March 13, 2013: The final settlement of the New World inside the Source bringing the first light and the book of everything


Summary of the script today

12th March: We have reached the point where we can exchange creation self brought by the next layer of the Source

  • Publishing the story yesterday of Helsingør Commune being SILENT and not inviting me for a job interview, saved the world from much burning, and brought new wine to the world.
  • New parts of the Source above God as we have known so far keeps coming to me, one layer after the next. We have now reached the point where we can exchange creation because nothing is impossible. I will continue receiving the Source from outside our New World and bring it in as new life and physical matter of our New World, so I am both inside the New World and bringing everything of the eternity of our family tree into it.
  • Dreaming of gorilla arms of darkness trying to overtake me but they cannot, having particles of silver sparkling out from me so everyone can see that I am God, strategies of the political world NOT wanting to include me have lost, strong darkness of Africa/Kenya is attacking me and has the drought of Kenya disappeared/improved because of Elijah’s faith in the tape recorder of God/me.
  • We are doing the very last game before we will go live with our New World. The attack of my father on me was strengthened by France and Sarkozy, and after the attack, he is now sending me warm feelings.
  • My family, friends etc. including the system have “poor conscience” in relation to me, thus also the world, and this “house of cards” is as weak as it can be soon breaking down and opening our New World.
  • Short stories of telling Benedikte and the other “nut heads” of the Danish Parliament to read, learn and share instead of being NAZI dictators (!), turning around football players of the national team to a sack of potatoes, cutting a hole in the membrane to our New World, “we walk in the tracks of the great, in way too small shoes with our way too big words”, people listen to me even though they are silent, Thomas Blachman’s suggestion of a four day work week is an old idea of mine, EU knows it will be closed-down but it “cannot” speak the truth just like magicians cannot, Helena’s and Søren Pind’s love affair is known to the world, FC Barcelona is back on track performing miracles together with me, and Britt N. has now returned as my Facebook friend for the third time with a little help from my spiritual friends.

13th March: The final settlement of the New World inside the Source bringing the first light and the book of everything

  • We set up an automatic system bringing new parts of the Source to our New World as new physical life. And the New World is entering this next level of the Source to become its final settlement, and I felt how the light of my new mother and New World entering me together with the book of everything and the original light of our origin, which is placed at the middle of everything with all following creation surrounding it. With this, we have completed the building of and setup of everything as you asked for, and our task is now to complete your transformation without any sufferings.
  • I was asked to stay up the whole night and day to bring the New World to a new top level, which now is INCREDIBLE difficult, but I did it to my best. This level includes “one million times” the “energy” of before, the room is HUGE, it feels like bringing everything into a new heavenly cradle and I felt a stir of excitement from my spiritual friends when opening the door to it.
  • I continue bringing the New World up to higher levels of the Source as long as I can also because the only alternative is to burn off the last darkness bringing the world (some) sufferings, and we now continue to the next level (if I can).
  • We here bring live pictures from the new level of the Source and our New World”, and I was shown a room full of tiles on the wall including ancient drawings, and I was told that there has been a civilisation here before ours and we don’t know whom, and the feeling was that we are here receiving a welcome telling us about who we really are, and can it be that our God inside the Source including “almost an eternity of (old) worlds” is not the only God, which was created at the eternal family tree?
  • Dreaming or darkness being immensely close to collide with me, and the beloved Crown Prince Frederik also don’t have the courage to speak about me.
  • Short stories of receiving “Golddust blessings” as a new Facebook friend after she found me searching for the one bringing her gold dust out of nothing, silence from Kasper Winding, strange communication/silence from Christopher, telling the “poor thinker” Kristian from Politiken to TRULY understand what it means to be a slave of the system, telling Bjørn Lomborg that “the world was going under because of climate changes, which you did not take seriously and sadly, a large part of the world chose to listen to your rubbish”, it made me SAD to see that the Vatican Church elected a new Pope and that the world played “enthusiastically” along, there would be NO pope if it was up to me, and as Yoda I am still levitating/working.


12th March: We have reached the point where we can exchange creation self brought by the next layer of the Source

Publishing the story of Helsingør Commune saved the world from much burning, and brought new wine to the world

Do you have a pair of cutting nippers so I can remove the big nail of Burkina Faso?

We could have made burn-bags from that, and that is darkness of the Commune, which I ended by updating my script of yesterday with their decline to my application, and I wonder if my sister really applied, and if they want to see her instead (?), and this will make it difficult for everyone to speak, both the Commune, my mother and sister, about this to me (?), and yes a scrape (“cat pain” in Danish!) you know, and just like what the Vatican Church is in and can you or can’t you chose a new Pope (?), and what do you say, I cannot hear you (?), and yes the old Pope also could not, and not your cup of tea, so therefore pressure him to get out (?), and yes many stories coming to me and I just write what I hear, but you do know that, right?

My mother, thus the world, was also close to receive a red card there, but was then saved by him there again and yes persistent and because of his old rules.

Have you downloaded or uploaded us (?), and not that it matter but this is about which side you want to use first, your old spiritual or my new physical side (?), and yes Stig, it sounds like volapük to you, so please and yes let us choose for him taking the best one for the purpose and we know objectively of course and we have just discussed it – I was shown people turning their back to me and inside darkness still with this “simple minds” attitude – and what we have decided is NOT NOW, we don’t want to go home and yes we can almost “CRY”, therefore (!), but what did you and yes you and we know I say, and we all agree that we cannot do anything more for you now Stig, so this is you and yours and yes yours truly you and me, from mother and father, our new boy, and yes thank you my parents for all of your work, I look forward to seeing what you accomplished.

What number did the police register me under (?), and eeehhh did someone call the police to hear if they could hospitalise me with the use of force?

Shall we really pressure out all the gold (?), if so, it also requires that he does his best, and yes working with less pace and energy I am, but maybe I can and will bring even more tomorrow.

DAB-radio, they could have burned everything away with that decision, and yes the Commune, “will not see you” (!), and eeehhh WHY IS THAT, MY DEAR COMMUNE (?) and why don’t you speak out the truth, Bjarne & Co., as I encouraged you to do (?), and we know WIMPS and all of Egon Olsen’s words too you know.

I was given yet a new out of this world pain to my right ankle (!) and shown a small sailing boat lying down, and it was turned up right and behind it was what looked like 3 or 6 bottles of good Burgundy wine, and yes simply because you decided to stay up and publish your new script of yesterday including the story of the Commune turning you down for everyone to see, and yes published it was at approx. 02.00.

Eeehhh, Dragholm, are we simply looking up at the next level of the Source, and yes there is a hole in the ceiling and you look up into a dark kitchen, which is where we are headed now.

It is now your favourite tour to get down and get him, and yes to bring him up from there, and that is of course if he and we have the power to do this.

We can almost not wait for you to get out of prison before we will start our new job, here feeling Johnny Cash and others with him, and later Robin Gibb too :-).

It is only half a warning for him to get up, and yes Stig you decide how far you want to go, and we will only guide you, and is this about the end of the world coming and you don’t know when, and yes keep ice in the stomach, and please wake me up in the night at the absolutely right balance of having achieved every little thing we can before anything goes wrong, and yes there is nothing new in this.

I did not know that it was a fortress you have built, no I don’t want to enter there I much rather want to enter you there, and this is the next part of the Source coming down to me seeing the New World as the fortress to the right and then coming to me in stead, and if this is the right to do according to light, fine by me.

No, we are not going out with newspapers you say (?), and the oil pump is there (?), and yes he is in control and you cannot destroy the New World, so there is only one thing to do and that is to join Stig , and yes Stig, this is practically how it is going to work and that is every single time.

Yes, what time do we stand off the plane (?), and yes now (!), and now it is the next turn (?), and yes this is how quickly it goes now because you decided to post your last script and the answer from the Commune exposing them to the world.

And what comes in is without hair and when it is sent on to the New World it is with hair, and yes remember that we have this role, and we know we will do this from inside our New World because everything is inside of there at deeper and deeper (or higher) levels, and not as the game tries to say that the Source is still coming from outside.

Dreaming of particles of silver sparkling out from me so everyone can see that I am God

I went to bed at 03.40 and slept until 12.45 with these dreams.

  • I am surprised to see that I have arms of a gorilla trying to overtake me, and the arms are strong and require that I decide to be stronger, otherwise I am not, and I see that I am the first of a long queue of people to act/perform, and to my surprise I see that I have particles of silver sparkling out from me, which everyone can see.
    • The gorilla is the dark side of me, and the silver is what the Source brings in combination with our New World, which is showing that I am “everything”.
  • I am at a handball tournament after there have been political talks/strategies and the world team is going to play Norway in the semi-finals, and just before the match is to start I see the Norwegian Prime Minister and a Norwegian general at the cabin of a truck and they are almost desperate because they have forgot to set up video recording of the match, but it seems to be fixed, and Norway win the match, and I now feel that they are on my side. After the match where everyone speaks about it, no one bothers listening to me, but to others, and I see Uffe Ellemann with his wife Alice Vestergaard and Angela Merkel and feel that they have been speaking of “strategies” behind the curtain, and Uffe says “what do you say, Angela, do you believe we can do it again” and when I try to speak to them, they also don’t speak, but they are trapped in. Afterwards I buy at a little kiosk, and they have a cake in a string hanging in front, which smells delicious, and I see how it is loosened.
    • This is the political game of the world and I felt that Norway has turned around from being “the worst darkness” as it has been for years in my scripts, and now the opposite beating the world speaking about their strategies behind my back, and yes when you cannot join them, beat them (!), isn’t this how we speak, Uffe (?), and can it be that you have also played a role behind “the curtain” forming strategies of the “political world” (?), and yes just wondering what Bob has to say about that (?) and we know “We live in a political world
      Love don’t have any place”

Groucho Marx

  • I am at a small lake in Africa and see what feels like “a billion rats”, which comes from an incredible dense concentration at the very corner of the lake, very small, and all of these rats run underneath the jetty, which surrounds the lake, which I am walking/running on, and sometimes the rats come up to the jetty trying to bite me. A poor African woman has bought fabric from the Netto supermarket, and she uses part of it as a skirt for a female friend of hers, and the inner part of the fabric is given to me, which becomes a fish net like material, which I use to catch rats with. Elijah and his brother stands with their lower legs in water in the lake and they shout as loud as they can, which is recorded on a tape recorder, and when they play back the recording, it brings rain to make crops grow. Further away from the lake, I look down into a tunnel, where there is “senseless violence”, and I see a large number of Africans walking here having a look down to this place, and I wonder if this is secure for a white man, and to my surprise, I also see a white woman there. One of the Africans sell the same Anne Linnet CD every day to the same buyer, and when I follow the buyer, I am brought to what could look like a hippie camp with Anne Linnet playing guitar and I expected to see black people, but most are here white people, and they play the same Anne Linnet songs over again.
    • This is darkness of Africa coming to me, and just maybe it is the new Kenyan Government with bloody Uhuru as the new President. Has the drought of Kenya disappeared/improved because of Elijah’s faith in the tape recorder of God/me? As you can tell from the dream, there is MUCH darkness to take from, the skirt has often come to me as a symbol of sexual torment of my “old nightmare”, and it is darkness self I am using to catch darkness with. The tunnel may be the tunnel of the Source, which is darkness until automatically becoming light of our New World, and it is also darkness playing the same commercial songs over again, which Anne Linnet should get by now.
  • I woke up to David Bowie’s “where are we now” from his new album, which is “one of those Bowie classics, which is IMPOSSIBLE to shake off” – you know “so immensely beautiful” that it is here that “art” gets its meaning (to me), and “where are we now” (?), and yes “As long as there’s me, As long as there’s you”, “the moment you know”.

We have reached the point where we can exchange creation self brought by the next layer of the Source

I was told that the whole world was about to leave me because it did NOT want to listen, and yes the “political world”, you know ….

Soviet was not better in Sjevardnadze’s – former Soviet Foreign Minister – days and “he resigned in protest against Gorbachev’s policies in December 1990, delivering a dramatic warning to the Soviet parliament that reformers have gone and hidden in the bushes. Dictatorship is coming”, and I was told that the people he warned against, are the people ruling today!

No, don’t rape her, it will only remove the colour.

This is like sitting in GLASSALEN (“the glass hall”, the theatre) in Tivoli – at the last play – just moments before we will go live.

Yes I must say that he “får virkelig nået noget” (”really get something done” – said with fun in Danish), which again is from “rap rap” by Shu-bi-dua.

Can we come on guest-play (?), yes another layer of the Source on its way in.

I was shown and told that we will build in this pipe installation, and yes “you are welcome” and again the next level of the Source.

What are the advantages of still being alive (?); funny you should ask (?); and yes I don’t have an axe anymore, do I (?), and yes fine to give that comment to Benedikte Kiær knowing about you – see the short stories. Not long after, I received another out of this world pain to my right ankle and felt Benedikte.

I was shown “a force” driving through a hole of what I first thought was a palace, but it expanded and it showed out to be the Chinese Wall, and I was told that this was because I have broken a hole to the crazy rulers over there, and also to David Copperfield, and you do remember how he walked through the Chinese wall (?), and do you know what kind of tools he used (?), and nothing but FAITH, so once again it is the work of God you see here with David being the actor, but no he “could not” tell – as “everyone else” – because it is far too nice to make MANY millions of dollars deceiving the world, and yes this is sadly the story of this.

I was shown Churchill inside a room of the size of a church leading up the Crown chair, and I was told that Churchill obviously was the direct way leading me to this chair, right (?), and no it was not that easy, because HIS ATTITUDE of drinking and poor habits insulting people could also have stopped him, thus us.

We cannot enter any more stores, this is the feeling, i.e. cannot continue work because of extreme exhaustion of metal fatigue, but it seems that we will also get this day with us now writing again, and yes “impossible” to get started it truly is as usual.

I took the little train at 17.00 to go to the swimming hall, and on my way I was told that we have now reached the point where we can exchange what we have created because nothing is impossible, remember?

I received the feeling of the foreman of the New World as he called himself, and he said that he was happy to be released, and I felt that it was because of this.

Your father did not know that he was a drone and that he went via France – Sarkozy (!) – to receive strength against you. And do you know who comes creeping towards you now (?), and I felt drinking and throwing up, so this is my father. “Now, ran along, here is 50 DKK”, which is what I was told at the end of my “career” as a flower delivery man at Rio Flowers in Espergærde when I was a teenager, and I was told that my father is now closer than ever on sending me flowers, but so far he has said nothing.

I was told that there will come no strangers from the train coming in to my right, which is the New World, and “we are coming to get you”, and yes better late than never, we know.

Be glad that you, i.e. the world, were not attacked by the fifth column of us, i.e. spaceships of people of other civilizations, and yes, we are then when you tell us :-).

I reached the swimming hall and did the usual 30 minutes of training on the left cross trainer, and I did it with GREAT difficulties wanting to give up all the way, but I finished it using 516 calories, and it was so hard at the end that my mouth/lower jaw was overtaken by darkness, which is really not darkness because I was shown “light only”, but this force overtook this part wanting to spit out what is in there, but no, you don’t have my permission doing this, and then again, we are only light by now.

After the training, I was sweating off, which still takes some time for me, and I was so completely exhausted that I was very close to giving up while sitting there not being able to oversee how I could continue, and I felt how my spiritual voice was on the limit of turning over starting to help me instead of keep sending me negativity of darkness, but at the end I told myself to “pull yourself together” and just do it, and yes “exhaustion”, which is more than you can imagine.

I was told about both family, friends etc. including the system having “poor conscience” in relation to me – not to stand forward supporting me – which then again is the same with the official world of governments, media, churches etc, and yes my friends it is today the 12th March 2013 (!), and I was told that all of this poor conscience of the world is what is holding up the weaker and weaker Old World almost about to fall together, and yes just ask Lars Barfoed as example, and yes Lars even though it was not your fault receiving a new apartment in front of the queue of others but the letter, you could have been more careful to make sure that everything was alright (?), and also to take care of your own private matters instead of mixing it together with “your” Conservative Party, and yes hello, are you still there (?), and no, almost not existing, and this was your destiny as “the worst party of darkness” here.

Afterwards I called my mother – I have had no energy/time to do this – and I felt disappointment/darkness in her voice to start with, which I understand is because of my Facebook postings – but I was also told that it might be because of her growing faith in me and the shock that “Stig truly might be the one” – but it was soon over with, and she asked me if we should go shopping together tomorrow afternoon, but no, I told her that I have what I need and also that I have only very little money (which is 200 DKK for the rest of the month, which will make it difficult to come through, but I will get by), and this was NOT my meaning by saying it, but I should be surprised if she will not give me some groceries or maybe a little money.

When I came out in the almost darkness maybe at 18.45, there were NO STARS ON THE SKY and as so often before I looked around to see the first one switching on, and yes there it was, and then there was no. 2, no. 3, 4 and 5 and it continued where even the big dipper also “switched on” right before my eyes and yes as so often before, and why is this (?), is this UFO-lights with a membrane of darkness keeping us from seeing deep space (?) or “just a game”?

And I was shown a UFO with much humour and when I saw it I was told “puff-puff” and I am not a helicopter, but about to land – and a blood fish too, which is about my severe sufferings also these days, even though the last two have been better than the extreme before this.

A little later I was shown another and I was told that we can behave as crazy as we like now, which we could not before (because of man controlled UFO’s), and I felt how it just wanted to turn around and switch on all of its lights and yes creating light shows on the sky just like the Norwegian spiral light in 2010, remember?

I walked towards the Prøvesten Shopping Centre, and after using very little money shopping, I came out, and I was shown a large UFO flying by, which shown itself as two legs of an eagle about to land – and yes this is EXACTLY how it was – and I was told with a big smile “where is there a corn field, we cannot find any” with a reference to crop circles almost not being a phenomenon in Denmark, but mainly England (and also other countries, but mainly England), and it was BIG and flow VERY LOW, and after 10 minutes I was TRULY SMILING because it showed itself again where I lost sight of it behind a tree and I was told “we are still looking” (!), and yes difficult to find corn fields here and yes we know it is because of the season, there is no corn on the fields now, so you better go to Australia and those parts there to find some :-).

Later when I came downtown, I was welcome by yet another UFO, and it is flying VERY LOW and sometimes with QUICK pulsating lights which should make everyone understand that it is a UFO, and then more ordinary light but MANY of them on one spaceship and blinking irregular, which comes as signs to me together with the feeling “we know you are there”, and right after seeing this, it gave me a pain to my left ankle and I was shown myself pressuring all the way up towards a metal plate and here comes a new small heart attack, which I continue receiving, and later I was shown an aeroplane coming to my right, which is the New World and I am much bigger than it, but it tries to reduce myself and bring me inside, and am I not inside yet (?), or is this to say that the eternity of the Source will first come inside our New World when we meet it (?), and this experience says that this is how it is.

Something about a false sign “kill you” coming.

I was told that one single stroke with a pen by EU and I could have been removed, and that Helle Thorning-Schmidt has held her hand over me all the time, and if this is the case, I can only say thank you.

I was told that I have been monitored by UFO’s since I have been little both by people of other civilizations and man controlled.

Is it possible to take off your blood-jacket?

The windows between my living room and balcony gave a cracking sound, which is to say that we are almost cracking the now even thinner membrane to our New World.

I was told that the fact that I don’t have a virus protection programme on my computer and everything is completely open to the Internet/outside, and my computer has NOT been “sick”, has also been used as a proof to tell the official world that there is only one who can control all of these viruses, and yes it is done inside of my head via the “don’t give up” command, this is what is making it worth, otherwise I would have been put down also with my computer.

I was told that it feels like the tennis game is/was not ending at 6, but 7 games.

It seems that the conclusion of today is that I have brought all of the existing Source inside our New World, and I am meeting new parts of the Source outside our New World, which becomes part of the physical New World when meeting it, so I am both everything of the New World, and the Source, which is outside but becomes part of the New World when meeting it.

So this is just how I will receive myself (?), and yes new findings of the Source cannot hurt our New World, we have made sure, and it will be put through our new setup transforming it to light and physical material of our New World, and yes I do believe that this is what I was told MANY months ago, which is that I will both be the New World and work to bring an eternity to it, so this is the recipe really, and yes let us also publish this so everyone will know, which is always working good, and what I feel is what will bring this forward, and yes we will simply have to enter that train there to the right and not to stay here with you (?), and yes that’s right.

This is how the New World now becomes an insert to the buttonhole of your suit with the suit being “everything” and our New World what we have yet created.

YOU HAVE NOT YET BROUGHT THE MISSING DKK TO THE PIZZA STORE in Espergærde (!) – which I promised them weeks ago when cycling home from Preben, and we know, it is a sin of mine., and I forgot it. I did not write it down, and I thought that I would return on my new mountain bike when exercising, but I did not.

I continue receiving feelings of many, which I don’t write much down of, but Allan & Grethe (Hans’ God mother and husband) come to me often, and yes they simply “could not” see you.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Benedikte – the MP’s of the Conservative Party – said that she does not at all understand criticism of “useful jobs” because it makes people decide to do without the cash help and as she says “a so called useful job can be really good to keep the single cash help receiver activated and increase the opportunity of job” (!), and yes her view is that all cash helpers are lazy and will do nothing (which many are, you know!) and that it is “good” to force them to remove snow and cut hedges (!), and I decided to share my application to become director of Helsingør Commune with her saying that it is nothing less than amazing that she can think as she does. “What became of basic human rights, FREEDOM and RESPONSIBILITY and the best usage/development of people and their resources/competences”? Read the enclosed story about cash help, the dictators’ torture of a citizen etc., and also about a worthy future for all, which should be how you thought and acted. Read, learn and share with Hans (Andersen – also MP from Helsingør) and the 177 other “nut heads” in there (at the Danish Parliament. And as you can see, time disappeared from Facebook.

FB 120313 Benedikte

  • And it made Larz say that if unemployed leave the cash help and disappear out of the system and probably find a true job, just because they have to cut hedges, this arrangement has to be a giant success! “Stig Dragholm, drop that milk, it normally helps people on colic” (!), and yes this is TRULY what he said, and I thought “amazing that people will allow themselves to be as stupid/simple minded as he” not knowing what they speak of, and you may remember that “milk” is darkness in its raw form before it becomes cheese/butter of light, so this is what you brought me too, Larz, and Irishka was one of the few here understanding what this is about by saying that “it is by oppressing will and desire to work … Is there meaning in transforming the unemployed to obeying slaves via this useful job? … Maybe it is also useful to collect the unemployed in a concentration camp” (?), and yes this is what this society is doing, using NAZI DARKNESS – here coming inspired to Irishka – to oppress the weakest in the society, and you do know what I think of this, and yes NOT APPROVED, this is a redo – “DET EN OMMER”! And Benedikte should be “wise” and she wants to be Mayor of Helsingør, and yes come on, Benedikte, START USING THE INSIDE OF YOUR HEAD AND THINK YOURSELF! And eeehhh, you don’t calculate number of killings you will commit to weak people doing this (?), and yes this is what you do, but “you don’t get it because you are blank on top of your head”?

FB 120313 Benedikte 2

  • Michael Wulff was inspired to say that the normally skilled Danish football players of the national team play like a sack of potatoes, so now the national coach has decided to turn everything around appointing a sack of potatoes for the team hoping that it will win, and of course this is a symbol of turning around everything, and when seeing this, I was told that we have now decided to pack and yes our potatoes together and come and visit you, which is the New World coming to me. Later I was told that the national team in football could also not stop gossiping about me.

FB 120313 MW

  • Lykke said that she will never forget the happiness when Hungary in 1989 cut a whole in the iron curtain letting East Germans travel to West Germany, and no I don’t like what is happening in Hungary these days too, but this is really more about “cutting a whole” and not in the iron curtain but the membrane to get our of the Old World as we are still kept inside.

FB 120313 Lykke

  • Michael said that “it is a little mystical, or this is how it feels, every time” and that is how 14 new songs have come sneaking in on him, and I told him that I slowly received the words to one of his very nice songs, which is “In the tracks of the great”, and that this is the same type of inspiration when songs “come to him from above”, and the lyrics from this song is “we walk in the tracks of the great, in way too small shoes with our way too big words”, and yes this is how it is today for most people.

FB 120313 Michael F

FB 120313 Michael F 2

  • Yesterday I wrote to Alex Madsen, one of the best radio hosts here, that “hi” sounds much better than “hey”, and this is because he normally says “hey” when ending a show, and in Danish, this is different than in English, because “hi” is the “correct language” and “hey” is slang-language, which has become “normal” for many, but it does not make it sound any better in my ears, where it sounds “simple” as in “simple minds” of people, and I was encouraged to listen to his radio show of today here, and yes BIG SMILE, he was listening to me, and now ended the show by saying “hi” :-). So people are listening to me even though they are silent, and what do you say, Alex (?), shall we do a radio show together with my favourite show as you did with Crown Prince Frederik (?), and have you already checked my Spotify lists?

FB 110313 Alex

  • For years I have said that if I could, I would prefer to have a four day work week of 9½ to 10 hours instead of five days of 7½ to 8 hours, and yesterday Thomas Blachman was with Pernille, the MP and Dennis, the Union man, on the radio to discuss Thomas Blachman “visionary” suggestion of a four day work week as several calls it, and now you know the inspiration for this and another example of how Thomas and I are on “the same wave-length” :-).

FB 1103 120313 Dennis

  • Some hours after the message I received on David Copperfield in my script – read the text of it today – Morten from the European Parliament said that “good magicians keep their secrets tight – by the way it is a long time since we heard about the EU-discount” (i.e. Denmark paying less), and shortly after seeing this when I wanted to copy the message, my spiritual friends of darkness simply turned down Firefox, and I was told “he is one of them”, but it also shows the inspiration of Morten coming from me, and I asked him if he believes in God (?), which David does, which is his secret as a “magician”, and also that EU will close down, which the EU management knows about, but don’t want to tell and that is just like magicians, because they “cannot” and yes telling the truth is “impossible”, and you might understand why this is darkness then. And how many reads this comment of mine in Morten’s thread – and other threads – and one, two, many is what makes the difference for me making people speak of me, and yes putting two and two together, and in the end, you have enough faith to save the world and create a New World, and this is how it happened.

FB 120313 Morten

  • Helena made a “bootiecall” – to a loverboy of hers – without knowing where the recipient was, with whom and having hands free in the car, which made her say “I have to dig myself down. Goodbye world”, and later it showed out that it was Søren Pind that she had called, and yes he also commented on the thread as you can see from Annette, but still he has blocked me making him “invisible”, and yes the worst darkness you know, and this is just a symbol saying that your love affair, Helena and Søren, is known to the world, and this is what you are going to “dig down”, and why don’t you do it now instead of postponing the embarrassment and sending me even more darkness/sufferings?

FB 120313 Helena

  • FC Barcelona has had a couple of weeks loosing once to AC Milan and twice to Real Madrid, and you know, we “just” had to go through the worst darkness of my father, which is really why, and now we have come out on the other side, which I do believe is what the David Copperfield “magic” is also to say, and this brought FC Barcelona back on track creating “the miracle on Camp Nou” as Manu, the Church Minister, called it, or “Messi-mania” according to Ekstra Bladet, and yes they won 4 to 0 over Milan thus qualifying for the next round of the Champions League, and Victor said that “Messi is God”, and yes he is certainly playing his best when I do the same. And Barcelona, I am “counting” on you making 100 points this year, do you think you CAN?

FB 120313 Manu

EB 120313 Messi mania

FB 120313 FSB

  • Britt is my good old friend from before I met Camilla in 1994, and I connected with her on Facebook in 2009 or 2010, and after publishing my scripts in 2010, Britt leads the competition not only leaving me on Facebook once but twice (!), and yes she has returned before because of “a little help from my spiritual friends”, and now the same has happened for the second time, and this is even though she not only left me but BLOCKED me the last time, which I believe is approx. 12 months ago (?), so maybe you will become surprised seeing my Facebook updates again, Britt (?), and yes what kind of force makes this possible (?), is this the thought, which will come to you? And you may understand that there is a very special relation between this lady and I?

FB 120313 Britt N


13th March: The final settlement of the New World inside the Source bringing the first light and the book of everything

The final settlement of the New World inside the Source bringing the first light and the book of everything

I continued working on my script of yesterday until I published it at 00.15.

I received the feeling that understanding the structure of our New World and the feed of our eternal Source/family tree as mentioned at the end of my script of yesterday is what was needed to make everything “perfect”, so let us see how long this game will continue from now.

It is like hitting a penalty throw and score and yes, Stig, we are going to that invention of yours, your/our New World, and yes to make everyone happy you say (?), and I feel the old Pope John here again, and he reminds me that he has been sent to collect me and that is at the entrance of the garden of Paradise.

And then there is “only” the setup remaining, which will automatically transfer new parts of the Source to our New World, and yes because you want it to be “perfect”, and we do too.

I felt how sufferings decreased after midnight, and was told, so I am not at all angry anymore, I just have to understand you know.

And I feel how next layers of the Source don’t want to be weak, but they speak to me as weak, and I see how they somehow become flat as a metal plate, which is almost like thrown in to me via a big mail box, and this is the automatic system we are setting up.

And with this, we cannot invent any more things to do, this was also meant to be setup in our New World, and I feel Robin Gibb here again encouraging me to play one of the Bee Gee’s dance songs from Saturday Night Fever – symbolising “celebration” – and yes “Night Fever” is also one of those “ultimate dance songs” in my dictionary, so here you have it, and with this follows what is now almost a complete manual of “everything”.

I saw my mother kicking to what seems as the last twigs, was the last vintage wine drunk here (?), is it then here that we will do the final settlement of our New World (?), and yes Stig, this is about where your starting point will be, and this is how I now feel the light of my new mother and New World entering me.

So the question is now how to bring everything here, and to lock everything together, and yes this is also why Britt is brought back to you, and do you think you dare to say hello to her (?), and we know, it is not right to communicate now, so we will have to do it via the impressions my Facebook postings give on her, and simply to see that I have returned.

I am shown boats throwing ropes in to dock at the harbour, this is how it feels like, and I receive some darkness and negative voices going against this, which is both annoying but then again not very strong, but really essentially light.

My mother said that it would be the end of gifts at Christmas, but here is yet another gift, Stig, you have not yet been born, and are taking part of this work yourself and yes believe it or not your old self “surviving” until this very day and that is because your will to survive, not to die, was strong enough to bring everything up to this point of the Source. Because the real gift is your own inner self now placed in here at the New World, and yes alive and kicking and still waiting to become part of you and I feel “him” as a King and receive both feelings of King Richard and of Rowan Atkinson from the Black Adder, which is still about lots of smiles here.

No we are not even “Stempelkvist” anymore, i.e. the man needing to stamp to bring life as I understand it, that time is passed, we are now at a much higher level, and yes the room in here is giant, and this is where you decided to bring us, and it is from here that you will continue our journey as your new self, and I feel my mother as a nun from hundreds of years ago.

And inside here, we know that nothing is too heavy for us to bear because we have the tools to receive anything, and I hear people speaking to the right and front of me with the feeling that they are small people now all around the skin of my face and they say “is Stig really that King” (?) and yes the man we have here so you have got to be everything, which is what he has promised us to bring us to, and here you are and here we are, and yes there will never again be a fencing scene – I see Monty Python.

Was it I, Lene Glistrup, feeling my mother, who was married to you – I feel me – as Mogens Glistrup, yes forget it, but just to say that we have been here in MANY disguises.

No you cannot bring that book there here, because eeehhh a little darkness not wanting the New World to enter, and I feel my sister together with John’s daughters as example “fighting” me, but all it takes is to say “wrong” and yes everything is welcome here. And it is us here bringing the light to you, and yes inside of your new self, and I smell candle light here, and when this is placed here, i.e. inside of you at the Source, the idea is that it will never burn out.

And this is where you have said that your loyal subjects (“undersåtter”) – I really don’t like that word – are welcome to come and visit you, and yes Stig, this is the first light of everything, the origin self, and this is placed here at the very centre of everything with all following creation around this.

With this, we have completed the building of and setup of everything as you asked for, will you now publish this (?), and yes in case you will not wake up as your old self tomorrow (?), and no, it will be done tomorrow no matter if I am my old or new self.

So now our task is to complete your transformation without any sufferings?

And then I was asked again if I would not publish this because it “consolidates” this, and it is now 02.30, and alright then.

This is what was laid underneath the ground, then, which is what you are now digging up, and yes everything of your new self.

We have such a small bag (of darkness) that we can really use it as a gift too, for example a smile of Victor Borge and “welcome home”.

This is how the New World now becomes an insert to the buttonhole of your suit with the suit being “everything” and our New World what we have yet created.

YOU HAVE NOT YET BROUGHT THE MISSING FEW DKK’s TO THE PIZZA STORE in Espergærde (!) – which I promised them weeks ago when cycling home from Preben, and we know, it is a sin of mine., and I forgot it. I did not write it down, and I thought that I would return on my new mountain bike when exercising, but I did not.

I continue receiving feelings of many, which I don’t write much down of, but Allan & Grethe (Hans’ God mother and husband) come to me often, and yes they simply “could not” see you.

And this installation cannot really be made without sleep, so this is also what we have used the love of your mother for.

It is not “pee”, we cannot move the content of the refrigerator if you sleep, and yes we know, you have got to sleep at the end of the night, and no, I have stopped not sleeping, I cannot take it anymore.

This is the only way you can make us “not eliminate anything” and I feel this next BIG part of the Source at my door, which wants to terminate the New World if I sleep, and no it is light, and what I will not absorb will be absorbed by the New World.

Isn’t there a doctor here (?), and it is not because there is a lack of doctors (?), and can it be that it is because the Commune don’t believe I am sick, is this how my father thinks?

Do you know what I found, a cooker hood, which I have never seen before, and we can use this to hang up the crown.

Who will take that place (?), and yes it feels like the waste disposal site and will have to get cleaned up, which is what we start now – here at 03.30, and I still receive negative and sexual speech as the fuel of this.

Have we secured his printing press for bank notes (the new part)?

This is not only a ship inside a block of ice, but many, and hmmm how am I going to explain this one, if you take Mette Frederiksen one million times, this is the energy we can bring via this.

So now he is not so crazy anymore (?), which is making us dare do this now, and yes entering an even higher level of your father instead of him bringing you/us down.

So we passed that house there, and there is no rent inside of here you say – but still there is “plenty of energy” (?) – and that is right so it was fuel of darkness bringing us here, and when we are now here, there is nothing stopping us, and isn’t that wonderful (?), and yes the question is really to sleep or not sleep.

And we bring the weight in here, and when there is no energy/darkness here, it means that there will be no terminations, and yes even if I slept now, what may be lost, will be recreated again.

We have not been here since the time of the war, and eeehhh….?

Yes, you are bringing all of the illness of richness, investments etc. inside of here, and you still have a little coughing, but because you decided to be clean, you were clean on behalf of the world, and this is how we are both the cleanest and still the worst at the same time, and yes the last is sending me darkness to come here.

We had dreamt to be looking at a smaller house together, and this is what we get, and yes a GIANT building to store everything.

So it is first when entering here that all creation ever made becomes exchangeable and again because of the warm feelings of my father now coming.

So the opening of the Source is your left ankle, funny that we still use this, right?

Think that it was only necessary to bring him half a warning to get here.

And it seems that he will be doing this in one shot, and what thereafter (?), and no, I don’t know, it depends on his sister and mother and all of them.

Those duvets have to be exchanged too otherwise we will never be able to make the top of those “kilometre tall walls”, and yes you have to write how you feel for people to understand that you are disgusted by receiving more notes to write down, and it is now 04.35, and disgusted as in throw up, I don’t like doing this work anymore, and I never really did.

If you didn’t know better, you would think that you would drown getting inside such a building like this, but no, we are the only ones being here and that is yet, and right until we will switch on this machine here, our homemade and yes creating life and it should also work inside of here, shouldn’t it, and can I borrow that key there – and yes Stig, LIGHT DECIDES – and it will make us much strong and so on, and we know you don’t have to answer, it is an automatic system now.

I will take this preventing you from doing any more Molotov cocktails.

The taxi would need some more information on him, and so we would continue and yes apparently without you ever arriving, and yes another play of darkness now surpassed.

I have been told how I have lacked iron and other things making thinking difficult, but the worst part was the blood sugar.

My father’s Kirsten and Magasin department store has not been open in my time, but …

Entering the new level of the Source being welcomed by an unknown civilisation having been here before!

We have received a new “ringleader of the tormentors”, and yes YOU HAVE KILLED ME, and that is to the Old World, but you do know this by now, but there is nothing wrong with the music, and we know a clear 100 point from a TRUE favourite too :-).

I received Ottawan’s “hands up (give me your love)” and the lyrics “give me your love” over and over again, and also “what will I do to get closer to you”?

I felt Karin from Holland, and was told that it was also the plan for her to abandon me.

I was shown a bed packed together (from the previous level of the Source and New World) and put into a new heavenly cradle, this is how we feel.

So how is the bathing water here (?), well you have been down at the lowest and I felt that it is pure here.

There was almost an instant will to start producing coffee here, Stig, now at 06.15, and we are still using the old telephone number to get here, and are you really ….?

We would have died for you bringing you here, including Michael Bundesen, as I was told several times, but no, not with my direct approval.

I felt a stir of excitement from my spiritual friends after they opened a door, and I was told “you should see this”.

We now continue transferring to you – the New World to the next level of the Source – and I felt INCREDIBLE gentle kindness and love, and yes if I am to compare with what I have felt in living people, the closest feeling is this “gentle kindness and love” of Georgie, but this is still on another level.

So now we are back inside the Source again, and what does this mean now? And yes, as Stig I take the step up to a new level and after me follows the New World, and this seems to be the logical order we have followed and will follow for an eternity to come.

There are NO LIMITS to just how tired I was from approx. 07.00 to 11.30, where I fought not to fall asleep, which I did not, but I was also not fully awake when my eyes kept closing for periods of time, but I did not sleep as in sleep when you lie down.

They can easily roll out the “bomb disarm machine” because this is a preserved road, and the bombs are because of pressure of John’s brothers which otherwise would have been explosive.

I received “fast love” by George Michael and the lyrics “You really ought to get up” over and over again, which of course is still because of the work this night to get up to the next and new floor of the Source and bringing us all there.

I was shown large dark galleons at dock being unloaded, and I received a new small heart attack and strong feeling of darkness inside the back side of my right lower leg, and yes to my surprise.

The line bringing me here is incredible thin, and I was given a disgusting feeling of receiving a potential, lethal heart attack, and this line is what we are strengthening.

It is all about others, i.e. selfishness, which is how it is to shop inside here.

I was told that Denmark’s Queen Margrethe’s late mother, Queen Ingrid, has seen you since the war (in visions as I understood), but no one has spoken loud about this.

Kissinger and Nixon would not have stopped with the Vietnam war – using nuclear weapon(s) – they would have been unstoppable, so I had to stop them using the means that I did (Watergate).

Yes, the teacher’s room (?), that is right that way.

I received Bryan Adam’s “the best of me” and the Beatles’ (with Jeff Lynne) REAL LOVE at the same time, and this is the love we also meet here at this new level of the Source.

Your mother feels like digging herself down because you have no money, this is all that it takes. And yes, she keeps asking me about what to do with my bicycle when I speak to her, and I keep stalling, and I will have to do something about this soon if I am not woken up as my new self “now”, and yes NOT what I want to use energy on.

So we would kill to get these addresses – our new home – but no, it is not needed, it is now 14.00, and I have decided to stay up killing time to get over my tired crisis, which is really still here after having passed the worst.

It takes less than a fly to turn over your father now that he is starting to believe in you?

You are not that hilarity madman setting everything up in here (?) with the feeling without help and because of no sleep and also because of what some people still believe I am.

I was told that it is deliberate that people should feel doubts about you, “do we have faith in him or not” (?), which is what is also bringing us forward.

At 16.20 I was shown a big painting brush and then “the whole team of painters” of our New World moving in to paint everything yellow here, and yes this is how it works, I open for a new level, and the New World comes in and decorates it.

I was told that “he”, i.e. my inner self, is the only one being able to remove “the bottom card” of the world and bring it up to the next level, which is what is happening now. It is like unplugging the tent pegs of the world and to completely surround the new part of the Source with everything of our New World.

Berlusconi and the Vatican Church were “interested” in stopping “the window”, which is about their “selfish interests”, which would have stopped my window from turning around even more parts of the Source as my old self and that is if they had received their will, and yes now you are “stuck”, is this how it is (?), and I receive a nice feeling of Pope Benedict looking down upon me from above with a kind look.

And we promise you that it will not be as difficult in our New World to create new levels of our New World, and the question is why do this now and not wait until after the opening of our New World (?), and yes can you keep a secret (?), and that is because this suitcase is not heavy now, and who knows how much we will be able to do at the same time when we are inside the New World (?), and yes we will see. And we don’t have the same amount of pressure from the New World as we do now?

I still feel a core of darkness including “what have I done to you”, “you are not showing me justice” etc. and yes still the opposite world.

And once again we have come to the point to exchange your clothes, do you want me to stay outside (?), and no, because you are the one doing it, and yes I knew it, so here we go, there is the needle, which I used to stick myself on, and still not easy when you are not as skilled as I, and we know this is coming from the spirit of my mother but going through darkness on its way into me thus changing it a bit.

At 20.00 I decided that I was too tired to do the last of the script of today and upload it, it will be tomorrow instead, and I received much pressure doing this work, but decided to postpone it and was told that this corresponds not to have tested our new creation.

I was told that Nikita Khrushchev also knew about you, and no he was not the worst criminal of them all according to himself, which Stalin was, but he also played the role to terminate the world (the Cuba-crisis) and yes we also came through that obstacle too.

Your opening to seeing your father again is what makes this game being able to continue including for the Vatican Church once again to exhibit its “illnesses” to the world, see the short stories.

I was told about my old class mates Søren D-N and Christian G (from the dream also the other day) that they are with me as the last when lifting the New World, and that they are “important”.

I was shown a happy Robin Hood playing the guitar and Lady Marion did not want to go here, which was decisive to come here, and I am here given extreme physical pain to my right foot.

I was told that the spirits of my mother and father as the Old World and the Source have been making love as two units, and I am now finishing to get everything out of there to bring together everything of one unit.

With this we are now back at the taxi waiting and we don’t believe that we can do yet another level, but you will decide, and yes “same rules”, which is to have patience outlasting the last darkness and then to become our news elves, and yes of course without letting everyone suffocate or similar because of this.

I was told that not long ago, “elements of Russia” would still like to know if Stig speaks the truth or is Satan, and yes obviously not everyone knowing about of believing in the information, which Nikita Khrushchev had 50 years ago.

We have taken a big enough step to the left for you to become your new self now, what do you want to do (?), and I received a big sneeze still pulling out more energy of the Old World, and yes “let light decide” and as mentioned before I will continue as is, if I can, and a little later I was told that the only alternative option still is to bring our my “old nightmare” burning off the last darkness, but no, it is much better to use this as light/creation as you can tell, so “be patient” and follow me to the end whenever that may be.

You have to do a voice audition to receive access to the next level, and you have already received access, do you want to continue, and yes fine, let us start on another new level, but I will NOT continue these days without sleep, I cannot anymore.

I was told that we have not found eternity tonight, but something else, which is “groundbreaking”.

I was told that when I sent a Facebook email to Sanna, who did not see it, I told her that it could be my spiritual friends preventing it to come forward, and then she found my email after and telling me that it was NOT “a little magic” of my spiritual friends, and it does not take much to confirm my sister, so did she read my email to the Commune carefully about “a little magic”, when Bjarne from the Commune was “helped” to “follow me” on Facebook, which he did NOT do him, and the old story of the official world reading me in secrecy (?), and no, this is NOT easy to understand, Sanna, when you don’t want to understand still believing that I am crazy (?), and yes still influencing our mother and the family against me (?), and this is how we continue the game to send even more darkness to me.

At 22.00 I was devastated and decided to go to bed, but I was not allowed really sleep, and instead I was told that we here bring live pictures from the new level of the Source and our New World, and I was shown a room full of tiles on the wall including ancient drawings, and I was told that there has been a civilisation here before ours and we don’t know whom (!), and eeehhhh this is a level above God where we have never been before, and the feeling was that we are here receiving a welcome telling us about who we really are, and I was thinking myself that if God became into a being/force at our part of the family tree, it could have happened other places of this eternity too (?), and can it really be that we are only one pocket of life (of “almost an eternity of worlds”), and that there are God’s elsewhere having done the same waiting for us to come to this exact point (?), and yes this is an old thought of mine, which was effectively turned down a long time ago (when I lived in Lyngby in 2010 I believe, and maybe into 2011), but is it really so (?), or is this a story of darkness? And I was asked “don’t you want to know more” (?), and yes fine, but I would really like to sleep now.

I was shown myself as a young Danish racing cyclist winning a professional cycling race on the central station of Helsingør, which is the goal of my journey.

I slept poorly until 00.20 where I was woken up with the dream below, and I decided to stand up and yes finish and publish my script, and it takes ”nothing” for my spiritual friends to challenge my conscience and I feel the best publishing a new script before sleep, and that is if I can.

  • I am out driving and when crossing a traffic light, I do it with the shortest possible margin of a big vehicle crossing the light from the opposite direction just before and just after I have crossed and I am told that it is pure luck that my own songs were not smashed on my road, and I turn off the road into a ground maybe 10-20 the size of a family garden, I have been working on and I meet the owner, who is my friend and he both feels like Crown Prince Frederik and also one of the members of Tears for Fears, and he tells me just how great his talent is to write fantastic songs, and I confirm that he has, and he tries to find a particular song with an acoustic guitar, which should be installed a piece of a long line installed all around the ground, but he cannot find it, and I tell him that I have moved away most of the songs. There are some incredible plants and animal life on this ground, and I tell my friend to look at a bird pollinate the most amazing and biggest flower imaginable, and at the same time I hear the uncle to a teenager say that “you will continue as unemployed and are invited for the theatre tomorrow.”
    • I was told that it was only with the greatest will power and determination that I avoided the collision with darkness. My songs are “warm feelings/love”, which was very close to be partly destructed by darkness doing its best to collide with me, and here I am removing songs from this garden with the feeling that they are placed elsewhere, and the message of the dream is that Crown Prince Frederik both knows that he is loved by the Danish population, which he is, and also that he is a WIMP too not having the courage to stand forward telling the world about me – why is that so difficult, Frederik (?) – and the big flower speaks of MUCH warms feelings, which is what I have to you and the Royal family and maybe it is returned (?), and the teenager is a school boy who will continue playing the game and that goes for you as it does for me.

    • And the first song I think of with Tears for Fears with an acoustic guitar is “pale shelter”, so this is about more play of “When you don’t give me love, you give me pale shelter”, and yes the songs of this first album of Tears for Fears are ALSO very special to me, and you know this “unique sound”, which is a phenomenon I like much and about “variation”. And the guitar is about creation, which Frederik helps doing.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I received this email the other day, which I first had time and energy to answer now, and later in the day, I received a new Facebook friend called “Golddust blessings”, whom will have to be Susan below, and she reacted to the video below, which I uploaded a long time ago and embedded to one of my Signs webpages because someone else had removed it.

Email to Susan 130313


  • Later I saw this posting of hers, and I don’t believe that she understand that she has reached “home”, and you might understand that she is receiving spiritual messages, and this does not say anything about our New World, but “only positivity”, which you know is how “darkness disguised as light” looks light, and it fits people focusing on “what they “need””.

FB 130313 Golddust

  • Sending my regards to Kasper Winding, but only receiving silence from him too.

FB 130313 Kasper

  • Christopher sure has a strange way to communicate, and this time he did not return after my reply.

FB 130313 Christopher

  • Kristian writes the leading articles of Politiken, which is one of the leading and “most serious” newspapers of Denmark, but often he lack the “capability” to really think deeply about a subject, and here he said that he is a great supporter of the Employment Minister’s “useful jobs”, if they will live up to her good attentions (!), and yes this is really what he said (!!!), and I decided to use some of my “killing time” to tell him that it must be nice to support a dictatorship (?), and I asked him if he has tried or just considered what it REALLY means to be a SLAVE of the system, how humiliating and degrading a treatment this is instead of giving people FREEDOM AND RESPONSIBILITY, truly helping to find work instead of working with the lowest denominator for all and to use/develop the REAL skills of people (?), and yes this is how I also asked him to use the inner of his head, and to pass this on to big parts of the media and politicians who also “cannot” do this, and yes read, learn and share my experiences as a “prisoner”/slave of the system, which terrorised/humiliated me among others to make him understand, but this obviously requires that he reads with an open mind, and CAN YOU do this, Kristian (?), and yes I wonder because it did not take many minutes before I received the feeling of him “you are treating me unjust”, and am I, Kristian (?), and yes I am (!), but not in that meaning, and yes you really need to turn around to get the full understanding, see?
    • And can you IMAGINE just how incredible tired I am sending out messages like this trying to teach deaf people about what is right and wrong (?), and yes DISGUSTING it is, and no, I do NOT enjoy it, I would MUCH rather NOT do it, which of course is another misunderstanding of some, and yes “he is unstoppable” and as in “obsession” you believe (?), but no, it is really the opposite feeling and YOU are the reason why I continue and NOT ME (!), see (?), and yes this is really what is leading to “a kiss in the dreamhouse”, and we know my no. two favourite album of Siouxsie & the Banshees, and “obsession” is here no. 3 after 08:18, and we know PLAY THIS ON THE BEST STEREO EQUIPMENT, it is marvellous :-)”.

FB 130313 til Kristian

  • Bjørn is “a Danish author, academic, and environmental writer”, who “campaigned against the Kyoto Protocol and other measures to cut carbon emissions”, and he is one I also could have decided to “play” with, but this is the first time – or did I tell him before (?) – that I told him that “the world was going under because of climate changes, which you did not take seriously and sadly, a large part of the world chose to listen to your rubbish. The truth will soon be revealed, also to you, which will make you “see”. And I like doing this as little as the comment to Kristian, and still it is “maybe they will generate some more fuel to help the last part of creation”, which is driving me, and yes also bringing me more sufferings of course.

FB 130313 Bjørn

  • I was told that the Vatican Church also did not believe that you would survive this evening, therefore they felt pressured to elect a new pope (of the old school too?), and I was told that by this action, the church helped to send so much darkness to me to lift us up to the next level of the Source, and also “when are you told as a Cardinal that “we are not along” (?), and yes when you become Pope, so Francis, “my friend”, welcome to our New World, and yes for how long do you intend to be a Pope, and you don’t want to separate our ways (?) as I am told. The announcement of this new Pope made me INCREDIBLE sad, and yes you decided to continue playing the game electing this pope, for the media to “enthusiastically” tell about it and I saw thousands of people celebrating on St. Peter’s Square, and all of the world is celebrating what is darkness, and no one wants to speak about me and announce my arrival, and yes you might understand why it makes me sad to have (almost) no happy followers, (mostly) the opposite?

130313 New Pope

  • Toke is one of the old High School students from last year, who is “stuck” with me as a Facebook friend, and he said that he does not understand the Catholic Church electing a new pope, because “if these people really were in daily contact with God – as they claim they are – why don’t they just ask him directly”, and I simply declared “there would be no pope then” – and yes, Toke, they knoooowww (!) – and he asked me “would that be a problem, dear Stig” (?), and no it would not, why do you think I wrote as I did?

FB 130313 Toke

  • Klaus shared what claims to be a “press picture directly from Vatican”, and it really tells the story of “destructive darkness” via the picture of the VERY inspired late artist, Frank Zappa, on the toilet, and yes this is what this church is STILL sending me, and you do NOTHING about it, but keeping up appearances, a DISGRACE is what it is, and yes with many homosexuals of this church, it seems right to bring the old massive hit “Bobby Brown” by Frank Zappa, and yes many of you like “the cutest boy in town”, right?

FB 130313 Klaus Pave

  • Bo arranges events with some of the leading mediums of Denmark, and he was in London showing this levitating Yoda, and he did not get how he did it, and people had different guesses, and I don’t know what keeps this Yoda up, but it seems to me that he is really floating – can you see anything else (?), I cannot (!) – so I brought the video below with Criss Angel and I said that “he (Yoda) is levitating like this one, who truly levitates and the only magic he uses is the magic of God, which everyone clearly can see but still “no one” wants to believe in this, a paradox, right? Yoda is also a symbol of God and the levitation here is also to say that I am still working.

FB 130313 Bo




About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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2 Responses to March 13, 2013: The final settlement of the New World inside the Source bringing the first light and the book of everything

  1. jette says:

    vender tilbage og læser igennem.. Google og ‘de grimme sorte driller hele tiden og forsøger at fjerne firewall’en fra min PC’ er her dog endnu.. ❤

    • Jeg håber, at du får løst udfordringerne, Jette, og jeg glæder mig til at se nye Google-billeder, når du kan. Til din orientering har jeg siden 2008, tror jeg det er, kørt uden firewall og virusbeskyttelse, og den eneste beskyttelse jeg har mod virus og computer-nedbrud er således min tro på mig selv, som jeg fortælles, og det er således mit indre jeg, indvendigt i mørke, som fjerner virus fra min PC, og dette er også for at vise min ÅBENHED til verden, som dog førte til, at “svage sjæle” fra den officielle verden valgte at “se indenfor” uden at orientere mig, men sådan er der så meget.

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