March 23, 2013: X-factor helped bringing God to our New World including the embodiment of God as a normal human being


Summary of the script today

22nd March: X-factor helped bringing God to our New World including the embodiment of God as a normal human being

  • The love of the spirit of my mother to the spirit of my father is what is making darkness/content of the Source pour out, which is now empty also because of the give up of “the dark side of man”. Sufferings of my mother helped me to save what I could not do myself. My father is now around me more accommodating and less aggressive than before.
  • “The blue book” of me is inside the Source describing everything of me, which was to happen before it happened.
  • Dreaming of working together with my father at the best looking kitchen producing life of the finest quality, my old class friend Tine also being another part of my mother, buying an electric car makes me say that all nuclear, coal, water plants etc. will also be closed down, going through sufferings to bring love, I had to help myself through darkness believing that “I’ve seen it all”, life of less quality of the Source makes my mother able to create and the metal plate of the Source is inside a dog.
  • The play continued today still using the old telephone line to bring out more from the Source. My mother has had heart pain too the last days because of the strain of the spirit of my father when landing inside the New World.
  • The spirit of my father told me that even though it was endless long away, he could still feel my mother from deepest inside the Source herewith inseminating her with me through my father, and it was confirmed that this world was the last creation before making our dreams of our New World come through.
  • My mother, John and I had a fine dinner at a new Chinese restaurant in Helsingør, where I was told that this only happened because of China also opening to me.
  • It was the final of the Danish X-factor this evening, which Chresten won symbolising the Source herewith bringing a victory to the characteristic instead of mainstream as I like it. The show contained inspired/direct messages of the Source of Anne Linnet being the “circus-horse” of darkness, the customer is NOT always right, X-factor helped the embodiment of God self as a physical human being with “brain, heart and everything” as you will see in our New World via Thomas, I and “other parts of us” bringing “ONE MAN, ONE IDEA” (PHILOSOPHY) of God to ONE PEOPLE. Thomas Blachman thanked both Chresten and God for “you are a big gift when you arrive to such a programme, which you have to know and have giant thanks for because it makes such a programme like this to be about MUSIC” (symbolising “LOVE”), Anne Linnet’s and also Karen’s dissipated love life brought darkness to me, faith of the official world in me, “are you ready for a party?” (which you will get with our New World), we have no more time, I received caress of Karen, don’t do as Karoline who “just pretend that I am listening” – “LISTEN MUCH” (!), X-factor was the key to bring the Source inside the New World without bringing a pressure wave to the world, “nothing’s gonna stop us now”, “looking in your eyes I see a paradise, this world that I found is too good to be true”, which is about our New World, Thomas Blachman spoke to the nation about  “let us share the love”, “eliminate loneliness” and “fight for LOVE not only to yourself but to each other”, Karoline: Everyone has to respect each other, we are humans and all of us worth the same”. Chresten: “Be an inspiration to others having a dream but not the courage to realise it”.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show heads/souls all over, “hair” (i.e. water) of the Source, Big Mama of joy and happiness, the old stripe of light over Australia, more combined light/darkness and the transparent Source.
  • Short stories of Paulo seeing Chris Angel and I as her “father”, Christopher “cannot” yet speak out the truth directly, Kenya cannot carry our proper elections, publishing my email to Steven Greer to the Facebook profile of The Disclosure Project, and Helena symbolising my “old nightmare” wanting to “attack” me in the taxi.

23rd March: Uniting the last of the Source and our New World heading straight for the light and land of milk and honey

  • We are now driving out of the mouth of Jaws from James Bond, which was also shown as the mouth of a snake, this is where the world was created and we will now enter the light.
  • Darkness was made as a co-operation between the spirits of my mother and father when discovering the other side and planning how to get over to it, and this is now our original selves have found each other, who are now uniting again.
  • Dreaming of Helle Thorning-Schmidt also being part of my telephone line, Danish comedians working as actors for me, and darkness recognising me for good work.
  • Darkness was meant to be collected and explode with the attack of my father on me, but it did not because I absorbed it thus saving my family and also the world.
  • I continued working all evening and the beginning of the night being told that this is to bring out the last sponge of my mother uniting the last part of the New World with the Source to bring us all to the land of milk and honey. My mother has now cleaned up the new top floor, and I am shown myself walking straight into the light. My new self and my father are now right next to me ready to enter me and wake me up as my new self including the golden board of life of all “almost an eternity of worlds”, which will be switched on with the start of our New World.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show the Source with the wrong side in, only FANTASY makes borders (there are none), sylfs waiting to receive orders, ghosts having fun with a little cloud, observants looking high, original force of God, darkness hiding in light, many going for the party and being cleaned.
  • Short stories of Meshack communicating as a friend on contrary to John and Elijah, neither Thomas Blachman nor I suffer from megalomania as people easily “believe” (!), Scribd shows “temporary terminations”.


22nd March: X-factor helped bringing God to our New World including the embodiment of God as a normal human being

The love of the spirit of my mother to the spirit of my father is what is making darkness/content of the Source pour out

It is good that you are not Foreign Minister of Egypt now because otherwise you would have drowned, and this is because of the number of contacts you receive because of me (?), making you “work hard”?

I was shown three springs of different heights being used as placement no. 1, 2 and 3 of a competition and I was shown Super Mario on the highest spring in the middle, which is released and springs all the way up to me, and Super Mario said “we made it on the outermost”, and this came not longer after sending my email to Steven Greer, see yesterday.

I felt Lady Diana and was told that “I did not like to live at Kensington Hall without my siblings …”, and this is the kind of information we have NOT given you.

It is my love to you, which makes your darkness pour out, and this was the spirit of my mother speaking to the spirit of my father.

I was given what I thought was first a pain to the back side of my left lower leg, but then I felt and was told that “it is only on the outside”, which will have to be about the dark side of man turning around from the inside to the outside and with this, I do the same, so there you have it.

I received the same experience twice, which I normally NEVER experience, which first was that I had written a few paragraphs to the script of today in a new document while I was working on this document doing something else, and when I copied the content from the new document to paste it to this, I forgot to paste it, and later I closed the new document without saving it, thus losing some information, and later when I wanted to publish my new script on Facebook, I did exactly the same, which was to prepare my new Facebook posting including the four comments/songs I give to it, which I did in a new Word document, and a little later I also closed this document without saving it and without having posted it (!), and yes NEVER DO MISTAKES LIKE THIS, so this was to tell me that we could decide to “lose information” from inside the Source, and yes to send it to hell far away from me, but this is NOT according to your decision, so NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS, this has to be saved, and I am here told that this information is saved because of the sufferings my mother went through during the last days.

So you can come in quietly and calmly without stamp marks, which you don’t need, and yes my friends DO NOT DO THIS QUIETLY, and this is about this live being saved, and also about what the “secret governments” would still like to do, and yes they don’t like to stand forward, and for some reason I am told the name of “Jørgen Ryg” again and again with his sir name meaning “smoke” and yes there is NO “smoke on the water” anymore, and of course big smiles because of the comedian.

I had absolutely NOT calculated to keep on receiving information and to write this until 02.40 in the morning, not at all.

My modest role is to bring out all blue as a VERY low and FAR TOO MODEST voice told me and is this also about how “modest”/fearful people of the secret world is (?), and I do understand that this is what they are, NOT proud of what you have done?

Look at how big a mess his room is, and he did not want to help cleaning it up himself, but wait a minute, now it looks fine and yes I am shown a Pyramid.

This corresponds to having to take off the boxing gloves, and yes your mother/the New World could have taken care of this if you had decided to give in, but it would have given you the kiss of Ulla Henningsen, which we placed the other day to show the world about this song being an OLD THREAT given to you – I have received it often as I threat, but I have decided to love it as I did with all of the 1995 Danish part of the Eurovision Song Contest – but you decided to bring it anyway because it is beautiful, and yes NOT to care about threats of darkness but to face it directly and look it into the eyes saying that I am STRONGER than you!

I received the feeling of my father all around me and “no shelves are to be torn down” (!), and he is now more accommodating and less aggressive, so the washing programme is working.

I was shown a dinner boat on the river Rhine in Germany and how we were almost bringing in a missile beneath the dinner table.

It would have felt like throwing a voice over board for a shorter period only to collect him up from the water again not long thereafter.

I received speculations about what would be destroyed by the kiss of death if I was not strong enough, and maybe life of if self – according to the game – and later I was given the feeling of the spirit of my mother of our New World at my balcony and is she supposed to be there with me in here at the centre (?), and I don’t know, but please continue doing your best, and I am told that she “levitates on a pink cloud”.

Have I also been born there as I believe my mother asked (?), yes we have all been born as blood.

I was told that my mother of the New World kept receiving warnings from my father of the Source, which was not given to me.

Yes, it looks like you finding a stamp for me to turn around.

No, he did not kiss me anyway, which is why departure is first tomorrow.

Now we can talk together or at least pretend that we talk, which is about my father speaking to the right of me.

It was good that we found your blue book inside of here “before you were all finished”, and yes does this say everything about you and life as it was supposed to become after me (?) and for you to get me now and that it would happen this way (?), and yes this is pretty much it, and this will also be opened for everyone to see, and yes thank you for helping me out, and I see the next part being pulled out from a red sport car, but below him is a dark hole and yes another monster, and we know, for how long can this keep on (?) and I don’t have any power left, have not had for a long time, but if this continue until tomorrow, let us continue playing, and yes there is also the final of X-factor coming on tomorrow, and it is really today, and my chapter on it to do tomorrow.

Do you think we can shake out a telephone number of him, and maybe if we ask him politely, and yes fine here it is – if used for good purposes as he says – and with this, let us continue.

I received one of Sanne Salomonsen’s all time great, “Kærligheden kalder” (“love calls”) and the lyrics “tårer blir’ til tremmer, i stolthedens fængsel” (“tears become bars, in the prison of pride”), and this is how it is with the “false pride” of people imprisoning me with their darkness, and I really relate to all of the lyrics of this marvellous song and yes from my favourite solo album with her, and yes “Katbeat” is my favourite album by Sneakers – and “Skt. Peders Engle” may be my favourite song if I am only to chose one – but everything Sneakers did, was gold, and for some odd reason “Kærligheden Kalder” is only on YouTube as a poor 12 mix, so I will give you Skt. Peders Engle in stead, and yes we love angels here too :-).

So we have a mountain of unpaid bills, but when there is no resistance to us, we will let all of this go to the highest bidder and yes that is 0 DKK and sold to that gentleman over there having the courage to go all the way in, and this was the dark monster from before, and this is how quickly it goes now.

Dreaming of working together with my father at the best looking kitchen producing life of the finest quality

At 04.30 I simply could no more, and still words simply continued coming to me.

I was told that if you don’t want a moment without heart of the world, you will stay up without sleep, and no, my friends, I will not, I need sleep, so I went to bed at 05.15 sleeping poorly until 12.25 with these dreams.

  • I have to move from one nice apartment to another, which first makes me a little sad, because I really liked the old apartment, and the new is on 5th floor without a lift, and it seems as if I am moving every second year Something about hanging up high and cannot touch the bottom. There is a new shopping centre including the best looking kitchen I have ever seen, it is made of scored aluminium with an incredible feeling of quality and design, and I am together with Kim S first deciding the location of the kitchen in the shopping centre, and we find the perfect location facing a square, and Kim and I are preparing food together, our old colleague Else is there too. I explain about what “market surveys” are about (in relation to prospective clients) and the need to do this work carefully and to bring a number of prospective clients per week to each sales consultant to work carefully on.
    • Kim is a symbol of my father of the Source, and this may be the first dream where we actually work together (?), and the kitchen is our common facility to produce life of the finest quality, and the shopping centre is a symbol of “much life”. And QUALITY in work is ESSENTIAL my friends.
  • I ask my old class friend, Tine, to help me get something from Fredensborg, where she lives, and when we go there, we meet her husband, and I sign a list about the Queen. Tine works in a fine store there, and there are two unknown guests with us.
    • Tine was incredible beautiful and here she lives in the city, where the Danish queen lives during the summer, so is this to say that she is also another part of my mother?
  • It is possible to buy a cheap and small electrical pick up of DKK 30,000 without taxes, which I consider doing, and there is a special discount, which somehow is stored in files of the store in Espergærde, which was connected wrongly with the car.
    • Fine to have electrical cars is the first thought (?), but how do you produce electricity of the Old World (?), which is also to say that all nuclear, coal, water plants etc. will also be closed down and replaced by TRUE free energy.
  • It is endlessly cold and something about receiving warmth from Hans, giving hot drinks and demonstrate it to others.
    • We are going through sufferings to receiving warm drinks/feelings/love.
  • I am in Hørsholm seeing a young man by the name of Adam, who is homeless not having any money, and he asks if he can stay with people, and offer them to receive social benefits of the Commune giving a fixed amount per day people will let him stay, but people tell him that they will not because the amount does not cover their expenses. I invite him to live with me, and he arrives together with Björk and I see Björk and Adam doing a duet together, and notice how much of the same style as Björk that Adam is., and something about the Commune giving Björk an income, not homeless.
    • This is still the city of darkness where I used to live (from 1996 to 2009), and I am Adam in the dream without money and people don’t want to help me out, so I can only help myself, and the duet with Björk can ONLY bring me to the song “I’ve seen it all” by Björk in duet with Thom Yorke from the Lars von Trier film ”Dancer in the Dark”, and yes the train is coming in, and I may believe that I have seen it all but I haven’t seen “elephants, kings or Peru”.

  • I am unemployed and have no place to stay. I am with Camilla and her family, and they leave behind some cold and different sliced meat, and I try to eat it, but don’t like it, and give it to Camilla, and inside the meat is what may be cheese, which makes her happy because she can use this for one of her creation, and the meat is given to two dogs, and I see that especially one dog has eaten too much with parts of its stomach hanging down, and it looks to be a metal plate inside of it weighing down, and I fear that the dog may die. And I see Camilla creating new closets of different kinds, and she is enthusiastic saying that this is done because of the need of others, and afterwards we can go there too.
    • The meat is not of the best quality, which here is about life of not the best quality, but still this brings tools of creation to be used by Camilla as yet another part of my mother, and the metal plate of the dog is the metal plate of the Source self.

God fertilized my mother from deep inside the Source; God had decided that this world would NOT terminate

I woke up to the Wonderful song ”Wonderful Copenhagen” by the Wonderful Danny Kaye of the Wonderful film of Hans Christian Andersen.

Isn’t it him going for the driving test again, we still have the telephone number.

It is endless success with those lobster tails. Now I better see that you did this to tempt me out.

I was told that you will be shocked to see the case work of the Commune in my case including their notes of telephone calls with my mother/family, and let us guess MISUNDERSTANDINGS and when you cannot understand, you cannot take the right decisions.

I was shown that what used to be darkness now pouring out water with ice cubes with the ice meaning sufferings, but it IS water pouring out of the Source.

I was told about the insemination of my mother via the Source and yes via my father, and even though it was endless long away we could still feel your mother (from the deepest inside the Source of my father), and we had decided that this world was the last time of a new creation, so we had prepared ourselves to come out. And I tell this because now I have finally arrived to you – and this could also easily make me decide to give in now and to be careless about negative speech and feelings coming to me allowing darkness to take me over, but no, that would be “weak”, so never.

My mother called inviting me on the new Chinese restaurant on the main square of Helsingør – and yes it goes beyond me that so MANY restaurants of all levels can survive in the sleep town of Helsingør with most people staying at home – and she told me that she had been to the doctor to get an EKG of the heart because she has had heart pain the last two days (!), and yes there was nothing wrong with the heart as I could have told you too, mother, and that is because I have had EKG tests taken myself some years ago and there is “strangely enough” nothing wrong with the heart when taking an EKG, and just to show you that the strain on my mother and our New World was STRONG the last couple of days.

I was told that this time it was not true for me to stay up the previous night, which I also decided not to do, and I was really given the feeling yesterday evening to continue work until around 01.00 – 02.00, which is also what I did naturally when I ended writing and publishing my email to Steven Greer.

I was told that you were not shot in Stetson (!), were you (?), no, I was not, and Molly was also not, and yes this is of course about “Coffeeville” – what else (?) – and yes one of these incredible songs by Shu-bi-dua with the most fantastic lyrics, and here we are at the wild west with two men fighting over Molly and one of them can drink whisky with one hand while he drinks whisky with the other hand (!), and yes I wonder where they get it from, if it is not directly from God – how could you not love this band as a boy/teenager – and yes another of their fine songs from their “golden period”, and the message is that “the end was good in Coffeeville”.

I was told that the tears of my mother in relation to me is also what is weakening her heart.

If you knew how much your photo of 1987 has been analysed – to compare with the Jesus in Nairobi 1988 pictures – you would be surprised.

Have we not moved this out yet (?), no, your mother never gave you that “medicine cupboard” for your bathroom.

Now it is soon time to switch off everything completely, Stig, and yes we know when everything has been emptied that is.

My mother and John collected me at 18.15 and we drove to the new Chinese restaurant at the main square of Helsingør, which of course was because my mother did not like to cook after her “heart pain”, and yes it must be “tiring” to feel like that, mother, which is how I have felt constantly since 1998, but that is another story and yes it had hurt my mother so much that she said “ouch” when receiving the pain, and I said “I know how it feels like”, but no we did not speak of me.

From the outside of the restaurant, my mother was almost regretting to enter because “it did not look good” or so she thought, but when we first entered to see as I suggested, she liked it more and more, and when tasting the big buffet, she really loved it and yes all of it, the furniture and wall pictures, and I was told shortly after entering that we are only here because of China opening to me too, which you know is still about this last darkness of me opening up.

The food did really taste very delicious, and we received an incredible kind and attentive service by the Chinese waiters, which we agreed you never or only rare see from Danish waiters, and yes there is the whole culture, laziness and selfishness in difference, and several of these waiters spoke with accent, so they are “1st generation” Chinese here, who have not yet been destroyed by the Danish culture and wrongdoings, which comes sneaking up on everyone.

I had big difficulties speaking without stammering, which is always strong darkness coming to me, and I was told as example that John’s sister, Birthe, still believes that I am crazy, and has not been told otherwise, and she and others, which my mother and John have influenced wrongly, are all bringing us darkness making us all feel not very well this evening.

I was INCREDIBLE tired and feeling so extremely poor that I was truly almost giving up, and John almost did not say anything in the beginning and I was told that he also came not feeling well, but we do it because we decide to get the best out of it being together.

When we left, I smiled when first one UFO came flying by, and yes I could see that it was a UFO and I could have decided to ask my mother to look up, but no, it would not be good to her, and she would not be able to see again, and shortly thereafter another one came, and now it was VERY clearly a UFO with its very quick and pulsating lights, but I decided still not to tell.

We drove home to them to get coffee and “X-factor cake” from Kvickly – and yes quickly was also the name of the game the last week, and I missed it once, which you saw via the heart pain of my mother – and my mother told me that John is starting to feel breathless again when walking up the stairs, which is about his heart and you know this goes up and down, one day with hope and the next day without.

Before entering their home, there was snow in the air, and it was very windy, and I had looked up on the sky – after UFO’s – to see that it was almost without clouds, and when they said that it was snowing, I told them that it was the wind blowing up snow from the ground, and I could clearly see their attitude like “you are crazy, because of course it is snowing”, and eeehhhh “there are almost no clouds on the sky” as I told them, but this was of “minor” interest because they had decided that it was snowing, and this was an example of how my every word has been evaluated by others to judge whether or not this sounds “crazy”, and when people look for things that are “crazy”, it almost takes nothing to find what they decide in their minds are “crazy”.

Before X-factor started, we saw a little of the warm-up of the football match between Czech Republic and Denmark on Channel 5, and I noticed the football expert saying that the Danish team would leave the “opposite triangle/diamond”, which here was called the “Bermuda triangle” and instead they would do a “solid pyramid”, and yes, this sounded promising, and later I learned that Denmark had won by 3 to 0 defeating the curse of darkness, and yes not many believing that they would do this today, but here was the explanation, and yes 0-3 from the previous match was turned to 3-0 when turning around the diamond of the Trinity right, and yes logical for everyone, right?

A few minutes before X-factor started, there was a cartoon with Goofy on DR1 TV where he was a knight hiding inside an armour fighting against the invincible and almost inhumanly strong knight, the champ, who continued knocking and striking as hard as he could “going for the kill”, and it was “totally impossible” that Goofy could win the match, but at the end, the champ became tired making Goofy the very unlikely winner, and yes, this story was planted too to bring the message to the world that you were killing me with a strength much stronger than I, and I had to take on all of your knocks until you became tired – EXACTLY as Cassius Clay did against George Foreman in 1974 – and this was the only way I could win.

My mother was given several hiccups during the evening, where I was shown darkness while it happened, and it wanted to bring harm to her, thus the world.

My mother and I saw X-factor together, and I was so tired around 21.00 that I could not keep my eyes open, but I outlasted this tired crisis too, and minutes before the verdict of X-factor, I received MUCH and strong darkness and told was that my father would not come because I did not attend the lecture at the old age home the other day, and yes COME ON (!) as Thomas Blachman could have said, no I did not believe in it.

I left with the train 22.07 a few minutes before Chresten would be announced as winner, and on my way home, I was shown a UFO first blinking once as a triangle on the Sky, and I was told that it is a much bigger pyramid UFO not yet showing itself as the whole pyramid of our New World is not yet showing itself.

I was so tired when returning home that the normal thing to do would be to go directly to bed, alternatively to watch TV, but I knew that I had too much work to do if I am also to come through tomorrow so I decided to work until 23.35 where I did the first publish of the script of today, and maybe I can also comment on abd bring Jette’s Google Earth pictures, and I am also giving a strong desire to write the X-factor chapter, but this may first be tomorrow.

Hasn’t all the ice melted in Norway (?), it all started in Norway.

I was shown a GIANT church turning into a river inside a mountain, and just around a curve everything is light.

I continue receiving darkness wanting me to say “you are not welcome” and also heart pain again, and yes to me and not my mother again again.

I had finished Jette’s Google Earth pictures by 00.30 and I could decide to start writing the X-factor chapter now and work on it until I would sink, but now I really have done what I had hoped to do, and I will now probably stay awake until 05.00 +/- and do my script of tomorrow, tomorrow afternoon, and the X-factor chapter in the evening, and yes this is how it looks like.

Have you realised that you won (?), and no, my mother has not and John/my father has not, and this both made it impossible but also the only way for you to participate all the way to the end, and yes otherwise you would also have ended up in here to make us stronger for someone else to take over your work.

X-factor helped bringing God to our New World including the embodiment of God as a normal human being

Finally, it is now “tomorrow evening” at 19.20, and I feat that it may take “many hours” to write this chapter of the final of the Danish X-factor if I can at all because of just how tired/dizzy I am, but let us give it a go and see how far I get.

And it started here when the host, Signe, said to Anne Linnet that “you are by far the most experience circus-horse here of all of us” with the circus-horse being an old symbol of darkness, and she was asked that “it is a great evening, how does it effect you” (?), and among other things, Anne said that “it is really good that we the last couple of times have felt what the viewers would like to have”, and yes it is always good to listen to “the voice of the customer”, but it is NOT always that the customer is right, which is why Thomas Blachman has NOT this competition all of the five times he has participated, and yes the majority is often NOT right, and you have seen examples of this in X-factor too.

Thomas Blachman started by turning around on the chair to the many thousands of spectators saying “I love this place I love the history of this place, I was together with Georg yesterday evening, he was called a dreamer until he created the most fantastic, this place, redirection of motorways, a big stadium, ONE MAN with ONE IDEA, this is exactly what this programme is about, how cool it is to be an embodiment of a visionary being”, and this was both about the CEO Georg Sørensen of this big sport and concert hall as well as God being a dreamer as “one man with one idea” creating everything – via the idea of my scripts of ONE GOD, ONE PEOPLE, see (?) – and now as the very last the embodiment of God as the father self, and yes I am the Son and “everything” and you do remember the story of God being the Trinity of father, mother and son and how a number of people – maybe 3 times 12, we will see – will become physical beings of God, and this is what this is about, the materialisation of God self as a human being, this is about the Source self becoming part of his creation of our New World and turning into everything and also a human being.

Thomas Blachman continued here when he was the first to give feedback to the first song of the contester Chresten where he said “I believe it has been a pleasure to follow you all the way through because you come with something, come with a sound, this is what I mean, ONE MAN, ONE IDEA, this idea you have and you bring your own sound” and “you are a big gift when you arrive to such a programme, which you have to know and have giant thanks for because it makes such a programme like this to be about MUSIC, which we don’t receive much of in school among others, and this is truly such a gift to the people, this is what you are, congratulations”, and you may understand that Chresten here is a symbol of my father, which is really also the man I was and still am as “everything”, and again a reference to my scripts being “One God, One Philosophy, One People”, and this is not only about Chresten coming to a show like this, but also to me, this is in fact what Thomas said, and the purpose is to bring MUSIC, i.e. love of God as the gift to everyone.

Anne Linnet here told Chresten that “I just believed that we were going to have a WESTERN singer in you, but then you come doing some heavy metal ….”, and what this was about was Anne Linnet working via her wrong behaviour/mindset/attitude for me to become darkness, which is what a “western” is to me, and the song Chresten sang was “where did you sleep last night” by Nirvana, and just a few minutes ago, I was given some information about Karen – my coming wife you know and previously Mary Magdalena – and I now understand that the first two lines of this song is about Karen “My girl, my girl, don’t lie to me, Tell me where did you sleep last night” and Karen did what Anne Linnet also did, which was to have a dissipated love life, thus bringing darkness to me and when I was able to handle this darkness, this is what will set us all free, which is to bring FREEDOM to man.

Ida said here about Chresten that “some of what is so wild about you is, some of what I noticed the very first time, is that you are the artist, – I see you on the stages of the Skanderborg and Roskilde Festival, you are an artist, I can walk to you, have faith in you, I am part of this story, it is wild what you can and I am proud and happy to stand with you in the final”, and these festivals are old symbols of the home of God too, and to me this was about faith also of the official world in me.

Anne Linnet presented the boy-band Wasteland here and asked the audience “are you ready for a party, are you ready for a party” (?), and yes we are, Anne, all three of us, which now also includes our father, which you helped to release through all of the “fuel of darkness” as you brought me, and Wasteland sang the song “ikke mere tid” (“no more time”), which is really what we are facing, i.e. no more time left.

Thomas Blachman gave his feedback to Wasteland here – after having received Champagne as he had said was missing – by saying that “I believe you are completely fantastic” (!), which surprised everyone because everyone knows that he does not (!), and Signe asked him “do you mean this” (?) to which he started speaking the truth “all the way through this process you have been agreeing to bring down the level of X-Factor musically because you have not delivered, but this was clearly your best moment, where you agree to bring the level a little up” and “I am not the people, but I bend to the will and right of the people, I am a democrat” and then he wanted to say some more about their performance but decided to say – to me clearly guided by his spiritual voice as I know so well myself (!) – “but, get away (!) .., I am not going to say anymore, this is a cosy evening”, and this was because this is what I do myself to my mother when I don’t want to take a “fight” with her over the truth and her misunderstandings.

Thomas Blachman introduced his artist, the young Karoline, and I was happy to see how Karoline has gotten to learn Thomas and now understands and has a good time with him, and yes it is not that difficult you know as it is not that difficult to get to understand and have a good time with me too, and Karoline song a nice song “Glass”, which I liked – including the beautiful and new decoration – and it made me think of the window/glass, which God uses to turn around to become light of our New World making everyone free.

Ida said about Karoline that she looks wonderful (as she always says) and “you look like a sunbeam and you are so wonderful warm in your presence, and you enter with calm, all of your vocal has a calm, I sit back in the chair feeling caressed”, and this makes me wonder if there is a hidden message for me, which I am not told about and that is also because when Thomas Blachman introduced Karoline, he said that “no matter what happens this evening, she will get a place on the Danish stage, because she does not already exist “, and when I wrote this, I was given the feeling of Karen, which is about “caress”, so to me Karoline symbolises my new self as Karen, and yes this is also how we have divided and I am here given the smell of Cinnamon, which is part of baking, thus part of creation, and I can only think of “Cinnamon girl” by Prince about this girl of tears and also that “Cinnamon girl opens the book she knows will settle all the scores”.

And Thomas Blachman told Karoline here that it was “an experience of an increase in level, suddenly you can feel that you have a brain and heart and everything else, you enter as if you are hired from abroad and deliver a commodity, which is completely crazy spectacular”, and it should be easy to understand that this is about the embodiment of God receiving a brain and heart too, right (?), but then Signe, the host (whom my mother and I believe did a GREAT JOB all throughout this series), asked Karoline “what is the trick to understand Blachman” (?) and she said that “Thomas Blachman speaks incredible much, which could be said in two seconds, so what I normally do is to NOT listen – I just pretend that I am listening – and then two seconds before he is through, I listen, and then I understand”, and what Karoline just did here was to show what the Devil of Karen and most people did, which was NOT to listen to/read me but pretending that they understood when they really misunderstood me, and I am sure that EVERYONE can see that this behaviour of Karoline and “everyone” is wrong, right?

Chresten did his second performance of the evening together with the professional artists Marie Key and Rasmus Walter, and I was told that “the key” of Google Earth the other day was in fact X-factor helping us to bring our father home to our New World. My mother and I agreed that Chresten’s voice is even better and much more characteristic that Rasmus’, and Marie Key was asked about what she meant by what she said yesterday, which is that it was lovely to work together with Chresten because he is a “quiet nature”, and she said that “it is a strong thing if you listen much, which is a positive feature making it easy to get things work and do things together”, and this is indeed what it is so OPEN UP YOUR EARS and START TO LISTEN my dear world :-).

Ida said about Chresten here that “it is wonderful to see Chresten in his right element together with two very skilled artists, you stand there as a professional, you are fantastic, Chresten, you represent music in a way that I miss it represented, and you are completely new, get away!” and to me this is about the love of God coming symbolised by music.

Next act was Wasteland singing the songs “children of the night” together with Panamah, and then together with the incredible talented Mads Langer, who radiates his talent for everyone to see and of course in the song ELEPHANT, which is still a symbol of God, which is what this song meant to me, and yes you may understand that I felt this show too when seeing it, and feeling you here again Anne Linnet and really more than anyone.

Karoline song “ask yourself” with the also incredible talented Nabiha and “yours for ever” with Burhan G., and forever is how long we will be here, which made Thomas Blachman afterwards say that “it feels like true and mutual respect and love, there is no acting”, and this is how we like life the most, which is NOT TO ACT but to always BE YOURSELF communicating openly, directly and honestly and showing your TRUE and DEEP feelings, and this is basically what love is about, which was the message of Thomas Blachman and also I to the world.

And the first part of the show ended with “skew existences” from the beginning of X-factor not having any voice, but a lot of charisma, who were put together to sing Starships “nothing’s gonna stop us now”, which also gave me a nice and deep feeling together with a smile because it is as they sing “Looking in your eyes I see a paradise, This world that I found is too good to be true” and “And we can build this dream together, Standing strong forever, Nothing’s gonna stop us now”.

Later it was time for the final ruling of X-factor this year, and first Wasteland was outvoted a little to my surprise because I thought that main-stream Denmark could have brought them right up to the winning place, but no, I did not want that, Chresten was VERY clearly my favourite after Amanda was voted out last week.

Ida said about here about her impression of the year that the artists work very hard and “there is no quick road over this, it is a window where you meet true talent” and this window to me is the window where my father of the Source came through.

Signe asked Thomas Blachman here about “how does the future look like, do you have a dream” (?) and this is where Thomas gave his “speech to the nation” and said “is anyone listening here (?), and then he said “all of our grandparents fought against Nazism and an occupied Denmark fighting for a welfare community, but what do we fight for (?), well it is important to fight for something (and then he stood up and faced the crowd and said), what do we fight for, Denmark (?), we fight for ourselves, our own happiness, but this is simply not good enough, you have to fight for something together, we have to know what we fight for. Half of people watching this programme watch it alone, there is a huge loneliness, let us share the love which is in this country and eliminate loneliness. Let us fight – all those not having work – let us share the work which is in this country, we hang on a very small planet turning around the sun turning around the galaxy turning around the Universe, but we stand on what to fight for, LOVE (!), not only to yourself but to each other. That is the future, a future worth fighting for. And then just continue knocking to your balloons”, and what he said here was that we have been fighting Nazism to get here with Nazism being the symbol of the worst darkness right up until now, and it is as true as he said – and I have Obama with me here too – which is that our future of our new life will include love of God to man, love of man to God and love of man to man without selfishness of today, and when I have been watching X-factor with my mother, I have influenced her much telling her about how obvious it is and should be to everyone that Thomas Blachman is only about love and speaking the truth, which is NOT to be feared, and this culminated today when my mother could not get enough of Thomas’ speech telling me again and again of just how right he is.

Xfactor TBThomas Blachman told the nation “let us share the love”, “eliminate loneliness” and “fight for LOVE not only to yourself but to each other”, which we will do in our new lives at our New World 🙂

The remark on the balloons was because balloons is a symbol of celebration of mine, and still celebrating victory we are, and the speech ended with Anne Linnet telling him “Couldn’t you write a leading article to Politiken” (?), and I was told that if I had died, it would have been the job of Thomas – or another part of me other than him – to continue and end my writings, and yes I could have died of all of the darkness sent to me for years and the PLENTY darkness coming from you, Anne, but still Anne continued saying “we will have a party”, and this is for sure what we will.

I liked Karoline’s and Chresten’s two closing songs about “everyone has to respect each other, we are humans and all of us worth the same” as Karoline said, and “take yourself in the collar and take some chances” and “be an inspiration to others having a dream but not the courage to realise it” as Chresten said using himself as example having the courage to participate in X-factor, and yes who could have known that he would go all the way winning it (?) as he was about to do in this final ruling, and I am told “other than us believing in him if you, Stig, walked all the way”, and since I did, you also won, Chresten, and yes a win for the “characteristic/individual” over the “mainstream as everyone else”.

After Chresten’s song, Ida said here that “of any, you represent future, integrity, musicality, weight, presence, power, musical superiority, Chresten you are simply wonderful” and Signe asked Ida “are you ready to send Chresten out in the world” (?), and she said “yes, it is my baby – Chresten will handle the world for sure his way ” as my mother could have told me you know and that is all of it on one of her good days, and particularly when she will understand the meaning of the work I have done despite of everything.

Later in the evening, I saw that Dan had shared Uffe’s update – Uffe is another stand up comedian here – and he said that it was “super cool that Chresten won. Hope that he will publish a double album to give us all 24 songs. I will give an electric shaver”, and didn’t I write earlier in March what I was told that the most important item of everything to the Source is “the electric shaver”, which is what is removing hair, which is a good thing to bring the Source through, but once through, I do believe that it is very good to grow hair, which is really the same as bring water of the Source to create and grow life, so this is what this machine means to me, and yes “funny” that Uffe should get this “idea”, right (?), and this is probably also to say that the search function of Microsoft Word is infected with darkness making it not work as I have experience many times, but this is the first time writing about it; I do believe that I wrote about the shaver, didn’t I?

FB 220313 Uffe Holm

I had a dinner break of maybe 30-40 minutes and finished this chapter at 01.00.

Google Earth shows “hair” (i.e. water) of the Source and Big Mama of joy and happiness

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show heads/souls all over, “hair” (i.e. water) of the Source, Big Mama of joy and happiness, the old stripe of light over Australia, more combined light/darkness and the transparent Source.

FB 220313 Jette 1

FB 220313 Jette 2

FB 220313 Jette 3

FB 220313 Jette 4

FB 220313 Jette 5

FB 220313 Jette 6

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I don’t know what is wrong with Paulo, but she is surely not sending me “normal” emails as you can see below, and when she calls both me and Criss Angel for “father” it is of course not “father” in a normal sense, but God, and when seeing this, I wondered if art of writing long letters has been lost with the new generation only knowing how to chat one line messages (?), which truly is a GREAT loss, which is why I encouraged her write me a “decent email”, and when I sent my message including the question “DO YOU THINK YOU CAN DO THIS”, it was returned to me no less than 24 times (!!!) – where I show some of them below – and I heard how they were sent as a “machine gun” so quickly that I don’t think it is possible for a person to do this, you have to be INCREDIBLE quick to paste/send, paste/send and this was really was quickly as a machine gun, so to me this was about showing the presence of the magician Criss Angel through my spiritual friends doing this, but then again I was not completely certain of this.

FB 220313 Paulo

FB 220313 Paulo 2

FB 220313 Paulo 3

FB 220313 Paulo 4

  • This is a small example of what Criss Angel does with the help of “magic of my father”, and yes we love angels here :-).

  • Christopher wrote again and was not ready yet to reveal his “secrets” to me, which should be pretty easy, and yes just write the truth, there is nothing much to think about.

FB 220313 Christopher

  • I was happy to hear from David, and sad that his “mood is slow” and also that Kenya apparently cannot carry out an election properly bringing unnecessary uncertainty of the result, and yes my dear Kenyan friends, I don’t like WIMPS trying to run from their responsibilities, I think you knew this by now, and yes also you, Uhuru. There is more about “Odinga’s case” below and here.

FB 220313 David

Daily Nation 220313 Odinga

  • I discovered that The Disclosure Project also has a Facebook profile and surprised that only a little more than 1,000 “like” it, and here I could publish my open email to Steven of yesterday, and no, I have received absolutely no feedback/likes from any on this, but I keep feeling Obama here, and yes I hope your trip to Israel/Palestine is going well, my old friend?

FB 220313 Disclosure

  • Helena is sad for being “improper in thoughts” when she because of sickness could not join “one” – Søren Pind (?) – in a taxi in smoking on his way to a fine dinner and she just thought of “ripping all that off you and soil you”, and to me this is about my “old nightmare” constantly threatening to attack me, and that is even inside of the taxi bringing my new self as this symbolises, and Helle “funny enough” thought of James Bond in the taxi, which is the one removing darkness you know.

FB 220313 Helena


23rd March: Uniting the last of the Source and our New World heading straight for the light and land of milk and honey

Darkness was a co-operation between God and the Holy Spirit of my father/mother to create the world and reunite

I was told that my father now only sells warm windows because of his feelings to me.

I was told and shown that we are now driving out of the mouth of Jaws from James Bond, which was also shown as the mouth of a snake, this is where the world was created and we will now enter the light.

Isn’t it some nice hand bags I have sewed (?) and yes with a little help of John, and no he does not really believe in us, but if you have darkness, all has to turn into light without exception.

I was shown a very thin briefcase and was told that this is about being the last secret of darkness, and I was shown that it is empty because this is what I believe it is (?), and yes I don’t care, if you have darkness in it, so let me see.

You cannot do a printing press for bank notes yourself, and I felt that darkness was made as a co-operation between the spirits of my mother and father when discovering the other side and planning how to get over to it.

And this is now our original selves have found each other, who are now uniting again and yes as planned a very long time ago. I was given a sound to my kitchen and shown that I am looking underneath this briefcase, and this is at the very start of us where we planned this development.

So do you bring out the pot holder because what I bring you is SMOKING HOT, which we knew and yes to create the spirit of my mother to become stronger and stronger until the day when she would bring strong enough to bring over all of the father of me.

And if you accepted your “old nightmare”, it would only turn around to where we came from.

And my mother was the archer and we knew that it would be completely impossible to shoot right into the middle of where we came from. And so we were ready to take off one boot and more, i.e. destructions, to come right back to where it all started, and Stig, since you are still alive, you have reduced my sufferings/losses, which is also why you were made and that was “simply” to bring your mother part back to the father part of you by being alive as the hybrid being of both.

And we had to bring a glass with us – to my mother’s side – to mirror and turn around the dark side of everything, and yes a mirror of what we used to be, and now we will remove all of that ugly part of sexual torments as I am here shown, and “ugly” is here a reference to Paulo from Philippines.

Had Stig not reached the final, we would have sent others in to get him out too, and yes we were almost sure that we would succeed this time, and I understand that it is “more than this”.

We have a gravel machine to bring someone like you away, which is about bringing me back to the Source, and that goes for people like you (on my level) who could not handle a top job in tennis, and mine was on top of everyone else’s depending on how they did.

Now I start tasting metal, which is the Source.

And I am given the feeling that we have always suffered, and believe it or not, but less and less with every new world and creation, and we have never been happy, which we will not become before the start of our New World. And the feeling is that one world after the other broke down and when we could not get it to work on this side, we also could not on the other side, so it has been a constant struggle to create life and for the normal condition to become life, which we will first achieve now.

On my way to bed, I was given two songs at the same time, first Peter & Gordon’s (I won’ stay) “In a world without love” and then Shu-bi-dua’s “En rocksangers farvel” (“goodbye of a rock singer”) and the lyrics “Kom lidt brylcrem i dit hår” (“come a little bruel crème in your hair”).

I went to bed at 05.15 and slept poorly again, still freezing much (!), until 12.50 with these dreams.

  • Helle Thorning-Schmidt says that “you have called”, and I say “who, me” (?), and then I hear her voice mail on my telephone, which is at a very low volume.
    • When I wrote down this note, I receive physically the HEAVIEST PRESSURE of darkness as I have ever received, which was pressuring me down, and this was more of my father from the Source coming in over me, and it made me concerned of its ability to do destructions/”pressure wave”.
  • I am together with the comedians Kasper Christensen and Lasse Rimmer and a third one inside Lasse’s very small and primitively/cheaply decorated office, and they watch and speak about American actors, which does not have my interest, and after a while another man arrives telling me that I sit on his chair and asks me to move.
    • I am known to Danish comedians, who are actors too not speaking about me publically, and this décor will have to be the cheap décor of darkness.
  • I am working at DanskeBank-Pension, but I receive disability pension from the Commune. I have written a memo about the competences of Søren I., which I have also sent to the HR-manager, and my manager shows me that the HR-manager has called me with the message that they will correct my status and give me a raise and recognition if what I have written is right, which I believe it is. He says that I receive a pay of 9.600 DKK gross per month, and I think that he doesn’t even know that this pay is suspended and I receive a couple of thousand more each month from the Commune.
    • This is about the recognition I never received at DanskeBank-Pension as a young employee of 25 years old actually being an important corner stone in the bank when it came to advising all bank branches on pension and life/disability insurance, so when I did not become appointed as head clerk, I left the bank – and my “impossible managers” not knowing what was going on – and now darkness is recognising me for good work (!), and it is also about the thought I have had for some days that if the Commune should decide to give me permanent disability pension, it will actually mean a raise to what I have today also meaning that I can send more to Kenya, but of course I hope they will keep me as qualified for work in match group 1 because this is what everyone should be able to see that I am?

I woke up with STRONG hiccups and later some sneeze, which is about taking even more power out of the world.

I received “Wonderwall” by Oasis – a true classic – and the lyrics “There are many things that I would like to say to you, but I don’t know how”, which is about my father and it continued with “Because maybe you’re gonna be the one that saves me” – and I LOVE THE VARIATION of this beautiful song sounding completely different, but still beautiful in this version.

So how many arrows did you have to shoot to hit the centre of the Source (?), and yes only one through Stig.

I started working at 14.00 still being tired/disgusting and still deciding to take the difficult road instead of giving in and doing nothing.

We could quickly have erased Soviet Union through your mother, but it would have required you to behave differently. They did non plan on a moon landing alone, but what is it that you did on the moon, my Soviet friends?

I was told about Lis, my mother’s old friend, how her lack of faith and wrong behaviour in relation to me was used by darkness to hit PLUGS of a big tent, which darkness wanted to exchange to a four room apartment (because of the four divided world).

This is free gift paper from Karen.

And this tent is what the others wanted to stay in – to kill you – but it doesn’t exist, I have checked myself, no he did not want it.

It was planned since the war that we had to enter this tent and the only way to get out would be to explode it.

And we did not do it because you did not call me – my father of darkness – to sort this out, which we gladly would have done, and yes the only way to remove darkness blocking for the sun, so it was thought.

This is helping my mother to still open her eyes every morning.

You don’t find a more fantastic movie about “how your family survived because of you”.

And this is where all the police (i.e. darkness) would get out from (?), and yes you would never have seen a man like Thomas Blachman promoting me to the entire world.

So this is why the evil phone never called, and yes it would have been the spirit of my mother using it “if necessary”, but it would require us to break down that man there, but you can see he is still alive and kicking – and working.

And it was supposed to be my father who should be the chairman of this, and via his attack on me, all of this darkness should be let out on the world.

You are not mature yet”, we would have had thousands of excuses for not waking you up, but the truth is that you are.

I was told about the Theresienstadt concentration camp of Czech Republic, which I drove through together with Camilla in the 1990’s on our way to and from Prague – I still remember Camilla’s father John’s good friend, Ralf, who was a prisoner there and also that he died of cancer years ago – and I was told that this would explode too, and behind all darkness, light would come out.

I had agreed with my mother to go out to do some shopping today, and furthermore she has asked me to help her carry her shopping bags maybe 1-2 times per week (I will do my best if I can get out of my apartment myself, you know), because she cannot herself anymore, and today she was truly handicapped by much back pain, which also made her walk “funny” as she said, and yes I know how the feeling is, my mother, I have been shown when feeling you inside of me. And yesterday, she told about one of her hands often “sleeping”, which I understood as a sign of the pain I have had to my left hand as a sign of the risk of her dying.

Inside Kvickly Supermarket, I felt Bettina to my right side together with the feeling that she has helped bringing me the last way in, and I was told that “it is not without pride that I have taken this part of the road together with you”, and I have been told about this feeling before of others having followed me on the road.

I was told that my old school friend Allan M.H. did not mean anything evil (when not believing in me) as no one did, and this is what removed my fuel tank really as you did with my old Ford Cortina from 1968 in 1980 on your parents ground – as I have been told.

I was told, shown and tasted how wine of our New World has been mixed with water of the Source, and our New World is really the result of when God turns water into wine.

I was told that it was us at the deep part of the Source, who were the camera – eeehhh which I brought to you …. (?) and no it will have to be the New World I brought to the Source with the Source being the camera (accepting life inside our New World) – and I understand that this is now turned/turning around too, and later I was that it is because we continue falling down on the world.

We went to three supermarkets in total and I had not planned to buy much, and even though I thanked no to many offers of my mother for her to buy this or that to me and to give me 200 DKK, she bought a little to me and ended up giving me 100 DKK, which I could not refuse, and yes the game is still to say no to darkness and when she comes through, it is really darkness coming through.

My mother also offered for us to bring my cycle to the repair shop, which you know I have been very hesitating to do because I would really prefer to do this as my new self also because it may cost more than I like for my mother to pay for, but maybe it is also a sign that when my new cycle will come out of this “perfect”, it is still the symbol of my new self, and yes we will see if I will accept doing this on Monday – two days from now – as we spoke about.

We heard “it’s a kind of magic” by Queen in the car, and yes my mother recognises Queen every time we hear it, and was sad about people like Freddie Mercury dying far too young, and yes it is now more than 20 years ago (!), and when I came home, I listened to Queen’s greatest hits on my stereo, and it is STILL a game to find the right “click” of the volume button in order for darkness not to turn up the volume is it 10 or 50 times in the right speaker (?) – almost burning it off I believe – and after having listened to several songs, I was listening to “it’s a kind of magic” while I was giving the incredible strong inner feeling that now the amplifier would “lose it” and turn up the volume of the right channel – symbolising darkness of my father – and this is exactly what happened, so I had to turn off the music straight away, and I was told that because of fear of my mother of the worst, this is what is bringing out the worst (!), and yes her fear of John dying – together with her dominant behaviour (even though she can be the opposite too) – is what is killing him (!), and I know from myself that I have the same power for example being able to expose my own heart attack if I should decide to think of it concentrated thinking that it would happen, and yes I received this shock/knowledge as a teenager in bed one evening as part of my preparation, so this I do NOT do. And I was thinking of the magic of our New World, which will happen, when it opens when I heard this brilliant song by Freddie & Co.

This is something as unusual that your mother coming out of this without permanent injuries as you had asked us to do.

Shall we close the gate after us (?), and yes, I don’t know as physical Stig, but I am sure that my inner self does.

Is this now the back end of my ship we are bringing in (?), and yes a good question it is!

At 18.00 I was so tired that I could not overview first to write the chapter on Jette’s Google Earth pictures and then maybe 4-5 hours to do the X-factor chapter of yesterday, but this is my plan, so this is what I will try to do if I can, and I am NOT sure that I can.

Are we also being released from the state prison (?), and yes just because you are now working on Jette’s Google Earth pictures, and yes about to give up is the constant feeling also with darkness pressuring me down to my limit.

Isn’t it funny that my sister has always thought about just how strong feelings my mother and I have believing that she was the one in control of her feelings always, and then it is her, who “could not” control her feelings in relation to me, and yes “so is there so much” as we say directly in Danish, and how do you say this in English?

I still receive a little cough, which is about more darkness inside of me.

Uniting the last of the Source and our New World heading straight for the light and land of milk and honey

I was shown that we don’t have other than lose powder with the colour of yellow and orange, and wet by water it is, and that is if you should not be able to do this chapter on X-factor, which you have now started, and yes starting is often the worst also now, but when I have first started and started my rhythm, it is practically impossible for me to stop before I finish.

But of course we would give you “a show for the money” pretending to fall down if you did not do this, but there is really no money remaining, and yes I have felt Anne Linnet for a couple of hours before starting to write this.

I received the feeling of Thomas Blachman and “I shall be careful not to tilt the glass”, which is about him helping all the way to turn around our father of the Source.

And this is like getting the last dust of the sponge out of my mother. This means that my mother was allowed to spray out darkness on the world before light would shine through, and this is what we have done our best to avoid because we really don’t like to destroy.

This means that you don’t have to get in underneath the sofa to find anything yourself, we will set up everything of you, i.e. my father of the Source, too.

This is a great “slaraffenland” (“Schlaraffenland” in German), and yes I know that this is the title of an experimental TV2 album, which the public did not like, but I did (!), but besides from this, what does it really mean (?), and Gyldendal’s encyclopaedia says that it is “the land of adventure where people don’t work, and where all sorts of glories and delicious comes flying to you”, and Gyldendal’s Danish-English dictionary as I use (a programme on my computer) says that it also can be translated into “land of milk and honey” and “El Dorado”, so let us say that this is the land of plenty of God coming to everyone and we could also call it “a lovely land by a smiling sea” as Steffen Brandt and TV2 calls it in “Tumpernes Park” (“The park of the fools”) from the Slaraffenland album what I believe is Steffen’s old favourite song, and yes I love it too :-).

I was told that the closer to the 12th April we get, which is Karen’s birthday, the more she fears me, and as you know, she has NOTHING to fear other than her own misunderstandings making her fear what she should love, which is the correct feeling she should have – and really have inside of her.

At the end, we will close down your amplifier, and no, it will not hurt because this is what him there has asked for, and yes to become your new self instead.

No, no one died from a train accident.

I was told that what we do now is also to pack and turn around all of the porn industry.

I was shown the stage of X-factor with everything being darkness together with a giant baking tool delivering the stage, and next to it in an incredible small tunnel is one man rowing out in his canoe, and I was told that this is “thanks to Thomas Blachman”.

It is also about “Stig and women” and why he could not/cannot find a nice woman (?), and yes my mother is wondering – is he gay etc. (?) – not understanding that I wrote the truth about her negative influence on me as a boy and young man being dominant removing my self-confidence and bringing me much nervousness.

They don’t have a king in Albania (?), and no not when you are turned around.

Is it then time for us to open for the bag for him?

I can bring you comfort by saying that your mother has cleaned up the new top floor, and yes all of this work is done while feeling terrible of course, and having STRONG darkness pressuring on me constantly on my limit of giving up not making things easier.

Earlier in the day, I was shown the actor Ben Stiller, which was “nothing special” because I am shown and feel MANY people during the day, but I could not help smiling when I took a break from writing the X-factor chapter of yesterday to have a late dinner, and when I turned on DR1 TV at 22.15 while eating – which I do when I am alone, but would NEVER dream about doing if I had a family (or other means of disturbance such as telephone/computer etc.) – I was shown Ben Stiller (!) in the movie “Night at the museum”, and I understood that this was a “coded message” too because I saw the part where the “golden board” was stolen, and this is what makes all life live, and I saw the part where the ancient Egyptian King was released from his grave, which make me think that this is what you still may see in Egypt (?) – I really don’t know – and I saw “miniature life” of this museum, and I was told that the incredible is that it is all of these “small” people who have woken me up as the big man of everything – and this was really to say that I am awakening as my new self having this golden board of life with me.

I felt the presence of and was told that we are parked right next to you, which are the kings of my new self and my father, and I was told that the door has to be shut tonight, so we will see what happens from here.

I am still giving feelings to my right ankle of the kind “is anything to be destroyed there” (?), and it comes from what remains of darkness, and no thank you, nothing is going to be destroyed.

I continued receiving the voice “kill, kill” and now added with “but you don’t dare” (!), which is a voice of darkness also coming to me for months trying to make me challenge/tease darkness, which I have NOT used but now it is with the feeling that this is now right, and yes we also cannot any longer because you are too strong being everything.

Couldn’t you have saved on the fat (of terminated life inside darkness) (?) no it was necessary to bring us out of nothing to the physical world.

I was given more moving movements to my left fore finger for the first time today and was told that this is the last time herewith also telling about my mother’s sufferings making her close to dying too. And not long thereafter I was told that I have now passed this danger too, and yes darkness all they way up.

I was told that this was a working victory (of mine), but it was also a reference to Putin and Russia and Gulag work camps together with your terrible weapon threatening life and existence self, and I am only thinking, did you TEST this weapon of yours on people in these work camps, which were “unsuited” in the system you tried to build (?); thus making them disappear for good?

And isn’t it this, which has made “the tongue starting to speak” among the top of Russia (?), and I am also given the feeling of diarrhoea which as you know means “destructive darkness”. A little later I received a voice from what is the absolutely furthest away on my balcony symbolising our New World, which is really to say that “Russia took the prize” in terms of the worst darkness, and this life is now coming in as the last life of our New World combined with the Source, and it comes when I am about to end my writing of the X-factor chapter at 00.30 with the feeling of I did it (!), because it was not that easy to do, but then again also not the worst I have done, and the worst part was really all of these disturbances I received also writing approx. two pages of the script of today and yes because of people speaking about me behind my back etc., which keeps coming to me as this disturbing darkness, which I still absorb by working/building instead of destroying.

It is not even possible for my mother – i.e. the New World – to go to the toilet – i.e. destruct – anymore, and yes we have removed this option of your father of the Source.

Stig, you were right, there was a refrigerator, which was not empty, and yes what about the freeze I have had during nights, isn’t there much terminated life inside the Source – simply to drive it forward – which will be released together with the release of the Source self?

No, did we hear an empty Coca Cola bottle – but with smoke inside of it – being smashed to the wall of a factory producing new life of darkness instead? And you may be right, you may be wrong, this is all we say now because we are under the influence of darkness of Anne Linnet, and we know, a waste of time to write this, because ALL LIFE WILL BE RELEASED/SAVED and that is because I KNOOOOOW, therefore!

I do NOT much like to accept it, but it is me having the golden board of life, and this comes with the feeling of the Source being sad and about to hand over this board, and that is if we don’t have it already, or I am here giving the “active thought” that this is what will happen the night when you will wake up as your new self, where you will be light and given this golden board of everything.

Can we switch on all of those switches at the same time (?), we have never tried that before (?), and yes we know to switch on “almost an eternity of worlds” all being controlled by this little golden board (?), and yes this is the basic idea.

I keep on being told that the official world knows about just how tired I am and it cannot be true that he simply continues working when he should be dead for all that we know via his medical surveys?

I was shown myself with a genuine carpet and a tuba following me walking straight into the light.

I received STRONG darkness and was asked, what about that chair, aren’t we going to lose that (?), and I am also given more strong and annoying (while writing) movements to my left forefinger now together with pain to my right hand, which is about pain of John, and VERY uncomfortable it is, and yes who is going to win, there is no hospital here, right (the feeling of John) (?) – in Helsingør anymore (yes, I could have written about the worst and most deaf politician to me for many years too having worked on this without knowing what you talk about, Vibeke Storm Rasmussen, but I did not).

What have we trained for (?), and yes to work hard not having the bicycle stand out in the cold again, and yes you decided to continue working as long as it took today to continue all work, and yes by 01.00 you had ended the X-factor chapter of yesterday and is now doing some additional changes of the script of yesterday before completing the script of today and publish it, and yes I believe that this will be done at around 03.00, which I “could not” do but still decided to do because it had to be done.

Now I am all confused, you had me turned around, and I did not turn you around meaning that I will now face the same way as you (?), and yes darkness of my father resisting me to finish this work with everything he has – you should try to experience how it is receiving PRESSURE and pain from darkness, which this is about, not only the words – saying this to my mother, thus saying that he is becoming the New World too.

I was told that we could also not have done this without almost all teachers in Espergærde knowing about me, and yes “rumours” of my old teacher Vera having the story as a Facebook friend of mine.

No, the customs found nothing on me, which they decided to confiscate.

I continued hearing “aren’t they suppose to get a child together, and this is my whole purpose” (mother and son) (?), and yes my father of darkness speaking, but now he takes off his knight helmet of darkness about to end this game too.

Do you know how tough it is also to be Angela Merkel having to continue again and again and again now also having to find solutions to Cyprus not going bankrupt (?), and yes for how long are we going to do this and when will I arrive (her feeling) (?), and yes continue doing BUSINESS AS USUAL until the very day when I will arrive, Angela, and yes that was really the secret to you and the world.

I was given the vision of teacher Andersen from Matador and the smell of pipe tobacco, which I understand is about darkness of these teachers of Espergærde, and some of you may even remember me?

Have you had finger prints in Gro Harlem Brundtland’s Brundtland Commission too (?), which is about my inner self also having influenced this work.

I was told that this is what this immensely strong darkness pressuring me down last night was about, which I am bringing to our New World when ending the work of today, which I did with the publish of my script of today at 03.00.

Google Earth shows that only FANTASY sets borders and there are none!

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show the Source with the wrong side in, only FANTASY makes borders (there are none), sylfs waiting to receive orders, ghosts having fun with a little cloud, observants looking high, original force of God, darkness hiding in light, many going for the party and being cleaned.

FB 230313 Jette 1

FB 230313 Jette 2

FB 230313 Jette 3

FB 230313 Jette 4

FB 230313 Jette 5

FB 230313 Jette 6

FB 230313 Jette 7

FB 230313 Jette 8

FB 230313 Jette 9

FB 230313 Jette 10

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I was happy again to hear from Meshack – this is what FRIENDS are for, and I keep on trying to motivate Elijah and John also to communicate, but they do not, and I have now decided that I will not send them money if they don’t write me every month, and if I like this (?), and no, this is the worst I know of too (!), it should NOT AT ALL be necessary (!) – and I kindly ask you to bring my best to your old man and everyone at the village, Meshack, and yes I am surprised to see that he continues living, and I have also been praying that he will make it until our New World will open, and is he above 100 now or “only” in his nineties? Thank you very much for writing Meshack, and to keep my updated also on the farming/weather situation and your travel to Uganda.

FB 230313 Meshack

  • X-factor brought this picture of Thomas Blachman from his “speech to the nation” yesterday, and as usual it creates extreme darkness in many people, and Benita is one example of THOUSANDS having had enough of him and she said “no thank you, the man suffers from megalomania, he believes that he is God’s gift to the people”, and yes incredible how people can misunderstand and be negative (!), and I just wrote that Thomas does NOT suffer from megalomania, he IS exactly what you say, and this is an example showing you how easy it is for people to guess/believe that I too have megalomania, and how many thought of this?

FB 230313 TB

  • The last few days, Scribd has shown me two days of “no visitors” meaning “temporary terminations”.

Scribd 2403 including 2303________________________________________________________________________


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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  1. jette says:

    today I have been up for 3-4 hours – the sky and the clouds is not showing much – I think my – how-where-when to look is a little ‘rusty’ – try again to-morrow ❤

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