February 17, 2013: Cleaning an eternity of worlds at the Golden City continuing to the top to become the apple of my new self


Summary of the script today

16th February: I encourage media and politicians to bring the FULL truth about their games on power, sex and money – and me!

  • Dreaming of having great difficulties continuing to enter the Source and the Source waiting for me to publish my script of yesterday in order to continue my journey.
  • I was offered to end my game here after receiving a warning yesterday, which would also end my sufferings, but no, NEVER (!), the game goes on as long as I can, and I still can, and this might be only a game as I have been told since October 31, but think if it is not (?), which is also why I have to continue doing my best. We have no wallet and should have stopped a long time ago, but we continue and that is also because of your faith, which is giving me power from the top of my lifeline.
  • Helena was once again exposed to “the worst darkness” of fights on power of Danish politicians using her as part of the game, which made her both extremely sad and angry, and I decided to encourage her to put all cards on the table telling the FULL TRUTH of the whole story including all names of people involved and all details and files (excluding sexual details), and I encouraged media and politicians to do the same instead of showing POOR BEHAVIOUR of wimps and acting as stigmas of society, and this made Søren Pind contact journalist Morten Elsborg, which Helena was sad about, and the question is if you will now follow my wish to bring the FULL story of this game on money, power and sex including the thread to me when Helena chose Søren Pind when she could not get me and to tell about my role as part of all of this.
  • I brought the direct advice to Anton to be in control over his spiritual voices, and not vice versa, in order for darkness not to run away with him, and we shared even more information today. He will now write down his own story.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show the eye of God, no more tears – enough is enough, the Lion of God, more darkness hiding life, teardrops of God because of the sufferings of man, the colour of lumps of life shows how far they have come to showing a clean heart, “I am buzy tonight”, going for ONENESS, the Queen mother reading my scripts (about my mother reading me on Facebook thinking “he is not ga ga”), which makes the dog with eyes as big as teacups make your wish come through saving you from destruction.
  • Short stories of telling the media to simply WRITE THE FULL TRUTH (!), and I will stick to my Plan A and continue my work/sufferings.

17th February: Cleaning an eternity of worlds at the Golden City continuing to the top to become the apple of my new self

  • I am both told that I cannot enter the next level of the Source and receive the worst threats of darkness, which however is made by the purest water inside of it. We will soon remove the masks of all people showing just how beautiful people are inside.
  • Dreaming of God having been a prisoner for “almost an eternity” imprisoned by his own creation of the world, I have difficulties continuing to drive the truck of the Old World, but I am given “a couple of days” to continue my game.
  • I received strong messages that I am dying – as my old self – with the last chance to bring in Indians (of original life) and darkness wants to be set free with the question being if there will come a (smaller) explosion here at the end? The man of the Golden City – my inner self – is the next.
  • I was asked where the man with the Golden City is, and I came to the end of the road and was asked if I wanted to go right or left, and I chose right, which is always the hardest road to walk. I felt how darkness wanted to leave me, and was shown a large number of dark coats on their way out before the light will shine in, but I have NOT accepted this. I was also shown a BIG DARK CROSS at the stairs making access impossible when I don’t have faith of my father and mother, but I was told that we found life at outer space, which decided to help us saving all this not yet terminated life inside darkness and to lift me up the stairs, and I entered the Golden City – “the Opera Tube” of an eternity of worlds – as the most tortured man in history, where a layer of darkness is covering all of these God’s/worlds, but the process of removing this darkness has now begun revealing completely white elephants of God’s while the spirit of my mother as the worst darkness is leading me up the stairs, and it is only at the top that I can be converted to the apple of my new self and our New World.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show me as the wanderer with dolls of my mother wanting to carry out my “old nightmare”, darkness is angry (following my script of yesterday), souls coming up from the Lake Victoria, it’s cold outside (of my sufferings), beautiful creation of the Source destroyed by greed of man, the statue of Holger Danske (Ogier the Dane) has left Helsingør symbolising my awakening,  other “heroes” are awakening too, I am helping the misled and poor, the Source giving a smack/explosion to the world, and Queen Elisabeth playing an act on Google Earth too.
  • Short stories of the world knowing that Obama and I are “full of love”, continuous support of Anton helps lifting me/us up, a number of Facebook friends have left me including Morten from the Danish Bible Company, who “could not handle” that I asked him to replace the Bible with my scripts (!), and also my old “friend/colleague” Tanwir because he is Muslim and “could not handle” when I wrote that Mohammad was a prophet of the Devil!


16th February: I encourage media and politicians to bring the FULL truth about their games on power, sex and money – and me!

Dreaming of having great difficulties continuing to enter the Source because I did not publish my script yesterday

I went to bed at 02.40, and if I was tired (?), what do you think (?), and I slept until 10.30 having these dreams.

  • I am in Snekkersten extracting from Danske Bank, which takes a long time, there is a helicopter, and I ask my mother where the chairs are, which she says that she is using for fitness, and she does not speak nicely, which I ask her to do. Steen (my old colleague from GE Insurance) says that it takes approx. a week to bring out the information from the database because two lists have not been synchronized with each other, and we don’t have this long. Jan G. (DDB 3153) is a doctor at GE Capital Bank offering Allan M. (my old class friend) and other free counselling with the aim to sell his services.
    • Snekkersten is still darkness from where I extract energy, and now with great difficulties to get access to the database, and later I was told that these dreams only express that darkness is ahead when you did not publish your script of yesterday, yesterday. And it seems as if Jan and maybe Allan too are two sending me darkness believing that I need a doctor to become “well”?
  • I have promised to prepare a report to Kim S. and one of his employees, and to drive from Hillerød to deliver it today. Fuggi is in Hillerød wanting to share Glögg with Allan and I before I leave. Finally, when I arrive, I remember that I have forgotten the report in Hillerød (!), but I know that it is saved on the hard-disk there. While working on it, Marion comes by and disturbs me with he question of I can do her income tax form, which I tell her that I cannot. I see on a screen that the IT-network has received a completely new structure where all actions are also recorded on video. I hear how Kim and his employee speaks via telephone about my missing report, and they decide to send a message to their client that the report will be send this afternoon. I have a meeting with a rich female customer and one manager of the company, and they have made many different tables to give her different information about her pension schemes, and I am surprised that when the manager accepts to do a task that he does not write it down and I think that he will forget it.
    • This report will have to be my missing script of yesterday, which was important to publish, but was first published today – better late than never here – and Hillerød is now about “people seeing me as crazy”, so is this what Kim and his company do (?), and apparently also Fuggi and Allan, however Glögg is what you drink up to Christmas, so does Fuggi have some faith, or is it simply to say that he is bringing me darkness too, which is from where I am given birth (?), and the telephone is to say that I am still working as my old self with the last telephone line. The recording of actions is to say that in the future you have nothing to hide, and it will be natural to be “visible”, and yes business wise, and for you to keep your privacy in private unless you decide to be public.

I was offered to end my game and stop my sufferings, but no, NEVER (!), the game goes on as long as I can, and I still can

Isn’t if funny, he does not have napkins in the glasses yet, and this is simply what you are doing now, the last final details.

I felt better and less tired today, however still not normal.

When we tell you that we simply cannot get the TV up there – using the body of a cycle like this – it is really to say that the New World has never been better or finer than now.

So you don’t want us to move our speakers down to you, do you, as my mother on top of the Source asks me (?), and no, I’m coming up, see you there.

Believe it or not but what you are telling your mother and John is also reducing John’s view on you as sick.

Can we get a loan in the world bank (?), no you don’t have to because I am going to continue the game, NO ONE is going to stop me, also NOT the strength of Anton’s part of the Source, and on the contrary I am getting all of you to follow me, which is really what we already do, as they tell me.

When preparing to publish my script of yesterday, I was given new heart pain, and told that we have not frozen yet, Stig, but we were ready to start opening the freezer for you to see how I have saved all life inside of here including your father self, and “not a pretty sight” I had coming for you, and yes the other side of love really. I also received the smell of faeces, because this is our way out, and yes when telling the world that we are here, this is what we are once again (all of this life inside the Source), and yes “back to life, back to reality”. And we would try to sneak in some of your “old nightmare”, but no, you are NOT allowed, no matter what.

No, there are no Russian warships also out there – as spaceships – and that is not anymore. So we were ready to bring out some of our dirty glasses, but no, not anymore, you are in control, so we are too, we will not start by making your life “easy”, which is only what darkness does (of the game of the Old World).

We could pee from here and to the moon and back again, but no, not when publishing this script.

Anton not only completes you, he is not you yet, and I felt him outside me, so is this darkness speaking but still on his way in, he is?

I published my script of yesterday at 14.00 after having completed the last of it and set it up, so now it is lunch, then Jette’s Google Earth pictures and X-factor from yesterday, and what will be a short script of today, and yes I do believe that I will be update this evening, just as expected.

I was told about the two UFO’s having over Citta del Mare on Sicily, when we were on holiday there in the summer of 1978, that they were also designed to keep guard for me.

I still receive negativity wanting me to speak and become negative, and it is still annoying to say the least, but NO is the answer, and alright feeling Prime Minister Medvedev from Russia here, and yes “da da da”, also him.

I keep receiving new “dark curls/marks” entering the back side of my left lower leg, and I was told “also because of Medvedev”.

So we will never again play the game of “Hände hoch”.

After writing about Freddie Mercury as the greatest performer ever in one of Jette’s Google Earth pictures, I was given the feeling of Freddie here, and was told that “we did not go to Barcelona to loose, Stig, this is also why we went there”, and I received an incredible amount of tears pressing to get out, and yes this seems to be the game of today, and I am thinking of my mother being crying over me and on John’s side, and this is because we also lost Helena today to darkness – see the short stories – and this is part of my mother, which was overtaken by darkness, but no, you will NOT accept it, so PLEASE OPEN UP AGAIN, I am coming to bring you free, mother.

So it is not the big name day yet for your mother (?), and no, lack of faith made it impossible to bring this part of her with us, but still “that guy there” – writing these lines – says “not accepted” and yes RELEASE HER is my wish, and with this, the game continues, hmmmm he then says, and yes how will we do this, but then I see a butterfly flying up towards the sun, and the sun says, I am cool, you will not get her from me, but from him down there, because he is I and I is he, and I will follow his commands, so you want me to bring her out of my freezer, and yes Stig, this has really be done, as I am told now with a low voice, and this is still all a game isn’t it and has been since October 31 (?), or is this also of the greatest importance for the future of our lives (?), and you have absolutely no idea, but you have decided that also for this reason, you do NOT want to give up and start relaxing without working, so there you have it again again, and yes work is liberating everything.

I was told that when I told my mother that I would stop my writings in December, and am still writing here in February, this still brings her sorrows, and this is helping to prolong the game, and only for the good of course.

You have no idea of just how expensive it also is to produce darkness, which is what is coming from the Source as building material of life and the world.

Now I can almost let you drive one of the dark cars of New York – as I was shown – and for you to find yourself round the roads in here, the roads, which create everything, and I was shown these roads as a cartoon as if it was the picture of the OMD album “Crush”, and yes this is leading to the big SECRET, which I simply LOVE from this album.

USA is much stronger than napalm, which I understood and felt as content of a “cell” of nothing, and what is inside one of these “cells” (?), which is not a cell, and yes inside nothing, and you don’t want to believe it, it is really a concentration of nothing, where we over time have learned to control this natural force so much that it is us deciding over it, and not it deciding over us.

I was told that your mother does not have much energy, so where is all of this energy coming from (?), and yes via LOVE, which is what you bring your mother for your being and what she brings you, and this is the TRUE dynamo of the world.

I was shown Remee and told that “it was not because I wanted to tease you” and I was given the word “Zen” knowing that this is Buddha, and I was told that this is how I will address you from now.

We have no wallet and should have stopped a long time ago, but we continue and that is also because of your faith, and yes I don’t care, we will NOT stop until I have made it to the very top, and yes I am not doing this work ever again, so I only have one shot, and I intend to score all the way to the top without giving up.

Then there would have been the worst shipyard crisis in history, and yes we would still make you believe that everything would CRUSH, that is the secret, but you will NEVER believe in this, and we know, Anton is with me, and will this also bring my mother even closer to me when seeing this on Facebook (?), and we know, we are still moving on up, and what comes after M People (?); and that will be “N” and yes let us get up to some LUFTBALLOONS and why don’t we take 99 of them, and yes you are welcome too, Toto :-).


I was told that the “will NEVER give up” is now supported by Anton too bringing even more pressure on the most inner parts making the pressure of the diving tank of me even greater.

I was told that there is now no view to receive a warning (after my comment to Helena, see the short stories), and I received a STRONG hiccup too, and was told that we bring out energy of your mother, which we don’t really comprehend ourselves yet.

I was told that Michael Falch was the musician starting to speak negatively about me, and the more musicians spoke of me, the less dark I became until it became “have you heard that Stig is (maybe) the one” (?), which is the same as how life was created in the first place with darkness becoming lighter and lighter.

I received a physical feeling to me neck, and I was shown the actor coming towards me including a pump to fill me up, because it is now time and yes being on my extreme limit again this evening feeling so broken down that I really cannot start writing the chapter on X-factor yesterday, because the stories simply continue coming in.

We know, Stig, it did NOT become a short script today as I had expected, but I am still on the road, and yes when publishing this at 23.30, and now I should have calm around me to be able to write the chapter on X-factor, and yes also not easy days to come through, and alright, you keep bringing me the feeling of Thomas Skov from DR, and yes I am on top of the 10 metre board just like this, and yes it takes a man to do it, right (?) so thank you for showing this to the world, Thomas – and yes, I saw it, and Anders was a TRUE chicken, and just like me, I have ONLY tried the five metre board once, and yes your fear of heights is NOTHING compared to mine, but WELL DONE :-).

No, it is not the end of the TV yet, and yes, he is receiving power from us at the top not knowing how he does it, but just say “I will NOT give up” and then you know that we will do everything we can to make you come through, and this is how it shows.

It is not clouded here, it is beginning to clear up and the sun is shining, and yes also over Russia knowing that the meteor was part of the game.

I was told that when I continue bringing new stories on Facebook, my sister sees them and reacts to them, and when her inner voice is “wrong”, it initiates the process, which ultimately returns to me as energy making it possible for me to continue the game.

I encourage media and politicians to bring the FULL truth about their games on power, sex and money – and me!

Helena completely lost her temper again – as she has a habit to do – and here she says that she received a text message from that tabloid-media, which can only be Ekstra Bladet or BT (!), and it is the MP’s Ole Birk Olesen and Europe Minister Nicolai Wammen, and she says “If you two have even the smallest of small to say me or about me, bring it freely forward. Face to face!”, “If not, keep your ugly mouths shut and don’t bring me into your sick games” and “I have had enough, and if I am used in the smallest spin against Pind, I will publish everything”, and she threatened again to “shut down the store”, i.e. her Facebook profile, and yes she called these two “gentlemen” for idiots and what is worse, and again, I cannot see her name on neither of these two newspapers, so you are using Helena as a “threat” against Søren Pind (?), and Helena herself has a story about you (?), and I decided to break the silence and to tell her that this is NOT about her personal revenge, but simply to speak the TRUTH, which is ALWAYS the right thing to do, ALWAYS (!!!), and to encourage her to do this, to turn around all cards on the table, and at the same time an encouragement to all politicians and media to do the same, which is to TELL THE TRUTH (!) and stop being WIMPS speaking behind the backs of people and keep Helena out of your dirty games, which I am TIRED of following, to tell it mildly, but when I had written my comment and wanted to send it, I was told that the post had been removed, so I could not send it.

FB 160213 Helena

FB 160213 Helena 2

FB 160213 Helena 3

So this is again about the “worst darkness”, and this time Helena decided to completely delete her profile (?), which is about “terminations” – also because of the symbol given to me yesterday, where I could not reach home in time to get on the toilet (?) – and no, this is NOT serious, but a symbol of terminations we are going through, I cannot see this differently, and yes I am just sad that I did not get in time for her to see my message, but maybe some of you seeing this will tell her and simply to follow my request for you to TELL THE FULL TRUTH INCLUDING ALL NAMES? Or is this just darkness showing on my screen, and she will show up again later (?), we will see. I was told after this that we chased him with an aeroplane, and yes knew that you were coming, so you are now chasing us telling us to be right, and NOT send darkness.

FB 160213 Helena 4

Approx. three hours later, I was happy when I saw that Helena showed up again, so it was only temporary that she had been “terminated”, and she now showed misunderstood irony saying that she is a robot of Facebook, who is dangerous and evil, and she wrote this after having received “wise words from the King self” as she named Søren Pind (?), and I am sorry, I cannot see this as anything else than immature and WRONG behaviour of both you, Helena, and not least Søren Pind, and this gave me a chance to bring my reply to her – and all media and politicians reading this – which is to finally BRING THIS STORY IN FULL AND TRUTHFULLY and yes, please write about me too (!), do you think you can do this now (?), and maybe not yet, because I am given a proper shaking tour here from darkness, which is really not darkness, because I am shown an “old existence” and feel light, so this is really the next level of the Source above me, which I am about to enter because of WIMPS of the Danish media and politicians, so are there any foreign media and politicians, who will write this story (?), and no, you are also still WIMPS all of you (?), and yes, what do you know (?) – it also goes to me from my voice – and yes this shaking tour is SEVERE making it almost impossible to write this, but now it is done, and what will Helena think/feel about me after having had removed me as a Facebook friend months ago (?), and yes “is he still here following everything” (?), and yes Helena writing everything as the only “media” apparently having the courage to do this.

FB 160213 Helena 5

FB 160213 Helena 6

Hereafter I was told if this can make Helena think that you are not crazy and maybe even strong enough to be “the one”? And can darkness continue to be released from my sister, Sanna (?), and yes it can, and you are now one and here too.

I was shown a book inside a newspaper, and the book was read very quickly and deeply inside the book, is the finest/oldest Cognac of all, and yes Cognac is an old symbol of darkness and when you cannot get anything finer, it is “pure water” of the Source, and to me, this Cognac is OF COURSE the Cognac, which Lars (and I) were allowed to import, which is Cognac Jean Fillioux and their range including the best/top of them all, the “Reserve Familiale”.

I heard the spirit of my mother calling me from top of the Source, which is now a level closer to me and “close”, and later I felt Helena from this top, which is because she is this “worst darkness”, and I was asked if my access here has to do with Helena and if she will take me in again, and even later I was told that this is the greatest veering (“kovending” in Danish, which is “cow turnaround”!) in history, and that is because of her (new) view of me.

But Helena did not comment my reply – why not (?) – but she said that “if Søren knows someone like her, it will get consequences”, and Thomas helped us a little here to recapture at least some of the story when he asked what the story is about, and Helena said “Old grudges mixed with new grudges, I believe. A case of stalking (Stig: The BT journalist, who later threw up in the chair of the Justice Minister!), my old relation to a minister (Nicolai Wammen, or …?). Lies. Silence. Drama. Revenge. Power. Or lack of the same. I don’t know, but I am mentioned in very ugly writings, which I am really sad and angry about” – and yes Helena choosing Søren Pind as boyfriend because he was available when I was not, and he could not keep his fingers from her as I could (!) and yes “the game of power is dirty” my friends of media and politicians (?), and who wants to bring THE FULL STORY including all details, names and files (except from sexual details) (?), and later she offered that if the MP Ole Birk or others want to meet her, she will put everything on the table, and answer all questions, so there you are my dear media, who would like to start?

FB 160213 Helena 7

And from here, she decided to delete her profile picture, and why was that (?), and yes because as she said “now the stick (Søren Pind) has called a journalist?! Thank you for this. On top. Tomorrow I will delete my profile. I really don’t have the nerves for this anymore. God, how sad I am here”, and she continued speaking about how sad and physically poorly this makes her feel – welcome to the club, which I how I feel constantly – and now because “Of everyone, Søren chooses to contact a previous journalist on Ekstra Bladet”, and now when I look I cannot see his name, so I don’t know if she deleted it, but she wrote that it is journalist Michael Elsborg, so what do you say, Michael, are you man enough to bring this story to the people (?), and yes also to tell the world about who I am (?), or are you a chicken too?

FB 160213 Helena 8

And the story continued here where Helena said that she did not care and was not loyal because “he has just sold me” (Søren that is), and “I have just broken down”, and yes it cannot be “easy” to be you, Helena, or can it compared to so many others.

FB 160213 Helena 9

Among other things, here she says that Ole Brike on Facebook says that she and Søren Pind are not serious, and I checked some of his latest posts not seeing this, and “they hate each other”, so this is about people, who “cannot” communicate but fight each other as enemies hating each other, and yes a SAD SAD thing it is, and would it have something with your temper boiling over, Søren (?), and yes I wonder what made you decide to call a journalist (?), and is it because you can still see my Facebook comments from your secret network even though you have blocked me and also should not be able to see me (?), and you don’t want to be called a “stigma” on society instead of a role model (?) as I wrote in my comment about you cheating and lying media and politicians.

FB 160213 Helena 10

FB 160213 Helena 11

Here I was given “just like a woman” by Bob Dylan and the lyrics “She makes love just like a woman”, which is both a threat about my “old nightmare”, but also one of the finest songs of “the greatest song writer of all time”, which is really both at the same time. And it continued when I was told “just like a small man”, and it may be one small step for man, but a giant step for mankind, because tomorrow you will be here (?), and yes to check if there are even more levels inside of this house.

And this is where this thread ended when Helena decided to “protect herself” by making it “private”, and this is how darkness acts blocking my access, but you can read it here, and this is what is opening to this darkness of her and the Source.

FB 160213 Helena 12

Later I was told “is this too strong for them”, and yes media and politicians (?), and I was given physical touch to my private parts because of the darkness of “the poor wimps” out there.

I adviced Anton to be in control over his spiritual voices, and not vice versa, in order for darkness not to run away with him

In continuation of Anton’s thread of yesterday, I followed up this morning bringing my advice for him to be in charge and not for him to obey everything which the Source asks him too, and this is really “the key” to everything in here and yes when you are working with darkness, it is, otherwise it would have brought me down, as it was threatening to do with Anton.

FB 160213 Anton 2

FB 160213 Anton 3

This was our conversation today:

Stig Dragholm

I just wanted to say that I have read your emails here, and also to point your attention to the front page of my website from where you will see that TIME WILL END with the soon opening of our New World, which may also see your writings on time in a new light. You are always welcome to share with me what you would like to share with me. Have a good day .

Anton Chaiyarit Bertilsson

Hi Stig! I got carried away last night and it seems that my brain released immens amounts of the natural substance DMT which caused my consciousness to literally break down and I could not tell whether or not what I experienced was real or not. It was very disturbing but I know why it happened and that is because I opened up my consciousness too much and let too much information be processed in my physical body. It passed after a about an hour and I went to rest and now I feel much more grounded and calm within.

The strange thing is, that Christopher David Holmberg had the very same experience last night, around or at the same time I did and he described it to me this morning that it was like a DMT trip. Being rational and enlightent I realized that this is what happened to me, a natural trip because my brain in the physical world could not process how amazing and complex existence is.

I feel much better now. I hope all is well with you.

Know that Lion, the spirit I have evolved into over the past few weeks are here with you and support you along the way.

I am grateful that I came in contact with you. This experience is quite overwhelming

Stig Dragholm

Thank you for your kind reply, and this is simply what I would like to see from you, which is YOURSELF as a human and that is “down to Earth” and to let your spiritual friends/inputs support you rather than take you over. You are in CONTROL and it is your LOGICAL SENSE and decisions to do what is RIGHT, which is right to do, otherwise darkness will bring you misery, and again – I have gone through this myself, this is what works, and NO ONE else can tell you, there are no friends or “doctors”, who can guide you. This is INSIDE of you as it is inside of me, and this is the way to Heaven both for you and me, for us, for I, and yes I AM, and YOU ARE too.

I will post my new script this afternoon, and I also had an incredible strong day yesterday, which is because of our meeting/”merger”, which is also what the Russian meteor symbolised. Please read this script, and please understand that you are in it because it is your destiny as you are my destiny too.

Anton Chaiyarit Bertilsson

I am so grateful that you support both my physical being with your words and my spiritual self with your thought Stig.

I thank you from the deepest parts of my heart and soul. I know that one day, sooner or later, people will realize how important our work is.

I have been granted support from wonderful people such as yourself, Sara Wallin, Christopher David Holmberg, Snezjana Budajeva, Katarina Månpärla which is my aunt and Marcus Croneld. All support my being immensely and I recognize that what we experienced yesterday was meant to be in order for us to grow and continue on, despite how overwhelming it was.

It is difficult for me to know where to begin my work. I write vast amounts of scripts and texts but I do cannot find a way to organize all of it. Would you mind sharing some advice? I have always been a great writer, but never been much of an organizer I am afraid

Stig Dragholm

I don’t know if I have time to read, but you are VERY welcome to share it with me, and I am thinking that if you read me, it is also a good idea for me to read you, and when it comes to organizing, I may decide to bring your scripts as part of my website now that we are ONE, and if you want to bring it yourself, I will give you my advice too. So please share with me, I look forward to seeing your thoughts and inspiration.

Anton Chaiyarit Bertilsson

Thank you Stig. I will try to write it down as well as I can, although it is difficult because it embodies the entire story of my life up to this point and it is still ongoing.

It is the story of the Lion, who awoke inside, The Praiseworthy Man, Lionheart, Son of Intelligence, which is what my name means. I know that, when the time is right it will be complete and also, when the time comes, you may have time and energy to read my story of existence. I somehow know that it connects with yours, as a bridge as it was told by the ancient Mayans calculation my date of birth;


Stig Dragholm

My best advice for your writings is to do the same as I do, which is to collect your information dividing it into the most important chapters as “general writings” about you and your thoughts (as I have done with my website with the approx. 30 pages/”items” I have), and otherwise your daily scripts day by day and month by month, and to write all your information down with three levels information: 1) Headlines, 2) summaries of each chapter/item and 3) the detailed writings. This is how I write all of my websites and scripts myself as you can see from every single page, and it may become even more clear to you when you for example open one of my monthly books of scripts as you can see from my Scribd page below.

I look forward to seeing your scripts, please understand that time is running out, there is almost no time left (!), so you may consider sending me what you have.

stigdragholm’s Documents | Scribd

Anton Chaiyarit Bertilsson

Yes, Stig, I sense that time is running out! I will spend this day writing. I feel today is the day I will be able to put it all down in words finally!

I shall keep your writings in mind so that they may inspire the structure of my scripts. I must work! Thank you!

Stig Dragholm

Good luck with your work.

Anton Chaiyarit Bertilsson

Thank you! I sense that it will come along well now!

Anton Chaiyarit Bertilsson

Stig Dragholm

Yes, it is indeed. You/we are on the right way, the way of the world.

Anton Chaiyarit Bertilsson

I am so happy!

Stig Dragholm

That makes us two, or should I say ONE as my/our “actor” says here through me.

Anton Chaiyarit Bertilsson

Yes indeed! It is soon complete! I must clean up really quickly here, eat some breakfast so that I have energy and then I will put all of the pieces together over here

I shall be swift and strong! I am Lion

We are One, Lion is with you!

Stig Dragholm

Yes, you are, the IRON LION ZION, which is about being STRONG and PURE, which is the message .

Anton Chaiyarit Bertilsson

Now, I must continue. You will hear from me in a while

Anton Chaiyarit Bertilsson

It is coming naturally to me now as I write. I will have my scripts ready soon or, later today rather.

Stig Dragholm

Sounds good

Anton Chaiyarit Bertilsson

I believe God is going to give me a new revelation through a DMT trip, I can sense my brain releasing the substance within my head but Sara Wallin is coming here around 16.00.

By God’s Divine plan, she is a Christian and also takes care of mental patients so she knows how to support me during the Divine trip. I am not afraid

Anton Chaiyarit Bertilsson

He will release me when I have learned what I must learn as he did yesterday. It is nothing dangerous

Stig Dragholm

Please remember my words: YOU ARE IN CONTROL and the spirits obey you, not vice versa, and it is important for you to do RIGHT and be PURE listening to the advice you receive also spiritually, but they are your helpers, not your dictators, that is the difference.

Anton Chaiyarit Bertilsson

Yes, thank you for reminding me Stig. I shall keep that in mind when the Source is communicating to me.

It is quite amazing actually. It was the most awesome experience I have ever had, yet disturbing and confusing but it all made sense eventually and I was calm

Stig Dragholm

Write it down and share with the world.

Anton Chaiyarit Bertilsson

Yes, I mus continue now. Thank you for reminding me of what is important! I will not forget when the Time comes

Anton Chaiyarit Bertilsson

My girlfriend, Johanna believes that I have been victim to a psychosis and that I am cheating on her now that Sara Wallin is on her way to support me. I tried to calm her down but she does not understand.

I fear she will call all of my friends and family and tell them to help me but they will not understand and will only halt my progress.

Stig Dragholm

“LISTEN, ASK QUESTIONS, REFLECT AND UNDERSTAND” instead of listening to your OWN wrong inner voice and guess. This is the general advice I have given ALL PEOPLE on my way, and now also to your girlfriend. Let her read this, and know that she is speaking to me as the truth, which is the same truth speaking through you, and if she “cannot” understand, it is only because of her WRONG inner voice, which will then bring sufferings to her, you and also me for that matter. Let her OPEN HER EYES and you can use me trying to make it happen.

Anton Chaiyarit Bertilsson

I think I am beginning to understand now.

the trinity can only contain three of consciousness at one time

Stig Dragholm

No, The Trinity is God, thus everything including all consciousness, but I am sorry to say that I have far to much work to write now. You are welcome to write, but please don’t expect an answer before tomorrow.

Anton Chaiyarit Bertilsson

I understand. Yes, I must continue as well.

Stig Dragholm



When I offered to read Anton above and possibly to share his information via my website, I was told that this is about the zipper going up or down, which I have been shown recently, and here to open up because of this offer.

Google Earth shows tears of God because of sufferings of man

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show the eye of God, no more tears – enough is enough, the Lion of God, more darkness hiding life, teardrops of God because of the sufferings of man, the colour of lumps of life shows how far they have come to showing a clean heart, “I am buzy tonight”, going for ONENESS, the Queen mother reading my scripts (about my mother reading me on Facebook thinking “he is not ga ga”), which makes the dog with eyes as big as teacups make your wish come through saving you from destruction.

FB 160213 Jette 1

FB 160213 Jette 2

FB 160213 Jette 3

FB 160213 Jette 4

FB 160213 Jette 5

FB 160213 Jette 6

FB 160213 Jette 7

FB 160213 Jette 8

FB 160213 Jette 9

FB 160213 Jette 10

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • There has been debate in the media about what to write and not to write about Lars Barfoed and his “escapades” with women being unfaithful and also about whether or not he received an apartment against the rules of a cooperative housing society because of his “high position” – “a friendly service” – and Kristian from Politiken is an example of these when he said “Dilemma, what do you write about the unreasonable treatment of Barfoed when it cannot be done without bringing quotes, which is my eyes never should have been printed” (?), and yes HOW DIFFICULT CAN IT BE (?), and I told him the answer: “It is ALWAYS right to write the truth, Kristian – I repeat: ALWAYS (!) – and everything else is rubbish, and this also comes from you and your newspaper”, so if Lars Barfoed has been unfaithful 10 times or more, and if he and/or the housing society have gone against rules cheating others, this is the story to write, but DO NOT WRITE IT if you are only guessing without knowing for sure (and NEVER make up a story yourself), and TRUST me, it is as wrong to be silent about things you know because of “wrong considerations” to people, and yes I KNOW because of your silence about me.

FB 160213 Kristian

  • Yesterday Jette decided to bring this advice to Our Lord: “If plan A does not work, the alphabet has 28 other letters”, and Jens said that “there is no Planet B”, which is you know also “plan B”, and I write this because in 2009, I spoke to my sister about my plan A and B, and told her that I will always use my plan A, which I did then, and will continue doing, and in this respect it is to continue working/suffering as long as I can to avoid sufferings of the world, and you cannot believe that if you fail, that this will have negative consequences of our New World because everything will be resurrected from inside of there (?), but who knows (?), and yes it may have importance to be at the highest point of the Source as I can reach (?), and also because of this, I am keeping my plan A, I would NEVER dream about doing anything else, so thank you for your advice, Jette, but no thank you.

FB 160213 Jette Plan

FB 160213 Selvet

FB 160213 Paula

(23:35: This was tough – but the night is still young, now the chapter on X-factor!)


17th February: Cleaning an eternity of worlds at the Golden City continuing to the top to become the apple of my new self

I receive the worst threats of darkness, which however is made by the purest water inside of it

From midnight until 04.00 I decided to overcome severe disgust and write the chapter on X-factor to the script of the 15th.

If we could turn around and stable as many beer cases on top of each other, we would not even be able to tell you just how much this means to us – with the feeling of what is now coming at us – and I was shown Michael Hardinger and told that he is also part of this.

Nobody can enter here, Stig, there is another gift in here, and come and get it if you dare, and yes there is nothing we can do to stop him, he simply continues to go on eating everything we give him, or let us say “most of it”, and good enough to still be standing, Elton,

I was told “being inside a cathedral” and felt the psychiatrist Alex (are you reading about my first spiritual experiences in 2004?) and was told that “it is difficult to turn the record”, and yes that is when you have played it on the wrong side always, and I am thinking that Alex was reading my memo to him (I am not suffering from compulsory thoughts, the system is) once again?

His mother has been there in the great hall before him, and I was shown the great hall of my old school, Mørdrupskolen.

I was told that we could have decided to give two out of three time off, and not to continue photographing, but the feeling is that we are all three continuing (in relation to the 15th, because this is when I wrote the X-factor chapter).

I was shown John Wayne and also that there is almost no more loose blanks if you understand, and I was shown him with two guns with water leaking out, which is simply because the threats of darkness have really never been any cleaner than they are now, so we stand right behind you to pick you up if you ever should decide to “lose it”, but no, you will not, this is what you have said all along, and this is what you will continue doing so help you God, and yes we know, all of us behind here.

Can’t you get sun screens for this car, because the sun is red, no it is now orange isn’t it and turning into yellow, and no thank you, I don’t need it anyway, I will take it as it is, and that is the sun, and yes, Stig, to convince Anton about who you are and his mission may sound easy, but it was not, it took for us to be clever and save “some of out best comments” to Jette’s Google Earth pictures including to awake his interest speaking about the Swedish Royal family, and yes “more parts of us – 3 times 12” etc. and with this, and some conversation, which you did not have energy to do, he decided to open up, and this is what melted us together, so now we are really on our way up the nest step of the ladder.

And we believed that we would have to fight with our school bags – to create this act, feeling Hitler here too – but no, if we can avoid it, I don’t want it, and yes “simple logic”, so this is what we do. So you force us to do something, which we really don’t want to do and yes because of resistance of your own family, friends etc., thus the world, but when your will power and strength – against all odds – is big enough, you simply decided to turn all of us around, and yes we might as well do this now that we have started, because I am NOT ending my journey by giving up, and so it is.

So we may soon take off our disguises and show us as we really are (?), and I feel the most beautiful people of Arabia, and yes just like all “white people” have their “turn offs” (money, selfishness, ego etc.), so do the Arabs, but I can see people underneath as they are truly created and it is this beauty, which the world soon will see too, and this is what is becoming everyday.

The idea was that we late one night would come and change the cover of your duvet making you truly crazy, and yes locking you up at the mental hospital, and from there we would break lose”, but no, we know Stig, you will NEVER let us do this, and when I say NEVER, I mean NEVER, and this is why we also brought Anton to you because he brings strength to help continuing the road you are following.

I was told that I am keeping others up too because of my comment to Helena yesterday evening and the publish of my script encouraging media and politicians to speak THE TRUTH, and I was given the feeling of both Helena and Søren, so you are not able to sleep now because of this “little incident” (?), and I was given more physical touch to my private parts and told that this is the reason why, and yes I don’t fear this, because nothing is able to start my “old nightmare” without my acceptance, but I do wonder why it is so difficult to stand forward just telling the truth as it is, which should be the most easy and RIGHT THING TO DO for everyone????

You don’t get the photo frame without us two also photographing you.

And finally at 04.00 I had done as I had promised myself, which was to keep on sitting for as many hours as it took in front of my computer working until I would catch up, and it was both way above limit to work this night because of “everything” you know, and still it was really not that bad, and yes I finalised the chapter on X-factor, which I really did not believe was possible when I started on it really already on my border there.

He does not wear a snail house of darkness on him, does he (?), and yes feeling Nicolas Cage too, not many I mention, but you slipped through, and just like myself coming through “impossible work” once again.

This was really the Germany-fight we had on-going wasn’t it (?), and did it develop to “more than this” maybe (?); and no we don’t know, “nothing new from the west-front” because we never saw him arriving, and yes Stig, HUGE amounts of potential energy inside of here, which could have turned into darkness, but your quick work put a stopper to that even before it got started, so now there is really only the monster of the coach self remaining and I see him coming up from his small bench at the field to speak nicely to you, because he is truly not a “mad man” and yes your mother and “everyone” knows, which also makes me a nice man, but still many believe you are crazy so you still have to convince me that you are right, and yes you have never lost a discussion with your father, and will not start dong this now.

You really should believe that he would need a long coffee-break by now, but no. Is it going to stop raining now?

We just have to continue bringing beer out of the refrigerator you say and none in?

You should also not be in prison because your DNA is the cleanest in the world

It took more than half an hour to send my long script of the 15th via email to Kenya because I was using the memory-limits of my computer to the absolute limit of it, and first at 04.50 I had finished all work, and at 05.20 I went to bed and slept poorly until 10.40 making me VERY tired today making it “impossible” to overcome to even start writing the script of today, but I have decided to do it anyway, and here are first a few dreams, and I am not sure that I can read the notes because I was VERY tired during night when receiving these dreams because I had given everything I had in me.

Dreaming of God having been a prisoner for “almost an eternity” imprisoned by his own creation of the world

  • Something about having reached underground and eating with a women at a general meeting, and there is also a man as a prisoner down here, who CANNOT get up, and when I look up, I see prison bars, which would make me crazy having to be locked up here forever.
    • This is God self, who decided to become his own prisoner suffering incredible when his own creation of the world for “almost an eternity” would lock him up at its inner side without being able to move.
  • I was told and shown that this is here where all beer cans or cans of “pineapple in its own juice” are gathered (building stones of the Source), and this was a reference to this clip from the host Anders Breinholt from the TV-show “Natholdet” (“the Night Team”) where he received the biggest laugh collar ever, which of course is about the fantastic spirit of my actors behind the game.
    • I am in Hørsholm sitting so high on top of a truck that I am too high and cannot get into it in order to drive it, but with some difficulties I open it, and discover that it is now a beach vehicle, which to my surprise drives on gasoline and is not electrical, and it has MANY gears to choose from.
    • The dream also include strong sexual torment of darkness, which is because of my script of yesterday “upsetting” media and politicians including Helena and Søren Pind, and the truck is still the world, and the beach vehicle is about sufferings and gasoline/electricity is the old game about whether or not I am driving on “energy” of gasoline or will/thoughts of electricity.
  • I arrive at the reception of a company, and see that they have double doors into a room, which they have had great difficulties to close, and I open it, and they say that they will keep it open a couple of days, and I see people at VIP places for a football match inside of there, and also Søren H., who is doing nothing instead of working, which he should at this time, and he is alone, but he has bought a package of approx. 10 tickets and extras, which he can according to the tax rules.
    • Søren is “the worst darkness” too working directly against me, and here the door is open a few more days, is this all I can do before the game will close?

Cleaning an eternity of worlds at the Golden City continuing to the top to become the apple of my new self

I was woken up against my wish because I was VERY tired, but I was told that it is not difficult for my mother to speak through me, the difficulties is darkness keeping her back from me making it impossible to speak at all, and because of this, I was forced to stand up despite of my tiredness.

Dragholm is not a hole in the ground anymore, he has to decide himself how to say congratulations and avoid a mass rape of him and yes with darkness falling in.

I was told that there are no one bothering you, but I saw big and dark spirits walking in front of my TV, which they would like to switch on, but NO, we will continue playing. Later I was shown how yellow of the spirit of my mother just behind me tried to pull my gun, which however is difficult to do when you are an actor of light.

Stig, we have gone through the worst pain to do this, and this just came in yesterday: It goes super well, I am very satisfied, and I felt that this came from my old self of the spirit of my mother (one half of my old self) at the top.

The cat eye of your father – as seen on Google Earth – is not in yet and I was given the album “Katbeat” by Sneakers and I was told “We want Tivoli-life”, and darkness said that I want to be set free to catch rats, and I said that you are free to do everything good, and it made this darkness say that now I will truly have a good time, and I was shown Lars Seier, and yes an extravagant rich life as him, but no, this is NOT the way.

I had much darkness disturbing me today with Microsoft Word suddenly starting to act “crazy” with the commands not working, and later my Firefox browser closing down by itself, and yes nothing new in this, had that for years, but strong darkness as mentioned, which is also why I am so tired today, which is still because of “wrong feelings/thoughts” of people.

We would have played the game ”we cannot make it home on time” etc.

No there are no nail mats underneath the mattress of Christoffer anymore, I have removed them, and yes placed there by my mother and her big mouth, and via Christoffer used to hurt me.

It is almost like during wartime where we also had no time to rest, remember (?), and yes I was the Führer and you were my wife and we know the dark side of the spirit of my mother, and here we are again but this time you are sure, you will not bend to extreme pressure of darkness.

I felt annoyance of cough of darkness.

So this may be the last chance to get Indians in. And this is about squeezing the coffee/love of your mother to the extreme to get a chance to get in to the next room, and yes if that is what you want (?) with a reference to not having started work today yet, which was DIFFICULT to do because of just how tired I was, and I was told why don’t you just get it over with – to accept my “old nightmare and it will not take long, and yes a great pressure, but NO, I have promised myself “no matter what”.

This corresponds to putting in cake cream to the finished cake.

When I decided to overcome this tiredness and go to bath and use some hours to do the work today even though it felt impossible to do, it made the voice asking me to give up, give up.

I was shown myself as a dark disco light ball at a large and dark discotheque which I felt was the next level of the Source, I was asked where is the man with the Golden City (?) and I was shown a dark and HUGE theatre curtain with actors of the next level behind it.

I felt darkness and was told that we are now coming to the end of time and “this time it is right”, and yes do you believe in darkness?

I have many times received the words “Vor Frue Kirke” (“the Churh of our Lady”) and the feeling of the handball player Katrine FRUElund, so there you have it.

I received a new out of this world pain to my right ankle.

I received the dark feeling of funeral and was told that we have not yet come to your funeral, which is not really nice to listen to, and here feeling an actor, and yes here Mads Mikkelsen, and sometimes also your brother.

I was told that I will have to leave this “pole”, which will be when you will die – momentarily.

I was told that Elijah’s and Tina’s church in Gachie, Kenya, where I went every Sunday for more than four months also cannot/will not understand so they are continuing their activities without knowing that my spirit is over the place and without knowing who I am.

I was shown that I am coming to a stone wall stopping my journey with stairs leading up to the left and to the right and I was asked which way I want to go, and yes the most difficult saving more life on the way, which is probably to right, but I will let you control it.

I was shown the 1st floor of a house with shelves, but I don’t see anything on them, and there are skew walls with light pressing in on this 1st floor, and there is a kitchen at the end, which is also light, and I am now told that it will not be difficult when light will enter here, and I am thinking that you may have hidden darkness or water from the Source inside here, and yes where is the Golden City, and somewhere in here, and no, I will NOT allow you to explode anything, and NEVER that is.

I was told that it was extra expensive setting up lamps in France.

I felt how darkness inside of me wanted to leave me and it said that I don’t want to be part of eternity, which is about this darkness leaving me potentially leaving me, exploding, at the end of the game.

I was shown floating ink and told that this is the density of the darkness I am going through now, ”the worst”.

I was shown how a part of me was pulled out from the worst darkness of the Commune torturing me, and I heard “I don’t want to be unemployed” (because of their torture of me), and I was told that it is again darkness of my sister standing behind this. I felt and was told that this the worst hell is about to dissolve letting me free, and I was shown springs inside a mattress becoming orange and jumping out because “now we don’t bother anymore”.

I was shown a staircase completely blocked by a big black cross and told that access is completely closed here, and then I was shown a little orange colour at the top, right corner of the cross and told that this is unless we would receive help from outside, and I was told that we sent out a signal and invited outer people of other civilizations.

I was shown bright light and a lot of dark coats about to be driven away, but no, I will NOT accept that you remove anything from me.

I received the taste of pork and was told that we had no idea if we would receive an answer – this is what you did out there where there should be no life – but our “goddag goddag” (“hello hello”) was answered by “tag hatten af” (“take off your hat”), and we received a positive answer confirming that they would help to lift me up the stairs, so this is how we are not letting you down now.

My tiredness including strong feelings/speech/temptations to give up this evening was indescribably.

I received the vision/feeling of a GIANT spaceship in front of me and was told that it will collect the last survivors, who have not died, but only if you carry on, and this is how we are dismantling the pole.

I was shown “the Opera Tube” – the round family tree with worlds as balconies of an opera inside of it for an eternity – and I was received by two actors feeling like mother and father, and I was told that you simply do not enter here as your old self, but this is where I have arrived and will now continue up.

I was shown a new heart as a Danish pork sausage. And later two people supporter me up the stairs, and I saw myself as the most tortured man you can believe (in history) being completely and utterly broken down (almost) not able to walk.

I was shown the camp school in Birkerød (I believe), which I went to with my old class from Espergærde in 5th grade, I believe, and I was told “poor film” (which is about the film we recorded there with people being shot/dying as flies) and shown the chains hanging down the end of the house being hanged around my neck, which were almost strangulating me, but these are the chains I am getting out of.

And I was told that I have now been sent out to right, which of course was the right way, and yes it has always been, the hardest.

So you don’t convert someone like me to an apple because you have to get to the very top, where this will be done.

I was told that I am here because my mother remembered the tooth brush (sending me to the dentist with the x-rays). And also if I not drove all the tours I did on my old mountain bike in 2012. And also meeting Anton, and I was told that he is one of these God’s/worlds inside of here, and still that I am everything.

If you can get through this, we have the finest sailboat for you, and yes it also includes not to give in to the negative voices still wanting to overtake me, and they are not only “just voice”, but a STRONG feeling literally sitting all over the inside of my skin, which makes them extra strong/uncomfortable.

And then I was shown my self walking the floor inside of here as the only one with a large group sitting on chairs covered by a dark curtain, and I felt all of these as God’s/leaders/worlds rowing the boat, i.e. being the energy/power of this, and this is the Golden City still covered by darkness, but I am inside of it!

I was shown that if I had chosen the left road/tunnel, it was very short and leading back to myself.

I was also told that there is really no access here without the two others, i.e. faith of my mother and father, but the rules I have followed all throughout my journey including NOT to accept my “old nightmare” actually also worked here.

I was shown how an elephant, i.e. God, was covered with a layer of dark rock, and saw that this darkness is now being removed revealing a completely white elephant underneath, and this process has now started.

I was shown three inside a very small dark cave of the mountain and I felt everything shaking because of the New World entering from outside, which could have destroyed this place.

I went to bed at 22.30 being so tired that I could not work writing down the notes of this evening and publishing my script of today

I only slept until 23.30 receiving this dream

  • I was walking outside the garden of a house, and saw a beautiful dark lady, whom however was not that beautiful after all, and she threw in something to her two brothers inside the garden, but it did not get in, and I throw it in the last way, and later I dreamt about living in Brede where my mother sits in the living room, and I am on my way out to the balcony, and when I get out, it looks as if it has moved a few centimetres making me throw down because of my extreme fear of heights, and I say that this is what people more than anything would like to photograph from outside.
    • Eeeehhh?
  • I also dreamt of Søren Espersen having a long line of video tapes where he has written the content on the back with fine handwriting, and I like his order, and invite him and other skilled people from his party to visit us and give us information before an important meeting.

When I woke up, I was still beaten black and blue or whatever colours you are beaten when feeling this low, and I was given the feeling that I should be happy that I am now able to stand up and write, and yes simply because I can (!), and yes it is as ironic, but still truthful, as you can be.

I received Van Morrison’s beautiful song “crazy love” and the lyrics “She give me love, love, love, love, crazy love”, which is what I receive from my mother making this game going.

I was told that this bar closet includes the ring, and with the ring, also gold.

They have removed my name from the address, this is how sure they were that I would not get home.

I received serious coughing and burp of darkness, which is about bringing up more of these jackets and yes to be cleaned instead of being driven away.

I was shown the spirit of my mother on the stairs inside of here as completely darkness, and she gave me physical scratch to my private parts and said that it is her, who will bring me up the stairs and I received the feeling that this is because of lack of faith of my mother in me, and also if this is alright (?), and yes, sure, come on, let’s walk.

I felt light and was told “we made the aeroplane all of us”, and this is what we meant with the question if all of us would be able to make it before the end of time.

So we are not going to (play to) be drowned anyway (?), and no, him there has not approved it and decided to continue working to the very end, thus also saving us.

And I received laugh from my mother saying that you are now no longer “the pole” giving me the feeling that I cannot be exposed to my “old nightmare”, or at least this is what is happening when I continue walking upstairs into the light.

When I was preparing to publish the script, I was told that now I will go and get your lunch package, i.e. more life to be saved.

Finally, at 01.45, I published the script and yes I am now “fresh” again, and will have to stay up some hours at least.

Google Earth shows the statue of Holger Danske (Ogier the Dane) leaving Helsingør symbolising my awakening

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show me as the wanderer with dolls of my mother wanting to carry out my “old nightmare”, darkness is angry (following my script of yesterday), souls coming up from the Lake Victoria, it’s cold outside (of my sufferings), beautiful creation of the Source destroyed by greed of man, the statue of Holger Danske (Ogier the Dane) has left Helsingør symbolising my awakening, other “heroes” are awakening too, I am helping the misled and poor, the Source giving a smack/explosion to the world, and Queen Elisabeth playing an act on Google Earth too.

FB 170213 Jette 1

FB 170213 Jette 2

FB 170213 Jette 3

FB 170213 Jette 4

FB 170213 Jette 5

FB 170213 Jette 6

FB 170213 Jette 7

FB 170213 Jette 8

FB 170213 Jette 9

FB 170213 Jette 10

FB 170213 Jette 11

FB 170213 Jette 12

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • This is how my script of yesterday looked when I was copying and sending it via email to my LTO friends, and it is the video “All if full of love” by Björk, which “decided” to place itself inside the Facebook banner, which normally includes Obama, which is to say that my message of “all is full of love” has been received by the world, and that the world knows that this is what Obama is full of too as another part of me.

Website 170213 All is full of love

  • This is an update of Anton. I very much like his fine writing, but I do NOT at all like him cursing here. And he speaks about dying not understanding yet that we will live forever in our New World, so he is concentrating on subjects belonging to the Old World, thus sending me darkness because of this, but he will know some day not long from now.

FB 170213 Anton

FB 170213 Anton 2

FB 170213 Anton 3

  • I decided to check my Facebook friends to set names on people misunderstanding and leaving me – without a word of course as usual – and I have done this for some months, and the names in bold are people leaving me lately, and isn’t it interesting to see that the General Secretary of the Danish Bible Company, whom I sent the email to the other day asking if he would help sending Bibles to Nigeria and also to replace the Bible with my scripts, has decided not only to leave me, but entirely to block/report me to Facebook (!) – what behaviour (!) – and yes Tanwir, my old Pakistan friend, whom I worked together with (trying) to help Pakistan after their flood in 2010, and yes I was a “star” in his eyes when he worked at Teleperformance selling our Income Protection Insurances around 2003/04, and we hired him as a temp for our Accent insurance office at Fair, where we worked together was it a couple of months (?), and yes now he has decided to ALSO REPORT/BLOCK ME (!!!), and what is so “crazy” about me, Tanwir (?), and is that because I wrote on Facebook that Mohammad was a prophet of the Devil, and you simply “could not handle” that (?), and yes I was here first given the taste of blood, and then a heartburn, which is about the strong darkness you have given me as a close “special friend”, who also cannot understand any other than yourself, and have you told your Pakistani Network about me and my story on Muhammad (?), and I wonder if any of you would have liked to “kill me” for this (?) – and maybe if I gave in to darkness, you would have been stronger than you were – and yes I don’t know the exact number of Facebook leaving me over time, but it may be around 100 (?), and at the moment, I have 184 Facebook friends, and I wonder how many of them would have liked to leave, but “did not get around to do it”? And as usual, my feeling is SADNESS because of people, who “cannot” understand and “cannot” show good behaviour, and instead you are making me look like the clown, and yes still the opposite world.

Facebook friends who decided to leave me



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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One Response to February 17, 2013: Cleaning an eternity of worlds at the Golden City continuing to the top to become the apple of my new self

  1. jette says:

    check ❤ Take care!

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