February 23, 2013: The transfer of the Source to the New World is now finished as the greatest performance in history


Summary of the script today

22nd February: Darkness of Karen is used directly for the “wake-up life” project bringing the Source to our New World

  • I am receiving darkness of Karen as building stones of life brought directly from our Old World to our new project “wake-up life”, and I am inside the FASTEST train imaginable creating and bringing out life from inside of the Source, which was not created as part of our Old World. This is the fastest train ever, we have never produced as much new life as now.
  • I was shown spaceships of people of other civilizations inside the light with diamonds and the surface of this was darkness, and I was told that this is what you don’t see.
  • This (project) is not why we are thrilled, we are still mostly thrilled because you are born without help from outside.
  • The closet of God is perfectly intact because I decided to bring everything making the play of patience go up. We have used – and saved – all cards making a “full house”. We are using darkness of the Old World to switch on the diamonds of our New World with its absolutely last will. This is now the matchbox and the unit of darkness becomes less and less, but a little later I was coming to the entrance of an ENORMOUS ancient Egyptian building with a statue of a lion engraved inside of it, and it could be a temple or a Pyramid, but HUGE it was when looking up on it from the ground, and “unique in structure” as I was told.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show a big gathering, a big burden of the Source, “only love” – the winner takes it all, big brother is watching, what is that around your right leg (?), hand’s up gimme your heart, transparent darkness (nearly empty), many kings (?), Karen and I as the bride and groom dancing in the light, and all fairy tales end well.
  • Dreaming of not being afraid of the media and together with darkness of the media, this was used to create much life, and about the newspaper Berlingske researching and sharing stories of me. Later, dreaming of bringing LARGE 50 kilo bags of flour, i.e. the Source, to the house of our New World.
  • X-factor this evening includes inspired speech/stories of our New World, which will bring magic to everyone as you have never seen before, when telling you the truth straight out, you show disrespect and speak negatively about us, we are winning with our white horse “NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW”, the roller coaster leading to light of the other side, lifting up conscience of man, which makes it worthwhile to participate in a song contest programme (!), I have WRONGLY been hold in a straitjacket by strong parents/managers much of my life, it was a great responsibility to work hard to make everything survive, we hit the ball VERY HARD to kick the Source from the other side to this side of our New World, everyone doing the same “mainstream” things terminate life, you have to BE YOURSELF and show VARIATION as both a gift and key of life, Björk and Madonna are Goddesses, and I feared that tears of God is because of loss of life, but I work for and hope my best.
  • Short stories of my sufferings becoming “breaking news” to the world, Anton’s difficulties finding strength and I bring him calm, the dentist assistant was happy to receive my feedback, “love” is brought to you as the gift of God for you to enjoy fully, you will shout from joy when finally receiving life as it is meant to be, pressure of Helena to make me use ”plan b”, and Karen and her ex-husband Peter believe that I am crazy and visit my website.

23rd February: The transfer of the Source to the New World is now finished as the greatest performance in history

  • The transfer of the Source to the New World is now finished as the greatest performance in history. I am continuing entering even smaller units of the Source still using darkness of my father/Karen as fuel, but behind the darkness, I feel how the kindest angels imaginable lead me, and how much love is inside of here. Karen is both broken down because of my writings on her and still thinking of us as potential partners.
  • Dreaming of my mother, who will anoint me, and removing the most dense/small darkness of Karen.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show a couple of gents, a little sneaking before putting on Sneakers, a King facing his people, mother with child looking horrified but with a happy whale, getting rid of dirty water, still more darkness to visit the laundry, the Source turning around to this side including the Source of the lion, correcting DNA of darkness, the bull loving flowers, the fairytale is not afraid, but still the New World of my mother shouts “help” because of the strain of the Source entering.
  • I was made as a “double” – both at the window of the New World and kitchen of the Source – which made it possible to transfer the Source to your new self, and you are now my child inside the New World being everything which is, and this is the first time I have this feeling, and in other words, you have come home to mother, whom I felt carrying me, and behind this, I also felt my father, and it is first now after having transferred everything to our New World that my mother can give me the final shirt of my new life on.
  • Short stories of Kenneth opening the Pandora Box of evil, Helena and Søren wanted each other but “could not find out”, darkness of politicians destructed life self, the beautiful song “Edelweiss” also symbolising our New World.


22nd February: Darkness of Karen is used directly for the “wake-up life” project bringing the Source to our New World

Darkness of Karen is used directly for the “wake-up life” project bringing the Source to our New World

I received the song “fast love” by George Michael where “fast love” was exchanged with “bad love”, and I was told that Karen does not believe that her life with “casual sex”, infidelity etc. has been wrong (!), and I received the lyrics over and over again “Some fast (bad) love is all that I’ve got on my mind” and “Ooh ooh, baby baby.

It was not only in Poland, but also HUGE sufferings in Russia during World War II and many other places around the world in many wars/conflicts where millions of people have suffered and died.

I was shown old chairs and desks in an old kitchen, and my mother’ mother was sitting on one of them, and this is also inside the Source, and I was told that this is what could have been life, which we are now transferring too.

The song above about Karen continued, and I was told that it is her energy removing everything from here.

Yesterday at the swimming hall, suddenly I received fear that more of the Universe than what I know of is destroyed – when we don’t see their stars – and I understood that this is about the game given to me about the meaning of “you are welcome”; is this right or wrong to do (?), and if it is wrong, is it destroying the Universe (?), and I decided to tell myself that I have not misunderstood this, we need light from the New World and everything has to be perfect no matter what!

Wisely you decided to enter one of the VERY fast trains, which is transferring everything from here, and these trains drive so fast that the normal eye cannot see just how fast.

We are now transferring from my self of the Source to myself as the Source inside the New World, so this is the connection, we have created, and also what “you are welcome” now means, and that is for the Source to enter the New World.

I was surprised here at the end of the evening and beginning of the night that I almost did not receive any notes to write down and also hardly any darkness/negative voices other than a few “you are not welcome”, which is the voice now returning, and is this because I asked Anton again to be patient/down to Earth (?), and this was the feeling I was given.

I was given a delicious taste of food, and was confirmed that our New World is perfect.

I am quite often given visions of previous runs I have done in my life and “just how impossible” this was and how I stretched myself, and I was told that this is what is now helping me.

So now this connection is on place, and what now (?), and I received the feeling of the song “all around the world” by Lisa Stansfield, so we are expanding what we do all around the world.

It is like having received half a speaker not knowing exactly how much will enter, this is how we feel here. And I was told that we are still on our way deeper into darkness to the ring, which I see on a pedestal.

I was tired at 02.30 and thought that probably I would be allowed to sleep after my hard day and achievement yesterday, which I was until 05.15, and when I changed from the sofa to the bed looking forward to continue sleeping, I was now not allowed, and this is really to pressure me to my absolute limit because if there is something you don’t want to do when you only want to sleep is to be kept awake receiving information to write down, but this is how it was and at 06.00, I stood up to write this down. First this dream.

  • I have started working on the newspaper Berlingske, and after having had some hard days, it is now Sunday and I want to sleep a little longer taking some more time to read articles of the newspaper. My mother and Helena is there too, and I am bringing out my coffee cup and offer to take my mother’s and Helena’s with me, but Helena will not let me take hers. I am showing one of the employees that I am NOT afraid, and I put sandwiches on the floor all the way into the BIG office of the chief-in-editor, which makes the employee temper asking me to get out straight away because he does not want the chief-in-editor seeing me, and there is going to be a meeting in here now. A student of the newspaper is going to be dismissed because he decided that the principle was not to share meaning that would be able to get their lunch in good weather, and others not when it was poor weather. The management of the newspaper decided to do a big research work to launch new articles deciding that the principle is to share, which no one else had discovered, and I say that it is the only right definition. And I see that they did this because Helena spoke to two politicians from Danish People’s Party, and afterwards these two politicians now want to be together with me in a group at a class to do exercises, but I tell them that I cannot, because I am already in a group, and I understand that the teacher there, still at the newspaper, does not want people to change groups, and I start asking her “will you please be open to the question I will ask you” (?), and I am surprised when she says “I don’t know” and I tell her to change groups on a running basis to bring new inspiration, but she does not know. We are taught that as investment advisers, we need to get a daily turnover of DKK 225,000 of funds of customers in order to get a minimum monthly pay of DKK 20,000 – 25,000, which is not difficult to do with the mother company in Norway, and it might be difficult here in Denmark, but I believe that I can.
    • This is about the co-ordinating role, which I understand that Berlingske and Lisbeth Knudsen as its editor-in-chief has received in relation to me, and no more coffee really means “no more love/warm feelings”, and I am NOT afraid of the media too, and because of this attitude, I also used darkness of the media to create life, which is what the sandwiches is about. It seems as if the newspaper had read me pretty carefully in order to understand my messages, which it is sharing with media of the world (?), and the story of Helena and its true content is among it (?), and when I am taught about how to work as an investment advisor and there is a relation to Norway, this is a reference to the worst darkness (and Acta), which is about darkness of the media for example being silent about me.

When I woke up, it was again with the song of “bad love on my mind” of Karen.

I was told with a low voice that “the water pours” and I was asked for approval, and the voice was so low that I was not sure that I understood what this was about – to let everything out of the Source (?) – and I could only say that I cannot and will not answer question I don’t understand, and I was told that we chose to do it all of us.

I was shown an empty apartment and an incredible small hole of it and was told that you are the smallest source and we are waiting for a pizza delivery in order for everything to shine.

I was shown spaceships of people of other civilizations inside the light with diamonds and the surface of this was darkness, and I was told that this is what you don’t see.

I was told about Sacramento – the capital of California, USA – that it has a special story, where the aeroplane (of life) is completely gone, and connected with this, I was told that what Hans is really doing in Cairo, is to spread faith in me.

I was given the feeling of Hillerød again – the mental hospital you know – and I was told that it come right on time, and I felt darkness and was told “did we miss him” (?), and yes looks like it.

I was shown a large number of new cars, which were also “tebirkes” (Danish “croissants”) covered by a dark cloth, and I was told that this is what Karen really is underneath darkness, which is about much new life, and this is life, which could not be at the gas power station at the Gasolin theatre concert, i.e. could not be part of the world, which was created, and the first song I thought of here was “Køb bananer” (“buy bananas”), which I have always loved, and here it is in a very good version of the latter theatre concert, and I was really thinking of it from the first theatre concert from 1994, I believe, which I saw with Camilla, which was a big experience.

I was given an old clear dream, which I had forgotten everything about – MANY years old – and these dreams are so strong that I still remember them years afterwards, and in short it was about leaving the parking house, and having to speak to employees at the office-box of the parking house first, and this is about life leaving the parking house of God.

So your wife, i.e. Karen, standing off is in reality the greatest declaration of love. There will be no penalty kicks here, Stig has said “only love” everywhere. This is the fastest train ever, we have never produced as much new life as now. This is like pulling back Ribbentrop’s forces, which everyone believes are evil, but in reality, they are the opposite.

And this is only because when it comes to I am “always on Karen’s mind” – do you think that I love or LOVE this Elvis song (?), and yes a clear 100 point, it doesn’t get any better – and that is that she has not left me yet, and “shall I go back to Stig” (?), and yes considering she is, and I am here given the vision of the giant mouth of a whale shark, which is about Karen both being the whale of everything and still darkness of the shark.

I received the lyrics “de andre og kester er sure, vi’ de eneste shubi der dua” from Shu-bi-dua’s ”Minus til Plus”, which is about what we are still doing (turning around life from minus to plus) – and Michael Bundesen still being with me – and here it is what I believe is the most superior lyrics of Shu-bi-dua of all time, which is an answer to Jarl Friis Mikkelsen’s old band KESTER making this parody on Shu-bi-dua, and it is saying “the other or-KESTER’s are sour, we are the only shu-bi-, which work”, and in Danish, it rhymes perfectly, and this is to say that we are creating the most superior new and original life, and I was reminded of “all goodies” as I wrote in a comment to one of Jette’s pictures of yesterday, which is about everything of the Source, which we transfer.

And all of this is prepared inside of this also because media and politicians etc. only talk about me and do not write about me.

Is the new connection secure (?), and I was told that Eric Idle from Monty Python is part of this because of the films I bring of him/Monty Python.

Some fast (bad) love is all that I’ve got on my mind” and “Ooh ooh, baby baby – the song and lyrics continued coming to me, and I was told that tiles of the bathroom of the old world (destructive darkness/building stones of the world) are used directly for this project called “wake-up life”.

I was shown how a cow is milked as the symbol of creating life and also scrimps of a transport belt being transferred directly to the new project, and I was told that my music is as loud now as it was months ago when I was resting on a bench in Hornbæk after cycling and I was shown the big black pot of termination of darkness, and this is music I play to my mother and John which all of this goes through.

Take a watermelon and three golf balls out, and then you have life, and there are many balls! And I felt the spirit of my mother and was told that it is not that difficult to create life, because you take a sirloin steak and ….

This (project) is not why we are thrilled, we are still mostly thrilled because you are born without help from outside.

There is a feeling of HK – Falck – going through everything.

I was told that my sister does not listen to/understand me and my Facebook share of yesterday evening of the Monty Python clip saying that I only wanted to be Stig as a mere human being and not “everything” of the Source, and that is because she has decided that I suffer from megalomania, and this is about Sanna misunderstanding and believing the opposite of what is truly right, and this is what brought the greatest span between her and I, thus the perfect condition of creation.

This (project) is what is unusual with the word “unusual” returning to me often these days.

We are looking directly into the encyclopaedia (of everything of God).

I was given the thought that I probably don’t receive any more darkness from my family, friends etc., thus the world, because we don’t use your ankles anymore, so the darkness I have is what I received before this old connection closed down.

Still feel darkness cough.

So now it is 08.20, and how do you plan to sleep when your sleep is broken these days (?), and yes maybe a long bath now, and try to stay up the rest of the day (?), we will see.

We are soon going to the end of this build doing the superstructure of it, and guess what, this is when we will start.

You have not once tasted the rotten feeling of truly terminating life, which I understood would be “disgusting”.

For some time when publishing new scripts and when bringing links to these via Facebook, as I ALWAYS do, I have brought maybe 3 songs with comments thinking that some will read this expanding their knowledge/faith, and yesterday I could have decided to share “great pretender” by Freddie Mercury telling about my true sufferings for my mother to see because she sees my Facebook posting, but don’t read my scripts, which are too much, and I thought about what game to play not knowing if this was the end, where this might be good to bring or if we are continuing the play, and I decided NOT to bring it thus continuing the game if necessary, so this is what we do.

On my way to bath I was shown an aeroplane (of the Source) landing and asked “can’t you stay awake” (?), which came after receiving the question if I may risk not bringing everything with me (?), and no, I don’t believe I can.

But no, I decided to go to bath hoping this would be alright and also knowing that we have a security net if this is not alright, and I had no intention to stay awake the whole day almost without sleep, not as I feel now, and I thought that if it is important, my spiritual friends will keep me awake instead of (half-) sleeping in the bath.

So I took one of these far too long almost 3 hours tour in the bath, which included some sleep and this even though I was shown and told that darkness could easily remove my clock when sleeping, and that my mother is hurting too, and I was shown Rosenborg Castle in Copenhagen (including the exhibition of the Danish Crown Jewels) and told that this was meant to lift darkness, and I could only say “please do your best under the circumstances”.

I was told that the match of Germany was calculated to be nothing compared to this (of the Source).

I received a dream about being an au pair of a house keeping the house perfectly clear, and the man of the house was bringing enormous bags of flower home – in 50 kilo bags – and one had received a little hole spilling a little, and I had been sleeping poorly on the sofa, and it took nothing for the man of the house to complain, and “flour” is the Source self, which is brought inside this house of our New World.

I was shown a huge ship at dock still with its sides full of cargo to be unloaded.

Will you keep playing angel football, we might have a chance to come home.

John called and said that my mother is still feeling poorly, however somewhat better than yesterday, but has to cancel this evening. And I was told that your father is also hurting now to do this task.

I was given the world “The Elves King”, and shown the Klampenborg Deerpark, so it has to be about the King of the “Elves Hill” play, which includes a ring and the people celebrating the King at the end.

What about “Winterbottom” – try that too (?), and alright, this is one of the characters from “dinner from one”, and this is you know the sketch, which Danish TV has sent the last 30 years or more (?) on NEW YEARS EVENING, and this is a symbol of coming to the very last day of the Old World and the beginning of the new year of our New World, so here it is once again, and yes they do drink too much, but it is really the good intentions, which matters here.

I continued being extremely TIRED and also received sexual torments and threats of my “old nightmare”.

No, also my new red/white squared cloth, are you taking that too?

I was given the vision of the “magician” Joe Labero, whom I saw in a show in Copenhagen some years ago with my mother, and afterwards I shook his hand, and I was told that he has been given the vision of me knowing that he – and “magicians” in general only showing “PURE MAGIC OF GOD” will have to CONFESS to the world that their “secrets”, which they “could not” talk about, was simply given to them from me – my inner self – and yes why was this (?), and we know “fame and money” and everything coming with it was “too nice” for you to give up on (read more about this at the end of my Signs I page).

I was told that it is my mother’s lungs being her true “sickness” these days, and also that she has been in life danger, and yes as long as you don’t kill her, or John and me, it is fine by me.

Well, it is about time to find the video camera, and yes for him also to work today, and that is for photograph himself this time.

So this corresponds to haven taking a nap – what you did in the bath – and what is the verdict of “God of the sea”, yes you keep getting references to names, you cannot remember, and yes here it comes “Neptune”, and also not easy having to solve these riddles when they come, and no verdict is that it (?), and yes what does he say himself, because we are one, and yes I am passing this one too bringing EVERYTHING through, and since you say it, this is what we do, is that it (?), and yes it has to be it.

Soon we cannot dig up any more potatoes from the ground because we will be the potatoes then!

We are not that dangerous at all now, Stig, remember that it is only a game (?), and yes not nice with the risk of your mother and John dying (?), but no, I am not breaking down because of it, we have to continue to the VERY END.

Only because you decided not to leave anything behind, and everything had to be perfect, we know where to put this closet, which is “my closet above all”.

From time to time I am still given cough with the feeling of darkness inside of it, but only as signs, and not constant coughing.

We have used all cards of the Old World saving everything to create our New World

When I started working on Jette’s Google Earth pictures today, I was told that with this work, we will soon be ready to release the last part and I also felt my mother.

This closet of yours, no parts of it, the door etc,, has to be exchanged (?); and no, he helped us make everything go up, and that is as in a play of patience, where you want all cards to be used at the end, and this is really what “the house of cards” is about, and this is what Anton helped to bring, which is why you can see the symbol of “house of cards” from the short stories of today.

The Danish Queen is also suffering these days being unfit for work, is it your back hurting, Margrethe (?), and I was told that this is because she is helping me to bring the Source in.

I was told about Camilla’s late father’s father, Børge, whom we all loved, and that we also could not make it without him, we left something with him too, and yes true love, which he could see in me.

If I did not face the threat of A2B in 2010 we would not come in the right way, but break in with darkness also meaning that the house of cards would not match in the end.

I received a knock to my oven and was told that you don’t need coins, i.e. energy, to get in, which is the main difference, because otherwise it would potentially have been impossible for the world to break in, and yes unless you had decided to remove all darkness/energy of me.

I was given a sound to my TV and told that we soon almost can not squeeze anything more into the TV of our New World.

I was told that no one can stop your father when he decided to paint the door black, but this is what I do.

And it is this black colour we have used to prepare switching your new self on – because it did not explode, and this includes pure darkness of everyone opposing you and/or not having faith in you.

I was shown the old Swedish King – the father of the present – so this is the old King, half of your old self, who you are bringing home without dying on the way, but it is really on the outermost. So it is the Old World switching on the diamonds of our New World with its absolutely last will, and this is how it goes when you don’t want to die; this is how we use the power and this is how we are creating a BIG cake of EVERYTHING, which is about using ALL cards of the game.

I was shown that I am on my way through darkness to an incredible small orchestra of light, and when I was open to everything, I will see that all closets (all worlds) are COMPLETELY full of elephants.

At 21.00 I was completely empty/broken down, and tried to get some sleep, but I was not allowed, so I went through this critical tired period.

I was shown Johannes, the mayor, looking into the gold of a store, which is to look into me.

I was told that this is about my old self surviving, and I was shown Camilly jumping up and down of excitement. This is my old self entering the “the Opera Tube” perfectly making all balconies of (New Worlds of) “the Opera Tube” perfect.

So it is my old self crawling into the withered tree, which is the axis here of the family tree of the “the Opera Tube”, and this is where my new self is with the fastest train of any, so you are sitting right on top of gold of everything, and still you are refusing to give in.

And does this mean that when saving everything (all cards), we could have lost parts of me on the road (?), and yes because of Sanna and we could not get everything with us without faith, and it required you to fight for us, and yes “impossible” to change side it is – but wasn’t everything a game because everything would turn out fine this time around no matter what (?), or was this darkness speaking (?) and I was told that we cannot end all of this without Jan Monrad, and that is without a good laugh, and really the end of me after finishing my “ski journey” of sufferings, and I will get the gold when I die.

So it is your father who has continued to the end trying to make you spit him out, but it cannot be done because of you, and you took this tour without Lars G., which only brought the way via your father.

I was told about Paul’s (my old friend and colleague from Fair) close friend, whom I cannot remember the name of, but we visited him a couple of days at his cottage in South Sweden around 2005/06, and he is a Buddhist, and I was told that he was the one introducing me to this road, which I later followed somewhat via Lama Yönten in 2010/11.

I continue receiving feelings of people, and now as example Mel Gibson and Prince Charles’ Camilla.

I was told that we created a double of you so if you gave in, the other would overtake. And the idea is/was that when it looked the most dark/impossible, I would come to you saying “but that is myself, what kept you, we have been waiting for you, can I overtake you” (?), and yes you can but not yet, because I am not done yet.

I was shown the front of a large ship right in front of me, and was told that now the whole ship is here (inside the nw), and now what (?), and yes I suppose that there is a ring inside of there, so we will enter the ship and find it, and I was told that this is indeed what we will do, and still as darkness with even more speed.

This is now the matchbox and the unit of darkness becomes less and less, but a little later I was coming to the entrance of an ENORMOUS ancient Egyptian building with a statue of a lion engraved inside of it, and it could be a temple or a Pyramid, but HUGE it was when looking up on it from the ground, and “unique in structure” as I was told.

Isn’t it so that you can soon become your own sick-benefit editor? (because of how extremely tired/poorly I feel).

I felt and was told that it becomes even more beautiful inside of here as the next step when going even deeper, and I was told that here is somewhat of a mess, so we will first do some cleaning up.

I was shown myself inside of a car tunnel, and how I chose an even much small tunnel of it through making the right choices.

It also means that my sister doesn’t believe in me in order to being able to continue the game.

I received the feeling of Thomas, my mother’s ex-husband Ole’s youngest son, and I was told that he is part of what I am entering now, and I was asked to remember that this part was terminated, and this is what we started driving against as the Ford Taunus, and now “the fastest train”.

Is there anything worse waiting on me inside of there than the threat of going to mental hospital again (?), and yes prison for killing your father (?), and no, right.

This is what the cycle tour almost 50 kilometres from Preben some weeks ago was about, to enter here, and gradually increase the speed.

I was shown the Prince of Denmark (by Shakespeare) on Kronborg Castle, and his head almost inside the fireplace, and this is because of my father, which was the way in, and no, nothing can stop me now, nothing is worse?

I continued receiving darkness constantly this evening, and had to say “wrong” 100 times or more when it attacked me, and yes always the same way.

I was shown that we are now driving to a building of light – I was shown the light inside the building of the insurance company Alm. Brand – and I was told that this part can never burn.

So uniformed police cannot show up here arresting you (?) with the feeling that they can but right underneath this is light, which will save me by opening.

X-factor shows that we are winning with our white horse “NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW”!

It is now “tomorrow” at 19.20 and I am more tired than ever when writing, and I will try to write this chapter too, and in the best case scenario, I will make this today, otherwise tomorrow, but let’s go.

It started when Anne Linnet here said “If we look out into the world, we find it nowhere, it is a duet sound, which enchants, it is Lusanda with her warm, soft, encircling voice, it is Anna with her very beautiful, light sound, which sometimes is airy and sometime with an edge which she gives everything in the high notes. When these sounds melt together, magic happens in a musical Universe, we don’t see internationally, it simply doesn’t exist, this is innovation”, and this is still about our New World melting together bringing “magic” to everyone as you have never seen before.

Thomas Blachman said here to Lusanda and Anna “listen, we have carried you all the way through and praised you and more, and just because I say that you sing false, which is the most common criticism you can give in a song programme …, I am going to hear from the social media, f… Blachman, Blachman is an idiot etc., listen here, the Danish schools suffer from pupils without respect, and this is simply not alright, and I can only say, come on, show respect because we are helping you”, and when he said “we have carried …”, I felt my spiritual friends having carried mankind to where we are now, and still when telling you the truth straight out, you show disrespect and speak negatively about us – as you do with Thomas Blachman – about our backs, and yes this is a very COMMON problem in schools and everywhere, and really how the Devil took you over.

Jonas was given a song I like very much, which was “take me out” from Franz Ferdinand, another favourite band of mine – do you remember the RAIN on Skanderborg Festival in 2008 (?) – and I actually like Jonas and his singing not hearing the errors that Thomas Blachman can hear, and here it is to show you the white horse in the background symbolising me as everything of our New World, and the cars mean “life”.

There were places where it was NOT given clear to me whether or not there was “inspired speech” – given to the judges directly by my spiritual friends – and one of those was here when Thomas Blachman said that “we don’t know what will happen to these young people when they are done with these, but when they are here, we have the present together, and TV is about NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW and music does too, we can only try to create a beautiful process from show to show  ….”, but when listening to it now slowly, it comes to me that “now now now now now” is inspired and I was thinking of the legendary Danish TV commentator Gunnar “Nu” Hansen – “the father” of all TV commentators (!) – and his middle name is “now” in English, because he always spoke about Denmark is scoring/winning “NOW”, and this is to say that this is what we are doing NOW with our white horse of everything winning, and yes he was here presenting Amanda, who was the symbol of the Source last week.

Here is, by the way, Gunnar Nu Hansen in 1984 singing “rap nu/now”, which is really about “creation now” :-).

Anne Linnet said here to Amanda that “this song invites more to a roller coaster, where you roll up and down on the words”, and you may remember from this Google Earth picture from February 19, that “roller coaster is an old symbol given to me many times about the journey to the light on the other side, which I have brought the world through, and the Tivoli Gardens of Copenhagen is still the symbol of Paradise of our New World”, and this is what God/my inner self spoke about through you for me to write here, see?

Both Ida and Anne had criticism about Amanda, which was “impossible” according to Thomas Blachman, and it made him here say “I don’t know what is happening over here (with the two other judges), are you truly professionals (?), listen here, the level increases 100% when this lady enters, suddenly this is a music programme worth fighting for, suddenly this happens on stage” and then he praised her to heaven and then “so try to show some respect when you meet the music” (i.e. love), and what Thomas really said here in other words was that Ida and Anne is working on too low a level, with “too low conscience” of what they are witnessing right in front of them, and this is what we are now going to increase not only with 100% as Thomas said as a symbol, but “many times more” and that is conscience of all life when you will be lifted up to the level of our New World, and this is what truly is worth fighting for in a music competition like this, where Thomas is receiving MUCH humiliation just like I from both judges, contestants and not least “family Denmark”, who “cannot” listen and understand what he says and the love that he speaks with, so will you please give a little respect (love it (but NATURAL!), yes also the song), my ladies and gentlemen?

Thomas Blachman said to Chresten here that “I believe that you are a huge gift, a giant artist and a worthy winner etc., but I do understand when your father says “remember yourself” in this; I believe for the third time in row, Ida, that you do this DJ-thing where you see the music from outside, you put Chresten into something external, instead of taking foundation in Chresten because he has to play all present and deeply without click etc., it simply becomes too DJ-like”, and Anne spoke a little of the same right afterwards when saying that “I try to feel Chresten, there is no doubt that Chresten has much integrity and identity in himself; when I listen professionally, I notice that your rhythmics is very stiff, it is not soft and superior, but stiff, which makes me think what it is about the sound of your voice, what is bothering me, what is the problem, and I have felt you so many times now that I feel that something trapped inside of you in your sound, and it is often connected with how you are as a person, as if there is something burning to get out, as if you are singing through a filter to get out”, and it made Thomas Blachman strongly react again saying that “Chresten has the most amazing sound, but it is the music imprisoning him as if he is wearing a straitjacket”, and this is about the MISUNDERSTANDINGS of people in me and my potential because of parent and managers around me keeping my natural self down for a large period of my life because of their own “convenience”, which made my life “dull and lonely” and a hell being an introvert person as opposite to the extrovert person I truly am, and you can see more about this here and in a greater detail here.

Ida said about Caroline here that the song choice was fantastic but “I am not careless about whether or not your pitch was in the closet or not because something we fell for, something completely unique about you was your pitch, you are a small auto-tuner, like a voice-machine, and a voice-machine cannot be out of tune, it has to sit right in the closet everytime, which is a great responsibility as a singer, but when it works, it works”, and it made Thomas Blachman say tell Caroline that “I believe you sang very, very pure, however there were small places, end tones …, come on, and it is an insane difficult song and requires so much confidence to do this practically a cappella …” and “but you did it, and you do it, you go yourself and it is completely wild and so cool to represent music like this in a programme like this, which is completely crossing all borders cool; where should you know from that you like horse meat if you have never tasted it”, and this was about my responsibility to not getting “out of tune” in order to get it “right in the closet everytime”, or in other works to ALWAYS do my best work to ALWAYS save life and not losing it, and this is what I practically did according to Thomas Blachman – good to being able to go two 360 degree rounds to get everything into the closet – and this is what is “completely wild” and furthermore, Thomas speaks about VARIATION and you need to know in order for you to be able to say if you like something less or more, and really to bring you VARIATION AS A GIFT OF LIFE instead of doing mainstream all of the time.

Anne Linnet here gave feedback to Stephanie saying that “… when you after such verses, where you could have used more air in the sound or something which makes you enter this text Universe, when you reach the chorus and you hit it, you hit it for three times and then you are down again, which almost makes the chance of dynamics too violent, because you are so good hitting it” and this is about hitting the ball so hard that it not only goes into the goal but also releases the Source (i.e. the “text Universe”) from inside of it, and yes this required that you hit it hard, so this was your inspiration this time, Anne, got it (?), and Thomas Blachman said right afterwards that “you deserve to get out of that butt-status to some kind of artistic business, which we all do, and then you fall completely into the pot here with a Madonna-song, which makes us get back to Jam-bands” and “it requires courage everytime to find songs, which can release you, create music, which wants to be inside your mouth to hear all possible small things inside of there, which gets out and touch you; well you receive draught beer here, seriously (!), it is BORING”, and this is to say that ONLY MAINSTREAM when playing popular songs like this Madonna song – as the world “loves” when it listens to the same music, wears the same clothes and do the same things because of lack of imagination and creativity and too much laziness – is TERMINATING life (!), which is what the “pot” and “beer” symbolise, and you really have to do your best to discover what you really like and to use all opportunities, and yes we do NOT want a FUNERAL PYRE, so here is the Jam-song you asked me to play, Thomas, and I do not like the subject of it, but the song is outstanding :-).

And I understood what Thomas spoke of even though this particular song from Madonna is NOT mainstream to me, but actually innovative and beautiful, and it also made Ida say that “we talk about Goddesses here, we talk about Björk and Madonna”, and this is indeed what we do, Ida – divinely inspired artists.

Thomas Blachman said here about the boy-band “Wasteland” that “you are so all-through feminine that you look like your mothers – what happens with that cry-expression there”, which was “too much” for one of the boys, who said with irony “yes thanks” because he had decided to be WILL-DEAF not listening to the truth being told to him straight out – do you remember seeing this before somewhere else (?) – and he asked them to “deliver something more than that face there, which you have been seeing so many years now, it has to stop”, and again this is about you having the courage to BE YOURSELF instead of mainstream like “everyone else” or “too commercial”, which is really the same.  And a little later when Anne Linnet spoke “defending” her band sounding like “everyone else”, Thomas Blachman broke in asking if the “lumberjack had intonation problems” because one of the four band members wore a lumberjack shirt, which was again to say that “mainstream cuts down the tree of God” (an old symbols of God) so VARIATION is both a gift of life to be enjoyed and also a necessary ingredient to maintain life itself (!), and this was the message of Thomas, and now also here via me telling the world what he really said, and do you understand by now, Anne?

At the end of the show, it was up to Ida to chose whether to send out Jonas or Stephanie and she said here that “this is the complete terror scenario seeing your two beautiful children standing there …”, and I felt darkness when Thomas Blachman interrupted saying with a “wrong tone “can we get a little tear maybe”, and my fear is that this is the same tear you see in Jette’s Google Earth pictures, which is about parts of life/God, which we cannot transfer to our New World, which will be lost forever (?), and parts, which have been hidden to me all along (?), and I can only say that if this is the case, my ladies and gentlemen, we will NOT open anything because every little thing is with us, and I can really only do my best and hope for the best that everything is saved, and that this teardrop is a play of darkness, and not of light. Later I was told if I have forgotten that what we cannot save now will be recreated inside our New World, and yes, will it really (?), and I wonder and do NOT know right now, but I hope that the October 31 and 360 degree promise is TRUE.

Google Earth shows Karen and I as the bride and groom dancing in the light

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show a big gathering, a big burden of the Source, “only love” – the winner takes it all, big brother is watching, what is that around your right leg (?), hand’s up gimme your heart, transparent darkness (nearly empty), many kings (?), Karen and I as the bride and groom dancing in the light, and all fairy tales end well.

FB 220213 Jette 1

FB 220213 Jette 2

FB 220213 Jette 3

FB 220213 Jette 4

FB 220213 Jette 5

Fb 220213 Jette 6

FB 220213 Jette 7

FB 220213 Jette 8

FB 220213 Jette 9

FB 220213 Jette 10

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Yesterday when cycling to the swimming hall with temperatures just below the freezing point, I was surprised to see cows on the field (close to the hospital), and this inspired Dan today to write that “the sun is shining, red cheeks, a cow is grassing on the field, or no, it does not, otherwise it would freeze wildly and have a coat on, and the farmer would be reported to the Animal Protection, and there would be much trouble, signature collections and breaking news”, and this is simply about me as the cow “freezing”, i.e. suffering, so much that it will become “breaking news” to the world, and yes how did my family, friends etc., thus the world decide to react (?), and yes with ignorance, better-knowledge and silence.

FB 220213 Dan

  • Anton has difficulties finding strength making me sad to see, but still you can see the LOVE he is made of. And you can also see the game “house of cards” we are playing these days when God changed the design of the heart to a heart inside a card and not just a heart as it should have appeared just as Anton’s heart, and yes “God knows”.

FB 220213 Anton

FB 220213 Anton 2

FB 220213 Anton 3

FB 220213 Anton 4

FB 220213 Anton 5

  • Heidi is the dentist assistant, who together with the dentist, helped me a couple of weeks ago, and in the Facebook group of pictures of Helsingør, she brought this picture of the old city house of the dentist the other day, and it made me say that I visited the place for the first time a couple of weeks ago as a new customer and besides from receiving very good service, I admired how beautiful the house has been restored inside where everything looks completely new, and I do like the combination of old, beautiful houses with a modern décor, and Heidi decided to say “Many thanks, Mr. Dragholm”, and please call me Stig, Heidi :-).

FB 220213 Heidi 1

FB 220213 Heidi 2

  • In another thread of the Helsingør in pictures Facebook group, they started speaking about coffee, and Pia spoke about an old story bringing MUCH Zoega coffee from Sweden, and this coffee is about “LOVE OF GOD”, and Michael brought it to another level telling a story about exchanging coffee to chickens, which is about Love of God creating life, and I decided to write that Green Zoege should be named Helsingør’s local coffee because it is EXCELLENT and even though it is Swedish (from Helsingborg), it has always been unique to me in relation to Helsingør because you could get it here on contrary to Copenhagen, and my mother has always bought it, and yes a very famous coffee it is here, because they have also had this coffee on the ferries between Helsingør and Helsingborg, so “everyone” here knows about Zoega – and “no one” does in Copenhagen.

FB 210213 Stig

  • And my comment inspired people to write maybe 100 comments on coffee including the Swede Glenn from the Føtex supermarket.

FB 220213 Stig1

  • And I ended the thread by saying how I like to make my coffee and also that “coffee is one of the greatest inventions of life, which should be enjoyed fully”, and what they did not know here is that “coffee” is the symbol of “love” brought to you as the gift of God for you to enjoy fully.

FB 220213 Stig2

  • In the same group, Jan brought this drawing from May 1945 made by someone from Helsingør because of the liberation from the Germans, and it says “You Danish man, your land is free again, look! The lake, forest and beach, all is yours”, and I decided to say that it is beautiful, and I thought of this as they joy people will receive when they are liberated not from the Germans but from darkness keeping everyone in a state “really not living” and let us say it as it is “in a state between life and death”, and yes you will shout from joy when finally receiving life as it is meant to be.

FB 220213 Helsingør FRIHED

  • Helena has returned home from Greenland – saying how dirty and poorly smelling everything is here, and it will be GOOD to good “new air” without pollution – and she arrived in Copenhagen and not Århus and will spend the night here as “plan B”, and this may be what she wants to bring me, but no, we are continuing with plan A.

FB 220213 Helena

  • This evening I noticed that “someone” has searched on “Stig Dragholm sindssyg” (“Stig Dragholm crazy”) to reach my website as you can see here.

WP 220213 SDR sindssyg

  • And who is crazy enough to believe that I am crazy (?), and yes these visits give the answer, because it is someone living in Gentofte being VERY interested in my webpage on Karen, and Karen’s ex-husband, Peter, who is the father to Karen’s daughter, Caroline, lives there, and Peter is very important to Karen and they have a close relation, so this shows you that he and she speak about me (?), and “not easy” it is when you believe I am crazy (?), and I wonder if they looked at my website together, or if this was Peter alone using this little information to continue pressuring down Karen in relation to me (?), so this is the worst power of Karen coming to me, and I received a new out of this world pain to my right ankle, which is about life of the Source still being turned around, and I was told that this is also because of the hurting of your mother.

GC 220213 visit from Karens exhusband

GC 220213 visit from Karens exhusband 2


23rd February: The transfer of the Source to the New World is now finished as the greatest performance in history

The transfer of the Source to the New World is now finished as the greatest performance in history

First I felt coming deeper inside of the Source, and even though I am given darkness, I also felt an incredible calm/kindness beyond description, and “divinity” is the closest I can tell you, and later I felt the kindest angels imaginable leading me deeper in, and it was with the greatest love, and I felt my father, and was told that it is really him bringing me in.

I was told that Niklas is in Australia to help bringing wine (of ”everything”) home.

I felt “darkness turned around” and received a sound to my kitchen and was told that there is no more here, so we have gotten everything out and into the New World, and now we “only” have to get into the ring, and if I cannot, it may explode and become united at our New World.

For some days when I have watched TV or something on the Internet, I am given visions and speech using some of the same pictures and speech I have just received, which is because of “the doubler” of the Source being here.

I was told that Karen is controlled by my father at the very inner, and “she is so tired of you” and has been for years, these are the feelings, she receive but only because of her misunderstandings of me.

So we are now all of us outside the Malaga Castle coming here before the end of tome, and you did not know that this was your tasks, and I felt that there was MUCH inside of me and no time to bring this out.

I was shown and reminded that no matter what happens from here, I will be Santa, and I was shown that I am now on my way inside this ship.

I was so incredible tired that I had the greatest difficulties to write down notes including this where I was shown a valve opening to a GIANT motor with oil of Karen coming out, and I felt my mother too, and it is from this engine that I am on my way forward to what feels like “an incredible creation/creature”. This is the content of the piano.

Surely you are not the chairing of the Board, who we expect home, are you (?), and yes I am, if you can use me (?), and yes you are the engine yourself, my man.

I was told that it is also from inside here that the key to the SS20 missiles is, and this is about no nuclear weapons of the world to explode.

I was asked to show the episode of Starwars where Luke Skywalker shoot the decisive and impossible shot making the ship of the empire explode, but I am too tired to finding it now, but this is a symbol of having turned around everything being the greatest performance in history.

It was now 02.50, and I was to tired, exhausted and incredible weak that I had come over the worst tiredness already many hours ago.

I was told that the bomb of Nixon – or later smaller explosions – only could be released if darkness succeeded to make me afraid of the negative consequences by continuing to welcome in everything.

Is it possible to imagine that it is first now that Karen and her ex-husband Peter sees the information on my website about her being a (former) prostitute (?), and eeehhhh do I receive darkness from her/them from inside the Source and no longer from the world (?), and what will they do with this information, are they completely broken down, thus making me feel the same, and will they try to remove this information too (?), which I of course will NOT allow them to.

I was told that your mother is really not meant to enter, but we designed her to follow you, so she is receiving some of your sufferings these days coming to her at stomach pain.

I was told that we have used secret energy from vegetables in a new chemical unit, which is why it was important that I had vegetables, which I have had much of almost daily for a long time now.

I was shown a pot with PLENTY of cauliflower and also rice and ham and something about a wash and no light and waving out not being afraid.

I was so utterly destroyed this night that people are normally not, and finally at approx. 05.00 I decided to go to sleep, which I did until 09.30, which was FAR TOO LITTLE still making me INCREDIBLE tired when writing this – the most tired of all at my journey when writing – and I had this dream.

  • I am living a new place with an incredible beautiful view, a beautiful woman in Africa with infected children has initiated the automobile industry, and I wonder if she can initiate me too. Bettina asks me about getting a girlfriend, and I tell her that I have more important things to me. My mother and John stay with me, a new employee has cleaned all cupboards of the kitchen, and he shows me a drawer full of old knives and kitchen tools and tell me that even though some of these are old heirlooms, you will have to consider if you want to throw them out. We are now outside at a garden where the fence to the neighbour ground is broken, which we first believe is from this side, but it is from the other, which is my side. People have started removing an incredible amount of the most dense weeds from a tiny plot of this ground. I live together with Karen and hold her in my arms, and I feel how destroyed she is.
    • This is about my mother going to initiate/anoint me as my new self. The kitchen of God (creating life) has been cleaned up, and we are removing the most concentrated weeds/darkness, which is, from the tiniest area, and we are using the force of Karen doing this, and the dream says that she is destroyed because of what I have written about her.

I was told that there is no more toilet paper, and even though Karen wishes me to go to a certain place, the potatoes will not wither, this is how my entrance is.

I received the feeling of disappointed Muslims, which is about Iman’s knowing about me and knowing about the end of the Muslim faith coming, but still they say nothing!

Do you think you can park here even if it is only for a moment. (?), and that is also if you are an OLD HE-CAT, which is a reference to Kim Larsen and one of his newer albums, which I like VERY much, here in an unplugged version.

“If what has been let out on you is right ….”, “I will never see you again ….”, yes the feelings of a nervous Karen, and “what if he is right”? “No, we did not get children together, but maybe we have a future together”, “experience culture” etc., and this is what I am told directly from the Source as feelings given to her.

It is crème de la crème if you ask my mother, Benjamin Creme?

You are not an Olympic Champion yet, but are on your way.

No we don’t have a family together, what will my family say to him (?), and yes many thoughts of Karen.

Brylcreem, shape his hair”, “no, he does not sound entirely crazy”, which is more on Karen’s mind.

The only thing which annoys me is that I hang on his wall, i.e Facebook page, how do I get this removed? And again, the same feelings of Karen to be exposed to the world just like your father, which they do NOT like.

I know you are not happy about “massage-past”, but maybe you can accept this side of me too”? Yes, this is how thoughts can be turned around, and that is when you decide that you are in charge and do all of this work too.

We don’t get why you don’t clap of us/me, Stig, because I am doing it, and I feel my mother too part of this, and yes her love to me, which is what is going back to Karen too.

And then you can take your holiday, and do not watch porn!

This (Karen) is part of the bank-statement of your mother, the total statement because of what was spread to others too.

So it is not all that it dark in here (of Karen), there is room for doubts and hope too, and this is what you are awakening simply by going through this room being stronger than this darkness.

We (Karen) have thrown you out – because of Denis – and we have thought the worst of you and still do, but we still have this strange feeling underneath, what if he really is the one and I am too, does he still want me?

No, you are not allowed to smoke if I am going to have you”. These are the kind of feelings of me (Karen) here.

No, you are not completely hopeless”, but first we have to fight the darkness inside of here, and that is of other people influencing Karen negatively about you.

And this is what gives you heart attacks here too, but they are really more like serious cold-attacks because we don’t really have a heart here, we are something else, remember.

So there is no reason to burn down the house from which you come from yourself, this is basically what this is about.

My mother is working for the promotion of needlework, you see?

Do you get nicer hands by washing them (?), this is the on-going process.

So the question is if I dare opening that gate to the garden?

All of this is tied inside of your sister to control.

So there are no buildings here, we are only a mirror of what is out there in the world, but if you go through us, you also change what is out there in the world.

We cannot spell your name in here but the feeling is “almost”, see we are only what you see out there, and this is about being here without faith of my mother.

There is now almost a week to the next highlight – of your mother. So she is not bleeding even when coming here (?), no.

So we have walked and walked so long without even getting a telephone number, and now you also want to enter there (?), and no you don’t ask me, your attitude is still, I don’t care, this is my home, so this is where I am going, and yes we know Stig, but what about your mother bringing you here, and if she cannot recognise you, how can you believe that we can (?), and yes “a feeling” you know and “love”, and so it is.

I felt myself inside the family tree and how it is getting much stronger.

I received the strongest sneezes including the feeling of darkness of Karen being the fuel of this.

I am more tired than ever when I started working from 11.00 today, and I may decide to stop and try to take a nap, because this is more impossible than ever before, so I am TRULY playing with my limit.

I received the feeling of New York and was shown a large skyscraper, and felt “hospital” and was told “United Nations”, and yes an assembly of “crazy” countries.

We don’t have a firebomb here at the end as a potential threat, do we?

My mother called, she still has stomach pain, and we are going to see Sanna tomorrow, who has invited and my mother (and John) will collect me, and that is if she can, because she is NOT feeling well. Already yesterday when speaking to John on the phone, he told me that it was almost impossible to hear me, and my mother said that same today, and no, I have NOT changed the setup of my phone, this is a sign of my spiritual friends that the last telephone line is almost not working anymore as I am not writing this.

I was shown the football stadium – the game between light and darkness – as a bivalve itself, and yes tool of creation of God.

I was shown myself at the end of the rock mountain and shown that it leads to the beginning with LIGHT all over at the left, and this means that this is still part of the 360 degree road, which we are driving through again to get with us what we did not do first.

I was shown that I am coming up through a new tunnel/basement being dug out in Helsingør next to my dentist at Fiolgade 7, and I was given a sound to my TV and told that “this is me too”, and yes my new self of the Source turning up here because of the effect of the x-rays of me from the dentist, and this is where we are setting you up as the centre, and I was shown myself as a floating atom from where arms reach out to everything.

I was shown a chicken run with myself being a dark cock and I have made a tunnel leading into the chicken run (from the Source to the New World).

When I updated my script of yesterday with a couple of more pages, I was shown and told that this is like injecting more yellow crème to the pastry bar, and at 13.00, I had finished the extra work to the script of yesterday, which was really more impossible to write than anything else.

This was another prison exchanged into gold.

I was told with a smile that we can almost not hold the main street in darkness, so this is about EXILE ON MAIN STREET, which is a marvellous album by Rolling Stones, and let us take this beautiful song of “Sweet Virginia” just to express music that I love :-).

What time does the supermarket close (?), and yes Stig your answer is NOT BEFORE I HAVE THE RING IN MY HAND, and that is if I can of course, which I am really not sure about because work today is certainly impossible to do and I cannot continue working at this level.

And I here feel the Theosophical Fellowship, and isn’t it incredible that they also “could not” communicate with me despite of 2-3 of them following me on Facebook.

I was shown a hill inside the forest with a sword inside of it, and this is belonging to the Elves King, and a big aeroplane (of the world) is flying from it.

Yes, he has now repaired the small hole of me – of my mother in the New World – which he needed to enter as the Source.

At 15.40 I had finished the script so far not yet writing the chapter on Jette’ Google Earth pictures and also not the chapter on X-factor of yesterday, and all day long I have been on my extreme edge really doing work I cannot do LONGING for a 1-2 hour nap to make it possible to work, and just maybe I can do the chapter on Jette too without sleeping (?), and then maybe later today or tomorrow, I can do the X-factor chapter?

I continue receiving sounds from my kitchen and am told that this is only what remains of darkness.

I received happiness from my mother, and was told that it is first now that I am starting to awake again – after receiving the Source.

Can he pay on the house loans too” (?), and yes many thoughts of Karen in relation to me.

No, do you know what a pencil can, Eddie (?), it can turn around and work just as well on the other side, and yes we saw it coming and this is what it is about, for us just to find ourselves again.

Where is the watch (?), it has become somewhat “curled” but is also in there somewhere (?), and yes we are cleaning up, and here is a boat, and another there and there and all you want Stig, but there is only one watch, and this is what I will take here and what is that (?), is this darkness wanting to steal the watch but it cannot because it does not exist, but is only “made up” to work until I get everything sorted out here, and yes not being armed anymore (?), and does Lisbeth from the Commune not dare to meet you anymore (?), and yes yes yes we are wondering.

I cannot afford to enter the ambulance, and yes no energy, thus no need of an ambulance.

This is something as unusual as a dream coming through that none of you – my closest family and I – died going through this journey.

Tomorrow at Sanna is not about pushing you out from the board, no it is about reuniting everything, which you are making come through deciding to do your work today even though you were more tired than ever before when working, and we could have given you STRONG heart pain as here – stronger than ever – but it would not make you work, and yes to make sure that your mother comes through and also makes it tomorrow.

I was given a sound to the kitchen now sounding like the trunk of a tree, which is to say that we are coming through this and yes making all of this, which was “nothing” to everything of our New World.

We did not have to follow the road of the South American drug gangsters cutting off the heads of people – of my family, friends etc. – to do this work bringing the Source to our New World, which I am now told, and yes we managed it via “impossible” work and sufferings.

So it is now 18.30 and to my greatest surprise, I am still awake and still working, and now I have also done the Google Earth chapter below, and published the script so far today as the most important, and I wonder if I can make the X-factor chapter of yesterday too (?), and yes I am on my ultimate dizzy limit and doing these chapters on X-factor, also the last two weeks, is about working on your extreme edge.

I have come home to my mother of the New World for the first time ever being “everything”

I received the “rap rap” song by Shu-bi-dua, which is about “creation” you know, and the lyrics “fantastically beautiful homes”, which is about our New World “when an actor dies”.

So your father is not a mushroom cloud (did you get it?), your mother was also not, and what remains to be seen is if Karen is, or if she will decide to let her – light as I am told/shown – heart speak, and yes “forgive” me for writing the “strong allegations” on her, which of course is only the truth, and to accept that it stands there because of her true love to me.

So you don’t believe that we can afford a bed blanket (?), no I do not (!), and how many times do I have to tell you that I will walk ALL THE WAY HOME.

Well, we have not sent him to Jutland yet (?), and yes the man writing these lines (?), and no, he wants to make sure that everything is perfect before he will leave as the last, and yes he insists to wake up one morning as his new self, which was and still is his plan.

Have your mother not been up in a tour in Space (?), and yes you told me that she has also received your voice speaking to her, so my mother “knows”, but has not really understood yet what is happening. She has not only seen, she has also been in behind the cockpit of a spaceship and in dreams of course.

I continue being given feelings of Helena in Århus, and yes “who is Stig – is he really the one”?

Your mother is “going out of her good skin” as we say here – it doesn’t sound right in English – and that is when she sees what you have TRULY done, and yes via your writings and sufferings, survived the darkness she sent you when she “could not” understand you because the world “could not”, and yes which will make not an eye dry, so tears can also be of happiness, which is what will come.

The bottom of my head continues to scratch and if I only scratch it once, it scratches MUCH more, and yes if I look forward to this disappearing as only one of many sufferings (?), and yes you bet, because it is UNCOMFORTABLE.

Your mother had created you over here to the window while you were still over there at the kitchen, so there were two of you where the being of you balanced in between, and would you decide to get all over to me (?), and if not, the feeling is that the New World would help me take the last step. And I was given a noise to the kitchen saying “but then there is not closed here, because I am now there too but as my new self”, which I clearly felt and I was again shown the trunk of the tree.

I was told that one of the reasons why Michella from Fair Insurance in the end – after a long time working together – decided to turn me down was because there were rumours of me being together with several of the females working there, which was NOT true, I was NOT in bed with anyone, and she did not like her boyfriend off/on Nicolai to be with others, and yes also therefore turned me down, which was really to our benefit because it would have been the direct road to the end of the world with her being another part of my mother.

I was told that we will now start the virgin voyage of our ship (on this side), which we are not that nervous about, and it will first be here that we can see if it works.

Darkness brought me demonstratively a maybe two metre high indoor plant and placed it hard into the ground in front of me, and I was shown that it has tentacles leading out everywhere, and I believe that this is the first tree of everything here brought to me.

You could also have told us “wait a minute” instead of always “you are welcome” but you wisely decided to say that you are always welcome, because this is right to do, but I will decide what I can and will write down, and yes a matter of receiving or not receiving life.

I felt pain/marks to my right lower leg of darkness and was told that you did not want to leave (the last part of the Source), and I did not have to force you, because you were awake yourself to take the decision the EVERY LITTLE THING has to be transferred, so this is what we did.

While working on the X-factor chapter, I was given VERY STRONG sexual approaches, which is because of the feelings of Karen as I was told. Did she stab you good (?), and yes she put the knife all in and turned it around because if there is something Karen loves/needs, it is to be “confirmed” and in relation to me, her mouth has not stood still and then it matters less to her, her family, friends etc. that she was wrong, and you do know from experience that to most friends, the other side of the story does NOT matter, and this is how Karen was a main source bringing me the worst darkness, which easily could have brought any other person down, but not me because I had taught myself to fight in my life as no one else.

And yes, isn’t it like this that your mother will also go through these days without discovering what was wrong, thus making us able to continue the game (?), and yes this is what you decided not bringing the “great pretender” song the other day, so this is what we will do. And this is because it is first now that you can give him the right shirt on, and that is from the part of you I had created before you came – at the window – so this is what I will do, and yes this is what the small needle was about”.

So there will be no “firing up underneath him”, which I felt came from people of other civilizations, who were prepared once again to use some of their “power”, i.e life, to bring you home, and no, it would not have cost your mother’s life, which you did not know, and this is also why you have worked hard these days, and yes like a “maniac” today.

I was shown and heard clicks to the tree of the kitchen including a small hole of it where there is still running out a little dark substance, which is the last fuel of darkness running out to bring me forward.

I was shown drums being set up ready to play.

I was told that it is people like Helle C. from PFA (my old colleague from DanskeBank-Pension, who is following me via LinkedIn today), whom I have felt several times lately and Kenneth from the Helsingør Facebook group, who are bringing me the espresso arm to the centre of everything of the Source to get the most concentrated coffee/love of all, and yes try to imagine that I am shown what I am told, which brings the dot over the i as we say here, which is the work I am still doing now.

When I did the work on the X-factor chapter listening to the voice of the judges over and over again, the video MANY times “jumped” making them repeat two to three words, which is about the “doubling” being made – both the window and the kitchen of me – and I was told that it is this “doubling” of you, which has made it possible to transfer the Source to your new self, and this is to say that you are now my child here inside the New World being everything which is, and this is the first time I have this feeling, and in other words, you have come home to mother, whom I felt carrying me, and behind this, I also felt my father.

No, we are of course NOT going on holiday, which would be to say that he stopped working thus stopping the work on creation, and who would do that in their “fulde fem” (“sane self”), and I felt how darkness was protecting me, and yes just like how a mother wrongly protects her child, which may be what my mother has felt like doing because she thought too that I was insane.

I was told that if I did not bring energy myself, which was required to transfer the Source, it would have come from our New World, but it would have gone through my “old nightmare”, which I would have had to experience, so the only way to avoid this was also via hard work, and not only by saying no (?), and yes it might be, but I cannot tell because I decided to work hard all of the time, and this was sort of a given factor because of how I am born and have worked hard for most of my professional career – except from when working with you Søren H., who kept me MUCH down. And eeehhh we were not welcome to get into the Source (?), and how would you have, if you could not ….. (?), and yes a theoretical question, because I am not the type giving up, and even if I did, my message to you is “please do it PERFECT” which includes “whatever it takes” and yes the top rule, you know.

Finally, I kept on working on the X-factor chapter until 23.10 including the last 1½ page of text to this chapter, which I received as notes while working, and at 23.35, I had uploaded everything, and my final remarks of today is that I do NOT believe that I have ever done better work than today doing what I truly thought was completely impossible to do at the highest level yet.

Google Earth shows the Source turning around to this side including the Source of the lion – with the world shouting “help”

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show a couple of gents, a little sneaking before putting on Sneakers, a King facing his people, mother with child looking horrified but with a happy whale, getting rid of dirty water, still more darkness to visit the laundry, the Source turning around to this side including the Source of the lion, correcting DNA of darkness, the bull loving flowers, the fairytale is not afraid, but still the New World of my mother shouts “help” because of the strain of the Source entering.

FB 230213 Jette 1

FB 230213 Jette 2

FB 230213 Jette 3

FB 230213 Jette 4

FB 230213 Jette 5

FB 230213 Jette 6

FB 230213 Jette 7

FB 230213 Jette 8

FB 230213 Jette 9

FB 230213 Jette 10

FB 230213 Jette 11

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • The “coffee thread” of the Helsingør in pictures Facebook group of yesterday was changed today when Kenneth – who became happy for me praising him for sharing his BIG knowledge – said “I don’t dare to ask you to relate to beer sorts, which will not at all shorten this thread”, and apparently Kenneth became so interested in me that he understood from my Facebook profile that I am “somewhat unusual”, and when he speaks of beer, it is about darkness wanting to terminated, so I wonder if you have spread the word about me too, Kenneth (?), and Glenn did not want to go there, which made Jan Erik say that it was not him opening the “Pandora Box” (of all evil), but Kenneth, “the nice man”, spreading these to me.

FB 230213 Helsingør er på øl

  • Helena spoke about Søren Pind without mentioning his name saying that first he wanted her, then he made love to others, then she had to leave. Then to come. Then she was smeared. Then to stay away forever. Then I was there yesterday etc., and she is confused and feel dumb, and also that she has been a “currycomb” herself (yes, we saw it, Helena) and concluded that “the train has left, and will not stop again”, and they wanted each other, but could not find out in the end, and she loved him, and yes, why was it so difficult to “find out”, Søren (?), and is that because you were trapped between your feelings, which you could not control, and my information telling you that it is WRONG from other parts of mother and son being together (?), and yes a “katte-pine” (“cat pain”) it was to you (?), and NOT easy to keep your fingers from her even though it was WRONG for both of you?

FB 230213 Helena

FB 230213 Helena 2

FB 230213 Helena 3

  • Jane had a power shortage, which made me think of Anton’s email was it yesterday about a sign of “power shortage” and what I was told about creating life, which is easy to do preparing a beef roast, which Jane would have liked to do here receiving guests in two hours, and just to say that darkness of politicians were destructing life itself.

FB 230213 Jane

  • My old music teacher brought the biggest hit of his old band, Sirius, which was played much on the national radio here in the 1970’s, and it made me think of the only song I remember that we were singing in his music classes, which was the immensely beautiful “Edelweiss”, which I decided to share with him, and right after this, I was told that since the war (WW II), we have been looking forward to this moment, and then you just sit there writing a comment to your old music teacher about ”an incredible beautiful song” also close to our heart, and yes symbolising our New World too. And I found it in two versions, the first one with a cartoon pirate of darkness included, which I did not want, and then in the second one below, which beneath the video on YouTube says “dedicated to the King of my Heart, my brave Lion King…”, which to me is about changing the Source from one side to the other also with the help of Anton. And this is also a reference to Austria, and I am thinking that this is what my neighbour, the Austrian Emmanuelle, is bringing too, and yes I have been on skiing holidays to Austria twice, first in 1985 in South Tyrol and then in 2000 at Heiligenblut, and I love the nature, atmosphere, Wiener Schnitzels (I will have one this evening just because of this!), wine and more :-).

FB 230213 til Mogens


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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2 Responses to February 23, 2013: The transfer of the Source to the New World is now finished as the greatest performance in history

  1. jette says:

    beautifull – last – music – beautifull ending .. soon ? longing to stop worrying ❤ take care

    • Yes, I agree. Andre Rieu and his orchestra play and look beautiful and the landscape is beautiful too, and the beautiful voices at the end with the solo woman is nothing less than truly amazing giving me gooseflesh when hearing it.

      I do believe God is in control, and the “teardrops” are part of the game we are going through. Take care too :-).

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