March 7, 2013: The Source helps to find worlds of diamonds of the New World, which was not found during creation


Summary of the script today

6th March: The Source helps to find worlds of diamonds of the New World, which was not found during creation

  • Dreaming of Peter A. still sending me darkness, the thin membrane of darkness covering the light, support of Thailand helping to save all life.
  • If you imagine that your ancestor was born in an Indian river somewhere here and grew up without this map, and if he now can go back and start all over again with this map in his hand, he can remove all of the bad things he did not knowing that there were much better solutions, and when we do that with EVERYTHING which is inside of here, we will get a new and completely different looking map, which we are about to get the outlines of here when we just clean it first, and yes there is a diamond there and another up there we never saw, and yes “feelings of amazement”, and this is with the new look you are giving us and yes magic of the Source helping us to see what is there which we never saw before. This is what we are doing now, and we continue moving life up to the new, higher level.
  • I receive the gifts of both being everything and a normal human being as Stig just living a happy life as a human being as I have always wanted.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show heads turning up and down, “the truth and only the truth”, Pictures of heads are several (“almost eternal”) incarnations of the same person, one fine man looking at a big guy, incredible light of the South Pole, pollution killing life, a big head consisting of many heads, angry heads with hat, stupid girls playing with their lives, God loves his dogs, Spain is still dark/grey, darkness will not bite, double faces now, a whole three wishes at the same time, work is killing me softly because of the “brutal torture” of darkness of me (of my own ignorant family, friends etc.!), thus the world.
  • “By chance”, I had the opportunity to bring Marion Dampier-Jeans – the leading medium of Denmark – the message that she chose WRONG in life when working with spiritualism in medium circles for “entertainment”, contact to diseased etc. instead of helping me to bring the truth to the world about “life self”. And she decided to react as most people do when I speak the truth to them directly, which was to “lose it” believing that I was negative thus blaming me for not knowing about her “physical mediumship” making the spiritual and physical worlds co-operate, and I told her that the physical and spiritual world now unite. It made her followers ATTACK me for being both negative and better-knowing – not understanding about the “opposite world”, which is what they were – thus bringing me even more darkness/sufferings to work with helping us to get a strong hold on the golden key, and Marion helped me to dig into even deeper darkness of my father through a crack making it possible for light to shine through, and I was given the CLEAR vision and also speech that she IS Helena Blavatsky – a founder of the Theosophical movement – and the mission of her life was to continue her work about “life self”, which “she missed”.
  • Bjarne from the Commune said that he does not “follow” me on Facebook, which made me tell him and the Commune that I have shown them MAGIC, which “does not happen”, which is to show that he is involved in my case, and I do NOT like misunderstandings and secrecy. Again, I was told that is it the “fear of negative press”, which made them withdraw their plans to hospitalise me. And it was the eyes of a frightened mayor when meeting him last year, which made me decide to keep on following this road and to still plan sending my application to the Commune before the end of the deadline, the 8th March.
  • I keep receiving darkness even though there is really no darkness remaining, which is a play of God as long as I continue working.
  • Short stories of darkness being made by light, the death of the non-faithful Hugo Chavez, introducing elephants of God, and “yes yes I come NOW”.

7th March: Marion Dampier-Jeans decided to block me (!), but I planted a light in her, and received the golden key from her

  • I am entering the last shield of darkness and the smallest unit at the top of the rocket as darkness telling myself to act as light. The dark membrane keeping me inside darkness is almost breaking through, thus opening to our New World.
  • Leaders of the world have been watching “all of their problems being solved” in the time up to the end of time and the beginning of the time of our New World, which includes “impossible problems”, which would all have led to the end of the world.
  • Dreaming about INCREDIBLE darkness of Russia, which is so strong that I can only be equally as strong doing my best, I am going through an act of God to reach the golden key, and darkness/silence of the media is helping me to build a new top floor on the house of God by not being afraid of anything.
  • This morning, Marion Dampier-Jeans had sent me her negative reply giving me the same feeling of darkness coming to me from her as when it comes from Karen, and she decided to believe as her “old self” that I am sick and blaming her negatively without knowing about her, which is really the reversed situation because she did NOTHING to understand me – other than reading my comments – and she was negatively influenced by her network wanting to block me and others who told her that I am “unstoppable” (!) having blocked me in the past, so first she decided that I could stay if I “improved” (!), but when I “continued doing my best to make her understand” telling the objective truth about myself being normal/not crazy and that this question to people is about “to be or not to be”, she completely “lost it” – as so many others – ending up by blocking me too (!), but I was told that my messages are now working inside of her, where I have placed a flower/light on the bottom of her darkness, which will help grow also because of the distribution of my story via Lisbeth Knudsen from Berlingske – whom I understand that Marion is “connected with” (the feeling keeps coming to me) – who brings it to the world, and don’t you think it is about time, Lisbeth, to release your links about me to show GOOD BEHAVIOUR? Besides from this, I continued receiving degrading attacks from ignorant and simple minded people, who simply “could not” take me wanting me to get out of their lives! Finally, this helped to release the golden key from darkness, and the key fits the dark door, which will open up to EVERYTHING of our New World on the other side.
  • Short stories of Anton about to improve his life, informing the artist Leif Sylvester that he receives inspiration from God, and Helena decided to cancel an agreement as HAIR-model, which of course is WRONG!


6th March: The Source helps to find worlds of diamonds of the New World, which was not found during creation

Dreaming of support of Thailand helping to save all life

I went to bed around 22.15 and after extending sleep, finally I stood up at 08.20, and I have a few notes about dreams, which I am not sure if I can read, but let us see.

  • Something about a little dog trying to bite me, which is about very little darkness remaining.
  • Peter A. (my old CEO from Fair) has printed out two concert tickets with the Police, but then I see three special Electric Light Orchestra tickets landing on my table, and I see Tom Petty walking up the stairs to us at the bar, he is the one bringing them, and he regrets the text messages he has sent about receiving free beer after the end of the working day.
    • Darkness of Peter A, who never could “rise from the shock of losing me on the floor” as he thought without doing anything to help me up. “Police” is as you know darkness and Electric Light Orchestra the opposite.
    • And what do I play with Tom together with Jeff (?), and what about “free fallin’” because it will be “free” – not the beer – but consequences to our New World if I should “fall”/lose it by now.

  • I have lived two years in Vedbæk, and have now received my own black wooden house in Rungsted with a lovely big garden, there is lovely music and I meet many people. Something about my old friend René, who cannot afford something.
    • Rungsted is what soon used to be “the worst darkness” where the black colour of the house if only “darkness on the surface”, which is what I told Lisbeth about too (and gold inside or wood as here), and this is about darkness, which in reality is the most beautiful creation.
  • I am in Thailand at a spit, and I see on a map that all of the spit is ONE LARGE SHOPPING CENTRE, which is “incredible big/long” (many kilometres) and the biggest in the world, and it goes right up to the nose of the spit, and I walk inside of the shopping centre, and also outside.
    • Shopping centre is about life, and this is about faith of Thailand helping us to save all life ever, to thank you my dear friends over there, and no, I have never visited Thailand, but look forward to coming there one day :-).
  • Something about Nutella and chocolate about to get lost.
    • The end of darkness.
  • Thomas Blachman is interviewed on TV and speak about “the finest house”, which is about our New World.

The Source helps to find worlds of diamonds of the New World, which was not found during creation

I was shown the path of God and told that I could have chosen a Gorilla as my symbol but it became lion as the strongest animal in the world, and yes this symbol is new to me and coming via Anton, and I am thinking that for years I have received the elephant as the symbol of God, so ”an extra symbol” it is to me.

You can also say that the toots is growing, which is about our new floor on top of everything, which we are working on now.

I felt and heard water pouring.

This is also a giant bill, which was not paid because of your mother and you.

This is something as unusual as a purple colour which was not smeared all over him, i.e. darkness using Karen to bring out my “old nightmare”.

There we were almost pulling the plug, and there too, and there your mother were almost receiving a heart attack too because of you, but no, we sent the pain to you instead because you had told us to keep her alive and yes yes yes with this we walked through the biggest animal of the Devil and right until you came here saying “hvad så hvor skal vi hen, du” (“what’s up, where do you want to go”) (?), and this is what we ask you, what do you want to do today (?), and yes we know, a long bath and later an application for the Commune.

So this is what I did after maybe a couple of hours reading Facebook updates and writing down notes, which always come to me strongly in the morning, and it meant that I first started work after this long bath and lunch at 13.30, and first the script of today at 16.15 after first finishing and publishing the script of yesterday.

And then we would give her and then him with the hot shower, yes mix them together, because this was thought to be the only power in the Universe strong enough to do what you have just done and yes because I will NEVER accept my “old nightmare” and so it is ….

Has he been to lunch with the mrs. …?

Your victory came among other things because of your WALK around Costa del Sol, and yes “walk like crazy” you have always done, giving us plenty of roads out of Hell.

I felt Henriette, she was almost closing the door to the refrigerator, and yes when she went against you and left you on Facebook, “my dear ex-boyfriend has lost it, what do I do, shoot myself (?)” and yes this is still her feelings for you, almost “lost it” she did.

But none has like Kim S. poured Nutella out on you because of his behaviour, which is about his STRONG selfishness with “money” being what “attracts” him more than anything.

What have you put in that case of gold (?), and yes darkness and that is to protect from the spirit of my mother in case she should come here (?), and eeehhh let us see what it is and yes a big riffle changing into flowers also there (?); and no, we have never meant thrombosis and sicknesses very seriously, they were only meant to help us come to this point, the creation of our New World.

And this is why it was necessary to explode some of the world for you to grow up (?), but now you say, let us get out of here before it is too late (?), and eeehhh connected with what do you want to do today, Stig?

You have enough points to become the President of the whole world, but if you do “nothing” today, we will pull the plug and why is that (?), and that is because we really cannot do what we otherwise intended to do – show him on a map and alright if you imagine that your ancestor was born in an Indian river somewhere here and grew up without this map, and if he now can go back and start all over again with this map in his hand, he can remove all of the bad things he did not knowing that there were much better solutions and yes yes yes “it can only be done now”, and yes we know Stig, we gave you a long sleep, but you cannot work around the clock, and today you have decided for one long bath, and yes please still do your best including this because Ill be back later continuing work, and so it is.

He will continue until he has found the road of all the dead, and yes all life we could have created if we only knew how on our way out, and yes Stig, you do believe that this will become part of perfect no matter what and after hard days you need this bath to relax.

And I am given blocks of what is inside the square with the feeling that this “change” will not happen because of my bath, and I do believe this is a game only, so therefore my friends, I have NOT accepted you to do the second best, so therefore make sure that we will get the best no matter what and yes use me and my work and if that is not enough, use the world.

Did we lose a national match in football to Scotland (?), and no not really, this is why John and your mother went there – he was working in Scortland approx. one year – many years ago, and yes Benjamin Crème and what is this story about (?), and yes if you don’t tell me, I cannot write it because I don’t know. “I am freezing” and yes coldness coming from Benjamin, who could have revealed my identify and presence to the world, but no he did not, and on contrary.

I felt and was shown – and then we will find metal there which we never thought to look for in the first place and with this, it means that the next will develop like this, and yes we have started just because of the notes you keep writing down.

No, there is no horse here, it died right over in that lake there, shall I show you, yes please, and then the idea is that we go there and say hello how do you do would you like to come with us, we did not see you in the first place and yes when we do that with EVERYTHING which is inside of here, we will get a new and completely different looking map, which we are about to get the outlines of here when we just clean it first, and yes there is a diamond there and another up there we never saw, and yes “feelings of amazement”, and this is with the new look you are giving us and yes magic of the Source helping us to see what is there which we never saw, so there you are there, there and there, and “ouch”, do we have to say that (?), and no, because NO MATTER WHAT he has asked us to dig out everything.

So your father did not die with this too (?), and yes this was the thought, in with Stig on mental hospital – BABUU BABUU – and out with your father and in with Kirsten in his place and turnaround and back to normal and then all over from the beginning.

Hi, Stig, it is just me I am not dead yet, and this was the vision/feeling of Soulaima coming to me.

This is like haven eating your lunch pack, to get it out, look at it again, and yes put on some more cold cuts/layers to it, and then eat it again and place everything perfectly without any Taunus’es to destroy anything.

So he is not dead yet, and will not accept our explanation that this can only be done now before opening our New World (?), no, because you can do magic.

This is like moving to the top of the cliffs of Bornholm, to go to the top of the light house and bring the light down under the sea for one last time before putting it back and switching our new light on.

You went right to the end of the pole to bring out the light hidden there.

This means that the road to Lübeck, Germany (driving from Denmark) will start from the beginning, and I had seen myself coming maybe 50 kilometre in Germany, and yes because of lifting everything up one level.

I was shown a new house after cutting myself through the jungle, and I wonder how we will open this, and I was told that this is about development of the cock of God and not chicken of the world, and I was shown that we are bringing up monsters of darkness from beneath the sea to do this.

I was shown and told that this is the warship self with INCREDIBLE speed being converted to tennis balls, which is poured over with water and becoming part of our New World, and later I was shown a golf wagon being pulled up from HIGH SEA.

I was shown a big tree with cones on it, and was told that this is the tree of wisdom, we found and I was told that this is also because of Fleetwood Mac, and yes they are here, there and EVERYWHERE you know :-).

I was shown a line of cows tied to the beach waiting to become life while the tide water was about to get them, and I was shown myself becoming life, and how did that happen (?), and yes I have written a little about this before (concentration of the force/“hills” inside the Source if I remember correctly).

I was shown the Hornbæk sport hall, where my mother and I went to a market last year, and this was also a market, and Johannes the mayor opened to us, and we received coffee and a chocolate bun and Danish tebirkes, which should indicate that Johannes has a little opening to me?

I was shown the egg still being whole without cracking, and I received this while I was at bath after having been told this morning that it would have negative consequences to development if I went to bath instead of working.

I do believe that I slept or half slept some time in the bath, and in a dream/vision, I had moved to Moscow, and I went to a very modern nightclub together with Lars, and I was busy settling down with work and friends, and something about a “Q-magazine” and an advanced internal card number, and yes I did not get all of this, but to me, it is about support of the reds of Moscow, who used to be the best Icehockey team in the world opposing me, and yes nothing better than your team of the 1980’s.

I was shown that I am now both one of countless poppy seeds on a white bread – in Danish they are called “French bread”, but in English “only” a “white bread”, why (?) – and also the French bread self, i.e. both one individual life as I decided to be in 2010 I believe and everything of the New World with the Source.

I can only protect him with the help of the world, and yes this is what he asked for when going to bath, so this is what we do.

I was shown a store in ”Gamla Stan”, the old city of Stockholm, where my two columns were set up in front of the entrance also making this the entrance to Paradise, and I was told that we can do the same all over the world.

I was shown a long concrete pipe underneath the ground, and how it was divided into small sections, which are cells of our family tree, and I was shown it becoming three-dimensional, and told that this is how all of the Universe is built up.

I was shown myself on top of a hill having a spoon with pesto in the hand, and I lost the spoon down to a crocodile (of darkness), but was not afraid, which I also did not have to because it gave me back the spoon, “because you are the King, right” (?), and then I cannot do anything else, and yes this was about a lovin’ spoonful you know.

I was shown a hole being made to my old kitchen in Lyngby, and saw how a rat – it could also have been a dog as I was told – entered “because of your mother”, and how this changed into a blackbird on a surfboard!

I was told about “Onkel Æsge” (“Uncle box”) and felt Yoda crawling in over me – he is the light in front of me – and I was told that I now better start to move forward.

I felt and was told that ”a 20 kilo beef” is coming here, and I felt it as darkness coming from my right, and with the clear feeling of Bjarne, who “does not like my emails”:

No, we cannot put “exchange stickers” on those goods, and yes you are giving me feelings if we can or cannot now exchange what was created in the beginning, and it is “about my own feelings”, what do I think, and if I am positive, I will say “we can” and if I am the opposite I will say “we cannot”, which is really also to tell you that my attitude has had a decisive factor all through out the game and instead of saying “we can” and “we shall” all the time, I could have decided for you opposite, and this is the meaning of Obama’s quote “yes, we can” because when we believe that we can, we can, and that is almost like “can can”, and maybe Dan “can can” this as our DJ (?), and here we come back to the city of light, and yes I LOVE the old art nouveau as you can see here, I believe.

So you are not going to close without me (?), and I felt a presence inside some darkness in front of me, which is really what came out of my ankles, and no, you are going to become light too.

I here receive the delicious taste of pancakes and butter.

I felt Jack and something about “you have not seen my right side, because I have been turned around all of my life”.

I received the feeling of a wooden table entering me from right when I finally was ready to publish my new script of yesterday on Facebook at 15.20.

No, she did not infect him with any sexual disease, and yes without knowing it, we had planted a “sickness to attack you” in Karen, which would kill you, but not her (not broken out in her body), but we saw it, and disinfected it before it was too late.

Your mother has not left a “smart bicycle” there because she can make it “even smarter” by crawling up a level (?), and yes Stig, we also just have to bring all life with us up, which is what we will now start doing.

I don’t have the production facilities to produce any more bank notes (of darkness) – I feel my loving and caring father here – but because you have decided to keep on working “taking as many hours” as required, I will allow you to do just that – also feeling to “play darkness”.

Well, she hasn’t had all of her lecture ruined by you, has she (?), and still she is with you in her mind and yes me working there, and of course Soulaima still thinking of me.

What would happen there if that egg cracked and we disappeared (?) …. and “nothing” is my best guess because the Source can bear anything.

You may hear a voice from the past on your way in – a combination of your mother and Karen – which has nothing to do with me of today. And it is about me crying and disappearing into “endless darkness”, where you cannot read me – yes, your mother – and all part of the game, which we now have to explain to you instead of letting it happen.

And no, Sanna is not even mad at you, thus Karen is also not, which is connected, and this is a main reason for you to go right through and coming here to the entrance of me and my palace.

No, I think it is your turn to chose, and I feel the attitude of Thomas Eje playing ”childish” with Linje 3, and also that this is about who is going to open the gift first, i.e. the New World of the Source or the Source of the New World, this is how we feel it is.

We have saved the finest gift as the last. What is it, what is it (?), still feeling Thomas Eje, but no, this is NOT how I am as Stig, I will wait with patience. It has something to do with the fact that you don’t have to be a teacher anymore, you can live a “normal life” as a simple human being, Stig, which is what you have wanted to do all along, so there is your gift too, Stig.

I have been told about the finest Arabian horses, and this one is not “red/brown” but white (?), is this it (?) ….

I was given a deep sound to the back of my balcony and was told that there are no more lounge beds here meaning that we have reached the end of the New World.

And who should have thought/known that it was possible to unite you as one human being with half of your mother and half of your father in “an impossible body”, which we somehow made to work, and still it is “not good” especially my right “stiff” side you know.

When Karen decided to “hook up” on Denis instead of you, she collected a big spear to stab you with and we know directly from darkness as I am shown here.

I keep being given thoughts about Egypt, and will my mortal remains as Jesus show in Egypt or will they not (?), and apparently this is a thought of yours coming to me here, and my thought is that if I believe in it, they will, and I believe in the first that was told me, so my best guess is that they will.

My mother and father are not from Scotland are they (?), and I could swear that I felt them there.

And this was the end of our Germany tour, which you did right there when publishing your script of yesterday on Facebook, and yes uniting the Source with the New World.

We have not planned to let joy and happiness stop by Stockholm, we will go way deeper than this (development of our future).

No, he does not believe that anything has negative consequences now, so why is he continuing his work (?), and yes to save the world from sufferings, this is the only reason, and of course because I am not done with my work yet, and yes as a reply to all of the “speculation” I am given from voices of darkness because of “speculation” of people in me, and yes also Johannes?

We are still waiting on the duvet from your mother, and yes “he is NOT finished yet”, so this is why we are bringing him more darkness to work on, and yes you continue giving me visions of people knowing about me, which I normally don’t write, but here was Maria Montell.

This is also about your school and we can hardly give you a “fine” if you are late, which is also what the bath is about, and yes “no bill” because there is really no darkness here, which you had figured out.

You really should have stayed in bed if it was up to Kirsten, your father’s wife, but you told us that you had to be able to work as part of your old rules too, so there you see, and yes thank you, ANGELS :-).

I was told that my mother had to go through the sound wall for us to come where we are.

At 22.00 I am still working on the script, it does not go very quickly today, and despite of sleeping during the night, I feel incredible “in the GUTTER” and I may still have 2-3 hours left of work, which I “cannot” do, so let us see if my will power can bring me through again, when my physical power cannot, and yes my goal now is to last until the 8th March and send the application to the Commune, and to take it from there really …..

And I have a very uncomfortable pain to my upper spinal column giving me pain in the right side of my neck/head/side.

I received the feeling of Kim S’ wife “I am drowning”, and yes this is how deeply people around you have felt because of you, or really because of their own misunderstandings.

I was told that the work today with Marion helped us to find pieces of the sock of darkness, thus more life.

I was shown a concrete mixer of darkness, but we could not help bringing out a HUGE gold necklace, and yes directly from inside of nothing.

I was told that the stories about first my left testicle and lately my right testicle is because the Source has changed side, and this was while having dinner at 20.40, which was the only time when I had the TV on (for 15 minutes), and seconds thereafter Lasse Rimmer and a friend were about to give their answer to the final 1 million DKK question in “who wants to be a millionaire”, and he included the words ”crème” and “testicle”, which was here about Benjamin Crème helping my/our mission.

Eeehh, I dont have any more newspaper to wrap around this and yes fish (!), and what do I do, Stig, and yes you have absolutely no idea about it, but will continue as long as you bring me something looking like darkness, and yes we know, when there is no more darkness, it is time for you to wake up, so “soon” is the answer.

I was told about people hoping and praying that I would be strong enough to hold it to avoid “heavens falling down” and I receive the feeling of Buddhists to Tibet/Nepal etc., and not necessarily monks, but from “that area of the world”.

At the moment when watching TV or reading something, many words are coming back to me – for example “rococo” (from TV) and “sold” (from a newspaper) – which is about the Source doubling everything.

At 23.30 I published the script so far and hereafter I will use some time working on the chapter with Jette’s Google Earth pictures, and yes better to get done today.

And I was so exhausted and there were so MANY Google Earth pictures of Jette that I first finished the last work at 02.20.

Hereafter I did the last updates on the chapter on Marion after having shared my story on her, which I ended at 03.40, and we know, long working days I must say.

Google Earth shows almost an eternity of incarnations of life of each person

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show heads turning up and down, “the truth and only the truth”, Pictures of heads are several (“almost eternal”) incarnations of the same person, one fine man looking at a big guy, incredible light of the South Pole, pollution killing life, a big head consisting of many heads, angry heads with hat, stupid girls playing with their lives, God loves his dogs, Spain is still dark/grey, darkness will not bite, double faces now, a whole three wishes at the same time, work is killing me softly because of the “brutal torture” of darkness of me (of my own ignorant family, friends etc.!), thus the world.

FB 060313 Jette 1

FB 060313 Jette 2

FB 060313 Jette 3

FB 060313 Jette 4

FB 060313 Jette 5

FB 060313 Jette 6

FB 060313 Jette 7

FB 060313 Jette 8

FB 060313 Jette 9

Fb 060313 Jette 10

FB 060313 Jette 11

FB 060313 Jette 12

FB 060313 Jette 13

FB 060313 Jette 14

FB 060313 Jette 15

FB 060313 Jette 16

FB 060313 Jette 17–Kylling-med-Softice

Informing Marion Dampier-Jeans that she IS Helena Blavatsky and did NOT chose right to continue her work in this life

Not long after commenting this, I was told Well, nothing more can come to me from that way, is that it (?), and I here feel light of Marion combined with Karen coming to me from right.

Do we hear an ambulance in the very far distance and yes the feeling of more yellow coming with the help of Marion and yes better late than never, so we will now use her force – yes darkness as you turn into light – and what for (?), and eeehhh Stig, to lift life up to the next level where I already am (?), and yes what a splendid idea, and this is how Marion afterall was brought into the game, and yes better late than never.

Later I was given the vision of Helena Blavatsky – one of the pioneers of the Theosofical society –

Marion – “the finest Danish clairvoyant/medium” – said that “we are looking for 1-2 sitters for a physical circle in Kolding” (about “physical mediumship”) and “we are working to strengthen the co-operation between the spirit and our physical worlds”, and this was “too much” for me to overhear, so I decided to bring me message to her below.

FB 060313 Marion

I told her that our New World is coming very soon, where our spiritual and physical selves unite into one, so “consider this more as entertainment than anything else, Marion”, i.e. our definition of her “work”, and also that “you could have chosen to use your power differently for example by helping me to bring the truth to the world, but instead you chose to focus on what is really “selfish” interests, and herewith you used your birth gifts wrongly, and yes this comes directly from the Source self with loving regards”.

And as usual this was an objective message telling her the truth directly, but when people cannot read and understand and also not control their negative feelings, it is “very easy” to misunderstand (!), so her answer to me was that “sadly you don’t know anything about physical mediumship and its work inside its development, otherwise you would not speak as you do”, “unfortunately I think it is sad that you cannot just be happy for others wanting to sit in a circle and develop themselves” and “where is the humanity, which you believe to have learned from Martinus”, and eeehhhh Marion, didn’t you READ what I had just told you that the physical and spiritual world are uniting to one (?), also meaning that what you are doing is “a waste of time” (?), but no, you did not like my “tone”, which to you also “feels” negative because you are not used to be told the truth directly (?), and because of your own colouring/filtering of my message, also you “succeeded” to turn around my words to the opposite meaning, and yes you know this is about turning around one, two and “several times” to get everything with us.

And I could only tell her – with my spiritual friends guiding me all the way – that you speak on basis of the world you are inside, and she speaks on basis of knowledge and experience, which the spiritual world keeps her in without understanding that there is another reality, which has FAR greater importance for life self and the future of us all, which the spiritual world would have shared with you if you had chosen to use your power really on “life self”. And I was encouraged to write her to be aware of messages given to her when she is awakening in the mornings, which will help her to understand, and also that she will soon wake up to a new reality and understand the meaning of this message, which she could have earlier by taking the right and not wrong choice in her life, and again I told her that I am speaking the words directly as they come from the Source and I felt Marion as part of this as “a red apple, which is becoming green” with apple being the symbol of our New World (and red of darkness of course).

FB 060313 Marion 2

Marion should really be able to understand because she asked people on Facebook a few weeks ago about what they believed we should use the spiritual world for (?), and yes she was prepared for exactly this via this question given to her, and is this what is now starting to make her put together two and two (?), and yes can it be that him there “the crazy guy” is the one bringing me the message I needed in my life to get out too and to help and yes bring you up the last part of the road, and here life on the new level, and so it is, you could have decided to use the help of Marion and me and me and me and yes with everything following her with her on top of her hierarchy, but you could not find the energy doing it, so this is what we are taking in now instead.

Update 9th March: I found her posting from February 12, which I had saved, and Marion says: “I sit here thinking (and it doesn’t hurt). What do we want around communication from our spiritual world and friends? Life existing after death? Philosophy, understanding the development? Future for them to tell us what to do with life”, and people said that they want to know “what will happen”, “confirmation about who we are”, “a sign from my late husband”, “support and confirmation in what I do”, “personal messages from whom we have lost”, “life after death”, “communication and guidance in life”etc., and yes all is “about me”, which is what selfish people want and this is the “entertainment” Marion and almost “everyone else” of the spiritual world used their gifts for instead of co-operating with the spiritual world to speak/write about life and existing in general for all of us to understand, which also would have included a question like “what do we do to survive the judgment”, but no, we never came around to doing this with Marion and “everyone else” because this is not how they wanted to use us.

FB 120213 Marion

And some of Marion’s uncritical followers decided to attack me because of what “obviously” is my “attack” on her, right (?), and Dijana completely “lost it”, when she said “I truly don’t know why you believe you have the right to judge if people have taken the right or wrong choices in life” (also not when it is God self speaking?, “I believe you here try to play God, and that is certainly not your place” (she was “inspired” to be “funny”, see?), and “what you say is in that degree without respect and unsuitable to discuss in front of our others” (is it REALLTY wrong to speak the truth openly, honestly and directly, Dijana?), and she concluded that “if Marion had used her power on something “wrong”, she would not be where she is today and have the success she has had, and also not be so highly loved by both this and the spiritual world as she is”, so obviously I am the crazy one here, Dijana (?), and yes you know the old story about “darkness disguise as light” bring “entertainment” and “VERY pleasant feelings of light streaming to you”, while the world was going under without your knowledge because of your WRONG choices and selfishness (!), and she truly brought me down, and yes humiliated and degraded me, and said: “I repeat: YOU ARE NOT GOD and don’t have the right to judge anyone”, and yes this is truly “good entertainment”, but still of course it makes me hurt/sad to see what “good people are guessing without knowing”, and yes “ugly things” is what I tell Marion according to her … (!) and Frank just said “Right and wrong choices from the Source self?! Come on … Little sceptical I am (Yoda)” because he was speaking with words reversed, and because we are in a good mood inspiring people to speak about who I really am but believing that I am not, and yes “quite amazing” that people also here are so “completely deaf” making their unnecessary negative feelings turn the truth into the opposite and at the same time show such poor behaviour, right (?), of course believing that this is what I do, and yes the rest of the opposite world is what you see.

Have we not been to the barber yet (?), and yes Stig, we will try to shave off even more hair of what used to be darkness and use it for good purposes here.

I told them that is is about understanding or not wanting to understand, and that my words came directly from the Source/God self, who you don’t like (!), and you are not alone, this is how it is until you change your attitude and begin to understand the meaning and love instead of the opposite.

Frank was laughing the laugh of the Devil thinking that this is “priceless”, and “know-all Dijani” was showing irony when saying that “I love God higher than anything else (oops, you were wrong there!) – you know, Him, who you do NOT have contact with … otherwise your love and respect would have been just soooomewhat greater”, and yes, Dijana, it is TRULY “funny” how WRONG you can be, and yes she felt “pity” for me, and again “the opposite world”, and of course these people are only “guided” by the opposite God, the Devil you know, but everyone has their FREE WILL to do what is right, which is to LISTEN/COMMUNICATE/UNDERSTAND and how difficult can it really be?

And I told them that they can read about themselves in my new script, this one, and “seek and you shall find …. God self”, but no, this was NOT necessary for Dijana, because she had decided how God looks like, and that is CERTAINLY not like me (!), so she said “We found God a long time ago. Goodbye again” and yes they found darkness disguised as light using energy for the sake of their “entertainment” and “spiritual enlightment/development” and yes selfish reasons, and this is what is God to them, and exactly the same as I showed you with Selvet in 2010 and the Meditation group in 2011/12, they simply “cannot/will not” understand.

FB 060313 Marion 4

Sanne believed that “you should – with your better-knowledge and intelligence – understand that your truth not necessarily is the truth of other people”, and yes I got it, Sanne, but you do not, and here I am shown that this is still the golden key I am taking out of the hold of darkness trying to keep it from me.

Frank first asked the others to ignore me as the “fanatic” I am (!) – silence of darkness you know – and later he had found this old thread about me from Selvet in 2010, where I first met all of these negative so called “enlightened” people, so he did as “everyone else”, which is to read about what others have said about me because these “authorities” of course possess “the truth”, and this is exactly the same I fought with in the public systems of the Commune and the psychiatric systems and also here with “enlightened people” who could not decide simply to read and understand me, and yes laziness and better-knowing ignorance you know, and in fact there was NO ONE from Denmark finding and opening my website in the hours following this.

And then I was given the vision of Helena Blavatsky (“a scholar of ancient wisdom literature who, along with H. S. Olcott and Anagarika Dharmapala, was instrumental in the Western transmission and revival of Theravada Buddhism. In 1875, Blavatsky and Olcott established a research and publishing institute called the Theosophical Society” – “Blavatsky’s extensive research into the many different spiritual traditions of the world led to the publication of what is now considered her magnum opus, The Secret Doctrine, which collates and organizes the essence of these teachings into a comprehensive synthesis. Blavatsky saw herself as a missionary of this ancient knowledge and one of the main purposes of the Theosophical Society was “to form a nucleus of the Universal Brotherhood of Humanity, without distinction of race, creed, sex, caste or color”) and I was told that this is whom Marion used to be in her previous life, and instead of keeping this a secret, I thought that knowing this would help her development, which is really also helping mine/our development towards the golden key you know, so I told her that this is who she is, and “you have here received the answer to the task, you were thought of continuing in your present life. This was the mission of your life, but you chose differently” and I am thinking that it was one level of it, and another level was that she would choose wrongly, and no you cannot keep it secret to him and yes I feel a beginning hole coming to even deeper darkness and that is of your father, which is the key that Marion possesses.

FB 060313 Marion 5

And I keep receiving the feeling of Jill Dahl – my old teacher from “Joy Foundation” when I was a “pet” of their clairvoyance classes in 2005, which is also where I met Nønne, and yes you remember the “better-knowing” lady working for Selvet and leaving me as a Facebook friend was it in 2011 (?) – who “would like to teach you something”, if only she had the “nerve” to speak out, and yes she has also been told from Nønne that “Stig is crazy”, and yes her message is “Stig, do NOT interfere in other’s private life, because you don’t know what you speak of”, and yes there are MANY of the so called “enlightened world” of Denmark, most of it really, who follows Marion, so again I have many of them on my neck because of their WRONG attitude.

I received an unpleasant feeling of darkness coming to me from behind about “people speaking wrongly behind my back”, which is because or sympathy declarations given to Marion from these ignorant people you know.

And I felt more darkness coming and was told that “this puts the right pressure on you”, and we know “building stones” for creation, so give me the best you got!

Later I received the feeling of a curious Marion coming to me and even later “no, she has never seen anyone developed as fine as you” and yes we had her “look in”, and yes fine by me.

And it gave me new heartburn, and I was told that this is how deep I had to go to find anything matching with you.

I was told that Marion had the tool, which could stop your father from killing you, but when you did not use her (before now), he was able to kill you all along, and yes this is what you tell me, but not if I don’t want to, and yes this is also the feeling of Marion now as I understand it, and that is “this is just something that Stig say” or at least part of her feelings?

And I was told that you could have “nailed” darkness and Sanna much before you did if you had done this also saving you and us from much sufferings.

This is so strong that it feels like the toilet is on fire, and that is really good here to bring these building stones you know.

Later in the evening I was told that Marion will not tell the truth about this – feeling that it is right – in order not to “lose face” and yes continuing her play towards her “loyal followers” because this is also what brings her “joy”, and yes leaving me in the gutter just like Niklas from the meditation group did, remember?

I was told about Lotus, my old friend, and “what does “sugar” means”, which I always joked with in our circle-meetings in 2005/06, because she had a box, which used to contain sugar standing on her shelves, and then I was told with a very low voice about Lotus maybe thinking that I am being humiliated but people and go through sufferings, but it was with such low voice that I could hardly hear it, and I was told that this is how Marion often experience her co-operation with the spiritual world where she can hardly hear what is told her and that is simply because she made the wrong choice of life.

Later in the evening, Marion wrote that she listened to British radio, where people could call in with stories about spirits and what you cannot explain, and what they have seen, and there was such a big pressure of people calling in – more than 2,000 called – that it showed the very big interest of spirits in Britain, and she was lying, sick with cold and listening to the most fantastic stories about what people have seen, and yes she truly has a BIG interest in this, and I though you would have used the time to read about Helena Blavatsky to discover more about your previous life, Marion (?), to awake this spiritual side of you, which is the RIGHT side of you, but you may decide to follow up on this?

The “better-knowing ignorant” Margit said that she was surfing on sites, where I have left my traces, and concluded that “The man needs help, he is schizophrenic” and she spoke about how sorry she is for me, and yes isn’t it incredible how easy it is to be so wrong, and it may not come as a very big surprise to some that people of the present “cannot” understand me believing that I am crazy as people believed about Jesus too?

FB 060313 Marion 6

And to HELP (!) Marion and some of these people even more both with their own development and the last of mine/the New World, I decided to share my new script with them including my chapter on Marion, and I asked people to READ carefully and objectively focusing on the big picture instead of selfish interests, and I challenged them by asking them if there is just one, who will decide to follow my advise to read my main 30 websites carefully to understand whom I truly am instead of letting their wrong “faith/belief” and uncontrollable, negative feeling (given to them by darkness) “judge” me wrongly.

FB 060313 Marion 7

And I received a new, however not very great out of this world pain to my right ankle (turning around the last part of the Source from darkness to light) and I was told that it is from my father because of feelings of Marion, “it hurts very much on her”, so there you are, you have started the final process inside of her too.

Finally I decided to share the story at my Facebook timeline to make sure that the news is spread to as many as possible – inside and outside spiritual circles – which is really giving us the best way to work using “connections of people” with the purpose to release the last strings of darkness hanging on to the golden key of everything (!), feeling Per Gessle again, and I shared this introduction in Danish as well as my first two comments and her comment to me, my summary of this chapter and the wikipedia article on Helena Blavatsky, and I do hope that this gives you “something to think about”, Marion, which will change your life J, and the question is really if you can control your negative feelings when seeing that I have shared your story in my scripts, in your thread and on my own Facebook timeline (?), or if you will do the same as Soulaima as example, whom I also helped develop, which was to “delete” me (?), and yes DO YOU BELIEVE YOU CAN, MARION of have I over-estimated you?

FB 060313 Marion 8

Bjarne does not follow me on Facebook, but is involved in my case misunderstanding me, which I do NOT like

Yesterday evening I received the reply from Bjarne from the Commune below, and before reading it, I was told “he doesn’t have hearing damages, does he” (?), meaning that he has, and also that this is the last regards from the shipyard, which almost does not have the power to say goodbye; this was the goodbye of Bjarne and darkness with the message “let us be alone”.

And when I read it, it said that “I don’t follow anyone visible or invisible on Facebook and don’t even know what this term means” and “Thus, I have now read anything on Facebook, which has to do with Stig Dragholm”, and when writing this, I feel darkness of my father in his words, and this morning I sent the reply that “Of course, I have confidence in what you write, Bjarne, but the interesting is what you do not write. Via my email, I have shown you “magic, which simply does not happen”, which in your case means that you are involved in my case, which is as inflamed as it can be because of your misunderstandings and secrecy, which is politics I do NOT like, which also will be revealed to everyone”, and yes “just to nail it completely” of course almost as I was to the cross in my old life.

Emails fra til Bjarne

A little later, I was told, no you are not a free crown servant according to Lisbeth because she just received a dose of darkness of Bjarne and yes of course, Stig is crazy, so there you have it.

My feeling of this email from Bjarne was that it was extremely unpleasant having to go through this, “ridiculed” and made to look like a fool at the Commune as “the mad man” as I was told.

But I decided to reply to it, and to keep my decision to write my application even though this could have made me give up because of doubts – is it the spiritual voice of darkness I am receiving (?), is he speaking the truth not being involved in my case (?) – and the reason why I decided to hold on to my decision was because of the eyes of Johannes the mayor being “terrified” of meeting me last year at his guided tour of the Town Hall, and there is ONLY one reason why, and that is because he and (Ole not effective here, never was as I am told) Bjarne spoke about me as the “potential Breivik”, and yes this can ONLY mean that “the whole city” was working against me, so we are still continuing on this road, and yes we know Stig.

Later I was told that Bjarne is the reason why it is foot cold here, and I was shown and told that the gold inside the black bag will be opened even if I do not.

Bjarne is not a “social worker”, so it was a political decision to hospitalise Stig!

Later I felt and was told that “such a short email to Bjarne opened up”, so we now almost look directly into the light as I was shown.

No, Hillerød (mental hospital) is busy, we cannot take him, what about Glostrup” (?), and yes considerations of the system in relation to me and this came after I received TV2’s “Ræven og Rønnebærene” and the lyrics “nutidens unge er sure som rønnebær” (“the youth or today are sour as rowanberry”) – still I LOVE THE SOUND and songs of this album, Steffen & Co. J – so “sour” they are, and here I am also given an “ugly smell of far too much perfume”, which is about “people, who do NOT dare to speak the truth”, and yes Bjarne & Co. from the Commune.

No, we never came around to write a note to the doctor to hospitalise you” and yes also a matter of laziness/not doing work needed, which is what we held back to see if you really could break “the chain”, and yes you could, and yes MICK FLEETWOOD, it is YOU who are “special” to me. And I wonder if they would claim that I am dangerous to others or to myself as the criteria to get hospitalised (?), and who can be SO STUPID to believe this???

I was given the feeling of Johannes the mayor that “Stig has made this up himself”, i.e. “the strange magic”, and that is just like people feel about magicians like David Copperfield etc. without seeing and understanding what is shown directly in front of their noses, and yes I am shown a man from India here, but I have NO idea of who he is and his name, and my limitation is that I am working as a normal human being only using the knowledge I have as such.

Hours later, I keep receiving the word “doctor”, which is about the “difficulties” of the Commune to “let me go”, and we know THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO (!), and I was told that they had not expected such a hard serve as I served them, and yes EVERYTHING WILL BE PUBLISHED (!) and “no, we don’t want that”, and yes you saw earlier that this is the attitude of Bjarne, and “no, I do NOT want “negative” stories of the Commune in the media”, so there you really have it.

No, we (the Commune) have not yet given feedback to your father about “the results of our efforts” and yes what will you decide to call your decision (?), and yes that “Stig is still free” and not “put behind bars of a mental hospital”, thus making it possible for him to continue “bothering the family” (?), and yes yes yes, we know, “not easy” for the Commune to formulate this.

Your father did not know what kind of pain this would bring you, and yes when I took on the pain instead of giving in, I also saved his life, funny thought, right?

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Dan said that Leo – the Lion mascot of FC Copenhagen and yes therefore (!) – had been found in the trunk of Per Bjerregaard’s (“Mr. FC Brøndby”) car, which is to say that darkness is made by light (as the strongest tool of creation), but you have figured that out by now, right?

FB 060313 Dan

  • Today was the day when the dictator Hugo Chavez died, and I am here given a little out of this world pain to my right ankle given by him because of his sufferings as I am here told by himself, this is what I am told (!), and yes because I did not believe in you, and we then decided to bring you home for you to see yourself, and yes helping Venezuela to move a step forward and now upwards, and yes making your information become available for your successor, who may believe to UNDERSTAND instead of being COMPLETELY DEAF and yes something which the EVIL USA has sent to you (?); and yes yes yes also thinking that only one power is strong enough to make you as evil as you were, and we know led by the power of the Source as darkness. But we will be seeing you in your new light as light, and no longer darkness.

FB 060313 CNN

  • Søren thought he had topped when he suggested to bring bears to the nature of Denmark, but here is a “nutty professor” – yes LOVE that film too, Søren – by suggesting to introduce elephants (!), and this made him say “yuck, yuck, why did I not think of that” (?), and yes just saying that it will NOT be bears of Satan but elephants of Gods, who will come to our New World including you.

FB 060313 Søren

  • Here was a longer story, which I simply cannot translate now because of lack of energy, but I bring it mainly because of the COMPLETELY AMAZING and WONDERFUL Dirch Passer – the greatest comedian ever (?) – who is the waiter singing “yes yes I come NOW”, and yes we all know what this is about – and this is FILM TREASURE of Denmark you know :-).

FB 060313 Torben

FB 060313 Torben 2


7th March: Marion Dampier-Jeans decided to block me (!), but I planted a light in her, and received the golden key from her

INCREDIBLE darkness of Russia is so strong that I can only mathc it doing my best – and reaching the golden key

I was shown the stock exchange of New York and golf balls and told that this was enough to make the world go under, and yes because it is unsustainable with life itself, and I was shown it going back to the beginning of it, which was really the whole idea of creating it, and yes for the world to become “nothing”, however without terminating, in order to return to “nothing” of the Source and to change the spiritual world of the Source to become part of our new physical world, and yes as nothing and now really “everything” as the new, normal condition of life, and yes you do understand, right?

I was given a sound to the window frame between my living room and balcony, and it was the sound of a very thin frame almost breaking through, and I was told that this is the membrane leaving me inside my living room of darkness and now almost breaking through to the New World on the balcony, and I was told that when Jette is reading and understanding my comments to her pictures, it is also lifting up everything.

I would not even have the energy to send “love letters in the sand” to you, i.e. my “old nightmare”.

Yes, now this thing about your father is “out of the way” and I was told that the Commune has now sent an email to my father.

I continue receiving the name “Helena” and NOT because of Helena but because of talk about her and now also me in the Danish Parliament, and yes you did see my comment to Ole Birk the other day, who is one of those on Helena’s “hate-list”.

I received heart pain for a period of time for the first time in some time.

The New World asked me several times for permission to enter, and yes you are VERY welcome and you know the answer when there is no more darkness meaning when I cannot keep it going as my old self anymore, i.e. to keep up the façade, but it will NOT happen when I am awake, but when I sleep, this is the an old important personal wish of mine.

I was told that the leaders of the world have been watching “all of their problems being solved” in the time up to the end of time and the beginning of the time of our New World, and yes “impossible” it was to solve all of these problems, which each of them would lead to the end of the world, and would you like to mention them all, please? And the BP oil leak was one of them.

I was given a mark to the back side of my right lower leg and told that you got it out fine, and also that what we could not create now, would be created on the other side of our New World, and the difference is simply about which level we will start on, and I decided to do my best starting on the highest level I was able to bring us – and I am constantly given the vision of a younger David Bowie here.

I was told that if I had not made the world understand about my view on their public systems of Hell, the gate would NEVER be opened, so I made myself “pretty clear” really.

I was told by Hugo Chavez that I did not know what to do, and he pointed to my heart saying that this also brought me heart pain.

So hereafter there is only spread fencing in the living room.

When I did the last work on the chapter on Marion of yesterday, I kept on received the taste of dough, which is about “new bread”, and the Source is bread, so this is about the development of the Source, thus life self.

You are really playing completely see through LP-records, which we have decided to keep dark for now even though they are not.

I was shown my mother from the outside using a key to open to me, and I was told that losing weight was maybe your/our greatest challenge, which was the key and yes for your mother to believe.

Late in the evening, I was VERY surprised when a dark arm of a man from a people of another civilization, I don’t know who and what people, I only received the feeling of “people of other civilizations”, came from the right TOUCHING my right arm (?), and TRUST me, this is something, which potentially could make me terrified because what was this about (?), and yes as clearly as if he stood next to me, which he did, but I could not see him, other than his arm and feel it, and I could have decided to jump up, lose my temper etc., but no, I decided that this is fine, so this is what it was, and yes I thought that this is coming from our New World now so extremely close on me that “it” can touch me through the very thin membrane of darkness.

During the evening, I received STRONG darkness including the WORST negative speech, and yes “waking up” many people including Marion coming clearly through to me here, “is that really you, Stig” (?); is this how God is disguised bringing me the message I have waited for (?), and yes it if good enough, Marion. And when you continue receiving visions and speech almost non-stop without having a button to “stop” this, and you cannot write everything down, even though you want to, and you are extremely tired and really cannot take any more, and it simply continues to come and come, this is what creates “the worst stress in the world”.

I was told that the wine keeps on becoming better and better.

Is he the one with the guitar over his arm”?

Finally at 05.20, I decided to go to bed, and I slept not very good until 11.30, when I could no more and had to stand up, and yes, there were some more dreams.

  • Something about being at the biggest sport event of Russia meeting the strongest man, who is INCREDIBLE strong to look at because of MUSCLES all over and also INCREDIBLE strong to fight against, and NO ONE can beat him, but when I do my best, I am as strong as he when fighting him, and something about “they cheat”, they are about to close all airports and it will be settled now.
    • So when moving even deeper into darkness also with the help of Marion, it is revealed that Russia is indeed the MOST EVIL EMPIRE OF THE WORLD (!), and what have you decided to do, your Saloon-communists over there or is it now capitalists because it gives you more “pleasure” in terms of money, power, sex and you can add drugs too as I am told here, and yes will you try to “defeat” me or “run away” from me (?), and eeehhh you have not discovered that I am the one holding my hand over you until I have converted myself to light, and there is NOTHING you can do to avoid your destiny, which is also for you to become “nice young boys” again leaving all your evilness, desire of blood-thirst and “revenge” from you, and yes to be welcomed by me in our New World, and I keep receiving different American actors here because “it is just a play”, didn’t you notice?
    • I was also told that the Panum institute in Copenhagen works or worked (?) together with the Russians, which is about “the scariest Judgment Day weapon”, which the world can imagine?
  • I am visiting the mail office, where I am VERY popular, which made a lady crawl up a ladder to get something on top of the wall, which I felt as a key, which is now hung back up. I know the CEO here, which is Walther (the old CEO of GE Frankona Re in Denmark, who in 2002 shortly before his retirement put me in a position to start up a French Insurance company in Denmark), and I see that he changes into the French actor Gérard Depardieu and also David Bowie, and he is very rich having both the biggest car and boat imaginable, and he was competing with another rich man about who could use the most money, and no one understand his pace and that he did not go down because of writings about him.
    • The mail office is from where we hand out letters/invitations to join our New World, and I am still going right up to the top to get that key, which I can only feel and not see, and didn’t I climb the ladder myself having fear of heights (?), I cannot remember clearly, and Walther is here a symbol of me, and when I use money, it was to empty energy of darkness, and when we are two, it is my spiritual and physical I working together, and the world believes – or will come to understand – that it was “not easy” to keep on working with all of the resistance I met on the way.
    • I LOVE the acting of Gérard Depardieu, I have not seen many films with him, but I saw the one where he plays the Mayou in a film with Catherine Deneuve, and I remember with big smiles his film “green card” with the also beautiful in my eyes Andie McDowell, which I saw many years ago, and I get the feeling “special friend”, and yes his story of now being a Russian citizen and so on. And he is here in this dream together with David Bowie to say that this is an act of God.

  • Something about moving furniture to a smaller farm, “the wife is out, otherwise we cannot guarantee what she says”.
  • I am working at the cash desk of a bank and am about to overtake credit cards, which includes to call late in the evening to the Norwegian National TV, NRK, but it is almost impossible to find their telephone number, and there is only one supplier in Stockholm, where we are two going to and that is at the highest building I have EVER been up to, and we drive all the way to the top of it, it is 30 stores high, I feel this is belonging to a Swedish newspaper, and when we walk out, we have to walk some stairs with completely open glass areas showing exactly how high we are, which is making my fear of heights break out, and I can only come through by almost closing my eyes not looking down, and I decide to be stronger than my fear doing this, and at the very top, there is a big sofa group including a Swedish newspaper writing about David Bowie, and for some reason I have my trousers and underpants pulled down covering my private parts with my hands, which I think is strange, thus pulling up both.

It was like your mother hitting the edge of her hand from below and up on the edge of the table without breaking it, “ouch, that really hurt”, and to take the experiences from this and build our future life on, and yes this is what we did, and we WON.

And then we would continue bleeding there and there, but now we have set up this and that safeguard, so darkness cannot reach us, and we are pretty much ready here, Stig, but no, you are not, and you will focus on the application today, so only little time on the script, and then the application.

I received information with a low voice this morning – almost as Marion does – and did not want to write down what I could not hear all of, but it included “Now your mother is finished as a pop singer”.

Well, he is continuing to “make music”, so we will let him do that, which is the feeling I am given and not words completing the sentence.

And I was told that if I did not continue doing music, we would simply stop the game now.

If it was not for her, my mother with the New World, we would not stand up behind this “battle of yours” against the Commune, which is the next, and yes to write my application to the Commune this evening (?), and yes believing that my spiritual friends have calculated to give me some time to do this in the last moment before it is too late, and yes we just had to get this thing with Marion done first.

I was told that it has now “sunk in” with my father that “there is/was nothing to do”, and yes Stig is still on free foot, and yes just like an Indian you know.

I was shown how a spear in on its way through the shield of darkness, and I was shown myself entering an even small VERY LITTLE top of the rocket, where I come in seeing someone writing, and that is me on the other side, and I am here coming as my physical self telling myself that I am darkness, and I do NOT want to act like darkness but light, and this is how it has been really all the way through, and it is with this as luggage that I am coming here to the top of the rocket, and yes “funny” that a women by the name of Ariane (a European ROCKET) should decide to comment my Facebook post as you can see from the chapter on Marion, so this is truly about the combination of Simple Minds and Rockets, so here it how this looks like :-).

Marion Dampier-Jeans decided to block me (!), but I planted a light in her, and received the golden key from her

This is the update to the story of Marion of yesterday, and I was excited to see when opening my computer, if she is starting to understand or the opposite and maybe even deciding to “terminate” me too by reporting/blocking me from her Facebook site.

First I saw that she and a few others had given their comments and when I started reading her first negative comment below, I received the same kind of darkness as Karen sends me based upon “lack of knowledge” and still you know “I know all, you are sick, everyone else says so”, and because of this, this is the only possible truth, Marion (?), and that is with your awakened mind, because we have already started work on your “sub-conscience” when you are sleeping as I am told, and that comes from my mother of our New World, who is helping to bring you up for you to help bring me up with all life to the new top floor.

And it is NOT because I enjoy to translate negative misunderstandings from “simple minded” people, but to give my readers not understanding Danish a chance, Marion asked “why is it so important that you keep asking for my help, and you keep talking about your truth”, “many has asked me to throw you out from this page, you have also been deleted on other pages”, “I don’t know you, but you claim all of the time to speak the truth, you receive messages from God, tell that to the church, your doctor and look who you are calling schizophrenic, don’t you come under that file yourself?”, “you enter my page with accusations without understanding”, “you try to take over, you speak about something, which has nothing to do with what is asked, so who is sick, can it be you (?)”, “you are one of those having to threat yourself through, cost what it will cost, or is it your sickness playing a game with you?”, “you will get the chance to delete yourself or behave like a human, it is up to you”.

And when writing this I keep on receiving the words “I am sorry, can it really be you” (?), and yes Marion, it is “good enough”, and I am here given a mark all around my right ankle to say that “it is also good enough here, Stig”, and that is because we are still releasing you using the old fashioned method going through your right ankle.

And Diana spoke the truth about how much people love me as I hear Marion to the right speaking through me now – I don’t know if this is her new self of the New World or if she is “woken up” physically too, and I do believe that it is her new self waiting to come through too, and I receive swearing of darkness NOT liking to be revealed, and yes these are the kind of messages she will receive herself when she decides to QUESTION herself and her own work, which is really what was supposed for her to take some weeks to do, but we will see if we can speed up the process also because of the shock you gave her, and yes when people loving Marion says that Marion is doing the right thing, “of course it has to be right, hasn’t it” (?), and NO, YOU ARE WRONG, and I feel Thomas Eje from one of his Linje 3 shows “playing” an act as a “happy but simple minded man”, and this is what we speak about here, loving but simple minded people, who do NOT want me to change their conception of life and reality.

FB 070313 Marion 1

And how many did like what I say without writing (?), and how many ladies did find me attractive because of this (I am here given sexually explicit words) and yes because of the strength of my message awakening feelings inside of them.

And I received ONE person out of this, who decided to follow me on Facebook.

No, we are not going to the youth school to play the fat game, this is what Marion could have decided to force us doing, but no her heart is big enough to contain me and allow me to stay.

It would be the same as the long finger on my right hand cracking and start bleeding to come home, but no, with this we receive more energy too.

So this is people living in an “world of illusion”, who have no intentions to move away from their lives of today, which they love, so when I tell them something else and when I do it directly, I give them a shock, and this is what is returning to me, and yes “don’t come here playing a smart-… telling us what to do, because we know better than you, and you are sick”.

And NONE even clicked the link to my script, thus NONE to my website in general and that is because “it goes without saying that Stig is crazy, we don’t have to think twice” and yes to listen/read to understand, we already know, and yes it is a proven fact that the man is sick, so don’t come around here playing games with us …

And it continued here when Marion thanked Dijana for her comment (!!!), and she spoke about how unfair I am explaining things, that I am pushing things through, and then she speaks about “different truths” of people with different religious beliefs, and yes LEAD BY THE DEVIL/DARKNESS she is – “One God, One People”, remember (?), and she combines me with “jealousy” because of feelings of insecurity, fear and angst to lose something, and come on, Marion, is this really your best “weapon of defence” to try to intimidate me (?), and no, you will NOT succeed, and here comes the interesting part, which is “he never stops as I understand it from others, who have been close to him, and he has been expelled from several pages”, and Marion is living in England, so there might be “a very good chance” that she has met let us say Paul Jacobs from Arthur Findlay College (you know “one of the leading mediums of the world”, and yes the one working with DARKNESS “infecting” everyone to work with the spiritual world as he teaches, which was darkness keeping people from the truth about termination of life coming!), and then she says that “he will be deleted if he starts like that“, and yes people, who do NOT want to listen to the truth, and they do as the Devil has done all along, which is to try running away from me keeping their fingers deep inside their ears, but Marion, there is NOTHING you can do, your process of awakening has started.

And Dijana continued her inquisition against me recommending Marion to throw me out, that I will get no where with them, and “go with God, he will forgive you for this” (!!!), and “Don’t use God’s name in vain – you put him in bad light, just see what you have done here, everything in His name. It is a shame and pity. Goodbye Stig”, and yes this is what she said and everything because of NEGATIVE and UNCONTROLABLE FEELINGS (!), and yes isn’t this “entertaining” to watch (?); and yes I only feel poorly because of just how poorly people can behave, and they do the same believing the same about me, and they send me all of their negative feelings for me to absorb, and yes when they cannot absorb me, I have to absorb them, and when I do I also turn them around at the same time thus gradually changing them from non-believers to believers (?), and yes WHY IS IT SO DIFFICULT FOR YOU TO UNDERSTAND (?), and yes because you do NOT want to, and just like Michael Sadler, whom I feel here, who believes I am crazy too now after having seen my link to the declaration of the psychiatrist below?

FB 070313 Marion 2

You came out of this with only the very outmost of your pegefinger receiving a cut, so “nothing much” and instead we received “everything of Marion” (?), who let us in to “her Kingdom” (?), and yes this is how it feels here, and you no “what is not said” and “in between words” and so on.

I received the thought if I should publish my memo to Alex the psychiatrist from June 2012 telling my story and what I am “normal” and “not crazy” to Marion’s thread, and first I decided that “it is not worthwhile” because if they “cannot” click on my script, they also cannot click on this memo, so I really decided to stop playing games with these “friends of mine” as I am told, and to let them continue being in darkness for some time still.

But I kept on being encouraged to do this and “it will not take long” and yes one idea after the other took over, so I quickly wrote the comment below also bringing the psychiatrist declaration of Alex on me for people to read and decide what to believe in, in me or the psychiatrist?

And what takes time, is really to do this chapter afterwards, which is “pushing me” because I really had decided to write my application to the Commune and it is now 17.15 and time is running out, Neil, and yes thank you for coming to Denmark too :-).

So here is what I decided to write, which is about the old story of “is Stig crazy or not” (?), which is about “to be or not to be” with people believing that I am crazy “voting” on darkness to terminate life and the opposite of people not believing that I am crazy. And I wrote about “darkness disguised as light” meaning that these people were “busy” by entertaining themselves with the agenda of darkness to keep them from discovering about the Judgment and how man was about to be terminated (!), but no, this is NOT on the mind of people at all, and NO ONE wants to understand this in spiritual environments, which was also the case with Selvet in 2010 and the meditation group in Helsingør in 2011/12, and I asked them if they REALLY believe in a traditional psychiatrist declaring me schizophrenic NOT believing in spiritual experiences (?), and it does not change the biggest declaration of love in the world, for those who can understand because you can, can’t you (?) or can you really (?), and yes a quicker translation here, but you get the picture right, and yes we have saved something behind this picture we show you, and no, it is not for the Nazi bunker, and I feel enthusiasm here, because it fits in the door opening to the freedom of the other side, and yes Stig, this is simply what this golden key is about, to open to “everything” of our New World, and of course only if you went through all of the obstacles to receive “full house”, and so it is.

FB 070313 Marion 3

And this is the thread on my own wall where I also shared my posting above, and it comes from “curious” people from Marion’s thread, who “just want to see my Facebook wall”, and now that they are there, some decided to show their disgust to me to my own network, and first Jette said that no one is able to humiliate me, which Sanne then said “no, he does that fine himself by keeping on preaching and tormenting us despite of being rejected several times”, and yes this is just like the dog trying to run away from its “owner” because it does not like the owner to tell it what is right and wrong, and I decided to say that she and her equals are “simple minds” my love message, which they “cannot” understand because they believe that my words/”music” sounds “terrible”, and Birthe said “report him – one thing is to have a belief, another is to force others to listen to it, the last is not alright and can never be the light”, and yes because Birthe knows, or eeehhhh you are ONLY GUESSING, Birthe, and yes I know, and Jytte thought I am “fanatic”, and that is right in my mission to make you understand to save everything and bring life to its ultimate level, and again I said that it is quite simply about understanding instead of being deaf, negative and showing “better-knowing ignorance”, and how difficult can it really be (?), and yes “impossible” when you decide NOT to understand, which all of these will-deaf people also demonstrate – just like with the Commune –

FB 070313 Marion 4

And Birthe thought that what I blame other for I can be blamed for myself, and Jes took the price by saying that there are truly many crazy people “but most are fortunately in treatment. Him here should be chained up” (!) – just like my father thought and the Commune until recently, if this story holds water as we say here – and here we have “the chain” again, Mick & Co., and no this is NOT written on a Mac, but it could have, and hours ago I was told about an instrumental song, which I “felt” instantly was your fine song “Albatross”, and this is the chain leading to John Cleese/Monty Python and their sketch of the “Albatross”, and this is how we are coming home, via all of these “chains”, and yes LOVE IT 🙂 , and I spoke of TALK TALK TALK of people NOT KNOWING WHAT YOU TALK ABOUT and this is really the difference between me and you, and yes also because it is my task coming to bring you the truth, and not vice versa, and this is “of course” impossible to understand. And this is here where you have the Ariane lady symbolising me at the very small end of the rocket, and later Ariane also decided to block/report me and yes “completely without a reason”, amazing right?

FB 070313 Stig 1

A few hours later, I received these “blocking” messages from Facebook removing my DIRECT message to Sanne & Co. above telling her the truth of her being simple minded, and yes this was “too rough” on her, so she decided to report this comment directly to Facebook in Ireland, and Ireland decided simply to LISTEN TO ONE SIDE OF THE STORY ONLY (?), and you said and hhmmmm yes that sounds right, he is negative and condemning, and we don’t want that, so therefore we will delete it, and that is as in “terminate life” to follow the game, and yes, do you understand by now that I am TIRED of this Old World and its “games” because of people who “cannot” or “will not” understand, and yes Susanne, you will have to live with this action forever – it was you (?) –  and HOW COULD YOU REALLY (?), and yes I receive the feeling of Jill Dahl here again, and “only darkness” and working behind my back speaking poorly about me (?), and is that the verdict you want of yourself too, Jill (?), and yes SAD that your eyes are also blocked because of the same darkness and “inability” to listen and understand the TRUE story.

FB 070313 FB removed post

FB 070313 FB removed post 2

After this, Facebook was opened to me again.

I was told that this is about having fewer people to “hit you”, and to turn it around receiving more cracks to let the light shine in.

Yes, I am a harbour worker, Yes, I am a harbour worker, Yes, I am a harbour worker” continued to come, and “am I not working for God”, and I receive first here the vision of Marion and then by Lisbeth Knudsen from Berlingeren looking like her also finding this story “very interesting”, Lisbeth (?), and yes what about OPENING UP and for you to read my chapter on NORMAL LIFE and SHOW YOURSELF instead of your contracting self, which is NOT how you are, you are ALSO the opposite of the person you show today, and yes a “true special friend” of mine as I am here told.

I was told about Marion and her “strong connection” and that is faith in Paul and then the other thought “is she really cutting over the branch, which she is sitting on herself”, and yes are my messages to strong that they go right through the worst darkness of Paul and that is because I simply speak the truth, which is received by even the worst functioning receiver (?), and yes of people who do NOT want to listen but cannot avoid doing it anyhow, and this is when we plant a light/flower in the bottom of everything asking it to start growing because this is what him there asks us to do, and when you continue working, this is simply what we then do, and this is really one of those secret messages you know, and we know “see a doctor”, Marion (?), do you really believe in that yourself?

And finally when ending this, I had noticed that a Facebook friend had left me, and could it really be that this was the dark cover of Marion, who “could not” stand me despite of what is going on under the cover of her (?), and yes it was, she also “could not” stand me – God you know (!) – so she decided to cut me off too, and yes Lisbeth Knudsen, you are still with me (?), and yes fine it is, a new story about how man “cannot” understand God, and this is now in house too, and also for you to share with the world (?), but you will not tell me about it yet (?); because I have to come myself to your house to drag the stories out of you, and yes this is what I am doing when I am pulling the golden key from darkness of you, and yes CAN YOU FEEL IT (?), and we know the feeling of “we better have to do what Stig asks us to do”, so what about it, Lisbeth, do you want to be the one showing that YOU CAN when the world could not (?), and that is to share your stories with me, and yes send me an email, or just a link maybe (?), and yes you do know what is RIGHT to do, right (?), and then it is not difficult to do is it (?), and yes that is right UNLESS YOU ARE A WIMP, is this what you are too?

And what is the feeling after this, and yes SADNESS because of seeing man behave like this, and still feeling Marion I am.

After all of this I was here given a little big bigger out of this world pain to my right ankle, still turning more around I am.

I was told by the spirit of my mother that with this from Marion, we are creating the most beautiful New World, and yes you will be able to tell the difference because of doing this, and we know, Stig, you tell yourself to “keep on” and “now there is not much time left” also meaning that you will have to work all evening again tonight to see if you can pull yourself together using a few hours to write that application to the Commune.

This was a couple of days we have to get inside of Marion and set our flag, which is what we did, and I saw some people reading MY memo to the psychiatrist and wondered if there are people, who did not dare to come out – afraid to be ridiculed together with me – who is sorry that Marion decided to delete me?

We have not missed the family tree even once on our road …, and yes low voice, but the feeling was that we are still improving what could have been at original creation if we had the knowledge as we have today including the power of the Source to create life, and yes this is also what we are improving.

When I started preparing the publish of my script today, I was given more feelings of Marion now including ”was it I making Karen submit to strong/violent men abusing her sexually” and yes ”more understanding” is coming to her, and this is what I am told, so there seems to be two sides of the story, Marion?

And I received MUCH darkness coming to me trying to stop the publish of this script, because Marion also “hates” to be “hung out” – eeehhh “told the truth”, Marion (!) – on the Internet, but this is the mean to break down darkness inside of you.

It is like this, if you did not do this, we would not receive “a couple of board members” to our new board of the Universe.

I am receiving some pounding to my left upper arm, but it has been only little the last couple of days.

No, he does not want you to destroy the most precious of all, the sun bed, and yes you remember that I told you earlier that it is at the very top of the rocket, that the most power sits.

And at 21.05 I had uploaded the script of today, and from here I decided that I better get started on the application to the Commune now instead of looking at Jette’s Google Earth pictures, which can wait until tomorrow also because there are not many new at this point.

I was shown a fisher boat catching a sword fish because this was “the worst killer” I went through with Marion and her VERY LOYAL (i.e. “blind”) followers, who could have decided to hurt me, and I was shown the fishers kissing the fish and putting it back to sea.

I was told 99,..% and that my mother really has closed access to our New World, but since I have decided to continue working instead of just sitting there doing nothing, we have discovered a miniature hole there and one there for you to bring all furniture is as you so much would like.

You never guess who Camilla is (?), she is me too.

Where did you find him, and yes Bjarne you know (?), and yes in the harbour where he was to be the absolutely last and impossible road for you to climb, but now you are telling him to resign too and to help you build a New World together with Obama as the President (?), and yes he is “nobody unimportant” you know.

When I started writing my application – it is ALWAYS the most difficult to get started here – it poured out of me and I was helped from the beginning, and I felt Obama too because this is also a help to Obama and his new job as President of our New World.

At 23.20, I was surprised to receive a shaking of darkness of my body, which lasted for some time, and I wonder if this is because Bjarne from the Commune is nervous about what I will write in my application, or if this is because of Marion and her network being nervous about me, and yes some people decided to enter my website this afternoon and evening to read my story of Marion and some also read other of my main webpages.

We can now say that your mother was also busy packing down clothes of darkness, which you “could not” bring with you, and yes we know you have told us to NOT hide anything from me, so this is what is coming now and yes requiring that you open for darkness yourself, and this is what we are hoping that we can now generate via the feelings of Bjarne to my application.

At 23.45, I had the skeleton of the application ready, and now it is only to fill all of it out, which may take “some hours” to do, and now I am not that uncertain about whether or not I will make it, because I will, and I just saw that the deadline is at 12.00 tomorrow, so in the last minute it is. And the continuation of this will follow in my script of tomorrow.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Anton is thinking about improving his life and also old scripts compared to mine, and I did my best trying to advice him, and I also received a little out of this world pain to my right ankle because of sufferings and darkness of Anton.

FB 070313 Anton 1

FB 070313 Anton 2

FB 070313 Anton 3

FB 070313 Anton 5

FB 070313 Anton 6

FB 070313 Anton 7

FB 070313 Anton 8

  • The other day, I saw the artist Leif Sylvester on Facebook, and I decided to send him an invitation to connect, but he decided to send me an email saying that he only connects with personal friends, and it gave me a chance to tell him about my visit to his exhibition in March 2010 – seems like yesterday – which you can read from my script of the time, the 13th March 2010, I believe, and I told him that I enjoy his art and yes more than anyone else I have seen (!), about his symbolic language and that he receives inspiration directly from God also about the Judgment (which we are now over”).

FB 070313 Leif S

  • Helena said that she in a weak moment said yes to be a hair-model with some hair-dressers, which was before she thought about what it meant, because the last time she was put in clothes making her look like a prostitute, and then she asked “can you allow yourself to call four days before to cancel” (?), and yes I was SURPRISED to see that WEAK people can even think such a thought, and what this was about was really that we have now brought my mother all the way to the top of the “HAIR” of the Source you know, and it is now a question if it is strong enough, and some of the men were fantasizing about Helena as a “catwoman”, which is saying that we are on the right track, if you remove the “prostitute” part, and some said “just cancel, desire has to drive most”, so this is what she did, and yes she has entered into an agreement, and now she “really does not feel like doing it”, which to me is the WORST darkness because when you have an agreement you stick to this – do you listen in Kenya (?), a couple of you at least – because this is what makes the world go around, and if you do not, this is what is potentially breaking the world, which we do NOT want, and yes Helena HOW COULD YOU SHOW SUCH A POOR MORAL (?), and yes we know again again?

FB 070313 Helena



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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  1. jette says:

    ..svaret er: .. man må sno sig sagde ålen, den blev stegt i OMA margarine! – det er en reklame fra en plakat – fra min barndom på Nattergalevej 108, 2. th NV ❤

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