February 21, 2013: Transferring the Source to our New World and becoming everything to start the magic of our New World


Summary of the script today

20th February: Entering the Source being ONE GOD without energy on top of the Trinity of our New World

  • I am running on the absolutely last fuel of darkness bringing me inside the top of the Source. I went to the lecture of Ole Schächter on Greenland – “the mother of all waters” of the Source – and I was told that this lecture via Ole is the entrance to my original self, which he is bringing via Greenland, and Ole in combination with my mother’s reaction of seeing UFO’s yesterday is what opened to the entrance of my original self inside the tree of the Source including ONE GOD only on top of the Trinity of the New World. It is from inside of here that I am stopping “money of the tree” to pour out and being used as energy to feed darkness of the world. It is here we will stop energy of the world, and just “be”, which is also a condition in order for the Source self to become part of the New World. And when the Source is part of the New World, we are on the same side receiving ONLY LOVE of God.
  • Dreaming of overtaking and improving old God, and strong darkness brought to me because of feelings of my mother.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show the front wagon of the roller coaster (approaching the other side), “you ain’t seen nothing yet”, the lion leaves its cave uniting with me, the figure of a UFO leading to my story of UFO’s from yesterday, GREED of heartless China, teaching the world about our new life, dim heads of Iceland, the last connection of the New World to the Source on Greenland, more trouble of darkness, evilness of my “bad tooth” trying to fight me (the last part of God returning to me), and more darkness as building stones.
  • Short stories of the “lion” and “Bob Marley” is spreading, Michael Wulff received a signed from God, one day I will be everything even though I only wanted to be Stig, MP’s don’t want to speak about my “cow turnabout”, I was happy to be hearing from David, Fanny is sad about her husband not listening while she is not listening to me, it took one hundred years to return HOME with the lunch package (of life) as the CURE, and a passionate/political man sending me darkness.

21st February: Transferring the Source to our New World and becoming everything to start the magic of our New World

  • I reached the very top entering the Source with ropes of the world around my ankles. This connection between the New World and the Source was removed – but communication continues – while I am now brought into the secret of the Source where I will become everything and where we as ONE God will surround and enter everything of the New World, which is when the magic and brilliant fireworks will start. Even though there is no darkness and sexuality inside of here, I am still given sufferings of darkness wanting to bring me my “old nightmare”, which is the easiest fuel to use doing this task also to save the world from sufferings if the Source should fall down into its “face”.
  • Already late this afternoon it was no longer needed to tell the New World that it was not welcome, because now the piano of the Source had been transferred to our New World. I am still darkness inside of this, which CANNOT hurt the New World any longer, so we are now united as the Diamond Life of our New World.
  • Germany is our Kingdom as mentioned before, and Denmark is the Source because of our connection to Greenland.
  • Dreaming of receiving darkness from my old school friend Allan M. H, my father sending me darkness when he wants to “get away” from me, and the Commune wants to give me permanent disability pension?
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show that we are going for ONENESS, two incarnations both ways around, big head of glasses (the window I am moving around), blowing up the balloon of celebration, a delivery from Ireland to Benjamin Crème, eating back what darkness said, a long queue of “light-wanters”, and darkness on the back of a laughing guy/actor.
  • Short stories of “everything of me”, life is given with love of my mother, darkness has “halved” Mads the same way as Jimi, as the fish I am everyting/all life, there is nothing my Commune can do, they cannot remove my social benefits, Anton created a group, which was not as open as I/God like it to be.


20th February: Entering the Source being ONE GOD without energy on top of the Trinity of our New World

Entering the Source being ONE GOD without energy on top of the Trinity of our New World

I was told that when I worked as a Branch Manager in Acta in 2007, and decided to TURN DOWN “the most qualified candidate”, Philip, to become investment adviser because of his apparent poor/wrong behaviour with no business moral(= “the worst darkness”), and when he complained over me to my manager, Peter, this is where the start of your dismissal began with Peter going against you speaking behind your back, “if only Stig had done like this and this” (because of poor business results, which was ALSO the reason why I was dismissed, with the true reason being that the opening in Denmark was POORLY prepared, and we started before we were ready).

There is no money to bring a new currency, and when the old stream of darkness has been closed, there is really only you for us to go to, and will you please take this torch of ours, and bring it on (?), and yes of course I do, and so it is that we can continue the steps towards our new life.

I smelled cress and was told “isn’t this how you want your haircut”, and yes we know “almost there”, please remove ALL hair, i.e. darkness.

We were not even refugees during the war, no we were not. We were more than killed also there having to go through that to build strength to create our New World.

I was told that my mother was completely down because of the UFO’s I showed her, and yes is Stig crazy or telling the truth (?); which is not easy to tell when you cannot listen to the objective story, only your own WRONG voice – and now at 13.00, I still feel her thinking of this sending me darkness/sadness.

I felt outer people of other civilizations VERY FAR OUT of the Universe and was told that we will bring all life with us from there, which was lost because of the loss of my tooth in 2006, and I understood that they are now returning to life, and yes I felt them.

I was told about the secret Area 51 military base in USA that there are people working there, who never come out; this is how secret it is, and they have some of our relatives (people of other civilizations) there also never released because they have never brough man to us to “bang, bang”. Jack and the Navy is not involved in this. I was told that these people of Area 51 see the aeroplane of our New World coming closer and closer to their base, and yes you will receive your FREEDOM again soon, and ALL OF YOUR ACTIVITIES, every little detail, will be revealed to the world, and you will do it yourselves, aren’t you happy?

I was about to fall asleep at 02.00 and decided to try to sleep on my sofa, which I did until 08.00 and because I was still tired, I kept on sleeping in my bed until 11.20 today (!), and I had these dreams.

  • I am together with two others and I don’t understand it, but I am 86 years old and still feel like a teenager; life has gone far too quickly. I overtake Morten J.’s work because he is stopping, and I see that he has done fine sales work also writing down all of his actions making it easy to overview, but he has been unilaterally in the music, he has sold, which I will expand/broaden. I tell him that we did errors both of us when working together, and he tells me that he knows how tough my work has been, and I think that he knows nothing about just how deeply the toughness was.
    • 86 is my age when it comes to energy (and a preparation for meeting the old people of the old age home this afternoon), and Morten J. is a symbol of “Old God” and our Old World, which has been closing down constantly and only kept open for me to save all life of it because of my decision, and now I am taking over everything here, and will create even more love of our New World. And yes, people do not really know just how deeply/strongly my sufferings have been, because I am still working, right (?), and how difficult can it then be?
  • I am working on my laptop, and just behind the door opening to the next room, Sidsel is posing on the floor not wearing much clothes, and she is smiling because she is playing up to me and she can see that I cannot keep my eyes from her. I tell her that I have set up a business meeting on Friday at 15.00, which is in another language, and she has to attend to make us understand, but she tells me that she is off this afternoon.
    • This is because of darkness coming when telling my mother about the UFO’s yesterday! And the meeting is about the end of my journey soon coming.
  • I received the song “sleeping satellite” by Tasmin Archer and the lyrics “I blame you for the moonlit sky” and “Don’t blame this sleeping satellite”.

I was told that the bullet against Anwar Sadat was also a bullet against me.

Have we not closed the terrace door to the garden, and is that the old garden?

No, he does not want his gift yet, he would rather wait.

We were defence less first against darkness, but now we are about to conquer the castle of Kalmar, Sweden (where I went with my sister and her husband approx. 25 years ago).

“I’ve been in Scottia”, which is really about Benjamin Crème, who has been to the green island of Ireland as symbol of being in spiritual contact with God too, and I have been told about “Scotland” several time referring to him, but no, he has still not “discovered” me, which is “far too difficult” to do when I have sent you emails twice, Benjamin?

One day when we will call you up from darkness, you will be busy, but for the time being, the phone still works.

It means that you don’t want the band aid now.

Ariel Sharon was doped, and is awakening too now, so maybe you will tell the world what you saw that day you walked to the Dome of the Rock?

I was told that my old colleague Kjeld S. at Dahlberg – the expert of professional liability insurance in Denmark – has been speaking positively about me after I carried out the team day of the Dahlberg Agency, which Bo “could not” do himself in 2008, and also that this has had importance, and was the reason why Bo was “prevented” to attend even though he was the manager and had invited all employees, and yes leaving it all to me, which was at a time when I had given my notice of resignation!

I have received the names of the cities Timbuktu in Mali and Kathmandu in Nepal.

So there is no key on the safe deposit here, and it is about “who gets here first”, light or darkness and then you withdraw from me what you desire, but this is what we are now turning all around with all of the inside of me becoming everything of the New World.

This afternoon I went to the lecture on Greenland of Ole Schächter – its story and traditional hunting tradition etc. – at the Birkebo old age home right in front of my apartment house and he started by saying that to Greenlanders, Greenland is “the mother of all waters” in order to succeed, which I liked thinking of “water” as the Source, and I was told that this lecture via Ole is the entrance to my original self, which he is bringing via Greenland, and yes this man knew “everything” about Greenland, had brought books, skins, maps and even dried fish (not in my likings!) and he has been stationed and living himself in Qaqortoq of Southern Greenland.

I was told that the combination of Ole and showing UFO’s to my mother yesterday is what is making me walk right in here, Noller and Jørgen, and that is into the “white” of everything.

I still have darkness as the fuel bringing me forward, and when I received the words “you are not welcome”, which I still do all of the time and have to go actively against, I was first given the feeling of Camilla because of her resistance/lack of faith, and later also Georgie, and yes energy making creation impossible but still what creation is made of.

There were approx. 20 old people present, and yes the first time ever I have been together with people of an old age home, and I was really sad about these people being here at the last station before death, and everyone knows, and for months I have noticed the flag going on half several times, and yes we will soon avoid this thing called death, and instead we will bring “this crazy little thing called love”, feeling my mother, and eternal life, you know.

He spoke about the Vikings originally discovering Greenland, and calling it “Wine land”, and yes the land of “everything” as this means to me.

I was told that Ole is “the monster”, who has been looking after me, and I was shown a small, naked and almost withered tree, and I was given the feeling that this is my old self, which we are now transferring too, and yes the Source itself, and I was told that it is withered because of my sufferings also having no friends.

This is about coming home to my original self and I was shown my self entering and being inside of this tree, and I was told “remember that we are nothing”, and “this is your home, then”. I was told and shown that you don’t see silver inside of here yet, you have to get in deeper to see this.

I was INCREDIBLE tired during this lecture, but listened carefully to what Ole said, which he could see, and that is on contrary to many of the old people, who at times were more busy small talking and getting coffee than to truly listen, and yes you can see this on the attitude of people.

In the break I encouraged Ole to tell about his personal story, career and life on Greenland too, which he said that he would after the break, but he “forgot”, and when I spoke to him afterwards, I first thanked him for sharing his big and detailed knowledge of Greenland and history in general, which impressed me, and asked him about his personal experience, and he said that he was asked to speak about Greenland, and “did not like” to speak about himself, and this is where you are WRONG, Ole, because I was waiting for you to include your own story as part of this including your anecdotes, which everyone, I am sure, would love to hear – including the part where you were stuck on ice with a minister, was this the story (?), and you did not know if you would make it through (?), just a symbol of God self about to become “destroyed” before reunited/recreated inside and by our New World – and I recommended him to speak about himself too, and yes to find the right balance of not too much or too little you know, and yes he was “too modest” the same way as “what was his name again” – the journalist and TV commentator – from Lama Yönten?

Birkebo 200213 Ole Schächter om GrønlandOle Schächte speaking about Greenland, which was my entrance to
my original self inside the tree of the Source 🙂

When I returned home after this two hour lecture, which I was HAPPY to attend – good to do LIVE and not only on TV – I was told that it is first inside of here that we change from Sanna to you. This is how far we have to enter to secure that no money, i.e. energy, comes out of the tree feeding darkness, but only joy and happiness and a New World without energy where we just “are”. You are now entered One God, where we are ONE and not a Trinity, which we only are as beings of the New World, and yes we are both.

I was given a cracking sound to my shelves – still including sexual torments spoken to me – but also that this is what makes it possible for you to walk in and out of the New World.

Are we going to get our sun glasses from inside of there (?), and no, that is the beautiful part of it, I cannot send out any darkness while inside the New World, because then I am just me, and I am “ONLY LOVE” you know ♥.

I received another out of this world pain to my right ankle.

We swallowed a lot of power every time, but not this time, because instead of the power returning to me, Stig decided to use it as building stones for our New World, see?

I don’t have a silver spoon inside of here – in my mouth – it is produced too, and yes Stig, the idea is for you to walk right back to the very being of me.

I did not have very much hair on my head to enter here, and yes almost no hair, but still bringing you forward it is, until there is nothing left, and that is when there is no cow on the ice anymore.

Germany was not a big and impossible kingdom to win, but now it is yours, you are now heading in even deeper, and still I only see darkness.

I could not have invented something like “faeces” – i.e. darkness – without you to bring it home to me, and now you will see that you as the Son are part of me, and this plan of creation.

We are born as darkness full of drugs inside us, which could blow up at any point and with the feeling “it is impossible to create life”, but no, we succeeded doing it better each time until coming right back to the origin and letting the creation become our new face.

There is no “Gl. Mønt” (“old coin”, which is both “energy” and a street of Copenhagen) inside of here, you are entering a place of “no energy”, and this is the “no energy” you have decided to be the foundation of our New World, and if you had not, we would not be able to enter, and yes who is crazy enough to decide the end of energy, because everyone knows that without energy, there is no life – this is what the photosynthesis of Jette’s Google Earth pictures the other day was about – but yes, when you believe there is another world beneat this where you just are and “energy” is your mind making you able to do everything, this is what makes it real.

It was first in the end of World War II that we started seeing the outline of you, and how to create you to bring everything home to me.

No, he is not the caretaker is he (?), no he is me returning to me right up here and yes the feeling of astonishment for you to go all the way, and yes feeling Princess Victoria of Sweden here again being one of my loyal readers, and yes hur är läget (?), and here it is “just bra”.

I was told that I have used my left testicle to save all life.

We have not only turned the refrigerator the other way, but we have now met our father too, and yes at the very top as you write.

I was told that my father almost called announcing his arrival, which will have to be “near to death”.

I felt darkness and was told “no, time is now not on my hands anymore, he decided to go right in taking time with him” and now we only wait for him to return and yes as his new self because it is in there that his transformation takes place.

Yes, unfortunately, he took all of us/darkness with him in.

Google Earth shows the last connection of the New World to the Source on Greenland and the “bad tooth” figthing

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show the front wagon of the roller coaster (approaching the other side), “you ain’t seen nothing yet”, the lion leaves its cave uniting with me, the figure of a UFO leading to my story of UFO’s from yesterday, GREED of heartless China, teaching the world about our new life, dim heads of Iceland, the last connection of the New World to the Source on Greenland, more trouble of darkness, evilness of my “bad tooth” trying to fight me (the last part of God returning to me), and more darkness as building stones.

FB 200213 Jette 1

FB 200213 Jette 2

FB 200213 Jette 3

FB 200213 Jette 4

FB 200213 Jette 5

FB 200213 Jette 6

FB 200213 Jette 7

FB 200213 Jette 8

FB 200213 Jette 9

FB 200213 Jette 10

FB 200213 Jette 11

FB 200213 Jette 12

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • The “lion” and “Bob Marley” is spreading.

FB 190213 til Anton

  • Michael Wulff shared a comic stripe about a fungus where his badly behaving son tells him about drinking Whisky and when drunk shouting after one you call “God” to give you a sign what the meaning of life is, and yes I told him that the fungus is a symbol of God self, so there you have your sign, Michael, and yes an “inspired” man he is and darkness he is too drinking Whisky.

FB 200213 MW

Helt Normalt 200213

  • Andrew brought the video clip below really saying that I will become everything, and yes I really just wanted to be Stig, which this is about.

FB 200213 Andrew

“One day, lad, all this will be yours!

What, the curtains?

No, not the curtains, lad. All that you can see! Stretched out over the hills and valleys of this land! This’ll be your kingdom, lad!

But, Mother

— Father, I’m Father.

But Father, I don’t want any of that.”

  • First Anders Samuelsen did not want to cut social benefits, but now he will, and he does not want to talk about a “cow turnabout”, which is what it is called here with cows symbolising God/Buddha, and no he does not want to talk about me, and as Benedikte said “what is the matter with cows”, and yes, nothing is, Benedikte, it is more you, who still “cannot” do what is right to do.

FB 200213 Benedikte

  • I was encouraged to bring this update from Hans two days ago about local politicians recommending that a new sport hall will be build to replace the old of Mørdrupskolen, which burned down last year because of lack of faith of my old class teacher in me (!), which you know is about making everything of our New World “perfect”.

FB 1802 200213 Hans

  • I was glad for David to send me this email this morning after I yesterday had told the team that I miss them and to receive a personal email from them, and when you write Machakos, it brings memories to me, because this is where Mecheck – Elijah’s brother – lived, whom I met at my 2nd day in Kenya and went with all of my luggage on top of your small busses to and stayed with until he presented me for Elijah and the team a couple of days later. Please give him, his dear wife and their child my best wished :-). Thank you also for following up on Elijah, and yes it goes way beyond me that a man can bring things as “far out” as he has done without seeing the wrong of it and correcting it, and that is despite of the influence of the team and I. Thank you for writing, David and all the best :-).

Email from David 200213

  • Two days ago, Fanny came back to me saying that her husband is a “knot man”, who do NOT want to listen, and yes God’s fight in vain towards stupid people, so she decided to step back instead of breaking down mentally, and I told her that unfortunately many cannot do what is right – I see them all of the time too – and the reason for bringing this, is because I was inspired to ask Fanny to join Jette’s Facebook group, and I was even encouraged just to enrol her, but no, this is WRONG to do, Facebook (!), so therefore I invited her to attend, but no, Fanny “could not” do this and she also “cannot” read my scripts, and yes but listen to her own voice, she can.

FB 1802 200313 Fanny

  • Helena will be going home from Greenland tomorrow – after having delivered me there too – and “God, I am tired” as she said, yes I know the feeling, and she is flying over “Top Gun Iceland” according to Annette, and she said that it will take “one hundred years and a lunch package” to come home, and yes it took a journey to “almost die” for find THE CURE for everyone, and yes, I am sure you know too, Robert (?), and of course a favourite song from a favourite album (the name of it is what darkness tried to make Helena to me, but no!) by the Cure, and how could it be otherwise?

FB 200213 Helena

  • Daniel is the man I met a few months ago writing about the negativity of the newspaper BT on one of the chief-in-editor, Olav’s Facebook comments, and he is INCREDIBLE PASSIONATE about politics and unions – he is Social Democratic defending everything red/about unions and attacking everything non-socialist – and apparently he has become curious to know where I stand political, which he then asked me about, and I told him “no where” and that I have my own philosophy and New World Order, which will replace all politics and unions (!), which made him outburst “ahhh, I wonder”, and yes “you can choose if you want to read and understand or don’t and misunderstand your own better-knowing voice”, and yes notice his profile picture of the small boy peeing, and yes “destruction of darkness” as this means, and darkness is about “ignorant and lazy better-knowing people”, and yes this is the very essence of it, and you saw it EVERYWHERE. And yes, Daniel opened my New World Order, but decided that you did not want to READ and UNDERSTAND?

FB 200213 Daniel________________________________________________________________________

21st February: Transferring the Source to our New World and becoming everything to start the magic of our New World

I am becoming everything of the Source and will enter everything to start the magic of our New World

Is the New World welcome to enter here too (?), or let us say that we are entering the New World or becoming one, and to me this is about everyone is welcome, and you will decide what is “perfect”, my friend as I told the Source.

You may be in security now, Stig, but you have not returned so we can still hurt your mother and friends and eeehhh, no you cannot because Stig has decided that he will never return as evil, but ONLY LOVE. And this is said still feeling darkness annoying me, but it is with “good luck” when travelling inside of there.

Again I received ”you are welcome”, and felt that this is about pulling up the New World and place is right with the Source on the top.

I felt God inside darkness say that without going to the Kaiser Chiefs concert with Jack in 2008, there would have been no connection with Annisette, and now darkness is packing up.

I was told that ”prisoners” of the mental hospital in Hillerød are still there and still being developed spiritually, and the idea was to bring you back there, and yes it might be, but the idea was also that I should not be alive by now.

I was told that Niklas has now brought me to original people of Tasmania, Australia, and yes he has been there now for one out of five weeks.

I was given marks to my ankles and was told that you are coming to the very top with ropes around your ankles, and what will happen with these now (?), and yes the world is still connected via these ankles, what do we do (?), and I could only think that we are becoming one, and “light will decide”.

I was told that you do not come here without Denis having given up on Karen, creating a free road for you, and that we have brought the power of Karen, which was meant to kill you, inside of here. And I felt how the arm from here feeding the world with “building stones”, i.e. darkness, was withdrawn.

I felt apple pies, and the light of my mother on the sky, i.e. the Jerusalem UFO, which we will use like that Christmas night in Bethlehem..

We have far from finished, Stig, first we will do the process inside of here, and then at the end the lunch pack of your new self will come, and this is still if you are allowed by the world letting me work without disturbances!

So now you will see creation of life yourself. You can decide yourself for smoked salmon or haunch of venison.

We have decided also to use darkness for this process, so your sufferings are not over with yet, and this is because your origin is from the New World, which has created you (with the New World being a creation originating from the Source), and this is how you are coming up from the New World via your ankles.

This is darkness, which does not exist at all, which has returned to the Source after being created by the world, and this force is now here, thank you, and now it is my task to create your final self.

This is how there is sexual torments even though there is no sexuality here. It is like you haven driven with the bus to the end station of Nørreport in Copenhagen and still you decide to take a new bus leaving from here, and that is because this is the easiest, and I felt the spirit of my mother, who is also inside of here, where we are becoming ONE.

So we have reached the very top, and this is what we mean by releasing the connection to the ankles, and when we will be released, we will start encircling everything.

Still I received much negativity of darkness speaking to and tormenting me – for example “I much rather want to be Satan” etc.

But the words “you are welcome”, which I have used for years many thousands or even millions of times, are now to strongly integrated and part of my “automatic reaction” that they are “impossible” to change, and now I started receiving these words all of the time instead of “you are not welcome”, which is what darkness used to do, and still I had to ask myself “are you absolutely sure that this is right to do” (?), and that is because it has been wrong to do all of this time, but I reached the conclusion that it is and that when I say “light decides” and “it has got to be perfect”, it cannot be wrong.

This was the process to dismantle your sister from spreading darkness to the world.

I was given feelings of the New World, which cannot enter and now negative voices said “you have really deserved this” etc. and still the voice of “you are welcome” continued coming automatically, which was DIFFICULT to change, and yes tried with “light decides”, “I have no meaning about this” before I simply decided to say “wrong”, and that is again and again and again, and yes it still takes force to being stronger than darkness of my sister, mother and many leading the wrong voice.

We would have turned around countries via sacrifices of the world to help you if needed, but it was not.

I was told that the New World has now received contact to their “endless fractals” bringing it energy, and we are no longer the “boom boom” heart of the world, which it now is itself, we are now nothing as everything on our way to completely surround everything with our silver.

If was also impossible for us to receive you – as it was for you to enter – without faith of your mother and father, but still it was possible via will power and love.

This is where the circle is complete and when we are everything – also inside – the magic/greatest firework will start. The diamond is the world, which we are too.

I was told that my mother still feels that she has received a considerable age and fear death, which is also why we can continue this game. And your father has said goodbye to this world without saying goodbye to you as the one he loves the most of all (inside of him)!

I felt that this does not stop everything between the New World and the Source, we will keep the old communication system of the telephone line until everything is done.

This is now our secret content of Bornholm, i.e. the Source, which we will spread all over the world.

You are not that bad and careless about your father (?), but you have walked around from the other side via your mother to enter and also save him.

I received a new signal, a “double click” to my right foot and I felt the spirit of my mother as “only light” of our New World, so everything is fine with them.

So it is the last remaining of my old self entering here at the Source, which we better have to amplify a little, don’t you think (?), and this was said with much playing down.

So we are maintaining the telephone line with the New World because I can save the world from sufferings. So this is my old self which the spirit of my mother brought to the Source, and this part of the game was hold.

Do you believe they felt the recent snow storm in Boston, USA (?), as the epicentre, and I was told that this storm was also preparing this task.

Already at around 01.00 I had the strongest tired crisis, and here at 04.15 I was so deeply tired that no one will ever feel, and I was still kept on my very limit being this deeply tired still receiving negative speech still making this very difficult and painful to go through, and I was told that if I give in to darkness, the New World is allowed to come back to help me become everything via sacrifices, but this is not in my plans.

I was told that you cannot understand how incredible important Karen has been in this “game” rejecting her greatest love ever, and this is the same as my father did herewith doing the opposite to bring me the worst darkness via this contradiction to bring me strength to create our New World.

Your responsibility is not to give in to the “you are welcome” voice, which continued coming again and again and again, and if I just accepted it, this would stop the game and my preparation and opening for the world to sacrifices.

So what will come first, me becoming everything of the New World as the Source or the New World coming through to me, which will make me as the Source “fall down” bringing sufferings to the world?

I was shown myself inside what looked like a big church and told that even though no one is here, we are still here bringing you to our secret.

I continued receiving what I believe is an old Danish rap song (?), which included the words “bad boy”, which is about darkness still wanting to carry out my “old nightmare” (!), and instead I received “Be Babalula” by TV2 from their FANTASTIC album “Nutidens Unge” (I LOVE the characteristic sound on this, which also gives some of the absolutely best live songs imaginable) and the lyrics “begejstringen vil ingen end ta’” (“the enthusiasm will take no end”), which is really because we are going “op til baren” (“up to the bar”) with the bar being the home of God, and “op og ned af Strøget” (“up and down the Pedestrian Street “Strøget””).

I was shown a dark piano inside an apartment where everything else inside and outside is light, and this is about setting up this piano.

At 05.00 I decided to go to sleep and I had difficulties falling asleep as part of the game, which I however finally did and I slept until 12.00 receiving these dreams.

  • I am out running in the forest, and even though Allan M. H. (my old class friend) is running his tour inside the forest too, it is not on my way, but still I decide to run to him because he has my red dictionary, and when I reach his route, I see the dictionary lying at the side of the path where it has been raining, and I believe that my running shoes might be there too, but I remind myself that I have found these earlier.
    • This is about Allan as my old best friend from 5th to 7th grade and my Facebook friend today, who is bringing me darkness not believing in me, Allan (?), and the dictionary is Danish-English translation because I have received this on CD from John because I need to install it to make it work on my “new” computer, and this is to say that I am still often looking up words in Danish to receive the English words, and I am often annoyed of having to look up the same words, which I cannot remember from earlier, and yes I have used different Internet translation services when I have had no access to this Gyldendahls red dictionary.
    • I was told that this is a cup of ice, not coffee, but ice, on our way towards the mushroom.
  • Something about “made up by surroundings, a little grey yet, not opened” and Jeff Lynne and George Harrison was also here.
  • I first received the feeling of my father and then one of MANY brilliant songs by Earth, Wind & Fire, which was “get away” and the lyrics “People around you are giving you pressure” and “get away”, which is my father deciding not to see me, which is bringing me darkness.

  • Something about a pension/disability pension automatically running until 60/67 years, and is this what the Commune has decided about me, which is that I permanently have lost my working capacity (?), and if this is the case, they have completely gone bankrupt, and no, I have not yet been “invited” to a new meeting with Lisbeth, but will probably very soon, because it is now three months ago since the last meeting.

The first thing I thought about this morning was UFO’s, which is because of my mother still thinking of this.

There is this love, which is spreading, but you are not feeling it because I keep you in a state of darkness/sufferings, but it is “good enough” as we also say here. So you don’t look half as cool as you really are.

The Catalans (FC Barcelona) received a collective down tour yesterday when losing to Milan 0 to 2, and no you/I did not see it – not on any channel I can see here in Helsingør – but because of darkness of course.

So I am in pain, but in reality I am brought up to nothing/everything behind the curtains (?), that’s very smart. We repeat, there is NO darkness inside of here, only good/love, and the darkness coming to you is an act.

“I’ll see you when the world has turned around” is in other words postponed until I have lifted myself up to become the ONE.

I received another out of this world pain to my right ankle and was told that this is not existing too, but a tool helping us to do this setup with you in the middle.

I received the lyrics “still waiting for you to be the one” sung over “I’m the great pretender” by Freddie Mercury, which is also to say that I am still “pretending I’m doing well” in relation to my mother and John, and you can really see the stairway to heaven in this video, which is what I am climbing you know.

So he has moved in here with his new shoes and is only doing this to save mankind /the world from sufferings once again.

Is Stig starting a sect (?), – no, there is no money and “memberships” involved – is he on a crusade (?), and no, there is ONLY one answer to my mother thinking, and that is that I am the one.

No matter what I have reached a remarkable placement, which was about “what if I lose it”.

If anyone should be in doubt, it was the spirit of my father from inside of the Source here, who fertilised my mother at the Old World herewith returning the Source to the world.

I was told that Germany is our Kingdom as mentioned before, and Denmark is the Source because of our connection to Greenland.

Did we swap duvets on our way (?), but yes of course we did.

I felt God above me and was told that I am tired looking down into a white bucket making your mother blink “up to you” with her eyes. We are about to explode from happiness, but no, we cannot yet.

I was told thank you for still eating salad/vegetables, which also has importance of your journey.

Transferring the Source to our New World and continuing the setup to become everything which is

I was not feeling particularly well this afternoon, but when I could, I decided to cycle to the swimming hall, and on my way there I was told by that this (room) originally was meant to become a balcony, and now I am opening it to you, and also that we did the finest ending to the work of (the Kingdom of) Germany.

Soon you will try the joystick running the COMBINED diamond of our New World and the Source as ONE, and yes this will become as beautiful as DIAMOND LIFE here where “your love is King”– and I am still given small heart attacks, one came here, and yes still as disgusting as ever, which is given to me because of “simple minds” of my close family.

I used the left cross trainer today, and because of my poor sleep and exhaustion last week, it was VERY tough training today, and after 26 minutes I had to let it go stopping after having used 454 calories, and this came after I was given the STRONG feeling that darkness still wants to spit it self our of me (!), and also that there is energy inside of darkness, so if there is – sounds credible – it was good exercising today, and I felt how light entered me from the New World (!), and eeehhh but the access is closed, so how could you do this (?), and later I was told that this is because I am already out there, and yes the piano of the Source has now become part of the New World, and the light is coming from our new combined world, and NOT via my ankles, and I was told that without light of the New World, we would never be able to start up the meaning of the Source, and no, I do NOT want darkness to be brought the other way, and yes the Source going via Sanna to the world has been stopped, so there is no risk of this. It is only inside of me that there is still darkness.

I was told if it is the founding general meeting we are heading to, and yes it is, and I still feel the inside of me as darkness.

I was wondering why I did not receive any feelings of happiness of my mother today because it was today that John would receive the results of his heart survey, and I called from the swimming hall at 18.30, and when speaking to John, I understood the reason why, and that is because he was told by the heart doctor that his heart is not better (!), and when John asked him “but I feel much better”, the doctor said that it is because of the diuretic pills that he receives (!), and he will become worse again, but John decided to be strong, enjoy the time he has and to continue hoping for the best, and yes my mother could not speak to me because she was lying on the sofa with stomach pain, and I was told “because of the after effects of the UFO experience”.

While speaking to John, I received such an immense pain of my left arm, which I used to hold the telephone, that I had to change hand, and this was pain coming to me from them, and I understood that the night I had myself being INCREDIBLE tired and the sufferings of John and my mother today was given to help bringing the Source inside the New World.

And isn’t it incredible that in February 2013, my mother and John still believe more in the doctors than me, apparently, and fear death instead of having faith in me?

I have been encouraged to write that my sister returned home from holiday the other day, but Hans is in Cairo on work with high school teachers there, and yes a setup of our Egypt connection you know, and we will see if my mother and John will decide to travel after this, and also if I will see them tomorrow on our regular, weekly dinner-day.

On my way home, I was happy to see a VERY BRIGHT UFO LIGHT hanging in the air to the left of Helsingør approx. above Hellebo Park when looking from the King Road, and when I came close to town, the UFO was flying towards me, and yes a CLEAR UFO when you look carefully, and it told me that now you cannot hurt us anymore, and yes the New World is finished and I am now darkness as part of the Source, and I was shown how Sweden was pulled towards me bringing me joy and happiness as the last before we will open up everything.

I went to the ATM of Jyske Bank to withdraw 100 DKK out of my last 246 DKK this month to do a little shopping, and the customer before me had forgotten his receipt having withdrawn 1,500 DKK leaving a new balance of 323,000 DKK on his regular account (!), and yes he has probably bought some very nice steaks and wine to enjoy himself and his family with NOT thinking about helping the screaming poor world.

I was reminded of the RICH THIEF of the Nigerian Ambassador to Kenya, whom I visited with LTO at a party in 2009, and I was told that he and his likes fear the poor population to storm them, which is how they bring power to help creation.

Not even Christoffer standing on goal for them could stop him.

I was told about my old music teacher from Espergærde, his name is ALSO Holm, and how he sees me in CLEAR visions.

I continued receiving these “you we welcome” messages, and yes now it is fine, but now we are really one, so I am sure that they will soon disappear, and yes it was only for a short while that we closed down the connection to bring in the Source, and if this was dangerous too (?), and this is what I was told, but we are still here, right?

I was shown my sister pulling forward a dead corpse and told that it has worked like this that she has come to us saying that now I have also hung this and that, and we have praised her for doing this, which is similar to her WRONG work as a dictator/leader expecting to receive praise for her work for example from our mother.

I was told about my old “friend” Jane (the friend of Kirsten), the MP from the Liberal Party, and her thoughts “why did I not chose him back then” (approx. 1992/93), and also that she also has the feeling of knowing me, which is through reading of me.

I received a BIG – to me – heart attack making me somewhat nervous, and it came together with “with regards from Sanna”, so the world is still sending me darkness as part of the play.

Yes, he will soon get a room with a good view (to see the New World).

I was told about how my mother and John still “protect” their money, and “does he want to be cut completely bald” (?), as the hair dresser here asks, and yes completely and that is 100% perfect, and nothing less!

Do you still have that sweater on (?), I hate losing in that.

Darkness told me with pride “think that we are allowed to stay here right until the end” (instead of exploding).

Have we given soul tests too to get out and in from here, and yes we have and I am given the smell of fish here.

There is truly no need to show a ticket in here, but yes, we continue to carry out the journey, and yes also again today.

I received a cracking sound to my kitchen, and was shown God knocking on his bar shelves, which we still have some of here (?), and I don’t know if everything or only something has been transferred, but I believed that it was everything, we will see.

So we also don’t need a key to break in to the safe deposit, so what are we waiting for?

Wasn’t the refrigerator opened there (?), and yes for me to take out some delicious night food (?), and yes this means to bring new life, which is what we are doing when writing together with Anton, and yes helping him along his path, see the short stories.

It was good that we cleaned the bathroom just before you arrived.

I was shown one original kayak inside one balcony of the Opera House, and I was told that there are many more to come, so apparently we have only transferred some of the Source, and yes bring it on, and yes I have good time, I can do four more months of this, if necessary.

Tell me, did it help or not that Jan, your cousin, opposed you towards his mother, Inge (?), and I was shown a HUGE Rolls Royce driving into me.

This is where we were duplicated, I say no more”, which is about one of Jette’s Google Earth pictures, see below, and “I have never tasted more of fish”.

Finally at 23.40 I had finished work and also published the script of today.

Google Earth shows that we are going for ONENESS and blowing up the balloon of celebration

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show that we are going for ONENESS, two incarnations both ways around, big head of glasses (the window I am moving around), blowing up the balloon of celebration, a delivery from Ireland to Benjamin Crème, eating back what darkness said, a long queue of “light-wanters”, and darkness on the back of a laughing guy/actor.

FB 210213 Jette 1

FB 210213 Jette 2

FB 210213 Jette 3

FB 210213 Jette 4

FB 210213 Jette 5

FB 210213 Jette 6a

FB 210213 Jette 6

FB 210213 Jette 7

FB 210213 Jette 8

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Helena said that she is drowning her sorrows in “salt fish”, which is both popular liquorice here and the symbol of “everything of me” as I am becoming, and she says that “Greenland and I define this form of delicacy slightly different”, and yes you are darkness and I am everything as Greenland.

FB 210213 Helena

  • Andrew brought this about roses and bacon, which you know is about life given with love of my mother.

FB 200213 Andrew2

  • I was thinking why I don’t receive updates from Mads these days, and here is the answer, he is one of those becoming “halved” and “inactive” by darkness, and Jimi is still half too.

FB 210213 Mads

  • The cheating of selling horse meat as beef from cow has now developed to a fish being sold as a pig (!), which of course is to say that the fish of me is all life symbolised by the pig.

FB 210213 Brian

  • Helena had a German tenant living two years ago, and even though he moved back to Berlin, he is still registered at her address at the Commune and still receive social benefits (!), and Helena has several times explained the Commune that he is not living with her anymore, but they are deaf doing nothing, and this story is really a symbol of how her darkness too has made my Commune think about how to get me off my cash help, but there is nothing they can do (!), and Dan said that “I hope that the German best citizen has enjoyed the time – and the money of Danish tax payers – while tottering around in Århus” and also “Maybe you should send him rather than the Commune a discrete package of hand-grenades”, and this is really what I did, “totter around” while receiving cash help, and will Helena send me more bombs/darkness for me to absorb, and yes, according to this, she will.

FB 210213 Helena

FB 210213 Helena 2

  • Anton decided to create a group, which was not as open as I/God like it to be.

FB 210213 Anton 2

FB 210213 Anton

FB 210213 Anton 3

FB 210213 Anton 4

FB 210213 Anton 5



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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  1. jette says:

    good night – take care out there.. all of you 😉

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