February 27, 2013: This is the dawning of the age the Age of Aquarius pouring from the Source to bring endless love to all


Summary of the script today

26th February: This is the dawning of the age the Age of Aquarius pouring water from the Source to bring endless love to all life

  • I received the key to the new space created by the most inner of the Source, and felt the very gentle feeling of the most inner light of everything of the Source, where we are watching the awakening of the greatest force ever, and I wonder if there is now more darkness to handle (?), and I was told that from here, we “only” have a “bumpy” road home without explosions and heaven falling down, as I understand it.
  • I took on the stream of the Source and removed all hair (building stones of darkness) of it to transfer it to our New World, and when the Source is now inside the New World, “hair” has the opposite meaning to bring eternal “hair” or water of love of the Source to all life, and with a reference to the famous Hair musical, this is the dawning of the age the Age of Aquarius pouring water from the Source to bring love and harmony of life to all life. I am the goldsmith of our New World, and wait for my mother as the only one to bring the gold out of me, which is 100% of all life, which is saved.
  • I ask the media to show GOOD BEHAVIOUR sending me emails – or calling me – to tell about what kind of information you have collected on me without informing me and also what you plan to write about me, and to do it before you publish your stories, do you think you are “ABLE”, i.e. “æble” (almost), to do this?
  • Dreaming of moving into the home of joy and happiness inside an aquarium of a house with beautiful fish (symbolising my new self) protecting me, and about taming lions of Anton, my mother bringing me little sleep, which is also necessary to remove the act of the Commune wanting to “kill me” with doctor’s and “medicine” to “treat” me from what they still believe is a “mental disease”.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show that I am gliding from my mother’s arms, the sword of my scripts remove darkness, termination of life, darkness being cleaned, everyone will survive because “we are worth it”, I am being taken care of as the King, more darkness about to become light, gathering of souls with a fine HAIR-CUT, and we will never get too much Heaven.
  • Short stories of the Danish Government led by “Queen Margrethe” doing “an opposite Robin Hood” letting out a lot of faeces and showing themselves as the WORST dictators/tormentors, which is a redo (!), “Jump they say” into the Aquarius of our New World, a new wolf in Denmark is darkness brought by God, a balloon crash in Egypt is the symbol of darkness burning yesterday, “old irreplaceable wine” was stolen also symbolising the burning of the Source, a cat of light defeated a crocodile of darkness “just like that”, telling media and politicians to STOP playing “silent movie” in relation to me, I don’t hope that darkness of Berlusconi will return to power in Italy.

27th February: I am on top of the world of light dying as my old self before I will wake up as my new self

  • Darkness tried to make me believe that the last darkness of the inner core of the Source will be born as darkness of our New World for man to defeat, but no, it will be absorbed by me, and if I cannot, it will be absorbed by our New World, and with this knowledge, I was allowed to sleep more than two hours, which made the New World suffer much because of strong darkness, which it had to make sure did not spread, but even if I gave up now, the New World is strong enough to make everything come through.
  • The old radio of me is breaking down meaning that this is what my old self is; breaking down, while I still enter the very core of the Source, which is where “guitars of creation” are born. I understand that the core of the Source is now no longer as it was after the burn, which may be restructured in our New World, which I am not sure about.
  • Dreaming of working for the worst darkness of the Danish Liberal Party and not to accept my “old nightmare”.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show souls rising from the Victoria Lake, MANY smiles just beneath darkness, energy is used to lift us up, everyone says hi, gathering of souls over Australia, changing bus driver (sexual behaviour of the world), darkness tries to hide, the attack of remaining darkness, and my extreme sufferings, which inevitable will kill my old self and awake my new self.
  • Short stories of Elijah opening up after 9 months of silence because the world is opening up to me, silence of Danish comedians being the darkness making the balloon over Luxor crash, inviting the director of Helsingør Commune to become Facebook friends, receiving nice feedback by some of Anton’s Facebook friends, I am still playing the game of “full house” with Anton, Dan shares love and water from the Source, I am at the top of the city of light about to replace my old radio with the new, Soulaima encourages managements to speak out the truth directly, but ….., I was shown the road to the dawn of the age of Aquarius, when you “cannot” read and understand, you will not believe that darkness is now disappearing, the end of the kiss of death, an unlucky potato, the King game of patience is not solved entirely, Lene Espersen likes FISH, Super Mario saved the princess and now becomes the King at horse, when reaching the crown of creation, the phone goes cold, and Annette Vilhelmsen is following the series of me as a “walking dead”.


26th February: This is the dawning of the age the Age of Aquarius pouring water from the Source to bring endless love to all life

I was shown myself entering a small dark shed where spaghetti is served and when adding soup, it becomes (still dark) streets of new space instead of explosion.

This is what Borrusia Mönchen Gladbach is about, my old German favourite football team of the 1970’s, and that is “no more hair”, i.e. darkness, which is the meaning of a “Glat back” (“smooth back”) as I have been told about for MANY months without knowing what it meant before recently and without writing it.

The spirit of my mother told me that she did not dare to hope in her wildest dreams that we could expand the aeroplane with this – instead of exploding, and I was given a sound to the window-frame of my balcony and the smell of powder. And all of this comes from what was attached to my right ankle being turned around.

I felt outer people of other civilizations now returning with one valuable treasure, which is more gold and the key for it, which they bring to me, and I saw from top looking down this gold (new space) entering the ground of me, thank you :-).

Was this then the last or are there more layers inside this darkness of the Source after transfer (?), and I received the smell of very delicious, newly baked Danish Pastry because of this new creation of “space”, and I was also given the taste of syrup water, which is a symbol of darkness, and this is the aftertaste of building stones of darkness used to create this new space.

I was shown the inside of the old supermarket of Favør (now SuperBest) at the Espergærde Shopping Centre, which is where my old school friend Allan’s mother used to work, and I could almost hear his mother speaking through Allan, and I was given the taste of wine including the taste of cherries of it, which is about Burgundy wine to me, and also to say that for some time, I have been given tastes of details of what is included in food as I am spiritually given the taste of.

I was given the very light feeling of the light of the Source where everything comes from, and I was told that this is where I will turn into Jesus, and yes impossible to reach it is, and now it is me walking the road there and not my mother.

At 01.00 I had a new “absolutely worst tired crisis”, and I was told that if you can make it until 06.00, we will be more secure, and here I am given the taste of beer, i.e. terminations, and you will have to imagine that this was truly not possible to give because of just how incredible DEEPLY tired I was way beyond my limit of dying.

I was told that we are watching the awakening of the greatest force ever inside nothing.

Half-sleeping on the sofa, or maybe more than that, I was shown that I am in India living for one week with my mother in a VERY old fashioned and boring area. I am surprised to see one big lion with two kids as pets, and I fear that they may be violent, but they are not. My mother and I sleep at the same sofa lying with our head in each end and sharing two blankets, which my mother pulls away from me because she is freezing, which makes me stand up in the middle of the night, and I see how the actor Mads Mikkelsen as a sick doctor is very close to killing a man, and I remove him to remove the danger, and this is obviously about taming the wild lion of Anton, my mother thinking of herself herewith removing my sleep, which is also necessary to do in order to remove the danger of doctors wanting to kill me with medicine, so according to the dream, it is “good enough” and I may have “the worst scenario” to look forward to when Lisbeth from the Commune pulls herself together and orders me to come to a meeting.

So I kept going through the absolutely worst tired crisis, and at 02.00 to 02.30 I was absolute sure that I could not handle it, and tried to get some sleep again, but I was shown the lion bar cracking and a ship turning over because it would not be strong enough, and I was also shown darkness withdrawing to the fireplace of a large room on its way to disappear completely, and I was TRULY given a very great pressure not to fall asleep, so even though it was “absolutely impossible” I decided to get away from the sofa, where I could not stay awake, and back to the computer thinking that 3½ hours will go pretty quick there. I was also shown the squaring of a circle, and was told that it is the same way in for this new space as for everything else.

He is not the manager of a spy ring, is he” (?), and I do believe that this is about Berlusconi?

I continued receiving pounding to my left upper arm during the night.

We are not just a giant spaceship now, Stig, we were needed to make this happen, so it is us, who are grateful for taking part in this as outer people of other civilizations said.

I kept on hearing “will they ordinate a doctor for me” (?), and yes if this is about the Commune, COME ON AND SHOW ME THE BEST YOU GOT, you stand no chance to win at all! And later “he hears voices”, this is enough for them (!), and yes come on and get me if you dare, and this might be the message, which Lisbeth from the Commune has for me, i.e. to received “treatment” and “medicine” (?), and NO (!), my answer is no even if they should decide to remove my cash help, and yes I don’t care, we have been there before!

Is it as stable as your blood sugar (?) no they did not understand this, but apparently I need “mental treatment” with doctors and drugs as a condition to receive cash help (?), and that is even though you believe I am disabled to work despite of having shown you the opposite? And I am wondering if this is how darkness is coming through to me now, because surely everyone has given up on “treating” me or haven’t they (?) and still feeling my father here.

It is not like having a big dark sack with everything we have not saved yet, no there is nothing it is more “not labelled” if you catch my drift, so this is what we will continue doing, and yes fine by me, I have encoded “four more months” into my mind if necessary, but that is “impossible”, right? But still I will show you coming up from a cover of darkness of the ground.

I was shown the hand of a skeleton setting down a new chicken, and was told that this is also NOT how it is, but how I show it to you.

Watch out that all of those chants (of Buddhists) will not fall down on you and crush you (!), and this is because this is darkness to me, you do NOT have to repeat the same message hundreds or even thousands of times for hours or even longer, which is TORTURE and brainwash to me.

So I am still bringing “nothing” to you, but still this is where “everything” is coming from, and this is now inside our New World.

And then we will be baptised …, but you say that we already are (?), and at least my mother did this a long time ago, but if this is not enough with “more of me” having arrived, please do what is right to do.

So we will not make all aeroplanes (?) – I don’t care, we have to bring all, it has to be perfect, this is why we are still working.

No, I was not allowed to explode any airport. This is why there is full power on all colours already from the beginning.

I was shown something heavy falling down upon my TV symbolising our New World and I was told that we thought this is what we had to do first, to let the piano of the Source fall down upon the New World, but this is NOT how it was meant to be when we could avoid it.

So now we don’t have to talk about ever again of having enough room.

So now you have kicked all of the ship yard out into the Rabat (also meaning “side” of the road in Danish).

What do we do with all of these duvet covers (?), you just put them over the duvets, and then you are done, then you have created your New World like the most beautiful marina in the world, which to me of course is in St. Tropez.

So we are not going out anyway to do big liquorices?

At the most, we have a small bumpy plane left from the balcony you know, no there is no four pound roast inside this, and yes it is only I, “my first, my last my everything”, which comes here because Sanna told me that she loves Barry White, and who doesn’t? And yes we were listening to my old “soft CD’s”, which I made approx. 60 of some years ago giving to my mother, Sanna and when I left for Kenya in 2009, I gave all of mine to Karen, and I wonder if Karen has listened to my music these years herewith also constantly thinking of me?

These days we have been working on the very extreme edge of me losing my temper starting to become negative, this is how strong the pain has been, and that is because of how hard I have been pushed and how extremely poor I have been feeling.

When we are all finished, nothing of space looks like itself, it is the whole Universe we are working on.

Finally, I had “killed time” in front of my computer until 06.10 where I went to sleep, which I did until 13.15 with this dream.

  • I have moved to a new home in Sweden, and I live under water with the most beautiful fish, who are my friends and they also protect me against predator fish/animals, and even though it is under water, it feels almost as a normal atmosphere of air. I have been busy now finished the setup of my furniture, and all of my family are now visiting me, I have a very advanced system being able to play audio and video of music separately or together and in many different versions, and I remind myself that I felt my sofa table outside in the rain, and when I bring it in, the floor becomes wet earth.
    • Sweden is still joy and happiness – no, Tore from LWF is not yet on my side – and this may be the new space we have created where fish is my inner self protecting me from darkness, and the advanced system is about being able to create all kind of life for all kind of worlds. And I only have one more piece of furniture outside in the rain of sufferings, which I bring in with the help of my family, which will take more sufferings to do.
    • I woke up to “Love sea” by Alphabeat, which is a new talented Danish pop band playing DANCE music (i.e. “celebration”), and the lyrics “Come on closer, uh uh uuuh, Come on close to me, jump up on me, Jump in the sea, jump up in, Jump with me, jump up in, The love sea will be”, so this is what we are doing, taking the “JUMP” to love of our New World with the love fish of the sea of my new self you know.

I was told that we feel like giving you the lion head and show ourselves – the actors – but first there is more work to do, and I am here giving a new out of this world pain to my right ankle and told that this is because of your mother.

I was told that my mother now has coloured hair, and it was only in connection with the transfer that we had to remove the hair of darkness, and that is because on the other side, “darkness” is now love, so now WE LOVE HAIR and of course “Aquarius”, which is “The Water-carrier or Water-bearer, said to represent a man pouring water from a jar“, and “water” is life pouring out from the Source and I am the one pouring it, and as they sing in this beautiful song, this is what you will all experience :-):

This is the dawning of the age of aquarius, the age of aquarius, aquarius, aquarius, harmony and understanding, sympathy and trust abounding, no more falsehoods or derisions, golden living dreams of visions, mystic crystals revelations, and the minds true liberation”.

Later I thought about the “no hair” thing being about bringing the stream of water into me and stop the flow to the world to stop this from becoming darkness to the world, and yes in order to bring the Source self inside of our New World and me, and when the Source is now here, it is fine again to start growing hair and to pour out THE CLEANEST WATER to the world, “but not yet, this is what I am going to help you set up”, isn’t this how it is (?), and this is what I have understood, so it might be, but I do believe that we are about being ready also with the Hair-musical of today.

There is almost nothing more of the substance, which was used to create Snekkersten, i.e. darkness.

He fought brave on the bridge too against you, but yes fell too, who are left (?), anyone who wants and dares to fight?

How many layer cakes had we hidden down in that dark drawer, which are now all on my side too?

No, they cannot continue accusing me, because the game is designed for everyone to understand/open up their eyes in the end, and I here feel the city Mijas in Spain, which I have been fighting against, and yes the last darkness collected there and brought down from there.

In Slavic countries, you are almost like a Saint today.

So my mother just have to collect some clothes – watch out, Stig – and yes I see darkness packing together clothes, and as long as you bring it to light of our New World, it is fine, and yes NOT to remove/destroy anything valuable inside of here, and I feel a baby crying but much darkness symbolises by a black panther.

Isn’t it funny that those – of family, friends etc. – who were throwing up against me in the beginning and could not tell (but speak negatively about me behind my back) can also not tell now when they are starting to understand?

It is like losing 1 to 20 to Ipswich here at the end before turning everything around telling you that you are all belonging to me, and GOOD.

So now Stig can call him a goldsmith – not a blacksmith as darkness wants to call me, and I receive some rumble to the back side of my left right leg but it is not as strong anymore – too.

Now we have to get you out in the light, who, me (?), and I feel Michael Sadler and yes “out of the shadows” you know.

They don’t throw themselves all in to catch the plane, but “some” of your Facebook friends are.

Now I don’t have as much homework for you meaning that it will not get as “crazy” here as the last week has been, we will see.

Today, I watched the new, second single from David Bowie’s upcoming album – “The stars are out tonight” – and did anyone say David Bowie returns IN GREAT FORM (?), and this is the material that MAGIC/LEGENDS are made of reminding me of his best moments from his Heathen and Reality albums from 2002/03, and besides from this, I was spiritually shown Jesus as my new self coming out of the picture on the wall after 03:18 in the video, and yes, you do know that David Bowie is another part of my father (also waiting to wake up), right (?), and I can only repeat “hu-hu-hu-hu, the stars are out tonight” :-).

When I shaved myself, I was first given the feeling of David from Kenya and then I cut myself making it bleed, and I was told that it was essential for David to go against me cheating me and the team from money without wanting to face the music, and it was required for me to handle this darkness in order to get in behind where we are today, and that is really inside the skeleton of the wolf.

I was told that we received the most out of Tanwir “just looking” at my Facebook posts before he left me as a Facebook friend, when he “could not” realize via my simple examples (given by the Iraqi hairdresser) that Muhammad was a prophet of the Devil, and I was told that he is symbolising what Muslim countries also “could not”, and ye BRAINWASHED, better-knowing ignorance and completely deaf.

It is a gift that this inner light of the Source has kept on being lid.

I was told that it is not impossible that I will make them, i.e. the Commune, change their mind in the last minute before meeting you.

Yes, it dries on record time (our new space).

Late in the afternoon I cycled to town and then the swimming hall to exercise, and I hoped that I would be able to do 30 minutes today but after 27,45 minutes I received so much darkness that I had to stop (after 510 calories on the right cross trainer), and this was after I was given the feeling of the editor-in-chief of Berlingske, Lisbeth Knudsen, and my former colleague Jesper H. from Acta, who afterwards worked for Berlingske, and I have received the feeling of Jesper the last couple of days, and here I was told that it is because Lisbeth decided to take a talk with Jesper about me “to learn about how Stig is”, Lisbeth (?), and I have been told about how the media have been hunting high and low for information on me from all of my life, and yes was it a a-ha experience to learn about me, Lisbeth (?), but you “COULD NOT” call or email me to ask me the questions you asked others and to receive the information you would like to receive (?), or at least to tell me about your plans to find information on me (?), and how would you feel if someone used all of his strength to find information on you without saying anything (?), and that is even though it is for the good, and yes just saying to the media to the world that you have ALSO here showed POOR BEHAVIOUR by NOT informing me about what you have done, and yes also to tell me about your articles/writings about me, and yes I do believe this is the least you can do, don’t you agree (?), and yes I am looking forward to hearing from every single media and journalist having working on my story and for you to tell me why you “could not” call/email me to interview or inform me (?), and I am sure that you will do this BEFORE publishing your first story of me, right (?), and yes I kindly ask you to call me or even better to send me your emails to stig.dragholm@gmail.com saying what you have done and presenting what you are planning to write (?), and that is of course if you want to show GOOD BEHAVIOUR (?), and is there any of you media out there, who wants to show the world that you AGREE and are also able to think yourself following me?

When exercising, I was asked if we can use this energy for darkness, and I said that if it is to remove negative energy of it and if this is fine by light, it is fine by me, and I was shown how light was PUMPED into Bo from Dahlberg as the strongest darkness you can imagine – TRULY BEING DEAF and showing BETTER-KNOWING IGNORANCE among the strongest of all – and I saw him lifting up as a balloon.

I was told that my spiritual friends were doing a double strangulation of me – my double self – and that it would have required the opening of Christoffer in relation to me to avoid, but since all family has shown no faith/support in me, their resistance was given to Christoffer, and this was the force I met yesterday morning MUCH STRONGER than ever “forcing” me to destruct, but no, NEVER (!), so this is how I had to “eat” everyone.

I was shown my now previous double self rolling inside a big ball where darkness fought me actually like a kangaroo hitting me herewith with a reference to Australia symbolising our New World, which is what this darkness wanted to “help” us reach.

I called my mother and she had stomach pain again yesterday, but is fine today, and yes the other day I heard her being nervous about this being her lung again – didn’t she tell Sanna, I believe this is how it is – but to me today she said that it was probably only “stomach flu”, and yes I could have told her that it is not everyday that God decides to move into the New World, which her inner self has made using the building stones I gave her, and it is perfectly normal to receive a little stomach pain because of this (!), and yes for some reason I don’t believe that she would believe me if I told her (!), and can anyone understand this (?), and yes yes yes I was told this morning that the stomach pain she received was not that much after all, and by the way, neither my mother nor anyone else asks about how my heart is – I still receive small heart attacks – or my general condition, and yes this is my destiny, but of course I am fine am I not?

I was reminded of when I collected the saviour boat of Falck in 2011, and was told that the ship had gone under, and this was really the start to save everything, and this was the starting point of the light “next to nothing” and see what we have today.

I did some shopping with the last money of the month, and was home after 20.00 and after preparing dinner/checking Facebook and having dinner, I started writing the last part of today at 21.30 thinking that it will probably take approx. 3-4 hours to finish, and no, I was NOT motivated at all, and I received darkness wanting me to give up, and also wanted me to “feel better” and more important than others, and I wonder why I receive this feeling (?), and yes now that I wonder, it can only come from Anton as “the new element”, and it is not always nice for me to correct you in your public Facebook comments, Anton (?), and I wonder why you say you will read me and you don’t do, thus keeping you in ignorance and darkness informing you, thus bringing some information, which is wrong or not understood yet, and yes, there you see some darkness from this man, and if he tells me (?), and no, of course not!

I was told that if I had given in, I would have been given visions of rhino’s running into me and asked if I wanted to leave/get out, which would be difficult to avoid despite of it being WRONG, and also that a tooth of mine would break, and I have felt for weeks that my plastic implant to the 2/3 tooth I lost in 2006 has “wanted out” as a symbol hereof.

I continue receiving rumbling marks to the back side of my right lower leg, but it is now without the feeling of darkness and “potential GREAT pain”, and more like the constant pondering noises I have been given in periods for years, mostly from 2004-06, to my right ear, which is about “spiritual development”.

I was shown my mother at an office and told that there is only one being allowed to enter and get the gold of me out, and that is my mother, and yes at the very end, and I felt her at the office of Berkel, and this is to bring out everything collected on the side of the weight called “survival”, and yes you have told us that when this is 100,00% of everything, it is fine to do, and NOT before.

This is ENDLESS LOVE coming to us all ♥♥♥.

Google Earth shows that I am being taken care of as the King and the sword of my scripts remove darkness

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show that I am gliding from my mother’s arms, the sword of my scripts remove darkness, termination of life, darkness being cleaned, everyone will survive because “we are worth it”, I am being taken care of as the King, more darkness about to become light, gathering of souls with a fine HAIR-CUT, and we will never get too much Heaven.

FB 260213 Jette 1

FB 260213 Jette 2

FB 260213 Jette 3

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FB 260213 Jette 5

FB 260213 Jette 6

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FB 260213 Jette 9

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Today was the day when the Danish Government decided to do “an opposite Robin Hood” by stealing from the poor and giving to the rich “hoping” that this is a “growth-package”, which will create 150,000 new jobs, and yes this is what the “bright heads” of the Government and Civil Servants assisted by the Danish business life have “come up with”, and yes reducing benefits for students and unemployed, and reduce taxes for the Danish businesses (!), and yes this is really what they are doing, the so called “smart people”, and this is what all politicians, media and businesses speak about today with MANY praising that this is “really good”, for example mr. darkness himself, Jens Rohde, who here expresses the deepest respect of what the Government does even though he is opposition to it and normally “lives” by disagreeing with it, and furthermore they have now “agreed” – on “advice” from the Labour Market Authority and the director Marie Hansen maybe (?), and yes I wonder how much her pay cheque is and how much she would like to reduce her pay to “help” out and that is if she can afford it (?) – TO FORCE PEOPLE ON CASH HELP TO DO SLAVE WORK (!) like removing snow or work as gardeners, and yes to work for the pay you get (!), and my dear politicians and civil servants, HAVE YOU COMPLETELY LOST YOUR MIND (???), I have now told you for years what to do, which in short is to treat everyone equal, make everyone work their best using their full skills and to use FREEDOM and RESPONSIBILITY as criteria, and instead you have now decided to TORTURE cash helpers even more (!), and yes this is just a symbol of how darkness via my sister, thus family, friends etc., have worked against me, and this is a result of darkness therefore trying to hurt me (!), and my dear “wise” people including everyone of the media and business life believing that this is a very good package, YOU BETTER THINK TWICE, YOU HAVE FAILED, THIS IS A REDO (!) or even better in Danish: DET ER EN OMMER (!), and really because you are working as tormentors/dictators not knowing what REALLY to do to create both quality of life, freedom and growth, and yes did you forget about my memos for the Labour Market Authority explaining how to get the best labour market in the world – see here and here – together with our New World Order, people behaving and working MUCH better and bringing an EQUAL “normal life” to everyone, and yes, it was the last, which you were supposed to do to make a proper society, but you “could not”, and now you are showing this as a “victory” to the media, and all of you do know that you are “living” on “additional time” (because our New World did not start December 21, 2012, to save mankind from sufferings with the transition) and what you have done is the GREATEST BOTCH-UP imaginable, or what we also here says is to bring out a loud of faeces.

FB 260213 Jens R

  • And Søren told who is the “master mind” behind all of this darkness – I am given the STRONGEST words on this, which I however do NOT bring because the words are NOT words I associate with light – and of course this is Queen Margrethe, and not the Queen of the Royal Castle, but the most powerful Queen of Denmark as the true ruler of the Danish Parliament, and yes Margrethe, do you see that you have short yourself in the foot being so ambitious/eager to bring all of your BADLY DESIGNED “reforms” through (?), and yes WHY COULD YOU NOT LISTEN AND DO WHAT IS SIMPLY LOGIC TO EVERYONE, WHICH IS TO BE RESPONSIBLE AND LISTEN TO ME (?), and yes I wonder ….!

FB 260213 Søren E

  • Alex, the radio host, shared an article from Ekstra Bladet speaking of a plan to bring millions to save FC Brøndby, and he said “Dear football God, let there be truth in this”, and I decided to send a reply saying that “God stands behind everything, and he said that they still had to say “jump” on Brøndby Stadion, and pull them up – or jump up really – from the mess, so this is the truth in this”, and the Van Halen song “Jump” is their old song used when Brøndby run into the field, so I said “JUMP they say”, and this is really also about the JUMP into the “love sea” of the Aquarius, and that is to my home as the fish of everything of our New World, and this is OPEN to everyone, and that is also to darkness self, whom I have transformed into light.

FB 260213 Alex

  • Michael Wulff was inspired to write about a made-up strike of football referees because of fear of wolves, and this is because a second wolf has been spotted for weeks in Denmark – two the same year (!), and otherwise it was more than 100 years ago since the last, I believe – and he said that he has seen identical wolves hiding in a closet in Copenhagen Airport, so this is really just another sign of the worst darkness, which has continued being here for weeks, and this darkness is really coming from the closet of God inside the airport of the world as these symbols mean.

FB 260213 MW

FB 260213 Politiken ULV

  • This is about a balloon crashing and killing 19 tourists in Egypt of all places, which is really on the other side of the gate, and yes inside the Source you know, and when seeing this I received speech of sexual nature and was told that it is because pieces of darkness were still remaining, and stuck, and you saw it yesterday, when we had to “burn this off”, which we did, but no explosion, so here was this symbol instead, and yes balloons are associated with happiness of our New World.

EB 260213 Ballon

  • Søren Frank, the wine connoisseur, shared Anders’ update of having had “old irreplaceable wine” stolen, which is really about the inner of the Source, which we had to burn, which you know created the new space of our Universe.

FB 260213 Søren F

  • On the other hand, we are still doing “very well” as you can see from this cat of light fighting with and defeating a crocodile of darkness, which is “simply impossible” to defeat, but it did not know, so it just did it.

MSN com cat crocodile

  • Henrik, the dark man of media, showed himself on a camel, which made Jens “for some reason” think of a modern Marty Feldman playing in this film, which in Danish is called “who works hard for the Camels”, and this was a thread given to me by my spiritual friends to say that it is also about Marty playing in SILENT MOVIE because of media and politicians, who “cannot” speak the truth of “a new beginning” to the world, and do you have tape on your mouths, all of you (?), and don’t you think that it is TIME to spit out (?), and yes I do, and who dares to show GOOD BEHAVIOUR telling me about what you plan to write and to do it BEFORE you write (?), and yes also a good idea to do in order to avoid misunderstandings of course, and what was the reaction from Henrik and media and politicians and others reading my comment (?), and yes you guessed it: TOTAL SILENCE and not even a “like”, and am I really so unpopular by you out there?

FB 260213 Henrik Q

  • I would have been happy for Anton to start reading and understanding me to avoid the misunderstanding of his last line.

FB 260213 Anton

  • Three days ago, I received the email below from an Italian asking for the email-address of the International Medium, Mike Hunter, and I replied two days ago including my wish of all the best for Italy WITHOUT Berlusconi, and what became the result of the Italian election (?), and yes so far it is impossible to tell, but I do hope that Berlusconi will NOT return as the worst darkness he is, and yes he is probably also a “special friend” of mine, but as darkness, he is “the worst” (!), and everyone can see it, and still the Italians are stupid enough to vote on him, but as this article in Danish says “People will not admit to having voted on Berlusconi”, which is really the same as admitting to haven stolen in the candy shop, and who wants to admit to that?

Politiken 260213 Italien

Email Amneris


27th February: I am on top of the world of light dying as my old self and about to wake up as my new self

We will just have to put the shirt inside his trousers on his back, and then we are almost there, as I see a tailor saying and doing being very proud of her work.

No, these actors were not supposed to be in my Western, and “no one would be killed” if I did not do this and “hardly to believe”, and yes these are the feelings given to me.

I still receive negative speech from darkness still annoying me much, and still at times almost giving in to it, but no!

I was given an unpleasant feeling of the right side of my crotch giving birth to a dark child, and I was told “will you believe in this” (?), which will/would be the same as the New World first having to fight this darkness (?), and no, I do not, because everything will be perfect with everyone having a clean heart, which they automatically receive from me, so I do NOT believe in it, so if there is more darkness trying to hide like this, I can only tell you that you CANNOT hide, and yes let us see if we can get a couple of media and politicians out of the bush (you too, George Sn and Jr?) showing themselves to me, which this is about. And I was told that this is what you have to convince me about the next days. This is only if you with the look of an eagle can get all the way into “bull’s eye”, otherwise we have to agree with your mother what to do, and no, he will NOT accept any darkness at all, and that is no matter what, so there you have it, and can I change this into an apple you say?

I was told by my father that we have not stopped the big tape recorder even once, and have I told you that I am proud of you (?), and yes thank you, father, and don’t do this too little nor too much but do it TRUTHFULLY and with the right balance, and I may have been told too much, and I have NOT written many of them.

So we are not even going to “club-football” after this (?), and no, no new football games, you heard him, he does NOT want darkness to exist in our New World, and no, you also do NOT want any terminations for good. And alright, after closer consideration we have decided that there is only one thing to do and that is to give HIM (?) all darkness, and yes bring it on (!), and I was given a mark to my the back side of my LEFT lower leg and told that there is also no more darkness there, so how are you doing over there in the right leg (?), and yes there are some rumbling feelings when you ask, and yes you want everything of me to turn into light and to do it before the opening of our New World and alternatively to survive anyway using a clever invention of yours.

Yes, next week, we expect to be hearing the piano play the first time inside of our New World, and yes it will probably take a lot out of me as usual, and it is now 01.05, and I am still fresh, so a long night this will probably also be, and I don’t know if this is needed, and yes better to work than being Laid Back, and that is to be the best Baker Man that is as I am told, and also felt that it is better to stay up than to sleep.

I continued receiving “ideas” of what to do to avoid darkness to enter our New World before opening it, which included sexual speech, and also the feeling of Lech Walesa, and why is that (?), and yes simply for FREEDOM coming, and another knowing about me.

So we are not going to kill anyone, and still you want all of this life to survive without bringing darkness to man (?), and how do you do that (?), and yes we know this would have happened too if the piano of the Source had fallen down upon man exploding/spreading and being reunited afterwards (?), and yes via faith of man removing still some darkness (?), and I don’t know, all I know is that my goal is still to get every little thing 100% perfect, so this is what we are working to achieve. And then there is only one way, and that is for the official world to give in to you, so exciting to see who is first to send me an email?

I keep receiving feelings of the Jobcentre of Lyngby-Taarbæk and really the coffee-room of ground floor, which is about “extremely poor coffee”, which is to say that their “lack of warm feelings” to me and misunderstandings in their journal about me was about to cost me my life also here in Helsingør, and yes “impossible” to go against what is written down in journals, which becomes “the truth” even though it is not. And I am told that applying for the vacant position as director for Helsingør Commune is also to avoid this from happening.

I was told that that radio there – my old communication – is not broken is it (?), and yes if you can hear me, we can continue, so this is what we are doing, using force to repair the old system in order to be able to get everything out of me even though I am already inside the apple, and yes this is how he is, “completely crazy” as they say he is.

I am shown a very little train we will now be going with, and it drives through a lorry and all the way round in a circle, and even though I see darkness, I also see marzipan cake with strawberry cream of the New World behind it.

First at 02.00 I had completed and published the script of yesterday.

And is this about our plan, which was to go through all the way here also continuing from here to make everything 100% light, which is what we wrote months ago in on the website (?), and yes yes yes, I am working as my old self, and this is NOT given for me to do, but as God, it is done, and what I cannot give, will be given by the New World as sufferings, and yes no need to speculate so much my dear friends bringing this to me.

I was shown a big cat with gold in its eyes blinking at me.

You cannot be seen from all space yet, it is first now that we are setting you up everywhere.

I was shown a pretty big dark ship at harbour and was told that we could have decided to bring out a chair only of this, but now we walk in, and there is only darkness here, and I really cannot see what is here other than I get the feeling that this is the beginning of everything.

And this darkness said “no, there is no way that your mother will ever get in here”, and with the feeling “right” as to receive my confirmation, but WRONG, and yes I am opening this entrance to bring my mother in there with everything of the New World, and yes “how difficult can it be” (?), and this was really the comment I would have liked to give to the Danish Government yesterday because of their HELPLESS “try” to do what is right, but no, you “cannot” see what is right because you have received a spellbound making you “crazy”, and yes stealing from the poor and giving to the rich, and “everyone” believes this is a good idea, however with the exception of left-wing voters.

I was shown that it is inside of here that we produce guitars – i.e. tools of creation – and I was shown one new, white guitar filling the length of this ship, and I was told that it is first when it comes outside that you decide how to use it.

It is still the force of the four-divided world, which is bringing us in here.

I was told that this is from where we, i.e. the Source, are coming out after being burned, and even though we survive this, it is still painful to get all the way down bringing out new force of me to create the new space.

I was shown Tore from LWF, Geneva, and asked if Stig was “the biggest mistake of your career”?

We are really preparing balloons.

Have you emptied your glass, otherwise he there will soon do it.

No, it is not empty here of people on Mondays (?), what is that I can almost not hear you (the old telephone), but otherwise he is good – “scratch, scratch”, can I throw this piece of …. out (the telephone receiver?), no, you cannot!

My parents were not even born in here in 1967 or whatever year we are in, Stig, because the sensation is that there is absolutely nothing in here, which is what created everything, and I shall tell you along the road.

It is just like receiving “a wet Sunday Berlingske newspaper” as they say here, and that is about sufferings coming to me from Lisbeth and Berlingske after my story yesterday.

You are not only the ladies’ man in here, you are nobody, this is before the age of underpants, and sex and everything, this is, this is PURE and CLEAN and it is the Source and I feel a blank surface made of steel or maybe silver.

We can hop, we can dance, if you should decide to give up, but trust me, you don’t want to give up now, this is like sailing into Oslo via the fiord, where it gets more and more beautiful.

This is like killing a deer, which you don’t have to do because it is here that everything is and will always be and that is what is made outside of here, which in some way is stored in here to never ever be deleted or something lost, simply because everything which is, is a function of the conditions of life set in here and that is part of its ingredient, follow this, it simply is. It is not only a motorway showing the road of life, it is life self, or what is above it as life must follow, a function only made of love and mutual dependent relation, because it also creates this bond, which will never break as we just found out, and further down is where the hierarchy of the world is made, not here, because here everything just “is”.

So when we make a lamp of life, it is because “someone” here tells us that it can be made, or give us the feeling that it can or anything else than we can think of and this gift of life is simply called God, which is the best way we can describe it: God is love, God is life.

No one is in the queue here to be terminated, so why … (?), and yes all of that we will come to.

What about the big house, Kärnan (“the core”), which isn’t there anymore (?), and is this to say that the core of God has now changed with the fire?

It is like coming with a spaceship from outer space, don’t you want us to enter (?), which is because of extreme tiredness and darkness wanting me to say no, but you are welcome, but I cannot work like this, so it will be in my tempo.

I slept only a couple of hours on the sofa from approx. 06.00 to 08.00, where I was awakened with a cramp in my left foot given to me by darkness, and I was pretty strongly asked to stay awake, but this was IMPOSSIBLE, so I decided to sleep more in my bed, which I then was allowed to do – because I know that the New World will take on my sufferings as I was told – until 12.20 receiving these dreams, if I can read them.

  • Something about Hans saying “he is a God compared to you”, and later something about me driving a white bus, and we thought you would say no to us, a small village, but no, never!
  • I have designed a campaign of the Danish Liberal Party, Venstre, including badges with an incredible STRONG slogan, and Naser Khader has decided to enter the party to complain about this without telling me, but I meet him in the door and I tell him that it is right that I did not show him the slogan before producing the badges. Later, outside, I tell Lars Løkke and others that I am telling the message stronger than what I like to do myself to make people understand, and I pick up a badge and attach it to my clothes on my chest, and it is a badge for Lars Løkke, and I tell him that I will wear this with pride. We test our campaign in Hørsholm Shopping Centre, and they have a general programme asking customers some questions to received “leads” to send to us, but the customers are cheated, and instead they come to a lecture receiving a slim crème, which is kept hidden until it needs to be revealed and taken out of a small bag. I am only myself in the beginning of my twenties and Lars Løkke asks me if I know a young woman for him to play cards with, and I tell him that I have started playing cards a couple of weeks ago with one from my class and others, and when he searches for her, he cannot find her. I ask him if I can help him with other things, and who is in control of the coming annual meeting, which he does not know. On my way home from the shopping centre, I stop at a sausage wagon and receive three giant sausages and a small piece of chicken, which is impossible for me to eat, so I leave, and later I meet another place telling sausages, and even though his French hot dogs are expensive, I order one, and he puts in an old sausage, which was really meant to be destroyed, and I am surprised to find that I really have money enough to pay even though I am unemployed.
    • This is about working for the worst darkness of the Liberal Party because I decided to sleep, I could not play this game differently! And Naser appears to be one not liking my strong messages, and I am proud to campaign for Lars Løkke in the dream, and in reality I am NOT as long as you play for darkness, Lars, but when you will wake up and show your TRUE self of light, I will be happy also working together with you, and yes is Lars really also another part of my father (?), and this is what I understood a long time ago, so we will see. We are in Hørsholm of darkness doing wrong campaigns, which is about the wrong campaign of Benjamin Crème full of wrong information about me given to him as darkness, which he decided to believe in instead of listening to and understanding me. The sausages are about my “old nightmare” because of sleeping, but no, I don’t want them! Later in the day I was told that the last sausage was only if I fell into the game of darkness today with the baby of darkness, but no.

I was shown and told that because of my sleep we went into a torture chamber, which we would have liked to avoid.

So this is what would have created a dark son if you had not decided that the New World is to absorb this.

We cannot even explain how we are hurting because how can we hurt inside this “paradise” (?), and yes I still receive darkness from my Swedish friends because my new Swedish friend in Canada, Christoffer (a friend of Anton, see the short stories), brought a song called “Paradise circus” by Massive Attack, which I am reminded of here, and I wonder why really, but this is what I am told. Later I was told that it is when you enter with “a dirty mind”, which apparently is coming from these people and I am thinking that Anton – and I am thinking that Anton, and maybe Christoffer too, is much influenced by others and their writings and videos, which may or may not be the truth.

My foot don’t hurt, it is more my head as my mother says.

I receive enthusiasm from the spirit of my mother who showed me that she had found a “stick” of some kind to get through this – because I still work. And I hear the gentle voice of the Source say “and then I can still walk on board the aeroplane”, and again attached to my work, and yes the New World will cover for me when needed, and when I’m back, we will continue hopefully as if nothing has happened.

No alarm went off to the Airforce, which was the most important to avoid. We cannot do the “old nightmare” because of your attitude, which is what the dream is about – you cannot eat any sausages – so our main task is to avoid darkness from spreading.

It tried to block us by moving garden furniture in front of us, but the furniture is white, and soon removed again.

After this sleep I hoped that my mother will not feel poorer again because of this.

No, we never saw Randers really playing football.

I still receive pondering beats to my left upper arm.

Do we continue giving birth to him as his new self (with all the right colours), and I understand that the answer is yes.

I feel the gentle light of the Source and am told that no matter what we are still heading directly to the centre of the Source, and that is placed and yes in the head of me. I was shown white bread and told that this is now how the form of the Source looks much like.

It will still be the most delicious carnival buns as I am shown here (with CRÈME inside!), and yes of our New World.

We would try to pretend that our temples would collapse and we would crash into death, but we cannot, you have too strong faith in you, and that is also from your sister, and with this, it should be “piece of cake” to go through the last.

So there is room for yet another dream-goal and bed (?), and yes Stig can handle it, so here you are, Stig, and with this also follows this key, and this is about new life/new worlds just like that.

This also shows that your “old nightmare” cannot be carried out inside of here, where you are protected as “the right owner” of the Source despite of what people around you think and do, and also not least because of faith of Jette.

He has a whole new tie of “life” on inside here, and yes the power of the Source was strong enough to grab him.

I am removing SOLID POLES of the corners, because I am really not connected to Hungary, i.e beautiful women.

This closet is not supposed to stand over here, yes we are still changing the decoration here, just keep on the good work, Stig, and yes NOT EASY working today either because of difficulties finding into a rhythm, but at 05.00 I had finally found it.

Is it possible to fly to Scotland (to Bejamin Crème) and back again (?), and yes if we can, let us do it, so this is what we will try to do, and yes to re-connect you making him understand that you are indeed in Denmark.

We can always get potatoes and gravy out of that hole there, can’t we?

I am sad to say that with your father’s help, I only managed to get up on the side of you, but never to overtake you (as darkness), and that is even though I did my best.

Yes, he is always a horse’s head in front, I can never get the bomb placed, and I almost hear darkness crying and it is fuelled by my mother self, but there is nothing to do, he will soon be “good”.

Shall I or will you say it (?) – two of my spiritual friends – and eeehhh we just wanted to say that you have won (!), this is also why Elijah decided to come out of his shelter today, see the short stories, and I feel that it is because of faith of people in me.

And it keeps pounding in my left arm like a strong heat beating, and if this is annoying in itself (?), and yes more than you can imagine.

We have systematically broken you down becoming smaller and smaller until you are “nothing” and cannot continue living, and this is about where we are now.

So he waited long enough to enter the gate of the King, and yes he was taken in by the Source self.

All day I also had the pressure to write the application to Helsingør Commune – the new director – because I received the order today to come to a meeting with Lisbeth the 5th March and the sooner I send the application, the more time I get to influence them before the meeting, but as you will understand, both because of tiredness and an extreme amount of short stories coming to me today, I was hung up on my outmost and just finishing and publishing the script of today is a MAJOR challenge to do.

I was told that just maybe my sister will also apply this manager job (?), and yes wouldn’t it be “nice” for Bjarne having to chose between my sister and I (?), and yes there is no doubt that of course my sister has much bigger experience as a leader, knows the political game and has much better papers than I (?), so of course she is much better than I (?), but eeehhhh you may ask my own sister when she will wake up if this is also the case (?), and yes just wondering I am …..

When preparing to publish the script, I was asked don’t you want to know what you have done now (?), you have made everything 3 dimensional.

No, we don’t have any more toilet to empty from those “faeces” you know, this is still about turning around the content of the Source after transferring to our New World.

I was shown the new meaning of my sword, which up until now has been communication via my scripts to influence the world, and now my sword is integrated as part of my spinal column, which is the family tree of our New World and you know the endless axis at the inner of “the Opera Tube”. And this is what has been delivered by outer people of other civilizations including our new space.

I was told that it was the worst decision my father has ever taken, and that was to gossip about me behind my back to the relevant authorities (?), and yes of my Commune (?), and we will see if this is really it and who is the strongest, if the Commune will follow his misunderstandings or me.

I published the script at 21.40 but it was without having done Jette’s Google Earth pictures of today, which I CAN NOT do because of extreme tiredness and physical warmth/impatience all over my body, and I am told “sent to you from your mother again”, so this I will have to do tomorrow.

After publishing my script, I was given the smell of cinnamon on a cake.

Where is my igloo (?), no one has taken it I hope (?), no it is right here, and yes I am bringing in the lion to this middle of myself, and together we are the new God of everything.

I was shown two people of darkness sitting on the window pane drinking Coca Cola and beer because it is now the end of the working day so they can rest, and we are still using this window to enter.

And it is still this bringing me darkness because there is no more darkness inside of here. So you really decide yourself how much you bring in now as darkness of these two workers following me said including “we really couldn’t care less”, and yes that attitude of darkness that we really don’t bother you know.

We try to keep our antennas out to receive everything, which is here.

I was shown the top of the walk to the top to the Source, which has now turned into the most beautiful staircase in bourdeaux and white colours inside what looks like a palace, and it goes all the way up, and here used to be nothing.

I was told that we created not only two versions of you but two versions of the world to bring everything together with the Source.

Google Earth shows MANY smiles just beneath darkness, which attacks me and my extreme sufferings

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show souls rising from the Victoria Lake, MANY smiles just beneath darkness, energy is used to lift us up, everyone says hi, gathering of souls over Australia, changing bus driver (sexual behaviour of the world), darkness tries to hide, the attack of remaining darkness, and my extreme sufferings, which inevitable will kill my old self and awake my new self.

FB 270213 Jette 1

FB 270213 Jette 2

FB 270213 Jette 3

FB 270213 Jette 4

FB 270213 Jette 5

FB 270213 Jette 6

FB 270213 Jette 7

FB 270213 Jette 8

FB 270213 Jette 9

FB 270213 Jette 10

FB 270213 Jette 11

FB 270213 Jette 12

Ending the day with these short stories – and I am still in periods shown the time stamps blinking meaning that we are out of time, REM, but not when I was copying the pictures below.

  • This is not just a special day, it is a day of glory if you ask me, when Elijah decided to do what is impossible, which is to start communicating with me again (!!!), and I am here told that this is a sign showing that I broke the strength of darkness of my own physical father going against me, and yes it really required having Elijah on the “sideline” following you otherwise it would have become 5 to 1 as we say here – yes, I can see that he also used some time to skim some of my latest scripts today. I read the Dutch website www.mamandanu.nl – see English translation here – and their programme to help children of Elijah’s rural village as far as I can see and understand (recognising the school with JOY) and this work is better than doing nothing and I like to see pictures and stories of the children, you help, but as you know I still like people to help people directly to get a “normal life”, which is still what is coming for EVERYONE of our New World. I was happy for Elijah’s declaration of friendship, but am sad to see that he is still struggling with his old negative thoughts, which includes my “manners” and turning my deaf ear to him, and I do believe that it is incredible that a man can be so wrong and deaf as Elijah is not understanding that I understand everything he says and he understands only little of what I tell him and what our New World is about, but when we look away from this and concentrate of what unites us, it is the warm feelings of friendship, and this is what I am happy to see finally is stronger than the darkness, which has kept you down and away from me, Elijah, and this is how the world is put together meaning that when the world is closed to me, this is what Elijah also is, and when he is now opening after having been silent for NINE MONTHS (!), I am told that this is because of my script of yesterday asking the media to OPEN UP, so this is what is now happening and it comes to me like this as the first example. I am glad to see you helping other people (and thinking of your Dutch connection because Netherlands is an important country to me to lift up our world, and yes Elijah, we are still finishing what we started, remember?) and welcoming me as I welcome you, Elijah, and hope you will continue communicating, which is why I have decided to bring you back on my email-list as my good old friend. All my best to all of your family, not least your wife, children and mother – but of course all siblings too.

Email 270213 Elijah

  • Not long after receiving this email from Elijah, I received my favourite song from David Bowie’s Reality album, which is “never get old” and the lyrics “better take care” and “I’m gonna be living on till the end of time, Forever” and I was told that our eternity now coming is not least because of Elijah and his attitude, where I was “out” but still I was “in”.

  • I was told yesterday that I have not yet brought any posts with another famous Danish comedian, Amin Jensen, and after midnight came the answer why when he brought this from Luxor, Egypt, saying that he did not chose the balloon-ride, which he otherwise could have decided to do, and I am thinking of Danish comedians knowing about me, and Amin bringing darkness to Luxor because of their silence, and yes Amin, you are truly very funny and gifted too, but I do NOT like when you do not speak out about me to the world.

FB 270213 Amin

  • I was encouraged to seek the vacant position as director (one of three) of Helsingør Commune – with the message to close it down and more – and it made me think that I could invite the top director of the Commune, my “old friend” Bjarne, to become a Facebook friend with me, which I did after midnight sending him the nice message below about how happy I would become if we will accept me to become Facebook friends just like the mayor and Hans and Benedikte as local politicians, and also to tell him that I do believe that the Commune ACUTE need a new director, which is why I will seek it, and yes you should have believed that this would make him happy (?), but half a day later I was given the characteristic stomach pain coming to me from the Commune in general when thinking negatively/wrongly about me, and can Bjarne “overcome” accepting me as a Facebook friend and maybe also comment my email to him (?), or is this “simply impossible” to do? During the day I kept on receiving the feeling of Bjarne and “what to do or not to do” as his thought in relation to me and my Facebook invitation and I was told that it was his task to bring me into the deepest of all darkness, into the core of the Source. I was shown a dark train, which Bjarne was driving almost destructing the end of the forest and driving out over the abyss, and now I want to be friends with him after what I have put him through (?), and yes Bjarne, the opposite world it still is, and completely impossible for you to accept me (?), or is it really (?), and how do you think I would treat you if I thought like you with the truth being that I understood you speaking out the truth in open, and you misunderstood me working behind closed doors of darkness herewith really being “the pain in my behind”? And yes, I am also told that this application is what will help to protect me against the Commune and its evil plans, and who wants to fight me in the completely open knowing that everything they do will be published for everyone to see and yes still facing the risk of coming on the front page of the newspapers!

FB 260213 Bjarne

  • Following my thread with Anton yesterday, I was happy to receive nice feedback by some of his friends and Christopher as a new Facebook friend of mine.

FB 260213 Christoffer

  • I had this correspondence with Anton, which is still a game about “full house”, and the game may really be the opposite game with darkness wanting me to believe in darkness in Anton, but let us cut that away and believe in all of the miraculous love, which he so sincerely shows.

Email 270213 Anton

Email 270213 Anton 2

Email 270213 Anton 3

Email 270213 Anton 4

FB 270213 Anton

  • Dan said that he “fill you with love and water from the Source”, which is a pretty fun thing to say really because this is what I am about (and he may be too), and he has decided that he will bring “nothing about penis”, which was a “funny” story he brought approx. one week ago when he said that he had found his penis again, which is where the strongest darkness came to me.

FB 270213 Dan

  • Later he said that he has been fired as radio host on Nova FM for the 117th time, which to me is about the old radio (or telephone) now not working anymore, and Morten said that this was “gold on the street”, and Peter DURAN was degrading him “encouraging” him to seek Radio Rødovre “your age taken into account”, which made me think of “a view to a kill” by Duran Duran, which is from a James Bond movie, and yes with the action on top of the Eiffel Tower of Paris, which is really to say that we are on top of the world inside of this tower, and soon we will exchange the old radio (of communication) with the new, which is why I told Dan, that he was (is) “the Voice” (a radio station with MUCH success, which he was part of a team starting in the 1980’s), and a new and much better radio station will come to him, and yes I LOVE this song by Le Bon(d) (“smile Bond” in Danish :-)) & Co., and still remember that I danced to it with Vivian at a discothèque on the Pedestrian Street of Strøget in the 1980’s. By the way, I have been told that Dan is a DJ broadcasting music symbolising love of God, this is why.

FB 270213 Dan2

FB 270213 Dan3

  • Marion is Danish and living in England, and here she is on her way home to Denmark, and she was hoping for the sun to be out giving warmth and to father winter she said “Adjø, goodbye”, which you don’t say twice to a Shu-bi-dua fan like me because OF COURSE this was a reference to the song “Sagnet om regnormen Kurt og Arken i Parken” (or “Indian” as it is simply called in the video below) and the lyrics “goodbye it’s hard to die, so now I am leaving… adieu goodbye” and this is about the last Indian coming close as Michael Bundesen sings, so goodbye my friends, I am dying (still as my old self) …. :-).

FB 270213 Marion

  • Soulaima was holding a lecture to the top management of “one of the most successful businesses in the world”, who wanted to hear her speak about “no bullshit leadership style”, which she says is “a showdown with the feedback burger and welcome to the direct tone” meaning “the end of packing in things towards your employees”, “show anger, happiness and disappointment” and “do it directly so we know where we have each other”, and yes yes yes, Soulaima, you have “learned” about speaking the truth directly to people to help people (?) – remember the case story of the STINKING man in the train (?) – and I am very amazed over you and that is because you preach to others what you cannot handle yourself when I spoke the truth to you directly, and eeehhhh you forgot the detail about LISTENING and UNDERSTANDING (???), and yes this is about her telling managers to be dictators to their employees, and are employees “allowed” to speak the truth too, Soulaima (?), and yes in case they are “just as smart as you are” (?), because you don’t believe that you are born with the truth, do you (?) – yes, this is what I am, Soulaima, and one has to be, right (?) – so let us say that it is RIGHT to speak out OPEN, DIRECTLY and HONESTLY, but control yourself without being angry on others, which you really don’t need, but to speak about being disappointed by me, and yes I wonder if this top management of this successful business would have liked to have me teaching it instead of Soulaima (?), but difficult it is because Soulaima could not control herself removing my freedom of speech, and yes did she remember to tell you this too?

FB 270213 Soulaima

  • This inspired Facebook post showed the opening to “your majesty” and the “dawn of the age of Aquarius”, which I spoke about yesterday.

FB 270213 age aquarius

  • I wrote shortly about Søren Kirkegaards quote that people are so busy that they hurry so strongly for pleasure that they miss it, which not least is about communication between people, which become superficial centred about “I”, which is a shame, and Michael did not understand what makes people do what I don’t want to do and opposite, and I told him that it is darkness tempting people, which they should be too clever to avoid being tempted by, and no, Michael simply could not believe in me when telling him that this darkness is now disappearing, and yes one more, who could not read and understand!

FB 270213 Stig

  • Ace Frehley from Kiss has no more money and is threatened to become homeless according to Ekstra Bladet, and I told them that this is the end of “the kiss of death”, and we will receive new kiss of love, which are not “unmasked”.

FB 270213 EB Kiss

  • Henrik wrote about a priest being hospitalised after having received a potato up behind, which is about “an unlucky potato”, which is about the one, I did not release, which had to take the turn around darkness (?), and yes as I understand it.

FB 270213 Henrik

  • Lars from the Helsingør in pictures Facebook group wrote about the Danish Queen years ago at Helsingør harbour seeing a surveillance camera on a crane, which she did not like believing that it was a lamp, and at her next visit, the “lamp” was gone, and later he said that the King game of patience will not be solved, which here literally means that we are stopping the camera to develop more life to enter our New World, and the game of patience will not be solved as I was told the other day that it would, so maybe most of it now, and the rest from inside our New World?

FB 270213 Lars kamera

FB 270213 Lars kamera 2

  • Lene from the Conservative party – as long as it exists – said that she will be joining a TV programme as a guest chef cooking fish, and she said that she hopes that we will get inspired, and yes I simply told her that “Certainly, FISH is good for everyone”, but no, Lene, you also “could not” reply to me, and why is that you say?

FB 270213 Lene E

  • The article said that Super-Mario has ordered a statue of himself (!), and Henrik suggested that he should be a field-marshal sitting on a horse maybe with a sceptre, and yes Super Mario is the man saving the princess from the evil monkey, and here he is spoken of almost like a king you know.

FB 270213 Henrik 2

  • Helena had a “crazy day” with “the crown on creation” being that “my phone has gone cold”, and this is basically what happens when you finish creation as it happens here too, Helena :-).

FB 270213 Helena

  • Michael Wulff said that he do understand why you keep away from that “botch-up”, which is about the “crazy growth-package” of the Government of yesterday, and it was yesterday that I wrote about this “what you have done is the GREATEST BOTCH-UP imaginable”, and “funny” that he decided to use the same not that often used word, right (?), and then he was “funny” making up a comment of Annette, the leader of the Socialist People’s Party, saying that she is “watching Walking Dead on Netflix”, which is “really an exciting series”, so this is to say that this is also what Annette believes, that the package is “botch-up”, and she is following my series here acting as the “walking dead”, and yes this is what it really says, so how are you doing, Annette, and still surprised you are to find me here?

FB 270213 MW



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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2 Responses to February 27, 2013: This is the dawning of the age the Age of Aquarius pouring from the Source to bring endless love to all

  1. jette says:

    sorry, I forgot to ask about your hart ❤ I do hope anything, including your hart, shall find a calm
    and beautifull World to live in..Thank you for the nice entertainment – I really liked the animals 'am besten'..
    Love from your friend

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