March 21, 2013: My mother of our New World brought out the ring of my father including unknown life from the Source


Summary of the script today

20th March: Creation until now is nothing compared to what we do now; I will complete this before becoming my new self

  • I was looking into one big engine, which will support everything good of the world. The light of this is what creates everything including oranges and maize as examples. My father continued bringing over more content from the Source. Creation made up until now, is nothing compared to what we do now, and you will not be Yoda before we have united all of this – and as example, I received a big and very strong shape of a very old person entering me including much greater concentration than all other life created after this. I am inside the very centre of all having the wall of the Pyramid around me, and there is nothing, which can break me. The work we did today was also about turning back the clock to start for all life inside of here.
  • Dreaming of going directly after the throat of darkness, only having few tasks left working inside darkness, darkness will not discover me and will not carry out my “old nightmare”.
  • Short stories of my father not liking to be associated with me on the Internet, Denmark is NOT the world’s most happy country, Holger Juul Hansen from Matador sacrificed his life, is it difficult for man to “find me”?, the emergence of life/worlds which used to be, dreams of people are both personal but also show the connection to man being lifted up to a new level and man’s part of the fight between light and darkness.

21st March: My mother of our New World brought out the ring of my father including unknown life from the Source

  • I received feelings of John throughout the night as if he has died, or is this also a game? The spirit of my mother has been inside the great wide open of my the spirit of my father the last days to bring out old life of previous creations from inside of there using the “new” tool of sexuality to “tempt” him out, and I felt how darkness of my father and light of my mother of the New World was mixed before entering my heart as the son inside the Pyramid with everything around me. This is my father still coming out of darkness bringing life/”oranges” never seen before and inside of me because I decide to keep the door opening when I continue accepting sufferings and to work. Life kept on being created on lower and lower levels until it one day would be able to survive defeating darkness and to come back to all previous life one level at the time – all life/levels was connected with strings – to release it from darkness to save everything as we are now putting the last hand on. This is the first day of everything of the Trinity being united in this respect being our birthday.
  • Dreaming of not feeding my dog/saving life when I don’t work and my work saving life of my father of the Source is the most difficult to do.
  • I continued receiving pain and information suggesting that John had died, and after going through this pain, finally my mother called saying that John came through the examination fine. I was told that the New World brought many sacrifices to release my father from the Source and not to turn him into a rhino of darkness because I did not write/publish my script before sleeping. The last days have been about bringing out the gold ring of my father from the Source without killing John, and we did it!
  • I was told that the game of darkness was really not to kill John but my mother because of her concerns of his sickness. We will now do a new heat to bring out the last of my father of the Source.
  • Yesterday, I was encouraged to write a message to Dr. Steven M. Greer, who is the founder of the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI) and The Disclosure Project, which I did as my last work today with the help of my spiritual voice to tell him and the world that the dark side of man has now decided to give in and surrender.
  • Jette has been sick and returned today with these Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group about ONENESS to be, a strange fish of our New World, the Source is busy, and women with a key.
  • Short stories of being “heaven sent” and making Michael Sadler believe in “Jesus saves”, “reptiles” of the worst darkness of man was the tool of creation, Helena sends mother love to everyone, a new Facebook friend from Philippines shows that magicians of the world are also awaiting my arrival, and Berlusconi the terminator.


20th March: Creation until now is nothing compared to what we do now; I will complete this before becoming my new self

No, we don’t drive the best looking Rolls-Royce or Mercedes, but this is how we feel when you have now, at 00.30, also updated your new script and again today being satisfied with the content and quality of it under the circumstances, and yes once again I did not have the patience to do this but decided to BE PATIENT after all, and NOT to rush to hurry but to discover and write the content of the stories in full, so this is what I did.

And yes, I received the feeling to stay awake and let this script work too, and we know it will probably be some time during the morning that I will go to bed and see for how long I can sleep.

I am looking into one big engine which used to be a motorcycle (of darkness – seen from here), and I am shown a gunman from the Wild West, but no, this is not how we are supposed to be, so we will now start learning our new way of life, which will be to support everything good of the world.

No, we cannot continue losing to him – with the voice “completely impossible” because of how small he is and how big we are – is the voice I hear from inside the Source while I see that a man still moves furniture over to the left side of me.

Watch out, it will end with him becoming me …, and yes we know, he already is, and have really only played a game since October 31 with the game being how to divide sufferings and deaths between me and my family, friends etc., thus the world.

Yes, the heart did not sit all the way up in the throat, and yes it was included in the part of the Source, which was about to be spit out if you could not get it through, and yes “having your heart up in your throat”, do you say that too in English (?), and yes for a nervous situation of the moment of truth, which is what we are going through here and the nervousness coming from my mother because of John, and yes “incredible” that she cannot see that this is “only” a game where we go to the ultimate limits when we play?

I have been given the name of Stein Bagger – a Danish business-man committing fraud – a couple of times, also a “special friend” of mine, and no we have not given up to climb up to you, and yes Stig, this is the feeling you now have as the Source of your father with everything of the world climbing up of your body symbolising a mountain, and yes it seems that there is still far to go, and this is where Stein comes in because if you can get a message through to him ….., and yes NOT on the priority list.

I was shown myself inside the ship of God, and in the front of it is an entrance to light, and I was told that this is what creates everything including the growing oranges and maize as examples.

I haven’t lost my voice again, have I (?), and yes I just have to get back in to get more out.

It is not because I am wet, and need to dry too (?), and yes I am helped by that man there driving a speed boat, which is because of my continuous work this night now also commenting the Facebook thread on dreams, see the short stories.

Don’t you want to follow me to the light” (?), which is about more content inside the Source, and I was told that the most important was to create the connection, and now it is “just” to continue pulling the line with furniture attached to bring it over here.

This is what President Eisenhower warned us against and he was right, why did the world not decide to take him on his word already then to fight the evil, but you “could not”?

(From my Signs III website: In 1961, President Eisenhower warned the United States public: “Don’t let the military and the industrial weapons builders get in power”. He had personal knowledge because he had seen the ET craft and deceased ET bodies. He knew of the covert programs but he also knew that he had lost control of these projects and that they were lying to him. He said that “the disastrous rise of misplaced power” must never “endanger our liberties or democratic processes”, which is exactly what happened.)

Yes, I waited to serve this and this and this ball against you too, but I never received the order/request to do it by feelings of people all connected to me.

One of these days I will send you a bullet, and you will end up dead too”, and yes this is my reaction because of negative feelings sent by your sister about you, and yes simply because she dislikes your writings about her.

No, there was no train accident of darkness stopping you, and we are now transferring all of the Source because you are still in charge saying that EVERYTHING HAS TO BE LIGHT, and again, when the world will understand what we are now transferring because of what was started by an almost not existing light, it will (almost) not believe in it.

I continued working until 03.00 where I finally decided to call it a day.

I was told about a lady, and “no, this is a poor idea, so much have we learned from him”, and I felt my sister, and yes all the way inside of here and this feeling is because of what she has learnt from me also including to listen before speaking to make sure you understand what you speak about, and yes you will also find examples of me not being able to do this in my scripts because of the pressure on me, but I really normally try my best to understand.

I was shown the train ticket inspector himself coming from the dark side of the Source and he is tired/exhausted too, and yes please follow me and this is then what the world does when you keep on working.

And we know, Stig, when you have decided to stop working at one of your limits, you have recently also been given the temptation of “you will receive this even greater reward if you continue”, thus also now, but no, I have to stop now, I have decided that I can no more.

You have not only made it all the way inside here, it also means that you never again has to fear your “old nightmare” and yes the feeling is that if I should give in to darkness, light will immediately help us, which we are now strong enough to do because of all of what has been transferred to so far.

And all of what is now transferred is EVERYTHING of the Source, and not only what was used to make the spirit of my mother and the pole of the spirit of my father.

We are moving more and more over to East Jutland, which will have to be around Århus, and I don’t know why, but I feel “media”, and what media is operating in Århus (?), and yes the newspaper Jyllands-Posten, which became world famous for publishing the Muhammad cartoons in 2005. And later I was told that I had to use Jyllands-Posten to open Muslims.

Does he not come now, and does he not come to visit me”, and the feeling is Putin, but of course Putin, we will be going for a cosy walk on the Red Square together and yes completely without protection, and yes was this what the new Pope decided to do yesterday as I heard – and now see here as example – and we know, NO BULLET-PROOF popemobile, but an open jeep, and maybe he was inspired by me?

Creation made up until now, is nothing compared to what we do now, and you will not be Yoda before we have united all of this.

I was shown myself sitting inside a membrane, and I heard a cracking sound to my balcony and was shown a huge spider, which is about the absolutely worst sexual torments of darkness, and I did not know what this was about, because isn’t the balcony also a symbol of our New World (?), and I believed that this is what is growing, and I could only decide to continue saying “you are welcome” even though it brought some nervousness for a couple of hours if this was right to do because of the spider.

I felt a big and very strong shape of a very old person entering me including much greater concentration than all other life created after this, and we are here deep inside the Source including life from what may be many creations ago (before this “almost an eternity of worlds” ever since), and I was shown that I am still walking up the stairs.

It is not Ingrid Marie apples, is it (?), which both was a reference to our New World and also to Queen Ingrid and Marie can only be to Princess Marie, and yes there is truly French blood in the Danish Royal family.

I was told that there is also a wish of more Bach and Haydn too, and that is of people reading me, and yes I don’t listen as much to classical music as if I had had a normal life, and I never listen to Haydn, so what about listening to one of his pieces, and I don’t know what to look for, but this is what I came up with after doing a little search, and yes I had NO idea that Haydn was the composer of “Deutschland über alles” – the national anthem of Germany – but here it is, and of course a celebration of the kingdom of our New World with its origin in Germany it is.

I felt an old Danish King from the 17th century inside of me, and I was told that it is via the Danish Royal stock that I originate directly from Jesus.

I was tired at 06.15 and went to bed and was allowed to sleep until 12.40 with these dreams.

  • Something about being consulted with my heart, but less and less.
  • I am writing about Florida as perfect and a website – which is about “perfect creation”.
  • I am working at Danske Bank, Freeport, to finalise my tasks, and I am NOT popular by a young, ambitious employee there, who is “stuck” working in the till because I need to have time to finish my tasks, and when he attacks me in front of the manager, Lars H. and others, I say that I don’t have many tasks remaining, and I will outline them in a one page memo, which they will have before lunch and for them to decide how to use me, and I went directly to the throat of the aggressive employee telling him it is NOT about competing but about helping, which includes to strengthen the strengths of other people and to help locating and improving areas, which can be done better, and I see from a memo coming from another branch how this young employee is looked upon as a star, which he is really not.
    • Still working inside darkness finalising not that much work now, and I am still going directly after the throat of darkness, which is the only and best way for me to work.
  • I am driving a very quick car in Copenhagen, and believe that I will be the quickest car taking off when the traffic light changes to green, but the car don’t get the grip to the road as expected, but still drives fine, and I decide to park it at a side road, where no one parks, and I fear a little parking guards go give me a ticket, but I believe that they will not come here, and I see an empty buss driving against me, but there is room both for me to park and the buss to pass.
    • Darkness does not expect me to being here, and there is really no true content in the threat of “making love”, which is what “bus” means and that is because it is empty.

I received the nice song “over my shoulder” by Mike & the Mechanics and the special lyrics that “the world started over”.

I was told that “Benjamin knows about you”, and I have never met Benjamin myself, but he is a regular guest with Theosophical Fellowship where he plays “improvised meditation music” (like this one), so he has been told about me.

You don’t like Nelly” (!), and no, that is right, I LOVE NELLY :-).

This is Helsingør and this is Gæstgivergården (a pub since 1600), many inspired places, and I was shown that I am showing my home to new parts of the Source.

It required some of the old Soviet supporters to step down before I could land, therefore.

This is how/where the Devil as young received football boots.

I continued receiving a new kind of pain inside my left knee which is of the kind “too much pain for you, Stig, we will take care of it”.

They have not only developed differently than expected, but also …. – which is about how “new life” compared to “original life” (of previous creations) was thought of.

This is an old version of your mother now coming to you, watch out that she does not attack you, but no, I don’t believe so, you are welcome too, mother and everyone with you.

I was shown a ski jump hill with newspapers on the behind meaning that the concept of darkness went all the way back to here inside the Source.

I read Facebook updates until 14.00 and took a long bath – which I like to do at least once a week – until 16.30, and while doing this, I was shown that the door is closed and only open when you work

I was shown Gert from Aon – an old colleague of mine from DanskeBank-Pension – and was shown black birds turning into spiders, so you also “cannot” understand me, Gert (?), but still have a big mouth speaking about me behind my back?

I received the feeling of “the very end” and “a taxi coming”.

I received the feeling of darkness around me saying “watch out that he will not get angry”, and no, I NEVER get angry (!), but I tell you the truth straight out, and yes there is a big difference.

I received less pressure on me – less speech and notes/work – and also less movements to my left front finger, and yes I often receive visions/feelings of my old friend René, and yes I miss seeing him too.

I received feelings of my mother’s John and his feelings of appreciation for me being interested in him and his well being, and it made me somewhat concerned that this was about him about to “put off his wooden shoes” as we say here when people die – also because I received less pressure of darkness – but my mother promised to call me today ….

I felt darkness around me in the bath, and saw how it sent rays to the back side of my left lower leg, which gave me a cramp, which is really not what you like to have when lying in bath.

I was told that there has been no abatement yet, i.e. no life being deducted by darkness.

A couple of weeks ago for a couple of weeks when I went to bath and let the water run out the drain afterwards, the drain was not able to take everything giving me some flooding to my bathroom floor, and the last two times, there has been no problems again, which I understand as a connection, which was almost closed but is now opened again.

After starting work I was shown the door opening to a very big room at a very fine house/palace with many people, and I was shown myself entering as the musketeer D’artagnan with my sword.

I was given more sounds to the window frame to my balcony with the feeling that it wanted to break in, but now the feeling is that I am inside at the very centre of all, and this is the wall of the Pyramid around me, and there is nothing, which can break me.

I was told that Italy is a country, which doesn’t have the courage to go up against me, and eeehhh what becomes of your new Government, my friends down there (?), and yes do you feel inferior in relation to me (?), and if you do, it is a feeling of darkness because the right feeling is to feel equal and yes to me too and I here feel Obama and it goes in relation to him too.

You cannot move all of Italy, it was meant to be a spoke in your wheel”, but no, I will not allow any darkness to stop me, so this is really why you are stuck.

I received several small out of this world pain to my right ankle and more heartburn too.

I was told about “England” and “he cannot continue winning” and also that it was “wet” and is now drying, which is about my story the other day on how you wanted to kill me and my family?

Well, a party did not get in the way did it?

I did not receive much help from my spiritual voice to write today – it was almost silence – and of course because it is working deeply inside.

The work we did today, Stig, was also about turning back the clock to start for all life inside of here.

No, I am not a monster looking in to you from the balcony, I am a banana too, i.e. a monkey (of darkness!). So we did not fall through (the sky), so now we are coming in carefully.

Life inside of here does not know that you went through the worst sufferings in history, it only knows that you have come to collect it.

No, my mother did not call today, and yes because she did not feel like it (?), or because of something serious with John (?), and yes, not an easy game.

I keep on receiving feelings of Karen, and no, he doesn’t mean anything to me (!), and is it so that the one you keep on talking badly about, is the one you love (?), and yes an opening to her is giving this.

I continued receiving cracking sounds to my kitchen and was told ”what about me” (?), and yes is some of the Source still in prison there (?); and if you are, you are free to get out my friends.

  • This is what you receive when you search Google on my father’s name, which my father and Kirsten’s family did not like, and yes for my father to be associated with his “crazy son”, and no, my father and Kirsten are NOT on Facebook, and “of course you don’t need regular updates from me to learn from” (?), and yes for example as my father’s sister, Inge, does.

Google PDR 200313

  • Jane wrote about the “International Day of Happiness” proclaimed today by United Nations and she said “good news here in the world’s most happy country – Denmark”, and I have said it before, but told it once more also for Uncle Sam, which is that it is a COMMON misunderstanding that Denmark – or similar rich countries – is the world’s most happy country. Compare our passive, withholding, negative, unsatisfied, self-satisfied expression and “grey eyes” with a poor African as example, who does not have material wealth but happiness, character and dignity together with charisma and shining/deep eyes, which no Dane has, and you can see it straight away and very directly the difference. Happiness is NOT part of your wallet/wealth but the depth of people’s feelings and actions, and if you read my website “normal life”, it should be simple logic for anyone to understand, and no, as usual Jane “could not” comment/like my comment, and why is that, Jane, can’t your dark vision read and understand what is right?

FB 200313 Jane

  • I now understand why I was given the name of the actor from Matador, Holger Juul Hansen, the other day, because he died yesterday, so he gave his life these days to help us coming over this period. I was told that Ulla Henningsen, who played “Iben” in Matador, is another actor being a “special friend” of mine. When seeing the Matador clip below, it brought up warm feelings in me, and I was told “we will soon go to a lunch party of the great, also because of this series”.

FB 200313 Holger

  • Hans Pilgaard is a famous TV host here – having much EASE to laughter – who shared his personal memory of Holger Juul Hansen drinking a bottle of wine together with him and another also now late actor, Henning Moritzen, after a TV recording, which touched him deeply, and I bring it, because I like to read about feelings between people, and thank you for bringing this beautiful memory, Hans – Holger WAS great.

FB 200313 Hans

  • Naser spoke about his programme including a tourist tour to Israel/Palestine “in the tracks of Jesus”, which he leads, and I told him “hope that you find “him” unless he hides to you, Naser” and yes “difficult to find me it is”?

FB 200313 Naser

  • The other day I brought a video by Søren Lauenbjerg from the Atlantis musical, and yesterday I read about the reappearance of the “real life Atlantis”, the Argentinean town Epecuen, which was drowned 25 years ago, and I was given the BEAUTIFUL song/lyrics – one of the most beautiful of all – “What a wonderful world” by Louis Armstrong, which was because Søren Launbjerg also song this the other day, and yes this shows the emergence of new land, which used to be, which is about the emergence of new life and New World’s, which used to be.

ATLANTIS philosophers stone uk 1803 200313

  • This is the continuation of Bo’s thread of the other day to the Facebook group “the Spiritual Denmark” with more than 1,000 members (to read and “feel/think” about me), and Cirsten and Anja brought dreams – Cirsten about jumping up to a new floor of a cottage, which used not to be there – and Anja about a handball match with many goals being scored against her team but with the help of a ring, she started scoring too.

FB 200313 Drømme

  • This brought Kim “out of the closet” to comment these dreams with Cirsten saying that “your insight is fantastic – which you share with others”.

FB 200313 Drømme 2

  • I decided to say that these dreams also have a deeper meaning – as an example of dreams given to people in general – where Cirsten’s new floor is about not only “personal development” but development of God self having lifted himself and mankind up to a new level, “which is symbolised via these new floors, which corresponds to my own experiences these days, which not only includes me, but “everything”, which is why I can speak”, and Anja’s dream is about the fight between light and darkness and when goals are scored against her it is because of one’s own wrong behaviour and selfishness etc., and the ring is God helping her to score goals showing good behaviour and attention to others, and I said that this is the fight, which is in all people, which has been transferred as a whole to God as the fight I have now almost gone through, and I encouraged people to read my website/Facebook profile if they wanted to know more, and yes no reflections, but one new Facebook friend and probably I influenced a number of people with many not believing in me and some maybe believing (?), and no, there was no one liking or commenting this (on contrary to the others), which was “too crazy” for you (?), or you simply did not “like” to comment?

FB 200313 Drømme 3

  • Here was the follow up with people not reflecting on my comment, and I included this because Kim was inspired to say that “I have a suspicion that I incarnated all the way back to the start of Atlantis”, and yes, this is given to him to write here because of my story of Atlantis above, and yes it was “hanging in the air” you know for him to receive.

FB 200313 Drømme 4

  • I believe that “a few years ago”, I spoke of how little I liked Berlingske’s Internet design – but liked their newspaper – and I have now seen your new design, which I like MUCH more, which will make me start reading your website much more than I have used to, and so far I have liked Politiken’s website the most, so let us see if this will now be challenged, and yes I like to see progress/improvements, which this is to me.
  • An old thought: One error of mine in these scripts is that I have NOT mentioned all sources and brought links to stories, which I have brought, which I did not have the energy to do.
  • Helena was hospitalised but now home again with some kind of sickness, which will keep her away from work a couple of weeks, which is a “hard and surreal experience”, and I am thinking that this is strain given to my mother, which she is another part of, because of my father coming out from the Source.

FB 200313 Helena 2


21st March: My mother of our New World brought out the ring of my father including unknown life from the Source

My mother of our New World brought out the ring of my father including unknown life from the Source

Again I received feelings of John and how he is thinking of how I work and how he words himself concentrated on tasks, and again the feeling “why is this coming to me now, did he not make it”?

This is the force I need to get all the way in to you, and what if there is a New World out there, which would like to get in. And I decided to tell myself not to be effected by this because my spiritual friends can create games I cannot see through, and the only thing I can say in these situation is to do everything perfect and not to interfere with what I don’t know of.

I had a serious tired crisis, which I did not believe I would get over, but I did.

I received a presence from right on its way in to me through incredible darkness, which was very uncomfortable because is this right or wrong? And later I felt my mother and yes “here you also came through” was the reaction, and I was shown an ambulance from the oven in my kitchen and was told that this is about God being set free.

I felt how a presence from the left of the kitchen and the right of my balcony was mixed together around me and I was shown how this at the end is entering my heart.

Well, it is not like this that it is me sitting at a higher level looking down on the Champagne pouring at lower levels (because of happiness/celebration).

I continued feeling how left and right was floating together over me including the feeling of a knife from left cutting through skin (from left), which at the same time is a violin (from right), and I was told that you are now as close to my birthplace as you can be, and this place is Bethlehem.

I was looking out through a skull from both the left and the right eye, and saw how it had broken through a wall and is now looking inside the house, and I was told that we are now looking into your world for the very first time, and this is the combination of the left of my father and right of my mother.

The whole evening I had the strong feeling that I am TIRED of living as I am alone and with the same work day in, day out, and the greatest “happiness” here is when I am done with work and can relax on the sofa because this is what I “need” because of how I feel, and that is really all of the time, but it only becomes some of the time because I need to work.

I received strong feelings of impatience to end work now also because of the constant tiredness and darkness pressuring me, which is so tiring in the long run that you cannot dream about it, and I had to continue telling myself “first finish March, and take it from there”, and yes do NOT focus on the short but the long run.

I was told if this is not also about the spirit of my father meeting the spirit of my mother just going even further back (?), and that we did not have sexuality back then, but when we have added it here, it brought us together again, and I felt how Queen Elisabeth would like to be young (and pretty) again with the feeling of having a good love life, and I was told that this is also how it was here with my mother and father wanting to see each other, and I received “reach up for the sunrise” by Duran Duran, which was truly an inspired hit of theirs and it is as they sing “in this moment everything is born again”.

I was shown a big chain – which could be from a bicycle or maybe even a motor cycle because of its size – and I was told that John made the chain work again, I see it spin around, and yes because of your interest in him and his well being. So now John is also part of you, and I received the feeling of happiness but also that it is a difficult feeling to get through because in nature, he is something completely different, and is now starting to take form as us, and yes life from the Source inside my kitchen as I am shown.

During all of this, I still received a negative voice wanting to make me speak negative.

I was told that now John has done his and is ready to leave us, which I understood as “to die”, and I could only repeat “no, you are not allowed to do this”.

We have just made the aeroplane much longer.

So it was darkness of John from the outside, who wanted to get in, which brought me the cramp to the back side of my left lower leg in the bath, and when the door opened, we are now in – including a report/manual of this life – and the big challenge is really to keep this door open because of constant disgust as I am given just to be awake/alive, but I force myself to keep it open, because it is the only right thing to do.

It was me being Hitler, and me too, as I was told from two now previous voices, and yes Hitler was also a try to connect us thus also being a hybrid of the spirits of my mother and father as I am/was.

I felt the Statue of Liberty all around me.

This could not have been done without ovulation, we now see that, and we have decided that it is the spirit of my mother of us, who will be continuing.

It feels like victory, you, i.e. I, were in reality us where it was impossible to enter the Source because of darkness, and I now only receive vague sounds of twigs from the oven of my kitchen meaning that we were victorious.

So it was my mother of the New World from the balcony, who used sexuality to get this part of my father out of the Source, and the game was to confuse me when it was happening. And I said that if there is more, please continue.

I received physical pain to the left side of my body for some time, including what felt like a strong/deep stitch of the area where my left neck turns into my shoulder, and I was told that this is to let my father in. And it was my father’s attack of me, which started all of this.

So the process goes from the spirit of my father in my kitchen to the spirit of my mother at my balcony to you as the son as I was told, and I was given a new sound now to my kitchen table of someone jumping up and down a few times and it was the next part of my father saying “you don’t get me” at the same time that he is ready to come over and kiss me for releasing him, and yes all of this old part of my father is previous creations containing much life, and this means that the door will NOT be closed, and I also received a smell of perfume, which however was not a heavy smell.

Isn’t there one who is not seeking a place to stay (?), and is it your sister, who is also your father (?), and yes I ask for her to survive too as another part of me, and I was told that it is Kirsten, my father’s wife, who is controlling everything via her “sick jealousy” on us as my father’s old family, and via my father sending darkness to my sister, who sends it on to my mother to reach me in the end, and it is first with the new feelings of my father to you (after the attack) that we could do this, and I felt Kirsten as dead, and I sure do NOT hope that this is the case, and we know, she has also fought with a VERY weak heart for many years so this story could be true. And with this, the all great orange of my father comes via my mother.

So it is myself as the son inside the Pyramid and my father is arriving here via my mother. I was shown and told that this is the world’s biggest homework here arriving as the end of this darkness.

If you end the door here, we also close here, and I was given a sound to the kitchen, and this requires me to accept receiving even more sufferings, and yes please bring it on. And we do this because you are not flat yet but still has more work in you. I was told that we feel like Christmas in here, which is at the New World of my balcony.

I was told that Vivian – my old friend from Commercial High School and the 1980’s – was used as the primary weapon against you in the young frail years, which you – or was it her (?) – never getting over, and I was told that when I contacted her again in 2008/08, she “fell in love” again, and when she “discovered” that I was “crazy”, it can destroy anyone, and this is how we also opened to your father, and her sufferings were also decisive that the spirit of your father did not die. Not many can see this, but we can underneath her skin, which is part of the creation of our New World.

So now this part of the spirit of my father is with the spirit of my mother on the way in, and we can only do this – to turn around the opposite golf club – because you held your mother and yourself a life.

He can choose exactly the candied able he likes when returning home, and this is what you traditionally have in Tivoli.

You have practically also been appointed by your father if it was not for your sister.

At 03.00 I was encouraged to start writing the notes of the evening/night, but no, I was too tired, it will have to wait until after sleep.

No, he does not want us ever to go out in that lake you know.

Yes, Stig is completely grown up and calmly sits there, so now it is only you lacking, i.e. the rest of my father.

In just a moment we are going to ask you for a telephone number….., then we will use the same telephone number as FC Barcelona to get in – yes you are welcome.

We are now about to being back to “they gotta believe that he was crazy going through this alone”, and yes after our big excursion “into the great wide open” – another favourite of Tom/Jeff – of your father.

My left upper arm receives a little pounding at its inside again for the first time in days.

There are with guarantee no surprises inside of there, but you heard how we played it down being inside of there.

What are the 10 greatest designs in the world (?), Malta is one of them!

We gave them a coat in China, but they did not want to wear it, and we turned it around, and they did not want to wear it, and yes impossible to open they were, and I am here again being drawn to my kitchen and told that all of this old/magnificent life inside the Source is – as incredible as it sounds like – inside of this worst darkness of the Chinese (deep layers inside life of today), and it only gets out because it is opened.

I felt the taste of chops all around me to the right and was told that not all life is of the same quality in here, but every little thing is still to be saved, we know.

If you had not bothered building the bridge, we would have done it anyway, underneath the game and I guess I would not know about it.

Your mother is not as nervous as she has been, this was about getting the bicycle out.

I have not received all my talents from my mother, my father was only the “force”, is this it (?), and yes as I understand it.

No, we could not very well use them when their machines were not working so our task is now to repair them, and this is “not perfect life”.

We have another fine surprise for you, and I was told given the fine Shu-bi-dua song “Basuner og Engle” (“Trombones and angels”), and understood that this is about angels being released from this darkness of the Source.

I was told about the brothers Price – Adam and James Price, who are famous among others for their TV food programme “eat with Price” – and understood that they know about me too and I was told that “the whole business (fine restaurants of Denmark) speaks about me”.

I think you should take those tennis clothes off (my father) and become him there (me), which the spirit of my mother told the spirit of my father.

I took a bunch of oranges with me, and yes “never announced before”, which is about life inside the Source, which we never knew about.

Isn’t if funny that the four back chain and everything comes logically as a result of what is inside of there.

I was given a sound to my TV and asked that you will never guess what I, i.e. my mother, was, it corresponds to a whole new animal race.

One after the other treasure is buried down inside here, and yes we now see the whole structure of everything for the first time.

Him Buddha should have been death a long time ago if it was not for the spirit of my mother who developed a method to remember all of this (?); and yes both cannot be truth (life never known about before and remembering all).

Do you think he will work when we will do a voice test tomorrow (?), and yes of your father here.

So the four-wheeled was just what we needed and yes we continue creating life at lower and lower levels until it would be strong enough to survive, with the idea for it to go back one level at the time and yes right back to and eehhhmmm Buddha himself at the end, and yes the most dark man of everyone, and you know before turned around that is.

We have never written a loan document inside the Source but at the end we had to create energy somehow to survive, before returning to a world of no energy.

And I heard how this part of my father was told “and then you can put it on the bill” and how Stig/he had to fight himself out of the energy world and behind it to the true world, which is about this new life being explained how I/we came all the way back.

Yes, there was free beer, which you could continue drinking as many and long as you like until you would come all the way back to the original to save me too.

So in reality we three have different birth dates but we all originate directly from the first creator.

Isn’t it chivalrous that we now come all the other way to save everything, and no, because this is how it was calculated from the start, this long journey would have an end, and now a new beginning of life.

I received the feeling of my physical mother that this was the worst, and it stops here, and is that the whole game when I have finished writing this?

So everything is built with strings with one level attached to the next attached to the next.

It is difficult to put vintages on, but all in all, this is the first time that we are all three together as everything today, and in this sense, this is our birthday.

Everything leads backs to me as the first as the father, which everyone connected to, which is why I received the greatest sufferings of all (as the hybrid of the spirits of my mother and father before becoming my new self as the son).

Dreaming of not feeding my dog/saving life when I don’t work

I went to bed at 06.40 and was told strongly of how important it was to write and publish my notes from the evening and night, but no, I decided that this was too much to do, and I slept until 13.10 with this dream.

  • I have forgotten to feed my dog, Don, for several days, which gives me poor conscience because I love it more than anything, and it does not complain. Something about Lars G. and my sister, here is the telephone from the semi-finals, and I will take a day off work from DanskeBank-Pension.
    • When I don’t feed the dog, I don’t save life, and this is the telephone line used doing this and that is when I don’t take a break from work as I did during the night.
  • I am helping what otherwise is a very skilled business man to create a new contract, which is the most difficult to make, and I advice him to use the clock of the Town Hall of Copenhagen as symbol, to engrave it in the paper, which symbolises both old and new time. I enter the right lift, and even though I see that it is broke, I try to see if it can life me, but it only lifts a little before returning to ground floor, and instead I use the left, which works fine, together with other people.
    • This is the most difficult life to bring from the Source to our New World.

Olsen Banden i uret i RådhustårnetThe clock of the Town Hall of Copenhagen almost killed Egon
the Olsen Gang, thus making it the last film of the Old
World, but you all know that he – and the world – survived

After waking up, the first thought I was given VERY directly was about my mother and John, what has happened (?), why has my mother not called as she said she would yesterday, has John not returned home from hospital, did anything occur?

And I received the song “Mr. sandman” and the lyrics “Mr. sandman give me a dream”, and sand is an old symbol of sufferings, so this is about sufferings.

This means that you are no longer a mentor for him, because he IS himself, i.e. my new self as the son.

So I don’t want to be sweethearts anymore, because of him, i.e. my father.

One is reported ready for the final Germany match and yes him there saying “I have to get over it also writing the script today”, which is NOT easy to do”.

Your mother will have to go alone to the hospital.

We have just driven down Århusgade (“Århus street”) again.

Days ago, I received a paper saying that Ole Schächter who did the fine lecture on Greenland a few weeks ago, returned to the old age home today at 15.00 to do a lecture on the history of Denmark and Helsingør, and I had decided that I would go if I could, but I did NOT feel good as usual when waking up today having what seems like a huge mountain to climb to write the script of today, so I decided that I would NOT go, and I did not know if this visit was of importance or not, but I decided that I better be on the safe side doing what I can instead of taking too much work in, and we will have to do the best with what I bring.

And of course this was used against me when I was told that visiting him today was a condition to come to the top level, and later – when it was after 15.00 – I received the smell of sulphur coming from the old age home, and are we strong enough to bring from Ole to you what we may need (?), and yes this was your thought because of how close I am to the old age home (less than 100 metres), and that is if there is any need at all because didn’t I receive everything I needed the first time (?), and at least this is what I decided to believe in.

I was shown my self at the Helsingør exhibition the other day and received the song “crazy” by Gnarls Barkley and the lyrics “Does that make me crazy?”, and I understood that I was seen by people of Helsingør knowing me thinking this thought of me, and I was told that it was superficial people, who made me crazy in their minds and that is not because of what I wrote, which gives meaning when you read and understand it, but simply because “it did not sound right” inside their heads, and this is really why I ask you: “Does that make me crazy?”, and I do believe that you know the answer, right?

Later I received more feelings and darkness coming from the old age home and was told that “we have to be nice now”, so is this about even more of the Source being opened this way?

I was told by my mother of the New World that we will also never forget this (my writing of this script), and we only came through this doing our best to keep your father here with us, and yes when you did not break the news with the world before going to sleep. And this is to avoid your father turning into a rhino instead.

We cannot reward you enough, Stig, but this was done with a deduction of the New World, and we know, it will be recreated later, but I do hope that this did not mean the death of any of my family.

This is how we get a new duvet any way, and yes with the help of our New World.

I started receiving BIG PAIN inside of my left hand together with the feeling of darkness, and is this because of despair of my mother because John has died (?), and this is what the feeling is, but is it a game only (?), or maybe the truth when my mother doesn’t call me?

I now felt my old school teacher Vera inside of my left hand and was given a physical move to my left forefinger as if it was playing the guitar (of creation).

I received a new out of this world pain to my right ankle because of my mother and simply because you are writing this script.

And yes, darkness has made me bite my nails more and more the last 1-2 years as I did also as a boy, and no, I could not stop doing it, the power was too strong, and I allowed it to happen.

I was told that this was not a little acute gastroenteritis, but the New World had brought much sacrifices to hold on the new released part of my father.

Finally, my mother called, and yes John is still doing fine, so alive and kicking he is – it was a game (!) – and they will prepare a road for him ending up with a by-pass operation, and yes we will see if that is going to be necessary or if we have switched on everything removing all sicknesses before this point.

And we ARE going to see each other tomorrow evening to watch the final of X-factor despite of my mother saying that if Amanda did not pass, but the boy band of Wasteland, she would NOT invite me, and I am here thinking that this is what was laid in the cards, which is really that if John did not make it through these days, she would not have invited me, but he did, so now she did too and yes with a smile when I told her about this, and I am here giving a strong move to my left forefinger – and feeling of the kitchen – and I felt only gold inside of it and was told that “it is because if is so difficult to get the ring off”, and the ring is really the ring of everything of the Source you know.

Now Germany is ready, you don’t know how much I have looked forward to this moment, and I was shown the inside of a Opera House of gold where a very wide car was driving into one of the balconies.

I was shown a BIG arrow leading up to the Town Hall of Copenhagen and at its foot I am given the happy song “the only way is up”, and that is right up to the clock of our New World, which is the same as the clock of our Old World, and yes “us” and as mentioned symbolised by the clock of the Town Hall, which we will start when getting there.

Københavns Rådhus

Den 25/12-2010, kl. 15.45 gik Rådhusuret i København i stå.

I was shown a water hose leading out from my face and pouring out water and I was told that this is the only place it can do it.

We have said it before and now here again, that lawn can only be walked on in the summer, and we know, son, this is darkness of us, which Holger Danske is also about, right (?), and yes a little difficulties we have to turn around with some of us returning to where we came from yesterday, so this is what we are now trying once again, to bring everything over.

This is not as unusual, the most unusual was yesterday, this is only what resisted, which we will try to tempt forward once again.

I was shown knights of crusades enter me as darkness, and they are darkness because this is NOT how to spread faith of me, and I was told that we are now working on how to divide the last bowl of water, for me or my mother, which will have to be my family, friends etc., thus the world because the New World is protected against darkness.

I was told that it requires me to stay awake the whole night and day and to visit my mother and John tomorrow evening without sleep, and yes this was surely a non-realistic game, because this is impossible for me to do now, and impossible as in TRULY impossible.

I was shown a stone tunnel/bridge being extended, which this is about and I understood this as a secure connection to the Source.

I was told that it was really my father being in my left hand, and I was shown that now remains a very little corner of rats, which is now placed in my left thumb.

So the goal of darkness was not to lose John but my mother (!), which is what the movements to my left forefinger and the pain of the hand was about, but you would not allow it, and yes this is how tough the fight with your father is.

I was shown a buffalo entering and destroying a kitchen in the mountain and I was told that this was one of our new kitchens meaning that we will start on a lower level unless we will now rebuild this, and we know you do NOT believe in us because everything will be perfect and it is only a matter of how to divide this darkness/sufferings.

I was also shown a part of the Source pouring out, thus not having been fully transferred – because of my sleep – so it was not a miraculous save, and what we do now is a “new heat” to save the last, and yes because there was no “old nightmare” to destroy anything.

I was reminded of the trance healer Stephen Upton, whom I met as a teacher of Arthur Findlay College in 2005, and how he tried to remove the bad effects from smoking from me without finding anything, and yes I had perfect lungs despite of smoking heavily since I was a teenager (!) and I was told that this is what we did to save everything inside of you.

We forgot to say that we also held out all of the ice cream of the ice cream boat, and that is all content/darkness of the Source, which was sent to me as sufferings.

I was told and shown that I need to get the golf ball of hole two of Passebæk Gård Golf lane, which I have played many times, in hole in two strikes thus making a birdie to do this repêchage, and my small heart attacks, which I received one of, are also soon over.

I was so tired here at 23.00 and continued receiving constant talk/notes to write down that I really cannot bear it anymore but still I find myself continuing to work instead of deciding to stop/ignore it.

It is now the absolutely last ice cream stick we are dividing between you and the world.

So it is us – the New World – coming in as the watch of Bornholm, which is really the same as the clock of the town hall.

Informing Steven M. Greer, who helped to save mankind, that the dark side of man has given up

Yesterday, I was encouraged to write a message to Dr. Steven M. Greer – I really like names with titles – who is the founder of the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI) and The Disclosure Project, which I did as my last work today with the help of my spiritual voice to tell him and the world that the dark side of man has now decided to give in and surrender.

I would have liked to bring it as an open message on his Facebook profile, but since he does not bring this option, I sent him a Facebook email, which I published on my own Facebook timeline below and in this script too.

FB 210313 Stig 1

FB 210313 Stig 2

Here is the beginning of the Facebook email I sent him, which is 100% identical to the one above.

Email to Steven Greer 210313

While sending this message, I was told that what you are saying is that this message will make it useless even to give you a tongue kiss (of death), and yes this message will make the world understand that we won the fight against darkness of secret governments/operations of the world.

You can get the juiciest steaks with this message, Stig, i.e. save more/the rest life inside the Source. And with this message the very same “dark side of man” knows that they will have to stand forward, which is to move forward remaining furniture inside of the Source, and yes this is how we depend on each other.

Google Earth shows a strange fish of our New World including all life ever of great variation

Jette has been sick and returned today with these Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group about ONENESS to be, a strange fish of our New World, the Source is busy, and women with a key.

FB 210313 Jette 1

FB 210313 Jette 2

FB 210313 Jette 3

FB 210313 Jette 4

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Michael brought his favourite Saga video, which is for the very fine song “Always there”, and it made me smile because it really says that “It’s no mistake you were heaven sent”, and yes who uploaded this video to YouTube (?), and yes a profile called “JesusSaves”, so I wonder if I made you believe in me too, Michael (?), and at least I brought out much darkness of you.

FB 210313 Sadler

YT 210313 SAGA

  • Naser wrote about Muslims when they act as barbarians, and yes I know that it is only few of you, but some of you do show the world that you are the worst barbarians, which is, and this is only one example, and who doesn’t remember how bodies of Americans were desecrated in Somalia as another example. And I also brought this because of Lecia’s comment about a friend of hers researching for a book called “God Particle” and he had to dig deep in history finding the most horrific pictures making him cry and question whether man deserves to exist, and Lecia said that it is impossible to understand man doing such terrible things and that those hurting people like this are “reptiles”, and yes, you are inspired too, Lecia, because this is a reference to the beautiful song “reptile” by Eric Clapton, and everyone knows that “Clapton is God” and “guitar is creation” just showing you that the worst darkness/sufferings is brought by God self as the only way to create life, and yes everything WAS darkness on this side, when the Source from the other side started the creation of the Source, and it is life self turning from darkness to light until we would end the period of darkness/sufferings, and yes I do believe that this is possible for you to understand, right?

FB 210313 Naser

  • And it was as if Helena reacted to this, because here she says that she could not sleep because “I am wildly annoyed over all evilness, racism, hate. I simply cannot take it. So now I am sending a great wagon load of love to all of you”, and this is about “mother love”, you know ♥.

FB 210313 Helena

  • I received a new Facebook friend, Paulo from Philippines, and how often do you receive an email from a stranger calling you for “dad” (?), when I did here, and no I am still not sleeping my day awake, and I really like people to state their purpose, is this just a friendly chat or was this another poor person wanting to ask me for money (?), and yes you never know, and it came to me at a “critical” time where I was climbing the mountain when starting to write my script of today and receiving the pressure because I did not visit the old age home, so when she was joking and did not have any obvious purpose, I felt how strongly annoyed this could make me, and yes I was working at the same time as having this chat, and she asked me for “chocolate”, which is really to receive some of my “selfishness”, which could be “money of rich people”, but no, I don’t have any to spare with you, but eeehhh she did not ask for money, but decided to tell me that the magician Criss Angel is her father (!!!), and yes I told myself that even though this sounds very unlikely, it could be the truth, and when I answered her, she simply stopped chatting (!), and yes now she “could not” speak English any longer, and afterwards I checked her profile and saw that she is 17 years old, that she is NOT a Facebook friend with Criss or even likes his page, so this has to be a lie, but maybe to say that the “finest magicians” of the world knows about me – and that they have to tell about their silence/lies to the world when “performing” what is “magic of God – as this young woman apparently does too, and yes being “dad” you know, and I noticed that she did not only become friends with me, but with not 9 but really 12 others of my Facebook friends, so she has gone through my Facebook friends choosing some of them to become friends with.

FB 210313 Paulo

FB 210313 Paulo 2

FB 210313 Paulo 3

  • Ekstra Bladet wrote about how Berlusconi decided to give Gadaffi of Libya one of the Danish IC4-trains as a present (!!!), and you do know about the year long “scandal” when this Italian factory “could not” end the production and deliver these trains without faults to the Danish Railways, which was a symbol of my difficulties to bring home the train of gold to bring all life to our New World, and yes Berlusconi was THE WORST DARKNESS also symbolised by this action, which really symbolises termination of life, but still, I decided to save everyone nonetheless.

FB 210313 EB

  • The inspired Michael Wulff wrote about “signs that your refrigerator is possessed by Satan”, and I was told that this is about life inside the refrigerator of the Source, which is not yet released, and apparently there is still more inside of there, and yes please remember that this is how life looks like before it is turned around to this side making it look the opposite.

FB 210313 MW

  • NB: Sanne Salomonsen is part of the cast of the HAIR musical now playing in Copenhagen, and yes, Sanne, you will understand that this is not a co-incidence because HAIR is a symbol of the pure water pouring out of the Source.



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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