March 25, 2013: Receiving the golden tablet of all life from my father after having entered the New World and me


Summary of the script today

24th March: Receiving the golden tablet of all life from my father after having entered the New World and me

  • I was shown myself leaving the prison inside a DARK prisoner carrier, and I was told that this is about the door closing, but I asked for the door to remain open if there is more darkness, which led to the decision to move the prison of darkness self, and it came from the New World, which there was later given a good explanation to because this is darkness led my father’s wife Kirsten – because of her disgust of and attack on me – followed by my father, and this is darkness, which the spirit of my mother did not connect with living beings of our New World, and this darkness now returned home to me in the middle after having been at the end of the New World, and inside of this darkness is the golden tablet of life with the code to open the Pyramid of all life through the door we did not close (!), which is still connecting me/us to everything of our New World without having to shut it off making the world believe for a short moment that it would go under before it would have turned around.
  • Dreaming of DR TV and TV2 of Denmark sending me darkness, and an aggressive fish of darkness theoretically still able to bite me because of my mother’s disgust of my writings.
  • ONE short story of celebration because of the force of the Source being here.

25th March: Releasing our father of everything, who found, explored and developed a method to develop life

  • I continue bringing out content (of terminated life) of the Source through the old telephone line of my old self. Karen works at the opposite of me as a condition to do as we have done, and now she will come closer to me as part of the ending and final creation of my new self. John also show me warm feelings because I care for him, and this is how you create yourself without being yourself. In the end, God is changing into me. My mother of our New World entered darkness of me because she is the engine of the New World, which is needed to switch on our New World, and this is done this way from my old self inside of darkness without killing me as I have wished for.
  • Dreaming of a UFO looking Chinese, which everyone can see, my mother continues disliking my writings, building a bridge of “some of the greatest construction work ever” to bring out even more content of the Source.
  • My mother, sister and Karen and “everyone” come from the inner of the Source now entering me and strengthening my blood veins and the world. This is the last withered leaf of the Source, thus the very first part of the tree of life, which we found, explored and developed a method to become life. This was my goal to find, but it was impossible to have energy to do. It is my mother of our New World bringing out this first part of the Source, the father of everything carrying the recipe of life with him, which was not secret at all, because all life carries this recipe.
  • Jerry Vano brought light to the key of Video 6 of the Jerusalem UFO showing that we go from three to four dimensions.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show a white cat (of light) with a loooon tail, two on a bike over Italy, one big white calling out, remaining electrical energy, a big person with a long arm, and Indians of original life etc.
  • Short stories of a tragic accident of the Saga family, Helena surviving “the germ attack of the century”, a beautiful and touching goodbye of Holger Juul Hansen, recreating terminated life, a miracle/sign of GoldDust bringing a description of the Source was totally ignored by people, opening the eyes of a young woman from Tunesia, and my school’s out at Easter.


24th March: Receiving the golden tablet of all life from my father after having entered the New World and me

Receiving the golden tablet of all life from my father after having entered the New World and me

I was shown my wandering stick and was told by my inner self – outside the game – that we are happy to be inside your mother of our New World.

You could also have decided to keep meditating bringing even more calm and quietness to the world, but no you did not have energy to do it or a belief that it was needed (as it was), and just to say that I could not do everything, but my scripts were 1st priority.

We are so close to the roses by now that just by looking at them, the flower.

I was told by darkness that the many layers of our New World surprised it, and then there was really nothing it could do than to give in thus being the judgment day for it.

How many have knocked hard on your Embassy – in the middle of the night to inform you about the new script of Stig?

I received a new and more light feeling to my left forefinger and now “I will also wake up tomorrow”, i.e. my mother will.

I was shown a Tivoli and one attraction formed like a giant mushroom and I felt it as only one with an eternity around it and I was enthusiastic shown around and up the stairs and told that we can do everything inside of there, but no, you cannot, Stig, and that is work right now even though we keep on talking, and you have reached your limit here at 03.30 still working now to publish your script to Facebook and send it to Kenya.

I was shown myself leaving the prison inside a DARK prisoner carrier, and I was told that this is about the door closing, but if there is still darkness inside this smaller unit, I ask you to continue keeping the door open, and yes until you give up my dear spiritual friends, or I do for that matter.

I was given the feeling and half vision that it was difficult before to keep the door open, and now it will be impossible, and yes what kind of stories will we bring him now (?), and my forefinger continues pulsating/moving, so can this kill my mother (?), and yes you don’t care because as long as there is darkness, there is more work to be done.

And you are absolutely right – I see the prison to the right of me and it comes closer to me – and that is OF COURSE (!) we will ALSO bring all of the prison with us.

This development was actually surprising because it was as if the end of X-factor was also the end of my journey because now we have done everything haven’t we (?) and my inner self and father are liberated from darkness and there should be no darkness remaining but there is (?), and yes I have decided to continue working, so BRING IT ON!

There is now no doll leader, and we only bring darkness to you as we feel is there.

I was sitting on the sofa at the end of the night almost falling asleep where darkness from the prison came to me and with a VERY direct language, it demanded to kill my mother, but no, what gives you the idea that I will allow you (?), and I was told that it isn’t in there that the Danish Queen is trapped, is it?

I was told that it is incredible that we have not needed to wake up my old class friend Christian G.

Darkness told me that it/we are being compelled to build an opposite stadium (of light) from inside the prison while we are breaking out.

I went to sleep at 06.00 and slept nothing less than terrible eventually standing up at 12.15 completely groggy after having had these dreams.

  • I am at a land area from where TV2 is sending, but DR TV will take over the broadcast, and they are setting this up, and ask a friend of mine and I if this road – or what could be a round – we are at is safe and wide enough for two lanes (of cars), which we say that it is, and we ask our neighbour to remove his garden table standing on one of the “lanes”, and he moves it some, but not enough because when the broadcast starts, a car drives into it.
    • Is this about DR and TV2 agreeing on who will send what in relation to me (?) – just guessing – and also about darkness you send me because of your silence, which means that we will not get the last garden table with us, which is the last of our New World/the Source, and I wonder if it is possible at all to get 100% with us from this side, or we will have to accept a smaller explosion and recreate what was lost on the other side of our New World.
    • At Midnight I was told that this dream is about how DR TV yesterday brought the film “Night of the museum” and how TV2 today brought “Night of the museum 2”, so there you have it :-).
  • I am in Esbjerg and have to stay another two hours in a water basin where there is a potential risk that a big an aggressive fish can attack me from outside the basin, and it can reach almost up to the corner of the basis where I can hide from it, and maybe or maybe not it can bite me, but I am not nervous. Something about bringing paper for the printer, which Lars G. has done, but after 1.5 of the 2 hours, the printer starts doing printing errors, and I discover that the shark – the fish from before – has hidden inside the printer, and it is now attacking me and about to cut my throat over.
    • When I wrote down the notes of this dream and also now I receive the feeling of my mother, and it is because she does NOT like my writings that darkness is killing me, and if only she knew ….
  • I also had a dream where I lived together some days with Prince Henrik, and he addressed me with “De” (the fine “you”, which I do NOT like because it only brings unnatural distance between people) and not “du” (the normal/everyday “you”), and I recommended us to be “dus” (using the normal/everyday “you”), and even though he should be “fine”, I found him completely normal to stay together with.

At 09.45 I had to stand out of bed because darkness was attacking the back side of my right lower leg with a cramp, and I was given the vision of and told about the journalists and married couple Karen Jespersen and Ralf Pittelkow, who are well-known here and part of the public debate also via their own Internet-newspaper “the short newspaper” and furthermore both of them are my Facebook friends, so you are also working “behind my back” not telling me (?), thus bringing me this darkness, and I was given a STRONG feeling to stand up here, but no, I could not, so I continued sleeping until 12.15 where the same attack happened once again with the same direct feeling of darkness attacking the back side of my right lower leg and again with the feeling of these two journalists.

And now I had to stand up, but because I have worked very hard and slept poorly, I was utterly destroyed and after checking Facebook and taking a long bath, I decided to write the very short script of today feeling on my very extreme edge of being able to write at all.

I was told that this is about how much deduction remains after the football match against the Czech Republic – after having turned around our diamond.

I was given the beautiful song “Flickorne på TV2” (“the girls on TV2”) by Gyllene Tider, which is about the girls on Danish TV2 knowing about the new Golden Age coming.

But we have moved all of that giant TV of the Source over here, so what is now remaining if anything (?), and is that to see it all work (?) or to wait for the flowers to grow (?), no right?

We are simply preparing to change into a completely different gear using all of the tools you brought.

You can try if you can find him on the FM-band again because I cannot, no he is dead, gone, not existing, the old Stig, and what remains (?) and yes was there a withered leaf there on the ground we had not seen before (?), and yes different versions of what is coming now.

I felt David Bowie as simple minded darkness to my right saying “I am not just a stupid pop singer am I”?

No, we only close the door into the living room because we cannot find no more.

So is this more for me to rise up from the dust?

I was told that there is now only a little picture to turn around, and is there really a Source all the way out there at the end of the New World?

I was given a sound to my right and was told that we are trapped in here – or about to be trapped – and what will you do (?) with the obvious answer to explode this if the door is closed, but don’t close the door before everything is with us.

And the connection is that it is truly impossible for me to work today and when I cannot work, I cannot turn this life around, and we will see about that and also the coming days.

I was given the feeling of my old class friend Peter T. – as I am quite often – and I was shown Southern Europe beneath its land crust, and I was told that if I was not strong enough to bring up the content, he would have helped me.

I was shown darkness around me but also dots of light shining through, and when darkness was almost getting me, I was also told and shown that everything around me is fish eggs (of my new self), and I heard behind the curtain “we love you”.

So it is me out here to the right and I am not really a killer fish am I (?), and yes you are welcome too my friend.

Again I received the feeling that my father’s Kirsten is dead – I hope it is a wrong message of darkness – and she said “here is the stamp” giving me the feeling that I cannot save the last without her, and you are welcome, Kirsten, and no matter if you are alive or not, my goal is to save everything and to do it from this side if I can, stamp or no stamp, because I am everything.

This is like being Luke Skywalker following his shoot deep into the death star to make sure that it doesn’t explode but is converted to light.

Something about the teachers of Espergærde being the ones to smash me and my old teacher Vera holding the key to turn me around.

There are no faeces left inside her (of the kitchen), it has all been spread.

What would have been an ear-splitting bang having the Source enter our New World will not only be a small now that loud sound if you stop now.

I felt Peter T. again and was told that we just have something to do inside of there like changing life and so on, and I was given a feeling to my heart and “that was it”.

I was told how this life at the outermost now tries to build a bridge to me, and yes you are welcome.

And this is even though there is “no time” remaining (?), yes we try because Stig has allowed us.

I have no idea what it will cost him.

It is now late in the evening and TIRED is not the word (!), and I was asked to write the rest of the script and publish it, which is still about consolidating what we do in order for darkness not to attack my mother – my left forefinger goes wild here – and even though I felt worse than the worst, really as low as I do the next day after not having slept, I decided to write it.

I was shown Barcelona and told that this is my refuge no. 1 (against darkness).

There is also still darkness remaining from Dubai, and what we are doing today is also what we tried to bring out via sexual torments/temptations, which I did not write about, but no thank you to what was more persistent/strong than for a long time.

I felt my father and was given a feeling to the balcony, and he apologised because he had reached to far coming (from the Source) to the end of the New World. And a little later I was given happiness to the kitchen when he returned there, and yes from there he took some steps down to me me.

It did not take as much fuel as expected to return and it took for me to write the script of today, and he told me that it is him being the prison, and I was given the visions of a somewhat bended gold plate coming from this prison, and I was told that we are the dark part which the spirit of my mother did not need (no common addresses between the Source and the New World).

I was told about staying up one more night to do the last work, but no, I cannot, my day today has been one of the worst, and I cannot stay awake the night.

I was shown Kirsten again followed by my father and was told that she was the leader of darkness (working against me) and my father the follower of her, which is what brought the Source with this golden board or tablet as they called it in the movie “the night of the museum”, and this evening, I watched part 2 of this movie this time on TV2, and this is the tablet of life, which we were willing to blow up knowing that nothing would happen to it, but you and the world would believe for a short moment that it would be the end of everything, which was required to turn it around, and then I was given an incredible short blink to the light of my wall-lamps and was told that this is how short this moment would be now if I should decide to stop work now.

I was told that ”this was it, we have now come back home”, which is right here with me, and I was told this at the same moment as Ben Stiller as the night guard of the movie received the code to open for Egypt via this tablet by none other than a number of small Einstein dolls, and it made me think of Saga and their story of Einstein as explained earlier, and Michael Sadler brought much darkness to me, but I wonder if the band believes in me (via my Facebook updates) and this is also what helped bringing this opening to the Pyramid of everything good – and not evil as in the film.

This is how we bring all life to you, and my father said that he has also been to Rüdesheim by the Rhine River in Rheingau, Germany, but it was you bringing the golden tablet when you were there and that was when visiting Weingut Josef Leitz together with Lars G. in 2002 I believe.

And again I felt Kirsten and my father and was told “now he is home”.

I was told that McCloud is also here to congratulate you – I loved this TV series, and I was shown the elephant of God and was told that inside here, it will get all force. Snow white is here too :-).

And the “night of the museum 2” ended with another big hit of Earth, Wind & Fire, which we of course also have to have here, yes “Let’s groove” tonight :-).

I was shown my father as a Roman in front of an ancient Egyptian grave and he said “this is the grave I have protected with my life”, and this is the grave of my previous self, which he has now brought to me, and yes good that he did not die, which would make this entrance “more difficult” it possible at all as we would have said.

I was told that we could only do this after getting rid of Kirsten, and no I don’t believe in that and it came with the feeling that this is what we could have persuaded you to do in another game to kill her to open up, but I do believe she was the key self to get to the deepest darkness of all.

So this is the door we were about to close, and yes the door to your new self as the very last of everything.

We are not going to get Sanna with us are we (?) as darkness aid, but of course we are and yes also , your mother and everyone else born in this order.

My mother is the crown withness to my journey as well as Queen Elisabeth and all the other parts of my mother, and yes we could switch lives among these as we pleased, but no, not anymore. And now and again I keep receiving pulsating movements to my left forefinger.

And now the score is not 6 or 7 but 10 to 0.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Not much work coming to me today because of how immensely tired I am, but “insanely mad” are the words I receive because of Kenneth’s “feelings” to me and then it is of course better to “realises yourself” with all of this “insanely exciting” light and spiritual experiences coming to you to satisfy your selfish needs (?) – see what this is about, and how darkness kept you down (?) – and here he talks about one trying to imitate his dancing steps, but then he turned up the speed, and Astrid said that they have to meet on a dance floor one day “and it has to be WITH hair”, but of course it has (!), and yes dance=celebration and hair=force of the Source, so this was really what this was about.

FB 240313 Kenneth________________________________________________________________________

25th March: Releasing our father of everything, who found, explored and developed a method to develop life

I was shown the Starwars robots being transported on a oxcart through what seems to be an endless desert with water puddles here and there, but I see that they are walking straight into the light.

I was told that Italy is about to put Berlusconi in a trunk of a car and send him to me.

No, we never even got started sewing the handbag of the Devil, and yes I am now writing these notes of the night starting at 16.20, and my left forefinger is almost constantly pulsating making writing difficult, but now I am used to this, and don’t care about the meaning of it anymore, which is about my mother dying, and that will have to be as her old self before awakening as her new self, so probably not that dangerous after all.

This is the small left curve at the end.

No, there are no free bed places here (at the end of the New World), so we will come to as the rest of us.

You cannot continue calling him, but this is how it feels.

The feeling of Maharajah of India is also great here, I feel it.

I decided to stay up some hours after midnight to wait for the world to read and understand my script of yesterday to consolidate this too, and yes going through immense tiredness, and I can tell because when this is written, I am still tired but nothing compared to yesterday and the night.

I received the fear of dying, and was told that this is the feeling of my mother, which also comes from inside there.

I felt Karen and a doctor – as I often do with her – and the doctor is about her believing that I am mentally ill, and I was told that she speaks about me like a parrot.

I was shown two finished Easter eggs being my mother and father, but not you yet because of the chocolate of Karen as the third one, and that is Karen’s selfishness and “inability” to understand, which is used as the opposite of me as condition to do as we have done.

We will use remaining time to get Karen closer to you, and then close everything, and I was shown that time is 15 seconds before 12, and this will reduce my father’s and Kirsten’s power over my mother, thus me including her nervousness coming through via my left forefinger.

There is so much darkness in Helsingør that it potentially also could have roasted you, which is what the Helsingør in pictures Facebook group was about, i.e. for me to write some comments here making people believe that I am completely normal.

I was shown a mixture of my mother and Karen on their way from the airport.

The doctors have decided to check John’s teeth before they will operate his heart, and I am told that there will be nothing wrong with them because this is from where I originate, and yes Stig you are part of your father, and when you decided not to go to sleep this night, this is what we now can do, to make sure that John’s teeth are alright, thus also his heart, and in the end I will change into you.

This made me think of what this means because at the top, we will be ONE GOD and the level below we will still be the Trinity of my father, mother and I as the son, so this is about the father of the Source now entering and becoming me as the son, but he is still the father too (?), and eeehhh ….?

Now I believe that it is only the key for the old Opel inside darkness we lack, and that is to “start me up – never stop”, i.e. everything of our New World, and yes this is one of my old favourites of Rolling Stones.

I was told that Mads – my old business contact at Fiat when I worked for GE Insurance – is also part of this, and Prince Henrik too and yes as examples of many.

I was told that John is afraid of dying and this is the absolutely last part of him, which is what we are bringing out and that is because he likes me because I care about him as only few, and “therefore I decide not to be angry with him or his mother anymore”, and I was given the feeling that the reason why he became sick was because of his resistance to me. And this is the love he sends to me without knowing about who you are, and it is only with this good act that we can put the crown on the works.

This is how we can carry on the “dinner for one” and I was shown a big fish and was told that this is how you create yourself without being yourself.

I felt Karen and do you know who of all is the most welcome home (?), and yes the man who will give her the life she is dreaming about including its philosophy – a “simple life” – which we share from both sides, she from minus and I from plus, and when we remove the minus of her, she will come closer and closer to you.

I was shown the very narrow path I am walking, which is not there because soldiers from both sides of it have fallen down blocking the road, and I have to life all of these soldiers on my way to walk there.

I was shown a scooter sent out from darkness to light and another scooter sent from light into darkness where I am, which we need to open everything inside of me.

I was shown myself sitting behind a dinner table covered with newspapers (terminations), which is now removed to set me free.

And I was shown myself at the Port of Gibraltar with Gibraltar being the south of Spain, which the British did not want to give to (darkness of) Spain with the Danish Royal ship at dock, and this is now my last residence before freedom.

I almost forgot something, my real (physical) father as I was told, and yes “hvor var han blevet af” (“what became of him”), and this is also a reference to TV2 and their song “Romeo hates Julie” where they sing of freedom and “what became of it” (?), and this brilliant song is also about living NOW and dreams and more.

I was told about Eranthis flowers of my mother inside darkness, and we had to bring her inside here to start the New World, because she is the engine, and this is to avoid you from dying as wished for.

I was shown a glass bowl only having a couple of liquorices flying around inside of it being held up by “air of nothing”, and I understood that this is a reflection of the last darkness of the world also to show that we started everything from nothing, which is what you are, and yes now everything and your mother’s and my (father) gift for you, which again is my gift for the world.

I was shown and told that here is my letter for you, which is now delivered and it corresponds to being photographed, i.e. to survive in our New World.

You did not die because you did not want to give up and stop working, which would have killed me and started the New World with what we had made at this point.

Don’t you think that Karen will be happy knowing that you were right (?), this is how we will influence her by starting to believe in you.

I was shown flames coming against me, which would be the case if I gave up, which also would come to the world until we would get out of it to the light on the other side, and “Earth is inside a black hole, isn’t this just what we are saying”?

I decided to go to bed at 05.10 and I slept “less poorly” until 14.10 with these dreams.

  • A UFO has “parked” in Helsingør somewhat up in the air, but everyone can see it, it is formed as a Chinese tower/house, very beautiful, and I am using myself as a helicopter only just being strong enough to get up to it, and some don’t want to see what it is showing a “know all attitude”, and I see a woman grumbling at the edge of the water of the dock about my work with Buddha.
    • A Chinese opening helps to bring forward UFO’s to be seen by everyone, which will happen with the opening of our New World, and the grumbling woman may be my mother not liking my writings thus bringing darkness/sufferings to both of us.
  • TV2 – the TV station – is down in my yard, and something about that they will let me know, and then I was given the song “Lanternen” by the band TV2, and I guess that we are nearing the time where “I would like to switch on your lantern” of our New World.

  • I am at the cottage house with my mother and family, and before dinner we will go and get something, and I am driving to Espergærde, but when driving from the King’s Road to the road leading in to Espergærde, I am surprised to see just how long it takes to cross the work of a new bridge being built, and it is not because the worst is big to look at, but it goes VERY deep into the ground making this one of the greatest construction work of all, and I see that you need to have a VISA-card or a library card to enter, and I have neither, but then I see that you can also enter by paying in cash, and the price will increase drastically if you lose something when passing a 10 metre wide groove into the ground. I call my mother at the cottage to tell her that we will be late, and after she has answered the phone saying that she has no potatoes, suddenly she says nothing making me fear that she has died. From there, I continue driving now with Jacob (from Acta) towards Copenhagen, and I park the car around Sorgenfri for us to walk to the harbour from there, and I decide to walk a new way asking Jacob if he has ever been there before, which he has not, and this is a city part I know, a pedestrian street with a church to the right including children visiting and down on the square, there are a line of HUGE animals – the size of Mammoths or even bigger – and they are used to tear down old ruins, and I say that “I love it”. We have been to the centre of Copenhagen, and now leave, but I cannot remember where I have parked the car other than it is at the harbour area, and on our way there we pass another of my cars, which is my old – but still newer – Saab 9.3, and I have removed the seat, but I ask if Jacob can drive it, which he can, and I install the seat again and think that we can drive one car home each, and there are other people on this small parking place, which we have to give room to, they are from Thailand, and when leaving there, we see a very special man of half the size of normal people and a difference appearance, and he says that he includes the heat of everyone, but mostly his own heart from this life he is now living. At one point I also know that I have to bring Erhvervsavisen (“the business paper”) with me, and we meet Lars Larsen, who shows us another edition of the paper, which had been thrown out, which we can use, and with this, we continue searching for the car, which I now have a better idea where it is parked.
    • The cottage house is home at our New World, Espergærde is also a “good sign”, and the new bridge is what we are building to bring out everything from the prison of the Source, which is not easy to do according to the dream, Sorgenfri is about Sorgenfri Castle and what is the name of the two sisters of the Royal Danish family (?), the lack of potatoes are because this is what we are bringing (on top of everything else) from this part of the Source, and the bridge is leading to Copenhagen were we once again enter to bring out life of darkness, and the cars are about bringing myself out of this darkness too, and there are also “commercial interests” inside of here, i.e. from some of the biggest businesses of the world living from and support the cancer of the power structure of the Old World, which you know is falling.

I was told about Niki Lauda – the Formula 1 driver, who received fire damages destroying his face, but he survived – and was told that this is what comes out of driving my car from the behind.

I was told that things and coins become smaller and smaller.

This is one of my favourites to bring with us. It has to do with “everyone is the same” and no race discrimination.

There is not a whole gang of black people burning me down, or Chinese.

There is no racer track here, you are going straight through it, and yes because you will bring your cycle to the repair shop tomorrow after seeing on the Internet that it should be possible to correct my back wheel without buying a new one, and this is to avoid concerns of my mother, and I called the repair shop (Michael’s bicycles on Stubbedamsvej after I have lost confidence in the two other shops I have used before) saying that this should be possible to do for 200-300 DKK, and I called my mother and yes fine, she offered to pay the costs, and furthermore she has had a blood test taken – after her experience last week with heart pain – and will receive the answer in two days after Hillerød Hospital has checked it, and yes more for the world to check too.

So we don’t even have a match, which can ignite this very fine building inside of here.

That glass there, Britt N. was also important for that (which is why she was called “home” on Facebook again).

Well, our castle is empty, but when he decides to continue working, we will also empty our second one, which we have here, which is “ourselves”.

You have been as close to dying as possible. Otherwise you would not have come here. And your mother too, and now you want us to protect both of you (?), with the feeling that this is impossible to do.

This is about one of your testicles.

I received the feeling of Karen and the lyrics “I keep crying baby, baby, please” from “every breath you take” by the Police, and is this what she does (?), and I can only ask “Oh, can’t you see, You belong to me”?

I was shown the late actor Brandon Lee as “the crow” together with the feeling of “strong darkness” and I was strongly tempted to say “you are not welcome”, but of course you are, everything of you also here will become light.

And when I see this clip from the film “the crow”, I understand that it is about a crow carrying the souls of people to “the land of the dead” and sometimes the crow can bring these souls back, and this is what we are still doing, and that is to bring terminated life back – “real love is forever”, which will have to be one of those secret messages so secret that it was really not part of the secret messages, and why is that, Jeff (?), and eehhh you also “could not” speak publicly about me?

I decided not to take the killing threats as I am still given very seriously – because we are our new selves just beneath the surface – and they come to me in waves pouring in over me.

I was told that the movies “a night at the museum” – of my scripts of the previous two days – are now starting to take effect, because of people reading, and I was shown that we are moving down the whole spinal column of darkness.

I was shown myself on stage of the theatre just behind the black curtain to the audience, and I have a control to the periscope of everything hanging down in front of me, and a servant is rolling in a service table through the curtain from the New World on the other side.

I was told that Janet – and what is her sir name again, I have looked it up I don’t know how many times – and of course Parker, Janet Parker, has a rough time because she has seen the last ghost of darkness of you..

I was told that without the “life annuity” of the Commune, which was not taken away from me, I could also not have gone through this.

At the end of the evening, I truly felt so rotten that I was about to scream and break out of my castle of extreme tiredness and exhaustion. I “cannot” anymore but first I have to publish this and then also Jette’s Google Earth pictures.

Releasing our father of everything, who found, explored and developed a method to develop life

I received a feeling of being the most inner with everything around me, and I was told that we are so small that we cannot even burn.

And I felt that my mother, sister and Karen as examples of “everyone” come from inside of this inner of the Source, and this is the unit, which has hidden until everything is over. And it is just me coming in now after everything else has been removed, and I was given a pain to the back of my right foot and was told that we also simply take that tour in and I felt a key being turned around at the back of my right foot. And I felt my father with force entering my blood veins, and I was told that he is that arm there from the Google Earth picture of today.

Around midnight, I was so tired again that I could not keep my eyes open and I had really decided to try to get some sleep on the sofa, and was about to lay down, but a last second feeling given to me made me try to outlast this too, and I was told that this is about information of the Source, which I of course would only be given if staying away, and yes more pressure also “helped” to make me stay up.

Blood is thicker than water, and this is my blood now starting in the small to run in my veins and the world. You also might say that I am the lost testicle, which is the part of the Source, which was not used to create the world but to remain to guard over our secret, and again I was given this completely impossible feeling that we could have lost all life forever and ever, which I have decided to not believe in but believing that this is a feeling/game of darkness given to me.

He has now smelled the fuse, which is that it was I not wanting to enter as long as I was not sure that the New World would keep.

No one has to die, so now you can get out too, and I felt a lump of life being released. I don’t have any posts as spokesman left, I am just me and you are everything, what is to become of me (?), and yes we will probably figure out something matching your skills, father and yes soon my new self too.

I was given the “sound and vision” of a withered leaf as the last falling down in the kitchen, and I was told by this part of my father that this is he, the last leaf, which was the first of everything, and truly a suitable song to bring together with this, one of Bowie’s true masterpieces as unique as everything.

We cannot afford all the lies of your mother about you to get out of here, which was really the foundation, i.e. that it would be impossible for me to find energy to get all the way back to here, but this was my goal, to return to nothing and mine to come here.

It was me being with your ankles and me, who you would blow, but no, not even the worst terror made you give in and accept this.

This is the very end of darkness, which is also the very first of the tree of life, which we found, explored and developed a method to become life. I am the Roman now being liberated by your mother, who has decided to be as stubborn as you to bring me out. This is the process now being set up, to release me, the elephant. In principle, it is just about zooming in.

This is like finding fine Champagne at the bottom of the Baltic Sea, which is “impossible” to do.

I was told that Camilla’s parents are also inside of here, and I felt Lars G. a couple of times, and I was told “have I overestimated you, or can you also write this” (?), and yes this is NOT what you want to hear when you are more dead than alive.

And I was given the signature melody to “TV Køkkenet” (“TV kitchen”), which is KNOWN by EVERYONE here because it was played almost endlessly together with this “the father of all cooking TV shows” herewith symbolising the release of the very first part of my father.

Will you please help me get out of here, and yes I was stuck at a very small place not being able to move, and yes will you please remember that piece of paper, which you almost left behind you, and eehhh the treasure of everything, and yes what I have kept in my hand all of these years, which is the list of ingredients making life possible, but of course, and yes Stig, you don’t want this list ever to be lost, and you are given the last fear as you had much of in 2010, which is coming out of this, and yes let us see what this paper says and yes nothing, because I really also had it inside my hear, which I have too and I hear everyone having it because it is part of all life, and I am here shown the character Jake Sully from the film Avatar, who is really you who had the courage to continue searching for me also to bring my head and yes of the Toruk Makto you know. 

He is really in the middle of digging out my true heart.

I am not the same as a meatless child, because I have never been a child myself, so this is the first time that I will become what I invented for everyone else knowing that I had to be the last to become a human being, “but first you have to swear that you will never hurt Stig again”, and I was shown a Roman asking me to give this pledge, so what do you say my son, shall we say that we agree on this (?), and yes alright men, and yes the New World around us asking of this, and seeing father and son for the first time really embracing each other, but hold the line, because Cleopatra is also here, and yes mother, father and son, and we are one, we started all of this, and with this flute I now call off the train, we are all home.

And by 02.25 I had written and published this chapter too.

Google Earth: A white cat (of light) with a loooon tail and remaining electrical energy

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show a white cat (of light) with a loooon tail, two on a bike over Italy, one big white calling out, remaining electrical energy, a big person with a long arm, and Indians of original life etc.

FB 250313 Jette 1

FB 250313 Jette 2

FB 250313 Jette 3

FB 250313 Jette 4

FB 250313 Jette 5

FB 250313 Jette 6

Jerry Vano brought light to the key of Video 6 of the Jerusalem UFO showing that we go from three to four dimensions

I was happy to see that Gerald Vano – one of the sources of my Signs IV website – decided to bring his message about what the key of the Monk of Video 6 of the Jerusalem UFO is also about, which is going from 3 to 4 dimensions of our New World.

YT 250313

Here are some other comments to Video 6, and you may agree that Gerald are seeing things differently and more objective then these simple minded people

YT 250313 2

Afterwards, I saw that he had also posted the video and his comment on Facebook – I am here given a very quick/little heart attack because of him as I am told – and also that the video is “very important to my next article on”.

FB 250313 Jerry

FB 250313 Jerry 2

And I decided to share this development with the Jerusalem UFO Facebook group hoping that it will help opening their eyes to this video 6 including the proof of “everything” to the world, which they and the world “could/would not” understand.

FB 250313 Jerusalem UFO group

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I am excited to hear what this is about, and is this darkness hitting the band Saga self?

FB 250313 Jim

FB 250313 Saga

  • Later the news came, and I wonder if this is connected to me and the view of the band on me (?), and I was thinking of removing this, but I was given the strong feeling to keep it.

FB 250313 Jim 2

  • Helena concluded that “I will survive the germ attack of the century on body” and that is “because I feel a strong desire of an old-fashioned cream cake” and “I don’t even like cream cakes”, and this is about surviving strong darkness from which we did creation symbolises by this cake, therefore Helena.

FB 250313 Helena

  • Ekstra Bladet brought a very beautiful and touching personal goodbye from the actor Holger Juul Hansen, which he had written before his death and was distributed in church at his funeral, and I said that this is what I thought it was “both very beautiful and touching from a big man, whom we all believe that we know as a dear friend of the family after having had Matator and him inside the living rooms again again”.

FB 250313 EB


  • Ole is the old chairman of the Liberal Party in Helsingør, whom I worked together with in the end of the 1980’s as a member of the board here before I moved to Copenhagen, and he said that he and his wife have now returned from their holiday to the Philippines – it surely must be nice to be able to think of your own selfish “needs”, Ole, instead of saving lives of poor people (?) – and he said that “first when arriving home and we could not straight away understand what was stinking all over the house, the trouble started. Our refrigerator had changed function to a heating cupboard with enormous consequences for all of our food”, which they had to throw out and also to buy a new refrigerator, and to me this is a reference to the “strange, young lady” of Philippines, whom I wrote with the other day, and also here that the darkness I am going through now is old terminated life, which was supposed to be thrown out as the price to letting everything else live (?), and yes this is what this symbol says, but READ MY LIPS – also you George Bush Sr. (!) – I will accept NO LOSSES of any kind, so please recreated everything which was lost.

FB 250313 Ole

  • This is a beautiful description of water of the Source coming to Susan of GoldDust together with more gold dust, which she receives quite often.

FB 250313 GoldDust

FB 250313 GoldDust 2

  • I decided to share this miracle/sign with my Facebook friends, but most people don’t have time to read and reflect and understand that this is about the most important story ever of the world (?), and yes there are probably still people out there shaking their heads in disbelief about me, and yes total ignorance is what a posting like this today brings, and yes TOTAL IGNORANCE (!), no one liking or commenting it, and do you think this is FAIR (?); and yes also you my old colleagues from Fair Insurance.

FB 250313 GoldDust 3

  • Darine is a 31 year old female from Tunesia, who came to me as a new Facebook friend some months ago, and today she decided to have this chat with me, which may also help to open her eyes to me.

FB 250313 Darine 1

FB 250313 Darine 2

FB 250313 Darine 3

FB 250313 Darine 4

  • Employers and employees within the Danish school sectors have not been able to renew their collective agreement meaning that all teachers now will be locked out (!) starting Tuesday April 2 unless the government will intervene, and to me, this is the most clear sign I can be given to tell you that schools’ out, and that is my school as my journey has been called too and that is for me to improve my life as I have done and to use my teachings as teachings to the world, and according to this, my school will stop with the Easter now coming up, and I wonder if this is really the case, but let’s wait awhile and see, which is really what I decided to do a few weeks ago, and yes it brought all of this, and now I see from the video below that Alice Cooper really looks like “the crow” mentioned earlier today, and this is to say that this is the end of the absolutely worst darkness, which will survive too as mentioned earlier in the script of today.

FB 250313 Politiken

  • I was VERY HAPPY to receive this kind email from John, who decided to write me and it was with the feeling of a friend returning, so THANK YOU VERY MUCH, John, and I can only hope that you will write about yourself and your family the next time, how you are, what you do, how life is and what you think of. Thank you for still following me, for your patience and for your faith. I also look forward to seeing you again VERY much and sharing “normal life” with you and all of your family and friends.

260313 John



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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