March 17, 2013: I received incredible STRONG claws of the eagle of the Source landing, which will open our New World


Summary of the script today

16th March: Receiving the full mountain of the Source walking down one level to “lift me up”, feeling the family tree inside me

  • A long part of the day, the game was about whether or not I would be allowed to enter the next level of the Source, which I understand as the main part of the Source after bringing in the pipe of the Source, and I only received darkness – because I go through darkness of “nothing” surrounding Paradise of God on the inside – and was told that all of me and my scripts were evaluated as part of an approval process. When I wrote the chapter of X-factor of yesterday, the transfer of “everything of the mountain of the Source” progressed, and the key to this was Thomas Blachman together with the population of Denmark. And finally all of the mountain was transferred to me with the Source walking down one level to me, and this was NOT a given fact to happen when you are still your old self, but this is what we do “because we have faith in him to finish what we started” and yes to “LIFT ME UP” again. I now feel the family tree inside of me with branches growing out, and I am shown lacks of creation of my mother, which we will improve. I am still inside a very small area of darkness, and am shown the road out of it.
  • Dreaming of bring out huge amount of life from darkness “for free” (because there is no energy in it).
  • Short stories of the red Taunus having been everywhere and helping people with their dreams.

17th March: I received incredible STRONG claws of the eagle of the Source landing, which will open our New World

  • We are still going deeper inside of the Source for the first time entering where we have not had the hand up at the beginning of my journey. We have now arrived at the level of the Source, which is pouring out gold (of creation) from the jug.
  • I was told that “the alarm” will soon start to burn us self the last way through, but no, I don’t believe in this as long as I do what is right.
  • I went to bed already being on an extreme limit of exhaustion, but was not allowed to sleep, so I stood up using the night to write many notes including the story of light of our New World coming towards me as the Source from all sides, how I sucked in the eyes of my father and how he – and my own inner self – is now part of our New World, which was “impossible” to do alone. I received INCREDIBLE BIG AND STRONG CLAWS OF AN EAGLE about to grab me, and it was truly so incredible strong that it took me very much by surprise, and it gave me the experience that this was truly impossible to handle alone, and this is of course the landing of the eagle of the Source, or the Toruk Makto after having changed it into light of this world. We are now VERY close to enter the Kronborg Castle, which is where the fireworks of our New World will be lid opening everything. Coming through this darkness has required incredible sacrifices of pyramids/worlds of light, which will be recreated when we are done. All of this life was brought as energy to the Source to bring in the New World to the Source. I did this work going to my extreme work limit again to absorb incredible darkness sent to me by family, friends etc., which was reflected by a snow storm in March, which is quite rare. The Source is now being brought in over the New World – the eagle is landing.
  • We would not have been able to take the last steps up the dark pyramid of the Source without Anne Linnet as another part of my mother in X-factor suffering from the inborn lack of ability to hear true beauty of music, thus bringing me and Thomas Blachman an incredible amount of darkness.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group yesterday show a cowboy of darkness, the Source joking about Pope Francis, the worst darkness including threats of my “old nightmare” around water of the Source, the Eagle of the Source is landing, darkness wants to do good, going from darkness to fireworks of light, family hiding in my wings, darkness using glasses to turn around to become part of the white horse, Prince Rainer and Grace Kelly, darkness asks “let me in”, and bringing in the Source from Sweden.
  • Short stories of the connection between X-factor and creation, and remember the small things in life making people happy, Helena was harassed by the MP Ole Birk Jensen again, Ole questioned the mental capacity of religions persuasions using God as income for their brutal actions, Lecia is helping me to fish my inner self up through STRONG darkness, and one was “too intelligent” and another “too dumb” to understand me.


16th March: Receiving the full mountain of the Source walking down one level to “lift me up”, feeling the family tree inside me

Receiving the full mountain of the Source walking down one level to “lift me up”, feeling the family tree inside me

Do you have spring water to put in your hair (?); and yes you heard him, it would be nice to receive spring?

If your journey was a 100 metre run, you have now completed 99.9999% of it.

I received a new out of this world pain to my right ankle and was told that it is because of my mother in relation to me and the story/risk of the Commune.

I was told that politicians don’t know about me, because the secret government of the world does not include politicians but “the system” (?), and eeehhh at least some politicians are part of the secret network, and no, I will not participate in “guessing” about what is right and wrong, so my best guess is that “the world elite” also include top politicians/governments as I have said all along.

I still receive cracking sounds to my kitchen but lately mostly as neutral/darkness, and this is really to say that it is inside of here that everything of the Source still is.

I was shown behind a couple of corners “something” and that this “something” of the Source is producing light – I was shown a halogen lamp with the coat of it looking like a diamond, and later I was asked, don’t you want me to bring you in there (?), and yes I do, but I am in no hurry, so when the time is right, I am sure that you will open up.

I don’t know what to do now because WHAT DO YOU WANT YOURSELVES (?) and I see someone in between trying to bring my father of the Source together with me on the way in, and I don’t know what the problem is, if there is some dirt in the system, if the lock will not open, and no I really don’t care, because we will enter one way or another, so therefore HAVE PATIENCE my dear spiritual friend, it will all come through, and I heard him almost crying say “do you believe he is right, well he normally is” at the same time as I felt the TV-series Matador because this is about the big act, can he really open up to everything of the Source and yes without receiving help/faith of his father and mother (?), and yes is what he says, and I receive only darkness/no answer from the Source, but I feel the Source, and we know, Stig, we have all the time in the world, so whenever you are ready, I am too, and we know, there would be no one to meet me in the beginning, so take it easy, boy boy and this is coming from the Leo you know.

I was looking up from the bottom at a glass pedestal where an Oscar stood, and saw how it was moved out to a dark car waiting outside, and yes I am sure that we are following the right road, and this is about faith more than anything, and we will enter the last part no matter what, and yes without a doubt.

Isn’t it because we are in the “salat bowl” (a police transporter as it is called here) where you were supposed to die (?) – to be exchanged with my new self, “this is what I believe” as an actor tells me.

You are heartfelt welcome as the Source said, it is not that at all, I am just getting used to see you all here, yes preparing your arrival, do you believe in this, Stig (?), and I have absolutely no idea, and will take it as it comes.

And no, it is now 03.30, and I am NOT going to be awake all night and all day, why not (?), and because I have said that I will not, and it is with this as input that we will try to get everything right in here once again (?), and yes have you been here before (?), and alright, no monkeys, you say?

I received a new sound from my kitchen and was told that it will work like this, I, i.e. God, will “jump out” (from where I come from) to collect you.

And this “he” did and John Paul said something like that this is the best I can bring Stig, and is this “take it or leave it”, Stig (?) and no, you have no opinion on this, I did my best, and now it is up to you to decide if you want to bring me in, and I keep on receiving the feeling of the Vatican Church in Rome, who was also asked a question about me when selecting the new Pope (?), and no, you did not want me, you chose against me, so this is darkness also bringing you forward, but well, yes let us bring you in – is what you are hoping for (?) – and we know, please do what you do, and I will continue doing my best too, and so it is, so it is.

I received more pain of darkness to my behind which is really the first time for some time.

The shock given to you by Helena was also meant to bring you in here, because this is so secret/difficult to get into that you really cannot, and yes I am just bringing out the TV manual to see what it will take (?), and …

You don’t really have more options than this one, so if you don’t enter before the end of tomorrow, which is today, I don’t know what to do …..

It also has to do about turning all into “a 3D disco-ball” as I am shown here, which is about the view of our New World, so much work is going on here, and yes my friend please do your absolutely best work.

No, he will not offer his “old nightmare” to get in.

I was told that I am also judged on the validity of my messages in my scripts, for example the Australian Prime Minister and “super woman”, and if there is something I cannot bring please use the world and yes the New World is completely clean, and I was given the smell of soap.

So you are bringing in two giant trucks and want me to unite everything, and I really thought that we already had.

I heard “impossible”, so this is apparently difficult to do too. And then we are back at square one, I want everything here to be clean.

I went to bed at 04.35 and had not the best sleep until 12.20 still making me tired when writing, and this dream.

  • I am in a GIANT and very nice looking Amager Shopping Centre, and I meet my sister several times there but don’t say hello to her because I don’t believe she has seen me, I see that she has done plenty of shopping, which I cannot afford myself, and finally I meet her again and say hello as she does too and she tells me that she had actually seen me. Later in a room, I see how one chair is standing by itself, and that it belongs to a group of two similar chairs, and I move the one chair together with the two others. There are crusty rolls for free and I take one.
    • This is life inside of darkness, which is where Michael Sadler played, and the home ground of my sister, and she knows that I am there, and I continue my work bringing the Trinity together, and have a crusty roll also symbolising creation, and it is for free meaning that there is no energy inside of here, which is also to say that this darkness is really the opposite when everything is facing the same direction.

I was shown Cliff Richard and only one dark bicycle at the bicycle stand and behind it, everything is light, and here it is about “we don’t talk anymore” by Cliff – an old favourite also here – and right after this I also received “baby makes her blue jeans talk” by Dr. Hook, which normally is about darkness.

Why does the hash trade lie still?

We have many other telephone numbers her, but we have no printing press for bank notes.

We cannot stress enough how important Amager (SAGA/Michael Sadler) was. Without it we would not be able to pass this. Without a stamp for you trying to be the one in there yourself???

So what you are bringing, you have not created yourself, your mother has, and she does not believe in you, and yes your physical mother (?), and this has importance too.

I am not a spaceman/space invader anymore – since I have come here?

Have they given him sun lotion on, so he can handle the sun here?

I took a long bath and first started to write at 16.25 today, and yes it is still tough and yes it is still MUCH easier to decide to do nothing, but so far – also to my own surprise – I am still working every single day to produce a new script, and we know, it is really NOT easy at all to do.

While I checked Facebook, I was not told much, it is still low speech I receive, for example:

… angels

… To build piece.

.. and then with him of the top, everything should be alright, this is what we have figured out, and yes Stig, your scripts are being evaluated here.

What colour the dog has is not important, it is more if we can approve you, Stig, and yes he is not nervous, because “I am”, and haven’t I been approved already a long time ago (?), and at least by other parts of my father I have, so I am sure this will work out too.

So you are just waiting here while I finish the building of the ship, is that it?

Where have you hidden all of your surprises, at the end of your right fingers (?), which is about the location of our New World.

Do we dare take him in now (?), is he ready?

And I still receive negative comments/desire to be negative about everything, which is still very annoying.

This is about crossing yet another railway.

I was told through darkness from the New World that we cannot hide how satisfied we are.

It is not because she hates to be photographed, but ….

This corresponds to a motor saw cutting up the prison without deciding how to distribute it, and I was shown the prison as endless small and it does not want to get out.

I was shown Mads Fuglede’s Facebook profile becoming visible after having written a script, and this is like an opening and yes through the worst darkness to the Source.

It was not only you and your mother looking at windows of stores, it was also your father.

Watch out that he – together with everyone – will not end up in the lake (of sufferings) at the end.

I was shown a badminton ball being shot into Darth Vader and Darth Vader splitting up in a mountain to both sides with a path in between, which we follow deeper and deeper, and I have now been shown this several times, about a dark mountain, and before a prison, splitting up in two, so this is protective darkness surrounding the mainland of the Source, which we are going through.

I was told that it is not anything, which leads to a basket of apples (symbolising our New World), which I see vaguely.

Here is no pipe producing new reptiles changing into money, and instead I was shown a newly planted forest and I am going through this at a narrow path.

I received the feeling of my old lawsuit against Aon and Niels de Bang in 1998 – after I was wrongly expelled because he could not handle his negative feelings and misunderstandings – and I was told and felt how the court decided against me influenced by the charm of Niels, and I understood that this is coming to me because Niels is still thinking of me, and also that you wrongly influenced the court against me (?), and yes together with my own lawyer, who did not want to speak the truth as I asked him to, I lost the case, but it was later settles out of court with Niels’ successor.

It is not like this that I just have to get used to being inside of you (?), and I felt myself as the tree of everything with new branches growing out from me.

I was given a sound to my kitchen again, and this time it was my mother there saying “well, I will just lay the telephone book here and see what will happen”, and a little later, my father said, “well, if it isn’t the names of everyone, which I have missed”, and I heard and saw how he read it.

I was told that it is also a good story that Eligael’s Jerusalem UFO Facebook group doesn’t believe in me at the same time as my decoding of the mother of all crop circles and Jerusalem UFO page is a “reference” for people studying this event seriously, and yes the last couple of weeks, this has been the most visited of all my websites (together with the Vitruvian Man, which has been the most visited seen over the last many months).

I was told that the family tree is changing location from my father to me, and this is something you don’t do everyday, and yes “the most difficult, which is”.

I was told that I have now reached the neck of the Toruk Makto.

We have been looking into this space rocket since you were little not knowing what it contains, and “now I will take over, is this is” (?), and this is the voice from this level slightly above where I stand now, which is the home of us all, which is where you are taking us, and you can imagine our excitement to return to the home, which created us in the first place.

No, Stig is not soft, this is what we are doing now, and at the end, we will add a magical touch, and this is it, the end of our menu.

No, Bornholm don’t have fish, which you can put in to dry, and I was shown a stand of fish standing outside a fish smokehouse on Bornholm.

No, I have not found my slippers yet. This is also how we can do it, Stig, because when Mohammad won’t come to the mountain, we bring the whole mountain of everything to you, and yes when your father will then understand and have faith in you, what will happen then (?), and yes we will be ONE as the Source.

It is not Sultans of swings anymore, it is LOVE OVER GOLD once again, and I feel my mother here and that is because of her mother love once again. And yes, there is no radiator here, but there and there and there, so we have had to divide everything, which we will now collect again with you, Stig, and I hear my mother say “my child” and “I will not allow him to fall down”.

And no, we don’t even have to take off our underwear to do this, and that is because of the design of it.

I was tired and when closing my eyes I was shown a line of BIG Z’s for Zoega’s coffee also meaning to sleep here, and even though I did, this Z would move forward to the light as I was shown, but no, I will NOT give up my work, and also not come behind, which is still not easy to do and requires much discipline because new work comes every day.

So this is about the Golden Ship, which you found and is now setting up like this again.

And I felt this evening how darkness wanted me to spit it out and was almost overtaking me to do this at the same time as I was also pressured to do the work on the X-factor chapter of yesterday and publish it as quickly as possible, which still has importance, and we know it is “hanging far out of my throat” as we say here when we are disgusted, but I will NOT allow any of you to disappear, and you also really cannot because I am you.

I washed my clothes and met Knud in the washing room, who spoke about the on-going winter and the snow storm they have promised in a few days, and I know that this is about “extreme sufferings” of mine late in the game, and I told him that it will change quickly with spring arriving, but no, not according to him, he could only see winter and frost, which is what I am still surrounded of by feelings of family, friends etc. around me.

When working with the X-factor chapter I did not receive much help by my spiritual friends as I often otherwise do – with their voice supporting or leading me – but at 20.05 I received the first active voice doing this (when writing “someone leading us forward towards new dreams/heights”), and I was told that this is a voice test, which will have to be about my new self coming home this way.

So when we almost could not speak to you, it was because we were changing your voice system, from the old to the new system. And we had to go through MANY addresses to find the voice system. And from here I received an incredible amount of information in a short time and was also told that we are now very close to the finish line, which I have been waiting for and really for years.

No, we were meant to be over there somewhere in the corner, but Stig decided to enter and now we are here, and yes right in front of him, and yes we know DO NOT HIDE FROM MY, I DO NOT WANT YOU TO DO THIS, which also has importance here, and yes an old wish of mind, which has been stored.

And this is still coming here at 20.45 working one hour after the other – with dinner as break – to complete the chapter on X-factor, which is also NOT easy to write today with my constant desire to stop and just relax, but I have decided that I HAVE TO FINISH it today, so this is what I do, and this is what is opening to all of this again.

I was told that people don’t believe you are “crazy” in the sense that you don’t know what you speak about, because clearly people can see that you do, and they believe that it is not in your head, but in your “genes” that your sickness is located, and we know in my genes ….?

Your mother could not help resist you, but now she cannot help moving you forward with all of her love, and what about his father, yes we have saved him a little behind over here.

And this is instead of moving your father up on the surgery table at hospital once again to bring out the very last of him to help doing this, and yes as he has been many times to help.

I was given a sound to my shelves – the New World – and was told that now we can almost not pick any more nuts and bring them down here, which was one level below.

So what we are saying is that instead of giving a hard knock – to my father as I understand it – we managed to stop the force, and yes to bring it the right place to you instead of bringing it out as darkness, and this is really the wonderful gift we have, and yes to preserve your father, and not let him die as I understand.

And I heard a sound and was shown a vision of my father running down one level of the stairs in my kitchen, and this is what I am saying, I am running down the stairs once again to bring you up, and I felt “if you will not sleep tonight” and yes I will meet my mother and John again tomorrow and the Helsingør Exhibition (of local business showing forward their products), but no, I will not do that, and we will have to do our best with what I give.

And we would continue pressuring him right until he would die (?), or almost die, and yes he doesn’t care, he has surpassed this limit many times, and then it is our task to bring out the best of him and bring so much to him that he will not die after all, because he has asked us to keep him alive and capable to work, and I am here given a little stronger small heart attack, and yes how many times would this have killed him, if he did not have this rule too?

So we are getting all out of the bag now (?), which is here at 21.25 working on the last part of X-factor.

At some point – also this evening and that is in the game that is – we were a little afraid that we had to get the white shirt forward and paint a black cross over it, but no, he doesn’t care, he does NOT play to lose, but to win, and this is the only thing he can in his own attitude, so this is why we also will let him in.

Writing this chapter of yesterday is the last dark bicycle on your road.

So now we are here at a lower level than what we normally are, and what do we do about this (?), and I feel Thomas Blachman with me here – yes, he is home, Thomas and thank you again, and we know we will take it one day at the time until we are back up on the level we came from.

We now don’t have “øllebrød” (“bread-and-beer soup”) only bread, and have looked so much forward to getting you home Stig, and yes it required all of the Source to accept you to enter you, and no, this is NOT a given fact to happen when you are still your old self, but this is what we are doing and I hear a bell saying “because we have faith in him to finish what we started” and yes to “LIFT ME UP” again, and you also hear Thomas Blachman swearing, right (?), but despite of this, he is also part of me.

I was shown the mayor Johannes and how he is opened like the can of a beer, and yes when he will understand too.

Can’t we have any ice cream now?

No, we really cannot fly quickly enough to do this, this was the thought, but you decided to take it easy today – including a bath – and yes at 23.00, you had finished and was about to upload the X-factor chapter of yesterday herewith also making the new radio of your father – and yourself, remember (?), and yes truly bringing your new self inside of you.

I am giving the smell of a dog having gone through rain and mud to be with me here, and it is INCREDIBLE HAPPY having come this far.

Where do you say that the Town Hall Square is (?), and yes aren’t we going directly to the celebrations (?), and yes, Stig doesn’t know.

I felt how my mother’s mother wanted to throw away her clothes saying that we really cannot stand to do the hybrid being of your old self.

It is first with the publish of this that I will be allowed to be my old self again?

No, he is truly not the last man on the yard, is he (?), and yes the man just returning from there, which is the Source of my father/I, and yes we are afraid that he is, and this means that creation is over with and I can take a holiday (?), and we know, Stig, there is an incredible pressure on you coming from the New World to the right, which is interrupting you VERY MUCH (!) when I am here about to publish the X-factor chapter of yesterday, and yes when working on this chapter, I also did that last two pages of notes of the script of today.

So we don’t have bloody teeth anymore?

I was given a sound from the shelves of my mother and told that this means that we don’t have any rings to marry you and me, which goes all the way back to Malmö Konsthall, where you moved next to in 1994 because of “selfish” reasons (to make money on lower taxes).

Falck never understood Larsen (from Matador) telling his dog that “this is a German”, which made the dog not eat a piece of meat, and somehow this was used to say that they never understood me and my memo, and how difficult can it really be (?), and are you still as lazy as when I worked for you in 2011?

I received stomach pain and a potential diarrhoea but it included the feeling of light pressuring on, which is about a last test we are doing.

Had you not done this work, we would have given you an “alarm”, and your mother would gentle have pulled you out behind the game.

This English lady did not want to marry you, did she (?), and yes Georgie, and I am told that she did (at one point) because of her strong connection to my mother.

Your mother has forgot one bowling cone there as I was shown, and yes this is what I now can see as my new self inside of here, and yes lacks of creation, which we will sort out/improve.

I was shown the stairs up to the first floor of a house from where a man brought a handkerchief and a pencil and said “don’t bring him this yet” and also “do we have time doing this” (?), and for all I know we have all the time in the world.

I was told that the fine watch I gave Elijah’s brother Micheck in 2009 in Kenya was the symbol of the end of the world and with faith of a few people in Kenya, the idea was that this would save us all, and this is what it did, and yes I still remember how nervous I was when first Elijah and the day after the LTO team read the first of my writings, which would decide if they wanted to believe in me or not, and they did, and yes a moment of truth is easily what you can call this.

When you contacted Bjarne from the Commune, it was also your father that you contacted herewith opening.

i was told that the story of Russia and Putin of the X-factor chapter yesterday was about the Panum Institute, “innovation” and what you have hid in gulag camps symbolising Siberia to me. And this is how they could have thrown one big black sack (of life) after the other away because they controlled life and could dissolve it as they liked. Or so you thought, right (?), because something went wrong, which is that you did not expect me to change the code of all life making it impossible for you again to make your weapon work.

I was showed a load of furniture at a fine house and told that we did not even have to dust it off with the feeling when it was transferred from the Source to me.

It was fine how your mother stored darkness and I was shown myself stuck by darkness in the bottom of a very small area of the forest but I was shown two grooves being made to get me out of there.

I am still shown a man trying to hid the golf ball with the golf club turning the opposite way and he says that “I am ready to dig myself into the sand pit”, but no, this is a bad idea, you will soon get a new club, and this is really to say that there is now more life to turn around.

So you are a human cluster being brought together from “everywhere/everyone”.

Yes, he first has to swim over the lake to get to me first, and we know, Stig, the amount of work is killing you here at 00.20 where you finished the X-factor chapter approx. 1½ hour ago, now do reading of Facebook updates, afterwards edit the rough script of today, and maybe also do Jette’s Google Earth pictures, and we know X-factor has been VERY TOUGH/”impossible” to write these weeks.

I was given a new out of this world pain to my right ankle and told that this is because of your own sufferings.

No, we did not need a parachute when coming down, which otherwise would have been our alternative and yes using the world instead of you.

No, he does NOT want to die before we will bring him his new duvet.

I was shown a key to a chest and with some magic it was opened, and it includes jewellery, and a watch opening the back of the chest to a train behind it, and yes as long as you can keep working, and “we have all the time in the world”, so we have decided to continue your journey, and yes fine by me, I operate with June in my mind making it much easier to handle and yes better to have a long-term view than short in order to be patient, so as long as you do your best, fine by me.

I still receive negative speech from the actors of darkness – “may he rot” etc. – and also sexual torments/temptations, but NO (!), and yes still difficult to continue saying.

I did the script of today so far including the few short stories, but I decided at 01.30 that I was too tired to comment Jette’s Google Earth pictures, which I will do tomorrow instead.

I was told behind the act that “if he knew how tough this is on us too”, but when we can continue turning around the Source, we do this, and yes giving up is no alternative.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I was “led to” this page on Politiken about “the mystery of the red Taunus”, which is part of the picture of MANY old post cards – it is quite amusing to turn the many pictures to see it in every new picture/post card – and to me, this is about me as my old self driving in a very poor car because of my poor condition and still having been “everywhere” to save every little thing, and yes you do remember that I have spoken about the Taunus a few times before (?), and here was the culmination of this story.

Politiken 160313 Taunus

  • Bo asked people what they dreamt this night and Susanne wrote about her husband wanting to sell their cottage house without her, and I told her that instead of selling the cottage house, it is about lack of faith of her husband, and yes just maybe people of the clairvoyant surroundings in Denmark noticed this making some believe that “maybe he is really not crazy, but HIM”, therefore. Later came a few other dreams I helped with.

FB 160313 Bo


17th March: I received incredible STRONG claws of the eagle of the Source landing, which will open our New World

We have now arrived at the level of the Source, which is pouring out gold (of creation) from the jug

It should be strange if there are no more liquorices on the way in – from Atlantic, and I am here thinking of Charles Lindbergh and his flight as the first over this sea in 1927.

I keep hearing the words “hearing voices”, which is what people apparently speak of, and later I was told that it is because “people” want these voices to stop, so it will have to be my family, friends etc.

Is this still the road for the teacher’s room (?), yes go straight ahead.

If we just had taken the courage to us and killed Yeltsin”, and yes is this coming to me from Russian leaders of the old school?

There is not long, Stig, until the alarm will start, and what will you do then (?), and yes you cannot do anything than keeping your old rules, and to insist taking it easy.

How many of them also bathed with Gorbatjev when imprisoning him (?), and yes yes yes, many stories for you to tell over there?

And this is what we would like to avoid doing, to burn us self the way through, and no, I will NOT allow anything to burn, and I will accept no “old nightmare”, and you say there is no darkness here, but still we are going through darkness or at least nothing (?); and yes we will see what will happen.

No, we have not yet spilled on the glass, and we are getting down to smaller and smaller entities, and no, he does not know about the great secret yet, which is why I created him and not your mother or me to bring us through …

Is there one kicking around without respect in my penalty area, who is that? And I feel my sister.

Leukaemia, do you have a doctor in that here?

I received the feeling of Bjarne, and then rubber boots and my mother, and how far are you willing to go to cross the lake? And again this is connected to his secrecies deciding not to open up, and I feel his irritation on me too and “let us hope Stig will get well”, as the rest also “feel”.

No, we have not lost a football pools match yet, Stig, and you have absolutely no intention to give up, so we will go all the way despite of your warnings, which I give “nothing” for.

We haven’t born your sister under a wrong name have we (?), because isn’t she really part of you, Stig (?), and what happens when Earth explodes and everything will dissolve (?), and yes this is what this scripts says, but you say no, this is WRONG, continue and yes do the opposite of what it says.

During the night I was told that se are still going deeper inside the Source, and darkness tried to bring me desire to do “indecent behaviour” on the Internet, but no.

I slept from approx. 04.30 to 10.30 still being very tired when standing up and I believe I wrote down notes of one dream, but I cannot see the notes now.

I was told that scientists have had theories about “the opposite world” as I have written about, but “not recognized” as I understand it.

I was told that the Yosemite National Park did not explode (as it otherwise would have if I had not carried on my journey).

If we connect these wires wrongly, they will explode.

We keep the swing door open until the last.

I was shown a Cross on a wall turning into a Kirk Plus Telephone – I had one for many years – and “Kirk” is almost “Kirke”, which is “church” in Danish, and I was told that the Danish church is still bringing me sufferings, and yes coming from Lyngby.

I was truly VERY tired this morning, and has NO desire to go to the nearby Helsingør Spot Hall to the Helsingør Exhibition and yes I would get in for free before 11.30, and had agreed to meet my mother and John at 12.30 and to see the local Søren Lauenbjerg – one of the very skilled Launbjerg brothers – sing at 13.00, and this meant that I had a full hour to walk around seeing the stands of local businesses promoting their products, and yes I like that, but today I was TRULY smashed, but I was told that coming here would bring me energy from the MANY people here.

I was told that we have now reached a level of the Source where we have NOT had our hands up before.

It is first now that you have come to the car to paint it, which will have to be the paint of our New World for the latest level of the Source.

I felt SO POORLY walking around there that I could have passed out, and I was wondering if it is now that I will declare that I cannot continue working, but now I am here writing again, and yes because of “habits” to work.

When I was waiting in the front hall for my mother and John to arrive, a lady was together with a handicapped man in a wheel chair, and I don’t know if he was spastic, but he could not control his movements, and he had absolutely no hair on him, neither on his head or eyebrows, and I looked at him and thought “you are going to become better my friend” and also about the TRUE “so much more” person, who is inside of him, which will come out with our New World, and he looked at me, and did he understand that I was “good” for him (?), this was my feeling.

And when my mother – and John – arrived at 12.30, I was shown a Makto Toruk of darkness coming to me from right, so much energy here was used to bring in much darkness, which is still there without really being there?

At 13.00 we watched Søren Lauenbjerg sing three songs, and I was thinking that I have not seen him since he played with the – for us – “legendary” D. C. Army Band, which he was a member of, on our school, Mørdrupskolen, around 1980-81, I believe, and yes they sing very well these brothers, and as example, here is Søren singing “all other places” from the Atlantis musical.

I returned home and after lunch, I decided to go up against tiredness/exhaustion and to write this script too.

Your father was willing to lock you up on mental hospital on life and that is to throw away the key.

I was given one more out of this world pain to my right ankle.

We are not running out of the store yet, right Stig (?), and yes it is still my mother doing the shopping, and I still feel the simple minds attitude of darkness.

I was told that there are not one but two full more of the “Toruk Makto” kind I received today, and yes please bring everything in.

My internet connection had “difficulties” working this afternoon turning on and off, and there was nothing wrong with the signal because my TV was working, and I was told that this is because of feelings of my father.

For weeks I have been given the feeling of this or that experience being “almost as if it has just happened”, and here I was given a feeling of myself walking the streets of Stavanger in 2007, and yes “just like yesterday” or “now”, which is the feeling coming to me.

I have started receiving feelings of Paul Jacobs, so are you about wakening too, Paul?

I was given “we are watching the world” by Mr. Mister over and over again, an old favourite song of mine.

No, Stig does not have inflammation in his eyes, as my mother here says, and yes he sees “beautifully”, and we know, Stig, we are setting up your/our view to watch the world.

We have now arrived at the level of the Source, which is pouring out gold (of creation) from the jug.

I wrote the chapter on Jette’s Google Earth pictures below and published the script of today and yesterday at 17.35, and it is not that long, but because of how hard I have been pushed to work lately, it was NOT easy to continue doing this work, making me TIRED by this point, and yes no more work today.

I received incredible STRONG claws of the eagle of the Source landing, which will open our New World

It is now 02.10 “tomorrow” morning when I start writing this chapter again having my father with me, I am in his thoughts, and after I decided to work no more, and I killed time all evening being IMMENSELY tired, I went to bed at 01.00, and was more than surprised not to be allowed to sleep – TRUST me, when I say more than tired, I mean more than tired (!) – but here we are again having MANY notes, which may take 2-3 hours to write, we will see and yes if I can.

We could not have done this without your father sending you darkness, and I was shown my physical father coming to me with a scarf on because he is cold. So it is now me as the last, who you have decided to paint too, and I felt him as darkness, and I only have one answer: YOU BET!

Yes, we better then move out as yellow and not red as “alarm”.

I was shown myself as Santa Claus in the middle with light coming towards me from all sides, and I feel this is transferred from Sweden, and it is the New World pressing on.

I was shown the eyes of my father, and how they were sucked into me. This is the last “patches of darkness” from my forehead, which is about being used up.

I was given a cracking sound to my shelves as when wood is crunching, and the spirit of my father told me that I am now sitting inside of here, and that is the New World you know. So this is the whole flower store of my father, which we have brought in like this, and I was given the feeling of being in the centre of everything with the world around me.

And I was told that you “simply cannot” alone transfer your mother, i.e. the world, into the middle and grow up yourself, but I allowed you because you said that you are me, and yes you are, and me too, which is my inner self also here.

You cannot do this without Yemen being with me and other central points too, and this is to say that parts of the world is not with me because parts of my family, friends etc. are not with me representing the world, and then there is only will power remaining because NO ONE is to break my neck.

When you will be all the way in here, you will be the metal plate from where everything originates, which shines back on creation.

The last development with the help of Thomas Blachman and X-factor was decisive. And this is how you get your children home. I was shown the last pieces of bride (of my mother) come as pieces of darkness sent against me. And I was given the taste of the most delicious grill steak. I was told that “potatoes” are also me.

All of this darkness would have been used to scare the world while I would have been given my “old nightmare”, and only because of all the goodness inside of here.

I felt red together with Jane – I can NEVER remember the sir names of her, Paul and Billy and this is EVERY SINGLE TIME I write about them, and I have to look it up and yes to bring darkness/annoyance to me – and Parker, it is, yes Jane Parker from Arthur Findlay College, and I was told if it can be that they are starting to “develop” in relation to me?

And this is how Stig would have continued paying, i.e. suffering, also if he had been hospitalised.

I was told that my mother has felt the worst here at the end, and I heard her say “shouldn’t we take a taxi now” (?), and yes as soon as there is no darkness, we will.

So we don’t need any artificial cough pills to get everything up, and yes as you will understand, it was not easy to bring out everything of me, it really required “everything I had” and more than any man has ever given before.

I was told about Anders Fogh – the General Secretary of NATO – that “if it was up to me, I had flown my last tour”, and not easy keeping up appearances, Anders (?), and I was told that he only knew little of the evil world, and then I received an out of this world pain to my right ankle, which is also because of Anders and his pain.

Isn’t it what we have been busy doing, which is to spread all addresses of the system, i.e. the Source, out on everyone?

I have completely forgotten to sew clothes for the party, and yes we better do that now.

I was told that the official world believed that I had to be transport in armed vehicles as protection, but no, this is NOT how God works. I like to be OPEN, direct and honest, you know.

I was told that it would have been anticipated if I had to give up to darkness of the four worlds working against me, and it had still worked out, and this is what we planned when I was on Mallorca in 2007. Your role, i.e. mine, was primarily to separate light from darkness. But it would have meant night all over, many sufferings and deaths, and we would have started our New World at a lower level and I was shown an old spaceship compared to state of the art as we will now do.

Bjarne was also out in how many mental hospital beds at disposal and maybe Stig could be hospitalised outside the city (?), but no, this is where the bird woke up again.

What was the worst about being “unemployed” (?), and yes “the help of the Commune”, which you do understand was torture (?), and they believed that I could not handle a top job or did you really when you think twice?

And Lisbeth and “everyone else” from the system believes that “we do out best”, but I have showed you just how poor work and thinking that they did, which is why we have so poor systems of the world of today, and this is far from good enough, so everyone has to improve much as we WILL DO.

And all of these as example – and family, friends etc., thus the world – were parking guards around my house as darkness making it impossible for me in the middle as the Source to get out.

I was shown myself as Yoda now walking the last part of the road of Kronborgvej in Helsingør towards Kronborg Castle, which is only 100-200 metres, and Kronborg is where everything will happen.

I felt darkness right around me as this simple minded life guarding me from life entering me from the outside, and it took this role very seriously taking pride in doing it, and there is only one thing wrong, which is that this is WRONG, so please open up my friends, and yes to the New World still on its way in.

I was also given a play by this narrow ring of darkness around me and how it would have told me that we only shopped what was strictly necessary, i.e. brought much less life than what we did, but no!

So we are now very soon inside Kronborg Castle, where the fireworks will start, and I was shown how darkness around me was not looking over its should to me and told me “everyone is welcome, right”, and yes that’s right, and I was also told that Dave Gahan from Depeche Mode has also received a spiritual view and I was shown him on a ship looking out over all water of the sea symbolising the Source.

Again I was told that no one will believe that you could do this obtaining the balance by taking on the sufferings of everyone not having faith in you, and I was given examples of this and that group of people not believing in me, and doing nothing to find out. And I was told about how my family was meant to meet on the cemetery with family members dying to bring “big shocks”, and the Source reflected and said, yes, we have done everything correct, we could do nothing else than to lead him to Anton and open the Source via him (because I did not give up).

And you have the key to puncture me with, which was said by darkness to the New World coming, and yes to let the air of darkness pour out slowly instead of as an explosion to avoid sufferings. And it was me you had to go through at the end without ending in the suffering lake.

Darkness said that we have taken out the goal keeper before without losing, but not this time.

Where do you start and end reading and understanding my scripts (?), and yes they are long to give the world including the media a task itself, which is to understand what is “impossible” in your minds to understand, but you will discover that it is NOT difficult, all it takes for you is PATIENCE and WILL POWER to read, and yes Stig, we have been here before, and yes I received even more than the above, which were repetitions of old messages just like this.

I was given thoughts about my aunt Inge – who sometimes visits my website to read the headlines of my scripts, and I wonder if she is too weak to read today (?) – and I thought of her sickness and also my father’s, and I told myself that I will NEVER stop my journey “just because” of sicknesses of my family, and yes “to save them” here and now, which would bring harm to our creation not entirely finished, and I then received a new out of this world pain to my right ankle and yes because of pain of my aunt and father.

I was shown inside the ring of darkness how it was prepared to apparently bring me directly in to the light without this darkness self being dissolved, but no, this is NOT how we work.

How many clairvoyant people saw a dark elephant as me without “being able” to figure this out and understand my mission to remove darkness as I told directly in my scripts and headlines via Facebook, and yes people were BLIND not believing in the truth giving them right in front of their eyes, and talk about “a sick world”.

This card of the state prison was so stone sure that … and then I was shown and felt a prison guard actually entering my apartment to bring me with him to prison, and no thank you (!), and I was asked “not even if we go to Kronborg” (?), and no, I will walk myself, and I was also still given torments/temptations of my “old nightmare”, but no, I DO NOT WANT IT!!!

When I tried to fall asleep at 01.00 I was told half sleeping about Bettina not having faith in me and more, which I could not remember, and at one point, I received INCREDIBLE BIG AND STRONG CLAWS OF AN EAGLE about to grab me, and it was truly so incredible strong that it took me very much by surprise, and it gave me the experience that this was truly impossible to handle alone, and this is of course the landing of the eagle of the Source, or the Toruk Makto after having changed it into light of this world.

I felt now and have felt for days how Queen Margrethe of Denmark is reading Jette’s Facebook group. And I was told how I had both all of the Swedish and Danish royalties against me, and I felt the Danish Princess Anne-Marie. And I was shown Princess Mary and shown that she is also bars of my prison all the way inside of here, and yes the royalties are also darkness inside this ring of darkness around me keeping me as a prisoner, and yes you had NOT planned to speak out to the world about me, or had some of you (?), and what about Lizzy (?), and yes also sick she was, and “what a tragedy”, and yes that the world is breaking apart, but no, it is not literally, Elisabeth, we are in control, and this is why I brought you all the DON’T WORRY, BE HAPPY song, but apparently you have to repeat the same messages many times even to royalties to make you understand, and that goes for you too – and yes come again, what is his name (?), and yes you steal my memory, this is why I also have to look this up, or wait patiently for it to come to me, which it sometimes does, but not here – and yes here it was Prince Philip, I had to look it up even though I knew. And I was told that this is really why Niklas is in Tasmania, Australia, at the moment, which is to collect the cure against darkness of Mary against me.

I was shown the late Danish actor Grehte Sønck, and she attended a music show on TV and asked to sing the greatest hit of her late husband, Volmer Sørensen, and this is of course “Dansevise” (“Dance song”), and dancing is as you remember our symbol of celebration.

And I also received Kliche’s Militskvinder (“militia women”) and the lyrics “på paradepladsen oplyst af dagens første stråler” (”on the parade place lid up by the first rays of the day”), which is about light also coming through to China.

And it is when the claws of the eagle grab me that the aeroplane will land and we will open everything, which we are VERY close on now.

I was told that when I helped my father with his ”complicated income tax return” in the end of the 1980’s – after also having had written the deed of his new house in Rødovre at the time – that he became so glad that he announced it (to others), and this is still connected to him.

I felt myself standing in queue and I wondered what this queue is for, and I saw that it was to be grinded by darkness “to help you”, and I was told that we, i.e. life being temporarily terminated, cannot scream or anything, we are just Coca Cola’s or torpedoes designed to push you forward as the propeller of a big ship.

I was still lying in bed now writing down notes on my phone negotiating with my self if I should decide to sleep – if I could – or stand up also doing this work WITHOUT being annoyed/disgusted as darkness still wanted me to be, but not as strongly as before, and I was shown and told that it is now all parts of the family tree, which we bring you.

While lying here, I could here how the wind outside was strong making it bring noises of my windows, and it is now and the next two days that a winter storm is coming in over Denmark, which has brought MUCH snow already in Europe, and I understood that this is about the landing of the STRONG eagle and to bring me even more sufferings standing up to do this work even though I was actually at a pretty extreme limit already at 01.00 when I went to bed, and I was asked if I wanted to do this “one last time” myself or bring pain to the world, which is also my mother, and no, I don’t want that, and this is what a new tickling feeling given to my right nostril is about, and NO is the answer!

And this storm has been so much talked about here in the media, that someone made this drawing about “the snow is coming, the snow is coming” – almost the same warning as “the wolf is coming” (!) – and it continued with “Close the roads! Close the schools! Chaos! Snow hell! Everything goes down! Save yourself!!!” as examples, and you may understand that this is darkness coming towards me, and it is really because I am on the mind of family, friends etc., and when they decide to do what is wrong, this is the result, and this is the strong darkness we need now and for me to absorb it to receive “the eagle”, and yes I LOVE IT, ABBA ♥.


I was told about Anne Linnet and shown how she brought an incredible amount of cream into an icehockey arena, which makes all music instruments float around, and I was told that this is because she is born with the sickness of making everything into a “porridge” of commercial/mainstream sound, and she cannot hear it herself, and yes I wrote about this in 2009 the first time, Anne.

Anne did not know that she has played a main role of the Danish X-factor, and I was told that she is another part of my mother – I wonder how many we have, Benny & Bjørn, and BEATIFUL this one is too, and yes it is about you, Anne ♥ – and I was shown and told that without Anne, it would have been impossible to take the last steps up the dark pyramid, which required “inhuman work” from me to write the chapters over the last weeks because of how I felt.

I was shown that we are running the very end of a marathon run, and I was told that we have passed 42 kilometres, and how much more is it (?), and yes 195 metres.

I was shown the gallon, which at the same time is a library, which comes with it, and yes the library of God. And it is all modern furniture we bring here.

I was told about the moon almost not making it in 2009, and how the world thought about whether or not we could survive without the moon, and will you please tell the world what your conclusion was?

I was told about crisis of the ship yard and at this level we are now, it has required for us to blow up one pyramid of light after the other, which is about full worlds sacrificing once again being temporarily terminated in order to bring enough energy to open this darkness, which we are cutting through, and yes everything will be saved in the end.

I was shown that we are sitting in a TV control room, and the wall opens and a new and even bigger TV control room appears, which is about taking another step up, and I was shown how arrows inside of here coming from darkness of people were pointed towards me and I had corrugated cardboard in front of me, and the weather is the result of this.

I was told that Johnny Weismuller is not dead and Tarzan was also one of mine.

I was given thoughts about my recent Facebook comments to Olav from BT, Kristian from Politiken, and I was shown Anders Breinholt from TV2, and was told that all of this “critique” of mine of media was becoming “too much” for TV2, and I was shown strong chains beneath the sea, which is really the chains of media and TV2 as you bring me because of your WRONG behaviour, and am I the one “annoying” you (?), it is not the other way around, is it?

So we are bringing very quietly an invisible gallon (of the Source) in over the gallon of the New World as I was shown, and apparently the mainstream have not noticed that we are doing this.

I was shown the Trinity as three times the grim reaper, which we have acted as, and that is to bring coins, and a little later I was told about the bag inside of here and its secret purse, which includes terminated life, which is about bringing energy to the Source to bring in our New World, which was really the basic idea, and when all of this is done, all of this life is still intact and will be recreated perfectly.

I was shown a lion and told that I have no sun lotion inside of here or any need of it.

When writing this chapter I was given some stomach pain of the kind I get when The commune is working against me, so is this still about Bjarne trying to bite me, or are we now down on a level, which is “not suitable” for him, i.e. on Lisbeth’s level thinking once again what to do about me (?), and I wonder what Bjarne’s relation to “the truth” is (?), and do you have a poor habit not always speaking the truth, Bjarne?

I was given a sound to the kitchen and told that “I am almost not here anymore”.

I was shown the road leading into the light, and also a formula 1 racing track, which is not being abandoned and I hear the question in the air “can we remove this now” (?), and this is just to say that we drove with “incredible speed” right until the end also doing work this night, and it is now 04.00 and you are coming to your ultimate limit where you are almost breaking apart and wonder if you will be able to publish this before this happens, and yes we will see, there is a little more to write above in this chapter, then an edit/summary and some more short stories, and then to publish it, which may take 1-1½ hours to do from here.

For approx. one week, some kind of ship have been anchored on the sea in front of my building giving it a free view to my apartment, and at night it is fully lid, and this may be something completely “innocent” work they do (but what???), but it makes me wonder if this can be the state deciding to monitor and to protect me (?), and this is probably absolutely nothing, but you never really know what “crazy people” might decide to do, and no thank you, I do NOT need any protection in case someone should have thought this thought.

Google Earth shows the Eagle of the Source landing

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group yesterday show a cowboy of darkness, the Source joking about Pope Francis, the worst darkness including threats of my “old nightmare” around water of the Source, the Eagle of the Source is landing, darkness wants to do good, going from darkness to fireworks of light, family hiding in my wings, darkness using glasses to turn around to become part of the white horse, Prince Rainer and Grace Kelly, darkness asks “let me in”, and bringing in the Source from Sweden.

Fb 170313 Jette 1

FB 170313 Jette 2

FB 170313 Jette 3

FB 170313 Jette 4

FB 170313 Jette 5

FB 170313 Jette 6

FB 170313 Jette 7

FB 170313 Jette 8

FB 170313 Jette 9

FB 170313 Jette 10

FB 170313 Jette 11

  • Michael Wulff writes “for fun” that the final of X-factor has been removed to a Bowling centre after the only talented contestant, Amalie, was sent out, and yes you do remember that bowling cones are used as symbols of what we find inside the Source as the basic material of life, and this is also to show the connection between X-factor, Thomas Blachman and creation.

FB 170313 MW

  • No, my old friend, Kirsten “could not” like or reply to my birthday greetings the other day, and yes she probably means nothing bad about it, but when you “don’t think” and don’t do those small things to make people happy, you do the opposite, and yes not easy for me to keep you as a friend, Kirsten (?), and eeehhhh because of you and not me, you know. And Margit is arranging a Fair reunion, but I am not invited, Margit?
  • The MP Ole Birk Olesen claimed to me that he did not know who Helena and Søren is, but here Helena was again sad because of him saying that she wishes that he is right about the extremely cruel things he pour out “about me and my”, which is about you and Søren (?), and this is because she would not have to jump out of bed then to prepare dinner for some friends.

FB 170313 Helena

  • Ole normally doesn’t write much on Facebook, but maybe it was red wine making him bring this post as one out of several about the same subjects, and here he spoke about religion as the most violent way to arrange your life after, and he said that when he hear religious persuasions taking God as income for the brutal actions, they commit at the same time calling God for “great”, he question their mental ability, and yes I do understand you, Ole, but I wonder if you understand me – as a relatively new Facebook friend – so I repeated my message to you saying that God NEVER supports this kind, but his “wicked cousin” does, and soon “did” and also that religion is man-made, there is only One God, One Philosophy and One People, which is close to being revealed to the world, and I wonder how many of Ole’s network of famous people, who know about and also feels sorrow for me and yes because of the humiliation I take from people who “cannot” understand comments like this.

FB 170313 Ole

  • Lecis was the one symbolically saving me when saving the blackbird a few weeks ago, and here she speaks outraged over the “completely insane industrial and conventional fishing” about fish being pumped with chemicals and “EU’s laws of fishing are so crazy that they scream to heaven”, and to me this is about “fishing” and fighting against darkness, which is exactly what we are doing and yes after my new self going through the last, STRONG darkness.

FB 170313 Lecia 2

FB 170313 Lecia

  • Here are two other people, who “could not” understand me, one was “too intelligent” and the other “too dumb”, and Shannon left me as Facebook friend but here shares here love to Martin “from star human to star human”, and I was told that the most amazing is that Shannon has been given new spiritual experiences because of me, and also that she is as sensitive as Eva, another clairvoyant, was at Arthur Findlay College in 2006, which made her “attack me with love” because she could not control her feelings to the love of God as I radiate, which I understood that Shannon feels too, but still she “could not” understand, and I here received “the worst small heart attack” of darkness as result.

FB 170313 Martin



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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