March 5, 2013: I have found “my Pythagoras, my all big slide rule”, which is the golden key of the Source of everything


Summary of the script today

4th March: The Source is trapped behind darkness, which I open via Helsingør Commune and the Employment Ministry

  • God of the Source is trapped as darkness of a bat in the ceiling of the biggest and most beautiful cathedral, but dancing of joy and showing himself as Batman bringing in darkness. The inner of God is coming closer as a Lion, which is what is about entering me now.
  • My email to the Commune of yesterday “opened up” removing me further from the danger of “mental hospitals/doctors”, and the idea is that my application for the position of director of Helsingør Commune will “push in” the last darkness opening to the most inner of me – herewith also saving my mother from waking up one night feeling that I am dead, myself from dying a moment before waking as my new self. Instead of my father and the Commune beating me up, I am beating them, which is how I turn around this darkness, thus the Source self. There was no hole out for the Source, but still I decided that there had to, so this is what the Source is using to get out from the last darkness instead of using power of darkness and my “old nightmare”.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show a handsome guy, a beautiful face going to the laundry, “strange magic” in my email to the Commune was almost not enough, thus almost crashing the aeroplane of the Source symbolised by David Copperfield, many smiling faces, dancing under the lights/ceiling, turning around the Source, “someone important”, exploring the inside of God, Talking heads/creatures of love looking at each other, and my inner self is TRUE BLUE meaning “perfect”.
  • Dreaming of continuing work until it is delivered, old Fair colleagues sending me “no warm feelings”, and a dream of irony and smiles.
  • Short stories of Kenya doing its last election, Kenneth’s lack of faith makes it difficult for me to be postman, “inspired” people brought “destructive” faeces to the Employment Minister because of her rule as a dictator – which UPSET people (who are NOT upset by the torture of the Minister towards thousands of people!), I asked the Employment Minister to empty her head from dunghill and brought my story and recommendations to improve the system on her Facebook site – bringing my story to the top of the Employment Ministry is opening for darkness too, Fanny continues living in “darkness disguised as light”, Batman symbolising me turned in darkness, another “nice lady in disguise” tried to cheat me on Facebook, and they are also lazy and deaf in Malaysia.

5th March: I have found “my Pythagoras, my all big slide rule”, which is the golden key of the Source of everything

  • We are now arriving at the top of the Source blending the New World and the Source together with the Source developing into all colours of everything of our New World after having gone through the worst darkness transforming from spirit to become part of all physical life as a double/creator inside everyone. This is strengthening everyone much, and also the condition of a New World without energy, but with the power of thought of “being”. And the Source has now started producing new life and pouring out the purest water imaginable bringing the force to create everything, which was told to me with ENTHUSIASM. We will continue the process by letting the Source become “one with nature” of everything too. And all of this is happening with strong darkness still annoying me much.
  • When we have learned as life and decide to lift up life, the Source just follows, and this is basically the idea to follow each other and lift up one level at the time.
  • I went to the meeting with Lisbeth from the Commune without having slept being completely broken, but still I used 1 hour and 15 minutes once again trying to make her believe in me. And the Commune had decided NOT to order me to receive treatment/medication – with the risk of hospitalisation is I said no – but they recommended me to apply for permanent disability pension, which I refused, which made Lisbeth “threat” me by forcing me to receive this retirement pension, which she can according to the law, and the reason is NOT because of my physical condition – despite of being a “living dead” (!) – but my “mental status”, where the Commune has decided to be deaf not understanding that I am fully normal, and they are “crazy” when they cannot control their WRONG and strong inner voices in relation to me. This is still the opposite world making this the greatest paradox ever where everyone can see that I work and function fine with all people. I was humiliated once again, but still it was Lisbeth being “busy” with my email to her, which in her mind clearly is negative and “blaming” her wrongly, so this is how I am treated blood dripping unjust where I only speak the truth about her, which is “impossible” for her to understand as it is also “impossible” for her to understand who I am, when she DOES NOT WANT to understand, and still I told about my self and my spiritual experiences so much – also including the spirit of my mother speaking through her as I told her about – that this opened crackings of her for the light to shine through into the deepest of the Source, and this help to influence her making her work as a “battery” for me, and does she now dare to force retirement pension down over my head? I was told that Bjarne and Johannes were “too busy” to understand whom I am, but they decided to “leave me alone” to remove my “dangerous threats” exhibiting them to the world, which is about top steering of managers not knowing what they decide upon.
  • The meeting with Lisbeth went as good as we could have hoped for opening up to the Source, and not long thereafter, I was told that I have now found “my Pythagoras, , my all big slide rule”, but still darkness is holding on to it too, so there is still some more work to do. This is the golden key of everything of the spirits of my mother and father, who sit inside of here after having planned and carried out this game creating our New World, and it was “completely impossible” for me to meet all criteria to find this myself.
  • I was shown that we are now leaving the theatre of the act we have gone through via my journey, but it is not all goodbye to darkness for now, we have decided to lift darkness up one level to bring a new top floor on creation if we can.
  • We are now bringing life up one level instead of moving down because of darkness of my father and the Commune. We have removed all traps of darkness on our way, and I now stand in front of the entrance to Paradise symbolised by Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen.
  • Short stories of David Copperfield being shaken but not stirred having received help of James Bond, Ogier the Danis is on his way.


4th March: The Source is trapped behind darkness, which I open via Helsingør Commune and the Employment Ministry

I was shown darkness together with a coffin and was told that they have come to get me, and no, not yet, I am not done with my work, so you will have to wait until you are light too, and yes reducing my own life capacity myself and to do this as much as possible, and for how long can I continue, do you think? Later I was told that I am inside the Source and there is no darkness here, so this “death” would not be effected.

No, you had not really received a letter, it had been exchanged with your mother, and yes first her, and then us at the end it was thought.

We were down in the dark gutter collecting cigar ashes and a small glow here and there inside of it to bring you energy, i.e. the very last of “nothing”.

In other words, Stig, there is nothing inside the bag as I am shown and hear in the kitchen behind me.

I continued working until 04.00 crossing all sensible work limits again.

We would imagine to be the dark sunken ship in that terrible moment when we would do everything when your mother thought you were dead, where I might also be dead for a short while until awakening as my new self (?), but no, I do NOT want to die, that’s it!

Do you think they will be able to drive a tour without us (?) – I see them on motorcycle, and they have always run the world bringing darkness to it.

I decided to go to sleep at 05.20 and after some wake-ups I finally stood up at 11.45 still TIRED with the feeling “can I really climb the mountain yet again defeating this impossible tiredness – without giving in” (?) – and yes, some more dreams.

  • My mother’s John is out of paper, so I cannot print my final exam project at his printer. I am out driving with him asking him to drive somewhat quicker, which makes him very demonstratively and with complaints drive quicker, which is not nice to experience. Later I am visiting Hans, where I do believe that I forgot to print the project, but I think that I will do it tomorrow, which is my deadline. In the evening I am a senior employee at Fair Insurance working as a temporary doing telephone sales, there is no coffee there and the director is actually “only” doing the work of a team leader. I am nervous about answering customer phones ringing in, but there are so many at work that not one line is directed to me. And the business has 100 million DKK in profit, and something about Fair Insurance, which had gone bankrupt, is now operating under a new name also starting with “Fair” fooling customers to believe that it is the old Fair business, which it is not.
    • I have difficulties to finish my work because of lack of faith of John NOT being happy about missing a cruise from USA, which this is about, but I will continue working until this project is “printed”, i.e. delivered.
    • This is about “dear, old Fair colleagues”, still believing and treating me as if I had lost my mind misusing my skills to do work below my skills – but no matter what work you do, if you have “forgotten” about how to do it, there is no way out than to receiving training/education as I should in this dream – and the dream says that the WRONG attitude of these people really should take out my confidence, but nothing is able to do this, and yes “no coffee” means “no warm feelings”, and no, Rikke “could not” accept my Facebook invitation and that is not because of me but because of her, and the last part of the dream is to say that there is really no more darkness, so this is only a theatre we have set up to bring out “the best of me”.

  • I am attending one of maybe 5-7 regional competitions around the country, and I ask them if they can see on me that I am a divorce child (?), and also that I made myself 5 centimetres smaller than I am to make you believe that it was not me, and I said it with a smile.
    • There might be a deeper meaning of this, but it was all about irony and smiles to me.
  • Something about Steen P. – the local DJ here from when I was teenager – saying that we will now do some serious music, which is about “the deepest love of God”, and I was told that “everything is done”. And also “we cannot afford”, which is about darkness losing.
  • I woke up to the nice song “Islands in the stream” by Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers and the lyrics “we rely on each other”.

I was given Lionel Richie’s “Dancing on the ceiling” and I was told in relation to Bjarne that “the music isn’t right” and “don’t give up without a fight – hic, hic”, and then the true lyrics, which are “Oh, oh, round and round, Love’s got you goin’, It’s turnin’ you upside down”, so turning the last of the Source upside down, and of course this is also a perfect DANCE song.

I was given the vision of the actor of one of the James Bond films calling James Bond for “Jimbo”, and I was shown flamed chicken filets, which is to say that I am going through the STRONGEST darkness right now, and it is because it is the tour of the Source to Germany (the kingdom of our New World), which is the hardest of all.

You could also have written (in the email to the Commune) that we are on our way to a paternalistic police state.

Did she then ask a prayer for me (?), I am feeling a Medjugorje seer here, and I have been thinking that the Medjugorje messages over the years of the spirit of my mother seems to be focussed around the same – “an urgent call to conversion back to God, to pray often, to pray for the unbelievers and to do penance” – said in countless variations and also not relating directly to the world of today and my work to save it and create a New World – as least I have NOT seen this, and I should say that I have only read few of these messages, but the overview of it does not say – and I wonder if these seers have received “secret messages” (?), and if they have, let me tell you that light has NO SECRETS (!), so I can only encourage what you have not told, to be told to the world NOW, and yes DO NOT BE SILENT about any messages of my mother, and for my mother bringing these messages (?), will you please consider speaking more varied about subjects of today too including our New World and NOT to keep anything secret from the world, and yes the dark side of her also working there you know.

MedjurgorjeA seer in Medjugorje is praying for me, and I am looking forward to receiving some more direct messages about our New World etc. – but now “too late”

Lisbeth from the Commune for sure did not want to kill you, did she (?) because she is so kind (?) – I received “kill, kill” here – but yes, this was her role because she “could not” understand, and I wonder if she is now both annoyed, sad and disappointed about my “attack” on her in my email of yesterday without being able to understand objectively the torture she brought me, and maybe she will act insulted tomorrow or even want to cancel our meeting?

When I started working at 15.20 today – using a long time to check Facebook and go to bath – I was shown the furniture removers also standing up and getting started to move in the next bed.

We have not yet been to the finest and most expensive store to “turn around everything”, which is when you will succeed to make Bjarne understand that he sits on top of a “terrible system”, which will be closed down, and yes I don’t know if I can do this, but I can do my best under the circumstances, and he might decide not to read carefully in order to understand also because of “throw up” feelings and disgust coming to him, and yes darkness can be tough to turn around, we know.

They are not giving me a beating, I am given them one, this is what “turning around” means in practise.

I was shown myself coming up from the ground as a rocket penetrating it from below having symbols of sexual torments around, and I saw myself overtaking the steering of a boat until now controlled by darkness, and finally I was shown myself inside the biggest and most cathedral of all, but I am still attached to the ceiling HIGH above in the corner as darkness, as a bat, who is about to release himself, and yes yes yes I also saw myself shrunk together in the corner of an empty apartment as Yoda/Buddha, who don’t want to rise, and yes we need to do some more work to let this happen too.

I was told strongly and again and again told that ”Stig is not that terrible after all” and “can it be that he is the one being tormented” (?), and these are feelings of my mother as I am told, and Karen is not far behind as I am also told.

They are just in here, the potatoes, and yes he has given up, Bjarne, opening to the most dark of all places – this labour market system torturing people (!) – and I see this small safe of darkness being opened, and it is really just to dig them out now.

I was shown a cake at the side of a road being covered with MUCH cream and I was told that this is what we have to do first – i.e. give me MUCH sufferings, here feeling the MP Inger Støjberg here – and that is before we can get through the cream and into the cake finding a chicken of creation inside of it.

The board meetings are also not the same anymore (?) – and no, not even send Stig to the open mental hospital in Helsingør (?), and yes he will write everything about us (?), and will we give up because of this too (?), and yes you bet, we cannot take it anymore, are almost breaking down (Lisbeth), but we will be “strong” tomorrow taking the meeting with “him”, and yes is this what Bjarne has asked Lisbeth to do (?), and yes I am looking forward to hearing and reading what you really did behind “the wall” of silence, and yes, this is about TEACHING you to “leave them kids alone” (give them FREEDOM!), and do I have to tell you that when this song, the greatest hit of Pink Floyd from “the Wall, was released in 1980, it made an ever lasting impact on me, what an INCREDIBLE song, Roger & Co. :-).

There is a direct link between London and Klampenborg, and I feel Eddie Skoller, which is about “på forsiden af Søndags BT” (“On the front page of Sunday BT”), which is included in my email to the Commune brought in my script of yesterday, and just to say that “the world” has discovered that I am using the Danish labour market system as example of TEARING DOWN THE WALL OF DICTATORIAL SYSTEMS OF THE WORLD, so please go ahead, remove the wall of darkness and bring forward the light behind it.

Again, I felt my father and I was told that there was really no hole to get out of, but you said that there was and then we created it for you on condition that you were strong enough to do what it took of course.

I felt Bjarne and was told “so I am not allowed to do “the worst sexual act” then” (?), no, and that is because it is not needed – feeling Robin Williams here, and alright I will give you feelings of a few as I am given.

I can see that you have had a hair-cut recently, and it is only because of this that I am still “shy” as I am told, and this is about the most inner Yoda of me awakening, and there is still darkness, and I feel Harrison Ford too.

We have had two stamps as I am told and feel from my right and yes decided to give you the stamp of the part of you, which would survive as your new self, and I understood that we will now pack away one of them and that is just beneath the cloth as I am here shown in case I should need it again, and that is if I am not strong enough to take on the game coming to me over the coming days, but BRING IT ON!

Well, I have not prepared my “last sales speech”, have I (?), and yes I have, and we know, this is what the Commune is also “excited” about receiving, and I have a few days to do this until the deadline the 8th March, and I feel more darkness inside the back side of my right lower leg and “trapped in life of the most deep” and impossible to bring out as added.

You don’t want a “sexual service before the transmission starts” (?) and I was shown Karen and I in the cinema just before the blue of me will start being showed.

What if it was not Lisbeth ordering you to crazy doctor Alex, who declared you “crazy” in June 2012 (?), and I was given the feeling of Lisbeth thinking of spiritual visions I gave her, for example the spirit of my mother around her shoulder at one of our meetings, and yes, it might be that this story is about TOP STEERING of people, who do NOT know the details about what you decide on, which you really need to and yes to give FREEDOM and RESPONSIBIILITY to those who know, and is this about abuse of power of civil servants, politicians and media of Helsingør trying to “lock me away” because I am “potential uncomfortable/dangerous” (?), and yes just like a dictator would do, and I have been told this before, so this might be the story, Bjarne and Johannes?

Yes, you are welcome in – this is the last Yoda looking curiously in – and that is because here at 17.30, I am doing the short stories and now overcome the worst tiredness and “warming up” to write my application as director for Helsingør Commune, and I was shown God coming halfway out of a hole.

I don’t have any tips-funds to play with meaning that you are so completely empty of everything that you have gone right to the end to bring EVERY LITTLE THING out.

There is almost no powder inside that Hanoi thing anymore, and yes the original bomb of Nixon you know.

I felt the inner of God coming closer as a Lion, which is what is entering me now, and can it be that we brought this part to Anton, which is bringing it to you via his continuous faith in you (?), and yes this is what I am told and understand.

In our New World, Stig, there is really no left and no right because then you are everything in balance 360 degrees around everything, which is what we are now setting up.

At 18.00 I was told that we are not just going to run quickly but “over-quickly” to do this, and do you think you can be awake all night long and take the meeting at 10.00 tomorrow with Lisbeth (?), and no, I do not think so, my guess is that I will need a nap on the sofa, but we will see when we get that far.

We have decided to close down all of the home of Ipswich, and yes entirely if you can break through to this last part of me, and this is what I understand that my application for the Commune – sending it to ALL OF THE COMMUNE – is meant to do, so I better decide to be strong enough to do it.

And I am given the feeling that this last part of the Source is leaving from my penis.

We would have asked you to cut the family tree self and played the act that it would be “simply unbearable” and here I feel smiles of the actor behind it because you have decided that I want NOTHING to be destroyed, and that means absolutely nothing.

Can we continue providing him with a little pocket money (?), and yes when he continues to work, we can.

I was told that my mother has now read my email to Helsingør Commune, and a few minutes later, she called and offered to come and get me tomorrow morning because public transport to the Commune is taking 30-45 minutes where the tour in car can be done in 5-10 minutes.

A little later I was told – when I was about to stop working today (I will do the script, but not the application yet, which is too much now) – that we have not yet come to the point where we could use “inputs of Inge” and I was suggested to call her, but no, this is also “too much” when you are TIRED as I.

And then shortly thereafter, I was told that Lani (an old friend of mine and also no more!) has landed with the aeroplane and now she is walking against you – as if my “old nightmare” was to be carried out – but no, she is not, and this is to say that your mother driving you tomorrow morning is half of it.

I was given the feeling of my mother “looking in” and the voice of the Source inside of me replied that I am living inside of this big white bread, yes. And this came after I had been told earlier that my mother is “having faith in me”, and yes we have been there before, but just maybe the UFO she saw and now the email to the Commune is helping to lift her up, and her faith lifting me up to remove the last part of darkness opening to the Source, thus us coming out and the New World coming in and yes uniting everything.

“He is also such a heathen”, which I was told while I was given the feeling that I am “insulting” the Commune, and how could anyone think a thought like that (?), and yes this is what too sensitive and narrow-minded people do, and yes why not play it here, my most loved song of “modern David Bowie”, which is “after the 1970’s” and that is SLOWBURN from the Heathen album, of course, and there is NO LIMIT to just how much I LOVE THIS SONG – and you should listen to the incredible guitar by Pete Townsend on this song on a Holfi stereo equipment like mine, do you remember, “Holfi-Peter” (?), who is the man behind Holfi, who was kind to set up my Holfi Sunair speakers and stereo after upgrade, which has to be approx. 10 years ago by now, and yes of course listening to this very song again and again..

I was asked if the Employment Ministry has received my memos etc. (?), and told “ohhh, yes”, and “now we much better see what kind of system you mean, Stig”, which you obviously “could not” when I sent the same memos to you in 2009, and “strange” how it takes “something new” to make people decide to OPEN THEIR EYES.

I was half feeling, half told that approx. 4 of what felt like 7-8 aeroplanes of the Source have now landed. And then we can start building a whole new cinema centre – again.

I was given the feeling and also taste of hair all over the inside of my head, and was told that here is the production facility to produce this, which I understand is the same as “water of the Source”.

It is as if the tide is stuck on its way back, and I am drawing my sword as the King as I am shown but with great difficulties, because it is not heavy but still the heaviest/most difficult of all to receive, which we have now started pushing forwards, and when it first has started, there is no road back.

Have we already arrived at the fresh water (?), and yes because you also decided to upload your script today, and I was almost made to throw up here, and received both the taste of vomit and the taste of fish, and I was told that these go together hand in hand until all darkness has left.

We don’t have any weapons inside of here, so you might get the duvet a little cheaper depending on what happens from here, and yes how much your mother is with you and so on, and yes the Heathen album by David Bowie is among my favourite of all albums, a completely amazing album, and SLOWBURN is the diamond on top of everything, which is also how we feel inside of here.

I was given the feeling of Lecia Jønsson (the pop singer with the blackbird), and then Willy Jønsson (former bass player of Gasolin) and then the taste of new dough, which is about our ability to create new life inside of this, the New World, and yes not the easiest to do, but with FAITH, it goes :-).

I was given a sound to my shelves and told that I don’t think we had made it if you had not lost weight.

So you really do not have any opponents, and what will you meet from the Commune tomorrow (?), will they decide to attack you or be pious as lambs?

Finally, at 22.30 I had finished and published the script of today, and now I need a break in front of the TV, and may or may not come back to do more work during the night (?), and yes, I do NOT look forward to having to write a new summary of a meeting with the Commune tomorrow, and NOT AT ALL, my friends.

So we will not even do a service ride (on motorcycle) then (?), and no, if we can avoid it, let us see how far the combination of your mother and Lisbeth tomorrow will bring you, and I might decide to take you in from there, and I felt only light of the Source to the right of me, which will have to be the part already turned around helping to receive even more from the other part of me opposite me as I am shown.

No, no white bread has started to become burned yet, and I received different kind of negative voices and feelings coming to me, and yes if I cannot catch him this way, then this way maybe or that (?), and just like a virus changing from one split of a second to the next, but no, no and no, I will NOT have it, and this is what is making it NOT burn.

Yes, they have already written in the atmosphere report DOT, and that is the Commune having made up their mind about tomorrow.

I watched ”Natholdet” on TV2, and isn’t it funny that Anders and his co-host Steffen were inspired to talk about “Tripple Zoom” in relation to a clip from TV2 Bornholm, where they had three scenes with an identical long zoom of the picture (?), and ZOOM is also what you find in one of the Google Earth stories below, which is to say that everything is ALRIGHT and darkness doesn’t really matter at all 🙂 . And I am quite often given visions/feelings about you, Anders, so how does it feel to be on TV not knowing if I watch and decide to write about you?

Google Earth shows that “strange magic” was almost not enough almost crashing the aeroplane of the Source

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show a handsome guy, a beautiful face going to the laundry, “strange magic” in my email to the Commune was almost not enough, thus almost crashing the aeroplane of the Source symbolised by David Copperfield, many smiling faces, dancing under the lights/ceiling, turning around the Source, “someone important”, exploring the inside of God, Talking heads/creatures of love looking at each other, and my inner self is TRUE BLUE meaning “perfect”.

FB 040313 Jette 1

FB 040313 Jette 2

FB 040313 Jette 3

FB 040313 Jette 3b

FB 040313 Jette 4

FB 040313 Jette 5

FB 040313 Jette 6

FB 040313 Jette 7

FB 040313 Jette 8

FB 040313 Jette 9

FB 040313 Jette 10

FB 040313 Jette 11

FB 040313 Jette 12

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Did I write the other day what I was told (?), which is that the Kenyan politicians know that this will be their last election (?), and if not, here it is.

FB 040313 Daily Nation

  • Kenneth dreamt that someone had removed name signs and mail boxes from his staircase, and the door handles were removed too, but somehow he managed to get in anyway because he had left the key in the door, and I told him that delivering a letter and opening the door is about getting access to our New World, and this is about his “lack of understanding of me”, which makes it difficult for me as the postman to deliver his letter and opening his door, and I offered him to send me more of his dreams to understand them in just of just thinking that they are “lovely/weird”, but no, he did not “like” this at all, so “no comments”, and yes SILENCE of darkness, Kenneth (!), and no, he “cannot” see it because he and everyone know that he is a man of light, right?

FB 040313 Kenneth

  • Unemployed people threw 100 kilos of faeces on the staircase of Employment Minister Mette Frederiksen, which is obviously because of the INHUMAN reform of “cash help” and before this the reduction of how long you can receive unemployment benefits. And the faeces are of course REALLY to say that this “politics” of a State acting as dictators is destructive to life self, therefore.

FB 040313 Jette Mette

  • So here is the dictator – on top of a totalitarian system (!) – the Employment Minister Mette Frederiksen when she some time ago presented the reform of cash help and I told her to “WAKE UP, Mette – it is not forbidden to use the inner side of your head instead of stuffing it with dunghill” if you understand such a small one (?), and then I attached my email to the Commune of yesterday and the summary from my website about how it is to be treated as a “slave and lunatic”, and this is really part of my fight of survival, which this is about, Mette, as it is to many (!), and furthermore I attached my two memos of “the best labour market in the world” – here and here – which you know by now. I was told that they, the Ministry, also did not know that the roasted pork was turned upside down. I also posted the same links to my own Facebook Timeline so the Mayor and my “curious” friend Bjarne can read and understand that I do mean BUSINESS this time! Later I was told that my information and memos have not before been brought to the top of the Ministry, but now they have. This is also part of the opening to the worst darkness.

FB 040313 Mette 1

FB 040313 Mette 2

FB 040313 Mette 3

  • Jens referred to the article of unemployed people giving the Minister some dunghill, which made him appalled saying that those doing it, could clean out horse faeces one year – with their bare hands (!), and there was really no limits to just how appalled people were about this stunt, which are the same people saying NOTHING when it comes to the torture of the dictator Mette and her system in relation to many thousands of unemployed people including myself.

FB 040313 Jens

  • Finally, Fanny “discovered” how to enter her Facebook wall/timeline (!), starting to thank people for their birthday greetings as she also did to me only focusing on herself, and yes she wishes the best of me and others, but really only focus on herself as she also did here “at the moment I practise in living in the now to receive loving energy, have become good to turn the negative energies to positivity”, and yes she is living in “light disguised as darkness”, which makes me SAD to hear, but I turned her a little around here also helping somewhat as I understand. And no, Fanny decided completely to overhear my strong recommendation for her to become a member of Jette’s Facebook group, and she also “cannot” read my website and scripts, because I write “too complicated” ….!

FB 040313 Fanny

  • In continuation about what I was told earlier today about being the bat on the ceiling of a cathedral – we are dancing on the ceiling of happiness you know – this funny story came about an overweight Batman bringing in a wanted man of darkness, and it made me smile and think of myself as the overweight man, and yes the identity of Batman remains a mystery, and I said that you can find him in GODham really.

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  • Not long after my comment above, I received a Facebook invitation by “a nice looking lady”, and when she started speaking to me immediately as she did, and her Facebook site says that she is looking for a man, I was thinking of what was then again her (his!) name in Africa last year trying to cheat me with money using the photo of a porn-star (?), so I started by searching on her image, and discovered that the identity of this person is another, and after she told me that she would “be right back”, she was not, and instead she did the same as Remee lately, which was to report me to Facebook because now she had had enough of me (!), and yes quite brilliant, right (?), and this is really about God having the first view of me as his little new baby, and the diamond of me, and can I hold you (?), and yes as long as you behave as light, you are FREE to do everything, but I will have NOTHING to do with darkness, and yes this is how we are here. And of course this is again about the strongest darkness wanting to bring my “old nightmare”.

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  • Dee from Malaysia, who has changed her name to Delly, received a no when she asked me for money last year – because I cannot spare any – and this was her purpose once again, and as you can see, LAZYNESS and DEAFNESS is also a disease there, and yes she is speaking directly with me without reading and understanding who I am, and I gave her the same chance last year, so instead of becoming let us say “truly happy”, she became the opposite, and yes STRANGE right (?), and no, you have really almost seen no “magic” yet, because I am really not allowed to as God inside the most inner says, but we have done a little here and there (towards Meshack being told spiritually that I am indeed the one, and Elijah shown LIGHTS on the bush of his home, and a few things with my telephone etc. to show my mother, but not much more than this), otherwise things would have ended up catastrophically.

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  • Anton brought this today (I do not like the language, but maybe this is what is coming to him), but YES WE CAN is good :-).

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5th March: The Source has now become part of all life strengthening and making everyone a God/Creator of life

By 01.45 I had not yet been tired enough to take a nap, but I had received much notes while watching TV, and even though I feel DISGUSTED by working, I might be able to write at least some of these notes here, so here we go.

I was told and shown that the Source is about to develop into all colours of suits coming from black and now about to match all colours of my mother/the New World.

I was shown the road from darkness of the Source to here with ice lolly’s hanging in the roof and falling down as knives hacking everything on its way, i.e. “extreme suffering”.

I was shown money pouring out from a tube turning into an aeroplane crashing as it used to in the Old World, and I was told that this tube is about to get in place (to produce only love of our New World).

I was shown/felt a spirit flying to my left, and I was told that the Source was nothing else but spirit, and now the Source becomes part of me physically and all physical life.

There is also a road into here via Lisbeth, which is what we discover now, and also via Per Gessle (love it :-)), Ghite Nørby (!), which is only what we are telling you, which is about the Source now being implemented as part of all living life.

So Lisbeth already has a connection to you – as everyone has to me as the Source – but she doesn’t have to know at the meeting, where we all play a game because we are now all and not only you and me, i.e. God and my new self.

This is how much your mother has received out of that small hole, which has reproduced to all life – with the help of my mother – so what is the rest now (?), and yes I have received the words “one with nature” the last couple of days, which is the title of an old Swedish TV-programme, and here I was told that it means for the Source to become “one with nature” and yes part of everything you know.

I continued receiving small heart attacks, which I was told is because of Karen and her WRONG sexual behaviour, which is still making me very sad.

I was told that David Bowie’s new album “The Next Day” was meant to be “Super Heroes”, and you can see that it is using the old cover of his Heroes album from 1977, I believe, but it says that we are now moving on, and I wonder if he knows that Heroes is my favourite song of all (?), and I was told that it was meant to have removed attention from you because “everyone would know that you would not make it” and that is at the time of the publish of the album.

David Bowie's The Next Day

I still received pressure of darkness including feelings of desperation and negative voices trying to take me over, and still it comes with a strength where I have to tell myself to be stronger than it, otherwise it would break me down because it is really stronger than I, this is how it is.

This means that we now arrive at the top of the Source.

I was shown the inside of a blue pick-up, and was told that you were really on your way in “the blue wagon”, which is a phrase we use here for driving people to mental hospital, because of your father, but you decided to turn him around by going to counterattack, thus making this the blue wagon of my inner self coming to me.

I was shown very big file closets including thousands of files pressured together, and then one of these was taken out, and I saw that it included a key, which is bringing me my freedom also from the police and I was told that it was incredible that he found it – giving me the understanding that this was the only file bringing me freedom where the game was designed to send me to mental hospital.

So we have now implemented a double (of the Source) inside everyone, which has made everyone much stronger, do you remember the feeling from the other day, Stig (?), and I was told that this is also the condition to create a New World without the use of energy as we know it because everyone will receive “energy” via the freedom of thought simply by “being”.

I was given a vision of an orange and then “all of my self” being lowered down into the arms on an ENTHUSIASTIC crowd of people, which told me that this is about the Source (“the piano”) being brought down with control without falling/crashing down for the New World to absorb the collision, and then I was told “but you have not seen this”, which is because we are really still playing a game.

I was given the words “Ayatollah” and “Anatolic pan” (Sac kavurma) with the first being a reference to Iran and the second to a Turkish disc, which I like very much, and I was told that Turkey has helped Iran more than once also against USA by hiding information about Uran/Nuclear weapons, and this is also not meant to come out, because it can start a new war, right (?), and yes, what if Iran produces nuclear weapons for the Turks (?) and this is how there are crossing agreements everywhere – because of the work of darkness.

No, Cairo is not involved yet, the government elected by the people has not been thrown down “because of him there, Stig”, and eeehhh did they threaten to tell about me if you – the armed forces – decided to throw it down (?), and you could not take that risk?

I was shown the Michelin man and a tap running from him, and I was told and shown that it has started to pour, and that is not cola but the purest water, and I felt enthusiasm hidden beneath me, and it is hidden because of “the hardest”, which I will now go through (?), and I felt Meryl Streep as example, and I was told that this was not the only way for the Source to get out, but the only way to do it when involving you, and felt my father, and was told that Lance Armstrong was also part of this plan, and I have NOT yet heard you SPEAK OUT THE FULL TRUTH INCLUDING ALL DETAILS yet, Lance (?), but you are sure that it is only a matter of time (?), and why don’t you show TRUE COURAGE by revealing EVERYTHING you know (?), and eeehhhh you are afraid that the “big commercial interests” of professional cycling and many big sponsors, TV etc. would decide to “kill” you (?), and yes ARE YOU A CHICKEN OR A MAN (?), and yes this is what I mean, DECIDE TO BE STRONG and then just do it (!), and you can use me as role model if you wish.

I was shown a GIANT TREE and VERY STRONG with berries around it and also a racing track, which is where the speeder is tunes of cars – bring more strength to life – and I was told that you have also not seen this, and I now understood that all of this secrecy is a reference to all of the secrecy of the Commune in relation to me, and they know that you know.

I was told that this is not a bomb secure room yet, it is only the start of it, and it requires that I continue working my best to get all through this without anything happening.

This is the force creating everything and I was shown how it creates the beautiful interior of a Lamborghini (which I have seen on TV impressing me much) as example and was told with a low voice, because of the game, that you will not believe what I see.

I was told about Helle Thorning-Schmidt that Stig is not Satan anyway, which some tried to make you believe and Obama too as I am told and that is by using the worst methods (?), and that was the counterattack of darkness against me, and I am told that they tempted Helle with a “fine international position”, and all of this was planned by darkness of this the inner of the Source, and crossing this darkness was the only way to come here, and I was told that Jack’s regiment was involved, and we have almost only started – I felt an incredible desire to bring out information and force to do it – but we forgot that you don’t have the power we have, and yes I am still living as my old self on “nothing” and that is at least as what the actors make sure of.

I received the feeling of the mayor and was told that we are sorry that you did not send your email to Lisbeth to more than Bjarne and Johannes, because this would have given us more “horses” to play on, and we know, it will come with my next email with the application, which I truly hope I will be strong enough to write before the 8th.

I was told that until recently, the top management of Jack had new plans of killing me, and yes CAN’T YOU EVER GET ENOUGH and when you have lost, it would suit you to stand up publically and admit to all of your wrong doings.

Some of the above is probably darkness speaking, and some is light, and I don’t know which is what.

I have been given feelings about Shannon, who left me as Facebook friend weeks ago, and yes she is still talking negatively about me behind my back, and “not easy” for clairvoyants of Denmark of what to believe of me (?), and yes how can it be so difficult for so many people for so many months, instead of just reading, understanding and spreading the truth instead of all of your guessing and fear?

This is where the view over everything – like your view, therefore – is PERFECT, and it is first now that we are climbing up there.

And yes, thank you for reminding me, my mother told me yesterday evening that John decided to “give in” and to send his medical journals to the insurance company, and his brother and his wife, which they were/are planning to travel with, had full understanding that this needed to be in order before ordering the travel, and yes this was a condition in order to do this exercise as we do also today.

So we are not playing a battle on endurance also with the top management of Jack’s “unit”, the media too (feeling Ulrik Haagerup I am), the official system and yes name all of them having an “attitude” in relation to me and you are part of the big game with many of you opposing me, and I still have to be stronger than all of you not to lose to this ENORMOUS war ship as I feel is now moving over to my side, and the more of it that moves over the more support I get from you, and I here receiving two Russian actors here (Mikhail Baryshnikov and what is her name?), and no I will not write names when I cannot remember them (a game here with feelings of many I cannot remember the names of, but Steffi Graf coming to me here, I do), and also an American, which is to say that there is still more and deeper darkness to get out from you, so this is what we are doing while we are still all dying and yes remember the dream hanging/dying inside the factory (?), we are feeling even worse now, but still so much better if you catch my drift?

It is here that we order carpets – I see a thick dark red one – and don’t you freeze here (?), no.

We are weeding out and here find an old rotten heart and yes another predecessor of ours and all of these old attempts of creation/life/worlds keep on all the way right in to here at the middle of nothing where this force is.

I was told the other day without writing it and am now told again that Bjarne was almost taken in as part of the upper, secret network, but he was not, so he is kept in the dark about me as I understand it. Otherwise we would have been drunk crossing this cross and “boom” would have been the result.

You ought to come to Tromsø, Norway, once and see what is here (?), and yes, Jens Stoltenberg, will you explain (?), and “something about a vital part of controlling man in a new world of evil/pain”.

I was told that when I was cycling from Preben and home some weeks ago, and I felt the strength of God all over as part of the air, it was the part of the Source, which was given for creation, and what we have now received, is the Source self producing this force.

I received a noise to my shelves – of the New World – and was told that we are not entirely Taunus-free here.

And can you exchange what you have bought in the department store in here (?), and yes whenever you want to improve what already is, you just do it, and the Source follows, and yes isn’t it wonderful that when we have learned as life and decide to lift up life, the Source just follows, and this is basically the idea to follow each other and lift up one level at the time, and eeehhh is this possible because the Source is here, there and everywhere now (?) – inside us – and yes this is how it is constructed, it is us as life directing the road.

You have no idea what you have done, have you, Stig (?), you have broken and “unbreakable alliance” of your father’s family, and yes we have to tell you again.

I started receiving names I don’t know, but “of importance” and I did not write the first one down only receiving the sir name, which sounder “common”, but later I was given the name “Ed Gallaghan”, and I wonder who he is (?), and when searching, the first and closest I come is Ed O’Callaghan – an American Republicanlawyer, former co-chief of the terrorism and national security unit of the U.S. Attorney‘s office in New York, who resigned from the US Attorney’s Office in July, 2008 to join John McCain‘s presidential campaign”, and “one of three leaders of Sarah Palin‘s Alaska “truth squad”, and yes, just saying that we know who you are and you will ALL COME TO WITNESS YOUR CRIME TO THE WORLD.

It is like watching flowers grow up of absolutely nothing, and they simply come here, there and everywhere now, Stig, also not least because Anton saw my comment to one of the Google Earth pictures of yesterday saying that I am entering the Source as a lion.

I was shown the old Copenhagen and an old tram and at the end a very old and very torn bourdeaux chair on a spring, and I was told and felt that this is where I am sitting – with my hands under the chin suffering and boring – waiting for you to come and get me, and I felt that this is “my mother’s mother” Copenhagen, and now you have finally come, and I felt excitement underneath the game.

I was told that writing this is part of being “quick”, which is what we asked you to be, which you did not know if you could, but still this is what you are (still) doing, and yes as long as it goes, and that is to write and publish this, which is still what is consolidating it instead of darkness trying to turn it around to its old self, which we would be unhappy if it did.

I received the feeling of my inner self still being released from the Source when writing this – I felt it coming out from in front of me to the right of me, and flying around me as if “he” wanted to order me, but “he” decided wisely to retreat, which I understand is the same feeling, which the Commune received about me, so now we will see if this is really what will happen; if they will keep me on cash help, if they want me to apply for permanent disability pension, which I will refuse, and if they want me to visit a doctor or what is worse, which I also will reject, and yes no matter if I lose the cash help again, and we know I DO NOT CARE, if this is what the game takes, this is what I will do, and this is what it takes really when you decide to play at the highest level taking a “calculated risk”.

I was told that Jesper from Falck in Lyngby is still working as he has “always” done – “talk, talk, talk” and MUCH social talk – and how often do you think of me and how I liked to work, Jesper (?), and yes wouldn’t it be nice if you could work with such discipline yourself (?); do you see?

I received the feeling of Camilla, and was told that there are not many nuts (of creation) inside her, but when she receives her part of the Source, she becomes a God/Creator herself.

I received the vision/feeling of New York in the 1920’s and men in trench coats, and we have really planned your arrival since then, and I understand that this is when man received clear enough signs about my coming arrival (?), so you have known about me for almost 100 years?

By 03.45 I had written and published the above, which normally takes some hours to “consolidate” and yes I am not critically tired yet, so I might go to the meeting at 10.00 without sleeping, we will see – and if this is funny (?), not I am still hurting much being tired, but I know that my spiritual friends do everything they can to hold me up on me legs, and yes raising from the sofa is often a challenge, which I had never thought would come to me and that is at least in this “young age” of mine, but sometimes I can almost not get up.

The DEAF Commune will force Permanent Disability Pension on me as the greatest paradox ever because I am fully capable

Especially from 06.00 to 09.00 I had my tired crisis when it is at its absolutely worst being so deeply tired that it cuts through all of your bones, but I was encouraged to stay up, and again I did not know how I did it – maybe the worst time this (?) – but somehow I did.

I received an incredible strong feeling of “no faith in me”, which almost removed my own faith in me, and it could only come from the Commune.

I was told that we will now get deeper inside the New World and spread the most noble tree sorts in co-operation with the Source.

I received a STRONG heartburn for a period of time, and at 08.30 I was told that we could have entered more cheaply, which we have not used by now.

I was told that the meteorologist Henrik Voldborg will now bring his worst weather, and I was given a sound to the back of my balcony and was told that we have now walked further backwards (of the New World).

I was given the song “kom lad os brokke os” by TV” and the lyrics “let us beat them there Spain in ball”, which is about going out and defeat darkness once again.

My mother came at 09.40 to collect me and ten minutes later, we were at the Commune, and on the way, my mother said that she has decided to buy a cock from Bornholm, which is considered “fine” here, which she will cook for us on Friday, which of course is our old symbol of the New World, and yes John has also fallen down accepting that it was right to do to ask the insurance company of pre-approval, which has also made my mother calm.

At 10.00, Lisbeth came to the reception to get me, and our meeting started, and she welcome me with a smile, which is also what I sent to her in return.

She started by asking me what I would like to use the meeting for (?), and eeehhhh me, Lisbeth (?), and alright, since you asked me, I told you that I would like to hear what she and the committee have decided in relation to me!

And she started a speech saying that this would make me “angry” – and I told her that I NEVER become angry, and that is as in NEVER (!!!) – leading to the conclusion that she would like to declare me permanent disable and to let me apply for pre-retirement pension (!), and yes THIS IS WHAT SHE REALLY SAID (!!!), and of course because the crazy psychiatrist Alex has declared that I am crazy, and she has had the medical consultant of the Commune to read through his declaration and the file, and she agrees that I am not able to work, and that is not physically but mentally because of “my situation” (!), and yes isn’t this wonderful (?), they decided to give up declaring me permanent disable instead of sending me to “treatment”, which of course also could become “costly” and money matters tonite also with this Commune, so this was also part of the reason why, and yes was it the committed taking this decision (?), was it Lisbeth alone on basis of the medical consultant (?), or was she told from the top of the Commune to “close down this case” (so we will not get in trouble) (?), and yes that is the question and I am not given any answer here, so what do you believe yourself my reader (?), and Jette had a written declaration from the medical consultant and said that “nothing is secret here”, and I could have asked her for a copy, which maybe could through a little light about my father’s involvement in the case too (?), but no, I decided that the world will have to get this “honour”, and yes PLEASE FEEL FREE TO COLLECT THIS INFORMATION, but of course I would like to know who decides to do this, so if you please will tell me showing some good behaviour, my ladies and gentlemen from the press.

So there was NO demands for me to visit a doctor, to take medicine and if I refused I risk to be hospitalised against my will, and “I have no doubts that you are capable of doing any kind of physical work” as she said, and “it is more your mental status”, which is making you disabled (!), and yes, what kind of “medicine” have you taken yourself this morning, Lisbeth, and you were speaking today with a man “more dead than alive” as I later told you when I explained about how lack of faith, wrong behaviour etc. of people in relation to me is brought to me as my sufferings constantly making me as tired – and even more – when Lars Løkke in the Bella Centre at the 2009 climate conference was awake all night long “banging” with his hammer where everyone could see that “the dear man” was INCREDIBLE tired and still people just continued to TALK TALK AND TALK as if nothing had happened, and still I have decided to work harder than anyone else, and you say that you believe that I am physically fit to take any work (?), but not mentally (?), and yes THIS IS WHAT SHE SAID, and I told her that I have been feeling “like this” since my spiritual awakenings in 2004/06, have told almost no one before 2010, and have had full time work to the satisfaction of everyone in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 in Kenya meeting new people/culture and hereafter full time work as a writer, so if they believe I am disabled now, I really also should have been before 2010 (?), and it is simple logic for battery hence that I have my full working capacity and also that I work well with all people that I meet, and again I told her that if we met at a neutral place and she did not have my journal and I did not speak of my website, we would talk about her and me and she would find that I am an outgoing person, but now she has been “blinded” by the people before her, who “could not” understand me, and also herself who “cannot” – or “will not” – understand me.

I told her my conclusion that it is the greatest humiliation of me, which she is doing and if she for a moment could think the thought that I am merely telling the truth about myself, she would understand that this is indeed the case, but no, she did not show much remorse, but she said that my email to her – with a copy to Bjarne and Johannes – “blamed” her for doing poor work, being brainwashed and not being able to understand, and she used a long time focusing on this while her eyes clearly radiated “sadness”, and yes this is “negative” in her mind, and OF COURSE she is NOT “brainwashed” and does fine work and is a good listener, and she used her old argument that I am alone against here and all people of the world, who would support her, and I could only tell her about darkness making it “impossible” for people to understand and that so called “normal people” very often “cannot” remove their “strong inner voice” – i.e. thoughts coming to them from “above” – which makes them listen to what other says, but decide for themselves what they want to believe in, and when you “cannot” or “will not” understand, it is impossible to understand, and this is really what is making them “crazy”, and yes it is my destiny to come and tell you, and you DO NOT want to understand which is it, and yes PLEASE READ MY EMAIL TO YOU, Lisbeth, because it includes documentation for – via “strange magic” – that the official world is following/reading me, and I only present you with the truth, and all she could say was that she has received and read it, and then to focus on what she still believes are “negative attacks” on her, and no, they are NOT (!), they are the objective truth and there are absolutely NO NEGATIVITY included in this, it ONLY tells the truth, this is how you are, Lisbeth (!), and yes the next “obstacle” was then that there is no humanity behaving like this, and “if you really wanted to bring people with you, you would have done like Jesus ….”, and yes IT IS ALL IN YOUR MIND, Lisbeth, so therefore I told you again that PEOPLE ARE SO DEAF, LAZY AND BETTER-KNOWING THAT I HAVE HAD TO SHOUT THE TRUTH to make you listen and some of you to understand, and also that I have shown myself as “the warrior” (of God) fighting darkness, and this is the only time you will see me like this ever, which will stop with the opening of our New World – and I even told her that when she – and most others – decide to go against me, it brings me darkness as building stones of creation, and yes the irony is that she believes that she is the offended part when I just tell her the truth (!), and yes not understanding that she is darkness telling lies about and truly offending/humiliating me.

And yes, I told her thank you for the offer on retirement pension – which is also a HIGHER AMOUNT than I receive today (!) – but NO THANK YOU because I am completely fit for fight (if not thinking of being more dead than alive of course), and yes it made her say that “we can retire you with force” (!), and yes THIS IS REALLY WHAT SHE SAID (!!!), and once more for the record/archive (!!!), and we know, I told her that I did not know that the law gave this option, and that it is the same as declaring me incapable of managing my own affairs, and that is from people, who simply “could not” listen to/read what I told them and to do their best to understand instead of their best NOT to understand, and I had prepared myself on her question “what makes you believe that you would be qualified as new director of the Commune” (?), which would be a NORMAL question to answer when you are meant to be an office to HELP people return to a job (?), but no, she did not comment this with one word. And once again, I told her that this is THE BIGGEST PARADOX of the world EVER.

So I looked at her saying that her attitude is the same that if I decided to tell her “you keep on telling me that your name if Lisbeth, but it is not, we all believe that your name is Hanne”, and that is even though you or course are Lisbeth (!), and in my case, you could hang up a piece of paper with my name on it constantly telling yourself when seeing it “his name is not Stig, it is Henning” even though my name is Stig. And this is the man I am, I am Stig and I cannot decide to be someone else than I am, and I am only doing my best to keep on explaining you in order to make you understand as I do my best writing my scripts, and this is what is my sword, to influence people to bring the light forward and to create our New World, and had I not, darkness of man would have taken me over destructing everything, and also that it was a GIANT shock being awakened spiritually being told about who I am, and that it was/is NOT easy to make people understand and have faith in me also receiving a shock when hearing about who I am and to make people believe in me being a “normal man” like everyone else, who will wake up when the last thing membrane of darkness is dissolved and the gold inside of me will shine through, and this led to a “discussion” where I had to explain this again doing my best, and afterwards she simply said that my writings and explanations have NO effect, thus showing that she did NOT listen and understand what I had just told her, which truly kills any dialogue making it difficult to bring up to the next level, but still this is what I decided to do speaking about how the Source has now been transferred INSIDE the New World and implemented with every single individual making all creators and removing all darkness bringing joy and happiness to all, and this is when I was shown the spirit of my mother putting a hand inside Lisbeth from her back, and I heard how Lisbeth with the voice of the spirit of my mother said that of course everyone wants a better world, and if my light shines through – lifting man up to “Cosmic Conscience”, which I also explained her – “I will be the first ringing on your day apologizing” as she said, and yes this is what I have already done, when I invited you, Bjarne and Johannes for coffee and cake, and yes you could really just decide to read and understand instead of deciding to NOT understand, is it all there in front of you to understand including “my sufferings”.

I told her about the SIMPLE LOGIC of how this system is WRONG working as dictators deciding also over RESPONSIBLE people, and I gave her my old song about FREEDOM and RESPONSIBILITY including the system working on the lowest denominator of all, which OF COURSE is wrong, and that it is NOT sustainable with life self to remove freedom of people like this, and also the fact about the people I have met inside the system being very well aware that they do NOT threat people properly, and yes it should be possible for this “wise lady”, Lisbeth, to understand and yes she is “clever” at her work, right?

And I explained about how ALL SUFFERINGS of all people suffering because of me is brought to me making me live the sum of ALL SUFFERINGS of all of my family, friends etc. thus also including the system, and here I feel Thomas Ledin, who suffers too (?), as example.

Lisbeth had tried once again to tell me that I do NOT influence her because she keeps her private and professional life separate, and I told her DIRECTLY that she is a liar because I could tell by the sadness of her eyes and when she emotionally loses control as she did somewhat today too for maybe 10 minutes, and when the meeting was about to end, I was encouraged to bring her the story of “influence” about big businesses paying millions of dollars to buy 30 seconds of advertising during the US Super Bowl, which they do because they know that the next day, people will go out buying their products often not even realizing that they have been influenced, and when everyone knows that this is the case, how come that nobody believes that they are influenced negatively by playing hour after hour of “Counterattack” on the computer killing life or watching violent films or porn, which destroys the sexual life of young people of today, and yes Lisbeth understood this, and therefore Lisbeth is ALSO influenced by my performance doing my best to make her understand, and I told her that this story was brought to me spiritually and that I received input to every single sentence I told her as every sentence I write is also spiritually influenced, and then I saw the PURE spirit of my mother from light of our New World entering Lisbeth via the membrane of darkness and going right through her body till the end of her hands, and I told her this when it happened, and also what I was told, which was that Lisbeth is working for a battery for me giving me energy to continue and finalise my work because of the cracking I make to her darkness making the light shine through, and I asked her to take this with her to influence her “lack of faith or faith”, and yes once again she had told me that she does not believe, which is really a major obstacle here, and when I spoke the words “luk op for noget godt” (“open for something good”) in some kind of meaning, she reacted to this because this is the commercial slogan of Haribo candy, which everyone here knows, and I smiled at her saying what was now coming to me, which is that this was to show her the connection between us and a reference to the commercial of Super Bowl from before, and to let her know that there is spiritual life around us, and that I am just telling her the truth about me.

And with this I told her that it is now up to her – and maybe in co-operation with others – do decide what she wants, if this is to give me permanent disability pension, and she will decide herself via her decision what I will write about her, and yes she was very occupied by what I will write again thinking negatively of her “poor work” etc., and yes the question is if this was enough to remove her strong faith that I am “crazy”, which everyone says and to open as much for her that we can really get right into the most inner of all (?), and I was told that when I am not present, and she is influenced by the system, she becomes more and more sure that I am crazy, and it is my task then to come to her every three months to absorb this darkness and give her my “sales speech” to make her “somewhat in doubt” again, and this is really what brings me the most darkness, thus creation on the highest level.

And finally, at 11.15 I left the meeting, and I had really told myself that this meeting would probably be short also because of my incredible tiredness, but what I did not know was that it was required for me to do my best once again to bring as much as possible to get right to the top, and I am here shown a marzipan bread of good quality meaning “never give up”, and this is what I told her that I will NEVER do in relation to her and everyone else because when you have my kind of experiences, you know that this is right and the truth, and if she had, she would know as clearly herself, and now when she does not, she is still able to understand by reading!

Afterwards I was told about the importance of doing my best to make Lisbeth understand and how Bjarne and Johannes “cannot” understand, but still you are steering me too from the top, which is really to tell the world about how WRONG this is. And by the way, I am the only “patient” of Lisbeth, which is about just how “special” I am.

No, you “cannot” be (the Son of) God without receiving medication from man, this is a victory in itself. And yes, they did not lock me up or send me to a doctor, and did my father/Kirsten really turn against me “reporting” me to the authorities behind my back?

I have found “my Pythagoras, my all big slide rule”, which is the golden key of the Source of everything

I received two songs from the band TV2 at the same time, the first was ”Hele verden fra forstanden” (“the whole world has lost its mind”) and “vi skaber en verden perfekt” (“we create a world perfect”), which was to say that we have used a “crazy world” not understanding that it was crazy – like Lisbeth – to create a perfect world, and this was now song no. 2 and 3 from TV2 coming today, and it was of course because I have felt the news host Johannes Langkilde in periods for days and also Anders Breinholdt from “Natholdet”, and did it came as a shock to you that I am really the man I tell you?

Don’t you believe that Henrik Voldborg promises better weather now (?), which is because the meeting with Lisbeth went well where I did what I could to bring the light through the worst stubborn darkness, and I was told that it should be good enough now, you don’t need that application to the Commune, and yes it may be, but I have decided to write it and that is if I can (?), and what do you say Adam Price (?), and yes you know too because of the chapter of Borgen about the pigs I wrote about, and yes who could not keep his mouth shut (?), and yes there you have it!

Have you seen my Pythagoras, my all big slide rule (?), it should be around here somewhere, and yes here it is, and I grab it, but see and feel that darkness is still grabbing it from the other side, so there is still some darkness yes to fight before it will be released, and I received the worst words of my “old nightmare” of darkness here, and yes this is the golden key of everything I have found and reached, or this first light and what I have otherwise called it.

There is no agreement about who built the best Great Belt Bridge – the most beautiful bridge I know of – if it was the New World or the Source, and the only way to get you out including the Source self was to use the part of you from the Source.

The Source told and shown me that mother also gave me a baby’s bottle of milk when I was little, this is how we are born, and this said that the Source started the creation of his own life, the spiritual world and physical world at the same time.

Already during the meeting with Lisbeth, I felt how a song by Anne Linnet was on its way out – instead I received “når lyset breeder frem” (“when the light breaks out”) and “du er ikke alene” (“you are not alone”) by Sebastian, which I told her was also coming to me spiritually, and yes easier to start understanding me when listening to my “sales speech” compared to people behind you only reading me superficially not knowing me personally – and yes, I am still given the STRONGEST heartburn, also because of TV2 as I was told – and here on my way home from the meeting, came the song with Anne Linnet, which was “Cha cha cha”, which is together with Sanne Salomonsen and Lis Sørensen, and yes WE CAN DANCE A CHA CHA CHA and that is because of happiness – and howcome there are no really good videos with you Anne on YouTube?

I felt Thomas Blachman with me during the meeting with Lisbeth and also before and after, and I read that he would have liked to use an Anne Linnet song for the next X-factor, which I was told because of my encouragement to you both to bring both kind of music, which you like and yes not either/or, but both/and.

I was told that to get out the golden key is as difficult as the most crazy insurance policy wordings, which I remember seeing in an old cartoon on TV, I believe, which stated completely impossible criteria to be met in order to receive compensation to be paid out one specific date between five in the afternoon and 17.00 or something like that, and still there was one succeeding to do the impossible to fulfil everything and receive payment from the insurance in the film like me coming here to the golden key asking for it to be delivered to me, and we know, this is a good time to do now, and I was told that it is therefore a good idea for you to stay awake the rest of the day (!!!), BUT I had decided that I would NOT go through this no sleep game anymore because I am now even worse than ever before making this even more difficult/impossible to do, but here I am now also writing this at 16.58 – two minutes before the insurance will be paid out (!) – and I am doing this surpassing TRUE PAIN and I do it because I can, NOT because it is very nice to do, which would be a TRUE shame to say.

I was told that we have created a new invention, which is about my mother being quiet because she has said nothing about my email to the Commune, and yes she does not want to argue with me, therefore.

Well, it is us inside of here – the spirits of my mother and father as I was told – who are everything, and us making this game, and I received big smiles.

And Egypt is also the worst darkness because of its Suez Canal and its role in international traffic and oil, and your totalitarian armed forces.

I was told that Thor Möger Pedersen, the previous Tax Minister, who had to resign because of darkness of him losing to light of me, and I was told that we have also walked all the way in here via him and I was shown his aeroplane hidden the very middle of a round plate hanging here at the end of the Source.

I was shown and told that the family tree has always grown long, but only received very small branches, which stops to grow, and we will now start to grow eternal life out not only the trunk but of all branches too.

So, now I can decide myself which golden chain I wear – from the Source or the New World – and I was told that we had to temporarily terminate all parts of life of the New World to get inside of here, and this is what is now coming back, and also that I did not object, and I really understood that this life had been united to one, but fine by me if this is what light can and will do.

We have not been to the King’s Valley lately and the feeling is that I will not come out from there either, which was told because of darkness of Egypt – but still the first information is right (?), so I will keep the information about my mortal remains to be found in Egypt no matter what this says.

I was told that the world – and Obama as example – can feel me when I give a sales speech as I did today.

Final exam just means that “this is what you bring us”, and “no one” brings everything, but then again, this is how we raised you, and yes it is from inside of here that you were taught before given life as Hybrid Stig, and it is from inside of here that our voices come.

All liquorices of darkness were at the top of the stamps bringing full pressure against you, which is what you decided to go through.

It is not all goodbye to darkness for now, we have decided to lift darkness up one level if you can write and publish today, and have you notice that we have spoken from your level today, and yes just to the right of me.

I was shown the two old men of the Muppet Show on the balcony of the theatre saying goodbye, which was also printed on a big banner in black/white as they hold, while I saw that we are leaving the theatre. The game is ending.

You are not among the unlucky guys, so I will ride down the railing if you “cannot” get up to me.

I was shown heavy sand being shovelled out at a red farm and Chip throwing in some nuts and water added, and then I was shown stairs leading up to a new view point on top of this castle as it now is, and this is really how to do it, and yes using your work of today too.

Your mother would have received prohibition to fly in here, if I had stopped my journey.

It is important for us to say that this the last closet will not block you if you decide that you don’t want to carry out the last I have for you now until Saturday the 9th March.

No, I have never had it this way before (?), and eeehhh Stig, we are just trying a new invention here now that we have time to further improve, and yes this is also because of let us say “interest” of Susanne Aanmund, who will understand.

It sure was lucky that he found our hidden place himself giving us time to do this, and yes break us up a little again, and let us pretend that we met for the first time and had to do everything all over doing “perfection”, and yes just to check if everything is perfect or if we can improve, and this is the last closet we have put to the very top pressuring up against the ceiling, because this is really where we already are – not least because of your mother.

Would we do a four-baked cake now that we know that it worked (?), and ….

I was given the feeling of Cher’s late husband Sonny including a question of sexual nature, and my answer is still “I have no attitude about this”, otherwise it would be used against me, and also Groucho Marx, and yes I will soon shut my mouth and play some nice music, which this is about?

I was shown sea being poured into a hole in the ground and told that we have invented a way to get you up of here because this water will life you up as the gold of your new self.

I was shown the prompter of the theatre asking “do you also want to bring me out” (?), and I was shown that he has a very long tunnel after him, and yes BRING EVERYTHING, my friend.

I was told that fraud of elections were put in system in USA after Ronald Reagan if you “wanted” one of the candidates to be elected, and yes isn’t it then WONDERFUL that your own system did not work when I was STRONGER than you not only making the Americans vote for Obama but also conquer your system to let Obama have the win, and yes what was the name again on that circus clown of your candidate (?) and yes do you remember his statement saying something like “but it cannot truly be done” (?), but yes, it only required faith and strength to defeat you all, and this is why Obama and I were tired, you know.

I was shown a cylinder hanging in a crane with trunks of luggage inside of it being moved around, and I was told that we are trying to see if we can lift life up on an even higher level.

I was shown the opening of an aeroplane in silver, and was told that the Beatles also came straight from here, which is the silver of the Source.

Is he coming with flowers on our graveyard (?), and is it already him coming here and yes knocking on heavens door to our new floor (?), and yes Stig, this is how well it went today, therefore.

I published my update of the script at 18.40 and I can promise you one thing and that is that I am NOW utterly broken down, and will soon pass out.

It is now ”tomorrow” at 13.30 and I am starting work again with the feeling ”how can I” (?), and work, i.e. “darkness”, keeps pouring in as if there is never any ending to it, and now I have “I don’t know how much to write once again” and still not feeling up to it – as so many are not when it comes to reading my scripts where laziness is the explanation of people – and here we go once again.

Isn’t this just what we wanted when we said “quick”, which is to do the update to my script today as I did earlier.

I was told that the new room stood empty, but then all of us moved in, and voila, and brought life up a level when we were at it, so instead of walking down because of my father, we are walking up one level of the stairs as the result of today.

I was shown myself playing golf at the golf course in Gilleleje, which Paul and I used to play at, and I was shown Paul now cheering on my football team again.

My mother called to hear about the meeting with the Commune, and I told her about it and their “considerations” to put me on permanent disability pension, which I was surprised to learn that my mother thought was a “good idea” (!), but for another reason than the Commune, and yes to her it is because I cannot work because of my “sleep rhythm” (!), and yes yes yes, I told her that I have had it like this since 2006 and been working full time and yes with employers until 2009, and since as a writer (!), and when she kept on saying it was a good idea, there was nothing else to do than to tell her that about the GREAT humiliation I have met by this “crazy” misunderstanding of the Commune, and when she takes their part, she is also humiliating me and also that my “sleep rhythm” – and I could have told her about being a “zombie” – is NOT a static condition, but it will improve with the end of this phase coming “now”, and I said that it is a GREAT humiliation to receive this “verdict” because of the psychiatrist Alex claiming that I am crazy without knowing what he speaks of, and yes my mother only “wants the best” for me, but she humiliated me – also because she is NOT convinced about the fact that I am not crazy because of “authorities” like Alex and my “dumb” sister NOT knowing what she speak of too (!) – and when I told her, it also made her suffer, this is how life is here.

I received the name Mejlhede, which to me is about Lotte Mejlhede, a journalist/host of TV2 News, so how are you doing and yes should I talk about all the girls on TV2 (making the world go around) (?), and yes LOVE this too, Per :-).

I was told that you do NOT get bigger extra services because of my mother and also Johannes and “everyone else” with me.

Who got you out of Vridsløselille Prison (?), well they all did a little.

I was shown the turned around head of a golf club and was told that this is now only in relation to making it to the new higher level with everything else being fine.

Now it is not about energy, but more about who of you or your mother will get it in relation to John, and you are now already up on this new level, and just have to be pulled in and yes by mother selling the idea to John that it was unreasonable for the Commune to treat me as they did!

So we are now about to being there, and I was told that “basil” also played a role here because I have had much pesto made by basil over the last months – part of the “gravy” you know – and this is what was made chemically into something new as I was explained some time ago.

Don’t you get out here on the King’s Road?

We never know what we will find when we walk up, and now we just have to get decorated, but we have never been disappointed, and yes when life can bear a greater load, this is what we do.

I was shown and told that there are no ice lollies remaining, they now all lie in a pile next to a glass case including PURE water, where we just have to bring in the fish.

I was told that countries and people reading me all react on different stories, which is what has put together the blanket made by many individual rags, and no one (?) having a complete overview/understanding of my scripts?

Suddenly I received a big portion of darkness quickly floating in over and attacking me almost making me very negative, which also gave a new out of this world pain to my right ankle, and it came together with the feeling of my mother, which is what I started with our telephone call, and yes “not easy” for my mother to be corrected by her son.

We have now brought up the tunnel from before, and Hugo will have to walk his last tour into it, and yes because of your mother’s help.

It is like receiving “et føl” (“a foal”), and I don’t know if you say this in English, but in Danish it means to “become startled” besides from receiving a foal as the direct meaning of it of course, and I do believe that my mother received both.

You have still not received your new heart and we are waiting to bring you the last.

You did drive all the way home via the rules you created for yourself in 2010, and yes I can hardly remember them anymore, but you know protecting myself and my nearest family the most, and then all of the things I decided to do writing my scripts as first priority etc. and not to do – not interfering in things I had no knowledge of etc.

I received the STRONG song “the power of love” by Huey Lewis & the News, and I was told “can you feel it” (?), and yes we are now going BACK TO THE FUTURE, my friends, and this is really about CREATION of our New World with the power of love of my mother to her son as the main force ♥.

And we had to find a balance between people believing in you to create light out of the darkness coming from people not believing in you.

I was shown the main entrance to the Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen and was shown two laptop computers being set up in columns on each side of the entrance (the spiritual and physical parts of me) and I was told that “you are everything”, and this is the entrance to Paradise where the tunnel you enter is your father and now you too. Nothing is wrong when you first enter, where you might feel abandoned with no one receiving you, you have to get a little further in. And a little later I was shown and told that you will get your BLUE Christmas Man – as we say here – costume on in the beginning and from here, you will continue to the beautiful palace as I was shown at the end of the avenue.

I was shown Batman as a combination of black and blue, and was told that this is what we have moved up here.

And I received another old favourite song of mine “what is love” by Howard Jones, and was told that this is about the love of my mother.

I was told that Angela Merkel was a central and essential person in all of this.

I was shown 1, 2, 3 and 4 in a square and told that we have been with you all of the time too – the four divided world of the Old World – which we also collect now, and I said THANK YOU as I do to EVERYONE who has been involved in creation, and that will have to be to EVERYONE, so thank you my friends ♥.

I was shown Jacob Scharf of the Danish Intelligence Service and told that he is also referring to London, and what does the Danish Government say to this (?), and yes what you don’t know of, does not hurt you, is that it?

No, they don’t need help in Rome to choose a new Pope, because the resignation of Pope Benedicte also means “the end of the Church”, and I wonder if you will “be able” to elect a new (?), or will wait on my arrival?

And we were meant to bring flowers for your funeral, and yes your father would kill you.

I received the words from the spirits of my mother and father saying that we also would like to thank all angels working for us, and I was told that among other things, they worked to make sure that I was not given physical pain, which I almost did not – if I look away from marks given to my body etc., which I could live with (NOTHING compared to what otherwise would have come to me killing me) – so thank you all of my angel eyes :-).

And we would have left you as “spit out” at the end, but we would continue work from there.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • David wrote about his aeroplane almost crashing, but still there are “a team shaken but not stirred”, which is how James Bond prefers it, which is to say that I was with you.

FB 050313 David C

  • Hans took a picture of Kronborg Castle from the library, and Kurt hoped that Ogier the Dane (Holger Danske) soon wakes up to REALITY, which made me say that he is on his way because the nation was in distress and needed him.

FB 050313 Hans



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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