March 27, 2013: Original life, which surrounded and protected the Source, is now becoming Paradise of our New World


Summary of the script today

26th March: Original life, which surrounded and protected the Source, is now becoming Paradise of our New World

  • My father is me, and I am my father meaning that father = son = God.
  • Dreaming of working inside of darkness having “colic” managers, temporary sacrifice of life to get to the Source, and new life of great variation being released from the Source.
  • At the very inner, God created the first version of original life, which has surrounded and protected him, which I am now meeting, and this life developed the plan of darkness being the tool to create our physical world. This was led by Karen as another part of me, and this life brought my mother and her creation also meaning that Karen is older than my mother. Everyone has a big brother/sister inside of here, which is what we will open up to as the Paradise of God as it was first intended, and this life is now also entering me – being recreated after termination – from outside becoming part of me as everything.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show focus on the Middle East after President Obama’s visit, a beautiful but arrogant and better-knowing woman (thinking of Karen I am), Big Brother of God is watching you (including your big brother and sister of the inner world of God), without Anisette we could not open our “planet of Paradise” without Anisette, a line of resisting sphinx’s, Genghis Khan of darkness becoming light, our smiling actor behind the game, and double clouds meaning “double worlds”.
  • Short stories of Dan Rachlin bringing me more darkness believing that I am crazy, Nazi darkness of the extreme right party Danish People’s Party, I live on “the Devil Island” (before transformation), the Employment Minister Mette Frederiksen has a “giant behind”, darkness of Don Ø, Tiger Woods never gave up now back on top, I don’t like Twitter and “short text messaging” as main ways of communication, an IT-scandal of DSB, the whole world has lost its mind, I managed to make Eligael believe in the message of the Jerusalem UFO and me, Dan is the last darkness afraid to burn in, and another previous Danish finalist of Eurovision Song Contest died from a heart attack to bring me “life”.

27th March: After the merger of the Source and our New World, we will now spread the force of creation to every single life

  • My inner self of the inner life of God is all close to me continuing to enter me together with all of this original/true world. We made an artificial world on top of the real, which we could bear losing and the most important was to return home with the new creation, which all of us could move into replacing what was lost on the way. The next days of the Easter will determine if I can go through this darkness providing enough strength to make my mother go through the result of her blood test (tomorrow), dinner for John’s nearest family in two days and Sanna’s family in five days from now, where her belief in me doing well will help doing this.
  • Dreaming of saving more life using only little energy, doing the final setup with my father, more parts of me are being photographed for become part of our New World, and receiving star players of darkness wearing my shoes of life.
  • The metal plate of the Source is entering me. The finest piano of the Source is now connected/merged with our fine New World. The transport belt to an eternity of sources and life has been established. The layer of creation of the Source will now be spread all over all life of the world bringing the force of creation to every man.
  • I still felt a strong power of darkness around me on its way in, and it came together with the taste of fried onions, and we will now do the biggest turn around of the world of the smallest of the world. We are still moving up.
  • Short stories of energy between Denmark and Sweden broke, Helena also received white wine of the Source.


26th March: Original life, which surrounded and protected the Source, is now becoming Paradise of our New World

My father is me, and I am my father meaning that father = son = God

I was told that I was not supposed to get out in activation work and write about our Commune, which the Commune “did not like”.

No, the truth of the nuclear bombs not exploding in Vietnam was not revealed to Nixon, so what did the system do (?), and yes invent Watergate to force Nixon to leave the office as President in disgrace.

He is now on the 1st floor, showing teeth, and yes we know he cannot harm us now, you took care of him by writing and yes your mother brought him to you.

I was shown an anthill and how I entered it knowing that it would be “ugh, that is bad!”, but then I was shown the entrance of it turning into the mouth of a fish, and I was told that I was really you from the beginning meaning that father is son and son is father.

We have never turned so steep before.

I was shown that the goal was to enter the highest tower of the Chinese wall – the very back of it – and from here, an incredible amount of life and traffic is released on the wall, and I was shown what we here call “trunks”, which is made of marzipan, and this was to say “never give up, try again and again and again”, and yes there was indeed an end, and that was to get to the top of China!

I was shown the train tunnel with strong wires around the tunnel, and I was shown this tunnel as part of everything of the body of my father, which we have been driving through as part of my journey, and my father is still me, and eehhh I am still my father, and yes I will probably get it not long from now because my father and mother made everything as the son and now you tell me that ….

I felt people of other civilizations through my window, and I was told that I also have my own fleet of spaceships, which was hidden for everyone including man – which was supposed to help in a war in space getting out of control – and I could only say that “you are welcome too”, of course.

I felt the leader of this fleet and was shown how he/they look our through newspapers, and I was told that they are only alive because we avoided termination.

I was told by a voice that I don’t really know if I want to move now.

I felt my father’s mother as I have felt my mother’s mother several times for days. They are with me.

I received the worst sexual speech and was shown a drag racer and was told that this is how quick it goes.

I was shown a big aeroplane in front and secret aeroplanes behind, which the secret government wanted to bring forward for everyone to see, but it could only be done by taking over power, and there was only one who could stop them, me.

Dreaming of new life of great variation being released from the Source

I went to bed after 05.00 but only slept until 09.25 despite of how tired I was, which of course was to give me a chance to deliver my cycle for the repair shop and in the best case get it back before Easter, and I had these dreams.

  • I see Søren H. as one director who wants to sell a solution of Fair Insurance to GE Capital Bank, but the director there shows ”simple power arrogance” and poor behaviour when he is red-hot of rage shouting up for everyone to here that he will not plan with a budget turnover of 85 as Søren has suggested, only with 75, but Søren has allied with another director and the chairman of GE Capital Bank making them agree with him, which makes him win this fight much against the director’s wish. I expect to continue working for Fair for two more years, and I will now be moving to Helsingør where I know that there also might be other tasks for me there, but when I start asking Søren one question after the other to drag out information from him, which he does not like to give, I understand that he prefers Jan G. (from Danske Bank) to have my job and that he has recommended the top manager to dismiss me in only 1-2 weeks as a consequence, and it makes me tell him very clearly that I care much for him as a private person, but as a business man he is a complete fool not using the business possibilities I have shown him and I tell him – while people listen – that everyone can clearly see my skills. Before this I also had a meeting with the IT manager where we went through the IT-system including all entrances and shortcuts to it.
    • I am still working inside of darkness and this dream shows what many managers demonstrate, which is that they are small tyrants/dictators, who are simply spoiled doing exactly what suits them and showing exactly what poor behaviour as they please, and another thing is what Søren H. demonstrates here, which is the “play on power” going on in many businesses – not only in politics – where dirty tricks are used and that is both in relation to other directors and also employees, which they play around with as they please and “information is power” making many “silent” instead of simply being open, direct and honest working together as teams, and yes I wonder why people “could not” do this.
  • I was in Jutland visiting different cities with a friend including Lemvig, which is my friend’s hometown, and I was surprised to see buildings there looking as if it could have been Copenhagen, which is because Lemvig is a smaller city, and he wants to show me an arcade of stores, where he has lost family members, but despite of this, I feel very happy.
    • This friend is Lars G., who comes from Lemvig, and this is about sacrifice of life – temporary terminations – to come home.
  • I am together with my father and others and we speak about a line of buildings, which has been established, which we will paint in different colours and I tell him just like how the buildings where his mother lived, and he tells me just like Nyhavn.
    • I understood this is new life coming out of the Source, and the different colours is about variation of life, which Nyhavn is about, but not where his mother lived, which was at Lersø Park Allé.

DSC_6845-nyhavnNyhavn in Copenhagen with variation of colours of buildings symbolising variations of life making everything more beautiful

Original life surrounded and protected the Source, which is now becoming Paradise of our New World

I was told that it was impossible for Tony Franke – the man in charge of the Danish part of the secret network of the “world elite” – to stop me on the Internet because of MUCH force on the highway – as I was shown called ”protect me on the Internet”, which is because this is what I prioritized as the most important of all together with writing my scripts.

I was given a name, I don’t know, which was “Jesper Hartman” and told that he can also kick the ball extremely hard, and I understood that this is a man working for darkness?

There were much greater ambitions for the European Union when it was established, to become a SUPERPOWER (of darkness) regardless of what the people wanted, and yes moving forward step by step until you succeeded creating your dictatorship.

I received cracking sounds from my balcony and was told sigh, it was not me yet.

You cannot touch the ground right now, why is that (?), because we just have to get him running first.

No, we are not going out to that boat again to be executed are we (?), yes but only with Stig’s approval, and no, I don’t want any to be killed, but you have my permission to turn on our new selves when everything else is taken care of.

We are also a parrot out here (on the balcony) but not for much longer.

Those papers fill like hell, and are heavy, I see a whole stack being moved. Can you make papier maché of this (?), and yes what does “paper” symbolically mean? Is this life, which was going to become terminated?

I was told that soon it will be 5 to 1 no matter what with the feeling of terminations, but no, my friends, you may not have understood me, but when I say that I win EVERYTHING, this is what I intend to do.

I went to town with my bicycle at 11.00 and was told on the way that Karen is another part of me with life not finalised, which is what we are saving now, which it was thought that we would never come to (on this side).

We were the thin beer and spare parts, and now for me to climb up and release it. This was life pressuring me all the way up at the most inner.

This has nothing to do about my mother liking me. We are first now setting up light here, which will give you an additional lunch package, which was first calculated to be opened afterwards.

I received the lyrics ”din helt private TV-Station” from TV2’s “Mere sport om lidt”, which is about this life being God’s “private life” really.

I was told that this life made sure that God did not die, and it is from this life that the whole idea of newspapers come from, i.e. to use darkness including sufferings and “temporary terminations” of life to create our physical world, and I understood that this is life of Karen beneath everything else really making Karen older than my mother.

Do we have blood enough for so many?

We will now be getting up because you don’t want any deaths (?), and yes that’s right, and I was shown a lot of very small people being led by General Custer from the “night at the museum” films.

I was shown how this life comes from outside of me (!) and enters my right ankle, and it is first here that it really becomes life because otherwise I am not here!

We are very small but still have power over all you because this is how it was invented, and all of you have a big brother/sister inside of here.

Without us, there would be no house (i.e. world), which no one knows, and it is also inside here that the camera (to obtain everyone of our New World) is, and a reserve of everything of the world, and I felt and was told that another dark part of me (and everyone else) is now coming, and yes from the first life of the Source beneath everything else.

And I was told that this is the life symbolised by the refrigerator of Ole of Facebook the other day.

This life was terminated and is first now recreated, also to protect me, and this is what I felt as freezing, and I am told that this because it was controlled by Karen behind everything, and that is when she had not faith in me.

Your mother, i.e. the world, was only used to polish the window of what is really inside of here.

This is what will make Fred Flintstone drink the magic potion!

I went to Michael’s bicycles, and was met by what looked like a very skilled/professional young man knowing what he spoke of, and he looked at my bicycle and saw that the spokes of the bicycle were loose, which they really also were on the front wheel, and he said that he has a special machine to tighten the spokes and correct the wheel, and he expects that the costs will be between 300 and 400 DKK, and I asked him to call me if it should exceed 400 DKK, which I will NOT pay, and later I spoke to my mother, and yes, I told her yesterday that it would become 200 to 300 DKK (for one wheel), and now a maximum of 400 DKK, and I added that I will pay the difference, and we agreed that we will share the costs, and this is really how this was laid forward for me to come through.

I was completely broken down by tiredness/exhaustion when I was in town and felt that I hardly could walk, and I did some shopping in Føtex, where I met the Swede Glenn, who is VERY active in the Facebook group of Helsingør pictures, which we spoke shortly about, and he smiled when he saw that I had brought 3 packages of butter and he said “cheap butter”, which is exactly what this was, 6.50 DKK per package has never been seen cheaper here, which was a symbol of receiving an incredible big volume of creation only using little energy.

I was strongly encouraged to NOT sleep and to write my script when I came home, and I sat down but I was to tired/dizzy that I really could not work even though I tried to, and I simply had to take a nap enabling me to work, which I then did for 1 to 1½ hours and that is even though I was told about all of the negative consequences this would have, and I could only say that I mean nothing negative with it, but I simply could no more.

When I woke up, I was shown the liveliest eyes of a 3D crocodile right in front of me, which is more of this “private life” of God entering me, and yes darkness it is until turned around too. Yes, we almost slipped on the soap you had put out for us.

So we had expected the death of your mother with the goal of you all really to come here.

How did we manage to keep this a secret to her (?), and yes what she does not know about or can sense, feel, she really cannot tell, and this is where I have arranged for you all to live during these years, and yes inside of me in what used to be the smallest prison but the wonderful part is that we can stretch this out too making this last forever for everyone, which herewith is done.

There are no stores inside here, there is something much better, our true selves. There is no darkness inside here and has never been.

There are no eggs or railway tracks here.

So you will wake up in a completely different world, which was meant to be a surprise.

I continued receiving more heartburn including the feeling of darkness from my inside getting out.

I was surprised that after only 1-1½ hours of nap that I was able to work without any problems.

We only do this because your father decided to enter you now.

I had no movements of my left forefinger, and I hope that it is over now.

I started receiving feelings of my sister also being part of this the first life (?), and yes you are welcome too.

I was given a sound to my kitchen including a thin plate of darkness and the feeling that “my sister doesn’t want to go with me” and I was told that this is why we have to enter higher levels, and we know it is not going to become an easy evening/night once again, and if I like it (?), and yes the results of it, but the work of it is truly not what I would wish for anyone to go through.

No, the door is not closes yet so we will try to bring the rest over tonight also with the help of this script, and no, he will not stop working, and we will also do this with faith of Eligael, see the short stories of today.

Isn’t it incredible that we are beer on the same string as all other life (?), and isn’t it incredible that Stig just tried to get us to understand the meaning of this all along (?), and the last part is the feeling of Eligael as given to me.

I was told that my mother’s concerns now not only about John but also about herself – she is waiting to receive an answer to her blood test tomorrow – is what is bringing me heartburn.

We are not like the others, and I was given a sound to my wall and was told that we can also set up a Bornholm watch there and everywhere really, and yes to create an eternity of worlds containing an eternity of world.

I was told that the “sickness” of Richard Pryor, whom I liked much for his comic talent, was controlled by his own inner self of the Source.

My sister was shown small signs in 2008/09 of the spiritual world (of my phone etc., see book 1), and the only reason why she “could not” understand me was her poor communication skills not being able to ask questions and listen to others than herself. This is her sickness, and this is the sickness of the world.

I was told that integrating this inner life with the New World has never been done before.

I was shown an icehockey keeper and the puck is already behind him inside the goal, which again is a reference back to October 31, 2012, where we went all the way making everything hereafter a game of how to divide/absorb darkness/sufferings.

I had late dinner, and after dinner, when I normally decide to stand up despite of how tired I am, to wash up and continue work, this evening I almost could not, I have had it, and when I sat 15 minutes too long hesitating, it meant that Bulgaria in the live football match against Denmark did a quick counter attack scoring to 1 to 0, and the Danish speaker said that “it was a round of hesitation”, and yes you have no idea of just how right you are – or maybe you do knowing about “the spell of God on the Danish national team” (?) as I was told – and this was to say that darkness scores against me bringing sufferings to my mother and the world if I don’t continue working quickly, and when I decided to stand up, finish the work of today and to publish the script, Denmark scored to 1 to 1 and the commentator said that “it gives new life”, and yes, this is EXACTLY what this does – publishing my script, and one should almost believe that you are psychic? And it ended 1-1.

I was shown the inside a complete empty TOWER of cardboard and a very small hole at the corner with cars driving in, which is really about the option to create New Worlds and new life, this is what the paper/cardboard is about.

I was given a giant sneeze, and was told that this is coming from my mother, and yes bringing out even more of her.

I was given a loud cracking sound to the kitchen as if two giant biscuits were cracked, and I was told that we don’t have the force to crack everything now.

I continued working until 23.20 and could have done more work, but I was happy with what I had achieved, and more than happy really.

Google Earth shows focus on the Middle East after President Obama’s visit

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show focus on the Middle East after President Obama’s visit, a beautiful but arrogant and better-knowing woman (thinking of Karen I am), Big Brother of God is watching you (including your big brother and sister of the inner world of God), without Anisette we could not open our “planet of Paradise” without Anisette, a line of resisting sphinx’s, Genghis Khan of darkness becoming light, our smiling actor behind the game, and double clouds meaning “double worlds”.

FB 260313 Jette 1

FB 260313 Jette 2

FB 260313 Jette 3

FB 260313 Jette 4

FB 260313 Jette 5

FB 260313 Jette 6

FB 260313 Jette 7

FB 260313 Jette 8

FB 260313 Jette 9

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Dan said that “if the stuffing of your patty shell satiate, remove the shell and use them as hoods”, and yes what a thing to write (!), and people were LAUGHING, and what they did not know is that “patty shells” is what I continue eating making me feel as disgusting as ever and that is to save everything – instead of giving darkness hoods on (!) – and Camilla asked if these are “explosive caps or just bang in the head”, and this is to say that a small explosion is still possible, and I continue working even though people believe that I have “bang in the head” – do you say this in English too meaning “crazy” (?), and at least this is what Shu-bi-dua does in one of their first and greatest hits, which this is also about and as they sing “Snow white has made a hit, while she was waiting on the train”, and yes a reference both to Michael Bundesen and the story of Snow white the other day.

FB 260313 Dan

  • Helena said that she has been told that she will receive a constituency if she sends an email to the leader of Danish People’s Party. “He will love you” makes her feel as how she believes a Jewish girl felt in 1941 when shovelling her mother into the oven, and this is her strong resistance to this extreme right party, and just to say that this party has Nazi-darkness as part of its DNA!

FB 260313 Helena

  • The other day I thought how people from Jutland of Denmark sometimes call Zealand of Denmark (where I live) for “the Devil Island”, and this word was “in the air” and grabbed by Grethe show said about gang members “to stop inviting those puppies from the Devil Island”, and Devil Island is where I was truly placed and that is by people living here calling Denmark for “the most happy people in the world” because this is what many surveys show, and yes talk about “misunderstandings”.

FB 260313 Helena 2

  • One of the last days I was told about “a giant behind”, and today Allan said “who said that Mette Frederiksen (the Employment Minister) had a wide behind”, and this is to say that she send me an incredible amount of darkness by presenting a reform on cash help etc. punishing and stealing from the weakest people herewith doing exactly the opposite of what I had told you in my memos to you about a new labour market, and yes, Mette, how could you (?), and eeeehhh it was impossible for you to go up against the system telling it what is simple logic for everyone (?), and yes are you beginning to see just how brainwashed you were that you could actually believe in what you said for example that dictating people ordering them to do the lowest work, which you would not do yourself, could be a “help” instead of TRULY helping people the best to get a TRUE job fitting to their TRUE skills.

FB 260313 Allan M

  • Per Mikael wrote to his friend, Flemming Østergaard, or Don Ø as he is called, which is “the leader of darkness” in my dictionary (when you “could not” read and understand me, but instead WRONGLY blocked me), and Per said that he received a shock seeing this in Ekstra Bladet, which is “Østergaard shows his tattoo-behind”, and yes DARKNESS OF FLEMMING this is.

FB 260313 Per Michael og Flemming Ø

  • Tiger Woods is truly an example of a man never giving up, and who would have believed that he would ever get back on top (?), but he did, and eeehhh Tiger, did you learn from your sexual escapades, or are you still living your “old life”?

FB 260313 Tiger

  • Evans was “the nice man” and banker at Elijah’s local church, who became my Facebook friend, but he “could not” stand me when he “could not” understand the truth about me, so he deserted me on Facebook as so many else is it 1½-2 years ago (?), and eeehhh now I received this invitation to join him on Twitter, and was this a mistake (?), and what is my reply (?), and we know NO THANK YOU, I do not like a place where you simply follow people without communication, which is what I have seen mostly from Twitter and yes together with “text-messages kind of posts”, which is simplifying life, and yes I also do NOT like when Facebook decreases the visible area of the screen designed for text/communication, and NOT at all!

Evans 260313

  • Danish Railways if FULL of “scandals” including the latest one of “the travel card”, which has cost 2 billion DKK without working as it should, and yes part of “poor IT projects” and why did you develop your own system instead of using/developing an international system?

FB 260313 Rejsekort

  • The band TV2 was also hanging in the air, which Helena grabbed, and here saying that “the whole world has lost its mind”, and yes difficult to believe if you don’t want to believe, so there you have it!

FB 260313 Helena 3

  • I was happy when Eligael, the key witness of the Jerusalem UFO, decided to bring a positive response to my post of yesterday, and more than anything we managed to get Eligael to believe in and have faith in the 6th video of the Jerusalem UFO and the meaning of it as I discovered and wrote about on my website decoding the Barbary Castle crop circle and Jerusalem UFO, which he and the world could have done too if they had just worked as I did, but “no one” really could and everyone rejected the video 6 including Eligael, but he has now taken it to him again, and now believes that the message of the Jerusalem UFO starts with the Barbary Castle crop circle as he writes, and when he understands this, isn’t there a good chance that he understands my message that the Temple Mount was the entrance to God and that I am working as the Son of God as a completely normal man? And this is really the key to having people believe in me, because “it is not crazy what he says”, and yes it only took (a long) time to sink in for many, and of course there are still many for whom it was “impossible” to understand me, but this is how it was.

FB 260313 Eligael

  • Not easy to understand when communication and reading me is “not easy”, and yes Anton has gone “underground” only bringing few updates himself, and yes he has stopped liking my updates a long time ago, stopped writing me, stopped reading Jette’s Google Earth Facebook group, not invited me to a new Facebook group of his and almost stopped reading my website, and why is it that you lost interest, Anton (?), and is that because you lost faith in me because others believe that I am crazy (?) or were you not STRONG enough (?) or too busy with yourself maybe not liking to be published in my scripts (?), and yes I have thought about writing you many times because this makes me sad, and yes I am also wondering if you need help/support (?), but I have NOT had time and energy to do it and also thinking that you may contact me if I can help you?

FB 260313 Christopher

  • I liked this.

FB 260313 Obama

  • I was happy to hear from Elijah, but “nothing much to write” (?), and eeehhhh Elijah, I would like to hear how every single member of your family is doing, what you do, think and dream of, and about farming/rain, and the school and personal interests of your children, if they still remember me, the work to help the children/orphans, who are the Dutch people you work together with (?), how much help are you able to give (?), what do your work consist of (?), have you involved others for example the LTO team (?) and yes EVERYTHING my friend (!), you could write me a 5 or 10 pages long letter if only you wanted to, and yes letters like that make people HAPPY and this is what life is about instead of deciding to do “nothing”. I also wish you, your entire family and all team members and their families a happy Easter.

Elijah 260313

  • When I read this, I was given a new cracking sound to my kitchen and was told that “it is me sitting inside of here” and I felt Dan (!), and yes he said that he has been sitting all day inside train and bus and “you have no idea of how many words and sentences that I am burning in with”, so this is the eagerness of my most inside with all of this inner life to get out, and yes not to burn. Christina encouraged him to “spit out”, and this may still be a threat here of darkness being spit out, which is really the same as content of my right ankle exploding, and I sometimes still receive this “be careful feeling” to the content of this, and Karina asked “have you been with the – cough, cough – public” (?), and yes MUCH darkness inside Dan bringing me darkness/cough, and Dan said that “I have been living from white bread with questionable content, I don’t eat white bread!” , and you do know that white bread symbolises the Source and these days the story here is that you get cancer from white bread (!), and we know, Dan does NOT like us much, and he ended by saying (with irony) that “the trees don’t grow into Heaven … and Morten Olsen (the coach of the national football team) is also on his way to leave (maybe for German football). I wonder what will become of us”, and yes I wonder if this is what some darkness out there is saying believing the worst not having faith in me, and yes there are many signs of the end of the world if this is how you want to see them.

FB 260313 Dan 2

FB 260313 Dan 3

  • Last year, the old Danish finalist of the Eurovision Song Contest, Anders Frandsen, died from a heart attack if I don’t remember wrongly, and today it was announced that another old finalist of this contest, John Hatting, also died from a heart attack, and you may understand that there is a bond of Danish musicians leading to me, and when we need more “life”, it is given like this, so John’s life was also sacrificed helping us that last step forward.

FB 260313 John Hatting


27th March: Easter will decide if I am strong enough to receive the last of the inner world of God

In relation to my cycle of yesterday, the man of the repair shop asked me why I did not return to where I bought the bicycle and use the guarantee and I told him the truth that I bought it via a private importer, and I did not want to bother him and yes because he did not make any money on me to “reserve” for repairs and because he is not a professional repairer and don’t have the specialist tool, that is why.

I received the feeling of Holger Juul Hansen to the right of me, and yes just wanting to thank you too as he said and yes for my kind words, and I understand that he is helping too to bring everything on place.

I felt how the leader of this hidden force of spaceships of “inner life” was coming closer and closer to me, and he said that “it is with this that I will bring the last home” (?), and yes so it is.

I was shown and told that it is me opening the metal plate (of the Source) for you.

I watched “Natholdet” on TV2 where Anders Breinholdt asked the question if the name “Per Musik” is the name of a band or business (?), and he even said “you can also guess at home”, and yes the answer was that it was the name of a band and then he showed the clip below where Per Musik sings “Knald I låget” (“Bang in the head”) together with Maibrit Post, and yes isn’t it funny that a song with the same title as came via the Facebook thread with Dan showed up here, and does Anders believe that this is what I am (?) – “bang in the head” – and isn’t it funny that the name of the man is Per, which is the same as my father (his name is Peer) and the sir name of the woman is “post”, which you knows means to save people, and the guest of the TV show this evening combined this and spoke of “Postmand Per” (“Postman Pat”), and just saying that this is a symbol of saving the world, which is only possible to do because of my father believing that I am crazy, thus sending me all of this darkness to handle.

I was told that we have invented means so we don’t have to fart to enter you, and yes I still receive negative speech wanting to make me speak negative, and it is always there in the background and sometimes more strong than other times coming forward and yes depending on the degree of darkness coming from my mother and the world.

I was shown Søren H. being formed, who is the worst darkness too, and I felt that this is done by my own inner self inside of here, which also is Karen.

We can also postpone the merger, Stig, depending on the result of your mother’s blood test tomorrow (?), and no I have received a couple of questions like this, and will NOT interfere other than saying that the only right thing to do is do go to the ultimate edge as usual without killing or permanently hurting me or my family, friends etc. in that order.

So this is now what we will base this work on to enter you, and that is the work you did on your script of yesterday, and now when also writing this at 01.55 when I really should not work, but I thought that I just may be able to do it, and this will mean less work tomorrow, and when I started also writing this, I was told that this is what we mean by “working quickly”.

I was shown and told that we still have an aeroplane of darkness behind us, and yes bring EVERYTHING, and no, NOTHING has to burn, and that is if you can burn, which you may or may not be able to do.

It was also your idea with eggs.

I was told that the new leader of the Socialist People’s Party, Annette Vilhelmsen, is going through sufferings helping me to go through darkness to the BLUE on the other side and that is because her party is dissolving with three MP’s leaving the party not long ago, and losing MANY voters, and yes the same is happening to the Social Democratic Party with the Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt in the lead, so suffering you are too, Helle (?), and yes it goes for a good cause you know.

I smelled faeces and was told that this is what I am made of, so the world was just an extension of me ….

So I am not the King’s successor (?), yes I am, we made an artificial world on top of the real, which we could bear losing and the most important was to return home with the new creation, which all of us could move into replacing what was lost on the way, so none has really lived yet (!), and yes it makes a great difference.

It is because no doctor (as Karen also wanted) is with you that we can do the unlikely to enter you – or vice versa – and yes darkness tried to neutralize you but you are still free.

We cannot tell you if we will succeed doing this merger the first or second time because you are weak driving in your old car, but now we have also brought Eligael to help, so who knows? It will become the finest shirt, and I was shown a no. 9, which is my lucky number.

We don’t want to exchange anything, but say that the next days will be tough, and yes can your mother go through tomorrow (the result of the blood test), Friday (where she has invited John’s daughters/husbands and I for dinner) and Monday (where she has invited Sanna’s family and I for dinner) (?) and yes to do it without you (?), and no, there isn’t really anything truly the matter with her, but what will the doctors tell her (?), and this will be new darkness coming to her, which she will bring to me – I am here given a small out of this world pain to my right ankle – and this can be done, but only if she knows that you are doing fine, which is why the bicycle as a symbol was important to repair, and the question is really if I was too late out to have the bicycle returned before Easter (?), I should have delivered the bicycle to the repair shop two days ago, but I decided to prioritize my scripts because of much work and little time/energy, therefore first making it yesterday.

This is the very last you have to do to bring the Cider House Rules, and I was given the feeling that this is impossible to do, but everything else has been before this, so where there is a will, there is probably a road, and yes Easter cannot be any more difficult than Christmas and New Years Eve, which was also killing us, right?

So until now, he has done everything and now he is playing with his mother’s life again at stake (?), yes but it depends on how I and not John will get her through – and I am still also giving sexual torments, and yes it is always there in the background and sometimes more than other times in the foreground, and this is really not the most difficult right now, the tiredness/exhaustion is, but right now at 02.15 I am not that tired even though I am exhausted.

And yes, the idea was to return the bicycle for you to cycle 30 kilometres to remove her pain – and yes we know potential heart and back pain to my mother unless I remove it – but will I get the cycle on time (?), and can I do this being as incredible exhausted as I am (?), and the last couple of months, my answer to this question would have been “it is completely out of the question, impossible for me to do” and yes I am feeling much worse than last year when I could cycle, and no, I am NOT in shape to do ANY exercise these days and have not been for a couple of weeks, but this is what I am to make my mother believe that I am, and of course to take on sufferings, which will remove sufferings from her thus making her and I with her come through, and this is basically the idea.

So I am closer than ever, but still also further away than ever giving me the feeling that only by doing this, we will merge everything, and if not, yes a small explosion maybe.

You are taking a greater risk than ever, Stig, and no, I cannot see that, the risk is really if I decided not to work.

Surely he has not completed all exams until now, has he (?), and if he can manage the last, he will make it anyhow?

What did the psychoactive drugs (as I received when hospitalised against my will in 2008) destroy in me (?), is it compassion and feelings (?), which is what they believed that I had none of (?) – how can people be so wrong not seeing that I have ALL of this and not nothing of this (?) – and what they wrongly believed that the medicine would help me with, and I here understand that this is one of the negative consequences of this medicine, and yes making people careless (!), but only if they believe in the medicine, and when you did not, we did not do this to you (!), which was also a condition for you to come through everything, and yes my dear inner friends, I must say that this is a tough game that you have designed for me with darkness coming all of the time destroying me/us, but some day even this will have an end you mean and yes “incredible tough” is not the word, but then again, possible it is to come through if you simply decide not to give up.

So this is the continuation of the transfer of one of my testicles to me. This is like joining two spaceships without pressure of one of them forcing them over.

Some times this evening, I felt clearly how a force from outside my body suddenly entered and brought pain to the back side of my left lower leg, and I am here given it again, and it gives me potentially a pain, which is MUCH bigger than I or anyone can handle, so I can only trust that the Source will take on this pain, which is far greater than what a man can take, and yes it makes me nervous feeling that this pain is coming that I can feel that I cannot take, and then in the last moment, it is removed.

Because in the works (of the clock) itself, I am simply a clock making everything work.

Is the idea that you will first go out on a space tour alone to see (?), and my reply is that I will only do this if needed and NOT because I would like to see – as Obama did, if this story was true – so let light decide and do NOT follow my curiosity to see, which is unimportant.

So I am the big lizard/crocodile myself and I feel that I as Stig am entering this symbol of darkness, and yes fine as long as you become light.

When I had published the above, I was shown the wing span of an aeroplane being rolled up as a big bag of tools, and I was shown flashlights inside of there, and I will show where they are, and yes then we just have to switch them on, which is what we have prepared a long time ago, and yes to change ourselves from “minus to plus” when the day would come, and this is coming now.

Where is your mother in this big space (?), yes she is not born yet – but still here as her new self?

You have no idea how much this will hurt me, Stig, and this is my mother speaking from the other side, and that is to receive everything of you and that is if you do nothing.

I was given the names of Randi Isager – a journalist on DR TV – and Sebastian Vettel, who is a Formula One driver, and is Randi working on my case (?), just guessing, and Sebastian is to say that we are still moving forward quickly.

No, we are now not afraid of getting to know you, and I felt yellow of my mother mixing with this inner part of me, and yes at 04.25 in the night when I had just killed time.

We will now never break any paper.

Well, this was the first combination made – between the outer and inner world – who will now dry.

This removed one day in hell for your mother.

Dreaming of saving more life using only little energy and more parts of me are becoming part of our New World

I went to bed at 05.20 and slept poorly until 11.00, where I was awakened with cram to my left foot, and I am still far too tired/exhausted to keep going, but this is what I am, and I remember following up on a promise to myself to check my notes of dreams on the phone after having written them, but I was far too tired when writing them down, so this was impossible, so let us see if I can read them now – and I can see that this was indeed needed, and yes when I am very tired during nights, it makes my notes even more difficult to read.

  • Something about no inheritance …, a parking place, bar and someone famous playing close to Nørreport Station.
  • I am inside a house for sale. It is not of the finest quality, but still it is pretty nice and good for a new couple not having much money. And a young couple buys it very cheaply only having to pay 50,000 per year in 5 years, and they negotiate the price receiving 10,000 for new wallpaper or to have our team of workmen inside the house to finalise our work, which we then do, and it includes Tanwir, my father and I, and I have some problems to make my part of the wall paper attach, but we try doing it several times.
    • Something about tools being set up and everything is alright, and this house is more life being saved as I understand it, or is it work on the Source self?
    • The thought of a house “suited for first time buyers” will remove in our New World where everyone will make the same income, which negotiating on price also will when you will pay the exactly right price of a commodity.
  • Something about bicycle equipment, my mother takes pictures of me and I am selling clothes to my friends at work with a discount of 50% corresponding to the profits included in the price, which I don’t need to earn.
    • Still more parts of me are photographed to become part of the New World, which is the inner part of me, and I get much new clothes, i.e. life, at a cheap price, i.e. without using much energy – and this is to say my thoughts of high profits of commodities these days, and yes have you noticed that one litre, or is it less than one litre, of Carte D’or ice cream costs 46 DKK in Irma (?), and yes 46 DKK for one litre of ice cream (?), and yes you gotta be completely crazy (?), and how many parts of the chain becomes “fat” for doing “nothing/only little” (?) and how much should a littre of icre cream cost according to our New World Order without profits (?), and yes I wonder if you can do it for 10 DKK or even less?
  • I am part of a welcome committee of the Olympic Games, and am together with a woman in a house about to receive a new sport star, which is an icehockey player from Finland, and the woman tells me that I cannot welcome him without shoes or slippers as I had expected to wear, and to my surprise I see that I have left my old, but still fine Ecco shoes here, and I just manage to get them on before the star arrives. I welcome him. And before this, I had also transferred files from the computer, and was surprised to see how much I could get from a limited space.
    • Icehockey is darkness and here the greatest stars of the game, which will become light to when turned around. The shoes symbolises that I’m alive, and furthermore I have walked EVERY day in the Ecco-shoes, which my mother bought for me in Lyngby is it now two years ago (?), and yes she bought another pair for me recently, which I can use when it finally will become spring here, which is really LATE this year with the weather really still being winter more than anything.

After the merger of the Source and our New World, we will now spread the force of creation to every single life

I was told that there are some places that the plate could be thick, I believe, and it is the plate itself that you are skating on, and it is important that these are delivered on time because the plate is incredible fragile with the risk being that they will explode.

When will we come through such a space journey (?); when we have satisfied my mother.

My mother had called me already at 09.00, which I did not hear, and I feared that something could be the matter with her blood test or maybe that she needed my help to shop, but when I called her, she wanted to tell me that transferrals of salaries, pension and cash help etc. is late meaning that my transfer will probably first come this afternoon, and yes there is so much pressure on my Internet bank that I cannot enter, so I will go to town this afternoon to see if the money has arrived so I can transfer to my LTO friends, and yes this makes it more difficult to do because I also cannot get access to my direct debit paper of April telling me how much I will pay in bills, thus making it possible for me to decide how much to transfer to Kenya, and yes we will see how this will turn out.

Furthermore, my mother had received the result of the blood test, and her voice was happy because she was happy, and yes the test was fine, nothing wrong with her heart etc. and there was really only a thing about her metabolism, which needs treatment, and the doctor had asked her if she doesn’t easily put on weight, and yes this has been her problem for 20-30 years, where she eats only little, but cannot lose weight, which has truly always been one part of her sufferings, and I really have some of the same.

And no, she did not need help for the dinner on Friday, and no, her back does not hurt today, so so far, so good, my mother is strong.

We are now collecting everything inside this plate.

I received the lyrics “now she can buy a new because she did it” from Shu-bi-dua’s and “ouch, it hurt like hell” “Rap rap”, and the first is because everything is fine, and the second potential pain of my mother with the hairdresser cutting her ear.

I took a long bath because I was – and am still when this is written at 17.25 – DEAD TIRED on my extreme limit of work and very close to stop.

In bath I was only given short visions/speech as I was most of the night too, among others about star players entering the icehockey arena, many horse-drawn carriages reaching the top of the hill, shelves inside a little, dark room on a ship connected to the inner structure/skeleton of the ship self.

Something about “Nokia har vi fået nok af” (“we have received enough of Nokia”) as I have always said for fun, which here means the end of the old telephone line.

Something about Vatican not listening, and England helping to open the eyes of China and I received the feeling of the Royal Family being involved?

Something about if the answer to the never ending story is to never let you leave this place again. This is the entire kitchen being concentrated down to half a bottle of gravy as I was shown. It is inside of here that the white city and all tunnels are.

To the Danish People’s Party: You are the finest life, didn’t you get it (?), and potentially the worst Nazi darkness when you were darkness not being turned around, which you should be able to understand, right?

No, it really did not hurt drilling that hole (of my mother to the Source), there are no holes here.

I was shown the finest imaginable piano – and then again even finer – inside a fine Opera House and directly connected to building/walls itself of the house, which is about the Source now being connected/merged with the New World.

I was shown potatoes in a white gravy together with iceberg salad, and I was told that it is incredible what the iceberg salad has given me, which I have had to approx. 2/3 of all of my meals since my mother suggested me to eat salad maybe one year ago, and I understand that energy of this has been chemically changed to help us in our work.

We are now laying the puzzle of the face of the crop circle, which is everything of my new self, for “the next day, and the next, and another day”, which is Bowie from his new album when he is on his very top/best reminding me of his Berlin trinity of albums from the end of the 1970’s.

You wanted to show me (ancient) cave paintings but there are none, Karen has not been born yet (where we are now).

This is like receiving a bit dark plate of a table with great speed, and I was shown how it changed from vertical to horizontal direction and was put in over and inside really of me with great speed.

I received the name “Webster” and I knew that this was about another jazz legend, but really no more than that until I looked him up and was reminded that his name was Ben Webster, and that he was a renowned jazz saxophonist, so here he is together with Oscar Peterson – another way to get back to the piano of the Source – and also Niels Henning Ørsted Pedersen on bass, and I normally never listen to this kind of music, but when I listen to it now, it is easy to hear the qualities of it, and Oscar should really receive an Oscar for his way to handle that piano :-).

I was told that Vivian is living in Australia, which was the only way we could pick up the qualities of original life of the Aborigines.

I was shown a motor-boat quickly speeding up leaving a dark cloud from the engine behind it, and I was told that this is what this darkness resembles.

I was shown myself entering a disc washer, which has an transport belt inside of it leading out through the back of it into an eternity, and first I see our well known piano of the Source, and I continue on the transport belt and meet a new dark piano, which we have never seen before, and I was told that this road has now been established, which I understand is the eternal road of the family tree and I am thinking of the house of our New World without a roof on and the tree will simply continue to grow into Heaven with no end, so there you see, Dan, the trees really do grow into Heaven.

He has now given the biggest child in the world, and I feel that my crib stands in Goslar, Germany. You are my little emerald, the finest fish ever.

I was shown the room of a bar from a passenger boat first looking like the 1970’s, but when I am shown the bar itself, I see that it is modern and first I see glassed turned upside down before I am given a little glass of white wine including the ring, which I have decided to bring inside of you, and at the same time I was given new pain to the back side of my left lower leg and was told that this is also what is here, and this is done without the board, because here I simply am following as “the thin beer” at the end.

I was shown one package of rye bread at a plastic basket designed to carry several breads, and this basked stands up on its thinnest side with the bottom to me and another basket is facing me next to it, and this is about moving this rye bread of the Source from one to the other basket without the use of magic because I just do it.

It is us producing the finest smoked salmon, ham and grapes because “we just do it”, and this is the layer of creation, which we lack to put on to change the winter forest without leaves to trees with green leaves everywhere. This is the force of creation, which will be spread to everyone.

No, we don’t have any problems to make the ends meet.

I was told that it is “The Steadfast Tin Soldier” – a fairy tale of Hans Christian Andersen, who is entering me, and yes, when you read the fairytale, there is no end to what this soldier would do to be together with the love of his life, and it ends up with the soldier being thrown into the fire with a wind blowing the ballerina of his dreams into the fire with him, and he melts into the shape of a heart, and this will have to symbolise my difficulties of loving women and Karen, and in the end, I arrive as the heart of love myself together with Karen following me.

It is not as if you are walking right into the heart where dinner is served, is it.

I was happy when I received a call already today from Michael’s bicycle store saying that they had repaired my cycle, and I took the train at 15.00 to town first to transfer money to LTO, and yes my Internet bank worked again, I checked the budget and transferred a gross amount of DKK 2,700 this month – the owner of the kiosk looked at the transferral order and could not see the country of recipient making him say with “inspiration” “where are we going”, and yes just like Hugo you know, and just to say that I am still going the right direction – and I could hardly walk in town and also hardly overview just to go and get the cycle and cycle home, and I thought that if I continue feeling as I do now, it is a matter of survival only, because I will NEVER be able to exercise feeling as low as I do.

I collected the cycle, the invoice was 405 DKK with two wheels being perfectly corrected and one spoke exchanged, and my chain had received oil, and yes the gear was working, and for the first time on this cycle, I enjoyed cycling it!

I was told that your mother have no flower store, I have entrusted it to her, and this is about giving the force of the Source (of my father) to the creation of our New World (of my mother) meaning that every man will receive the force of creation of God making everyone a creating God (to bring out the eternal life inside of each man/woman).

Disclosure (of me and my story to the world) would have meant that we could not shop, i.e. to stop creation, but it held all the way.

I received the brilliant song “psycho killer” by Talking Heads and the lyrics “Psycho Killer, Qu’est Que C’est, Fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa far better, Run run run run run run run away”, and Qu’est Que C’est means “what is this”, and I was told that this was difficult for the official world to tell (?), which you kept on taling about as “talking heads” (?) and some even believed that I made up my own scripts/stories (?), and eeehhhh you did not believe in – or read and understand – that I would never have had the imagination or know how to write everything I did including all connections between stories, dreams, events of people if I did not receive it spiritually (?), and I heard the “Fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa far” part of the chorus with “far” being “father” in Danish, which is about my own dumb, lazy and better-knowing father, who “could not” read and understand me, and yes I am juts writing the truth, which has nothing to do with that I don’t love him, and how could people be so stupid that they could not understand this?

I felt Shannon and Marion and was told that they were misled by ”darkness disguised as light” when they asked “the light” about me, and the reason why they were misled was because of their own laziness and better-knowing attitude not believing in me, so this is the answer they received, and yes impossible to believe that they should be in contact with “darkness disguised as light”.

I was told that there are people of the European Union, who don’t have the imagination that EU in fact will be closed down, and this is about people wanting to live in the past, and just you wait and see, I mean business this time!

So the space was not empty, I was at the very end of it and as I understand it at a part of the space, which other life could not enter.

I kept receiving physical pain to my left testicle for a while.

I was told about school children and we have not bee entirely unwilling students of yours, but we have simply been so busy that it has been impossible for us to read and understand everything you have written, and I here feel the new Pope, and yes tell me what is more important than I (?), and eeehh is that to fulfil the obligations that I put on you as darkness (?), which you know is the other side of me.

I continued receiving pretty strong heart burn because of strong darkness still inside of me.

I was given a cracking sound to my shelves, which is also our New World and I was told that there is otherwise no entrance here without that, which will have to be without the Source.

I was INCREDIBLE tired working on this script trying to do it without a nap, and also trying to publish it before I would fall to sleep.

I was shown a roll of slides of Hans and that he has travelled the world followed by the claws of an eagle, and I was told that he also helped to bring the eagle – of the Source – to landing.

We did not eat anyone on the way, and I was shown cannibals on the way in from my right.

Remember that you would enter “something much bigger” (?), and yes this was my secret, a inner world of true, original life.

I received the name “Lars Aarestrup”, whom I don’t know and did not know if existed, but there are a couple of person with this name, and I don’t know what “the right one” means to me.

Ship ahoy (!), we are still on the way into the nut, and yes I have been told many times that I am there, but here again that I am still getting deeper.

I received the feeling of fear/terror of people of Arthur Findlay College to be revealed going against me – going against Stig is to go against Jesus – and the feeling was as strong as the worst feeling of fearing to die.

I was shown a big Indian boat turning around and was told that this is what the Valhalla amusement of Tivoli in Copenhagen was about (when I years ago was sitting on the bench and it turned completely around to my big surprise).

Have we bent the bow too tightly? My spiritual friends asked for my help to pull in a boat – I was shown them pulling – and I could only say “no comments – you are welcome”, and yes by this moment I had stopped working, I could not and would not work any more this evening, and these lines are therefore written “tomorrow morning”.

I still felt a strong power of darkness around me on its way in, and it came together with the taste of fried onions.

I kept on feeling my old commercial class friend, Peter D., this evening, but no, he would not accept my Facebook invitation – see the short stories.

There is no one that I will give their fright of their lives (?) when I will change from beer to water (?), and no, I will not have it!

So we will not go outside doing it because we have now created this connection. Yes, it is “good enough”, it is him (Stig). So now we will use the shock of Peter D. to the biggest turn around of the world of the smallest of the world as we have used Britt N. for before. And after this, your mother will not feel so much pain, it is thought, and I was given the feeling to write this down before going to sleep, but no, I cannot, and I don’t even have to think twice, I simply cannot.

And still I received the song “the only way is up” because you have not given up – no (!) – despite of how incredible poorly I feel, and I don’t have to tell you that my eyes are running in water and that this water hardens around my eyes, and darkness still wants me to speak negatively, but no.

At the same time I was told that before we hung up festoons and measured up more prison, which was about releasing some darkness and other darkness opening to take me in.

I was reminded that no family, friends etc. – except from Jette and LTO – support me, and yes silent as the grave, they are, and I was told that man was not invented to support me, otherwise we would never have entered the Source. It would have created too much pain for your mother and you. But now we believe it will just go, don’t you think (said with the feeling “of course it will).

I felt tears of my mother and Karen, and here a new small out of this world pain to my right ankle.

There is also nothing more beautiful than Japanese gardens here “soon”, we just have to get this over with, which is about Japan also being (almost) on my side.

I was shown a crane lifting up to the top, and I was told that we only come here with 100% consent, so is this what I have from the world (?), or is this darkness speaking?

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • This was the boat recently anchored in front of our apartment building, and it was repairing an electrical cable between Denmark and Sweden, which short-circuited February 15, which may have been a symbol of strong darkness.

HD strømskib

  • A few hours after I received the story of the small glass of white wine including the ring of the Source now entering me, Helena was inspired to write that she “prude white wine, play spring with the white elite”.

FB 270313 Helena

  • I don’t believe that Susan has understood just how close she is to the Source of her Gold dust, and yes not easy to say when you don’t read and understand.

FB 270313 Golddust

  • Only a couple of pictures from Jette’s Facebook group including the recovery of the best preserved ancient life, and a couple of cold guys.

FB 270313 Jette 1

FB 270313 Jette 2

  • I was encouraged to connect with my old commercial class friend Peter, and I was surprised that I remembered his sir name here 30 years after, so I sent him this nice invitation yesterday, but received no reply/acceptance, and I wonder if he decided to see my Facebook wall first and received a shock of seeing my messages and Facebook posts of scripts from my website (?), and yes Peter was the one “stealing” Vivian in front of me, and good that he did if you understand such a small one.

FB 260313 Peter D



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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