March 9, 2013: Receiving the GIANT bottle of wine, the power plant of everything, of the Source and placed as the Lord


Summary of the script today

8th March: Opening the road and receiving the GIANT bottle of wine – the power plant of everything – of the Source

  • The last GIANT bottle of wine of everything of God, the “power plant” of everything, at the very end of the rocket is now transferred to me after opening the most beautiful road into it, which comes through the application I finished this night and sent this morning to become director of Helsingør Commune with the task to close it down, and the key to the opening of this road is the Communal director Bjarne, who received a shock receiving my application together with “all of the city” also because I asked him strongly to play with OPEN cards as I do.
  • This corresponds a little to us being “extremely small” running around you as the BIG DARK MOUNTAIN which I then felt like seeing all of these extremely small people around me, and we will make sure to get you with us too.
  • Lisbeth Knudsen, the editor-in-chief of the Berlingske newspaper, is sharing/spreading my scripts to the “secret network” of the official world, which is as important to do as writing the scripts themselves.
  • X-factor Denmark included many inspired stories as usual including the contestant Chresten and “how wonderful it is that you have arrived at this place”, which is about “calmness” and warmth, which is symbolising my arrival home to the core of everything, i.e. to the wine of God and now sitting on the chair as the Lord. “I can feel you, Anne, cha cha” and now you can feel me too (?), keep your individuality and natural self in our New World – BE YOURSELF J, Thomas Blachman and Anne Linnet started meeting with “uniqueness” and “hit songs” melting together instead of one big porridge, “something TRULY is happening”, which is about my arrival – just call my name (!) – for example including a moneyless society, you will never bore yourself in our New World, our New World is “truly such a fine instrument”, which will bring endless variation of life and love of my mother. The most famous dance steps in the world, the moonwalk of Michael Jackson, and his/the worlds biggest hit ever, Billy Jean, is to say that “we did it”, which was to make a perfect New World bringing every little thing with us.
  • Short stories of Helena and Søren showing poor sexual behaviour to the world, receiving darkness making the finest life of the world, endless variation of life of our New World.

9th March The most pure gold is now pouring out of the Source of God, i.e. the wine of everything

  • Dreaming of amazing advertising/art done with the help of Michael Bundesen, Prince is removing darkness of his life, “the coast is clear”, and later that darkness is completely empty.
  • We transferred all parts of the giant wine of God, which is now turning into light with the most pure of the gold now pouring out of it. Your mother only helped to build the bridge/road to here, but it is your father self walking over it. I was shown myself on top of the hill as a knight, still in darkness, and with my lance, I was cutting meat and bread in the finest slices, and yes I am still on my way up there.
  • We are on the very extreme/critical limit of the world surviving as it is before we will switch on our New World, and I am shown the very end of the balloon of the Source.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show that Jette has “a feeling of knowing all this”, souls coming up from “under the water”, the Source using itself as window, my transmutation into a lion, the crying girl of the world, BIG transparent faces, a dog as 3 big faces, the biggest head becoming a cyclone, the Source removing poor behaviour of man, light/purity of the North Pole, the lion with family, and more laundry of darkness.
  • The New World has been created because of my decisions, nothing can be exchanged and we used ALL material without throwing anything out.
  • I have saved the world from receiving a massive pressure wave all over the world if the piano of the Source had to be absorbed by the world (if I could not).
  • Short stories of being sad that Niklas has decided to write all of the family except me from Australia, the Swedish final of the Eurovision Song Contest included inspired lyrics of “tell the world I’m here to change it”, Tommy Körberg also bringing me my “old nightmare” and Carola beautifully singing about bringing us to the eternity of our New World.


8th March: Opening the road and receiving the GIANT bottle of wine – the power plant of everything – of the Source

Well, this clothes was not further away than Helsingborg, and that is because I was told that it would not take your – and my – “old nightmare” to get it released only a “little tickling” here and there, and yes a part of it, some of it maybe, and NO NOT AT ALL and yes Stig you have said this so clearly and so many times that it is standing inside of here with GIANT LETTERS “STIG WILL NEVER ACCEPT THIS”, so this is what we are working on basis of, so it would be “other sufferings”, but not much, and good luck with your application by the way, and yes René will probably also because part of that project-group you write about.

It is not only a matter of receiving me as pure as possible but also to help me not go through that mince machine, which is what I have invented to mince all darkness into such small unites that we can re-collect it on the other side, and yes he went to the butcher, he decided to go for 100% and that is really what we said from the beginning, remember (?), and yes your attitude is that you will NOT accept any darkness to run from you, and one way or the other we have to continue right until everything is perfect, and is this what we are now, and yes I can only hope the best and I receive the feelings that it is.

And that blackbird there was really meant to “kill”/stop you, but we know, you had not reached the end of your work, and you still has not, but this application is really the last big milestone on my plan.

So you had planned to put a small lump of hash in Helsingborg and as part of John’s wake-up process, he would “sense” this bringing it to your mother and with this, this last part would also come home to you/me/us all.

And this is also to save just how closer your mother and the New World is, otherwise we would have placed this in Timbuktu or some kind of place you know.

So this is more like getting a new cover to the duvet rather than the duvet self, and yes because “you are” already.

I received Gasolin’s “Hva’ gør vi nu lille du” (?) (”what do we do now, little you”) – almost as HUGO could ask – and the lyrics ”Jeg kom til verden, på 5. sal, min far var tosset, min mor var normal” (“I was born on 5th floor, my father was crazy, my mother was normal”), which is really about the next, top level of the Source and “the whole world has lost its mind” you know, and I felt that it is also because Kim Larsen is with me.

So where are we landing this rocket you say (?), and yes this is my inner self sitting over me in the rocket doing what I decide to do, and yes right in the middle of everything of course is where we are going.

You were not followed with the greatest interest/nervousness in Brede Park when cutting all of those trees were you (?), and yes I feel Obama here and because if I could not make one day, he felt that it would mean the end of the world, and yes the bomb of Nixon exploding.

In that case we would have started the video recorder first showing you what happened to previous worlds asking you “do you really want this to happen again” and I here feel for the VERY FIRST TIME in a VERY LONG TIME my good old friend the old Pope John and yes in his brown monk dress who is now standing welcome to bring me home, and yes I can still walk so you don’t need to hold me up, but thank you and yes HAPPY TO SEE HIM (?); and is it two years ago (?), and yes the first contact from the Council in such a long time.

Marion has not already seen your true self in a vision has she (?), and I here feel Marion again, and yes coming from my right, which is her new side, and yes she comes together with Lisbeth Knudsen, so you are the same person divided in two as I understand it.

And the feeling of Lisbeth is that “I have gone to high school with him there”, i.e. me, and yes I was your teacher, Lisbeth, and he is sitting right there still working and that is to help me not to receive a “gong” in my head, but “gong gong” is nevertheless what we soon will be forced to do when we simply cannot help laughing together with Eric Idle too and everyone else waiting for you to come out from your hiding place to show you as the man you truly are.

We never came to Niedersachsen did we (?), yes, Stig, we have been EVERYWHERE of Germany, through every little village, road and field, we know EVERYTHING by now, and yes the complete map over everything of our New World is ready.

That pocket (to enter), doesn’t it become smaller and smaller (?), and yes it does but the good part is that he does not care, we are used to him taking the time that it takes for him to do his best job, and now he received the “crazy” idea to bring links to minutes of all of his meetings with Helsingør Commune and before that Lyngby-Taarbæk Commune and yes to make it easy for the Commune to read my “journal” of meetings compared to the journals of the Commune and with this, it should be pretty easy to tell if the Commune supposed to guide/help me did the best job or if I did, and what do you believe (?), and yes when people “cannot” control their negative emotions and be objective as you saw lately with Marion’s network, the result is given in forehand.

We don’t have a radio wave for you to tune into, because you told us to do the very best, so this is what we did and we can hardly wait to present it to you.

And we had prepared him since he was little how it would become to be married to me, your mother, but no, he decided wisely to refuse it all the way through, which is what brought you much heart pain while I sorted out the dark threds leading there.

I was told that Lisbeth takes care of her “extra job” on a lonely evening or Sunday guard, and yes doing what she has to do “because it is important”, and such work requires discipline and yes because this is what he teaches us himself. And here comes the funny part, she did not realize that she could have killed us if she did not make her job because it was equally as important and yes to share/spread my scripts via the “secret network”, is this what you did, Lisbeth (?); and would you like to tell the world how you did it and show it to us all (?), and yes I can also come to visit you at Berlingske if you like?

Is it possible to imagine that they have included other files on you inside of there for example from the hospital and psychiatrist and a little bit of this and that, and yes my whole life for everyone to see of the secret network behind my back and yes you had absolutely no intention to share it with me before it would be too late (?), and this is what I am telling you now, Lisbeth, it is NOW OR NEVER if you want to show yourself as a “good example” to the world, do you DARE to do it (?) and eeehhh why not, and no I have a lunch meeting there in the “publicist-club” to go to first, and yes I have to ask permission because your case goes all the way up to and yes to where (?), to the US President (?), and eeehhhh it should be easy for Obama to do and all it requires is for you to trust in me that I speak on behalf of Obama, and yes you are FREE to publish this, Lisbeth, will you please?

We are now moving the prison even closer to you (from Helsingborg, I feel it), and I am told about picking flowers (from inside of it).

I was told about character murder and “he doesn’t keep the key for the last prison does he” (?), and yes he does, and we know Bjarne of course.

Those “strange lights” that people see on the sky these days, what are they (?), and is this simply the light of our New World pressuring on (?), and yes it is.

Your mother has not only been to “museum of arms and uniforms” to exchange riffles with clothes, she has also washed them and yes she is about to bring this to your new self too to dress you on.

Conches on the beach are opening because everything is gold there too.

No, we are not going to a river-bath, and I see a hippo, which does NOT want to be pulled forward, and it stands with its back to me hiding (i.e. Bjarne), and this is what we are now going to drag out, and yes it is now 03.25, and I am finished with my application besides from giving it some edits, and yes this may take maybe 2-3 hours to do, and it WILL be sent and that is the main point, and yes I will catch up on my scripts later Friday and Saturday and “take it from there” really.

Can we go to the toilet …(?), which are the most beautiful new light too as I am shown.

That VERY annoying thing to your left nostril 1-2 weeks ago was the only way for us to get out.

At 04.25 – still working/improving – I received quite strong pain to my right foot/ankle, which I understood was to bring out more.

At 04.55 I started receiving even stronger darkness including the taste of blood and an adjustment (pain) of my heart (physical heart pain) because of what we can see is about to come via this application.

And Stig, we did this without the help of your aunt, whom you could have called, and yes we know, but you had to cut something away, and it became her, but we found a substitute to use, which came via your mother and you watching X-factor together, and also “not easy”, but this is how you chose it.

No, we have not called yet, and he cannot walk on water, but this is what this will lift him up to do.

You cannot walk around Earth to preserve everything perfectly, but this is what you ask us to do and what you are willing to do yourself so this is what we are doing.

My mother’s mother and father’s mother would be used as plugs in the toilet, and then tax deductions to your father …

This was then the key to my last dollar-signs, i.e. energy of darkness.

From around 05.00 to 07.00 I tried to find a new way to convert my Word application to PDF including the hyperlinks (I have a “new” computer you know), and TALK ABOUT BEING TIRED on my extreme edge while doing this, and then suddenly I found a way, and by 07.30 I had sent it electronically as the Commune asked for, and here is the confirmation on the reception of it.

Direktør kommune bekræftelse

This corresponds to having the light switched off without being allowed to come home for ….

A little later when I was about to send my application to “the whole city” (Bjarne, his director colleague, the mayor and two vice mayors, the economy committee, Lisbeth from the Commune and her manager, and the editor-in-chief and political reported of the daily news of Helsingør), I was told, interplays, it will be like receiving a whole new motor, which we anticipate when you “right now” will push the button sending the application via email to “the city”.

Email til Helsingør Kommune 080313

For some reason, the format of the application was partly destroyed when uploading it to Scribd, but when this is written/edited (“tomorrow morning”), it actually now looks fine on Scribd (!), so here it is for you:

Right after sending the email at 08.00, I was shown myself coming to a hole in the ground outside a big building, which could be Helsingør Commune, and I was shown earth being removed from the ground and I was taken down the hole and transported all the way to the end of the tunnel of this, and I was shown and told that right at the end of it is a GIANT bottle of wine, which is what we are coming to now, and yes the very last of everything of the Source.

I could not share the application on Facebook yet because, as mentioned, Scribd would not show the content of this PDF file I had uploaded, which made me conclude that it will probably work better to convert the file at the library and try uploading the new file, and yes it was only Scribd having this problem, there was no problem when opening the PDF file directly, and this is why I decided to send my application early, and yes going to the library later when it opens at 10.00 if I can keep myself awake.

Well, it is hard to admit to it, Stig, but we have truly been on a long way around the globe, and yes we are even more parts of what you/we did not bring with us at the first and until now also not the second round, and I felt and was shown “heavy darkness” of a man coming from my back right side “far away”, and this is what we will be digging up now, and yes because I decided to stick to my decision to send this application, to go for the throat of Bjarne – it contains two pages about him and his secrecy in relation to me – and to write it before it was too late, which required that I had to do this when I was on my edge, and so it was, but not the worst of all the edges.

I received the feeling of Katrine Fruelund and me too as someone says and yes we did not believe you had it in you to go through this very thin line without losing it, but eeehhh now we are here, and yes he is not done yet, still to catch up on the scripts and we know a February update of my script to my website, and I could find more work to do on my website, but let us see what will happen from here and I am shown a half circle, so this is about the opening of the 360 degree circle.

And this is why you had the dream about the incredible rich directors, which is to say that it is here I am keeping all of my wine.

I received the vision of a lizard and a chameleon and I was told “is he known to change coat/side” (?) and really as the wind is blowing (?), and yes Bjarne you know?

And I was told that this is coming because Bjarne has seen that you did ”his worst nightmare”, which was to spread out the information to “everyone”, and it is now 08.30.

Who is going to count them (all the money, which was energy, but now it is before energy so money is “water” really, and “water” used to be sufferings, but will soon be the opposite of love when all on place), it is always me getting the boring tasks, but then I saw my dark self counting and saying “now this is in place too”.

Isn’t it pig-lucky that this wheel is still spinning around, and yes we cannot keep this a secret anymore, he knows that everything is perfect and this darkness is only a play, but in reality it is so much more, it is a new ANKEL of the world.

Count the stars clearly – we forgot to say that first now all stars are complete on the sky.

It is because of what we find here at the end, that Sanna and more were willing to give you a very long line. And I am shown a play including Dave Allen kneeling down and kissing the hand of a lady sitting next to a tree and it is raining but most of all, this is about my actors almost “dying because of laughing” and yes this is what I am. And yes Dave Allen left again because he had no ring on (!), and we know we have removed it from darkness and it is now secure on the other side of our New World.

It will end with me also giving up”, and I was shown a new man of light being pulled up”.

We would have said that the descent did not succeed, and yes the rest burned off, but no, he will not accept it.

For a couple of days I have received the feeling “what do you do with a grumbler, who is “not dangerous”, because you cannot lock him up, can you (?), and you cannot silent him too, can you?

I was told that there are also full files of my mother and sister at our location of the secret network, which Lisbeth Knudsen probably also know much about, and I kept on receiving the feeling of this secret network influenced the handling of my case at the Commune?

I went to the library being IMMENSELY TIRED not knowing how to get on from there, and no, it did not help converting my document using the Word-converter to PDF there (it first “solved it self” the day after you know).

I was shown and told that this is like getting Tarok (the most famous trotting horse ever of Denmark and his driver inside the stable.

Here is one more package of condensed meat and I was shown it loaded unto a truck instead of getting into the freezer.

This corresponds a little to us being “extremely small” running around you as the BIG DARK MOUNTAIN which I then felt like seeing all of these extremely small people around me, and we will make sure to get you with us too.

What is the address (?), we know the nearest road. Here is a package of balloons.

We have polished the apartment and look at what is left, and I still feel myself as darkness.

This is like exchanging a snow leopard or sword tiger – fabulous monsters – with a cow, let us see, it is you we have kept the door open for, and “ouch, that really hurt”, is the feeling comine from Bjarne here after seeing my application.

Horse thief, he steals something from us also because of Karen, in return we bring him back as a used item, and we look at you to see if there is something of you missing, no, look at him, is he really the Son of God, and I was told that Bjarne received a shock.

There is not an “uncritical mass”, it is first now that there is no mass in what we have been carrying, which is why your mother and you have suffered.

Can you really get me under that bridge (?), and yes with hurtings, we can.

I was shown and told that it was not just a small hill but HUGE hill we had to climb, which is why my left nostril hurt.

I was told that the Great Belt already started opening the day before yesterday also because Bjarne knows that you don’t keep back. So this would probably had come anyway, but with your application, you put a trump on.

I was shown myself talking at the library and was told to watch out because an ancient vase was falling, but no, it is not, because there is only very little milk remaining.

I was told that “Slotsherrensvej” (the day when I bought furniture with my mother months ago) was also me and without doing this, we would also not have come to here, and I feel that Michael Jackson is coming together with this part.

There was NOTHING to do, I could and would not work today, and yes not even a chance to do it, and when I was reading the newspaper from the library, it made me VERY SAD to see several aeroplanes high above in the sky letting out chemtrails, and yes they keep hanging after the plane, where a normal trail is only short and dissolves, but no, not with chemtrails, which becomes “cloudy”, and yes “heavy metals” etc. polluting/destroying man.

I received a new song with Kim Larsen, which I did not want to bring because it came together with sexual torment and later I was told “what about me and Molly then”, and yes alright, and really to say that Kim is with me.

“That creation – with the branches of the trunk growing (exchanging creation as we did with what we can do now) – is also about being ready”.

I received the beautiful U2 song “stay” and the lyrics “If I could stay” and that is with you, there will be no spit out of darkness.

I was shown and told that now my happy coin has turned around, and I felt it coming from Sweden.

I received the feeling of Marion and her thinking of “entertainment” and this is also what is bringing this forward.

We have wasted a whole voice on you instead of using this to produce liquorice (of darkness), and I received the feeling of Poul Erik Høj, a famous Danish badminton player, and just saying that I still receive feelings of maybe 5-15 people per day knowing about me.

We were at the back of the queue so the new floor is for the last part of God.

We cannot stop comparing an old TV with picture tube and to be at the cinema, this is the difference between the old and New World.

I tried to take a nap after lunch, and received a short nap of maybe 1-1½ hours, and at 16.30 I was told and shown that we have now created the most beautiful rod of all from Sweden to here, and this is a small road inside of forest with the sun shining through, and we are driving an old, beautiful veteran car, and I was told that if I went to bath now partly sleeping, I would ruin it, and I was so tired knowing that what I cannot do, will be covered by the world one way another, so I decided to take this long bath.

I was shown a man as the owner of a Slavic restaurant and felt that it is this last part of the Source, and the tables have red cloths on, and he says to people running out that they don’t have to be afraid.

And I was shown this last part of the Source/God now standing in front of this ENORMOUS Egyptian building (I look up, and there is no end to it, and this is our New World), and he is really the statue on the front of the building now standing and on his way into the entrance of the building and feeling HUGO here – with me leading him – because he asks “where are we heading, you”, and I was told that all of this life coming with the Source was meant to be recreated on the other side.

I was shown and told that we have placed the lion all the way up in the corner, and I was shown an apartment with red wall and MANY old pictures of people hanging on the walls, and this is for me to collect.

I was shown children standing close to an incredible fast train driving by, and was told that it feels like stopping and I saw military men in snow uniforms and machine guns looking out the slowing train – because I took a nap or two – saying “get on with you”, this is how we feel it.

There is the French bread automat and there is the money note printer, and then turn it around.

I visited my mother and John this evening again, and I was SO TIRED going there – yes my eyes keep running in water being this tired as they OFTEN do – that I thought that I would not be able to make it, and I could almost not keep the balance walking, which is also how it often is here, but here it was critical.

Before getting in, I was told that it is still cold with my mother, and also that you don’t talk about what I do and yes being blocked by Marion Dampier-Jeans as I wrote on Facebook for everyone to see because “it goes without saying that she and not me is right”, right (?), and my application to Helsingør Commune and yes “it goes without saying that this is the work of a mad man”, right (?), and yes this is what is making it “cold” for my mother, so instead we spoke about something else, and I was inspired to ask them about their former marriage, John with Majken, and my mother with my father, and yes letting them speak about stories from “old days” and the feeling/experiences of being married the first time compared to she second, and yes this opened for a lot of love/warmth, and without this we would not be able to bring as much out of Sweden as now.

We had a very nice evening, and had the Bornholm cock, which was very good and then “potatoes en naturel” as I called them with a smile because together with vegetables they had not had enough, but they were “good enough” even though they were half raw.

John has not received answer from the Insurance company yet still lacking some medical information, but he said that he will go through a new survey for the doctors to look into the opportunity for him to get new heart valves, which is now bringing him more hope again, and yes you know, it goes up and down in this rollercoaster of my journey.

I was shown a HUGE Christmas tree coming up through the ground, and it had small trees all around.

I was shown an inner council of the Old World Order – the secret government – and who is it sitting there (?), and yes I see you.

I felt the Swedish King, and green emerald, and I was shown how the right part of the FINEST royal castle is now opening to me.

I was told that it was important not to sleep – or keep it down – to receive as much as possible out of extreme darkness coming from Marion’s supporters showing me all of their disgust/hate.

I was told if we can bring Billy Jean now as the ultimate dance song, and yes sure you can, and this is what I believe it is, not only the ultimate dance song showing the ultimate joy of my spiritual friends for our new creation, but the biggest hit ever of the world, and this is what is coming together with this last inner part of the Source, the gold/power plant itself, and this is what is coming together with Michael Jackson inside of it, and yes this is where you have my happy coin too now turning around as the last part of God, thus the top floor or our New World :-).

He also won this round then.

I was shown a screen inside a room being turned around, and was asked what about the original space of God, what can you imagine being there where he used to be (?), and I was shown a symphony orchestra now there, and do you want to bring this too (?), and yes of course we will, and right after this, we will enter the stage of this theatre as it is and remove the curtain to our New World.

Just before going to bed at around 23.00, I received the VERY CLEAR FEELING of a huge dark spirit all over my apartment, and I walked through this spit on my way to bee, and I felt that this spirit came from Sweden and you know from just over there on the other side of the sound as I can see from my apartment, and this part of God has all kinds of cakes as you can imagine, and “he” asked me what kind do you want.

I was told that the Russian found the origin of life self and ”played” with it, and yes this is what could have dissolved life self (!), and this came to me from darkness and if it made me scared (?), and no, not by now.

And right before going to bed, I was told ”come on, don’t sleep”, but no it is totally impossible not to.

X-factor brought the story of my arrival home to the wine of God being placed in my chair as the Lord

I watched X-factor together with my mother as usual, and I was happy when John decided to watch the first 5 minutes too and asking questions, which always works fine, but you know he left into his office once again, and I did not hear any inspired speech before the contestant Chresten song the song “Sweet dogs”, and both my mother and I liked this VERY much, my mother keeps comparing him Willie Nelson (we are still one the road here you know, and yes again again), and this song suited his voice FANTASTICALLY on contrary to some of the songs, Ida has given him before, and simply because you could “see” and “feel” the characteristic of Chresten much more in this song, and I noticed the fine tree in the background, which to me is the family tree of God, and “sweet dogs” to me are about the love of God to man with dogs until now symbolising darkness of man, and when there is no more darkness, it is simply a symbol of man.

I told my mother that with this song, Chresten to me has returned among the favourites to win together with Amanda, and we agreed that surely Thomas Blachman had to like this too, and when we looked at Thomas’ face, there was NO doubt that he liked it, and this is NO MATTER that Chresten is not in his “stable”, which is how it should be and here he says “how wonderful it is that you have arrived at this place in the 5th liveshow, here you should have been from the 1st live show if it was up to me, because here you receive all the space you deserve, and you drive the song forward, and every little phrase you form in your own inner calmness, which is completely superior” and “it is completely crazy calmness” (said twice), and when hearing this when writing this chapter now “tomorrow evening”, I understand the meaning of it, which is that I have now come home “at this place” of the wine of God, and it is very “calm” here, and yes that chair he is sitting on, is symbolically my place as the new Lord together with my father and mother.

Right after Thomas, Anne Linnet also praised Chresten much, and especially for his low voice, “but when you enter the high, a little touch of cutting torch comes”, which to me is “a little bit of darkness” and she continued “but down in the deep, you are as warm and soft at the same time as you have your core”, and the core is really where I am at now, and Thomas Blachman said “your top is very very grateful, I completely break down, and USA and Jutland also can something together there, which is no VAT?”, and this is what my mother and I have talked about in relation to Chresten at every show, i.e. his “USA feeling”, and “Jutland” here is from where Chresten comes from and as you know, this is a symbol of our New World too, i.e. my home, and that is right, there is no VAT/taxes symbolising darkness there.

Later, Anne Linnet gave feedback to the contestant Stephanie here, where she among other things said “I believe that the first, Björk, was the best I have heard from you, but what is the important for me is that I CAN FEEL YOU (“jeg kan mærke dig”), sometimes I have a little difficulties doing this, but I thought it went fine this evening”, and you may remember that I played Anne Linnet’s song of celebration “cha cha cha” in my script the other day, and it includes the lyrics song over and over again “Mærker dig, mærker dig, Cha cha, Mærker dig, mærker dig, Cha cha” (“feel you, feel you, Cha cha, feel you, feel you, Cha cha”) and I have been given these words “mærker dig”/”feel you” several times since, and now I understand that it was to bring a reference to what you said here, Anne, that “I can feel you”, and this is what I can often with you, and here you yourself say that you “have a little difficulties doing this”, i.e. to have faith in me, “but I thought it went fine this evening”, which is to say that you have now seen me and this has turned you into a believer too?

And Thomas Blachman was asked if he could “feel Stephanie”, and he said “yes, because I really beep want to be able to feel you all the time because we have to be stimulated in our ears and receive all of the small nuances, which music brings, which is why we study music. If it becomes too rehearsed and self-controlled, you lose the ability to surprise yourself and the listener. The last phrase you song was wonderful, because there was a small break in your voice, something happens because it happens naturally without thinking over it” and he said even more, but this was about keeping your natural individuality instead of studying and making everyone look the same, and as you know from earlier, it is about showing the world WHO YOU REALLY ARE and that is coming from the natural Source itself, which is really not the idea for you to change, so BE YOURSELF TONIGHT, and yes I LOVE IT – one of the best albums in history – because “would I lie to you” (?), no, right :-).

When it came to the boy-band “Wasteland”, both my mother and I were happy to hear what Anne Linnet had done to them making them practise a lot and also giving them a song where you could actually hear them sing and their individuality instead of making everything into a “big porridge”, and this made my mother turn from “very negative” to “very positive”, and I also liked it, and it made Thomas Blachman say that “it is about musical courage, now the ground package is coming in order, you can part-sing” and he continued by saying that the song was a little bit dull, and then said to Anne that she is one of the best song writers of this country recommending her to give them one of her own songs having more “edge”, and I liked that Thomas “invited” Anne in like this, and he said that it is because “something will happen out in the world, and this (the song here) becomes so sexless, I am sorry, and this is here where the phrase concrete feminism again comes in, when Anne is your conductor because you are so dressed, and it is because we stand on the edge of the moneyless community with men like you, you are completely paralysed” and this something, which will happen in the world is for example the opening of our New World with its New World Order without money (you will earn and spend “work hours”), and the men standing “completely paralysed” could be men of the Old World Order not knowing what to do and say, and he ended by saying passionately “music, you must NEVER bore yourself”, and this is what I have said many times about our New World, which is that it is NOT going to become boring also because of all the music, i.e. love, that everyone will receive.

And Anne Linnet continued speaking about “feel”, for example when she said about her “darlings”, Wasteland that “one can truly feel that everything, which was sought-after, they have succeeded fully”, and Thomas ended this by saying that “it is first now that you are waking up from the linger, it is not calling it development that you have been sleeping for four shows in a row, now something is happening”, and this something is about our wake-up coming sooner and sooner for every day, which passes fine as I used to tell John and the others from LTO and it has never been more true than now, and the sleep is what others may have done, but certainly not I.

Later, Anne Linnet was asked by the host in relation to Amanda that she often says that she does not see everything that Amanda can and “do you do that tonight” (?), and yes what did she answer, only this “I have to say that now something is happening, now something TRULY is happening, because one could feel that this is more you, it is more you to be able to get off with all the aggressions you have, which you don’t yet call for aggressions, you can get off with something in a song like this, you can put yourself in a song like this”, and yes I was happy to see that first Thomas reached out to Anne, and now Anne reached out to Thomas – and yes yes, I will be there, just call my name, I’ll be there and really just need to finish the last sewing of this …. and no, Stig, you still cannot remember what it is called in English so for the I don’t know how many times just today, let us look it up in the dictionary and yes “ragged rug”, there you had it, and yes the spirit of my mother using the last part of the dark thread sewing this, and you are helping both of you Anne and Thomas, and yes, I am sorry Ida but I did not hear inspired words in what you said today, but I can tell you that my mother every time we see you talks about your beautiful smile, nature and looks, which I agree in – and to me, this is about Thomas and Anne starting to meet because “I like both” really, and that is but the individual/characteristic and also hit songs, and when you can do both at the same time, it is truly amazing, and this is what we see some of here, and both Thomas and Anne may feel that we are not quite there, but actually we are, “something is TRULY happening”, Anne, and yes “I’ll be there” is what this is about ♥.

And Thomas Blachman told Amanda here – and my TV symbolising our New World is giving a physical sound from it when writing this to say that “this is about me” – “you are simply such a fine instrument, you are truly a Steinway-piano somehow, which is why it is obvious to look for all details and play like that”, and this is really about our New World now also including the Source as the fine piano, which gives a desire to look for all details in here, and yes I could hear that Thomas kept on speaking with inspiration for example “you don’t sing the same song twice (the same way) as we have talked about tonight, making me think, God I have not heard that version before, which is so stimulating, this is the risk you take, but you fire it off every time, your basic level is simply so high, it was definitely a big moment”, and to me this is about variation of creation of our New World – thinking of Susanne Bjerrehuus here (not Aamund, which is the name of her husband).

Anne Linnet continued being inspired now when speaking to Karoline, who “of course” song the Remee song “superstar” as I brought here recently when Remee “lost it” blocking me on Facebook, and here she said while I again received a noise to my TV that “Karoline, you are simply very sweet, you are the quintessence of sweetness, good energy, and come here sprinkle flowers over us all, it is so wonderful”, and this is about the love of my mother, who will spread it as flowers all over the world, and Ida told her “you shine like a little sun, and then you do a little moonwalk here, you are a little sparkling star”, so here was some inspiration coming out of you too, Ida, and yes this is about the most famous dance steps in the world, so let us bring the greatest hit ever with the most famous dance steps, the moonwalk, to say that “we did it” and yes making a perfect New World bringing every little thing with us.

It was Stephanie “the polished” who was up against Karoline “the natural talent” who were competing about who was going to leave tonight, and Thomas Blachman really said this fine here with the essence ALWAYS BE NATURAL/YOURSELF IN THE FUTURE instead of being made into something “polished”, which you are not, and this was so deeply rooted with Thomas Blachman so he had to react strongly when Ida “could not” see it the same way, or was it because Ida would like to keep her contestant, Stephanie, thus making her “blind” (?), and in the end, the viewers decided to do what I also believed was right, which was to keep Karoline and vote out Stephanie.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • In one of Helena’s threads, Rikke said that it also looks the nicest if she dates Søren Pind, and Jane said “what if she does” (?), and Helana said “who knows” (?), so do you again despite of also having other lovers both of you (?), and yes you are showing DARKNESS directly to the world.

FB 080313 Helena

  • One of the employees of Noma in Copenhagen – the best restaurant in the world – were infected with acute gastroenteritis, which he passed on to more than 60 guests becoming sick, which you know is to say that we are receiving much darkness here, but you know “of the very finest kind making the best food, i.e. life, of the world”.

FB 080313 DR Noma

  • The dark man Jens show “a new colour map of Danish master painters”, which is the picture of Angela Merkel and her endless variations of jackets and colours, which to me is about the endless colours of variation of life of my mother and our New World.

FB 080313 Jens


9th March: The most pure gold is now pouring out of the Source of God, i.e. the wine of everything

Dreaming of amazing advertising/art done with the help of Michael Bundesen

I went to bed at 23.00 complete and utterly being broken down, and still I was first not allowed to sleep, and I had to take the attitude that I don’t care, I have to sleep no matter what, so eventually this is what I did, and I slept poorly until 08.30 with these dreams.

  • I am at an advertising agency, where a group of people are using themselves doing the most amazing and creative art as I have ever seen. I meet Michael Bundesen there together with new members of Shu-bi-dua, and we speak as friends. One is committing suicide with the plastic slats. And something about a new agency, apartment, art, not me.
    • There was more to this dream than this, but the art is amazing and made by “actors”, this was the clear feeling, and art of our New World it is, also with the help of Michael Bundesen.
  • At 03.20 I was awakened and asked to stand up start working on my script of yesterday, which is the only way to open to Yoda, and I was shown myself on a tour through ice, and I tried to get up, but I was so tired that I fell asleep again before I succeeded standing up.
  • Prince has done a performance with a capella singing in a smaller room in front of not that many people, and I use the opportunity to speak with him, and he removes his sun glasses making it possible to see the shape of his head for the first time, and he is very small, and tells me that he is also very good socialising with people, and another man comes disturbing us, and he keeps asking what is the name of the band, which led to Electric Light Orchestra, and I say that it is the Move, and he wants to play a cassette tape with their old hit “Momma”.
    • Prince is removing darkness of his life showing his true self, and this inner wine of God comes to me as “old technology”, which is also the case here, and it comes with the help of my mother, and this is also to say that “momma, it’s so hard to carry on”, which is really how it is here.

I woke up to Donna Summer’s “on the radio” – one of her finest songs – and was told that “the coast is clear”, which is both to say that everything is going fine and that I have a fine view to the coast of Sweden from where the last wine of God is coming.

The most pure gold is now pouring out of the Source of God, i.e. the wine of everything

It is not so that your mother’s hair is in crisis is it? No we got all parts of him with us. He is laughing loud. Look out in the traffic light, a Swede is coming.

Did we get any mosquitos in (from Sweden together with God) (?), and yes we did, and these we will remove via coming work.

Do you know the one with the three little pigs and the wolf trying to get in and eat them and this is something like the same because of the sheer size of the Source, but we are protected, there is nothing he can do, remember, and howdy, how are you doing and yes he is becoming nice too, and yes I feel him outside.

This is much better than he coming with a bang (the piano falling down on us), but we do have one problem and that is what to do with you after this, because then there is no more old you, and no there is really already not, but what does that matter when people believe there is, and it is this illusion that we build this game on.

Your Finish jail has also moved closer on you, and yes do you remember Erja & Co. (?), and if they still remember you (?); and that is after after having had dinner with you (as I had with Erja when she was my Nordic manager in GE Insurance after Anders), and yes she does. We don’t really have any pain do we (?), but we do, and yes “pity” and so on for what happened to you, and Anders too (?), and yes you bet. No, he has not changed address has he (?), and yes this is the level that they speak on (instead of following me).

And this comes directly from my “eltern” in Germany, and what do they do there, and yes they live there, they “are” there, are married there, and yes yes yes but we don’t know yet what to do with that big portion of me/you coming in. Hmmmppp, and no he cannot sleep here, and there is busy there, so now we got it, if you believe you can squeeze you through that hole in the door before midnight and yes if him there, i.e. Stig, catch up on all his scripts and publish everything, we might still have a chance, and yes do you believe that he can do it (?), but of course he can, he has not slept.

Nobody called me to put flowers on my grave (the Source coming from Sweden)?

We can cut your hair and “sexual speech” afterwards, no YOU CANNOT!

I was shown the pourest gold running out from a groove at a level over me, down to my level and continue out behind me at the higher level again.

Where do you want me to place my military boots (?), and this is about this giant part of me having come from Helsingborg to the right of me, and is now right to the left of me, but still wants to go back to the right to Helsingborg, but as we here agree on when this is written, ALL OF YOU are going to be placed right in the middle of me, this is me/you, and yes our new home, thank you Stig, I will just bring my friend too, and yes the next part of me from Helsingborg, and yes we are connected in chains, you know, as I also feel here.

Yes, it was first the meaning to start Saturday morning to transfer the serious part of my from Sweden as I am feeling here, and yes walking through the tunnel we set up, and we know Stig, it is 10.40 now and STILL IMMENSELY TIRED climbing up the mountain also today hoping that the worst tiredness will go over in maybe one hour and we know “close to giving up” is ALWAYS the natural feeling.

Have we now reached the point of no return of emptying the refrigerator (?), and yes no matter what I do I cannot return to where I came from, so no it is only a matter of getting me down as safely as possible, and I was shown a big fish wheel with the line turning into gold, because what is coming now has this effect on everyone and everything.

I was given the feeling of fish and still coming to me from Sweden reaching me now right to the left of me, which is about this part of me now also becoming part of the fish of me/us all.

No, I have not at all been to the toilet today – “old nightmare” – and yes not only me but also my mother having this “problem”.

You don’t have to come and visit me in the cottage house then, because I am the cottage house meaning that this is how we will start our New World.

It was surely immensely difficult to continue work today but at 12.15, the worst tiredness had gone, but I was still dizzy, and yes tired too after the last days of “impossible work”.

It also should have been impossible for you to be stronger than Vivian, but you were, and yes the feeling here is Vivian lives in Australia and does not have faith in me, which spread to Søren D-N, who also lived there, but now he lives in England as far as I can see.

Or just maybe we would have opened our New World on the highest level – because this is only a game still (?) – with the difference being that what I do now saved the world from sufferings (?), and yes who really knows?

I received the feeling of the Danish Railways and was told that my application for Helsingør Commune is not different to my application to become director of DSB in 2011, which is that “they remember/feel it” and yes still with the Railways, and is he truly crazy (?), and yes of course he is, or is he?

Your mother only helped to build the bridge/road to here, but it is your father self walking over it, and yes because you told him that this is his new home, and yes right here with me at Hellebo Park and inside of me.

You really cannot do this yet – transfer inner God to him – because this is not what his mother has build him for, it would only be possible to do after you had become your new self, so we had to make a part of you looking like your new self without being your new self so it might hurt when we will later pull of that layer of you replacing it with your new and would you like to do that (?), and yes Stig only has one answer, PLEASE DO YOUR BEST TO MAKE PERFECT and yes no matter what, so this is how we continue the game and yes for how long is this possible (?), and we will see, and watch out for that one, and yes it was only a small plane on our way, but it did not land, and yes when the world is silent about me/us and people still think that I am nuts, we might be able to do a little bit more.

A little later I received some coughing and the feeling that this layer is now being shifted.

You never succeeded to put the lid on Spain of me, which would also have closed to this part of me.

I was shown myself on top of the hill as a knight, still in darkness, and with my lance, I was cutting meat and bread in the finest slices, and yes I am still on my way up there.

I was shown my old running route around Lyngby Lake and also Falck in Lyngby, and if I did not go through these and decided to publish my Falck memo, we would also never been here, and I was shown Germany and reaching the clock of everything.

So the inner of God is really a grinder and that is if you fear it and the only way to win it was to decide being stronger than it as I did.

You cannot only get up of that hill using all of your force, because it also takes will power and that is for you to decide going up that hill.

I have waited for you there with the ambulance for you potentially reach the top of everything, and yes also because you decided never to give up, but continue working until the end.

Yes, “face the machine” and then I received it and this is the “French bread/money machine” and it came to me together with a kiss.

I keep receiving strong feelings of Karen today and a desire to see her, and here that this is coming from the Source still on the way over the sound to me here, and here I am given the smell of hair spray, which is about setting up this new and final part of me.

I was shown the last few stone steps up the mountain to the very top where a gift is waiting to be unpacked and I was shown how it was “combed”, i.e. having a beautiful hair.

I felt my physical father and was told that this was simply what you had to overcome, him being furious with you thus sending you the worst darkness of all.

I could have decided to throw myself under the pillow in one final gas attack.

As the ship master you will be allowed to ring out the game yourself, now I don’t have to do it and yes as the Source before entering you.

The New World has been created because of my decisions, and nothing can be exchanged

I decided to watch some TV and at 17.00 to take a short nap, if I was allowed to, because otherwise I could not see me continuing work later because of the extreme degree of tiredness I had, and I was allowed to sleep maybe one hour, and I had this dream:

  • I was sleeping on the sofa (!) in Snekkersten with the video recorder under the TV pointed in my direction, and I woke up when my mother’s small dog came up sitting next to my dog, the German shepherd “King” (which we had when we lived in Albertslund, which was the MOST wonderful dog), and the small dog said “I will take over control of the world”, but despite of my mother’s dog being here, she had not come home, and later I visited my father and drove directly into his back, which I had to do for some reason, and he was very sick, and said that Kirsten feel embarrassed that she cannot offer anything because they are out of money, and I also see them in bath together.
    • Sleeping now is really to hand over the world to darkness, but still there is no darkness, which is what “no money” of my father and Kirsten is about, and yes they are being cleaned too both of them. The video recorder is the Source.

I was shown a bar on the Oslo-Copenhagen ferry being polished, and this is the ferry symbolising the world, which I kept on seeing in 2005 sinking, and now we are doing the last details of the bar of God on it.

I felt how there had been a break in the transfer of the Source because of my sleep – if we had not transferred already (?) – and now when I was back up, there was some hesitation to start again, and that is because Bjarne does not want to speak, which is what is locking darkness up (?), and we know we have NOT come this far to start giving up now, so therefore my dear friends, I will only settle with 100% of everything before we finish, and that is if we can of course.

I heard about Lyngby-Taarbæk Commune and “how long does it take for them to know that you have applied the position as director in Helsingør Commune” (also because they are mentioned in the application) and yes now they know because “rumour has it”.

I received the feeling of Jack’s father and was told that the “secret service” still tries to send out codes to control spaceships of people of other civilizations.

So we are not going down that cave (on Mallorca) again (?); because otherwise I know a very good road down there too, and guess what, it also goes via your mother, but no thank you NO MORE DARKNESS.

The pondering to my left upper arm has practically stopped.

I received a GIANT sword coming to me floating in the air just before me, and no it is not to kill me, it IS me.

My aunt Inge returned today at one of her now more rare visits, and she opened my last script, and can it be that she is waiting and hoping for the New World to shine through one of these days?

Your new racer cycle is not quite ready yet.

You CANNOT enter this entrance without faith of your father (but still this is what we do).

I still constantly receive a negative voice and feelings still as uncomfortable as ever, and I am now often told that “this is because of him or her” and given names of family, friends etc. and even former colleagues etc., and yes “if only they knew/understood”.

Two days in a row I have been told that my mother is hiding from me that she is going to have a new operation against cancer, and I do hope that this is a story of darkness, which is NOT correct, but you never really know.

I received the feeling of the spirit of my mother inside the Source and the voice” no one is going to kill my mother” (!), and I have said strongly all along, because this is what darkness STRONGLY wanted to do, and I was told that this voice coming to me indirectly mostly is coming directly from herself inside the Source.

I was given a strong sneeze, which is still about the world sacrificing to help me, and I was told that it is also her deciding how much the world can handle. And we are on the very extreme now, of course, and I was told that it is also Earth sending our energy to all of the Universe.

So what we are saying is that it is becoming critical, and you will decide if we are to continue, and yes, I do NOT know the details, so I can only tell you that we will keep as long as you send me darkness and we will survive, and you know when it is right to stop the game, and this is then what you do because you have my approval, and so it is, no I am not nervous about this.

I was shown the creation of North America and the southern part including Florida, and was told that when you have gold, this is not difficult to do, but when you have not, it breaks apart, and this is what we were on our way to when there were no production of gold for a period of tome.

I felt darkness and was given the end of a BIG balloon and was shown the knot of it. This is the very last of the Source coming in.

I received the strongest sexual torment about what I have missed in life, i.e. a sexual life while having had the greatest hormones, which is what is making a man TRULY suffer, and it hurts extra when the ladies you have liked/loved, have lived their own dissipated love lives with others, but thinking of me as I am told, and yes not easy being told about this or that having lived as they did with my big feelings and hunger of a love life.

I felt Lisbeth Knudsen from Berlingske, who by now have read my script of yesterday as I understand it, so what will it be, Lisbeth, are you strong enough to show yourself as a coward to the world or would you like to follow me already BEFORE the transition?

There is nothing you can exchange, Stig, you have sold out of everything of the store, and beneath the game I felt “but you can also be satisfied with this”. You don’t want the police, i.e. darkness, to receive any points at all, which is what we have accepted, and this is what your father has to; “there is nothing we can do to stop him”.

I was told about “sport cars” of creation, which I was told months ago, and now that this was true, but NOTHING compared to this force of the Source, which is what created us.

I was told that if my father had won this part of the game, I would have received questions like “who do we have to execute now”, and my spiritual voice would “gladly” have done this, but no, this is WRONG!

I was told about my sister and mother speaking about my “crazy application” to the Commune and the feelings of my sister that I am destroying her chances!!!

Ossobuco, what am I to do with this” (?), and yes ask him there, i.e. Stig, because he is the reason why we decided to invent it like that and not differently and yes Stig we are only trying to say that all of your choices is what made the invention of our New World and it cannot be changed now, and yes a great responsibility it was and I might have made mistakes, but I did my best, and when this is the case, you really cannot do no more.

I was shown burned darkness stuck to the ground now being picked up “easily” with a shovel, and I am told that this is because of the combination of Bjarne from the Commune and your father, and not least Kirsten and yes her resistance to you, which is now what is breaking apart, and yes “how could I” (in relation to me), is that it, Kirsten?

And yes it took the force of your father, Kirsten and her family to bring forward the Source to you, but of course only if you did not break down, and that is not difficult to understand, is it father (?), and yes isn’t the funny part that your father actually underneath his cover understands you, but is a prisoner of Kirsten pushing him and deciding over him against his old family, and yes terminating us as a Nazi wanted to terminate Jews, this is really the feeling.

Do you have his telephone number (?), no, I cannot remember it (!), and I feel some stress coming to me – not because of all of us (i.e. family, friends etc. going against me), surely not (?) – but as usual I have decided that I DO NOT CARE, I will decide and yes still working on the X-factor chapter – say that many times in a row (!) – of yesterday here at 23.00 after I watched the BRILLIANT Swedish Eurovision Song Contest show, and I might have 3-4 hours of work remaining in total before I am done today.

“Pressure 16” – as mentioned weeks ago – was to say that if I had to enter the world by “falling down through Heaven”, it would have felt like a massive pressure wave all over the world, and “I would not take responsibility of the damagers it coursed” and yes making man believe that the end had come, which it had not, but we are sure happy being able to avoid this, and yes to deliver our perfect New World and yes I feel my mother says that it is for me, and I feel my inner self saying that this is my gift to man and to the world itself, so here you are, and yes with all of my love of course :-).

Some of the final work is for you to swallow my testicles, and yes here you are, and is that already done (?), and yes because he did not hesitate.

It means that we cannot build a building there (?), and no, he decided to use EVERY LITTLE THING of our building material.

I was told that you could have decided to cut it off here and here for example when darkness from Karen came to you and yes “I don’t want that and that”, “throw that out” (accepting “suggestions” of darkness) etc., and apparently we would not have been able to undo this, and if this is the case, it was good that I NEVER accepted you to throw anything away, and if there is still something hidden somewhere, I kindly ask you to bring it. And the same would have happened if you said “you are not welcome”.

So it was really Kirsten, your father’s wife, who was the terminator all along, and not your father (?), and yes because she made him “deaf and blind”.

I was told that my sister hopes that maybe she has not lost getting the job as director in Helsingør because maybe they will look away from my application, and not let this “disturb” her application, and yes did she really apply (?), and yes “quite funny” if this is the case, and yes she might even get the job as long as it is the Old World deciding, but when it is our New World, there is NO doubt that I will be chosen, and yes it is all about “understanding”, see?

This corresponds to sailing around the full globe without giving up on anything.

I continue receiving feelings of famous people knowing about me, which is now becoming so often and with so much strength to write it down that it is also a suffering, and no, I have given examples of this, and this is all I have decided to do, and yes we will do without the factor “have you heard that he or she also knows about him” etc. , which is also what is given me an out of this world pain to my right ankle for example because of and yes now you have removed his name from my memory, and no, this is a game I will NOT enter and that is to use much time finding the names from what I remember about the person, and yes this is an American actor performing in the Christ film, and the man reading the minds of women, and yes what is his name (?), and no it has not come to me yet, so therefore I will have to look up the names of films and from there the name of the actor, but no, I will NOT play this game, but still everything will have to be perfect, and yes meaning that what we lost on one thing, will be collected on the other and yes you know that song about the carrousels in Tivoli and what is it now that the Danish word “gynge” is in English (?), and yes just having to look that up, and yes finding the song and so on, and this is the kind of work behind the words of my scripts, and no the name of the actor has still not come, but you know who he is, right (?), and yes also suffering because of me, I understand. And it is SUFFERING to be given a paragraph like this when you are on your edge again having to finish other work, and this particular paragraph is not among it, only “fill”, but this is what is also counting you know and that is in the big game of everything, and this is how my actors can simply continue bringing me words extending each paragraph if I decide to let it happen, and this is where this one will stop, otherwise we will continue …..

We also did not have to cross the shopping-street to buy on the other side, which is about an alternative scenario, which I don’t understand but about crossing the Source and the world somehow to do something if we did not do as we did.

I was given the feeling of the spirit of my mother all close to me sewing on my new clothes.

I continued working on the X-factor chapter until 01.00 and to update the rest of the script, publish it and bring it on Facebook and send it to Kenya at 04.00, and yes another long day, and I was tired but not as critically tired as I was before the one hour nap, which made work before this some of the hardest I have done.

Google Earth shows my transmutation into a lion and the lion with family

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show that Jette has “a feeling of knowing all this”, souls coming up from “under the water”, BIG transparent faces, a dog as 3 big faces, the Source using itself as window, my transmutation into a lion, the crying girl of the world, the biggest head becoming a cyclone, the Source removing poor behaviour of man, light/purity of the North Pole, the lion with family, and more laundry of darkness.

FB 090313 Jette 0

FB 090313 Jette 1

FB 090313 Jette 2

FB 090313 Jette 3

FB 090313 Jette 4

FB 090313 Jette 5

FB 090313 Jette 6

FB 090313 Jette 7

FB 090313 Jette 8

FB 090313 Jette 9

FB 090313 Jette 10

FB 090313 11

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Yesterday, I asked my mother and John if they know how Niklas is doing in Australia, and yes of course they do because he is sending emails to all of the family as he for example also did when he was a year in USA some years ago, and the only difference is that back then it was natural for him also to include me, but now I am excluded (!), and again it makes me VERY SAD to se Niklas being seen by the family as “the success of the family” really being the opposite as “the black sheep” behaving wrongly and immature, and yes I could decide to tell him these exact words in an email, but I really don’t want to bother by now having decide to prioritize my energy differently, and yes I was told that it is really not him that I should blame but his mother and my sister influencing him negatively, so “thank you”, Sanna for being able to read and understand everything “professional” of lecture books, and yes there is “no one better than you” with the sad story being that there is “no one worse than you” when it comes to understand other people than yourself, for example your own brother. Here is the beginning of Niklas previous email, which John sent me, and yes Niklas is enjoying himself after having had dinner at “the most expensive hotel in the world” and now living for free five weeks in Tasmania, however he has to pay from spirits himself (!), and yes “hard times” is what he has with the Devil having taken care well of him and yes because of my sister’s will.

Email Niklas 090313

Niklas at Tasmania

  • I watched the final of the Swedish Eurovision Song Contest – they have by far the most fantastic shows of the kind – and I sent my greetings below thanking for an amazing show also telling them about inspirational lyrics in the winner and no. 3 song, and also that the song coming in as no. 2 actually was my favourite as it also was the favourite of the Swedes (it only became second because the International Jury with a weight of 50% had it as their second last song!!!). Tommy Körberg, my old friend, was singing one of the songs, and I actually liked it much (because I LIKE VARIATION!) and when the host, Gina, shortly interviewed him at 21.18, she asked him from where the group has its clothes, and he said that it was the wife of one of the other’s having made it and then he said “we keep it in the family”, which instantly made Gina say, with no hesitation at all, “and that is what we love incest”, and no, I did not like her answer, but this was also inspiration coming from above, my ladies and gentlemen, and yes because Tommy does not like to be pulled forward by me to welcome every “poor farmboy” coming home to God, and this is what is ALSO bringing me my “old nightmare”, which is what Gina was here speaking about, see?

FB 090313 SVT

  • Besides from the contest, I was happy to see Loreen performing “Euphoria” in a new version, and VERY happy to see Carola – the old Swedish darling – performing her international winner from 1983 “Främling” (“stranger”), and yes she still hits the high notes as almost no one does, which she also did back then, a simply amazing voice she has and yes Carola, I was also “spellbound” in 1983, and you are surprised to see that I like Siouxsie & the Banshees and also your music, and yes why not (?), and after the finish of the song, she was “inspired” to make the audience sing a long on the chorus a capella, and it made the funny host, Gina, say that it was amazing to hear 28,000 spectators sing this, and yes I agree, and it was really only because I like this message (and song) so much as I am here told, and yes “there behind the sky is an eternity” of our New World, which is what all of you will discover together with me.

”Som Mona Lisa har sitt leende, Så gömmer också du en hemlighet, Stjärnor jag ser dom vill gärna ta ner nå’n till dig, Där bortom himlen finns en evighet, Om du vill upptäcka den här med mig, Ta första stegen och visa mig vägen i kväll, En känsla och jag litar på den, Se’n blir vår kärlek aldrig främmande igen”

As Mona Lisa has her smile, you also hide a secret, I see stars, would like to bring down some for you, there behind the sky is an eternity, if you want to discover it here with me, take the first step and show me the road tonight, a feeling and I trust in it, our love will never be unfamiliar again



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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2 Responses to March 9, 2013: Receiving the GIANT bottle of wine, the power plant of everything, of the Source and placed as the Lord

  1. jette says:

    ”As Mona Lisa has her smile, you also hide a secret, I see stars, would like to bring down some for you, there behind the sky is an eternity, if you want to discover it here with me, take the first step and show me the road tonight, a feeling and I trust in it, our love will never be unfamiliar again”

    Jette: *It is funny – when the secret they long for is told – they do not want it any more’ – stupid. ❤

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