February 25, 2013: Opening and sharing the gift of the Source with all life making every individual a creator of eternal life!


Summary of the script today

24th February: Opening and sharing the gift of the Source with all life making every individual a creator of eternal life

  • I used the beginning of the night thinking about whether or not we will lose life from the Source not being transferred to our New World, and I ended up believing that everything will be perfect maybe re-uniting parts inside our New World.
  • I don’t have blue blood in my veins yet, which my mother will install when she is now setting up “the elephant of everything” inside of me at the same time as she is distributing everything of the Source to fit inside everything of created life via a code/address of the Source fitting with individual codes/addresses of all life. This was done via the love of my mother and family this evening when we had a nice dinner together, where I was told that it is first now that sexuality of man becomes as originally planned, which is when God/my inner self now enter all life including the original tools of creation making each individual a creator in his own right (every man and woman includes an eternity of life inside of him/her as fractals). My family is the most important family of all being the board of the Universe because we are the first/oldest life.
  • God and my inner self entered the mountain of myself of this side after having been transferred to our New World, which has also ended the clock of darkness, but still we are using darkness as a tool to bring energy completing the rest of the work. This process is about bringing everything of the Source and my soul to become me. The skyscraper in front of the light has now been removed, and I am on my way to enter light only.
  • My mother’s stomach pain suddenly stopped this evening because we have now closed the hole to “nothing”, where the Source came from.
  • Dreaming of people working with poor quality bringing darkness to me, and greed of the medical industry pumping man with pills and me with darkness.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show that I took the fast train home including all life, bringing saved life to Africa/freedom, training in creating (after the Source has changed side), the double King’s of me to transfer the Source, my golf swing to remove darkness has received much more speed, bringing Cosmic Conscience as Martinus had to all, a visit by the life-style-expert, do not bring poor people poorer food than rich people – do not turn the world into class A, B and C, and Jette sees the bright New World beautifully created with love, something shall be seen.
  • Short stories of porn stars being “special friends”, Helena being influenced by “milk”, encouraging “happy” Anton to focus on big picture of my story, finally Eligael decided to re-publish the full video 6 of the Jerusalem UFO, my Commune has not yet seen my performance, the INSANE Liberal Alliance, and Swansea defeated all darkness in football placing the duck transformed into a swan on top of everything.

25th February: Lack of faith burned the most inner of the Source, which also brought the invention of new space

  • We are working deeply inside the Source to get all of it out from darkness. I was dreaming of being kicked out by darkness, bombs exploding and when awakening I was told about the last of the Source which will burn over in two, which is because of lack of faith in me. I was told that we are heading for a fire where the inner of the Source will become “unspecified”/die before re-assembled later. The fire will happen in a new expanded room of the New World to save the New World from sufferings. And later the Source went the other way into a new room and received a gas shower – as the Jews did by the Nazis – and was peeled by grater, and this is how we will continue until we can get this in and turned around via an out of this world pain to my right ankle, which apparently is still how it works. This is NOT like a funeral but about the opening of a new space, which is meant to hurt, and this is because we are using the most inner of me to do what I have always dreamt about, and we can do it, because I refused to have darkness destructing.
  • Short stories of gold coming out of the Source, difficulties to get everything out of the Source before it will start to burn, the “trickle-down” effect from rich to poor will first come with my arrival, we are “lucky potatoes”, when I met Anton, I also received his darkness, I also received darkness at a critical point the other day when several people “could not” accept my LinkedIn invitations.


24th February: Opening and sharing the gift of the Source with all life making every individual a creator of eternal life!

Opening and sharing the gift of the Source with all life making every individual a creator of eternal life

I received an INCREDIBLE amount of pressure of speech yesterday evening that I could not write everything down.

I was shown a locker room, and a “thing” coming up through a cover of the floor which included long fuel-arms of gasoline, and eeehhhh where are we now (?), and this is about the Source when entering our New World.

No, we are not going to die in sin anymore.

Something about wearing night clothes only being allowed to stay up until 02.00 this night, which I took as a sign that I can go “early” to sleep, and yes despite of how incredible tired I have been here at midnight still in front of the monitor, I don’t feel that tired, but I know that should I sit down in my sofa, the worst wall of tiredness will come to knock me completely out because this is how I truly feel.

I am still thinking about “teardrops” and the “HELP” picture of Jette’s Google Earth pictures of yesterday and about life being terminated, which may be parts of God from the other side, which is not transferred to this side (?), and it makes me concerned that we are not bringing everything, and that is even though I was told that we are only playing a game to see how much my old self directed by the spirit of my mother is able to bring over because God can bring everything, right (?) – or is it vice versa with this being a message of darkness (?), and I can only hope for the very best, and also that this does not mean that we are losing life of the outer of our Universe, and I am thinking that no matter what, the hills inside of the Source will still be there, right (?), or are some still “negative” being lost now when everything else have become positive (?), and yes yes yes, I know how darkness can play vicious games, but I do hope God has thought about everything making every little thing make it.

I was told that I don’t have any blue blood in my veins yet, which is part of what my mother will use some time to install, so the game continues Stig.

Stig, do you remember about what I told you about being saved before the end of time (?), and if not everything would, an explosion would come and yes spread me to be recollected inside our New World, and maybe there are parts of me being spread for example after the Russian Meteor (?), and yes I hope the best.

I was looking at my Facebook publish of my new script including songs and yes I did “everything” yesterday evening making me both surprised and also very satisfied with what I had done, and I was told yes, now you can show yourself, coming from my right, so this is my new self on my way in, and yes normally there comes many new tasks on the road, so there will probably come some here too, which are impossible for me to foresee, so we will see.

The Source told me that “I have not swapped with space people before”, and I was given the feeling of the Source THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING YOU HAVE DONE, and yes you know the people WAY OUT THERE ♥♥♥.

We were in South Germany to get that rope, you know, but instead of being hung up, he managed to pass it, and can now hang it up as a memory, or even better to make it into light too, and yes this was about the penalty kicks, which is what we thought was necessary to “kick in” the Source, but then again we are only Simple Minds who did not see how you decided to KICK IT IN :-).

How many telephone numbers did your mother have (?), yes two at the same time so you were both one and the other at the same time, my friend.

We are closing the hole over here in the kitchen allowing us to produce gold ourselves.

I was shown HUGO entering the mountain of myself saying a little annoyed “finally at home” and also that this would become a little dangerous because I have been thinking that whenever I have faced dangerous situations, I have been told nothing, so this is why he was kind to tell me and yes still as darkness, and the danger is really if he/I can find around inside of there, and now you haven’t changed too much have you (?), and this is about the cleaning up of the kitchen, and I do believe that everything should be fine in there, but we will hear, and yes here is my spoon, and eehhh hello have anyone seen my clock, this is really what I want the most, to be able to control time an dyes to end it with a BIG BANG, and no, there is no clock here (?), this is only a game; we are pretending and that is to keep him there on the keyboard keep writing/working, which is really what is bringing all of this forward.

So when will the last train arrive here (?) we don’t know, and it feels like all of the train of the Source being inside of me to the right, and this is now being brought to me in the middle, and we don’t know how much is in there.

And it is also the last darkness, which is the fuel bringing forward all of this to you/me.

I was shown darkness drinking “as the only fuel” bringing this out, and as example told that “I will never go to the cinema again”.

Are we then ready for “soul contact” (?) and yes that is when I will leave this place in the window and enter and become you in the middle if I am welcome, and yes of course you are – said with some hesitation – because I knew that this day would come sooner or later, and yes becoming my new self is still not easy when you just want to be your old self without sufferings, but this is what we have worked all of our lives for, so whenever you are ready and have done your best work, please feel free to come.

Well, he does not put on boxer shorts and empty the garbage bin, does he (?), and yes he does if you ask him.

No we are not done building ships, we have many ideas for new worlds to be created, and yes time will come for this too.

No, you are NOT allowed to throw anything away, and darkness asked “do we really have to get all of these heavy stones over there”, and yes we have.

And these are all of the torture instruments when seen from the other side, but here is everything you need to create everything of your wildest dreams.

We could have written as many 100-pound notes as you wanted, because energy of darkness does not exist, but when I say it does, it does.

He will have to decide himself, and we know, no more darkness!

I was shown darkness lifting a weight bar in straight arms, and darkness said “look, I cannot continue lifting this” but then “yuck, it does not even weigh anything” (!), and then it is of course not difficult anymore.

I was shown a huge skyscraper in front of me being removed, and behind this is only light, and I was told and shown that this was the last and now we only have to drive out on the ramp and into the light, so this is what we will do, Siouxsie again again.

Finally, at 02.40 I went to bed so tired that I was not tired, and I slept until 11.25 – feeling somewhat better today, but really not that much (still TIRED when starting to write today, and STILL with a HUGE risk of not completing my work because of the desire to do nothing, and it is STILL the start and first two hours, which are the worst) – and I do believe I had a couple of dreams too, let us see.

  • Kim S. is selling life insurance to a RICH customer, who offers to pay him with half of what he can obtain of price reductions when negotiating to buy a Citroén car for the customer, and on condition that the customer can pay with effect from his old year of accounts.
    • Kim S is a symbol of God, who here brings life to darkness behaving and paying WRONGLY, and to me French cars have always been poor quality, so this is about people working with poor quality too, and this may go back to Kim in the real world too for not being able to read and understand your old “trusted colleague” and friend, Kim (?), and I thought you were “the best”, but you weren’t?
  • I have started work as a salesman of a medical company, and I have a box of female breasts, which I will have to offer as our products. I have registered at courses to receive professional knowledge of doctors, and I have no idea if these courses are for me, and I ask my managers, who are doctors, to see them through to evaluate. A colleague has a car COMPLETELY FULL of chocolate, and together with a colleague they get an idea of how to use this as a business concept, which does not include me.
    • This is about the medical industry PUMPING pills in people supposing to heal people, but as you can see from the dream, this is WRONG bringing darkness to me in the form of threats of my “old nightmare”, and they do it because of HUGE AMOUNTS OF CHOCOLATE, which is because of money/selfishness, and this drawing includes some of the vital parts of a “prescription”, which is to live a healthy life in every respect, and people really do know what is right and wrong, so simply do what is RIGHT, right?
    • I was told myself that the doctor has not ordained his last pill, and is this what the system will end up doing, sentence me to permanent disability pension together with mandatory intake of antipsychotic drugs (?), and if this is the case, it will be NO THANK YOU and also NO THANK YOU to “accept” permanent disability pension, because everyone should be able to see that I am not disabled (?), and certainly not from the reasons, which the system believe in (?), and can they really be so incredible dumb (?), we will see.

Doctor God

I was told that you are simply becoming smaller and smaller, and also that the task to setup my new self, which is now coming will become the most difficult of all tasks, which “I don’t envy you”, and we will see just how difficult it will become.

No, I don’t need a hammock because to my big surprise, I can walk, and that will have to be the Source inside my new self.

If you continue working, there will come two new cinema tickets this evening.

Here is a zipper where we were about to close to hold the sun out.

So we can really squeeze/screw ourselves down to be inside a boot (of me) also in this life on this side, and yes “everything” you know.

I continued received quite strong sexual speech, but still darkness was less this morning and afternoon than yesterday, but I continue being TIRED when working, which you may understand by now is TRULY not the best or most comfortable foundation to have to do much work.

There has never been a bull dozer inside here, so your mother took the key for everything before destructing it yes, and you controlled the power of the New World, which otherwise would have done this – also by not accepting darkness in no form.

So the water we came from has survived this transition still being the same water as it was, yes with the same characteristics.

I was told that my sister will help giving me a salt water injection this evening.

He likes violence, this is how we can save money” are some of the things darkness tells me, and yes WRONG it is – as usual.

We have not been home for a lifetime.

Shall we cut a hole through the ice as the Russian meteor did to get free (?), no we count of the love of your mother once again.

So your mother does not have the energy to cross the finish line (visiting my sister this evening), but she will do it because of you and your sister.

We are on our way to stop fencing you say?

Your mother will also close the tunnel to nothing as the Source came from.

I received the song “supreme” by the truly gifted Robbie Williams and the lyrics “Is there a tumour in your humour?”, and I was told that this is why your family had cancer – and myself too without knowing it as I have been told – because it is through darkness that we have come, but “I will survive” is the motto also here.

Somewhere your mother is sweating uncomfortably, because how many catch arms (of the Source) are there (?), and I felt that this is what she is sorting out now.

The Doomsday explosion (which you did not see this time) is really an outburst of love of God, and since it comes from the other side, it became darkness, i.e. explosion, on this side, and this is also why the people loving you the most have DESPITE you the most, for example Karen.

I received yet another out of this world pain to my right ankle.

When Helena decided to leave you as a Facebook friend, it was like removing a main power cord from the air of the mountain.

The power coming against me sometimes completely removes my memory. I was given one thing to remember in the shower, and another when cleaning discs, and I was sure that I could remember but few seconds afterwards, the memory was deleted again, this is the power of termination, and the first one was returned to me (the one above with the tumour in the humour), but the other did not, and yes tried that many times before; the nature of darkness.

I was given the feeling of Karen right in front of me – thinking of me – and she wanted to get money out of the box but she cannot, because it is empty.

This is like clearing a fortress without anyone surviving, sorry being hurt. This is what the old game “Stratego” was about, and yes I do believe I was pretty good at it.

I was called out to watch out for you, as someone says.

Now we only have to collect all of us as an elephant on this side, and this is what we will use you for, Stig (setting everything up inside of me).

I was told that it is not like the government is going to give its resignation, but some governments were about simply to give up, and to leave everything to God/me.

How many of the media were “this close” to bring news of me before your send-mast was removed?

I was shown the Galeries LaFayette department store in Paris, and the area around and given the name of Mohammad Al-Fayed, and told that the name obliges, not so much in relation to Lady Diana, but more to business, and yes it was his enormous focus on money and selfishness, which was brought as energy killing his son Dodi and Diana in that car crash in Paris in September 1997, which also released an incredible amount of energy as I was told and I was first given the feeling of my mother, and here Lady Diana coming on visit again, and no, you don’t need fine tea cups (I am shown the FINEST there is), because this is unimportant to me as she says.

I received another out of this world pain to my right ankle, which made me say “ouch” as so many times before, and it came from my actor playing from the window, but no we are not yet allowed to show our real selves before we have made everything perfect and that is even though this was really your mother’s task to do, i.e. the New World.

I was told “watch out for your mother”, and I felt how impossible to handle tiredness came to me together with “disgusting feelings”, and yes this is what she sends me not feeling well herself.

Has Piglet also been out walking a tour with the dog (teaching the dog of man good philosophy/common sense) (?), and yes I love Rasmus Seebach and Medina of the new Danish pop music, and I do believe that much other pop music of today is “too polished”/mainstream sounding the same, and what I was to say is the I love even more some of the older Danish music-names, for example Gnags.

I heard a noise to my balcony door, and was told that we received the football and became both blue and brown at the same time, which we did not think was possible.

This is also the handball of the handball player network we will now put down into the bag, and do you think they were with you or against you (?), and maybe many were against me bringing me darkness and some were not (?), I don’t know, we will see when everything will be revealed, and yes also about you.

I was told “be careful” and I was shown gold/jewellery changing into a pinball machine, which goes all the way up to Pingo, i.e. Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark, who is also one of your main anchor points, and yes you stood “close to me” at Café Victor once many years ago, and you will not remember me, because I was just a “face in the crowd”.

I am still given STRONG darkness inside the back side of my right lower leg, which comes suddenly as an electrical power rumbling and threatening to become much stronger, and it came together with the feeling of my mother.

I was given a potentially disgusting pain to my neck, and was told that this is because of whispering about you behind your back, and I felt my mother and sister.

What we will be doing this evening is really like having a bucket removing the last little water on the floor, which will also remove this cough, which I was given a little of.

So you are not at all going to watch ski-jump (?), no because it involves me, and now I am here.

When you walk a tour through Syria, you will soon be able to walk in peace and calm, and yes it is coming, and do I hear “negotiations” and “the world knows nothing”?

Are there any planes leaving for Jutland this evening (?), yes this is how we already feel like starting to become accustomed to live on this side not being darkness anymore. And this includes not to hope for any of them to fall down, which is a great relief.

My mother is packing this suitcase (of the Source inside of the back side of my left right leg), which she is the only one who can do (to distribute the Source inside the New World, which she has created). And first, we will obtain all of the addresses of the Source, and yes bringing me together with the original creation of this and that, and that is everywhere of this huge Universe you have created, and I understand that this is for the Source to return home inside every little thing of creation, which is what this work is about.

There are both sheets and duvets inside of here never been used before, and what will we do with those, and yes pack inside of my storage room, mother – but I am sure that you know better than I do.

So we were not the only ship in store, and yes many other options I could have chosen to create a world, and I keep feeling Pope Benedict here, who cannot wait to get out of the strains from the Church, which is strangulating him, and yes because he is feeling me too, and does NOT want to be associated with the Vatican Church, so this is an act of FREEDOM, and yes he probably has a very good story to tell the world.

Yes, we almost took the ticket there too, and yes a previous world almost being too close to return and bring us down, and no, you don’t believe in it the same way as the Pope does NOT believe in the system of the Vatican Church feeding him with wrong information – also about me?

And I am here given a strong heartburn solely because of this, and what the Church has done to me via what you did to the Pope.

Who is the Sagittarius self protecting you (?), and I received the feeling of Karen, and yes she has protected me too as her guardian angel – as we promised on Restaurant Bourgogne in 2004 or 2005 (!) – and that is because of the love of her heart, which cannot fool us, but herself and others, so there you have it, this is our bond, and it was not only me guarding her, but also the opposite way.

My mother and John arrived at 18.00 as agreed to collect me and for us to drive the half hour to Sanna and Hans in Rungsted for dinner, and my mother told me in the car that she still had pain to her stomach, and not the kind forcing her on the toilet, but physical pain, which made her wonder if it is her lungs again, but it was better today than when it started now four days ago, and so much better that she was active washing and cleaning much of the day where she the first day could do absolutely nothing but lie down.

They told me that they have now started watching (more) TV together via the Netflix TV subscription, John has received, where there are TV-series, which both John and my mother like, and this has made John open the door to his office/TV-room and come out watching TV together with my mother, which they have had BIG problems with for years, and this is a symbol of opening the Source and my father and mother uniting as ONE with the world.

For some reason I was given nervousness about John losing control over the car and crashing, and when John on the motorway had to turn down the volume of the radio so we could hear each other, he made a quick turn on the wheel by accident, which made my mother almost jump up because she became scared and she shouted up “look what you do” (!) and “what are you doing” (?), and of all situations, John decided to tease my mother here now consciously doing the same once more, i.e. to turn the wheel quickly, which only made my mother even more nervous and shouting, and I was told that this is how little it takes for something to go wrong now, and yes this is about the finish of the Source entering our New World, which I thought we completely yesterday, but not fully as you see.

My mother also received the thought when looking at electrical lights placed on trees in front of houses, that these were Christmas lights, and so it was, the birth of my father and inner self inside the New World of my mother.

Hans had returned from Egypt yesterday and Tobias/Mia and Isabelle (without Niklas, who is in Australia) and of course my sister were there too, and Hans had reached an agreement with the high school teachers there to continue their project, which was about to break down several times over the last months because of the “political” situation, and this both because the teachers there believe that they are learning “best practise” from Hans and his High School organisation of teachers and also because they want to use this co-operation going actively against the rulers, who do NOT like them to co-operate with Denmark!

The first hour or so, I received periods of much pain and almost so much that I was on my limit, but it became better, and I was told that it is first now that sexuality of man becomes as originally planned, which is when God/my inner self now enter all life making each life a creator in his own right (every man and woman includes an eternity of life inside of him/her as fractals).

I was told by the spirit of my mother that unpacking the dark football of the spirit of my father feels like receiving gifts at Christmas, and I received many smiles when discovering tools of creation self, which is what was here unpacked and shared with all life, this is what the love and acceptance of me of my family this evening meant. And it felt like having set up shelves of life without doors in front of the shelves.

I was told that my sister and mother really now only speaking about me in relation to having received haircuts etc. meaning that my sister is not negatively influencing my mother against me.

We have a very nice dinner as usual – Sanna is a good cook – and Sanna remembered the onions in the last second, which my mother said that she forgot at our last family dinner, and yes the onions symbolise me becoming my new self, and we had a very good evening together, which was also because I felt better than I normally do showing more of my outgoing and natural self, and yes we spoke of the film The Intouchables, which most had seen, and I said with more words than I had written on Facebook, which they had seen (but not saying!), about the joy of the black man helping the reserved white people to retrieve joy and happiness and GENUINE FEELINGS, which was also helping to open my family to me this evening, and during dinner, I was shown the ship of the Source as the dinner table there and I was told that this family is the most important of all families and that we are the board of the Universe, and that is simply because we are the first and oldest life of all.

I was told that this and this and this is now open, which is about the family opening to me also saying that there is faith/love enough of my family to open up and share the inside of God with them and the world, and during all of this, I also received the strong feeling of Karen.

We saw pictures of Sanna’s and Hans’ tour to Dubai and cruise with the Royal Caribbean, where there were many beautiful pictures and places on the way, and yes they had enjoyed luxury tea more than 400 metres up in the tallest building of the world and truly enjoyed being in the “paradise of luxury”, which is the same as HELL to me when 1 billion people are screaming/dying because of poverty and starvation etc.

My sister spoke about her new manager not having “human qualities” only criticising everything, and I wondered if this is the full truth and how people REALLY look at my sister as a manager of the “dictator-type” (?), which you know I do NOT like, and my mother said that she could apply to become one of the three managers of Helsingør Commune – one position is free – and yes “of course” my sister can do this job according to my mother, and it will bring a pay cheque of over 1 million DKK per year, and yes my mother has been “happy” for when my sister has reached salary increases on her path of the Devil, and yes I am not very happy for my mother to be happy about the path of the Devil of my sister, and feeling badly hardly ever talking about my work, and NEVER supporting it, and you may understand why (?), and yes a “failure” I am and “black sheep” of the family “scrounging” on public welfare (?), and we know, not easy it is for anyone.

I was encouraged to tell about my first memories myself as a child, and asked the others to speak about their first memories, and I understood that we are now receiving the absolute beginning of life/everything, which was the inspiration.

During the coffee, my mother suddenly said that now her stomach pain had completely vanished (!), and I told her that it was love of the family curing her, which she understood, and I was told that this is also the closure of the hole to nothing of where the Source came from and that the spirit of my mother has succeeded to unwrap all threads of the Source.

My mother said that she has 40 pair of shoes, which she does not use, and later I was shown all of these shoes in a ring with a vertical fish (of me) standing in the middle, and yes I am the most inner with everything of the New World around me, and my mother and the world is also part of me as the off spring of my father and mother.

Sanna had a package of 16 Ferrero Rocher chocolates, where she could not get the lid off, and I showed her how to open it, but she could not, and finally it was Mia opening it, so we all could get inside the content of this, which was these delicious chocolate balls wrapped up in gold paper, and this was another symbol of opening everything of the Source with all gold now pouring out.

I was told also told that “the kick” to the Source was done by my mother, i.e. the New World.

At 21.00 I received a new tired crisis, where it was impossible to keep my eyes open, which is still as uncomfortable as always, but it disappeared and even though I continued being tired, my eyes were no longer automatically closing.

Let me say that I was happy to see all of the family and to be together with them, but I was again thinking if only we could peel off the layer of darkness including desire of money, luxury etc.

I tried to think about what to bring for Sanna as a host-gift, but I could not think of anything, and it was first during the evening that I was helped to think that I of course could have given her home-made Electric Light Orchestra CD’s, but this thought/idea was completely removed from me before, which was to bring me darkness as I understand.

We returned home at approx. 22.15 and I was reminded that my mother’s stomach problems started with the UFO experiences, which were “too much” for her, and yes it is not long ago, it was “too much” for my father and Kirsten’s family about my writings on my father, and these days also “too much” for Karen and her family/friends about my writings on her and yes “too much” as in “the absolutely worst”, which it took to do this KICK INSIDE, and yes I had to absorb the total of their sufferings given to me as my sufferings. I was also told that it was necessary to bring my mother “completely down” again because of John’s “heart problems” making her believe that she will lose him “soon”, which is about the rollercoaster driving up and down with hope and despair you know.

I felt Karen and the feeling ”it is first now that I am starting to realise what kind of GIANT FOOL I have been in relation to you”, and this is the feeling coming to her.

I was told that it was the spirit of my mother, who carefully with a needle the other day punched a hole to the inside of the football of the Source.

Finally, I was encouraged to write the rest of the script of today and to publish it and make it work for some hours in order to “consolidate” the closure of the hole to previous nothing, and yes I am quite tired both physically and doing this work writing, which was also difficult doing today, and I am glad that I did not take a long bath today, which I was close to do because it would have made it even more difficult to do this work, but as it is now, it only takes time/hours to do, and then it is just to do it, and yes to keep awake maybe until 05.00 tomorrow morning if I can do this.

The electrical pulses/rumblings to the back side of my right lower leg continued, which is previous darkness of the Source not being let out yet, continued coming and they are potentially VERY uncomfortable every time bringing the feeling that they may get out of control bringing immense pain when breaking lose.

And I continued receiving negativity constantly all of the time both “wrong” and difficult to keep rejecting.

I was told about friends of mine being “murderers”, for example Christian G. in Monaco not having “time” to read and understand me, and this is about lack of faith in me, which was killing my mother here again, and I was told that once again I saved my mother’s life. And I was told that this is the strength of the Source inside of the back side of my left right leg, which rumbled once more.

I was told that my comments to the Facebook Helsingør group also including Glenn was “carefully planned” to help us through this.

We have not brought the Source inside of here to empty all of the toilet in here, have we (?), and yes this is what made us hurt these days, but still the New World was strong enough to handle this and that is because of the set up of it.

And I was told that first of all we succeeded when I continued saying that “you are welcome” opening up for the Source and also when saying that “everything has to be perfect”, and then this is what we do, and yes making a GREAT difference compared to giving up/stop working as the alternative.

Well, you also do not just close the door just like that, and yes changing from one form to a completely different form is not easy with all of my being “longing” to return to my previous state, but this is what we will now stop because of your work.

At 00.50 I published the script without the chapter of Jette’s Google Earth pictures, which I will start on now, and to make the published script work in the mean time, and here I am given a feeling of Helsingborg from when my mother and I went to the Festival there in August 2012 and I have been given several visions of this lately, and here I am given visions of Tommy Körberg and Per Gässle as some Swedish musicians, and yes do you know how much importance you have been to me and yes with my story visiting Helsingborg receiving the key of light from Loreen has been (?), and yes there are many of those sunshine stories.

Jette sees the bright New World beautifully created with love

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show that I took the fast train home including all life, bringing saved life to Africa/freedom, training in creating (after the Source has changed side), the double King’s of me to transfer the Source, my golf swing to remove darkness has received much more speed, bringing Cosmic Conscience as Martinus had to all, a visit by the life-style-expert, do not bring poor people poorer food than rich people – do not turn the world into class A, B and C, and Jette sees the bright New World beautifully created with love, something shall be seen.

FB 240213 Jette 0

FB 240213 Jette 1

FB 240213 Jette 2

FB 240213 Jette 3

FB 240213 Jette 4

FB 240213 Jette 5

FB 240213 Jette 6

FB 240213 Jette 7

FB 240213 Jette 8

FB 240213 Jette 8b

FB 240213 Jette 9

FB 240213 Jette 10

FB 240213 Jette 11

FB 240213 Jette 12

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I saw the name of Sussi la Cour, who is a previous Danish porn star and now “bright business woman”, on Facebook some days ago, and decided to become Facebook friends with her thinking one of my old thoughts, which is that there has to be porn stars, who are special friends of mine, and I was told that “You can easily repeat that”, and to my LTO friends in Kenya symbolising the poor world, who cannot afford to watch films/music on the Internet, thus also not this kind of “wrong entertainment”, you cannot imagine just how famous porn stars can become in the rich countries, which is almost on the same level as regular film actors, so we will see which “special friends” of mine ended up as porn stars because of darkness leading them. And here is a suggestion for me of someone I may know, which I do not, but you can see the picture of a doll, and this is what I was offered by the spirit of my mother strongly a few weeks ago, and yes to use the doll as I please as darkness and here in relation to a (previous) porn star, but no, NEVER!

FB 240213 Doll

  • Helena was out partying and was drunk when sharing this saying “milk” for some reason, and you do know that “milk” is darkness before it becomes creation of cheese or butter, and it means “sexual torments/destruction” unless the force of it is tamed, and she said that it was better to go to bed than to make a drunk call to him, who is so wise that he can spare his head, which sounds like Søren Pind, who is too wise to truly listen and understand other people, Søren (?), and she said that it is NOT alright to put grenade apples in shots (drinks), and yes again she was showing that she is led by darkness, which could have exploded as grenades.

FB 240213 Helena

  • I received these visits by a Swede yesterday evening and this morning, whom I first believed was Anton focusing on himself when searching on his name and apparently reading my latest scripts focusing on my stories of Anton (?), but the IP-address looked different to what I remember Anton’s is, and this visitor comes from Eskilstuna (which however can be wrong, because it is NOT always the right city being shown by my website counter) 110 kilometres from Stockholm, where Anton lives, so this might be family or a friend to Anton (?), and it made me sad again seeing a person not focusing on the big picture of my story.

GC 230213 Anton

GC 240213 Anton

  • Here is my communication with Anton today, and he says that he is reading my scripts, which I have not seen any other Swede doing today or yesterday, so it may be Anton reading from Eskilstuna (?) if this is the right cityr, and no he did not continue reading this afternoon as promised, which is behaviour I do NOT like no matter what your name is, and the name Prince Henrik comes to me here, so “difficult” for you too, Henry, and also to “hear” others than yourself?

FB 240213 Anton

FB 240213 Anton 2

FB 240213 Anton 3

FB 240213 Anton 4

FB 240213 Anton 5

  • Finally after I don’t know how long, Eligael decided himself to re-publish the full video 6 of the Jerusalem UFO, as it can also been seen from my YouTube channel and Jerusalem UFO webpage, and yes it was darkness of a SCEPTICAL world, who “could not” believe the UFO they saw with their own eyes CLEARLY in this video even though this was the truth also confirmed by Eligael’s Jerusalem UFO Facebook group and that is because of the Monk in the beginning of the video, which was “clearly” not to be trusted, thus being conscious deception, and yes you “could not” believe the truth served right in front of the eyes of you and the entire world, and yes feeling Mel Brooks here and we know a SILENT WORLD is what this is about when Israel and everyone else “could not” speak the truth about this event, and tell me again why this was?

FB 240213 Eligael

  • Anne Marie is both famous and shining/colourful, and speak about a “unique exhibition”, which you will have to see, because it is “formidable, tremendous, too beautiful”, and yes all of these positive F-words symbolising my happiness, and “see it before your social worker” (!), which is really about my performance, which the Commune has not seen yet.

FB 240213 Anne Marie

  • The Youth department of Liberal Alliance wants to liberalise the law to allow people to use guns to protect themselves, which is truly and utterly the most insane I have heard for a LONG time, and MANY people opposed this including Jais saying “eeeehh …. The Indians attack” and “they choose to go on the net instead of the toilet when letting out faeces”, and this is indeed what they did being so insane that they had a policy to make the rich even richer and the poor even poorer, and the most insane is that they truly believed that this was right to do, and yes I could have decided to attack you (as the Indian) MUCH harder than I did, and that would have been Joachim Olsen as the first of you, but I decided to prioritize differently.

FB 240213 LA Ungdom

  • Today was also the day where Swansea with Michael Laudrup as the coach was “allowed” to do the impossible, which was to with one of the English Cup Finals in football by defeating Bradford by 5 to 0, and yes the first trophy in the history of the 100 year old club, and of course this was about the duck turning into a beautiful swan after having defeated all darkness in football placing itself on top as this symbolises. Congratulations, Michael and Swansea, my inner self/God was on your side, and you won because I decided to win :-).

Sporten 240213 Swansea

  • Mads Fuglede is still only “half-living” as my Facebook “like” but Jimi has returned as my Facebook friend with his full picture and status.


25th February: Lack of faith burned the most inner of the Source, which also brought the invention of new space

I was told about my life/journey of pain – as example also my tour with GE Insurance with three from Sparbank Vest and with Klaus and Morten from GE Insurance to Portugal in 2001/02 – where I was on my way out of the company because of Klaus, Morten and Jørgen working actively against me and speaking about me behind my back, which made me feel like “hell” for a LONG time – and we have continued digging and receiving more golf balls of the Source during my life/journey, which this is about, and yes all the way through.

You got to help me get out of the debt trap, did anyone help me (?), and yes by setting the bar so high to me that you could not pass it and bring darkness to our New World.

We cannot walk inside there with socks on, which is why we had to do it without socks. In other words, we are inside the tree, the light self.

So we are bringing a lamp to each individual life to produce an eternity of life, and this will go on forever and ever in all directions.

At around 01.20 – and also later during the night – my Internet connection decided NOT to work or only to work slowly because of pressure coming at it probably from my mother still not liking my writings, and I was told that it is because we are turning around the power of ties (!) from the old system coming from “minus” and now coming from “plus” of the New World self.

Can I now, finally, get the can beer and women as I like as darkness said, but then I was shown that behind this, we are working concentrated deeply inside the Source.

It has worked without problems yet where we are not been sweethearts. I was shown my self looking into the windows of an empty building, and I was given the feeling of how this building can become MUCH bigger, and I was shown cardboard as new and much expanded lines of what “is”, and this is if we want to, and this is also a reason why we have changed form from spiritual to physical.

At 01.30 when checking Facebook, I felt how tiredness coming in over me with much dizziness and “pressure” to my head, and I would still like to stay up, do the work on Jette’s Google Earth pictures and continue staying up until 05.00 or even longer, will I be able to make it?

I was given a sound to my kitchen and told that you haven’t figured out yet how to get all liquorice out of me yet or is this just a game (?), and yes if there is closed to what used to be nothing, this has to be a game, and yes maybe you would like me to go into detail and approve this place to re-open, but no, I have NO knowledge of this, so my mother controls this to make everything PERFECT.

At 01.55 I was told, eeehh, Stig, can we knock on and tell you that we have finished (?), and this is darkness working having closed the hole as I understand, and I was shown myself sitting down with both hands under my hook saying “what will I do now”, and yes Stig is still working, so if you can find more to do to make everything “perfect”, please do.

No, you don’t need a doctor, the thought of my mother because everyone can clearly see this, and my sister don’t recommend one anymore as I understand it.

You could also have received your fingers into the “cut-machine” of the hair dresser, and yes as part of the game, but no.

At 02.25 I was told with a smile from my kitchen that my mother has now come to get me too, and no you don’t have to ask me if this is alright and yes to open the hole again, and no I will NOT get involved in these details, this is what my mother controls, and you can easily fool me, but no, apparently not as disappointed darkness now says, and yes I cannot write really now, this is how broken down I am, but I will continue for as long as I can.

At 02.45 when I was still working (with Jette’s Google Earth pictures), I was told that we used the risk of losing your mother again to bring as much energy/work as possible and yes to bring everything out of you, and I was told that this was a game where my mother’s life was really not at risk, and yes who knows?

At 02.55 I was told and shown that we can almost not stop smiling, which is coming from way inside the Source.

Irony is that the “official” Old World, which did not want to be “saved” and the New World replacing the old, were the ones reading and understanding my scripts, and with a growing faith in me, I gradually changed you around from minus to plus thus creating what you did not want to receive, and yes I did it myself too not wanting it, but only because this was the only right and responsible choice I had.

Here you have for a Jumbo Jet, how much is it (?), and yes this is how it was when bringing tools creating darkness to the Old World, but not now.

I was told with a very low voice, surely you will not be angry if she, my mother, disappears, and I felt that it is going through this darkness to enter the centre of it where we will become “weightless”.

And all of this for showing ONE TOOTH only to the world, which I understand is what included the Source.

We can see now that there is a direct line from the Whisky Belt in Scotland and that is back home to me, and yes I am living in the so called “Whisky Belt” of North Zealand, Denmark, because this is the “fine” area, thus the strongest darkness here.

And we have also collected “Kölner wasser” going through this journey because of the visit I did with Camilla once staying the night in Köln, and this is what we can now see, and that is how all of these threads interact and mix, and what really brought you here, and also what did not.

My left arm continued pounding strongly inside of it during night, and it is as if it is about to stop, and that is the old life of the Source, which has now changed into the new life.

This is to avoid it continuing to be 45 degrees Celcius tomorrow, and instead to let Leonard Bernstein play something beautiful, and this something beautiful became Beethoven’s 4th movement of his 9th Symphony including the incredible beautiful choral parts “Ode to Joy”, which this is about – as always half of they joy is to look at the expression and passion of Leonard Bernstein – and yes I wish I had more time and energy to concentrate and go deeply into classical music, which I have not these years, and my feeling is that I play too little of this compared to how much I really love it.

Finally at 03.25 I had also written and published the chapter of Jette’s Google Earth pictures included in my script of yesterday, and no, NOT EASY to do feeling as I do.

I was given more sounds to my kitchen/oven and told that this means that we are not going to break in there (anymore), which is what the New World had to do, and yes the kick inside, but this is what we have now done, and finished, I believe.

I received INCREDIBLE dirty language coming from darkness of the Source, and thought that it gets worse, the deeper you get, and in reality this is the opposite when all of this is turned around, and I continued receiving out of this world pain to my right ankle.

I was shown The Hunchback of Notre Dame and was given the feeling of Denis, Karen’s husband, and I was told that Denis is another part of my father (!), which however does NOT fit with the information of him being Nostradamus, but maybe both can be?

I was told that we continue going deeper inside, and there is a two way motorway inside of there, which we are now making into one way (I am ONE and not a double).

I was told that it is good that I did not read about Templars, which I could have 5-10 years ago (some of the popular novels of the time), but never came around to, and as I understand it because there is information, which is not correct of these.

At 04.30 I was shown myself being kicked out from a Yoga course – is this darkness of the Source kicking me out (?) – and I was told that your voice is dark and God self.

Around this time I tried to get some sleep on the sofa and I cannot read the notes, but it is about bombs exploding and waking up at 07.15 receiving cough of deep darkness and being UTTERLY DESTROYED and I was given a sound from the TV and told that if I don’t continue the last part of the Source will burn over in two parts, and despite of the threat, I could NOT continue from here, I had to get some sleep, and this is about giving my maximum load/pressure/suffering to bring out everything of me, and I was told that there is also a registered partnership, which he is/was part of, and yes between father and son (?), and yes this is what this darkness is also about.

I had a short dream about my dog Don desperately having to get out of the house to relieve itself, but Sanna will not open the door, and instead I open the door from the kitchen, and I see someone cleaning the front garden, and this is about the most inner darkness of the Source, which we cannot get out.

I do not remember the details, but I do remember the absolutely STRONGEST attack ever of darkness SO STRONGLY forcing me to accept destruction, and I was surprised myself that I could resist this, which I did because I will NOT accept destruction unless there is absolutely nothing else to do.

I was woken up at 11.10 still being destroyed and not being able to work, and after checking Facebook, I took a long bath where I slept half of the time making it possible to write this script of today later in the afternoon despite of not feeling well.

I was told that we don’t have astronomical warmth anymore, and you have just with the outermost avoided to kill the most inner of all.

I was told that it is about getting up before the Devil takes on his shoes, which is why I receive only little sleep. There is no new air attack coming.

I was shown that we are still sailing deeper in crossing bridges, and our goal is to reach Nyhavn of Copenhagen.

At the bath I was told that they will not only score against you in the film if you don’t pull yourself together and cross that bridge (i.e. start working).

I was told “faith no more” and shown a bucket including dirty water at the bottom of it, so we cannot get the last out of the Source because of lack of faith in me? We are so close, and still so far away from it.

I was told that Michael Sadler from SAGA is one of these bridges, and he suffers from “Amnesia”, thus dancing with the shadows.

I need a few sets before I can score, Stig.

We have now changed aeroplanes a few times, what do we do now, Stig (?) – continue working with my SLOW speed today.

I was told that I risk coming over – from balcony to me – as “unspecified”, which is about the risk of not being able to save the most inner as it is, but to be re-assembled at our New World.

There isn’t an English music band, which they have never written about as they do now, and yes welcome to the Electric Light Orchestra, the English music press.

I was given the song “Serenade” by Ultravox from one of my two favourite albums with them.

Do you want us to take the light bulb from top of the lighthouse and put into the fire (?), and you can do what you want to as long as you make everything perfect (!), and yes this should not be able to burn too.

No, I was not about to fall down into a glass, I had fallen, and what is in that glass (?), and yes you see “nothing”, so this is what we are still approaching but being “everything”.

Soon some difficult choices will come about what to leave behind, and yes I don’t care, I will leave nothing behind, and keep on until everything is perfect.

Later I was told that this is still a game on the surface and we are still going deeper in.

No, we have not yet started digging in the transmission cable itself, and what will happen when we open this and find nothing (?), and eeehhh how are we going to implement this with our New World (?), and these are the kind of considerations my mother is having when doing this work.

And I still receive the feeling of incredible heavy darkness rumbling around the back side of my right lower leg as an electrical pulse – from time to time – which is very uncomfortable.

I received the feeling that it is about time for us to stand forward telling you what we got hold off inside of the Source thus also what we did not, and we know Stig, you will accept nothing less than 100% perfect, and that is if we can of course.

I received a LOW voice of my father inside the Source and was told “I am not all dead yet” but the feeling was “almost”. And also that this is going to make my heart bleed, thus the world, before we can re-assemble this part if I understand correctly, and let us hope that it will be “nothing much” if we cannot avoid it.

Do we have so much room now to our availability (?), and I understood that we will use “new room” as part of the mission to save the inside of the Source, and can we make this “burn” in a room, which is not yet the New World, thus saving the New World from burning (?), and this is what I understand, and if you can, I can only say that “that’s very smart” and yes peeling the orange you know, which my mother also spoke about yesterday when she was pregnant with me when she ate MANY oranges, and yes so many that they had to peel off the skin of me when I was born as I told them with a smile.

If we did not do it this way, we would receive the duvet turned around the opposite way.

I was shown Helena and told that because I have not accepted my “old nightmare”, we are not allowed to burn for very long (?), and yes I know “do what it takes to make everything perfect” is what this will have to be about.

We have now changed Spaceship and will enter the new space, and I can only hope for the best and thank everyone involved in this action, and it makes me feel poorly that this will cost life (?), but I understand only temporarily.

I had a little fear of physical pain coming to me and my mother, thus the world, because of this, but I was told that it will become without pain because of a new invention.

You are welcome”, but no, I will now walk the other way, and later I was shown the Source receiving a gas shower – as the Jews did by the Nazis – and also how the Source was peeled by a grater, and this is how we will continue until we can get this in and yes turned around via an out of this world pain to my right ankle, which apparently is still how it works.

I continued receiving negative voices, which I did not go into, but I could feel that it was much about being gleeful over what happened, and I am still so utterly destroyed and feel so poorly that I could cry, and that is constantly.

I was told that this does not correspond to a funeral but opening of a new area, and this is meant to hurt, and this is because we are using the most inner of me as a “glue factory” to expand space, which I have always dreamt about.

It is like being told that the cork of a bathtub will be removed and you refuse to let the water run out, which is what you did today by NOT accepting the STRONGEST force to destruct you, and then we use this knowledge to expand space – and I was told that deep inside we are very proud of you, and yes nice to know when my own family, friends etc. cannot.

This is the duvet coming to you a whole new way. It isn’t like this that we pass darkness to get to Klondike, is it (?), and yes it is, via a new space, have you heard anything like it?

I was given sticking pain of darkness to my right big toe, and was told that this is now darkness inside of this even smaller unit.

We have transformed the pole into this new space, and I was told that this is also a revolutionary new invention.

I was so DEEPLY tired again at 21.00 that it defies any description, but I fought myself out of it and decided to publish my script, which I did at 21.50.

Then we are soon ready to turn around everything showing ourselves to you, i.e. the final result of my new self and New World.

This is the white thread you have been warned against for some time, Stig, and I felt it as tooth thread, which is about making “perfect teeth”, which is where the Source came from.

And then it is probably soap washing time again, “but no”?

And suddenly a man will come with roses at my door, and yes the man I truly am brought to me by my mother, and I see roses but also a huge dark man.

Yes, my mother, thus the world, would just (feel like) die there by a “pressure 16”, but not this way.

So we had to go through that way, the VERY hot swimming hall because it was the only way, which he had not covered, and this is why you were given much suffering during the night/morning, and that is for darkness trying to break through and out, but no, you would not allow it, so this is now becoming NEW SPACE of the Source inside our New World.

So now you will soon see our spaceship, and I felt “the first inhibitors of this space”. It feels like flying home during the night.

Have we been to an excellent and expensive dinner this evening (?), and I feel Berlusconi and think of “much darkness” coming my way, i.e. creating “fine life”.

We have no Honda parked outside anymore, we are all inside, yes this is how it feels now. Bievenue, welcome.

So we took this detour before returning home to you, and that is still because we can and because the world allows it. So this is why no aeroplanes are delayed (arriving later).

What about the lock to that place (?), well, it still has water on it and yes Stig this is how me made it possible for you not to drown and also not your mother, but to open to a new breathtaking room, which first has to dry.

We choose to take the heaviest part of the piano in first, but no one knows this, and yes to divide to all life.

So this is what we mean by a forest fire, which gives us the opportunity to redo everything from the beginning so this is what we did, and yes nothing could kill me.

I was shown the absolutely top of the rocket where a dark cloth is converted to a new room now on the top of the house, which is turning into a ship, and I am told that this also needs time to dry thus meaning that I will have to stay up, and here at 23.40 I really cannot stay up being more than a zombie, but maybe a couple of hours, and still I receive out of this world pain to my right ankle, which is maybe 1/5 to 1/10 in strength compared to the first, but still they are “disgusting”.

Do you think we can embrace this room in the forest too, Stig (?), and yes I am sure we can, so this is about my sufferings bringing new creation.

And it is of course needless to say that this is impossible to do without the faith of your mother and father.

There is only one problem and that is how to lock them in (coming from right) when we still have our anchor at the left (at my kitchen).

I was told that we have now opened the refrigerator (all life) for as far as we can look in.

We put the most careful stick through to the Source as we could, and all of this is what is coming out of it (?), and yes an eternity.

Yes all of this happened when I threw a little bit of water on it and “wished”.

I received U2’s “north and south of the river”, which is a less known song by U2, but very beautiful in my mind.

I am actually myself surprised to see that I can still produce scripts these days, which is not at all very easy to do.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • For some kind of reason, Jeppe spoke of setting an example and “is still awake you odd gold figure”, and the gold is what is coming out of me here.

FB 240213 Jeppe

  • Helena spoke about difficulties getting a parking place, which to me symbolically is about difficulties to “get life”, and Fam Madsen said that “I only know one politician thinking long-termed, which was Jens Otto Krag (a previous Prime Minister of Denmark) because he knew very well what he had voted us into (the EU), so he slipped because the privy started burning”, and this is really a symbol of the difficulties for us to enter the deepest Source and to make parking places out of everything before it will start to burn.

FB 250213 Helena

  • Jette brought the “theory” of “Trickle-down economics” to me with people believing that when you give more to the rich and less to the poor, the rich is motivated to invest to help all of the community and the poor to get out of poverty and get a job (eeehhhh, if there is a job to get????), which is what we are seeing with all non-socialist parties falling into this trap (also now in Denmark where benefits for “the poor” are reduced instead of sharing what is and for EVERYONE to do their best work, which I am VERY annoyed by), but the last line says that the “trickle-down” to all of the community will first happen with the arrival of Messiah, and yes bringing Normal Life to everyone and a just New World Order, which the “crazy” world could not do by itself even though everyone should be able to see that this is the only right thing to do?

FB 250213 Jette Stig

  • Helena said that she was a “lucky potato” being invited for “mother-food” at the liver-doctor this evening, and “lucky potatoes” is what we are here, and what was it again that potatoes mean (?), and yes “down to Earth” and something more of frequencies.

FB 250213 Helena2

  • I was told that it was the wild lion of Anton we let loose when I met him, which I understand was because of his need to improve in terms of being strong, “down to Earth” being himself, control his temper/experiences and doing what is “right” and not “wrong” including STRUCTURE and to walk the talk, and a symbol was given yesterday when two Danish snowboarder’s survived a crash of 130 metres at St. Anton in Austria, so even though he shows a kind attitude, I wonder if he “likes” being part of my scripts and do not tell me what he really thinks of (?), and I was told that my mother could only stand watching from the bridge while I was feeding this wild cat and taming it, and yes Anton was the key to do this work pricking a hole to the Source and transfer the Source to our New World, and I had to do my best in order to do this, and I am told that this is also why Barcelona lost the match against Milan the other day.

BT 250213 St Anton

  • The other day I was inspired to send out LinkedIn connections to connect with previous colleagues and business relations, and as you can see, it is still not everyone, who “can” accept me, and some simply decide to ignore me including Frida from GE Insurance in Stockholm (negatively influenced by Anna Karin maybe?), Gitte from Fair Insurance, Kim W. from GE Capital Bank, Martin from Dahlberg (who was becoming my friend before he became “too scared”), and others too, which is STILL making me very sad, and did they still bring me darkness at a critical moment, which I understand that they were.

LI new connections

LI new connections 2

LI new connections 3



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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  1. jette says:

    nice story – thanks again – please bring a hug for your mom.. ❤

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