March 15, 2013: The Old World is breaking down and I am being led through the beginning of Paradise by John Paul II


Summary of the script today

14th March: The light of my old self is being blown out while I continue bringing out the finest ships from the yard

  • The light of my old being is being blown out, my old pole is breaking at the most inner of darkness where there is light, after having washed everything except from a very little amount of dirty water, which was given to me as incredible freeze this night, which I understood as life of darkness, which will be awakened on the other side from the New World.
  • I did it “my way” “and now the end is near, and so I face the final curtain” as my old self before waking up as my new self together with all of our New World. I feel that my physically self is being “sucked out” and transferred to our New World.
  • When the ship yard is in crisis, it builds the most beautiful ships, which we receive now. There is gold inside the blood jacket, and we continue my journey for “still some time”.
  • Sufferings of “the rat pack” of leaders of the Old World, who “cannot” speak out the truth of their wrongdoings and me, is also bringing me energy.
  • Dreaming of having the keys of Hitler, I am still on my way to the New World after having completed my tour around the world saving life while darkness was watching, and crossing more darkness without resistance.
  • Short stories of lack of faith leading to temporary terminations, the rain did return to Kenya with farms too, and testing Bjarne and his “nervous system” once more when he again turned my Facebook invitation down, when will Susan “Golddust” learn who I am (?), and Helena did a practical joke making me believe that she believes that I am stalking her, which brings references to Karen believing that I am stalking her, belief that I am the one, Helena being “the beautiful Helena” of Greek Mythology symbolising transferral of the Source to our New World instead of bringing the remaining power of Armageddon, and it also showed that Bjarne from the Commune worries about me being a “potential axe attacker”!

15th March: The Old World is breaking down and I am being led through the beginning of Paradise by Pope John Paul II

  • Dreaming of darkness having the hardest knock imaginable but it cannot hit me, if I stopped working, darkness would show itself as “darkness disguised as light” to me, and we continue my journey for “just another day” at a time.
  • When I was shot down as a blackbird a few weeks ago because of the bite of my father, there was nothing to hold together the world except from my will power to continue, which is what is holding us together with balance given to me by Thomas Blachman!
  • I have been focussed trying to hear “deep roaring sounds” of the sky as I have received old déjà vue’s about, but there are no sounds like this here, but I was led to “mystery booms” of Florida and elsewhere sounding like explosions, which is about the Old World about to break down as a fragile card house because there is practically no more energy of darkness remaining, but we will keep on my journey with the aim to bring all of my father out from the old connection with my mother before we will open our New World.
  • We are about to open to the biggest refrigerator of life yet, which is done together with more “mother love” helping this life not to huddle together. I received the symbol from John of our New World opening via his new TV-system and my spiritual friends are SMILING/LAUGHING more than ever before just behind the play of darkness, and I was shown the golden ship of the Source, which I am still nearing with the help of Pope John Paul, who is now bringing me through the first lonely part of Paradise, i.e. out of the pipe of my father, before everything will open to all of us when we reach the main land of the Source.
  • This evening, the Danish X-factor included inspired stories of “pollution of Russia” including a FALSE Putin destroying love of God (!), a “completely crazy story” of Thomas Blachman symbolising what Helsingør Commune and others believed was my “completely crazy” application to the Commune, a new presence (of my new self) inside of me, the family tree was moved from my father and new self and placed inside Thomas Blachman before it was brought inside of me when writing this chapter bringing some nervousness, which is why they had difficulties finding “the presence” of some this evening, my spiritual friends cannot speak out all positivity because of the game, we are working hard to find life inside darkness, Thomas spoke about “a limitation in the mind with some of you to confuse beauty with boredom”, which was the theme this evening when Anne Linnet and a majority of the Danish people “could not” hear quality thus deciding to send out Amanda, my favourite, and to keep the “good looking” boy-band, Wasteland, who does NOT have the same singing talent, purity and integrity is what is moving me up one level at the time of the Source, Thomas had severe problems with his microphone symbolising that we cut the voice of my father this evening until it returned “tomorrow” when this is written, it took COURAGE to create beauty, we put everything at stake to transfer the family tree of my father and if it worked out fine (?) – YOU BET (!), and there is NOTHING to fear being told the truth of Thomas Blachman (or me) knowing what he speaks of.
  • Jette returned with new Google Earth pictures today from her Facebook group including these showing first reading goodnight stories, then entering the light, the after-effects of the rape of the worst darkness of a young girl, who now receives help of light, light of Greenland does NOT like darkness, we are close to “everything” of the (diamond) star of Africa, uniting of light and darkness as one, a football player being kicked out of Africa, darkness trying to hide, the ship of the world with fine passengers, the act of the Source, pollution dissolving itself, and taking measurements of new wings.
  • Short stories of how rewarding it is to be out with people rather than watching TV, Soulaima tells directors the truth straight out, which she could not bear receiving herself from me, Olav and BT are hungry like the wolf, the GREEDY financial world will close down with our New World Order, birthday greetings for Kirsten, taming the lion of Anton, sell the Vatican to feed the world, and the political office of hell at the Parliament in Berlin is being changed into our New Kingdom.


14th March: The light of my old self is being blown out while I continue bringing out the finest ships from the yard

The light of my old self is being blown out while I continue bringing out the finest ships from the yard

I was met by my spiritual friends giving me a handshake and showing me that the light is being blown out, which will have to be my old little light.

If you could not continue, we would soon try to say that “you cannot exchange this”.

I received the feeling and words of “you don’t understand me” at the most inner, and one of the people there is Elijah sending out this feeling, and yes STILL!!!

No, I would also not dare to wait anymore, but Stig continues to say that we have all the time in the world, and yes yes yes I wonder when you will wake me up, if we can continue for one more day, or maybe a week or even a month?

I was told that there are not many Crianza’s of red wine remaining before we are ready to end this game.

The Tuborg adds were also me (“det´en ommer” – “it’s a redo”), and I feel “nice light” of people coming to me from right, and as if this move to the new level of the Source first becomes reality with the publish of my script of now yesterday, and this is what I am preparing now after having finished it, and by 03.30 I had published it, and I received the taste of spirits spread out all over and I was told that with this, we don’t have to do this, and yes spread the last darkness as sufferings.

Yes, we could have put all of those tips funds (from this new level) on him – i.e. as darkness – but no, we have set up our New World to take on any challenge of the Source.

I don’t hear the word “doctor” as I have for some time, and no, they don’t want to hospitalise you anymore, and that is because you have crossed this darkness.

Your mother would do anything to jump out to save you, and the tragedy was that when she could not understand because of your sister, she was doing the opposite, and this is what would kill herself, and yes if something happened to her dear son, and I receive the feeling that this is a feeling she has because of just how “poorly” I am doing.

I was told that this next level of the Source including its tools making it possible to create our New World WITHOUT my sufferings is also what would secure the survival of our Old World and creation of our New World in any case – despite of my journey – because destructions would have brought energy to bring us there in any case, and this is confirming the old story that we would have survived no matter what, this time, and that the world and I went through these sufferings as a learning experience.

And then we don’t have to do that silly thing to maintain the balance, which is also what we use Thomas Blachman for. And yes you are heartfelt welcome, which I continue hearing you say now, and that is the New World closer to me than ever before knowing that it is welcome at the Source.

We will continue until you have touched the ball with your left hand putting this in goal too. How will you explain that you decided not to kick any penalty kicks against me (?), which was said with irony because this is how to avoid sending darkness to the world. And it means that we don’t have to send you false information because of the membrane of darkness.

What shall we do when we will no longer go to the theatre with him (?), yes you are going to be part of him as everything.

So now we can soon tear that piece of paper over, and yes no sufferings to the world.

Now I have washed my hands, where do you want me to place the wash bowl (?), and yes there is almost no dirty water remaining in it.

I received a new feeling to my right ankle and was given a new understanding to the information about Søren D-N and Christian G. of yesterday, which is that they are really closing the very last of what was part of the Old World and now coming out too.

I was shown a GIANT cake in front of me, the result of creation, and tasted it, and received many good symbols.

Your new duvet, yes you can get out of your cover but first when he decides to.

I was shown the train coming in at the end station, which looks VERY fine and it is with MUCH space and tall walls, our new place.

I was shown Electric Light Orchestra as “pirates” in the bottom of the ship around a tree pole which is breaking apart because of how thin it is now, and this is how it is as “darkness” of this place, which is really the opposite as light, which is what I will experience as my new self here wherefrom “the light shines on” for an eternity to come, and this is the light of the Source and our family tree shining through the open roof of the house of our New World.

ELO light shines on

I have been given names of artists I never listen to within popular and jazz music, which is only to say that these are my scripts based on how I was formed as a human and there is MUCH I don’t know about and much good music/culture out there, which I know absolutely nothing about.

I could easily have killed 5to 6 of your family members but now i have decided to go with him instead because he was stronger than all of them otherwise, you would not have been alive but killed yourselves, my dear family, friends etc. and this would be the same with a large part of the world.

So this is the last darkness, which is here, there is NO darkness at new levels of the Source, remember that we invented darkness as a tool of creation only?

Late in the night I had turned up my radiator to its maximum, it was a few minus degrees outside, and I had a duvet and blanket on me, but was still freezing so I have to put on a sweater too, but still I was freezing, and I decided to go to bed thinking that this is the only place I can be warm, but despite of having two duvets, one blanket and a sweater on, it was impossible to be warm, I was still freezing, and is this about “temporary terminations” coming to me, which I am not told about (?), and nevertheless, this was a sign given to me, and when I finally fell asleep maybe around 05.00 and woke up at 12.45, the apartment was warm, so it was my inner temperature being regulated like this by my spiritual friends. And here are some dreams.

  • Something about Denmark, the cinema, World War II, I set the effects of a “stunt bomb”. Only the ”country leader” of Denmark had the courage to go against the ”country leader” of Germany, and I tell them ”should you not get those customs/uniforms (nearly the same word in Danish) off soon” (?), and I say that I have Hitler’s keys, and he cannot see it, what do you think he will say about me, and it is sinister plans, which leads to Hitler’s resignation.
    • “Courage” was the key driver of my journey together with hard work and will power to resist darkness.
  • Several cars are driving to Jutland, my old friend Lisbeth is driving slowly. I am in control of my telephone, which is charged by my car itself. Everything of our luggage is controlled on our way over including a card of mine where I have marked out squares, which the controllers first don’t like because they don’t believe there is cover for it, but I tell them that there is data underneath them so they are not empty, and I am allowed to bring it. Also something about saving a bottle of “line aquavit”, which is foaming, and for 3 DKK we get a 2 cl drink of it, and even though I don’t like aquavit, I still drink it.
    • Jutland is still a symbol of our New World where I am still going with the last of me, and the telephone is my old spiritual voice still guiding me, and it gets charged by my car, i.e. myself. The luggage is life that we are bringing, which is controlled by darkness – because the whole world can see what I am doing via my public scripts – and even though it tries to work against me, I am still allowed to bring everything, and Lisbeth is in this dream because she is from Kolding, and since my writings on Marion Dampier-Jeans, I have had a regular visitor from Kolding to my website searching for “Stig Dragholm Marion Dampier-Jeans”, and this person has read many of my scripts and return often, and I don’t know if it is because this person has faith in me or because the person has “lost it” and would like me to remove my writings on Marion thus being a potential threat “reporting” me to WordPress behind my back (?), and no I don’t believe in this, but you never really know. The aquavit is special because it is sailed around the equator in barrels before it is sold (!) and this is a sign of darkness having gone through the 360 degrees tour of the world.
  • In order to reach my train, I have to climb up to a higher located railway terrain with several tracks, and when I walk along these, I meet another man walking there – also avoiding trains from driving us down – and I ask him if I can cross the tracks because I wonder if there is electrical power in them, and he says that I can. Later I reach a beautiful tree, which I climb down from, and it is at this level that my train is.
    • The symbol of crossing a railway has always been “the worst challenge of all” where darkness could cut me down, and here I am, still wandering on my high way with no darkness remaining as electrical power/energy, and the tree gave me a very special feeling thus having to be the family tree inside of me.

I was told that there were many other ways to secure the ticket on – saving the world by creating a new – but I did it “my way” “and now the end is near, and so I face the final curtain” as my old self before waking up as my new self together with all of our New World and every single being, and the strength and beauty of Frank Sinatra’s voice goes right through to the deep parts of me, which is what my love of music is about, and it made me think that many will not appreciate this (as much) as I do because they don’t have the same deep feelings thus never making Frank reach their true inner self – and I wonder what will happen to all animals (?), will we hear horses and dogs speak and so on?

I didn’t tell you that when the ship yard is in crisis, it builds the most beautiful ships, which we receive now. There is gold inside the blood jacket.

I received “the greatest horror” coming to me from outside as a sudden feeling, but no, I don’t believe you, darkness can do nothing because it is almost not hear.

We have not been this nice since the end of World War II.

We are not a tablet pc from the inside but when you combine the New World with the Source as mentioned, you are, and people have understood this but why is it then that everyone is silence, why is it that no one can address the real problems of the world with pollution, abuse of power etc. and to establish a New World Order (?), and when the official world knows that I am coming (?); and yes all of this beats me, this should be possible to do, for everyone, but it seems like a collective hypnosis, and when this is the case, we will simply continue our journey, and at the same time I hear “cut over journey, because I can take no more” and this last voice is Elijah speaking, and yes he is on the team too, but mostly silent when he could speak, and yes “fear of me”, is this it (?), and we know we have been through everything, don’t fear me, fear yourself and so on, and what happens in Italy, why can’t you create a new government?

This is the time where your mother should beat you, but you take it very relaxed and say that I am in control.

Where there is a horse, there is a lake, this is approx. the motto here, where we will get another wonderful day here in Helsingør, and the last is the New World “shining” through.

Isn’t it at the yard that he cannot do nothing (?), cannot afford getting there, cannot survive there (?), and yes we have been through all of that, and when you are still here, we can only be happy that you did it, and I feel Meshack too here and his support, which is “half of it”, the brother who carried me forward more than anyone.

So you cannot afford these trousers (?), which are the last I have to offer you before the store here truly must close here at the end of the snow season. But we will take them anyway, thanks for offering them.

So we are playing the game that we pretend that we have not yet completed the tour around the world.

Half a kilo coffee, how much gold can you get with … eehh “nothing”?

That episode at the beach – with Niklas Bendtner drunk driving – is also not part of the reason why we can expand this game is it?

And this means that there is still light here however weak it is and that we cannot switch it off yet.

Well, you don’t throw pigs after money, do you (?), well for “some time” yet, this is what we do, so what can you give, Stig (?), this is the question, and yes I have almost nothing more I can give, and that is to write my daily scripts and maybe go for a walk because my monthly card at the swimming hall has now expired and I am not sure that my mother will renew it and also not that I will be able to use it, I only used it a few times the last month, and no, I do NOT expect to see myself without sleep for two days.

No, he will not allow any of us to “fall through”, we will all become life. So it is in this perspective you have to see your decision to stop being awake during nights.

So your familiar book makes the New World suck me out, this is how it feels like from the right when it is right now sucking out my physical self to itself.

Has he been bathing himself and pulling himself up of it?

No, your mother cannot help you out of the lake can she (?), and yes this is what my spiritual mother does via the New World, and what is the force driving it (?), and is it “only love” (?) and yes I can see no other doing it, so you are doing it yourself with whatever “energy” we can use, and yes yes yes including love, which this dark inner part of me, now only my left side, does not like.

So we will continue with that bloody lunch package to get everything out of it (?); and yes this is what he says.

You are not a conclave of everything which has passed are you (?), and “conclave” “is a meeting of the College of Cardinals convened to elect a new Bishop of Rome, also known as the Pope”, which again is a reference of the Catholic church knowing about me behind “closed doors”, and you do know what I believe of closed doors, don’t you?

So you have decided to bring all newspapers from your left side with you (?) – YES.

I was told that Raila Odinga – the Kenyan Prime Minister who just lost the Presidential election of Kenya to Uhuru Kenyatta – is part of the same rat pack as Uhuru, and they are only playing a game to the world with this election because behind closed doors, you have another old agenda of darkness? This is also from where my hiccups come, which I received several of this morning, which is sufferings of leaders of the Old World because of their wrongdoings, which they “simply cannot” speak out via the media, which is also belonging to the same rat pack, and this is the worst darkness, which this divine trio of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. is about, and yes it is from out of darkness that life is created.

And had it become 5 to 1 as it “almost” did, the world would have known about me – including destructions/sufferings, which could not be hidden away – and we would not see the magnificence that we do now.

Lack of faith of Søren D-N should have smashed you through the floor, which was a difficult time to go through also for us, but by now we have recreated what was lost there.

How do you get out of the cinema (?), well you don’t without warnings and the question is how you will react to this (?), and yes you can only play the game with the same rules as you have done all along, so bring it on.

So you are now on your way out of the darkness yourself. So what you are hearing is the voice of darkness on its way to the grave, and I hear it far away from me.

I was shown a rock on the size of the rock-stone on Bornholm, which is transported down an avenue in the country with trees on both sides, while I am myself a camera looking down upon it, and this looks like the stone, which was blocking my access to the Source weeks ago.

No, he is not dead yet, and you nearly don’t have to ring the door to bring in luggage.

Ayrton Senna – a Brazilian racing driver who won three Formula Oneworld championships. He was killed in an accident while leading the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix – is really not dead, he is also waiting on you here, and I am shown him in a black Formula 1 car containing the purest gold too just below the surface.

I was told that if I had written about the feelings I received of people knowing or having heard about me, and also if I had called my aunt, it could have made the result even better, and it might be, but I did what I did, and that was my best.

I was told that the stock exchange of New York also DO NOT LIKE ME, and do I really have to tell you directly that YOU WILL ALSO CLOSE DOWN (?), together with all “investments” and “profit-hunting” of the Old World, and I here feel Obama, and yes there will “come a good solution tomorrow” and I feel Helle Thorning-Schmidt too together with the feeling that “she will also work for me/us all” and that is with the practical transition from our Old World to our New World, and we will all know much better when we will be lifted up to our new life and consciousness, so there is NOTHING to worry about my friends, “don’t worry, be happy”, and yes I play this too as an encouragement to Elijah because this is one of his favourite songs.

I was told that the coldness I received corresponds mostly to windows breaking meaning that we cannot turn around this darkness, but then again, somehow we can in our New World.

I received low voices spoken in the background including “the best regards from your grand parents”, “well, you see we cannot reduce anything from the price, when there is no price”.

We have seen no one leaving the state prison himself, and this is really the message to Bjarne from the Commune, see the short stories.

I received the lyrics “London, Belfast and Berlin” from U2’s “stay”.

Your mother has not only killed her sister (which we did not have contact with and only saw once – and the kill because of lack of “interest” to see/help her), but many as you have too, Stig.

Is this the last bicycle of John which you are now pulling out of him, and I feel both John and the bicycle inside of me and now mostly as light.

Bringing out the spirit of my father from the old connection of the spirit of my mother

We can bring the happy message that it is pouring in with flowers now when the story has not closed, and this is also because your father did not overturn you.

I received a déjà vue that first when life is sustainable here, it will be included in a larger form of life, which is also about avoiding illnesses, which again was a confirmation that there is a higher force a life above the force of God creating this world.

At 20.00 to 20.30 I was again VERY tired almost falling asleep and I felt that there is still darkness wanting to swear out through my mouth, but not with my will you are!

I was told what is the truth, which is that I could decide being afraid of what will happen now, will I die when becoming my new self, and yes the logics is to fear what you don’t know.

I was told that that evening on Amager was priceless, and that was when watching SAGA in concert, and yes, it was October 31 as I remember it now almost forgetting this.

I was told that “the meter of God”, which will show you my physical condition during my journey will also show you my condition when exercising to make the world understand that it was “not easy” for me to do.

You have secured not only the roots of the world of my mother but everything, which cannot burn.

I was told that we did a big turn around when the key for my apartment in Lyngby disappeared in 2010 or was it 2011 (?), which my mother did not believe in, but it did, it dissolved and was later materialised again, which David Copperfield could not have done better.

For a couple of days my felt forefinger has been given active shaking periodic for hours, which is incredible annoying, and yes it is physically shaking some millimetres almost as if a line was moving it, and I was told that this is the same force wanting me to spit out darkness/life.

I have felt my old friend Georgie several times these days and it comes together with darkness so she is thinking of me, but misunderstanding me (?), and I wonder if Renee, who is my Facebook friend and who was also at Arthur Findlay Hall in 2005 (and it was at her apartment in Copenhagen that I recorded Georgie’s clairvoyant reading of me in 2006) is giving her updates on me?

For a period of time I could almost not hear what I was told and not see what I was shown, and then I was shown the light of the store almost turning off with darkness around it, and a large amount of coins rolled out because you have milked the cow like no one else, and I received yet another déjà vue that my goal was to do the best creation ever much better than anyone else before me, which again is confirming that what we are bringing of creation here is not all, only a new part of something much bigger, and that is of course unless that this is deception given to me by darkness.

I was shown stands of workmen being removed and the rotor of a helicopter at the same time working as a horn giving the signal of the end of the work day.

And I felt how darkness from my left was transferred to my right, and yes from my father to the left (!), and to my mother of our New World to the right (!), and also that life inside this darkness will not be destroyed because I have not accepted my “old nightmare”, so what opportunities do we have remaining (?), and yes Stig THIS IS A COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME and TALK TALK TALK because I only have one decision and that is for everything to be perfect, so stop speculating about me, and this was about trying to transfer darkness, which I could not absorb myself, but no, you will NOT get my approval of this, everything has to go through my washing machine.

Isn’t it incredible that you can mix the cards differently and get the same flowers out of them (?), and I was told that my mother would suffer if I was hospitalised again, which my sufferings is saving her for.

And then I was told that this is the spirit of my father on his way out from the old connection with the spirit of my mother (which brought life, and is now replaced for the spirits of my mother and father becoming united), and I am observing this as my old self on the surface of me, which is still the hybrid being of the spirits of my mother and father, so in other words, I am watching the dissolution of myself, and we are doing this without destroying the lung tissue of my mother, thus still making the world breath as its old self, and this is possible to do because of surgical precision working in here without allowing darkness to destroy.

I watched the second last episode of Matador, and was thinking that it is the GENUINE characteristic of people more than anything, which makes me react so positively to this series, and I was told that among others Holger Juul Hansen in this and also in the Kingdom brought a key/energy to me.

I was told that this is not the Estoril race track, but we have still decided to drive race all the way home.

So it is himself we are pulling out (myself as my father!) and he only wants to be light, and yes NO SHORTCUTS here! There are also bombs on the way out, and because of my decision, I felt how dark plates of my father were placed on my forehead, and immediately I felt this and I was told that this is also the direct access to the next level of the Source, and yes fine by me if I can, but I don’t expect me to stay up as before, so we will do the best of it.

And I was told that this will save us from sending a guest symphony orchestra and lots of deceiving flowers while we would continue pulling out the last underneath “an opposite game” where we would use your mother and the world, and this also means that I will work to save/recreate the life, which was lost during the big coldness last night.

It is an incredible amount of selfishness of the world which is attached here.

It would also have required “you are not welcome” to stop this game, which we would have come to, but no, I will NEVER accept this.

I received one of the band TV2’s many great songs “fri som fuglen” (”free as the bird”) and the lyrics “Fri som fuglen i sit bur, flakser jeg omkring på stækkede vinger, og hvis det var, ku jeg flyve lige hvorhen, det sku være, fri som fuglen i mit bur”, and this is about becoming free as a bird in my new life.

Jette has had computer problems for some days with darkness attacking her, but I hope she will be up and running again tomorrow.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Approx. one hour ago I was told “can it really be that Søren Pind knows nothing of me” (?), and yes the old game about just how high you have to go in the hierarchy of the Old World before people know about me, and is Søren placed high enough to know (?) or is he only hearing “rumours” about me (?), and here was the reason why because Helena says that she has just discussed relion with Søren and “I am sad to say, but 1-0 for me, resounding!!”, and she said that she won “as a non-believer”, and Helle said that she closes it straight away, can he handle it (?), and she said “only the gods know” and yes a “big smile”, but this has to be related with the incredible coldness I was given during the night, which is about darkness of me, which is not now converted to life because of lack of faith of for example Helena in me, so this is about what we will awake from the other side, it cannot be differently.

FB 140313 Helena

  • When sending my script of yesterday to Kenya this morning, I wrote that I missed hearing their voices, and I was happy to be hearing from Meshack and David as the result today, and I really don’t know how much or little you and your families are suffering because I hear from you not very often and because you don’t tell me much about this even though I would like to hear openly, directly and honestly, but I was happy to hear that Meshack is doing well with his family and that the rain has indeed returned to Kenya making you prepare for farms, and yes as my dream of Elijah and his brother said the other day, and I wonder why you don’t tell me about this as a normal part of your lives (?), but we know better late than never. And I am happy to hear that you are continuing being contact in the team, but not with John (?), and are you still living at a friends house, Meshack (?), or are you in the rural village without power (?) – because of the story of your laptop (?) – and please say hi to our friends in Kampala and ask them not to be lazy, but do what is right to do! Also thank you to David for staying in contact as I understand includes sufferings for your part, and I do hope to be hearing from you and the team about your personal experiences of the elections and what it means to you, and that is if you can, can you?

Email 140313 Meshack

Email from David 140413

  • I was encouraged to send Bjarne from the Commune a new Facebook invitation, which I did (!), and I told him that since he did not invite me for coffee to discuss my “application”, there clearly is NO “conflict of interest” and he generally accepts Facebook invitations, I look forward to communication and openness via this medium helping on understanding because when you close up, there is a big risk that you only listen to yourself creating a misunderstanding, see (?), and the question is now if he contains so much negativity and disgust in relation to me – because of his misunderstandings – that he really will NOT accept me under no circumstances meaning that I am the only one, which he will shut out (?), we will see. Later I received his reply below with the conclusion that he really can accept everyone but me (!), and I was told that there is nothing worse then “Jehova’s witnesses” preaching in his mind, and is this what I am to you, Bjarne, someone preaching what is “insane” for “intelligent people” like you (?), and yes “completely impossible” it is for me to bring you out of your hallucination? And I kept receiving feelings of Bjarne, and his “wrong behaviour” made me sad, and the feeling I receive from him to is sadness, and yes how can a man be so crazy/deaf as you, Bjarne (?); and yes a man making closer to 2 than 1 million DKK per year and for doing what, Bjarne? Later I was told that “you are not all dead to Bjarne” and “should I hospitalise him” (?), and yes probably a message of darkness.

FB 140413 Bjarne2

  • I found this Facebook email in the “other” category – don’t know why Facebook believes this is “smart” (?) – and I wonder how long it will take Susan to learn who she is speaking with, and if she will go into “denial mode” as so many others, for example Bjarne above.

FB 140313 Golddust

  • Some hours after Helena posted the comment above on religion, she posted this, which said “what do you do about a stalker? Have deleted the person from my Facebook, receive mysterious calls and text messages in season and out of season. Cannot get a new telephone number because of everything … Someone knowing this person?” and then she brought this link, which I also clicked on and received cold sweat because the link was to me (!!!), and it brought me thoughts about “does she really believe that I stalk her” (?), “has she by now seen my postings on her” (?) – I have given her this chance bringing her links to my website last year (!) –  and yes, she deleted me as a Facebook friend, that is right, but has she forgot that I am still “following her” as Facebook by the way calls this, and I thought about her speaking to Søren Pind on religion, so did he tell her about me (?), and yes should I write a comment saying that I do not call or text her and don’t even know her telephone number (?), but no, I decided to wait and see what would happen deciding not to do anything unconsidered in a rush, and I wondered why people laughed and was not speaking of me as the link went to? And the ”fun” part is here that Uffe said that ”my identity has been compromised but matchmaking agents” and also “007 could be understood, but 46546” (?), and this was a reference to me as James Bond playing this game against darkness.

FB 140313 Helena 2

  • And Uffe continued asking Helena what she is up to and he brought links to “kærligheden kalder” by Sanne Salomonsen and “Aphrodite” by Kylie Minougue with “Aphrodite” meaning “the goddess of beauty, fertility, and sexual love”, and this was a reference to the beautiful Helen(a) from Greek mythology as he also wrote about, who was the most beautiful woman on earth and the direct reason of the Trojan War, and he also said that Paris (here not the city but Prince Paris of Troja) is also to blame/honour, so he was so inspired that he brought references to ancient Greece as you know I have been given the feelings of when transferring the Source to our New World, and this is how it comes in via the backdoor of Helena, and the beautiful Helena was the Goddess bringing the Trojan War as she is the beautiful woman waking the “interest” of several Danish MP’s, and this remind me of how Hans’ mother, who was also named Helena, and how a good friend of her always called her for “the beautiful Helena”. By the way, when Helena (Hans’ mother) has appeared in my dreams for many years, it has been the symbol of death (!), and yes this I how it is unless I tame her darkness. And finally he speaks about Paris NOT being the city Paris, but this is exactly what it is here as the symbol of the city of light of our New World, so this is the love bringing all of the Source home.

FB 140313 Helena 3

  • A little after, Uffe decided to delete two of his comments, and instead he said that Helle is obvious as one of the bride girls of Helena, and then he brought the song “Long Distance Goodbye/Landing” by Trevor Rabin from the Armageddon film soundtrack (!), and yes my telephone line is working on “long distance” today as I wrote earlier, and this is about landing the last part of Armageddon, and yes getting every little thing with us from inside of here instead of blowing it up, and you might understand that Uffe was very inspired here (?), and yes Helena too. Later I understood that Uffe had deleted his previous comments when he discovered that this was a practical joke, which he, as I, fell into!

FB 140313 Helena 4 REVISED

  • And it was first here when she posted a new comment that I really understood that it was a joke and that the link brings people to their own profile (!), so it was a “practical joke”, and yes I really don’t mind that, but it was not very nice to experience here too because had she really misunderstood me with another than me stalking her (?), and this might still be the WRONG feeling of Karen in relation to me, and yes we are coming closer to Karen’s birthday the 12th April, and she “cannot” stand the mere thought of hearing from me again (?), or can she (?), and then I was told that this is simply a symbol on her talk with Søren Pind about faith, and then she brings the link to me – as I thought – meaning that she is close to knowing.

FB 140313 Helena 5

  • And she continued saying that she believes the has played enough, but Brian encouraged her to “just link”, and she asked “alright, what is it going to say” (?), and he replied “sick man with axe seeks mate or like-minded”, and I was told that this is where Bjarne comes in over because it is beyond any doubt “proved” that I am crazy, right Bjarne (?), and your fear was that I was a potential Breivik, or let us say a potential axe-man as the man, whom the Commune mistreated, which made him “lose it” and attack the Commune with an axe in 2011, and you fear totally wrong because you “cannot” listen/read and understand that I may do the same (?), and this fear is also what is bringing forward all of the content of this iceberg inside of me, and yes pulling out my father, you see?

FB 140313 Helena 6


15th March: The Old World is breaking down and I am being led through the beginning of Paradise by Pope John Paul II

Dreaming of darkness having the hardest knock imaginable but it cannot hit me

I worked from maybe 23.00 to 01.30 to finish and upload the last of my script of yesterday, “thank you” for bringing me extra work, Helena.

Did we wash out clothes there (?), and yes also today.

I received the feeling of the new Pope and the words coming to me was “why does it have to be me going through this after just having become Pope” and yes Francis, do you like to play football or would you rather prefer to speak the truth about me and the darkness of your church to the world, which does NOT have my blessing because of your gold & glitter, doctrines and OLD SCHOOL/(WRONG) POLITICS/SECRECY, which has NOTHING to do with me! And it brought me pain to all of my right foot.

I was told about my sister’s misunderstandings in me, which is why the family has been seeing much less of each other than what we would have if she had not misunderstood, thus also bringing sufferings for us all just to be “home alone” watching TV!

I was shown St. Peter’s Basilica together with the feeling of the new Pope wanting to make the church strong, but the church is inside a bigger dome made of wood, and I see cigarettes and hay around, which can burn easily and also seats as if this is the cinema self watching this church as a tool of darkness, thus being a tool of creation really.

I was shown myself in a submarine now flying as a helicopter above the Øresund sound between Denmark and Sweden next to Amager/Copenhagen looking all the way up to Helsingør (50 km) where there is ONE big guitar on the water, and is this to say that Michael Sadler has received some faith in me?

At 03.10 I was told that what he doesn’t know is that he is moving up towards the next level.

At 03.50 I was told that there was only a very small margin between the doctor and I – and apparently this decision was up to Bjarne?

The Pope cannot believe that you will level the church with the ground, and yes my dear Francis, it is time to wake up, also for you.

I was shown a scooter on my right side and a goods train on the left from where a photographer is taking pictures of me in the middle.

I went to bed at 05.00 and slept poorly – still freezing some, but less – until 12.30 with these dreams

  • Something about “everyone loves one time I have been with …”, “two suggestions myself” and I walk floor to floor and meet first one than another wanting to hit me hard, and no. 2 is having the hardest knock imaginable, which would knock me out if he hit me, but he cannot hit me.
    • I still have problems reading the notes on my phone, and I could write down the dreams on paper instead, but when I am tired, I also have problems reading my writings the next day, so this is the best I can do unless I recorded my voice, which I do not – it will take longer to write than I have time to do, and I felt that the second man to my surprise was Jens from Danske Bank, and yes the investment advisor at Østerbro, Copenhagen, when I worked at 3107 Free port, so strong darkness coming from him, and let us guess that he knows about me from “Peter Pension”, who was the pension advisor there, whom I met in 2007 when I visited the Merchant Bank of Danske Bank applying for a job, where he worked, and yes it could have been others of the bank too.
    • I was told something about “be careful who you are”, and is that one or the other of me – original spiritual or physical self – and we will see what is coming.
  • I have started working at a company, where Jesper (my old colleague from Acta, who later worked for Berlingske) is working too, and I am surprised to see that managers launch marketing campaigns without having calculated the economy of them first thus not realising that they are losing money, and I see how colleagues quickly have set up a TV6 studio of the company trying to make it look professional with a quickly made decoration (which is really of poor standard).
    • This is still darkness I am working inside with darkness not caring about the money, i.e. energy, which it uses the same way as many managers decide to run marketing campaigns without calculating on break even, and yes you will HAVE to be responsible in our New World when running businesses where you need to have an income to pay for your expenses, which should make sense to everyone (?), but not today (!), and the TV may be about what darkness would have done if I had stopped working now, which would be to become “darkness disguised as light” making me believe in reaching the New World without having done so, which I understand is also the darkness, which Anton has been given!
  • I woke up to the very fine song “just another day” by Jon Secada and the lyrics “I can’t resist, Trying to find exactly what I miss, It’s just another day without you”, so this is what we continue doing, which is to search inside of darkness of me “to find exactly what I miss”, and no this is NOT madness because “tomorrow’s just another day” and even though I can’t get no rest and I can’t carry on no more, it gets better every day, you know :-).

“Loud booming noises” are the Old World breaking down because of lack of energy, as I am too

And since we take one day after the next, where the world will not end neither Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, we continue receiving even bigger vases and flowers as I was shown here.

We now have a couple of weeks to test the removal of all illnesses which all worlds are born with for example the existence of me.

You did not receive one single injury when you were shot down as a blackbird, which is also why we can continue.

I was shown what looks like Japanese rice paper lamps being created and told that we are about to have them with us too, which will have to be darkness of Japan, HAI!

I was told about the screaming inhabitants of the Dadaab refugee camps, and they know you are here, but cannot get through with the message, and yes tired of screaming they are.

So I am not “sour Ellen” (as she was called here) anymore from the Dallas TV-series – which is said on my way out.

I have been encouraged now some times to look up ways to correct my buckled cycle wheel on the Internet as I have promised my mother and to do it now because this will probably become a question again this evening, which I really cannot keep pushing, and we will see if I will make it before going, and yes my scripts are first priority.

You will also meet Simple Minds on your way out – I felt Jim Kerr and this was also about simple minds of people – and it is first when you are all out that you will become your new self?

When your father had bit you, there was nothing to hold together the world and eeehhh except from me holding on to life of course.

I will tell it as it is, it is about balance, which is what Thomas Blachman will speak about tonight, and if he did not bring it …, and then I was given a pain to my right little finger meaning that I could not continue this way out, which would make the remaining of the card hours of the Old World fall apart, thus opening our New World.

It does not take as long as you may think to get out of here, and that is because I have told my self “3 months if necessary”, so maybe it will only be days or weeks (?), and it came together with the feeling of “mother love”, which will help when I will see her and John this evening.

I was told that the rest of the Source is at the Kärnan Tower in Helsingborg, which is approx. 5 kilometres from here, and also that this darkness could decide to fight, but it would require that I give in to it, which I will not.

I am thinking the thought of the spirits of my mother and father making love with my mother creating the world on basis of building stones of my father and about life above us at higher levels and about two human beings as God’s making love creating our eternity of worlds/life, and this is happening all over in such a magnitude that it can take your breath away just thinking of it, and yes if this scenario really is true, which it just may be. And yes think of billions of people doing the same creating also creating eternal life as the result EVERYWHERE … !

My father is not a carpenter, but could be (?); and yes you have seen nothing yet my friend.

How will it be to come to a world without “homework” (?), and yes the opposite of extreme suffering, and yes when I have extreme sufferings in my old life, it shows that I am the opposite in the spiritual world.

I still continue receiving negative speech, which I have to absorb/keep away, and I am STILL tired, which is really tiring in the long run ….

For days I have been given the name of the writer Hemmingway, whom I connect with Florida, where he lived, and the other day I was shown creation of USA ending with Florida, and I am thinking that this is also where Desiree lives.

And for days I when I have been out walking, I have listened to “strange sounds” trying to hear if they came from the sky, which they do not, and this has really been an old fear of mine, to receive deep, roaring sounds from the sky, which I have as déjà vue’s inside of me, and today I saw a Facebook posting leading to this video of “Mystery Booms in Collier County Florida” about “unexplained loud booming noises around Naples in Collier County, Florida — March 3 2013”, so this was prepared for me to receive, and this is not the only incident, there have been many as you can see here.

150313 Strangesounds org 1

I was told that all of these sounds come from the floor bucket because it is about being empty from energy of darkness, but there is “nothing” to worry about you say, Stig (?), and yes as long as you will not start destructing the world (!), and if you cannot, it is about time to open our New World, but if we can get out of all of this without the world breaking down, this is what we will do. So this is the fight against giant chocolate, i.e. selfishness, which we really should not be able to win, but let us give it a go and to bring all life of this with us to lift us up.

150313 Strangesounds org 2

And are experiences like this still making people of the official world “very scared” of what will happen (?), and yes my dear friends, haven’t you read my scripts/website (?), there is NOTHING to be afraid of! This is an example of my mother and I “breaking down”, but since we are still carrying on, the world is too but not without “problems” as you can tell.

Yes, Stig has accepted to bring in this last pieces of his clothes – I see darkness – before he will party too. And this means that we will not collect him as “plates of darkness attached to the Central Station” with the feeling that I would be or might as well be dead.

I am being led through the beginning of Paradise by Pope John Paul II with God & Co. smiling/laughing more than ever

This is the biggest refrigerator (of life) yet, which we are about to open for, and yes if you just turn it around a little, and yes coming from my father’s mother, i.e. darkness, and helped with love of my mother, whom I am about to meet when the time is now nearing 19.00.

I took the little train at 19.00 and on my way I was shown “a bunch of US nuclear missiles” and was told that they had been returned because they “did not work”, and I was told that this was only possible to do because of my energy, i.e. to “disarm” them.

I received the word “Gulag” – “Sovietforcedlabor camp systems during the Stalin era, from the 1930s through the 1950’s” – and I felt Putin inside of me and received his characteristic stiff arm, and I was told that “gulag” is the only think he thinks of, and why is that, Putin, do you have “skeletons in the closet”, you don’t want out too (?), but no, this is NOT how we work here, I bring EVERY LITTLE THING OUT and yes you know it meaning that nothing will be lost, everything will be told to the world, and you will do it yourself, aren’t you happy?

A UFO flied over me – behind the trees on the hill here – as if it was monitoring me, and I was told that this is what I was right there, and this is also controlled from Greenland, i.e. military bases.

When I arrived, John was waiting on me in the TV-room with his Ipad, and he had “something to show me”, and it was with this link including the story of Helsingør in 6 parts of approx. 25 minutes by Allan Mylius Thomsen, who is a famous city historian here, and yes I sent it to John and my mother the other day after seeing the link in the Helsingør in pictures Facebook group and after seeing that Allan had joined the group and I had become Facebook friend with him, and yes I have LIKED to watch his small stories of streets, buildings and the history of Copenhagen very much for years, and I was surprised to see that he had done the same in Helsingør, and just maybe this will be a help to the world when you will explain about the history of Helsingør (?), and yes John showed that his Ipad was connected wireless with their bigger Samsung TV via an Apple TV box thus bringing this Internet TV on the TV and it made me say that with this you really don’t need the expensive broadband TV-connections, and what this was also about, was to show the opening of our New World.

We had a very nice time together as usual, I don’t speak about my work as usual but we speak of everything else including that John COULD NOT get the travel insurance cover as he was sure that he could get (!), and he said himself that he was the only one of the four – including his brother and his wife – who wanted to go to USA, the others did not (!), so now they have decided to stay home, and yes not even go to South Europe on a cruise as the alternative plan and that is because on Tuesday, John will be hospitalised a couple of days according to the plan to prepare an exchange of his heart valves, and no, this does not worry him, but as usual it worries my mother, and I was thinking that if I was not able to continue working, maybe John would risk dying (?); and no I don’t want that.

We spoke about Espergærde Youth School as one of many subjects and I spoke of Jais, my old school friend, being a leader there and my visit there a couple of years ago, and we talked about this school being a “talent factory” of musicians and also about their famous plays, and it made me tell them that when my old school friends Kim B., Søren D-N, Jais and Peter played their plays, it was as funny as when you take the most humorous of Danish comedians I can remember, and I mentioned Preben Kaas and Dirch Passer as examples – and I could have mentioned Jørgen Ryg too, or some of the news ones, but these are “the grand old men” – and when I said this, it was really my actors bringing this story forward to say express just how incredible happy they are for what we have achieved, and yes Kim made it to become one of the most famous actors here, and the others could have done the same if they wanted to, this is the talent they are born with, and I never forget Peter T. at an open meeting one evening at school a the end of the 1970’s with our teachers and parents, when he was the dentist and had to drug and he decided to fart to bring the patient out, which made me laugh unstoppable, and little was I to know that this is what my old school friends would send me too much later, and yes “destructive darkness” you know because of their lack of faith and misunderstood talk of me behind my back.

During our talk, suddenly the word “crazy” turned up, and I told my mother “but surely you are not crazy, are you” (?) and a little later we spoke about the “potatoes en natural”, which was not quite finished last week still being half raw – there is a sign in here if you haven’t noticed, my dear reader – and she said that she believes it is because they have been “frozen from where they come from” (!), and this sounded “completely crazy” to me, and I asked her almost smiling “where they come from” (?), and yes “from the farmer” as she replied (!) and again I could almost not keep my mask almost laughing because of how “crazy/silly” this sounded, and right here when this happened, I was given the feeling/vision of Bjarne from the Commune speaking to my mother on the phone (?), and yes these feelings come ACTIVELY you know and as clear as being spoken, and can it really be that Bjarne has called my mother to “learn” about me (?), and my mother has said that I am “not dangerous” (?), and yes this was the story as it was given to me, and can it really be so far out – in the country, Hardinger – that this story is really the truth (?), and yes of incapable people speaking about me of their misunderstandings behind my back because surely my application to Helsingør Commune – including a committed with the Commune, Obama and me (!) to close down the Commune – is as completely mad as it gets, which you can only laugh of, and yes impossible to take seriously (?), but no, this is actually the truth, and also that the farmer of God in me decided to create the world as the opposite world making it “completely impossible” for you to understand me, and yes quite amusing right (?), and yes I am here told that it takes people like Meshack simply reading and understanding objectively what I write, but who in the world has “time” to do this, because there is so much else to take care of, right (?), and yes there might be, but nothing is as important as following me, which should be obvious to everyone?

I was given the feeling of China opening/understanding, and I was brought in to the most precious room of the museum of all, and it is behind dark curtains and here in a glass exhibition case on the floor as the only item here was a golden ship inside, and this is the golden ship of everything, which I am now nearing, and I was told that this was also first meant to be done from inside the New World.

It is still winter with snow and coldness here, strange weather you know, and everyone is longing for the late spring, and it made my mother say that we will postpone the issue of the repair of my bicycle until next week, so no problem there after all and yes I did NOT get the time today to look this up on the Internet and yes I followed my priorities, and as expected, I received some groceries today, and my mother wanted to give me 270 DKK to spend on myself for the rest of the month instead of renewing the card for the swimming hall and after I first said that this was fine, I told her that on second thought, I might decide to renew the card and I will get by (with the 150 DKK I have left for the month), and this made her decide to give me 400 DKK to chose myself how I will spend it, and yes I thought that it may be worthwhile to see if I can drag myself to the swimming hall to do some more exercise, and yes we will see, and once again, this was nice to receive, but NOT what I had asked for, and again this was really darkness being brought to me, which will make me suffer more, but this is how life is here.

During the evening I still received so much pressure/torments that it is extremely unpleasant and I keep telling myself to have “patience” and be stronger than this, and yes it is really as the dreams say that I am only stronger when I decide to be stronger doing my best, which is still an incredible strain.

I was told that in order for life from inside darkness – this the biggest refrigerator – not to huddle together, we needed this love of my mother this evening, and I am thinking that warm feelings of John also MUST have a meaning here, and I here feel Thomas Blachman and I was told that he knew what this was about this evening, because “I let him know”.

My mother said that Sanna and Hans visit their old friends Anita and Allan this weekend, and Allan has a virus on his balance nerve (!), and yes obviously this is to say that without the help of Thomas Blachman and all viewers having “a meaning” on Thomas, I would be out of balance myself not being able to get out of this “pipe” of my father without falling, and yes I know Anita and Allan from several of Sanna’s and Hans’ parties over the years, lately from my sister’s 50th birthday in 2009, where I am sure that they also received a good impression of me (?), but of course this was before I went public with my scripts in February 2010, and you know, their son Piet, who also previously saw me as a “business role model”, could not “take me” thus leaving me as a Facebook friend in 2010/11, so there you also have a source of darkness going against me, so thank you Thomas Blachman for helping out :-).

And this warning about which way to go given to me during night is about “is the left or right way now the right path” (?), and I really don’t care, let me go THE RIGHT WAY, and that is the hardest of them.

I left at 22.00, and on my way home I felt the old Pope John Paul, and he called me “Stiggy” saying that I have forgotten my nick name of him and yes it has “completely vanished”, and it was with a smile saying with a low voice that he is really bringing me through the first, lonely road of the beginning of Paradise, and we know this is about walking out the pipe of the Source to reach the main part of the Source, this is the picture I show my self, and it is first when reaching the main land, that this darkness will be removed from me, thus opening our New World for everyone to see, but it is also to say that we are indeed inside the New World, because there is really no such thing as an Old World, you know.

I was told that if I had fallen and I had stopped working, I would have been told that you came a “too late in the day” (“a post walk” too late as we say in Danish) where everything would be darkness (no open stores of light) and only my mother would be able to enter, but since you are now here together, alright then.

This is also why the old telephone doesn’t work anymore, and I was told if we shouldn’t we start removing labels from the refrigerator and show the real content of what is in here, which is Paradise self.

And had you decided to stop working now, everything would be closed down, and yes impossible to get in, or so we would have said. And within 0.5 we would make sure to get out of “the pipe”, but now we will take us good time, and yes we have all the time in the world.

And this is how my mother never heard my old voice because there was no need to wake her to help me make it home.

When I came home, I was really too tired to work but decided to read Facebook updates and do this update of my script until 00.20, and from here I will also do the chapter of Jette’s Google Earth pictures, and yes so nothing will run from me, but the chapter on X-factor will wait until tomorrow.

Finally, at 02.30 I had completed work today, and yes my mother thought that I would go home watching a film, but no, mother, my work was MUCH HARDER than you can ever imagine.

X-factor: The family tree of everything of my father was transferred to me via Thomas Blachman

This is the second last edition of X-factor this year, and it is truly also hard work writing these chapter of it taking maybe 3-4 hours to do, and I am now starting to do this tired and indisposed as usual “tomorrow” at 17.55, so let us get it one once again.

And it is us, i.e. the New World, driving in this VW transporter together with you, and yes of course you are welcome, and I still have to go against the opposite voice.

It started here when the host, Signe, asked Thomas Blachman why he has not won X-factor after having been a judge five times, and he spoke about “creating musical moments week after week, develop these young people, and if family Denmark …..” and then he received a moment of inspiration saying “which I am really also part of, I am a third generation immigrant, but insanely well integrated, my great-grandfather came as an illiterate from Russia, and I am dyslexic, but every time the state has given us a sugar-cube, we have given four back”, and just before starting to write this chapter, I was given the word “sugar”, and yes what is the symbolic meaning to sugar to you, and yes some like to add it to coffee, but I have ALWAYS said that this is “pollution” to me, so this is about Russia and “pollution” to me, which is about their darkness destroying the coffee of love of me, and Thomas was also stopped here by Signe, who did NOT want to listen to “the crazy story”, which Thomas spoke of, which eventually would give his explanation, but “too crazy” it was, and yes just like the story of my mother and potatoes this evening, or what Helsingør Commune/Bjarne thought about my application, and NO, we do NOT need to listen to this, this is a “crazy man”, right Bjarne? And no, no one will believe that you are both here and on TV as Thomas Blachman at the same time, is that it?

Today Ida received inspired words too when she here gave this feedback to the contestant Amanda: “I am very impressed, Amanda, because vocally it is not here that you will get to embrace and show-off the most, but something completely crazy happens with your attitude and you handle this song, which really is pretty far from where I believe you are the strongest vocally, but X-factor are many things and I believe that we received a new presence in you here, and meet her”, and this is about a new presence inside Amanda, as there is a new presence inside of me, and that is the King you know, my previous and now new self, the resurrected Jesus but still under my name as Stig.

Thomas said about Amanda among other things that she has “an insane ability to make things your own despite of it being so hard-pressed and claustrophobic” and when writing this I am also told that no, we don’t have to look anymore, because we have found it, we placed “this thing” called the family tree of your father inside Thomas Blachman, and it was your task to get it out, which you now do (from its “hard-pressed and claustrophobic” location) when going through his words of the show of yesterday, so here you are, Stig, and no, not a branch is broken, it can handle everything, and we will now start unpacking it again to its natural size, and yes this is what X-factor was really about, which is about the new being inside of me together with the family tree of God/my father.

Later, Thomas Blachman gave feedback to Chresten here saying that “you were a little nervous here” and “there was not much melodic material to work with, you were not as challenged …, but it was about the presence …, I am simply addictive to your presence, which is so enchanting …” and Signe asked him “how can you feel that Chresten ….” (?) and Thomas said “well, you can that on people, are they present or are they not present?”, so this is about “nervousness” and “being present or not present” (?), and this was about moving “the whole mountain of my father” to me, and we crossed our fingers that it would work, and when writing this “tomorrow”, we are receiving what Thomas Blachman brought us, and yes “everything of the mountain”, so thank you once again, Thomas :-).

Anne Linnet spoke about Chresten having a beautiful voice, not necessarily a musical talent, but Ida believed that he had an “enormous musicality” (!), and a “crazy presence” and “right now one wants to see more, more of you, because one knows that you have more, but even here, I have a calm inside my body because you have all butter, because you have presence, you are always overwhelming for me to see, and I cannot get enough of it”, and you know that “butter” is creation and the presence they speak of, is the presence of the Creator of my father, which they had difficulties finding, but as you understand, it was because he was on his way over to me via Thomas Blachman.

Among other things, Ida said here about Karoline how beautiful she is and “I have 120 things I would like to say”, which was about all of the positive things my spiritual friends would like to say about me but because of the game, they cannot.

Thomas Blachman here spoke about the boy-band Wasteland after the viewers had decided them to sing a One-direction song, which he said was to make them “a copy of a copy” and how poorly this was after they last week had started doing “music”, and he received boo’s from the audience when saying that the viewers were to blame, which made him say “we have to be able to distinguish”, but no, the audience/viewers “could not” therefore making it difficult/impossible for Thomas Blachman to win this competition with “true music”.

Ida supported Thomas talking about the weak vocal performance of this band, but Anne Linnet believed about her colleagues that “you are very wrong, there is something here, which you apparently cannot here, this is completely fantastic”, and yes this is about the ability to hear what is real and what is not, and apparently Anne Linnet believes it was fantastic, and so do much of the population of Denmark, which is to say that “anonymous, mainstream music” is very popular by people who want the same kind of beats/music coming out through the speakers not being able to tell what is true quality and not the same way as most people cannot tell when they are drinking a true quality wine or Champagne for that matter, which makes many people take the opposite and WRONG standpoint that true quality is “boring” and I receive even worse words of darkness here, and yes when music become ethnic, which to me is wonderful, it makes most people run scared away instead of listening concentrated, investigating and enjoying new experiences and ways of expression.

Anne Linnet continued speaking about “working very hard to find food in that text”, which to me is about working hard to find life, which food symbolises, inside “mainstream of darkness”, and Thomas told Anne that it is about getting in to the moment where you have the courage to create music, something which you haven’t heard before, and when he presented Karoline he said that “she is minded for the future, not looking back, which is part of the gift she has received, which is exactly what our country needs”, and yes someone leading us forward towards new dreams/heights.

When Amanda performed her second time, Ida and Anne believed that she sung well, but it was “boring”, which made Thomas Blachman say to Ida and Anne here that “I believe that this can be a limitation in the mind with some of you to confuse beauty with boredom”, and I am thinking of the sickness of people who cannot get enough of action-films or TV-shows, where people have only few seconds to speak before a journalist not listening to the will interrupt them and you know the incredible page and impatience of people, who cannot sit back, relax and enjoy beauty, and yes you do NOT need to have all music as up-tempo or people “jumping up and down”, VARIATION my friends and BEAUTY is what we are looking for, and this is really what is the “limitation in the mind” of man of today, and then he spoke about “creating something insanely beautiful for the ear to listen to and to become stimulated by”, and yes I can hear it – Amanda is my favourite – but Ida and Anne could not really because it was “boring” to them, thus also a big part of the viewers, who suffer from the same sickness.

Ida presented Chresten here among other things saying that “when I heard him the first time, I thought that it was completely wonderful to meet something as pure with integrity and harmonious at the same time that it has to peak here, and what I have discovered in this process is that he peaks every single time we move one step further, and now I believe that we are about to being ready for the all great”, and this is really about my work moving up one level after the other.

Thomas Blachman said about Chresten here that “you are in an acoustic environment where you are him controlling events in all ways”, “it was one tone too high” and “of course I like you, it is not a question if you may not have the best day today”, and this is really how I have felt for days, which is that I do not have my best day, but still I am in control doing my work everyday, and Ida did not agree with Thomas saying to Thomas that “if you cannot hear that this is completely genius and on top of everything which can be delivered, well ….”, and I guess it should be easy for professionals to decide whether Thomas or Ida is right here, if Thomas sang one note too high (?); but at least the feeling of Ida and the audience was that this was perfect, but was it (?); and Thomas had severe problems with his microphone and complained about it here saying “who the h… switches off, or up/down out there, it destroys the whole show” (?), and this was simply to show you that we cut the voice of my father this evening, and when writing this chapter “tomorrow”, as you can read more about in my script of tomorrow, we are bringing the voice back and now inside of Stig.

And Thomas was really up and running – or driving as we say here – when he continued by saying that “we have a pragmatist here in Anne, a result oriented young lady here, who also want to get forward (Ida), and then we have the esthetician (himself), and it is the fate of life of the esthetician to fight the small moments of incredible and wonderful beauty, and it requires that you are so “beep” brave and dare everything on one throw for three seconds of beauty”, and what he spoke of here was our courage to do our best speaking out the truth directly for the world to hear/understand as the foundation to create our beautiful New World.

I was given the word “gulag” again and the feeling of Putin just before Anne said about Karoline hereyou are very charming, nut your charm compensates a little for your fragility, it is false too many places”, and Putin you may be “this charming man”, but you may also like to be an HONEST, DIRECT and OPEN man instead of a WIMP like everyone else?

And Ida continued here by saying that “when you completely clear hit (the note), you hit as clear as a bell in the heart”, which was also about “presence”, and this somehow inspired Thomas to stand up and walk to Karoline and give her a kiss – this man is full of love – and he said that “it is exactly in this moment when the music is the most fragile that music arises because you put everything at stake” and he looked at Anne and Ida and asked them “are you completely immune to this kind of poetry, women (?), what the h… happens to you (?), to sit and talk about you have to be more stabile” and he stood directly in front of Anne Linnet and said “if you had built the Round Tower (of Copenhagen), it would have been square” (!), and here Thomas again disagreed strongly with Anne and Ida about how Karoline was singing, and this I cannot be the judge of here.

Thomas Blachman said here about the boy-band Wasteland that “one thing, which works in music is melancholy, sentimentality simply NEVER works, this was super sentimental, and I don’t understand such four young people, you have to be REBELS and come in showing the future, this is funeral music”, and here we are at the end of the show, and Blachman was “allowed” to bring in something completely different, which was “the key” to play my organ again as I am here asked and yes of my father having transformed from “his high place” going down the stairs to get inside of me, and did this work (?), and with the help of Thomas and the people of Denmark showing their “feelings” this evening: “YOU BET” (!), and yes, the word “rebels” is about me as the REBEL REBEL showing the way to the future by changing the world, and can we do this (?) – also feeling Obama – and yes “YOU BET” (as David Bowie says after 2:33 in the video below in one of his FINEST of all songs) :-).

Anne Linnet spoke in favour of Wasteland again having developed within both “energy” songs and slower songs showing feelings, and I am sure that they have, you can hear that too, and it made Thomas Blachman say that “but look at them, they are about to fall asleep”, and Anne said that “it may be because they are a little afraid of you because you have been so cruel to them”, and Thomas gave the only right answer, which is that “no one is afraid of me”, and again this is about understandings and misunderstandings and about who is right or wrong (?), and you can see from this series of X-factor that this is also about who is RIGHT and speaks out the truth directly to HELP people – you should all be able to tell the love of Thomas (and me), right (?) – and then you have people like Anne Linnet believing that she speak the truth, which she does not and simply “cannot” understand Thomas, and yes like my family, friends etc. and “everyone” in relation to me, who did their best to tell me how wrong I am as they also do with Thomas, and yes are there people out there also being afraid of me speaking out the truth (?), and there may be, but this is the WRONG feeling, because the RIGHT feeling is that you should be happy for someone who knows, to do his best to help you, and surely you are not afraid of a friend doing his best to help and show his love, right?

And I thought that there was really not any songs of this evening, which I saw as “inspired” and wanted to bring, but then I heard the song “trouble trouble” playing and was told that “we would like to bring this” and yes because of the trouble we passed also this evening, and the BEAUTIFUL voice of Amanda of course, but no, I have TROUBLE finding it on YouTube, no one has uploaded it, so instead I will bring her second song “Lullabies”, which I really also liked much more.

The ruling this evening was ENTIRELY up to the viewers, and when Karoline and Chresten were voted in for the final and it was between Wasteland and Amanda, my favourite, to join, my mother and I were very keen on Amanda to join them, and my mother went as far as to say that “if Wasteland goes through, I will not invited you to come on Friday and see it”, and these are the kind of feelings we had for Amanda, and what happened then (?), and yes the “deaf” viewers could not hear what was quality and what was not instead deciding on BORING mainstream and the “good looking young guys” to win, thus sending out Amanda (!), and yes what do you know (?), and here the answer is MUCH more than the majority of viewers including Anne Linnet, and yes brainwashed they are by “wrong culture”, and Thomas said here that “Amanda is one of the three biggest natural talents ever of this show, she has received so many gifts, and of course this can be intense for some to see, but I believe …, come on, this is also the reason why this show …, we are still a community of farmers, our behind is still hanging on the surface of the water, we cannot solve our own problems, have increasing unemployment, and this and this and that, which has to be corrected, we fight for what is about young talents to show what they can, and this is what you have done every single time, I believe you are the one of all here, who has delivered music every single time, I simply don’t get this, I don’t know what the hell goes on with you in Denmark, so I believe this is completely unpredictable, it is poor taste, which has received success this evening, I am sorry to say, but it is also an entertainment show and mainstream, but this girl is a very big girl and fantastic to work with …

And when looking at a few notes I did when seeing it, the exit of Amanda was about Bjarne’s attempt to split light and darkness, and this is the railway track we had to cross.

Later, even Dan agreed when he said ”wauw, Denmark, you vote the only true talent out of X-factor, idiots”, and yes simply amazing that people could not hear what should be so easy for everyone to hear, but when you don’t use your ears, this is the result.

FB 150313 Dan

I had a break of maybe half an hour having dinner, otherwise I worked concentrated on this chapter all “tomorrow” evening until 23.00 where I finished and uploaded it, and yes “not easy”, but I did it!

Google Earth shows that we are close to “everything” of the (diamond) star of Africa

Jette returned with new Google Earth pictures today from her Facebook group including these showing first reading goodnight stories, then entering the light, the after-effects of the rape of the worst darkness of a young girl, who now receives help of light, light of Greenland does NOT like darkness, we are close to “everything” of the (diamond) star of Africa, uniting of light and darkness as one, a football player being kicked out of Africa, darkness trying to hide, the ship of the world with fine passengers, the act of the Source, pollution dissolving itself, and taking measurements of new wings.

FB 150313 Jette 1

FB 150313 Jette 2

FB 150313 Jette 3

FB 150313 Jette 4

FB 150313 Jette 5

FB 150313 Jette 6

FB 150313 Jette 7

FB 150313 Jette 8

FB 150313 Jette 9

FB 150313 Jette 10

FB 150313 Jette 11

FB 150313 Jette 12

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Steffen is a fine and committed journalist of TV-news of the Danish National TV, DR, working at the Middle East in the midst of conflicts and wars, and he has been home in Denmark holding lectures for two weeks meeting “real life” with “real people”, which made him reflect here about how “encouraging” this is to do for “ordinary people day after day in loads, who are willing to use an evening to listen to the spoken work and participate in a discussion with a lecturer rather than being entertained by a TV-shown with music and fairy lights”, and normally he speaks into a camera reaching millions of people without receiving any reaction but a “dead camera”, but here he could see that “their reaction on what I say can be read in the same second I have said it” and “if there is something they don’t understand, I discover it straight away and can rephrase it so everyone follows” and it left him enthusiastic with new energy to make TV, and I thanked him reflecting over “the real life” and this shows how much more giving it is when people meet and communicate, which creates the energy, understanding and happiness as Steffen describes, which you cannot experience in front of a TV with passive entertainment, and yes I do believe that you understand what I speak about, and that is for people to GO OUT AND MEET PEOPLE EVERYWHERE TO ALL KIND OF EVENTS and that is instead of seeing the TV monitors turned on practically in every single home every single evening making the city “dead” as it is here too, and yes just imagine which life you will have in our New World with free culture and smiling and laughing people everywhere and yes I cannot wait, but first we have more “boring” work to do.

FB 150313 Steffen

FB 150313 Steffen 2

  • Soulaima said that she will hold a lecture today for directors with an average age on 45+, and “I will tell them that with every day passing, they become more and more stupid … and that they are lazy. I wonder what they will say to this”, and she received encouragement by people supporting her – always “easy” to say before you are confronted yourselves (!) – and Sanne said that “the truth can be taken in bad part”, and yes seen that I have, and Litten said that “it requires good connections from above .. if you understand”, and yes that is so right (!), and later she said that “the duty of my work is to challenge” and “an unbelieved truth can hurt a man much more than a lie”, and yes I wonder if she was encourage by me after all (?) and you are doing the RIGHT thing, Soulaima as long as you tell the truth, which you do here reminding of what I have told people in my scripts all along (!), and not what is wrong of course, and the only wrong thing is that you “cannot” take your own “medicine”, so how can you tell people what to do when you cannot take it yourself when I told you the truth straight out (?), and no, the right way is NOT to remove my freedom of speech to make yourself look good, but you have understood this by now?

FB 150313 Soulaima

FB 150313 Soulaima 2

  • Olav, the editor-in-chief of BT, brought a link showing more wolves around Jutland saying that it is “wild”, and I told him that it is indeed “completely wild” and “reminds in nature of you and BT when you are also aggressive and biting”, and yes “hungry like the wolf” they are, and you do know what I think of that.

FB 150313 Olav

  • Mogens wrote this article about the book “Predator Nation” by Charles Ferguson, which gives a “scary look into the world causing the financial crises, which we still have not taken a showdown with”, and this is the man, who made the film “inside job”, and I told him that the showdown has really been taken, and just needs to be carried out, which it will via our New World, and yes when changing to our New World Order without banks, investments etc. according to a plan in a greater detail done by Obama as his (my) new self.

FB 150313 Mogens

  • The film “inside job” is part of my webpage “Doomsday scenario” because the financial crisis was part of the road leading directly to the end of the world, and this is part of what I write on this page:

“An utterly rotten and irresponsible financial sector including what used to be considered as “creditable” investment banks, mortgage lenders, credit rating agencies and insurance companies stood together as partners in crime bribing each other with HUGE commissions when providing “good business” mainly of “pools of loans” in terms of inflow to their own pockets, which however was POOR risks for their “investors”, who was fooled to believe that the business they bought was secure because of what later showed out to be unreliable AAA-ratings given by eloquent criminals wearing fine suits herewith making the most money for themselves and digging the grave for the world!”

“The system meant that no one of the financial sector wanted to take responsibility of what was an advanced “pyramid game” involving trillions of dollars with the economy of investors, thus the world, at stake bearing incredible losses because of this, the biggest robbery in history (!) – the financial institutions had NO moral standards when going directly behind the backs of and cheating its customers speculating against what the institutions themselves advised customers to buy, they could see “nothing wrong” in this, or this is at least what they said”!

  • Today is Kirsten’s birthday and last year, she had not opened the wall on her Facebook profile to be written on as I told her, and this year it is still the same, so I brought my birthday greeting in her lamp-thread also for her mother and Jeanette to see, and no, Kirsten did not bring me greetings at my birthday, but maybe she would become glad to receive mine including “Young Americans”, which I always played when living at Østerbro, Copenhagen, in the beginning of the 1990’s, when we were on our way out to drive north to Submarine in Vedbæk, which we practically did every weekend.

  • Anton lost his girlfriend, and I decided to try to send him a smile with this marvellous sketch by Monthy Python, and I had hoped to receive some feedback, but no, he was not up to it other thank a “like”. And I VERY MUCH like his very fine skills of writing and the LOVE that he sends out to the world, but I also wonder about his message of “dying” in relation to our ETERNAL New World, which suggests that he has “not been able” to fully understand or believe in the messages of my website yet.

FB 150313 Anton

FB 150313 Anton 2

  • This is exactly as I write on the front page of my website.

FB 150313 Desiree

  • Mads has still not returned with visible to me Facebook postings, and I was encouraged to check him up, and this is how his profile looks to me, and yes I can enter it and add him as a friend, but there is still no picture of him and his profile also don’t say that I follow him, which I used to do after he deleted me as a friend, and yes is this the normal profile of Mads (?) or did he decide to block me too (?), and I am here given a small heart attack, which I have received many of today, and this simply because of his darkness. And my old friend, Jimi’s Facebook profile has been “half deleted” again saying that it has been “inactivated”, but you know that it is darkness still trying to kill father.

FB 140313

  • Lykke spoke about “a night to remember” because she has been to a conference in CDU’s group room in the German Reichstag/Parliament with a good-humoured Angela Merkel and then she said “according to CDU’s grand old man”, Konrad Adenauer, group rooms are the front office to Hell”, very well”, and yes difficult to believe, Lykke (?), and for the first time today, my left forefinger is vibrating, and yes you are coming directly from the system of Hell, which is what politics are, and I commented “welcome to a world of politics, but soon no more, Lykke & Co., when the office will be replaced from “hell” to “heaven”, and we are really as close as we can be because we are standing in the front office itself, and you are in Berlin in the centre of “The New Kingdom”, which you know is not of hell but of heaven. Bring me regards 🙂, and this was of course a symbol to say that I am right now being led through the beginning of Paradise of the Source together with our New World.

FB 150313 Lykke

  • It is once again “time’s up” – the end of my journey, and NOW it is (!) – and this comes from this question in the SAGA Facebook group where Brad was to happy for the answer from a band member himself, from Jim, that he decided to “change my undies”, which is really the same as saying that we will NEVER again experience disgusting “destructive darkness”, and I was here given the word “disgusting” because of the feelings of Jim and what I have pulled him and the band through, and yes they were not very willing to follow me, so I had to do it with sufferings because of the darkness you sent me.


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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