March 1, 2013: The New World is about to be delivered to me at its final destination at the Source of God


Summary of the script today

28th February: The New World is about to be delivered to me at its final destination at the Source of God WITHOUT darkness

  • Dreaming of reaching the highest point of the Source without being able to bring the New World up on this level, and bringing the finest/most advanced bicycles to the New World.
  • There is no more darkness inside of here at the Source, and when the New World wishes for me to be protected, this is what the Source does thus securing everything without anything destructing.
  • The spirit of my mother is about to deliver the New World to me at the Source at its final destination, where there is no darkness. I don’t need any keys to get in because “I am” everything.
  • Pope Benedict spoke in his farewell speech of times of “rough seas” and wind against the Vatican Church, where the Lord seemed to sleep, but he knew that the Lord would not let the ship of the Church sink (!), and I could only tell that I have decided to leave ALL religions of today including the Vatican Church uniting all people under One God, One People of LTO. Furthermore I was told that this is a play to the world and the Pope decided to resign because of my arrival and the role of the Church not helping me because of its gold & glitter, doctrines and silence/wrong doings leading to termination if I did not handle their darkness too.
  • Short stories of the Pope hurting because God made a “mistakes” in his case, receiving the answer to what “telescope means, John from Kenya is still with me, let’s dance in red shoes on Peter’s Square, Cosmic Consciousness of our New World, I told the Finance Minster that her 20/20 plan is no good (!) and my 20/20 plan is MUCH better!

1st March: Lifting life of our New World up to the top level of the Source via an increase of fuel of darkness and faith

  • The spiritual part of me was stronger that my physical part, thus it is the spiritual part of me, which will be what continues as my new self with the other side of me, the physical part being part of my new self, and this goes for all life.
  • I am still inside the Source and still working to bring together the Source and the New World as ONE unit with darkness still wanting me to accept the killing of life with the temptation that this is “only” the weaker side of me, which does not matter, but no, I will NEVER allow this, and it showed out to be all life of the New World not yet having reached the top level of the Source, and had I not accepted this life to enter, I would have been made into believing that it was killed, where it in fact would  have been stored in the smallest unit of the harbour until the opening of our New World, where we would be able to roll it out again. In other words, the train of the Old World is driving directly to the centre of the Source as its final destination and instead of a catastrophic brake, I am now doing a controlled braking of it.
  • I removed nervousness of my mother convincing John to do a medical pre-test in relation to his travel insurance before they order holiday in USA, and brought more faith via stories of how “spiritual darkness” is influencing my electronics, which helps to bring life up on the top level of the Source where I am.
  • Dreaming of lack of faith bringing holes to the family tree of God, which has made sink holes swallowing whole cities, which have been kept hidden from the world!
  • X-factor this evening contained inspired stories of “the golden horns” of the Big Band, which is about the tools of God creating man and love, which was given because these are the tools I am now “digging” out of the Source, “it is very difficult to go in and take it, to fill out this task” because of my impossible task continuing my work, Thomas Blachman is another part of me and David Bowie also wanting ch-ch-ch-changes, we are transforming the world to new life of our New World using these “golden horns” of God, Amanda song the beautiful song “cry me a river” with the beautiful stage decoration of a BIG TREE behind her symbolising the river of the eternal Source of God and the family tree of (origin of) life, Thomas Blachman was fighting “simple minded” judges showing better-knowing ignorance prioritizing “mainstream” music/”porridge” instead of TRUE beauty and use of song, band and arrangement, Thomas continues absorbing darkness/”humiliation” etc. as I do too herewith helping creation self, Amanda does the most difficult of all having to do her best hitting “no. 9” each time, which is about me having to go to my ultimate limit to play the “impossible” game against darkness as I do now, Anne Linnet does NOT have faith in God, which is making her focus commercial/mainstream instead of showing her TRUE musical gift, I am walking my own way going against the “treatment culture” of the Commune, who truly “want” me to be “treated” for my “illness” in their eyes, which is darkness I have to go through to get all the way to the top to ring.
  • Short stories of Helena being afraid of a man surveilling her, a dialogue with a new Swedish, enlightened friend, I asked the RICH and famous Remee to reconsider spending money on his luxurious life or screaming people in need, which made him so furious that he kicked me out, which I used to kick in life to the most inner of me, Helena cannot get enough of Søren and darkness not enough of me, Buddha is in control of the world.


28th February: The New World is about to be delivered to me at its final destination at the Source of God without darkness

I went to bed yesterday evening at 22.30 being way beyond “tired” also not being able to write comments to and publish Jette’s Google Earth pictures, but I was awakened at 01.00 giving “the chance” to stand up doing this work, which I then did, still being almost as tired as a few hours before, and I had this dream.

  • I am walking towards the top of the hill of the social housing society of Vapnagård in Helsingør together with a friend, and I hear streams of the most beautiful and powerful singing voices spreading “miles away”, first the voice of Dave Gahan, then Christina Aguilera, and I can see just how far away the voices can be heard. At the very top, there is what looks like a farm house, which I decide to climb to get up on the roof, where I have never been before, and when I am up there, I both find calm and the most breathtaking view over the sea to Sweden, and when I walk down, I am surprised to see that I have to jump 90 degrees around to reach the ground, and if I do not, I will fall 50-60 metres directly down, so I jump back to the ground, and my friend, who is Jeff Lynne, now wants to do the same climbing up on top of the house together with his white horse, which he is attached too, and he is convinced that he can knowing about the danger I have told him about, but he could not (!), and falls down 50-60 metres and is smashed towards the asphalt, and I hurry to get to him, which means that I have to cross railway tracks next to the station, and I make sure that there is no electrical power in the tracks while crossing. And my mother calls saying that they took out insurance on Jeff and an insurance sum will be paid out.
    • Vapnagård is darkness on the outskirts of Helsingør, and the voice of my scripts cuts clearly through this darkness, which is the reason why I can climb the house of the Source on the very top of the hill, but when I as my double Jeff Lynne bring the New World of everything of this white horse, I fail, which is about the sleep I did yesterday making darkness attack us, so this fails, but we have insurance, so the world absorbs this fall, and yes, I wish that I could have avoided it, but I could not.

This can be compared with falling down the waste pipe, but no faeces follow it.

We fought hard to get here without being able to do the last, but still we got something else (the new space), which we had to do anyhow because the bathroom was broken, is this how it is? To remove ash trays, which had to be removed.

The dying of your old self is not without importance, just you wait and see.

So in the middle of bringing out all of these small chickens, he also found himself on the biggest motor cycle of all, which we could not protect him against, so when he asked for protection via the New World, the wish was brought back to the Source and you were protected, and this is basically how it works as we had expected.

Therefore it means nothing that you fell down from that dream as Jeff Lynne, because you are still here, there and everywhere and nothing can ever kill you because you have us and we have decided to always keep you.

And this is the only way we can show you, which is to take you right to the ultimate of your limits and beyond by asking for more than you can give.

I was thinking that if I totally lose it, for example receive a depression and turn all negative, we have a “guard against Elm Street” you say, and yes we are secure to go through a Nuremberg trial.

So there is no more dairy bringing out milk with ice cubes, we are beyond this and inside “everything”.

We cannot fight back to get inside this apartment, can we (?), well he is doing his best deciding that he is still not finished with his work, and yes he will continue for as long as he can, and when I still can, I will.

So even if we dug deeper, there are no more faeces, i.e. darkness, left, and yes you will still decide when you have had enough Stig, and we know when there is no more darkness or when I/you cannot no more, and still you bring me darkness from this window, so there is still more to do.

I was given a feeling of something being retrieved from just in front of me and brought inside my right testicle.

I have kept on being told about “Champagne-football”, which is what we are playing now being so close to the end, and my actors have become more visible again bringing me the feeling of extreme happiness just beneath the surface of me.

And if we only had a VW pick-up remaining, we would still continue pushing your mother inside of there.

Here is a ball-tree, Joachim Boldsen – do you think you can hit the ball” (?) and yes this kind of information comes to me because I am close to everyone.

No, your mother does not believe that you are neurotic anymore, and no one here really, it is only about this thing with your father, and yes part of the last darkness coming to you to let you in.

So this, and Christoffer has woken up something – I am given a mark to my the back side of my left lower leg – which is not really there, but still it is there, and now here.

I was told that the horse meat found in products everywhere, which do NOT label the content as horse but cow meat, is about bringing out darkness for everyone to see, thus also being a symbol of cleaning up the world, and part of this “you ain’t seen nothing yet”.

Is the refrigerator still open (?), well yes and no (!), and is this about issuing new keys to new life made before changing into our New World? Well, it is like having a brace removed from your teeth for everything to become purer and pure, this is more like it.

England too, it will just take 15 minutes before that chair there as example is dry”, and yes we are drying new furniture/clothes too.

I still receive feelings and some speech of Lisa T., the priest from Lyngby and my old Fair colleague who left me from Facebook, and here told that “she is not done with you yet”.

Are you ready to tap blood (?), yes Stig, this is still how we feel and “close to” doing now.

When I had almost finished writing the chapter of Jette’s Google Earth pictures at 03.50 (included in the script of yesterday) I was told that this is the same as saying that there is open to all cycles, which used to be locked.

Finally, at 04.10 I had completely and published all of the script of yesterday – tough to do (!) – and I was shown BLUE of everything of our New World and a view into an eternal tunnel of the Source, and I was told that this is still about bringing these completely together to make everything as pure as possible.

No, we cannot really soak blood out of you, this was also a game we played.

It was a collective power-failure of your family, friends etc., thus the world, not supporting you, which is what was meant to bring the biggest bang in history to the world, but when you decided to continue and we could too, this is what we did, and yes to bring the piano of the Source as quietly as possible inside the New World, and this is NOT something you do everyday, I am to tell you with regards.

We cannot really hang up the pictures much better than this, can we with the feeling that we cannot, and I was feeling David Bowie.

We will not continue being “unemployed”, right Stig (?), and that is in the official status of the Danish authorities (?), and we know, this is about my future, and here and now about my application to Helsingør Commune, which I will NOT write now here at 16.40, and yes I took notes yesterday, so I roughly know what it will contain, and it will take me “some hours” to write, which I will do when I can, but NOT now.

I was shown myself in the small aeroplane of Laid Back in “Bakerman” and was told that this is not about fear of jumping is it (?), and then I was shown myself jumping having some newspapers around me, which I try to exchange to telephone numbers looking into the telephone book while flying, and yes are we still bringing life out of this last fuel of darkness (?), and this is what this says.

Are the bells going to ring from the Town Square Hall of Copenhagen too (?) – with my arrival – and that is after “destroying” the Danish Government/Parliament, which is what you feel I have done (?), and that is to use your energy as building stones too, you know, and yes sent to me as darkness, so “thank you for nothing” really, and yes for all of your resistance, silence and negative feelings.

Do you freeze now (?), no not really, and what about him there (?), and yes he is just preparing to go on a new journey and that is as his new self.

No, the police has not yet taken your uniform (?), and is “the offer” from the Commune for you to accept receiving treatment and if you do not, you will be hospitalised against your will (?), and yes I don’t care, TEST ME IF YOU WANT TO, and I will get out almost as quickly as you can put me in, and no, I have decided that I am NOT afraid of this, because anyone can see that I am not dangerous to others nor myself, and you really have to be VERY SICK in your head if you want to believe anything else, and yes I am completely calm about this, I have been through this route before, and do NOT fear it, and is this the consequence if I don’t write that application to Helsingør Commune (?), and it may be, and this may also be a game of darkness by itself, we will see what happens.

No, the gift we are giving him, cannot be exchanged, but we have a “pretty good feeling” that he will not be disappointed, and what do you believe (?), and yes I believe the same, and the actors are LOOKING much forward to removing the heat of the balls around their head as they have had to play with going through this last part of our journey.

No, he is not afraid that the keys of everything will not fall into his turban, but maybe there are others out there, who is, and yes “WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO ME” and how many Imams ask themselves this question being even more important to them than to tell the truth about my arrival and their religion of Islam based on “the wrong character of God”, which is also how we can “frame” it.

I heard a sound to the kitchen – now from a brown bag, which is still what we are – and I was told that there is nothing which has not been opened yet and now it is only a matter of how pure we will become, and I do believe that it will become “perfect” no matter what.’

And later I was told that it takes will to get inside of here, and I will not disappear that easily, so we are still here inside the New World.

Your mother cannot reconcile with you being “unemployed”, but she has been calmed down by John saying that this is what Stig has chosen, and yes “unemployed” ….!

And then he should be nearly grown-up, don’t you think?

When do we get dealers to launch our products (?), and yes we are just wondering (!), and that is when you will decide to wake us all up, and we know, when he cannot no more.

Have you received one, who can move all of this mess (?), and I look straight into a 3-4 stores high building, and what is inside and behind it (?), and now we will never know when you will go to bed now, will we (?), and no, he doesn’t believe in us.

So we are no long on the bucket (?), and yes the dirty water in it is simply darkness brought with you, which you are “burning” up, and we know, we are speaking what you believe.

At 06.30 I decided that I would sleep even though I still received the very clear feeling that this was “not good to do”, but I will no matter what, I cannot go on without sleeping. And before falling a sleep I felt something VERY BIG – a ship much bigger than everything else – being pulled over me with the feeling that this is everything of the Source, and the spirit of my mother asked me with much happiness if I haven’t seen her finest, new bicycle and that it is designed to have the wind with you when cycling, which is not just something Jacob Haugaard said.

First, I slept until 09.00 receiving the feeling that “now it is time to stand up”, but no, who are you kidding (?), I had to have more sleep, so I slept until 11.35 receiving these dreams:

  • I am at a camp where two people buy different bicycles, one is 90,000 DKK and the most advanced/fine, which is, and still they are not satisfied, and I tell them that they cannot get anything better. I enter an empty house, and see that it is possible to install 3 times 3 combined sofas/beds inside the room, which I tell Thomas from Falck, and I tell him that we can also place two chairs in each corner, but he says no, and he tries one bed thinking of it as a cheap and hard “lounge bed”. Four boys have bought an old used car of 2,000 DKK, which is completely worn out, and it has to go to MOT test, and they decide to find other used tires because the tires on it are completely worn thin.
    • The bicycles are the best, which is – of the “champion” kind you know – and the new beds inside this house are New World’s too as I understand it, but I am not receiving much help from Thomas from Falck in Lyngby (but his and his colleagues darkness was crucial to do creation) – that was his name (!) – and the completely worn out car is what I am driving as my old self, and yes I am still living, Barosso (President of the EU), and yes you are silent too (?), and that is even though your name sounds like a coffee brand, which should give you some “warm feelings” and speak out to the public about me, will you?
  • I also received a full Italian workshop being pulled in over me, and told that everything is fine and fitting. And I was shown 3-dimensional ingredients of the kitchen of God and was told that “now I will experiment” and that is to use all tools to create new forms of life.

I first started writing at 14.00 today after using quite a lot of time checking up on Facebook, which takes me a couple of hours to do every day or even longer, and I was VERY TIRED again having the same challenges to start work, and it is still MUCH EASIER to say “no, I feel too tired to work today”, which is how most of my days have been, and what most people would have decided to do, and yes PATIENCE and WILL POWER are still the driving forces here, and again today, I broke this extremely powerful tiredness trying to stop me working and coming into a rhythm, thus also making work of today, but it is NOT as easy as people believe, and a wonder that I have not stopped writing at any point.

I felt concentrated purple, which is the colour of Karen, and we are still going up towards the ring. This is the condensed sexual energy of Karen, and I was told that this is part of my left testicle (!) with the purpose to save us all, this is how it was set up.

I still receive the same kind of maybe 2-3 sneezes per day, which was about sacrifices of the world to bring me energy, and that is of the old world.

My mother called me, and she said that her stomach pain continues to come and go.

It is like a gramophone, which will never stop playing what we are now entering.

If your mother had not felt awful while we have been out shopping, we would never have made it to here.

It goes much fast to take that train to do ch-ch-ch-changes, but this is still what we did, Stig – and yes much praise is given to me both here and yesterday, which I have decided to leave out, but thank you my friends :-).

So we are not going to bother him anymore (?), and no that is if he decides not to “bother” people anymore telling them the truth about themselves, which is what we wait for.

Haven’t we opened for the taxi, which it was meant that he should do himself when he was complete (?), yes.

I received the “rap rap” song by Shu-bi-dua including the lyrics “og frisuren læser med og klipper mig i øret, av, for helvede” (”and the haircut reads too and cuts me in the ear, ouch like hell”), and was told that we did NOT do this, and instead “life gets colour” as they also sing about :-).

Yes he is making ready to bring forward the ”whole BIG ship” behind it all.

And then all of that, which belonged to your mother, is transferred and will belong to everyone.

It is like the train arriving and your mother is set off. And it is like saying that Satan is not here, so this is where I will get off, and yes my mother and the New World.

We have opened the motorway, and sent the New World in there with express speed. And the idea was that we would gradually get to here via explosions and recreation you know.

I was encouraged to call my aunt, Inge, otherwise your “old nightmare” will break out when the clock of our wake-up will call, and just hearing her voice will help this as I understand, and you might have so much power that I cannot resist it, and yes I have written down calling my aunt as an option, but it will have to wait until I have time and energy to do it first prioritizing my work writing, and IF I have time, I will call her one of these days, but only if, and yes otherwise I will trust my strength to resist any force coming against me.

There is an “invisible energy” here, which we just have to get through you, which is also potential dangerous but you will probably survive it to, and yes this is our best guess, and I receive many smiles.

You will become a trained “apple slice” man not needing education because I have everything with me for you. THANK YOU MOTHER ♥.

Your mother believe that she/they will not be able to survive yet another cold winther.

I was shown and told that we are almost about to walk in over the door pane at the level you have decided, and that is the highest level you could bring us too.

Eeehhh, Stig, where am I going to throw this (?), and I am not shown, but it may be the watch/ring, and I can only tell you one thing, and that is that you are NOT going to throw it away, I am going to bring it 100% complete, this is what I ask you, and yes if I can and you can with me.

And I was shown the light presence of the man above, and was told that I have heard you, and I will bring it, and yes hoping that this is not darkness making games with me.

And then you don’t need any keys to get in, Stig, because then you just are and yes just they way you are, you know, Billy, and this is what the Pope via my script of today also helps to bring forward and yes because of “feelings”.

I still constantly receive the voice of darkness wanting to destroy, which is still as annoying as it gets and taking out energy.

I was told that the risk of being hospitalised is now reduced simply because I have written in my scripts about this the last days, and reactions of people – I feel Bjarne Cordon here as I do from time to time, the Danish “crazy” Finance Minister – and these reactions are helping to influence the thoughts of people who otherwise would have gone against me.

He did not get that with the clock really, because when I am here with everything, and you are the Source, you are everything, and yes we are bringing the watch, Stig, which you gave us as part of the design, and the idea was for you to return after having discovered how to avoid explosion/termination, so now when you are here, you are returning everything to me including the watch, and yes removing the last “danger” of explosion.

So the clock is “almost not existing”, and we are almost nothing now, and yes thanks to him the “crazy” man there said with the kind of love as Karen can do, and yes when your tone is right/loving, this word can have the opposite meaning you know.

I checked my bank account and direct debit payments and was surprised to find that I will pay more than DKK 2,400 in electricity bill here the 1st March (additional payment for the last year and for the next quarter), and it meant that I could not send as much to LTO as I had hoped for, and I cycled to town sending them DKK 935 gross and 800 net, leaving approx. DKK 960 for myself this month, so it will be a tight month here, and even more with my friends.

After having done this I was told that we have now thrown out the last part of the threat of hospitalisation because of the effect of my email to Bjarne, the director of the Commune, and because of my action sending what I could to LTO, where the alternative would have been to keep everything myself.

I was told that we are still going through the process of drying our new space, which keeps bringing us higher up.

I was so extremely out of energy that I was TRULY breaking down/fainting, I had a TERRIBLE tour – also driving to Aldi and Lidl supermarkets out of town – and furthermore the back wheel of my cycle now received an extra buckle so it is now so crooked that it makes the whole cycle lurch so I really cannot use it anymore, and I was told that it is because of darkness coming to me, which we direct this way the same way as darkness is giving me half heart attacks, lack of sleep and all of my sufferings you know.

When I came home I was told that this is why I was told today that for 2 DKK I will receive my kingdom maybe tomorrow if this will be the day when I will stop my journey, and I have told myself that my goal is now to last until the 5th March meeting Lisbeth from the Commune again, and yes it will be kind of “funny” to see what they have come up with in their twisted minds, and if they want to hire me as a snow remover or maybe gardener here too (?), or they “feel” that I am no capable of working, and yes for all the WRONG reasons you know.

I was told that some of the world elite had plans to escape and hide in protected rooms under ground or maybe inside mountains in case of the Doomsday explosion coming – “more or less” you know – and this would not have mattered, I would have reached you no matter what as I was told, and yes looking forward to hearing these stories too I am.

I was told that I will continue digging into myself for an eternity to come, which I understood as my own “hill” or the Source.

I was told that we will now do the last without receiving from Inge what we could have, but I have so much work and so little energy that I cannot also call her now, and I was told that we may be able to go through anyway without hurting as I also did without being able to involve Marion.

I published my script at 21.50 – without Jette’s Google Earth pictures, which she normally publish late – and this was one of the very hard ones to write, and I can only hope that I will feel better over the coming days, which I will probably not.

The play of Pope Benedict and the Vatican Church: The Lord is NOT sleeping, they try to “protect” themselves as darkness

Well, the Pope decided to do what he could to remove the largest hat a person has ever worn, and yes by leaving the Vatican Church, which I have said is NOT representing me because of their doctrines, gold & glitter, secrecy etc., and what did the Pope say in his farewell speech yesterday, that Christ has been sleeping (?), and yes you can read it here with extracts below, and it is really about this quote: “Then there have been times when the seas were rough and the wind against us, as in the whole history of the Church it has ever been – and the Lord seemed to sleep. Nevertheless, I always knew that the Lord is in the barque, that the barque of the Church is not mine, not ours, but His – and He shall not let her sink” – and this is about the difficulties of the church (the abuse scandals, “leaking” and more), and you say that I was sleeping (?), when I in fact was addressing you, and the Church decided to turn its deaf ears and silence towards me trying to “hide” (?), and my dear, dear Benedict, have you not read and understood the front page of my website that I am not holding my hand over gold & glitter of your church, but of the poor people of the world (?), and for your “pleasant” information, I repeat my message from my website that your church will actually “sink” as all religious faiths of the world today will and be replaced by my philosophy “One God, One People”.

Nydailynews 280213 1

I have one organization only, which will spread my words to the world and that is the Living Testimony Organization (LTO) founded by my dear friend Elijah Katama in Nairobi, Kenya.

“As a consequence I ask all religious organizations to show your PURE FAITH in me by disbanding your organizations, sell all of your property including glitter and gold and to give the income hereof including all of your fortune to poor people of the world helping them to receive a normal life, and to do this through LTO.

One way forward can be to sell “buildings/assets suitable for the purpose of teaching my teachings” to people having more than a normal life, for these to hand over their purchase to mankind as a whole, and for LTO as the organization of God to be allowed using these facilities to teach my philosophy to the world and for LTO to become the intermediary between “poor” and “rich” people helping these to communicate and all to receive a “normal life“.

I value the well-being of people more than belongings of religious organizations  and I do hope that people of such organizations will be “able” to show your faith in me by following my wish to have only One God, One People and my writings as One Philosophy, thus also only One Organization to spread this to the world.”

Nydailynews 280213 2

Later I was told that this is also a play to the world, and my dear, dear Church, how is the feeling when you know that you will come on the front page of all newspapers of the world because of your lies and silence (?), and is that really so difficult for you to handle (?), and you should know of all that the only right thing to do is to stand forward telling the TRUTH about me and EVERYTHING, which you are connected with, right?

I was shown David Bowie on front of the newspaper as I remember from the 1970’s, and again I was told that the reason why the Pope decided to resign was to avoid being brought on the front of the newspaper knowing that “newspaper” is the symbol of termination, and this is what the Vatican Church and himself forced upon me because of the darkness they sent as a function of their WRONG way of conduct and silence of me.

I was told that writing this chapter is also about bringing even more darkness out of what is now inside the back side of my right lower leg, and can it be that the Vatican Church is COMPLETELY DEAF not UNDERSTANDING my messages to you too (?), and yes it is about time for you to bring your final speech to the world my friends and that is of the entire church, and yes goodbye and thank you for the good you did, but it is time for a New World without all of your doctrines removing freedom of man.

Nydailynews 280213 3

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Ole is a famous TV-host etc. here and a new Facebook friend of mine, and he said that it must hurt on the Pope and his believers that God made a mistake in his case, and is this the case Benedicte (?), and if it is, why don’t you simply speak the truth to the world instead of what is “political correct”, which is to work as the Devil and yes in disguise as light of God, and this is how the Devil has “entertained” himself the most.

FB 280213 Ole S

  • I believe it was yesterday that I said in one of Jette’s Google Earth pictures that I did not know what the symbol of the telescope means, and a few hours afterwards, I was shown this picture of an observatory/telescope in Helsingør, and I was told that it is about seeing “everything”, so this is what it means.

FB 280213 Teleskop

  • I was happy for John to confirm that he reads me, and I would have been even happier if he told me what he and his family are doing and thinking because this is what friends really like to hear.

FB 280213 John

  • Dan said that he also would like to driver around in an open car like the Pope, throw hand signs to his believers, sit in a golden chair whispering so nobody understands, and to run around in red suede shoes and airy clothes. Pope Dan the first, now I go for it! And yes I like a man with ambitions (!), and John said “what a party it will be on Peter’s Square, when he fires 80’s hits off”, and yes a DJ speaking from the window of the Pope over DANCE MUSIC and that is DAN’S MUSIC you know, and he received support from everyone, and I encouraged him to put on the read shoes and make the world dance, just like David Bowies in “let’s dance”, so this is what we will do in our New World and yes together with the Pope, Dan and David Bowie among others, and why not meet on Peter’s Square?

FB 280213 Dan 1

FB 280213 Dan 2

  • I repeated my message about man receiving “Cosmic Consciousness” in our New World thinking that more will understand when repeating this once again.

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  • The Finance Minister, “Queen Margrethe”, wrote about our need of jobs in the future securing growth and prosperity, but the jobs don’t come by themselves, which is why the Government has put forward a total plan of growth for Denmark leading to 2020, and “2020” was my clue to tell her that I have a much better plan giving everyone “perfect visions” (also you ….), FREEDOM, God’s unlimited love and “proper treatment of people” – now when you cannot – and you are completely FREE to quote me, if you “can”, and the plan is shortly: “I’m gonna take you, anywhere you wanna go”, and I asked her if she wants to join (?), but no she “cannot” answer, which I had almost forgotten, and yes later I received the feeling of Margrethe being informed from your Ministry of my comment, and are you “suffering” much because of me, Margrethe (?), and yes not easy to be a “hero” of many in Denmark and “the most powerful”, which you simply love, and then to have someone like me telling you and the world that what you are seeing here is also THE WORST DARKNESS, and yes stealing from the poor and giving to the rich, have you ever heard the like, and yes as the man kicking small stones having his hands tied on his back says with some carelessness/laziness, but soon I am free, and yes the you are him there, Stig, and that is as light and no more darkness, and yes we know I was shown “him” as an actor in one of his last acts.

FB 280213 Til Margrethe


1st March: Lifting life of our New World up to the top level of the Source via an increase of fuel of darkness and faith

I was told that calling my aunt was to help raising her faith in me, which her’s and my father’s family has removed, but later I was happy to see that for the first time in weeks she opened my new script, and yes she has visited a couple of times to “see” but not opened my scripts recently.

I am about to go from underground to overground and the football stadium is only there when I am underground.

I was told that we have just received good news, which is that we will not have to come to a complete halt, and I hear something like “because the Pope has approved what I have written”, and this is about writings like this as I did on the Pope is of course fine to do also when you write about me, but when you systematically work behind my back getting information on me, and write information about me, which is NOT correct simply because you “cannot” read and understand, this is when it is good behaviour to contact me.

I am inside a very good looking apartment with double height to the ceiling, and the feeling is that it is modern and with the feeling of the 1960’s, which to me is “almost modern” today (I saw the story of Andy Warhol on TV the other day also inspiring here), and I felt my father inside there, and also the big clock of the world (it is from here that it is controlled), and I was told that we have just been waiting on you here, and I heard myself saying “here is the New World” and I was told “just put it there”.

Most of the day yesterday and also now I received the feeling of Jack, and now also his mother’s home town Vorupør, where we were on holiday in 1982, and I was told that the news of me is now also spread there.

I received feeling of both chocolate (i.e. selfishness) and cakes (i.e. creation) with the feeling that this is what the New World is going through to come home.

I felt the Pope right infront of me and I was shown the smoking of tobacco with the feeling “clean tobacco” and also the feeling “home”.

Again I felt the Source – as brown – to the left and the New World to the right joining as ONE unit.

I had a reasonable relaxed night with less pressure and darkness after having gone through the hardest day almost finishing me off.

I was shown the endless tunnel in front of me and as if I am turning down bowling cones, and I was told that this is how it will become when everything is setup correctly, which is what we knew, and this is when we will travel into eternity making the hills/golf balls/bowling cones into new life and New World’s and that is “feeling good” while doing it, and not with the feeling of darkness attacking us. So we are not an old gramophone/pick up now, but “are” because of the Source being here.

I have often received visions of the Espergærde Youth School these days, which I understand because I have been spoken about on this school because of Jais, my old class mate, working there and speaking behind my back, and I also understand that this is because of attraction to young people/women by people around me among my family, friends etc.

I felt the Source and was told that I can enter, but obviously you have problems, and this is where we turn around the gramophone of the Old World into the new, and this is when we will start.

We have been to the museum collecting all old hatchets, so I cannot fight you when you use your pure will to say that everything has to be perfect and you keep on working, and yes we will get everything with us, and NOT accept any destructions, which darkness continues constantly wanting me to accept.

I was shown myself under water almost coming through the surface of it, and I was told with enthusiasm of this character that there is a whole golden city down here you know.

Can you see that of the two, who continued, we chose you – here thinking that I still have the other of the double of me inside of me. We took the strongest of you, and I was thinking of the two of the dream where I as the strongest was able to sit on the roof on top of everything (of darkness) without falling down and dying.

It is hard to tell it, Stig, but this means that you and we don’t exist anymore, but we are now the version of us, which the Source brought – but I was told that our old selves from the New World as we brought are inside of here, all “almost an eternity” of versions, and we will not feel the difference.

And I was given the temptation to say no to life of the New World still on its way in to the Source thinking that we already have the other and stronger version, but no, I would never do that and I was told that this is good because it is here that the memory sits, and alright feeling Frank Hvam here, another Danish comedian.

I was told that the Source was burned in order to be able to release everything and to do like this. I was told that it was my visit to Espergærde Youth School in 2010 I believe, which gave me the key to do this, but eeehhhh I am everything and don’t need a key. And we tried to bring in energy here to destroy everything, but it cannot even be done.

So they have always shared a room and we did not know that we had a double inside the Source, and when we found out, we decided to see who was the strongest, and the Source parts were.

And later I was told that, eeehhh are these all our spiritual selves inside Paradise of God, which is what I understand it is, and that is our spiritual selves also meaning that we are witnessing the uniting of our physical and spiritual selves.

It is first from the change of year that I can show you whom I really are, and this is when we will wake up to our new consciousness.

I was told that you have saved us from countless of earth quakes (because I have continued working).

There is all of the lion, which we are about to swallow now.

I was given the sound of riding horses in my kitchen, and was told that we have first now started to roll out what is inside of the Source, and you ain’t seen nothing yet, and yes the Source is “nothing”, but still there is plenty inside of here.

I felt the spirit of my mother and understood that by returning the New World to the Source, she is bringing herself as the result of her task, which was to create this New World – thank you, mother ♥.

So we are not at all newspapers inside of here (?), and this is about dissolving the last darkness to bring the New World here, and this is darkness of the most inner of the Source really, and I was told that this will change the perception of me from my surroundings including the Commune, who will value me for the work I have done.

I was shown a big round cheese with a black crust, but fine cheese inside, and a burned cake on the surface but fine inside, and this is what is now opening and what we have started to look into.

It was Søren D-N’s (my old class mate from Espergærde) task to bring the New World here, but when he did not have faith in you, we used yourself, and now my right upper arm is pounding like crazy, and my left is not, so this is to say that I have moved from left of the Source to right of the New World.

There are not the least clouds here, and “always sun”, isn’t this how Paradise is (?), no, first when we have combined the spiritual and physical world.

These days and this night are so hard that I am far beyond my normal limits with far too much work, far too little sleep and far too stressed/exhausted/tired that I am almost given in to the dark voice still coming, for example “I wish the Devil had everything”, and yes you can get so extremely low that this is your only way out, but I have not used this card not even once, but my disgust was so deep that I was on the extreme limit of this.

I tried to get some sleep at 03.00 on my sofa, but I was not allowed feeling warm all over and also receiving cough of darkness, and at 03.25 I stood up and decided to go directly to bed, but I critically needed sleep, which I was then allowed to do until 10.35 receiving this dream.

  • I have played on the Danish team in football, and we won the first match by 5 to 0, and the next by 3 to 2 where Brian Laudrup did an impossible turn around in the penalty area, where he first had his back against the goal, but after having turned around, he scores the decisive goal, and Portugal is now playing being in front by 4 to 0 against one of the teams Denmark also defeated, but I see that one player has been locked into a small fencing and run into a tree inside of there, where he has hurt himself because he crashed into 74 people having made a whole in the side of the tree, and he does not want to stand forward, but he tells me about catastrophes of cities of 3,600 people have vanished into holes .
    • The results of these matches are a reference to the European Championships in Football in 1984, where Denmark first defeated Yugoslavia by 5 to 0, which I saw together with my father and all of Kirsten’s big family on visit in their old cottage house in Rågeleje, and the next result of 3 to 2 was against Belgium, where Denmark was behind 2 to 0, and did the impossible to reverse the match, and Portugal is here because I was thinking yesterday about my old colleague/friend Pedro from Portugal (Acta), and he is thinking of me when seeing my LinkedIn postings, which is making him hurt because of the me being the family tree, and the last part of the dream says that the world has hidden sink holes – like this famous hole in Guatamala – swallowing entire villages from the world, and yes can it really be that you are all waiting on me, and decided to do everything from revealing the Judgment and my arrival to the world and yes “everything” you know including UFO’s and all SIGNS about my arrival, and yes SHAME ON YOU!

It is not exaggerating when I tell you that I am now on my absolute extreme level of working, and also today it was absolutely impossible to start working, and I was “this close” not to work at all or at lest to get more sleep before starting, because I am “nothing”, and yes nothing remains of me, so “empty” and “destroyed” are the words characterizing me these days, and if this continues, it may very well mean that I will stop writing very soon.

At 12.20 I was extremely tired falling asleep, and I really could not continue, and it took the greatest exertion to pull myself together. But with the door a little open to bring in coldness (just over the freezing point) and my attitude to simply be in front of the computer writing one paragraph after the other with GREAT difficulties and breaks in between, I knew that the rhythm would come sooner or later, and now a couple of hours later, this is what has happened also making me able to work today.

I was shown a crown all over at the inside of here.

Why are you so happy (?), yes because we stand inside the store. And I received the feeling of people of other civilizations, who told me that it is because of your decision to bring 100% of all life with you.

I was told about a new football game about to be played, which is to have everything of the New World entering me as the Source.

Your mother can use many colour-concepts to get in here, it doesn’t matter which, we will resemble it.

We will be getting ice out of the refrigerator, which we did not even know is there. This is what we have put down into newspapers, we now see, but since there is no need of newspapers here, we have decided to dissolve this too and bring out everything of us.

This was the world’s biggest chance to save some, and yes darkness for itself, and I feel my sister and silence of the world, which is what is being dragged in here like this, as darkness, i.e. terminated life inside newspapers, because you “could not” find out what was right to do. Life here is not even divided on gender, it enters in its original form, yes before being created to life, and will here be dressed. And this is what darkness wanted to completely delete, but no. This is also why it has been foot cold here.

This is part of the 5 to 1 result darkness wanted to hide, and I was given the song “bad romance” by Lady Gaga, which is because of how darkness mainly in dreams brought together mother and son.

I received the taste of Chianti Classico wine, which I also like very much (still remember tasting one of your 1990 bottles around 2000, Lars G., which was “incredible good”, and you may still have some remaining, which I am sure are only even better today) and in here it very quickly becomes wine again, we see it in front of our eyes, and that is because this is our wish, and it comes via you, for everything to survive.

It is like the door opening, “who’s there”, and it is just us outside here in the ice-cold, but come in, and yes all of you, and yes come on guys, there is a last chance here, and we know you would never kill any of us, this is what this is about. So you are the great offender, but also the great saviour, and yes creation of life was in the process in between.

So we don’t even need a ticket for the train, this is about coming home and to restore/recreate everything which was lost on the way – as promised. The most important was to come home.

I was shown life coming out with enthusiasm from the trunk of an old Ford Taunus, and was told that it felt like not being able to breath being down there.

I was given the feeling that the inside of a potato is about the being of God, which is to be “down to Earth”, and that is “a simple man”.

I still receive the most disgusting small heart attacks, and the feeling is because of pressure coming to my right, but all of the inside of this is really light as I also feel.

I was shown a long line of Russian officers walking up a ladder to a big horse and into the horse from its top, and it leads into the basement, which is a ship, and this is about God self as darkness using Russia to create the worst darkness in order to do creation!

I was shown Yoda floating in a very beautiful landscape of mountains and I was shown one layer of marzipan ring cake (i.e. never give up) after the other in the mountains, and I was told that this is how it is here all over, but it will have to wait (on me).

Later I received a constant pounding to my upper left arm again.

I was also told that I have been asked to make more than what I have knowledge of, which was part of the challenges of my journey, and yes not easy setting up a New World Order as a “normal human being” and to have the “professional official world” to follow me, but this is how it was.

But later I was told “he does not have a hole in his head” as we say here – “he is not crazy” – and that is that my ideas as a starting point may not be that “dumb” (?), and yes just saying that you should have been able to figure out a New World Order and “normal life” as LONG time ago, my dear world.

I was shown two halves of a “belt” about to click into each other, which will start everything, and behind this, I was shown the original white egg of the Source, and I am here given a very delicious and long lasting taste of Burgundy red wine, and yes it is even more delicious than Chianti in my taste, and I was told that everything of the New World is now inside of the Source, and it also has to be the other way around when we have now become ONE.

Who will clean that bathroom there (?), and yes it looks “filthy”, and this is why Remee was brought to me to bring me this “faeces”, which he includes – see the short stories – which is also a reference to our newsletter on Dadaab, which I understand that he is reading after having “deleted” me.

I received the feeling “do we also have to ask him about his visit at Champagne Vilmart” (as I visited with Lars in 2002 I believe), and this is about media being nervous/insecure about what kind of material I would like to see before publishing, and I can only say that when you write about others in our New World, it is a nice gesture to offer them to look it through not as much to receive approval, because people will feel that they have nothing to hide, but simply to avoid misunderstandings and to show “good behaviour”, and no, I decided not to ask people of their permission to write as I did about them because most people would have declined, and all of these would have been WRONG wanting to hide as the Devil does instead of wanting to be open, which is my policy, and everyone could read my scripts in open, and I do believe that most people if not all were aware of my scripts on them, and this is what I was encouraged to let people know throughout my journey, but you may find some, who did not know.

I was shown Spaghetti inside a newspaper, and was told that each spaghetti contains an “eternity” of Old World’s and that this was our only way to get inside of here, which in other words mean that it required the termination of all of these worlds in order to bring energy to get here, and when we are now here, all of this life is woken up because inside of here, there are no newspapers, so when removing this, all life reappears and yes come up to the surface of the water.

I used some of the afternoon to write the summary of my book of February despite of NOT AT ALL having the energy to do so – the last days have meant a further decline to how I feel – and at 18.00 I took the train to town – and not the cycle even though I knew that I would be going to my mother afterwards, and she ALWAYS wave at me in the window, so I had to tell her about the broken wheel of the cycle, and I had thought about taking the cycle to keep the game going, but no, I cannot cycle it, which of course is the symbol about how I feel, “impossible” to continue working as my old self – and I went to the library to convert the word-document to PDF (incredible how fast these new computers work compared to the used one I have from Bettina, and yes it takes FAR LONGER just to scroll down Facebook pages as example), and also to upload it, and TRUST me, this is the feeling of using the absolutely last of my power, and when this is written, I am sad that no one decided to “like” my Facebook post of this new upload, and yes it would be nice to have people appreciating what you do, and this is “the greatest performance in history”, we talk about ….

I was told that this is what we will become the most piggish of, i.e. bringing the most life – I understand this as “everything” – and I was shown and told if this is here we can pull the brake of the train, and yes this is here that our journey ends.

I was told that the alternative would have been a catastrophe brake, and that it also requires power of me to stop the train of the New World in a controlled way as this is about, and could I not do this, darkness would have pressured me to say that “nothing has to live”, which everything of course would have done, but you know, this is a matter of what we do before and after the opening of our New World and still about decreasing/removing sufferings of the physical world, which otherwise would have been given you to bring the power I cannot.

This was one store home, and we will now take all others.

We have now come all the way to Helle P. (my old friend Kirsten’s old friend, whom I was “close” with in the beginning of the 1990’s potentially to go to bed with while she had another boyfriend, but this was before I really started myself, you know) at the broom cupboard, and I understood that she is one – of four (?) – guards to my most inner self, and is Helle one of the “too many” other parts of my mother too (?), and the feeling is that we are passing here now without problem.

We cannot even calculate how much strength is required to bring in everything from here, and yes I can only give how much I can dig up from “nothing left” of me.

This is better than a one room apartment on the dock, which is where we otherwise would have been hidden until the New World would open, and I received STRONG heartburn here 1-2 hours after sending my reply to Remee, see the short stories, and I was told that the push and shock of Remee was necessary for him to bring as a “close special friend” of me too, and that was in order to get all the way in.

On my walk from the library back to my mother and John, I was happy to see what was a big and longer UFO than what I normally see, and I was told that this is the “guiding star” (“ledestjerne” in Danish with “lede” both meaning “lead” and “mean” and “mean” because of people such as my mother having negative feelings of us) of Bethlehem, thus the light of my mother and also the Jerusalem UFO, and it showed itself looking like the spaceships of the Moonbase Alpha TV-series, and changed into the form of a laser gun pointing in one direction before the gun was turned around now pointing in the other direction, and this is about “the push of Remee”, which hit me like darkness, and this darkness is what I turn around to bring all life to my inner really, and yes imagine the Source inside the New World and all life of the New World on its way into the core of the Source, this is how I see it.

When I arrived at my mother and John, John was looking at their travel insurance because they are close to order an 18-day cruise from Fort Lauderdale in Florida over the Atlantic and via sights in Europe back home (!), and I asked him if the insurance includes sickness cover, and to John, sickness cover was about the right to cancel the cruise because of sickness and to receive a refund, and no, it is NOT what I think of, John, it is about whether or not you will be covered with hospital treatment, right to be sent home etc. in case of sickness during the journey, and no, John did not know if this was covered (!), so I offered him to look at the policy wordings, and yes during dinner, John mentioned our conversation on this to my mother, and it emerged that my mother is VERY nervous about ordering a travel to USA because the public Danish Travel Insurance cover including cover in case of sickness only covers in Europe, and John had gone through a “test” on the website of the LB insurance company to check whether or not he needed a “medical pre-approval”, and according to the test, he did not, and what I discovered during my reading of the policy wordings was that pre-existing chronic sickness is not covered by the insurance if you have been to a doctor less than two months before travel for other reasons than “control check”, and John has (also before April 18 as the planned departure date), but in his mind, he has “only” been to control visits, and in my mother’s mind, he has not (!), and John did not want to even include his cancer or kidney “sicknesses” in this dialogue, only his heart, and to him, this was really over with until I came and told him that if he is hospitalised in Florida, the American system is GREEDY actively trying to get as much out of travel insurance covers as they can – a well-known fact of the insurance industry as I told him my experience about – and also that what he does now can mean the difference of plus or minus 500,000 DKK if he is hospitalised in Florida with or without insurance cover, and therefore the ONLY right thing to do is ALWAYS receive an approval of the insurance cover BEFORE and not AFTER it is too late, and that is even though he may feel secure about the “control-visits” only and I told him that I do NOT know, and also that my mother had the opposite attitude on this, and also that this is VITAL in order to keep my mother’s nerves in calm, otherwise she would be constantly nervous before and during the tour, and yes, John really understood this – mainly the money part of it as I was told – and my mother did too, thus making the decision that John will send his new medical journals to the insurance company and ask for approval, and can he get it, they can go to USA with peace of mind, and if he cannot, they should stay in Europe, and yes my mother completely agreed, and I noticed that when I said this with the strength of my normal “business-approach”, my mother was looking at me with the eyes “can it really be that Stig is the one” (?), and yes I have seen that look before, which is a SPECIAL look, and yes Bettina’s husband Søren gave it to me once a couple of years ago, and here my mother is opening the eyes to me, and yes removing her fear is really to make her able to help us the best doing the last part of the exercise to bring all of the New World into the deepest part of me, and yes I cannot understand it differently, and I was shown the absolutely most beautiful and most high definition HI-FI gramophone as you can imagine, and it had a yellow turntable, which was to say that we will continue the old game a little bit still with “yellow” being the colour of my mother now lifted up a level to help us out.

And it was lifted even more when she said that she had spoken to Sanna, who did not understand why I had not sent my “thank you for last” Facebook email as I normally do after a visit, and I smiled and told my mother that I had the day after our visit the other day, and that I was wondering why I had not received her reply – and I understood that this is also to say that my sister is reading my scripts now and again, which is NOT shown to me via my counter the same way as I was not shown Anton’s visits the other day (I told about this “spiritual darkness” of the counter not showing Anton’s visits, otherwise I can see who visits my scripts, and when I came home, I saw that my mother had decided to open my script of the 27th February, which is the first she has opened in a long time, to my knowledge at least, and that is unless “spiritual darkness” you know, and I was told that my mother had also seen my Facebook message of today including the main messages of my February script, and the total declaration of faith of Anton in me), and yes if I knew that my sister was reading, I would probably not have written as directly as I have done – and I told her that this is the same as different electronic devices having “their own life” for example the day when my mother had called me 2-3 times and I showed her my telephone saying that there were no one who had called me (!), and John asked if this is also why the volume was much decreased the other day when I spoke to him on the phone, and I confirmed that it was (I had NOT changed any settings on the phone), and also that my mother experienced the same the day after, and this is really examples like this, which is helping the faith of my mother – and maybe John too – and with this, we can lift up everything a level higher, and this is at least the thought about doing this, and yes because you do NOT want to accept your “old nightmare” giving the energy to do this, and yes that’s right, just ask Dave G. :-).

At dinner, we listened to the CD, which was loaded in their B&O stereo system – LIKE THEIR DESIGN, I do – and it was “of course” Mireille Mathieu, and this was of course about “ONLY LOVE” of God, and yes this is the first time ever we have listened to a full CD together with her, therefore the strong symbol to me.

I told my mother about the cycle and that I was on the train today, and also that “I will have to look into the wheel”, which will be “one day” not prioritized, and I feared that she would offer us to go to the cycle repair workshop, which is really not what I want to use energy of almost nothing left to do, but she did not (yet).

And then I received the song “Knuden” by Shu-bi-dua – it was just mentioned to me as if Michael Bundesen would say it, and I am here having Michael “online” feeling and seeing him – and I have been waiting for the day when I would receive this because I like it VERY much, and because it is about a man being COMPLETELY LONELY as I am too because almost everyone has abandoned me in practise, and here it came, and I was told that it is because I am made of gold (power of creation), and when I now looks through the lyrics of the song, I am surprised to see the line “men jeg hedder Knud, er lavet af Gud, så jeg ser almindelig ud” (“but my name is Knud, am made by God, so I look ordinary”), and that is because in all of these years since it was published, 35 years, I have thought they said “made of gold”, and then it is “only” God, but that is also “good enough” as we still say here, and at least I love the song, and Michael Bundesen is still with me, and yes we are still doing the “puff-puff” of the train, Michael :-).

I was shown the first of a very large number of galleon ships now at harbour, and I am thinking that this is first now the arrival of all life of the Source at the highest level.

My mother also told about Tobias and his great problems receiving haemorrhoids, which is bringing him much physical pain – they are TRULY nasty satan’s – and he is going to be operated under full anaesthesia as I understand.

I yes, when visiting Sanna the other day, on my way there, I was inspired to say that Sanna would probably have done a homemade desert/cake, which she had, and today I did not see the bottle of the wine we were drinking, and I tasted it and did a “wild guess” saying that it was a Cabernet Sauvignon from South Africa, and it was (!), and this also helps faith of my mother.

On my way home, I was shown a new Tivoli train now driving towards me, and it included Arafat as a passenger including a BIG BOMB – MUCH darkness – which is also because of the story of Israel poisoning him.

I was home at 22.15 and had far too little energy to finish the script of today, but if I don’t do this today, I will not be able to do the script of tomorrow and especially not the chapter of X-factor, and now it is 01.10 and I am still carrying on, and have not yet done the comments to Jette’s Google Earth pictures and several short stories, so I might continue until approx. 03.00, and I have a new appointment with my mother and John to do shopping together in Hornbæk tomorrow at 11.00, and yes good idea to keep this appointment despite of having only little money this month and also no time/energy, and that is because this brings even more love, and this is an important fuel in driving the train forward and braking it at its final destination, and yes at the centre of the Source inside the New World.

I sent my message of the other day to my sister again and told her about ”spiritual darkness” as the reason why she had not received it the same way as lights, telephones, lifts (!), computers, ovens etc. here are influenced spiritually, and yes she really knows this already, but this is a way to show her, thus bringing her more faith to, which will influence our mother thus lifting everything up, and you do know that this is how I work.

FB besked til Sanna 2502 010313-2

I was surprised to see that I could not upload my February book to my library at Mediafire – the upload/add files button had simply vanished (!) – and it did not tell me why, so I had to look for the answer myself, and when I looked at “my settings”, the answer came – I am shown a big smile here, and yes Mediafire knows about me too – and that was that I needed to re-confirm my email address, which I did, and now I could upload the book, which I did, and to me this was a symbol about still being able to lift up even more life to the top level of the Source.

In practise this is to say that we brought beer with us including the New World designed, fixed and ready, but as beer until we would make it to the top of the Source.

So you are still turning the inside of you upside down, Stig – with the help of Michael Bundesen and yes LOVE the text of looking like “Rock Hudson” J – and there is “nothing” left, and “nothing” is the Source, so this is what is coming with you too, and let us see how close to 100% we can get, because what you say is that at 100% I am a “walking dead”, but this is what I already am, so just maybe I can?

I was shown myself as the hair-dresser’s saloon being all close on and looking directly into the mirror of the full wall – the Source sending what it receives – and I was told that we did not (in our wildest dreams) believe that you could make this so clean as it will now become.

I have been told that when my father moved home from Jutland, where he lived some years after the divorce of my mother, and he moved to Rødovre, we had some time together before he met Kirsten in the end of the 1970’s, and this is when we build up a little father-son relation and the love of my father to me, which is what we are using now.

Lars Løkke is known for having been VERY inactive in domestic politics since the 2011 election, and I was told that he has been kept hidden – by media and politicians – and have been on several, secret tours to USA, which is about preparing my arrival as I understand?

I was told that the Pope had given the church “a warning” about me, and yes to speak the truth about me as I understood, and keep away the secrecy

I was told that the Panum Institute has become a much “nicer” place, and you do remember to document to the world what you decided to do on animals and people, right?

And I continue receiving more out of this world pain to my right ankle so still more life being turned around.

X-factor told about “the golden horns” of God creating man and love, which is transforming the world

It is now tomorrow at 23.15 and I am more down than ever before, but let is see if I can write this chapter.

Tonight it was Denmarks’ Radio’s Big Band, which played live in X-factor and the host Signe Molde was inspired when asking Thomas Blachman herewhat is the greatest challenge to sing with the golden horns over here” (?), which of course was to say that this is the Big Band of God with gold being creation of man and love, and Thomas Blachman praised it much saying that “no one sits in it sleeping on his chair” and he spoke about how difficult it is to sing with this band; “can you live up to it or can’t you, this is really high class and it is very difficult to go in and take it, to fill out this task”, and what he ALSO was talking about here is just how impossible it is to write this chapter, which by far is the most difficult of all because I am not just tired now, I am tired times “extreme” all the way into the very DEEPEST of me.

Thomas Blachman here gave his feedback to Chresten by saying “Ch-Ch-Ch-Chresten, this was clearly your best live show performance to date” and “funny” that he was rolling on the “Ch-” just like David Bowie in Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes, right (?), and you may understand that there is a connection between me, Thomas Blachman and David Bowie on the inner lines being different parts of the Source really, and this comes to Thomas because I played this very song, one of David Bowie’s finest of his career if you ask me and a clearly 100 point song.

Thomas Blachman said here when introducing Amanda that “one of the fantastic opportunities with this orchestra tonight, it is to transform all Denmark to a small jazz club for a moment, but it requires that you choose a “standard”, which we of course have done now that we have a fantastic singer, who can release this”, and this is really about transforming Denmark (and the world) with the use of the “Golden Horns” – one of the national treasures of Denmark, and because of this – to new life of our New World, and what do you see then (?), and yes Amanda entering the stage singing the immensely beautiful “Cry me a river” with a very beautiful stage decoration of a BIG TREE behind her, which to me is the “family tree” of God, and yes the origin of life you know – and I am here told that the symbols of the Golden Horns are only given here because this is what I am “digging out” now from the family tree of the Source myself – and need I tell you how MUCH both my mother and I enjoyed this and her singing – it was VERY beautiful, thank you ♥.

And to both my mothers and my GREAT surprise, Ida here gave Amanda negative criticism for example by saying “unfortunately this is the first time I have not been completely enhanced, the first time I don’t buy it, the first time I have not entered your Universe” and “I have just not been brought with here, it does not melt together” and when she said this, I received the feeling of Remee, which is to say that his negativity and darkness toward me was here planted to Ida, and my mother and I looked at each other with this great surprise saying “what” (?), and did she hear and see the same as we saw (?), and apparently not, or at least it was darkness making her feel and think “this is not quite as I like it”, and this is the power of darkness you know (as I have experienced STRONGLY myself especially in 2010 when darkness of destruction almost made me throw up by negative emotions of music!).

To our even greater surprise, Anne Linnet was also negative for example when saying “Yes, I do believe it became a little boring” and “in a song like this, you have to feel that it is you crying, and I did also not really feel it”, and yes, Anne, in your case, you are not born with the same deep feelings as my mother and I, because we surely “felt” it very much here.

And as expected, this called for a reaction from Thomas Blachman when it was his turn – running up that hill again he was (the most beautiful way to do it together with Kate Bush, and yes I had a poster of “beautiful Kate” hanging on my teenage room!) against “ignorant” and better-knowing judges (!) – and he said directly to them “sometimes I really get speechless, I really do, I feel like having been invited to a tour in the forest, and you two arrive in a camping wagon and keep sitting inside of there. Well, what the “b…. H…” happens with you (?), come on (!), what do we fight for here (?), we fight for music here in the service of music, creativity so all viewers can watch and feel something and start believing in their own ideas and their own sensitiveness” and he continued by giving praise to Amanda for example saying “you take up the challenge and sing probably the only jazz-track of the evening because we have a jazz-orchestra, and this is some of the most difficult discipline to do, instead of hitting a basic accord, you have to get up hitting no. 9 every time, and it sits right “beep” in the closet” and “Amanda, I am completely satisfied, this is maximum grades”, and this is really going through a new showdown against darkness not being able to hear quality when you hear it – or are you “playing” it down not truly praising one of Thomas’ candidates, because it is not your own, and had it been your candidate, there would have been no limits to how satisfied you would have been (?), and yes I received the SUSPICION of this, this evening, and WRONG WRONG WRONG it is (!) – and what Thomas really said was that this was God inviting, but Ida and Anne have decided to remain inside the camping wagon of darkness, and what Amanda does is the most difficult of all having to do her best hitting “no. 9” each time, and this is really about me having to go to my ultimate limit to play the game I am playing against darkness at the moment, and that is in order to get in in the closet of God you know.

But Anne Linnet decided to speak again here giving me the clear feeling of a simple minded person – this is what is coming to me strongly, Anne (!) – and she said that “I have not yet heard Amanda sing what I know she can”, and it made Thomas Blachman react strongly by asking her “well, is it Sanne Salomonsen (?) – she just has to “bang to the top” as Anne normally says when she wants people to sing mainstream pop songs, and she said “I cannot feel that this is Amanda”, and to me it is what is inside of your head more than anything, Anne, and she spoke about Amanda being able to bring out much more and wanting to see Amanda showing “power” and “I don’t know why she has to be put down into such a small box”, and yes, this small box is symbolising the Source self inside the smallest unit of it all, and Anne continued by saying to Thomas “it is noticeable that all the girls year after year are put inside this nice, innocent thing, I just have difficulties with it”, and what she really said here was that she does not have faith in “this thing called love” of God (!), and I get the same feeling of my sister here, and yes EXACTLY the same, and “not easy” it is for Anne and also not for my sister when you don’t have faith, so Anne, it is time for you to grow up and realise that you are the “bad girl” of the class having to IMPROVE your way of life, and that is both in terms of “love” and to show VARIATION, which is your “problem”.

And I was thinking that now you have a Big Band in the show, so the only right way is to use the Big Band to play what it can the best, and to me this is much more about jazz music – using the horns as in Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York” as example, and yes when talking about Big Appple’s you know (you may like to start spreading the news?) – than it is to play the same mainstream pop-songs as you decided to choose, and yes WHAT ABOUT SOME VARIATION my ladies?

Afterwards, it was Anne Linnet’s turn to present her attendant, which was the boy-band “Wasteland” and even though they song “diamond” as the symbol of our New World united with the Source, my mother and I completely agreed that this singing was VERY ORDINARY compared to the very beautiful singing of Amanda, but I am sure that it satisfied Anne Linnet’s dream of a “pop-band” (of commercial music), and it made Thomas Blachman ask them “do you practice at all” (?) – and yes this is also how “ordinary” we thought of their performance – “or do you only stand on Facebook and look yourself into the mirror” (?) and then he said that “there is NO tone” (of the four) and to Anne “you completely ignore the Big Band, it comes to sound like a military orchestra” and “I don’t understand the project, but I do understand that when you put together four boys, something happens out there at the children’s roomsfame, yes”, so this is what it is about, mainstream and fame, but quality (?), and no, not if you ask me, they do NOT have nearly the same talent as Amanda.

Ida agreed that they were not good, but “surprise, surprise” Anne (!), and yes she believed “the boys work hard and they sing super cool”, and yes also that she uses the Big Band “another way with Wasteland, which points ahead and not backwards”, and no, Anne, I am sorry, your ears are blurred (not with Coffee and TV – I knew this was coming, I was told about Blur maybe 12 hours ago, and here it came to me, an AMAZING band) – with “let us put everything together as one big porridge without being able to separate/hear each single ingredient”, and this is what truly is a shame, and this is also what I hear Thomas telling Anne Linnet here in his feedback to/about Anna & Lusanda, which is that “it is over arranged, I don’t understand why you choose songs having to have so much accompaniment”.

When Thomas Blachman presented Karoline, among others he said “… this girl, who every time says, now we TRULY do it (beep, beep Thomas!), and then she walks her own way and knows in every way that this is a competition, out of this treatment culture, where we have to believe that it is a petty for everyone if it is not entirely up ringing, it has to get all the way up ringing, this girl is total hustler like this”, and this is also about me walking my own way going against the “treatment culture” of the Commune, who truly “want” me to be “treated” for my “illness” in their eyes, and this is the darkness I have to go through to get all the way to the top to ring, and when Thomas says that we have to, this is what we do and yes with his help also with darkness working against him, which he absorbs.

Some time after I had had my thought about the judges being unnecessary negative of the other’s contestants to “protect” their own – A COMPLETELY WRONG WAY TO PLAY THE GAME; but this is how darkness works inside of you, Anne (!) – Thomas Blachman received this impulse too (via me), when he here said  “I believe it is important that you don’t just sit there running the other’s attendants down, this is not reasonable” and yes it should NOT be difficult to be as objective towards your own as others contestants and to treat everyone with the same high moral.

And here Thomas Blachman said that “we sit here Friday after Friday and we just want a musical experience, we would like to hear some people …, one human, one idea, what have you discovered at home, which is your own, which no one else does (and looking at Anne), this is what Amanda can, this is what we are able to bring forward”, and of course Anne said “no”, and this is about bringing forward “one human, one idea” and yes the Source symbolised via the beautiful song and stage set up of Amanda this evening, which Anne “did not get” or didn’t you really, Anne?

At the end of the show, it was a decision about sending home the boy-band “Wasteland” or the two girls Anna & Lusanda, and I was in no doubt that the girls were MUCH better singers than Wasteland thus making Thomas Blachman’s decision to send Wasteland home, and Ida took the same WRONG decision as Anne did was it the last time and that is when she decided not to decide making it up to Anne to chose which of her two groups she wanted to keep, and she decided that a boy band is what we now need, and with this argument, she sent home Anna and Lusanda, and I am sorry, Anne, you are a wonderful artist making “commercial music” – not showing the world what you really can – but I do NOT like the way you act as a judge of this show, and I can only encourage you and Thomas to try to speak together and for you to LISTEN and UNDERSTAND, and we know, Stig, it may be “completely impossible” now because Anne is born “deaf” and still she is one of the most gifted artists of this country, which this beautiful song “forårsdag” shows.

And yes, Stig, strangely enough you are not as tired when you sit down in front of your computer working – despite of my critical condition – so here at 02.45, I actually finished and uploaded this chapter too.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Helena said that she was “sickly terrified” because of an unknown man walking around her house just looking in, smoking, text messaging, looking, looking, looking, smoking, text messaging, and she took pictures of both the man and his car, and feared that she could be dead tomorrow, and I here received the feeling of Søren Pind and was told that this is darkness coming to her because of this “wrong love” – and here I received a sound to my shelves, which was about yet another book being set in.

FB 010313 Helena

  • After midnight, I had this dialogue with Christopher, Anton’s enlightened friend, and he did not say much, and stopped when I told him how I feel.

Christopher 280213

  • This morning, he came back and we had this dialogue.

Christopher 010313

Christopher 010313-2

  • Remee is a famous and RICH Danish producer and song-writer – for example standing behind the hit below and many others – and I have seen many of his postings about his luxury life and parties/nightclubbing, and here was yet another where he said “the best meeting ever is over with, 100 beautiful people at the Premiere of the new UMAMI menu and 100 gorgeous in the Carolina-lounge on STAY- ALL roads lead to ZEN ♥ Grand night coming up ! Thank you lord ;)”, and since he was INSPIRED to address me directly, I gave him my answer including what I was TRULY thinking of, and that is of how much Remee could have decided to help people still living at the WORST LIVING HELL ON EARTH at the Dadaab refugee camps, so this was my kind way to help him think that instead of living a carefree, luxury life WAY BEYOND most people, he may reconsider and help these people.

FB 010314 Remee

  • And it did not take him more than a few minutes to send me his reply via a Facebook email saying that he did not like my comment (?), and no, you don’t like to face REALITY of life as most rich people do not?

FB 010313 Remee 2

  • And when I tried to open his Facebook profile and also the threat above, I was now given the “error message” below saying that the page isn’t available (!), so this is what people do when they are rich, popular and “celebrated” by yes-sayer’s wanting to be in their company, and that is to delete people you don’t like also because you have your “good reputation” to think about, right (?), and you do not having to think twice, Remee (?) – but maybe it is different in my case (?), when you are given the feeling of “home”, and yes what is it about him, Stig? Later I was told that he opened the link to the Dadaab newsletter, and I continued received feelings of him “under my skin” many times during the day/evening, which was all over the bottom half of my head and my throat, and yes “just under the skin” I had the feeling of Remee, and this is exactly how it is, which is to say that I made him think, and maybe also one day regret your WRONG action of today, Remee? I was also shown a giant spider coming my way because of his “anger”/negative feelings, but I was shown it turning into a flower straight away. Even later I received negative energy of Karen including the word “fool”, which is how Remee now “feels” about me, and this was the STRONG energy of a “close special friend”, which I needed to bring everything of life a level up.

FB 010313 Remee 3

  • After a couple of hours, Facebook had updated and discovered that here was yet another man thinking wrongly about me, who could not control his negative feelings, thus deleting me completely as the removal of his picture means, thus also sending Facebook a report about me, and I may be one of the worst people ever in Facebook’s history (?), but still I am alive also in this media without having been kicked out, and this is because we are still kicking the ball in, and yes ALL THE WAY IN is what I mean. And a SUPERSTAR you are, Remee, much more than you know :-).

FB 010313 Remee 4

  • Helena wondered if it is too early to “go on stick” yet, which is about her desire to “go on Søren”, and yes she cannot get enough of him, and understand it if you can (?), and yes still a symbol of darkness wanting to get me via my “old nightmare”, but no!

FB 010313 Helena2

  • Selvet has now awakened yet understanding their ROUGH INJUSTICE removing my freedom of speech, and Jens, who is in charge of this WRONG decision, is still seeking the truth without being able to see it in me and here he said that Buddha said that it is better to light a light than to curse darkness, and he showed Buddha having the world in his hands as my inner self really has, and yes HOW DEAF WERE YOU REALLY, JENS (?); and eeehhh you cannot remember?

FB 010313 Selvet Jens 1

  • And here is another one about the strawberries of me.

FB 010313 Selvet Jens 2

  • I was happy receiving this email from Meshack too and for Meshack to be involved in the election even though this means “nothing” in relation to our New World. As with John, I would have been happy if Meshack had decided to tell me about he and his family are doing and thinking, but maybe sufferings/lack of money for the Internet café was the constrain (?), or that I cannot take to hear about their sufferings because of my own sufferings (?), and this is not true, I would be happy to hear how you are directly, openly and honestly.

FB 010313 Meshack


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