March 3, 2013: Starting the eternal clock with today being the first day of the first week, month and year of our New World


Summary of the script today

2nd March: Lifting life to the upper level of the Source, which simultaneously drains my old self completely from life

  • The absolutely last piece of white bread of me/the Source is cut in pieces even though it is really too thin, which is about my energy; I have absolutely nothing left to give, and expect to stop working one of these days if I will not become better.
  • The double of me were two merchants receiving nourish from the Source and when it was chosen that my spiritual self will be my continuous self, it also opened up for the transfer of all life from my physical self including the whole world thus meaning that it is not ”dying” with you but being transferred before you die yourself as your old physical self, and you are trapped in the tension field between living and dying, which is why you have become even worse over the last days. This is the transferral of life, which was hidden to me, up to the next level and even smaller unit of the Source. The watch is also transferred from here. The last dice has been thrown. This is how everything comes with me, not even a neutron is left behind.
  • I received new “perfect clothes” of my mother symbolic for my mother dressing my new self as my final self these days.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show “FINALLY HE CAME”, Mother love waving, I am on my way up, The centrifuge works heavily and quickly, “saving souls – turbo cleaning”, I am put down as a baby, all is souls shown as heads, and I continue going directly at the throat of darkness (of the Commune).

3rd March: Starting the eternal clock with today being the first day of the first week, month and year of our New World

  • I continue my suffering climb to the very top of the Source, which created darkness/my sufferings/sexuality etc, with the Source self helping me to walk up, and I am hitting one gold chain after the other after having opened all locked bicycles on my way up.
  • Dreaming of fat of life dripping almost killing man, which is how much I suffer, while we bring out the worst war material of the Nazi’s, which is creation self when being turned around. I was closer to death than ever before when working this night before sleeping. Dreaming of my new cycle/self being prepared while darkness wants to cut me, and my new self becoming “perfect”.
  • No media nor governments “broke the unbreakable” chain releasing information about me to the world, but they spoke about me in the corners some waiting on me with eagerness – with the word of me spreading – which is what I built my story upon; this way to break the discipline.
  • After showing Bjarne, the CEO of Helsingør Commune, what “strange magic” is about when my spiritual friends told me via a Facebook notification that he is “following” me, which he is not “officially”, I was told that this is leading to everything of the Source via its back entrance now flying with me to the other side instead of using darkness of Karen to destroy it before being recreated on the other side. The spirit of my mother used “all of her colours” to open this lock of the Source via Bjarne, which he could not resist.
  • We cannot say that we are the Old World anymore because by now everything is a game getting the last details on place, and everything is really inside the New World with nothing of the old remaining, and this is why we have now started the clock of our New World with today being the first day of the first week, month and year of our New World.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show smiling faces, souls gathering, my mother’s doll offering me my “old nightmare”, the black pot exchanged with a white, the captain sends forward his unit, eating faeces of darkness, a new dust-cleaner, and the small in the big.
  • I wrote an email to the social worker of Helsingør Commune “handling” my case with a copy to the CEO and Mayor of the Commune, which is about the misunderstandings medicalization, and torture, which the Commune has made me go through with my only “crime” being that I needed public welfare from 2009 until now to support my full time work writing more than 7,000 pages of my work “One God, One People” to save the world, which no one wanted to support by sending me donations! The email shows how my “spiritual friends” via “strange magic” showed how the CEO of the Commune is “following” me and it documents (again!) how the “world elite” is reading me in secrecy also via “strange magic” given to me, which also means that the world elite knows about how the Commune has misunderstood, humiliated and tortured me from 2009 and from 2011 in Helsingør Commune, where I live now.
  • Short stories of “passive entertainment” is NOT God (!), the CEO of Helsingør Commune, Bjarne Pedersen, is “unofficially” following me as I am told with a little help from my spiritual friends, “SILENT” Fanny did not know about mine and other’s birthday greetings (!!!) and are led by feelings of darkness too.


2nd March: Lifting life to the upper level of the Source, which simultaneously drains my old self completely from life

I was shown darkness together with a coffin and was told that they have come to get me, and no, not yet, I am not done with my work, so you will have to wait until you are light too, and yes reducing my own life capacity myself and to do this as much as possible, and for how long can I continue, do you think? Later I was told that I am inside the Source and there is no darkness here, so this “death” would not be effected.

I was now shown the OPEN mental hospital of Helsingør – not the CLOSED in Hillerød – and was told that they still want to send me there, and yes to visit a doctor as I understand on “control visits” and not to hospitalise me, and yes, this story continues to develop and is also influence in the right direction because of the story of Remee of yesterday as I am told.

I was shown a white bread – symbolising the Source you know – being cut in pieces, and that we are cutting the absolutely end of it, which is so thin that it is impossible to cut, but this is because of your decision to keep on working as long as you can to bring “everything” up on the top floor, and that is if I can of course.

If we had known that you would do this work, Stig, we would not have the captain of the balloon lose control the other day in Egypt, because this is “impossible” to do what you – and us with you – do.

I was shown a Zipper – as I have been for some time – and how this was impossible to open, but this is what I understand it is now, and inside of this is a square, and I was told that this is also because of the “squaring of the circle” phenomenon, which is because the purity of my life as Stig – my old self with darkness inside of me – is strong enough to lift everything up on the most pure level of all.

I received STRONG negative speech of darkness wanting to make me speak like it, and it was while it was still carrying heavy furniture up the stairs and that was because I was still working.

And I was told something like you had to make two copies of us having some inside of one and the rest in the other and first in our New World we will become one 100%, and maybe this is still the case.

We could almost not recognize you, so you got your haircut after all (?) and yes you have to imagine two actors showing me this while speaking.

It is really out in the middle we are, and yes if you imagine the world as a football field, we are at the Source of the very middle of it with everything surrounding us, and just to say that all life is connected directly to the very Source of me.

I was shown a lamp post with the Pope on top of it, and I was told what if I told the Pope to resign because we are now as close as we are because it will look better to the world (?), and yes it might be that you have.

When I was preparing to publish my script of yesterday –without Jette’s Google Earth pictures and X-factor – at 03.10, I was shown and told that you are dribbling around with the ball inside the Source self, and no, you have decided NOT to give in to darkness, NEVER!

So it is still about the New World being just outside of the curtain of darkness of me on its way in, and still with the same old darkness coming to me, and the only difference is that I have more work and less energy than ever.

You cannot even ask for my money here, because they will do no good here.

Well, we also better get painted here, it is cold for they year, yes frozen.

As usual, this is really just an even smaller unit of me, which you are reaching, and that is still via the hold your mother did.

Well, there is nothing to laugh of, because now it becomes even more difficult to control the needle while sewing your new clothes, and yes once again we have to improve the version of you, which we had already prepared, and yes “ouch, hell” is what you say and show me the needle pricking the smallest possible hole to your thumb, and that is the hole you have decided that you will try to bring us through, and we know crazy is not the word any longer.

So we received free tickets all the way in here, and he was almost breaking down producing energy for us (?), but no, only if it was alright with light and yes to remove energy from darkness, this is how it was.

No, we have not even once been back to the ship yard asking for more strength against the incredible force coming against us, and this force was so ridiculous that it could not be taken seriously, and this is what the scene of the film “a fish called Wanda” where Ken kills Otto with a bulldozer (!) is about, and this is coming to me after I have been given thoughts about Berlusconi who is thinking of me again, and yes I can only find this clip in Italian, so here you are, Berlusconi, “impossible” for someone like me to bring you down (?), and no, not really.

This is before your mother puts in her trump, which is that there will be no sex, and this was her true self from the New World speaking through the last darkness.

For a couple of days I have been told about the belly dancer, my spiritual friends cures 5-6 years ago using my hand to her neck as the tool, and this in relation to Philip to Selvet, and are you wondering about me too, Philip?

And since nothing is to be thrown out, we throw our iron anchor – it was big and rusty – in to you.

I went to bed at around 04.20 and I was woken at 05.00 (!) where I was told that “you have to get up, you don’t receive many more chances” and I was given the feeling of Remee being the reason why I was not allowed to sleep, but no, I need sleep, so I did not follow this.

I slept until 10.30 receiving some dreams, which I could not remember when awakening, also because I was now busy to take a shower and dress before meeting my mother at 11.00, thus not giving me time to relax with closed eyes to remember the dream, but I was awakened to the beautiful song “Blackbird” by the Beatles/Paul McCartney and the lyrics “you were only waiting for this moment to arise”, and this is also a reference to Lecia – a famous pop singer her – who had an experience with a black bird two days ago flying directly into her window, which made it crash and lie down in cramps, and after first thinking of killing it, she decided to nourish it, and after some time, it was back on its feed, and she had saved it and given it is freedom, and this is what I told her as my comment below and also that it was a beautiful story, and this says that the feelings of Lecia also has importance here maybe because she saw that I am a completely normal man after having seen my Facebook postings since we became Facebook friends a couple of months ago, so “maybe he is indeed the one”, and yes the bird is symbolising the end of my journey, I cannot continue my journey from here, but until now, I have continued a least a couple of days more.

FB 2802 020313 Lecia

FB 2802 020313 Lecia 2

I was told about a hospital and that this is where your mother was headed if it was not for you.

So the watch is also transferred from here. The last dice has been thrown. This is how everything comes with me, not even a neutron is left behind.

The double of you were two merchants receiving nourish from the Source and when it was chosen that your spiritual self will be your continuous self, it also opened up for the transfer of all life from your physical self including the whole world thus meaning that it is not ”dying” with you but being transferred before you die yourself as your old physical self, and you are trapped in the tension field between living and dying, which is why you have become even worse over the last days.

This morning I received this answer from my sister saying that she actually received my Facebook email the other day, so this time around it was not my spiritual friends “playing”, and I was told that this was actually the meaning to bring more faith of my mother in me, and not necessarily more from my sister, and my sister has been thinking “if you cannot return to the labour market, there can be several entrances to it, which we can talk about the next time”, and again I am told here that she shows love to me, but of course misunderstood when she “cannot” understand me, and no, I did not leave the labour market at all, I have been working full time on an important project, and I will soon change into “something new” you know.

FB 020313 Sanna

I was told that the last couple of days included one of the most dangerous mines on the road, and when my mother came at 11.00 as agreed, she said that John had been fighting her this morning and told her “why don’t you believe in me” (?), and I told my mother that it has “clicked” for John WANTING to leave and to accept the “good offer” they have received before tomorrow, which is really what is “pressuring” him, and that he is IRRESPONSIBLE because it is simple logic for battery hens that when you are chronically ill, you will NOT go to USA with the risk of becoming ill during the journey when you do NOT know for sure if you are covered by the insurance or not (I told her that she can tell John these very exact words), and yes I told her that John was NOT even thinking about this as a risk when meeting him yesterday, he only thought of sickness BEFORE the travel and not during it, and he keeps telling her that he does not expect to become sick during the travel (!), and yes “wishful thinking” because if it goes as the doctors say, he will become sick again and it is only a matter of time before this happens (which it of course will not because he is “protected” by me, but under “normal circumstances” you know), and he has even told my mother that he believes that if he asks the insurance company for pre-approval, he will NOT get it (!), which is the same as saying that he does not believe that he is covered by the insurance if they go and something happens (!), and yes my mother does NOT want to lose maybe 500,000 DKK in hospital bills in USA, and furthermore John’s doctor has told him that he does not believe that John can take out insurance, so to me, this looks like Johns “last chance” to do a travel before he dies (!), and “wishful thinking” makes him want to go on this specific travel cruising the Atlantic, which he LOVES, but no, my mother will NOT accept it, and she will stand her ground and told me that without my interference yesterday, John would have “forced” the decision of them going through, which would NOT be good for our little game here, and no, I am not nervous about this, my mother will take care of it, and I was told that John’s resistance every time is what is bringing unbalance to the system here when transferring life.

I did shopping with my mother in three supermarkets in Hornbæk, and we continued to Espergærde Shopping Centre from there, because yesterday my mother (and John) had decided to ask me to try if I could fit a couple of trousers and a t-shirt they had bought for my birthday in May on sale, and the t-shirt was fine, but the trousers were too short, so we went there, and the store, Rico, had birthday with live jazz music and also beer & sausages, and I received new trousers in the right length, and of very good quality (with 70% discount), and as my mother said, if it had been up to John, I would not have tried out this clothes now but waited until May, and then I would not have been able to exchange the trousers, and yes just a symbol of my mother bringing me the new clothes of my new self, and darkness of John working against us, but then again, this is also “building stones”.

Furthermore, today my mother offered – almost as expected when John was not here – that we could bring the bicycle to the repair shop to fix the back wheel, but no I told her that I would like to look at the Internet about this first (and not to use energy on this now).

I returned home at 14.00, and when I started writing the script of today, I was as usual TIRED, and yes more than ever before like the last couple of days, and if I can do this script, it is truly “very good”, and if I can also do the chapter of X-factor for the script of yesterday and Jette’s Google Earth pictures, I have done more than I can ask myself for.

During the afternoon I received the feeling of my ankle being swelled and as if it was sprained, and I take it that this is preparation for when I will give up working, which I will very soon if I don’t become better, which nothing suggests that I am.

I both receive threats of the worst kind what will happen if I give up, and also told that waiters are ready to go in and cover for me, which I understand as “removing my pain”, and we will see.

It is like opening a wound, which we will now fix together again.

So we were inside a very small freezer with a dark cloth over it.

I was shown myself on an Indian’s canoe, which turns around and I dive into the sea, and return with galleon ships.

I was told that there are no insects (i.e. “sexual torments”) inside of here (?), and yes asked by life entering from right, and that is right, and we also have no more money, i.e. energy, which we can bring in here.

I was so tired during the afternoon, that I was CONSTANTLY very much tempted to take a break and see if I could be allowed to take a nap before doing the last of the script of today, and it is now 16.30, and I feel completely down under the floor, but let us see if I can comment and bring some of Jette’s Google Earth picture first.

We are just going to have a pleasant surprise coming through, and I felt “faith of Hans”, which is making this transfer of life easier.

“No, I am not going over there” is what a policeman says with a smile, and he is one of the original policemen of darkness now returning to the Source.

I was shown white crème being taking out of a carnival bun and used to smear the head of a brown horse, and I was told that Benjamin Crème also has a role helping to clean the world, which this is about.

I was surprised to see that I could comment Jette’s Google Earth pictures and publish my script so far at 18.15, and I really should get some sleep before doing the X-factor chapter of yesterday ….

Google Earth shows that I have finally arrived to the world being on my way up

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show “FINALLY HE CAME”, Mother love waving, I am on my way up, The centrifuge works heavily and quickly, “saving souls – turbo cleaning”, I am put down as a baby, all is souls shown as heads, and I continue going directly at the throat of darkness (of the Commune).

FB 020313 Jette 1

FB 020313 Jette 2

FB 020313 Jette 3

FB 020313 Jette 4

FB 020313 Jette 5

Fb 020313 Jette 6

FB 020313 Jette 7

FB 020313 Jette 8

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Thomas Blachman said that Anne Linnet does not think about who are the best singers, but on who are the most popular, and yes, I am completely in and on-line with you, Thomas.

FB 020313 DR Blachman


3rd March: Starting the eternal clock with today being the first day of the first week, month and year of our New World

Dreaming of fat of life dripping almost killing man, which is how much I suffer, while we bring out creation self

I was told that this tooth is not loose as John otherwise wanted, and it gave me a feeling to my right ankle swollen again for a brief time, which otherwise had disappeared and much more pounding to my left arm again.

No, are we really coming all the way up to the top (?), and I head the top shelves clicking in my kitchen. So John’s wish was that you was frozen, and the help to open his eyes was the only way to do this because you do not want to accept dying, and I see my new self being lifted up from a horizontal position as from a grave.

We have practised and it should be able to start living as your new self before you will die as your old self, and yes we almost believe in it.

I was told that the whole war against Afghanistan is not as we believe with Afghanistan being the allied of USA.

This is still from yesterday evening, which I am writing here now at 13.30 today after having “closed” and published my script of yesterday earlier today.

At 21.00 I was DEEPER tired than ever before deciding that I cannot write the chapter on X-factor without sleeping a little, and I thought that I would probably be awakened during the night, which would be fine with me and to start this work, so I was therefore surprised being awakened already at 22.00 not really feeling much better, but still I decided to start the work after a little while, and I also had this dream.

  • There is a rumour of a factory on the island of Amager next to Copenhagen where people suffer the most extreme, and when I go there, I see people hanging on hooks in factory halls with fat dripping from them and extremely close to dying, it is a terrible sight and the smell is awful, and I am surprised to see a man opening the door from an office and he comes out completely undamaged, and the man is Eric Clapton, and first I see that he thinks of killing me, but decide that I am “good enough”. I walk around the halls of the place, and meet some people here and there including the worst sexual temptations, and a little boy opens the door to the outside, where I see Germans remove submarines and the largest ships. At another room I am together with a few people and we see fight “light swords”, which are united and hanging in the air, and they are about to fly away to be used to kill all of us, but one of us grabs it and get a hold on the last of it while it is about to fly away for good.
    • I understand that the dying and extremely suffering people here are the population of the world because of my decision to go to my absolute most extreme refusing to die, and this is our old selves, which are about to die inside this last darkness, but as long as I keep on fighting, Eric Clapton as the “guitar God” helps me to bring out the most valuable of everything of creation inside of here – it is like looking through “my father’s eyes” you know – and when it is disguised as darkness, this is war material of the Germans.

Continuing my suffering climb to the top of the Source with the Source helping me to walk up

I was told that it is not normal material being transferred, it is “everything”.

I received a sneeze, they continue coming, meaning “sacrifices of the world”, and I was told that it is us – the old selves of the world – which you are extracting energy from, and yes nothing much left, but we are still living, right?

This is what it is about, to extract more energy of the Old World, which cannot bring more, but still this is what we are doing, and if this makes me reconsider what I do (?), and no, not at all, this is the only right way for me to do it, and that is to given EVERYTHING I have.

We have scored with the ball in basketball many times simply because of the old star player Flemming Danielsen, and I am quite often given visions/references to this.

I received the song “who do you think you are” by Spice Girls and the lyrics “I said who do you think you are, some kind of superstar” (?), and yes, Remee does not like my “attitude” of who I think I am, Remee?

When I started writing the chapter of X-factor from March 1 at 23.20 “yesterday”, I was closer to death than ever before, this is how it felt, and I was told that this means that your mother will not change her bag after all, which I understood is how the last of the Source will come to the world, either via the dark or light bag of my mother, and because I had started not writing down a few things I was told – I could not – this meant that they had started being put in the wrong bag, but now we will put them in the other instead, and yes he is impossible to be wise on (!) – as some thing (?) – and yes, Stig, if I can make this to the 5th March including the meeting with Lisbeth from the Commune and writing of this, I will be amazed, but this is what I will try.

This is only because you have pricked the smallest hole of everything into this ship, which is revealing (and here it is enlarged) itself to us, the most beautiful you can ever imagine.

It corresponds a little to seeing what we already have from a new camera angle.

So it is not roasted pork we are bringing out of here, Stig, it is “creation” self.

I am parked with my Honda here, Stig, what do you want me to do with it (?), and yes BRING EVERYTHING YOU HAVE – all of the gang, you know – and turn it around to light (!), and yes the Honda is the worst darkness too because this is what my old friend Paul thought he would like to drive around in while I – and my LTO friends – were suffering, and this is to say that Paul is beginning to pay notice to me again maybe becoming a believer as you originally were?

So he is no child anymore (?), no he has released himself, and yes given birth to himself really, which you know is what the clothes and birthday party of the clothes store yesterday was about.

I was told with a low voice that “there are no appeasing circumstances” etc., which is a game we have not gone through yet and also that when this comes, we are in control, nothing will happen, but this is what darkness will do its best to make me believe, and yes I will NOT approve any destructions (directly).

Where are we going to get this wheel chair (?), and I was given “the worst sexual speech”, and told no, not yet (!), this is what is coming – is it really (?), because I will NOT allow it NO MATTER WHAT (!!!) – and I was given the feeling that this is why I was supposed to wake up as my new self at the mental hospital because of STRONG darkness going against me, but no, I do NOT want to end my days there as my old self, so we will take the spoon in our own hand as we say here, and yes arrange a birth of myself and so on, you know.

Well, you don’t want this piece of the dark piano with you (coming from right) , do you (?), it is far too heavy isn’t it (?), and no “I WANT IT ALL AND I WANT IT NOW”, so this is what we are bringing him with this performance also of today/this night.

There are no ghosts inside of this, Stig, there is nothing, but it has the greatest power of all, it is me and you disguised as darkness in order to be able to come here and that is before we turn into our true selves also here, and again, it is “only” a matter of who is going to take this pain, me or the world, and so far I continue to play the game.

It has been forcing necessary to have a telephone line to bring you/us to here, and when “you don’t want to listen to reason” – which is what I will tell the Commune on Tuesday if they want to bring me to a doctor and/or take medicine (!) – we have no other choice than to invent a temporary solution to continue our communication until everything is on place, otherwise everything would be darkness now, and yes “not able to live in here he is”, but still this is what he and the world is still doing.

And this is how we have now reached “the highest level” of what I can bring, and again I am told that this is “all of the square inside of here”, and that is behind the zipper you know, and this is what I am shown, a square of darkness and it is shown to me and give sounds from my kitchen (of God).

It is I creating the crocodile, who also enters here, and yes WELCOME my friend, and I feel Jette, who could have said this, which is to underline her importance to the opening of the world via her work and the comments I do to her pictures, and I feel this part of the square entering the right side of me with the feeling that it makes me “considerably stronger”, and not least with the help of your sister, and yes bringing me darkness because of course it was not “spiritual darkness” with that Facebook message, you know – or do you, Sanna (?) – and yes this brought the bottom of it, reaching down to where we had to go and then via sufferings, I am here given a small heart attack, we are lifting up what was on this plate, and yes the creator of darkness you know.

Can you photograph “this” (?), and when him there (me) is alone (?), and yes via a new invention too all based on love of mother to son.

And we would have done all of this behind “false teeth” (breaking as I understand it).

I was given a new sound to the kitchen and told that there is absolutely no more money inside of here but a “business briefcase” and it was the click of such that I was given. So this is about what is underneath the “farting pillow” so to say as I am shown here also in the kitchen, and yes we have told you the answer, which is “nothing”, but still everything is inside of nothing and this square too, which I am shown here that darkness does everything he can NOT to lose – as part of the game – but we have to bring it forward because you continue working and yes bring new revelations every day, so here it comes. WE ARE NOT AT HOME, we are only at home inside the New World, which we have created for (all of) us self, otherwise we are this “sponge” and now “white bread”, and this is on contrary what we have brought, and yes the origin/building stones of everything.

It is also us creating the negative voices given to you, your mother’s crying over you etc. and yes all in the sake of creation of course.

I was told – and heard in the kitchen – that we have not taken many steps down to meet you at the place we are at now.

Don’t you believe that Remee was also afraid of being “finished as pop singer” because of me (?), and yes poor publicity in that business can break people. And it is because it is “tough business” to survive in this business you know, and it all comes down to money in the end, and his fear of losing “everything he has” made up by money, power, fame and sex.

Here was the idea of “private parts”, and this is also now what has to dry, and yes bringing all of this up now.

Did we hit a gold vein as big there, yes, and that came after hitting one there, and an even bigger there, and yes Anne Linnet’s reaction to these chapters of X-factor of mine are also “priceless”, and her sufferings because of this – which you have now just finished and published at 02.45 – is also what is bringing us up one level.

I was told that it was my old friend Allan M. H. who already back then when I was a teenager driving in my Ford Cortina 1968 (bought for 500 DKK together with my friend Jesper in 1980), on his parents private ground (together with others doing the same), who one day stole our gasoline tank (!) making it impossible to continue driving, and yes he “did not know” who had done this (!), and is this what he still does today symbolically not believing in me thus removing my fuel?

And I am given strong feelings/visions of the news director Ulrik Haagerup of DR TV news, who would like to bring news about me, and maybe about some of my stories of X-factor too? And later I was told that his feeling is that we have been looking long enough into “the nesting box” (of the Royal Theatre) after his opinion, and yes a long theatre play it is, Ulrik (?), and you could have decided to stop it by bringing the news of me, but you did not DARE (?), and you also did not dare to become my Facebook friend a long time ago?

This also gives me the chance to send a REMINDER TO ALL MEDIA TO SEND YOUR ARTICLE ABOUT ME BEFORE PUBLISHING and eeehhh, I have NOT received one single yet, so what is most important to you, to be loyal to the EVIL OLD WORLD of follow me to the New World showing GOOD BEHAVIOUR (?), and cant it really be that every single one of you out there is a WIMP?

I was told that Anne Linnet will now not “shoot if off” (“fyre den af”) as she used to, and I was shown shelves of packages from a store to “shoot it off”, and behind this I was shown a rattle at the back of the shelves and told that this is what I used to use when I learned to walk as a little elephant, and this is to show Anne Linnet’s importance as a very “special friend” of mine too to go one level deeper.

He is not that stupid that he let him self be born in a hash club (strong darkness), did he (?), and yes this is about “my life”, Billy.

And yes it is still about me (inside the Source) coming down and bringing you up the stairs.

We could just as well have poured inflammable liquids out on you and the world and ask you to do through this doing your best and most patient job still, three is not that much difference, and yes Stig it is now 03.40 and way beyond the point of dying, but I am still “fresh” so something is keeping me alive, which can only be me behind everything, and that is my inner self.

How do you cross all of those bicycles (?), and yes you open the locks of them, and Fanny was written on many of these because of her love to her loving voices of darkness disguised as light.

I was given the sound to an incredible small grey and solid ball to my kitchen and vision too – still with my back to the kitchen – and shown how the ball exploded and still we continue doing strikes to bring down bowling cones inside of it, and this is what we would alternatively have had to do and who knows have to do soon?

This is simply so wrong that we have to throw it out (?) and I was shown a grey canvas which now is saved only because of darkness of Remee.

Dreaming of my new cycle/self being prepared while darkness wants to cut me, and my new self becoming “perfect”

I went to bed at 03.50 and after being woken up as usual during the night/morning, I slept until 11.30 making me feel “fresher” today than for a long time, however “fresh” may not be the right word to us, and here are the dreams I remember because there were also dreams I forgot.

  • My old class friend Kim B. is a bicycle repairer, and he has made a cycle for me, which Johnny – another old class friend – wanted to cut off the lowest part of the frame, and I feel that it was good that he did not do it. Kim has another bicycle as its double including professional gear etc, which can be used for spare parts, and Kim is preparing a cycle with a body, which I will use to drive out in the world – to Forum in Copenhagen – which will carry three, but it has to be much stronger because of people wanting to try it, so it has to be able to bear the weight of 5 or even 7. And I am guessing that it goes 6 times quicker cycling than walking, and when time is taken, it is exactly what it does, it goes 6 times quicker cycling. A man has a café in the forest, which he does not look after making it look like a mess, but his sister – feeling like Brigitte Nielsen – had now made it look fine and clean again.
    • This is the cycle of my new self being prepared while darkness wanted to hurt it/me, and café inside the forest is about “love of God”, and it looks like Brigitte is a “special friend” too.
  • I woke up to “the sign” by Ace of Base once again and the lyrics “I am happy now” and “into the light where you belong”.
  • Something about an old and poor quality business building on Strøget in Copenhagen, which is owned by Swedish people, and they don’t want to move, and I think that this building does not belong on Strøget.
    • This is really about a comment I made to the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet yesterday in relation to a Swedish hamburger chain opening on Strøget, which the Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet did NOT like, and I only encouraged you to play nice Danish and Swedish music, which is to show good behaviour and warm feelings both in Sweden and Denmark, which this was about.
  • A dream, which I almost did not remember but about someone working as TV host continuing to work while people say no, and the next morning still working becoming “perfect”, which is about my own work.
    • I woke up to Robbie William’s “Rock DJ” and the lyrics “Houston, do you hear me?, Ground control, can you feel me?”, and I understand that you do (?), but as SILENT as everyone else you are and that is at least in the public room. And I am here told “thank you for not being scared/intimidated by me” and I feel a “beam of light” coming to me from outside the window, and yes a UFO, which was under human control against me.

Using all colours of my mother to open Bjarne from the Commune to get to the top of the Source via its back entrance

I was shown multicoloured flags all over the world, and the Danish flag on top of all, which is to say that my mother has all colours, which are met by the Source, and later I understood that this is what is opening anything inside of the Source, which is also what led to the opening of the most deep via Bjarne, the CEO of Helsingør Commune, see later.

Yesterday and today I have been told about “lying in spoon”, which I have always liked, but not tried since 2005 with Henriette as my last girlfriend – I miss human contact and closeness with a girlfriend very much – and this was together with the feeling of Karen, who also needs safety much, and this is the feeling sent to me.

I was told about the Danish painter Kurt Trampedach, which I am now and again, and I was told that here smells of flowers now instead of fire, and I was given the taste of fat, and the fire of your workshop some years ago was related to the fire of Doomsday?

No one is born to become a greater rock singer than my mother, but you are because you are everything of her and the Source.

I was told about the “faldstamme” (“waste pipe”) and in Danish also “FAL + stamme”) (“insurance act” and trunk), which fell down into the lap of Bent Falbert, the previous editor-in-chief of Ekstra Bladet, and no he could not make Ekstra Baldet talk (as I encouraged him to in 2010 I believe), because there is an unbreakable chain of media not speaking the truth about such subjects as you, New World Order, truth of pollution etc. because if they do, it is “off with their heads” as seen in Russia (?), and yes meet Ekstra Bladet “the wimps” who did not dare when it mattered.

And the same goes with NATO, where not even one single member state is “disloyal” to the top, everyone has discipline, but the fun part is that they don’t in the corners where they speak of and await me and some with eager – with the word of me spreading – and this is what I am building my story upon, breaks of the otherwise unbreakable discipline of the “world elite”.

It is also because of Libya – facing the other way – that we are doing that to your left nostril.

It will be hard to admit it but we might as well do, Lisbeth is not authorised to do anything with your case, it is determined from the top whether or not you have to go “unemployed” or not, or to face a new winther with Sara Icelandic sweater, i.e. new sufferings of darkness working hard as a slave,.

He does not want his “old nightmare” and then we do …. and right at the end we swap around, smart right?

Then there is the final exam where this big dark ship will puff round and in.

Having your mother see UFO’s was a game changer.

We cannot get into your uncle’s house, but still we look into the money safe of Scrooge McDuck, this is how we feel, and yes I do understand that we will get inside of this one way or another.

It will become 5 to 1 unless I share some of the money safe with you, so I better do that also because of faith in you.

I was told that the song of X-factor “cry me a river” is the river Nile, which was followed by “by the Rivers of Babylon” by Boney M., a HUGE hit also here, and yes when watching the video, I am taken back to 1978 when this is from and feel and remember the times and atmosphere and it spreads as warmth all over the inside of me and that is even though I have NEVER had even one second of true happiness of my life.

I was told that darkness of Karen is now used to set up light in the bathroom, which otherwise was meant to destroy the Source (to re recreated afterwards inside the New World).

So we cannot call you anymore (on the old telephone line), we really already “are”, but we play that we are using a similar line.

I am given the feeling of when Jørgen and Kim from DFM (1991-95) arranged that I was to meet and give one of Jørgen’s personal friends professional advise on his pension and insurance, and I am told that this was another game played behind my bag where Jørgen wanted to test me not believing that I had what it took, and yes, his friend became very satisfied with me, thus making me continue being employed by DFM, and yes Jørgen and his daughter, Pernille, Kim’s wife also working there were my main opponents not really understanding the value I brought, and yes WRONG is of course what this was too doing a game like this behind my bag, and yes Jørgen did NOT like me personally for some kind of reason. Later I was told that to Jørgen everything was about money, and he was not sure that I had what it took to be “convincing” at meetings to “make money”, but I was, Jørgen.

Well, surely we are not going to get with his small aeroplane, are we (?), and this is “big darkness” considering to get with me not fully convinced yet, but yes my friends, you are welcome, there is also a departure for you, and yes because of Jette’s pictures reaching far longer out than you can imagine, and the feeling is “into space” too.

Is it possible to believe that your father felt “pressured” to report you to the authorities, and that he regretted and has called back his “report” (?), and yes you never know but this is what you tell me not knowing if it is light or darkness speaking.

I was told about reports of “what we have discovered in space”, which have NOT been published to man, and these “reports” have eliminated “half and full stars”. This is also confidential/classified information, which people out there are afraid to being released, and yes my (ladies and) gentlemen, when I say EVERYHING is to be brought out in the open, I do mean EVERYTHING!!!

This is without a doubt the most luxurious aeroplane to go with you compared to how we feel inside of here (at the Source) again because of the pressure of your mother and the world.

Isn’t he the one being completely hit to “barrel organ man” (“lirekassemand” as we say here) before recollecting everything?).

Isn’t it funny that your mother believe that you are untiring when she is VERY tired herself (?), and then I was told that I am as tired/exhausted as she is with my destiny being that I have to work as hard as I do – which is what is making creation you know – and of course to receive “hell of my voice” on top of it, and we know “GOD IS ON TOP OF IT” :-).

It is about time where I will have to bend in the dust and yes admit to my actions in relation to Stig, and these are the feelings of Bjarne from the Commune given to me, see the short stories of today.

Late in the afternoon, I went to town to do a little shopping and I am still NOT happy to see long chemtrails on the sky – NOT AT ALL (!!!) – and I was shown and told that we are throwing out of lot of your mother’s brochures, which is about her “advertising” over the years telling people about her son being “crazy”, which of course is the worst that can happen to a mother (?), or is it (?), and eeehhhh only the truth is even worse when you “don’t want it”!

I was told about a “pygmy testament”, which is about people – including Bjarne from the Commune – being so “small” knowing that they will have to confess about what they did against me.

I felt and was shown to the right of me that there is now almost only gold in the photo camera, and the “old nightmare” material we have also included is being eaten up.

And I was told that the “strange magic” shown to Bjarne in the short stories is enough to avoid hospitalisation, and yes coming to me as reward because of the work I have done.

I was shown a sight I have NEVER seen before which was two blackbirds on the sky being “infiltrated” in each other crashing to the ground, but shortly before reaching the ground, they separated and flew to each side, and I smiled knowing that this is a symbol of me as a blackbird crashing but still I am continuing to fly, which is the symbol of working.

I was told that they have never met the warrior Stig, which is him you saw in my scripts, whom you will NEVER again see when I close this book.

I felt and was told that this is only careful that this darkness – also including the rule of Syria – comes to me with flowers.

I received the very nice song ”Disko Dørmand” (”Disco doorman”) by Danseorkestret, which is a reference to the Disko Bay of Greenland, thus to the Source, and I was told that there is a back door leading in to me, and this is the one I am using via Bjarne from the Commune!

You were a valued (or “skattet” in Danish also meaning “taxed”) employee everywhere also here, and I understand that this is what “everyone” will tell eventually and this is also to say that I was the one including all “taxes”, which would be deducted in “income”, thus terminating life but of course only if I accepted it.

I was told that there was nothing that Bjarne could do after we first had brought the right colour (of all colours of my mother) to “open him up” and then he had to give up.

So in other words, Bjarne received the first right of all to kill me, thus being the last I have to go through, and do you think he would like to employ me or not (?), and yes probably “not easy” to be you, Bjarne (?), and yes I am not as “crazy” after all to write with (?), and yes it ALWAYS helps to communicate, you know, and that is when people decide to understand of course.

I was told that the Norwegian Prime Minister knows about the oil industry of Norway supporting the OLD EVIL ORDER about to take over the world and also the reason behind the Utøya attacks being selfishness of Norway/the rich world self, and how was “the taste in your mouth”, Jens, having to stand forward as “the father uniting Norway” in its “difficult times” when you were on your way to eliminate poverty of the world by eliminating poor people of the world (?), and yes just wondering I am, and yes YOU ARE INDEED WELCOME to speak out loud so the world can hear you, and eeehhhh “not nice” for you too knowing that you have to stand forward, and yes yes yes JUST WONDERING I AM!!!

By the way, your mother does not have a pillow anymore, and the same comes your way “soon”.

I continued receiving heart burn much of the day, and here together with the feeling of Karen.

I was told that you have never “damned everything away” because I went against this negative voice millions of times, and then I was told that Hitler – my previous self too – did not meaning that he cursed everything away, which led to incredible destructions of the Universe, which we have all recreated by now.

The idea was that I should be hospitalised which would “destroy” my mother and eventually it would lead her to bring me her bag including the Source self hidden inside this darkness, but no, you don’t want to play the game like this and that is because it is NOT needed.

I received the feeling from right that “she is going to feel fine” and was shown Olaf’s wife Inge on the square of Helsingør where my mother and I met her, and just to say that Olaf is still with me.

I received the feeling that I could be a wet cloth of the floor of Arthur Findlay Colleage in Stansted, London, and yes surprising to say the least that not even you could understand and support me, but acted as the worst darkness too.

For days I have been shown people liking “Gad’s forlag” (published) again and again and wondered what it was about, and now I am told that the world has started the production of my scripts as books, and yes thank you for helping the world to get to understand.

Those people of other civilizations have not been here for the last time, and the feeling is that it is those bringing the Source, and I am given a weak vision of a previous contestant from Crazy about dance, who is a little fat, and yes me on the Google Earth picture with glasses, which I did not write.

Starting the eternal clock with today being the first day of the first week, month and year of our New World

I was told that Karen is starting to feel “what if I have been unfaithful to Stig all the way with him telling the truth about who he is” (?), and yes also not easy for you as for so many else, Karen?

And then we can bring in the King’s chair/throne as the last you say (?), and yes Stig we are still moving in furniture and yes from the New World to the centre of the Source and that is when you continue working.

He did not pay and he decided to go under the bridge and up on the other side breathing out again, and yes I see who went through this narrow eye, which is all of the Source and this is what we call a “marvellous achievement” to pressure out so much and through such a small hole to the other side, and yes never been done before, and no we also did not believe you could do it, but you are still sitting there now 22.40 in practise having worked all day, so there you have it.

I felt and was told that spaceships controlled by man has been called home and are now returning home from A LONG WAY OUT IN SPACE, and yes I can only imagine the kind of destructions you have left behind, but we will see in due time.

What vintage do you have in your glass (?), and yes vintage 0, because this is what I have decided, and that is to continue time as it was with years, months, weeks, days, hours and seconds, and yes it was a pretty good way to divide spaces of time, so this is what we will continue doing and now with the difference that we are not counting down to the end of the world, but it will be for an eternity.

And this is the clock we are now about to start because we cannot say that we are the Old World anymore because by now everything is a game getting the last details on place, and everything is really inside the New World with nothing of the old remaining, so do you want to start the clock (?), and I am shown a man starting a GIANT STOP WATCH, which counts hours and seconds, and yes as long as this is the best clock in the world including ALL functions of weeks, months and years and whatever we may need, I am fine, and yes today is the first day of the first week, month and year of our New World, it has officially started.

This is by the way also your birthday meaning that you have come home breaking through darkness.

I was told about how I would have gone through the darkest liquorice of all and how I would have been placed as the King on my chair while darkness was destructing.

That sofa there – the most beautiful of them all – was not sold for the highest bidder, because there was none, and that is because you decided to take on the sufferings yourself to bring the Source in without asking the world for help, and I am here shown K.D. Lang and Roy Orbison, and what is it again that their song is called (?), crying (!), and yes, I don’t believe we need the rings to bring together mother and son in an “improper” way as you say, and feeling Greenland here and Ole Schächter making it possible for you to go the whole road home.

We have held some of the best parties without you – celebrating creation – but it will become nothing compared to when you yourself will come to the very top of all saying “I told you, I will NOT give up”, so there you have it, and yes your King crown and the sceptre, and yes I hope it is symbolically because I have absolutely NO intention to wear things like this.

In reality, there is no money for a new wash machine, so how did you continue to clean darkness (?), and yes by using energy, which you did not have, no it was also not here, so “will power” was the answer.

Google Earth showing smiling faces, souls gathering and more darkness being cleaned

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show smiling faces, souls gathering, my mother’s doll offering me my “old nightmare”, the black pot exchanged with a white, the captain sends forward his unit, eating faeces of darkness, a new dust-cleaner, and the small in the big.

FB 030313 Jette 1

FB 030313 Jette 2

FB 030313 Jette 3

FB 030313 Jette 4

FB 030313 Jette 5

FB 030313 Jette 6

FB 030313 Jette 7

FB 030313 Jette 8

FB 030313 Jette 9

Emailing the Commune about its misunderstandings and torture of me, which is known to the “world elite”

I felt the actors of my “old nightmare” coming slowly forward from my right, which was when I was about to write my email to Lisbeth from the Commune, and several times when writing this, I could not think and had to look straight at the monitor  where everything looked “impossible” asking myself “what now” and yes my routine got the overtake of this fight making me cross this dark moment.

“Nobody” writes an “challenging” email like this having had the threat of being locked away on mental hospital from the same people as receiving the email, but it is the only right thing to do, and instead of locking me away, this is part of the exercise to open the last of everything.

When all of this – with the Commune – is over with, it is game, set and match to you, because then I don’t even bother anymore.

I was given the sound of the bag at my kitchen and was told, isn’t there any gold in the bag (?), no because it cannot contain all of the gold we have brought out.

I was told that “my case” has also been used to teach psychiatric students about what “schizophrenia” is about!

I used several hours preparing and writing the email, and when I finally sent my email to Lisbeth at the Commune at 01.55, I was told that now we don’t have to wake up your mother in the middle of the night fearing that you would have “gone away”, which you would have for “a moment”.

I wrote the email below in Danish to the social worker of Helsingør Commune “handling” my case with a copy to the CEO and Mayor of the Commune, which is about the misunderstandings medicalization, and torture, which the Commune has made me go through with my only “crime” being that I needed public welfare from 2009 until now to support my full time work writing more than 7,000 pages of my work “One God, One People” to save the world, which no one wanted to support by sending me donations!

The email shows how my “spiritual friends” via “strange magic” showed how the CEO of the Commune is “following” me and it documents (again!) how the “world elite” is reading me in secrecy also via “strange magic” given to me, which also means that the world elite knows about how the Commune has misunderstood, humiliated and tortured me from 2009 and from 2011 in Helsingør Commune, where I live now.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • The MP Ole Birk is “crazy about” Netflix TV series, and it made Annie say that the combination “Netflix + iPad is God”, and I told her that this is not right because God wishes people to let go of passive entertainment and to be ACTIVE and HAPPY with other people, and to Ole I wrote that I am now also with him primarily to see what he might decide to write about Søren and Helana and me too for that matter, and afterwards he asked “who are Søren and Helena and who are you?” and yes Helena is the one you are “crazy about” as I am here told, and you will probably discover who Søren and I am too. Hours later I was told that Ole is suffering because of this.

FB 030313 Ole Birk

  • I was surprised to receive information that Bjarne, the director/CEO of the Commune here, has decided to follow me in stead of just accepting my Facebook invitation, and when I decided to check up on the “validity” of this by seeing if he is on my list of 22 Facebook followers, he is NOT (!), and when I decided to check his list of followers as you can see below, he only follows two and NOT me (!), so there you have it, my spiritual friends helping to tell me that Bjarne is “following” me, i.e. checking my Facebook site, so her is still working in secrecy as “the worst darkness”.

FB 030313 Bjarne is following me

FB 030313 Bjarne is following me 2

  • And you have decided to go directly after the throat of darkness, so what was more natural than to send a new message to Bjarne as I did below (underneath my unanswered message of four days ago) where I told him that “when you don’t want to stand at it publically, I receive message like this, which is what we here call for “strange magic” here, and you can try checking your own list over, who you follow, which only contains two, and officially not me that is, so how can it be that Stig receives such a message ….? Have a continued good day, Bjarne, and bring Johannes etc. my best regards”.

FB 030313 Bjarne is following me 3

  • And to my surprise, this time around Bjarne decided to answer me (!), and first I just saw his message coming in (when I was writing with Fanny below) and was told before reading it that “the only wrong thing he can do is NOT to accept your invitation – for you to show the world”, so this is of course what he did when saying “It is true that I accept Facebook invitation coming, but when it as apparent as this is combined with the occupation of a position as director, I say no”, and yes a director/CEO truly NOT understanding anything, because of course this has NOTHING to do with “interest conflicts” as I told him, and really the same as in X-factor the other day and that is for you ALWAYS to be as objective to people you know as you do not know, and it is ONLY about doing what is RIGHT and not to be tempted to give “special services to friends” and how difficult can it be (?), and yes I wonder if he speak the full truth (?) or what is hidden behind this, and yes this could lead me not to send my application to the Commune, but I will, and yes the DEADline is the 8th March, which may be around my DEADline too, and I will meet Lisbeth the 5th March, and since things are not as stressed as they were, I have decided to send my application when I am ready with it, which may be AFTER my meeting with Lisbeth also to have knowledge of this in my backhand before sending the application, and because I will not “destroy” this meeting with my application overshadowing what else would have happened, and yes, this is how I see things now.

FB 030313 Bjarne is following me 4

  • I have been wondering about Fanny’s “strange behaviour” not answering my emails encouraging her to join Jette’s Facebook group and also not reacting to what I thought was a nice birthday greeting I sent her the other day, so yesterday I sent her this Facebook email asking her if everything is alright and my concern for her “not reacting” also not to other birthday greetings, and yes yes yes to my big surprise she answered “what are those birthday greetings, I have not seen one single one” (!), and hmmmm (!) is what Vivian and I say here (!) because HOW COULD SHE NOT (?), when she both receive email notifications and can read them on her Facebook wall/timeline (?), and is she not reading her emails and does she not know about the existence of a Facebook wall and how to open it (?), and yes this is the level I am working on with Fanny, and completely down on the lowest floor you know, and she said that she was fine, and had a “feeling” not to get involved in Facebook groups (!!!) – darkness of her dearly beloved Archangel Michael as he tells me himself (because I have come to where I have come to) – but of course she wants to thank every greeting she has received!!!

FB 030313 Fanny 1

  • So I helped her on this “nobody can be so dumb level” by sending her a photo of some of her Facebook wall including my and other’s greetings and told her to “click your name in the top left corner to open your personal site” and also that when I invite her to a group, it is because it has to do with the creation of our New World, so the only wrong thing you can do is NOT to accept the invitation – and of course also to be SILENT, which this is about, i.e. “the worst darkness” working inside of her too, and hhhhmmpppp (!), what did she reply (?), and yes “I don’t have a name in the top left corner, it will have to wait until someone comes riding pass to update her”, and yes Fanny, I am that man on the white horse (soon that is) helping you out, and yes “I don’t have a name in the top left corner”, and this is truly the level we were working on, which was from which I should try to make myself understood, and yes not the easiest task I have had, so I told her where to look again, and also the link to her personal wall/timeline, and maybe she can find out clicking on this (?), and what did I hear here (?), was there a hole through (?), and yes thank you for not forgetting Fanny, who is still an important piece of the game, and not easy when she is working for darkness going against me because of her “feelings” given by darkness, and no, she did not reply to this.

FB 030313 Fanny 2

FB 030313 Fanny timeline

  • Yesterday, I saw this picture of previous colleagues from Fair Forsikring via Charlotte G.’s (no 3 from left) Facebook postings, and I noticed that it was sent by Rikke (no. 4 from left), who was sales manager there and “one of those many ladies” of Fair who was or was not interested in me (?), and I sent her a Facebook invitation yesterday because we always spoke well when working together from 2002-2007, but as per today, she has not accepted, and I wonder if she will (?) because did they speak positively or negatively about me behind my back (?), and yes Susan (no. 2 from right) was a CLOSE colleague of mine, who “could not” accept my Facebook invitation MANY months ago, so how did you decide to influence the others, Susan (?), and Margit, the former HR manager and also close colleague of mine (and Facebook friend) commented below by saying that “we are working on a Fair reunion”, and I wonder if you will invite me too (?), or if I am “too far out” (?), and no, you never know.

FB 030313 Rikke og Charlotte fra Fair

FB 030313 Anton



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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