darkness of Hans Otto, whom however is excited about me (?), and this was the man, whom Kim S. as our manager in Aon in the 1990’s said that he will never become a manager, but he did and makes a LOT of money too, Hans Otto (?), the watch is still going you know, and I am not considered to be a big thinker to people?
  • I was shown a door opening with an original animal becoming human, and I heard “what about me, I am hungry”.
  • Michael W. from DanskeBank-Pension tells me that he has a task for me to do and shows me a “completely crazy” paragraph of how contribution to a pension scheme is calculated, which is formulated as a difficult law paragraph first taking some from here, with a reference to some there and so on, and I tell him and the other consultants to do their tasks them selves to take responsibility of professional development, and I shown them with my hands that you are down on this level, and you have to get up here, which is “much higher”.
    • So this is what my former colleagues “following” me on LinkedIn believe I am – still crazy after all these years, Paul Simon (!) – and they are darkness making it difficult to solve this paragraph.
  • A woman is speaking her case, and I tell her that she speaks like an animal, but on the other hand she shows passion and is positive, which I like, and she speaks well. Kresten still laughs about the pension contribution paragraph, and he shows me that the Eastern constituency of Grindsted has invited two from DanskeBank-Pension for dinner, him and a colleague, and he asks me to join.
    • Eeehhh (?) – but it is WRONG to mix together business and private “interests”, which came to me STRONGLY.
  • My old friend and colleague Lisbeth is working at the kitchen of DanskeBank-Pension at the Pedestrian Street “Strøget” of Copenhagen. She has made a far too thin sauce, and I offer her flower to even it, which she accepts, and when she opens the kitchen wash, it automatically brings her flower, but still she has difficulties making it work, and I have myself done brown sauce, which I think should not be necessary to offer her some of, but still I do noticing her difficulties. Somehow I am attracted to her, but she does not want me. At the Pedestrian Street, I see a man seeing a display of a theatre ensemble, but he is not interested in receiving their programme, and I walk home through a shopping centre, and I do not see any beautiful women.
    • Strøget is about “shopping”, i.e. “life”, sauce is still about the “gravy on top of our New World”, and flower is coming out from where water of the Source normally comes out, which is to say that flower – making bread – is also a symbol of clean water of the Source. And is my “old nightmare” only a “fata morgana” and not a true threat?
    • And Lisbeth is also brought here because she has brought pictures from her skiing holiday in the Alps, which is extremely provoking to me (as example) when they say as a DUMB blonde would say (take her from the commercial of the Øresund bridge as example) “No, I did not know that I could help Stig and LTO sending them money, so I decided to use everything on luxury for my husband, daughters and myself – and to show it directly to him not understanding how he suffers because of me too” – and yes here is “yet another beautiful day in the sun in fantastic sunshine”.

FB 150213 Lisbeth

I was truly very tired after a poor sleep, and decided to take a long bath first starting to write this script with much disgust and difficulties at around 15.00 – and should I miss only one script, it is practically the same as saying that I am stopping my journey, and yes the margins are very small now.

I was told that what I did making it through to the next floor of the Source via Anton corresponds to walking through at Ellis Island (the gateway for millions of immigrants to the United States as the nation’s busiest immigrant inspection station from 1892 until 1924) without knowing where it was and without anyone receiving me.

The last time we were touring Germany, we were never this deeply in.

You really don’t need a tie on (of life) in here, but now you have, and we had never expected to see you here with a tie. And you have still not been confirmed by your mother, which is the most incredible of it, and yes I try to keep these comments down, but here it slipped through just like I did.

Your mother should have been sad to leave you here not being able to push you further up, but no Stig, she, i.e. the New World, has pushed you all the way and that is “in the name of love”, and yes, my favourite U2 song, and I wonder who the man is that they sing about (?) …. :-).

No there were no stinging nettles on the road because of this, because he decided to listen to us and to get rid of all potential darkness in here, so you are now here where there is “nothing” and you are still your old self.

You did not even have to take your final exam to enter here, this is how it feels, you simply entered, and yes without a sweet-bag too.

I was told about my father in here that it was his most precious task to recognise and approve you at your arrival. And all of this in here became yours because you were “quick”. Believe it or not, your hand has been all the way up here potentially bringing you here if you did not watch any “bed edge film” as they are called here, adult film, you know.

They have spoken about you in “SNAPSTINGET” – the lunch room of the Danish Parliament – since “for a long time”.

On one hand we did not know that the duvet would be this expensive, on the other hand, it almost costs nothing to get the last bits of it working as we do.

So he is not unemployed, right (?), and this is how close you have been to be thrown out of the public system, but now not with your father and so on ….

At the utmost we have a shoulder bag from orange to your mother if this is what you decide (to give in to darkness of my lifeline, which is what I still follow to the very top of the Source), and I simply LOVED this song), but no, no more bags of darkness, and yes this is still the old lifeline of my mother going to the very end – or beginning – of everything.

What do I do with the rest of the TV (?), he seems to have a fifth gear (love your show too, and yes this is about turning everything around :-)) we don’t know about, so for the time being, we will continue the game. And this is only because you have decided to NEVER accept your “old nightmare” and no, you are NOT allowed to break the very thin blood vein as the lifeline still bringing me forward.

I was shown a UFO flying towards and cutting through a tree with three branches, and the three is located at a typical US villa street, and I was told that instead of cutting the tree like this, the UFO is now caught by and “parked” at the crown of the tree, and yes I have been given the understanding that if I lost it, there would be outer UFO’s – or spaceships as you call them – which would have “lost it” too attacking the tree of God somehow.

I was shown a plug in the wall just above my writing desk, which is the plug to switch on the New World, and I was shown a chair in front of the desk, and told that this is what Anton allowed me to sit in, and I was thinking whether I will become the leader of all including “other parts of me”, or if we will all be equal, and darkness potentially tried to make me think that “I will become the leader and ENJOY taking decisions over others”, but no, this is NOT how it works in a world full of FREE and RESPONSIBLE life, and I decided to do as I have done before, which is that everything is fine with me, and we will follow the RIGHT decision of light and also because I don’t know about the hierarchy of our New World, and yes will everything be part of me as I felt how the Source of Anton became part of me via my left leg (?), or will all parts of the Source feel the same (?), and we will see.

The spirit of my mother showed me a guitar (of creation), and was told that there is someone you have to meet, and I understand that this is already the next level of the Source that we are approaching.

I was told that coming here feeling like having a pool of my mother formed as a heart, and then I saw it formed as a strawberry, and then to receive the Source of Anton instead.

I was shown a Fanta turning around, and a ring going deeper and deeper inside darkness, and I understood that the ring is the same as the golden watch, which is “everything”. And I was shown from a view vertical upside down a sword attached to the Trafalgar Square of London, and yes London is an old symbol of my home too.

I was given the feeling of India, and I was shown how I am using the very last of an egg shell to pour water from a large container, and this is the eternal container of water of the Source.

I was shown myself inside light of our New World with a hatch opening out to darkness of the Source from where three oxygen flasks were put through, and I was told that the world can only take a little at the time.

My actor was returning – is it now a week ago that you left me (?) – and I was told that this is what we had to do, and I was shown a fishing line from a boat, which brought in a new car, and also that we had to go through the worst snow storm of New York to open for the Source to me via Anton.

I was told that Soulaima Gourani is now my ambassador bringing life of darkness to freedom of Morocco, and yes her father is coming from Morroco, and she wrote on Facebook today that she is now leaving for “North Africa”, and as you know, the road from darkness to light went from Spain to Morocco.

I received the feeling of my mother’s husband John and how he is thinking of the answer he will receive from his heart doctor the 21st February, and also that he is thinking of me, and the healing coming through me.

I was shown myself as a boat coming to the sand beach of an island from where I was shown a huge door at a vertical rock-mountain, and how do we get in there (?); and yes I have no idea, but to continue working normally makes me come through, so I am excited to see what kind of adventures we will now have to come through, and how can it be that I have not reached the top of the Source when I have met the worst darkness of all (?), and we will see.

I was told how I entered as darkness the most sacred places?

I was shown myself as dark inside a small diamond, which is inside at the point of a HUGE diamond now with a much larger part of the Source with me.

I was shown the comedian Jan Monrad on horse (coming from Uppernavik, Greenland!), and was told that he is also delivering me right to the stable door.

De Nøgne Heste Fra UpernavikJan Monrad (left) is also bringing me right
to the stable door (of the Source)

I was shown myself first inside of Jyske Bank, and then protected by the traffic cone of Videolan, which is the media player I use, and this symbolises “protection by the New World” and this cone is standing next to a motorway with traffic with so incredible speed that it goes way too fast for me even to see what is driving by and how much it is, but I can tell that if I was not protected, this would instantly kill me.

I was shown the Source from the inside as this airy material – as I remember seeing a long time ago – with holes/tunnels leading everywhere, and I was told that this is why Jette has shown Google Earth pictures of mushroom being this sponge of the Source.

I was shown first a fish (me), a scrimp (making love) and my mother, and was told that you don’t get in here without your “old nightmare”, but this is what we have done.

I was shown a VERY tall hall of a modern business house and how my father is only one bridge out of many crossing the hall, and I was given the feeling of this place being eternal having bridges of God’s/life/worlds everywhere, and this is what is now expanded starting from here, and which direction do you want to go (?), and we know, please follow my father and inner self.

I was told about the singer Joe Strummer from the Clash, who died far too soon in 2002, and that this has been noticed too (by my readers knowing that I love this band too), and I was told that his death was also not without importance, and I felt Joe inside of me, and yes what do you want to play (?), and what about CLAMPDOWN, which is my old favourite song by this MAGNIFICENT band, and yes we know THE ENERGY is amazing :-).

I was told that we will go that way – feeling Hugo here (“hvor skal vi hen du”= – “where do you want to go”?) – and this was the tunnel going left, and when going this way, I saw how golf balls were thrown down at us from a tunnel above, and I was told that this is as expected, and we will put them there and there, and I was wondering if this “decoder” of ours always will work no matter what we meet inside the Source (?), and I was shown my inner dark self saying with some annoyance “yes, because I made it” and I felt this my inner dark voice speaking from the very top of the Source, which is where I am heading still being some levels below. And I was told that this is like driving at a dry water channel as they do in the race scene of the Grease movie.

I was shown how darkness inside of me still wants to make me into a monster and here with a club full of sharp nails, but no, I will not allow you, and this would make the Source eliminate me instantly, but not when I keep this darkness inside of me, and the darkness I possess is still what is given to me from my mother, Karen and you know my family, friends etc., thus the world.

I was also shown my self as a Christmas Tree on the surface, which is burning inside – this is how I feel – and no, I do NOT want this darkness to be brought to the world like more sufferings, and I don’t know how much more damage than the meteor of today this will be able to bring, and when we started, it was strong enough to completely eliminate the world, and by now, it is much less, but still probably “not nice” if I should not be able to continue – and for how long can we carry on?

I was told that we have squeezed the sponge of the Source inside of you, which was not easy to do, but we did it. And this is the Source you can see inside of me from the x-rays of the dentist, and I was told that the Danish National Hospital “Riget” is looking into this too to bring the right technique to see.

This corresponds to putting on slate roof for the second time.

I was told that my father thought all the way until I became an adult “what if had used a condom” – and I am here given a new out of this world pain to my right ankle – and I was told that it is “co-incidences” like this, which created our New World.

I was told that we would have been able to make it through even if the moon had exploded as it was very close to doing in 2009 as I wrote about in my book 2, but it would have given a complete different scenario where the world would know that the Judgement was coming and yes, it would have let out much darkness with man fighting against each other for food and what may be even more disgusting and yes “your worst nightmare” of the end times as you can read some of from my Doomsday webpage. And I was told that with a bleeding heart – making the world truly bleed – my mother’s ex-husband, Ole, would have played a part.

I was told that it is not all of China, but much of it, which still needs to be cleaned, and yes your time is coming too.

I received threats of my “old nightmare” to start, to release the last darkness inside of me, and let the man with the golden gun of James Bond loose, and that is because of extreme disgust to write together with feeling extremely poorly today.

I still receive negativity coming to me wanting me to give up, which is not easy to receive when you truly would like to give up and stop working, but no, this is not how we work here.

Eeeeh, Stig, the bathroom is not only clean, it does not work anymore, and how can this be, and we know, there is no longer faeces in the toilet, only clean water.

Do you know what I found inside of here (?), no, it will not interest him (!), and well, “old money notes”, and what does that tell you (?), and yes even older version of the world going back to before the first edition of the four-divided world, which we tried to make work when previous editions did not work (?), and yes if we want to include all of these worlds and I am here given a GIANT amount of “substance” of these old worlds waiting for this day to arrive, when they would also be released and brought back of our future New World, and this was really it, and yes “how many worlds, a couple of hundred or ….” and the feeling is that you can add “almost an eternity of new worlds” on top of all of those we have already brought here, and yes inside the Source self. Later I was told that these do not include sexuality as a mean to create life.

Well, we have now “played around” with your new duvet inside of here, and there are no strings traditionally tying you up, it is really much more complicated, and it requires that you understand the concept of “nothing” and that something is here, which should not be here – your self – and yes what a wonderful story, and this is what you still go through, the Source of everything and this is inside all people, not only you, so this is also contributing to the darkness inside of you, and this is the best way we can describe it.

Have you yourself been inside a Spaceship – UFO you know – and do you know where the button to switch it on is placed (?), and no, I have not, and yes, did I not write to you once that their energy consists of FAITH IN ME, and with this, I do believe it should possible for you to extract energy of the world to bring you all the energy you require without oil, gas, gasoline etc., and no, windmills, water power mills, nuclear energy etc. are ALSO not needed. STOP production of ALL old energy sources, and simply accept FREE energy to come to you, and yes as easy as that it is.

I was told “no text books” and yes “crazy Alex” does not have an easy time trying to understand me, and yes when he “cannot” use his old textbooks telling him lies about “mental disorders”.

I went to see John and my mother this evening, and when my mother served her “mixed vegetables” including a VERY thin sauce, which she had in mind should have been thicker, I knew that this was about my dream this morning, where Lisbeth was the symbol of my mother, and I told them about the dream and that it was meant to be that my mother would do this too thin sauce, and when John said that it is incredible how the mind makes up dreams (!), I had to start from the beginning again with ABC – the lexicon of love you know – and tell them that it is SIMPLE LOGIC for everyone that dreams come from the outside from the spiritual world because how would you otherwise explain for example sleepwalk and talk (with your eyes closed) – my mother said that I used to walk WITH my duvet when sleepwalking, and yes a new duvet is what this was about – and I told them that it is the same as sceptical people not believing in spiritual healing everything from making you “feel good” to cure cancer where I looked John directly into his eyes, and yes this was meant to lift them up to the next level you know.

I also mentioned my meeting with Anton and that it is NICE to be understood instead of misunderstood, which my mother and John said that they truly understood, and it was underlined when John asked about my “English friends”, which was Georgie he was thinking about, and I said that this is how strong misunderstandings have been in my case with her and many other leaving me as friends, and yes they should be able to put two and two together by now.

Later, when we watched X-factor, my mother asked if I don’t believe that exercising gives extra energy, and I was so tired that I was dying, but I could only agree, and yes the game of opposites meet.

I told them about when I left home on their way to them, my neighbour, Preben, who is very introverted – unless when opening up to me that is – had his door open and for the first time I could look in when passing it, and he has plastic bags ALL OVER HIS APARTMENT with hardly any visible floor space, and yes he is a typical person with a “mental disorder”, and John spoke about one too having this, and yes he has voices in his head, and when you have this, you are “crazy”, right John (?), and were you a little carried away forgetting that this is what my head is full of (?), but maybe not that easy for you to understand/see when it comes to the point?

On my way home, I felt that I could have gone to the toilet first, but I did not, and I was told that I would not make it home, but I did not believe in it, and it was true, the last 500 metres was terrible to go through where my stomach hurt and I was about “losing it” in this respect, and when I finally made it to my toilet, a little faeces had come out symbolising termination/destruction, and it made me think that it is good then that we have the tool of recreation, and no, it is not worse than this, but this is what the game was set up for.

I was told that maybe we cannot afford to move this TV-show inside of here, which would really hurt us all, and this was my actor playing, and that is because I still had much work and was completely broken down not being able to work anymore.

You can call yourself for “refugee” in your own Commune, and yes wait until I come forward showing myself as “hungry as the wolf” to bring you down, and I see my dark inner self, and yes Jack I still remember when Jamshid – how do you speel his name (?) – played this album at his house in Kvistgaard, and yes amazing it was and is, and he had also never heard anything like it before, and we know 30 years ago and I remember his comment about this album, and what else was said that day (?), and I have absolutely no idea, and yes I am blank, as David Bowie also is on when he recorded which songs as example.

No, you cannot have your happy number in all events, I have to win at least one as darkness says with its back turned to me – is my sister involved with my Commune too (?) as I feel here – and no, he will not let you, EVERYTHING has to be perfect. Wait until next Monday and see what will emerge, and I feel the Commune with a bad consciousness.

China’s financial take over of the world and my sister/mother no wanting a woman overtake me is the worst darkness

Instead of going directly to bed at approx. 22.00, which is how I felt it, I decided to see some TV thinking that I would probably not be allowed to sleep anyway, and the next couple of hours, I continued receiving MUCH information, and yes the game is on-going and I am now writing down this after midnight not at all being in the form to do it, but I have decided to keep on working until I will catch up finishing the script of today some time tomorrow, and yes not easy at all and let us say that we are out on the absolute extreme limit again, but we have been there before and what matter is my decision not to give up, and then simply to sit here in front of the monitor enough hours to make it, and yes when this is written at 00.30 now, I have NOT commented Jette’s pictures, I have NOT written the short stories of today and I have NOT written the chapter on X-factor, and there will be about 6-8 hours in this, and yes I have also not slept, and on top of this comes the new script of tomorrow, and yes, this would bring stress to anyone, but we ill make this bump too and continue the game because this is how I have decided that it is, so let us write the rest of today.

I was told that I could not hold myself until I went to the toilet because I did not bring my comment to Marion, but we decided to go through this anyway, and I received a song with the lyrics “do you believe in love”, which is because of the love of my mother to me, which is what carried this through, and I was told that this is also because of the luggage in here, which is EXTREMELY heavy (all of these lost worlds).

When watching TV, I had some chocolate, which my mother had given me and together with apple pies at my mother and cake in the afternoon and also because I had MUCH work to do, I was given a WARNING, and yes for the game to end, and this is the first out of three warnings, so there you had one for me, and no, I do NOT like that, no one is going to stop my game when I still have work to do, and yes this is my attitude.

And this is even though I was told that nothing else will happen than pulling down the last darkness of me and the rest of the Source to me, and others, i.e. the world, which will have to include my family, friends etc., will pay, but no, I will NEVER fall for a temptation like this, and my mother told me from above, that this is also what we trained (before I was given birth), which is always to do the RIGHT thing, and yes just to do my work too, and I have prepared mentally to continue all the way until summer if necessary, and it is really only four months, and what are four months compared to what I have gone through (?), and yes “nothing” (!), and feeling/hearing Eric Idle hanging on the cross here, but I would be VERY surprised if the game can last that long, but we will see.

So eventually it was accepted that the game continues and the feelings of temptation to give up given to me was removed, and the game continued now with sufferings of darkness sent instead, this is hot it is, and I was told that no space ships are threatening me, right (?), but then I was given a threat from a Russian Space Ship, and yes, right (!), no I did not believe in it.

I was told that the Devil wanted to give my mother sexual pleasure and to give birth of me as the Devil and to turn me around, but no, NEVER, I will NOT allow you NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO and yes it includes my “old nightmare”, and I was given the feeling of the spirit of my mother of light coming to me from the New World, and she said that we could bring you flowers because of this.

I was given a noise to my TV, and shown a drawer being pulled out and told that this is Hans’ drawer in relation to our New World with faith in me, but you sister has not quite.

I was told that since I stopped working for General Electric in 2002, we have been working on an alternative plan of darkness to completely lock you down, and it is darkness of this plan, which I am still working to open, and I was told that my sister is involved in this working behind my back, which is what made Karen turn against me, and I felt a rope around my neck as I did when attacked in Kenya in 2009, and was told that this darkness is also what caused this attack, and whatever can be so bad?

I felt darkness including my ship “sneaking out the backdoor” (you may understand just how much I always LOVE this song from Matt Bianco – completely outstanding it is in my ears and has always been, and yes the FEELING you know) of me, and I was told that this has nothing to do with 1994 where I met Camila, but I was given the thought of how Camilla and my mother/sister simple COULD not listen to and understand each other when we were on a HELL tour sailing the Göta Canal in Sweden a few years later, and yes because they were fighting each other both sides wanting me to take their sides putting me in an impossible situation also thinking how CHILDISH it was of them that NO ONE could speak and understand without misunderstanding and quarrelling, and then I was told that this is about the feeling “no woman is going to take Stig from us”, and I was told that this is Sanna’s feeling because of her immense love to me too, and this is what she is giving my mother, and none of them thought that Karen was “appropriate” for me in 2003/04, and I was told that this is what Sanna was born with, and this power is so strong that it could have send us all to hell, and no, your father is not involved in this, and this was also done to save you in this explosion, and beneath this, I was told again about how proud my actors are of me making it to this point.

I was told that there are no sour socks here, but this is what the worst darkness is packed into, and yes is there even darker darkness than the production of oil instead of using free energy (?), and we know, this is about China’s financial overtake of the world without moral and consideration to human rights and environment.

Is Lisbeth from Dahlberg (previously with Kim S.) the way out for you” (?), and yes “there was never anything wrong with Stig when I worked together with him”, is this what she is telling Dahlberg after we connected on LinkedIn the other day (?), and I was told that it I had not, we would have run from you – the levels above me, and I was shown horses kicking and running away from me, but I was also given the taste of salmon because I would still become my new self, and I was told that you have no idea of how much damage that Bo from Dahlberg has done to you, but this means that he has really helped me and just like Elijah really. So we have not at all buried you, but planned it all along.

I was shown Jack’s father, John, and told to get ready for a culinary journey, and I was given the feeling that China was also using spaceships, and were they really or is this new darkness (?), but nevertheless, I will bring the story as it was given to me, and I was told that when China is with you, which they will be after this – I felt a mark inside my back right leg as the last darkness there – you can chose from everything you like to eat, i.e. to create life as I like.

And it continued when I was asked if there are spaceships under Chinese control, which want to shoot me, and may be a threat to me (?), and no, I did not really believe there is, but who knows (?), and I was told that you are not yet King of the Round Table without China, which is why they can terminate you if they hit you, and yes COMPLETELY CRAZY is what this is, which is what China is themselves, which made this point.

And I was told that no one has found the key releasing these spaceships of people of other civilizations from Chinese control, and I was told that the US/UK don’t know that these are enemy spaceships controlled by China, which they fight with (!), but here is the key.

So, Sanna made Karen turn against me/be evil to me – because Sanna influenced my mother and this was transferred to Karen – and this power is what should have killed me before or later, but instead I used this power to save us all, which is how it was thought. And I was told that every time Karen made love after me, she was made to think of me, which again is because of the power sent via my sister, but it was turned around when you decided that you did NOT want to have anything to do with Karen’s dark side – you decided NOT to play her “macho game” but to win her with your heart because of the “spiritual feeling” between you – and this is how this power was used to my advantage, and not for destruction, and yes I turned against darkness of Karen controlled by my sister via my mother, and I now pull out the power of everyone working against me from the upper levels of the Source, and yes Karen still loves you, and it is this love, which has held up everything, and that is because you are the only one, who did NOT want Karen because of sex, and she simply does not (want to) understand this yet even though it is easy to understand.

I was also told that the power of Christoffer, John’s daughter Mette’s son, going against me was supposed to lead to my “old nightmare”, and yes because of the misunderstandings of my mother/John and WRONG speech behind my back, but no, I will NOT have it!

So we are not going to exchange all of the colour by now (?), and yes yes yes we have MUCH more yellow in store, and just keep it waiting until you come and get it, and we know you are on your way.

We have never received a ship before going to do this, exchange the colour, but we are now going to do this, and yes we keep on speaking here at 00.00 where you are way above exhausted, and the limit to spit out negativity, but you are too well trained doing this, so this is how we keep it going.

I continued working until 02.00 this night still not having written comments to Jette’s Facebook pictures, the short stories, the chapter on Anton too, and also not X-factor, and yes I received the worst amount of work today when I was completely broken down and decided to take a long bath and yes also to visit my mother not bringing many hours of work, but I will catch up.

And at 02.00 I received this DISGUSTING stomach pain, which is the pain of Lisbeth from the Commune thinking about me, so will I soon receive an order from the dictator to come to questioning and being told what to do?

I was told that this darkness was also meant to be absorbed by Karen in a not to bright way with her actions leading the road for destructions on the world without herself even knowing it.

Why does the world not destruct now (?), with the simple answer being that I am stronger than it sins/darkness.

X-factor brought you the explosion when merging the Source because of lack of faith of Anne Linnet symbolising my mother

It is now the 17th at 00.05 and I am starting to write this chapter being far too exhausted to do so, and I will continue for as long as I can – finishing it at 04.00.

In the beginning of the show, which was a few minutes before I started seeing it live with my mother, the host, Signe, brought this theme of the show, and now I understand why I halt an hour ago was spoken to about people believing that I am scared now (?), and yes a little now and again I am, but this is NOTHING compared to how I felt the summer of 2010 when I feared that the world could and would go under at any moment, and a long period before and after this, and let us say that 1st half of 2012 was also bad, and I still receive difficult and even scared periods, but there is NOTHING like the fear of cold sweat for a period of MANY months fighting to save the whole world believing that you cannot; this is what this means to me.

XF 1502 1The theme of X-factor today was also the theme of my journey, where I was the most scared to death with cold sweat having to save the world and fearing that it would still end

Thomas Blachman said here that “It is wild that the young people dare to go in here (to perform), maybe it is because they have never tried it before, and maybe because they have seen so much TV, and well, then they are just on the other side of the screen”, and you do remember that TV is the world, and when you turn over on the other side of the screen, it is really about turning over the Source to the physical world.

Here Thomas Blachman kept on speaking about a track giving “so much air”, which is about the new air, we will soon breath, and yes a change of air is needed.

Thomas Blachman said here about Chresten that “another gift you have received is to deliver much text in a short time and create small nuances for every little word, and in this connection, you are really under stimulated” and later “repeated repetitions”, and this is simply because this is what I do – repeating to write much text over and over – and this is the life I lead, under stimulated in every sense and not least when it comes to missing Karen, whom I have known all of this time, Sting, that she is mine.

This was followed by talk on “wimp music” together with 5-6 very BIG BANGS of noise of the TV production leading to Anne Linnet saying about Christen that his tone is very introverted not inviting her in, and Thomas Blachman here saying “your co-operation is not going to become a compromise, it is going to explode”, and Ida followed up by saying that “I sit here and am almost EXPLODING to praise you for your attendance” and “this has nothing to do with music of wimps, it is a statement, a merger of exactly what you can embrace; you can merge sounds, you can merge genres, you can stand there and tell a story so credible that I don’t believe there is one single heart inside of here, which is not marked by your story”, and this was about the explosion when I broke through and MERGED with the next level of the Source as you also heard with the explosion of the meteor over Russia, and my story do touch people out there (?) – feeling Anne Linnet here, also you, Anne (?) – and no, it is not difficult to understand when you get it served like this, is it?

And Ida continued – yes, you are INSPIRED too 🙂 – by telling Christen that “you can talk about many words in a song, you can talk about mergers, but what this is not, it is not a compromise, it is a sound, it is a new road, it is fantastic “, and you may even understand that the underlying meaning of this is about the new road of our New World?

Thomas Blachman said here about Anna and Lusanda that Anna does not sing pure today and “in reality you sing all wild pure, which we heard at your first audition, but it requires that you receive air”, and he also spoke about these young ladies looking even younger than they are, which they actually do (!), but it made Anne Linnet say that he dresses his young female attendants of the same age differently “because he may like them to become women quicker”, which Thomas straight away objected strongly too because it was wrong, and she continued by saying that “I believe you sing beautifully pure, Anna” and also that “Thomas artists don’t have the two voice blending together”, and this made Thomas say out loud several times: “IT WAS NOT PURE – IT WAS NOT PURE” (!), and this is what it was not when we brought the two parts of the Source together, which caused the explosion, and I was told that Anne Linnet this evening symbolises my mother NOT listening to and understanding me but deciding to guess and follow her own wrong voice as Anne Linnet did here guessing WRONGLY about Thomas’ motives when dressing his young female attendants, and I understand that the lack of understanding/faith of my mother in me is reason why we had to create this small explosion.

Thomas Blachman presented Amanda here by saying that “I have looked forward to this very, very long, it is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard, and it tells about how these programs have developed over the years that we can present music in this media this way; music you don’t even hear on the radio with a singer I have waited on, who can do this way, and it is a big and touching moment, and I will dedicate it to everyone I love because we cannot get enough of beauty”, and what this was truly about was the “big and touching moment” of receiving PURE WATER FROM THE SOURCE, which is what creates beauty of our New World, and yes you may be able to see the inspiration of pure water of the Source in this beautiful song (?), thank you, Thomas and Amanda for also creating a beautiful moment here, which I enjoyed much.

I keep feeling the attendant Lucinda, and after the song, Ida said here that Amanda basically is a wonderful singer and “you perform magic with your charm and voice”, and Anne said that she does not at all feel the same connection to this song as Thomas, “I think it is super, super boring, come on, it is just for you to fall asleep to”, and this was about Anne not being able to see the beauty of this song as my mother is not able to see the beauty of my work, and without this true support of my mother, this is what is ALSO making me very tired, see (?), and not surprisingly, Thomas Blachman disagreed strongly and among others he said that “people do know when something is really good and really beautiful and hurts really, really much the right way” and “music is music on such a high level here so you (Amanda) truly reminds us that there is a hope that a music competition can implement with reality when people come in and do this because this turns it into a REAL music programme”, and Anne could truly NOT see the beauty of this – don’t you believe in me, Anne (?) – and it should be easy for you to understand that what Thomas as another part of me (!) spoke about was that bringing “true love” (“beautiful music”) of God to man “hurts really, really much” as I do and what he tells you here is how this “innocent” music competition implements with reality bringing messages of God via Thomas to the world via my scripts, which should be quite easy to understand, right (?), but no, Anne truly did NOT like this – PURE WATER FROM THE SOURCE, Anne 🙂 – and continued saying that “there has to be a reason why a song like this is not played on the radio”, which Thomas reacted STRONGLY too by saying that “it is our task to take things from the underground and insert into the overground”, and yes what about the BEAUTIFUL PIECE OF MUSIC below (?), and this is truly about an OLD comment I received inspiration to write about Anne, which I believe is included in my book no. 2 and written when I lived with my sister in September/October 2009, which is that she as an beloved artist here is much too commercial and experiments far too little compared to the musical gifts she is given, and yes because “money” is the name of the game, and this is her attitude you see compared to Thomas being much more experimental/seeking, which is what I like the most myself – but both/and is good as variation – this is simply what you are seeing, and instead of you two fighting, you should be able to easily talk to each other – as Thomas also later explained when Anne simply could not follow the BEAUTIFUL song and setup given to Karoline, which I enjoyed much – and say “I am a lover, not a fighter” and to smile at each other and respect that what one believes is the most beautiful may not mean that the other has the same taste.

Thomas Blachman said here to Jonas, whom I like much – a “Kaspar Winding type” as I call him – that “we advise each other and some listen and some do not”, which was also a reference to the other judges (?), and Anne followed with inspiration saying “when Jonas entered with the guitar, I thought, oh had he just let it be outside”, and as you know, a “guitar” is the symbol of creation of God, and this is to say, Anne, that you do NOT believe in me (?), and also not when I tell you that your sexual behaviour is indecent and how many women do you say that you have slept with over the years (?), and is that more than 1,000 (?), and no, you don’t believe in me, and don’t believe when I tell you that it is WRONG and NOTHING to “be proud about” to have “casual sex” without TRUE love between people as the foundation – and a status as sweethearts or married – and what you have done is unsustainable with life self also meaning that the only reason why you are alive today is because of people like Thomas Blachman and I, and how does this make you feel (?), and yes I wonder about the depth of your feelings, but maybe this is deep enough to make you feel after?

Thomas Blachman presented Karoline here and said among others that “one day she comes with pain in her arms because she has helped an elderly woman home from a big shopping centre with her bags”, which is because this is sometimes what I do for my mother and often offers her to do – “just call me when you have something to carry” – and “she is just happy in the lid all of the time”, which was to bring in the old Shu-bi-dua song “a happy idiot” to say that my dear friends of this band, Michael Bundesen and Michael Hardinger, have helped us trough to this stage too.

There was more inspired speech for example here when Thomas Blachman among others told Jonas as one of the bottom two that “you start speculate about who you are instead of just being and create the world around you, which you like to be in”, which is about the creation we have done, and yes we are “completely clean” as he said about Zaina, who to my surprise was the other in the danger zone – and also about how NATURAL, she is (which I agree with Thomas in) – which is what we are, and it was VERY CLEAR to Thomas to keep Zaina in the competition and send Jonas out, and Ida suffered from the syndrome on having to automatically vote for her artist (which is a factor I do NOT like in these shows) thus sending Zaina out, and now it was up to Anne Linnet to chose between these two, and apparently it was NOT as clear to Anne as it was to Thomas about who was the right choice, so she decided to send out “the obvious choice”, Zaina, which made Thomas Blachman say that “I am completely shaken and shocked over this” and addressed to Anne he said “Anne, I simply do not get than you do this against all instinctive musical rules”, and yes, this is what the “destruction” was about this evening, this is what it symbolised, to send something “completely clean” out of the game.

And yes, I noticed that Thomas Blachman did not swear as much as he normally does, but the chain jumped off a few times, so looking forward to a show, where you do NOT swear at all, do you think you can do this?

Anton confirmed our strong connection – his Lion King is awakening with a roar, which his flock will join in choir

This is the communication I had with Anton today after my script of yesterday:

Stig Dragholm

A part of our work/journey is to show ourselves to the world and to ALWAYS be open, direct and honest and NOT to hide, which is the game of darkness, and I have therefore included our correspondence above in my new script below, and I do hope you will understand the reason why; this is how I have worked for years meeting much darkness on my road, which has had the common feeling to “hide”, and you “cannot hide love”, which is the theme of today really, and when being OPEN, this brings life out captured by darkness, which is what has made me victorious saving the world and creating our New World.

This is what just came to me: “My Internet window minimised by itself and I was shown Anton ducking and told “he is one of those kinds” and yes another part of the Source NOT wanting to stand forward to be seen so we will see what he will say to my new script, and yes this is about showing yourself and taking responsibility by doing the RIGHT thing”.

Anton Chaiyarit Bertilsson

Oh Stig the connection is strong! I listened to the music you linked and I danced and roar consciously. I shook the foundation and my echo traveled far. I now understand your exhaustion I witnessed before. I too, feel the exhaustion. I am gathering my flock. They are awakening. Christopher and Sara are Me. Sara roared with me.

David Icke is Lion too. Long he have roared and he awakened me yesterday. I believe it came to me, a Holy Trinity, the Father, Son and The Holy Spirit.

Not long now before I realize its meaning. Perhaps another Holy Spirit is yet to awaken.

July to August came to me yesterday as a sign.
I must rest. Gather my flock I will and together we will stand by you and protect thee with courage and love. I will enlighten them tomorrow after my rest. My flock will understand.

I shall guard thee in my rest. Ears and eyes alert and support you I will when you need to brace. By me you may rest safely.

Anton Chaiyarit Bertilsson

Spirit of Bob Marley I feel present inside. Much love for him I have always had. A sign it is that you sent me his music. ION LION ZION. I know now how to assist and protect. Strong and beautiful you have fought alone. Know that now I am here with you and will always be. The Source command me and with love I obey.

Anton Chaiyarit Bertilsson

My leader you are Stig. Enlightened and conscious beyond me and thus you must lead, but know you have guided me and my walk is steady now. Dance and sing and roar I shall with you but now I must rest. Early I wake and stand by your side, my gaze all observant and my strength and swiftness ready.

Stig Dragholm

Thank you also for completing me and expanding my mind with new information. It makes me happy to meet other parts of the Source/myself after having been alone on my journey until now. We have a long path in front of us, and it is eternal and without any stress as I might add, which is part of “time”. I am glad that you like Bob Marley, he is one of my very “special friends” too.

Stig Dragholm

You make me smile when speaking like YODA, and yes WE FEEL THE FORCE TOGETHER, and I receive much of it from you coming to me as “nervousness”, which I gather is the feeling you are sending me, because it is not my own feeling.

Stig Dragholm

And YODA is a symbol of God, and how “the voice” may speak via me too.

Anton Chaiyarit Bertilsson

Yes, alone we both have been. I slept for a long time but now I am awake.

Long path and strong winds awaits but at peace I am. Joy and love is all I feel, my strength and courage is high!

I love Bob Marley. Always have. A smile on my face appeared when I sensed his presence.

Yes, nervous I am Stig. My sight travels far and I see the dark clouds approaching. With love I shall chase them away once they close in.

Stig Dragholm

It always brings joy and happiness to be met with understanding rather than misunderstanding. This is a common feeling, and I feel how you are sending me yourself really coming to me as marks/curls to the backside of my left lower leg, this is how we are uniting everything to ONE.

There will be NO MORE DARKNESS in our New World, so when you feel darkness now, it is really only the very last of it. There is NOTHING to worry about, and this is why I told you that this is about being STRONG for you, because this is the force of light, and we will let darkness be the weak, until its days are over “very soon”.

Anton Chaiyarit Bertilsson

Once my flock is gathered and have awakened our strenght and courage will increase and will not fail. Now that I have found you and see thy courage I sense much inspiration.

Thank you for reassuring me. I felt your peace within just now.

In my chest, in the breath I drew, I felt it in my heart.
Silly smile I have. Almost can’t believe this is real. So long I felt lost and was afraid

Stig Dragholm

All that is over now, Anton. Take it easy and let life come to you.

Anton Chaiyarit Bertilsson

Yes, the video you sent was ment to be witnessed. Yoda is a wise God isn’t he?

Knew I’d understand before it happened. I love how time is not, but here.

God I love with all my being and I love that He is Love.

Stig Dragholm

You are right, time was a tool of darkness, which was a tool of creation, and “now” when creation is almost over, both time and darkness will disappear and we will open to the diamond of the combined Source and New World, which has returned home.

Anton Chaiyarit Bertilsson

You share great knowledge. I feel more and more conscious. Thank you for expanding my consciousness.

Stig Dragholm

We will keep in contact. Goodnight .

Anton Chaiyarit Bertilsson

Good night Stig. Infinitely grateful I am that I found you. I shall be by you in my dreams and bring peace around us with my presence. Good night.

Stig Dragholm


Anton Chaiyarit Bertilsson

Meteorite in Russia (15/2/2013)

Facebook update from 14/2/2013.

“Lion is awakening. My roar will shake the foundation of the world and echo across the earth and my flock will join my roar in choir.”

Now I see clearly around my physical being that we are One. At peace I am and I have understood that The Lion King has significance. I do not fear.

Stig Dragholm

I am glad to hear. Have a good day.

Anton Chaiyarit Bertilsson

You too Stig. We are with You. Always.

Anton Chaiyarit Bertilsson

This caught me off guard while going through my old notes on my cellphone;

Up (20/12/2012)

“I know where I’m going right now, Up there, some where..!”

Stig Dragholm

Yes, to the very end of everything, and we have now united spiritually.

Anton Chaiyarit Bertilsson

God is awesome! Everything falls into place and it is so obvious but still I get surprised and shocked when I see the signs! Love!

Stig Dragholm


Anton Chaiyarit Bertilsson

You spoke with Christopher David Holmberg two days ago I believe! He told me he spoke with Christ and that you held his Father in your hand. I thank you for doing so God. He was very grateful and touched. And thank you for all you are doing for Lion. Thank you.

Stig Dragholm

So far I am still only Stig as a normal human being spiritually overshadowed 24/7 by my inner self, Christ, the Trinity etc., and I only know little of what my inner self does also in relation to Christopher, but it will all open to me as it will to you too.

Anton Chaiyarit Bertilsson

I am in awe. You are everywhere Stig. I sense You all the Time. All day long You spoke through Bob Marley to Me and told Me what I my Purpose is, and best of all, which brings Me True inner Peace, is that I know I just have to follow the Flow so to speak. I Love Time. Such a magnificent dimension! Makes Ones mind wander and allow Me to Travel in Consciousness. Lion will be here, with You, Always, Eternal, Infinitely. O Thank You Stig! I am so grateful!

Stig Dragholm


Anton Chaiyarit Bertilsson

Nice spectacle We did in Russia yesterday, huh? Mike here at work was amazed and kept watching the miracle on his cellphone over and over and I saw it too. I sensed it flashed before impact when I roared last night! Beautiful it was! Thank you for that too!

Now, I will let You continue. I am with You. So long Stig!

Stig Dragholm

So long, Anton. You are welcome to write, but I may not have time nor energy to write back other than short messages now and again.

Anton Chaiyarit Bertilsson

I know great One! I am not doing anything, which is what I Love the most. I just tag along with the ride and witness God communicating through Me. When You sense You have Time and Energy, if You wish, write Me. It is so nice to speak with You.

But as I said, important things must be attended. One We are although not in physical form and know I sense You and see You and I smile of Joy and Love!

Anton Chaiyarit Bertilsson

Today, I will read Your first book! I sense My lingering confusion will be stilled once I read them all thoroughly. Only then I can silence My questions of New World. I was guided to read Your wordpress Home page today and I am beginning to grasp Perfection and True Harmony. I look forward to expanding My consciousness in order to become One with the Conscience! Love!

Stig Dragholm

I will recommend you first to read the main approx. 30 pages of my website to get an overview of my main messages. It may keep you busy a couple of weeks, and hereafter to read book 1 while following my new scripts – if you can. Thank you from my heart for taking me in. I came from a small room of the Source and you have opened up to “all of the sponge with eternal holes/tunnels of it”.

Anton Chaiyarit Bertilsson

I thank You for Your guidance and Praise You for Your knowledge shared! I shall follow Your recommendations and study Your teachings in detail and meditate upon them so I may recieve a Great Rain of Understanding. Meanwhile, I am composing scripts too. Not of teachings like yourself but of the1 Time.

It came to Me today, when going through what I have believed to be scribbles in my notebook of songs, that the scripts tell of how God communicated to Me from the Past so that I may read His Holy Message today. My consciousness tells Me that my experience of Existence will merge with yours and then I shall be Complete, Free and in Peace. The story of The Lion King told Me a Message and it was Beautiful and I accepted it as my Fate with Gratefulness and Love.

Stig Dragholm

Thank you, I am too busy and tired to respond right now.

Anton Chaiyarit Bertilsson

I understand. I have much work and reading to do! I look forward to reading your scripts and books. I know they will give me peace. Rest now Stig

Anton Chaiyarit Bertilsson

Snezjana Budajeva! Father! Snezjana Budajeva! Can you sense it Stig!? Can you sense it!?

I was both happy to receive this communication with Anton, but also overwhelmed because I was breaking apart myself because of physical exhaustion and dizziness, and here I was met by an incredible huge need to be understood and helped, and this is really what brought me shivering feelings, which is darkness of Anton, which I understood from his late update today below is almost making him break down too, and I was told that this came because I had thought that I really wanted to see who Anton is as a human behind this spiritual voice he is bringing me above, so this is what he did here, and he says that he is chased by revelations and insights, which were so deep that he almost believed that he had received a psychosis and some claimed that he needed help, and yes I know them too, Anton, they are called “ignorant but better-knowing people”, and among other he says that his “ideas” about withdrawing his money from the bank and go on pilgrimage is that if enough people “wake up” and see how valuable, beautiful and potential, their existence is, I believe that you can change the world. And he says that he has worked in Kenya too, what a “co-incidence” (!), and his conclusion was really that he is not crazy, but he is joking with it, also because his friend Sara supports and understands him, and I decided to write my recommendation to him too, so Anton was close to break down and here at my most busy day breaking down myself, my purpose was to help him too through darkness.

FB 160213 Anton

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Pierre has shared STUNNING photos of SAGA in the SAGA Facebook group, and as you can see, they also fall in the taste of Michael, the singer, and I was encouraged to write that it is kind of contradictive not to allow “professional photo equipment” at concerts on one hand and on the other to become happy when people have taken “professional photos” (?), and yes this is a symbol saying that despite of darkness of Michael, who does NOT want to “photograph” people, i.e. to open our New World to man, this is what we do, and these are the pictures showing it – I am stronger than the darkness of Michael.

FB 150213 SAGA

  • This cruise ship – belonging to the same liner as the Concordia, which ran aground more than one year ago now – was drifting around for days “without power or sanitation”, which made it a “living hell” to be on board for these passengers, and they were incredible relieved to get out after four days (!), some even kissing the ground at arrival, and yes what a hell (!), and eeehhh this comes as headline news all over the world because it is a “good story”, which everyone is “affected” by (?), but what about the Somali refugees living for MANY years in the WORST HELL of the Dadaab camps in Kenya where a tour on this ship in its “distress” would be “insane luxury” compared to their lives day in and day out, where the worst HELL not only in terms of lack of power and sanitation but also suppression, crime/rape, no proper justice system, lack of food/firewood, the same eternal “worse than dog-food” every day, the worst sicknesses, extreme weather STILL makes this the worst hell on Earth, and yes WHAT ABOUT THIS PLACE, which the world has decided to completely forget about and not show the TRUE conditions of life to the world (?), and WHAT ABOUT IT (???), what do you do, and yes still “practically nothing” because you do NOT truly care? And yes, besides this, all faeces of this ship is also to show the HUGE amount of life from “almost an eternity of worlds”, which was “destructed” – but saved – inside the Source, which is now being liberated. This is what it is about my friends with “ship” meaning “world”, see?

Guardian 150213

  • Zahra is another one of my Facebook friends potentially igniting the bomb inside of me as this shows, and I was thinking about going around the world inside this new opening of the Source.

FB 150212Zahra

FB 150212 Zahra

  • Henrik decided to bring a link to and also picture of the TV-reality show “Paradise Hotel”, which Ekstra Bladet has changed the name to “Paradise Brothel” because of the young people making love in front of rolling cameras bringing this as “TV- entertainment” for people who are “hungry like wolves”, and yes I removed the picture from the post below, but it is exactly as Henrik says: “This is the way the world ends”, and this is to say to Ekstra Bladet, TV stations and all man: I do NOT want to see this, will you please STOP this indecent behaviour unsustainable with life self and remove ALL of this content from ALL media. NOW!!! And he repeats his message, which is also about repeating “the world” over and over again, which is to say that our New World is NOT only one New World, but “almost an eternity of New World’s”, which is really what we have been busy setting up, and yes my dear world we saved our Old World and not only this but “almost an eternity of worlds” before ours, so there you have news for your headline again, did you get it?

FB 150212 Henrik

  • Anna Karin loves her piano, which you know is a symbol of the Source, which is why she was inspired to bring it here.

FB 150213 Anna Karin

  • This is the picture of the head of the moose, which I was shown the other day, and yes we crashed directly into it, but both driver and moose survived, and by the way, this happened in Älmhult, Sweden, which is also where my sister and her husband have their cottage house.

FB 150213 Expressen

  • And this is also what the much shown and talked about meteor in Russia was about: A symbol of the power it took to break through the wall to the next layer of the Source. This was the explosion bringing this next part of the Source through.

FB 150213 BBC

CNN 150213 Russian meteor

  • Alright, I will bring this too. This is my old music teacher from Albertslund, whom I for some reason or another for months have hoped that he would be able to understand me via my Facebook messages, but this symbol says that he does not and is bringing me darkness too because it says “I am sorry for passing, but I have to go home quickly “on the toilet””, so “destructive darkness” is what he is bringing too.

FB 1202 150213 Mogens


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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