March 19, 2013: The eagle of the Source has landed with my new self, and my father brings over everything using own force


Summary of the script today

18th March: The eagle of the Source has landed, but it only includes my new self and so far not my father

  • Dreaming of uniting the Source and the New World with darkness working against me, doing quick work is essential to continue following this road, darkness of my father and Kirsten sent to me brings us “perfect creation”.
  • The eagle of the Source has landed, but it only includes my new self and not my father because of lack of faith of my mother an father, and he has therefore been “closed down” for now and my inner self has overtaken the control of the Source following the decisions of my physical self. I was given a strong desire to give up on the last of my father, but no, never (!), and this decision will bring me, my family, friends etc., thus the world, more sufferings, and the question is if we will be able to go through this without deaths (?), will John and maybe my father too survive this? Despite of this, I received Queen’s “we are the champions” as the ultimate anthem celebrating our victory.
  • I was working with the dark side of my father of the Source, who felt like being Hitler driving home through roads of Germany. I asked for a road to be created, which is not there, to bring him out even though it would be dangerous with a risk for it to break down, and I don’t have faith of my father and mother to bring him out, but I decided that I am everything, so I don’t need this, and with “impossible” work this night being tired beyond the limit of dying, we continued doing this work before it is too late. This deepest darkness also includes darkness of armed forces wanting to kill my family and hang me out as crazy to the world for them to continue their dreams to rule the world.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show myself busy working on my “typewriter”, God watching over the oil spill of the Gulf of Mexico, darkness saying we are not hiding but still there was MUCH life inside of the Source hidden from me, why is Jette concerned about the glasses (?), potential abuse of my mother leading to the most beautiful music, i.e. love, my “tickling” nose potentially drowning me, God creating cloud formations in front of the eyes of Jette, “pull yourself together man” (for me NOT to stop working), and the family is still hiding in the light.
  • Short stories telling the political world that you will close yourself down, in the forest a party was meant to be, old Fair colleagues speaking about me but not to/with me, politicians made me SO TIRED, cleaning the Source, the most categorical denier confessed to his sins today – now we wait on the official world.

19th March: My father crossed a ramshackle bridge now sitting at my side bringing over all content of the Source

  • It was not possible to climb this mountain but now that we are here, we will stay for a few days cleaning up everything. We are playing the piano of the Source after having landed it safely. I found the water of the Source inside the prison of the world surrounding it, and I was shown how my father symbolised as an ice cream boat passed the most ramshackle bridge imaginable.
  • I now cannot continue washing darkness of the Source as my old self, which would be too painful for me to do, but we drilled the hole to the Source, and my father now takes over bringing out and cleaning everything of the Source using the force of the Source self. He is now sitting by my side.
  • Dreaming of driving an OLD car with MUCH engine power because of the power I show in my work, my mother being darkness controlled by John, and my kitchen is NOT flooded.
  • I visited the new Café Momo in Helsingør and understood that this café has recently opened with inspiration from my inner self because of its name symbolising a never ending story of eternal time, life and love of God to man AND good quality and communication. The owner used to be a personal cook/assistant for the “rock-mama” of Denmark, Sanne Salomonsen, and Sanne – together with Anne Linnet and the Danish music industry including Michael Bundesen, Michael Hardinger, Kim Larsen and others – helped saving/bringing life to our New World too. This is the sign for Sanne from me, which she has waited for.
  • “Tivoli is open” to my father of the Source and my work made John survive what would otherwise have killed him. We will use the same clock of us for an eternity of our New World. If I had not done this work, my mother/father and the world would have fallen into the lake with the feeling of having no heart and John dying and maybe my father too? I went all the way into the Source self as my old self to take a picture of the Source – my inner self and my father – to awake them, which was otherwise thought ONLY be possible to do via the energy of my “old nightmare”, which I however did NOT want to be carried out.
  • The eagle of the Source has landed, and it would have brought much sufferings to man if I had not absorbed it via hard work and only little sleep, and it was symbolised by a proclamation of “the worst snow storm” over Denmark yesterday and today, which however never came, and that is because I succeeded to stop it, i.e. to carefully bring down the Source without its darkness pouring out bringing sufferings to man.
  • Short stories of Helena not being clean, Diane was inspired by “the never ending story”, and asking the media again to write about me and crimes of the authorised world against humanity.


18th March: The eagle of the Source has landed, but it only includes my new self and so far not my father

Dreaming of uniting the Source and the New World with darkness working against me

Stig, look at me, I have no stage fright, and I was shown a man jumping out from a trapeze in circus, and yes he knows that he will survive when bringing all of the Source out.

I was given a new noise to my kitchen which is the Source unpacking his sofa and I see him after he was pressured completely flat as darkness, which were the patched put on my forehead you know.

And you promised that there would be no blood job, which would have been “permanent terminations” if you had accepted your “old nightmare”, and yes this is what I am told, but I do remember that the 360 degree tour was the decisive part, so no, I don’t believe in it, and everything is stored in the Source.

And here at 04.40 I was of course told to stay up, but no my friends, I have no plans to stay up the whole day without receiving a nap, I am not going to destroy myself completely. A little later I was reminded that John will go to the potentially dangerous to his kidneys survey tomorrow about his heart, and will it kill John if I “cannot” or will not stay awake now (?), and I can only repeat my old rules which is to let the world bring what I cannot and to have my family being the best protected, so I hope the best, John.

I was told after publishing the update to my script a little before 05.00 that now this will do its effect, and now it matters less if he sleeps or not (?), and yes the most important part was to get this out.

I have MANY times received the feeling of Per T., who was the insurance responsible manager of GE Capital Bank until he became seriously sick having to stop working in approx. 2000/01, and I wonder if he made it and is still alive or dead, and the feelings I am given every time is that he is dead.

I also receive repeated feeling of Peter, my old “manager” from Acta, who reacts to me because of my Linkedin postings of new scripts?

Finally, at 05.25 I had finished writing and publishing all of the script of yesterday, and yes the expected 2-3 hours of work from 02.10 became 3 hours and 15 minutes, and I received quite deep heartburn again with more darkness coming out of me.

It was the most happy dog you received the other day, but what about me (to my right) and also me (to my back) and me (to my left) and yes almost surrounding all of you I am and who am I (?), and yes the Source inside the New World, and I was tied up to Thomas Blachman for some time, and I have kept on being transferred to you, so here I am, and yes wagging the tale, but also barking because I am still darkness.

Yes, you took me on the word, and pulled them right out of my mouth, this is also how we feel, and yes Meat, WELCOME BACK TO EUROPE on your coming new tour too, and another veteran, who did not think he would do it once again, coming back, and yes I like that very much, and here he is from his live performance in 2004 with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, and yes I like this particular show VERY MUCH because of the big orchestra adding layers to the songs, and another of those “anthems” from the rock maestro you know.

This has nothing to do with your final exam, this is just showing off, yes it has and yes the first was light and the second was darkness.

I felt Fuggi, and how we played a little music in his apartment in 2009, and I was told “guess who wants to burn you off” (?), and yes my old best friend too, and why is that, Fuggi (?), and yes because you are silent in relation to me but speaks about me behind my back, and yes one of your colleagues invited me the other day to become a LinkedIn contact.

We cannot write postcards to you from two addresses, and yes right until now we have been able to, but now no longer, with this script of yours of yesterday, “the eagle has landed”, and we are now only polishing some lamps here on Kronborg waiting on your arrival.

This was about us maintaining two worlds, where he took one of them and now we are one, and all sorts of things ….

There was a dunghill right behind the kitchen (of God), which we would never have imagined to be the case, but “old darkness” it is, which did not turn out right as life as a previous creation “almost an eternity ago”, which is now being unpacked too and together with the most happy smiles and yes which is why I here receive Susan Boyle singing the incredible beautiful “I dreamed a dream”, and this is also because of the amazing quality of her voice and therefore about the quality of this life too, and yes HUGE CELEBRATION because of the ASTONISHMENT to find such treasures here, and all of this will be saved too and become part of our New World. And yes you cannot get enough of the smiles and wonderful deep and warm feelings watching this clip again, and it brings tears to my eyes, which however is because of wrong and misunderstood tears of some of my family and friends in relation to me, and this song is really also to say that “everybody was against you” turning into the opposite, and simply because of preconceived/superficial opinions and misunderstandings.

And for your mother to go through these last weeks without her lung collapsing again is “totally outstanding”.

No, it is only good things we bring out of the store now – bacon of old, good quality, MUCH more concentrated flavour and more – and that is instead of sending this out as darkness for the world to absorb, and this is really the difference.

I was shown the Source as Santa Claus and asked “no, we were not allowed to climb down the narrow mountain, were we” (?), and yes you were, using the entrance of the New World itself.

I was told that it is Lisbeth of the Commune bringing me stomach pain and yes here at 07.00 it is becoming strong again because I drink coffee, and yes lack of warm feelings to me right now, Lisbeth (?), and with this I also receive pain to my spinal column.

I was shown the Source happy as part of the shelves now setting up a new mail box and yes for you to enter too, right (?), and yes him there.

By 08.30 it was fair to say – Fair Insurance also speaking much about me – that I was completely and utterly destroyed, and there was not a chance for me to go through today without sleep, so I slept until 12.40 where I was waked up after having received these dreams.

  • Something about accepted this as fireworks precaution, and something about an alarm for a car on a parking place, which always worked if it had too. I am inside a yard of a city house in Helsingør, and a BMW 320 is going through the house with its front sticking out a little into the farm, and Lars G. is the parking guard, who would like to give a ticket, and he speaks to the owner of the house and car, who says that he has lived and parked there for three years never receiving a ticket, and Lars accepts this because of the recommendation I give him.
    • Helsingør is still the home of God, my home, the house and car is united as one, which is the invisible merge of the source and the New World and Lars G. is a symbol of the Source showing itself as darkness wanting to destroy this, but since I accept the merger, the Source accepts it too.
  • I am having a fine dinner with my family – maybe 10-20 people – and my father is cutting the finest and biggest roasted duck I have ever seen, and I don’t expect to receive the finest breast of it, which I have never had before, but my father cuts all half of the breast to me, which also includes the most crisp and brown skin, and the person sitting next to me does not like the skin, so I receive hers too, and my father’s wife, Kirsten, sits next to him, she is the one having roasted the duck, and she says that she had problems doing it because the oven did not work, but when she spoke to me on the telephone, it made it work.
    • Duck is about “creation” and it doesn’t get better than this after I have received all darkness of my father with Kirsten being the engine of it.
  • I am incredible busy at the office having worked all night, and I have not changed clothes or shaved, but I am going out to dinner with Morten J., who was the old manager, who is now stopping to work, and we should have been three, but our colleague has cancelled, and I am taking the train to Fredensborg not knowing the schedule and I was lucky that it drove now, otherwise I feel that my sister’s husband could have given me a ride, and I meet Morten there on the King’s Road surprised to arrive there so quickly, he has just been set off a car, I bring my new clothes, which I will change into before the dinner, we are taking the train from there and I don’t have a ticket but believe it will work out fine. When Morten was a manager, he never ordered new small office supplies because Lisbeth (from GE/Fair) wanted to decide, and we now speak about how I will keep a “fair codecs” when it comes to sales and competition in relation to Morten’s old customers. During the dream I also called Søren H. and I had read that Fair Insurance had lost 25% of its value but don’t know why, and I ask him if he knows.
    • This is about the work I did last night including Jette’s Google Earth pictures for the script today, which I wrote before going to bed, and because of this pace, I am arriving early, and can continue my journey to receive my new clothes as my new self, and Morten is symbol of my father too, and I accept to behave responsible as the Source when he is prevented. Fredensborg is included here because I receive emails from a fine wine company in Fredensborg.
  • I woke up to “That Don’t Impress Me Much” by Shania Twain and the lyrics “so you’re a rocket scientist, That don’t impress me much”, “You’re one of those guys who likes to shine his machine”, “you think you’re something else”, “And all that extra hold gel in your hair oughtta lock it, ‘Cause Heaven forbid it should fall outta place” and even the special lyrics “You’re one of those guys receiving heart medicine from your mother to avoid heart failure”.

The eagle of the Source has landed, but it only includes my new self and so far not my father

I’d like to receive addresses today before the New World rips me up.

And this thing about X-factor works because I have watched it together with my mother, and this is related to Anne Linnet and yes Thomas Blachman to me, so they sort of work as our doubles.

You are not a champion yet, but the time is very near for us to play this by Queen – WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS – and yes we use it too as everyone else and that is to celebrate our victory over darkness because there is nothing better than this anthem.

No, we cannot “beep” (sexual torment) and use Karen, and that is because he has NOT allowed us doing it.

So you would have liked to enter that café and …., well is he still here (?), yes he sits there now working again, and that was like hell (!), and yes we better withdraw those statements, and yes this is him the proper one taking control over us deciding for us to be proper too.

I received the word “Systembolaget …”, which is the Swedish state controlled monopole selling wine & alcohol and yes WRONG system it is and what we do/have done corresponds to moving this from Sweden to here, and I was told this by drunk darkness.

This is one of the most common mistakes to do like forgetting your father, and yes where is he, Stig (?), and yes inside the New World, right (?), and eeehhh we don’t want to say that because the truth is that we have closed him down momentarily, and yes but you also tell me that he is inside the shelves of our New World, so maybe both is right, and as long as you are in control, you do what you believe is right to do.

You are one of those guys who can play my gramophone ….”, and later I was told that this means that I am taking control of the Source until my father is here fully again.

We were also linked with Lincoln, and without him we would not be able to make this creation 100% …

A day in the life, yes Beatles is still here.

Well I am here inside of you, and I was given the feeling of a presence at my top 1/3, which I understood is my father. And yes I have been packed on ice as they say here.

Yes, this is the worlds greatest cave for “I don’t bother”, and I understood that this is terminated life of darkness stored here.

Well, it does not take “oil of your “old nightmare”” to open this cycle, and is faith of my father – and mother – the only salvation (?), and this is what I understand it is, so no deaths of your family, make sure everything survives also here (from the Source), so this is how it is done.

So it has nothing to do about no space inside your TV, we simply need faith – an injection of fresh water – to bring ourselves all the way out there on the other side of the fence of the field.

And I almost hear, which is strongly feel that it is on its way “are you ready, let us give him a BIG CONGRATULATIONS”.

I was shown a food mixer mixing newly made dough and I was told that this is how we feel now.

Do you remember when we moved the family tree (?), well we moved him but not him, which I understand as my new self but not my father, and this is what is the difference to perfect creation, and we know you have never given up, so if we CAN make it better, we will do, otherwise it will come in our New World.

I was shown that I still hold to the rope to my father.

It could develop into plague or similar if we allowed it to enter.

It is not easy to do this, Stig, when we are not allowed to burn us self through.

I was shown a very fine piano being between me and the shelves of our New World.

Isn’t it the finest Cognac, which is between here (me) and the short way to the shelves (?), yes it is.

I was shown a building with zig-zag stairs going down, and is this to say that my father cannot walk down the stairs to meet me?

I was shown a mess of pipes leading out what looked like mustard in the lake, and I have been given this sign of mustard for some days, and yes something, which you right now have plenty of in your house (I bought a bucket of it some weeks ago), and this is what you eat with sausages, which is a symbol of my old nightmare, and this is about a lot of pipes of darkness of the Source, which still needs to be sorted out, and yes no/little sleep is what I am asked for.

I continued first reading Facebook and then write/edit the script of today until 17.05, and eeehhh Stig, what do we do now (?), and yes nothing to do right now, and we know let us take a shower, which I have not yet done.

I was told that Queen Elisabeth ever since she was a little girl has been told that she is “very special” and that is not because she was to become Queen of England, but because of what we are going through now, and who she really is, and yes one of those “another part of my mother”.

May me be introduced to this” (?) with “me” being corrected to “I”, which is about awakened life pointing to the New World before me, and yes you may.

What if Rikke had called me (?), if I called my aunt, would my father have opened now?

I received the theme of Cheers, which is about the bar opening, and this is “where everyone knows your name”.

We have had a taxi parked and waiting for you all along this game (lately).

You did not receive the key to the inner of the ship with all life, and no you would never accept such a message, which is why we thought it was better to transfer everything to you.

I was giving a quite strong desire to give up the last, which is, and that this is my father, but no, I have not come to this point to start giving up anything, and I was shown how the tunnel there is both very fragile and broken, and I said that I DO NOT CARE, I WILL LEAVE NO ONE, and this made my spiritual friends use tools to improve the tunnel there, and I was asked if I am sure that I will go there because it can be dangerous (?), and tell me about what has not been dangerous in my journey (?), and we know, I am NOT going to take the taxi before arriving at Kronborg, the idea is to bring everything there, and then we can talk about it again, Cliff.

A little later I was thinking if this is what will make John survive the next couple of days on hospital or not, and maybe my father is in the same situation (?), and yes WHAT DO I KNOW?

Recently, the music streaming service WIMP announced that it I was told upgrading from (very) “poor” sound quality to FLAC (CD) quality, which I was told is a symbol to me, and you do know who the WIMP’s are (?), and yes the official world, and when they now send me better music quality, it is “warm feelings” for me to come and clean up everything, and a couple of days ago I was thinking about receiving a Sneakers song, and this message came together with “du stiller ind på en kanal” (“you adjust to one channel”), and I was told that “there you have your Sneakers song”, and yes by the finest band ever in Denmark when you judge on “overall musicality/singing”. And FLAC is fine, but you should have been there years ago, and by now at least on SUPER-AUDIO CD quality, and yes let the best quality and not the poorest quality be the common denominator and that is really generally in life.


And this has nothing to do with Bjarne who “could not” open up to you as a Facebook friend, and yes this means that my father wants to leave me, to be spit out, but no, I will NEVER accept this, so please come to me too.

You cannot get those blood products at all, which is an explanation to why we cannot make my father perfect, and it may of may not be, and if we can’t, we can’t, but just maybe this is game, so therefore the task is still to do your best to make everything perfect, and if you cannot, to make it the best you can.

I was thinking earlier to go to town, but here at 18.30, I feel how incredible tired I am, so there will be nothing of this today, and I better publish the script before I may become too tired.

So I am still welcome (?), and yes my father, if you can, please come in too.

I was told that my decision not to give up means that we continue turning around my father, I was here given a new out of this world pain to my right ankle, and this is about my courage to continue going for “perfect” knowing that it will bring myself and potentially my family sufferings, and will we be strong enough to avoid deaths of the family (?), and no, I will NEVER give up on doing what is right to do, and no, I am NOT a coward, so we will continue playing the game right until the end.

I was reminded that this part of my father is deeper in than where we had our hand originally when planning out journey, and yes on the other hand, you say that we are 99.99% finished, and no, I will NOT give up on the last little part, which also does not include energy, thus making this easy to do (?), or am I only dreaming the best ….?

I was told about “consultant psychiatrist” and given the feeling of Alex the psychiatrist in Hillerød, and was told that it was an over occupancy rate of Hillerød Hospital, which held me out of hospital, and yes it took too long to find a place outside Helsingør/Hillerød (?), and then you received “cold feet”, is that it?

I was told “here is an incredible big town, which I almost had forgot” and was shown light drawing this town right in front of my face, and I wonder if this is also a story about “this is what we told you”, which may not be entirely true (?), and we will see shortly.

Bringing out darkness of my father of the Source despite of the strongest darkness working against me

It is now 01.40 and I have passed a tired crisis so strong that it is more than a tired crisis, this is a play with death having faith that when I challenge it, I will not die from exhaustion and that is because of course my spiritual friends are with me to help me survive.

I was told and shown that it feels like being Hitler driving home through roads of Germany, and yes this is the dark part of my father not having turned around yet.

I received much sufferings including a physical pain to my chest, I was shown myself being in the middle of everything and still a pipe was blowing dark smoke in my face, and again, will I go through this or break down now (?), and yes on my limit I am.

I was shown Santa Claus given a hand to get up on the ceiling where there is only candy, and yes we will bring everything, and candy is an old symbol of abuse of children, which is coming from the deepest part of darkness.

I was shown a King physically on my own size, and he was throwing gold garlands landing on the humps of dinosaurs, and he pointed at me and asked “is he the one wanting to bring me out of here because he never gives up” (?) and yes I have heard about you, and surely you don’t dream about coming all the way home to me without faith of your father/mother (?), and yes the simple answer is that I am everything, I am you and I have faith in myself, so with this, this is my wish.

I was told and shown that this is the absolutely last darkness attached from underneath to a metal cover and just wait to see what you will find up here on the other side, and yes of your father’s world, and again I was given the idea that we are just the newest life coming home, but if this is the case, how can I be everything (?), and yes this brought the question if I am going to meet a much bigger world on higher levels up there, or simply the metal plate of “nothing” working as a mirror of the created world, and after thinking, I could only believe that it is the last and the first is darkness still wanting to confuse me, but no, I am the one setting the rules, and I am everything, this is it.

I was shown my mother unloading many beers from the trunk of her’s and John’s car, and John was directing her, and yes making her act as darkness, which she sends to me.

I felt that when we will come through this “impossible darkness”, we will still be happy, but I am not given this feeling of this play these days.

I was shown Bill Gates as I have been before without writing it, and told that he is a front man apparently working for a better world bringing his money to help on sicknesses etc., but I was told that he has a completely different agenda, and you might like to share that with the world, Bill?

I was shown the King of my father from before as Caesar and told that this is why he became lovers with Cleopatra because of her Egyptian heritage including the old Pyramids of “everything”.

My amplifier has been switch on for some days, but suddenly this evening it switched off with a loud sound in the speakers, which is about my father “switching off”, so we are on the extreme edge of everything of the Old World still really.

I was shown a black handbag being carried up from a taxi to a Jørn Utzon furniture house with LIGHT inside of it, and the bag includes gold, is this how it is (?), and yes you tell me.

I was DEEPLY tired beyond description and was absolutely certain to go to bed at around 23.00 also thinking that I am playing with my own death, but as a last moment decision I decided to postpone sleep as long as possible, and every time I was almost giving up, I was only met by the attitude of darkness wanting to bring me my “old nightmare”, so there is not very much support to get if I should become weak, so this is why I have had to be strong all along.

I was met by a voice deep inside and was told that we never believed that we should see you here. This is as alternative to burning you, isn’t it (?), and yes you tell me my spiritual friend!

The New World was with me still pressuring on from outside on the way in to the deepest of me, and I was given the song “Midt om natten” (“in the middle of the night”) by Kim Larsen – who was really in a dream the previous night, I now remember, giving me a shock HIDING at the end of a hallway tickling me (!) – and in stead of the police as the lyrics say, I was told that “the liberators came before we expected them in the middle of the night”, and the liberators are the New World.

What is inside of here (?), and I was shown only darkness and a swimming hall used for sufferings, and I was told that this is connected with brushing my teeth not to lose anything inside here, and I said that everything here has to be cleaned, and I was told that we only have until tomorrow morning because this is when my mother will bring John to the hospital symbolically removing his heart (the pre examination to give him new heart valves).

I was shown a big vision of Bubber, the TV-host, inside of me, and he is looking up at a pot standing a little higher up, and is this what we are still heading for (?), and yes we are going for everything.

I felt Jack and was told that we have made a new aeroplane design, which we will try afterwards.

It is the negative Jack, whom we have hidden inside here, who was also calculated to bring down the world, and yes you have to get inside here to liberated him and with him everyone of the armed forces, and I was told that it has been them against us, and it is first now that they are about discovering me, and it takes that you speak to them as children because otherwise “Stig is crazy”, which of course is what my “public journals” show, and I was told that you have tried to influence this development (to make me crazy).

I was also told that they had plans to kill my family, and eeehhh have those papers been approved in Copenhagen (?), and yes yes, no changes, and they became to these codes for spaceships of people of other civilizations, but you had not calculated on me stopping these codes from work because of my attitude not to give up mentally and let darkness overtake me. And I felt how this story is given to me by these spaceships in question, and I was told that they were before under control of man and it also included to abduct and rape my mother, and made it look as an attack by me as the son, and yes making me look like completely crazy to the world.

So I went against these people’s dream to rule the world, and these people of other civilizations said that they had received some kind of “truth elixir” working as a brain wash, which is how their codes worked, but they did not know that you changed them making us able to use them against themselves if you chose to. This is what is included in ring of darkness closest to me, which was “completely impossible” to penetrate.

I received life coming to me which was part of this darkness until just now, and I saw how it included a cross over it, i.e. sentenced to termination, because of the codes of these armed forces, and all of this was also part of my right ankle.

We have now started the best pizza delivery boy in the world and the break up of darkness of this system to open to me.

Are there now any more wanting to kill me – maybe still flying around in spaceships outside my window (?) – and no, they are afraid of Buddha!

So I also have a little of the watch, and from here it is simply top open it, i.e. to my father, and I was asked if I can do it (write this), and no, here at 01.15 when being asked, the answer was “I would not even have considered it, this is how clear it was that I could not work”.

I was told that this path is to narrow that it does not exist, and yes you want to turn around your father too (?), and yes please do.

My father said that I don’t have a fine academic exam, but him there says that he is everything and this forces me to follow him.

I was shown an American soccer player being kicked out, and my mother said that we will quickly sew this clothes for him too.

This is also about the kicking out of Amanda from X-factor as my favourite, because he, i.e. I, should not be able to come back from here.

For quite some time I have received a special and very uncomfortable annoyance to my throat, and yes almost if you are cold and cannot swallow, but give it a dark feeling inside of it and some high-frequent feeling too, and you almost have it, which is also what I almost have with my father.

When I was finishing this chapter, I received more out of this world pains to my right ankle, and yes I did NOT believe I could do this, which is not very easy to do, but then again, it only took approx. one hour as expected, and so it was just to do it really as I told myself.

I was told that Karen has also been contacted about me, because she is a doctor and …. (?), and yes I wonder if this is right and by whom she has been contacted (?), and we know BEHIND MY BACK and WITHOUT TELLING ME BEFORE OR AFTER (!!!) and that is IF this has happened.

And finishing this chapter and the summary at 02.35 and uploading it at 02.40.

Google Earth shows myself busy working and God watching over the oil spill of the Gulf of Mexico

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show myself busy working on my “typewriter”, God watching over the oil spill of the Gulf of Mexico, darkness saying we are not hiding but still there was MUCH life inside of the Source hidden from me, why is Jette concerned about the glasses (?), potential abuse of my mother leading to the most beautiful music, i.e. love, my “tickling” nose potentially drowning me, God creating cloud formations in front of the eyes of Jette, “pull yourself together man” (for me NOT to stop working), and the family is still hiding in the light.

FB 180313 Jette 1

FB 180313 Jette 2

FB 180313 Jette 3

FB 180313 Jette 4

FB 180313 Jette 5

FB 180313 Jette 6

FB 180313 Jette 7

FB 180313 Jette 8

FB 180313 Jette 9

FB 180313 Jette 10

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • The new chairman of Danish People’s Party spoke about the decisive element in our democracy that the population trusts politicians, and don’t “fundamentally mistrust if everything is done properly”, and I told him if it isn’t a wonderful thought that you are allowed to close yourself down because there is one at the top, who “fundamentally mistrust if everything is done properly”, and therefore, on behalf of an irresponsible mankind, has decided to help with a New World Order WITHOUT politics, which is the tool of the Devil, and to return FREEDOM and RESPONSIBILITY to man, and the question is if you bother listening or if you sit too comfortably on your stools and care too much to TALK, TALK and TALK (?), and yes the real New World will also hit you very soon, which will give you “new life” and new thoughts, which will remove all resistance/negativity and yes THIS YEAR my friends.

FB 180313 Kristian

  • Dan will be playing at a discotheque in Skovlunde (“forest grove” directly translated) and decided to say that “In the forest a party was meant to be”, which is also an old Danish song, and this means “celebration of God”.

FB 180313 Dan

  • My old colleague from Fair, Stinne, is now working in Dahlberg with my old CLOSE colleague, Rikke, and Stinne told Brian that it was “lovely to see you all the other day. Rikke and I think about challenging you company vs. company”, and is this about a Fair Insurance reunion also including Margit and others, where I was not invited (?), and yes just imagining that I was probably spoken about, but not spoken to, and why is that (?), and eeehhhh you still have trouble to understand?

FB 180313 Stinne

  • Inger is MP and previous Employment Minister and she said that “I believe that a dull tendency is developing”, which is about people sleeping when she speaks, and I told her that this is exactly the same effect you politicians (talking heads/dictators) have on me. I become SO TIRED because of you, and that is very literal …” as you can see here.

FB 180313 Inger S

  • Dan said that he has just drunk a bottle of Neophos Rinse Aid and he already feels all relaxed (“rinse” = “relaxed” in Danish too), and this is of course about cleaning of the Source.

FB 180313 Dan 2

  • Rolf Sørensen was together with Bjarne Riis one of the best racing cyclists of Denmark and the world in the 1990’s and he has been “a joke” for months here after Bjarne Riis, Michael Rasmussen, Lance Armstrong and others have confessed to having used doping when he has continued claiming “I am clean”, and finally today, eeehhh “me too” (?), and yes confessing his wrong doings to the world, which everyone knows and yes he just had to confess, and he says “I apologise sincerely and with great humility my slowness”, and yes Rolf, you were even more categorical when denying MANY times to having used doping, and this just show that we are opening up, and who do we lack (?), who haven’t we heard from (?), and yes what about ALL OF THE OFFICIAL WORLD STANDING FORWARD CONFESSING TO YOUR WRONGDOINGS including your crimes against humanity and not least your silence about my arrival, and yes my friends, I AM STILL WAITING and YOU ARE STILL CHICKENS ALL OF YOU (!), SO WHAT YOU ARE WAITING FOR???

DR 180313 Rolf 1

DR 180313 Rolf 2

  • Søren said – as one out of MANY – that Rolf Sørensen has just admitted to having been doped and “we certainly had not calculated on that” (!), and yes “Rolf is clean” is one of the most quoted sentences together with smiles of people here for months, and now he is when putting the cards on the table, but I am sure that Rolf also can speak out DETAILS of the truth including suppliers and the whole rotten cycle race, right Rolf?

FB 180313 Søren E

  • Naser said that he loves Denmark – especially when we go in ROLF-IS-PURE self-oscillation and then he said “And I thank you God that we don’t have bigger misfortunes”, and eeehhh Naser, where have you been sleeping tonight (?), and yes dreaming of me too you have, and what about poverty of the world and also the EVIL MANKIND and crimes against humanity (?); and yes you will be surprised too about the serious degree of these” misfortunes”.

FB 180313 Naser


19th March: My father crossed a ramshackle bridge now sitting at my side bringing over all content of the Source

My father crossed a ramshackle bridge to the light and now brings over all content of the Source himself

Me want sugar cubes”, and yes speaking like a parrot and I am given this because of people speaking wrongly about me behind my back.

The other day and also now I have been told about big jazz names and that they are requested, and no, I don’t listen to “traditional jazz” – but I like it when seeing it live – and here I was given the name of Oscar Peterson, whom I never listen to, but here is a popular number by this man of inspiration as I understand this is about, and yes there have been many greats within jazz, but we will bring Oscar Peterson for now as I am told, and yes he plays the piano because of the opening of the piano of the Source after we have landed it, which this is also about, and yes Stig, for bringing the piano all the way down here without having it to “fall through the sky”, and let us celebrate this with a “hymn of freedom”, and by the way, there is a world famous Dane on bass, the late Niels Henning Ørsted Pedersen, and yes this is truly very nice music too, and not as “traditional” as I thought.

I was shown a train continuing to drive all around in a 360 degree circle inside very good looking business offices going through board rooms full of people, and yes the business world knows about my arrival too.

How many duvets can you afford (?), and I received the feeling that there is no limit, and we know Stig, you cannot continue writing down more notes here at 03.00, and yes because I have reached my limit, I simply cannot.

And yes, I did my best work with my motivation being to save John, so I hope that this is what we will now do.

I was shown a man sweeping inside an empty prison, but what is that (?) and yes a bottle of Coca Cola on the floor but it contains water, and I was shown this water pouring out and changing everything magically on its way up to my face, and this is the strength of this “wonder material”.

Do we have another written exam to finish on Monday the 24th (?), and yes I have just seen another way out of here, and when John will not die, we can continue the journey.

The mentioned tax income statement of your father was a “play” for you helping him with tax deductions, i.e. terminations, but no, not now, and we know you do NOT want anything to be lost if we can save everything before starting our New World.

Now it is your turn to tell him that we cannot get any higher up as I heard one saying to the other even deeper down.

I received the beautiful song “Senza Una Donna” by Zucchero & Paul Young and the lyrics “I changed the world”, and yes the result of my journey, and eeehhh Karen where are you (?), still misunderstanding me?

I was shown Muammar Gaddafi right in front of me and he also had a cross on him, thus being darkness of the very inner.

Do you want to order a room with a view over the sea because we are not getting over this, Stig?

This is about getting one day to bring out more life of darkness.

I was shown a cottage in the snowy mountains with Bjarne from the Commune entering together with a huge abominable snowman with the feeling one after another, which we continue doing as long as we continue playing this game.

It is like receiving Santa Claus from space where he could not breath, and remember that destiny was for the Source to explode and be collected on the other side.

I was wondering what will happen from here, and I was shown that we will not cut over the tongue of a cow or kill any cows.

By 05.00 I had absolutely no doubt that now I just had to sleep, which I first did until 08.00 where I woke up with the feeling that ”I have to stand up now”, but I could not and fell asleep again until 12.00, and here are a few dreams too.

  • I am out buying a new, used car, and I have decided to look at Opel Astra’s – looking like sport coupe’s in the dream – and I find a cheap, old one from 1990 having a big engine of 3.5 litres with lots of power. I see Troels Mylenberg – a relatively new Facebook friend and editor-in-chief of a regional Danish newspaper – wearing women’s stockings, he is a previous foreign minister, and we speak about the insurance companies having no attention to old cars like this making it possible to insure the car for an annual cost of “only” 10,000 DKK despite of its big engine. Something about Italy and “mama”, everything fine.
    • I am still driving my old, used car, but the work I did the last couple of days/nights required MUCH power, which this car is about, and I did it quickly enough not to get the attention of darkness inside of it. “Big Mama” of Italy has always been a VERY positive symbol of mine, and I am thinking of a particular Big Mama, an Italian wine producer – a big senior lady – I met on one of Erik Sørensens’s Wine Store festivals maybe 10 years ago.
  • Something about having been dismissed in Stockholm, now working at the Triangle – a square – in Copenhagen, there will be a video meeting at 19.00. People of darkness controls me not to be a traitor.
    • I did not get all of this, but I am still working inside darkness.
  • I have given my mother money twice, and twice she has used all of it not making it last herewith bringing me down, and I now only have little money left and wonder if I can make it through to the end of the month. The drain of my kitchen sink is not tight, but when I control it, it does not flood over. I see a stream of Næstved running out into the sea.
    • This is energy I am still giving to darkness burning it off, and I am now drowning in water these days. And this is the end of the stream of the pole now seeing the full sea of the Source.

I was told that the aeroplane had really crashed in the rain, but still we are trying to save it.

I received the beautiful “Cosa Mas Bella Que The Universe” by Eros Ramazzotti, and I do love his music too and the soul elements and energy of it, and this is from Italy, which is symbolising joy and happiness to me.

We can give you the happy message that neither John, your mother or others will die despite of your choice to continue the journey.

I was shown myself crossing the goal line, which is the line I have been waiting to see for years.

I still receive negativity and if I decided just to give in to what is coming to me, I would speak negatively about everything, and I also still receive strain to my heart including a few small heart attacks now and again.

I am not an ambassador any longer. That book there, no we cannot get away from it, it has the power over us,

I received only a low voice difficult to hear, for example:

It was just a warning …

We said that he had found the way, and there is fully open, had he not?

Is he now all the way inside, and she is out?

No more cameras now?

But we must continue even though we cannot bear anymore so this is how we got out

How many alarms could we have sent towards him (?), and how many did we send (?), and eeehhh none (?), and yes because he decided to work quickly and to stay up as long as he could/would.

What is wrong with all normal men (?), they “cannot” read my script, which by the way is also what is wrong with all normal women, as Jan Monrad could have said it.

“Grade 12”, you did not succeed to get the volcano to rest did you (?), which is what I did, and “12” is the highest grade of the new Danish scale, which is about my work these days.

These two days was about bringing the old connection between my father and mother to an end

I continue received sneezes, thus putting even more strain on the world for me to continue the game.

I received the feeling that the decisive moment/part was when I received the cola bottle of water, which is what creates everything.

I was shown myself entering the cockpit of an aeroplane with a left and right side/window, and I was shown that I chose the left side, and then I heard “we are crashing, we are crashing” and saw the plane fly toward a mountain, but we are still flying as I was told, and yes faith can move mountains you know.

Thank you, Stig, it was not possible to climb that mountain but now that we are here, we will stay for a few days, and yes cleaning up everything.

That space-tour to Earth is really short, it did not always use to be, but it is, isn’t it?

It feels like having the key to the bar cupboard.

My left forefinger has been mostly calm for some time, but today it has started its pulsating movements from time to time again, and I am told that this is because of nervousness of my mother because of the hospitalisation of John starting today and ending in two days if his kidneys and my inner self will.

I was told that when we have no more cameras, there are no more aeroplanes to collect, but still I feel darkness of Muslims around me, and what do we do with this darkness if we cannot turn it around and bring it into the New World (?), and yes do what you have to do my friends, but you will NEVER receive a direct decision from me to destruct anything, and no, NEVER (!), and should you start asking me directly, I only have one answer and that is that I have no opinion on this.

I still receive the most uncomfortable physical chest pain, which is still because of Lisbeth from the Commune, and yes “not easy” to handle my case even though I am the only “customer” you have, Lisbeth?

I was reminded that it was really not me working alone, I was working together with my mother – “mother love” you know – but she just did not know.

What is then inside the cupboards of this (?) and I am still shown it as darkness.

I was shown myself quickly flying around the world having a belt around it, which is tightened very much, and I was told that this is really my gift for you.

I was shown sausages on top of the highest stands of a football stadium and how they were pushed out over the edge of it to the next level, which was a positive sign, and we are incredible high up on the stadium, and I was told that we were not meant to be part of this play.

I was shown a hanging bridge in such poor condition that the road of it is was waving STRONGLY up and down and about to completely break over, and furthermore it has a left curve towards me, and still I was shown how an “ice cream boat” was passing this bridge here at the very end, which I decided to build despite of danger, and this was my father from inside the Source, who was crossing over himself from darkness.


This ice cream boat symbolises my father of the Source, who has now also
passed the most ramshackle bridge imaginable from darkness to light

I decided to take the small train to town at 16.00 and on my way I was told that Lisbeth now doesn’t believe that I am dangerous anymore, but a “naïve fool” wanting to make the world a better place, which of course is “totally impossible” to do, right Lisbeth?

You now cannot reach any higher on the mountain, and I will make sure myself to come home, and I was given a mark to my right ankle feeling like life leaving me, and no you are NOT allowed (!), but there is darkness here and no more ambulances and you say you don’t want to die (?), and yes please use my top rule “do whatever it takes to make this work/perfect”.

I received a well known song, but what was it and by whom (?), and yes I could not guess the artist so I was thinking of genre, and then I believed that it had to be Elvis, but I did not receive the title of the song nor any lyrics, and it was not one of his most famous hits, so I thought, and I reached the conclusion that it would be impossible for me to listen to potentially MANY songs by Elvis to find out, so I gave up on it, and then I was told by my father stepping forward that the song was in fact by Paul Simon, not Elvis (!), and it was “homeward bound”, but of course it was (!), but I only had it on the tongue you know, and yes a symbol saying that I have given what I could, and now my father will take over himself use the force, which only the Source has, which I don’t have as my old self, and this song is of course also to say that I am sitting on the railway station and “homeward bound, Home, where my thoughts escapin’, home, where my music’s playin’, Home, where my love lies waitin’ silently for me” – what a marvellous song this also is – and yes I am still thinking of the day when Elijah will sing in the chorus together with Paul Simon on stage, and yes not an eye will be dry when this will take place :-).

And let me say how much I love Simon & Garfunkel to still meet occasionally to work together/play concerts, which makes a whole world happy, and yes MUCH better than to decide never to play together again as many do, and also to give them the opportunity to try many other kinds of work and inspiration from other people.

No one will die, I have something much smarter, and I was given the feeling that this is about the Source showing its true abilities removing all darkness instead of doing it via the wash machine of my old self.

I was told that it was invaluable to see the reactions of people to my “non-crazy messages”, which is about our learning experiences.

This is now the cycle (of the Source), which we will move forward from where you have landed. We cannot forget that you brought the camera all the way here.

This is also furniture we bring in now, which we could have thrown after you, and I was shown a shower too as potential sufferings, and even though I am now stopping to clean this content, the move still continues and now with the direct force of the Source.

Thank you for not cutting over the lifeline, which we still use and you will still be given sufferings while doing it, but it is not you (my old self), but now the Source self moving this, and yes fine by me. And it is also this force of the Source, which will be used to cure all Down Syndrome and all “sicknesses” including those, which the world believes is impossible to cure.

I received the feeling of Michella and others from Fair Insurance sending knives of darkness towards my head, and my head is the last, which is now transferred by the Source – and instead of speaking behind my back and avoiding me, my dear Fair colleagues, you could have decided to invite me and COMMUNITATE with and LISTEN to me (?), and yes the same goes with my family really on both sides, the Commune, Church and yes EVERYONE!!!

This is my most precious joint property, which is an electric razor, and this is about cutting down all hair before we could enter as nothing.

Café Momo symbolises eternal time, life and love of God to man AND quality and good communication of man

I did some shopping and thought that I will spend the money from my mother on food – and not on the swimming hall because I don’t have the energy to go there – and I decided to give myself a “reward” for holding out also the last couple of days, and that would be to go to a café and have a cappuccino and I thought about going to Café Vivaldi again, but no, I would like variation, and I would also not go to Café Chaplin on the main square, so what about one of the two café’s on Sct. Olaigade (?), and yes I chose the second café from the direction I came from (from Føtex Supermarket), and when I entered, I thought that “here sure looks very fine”, both the feeling of the environment – I simply liked being there – the furniture, the tiles on the floor and the bar, and it showed out to be a new owner, who had redecorated the place introducing his personal concept, which is a thought I TRULY like, and yes he had done the thinking himself – showing himself this way instead of buying everything as a finished package out in town – and we had a fine talk, and first he told me that before he had worked on what is two fine restaurants in Copenhagen as an unskilled cook and lately three years as a personal cook/assistant for the singer Sanne Salomonsen (!), and by now, I was starting to understand that I was brought to this café with “inspiration” leading me, and the feeling and understanding only became stronger when he spoke about how he had been thinking of finding a name for the Café by combining the front letters of two names – was it your dogs (?) – and he played with these two times two letters, and by doing a little change, he came up with “Momo” and decided to see what this meant, and it led him to the book “Momo” by the German author of fantasy and children’s litteratur, Michael Ende, and then he explained me the story, which was new to me, as he has also written it on the website of the café as you can see from the picture below.

Momo is the mysterious story of the time thieves and of the child, who brought the stolen time back to man. Michael Ende’s world famous adventure novel for children and adults is about the riddle of time and about the grey men, who make people jump on the rush of production and performance so they don’t have time for the real. “Because time is life, and life lives in the heart”. Fortunately there is Momo, who lives in an old theatre ruin and is friend with all people” and besides from what he writes here, he also told about how Momo brought back ETERNITY to man and the ability to listen – as a good bartender like yourself does as I told him – and how this was included in a flower, I believe, so this is now what he is also integrating in the logo of his café, which he is still working on, and it shows his tortoise where he integrates a clock and a flower in the shield of it, and when I asked him if this was endless time, he did not know, but then I told him that if the time goes from 12 to 12 (as it does!), it will continue forever thus making it “the neverending story”, which is another famous book – and also film – by Michael Ende as he told me about, and yes you might understand that this café and bar is the symbol of my bar, which is now opening, and that is the bar of God, and I bring you eternity with love and all the time in the world for you to LISTEN and UNDERSTAND as the major message of my scripts, and to show your individuality and best quality as the owner does here, and yes he told me about how he makes everything homemade instead of the previous owner, who bought finished gravies in the supermarket (!), and yes for a restaurant (!!!), and no, this is NOT how to do it – just ask the chef Gordon Ramsey and all of the lazy and poor restaurants he visited in his TV programme “Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares” – and he spoke about regular guests complaining that he no longer has the same food/gravies as they liked so much from the previous owner, and yes I told him about Jamie Olivier and how Jamie tried to change the whole concept of English school food from “the worst junk food” to homemade quality food, which the children did not like because the JUNK CULTURE of community today has brainwashed people/children to believe that what is rally WRONG/POOR is good, so when they received what is RIGHT/GOOD, they “could not” understand and appreciate it, and there is ONLY one thing to do and that is to BRING UP people by telling them about what is RIGHT and WRONG and that they are WRONG, and only when you realize this, you are able to change, and this is what we have now done from the inside of all people because of the effects of these scripts of mine because of the reactions of the (few people of the) world to them.

Cafe MomoCafé Momo in Helsingør is “the bar of God” – via the opening of the Source – symbolising a never ending story of eternal time, life and love of God to man AND quality and good communication of man

I told the owner that he is not old enough to remember when Sanne Salomonsen was singing with Sneakers in the beginning of the 1980’s, but back then, they WERE THE GREATEST – in my mind the best overall band of all Danish bands of all time – and Sanne is the “Rock Mama” of Denmark as she is called, and this is what the word “mama” of one of my dreams of the night was about, and he said that he was chosen by Sanne to work for her as her personal cook/assistant because he is not a big fan of hers, and yes I understand what he said, but in my mind you CAN be a big fan and still be SANE without “craziness” overtaking you making you lose your nose and mouth just by speaking to someone who is famous – also here thinking of his reaction when he will discover who I am – and I told him to bring my regards to Sanne and say that when she comes and play with Sneakers here at this café, I’ll be back (maybe Arnold will join me?), and yes he smiled because “of course this will never happen”, but who knows, maybe Sanne & Co. from the band will decide to come (?), and Jacob from Sneakers may bring his colleagues from Danseorkestret too (?), and yes I am only DREAMING you know of what would make a fantastic show, and also for people to work together in new constellations, and what about a duet between Jørgen Klubien and Sanne Salomonsen as example (?), and yes it is only “imagination” setting the limits, and there are NO LIMITS to imagination and what we can do now because we have created and received the ULTIMATE quality of our New World.

And this was “the sign” to Sanne too as I was told and why I played the song by Sneakers “signal” (“the sign”) the other day because I felt how a song by Sneakers was coming closer to me for every day, and yes leading to this story of today, so Sanne “du stiller ind på en kanal siger, at du venter på et signal fra mig” (“you adjust into a channel and say that you wait for a sign from me”), so this is what came today, my sign for you coming via this connection of your previous personal cook/assistant, and it also made me think of “food” symbolising life, which was really because a few minutes before coming to the café, I was given the though about Anne Linnet from the previous X-factor show, when she spoke about “food”, which I did not write that this was also inspired meaning “life” – and this life is coming through the ENORMOUS darkness you sent me Anne, which I was here told is because of who you are and your WRONG love life with MANY lovers over the years, which is NOT the way life’s meant to be (notice the song symbolising TRUE LOVE of God to you) – and this was the feeling coming to me here at the Café where I was also told that because Sanne was saved from her cerebral thrombosis in 2006, she is now bringing back what she can, and this also includes the saving of life, and yes because of her love and good deed of life spreading music and love to the world.

So let us play Sneakers one more time, and what song am I to chose this time (?), and yes SADLY there are not many videos of this amazing band on YouTube – not to mention concerts, and there has to be MUCH MATERIAL stored by record companies being too lazy to publish it to the public also because you “cannot” make money on it (?), and yes “SUCH A SHAME” it is, and yes funny funny that I should need to TALK TALK so much in my scripts to make it possible for the world to listen, right (?) – and we know there is really only song and that is “En gang til” (“one more time”!) to play, and yes as it states on YouTube, this is a recording from an old TV-programme called “Tryk 16” (“Pressure 16”), and what a coincidence this is (!) and yes this is the “pressure 16” of the Source, which we saved the world from experiencing, i.e. a big pressure wave, because I was able to bring the Source to a careful landing as I wrote about not that long ago using the exact term “pressure 16”, and I am here told that the Danish music industry has also helped me/us to come all the way home, and yes Sanne was working with me “in secrecy” too, and thank you very much, Sanne, and yes you are of course FREE too and that is both to speak out the truth about me/us to the world and also very soon free from the after effects of your sickness, and so it is.

I left the café, and was HAPPY also because I had received far the best cappuccino in Helsingør and was also very happy with the comfortable lounge music, which was played, which was “just right” for this setting, and yes of course I told him about my happiness of this, and wished them the best of luck, and I am sure that more people will visit the café during the spring and summer and yes I was the only one here today, but it will also help to bring out chairs and tables in front of the café and of course to have tables in the yard as well, which he said that he wanted to renovate, and yes I just tried to think what I would do in his situation, and I came to some of the same thoughts as he had done himself, and this is really how it is when you do your best :-).

And we know WITHOUT YOU Sanne, this work would have been more difficult to do, and “without you” is also the title of a a WONDERFUL SONG from my favourite solo album of yours simply called “Sanne” (I love the sound of Rugsted & Kreutzfeldt standing behind as producers/musicians of this album) and I have ALWAYS liked this song very much, not least because of the very good lyrics, which by “co-incidence” is by Anne Linnet and yes what do you know, and we know while we are at it, I also love your music Lis Sørensen – she is part of this trinity of strong pop/rock ladies of Danish music – and we know “my eyes they shall see”, so this is what they will now do, and yes my favourite by you, Lis, and that is when you don’t sing one of Sebastian’s songs, which you do absolutely marvellous, and yes many songs in this chapter showing MUCH love of my inner self with my father too.

Later I was told that “her there” – Sanne – has not been preparing a lunch package for you too (?), and yes together with Anne, and we know also Michael Bundesen and Kim Larsen too to take a few of the most famous Danish artists, and so she has/they have.

“Tivoli is open” to my father of the Source – we will use our old clock of ourselves also for our eternal New World

I received the feeling of Birger from Danske Bank – and old colleague and today a LinkedIn contact – and no, we cannot take in any more pools money, which is why we will start the integration with my physical self as Stig, and yes my father will enter himself.

I received a constant, strong pressure to keep on working, and if you don’t finish and publish this evening, there is still a risk of John dying, and I was told that this pressure comes to me because of my mother, who cannot control her concerns about John. And a little later I was told that it is still her “pushing around” with John, which is making him “annoyed/negative”, which is what is killing him, and my healing, which is saving him, and my calm, which is bringing my mother down. John is not concerned himself.

This was the force, driven by my sister, which we decided to open for in April 2012 (where John was almost killed at the Easter lunch my sister held).

There was a period where we could not bring a ship to the world without your approval, which is now over.

I received the feeling of Billy from Arthur Findlay College, and as usual my memory of his sir name is removed, and if I decide to be patient not stressing, it might be placed into my mind and let us see …. and no, not Bremner, and not “the kid” – but then again, maybe (?) – and yes maybe Billy boy joins the tour for the very first time (?) – from the song below by OneTwo also from the golden period of the 80’s here, I love it (!) – and no, it did NOT come to me, so I had to look it up and yes COOK of course (!), how could I ever forget (???), and yes “impossible for Stig to be the one” because I was “nothing” when I was taught by your readings in 2005 and 2011, Billy (?), and let me just say that “they also did not treat you well”, and we know “all of the self appointed oracles of Arthur Findlay College” believing they were sent as gifts of Heaven to mankind, which they were NOT when they acted as “darkness disguised as light” but then again they were, but ONLY because of me, who could handle the darkness they sent me too and to turn it around, otherwise it would have been “boom boom” you know.

I was told about the new Pope Francis being updated on me and I received the feeling of “endless support” to me and also that he knows that the Vatican Church “cannot” support me publically and that I am taking on YOUR sins too as my sufferings. And later I was told that this faith of the Pope – and I am here given a STRONG move to my left forefinger, which is also why my mother is so concerned as she as, because of the darkness the church and now the new Pope, which is sent to my mother, which she sends to me (!) – is also helping to bring out my father from the Source.

I was told that this corresponds to light the candles of the Christmas Tree myself, and I was shown big cinema posters from the outside being pressured out by my father inside of the Source now coming out via his own force, and he said that I kept the backdoor open all the time and you decided to enter it and I was told again that there are no limits too how proud he is of my work and I was given a new physical pain to my left knee and was told that the pain would be too great for me to handle if he did not take over from here.

Yes, we decided to build a bridge with that almost nothing which remained, and yes he brought us over to his side, the ice cream boat, and we know only because of your own sufferings and of course also of my family, friends etc. and I hope they are alright.

We were hooded – as I saw the Trinity the other day – because we had decided to play a game with you and death, but not now because you brought us over.

I was told that “Tivoli is open”, which is a VERY OLD and very common saying here in Denmark when your fly is open and “inspired” it is, and you do know that Tivoli symbolises Paradise of God, and the entrance go through sexual sufferings, and I am told that this is what is now happening, to open Tivoli while I continue receiving sufferings.

No, he never received a red card saying “beep, try again, access is closed”, and yes he is still working there, our child.

I was told that without the nervousness of my mother because of John’s hospitalisation, we would also not be able to do this, which is about changing home from my old home inside of this darkness, which we brought “as is” to this world, and now to jump over on your left side to be your father always “by your side”.

And all of this was done via that hole you drilled in to the very inner, and yes this is the hole we decided to use to get out, and that is because “now it was there”.

I called my mother this evening being somewhat nervous about how John was, and was he still alive (?) because if he was not, my mother would probably not have been strong enough to call (?), and when she answered the phone, I heard a sad voice of her, but she told me that the preliminary examination of him had turned out fine without the kidney making problems, which they said was a potential risk, but then she said that John has sclerotic main arteries and heart meaning that his blood almost cannot run through, and this is the same as how it was almost impossible to bring the “ice cream boat” of the Source through via the extreme ramshackle of a bridge almost breaking apart, but we did it also meaning that John survived this today, and we know if he did not, my mother would have become the saddest person in the world – NO ONE has her feelings except from me – which would have done the same, but now I am happy to say that I did it for you. And yes, he is now on Hillerød Hospital and may come home tomorrow, and the question is if the doctors will risk doing a surgery on him giving him new heart valves, and this is the main concern of my mother, and if not, it is the same as a soon death sentence, but you know, so far so good is really the motto here.

No, we will not throw your mother’s clock in the Danserindebrønden (“dancer’s well”), which is a statue in Helsingør with flower beds around it as you can see below, which my mother has always loved because of its beautiful flowers, we will simply use the same clock, which means “us”, and yes as good as new it is also to be used for our New World – now forever – and again you have flowers here symbolising love and “three dancers” symbolising celebration, and yes these three could be Sanne Salomonsen, Anne Linnet and Lis Sørensen to me :-).

Danserindebrønden HelsingørThe dancer’s well” in Helsingør with flowers of love and dancers of celebration because of the clock of the Trinity of us, which will be reused in our New World

I was told about Berkel, which was the company my mother worked for until 1977 – they produced weighs symbolising who would come with us (people of faith) to our New World and who would not (people without faith), but now it does not matter when I have given everyone my heart automatically including faith and purity – and I was told that it must be one of the most dreadful experiences to fall into the lake, but no, not you, Stig, but your mother and father and yes the world if you had not gone through these days too, and I was told that it would only have been for a “short” period, but nevertheless, it would have hurt.

And I was told that this pain, which my mother – via the loss of John – and the world would have received, would come when we would have had to close the connection, to cut the lifeline, between you and the Source until I would stand BY YOUR SIDE, and yes this would have given John a coronary.

Do you know how many times man has been to the moon trying to find out what was “wrong with it” (?), and I hear/feel “your mother should only know” and yes of how I have influenced man.

I was told about some people, who used to work for Fair Insurance or the Union Frie Funktionærer as examples, can KEEP ON speaking about me, which is sending constant darkness to me.

Isn’t it funny that “he may write what he wants to” was the attitude of my family, which was needed to come here and of course for my family to decide to continue seeing me because our love is stronger than pride, i.e. feelings of darkness, in relation to what I wrote.

We would have continued showing you that the door is right there and only if you gave up, sufferings would be given to the world and the more you did not care, the more sufferings, and yes with the chance to get back into the game again, but no, you decided not to leave it in the first place.

Again: The only force in the world, which we thought would be strong enough to break through to the Source would be to carry out your “old nightmare”, and yes Stig, there was NOTHING you could do to escape it because no one can take on the kind of sufferings you did, but eeehhh we were wrong!

I was given the feeling of Helsingør Youth School, where I used to go do lessons in “photo teaching” as a teenager, and I was told that great was our surprise to see you coming here (at the Source) with your camera also awakening us, i.e. my father, to life via your camera designed to bring life to our New World.

Again I was told that it was my father and his decision “to go after me”, which sent this incredible darkness towards me.

I was told that if I had not done this work, it would also include “to have no heart” for a period of time and is this about the world going crazy for “a split of a second” as I feel it (?), and yes this is really how long it would have taken.

We have decided to continue using you as your old self and only to use the force of the Source to bring in what you cannot, which is also to show the New World how much you would have been able to do yourself compared to everything, and we would not be able doing this if you did not do that bicycle tour from Preben those weeks ago.

I was surprised to learn about the length and work required to also do the script of today, and I kept on working on it until I published it at 00.30.

The landing of the Source would have brought sufferings to man if I had not absorbed it

As mentioned, the eagle of the Source has now landed and this came together with the proclamation that yesterday and today, Denmark would go through “the worst snow storm” and what happened (?), and yes it has been snowing some places over Denmark, but NOT in Copenhagen and Helsingør the last two days (!), and Dan said that most of Denmark practically feels like a poor party of the 80’s where the snow never came, and this is really to say that we could have been “drowned in snow” because of the landing of the eagle of the Source, but when I did my best work, the darkness of it was never released thus keeping the snow storm away from here.

FB 190313 Dan

As Michael Wulff showed, there is no snow on the roads, but still his “breaking news” is that “Doomsday snow puts Denmark in state of emergency”, and this is because of what it was proclaimed to be – which also made the Danish Railways change timetables and belt vehicles of the military to stand by to help when needed (!) – and what it would have been bringing sufferings to man as a symbol of course of darkness of the Source being let out if I did not carefully bring it down to landing being stronger than it, see?

FB 190313 MW

And here are the “responsible” meteorologists, who proclaimed this “the worst snow storm”, and according to the pictures for the criminal record below, they have now been put behind bars because of their “crimes” proclaiming a snow storm, which never came, and yes there you have it :-).

FB 190313 Anja

Later, the nation TV said that there had been a snow storm on Bornholm, which may be to say that I could not go 100%, but I did my best under the circumstances, and just hoping that it was good enough to make the bridge last, which it was.

FB 190313 DR1

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Helena declared that “I am not clean”, which was a play over Rolf Sørensen’s quote of being clean, and this is exactly what you are not, Helena, but more than this, this is also because of sickness which makes her decide to take medicine, and yes understand it who can (?), and yes I would never do it if I could avoid it.

FB 190313 Helena

  • Diane was inspired to write about the “never ending story” because the words were “hanging in the air”, and she picked them up, and I am here given a VERY STRONG smell of fuel/gasoline, which is because of your DARKNESS “not being able” to bring the truth to the world about me and the EVIL OLD WORLD including your own roles in it!

FB 190313 Diane

  • Since I dreamt of Troels – the editor-in-chief of the regional newspaper Fyens Amtsavis – I decided to give him my comment to his post, where he reflects of Rolf Sørensen’s LIES for years directly up in the face of people (I CANNOT get into my head that people can lie directly up into the face of other people, and yes MANY years ago since I did this, I don’t believe I have done it since the 1990’s when lying to Kim S. about a letter I had not sent making me feel VERY GUILTY, which is also how Rolf was feeling and yes the official world too not speaking the truth, and this is what the famous quote of Rasmus Trads to Kurt Thorsen is about), and Troels said that he is thinking about what he would have done if an employee of their newspaper had done the same lying for years, and this made me tell him what “the authorised world” has done for years LYING directly to the population of the world not speaking the truth about my arrival, our New World, their crimes towards humanity including silence and deceptions about UFO’s, crop circles, war in space, brainwash/poisoning of man in GREAT/SCARY scale, ignorance of FREE ENERGY (!), conscious exploitation of the Muslim world as new “main enemy” including own set up of 9/11 and much more, and yes Troels, the tour has come to you, DON’T YOU THINK THAT YOU SHOULD WRITE ABOUT THIS (?) rather than being “saved” without being it, and then again being it because of a new reappearance, which will now very soon be revealed to the whole world. DO YOU DARE doing what Ekstra Bladet also do NOT dare (?), and yes because you are wimps all of the entire gang of you, but still I wish you all the best on the beautiful island of Funen, and please remember to use the mirror looking at yourself first.

FB 190313 Troels



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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