March 11, 2013: After receiving all of God, I am at the room before creation of God just before opening our New World


Summary of the script today

10th March: After receiving all of God, I am at the room before creation of God just before opening our New World

  • Dreaming of darkness of the official Kenya killing my family and I, catching the last train with difficulties and receiving all faeces/sufferings of the Source in my head, giving my old friend Lars G. the “salt hair treatment” to receive “everything” too, Berlusconi will NOT play on my team as Italian Prime Minister, and the official world believes that I work with “much strength”.
  • The Source placed the sword of everything in my hand because I was the only one who could collect it. I was shown the “production facilities” of the Source bringing darkness to my sister for her to distribute to the world and me. The decisive part yesterday was to receive my two testicles from the Source, which I would only do when doing all work.
  • More darkness continued coming to me including coffee, i.e. warm feelings, and this is now the empty room from before the existence of God, which we are opening the door for including what brought everything together including love, which not even the Source has a memory of. This is included in the last very thin and see-through membrane of “darkness” before we will open to the New World on the other side after having gone through 360 degrees of everything for the second time. The ice of my family, friends etc. are starting to warm up because I have gone through all darkness of the Source herewith also opening them.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show the whole family, many souls arise via Lake Victoria, darkness of Australia, readers of my scripts, a boat leading to the story that Marion Dampier-Jeans “can see me”, hard work for the Source, light under the North Pole, darkness played as toys when turning to light, here comes the sun with the Beatles, Helena and Søren bringing me darkness, the toyman is waiting for change, an incredible amount of life at Victoria lake, – and pictures from March 7 showing parents selling daughters to be abused, a poor girl raped by stepfather, which is because of the resistance of my father turning me in behind my back to the social authorities, which is the WORST darkness of all, which was required for me to shovel it including the Source up, and the rapist leave.
  • Short stories of the starman would like to come and meet you, Niklas Bendtner symbolising that the Danish national team in football “cannot” play, the more beautiful music/energy given to water, the more beautiful water crystals, which is the same happening to people, “there is nothing to complain about the work of creation”, transferring the light of the Source from Helsingborg, my good old friend Kirsten could also NOT show a heart in practise only thinking of herself.

11th March: I am at the level above God bringing in new tools from the Source – and asked to stop my journey and start our New World

  • We are now working at the level above the bronze ceiling of the Source transferring more “ancient Greece” to our New World. I am inside a tunnel of the marzipan ring cake of everything, which led the Source out from the bottom, but still there are MANY floors to explore. We have not yet seen what the Source can do. I was told that we have now seen how the Source was created, and told that creation of the world could have been done without sufferings if we have had the tool of the Source, which would have been able to collect anything from everywhere inside the Source when needed, and this tool first comes to the Source now from the room behind the Source.
  • Dreaming of working inside the house before creation of God with darkness there still wanting to kill me, and Søren D-N bringing his eggs of creation as another part of my mother!
  • We have run out of tape of the Source and are keeping up this game artificial with the absolutely last eagle of darkness now flying towards me because everything is becoming light. We cannot turn around an eternity of the Source now, but will do when meeting it, and we have the tools to do it now without sufferings, and I was asked if we can now stop my journey, thus start our New World, which I believe we can, which we will see over the coming days.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show ugly pollution, money-sick people, the poor girl and her abuser, the surface of Greenland/my father is angry, the Australian Prime Minister is NOT a Super-Woman, the Source as a sleeping partner, the family keeps hanging around, pollution killing life, and DAD, wake up (!), my father and a clear picture of me as the teacher on the sky.
  • Short stories of Buddha being sad not being slim, telling the media that it is AMAZING what it decides to overlook when deceiving the world, and “to my surprise” Helsingør Commune did not invite me for coffee but turned down my application.


10th March: After receiving all of God, I am at the room before creation of God just before opening our New World

Dreaming of catching the last train with difficulties and receiving all faeces/sufferings of the Source in my head

I felt how the Source coming from the right now wants to place the sword in my right hand, and yes you are welcome in the meaning of everything, but I am not going to cut anyone with it, and yes this is how a King is supposed to be, and I am reminded that this is the sword, which only I was able to lift.

I was told that here is something burning, and that is of your mother, which is what we are going to switch off now, and isn’t that done before now?

Did we see you knocking the basketball into the net once again (?), and who did not believe that Stig could do this (?), and yes finish everything “today” (?), and yes by 04.00, I had finished all work also calling this for a “good day”.

I was shown chocolate forms being turned around and out comes trucks (“selfish worlds”), and also my sister putting out chocolate creme from a white spray bag, which was her task.

He has destroyed quite enough” and this is of course also how darkness, i.e. my sister, thinks of me. And we know, Stig, the forms of darkness and EVERYTHING will have to be brought with us and of course as light, and yes if you can continue my spiritual friends, I will continue too, and if you cannot, you will wake me up as my new self while sleeping one night, and we know, there is NO new message in this, and yes feeling Obama here as I feel MANY every day, but you know that.

Fantastic, you were to decide which of our two bags to bring along to Egypt, losing the other until the day when we would open everything telling you that we had it with us anyway, but no, not needed.

I was told that the decisive part yesterday was to receive my two testicles, which I would only do when doing all work, otherwise I would have received my “night clothes” together with the old temptations of darkness, but no thank you.

I was shown Eric of Pomerania, King of Norway, Denmark and Sweden in the beginning of the 15th century, the founder of the castle Kronborg and of the Sound dues of Helsingør, which made the town flower, and I was shown him as he looks from the statue on the main square of Helsingør and I was shown him leading me into the customs house, and he showed me a groove on 1st floor leading to the giant bottle of wine of the Source.

I went to bed at 04.45 and slept until 11.00 with these dreams, and no, it is NOT easy to read the notes on my phone when it is impossible to hit the right keys when you are tired and the phone changes words into the unrecognizable.

  • I arrive at Nairobi, something about money envelopes, my mother, and invitation for chefs and afraid of break-in, and I get out of the prison where I see that my uncle and others have rotten up/died.
    • This will have to be about a comment I gave yesterday to Daily Nation of Nairobi after Uhuru Muigai was choosen as Kenya’s new President, which I decided not to bring here because it was just “a quick comment”, but I said that he has bloods on his hands, which I have been told spiritually (violence/killings of the 2007 elections), and I brought a random song by Black UHURU, and you can probably find it, and here it says that darkness of these RICH people governing the POOR people of Kenya is what is also killing my family, friends etc. and here my uncle, my mothers brother, as example, so what about putting ALL CARDS on the table and to do it now, Black Uhuru?

FB 100313 Uhuru

  • I am at the last train station, I see butterflies at the park, bicycles work as taxies and protection for cows, and it is impossible to get through the entrance of the train, but we make it at the compartment of cows, which at the same time pour faeces in our heads making us a complete mess when entering, and I see that further down the train are compartments for people divided in different classes, and hereafter it is the end, we are home.
    • The last train to the other side, butterflies are our New World, taxi is my arrival as my new self, and to enter this train, I am given all destructive darkness of cows in my head, which, when turned around, is gold of creation of God, and from here, we are home, and yes just like COMMON PEOPLE, and we know a clear 100 point it is :-).

  • I have a duck and a rump steak and ask people what they want to have for dinner, and they point at the duck, which otherwise may turn poor, and when I salt it, I see myself salting Lars G. bald head.
    • Duck is “creation” and “salt” is “everything, which I am also giving Lars G. as another part of the Source.
  • FC Copenhagen lost a football match by 2 to 1 when having Berlusconi on the team even though he did brilliant passes. In a later game without Berlusconi, FC Copenhagen wins by maybe 5 to 0, and I see myself kicking the football from the middle of the football field and it goes directly into goal.
    • This is to say that I do not want Berlusconi as “the worst darkness” to play on my team, and when I score from the middle of the field, which is directly from the Source, and we win and do not have Berlusconi on the team, it is because he will not become the new Prime Minister of Italy, so “no scusi here, Berlusconi” but maybe you will “pronto” tell the world about all of your signoritas and POOR/WRONG/ILLEGAL SEXUAL AND BUSINESS MORAL, and yes why not do it NOW?
  • I show Fuggi a long letter I have received, which includes a paragraph of my own new reggae album, which is professional reviewer has said that it includes “much strength”, and I tell him that it is funny reading about yourself.
    • Is this what the official world says about me?

After receiving all of God, I am at the room before creation of God just before opening our New World

I was told from the morning that we can still get more out from your application to Helsingør Commune, and yes “feelings” of Bjarne and the others, also meaning that we are still playing, and yes God knows for how long, but as a coolie I don’t know for how long, and yes they don’t even know yet how they have played the dictators making me into a “coolie”, and yes they don’t know how their own “policy” effects people.

We have found her intact from the time of the war.

So we will never enter the jeweller store again to bring out a watch.

Yes, we are going in to that bar together one day, and why not start now?

I was shown and told that there is now only a very thin and see-through membrane to our New World.

I was shown more darkness coming to me and inside of this Zoega coffee symbolising the arrival of more love.

Oil companies know that they will be closed-down, but it is just “so difficult” to do it yourself, so even though I have asked you to stop all production of oil, gas, petrol etc. and start using FREE ENERGY, you still continue to this day to bring out more and more of your poison to the world, and yes you “cannot” do what is RIGTH, amazing, right?

This is what remains when you keep on stamping your right thigh, and that is a dead leg, no one leaves from here just thinking about exercising, and yes let us see, the card for the swimming hall works until the 13th, so just maybe I will go this afternoon, and no, I will not call my mother to borrow her car, because I can take the train/bus.

Your mother feels that she can score using the right foot kicking the ball behind the left foot, this is how she feels (?), and yes who made such a goal for the Danish national team once (?), was it Jørgen “the wizard” or ….?

I was told that you have not come on the agenda of the nihilist.

You have no idea what your stories about Helena and Søren brings – they keep the light on torch of your mother.

I took the train at 14.30 down to Helsingør Station where I was hoping that bus would bring me to the swimming hall, but it is Sunday today and there was half an hour to the next bus, which I did not want to wait for in cold/windy weather also because it would leave me almost no time before the swimming hall would close at 16.00, so maybe tomorrow instead, but at least it was good to get out of the door, which I don’t do every day at the moment because of work pressure.

It may be that the Earth around you is “deep frozen” but the feeling that my sister & co. is warming up, and yes because of my music, which is that people of darkness CAN see that I am not negative, but a man of love, and this is what is supposed to melt the frozen ground, and yes this is said while bringing “we are family” by SISTER Sledge in Jette’s Google Earth pictures.

We have now received the “earth machine”, which can colour every piece of land in the colour I like, and yes part of creation.

We can soon turn over a 2-øre coin (almost nothing) and get a whole beach out of it, i.e. new creation.

Have you secured that nothing can gush out from Earth when we open up (?), and yes I see darkness gushing out from the middle of Earth, but no, I do NOT want it – and yes still (?), and yes still my friends.

I was shown the spirit of my mother on her way over with the ferry from Helsingborg to Helsingør and she said “I wonder if this will suit you”.

I did some cleaning of the apartment this afternoon, and TIRED is not the word, and yes I am coming to an end, the pressure is lower today, and I honestly believe that it will be impossible to work as I have done lately again, I cannot again go up in that gear actually having no gears to go up in.

I kept on receiving the words “French bread” and was told that the rest from here should be French bread (of the pure Source).

Those testicles there were the last two pieces of “darkness” we picked up and installed inside of you, so I am really here, there and everywhere now, and what are we doing now (?), and yes looking at the empty space behind us to make sure that we will get all of this with us.

And this is why I am still given physical sounds to my kitchen as I am and here it was the lifting of the seat of a chair to see what is underneath it.

It was “the small magic” in my email to the Commune, which should make them thing “what if he really is the one”, and yes “better not hospitalise him them”.

This is where not even the Source has a memory of what is here.

Do you think we entered through that door or that (?), it doesn’t really matter because it is closed now (?), and what do I know (?), and yes if this is not true, please see what you can do with it making up some smart inventions maybe or at least to make everything which is into light.

So this is about the 2-øre coin, you just want us to turn, and yes please do.

So now it is your mother who will be the last to reach the plane, because I cannot reach it anymore.

I was asked if I was willing to risk life itself once more (!!!), and I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO OPINION ABOUT THIS ANYMORE (!!!), and yes the logics being that this is before the existence of the Source thus being a risk of his existence, if we change a little here and there, and no, I don’t believe in it, we have saved everything including the Source in a New World, so I do NOT bother to react to this, please do your absolutely best.

Can we then knock the door and enter anyway (?), and yes as long as it is light doing this, and yes I understand that it is pressure of my mother of the New World to this place, which is making this “whatever is in here” entering and yes we are also “everything” (of Chresten, the picture) right (?), and yes I feel a surprise and that is if we can further improve creation and even the Source, and yes if this is only for the good, everything goes.

What about an invention, which would have made darkness as a tool completely unnecessary and we know a little late to say that now, but better than never, and it can probably be used for something else, which is good only and yes got it, which is also because of Rolling Stones and Angie, and yes her feelings for me, my dear old friend, who also “could not” stand me after I was spiritually awakened.

There are no faeces inside here, Stig, isn’t it funny, it is just like being back to where it all started, and none of us have any memory of this, so is this possible for us to see what actually happened before we became “the force” we are (?), and yes what do you say (?); and yes just like watching a film in the cinema, and that is the dark side of me not very interested in this, and yes the ingredient of many men and the other interested part is the ingredient of my mother inside many women.

I was told about family, friends etc. having “pity” for me sitting here “always working”, and yes if only they knew that I did this to save them and bring them their best future.

No, this is an exceptional lamb excuse”, which is about your father and Kirsten’s family now considering to contact you and that is because when you broker through their darkness, it also opened them up, and yes they are welcome of course if you agree to communicate openly and if they can understand and excuse their wrongdoings. And even if they do not, but would invite me to come, I would go.

Well, it was only going to become equal between you and Berlusconi if your father could not score against you, otherwise he was supposed to take over Italy once again to show that mankind had learned nothing, but now that you are winning, he is not coming back, so there you have it.

I was reminded that this is the end of the 2nd round of the 360 degree around everything, and we are now back before the existence of God self with almost nothing keeping us from the New World breaking through the last membrane, and no you are not allowed to destroy it, we are going to carefully bring out what is still inside there, and yes even if it takes three months (which it will not).

The first earth samples are good, this is what you do coffee, i.e. “love”, from as example.

I was shown Stefan, one of my father’s wife Kirsten’s three sons, and I was told that they also wanted me on medication to “help me coming back”, so this is what you suggested to the Commune behind my back (?), and yes THE ABSOLUTELY WORST BEHAVIOUR IMAGINABLE both of you and the Commune for speaking about your misunderstandings of me behind my back, which is a good example of THE ROTTEN STATE and moral of Denmark!

I was truly also feeling extremely poorly today when working and I felt that I used far too much time thus working too slowly because of how I felt and first by 22.15 I had published the script today with great difficulties too where I was given up 1,000 times without giving up.

Google Earth shows an incredible amount of souls arising through the Victoria lake – and darkness of my father

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show the whole family, many souls arise via Lake Victoria, darkness of Australia, readers of my scripts, a boat leading to the story that Marion Dampier-Jeans “can see me”, hard work for the Source, light under the North Pole, darkness played as toys when turning to light, here comes the sun with the Beatles, Helena and Søren bringing me darkness, the toyman is waiting for change, an incredible amount of life at Victoria lake, – and pictures from March 7 showing parents selling daughters to be abused, a poor girl raped by stepfather, which is because of the resistance of my father turning me in behind my back to the social authorities, which is the WORST darkness of all, which was required for me to shovel it including the Source up, and the rapist leave.

FB 100313 Jette 1

FB 100313 Jette 2

FB 100313 Jette 3

FB 100313 Jette 4

FB 100313 Jette 5

FB 100313 Jette 6

FB 100313 Jette 7

FB 100313 Jette 8

FB 100313 Jette 9

FB 100313 Jette 10

FB 100313 Jette 11

FB 100313 Jette 12

FB 100313 Jette 13

FB 100313 Jette 14

FB 100313 Jette 15

FB 100313 Jette 16

FB 100313 Jette 17

FB 100313 Jette 18

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Søren Frank, who as a reporter eats and drinks his way through the most luxurious of everything said that a restaurant in Stockholm may become the first restaurant in the Nordic countries to receive the famous three Michelin stars, which not even Noma has (!) – they only have two – and Kashmir asked Søren if he has visited the men’s room of the restaurant in Stockholm, which he said that he had “barrier-breaking experience to look the chefs in their eyes through the window while you urinate” (!) as he said, which here is to say that the worst darkness becomes the finest life through me, and Søren has been a source sending me darkness, and when they started speaking about “stars”, I was encouraged to bring myself as the “Starman” saying that I can give them four stars if they want to and let me say that this Starman is waiting in the sky and I would like to come and meet you, so this is what we will do, and yes Søren works for Berlingske, the newspaper where Lisbeth is the editor-in-chief and “my key” to the world.

FB 100313 Søren F

  • Please do me a favour bringing that story with Niklas Bendtner to say that the national team in football of Denmark “cannot control” themselves in relation to me, and yes the team has not won for how many matches in a row (?), they have a dictatorial coach and yes WRONGLY being silent about me and how many reasons do you want (?) and also “proves” of me interfering with your results (?), and yes there is nothing you can do, and I was told that Niklas Bendtner, who should have become a star striker, who was taken by the police the other day driving drunk in Copenhagen with a blood alcohol level of 1.75 (!) receiving a fine of 842,000 DKK (his monthly salary, which is approx. 80 times more than I, and how many work hours do you do, Niklas, compared to me?) and suspension from playing on the national team and “black listed” in his club Juventus, and this is the symbol to tell the Danish national team that you “cannot” play, do you get it (?), and I receive much love being sent away with this.

Politiken Bendtner

  • The more beautiful music/energy given to water, the more beautiful water crystals, which is the same happening to people, which should not be very difficult for people to “figure out”, also for you in the medical industry (?), but “hush, don’t speak too loud about that”, is this it?

FB 100313 Stig via Dawning

FB 100313 Stig via Dawning 2

  • Martin had had his lunch in the spring sun and “as an exception there is nothing to complain about the work of creation”, and yes the story of the “lunch package” you know, and yes a man from people of other civilizations told this truth.

FB 100313 Martin

  • In the Helsingør in pictures Facebook group, Flemming took this picture in Snekkersten a few kilometres south of Helsingør saying that “I don’t like it much – but the light comes from Helsingborg” (Sweden), and yes this is from where we are transferring the Source.

FB 100313 Lys Helsingborg

  • I never heard from my “good old friend” Kirsten after leaving these very apartment buildings in Lyngby as she lives in today as you can see from the picture, and this was in 2011, and we know how many thousand DKK (“paper money” from house sale profit) did you decide to use on yourself, Kirsten, to refurbish your apartment with new kitchen and bathroom, and here you have spent what a skiing holiday costs on a lamp as you told Jeanett – Tommy’s daughter you know, and Tommy is the brother of John and he is married to Inge, the mother of Kirsten – and yes is that 10,000 DKK or maybe even more expensive (?), and I am thinking of how far you could have helped to keep my LTO friends alive and to give me a little bit better life too, but no, you did not have a heart to show in practise (?) as “everyone else” also could not (?), and yes Jeanette is the one, who “could not” accept me as Facebook friend, and why was that (?), and yes because of my mother and John speaking wrongly about me behind my back to Inge and Tommy, and Kirsten doing the same to both Inge and Tommy and also to Jeanette, and this made me “crazy”, and what do you do to “crazy” people (?), but of course, you decide to ignore them and keeping speaking wrongly/negatively about them behind their backs, which you know is what just sends even more darkness and “potential sickness” but oh no, not me, I am completely normal!

FB 100313 Kirsten


11th March: I am inside the level above God bringing in new tools from the Source further improving our New World

I am inside the level above God bringing in new tools from the Source further improving our New World

We are not going all the way out to “Kødbyen” (“meat city”) to kill someone, but we just need to get in here and yes receiving pain to one particular place of my right ankle, which is feeling like someone breaking through my ankle, and “who can it be now”, is this the New World of Australia or what we found in the empty room and I believe it is the last.

I was given a new sound to my kitchen together with a vision showing me that we are now above the bronze ceiling.

For days I have been given visions of Lars and I, who often used to have pizza at the old Alexandra restaurant Friday evening in the 1990’s, and to me this is a symbol of Alexandria, Egypt, more than anything.

We don’t need voting percent, we have taken from all.

I was shown a small dog, a bed, a rattle, original people.

I was shown coal symbolising darkness leaving the Source – after I had seen Chinese mining coal in Canada on TV – and this could only be created into a golden bed on the other side. We could not establish a sexual drive here, otherwise we would have done it.

I received the feeling of ancient Greeks, which is what is now transferred and also part of God, and we now try to get this through the original entrance and to turn it around, and again with the feeling “completely crazy”.

So I am not to write anything on the bill, even though they may run away?

I was shown a German “mine-soldier” (who removes mines) hanging in the most beautiful chandeliers over beautiful long dinner tables, and I was told that it is like you have returned home, but no, we are not home yet, and this is the New World I am looking into still being darkness.

We don’t hate to see you win anymore and the rent has been paid.

Still darkness in me wants “to say no to she coming in”, and that is our New World, who we do NOT say not to!

I was shown an owl sitting inside this room behind God, and other birds are sent in there to see if they can fly.

I was shown myself through darkness of a stadium looking through to the most beautiful dinner tables, jewels and crowns.

I received only half sentences/words, which I could not fully understand, and instead of trying to understand what I could not, I decided that this will not be brought here when I cannot understand it, but still if this is about life, EVERY LITTLE THING has to follow us.

I was shown a young Mauro Scocco inside a library and you should believe that he was happy – being my favourite Swedish musical artist – but no, he is not, and I was shown Benny Andersson happy with the antlers of red deer on his head.

I felt Cassius Clay and was told that we still think that he is not to die.

I still receive negative speech and sexual torments.

We have not come to the moment where we will boil everything together.

I was shown a crocodile bringing a cradle into a room.

I went to bed at 01.00 and slept light until 08.45 with these dreams.

  • I am outside a house seeing a computer through a window so close that I feel I can touch it, but I cannot, but I enter the house and am told that I posses the button in/out, and when I am inside a closed living room inside there, invisible opponents appear from out of nowhere, and they want to kill me, and I can pretty easily defeat them but only if I give them attention, otherwise they will kill me.
    • This is the room before creation of God I am inside, and still there is life inside of here, which I bring out.
  • I am out driving with my old class mate Christian, and Dennis is also there, and something about Christian not having my book to read. Later I have a visit by my other class mate Søren D-N and another, which is very entertaining. I ask them if they have not missed meeting their old class mates, which they have and we talk about meeting in different smaller groups as an opportunity and Søren also speaks about Simon, and I ask who he is, and Søren smiles and say that you were not with us making fun at the post office then, which I was not. Dennis believes he was the youngest of all in the class, but I help him to understand that I was being a year younger than them. Søren shows me small glass cups including what looks like eggs and there are also pieces of “meat sausage” in them, and I have never had them before, but they can be bought at train stations. Before leaving, they play a game looking like Kalaha with my socks, which will take long, because every lump of socks includes many individual socks. Søren leaves a funny cartoon on my computer for me to read. I now see myself with them outside with other people and my mother and Sanna look at me from a car, but I don’t have time to see them. I also had two other guests in the dream for coffee, which was VERY cosy, but one left again after some time because he thought that he was invited for lunch.
    • The meat sausage is about my mother buying a characteristic one of these when we were out shopping together in the beginning of the month, which is to say that Søren is another part of my mother as I understand it, and here he brings the eggs of creation, which he could not bring me months ago because of his lack of faith in me.

I was shown that my mother and I run on RON 45, and who has the lowest, will win. My mother does not want to “die hard”.

We will soon pull us together and invite on tennis.

We have been awake since 08.00 this morning.

I feel mostly like just crying this morning and doing nothing, this is the pain when opening my eyes, and this is really how it is every morning.

This is more like being on the outermost of a holiday before everything starts on a Monday.

I felt the whole New World pressuring up from the other side, which happens right before my eyes, and I was told that we have not yet looked at the camera equipment, which I understand that we still have here, which is some of the most heavy equipment imaginable.

There is one sunbeam story with Michael Sadler and that is that he has not left you as Facebook friend.

So we are still artificial inside the closet, how can that be (?) because we are everything new now?

And then at the end we will do a sharp turn left (?), smart!

Is your book read (?), and yes from one and the other side, and we cannot continue like this, Stig.

I felt James Bond, London and was shown how the cork was put on my favourite Champagne, Bollinger.

When working this morning, suddenly the back of my “new” desk chair broke, and we know, it is not a good idea to buy too cheap, and yes this is a symbol like my bicycle, which is that I really cannot keep on working.

And we know, I had breakfast, checked Facebook and wrote the script until now, and it is only 11.00 (!) and I will now take a long bath and return to do more work coming and a little to my website here and there, but the feeling is that I might work less and less “waiting to die” and that is really to become my new self.

This means that we don’t have time to enter more stores now (?), and no, now he will take a long bath and sleep some more and yes until I decide to wake him/us up.

I received the feeling of my old friend Georgie followed by Renee´, so I wonder if you speak of me, and yes miss you and sad for you to leave me wrongly I still am.

I am no longer on ski at Ulricehamn, Sweden (where I went with Henriette in 2005), I am now right here, and that is the Source.

How do you think it will be to hold the guitar for the first time?

I was told and shown that we have really run out of tape (of the tape recorder).

Again this morning I felt sad that not one single person read, understood and offered to speak to me about my sufferings. Everyone pretended that they did not exist.

Kermit would like to leave the plane as the last, urrgh I am told to stay a little longer because there is still darkness here, and yes this is what you have asked us to do so many times that it is sitting tight.

A couple of hours later, Jens from Selvet was inspired to bring this picture of Kermit, which is to show you the connection to darkness of not only Jens self, but to Dalai Lama, and yes difficult to see the truth, Dalai, remember (?), and yes because you knew “everything”, didn’t you?

FB 110313 Selvet

Half asleep I received something about what happens when people are brought from a barrel of water, where one has peed into, which makes them suffer much, and when I am brought myself from a burning tree (?), and a captain welcomes us on the Oslo ferry, and I see that he is the former captain of the largest oil tanker of oil, which took it longer to turn around.

I was shown the absolutely last dark eagle or maybe an owl fly to me before this incredible little area it came from no bigger than itself is also made into light.

For days I have been shown myself playing golf with Peter A. and Søren H. (from Fair) at Hørsholm Golf Course as we did once around 2005, and I was shown much chocolate as their opponents to me, i.e. their selfishness.

I was shown myself entering a very small bathroom including “the tube”, and told “strange that he does not see me”. This is the opera tube or the kitchen of creation in its symbol as “destructive darkness”.

I was shown that Falck cannot get their fire engine called “the ladder” out from its garage, i.e. they “could not” lift them self up using my memo to them from August 2011, nothing has happened.

I was shown a canoe covered with coconut hair coming my way from the sea, and I was surprised to see how it continued to circle me as if it could not find its home.

I heard the loudest voice in the world as it characterised itself saying that you were also almost swallowing me and yes I also come from the back side of your right lower leg.

This is simply so sad”, is also the feeling of Søren H. in relation to me, and is it really, Søren, or is your reaction doing “nothing” what REALLY is sad?

I was shown approx. 10 dinner places, which I understood was “potential God’s” before the creation of God, and I received the question “who makes the perfect God”, and all light then went there as I was shown as a giant white hair comb.

This is like having soft whipped cream with a small dark house on it placed on your hand, or a giant beehive, which is also a giant marzipan ring cake, opening at its button, where there are still many stores of this to climb, and I wonder if the on-going termination of bees, which are essential to the survival of life as I understand it, is because of GMO-food and one of these “unintended consequences” for messing up with Mother Earth and life self, and do you get it by now NOT to play God’s (?), and that is of course unless you are God’s, which you are not yet, but will become of our New World.

And what is endless life (?), and I have imagined myself the tree of life with one new life forming one new branch, which will form one new branch, which will form one new branch etc. in all eternity with the creation of each new life, or simply to imagine yourself as the first life of a New World, where your two children as example each will get two children, who will get two children each and really to follow the old Indian chess game to double the number of rice grains on each square of the chess board and after 64 squares or “generations”, you have 210 billion tons of rice or number of people.

I was shown myself as part of this tree of eternity and told that it was our dream making this physical.

I was shown my self fly into the Source showing itself as oil, and I was told that without you and sexuality, the Source would only drive slowly.

I was shown a factory hall with engines all over and a cake in the middle with only one strawberry on top as the beginning of everything, we found it!

If you imagine that you have passed all cows, i.e. God’s, and enter a door leading you into a tunnel where everything is light, this is the inside of the marzipan ring cake before the creation of the Source, what is inside here at the top of nothing, what created the Source, what is the mechanism of this?

I was surprised that I received some of the same feeling as I had a couple of weeks ago, which was a new feeling in the air around my right ankle, which is “almost empty, but pain of what is inside”, and yes this is the best way that I can describe it, and “more inside of here above the Source” is what I feel, and no, I will accept nothing to be destroyed.

I have not yet seen what this tape recorder of the Source can do.

Everything is smeared perfectly, it is like looking out through a crack of your teeth and everything is light.

I received another little out of this world pain to my right ankle and I was told that it is because of Michael Bundesen also because I bring his music, for example in Jette’s Google Earth pictures today.

I have “big difficulties” getting my right computer speaker to work today, and I still have the old problem to my stereo when my amplifier decides to over-steer the right channel “10 times” making me have to stop it.

I received the word “folsom” – because I am still in prison of darkness – and it came from the other side, i.e. the New World, and I was told that Johnny Cash is eagerly awaiting to see me :-).

I was told that if I had gone into negativity, I would have had to approve every “shaking” of Earth, and no way!

I could have decided to go to the swimming hall late this afternoon when I had not much work left, but I decided to go for a walk instead and to enjoy having some time instead of being stressed as I normally am, or let us say have too much work because I have decided not to be stressed.

It is first now I am starting to become a grocer”, and we just had to get everything with us to understand how we became what we did.

You have not forgotten your English teacher, i.e. my school, and yes that is because you did not bring me (?), so this is “more of God” uniting us and that is from the room behind God you know.

This is also why you had such a long career inside the prison – when you did not have me, and what is it that I can that no one else can (?), and that is that I can connect you with anything and I see/feel that this is anything of the Source anywhere and that is to bring exactly what we need whenever we need it and that is instead of creating something of less quality, for example via my sufferings. And this is something still in the kitchen, which was really supposed first to be discovered later at our New World, but since we are now here, and yes please do, improve everything you may feel like.

If you are disappointed, my friend, because here is nothing, you have not shown it yet.

This being becoming the Source here told me “So you have not yet created sexuality” (?), and I am here given the vision of fundamental Jews and told “double-moral”, because one thing is what you preach and another is what you do in “private” behind the “protective four walls” of your home (?), and yes there is NOTHING you can hid from me, so a lot of repentance there for you to do, and I here feel the Temple Mountain, which is really the same message, how in the world could you decide to keep quite about your discovery to the world (?), and if I believe this is wrong, and yes you bet (?), and I am here shown the monk from the Jerusalem UFO video 6 and yes again the connection to traditional Jews, who “cannot” speak out too, and what a shame it is that no one seems to be able to do what is RIGHT.

I was told about how Peter S. – the husband of Pia, the medium from Hørsholm, my old friends – became afraid when he saw the spiritual being of darkness inside of me saying no thank you to be healed in 2006, and that my being inside darkness to clean this is what has scared several clairvoyants/mediums from me because they have felt darkness, and I am also told that SIMPLE COMMUNICATION could have solved this, and yes if people had decided to communicate with and read me instead of running scared away.

And when he was asleep, his own darkness was later transformed into light, yes.

You cannot lift me at all … with the feeling “if it was not because you have transferred the Source and we don’t weigh anything”.

Isn’t it just what we say that with the discovery of this new part of the Source where sufferings are not necessary, we will stop your sufferings?

Do you only have such a small printing press for bank notes (?), ours is much bigger, this is not how we normally speak but here it is, and this is about bringing much more light.

We could not open to all of this without receiving the secrets of Søren D. N. (see the dream).

I received a noise to the oven of my kitchen and was told that you have not seen my colour yet – this is the Source above God of today – and then I felt the outermost of my balcony, which was to say that this part of the Source has not yet been created as physical life, it will come in the future.

And I was thinking about just how much can we turn into our New World before starting it (?), because we cannot do that with an eternity (?), and it made me think that we will do this when meeting it and via our setup, it will not feel as darkness when meeting it, it will be done without sufferings, and we now have the tool to stop my sufferings, so is it now time to stop the game (?), and yes I believe it is.

A little later I was asked if this is then a decision, and I was shown a cradle next to a black bathtub in the bathroom and myself under water in it, and yes, if everything is “perfect” with you, and you no longer send me darkness, and we will see over the coming days, which is what I have promised myself to do at the very end in order to be sure that this is indeed the very end.

So we can stop our tour in space, this is how it feels like, when we cannot breath.

I was told that the people I have felt knowing about me does not necessarily believe in me, but have been told about me.

I was told that Jeff Lynne is receiving the biggest strain of all my favourite artists because he is no. 1 on my list.

What will happen when we open our New World, will we simply cut the membrane, and yes having a cigarette in my mouth while doing it (?), and yes we will open the New World from the inside of it as darkness, explaining the cigarette, letting all the good come in to us making us able to breath again.

I was shown and told with a smile how the New World has borrowed us oxygen equipment, otherwise we would not have been able to survive.

This is what the smallest amount of money brings, it is not “a little offending”.

And with this and this and this rent, you come here, and yes there is no rent here, but without paying “with your life” to get here, you would never have arrived.

You have not only got us out of this existence but also out of the Source to see what is behind everything, and you did it “alone”.

There are no limits to how disappointed your mother has been with you and satisfied with Sanna, which is what has driven everything.

There are so strong psychoses, which medicine cannot heal today, and is this how I am used as example when the psychiatrist Henrik Day Poulsen, famous here from TV, teaches coming psychiatrists (?); and yes I sent him my memo to crazy Alex and crazy Alex’ – the psychiatrist you know – “declaration” on me claiming that I am schizophrenic, and no, I did not hear from Henrik, but it was “good material” for you to use, Henrik?

Yes we also moved out all of Bettina’s apartment, and eveyone’s else, and no we discovered that you don’t need people’s permission doing this, love is all it took together you’re your sufferings to bring the last to overcome the “no, we really don’t want to”, and yes lack of faith making them resist, and here it was a matter of who was the strongest (?), and yes I was.

The last play in the cinema, what did it end with (?), and yes Stig being close to fainting without fainting.

How is it to shop almost not receiving any bill (?), and yes when Stig simply keeps on, he receives all we can take and he practically does not have to give anything, and it is in this light you have to see that you decided not to exercise today, thus meaning that it would have brought me “plenty”.

And it has to do with your mother remembering your taste of fine wine, and you will never make that kind of money again, and yes money …..!

I have just bought a whole new ship, and now I will unload this.

When one garden was destroyed, we would have one new here, and here and here, but you would not know that (thinking that the end had come and yes in another scenario).

And “garden bench/furniture” was about moving out Paradise.

Boutros-Ghali was not as much involved except from Suez.

The wind against you from Libya misses its counterpart.

I received a sound to the kitchen of an axe splitting a tree from the top together with the feeling that I have only received parts of the next layer of the Source above God, this is how it feels like, and yes when is the right and wrong moment to stop (?), and no, this is does not effect me.

I received a dark spirit coming in over me, and inside of this was Paul Jacobs, and he said “you are anointed”, so is Paul starting to “see” me too?

Tunis is part of a pact against you, how many Arabian countries have sworn that they will have nothing with me to do also after I come (?), 6 or 7?

Who believes that the Judgement has not been here yet (?), thus also bringing us there sufferings.

How is the feeling for example in Portugal to go against me (?), and yes the rest of the world (?), and is that “not nice”, so “much sufferings” from the official world too?

Did Falck in Lyngby “succeed” to move all of the hundreds of keys of customers to a fireproof safe (?), eeehhhh we did not believe it was necessary (?), and did they move the keys now that everyone on the Internet (since August 2011 from my memo) can see how easy it is to break into and steal them all, potentially stealing the content of hundreds of homes (?), and eeehhhh no, we were “too busy” with other things like talking and relaxing you know (!), and yes the ultimate proof of how darkness works, Falck in Lyngby! Later I was told that this corresponds to living light … and yes burning down Falck in Lyngby if I had lost it.

As expected Stig, you would not sacrifice yourself thus having all darkness bite on you making us come “as far as possible”.

We succeeded to take the golden watch before the big scary man came to take us.

All in all this is the most expensive duvet because of my sufferings.

I felt Karen’s Denis and his feeling: I could almost have bent myself to see the stamp in my neck saying “dumb” because of the importance of you to Karen.

I was told about Arne Treholt – “a former Norwegian Labour Party politician and diplomat convicted of high treason and espionage on behalf of the Soviet Union and Iraq during the Cold War” – and that he was not the key to a new world war between Russia and USA, was he (?), which was prevented in the last second because he was discovered, and by whom (?), yes me, and is there a secret to tell in this story (?), and yes you bet.

Google Earth shows my father and a clear picture of me as the teacher on the sky

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show ugly pollution, money-sick people, the poor girl and her abuser, the surface of Greenland/my father is angry, the Australian Prime Minister is NOT a Super-Woman, the Source as a sleeping partner, the family keeps hanging around, pollution killing life, and DAD, wake up (!), my father and a clear picture of me as the teacher on the sky.

This morning I was told that there is no pollution in your scripts, why is that (?), alright you think of Jette’s pictures, here is one from yesterday, and I don’t know if it is important, but here it is, and yes Jette brings pictures of pollution from time to time.

FB 110313 Jette

FB 110313 Jette 2

FB 110313 Jette 3

FB 110313 Jette 4

FB 110313 Jette 5

FB 110313 Jette 6

FB 110313 Jette 7

FB 110313 Jette 8

FB 110313 Jette 9

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Michael Wulff used words I would not use, but this is Buddha crying/saying “why don’t I have any self control? … I could easily have been harmonic and slim … I hate myself”, and I am really this coming Buddha you know, and you may understand that it was not because of myself that I could not stay slim (?), which is making me sad, and this part of the story is true.

FB 110313 MW

  • The “enfant terrible” of Danish media, Henrik Qvortrup, wrote about TV2 News the other day bringing “breaking news” about Niklas Bendtner when its competitor DR2 brought an interview on French accordion music “and it is not even a lie”, and the last words are inspired because I have used almost the same a couple of times lately (!), so a “special friend” you are too, Henrik, and I simply wrote that “it is NOTHING LESS than amazing what the media can decide to overlook as part of their conscious abuse of power and DECEPTION of the public, but of course you know nothing about this, Henrik”, and do I feel “cold feet” here (?), and why is that again?

FB 110313 Henrik Q

  • To my surprise (!), Bjarne and Helsingør Commune did not want to invite me for coffee, and on contrary, I am given heart pain right now, and we know “NOT A SOUND, hush, don’t say anything”, and yes for how long can you continue before you break down (?), and not easy for you to be Commune with someone like me (?), and eeehhhh have you thought about how it is to be me receiving the total of yours and everyone’s sufferings?

Email Helsingør Commune 120313



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