March 29, 2013: Bringing the ruby of the centre of the apple including “a crowd of God’s” to our New World


Summary of the script today

28th March: Bringing in life, which was terminated to bring me energy to survive and stored with the Source

  • Today was about working/cycling to bring energy to bring back previously terminated life now outside of me, and our house of the New World is still incredible small and “impossible” for this last part of the Source to enter, but this is what we do using my old class friend from commercial school, Peter D., as the mirror to turn around. A great part of this life was terminated to bring my mother and I energy to continue working and not dying because of the strength of darkness. But life could never completely vanish, it was only temporary terminated, and It is first now that we see the true potatoes of God when uniting everything as One full God. It is now my sister’s life at stake if I don’t do this work to my best, which I also did today. At the end of the evening, new darkness of this elephant/animal trainer of the Source was preparing to enter me.
  • Dreaming of continuing my drive on a high-speed train through darkness, I was shown a GIANT devilish hound all over when awake, Kirsten and my father sending me much darkness and my father energy, almost an eternity of New World’s inside our New World, the finest clothes/flowers about the finest life/love, dialogue/understanding is the way forward, not the opposite.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show King Christian IV, some hiding in the blue (temporary terminated life), focus on Iceland (for some reason), stupid car-crashes in the world, several look up on the telescope of everything, the Source gives us photos (entry to the New World), party/dancing/celebrating, someone is playing the big drum (of original life), the Source and mother waving, a family fight, glasses to turn around the Source, fine boats of original life, and helping each other to come up.
  • Short stories of Tobias’ best friend Emil being darkness, Jerry Vano helping people of the Jerusalem UFO to obtain faith in me, Meshack’s father is a young man of 99, more temporary terminations, still hoping that Mandela will make it through, showing the world that ABC News are WIMPS not having the courage to answer me even though EVERYONE can see me, more darkness coming from Naser Khader too, and Fanny told me that she has decided to only listen to herself, and I replied that she has been overtaken by “darkness disguised as light” and was lost as everyone else if it was not because I was the only one stronger than this darkness thus saving everyone.

29th March: Bringing the ruby of the centre of the apple including “a crowd of God’s” to our New World

  • This next darkness of the Source includes the ruby at the centre of the apple and “a crowd of elephants” (i.e. Gods/New Worlds), which I have decided to save on this side and not the other side of the apple of our New World also to save man from sufferings.
  • Dreaming of tooth pain of the Source, celebrities knowing about me, going after the throat of darkness of armed forces, darkness cannot take that I pay no taxes (don’t want life to terminate) only giving me one more day to work, I continue washing the worst darkness, I find more life/apartments of darkness but now it is about time to do the final accounts of my journey.
  • I was shown a GIANT mountain lake and was told that all of this water was included in the deepening/crack on our way to the Source – as mentioned now many weeks ago – and you decided to take on everything.
  • I am continuing my journey bringing out more life of darkness because John has warm feelings to me and my mother. Darkness cannot continue acting as darkness, and has now created an automatic washing machine to become light. I receive feelings of “ambassadors” having faith in me, and thank you from my spiritual friends for continuing my journey. Life inside this darkness of the Source is still turned around.
  • I visited my mother and John this evening together with John’s daughters and their families and besides from having a cosy evening, my mother was doing very fine, and we used the force of the family to spring up to an even higher level of the Source expanding the entrance to terminated life to release this in order to make the fish of me grow even more.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show a big face of an old lady (to me), who was younger (to Jette), back to the beginning with mammoths (God’s), a figure with many souls, big heads consisting of small heads, and “damn pollution”.
  • Short stories of Jerry making Eligael believe in my story of the Jerusalem UFO, did I not locate and save all terminated life (?), which now receives the kiss of death instead, darkness of TV2 helps me to produce fine wine of creation, I am opening the eyes of man to open my own eyes to a new life, and Helena and Søren together brings me coldness/terminated life.


28th March: Bringing in life, which was terminated to bring me energy to survive and stored with the Source

Dreaming of Kirsten and my father sending me much darkness and my father energy

By midnight, I had had it, I had gone to my extreme limit today when not taking a nap, and I went to bed, and I did not get the best sleep, but better than the last days, and I slept until 08.15 with the usual disturbances during the night waking up with dreams to write down notes of, and let us see if I can read these today.

  • I am driving with a high-speed train to the south of Zealand before I will return, I am working on my laptop, and I have some difficulties to bring my shoes back on before leaving the train, and I was told to be careful about what you say, and I cannot find my jacket and feel my sister here too.
    • This is the train still leading via darkness to the other side with my sister being darkness. I was given a smell/taste of decaying meat, and was told that this is what it means when having difficulties to get the shoes of life back on because of temporary terminations of life.
    • When writing down these notes, I was given a VERY LOUD cracking sound to my shelves making me hear/feel the knots of it.
    • I was told that this comes because your father was created as a double of you, and we took him, who developed the best.
  • I had trouble falling asleep again, and was told about “lumpsucker roe”, which she loves and told that now we come to the moment of creation of Karen, and I was given air to my tooth no. 5 from left in the lower part of my mouth, and told that there was a hole to my teeth (meaning that we lost something/Karen?). I was shown a GIANT devilish hound all over. A little later I was asked if material should pour out of the Source (disconnect) to do this creation, and I was told/thinking “no” – but let light decide. And I was told that at the end it will be the breakthrough of darkness to the light, which will become everything, and yes the force of the light you know.
    • I am visting my father and Kirsten together with Camilla, and we receive “Øllebrød” (“bread-and-beer soup”) as the first course, and unfortunately I spill some, which makes Kirsten scold me out, and I tell her just how unpleasant she is, but unfortunately my father is on her side, which makes me tell Camilla that we will leave. Still my father has prepared an envelope including DKK 4.700 for me, and also one for Sanna, but she will not accept it. My father has an old, weak voice, and I now see that they practically live at the harbour together with Kirsten’s four children and many other, who come their daily spending their time on computers, and I hear how Kirsten’s children say that they will give me another chance, and I tell them of how sad I really am not to see my father, and I give 8 homemade CD’s with good music to Ricky – Kirsten’s youngest son – but the labelling is wrong, which he corrects. I meet Hans Otto Bisgaard in the supermarket, the song of him by Shu-bi-dua is on the CD for Ricky, and “Kirsten says it, cannot write it”. I am together with Camilla again, she has a child from a previous man, she would like for us to live in Helsingør, and I think that I really need to tell her that I don’t love her. My sister’s husband said that he would go for a walk, which he loves, and others of the family are following him, but I see that he now runs with full speed home, which Camilla and I consequently also do, and I can almost not follow the page.
    • “Øllebrød” is made by rye bread and beer, and bread is “creation” where “beer” is darkness, which is what I am still going through, and the dream shows that it is Kirsten pushing on my weak father to go against me, but still he brings me money, i.e. energy, because of his sickness/cancer almost killing him for years, and for all that I know, he could be dead by now and I don’t think that neither Kirsten, her children or Inge, my aunt, would tell me (?), and the music I bring for Ricky is to say that I love Kirsten’s children too, but when he corrects the label, it may be to say that he also cannot understand me, but knows that I have these feelings for them. Camilla is here my mother, and I am NOT to be together with her.
    • The many computers are “New World’s” as part of our New World (“almost an eternity” of them you know), and here I am given a new small heart attack, thank you father.
  • Something about temporary help, Evy (Jack’s mother) sells the absolutely most expensive material and flowers imaginable.
    • The finest clothes/flowers about the finest life/love.
  • A Swiss cult-area thinks of importing no. 2 on the list for December.
    • ???
  • I received the lyrics “when the music is right” from “Dancing on the ceiling” by Lionel Richie’s, which it is now.
  • My old “manager” from Aon, Jens M (today Danica) has made a business plan as I have too, and he keeps on saying that “my plan is best/right”, and I encourage us to speak together and maybe bring half of his and half of my plan.
    • Dialogue/understanding is the way forward, not the opposite.

Bringing in life, which was terminated to bring me energy to survive and stored with the Source

I was told that the support of Thailand – as mentioned before – is built completely by Michael Juhl-Sørensen beause of this connection to Thailand, which he often visits, and the connection to me as my Facebook friend following me in silence.

I received strong hiccups, which is still about bringing out power of the world to me.

Was this the hardest part (?), being photographed?

Don’t we have a pools club and then a lump of hash at the end?

You will have had to be treated poorly (?), no, he was just Jesus.

Now its time to empty the disc-water (?), no there is no need to, the system is full automatic, remember.

I was told “hvad drikker møller – øller” (“what drinks Møller” with the echo “Beer”) and was shown a spaceship wanting to turn me around to the dark side, and I was told that this is because of the attitude of the Jerusalem UFO Facebook group.

This was the most secure place to keep 1 million DKK – where no one knew where it was.

There are no men at the exits, eeehhh do you want me to leave, Stig (?), and no, the message is the same, EVERYTHING is to become light and me, so please carry on, and yes we know, you are now starting work again.

Your sister has to be dead to do what you do now, and we know I will NOT allow this, she has to survive too.

So you can also pack sun down from here and it is all of us blocking for the light?

So now it is not your mother, but your sister that you have to protect, and yes we know, the swimming hall is closed today and tomorrow as you had considered instead of a long cycling tour – and reserved a budget for (a new monthly card) – so it has to be a cycling tour this afternoon despite of the cold weather just above the freezing point (still!).

Isn’t he the one who has decided to go all the way home, and yes we have heard about you, and you are going through us too and yes ”join me” is the message for all of you, i.e. me.

So we are still Ipswich but now with the light on (?), and yes all the way inside of here.

I was shown the ice cream boat again, but now the ice cream was replaced by a Berliner Pfannkuchen, which was being poured out, and yes Berlin, here we are coming, are you ready to receive us (?), and just wondering we are.

We are now going for “pork party” on Mallorca, Stig, and yes with you publishing your script of yesterday on Facebook, which I did this morning after having written the last part of it.

I felt how a sail ship was shipped or about to be shipped from my right, which is done by the Source bring new life/worlds, and you only need some more power to do it right (?), thus the need of me to cycle this afternoon, and yes I was given more sleep making it possible for me to exercise today, and I truly wonder for how long I can – and will – cycle today.

I was told about celebration but also that there is still more of the original sexual force of the spirit of my mother, which I have to be careful about.

FC Midtjylland (lady handball), no we have not thrown ourselves in the belt whatever this means, which was later explained with “no one picked the glove to help me”.

Yes, you are welcome to bring in everything here as I saw a part of my new self to my right saying even further back.

So this means that it does not hurt anymore to do this/bring out parts of me, and I understand that this is to bring out light of the Source, but I am not shown this clearly only feel it.

I was told that it is the hole to the Source made by my mother, which we are gradually expanding.

I was told by my father that it did not hurt my mother at all for him to enter (?), and no, nothing much, and nothing the last couple of days.

Have we found the way to the bathroom by now (?) as someone very curious is asking, and yes “he has”, i.e. me.

So this is “little Stig” coming, and he does not have any money, i.e. energy, at all, and no we are just pretending that he can, and when we do this, he really can, and this is how we have pushed the game in front of us all the time and yes to go to the end of the line.

No, we have never been down smelling the Earth of the ground of our own invention, not yet, but we will soon.

I continued working until 14.35 where I had almost finished all work of today until now, and decided that I might as well get out cycling now even though it is only 3 degrees warm.

I received a STRONG pressure from right and was told “I can almost not keep them out”, and this is apparently linked to the great need of me doing this cycling to bring energy bringing in this life.

At around 15.00 I was somewhat tired, which many people would have used for a “nice nap”, but I knew that I had to get out and cycle to remove it, and on my way out, I was told that it is not me with the all big animal trainer and elephant coming now, is it?

And when I started cycling I was told that I will now start slowing down so we don’t get too far this time.

I cycled through the forest but it was wet and difficult to drive it, still with spots of snow, and before I knew it, I had mud stains all over, it was cold (3 degrees) and my gear was attacked by MUCH darkness making it jump up and down ANNYOING me incredible – anyone could have stopped here – and I received the feeling of spitting out (life), but was told that this was on contrary about the opposite, which is to have life, which has been spit out from me before (!) to return to me, and yes I had the feeling the other day about life entering me from OUTSIDE of me, and this is what it is about, and later I was told that this was as example when Real Madrid won the championship in front of Barcelone, when I had STRONG darkness of clairvoyants working against me and also when I had fat sauce for french fries.

I was told that Sanna has wanted to protect Niklas from me (!), and yes no one has to “hurt” Niklas for simply telling the truth (?), and yes the more she tried to protect him (and the family in general), the more darkness she sent me, and yes not easy to open up it was.

I was told that our house of the New World is incredible small and “impossible” for this last part of the Source to enter, and yes madness it is really, and the part of our house, you know.

I was told that because there is no customs fee to be paid – because I have NEVER accepted darkness to hurt/kill people – this part of the Source can also enter me, and again it is via my right ankle.

It is first now that we see the true potatoes, and I was shown cows (symbolising God’s) being brought back to me and we are now collecting this to receive one full God.

I was told that the question if we had tightened the bow too much was about if I was able to work and cycle today, and yes yes, no problem.

It was not as hard to cycle today as it was when cycling home from Preben weeks ago, this was also shorter, I cycled around 30 kilometres, but I have to admit that I received MUCH pain to my behind again making approx. half of the tour hell to go through, and had I not, it would have been a joy to do.

I was told that it is us here – outside of me and I felt red for “pain” – having the camera to photograph people to enter our New World, and this is also where my true heart still is here, and I was told that I am really the only one, and can it be (?), and yes I really don’t care if there is one or many of me as I have said all along asking my spiritual friends to do what is RIGHT/PERFECT to do.

I heard “hello again” from life now entering me again, and I was told that this life had to seek back to the previous four divided world, which is what was given to me as pain to the back side of my left lower leg.

I was told that every time I – or my mother – have sneezed or had hiccups, this has terminated life to bring me/us energy (!), and energy was also taken from here to avoid me being killed and I was told about “a quiet street” where I live, which would make it “perfect/easy” for the official world to kill me?

I was told that my sister would not have been killed going through this phase but “made to believe that she would”, and I am here told that this would also be adjusted via adjustable temporary terminated life.

I came to Espergærde, and paid my debt at the Pizza Big Ben, and I could not remember if it was two or four DKK, so I gave him four, and he looked like a big question mark having forgotten about it.

I was given several feelings of Peter D., which is about this part of the Source turning around using you as the mirror, Peter.

I was told that my voice was tried to be burned, i.e. the terminated parts of me, but nothing can destroy this.

I was told about the business Siemens now leaving big halls of the old yard area, which the Commune with the Mayor leading it have now started speaking about what to use for, which is in everyone’s interest because it is connected with the Cultural Yard, and yes here I am told that this is a symbol of our New World growing to a MUCH bigger size than even what we could imagine, and I was given the thought why they had not used FORCE to send our Siemens before, and in this very moment, I was standing off my bicycle at Helsingør Station, and was “this close” to fall, and then I understood that this was truly about the Commune using and abusing FORCE against me without saying it, and later I was told that it was indeed up to Bjarne, if I should be hospitalised or not, and I do believe I have shown you that you will NOT need top managers like Bjarne as example in our New World because he decides on matters that he is NOT qualified to (!), and again, it made me incredible sad/annoyed that Bjarne and the Commune were WIMPS not having the courage to stand forward putting all cards on the table.

And who did the so called “wise people” of the Commune decide to hire as new director now that they “could not” get me (!), and yes an “insider” coming from another position as director of Vallensbæk Commune (!), and she is looking much forward to “make Helsingør’s ambitious and courageous vision 20/20 reality”, and yes my dear friends, this is really what they do, continue to work as the Old World as if nothing had happened, and why not already now start the work to close down the Commune (?), and yes we know only crazy people think like that, or is Stig really crazy, or do we have a giant tourist-magnet for the Commune (?), and are there people thinking like this?

Nordsjælland 230313 Ny direktør

I was told that this was not only a play of the spirit of my mother to do her best via me to save the world, it was also a play of the spirit of my father because it should be possible for me to go through this game, and yes don’t you mind this (?), and no, I do know the feeling of doing your best job, and to see if what we once thought really could be done.

And had I not gone through this, this terminated life – including yourself – would be cast in and first brought to life after the opening of our New World, and this would make your mother cry as she has never cried, but no, I have asked not to be killed, so this is the agenda we follow but only of course because you/I are strong enough doing this.

I was told that what I have said thousands of times to darkness that “everyone has to be well” has been floating around the world as a strong message, which how many picked up as a message of God?

I was told that my script on my computer before publish and also my whereabouts via my mobile phone are still monitored by the world, and yes I have told you NOT to because it is WRONG (!), but then again I have accepted for you to do this because I have nothing to hide, but I would have liked you to INFORM ME before doing it!!!

I was shown an apple in a forest symbolising our New World and a redcurrant at the core of the apple, and I was told that this is what you tried to terminate, but it cannot be done.

I was shown a LONG wardrobe stand of jackets, and the very last of it (before the Source) becoming dust, i.e. terminated, but still I was shown people coming out of the dust because the form does not matter.

I was told that the Russians were the most eager to kill me – you don’t like freedom of speech including “Pussy Riot”, also when I have mentioned it (?) – and also that when I receive “dark spirits” inside of my own apartment threatening me for example when I have closed eyes – I can feel and see them even though I have closed eyes – and I do this from time to time, it is about the world wanting to kill me, and yes I still receive these dark spirit, so come on Russia and tell me and the world who of you, who now wants to kill me (?), and also why this is “impossible” to you even though I am unprotected and walk freely on the street, and eeehhh you cannot penetrate my armour of spaceships of people of other civilizations watching my every move (?), and yes a pretty good story for you, Russia, to tell and document to the world, don’t you think (?), and what do I think of you (?), and yes you are the worst pussies of them all, and of course said in the nicest meaning, which I am sure you understand, right (?), or are you simply too STUPID and used to listen to your own voice that you “cannot” understand the most easy to understand story?

Which coin is circulating/vacuum cleaning on 1st floor (?), and yes “only you”, Stig.

I took a shower after the cycling tour, and even though the water was warm and pleasant, I was given feelings of freezing from  the inside, and I was told that this is what we can do regardless of how hot your surroundings are.

I was told that I had to keep contacting Karen over the years, otherwise she would not have contacted me, and when I had invited her for dinner at my home the first time we met, I brought her flowers on Herlev Hospital, where she worked, she next day, and has I not she would have forgotten about me because “he was not very exciting” and instead she made love to others, but she never really figured out that the more I did this, the better I hooked onto her mind to make sure that this life would never leave me, and when this life is now returning, and yes it is coming from the place of Karen’s mind having forgotten about me and/or left me out.

I keep being giving small out of this world pain to my right ankle so we are still turning around life to light.

I started becoming tired after 20.00 fearing that I would not be able to publish the script today, but at 21.20 I did the first publish, and from here I still have to bring a comment to Jerry and also include my chat with Fanny in the script, and yes when I have done this, I am “more than happy” with what I have done today.

I worked until 22.00 and watched TV for some hours hereafter and it is now 02.00 “tomorrow”, and again I was certain that I should not work more this night, but the difference to when I stopped at my limit the last time was that now I could work if I had to despite of going through a tired crisis (!), which I could not the last time, so therefore I’m back again again, Arnold!

I thought to my self that it was alright for me to be monitored and protected by people of other civilizations, but I don’t want man to do the same, and yes there is one reason only and that is my head rule to save me as the best of the world and this is what it requires, and yes I have gone through my journey believing that I was unprotected other than with “the will of God”, and this really also stretches out to people of other civilizations working for light, so thank you my friends out there, and no, I have never met any of these nice people, only seen their spaceships.

I was told that Fanny – see the short stories – helps us in to deep places instead of bringing this life via pain to my left leg.

I continue receiving an incredible pressure to work, work and work, and this comes from life inside of this chamber of termination.

I was asked where my telephone number is (for transferral), and now you don’t bring the bathroom (of termination) afterwards?

For a period of time I received much scepticism from this life of darkness asking me about what rules do you have in there, joint property (?), and I decided that I did not want to go into detail, which in this respect is the game of darkness, so I said FREEDOM AND RESPONSIBILITY and you will automatically receive a clean hear, so just come along, this is your home, and this is what I ask you to do, and no, you have no option, I decide on your behalf, and this is how to deal with darkness – but not with light (!), and yes there is a difference.

And still I was challenged constantly for some time with the question of this life whether to enter me via my left leg of pain or right leg without, and after some time I was told that FREEDOM was the keyword, and then I was given a feeling of this life entering the back side of my left right leg.

I was told that this life terminated receiving the worst feelings/experiences of sexual torment.

I received the lyrics “så er jeg pludselig ikke så spændende mere” (”then I am suddenly not that exciting anymore”) from the song “sig du kan li’ mig” (”tell me you like me”) by Tøsedrengene (”the Wimps!”).

I was told that this life is also part of the elephant/animal trainer – and I still receive negativity wanting me to wish this life to hell and things like that, which I of course do not and still have to fight.

I was told that terminated life also saved me from going through my “old nightmare” using my father instead of my mother.

I felt my father’s wife Kirsten, and was told that it was her sending me all the way out here – to the far right of my balcony to the end of the world, and it was the strength of her I had to convince before with the left/right leg quiz.

And I was told that Kirsten has also absorbed my “old nightmare” including my father because of her love of me and “I would like to believe” underneath her, and yes believe it or not.

I was told that what comes now is darkness including this “old nightmare” now including my father unless you want these metal pieces (of the metal plate of the Source) to remain here, and no, I will NEVER accept this, so come on and show me the best you got.

And this decision was followed by wild enthusiasm inside of here and I heard “has he decided to bring everything regardless of how much we have been abused” (?), and yes this is basically it.

Google Earth shows the Source and original life turning around to our New World

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show King Christian IV, some hiding in the blue (temporary terminated life), focus on Iceland (for some reason), stupid car-crashes in the world, several look up on the telescope of everything, the Source gives us photos (entry to the New World), party/dancing/celebrating, someone is playing the big drum (of original life), the Source and mother waving, a family fight, glasses to turn around the Source, fine boats of original life, and helping each other to come up.

FB 280313 Jette 1

FB 280313 Jette 2

FB 280313 Jette 3

FB 280313 Jette 4

FB 280313 Jette 5

FB 280313 Jette 6

FB 280313 Jette 7

FB 280313 Jette 8

FB 280313 Jette 9

FB 280313 Jette 10

FB 280313 Jette 12

FB 280313 Jette 13

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • This is Tobias’ best friend, Emil, who used to like me much too before my writings became public, which made him leave me as a Facebook friend, and yes he is goal keeper of Rungsted’s ice hockey team, which has just one gold of 1st division, and just to say that icehockey is symbol of the worst darkness fighting against me, so “welcome to the club too”, Emil, and yes turned around he is or at least will be, and I wonder what Tobias has told him about me?

FB 280313 Emil

  • Jerry has now found his way to the Jerusalem UFO Facebook group asking a question to my post of December 2011, which I answered, and I am just thinking that his arrival is “helping” some people here to “just maybe Stig is right after all” and yes also influenced by Eligael, who is now finally starting to open his eyes to the truth of the Jerusalem UFO and me too, which was “not easy” when you did not want to understand, right?

FB 280313 Jerusalem UFO

  • It seems that Jerry suffers from the same disease as ”everyone else”, which is that it is ”impossible” to carefully read my websites, but this is what I do here also trying to bring out even more faith of this forum, which was EASY to get if only people had followed this request of mine from the beginning (!), and yes it really should not be needed for me to tell you this over again. It only makes me SAD when people “cannot” understand because of their own laziness.

FB 280313 Jerry 2

FB 280313 Jerry 3

  • Later, Jerry was kind to bring this reply about not unimportant events as I do believe that the forum and the world will believe, but so far everyone is silent, and why is that?

FB 280313 Jerry 4

  • Thank you, Meshack, for your kind reply on my money transfer, and yes your father is “only” 99, which is really “a young man” in my mind, which you can tell him and give him my smile too. Have a good trip to Uganda.

Meshack 280313

  • Scribd continues to show more ”temporary terminations”, which we have needed as fuel as I understand it. Furthermore, the two curves of our Dadaab newsletter is because I have brought links to it in my scripts, where the number of visitors however exceed the number of readers of my script (!) thus showing the official world reading me in secrecy, and yes it happens every single time, how many time do I have to say to make you understand?

Scribd 2803 incl 2703

  • I still hope that Mandela will make it through and that the force is strong enough without having to give up on him.

FB 280313 CNN

  • The “professional” Diane Sawyer, the anchor of the World News at ABC News (thus being “one of the most important/influencial media people of the world!) – and here I am told “almost breaking down because she is not allowed to answer me” and then it is better to make me look like a fool to the mainstream people (?) – had decided to receive and answer questions on Facebook for 15 minutes (!) – do it LONGER the next time truly answering instead of “chatting” – and when I posted my question below, more than 200 questions/comments had already been given, but still my comment was placed right on top of them all with a little help from my spiritual friends for the attention of Diane, her audience and the world, and you can see that my comment was given “about a minute ago” below with others given 7, 5 and 4 minutes before, and yes there were more then 200 in line underneath these, but still my question was brought to the top for EVERYONE TO CLEARLY SEE.

FB 280313 Diane

  • And this is “the final result” some time later where Diane had received a total of 855 comments, but still mine was right there at the top UNANSWERED (!), and why could you not decide to be BRAVE, Diane, following me instead of following darkness, thus sending me even more sufferings (?); and yes help to bring in this terminated life, and yes you do understand over there in the United Bluff too (?), and I wonder if you like “United Steaks”? And I am here given DEEP heartburn because of your darkness.

FB 280313 Diane 2

  • And now we are at Shu-bi-dua, Naser brought another of their songs – are there really more songs (?), and yes many more (also life coming in) – when he was eating a Palestinian disc making him say “nam, nam” (“Yum-yum”), so let us bring this in too and yes because of darkness of Naser also living a rich but deceptive life in the United Bluff/Steaks :-).

FB 280313 Naser

  • A couple of hours after writing the below with Fanny, I felt Fanny to my right helping to bring in more terminated life, and I was reminded that the spirit of my mother of our New World has entered this darkness too to bring out all of me, and to bring back Fanny her faith in me, and yes even strengthen it, it was also necessary for me to go through this.
  • Fanny was “kind” writing to me saying that she had decided to “find my inner core, and therefore I only listen to myself” (!!!), and it goes very fine (!), and yes she offered to “be there” if I need her at any point, and it made me tell her the truth, which is that I the other day was told that she was “lost” in the spiritual deception, she is held in (“darkness disguised as light”), and by shooting (!) me away, she has done what was the most comfortable to her and the least to me transferring much darkness and sufferings, but this was her role so even though she choose wrongly, she took the “right” choice, and no she did NOT like to hear this, “get out of it” (life getting out of me Fanny also because of you), and she has not left me, just decided to listen to herself, and yes being selfish as I have shown you many times, and here I said that I only tell her the truth, which she does not like listening to and when I tell her what she likes, she cannot get enough of it, and I told her that this is WRONG, and reminded her that I have shown her several times that her spiritual friends deceive her, and once again I have asked them to speak the truth because they refer to me (!), and what is a “poor lady” then to do (?), and yes asking “so you mean that I shall reject Arch Angel Michael and Jesus to follow you”, which of course is “totally out of the question” – “it goes without saying”, right Fanny (?) – and eeehhh, do you remember who I am (?) and also what I have told you earlier how to deal with your spiritual friends?

FB 280313 Fanny 1

  • And this led me to bring her the solution once again to be STRONG and for her to decided and always to choose/do right not being selfish, which will bring her helpers on her side the same way as they are on mine when I do this, and if she cannot do this, then they will take you over as they really do to a world of clairvoyants because if you are not clean and strong yourself, they will take charge, and I know her weak point, which is that she thinks and speaks of herself, she is selfish, and I told her that it is difficult/impossible to become pure and unselfish also in thoughts, and what kind of reaction can you expect to this (?), and of course “no, I don’t think of myself before others, and now you make me sad, I remember our co-operation from December 12 to 21 where you thanked me for my help and the love I sent you, this is pulling out tears”, and yes this is how she sees herself, and of course she is full of love, but I do believe I have shown you fully her selfishness and prioritisation of her own comfort instead of bringing sufferings to help me, so here I had to tell her to DECIDE TO BE STRONG and not weak, which are the feelings her disloyal helpers bring her (!), and I told her that there is only one right solution and that is for her to tell her self “Yes, I accept the truth and chose to be strong”, and then I told her about her communication and prioritisation of herself, which is “impossible” to improve – she doesn’t even want to recognise it – and this makes me really lost to darkness, and there is only one being stronger than this darkness, and that is me because I am the creator of it – as I was told – and my task was to show man that I could crack this nut as the only one, which everyone should be able to do, but no one could when it mattered.

FB 280313 Fanny 2

  • And this made her conclude “then I am lost, thank you for that information” (!), and yes I wonder what is leading her to take this standpoint, because the conclusion is as I told her “my task was to save everyone as I have done, and could I not, you and everyone else would have been lost. This is how you and a whole world survive”, and yes Fanny, this is how it is like to be Jesus alive as a human being, and you do understand/remember better (?), and yes she had decided to only listen to herself, and no she is not selfish, and yes where did the chain break, Fanny?

FB 280313 Fanny 3


29th March: Bringing the ruby of the centre of the apple including “a crowd of God’s” to our New World

Bringing the ruby of the centre of the apple including “a crowd of God’s” to our New World

I was asked how long do you believe that we could have broadcast as the spirit of my mother (as the New World) without this buried down – maybe a week?

And this is what we are now hunting. It is like having a dark horse but lacking the form making the horse.

There are also candy stores inside of here (symbolising abuse of children), and I was shown much life pouring out and was told that I no longer have energy for all of this.

I went to bed at 01.00 pretty sure that I would be allowed to sleep, but I was not, and took down these notes before standing up and continuing work on the last part of the script of yesterday and the start of this.

So this life outside in a separate part of space was placed on the wrong side of the weight and now ready to die, and how do you believe that your message that “everything has to be saved” was received here knowing that they were going to become terminated (!) and now being told that you won the fight against the Devil, me, sending them there?

I was told that it is the ruby inside of the apple as I was now shown/told that we will bring out.

I was shown my father opening a suitcase and bringing out a HUGE trophy from a tennis championship, and I was told that he thought that he had won (!), and “Federer is also me”, and he might be, but still he is my favourite tennis player when looking away from this game.

I was shown and told that inside of here, the elephants (of Gods/worlds) stand closely together with the animal trainer of me washing the floor to release all of these, and I kept hearing cracking sounds to my kitchen, which is because the Old World really is NOT empty yet, and this is why we are still playing.

I was shown a man, a fisher, pulling a rowing boat inside of darkness to my right, and just in front of me, an endless small mountain crystal was opening, and I was shown the white inner of the crystal, and this is where everything including this fisher is going, to an endlessly small place of the Source including everything.

I was shown a cardboard tube next to this crystal being refurbished, and I was told that this is only allowed to be used in the most extreme crisis as for example to bring me back to this crystal, and I was told that we can only do this by letting me go through extreme darkness, and I had just decided that I would not stand up working, and now I was asked to do it, otherwise we have to close this work half way.

This work is only possible to do because of faith of Fanny, which is what is keeping the door open and the entire Easter (?), you gotta be crazy (!), and I was shown a very big store with all of the wall consisting of old radios from the 1950’s and I was told that you can chose whatever radio you want, i.e. telephone line, to do this but if you decide to sleep now, this will be gone tomorrow, this is how brutal this game is, and yes, this is what made me decide to stand up doing this work too.

I felt and was told that here is a big portion of darkness of Preben, my neighbour, who has not forgotten about you, and no I have not seen him for a long time now.

I was given the feeling of Niels de Bang – my old, crazy CEO from Aon – and was told that you would be shocked to know how many visions (while awake!) and dreams that he and people receive about me without coming to my support.

You save not only a fireball doing this but ”more”.

So this is my kitchen dunghill, which I was so proud of, but you tell me that it is WRONG and EVERYTHING HAS TO BE LIGHT and yes EVERY LITTLE THING (!) and that is already before starting our New World, “he is not sorry” as we say here.

When I decided to stand up again, I was shown a very small hall of a family house, it was white and had a mirror on the wall with a gold frame and I was told that it is right here that I am, and also that I was the prison.

When I was working on the script again at 02.40, I was told that you don’t know how much this matters to me.

I was given continuous repeating cracking sounds to the chair I was sitting on and was told that you don’t have a heart of gold, do you (?), and this is what is now extremely close to me, and yes the light self.

I was shown that the metal plate had bent, as I have been shown before, and we are now bringing in the last part of this bent plate as I was shown, and I was told that my opening to Jerry Vano and his comments to the Jerusalem UFO is helping to bring faith and probably also more darkness to do this task.

You don’t want to exchange anything or throw anything out (?), and no I will keep everything and everything has to be absolutely perfect, this is my only request.

I continued receiving new out of this world pains to my right ankle and now together with the feeling of Jerry thinking of me.

I cannot decide your gender, Stig, in here.

I kept on working until 04.30 also sharing the stories of Diane from ABC News and the update of the Jerusalem UFO to my Facebook timeline, which was also done to bring more faith to people thus helping this process too, and finally I also did an update to my Signs IV page of the Jerusalem UFO with the new development.

British pounds is the main currency inside of here, which normally means “most energy of darkness”, but I thought this was Russia (?), so we also have rubles here (?), and yes thank you for sharing, and this is about the simple mindedness of Fanny, which is following me here, which will have to be about my mother working inside this darkness.

And yes, Stig, we can now talk about being TIRED after having given my best work, and I here received a greater out of this world pain to my right ankle.

I received the small masterpiece of a song ”vi er dem, de andre ikke må lege med” (“we are those, who the others are not allowed to play with”) and the lyrics:

”Lige siden vi var lille, sa´ vor moder at vi ville, gå i hundene en dag, men så sagde fader også, la´ dem te sig som en tosse, det´ da deres egen sag, sådan er det jo i dag”

(”Ever since we were small, our mother said that we would go into the dogs one day, but then father also said, let them behave like a fool, this is up to them, this is how it is today”).

And this is exactly how it is, people behaving as fools, which made the world “go into the dogs” – do you say this in English too (?) – which you know is about “losing it” or even “terminating” to say it is it is, right Kim?

If you did not continue, you would have to accept to forget all about me, which would make it ”more difficult” and yes we know according to the game.

At 05.25 I was told that we have not found out yet what is missing, and we receive information too via you trying to locate this place of you.

What do we do if we cannot solve it, Stig (?), and yes we know, there is NO GIVING UP, so please continue my friends, and only if I am broken completely down and cannot continue, we will stop.

Dreaming of the door of darkness closing, it is about time to do the final accounts of my journey

Finally, at 05.35 I was tired enough to go to bed, and still I was pressured to stay up when I was shown and told that we have only brought out some of the structure and I was shown a wheel set of a lorry being brought out of a building, and yes I had decided not to stay awake the whole morning and day because I cannot any longer, so you say “continue after sleep” just hoping that we can, and I was told that we were hanging in a lose/thin thread, which was cut over and we had to run the world to get started every morning you woke up.

After some difficulties, I slept until 14.00 today, which however does not make me feel much better, I am still tired, and yes even more dreams.

  • Some is controlling tooth pain, dare I repay? I meet the Anna girls in town and a celebrity train.
    • I don’t remember this dream at all, but the tooth pain is pain of the Source, and the celebrity train has to be about famous people knowing about me riding with me on the train to the other side.
  • Something about having drinks in Sydney at New Year. A military helicopter passes us, Lars G. follows it, and discover that there is more to do, and without hesitation he breaks into this area, and I stay outside and am discovered but still go free.
    • Still more darkness of armed forces of the world here inside our New World as Australia symbolises, we still go directly after the throat of it without hesitating, and even though darkness knows of me, it cannot stop me.
  • Half awake I was told that “you are heartfelt welcome again, again and again”, and I was told that you are rich because your mother don’t believe you. “This is not Hincapie”.
  • I am with my mother and John on holiday in Turkey, and we will be going home tomorrow for a baptism at Sanna. I have been out to a big farm and said hello to all animals, which speak, and a man is working there and I miss some birds there, and am told that they have been send for slaughtering, and new will come. I return to mother and John who tells me that they have received information from the tax authorities at home that I will be expelled within 24 hours because I am technically a currency foreigner, and it made me feel treated wrongly, because I am Danish and live in Denmark, it is only a technicality that I don’t pay taxes, and I consider if I can get a job at the farm and live here I Turkey, but I decide that I cannot and I therefore tell them that I will try to go home explaining that I am Danish.
    • Darkness of Denmark “cannot take” that I don’t pay taxes, which is to NOT terminate any life, but this is my goal, and it gives me very short time to continue working inside of this darkness.
  • I am washing the dirty and heavily trafficked cross of Kongevejen/Rønnebær Allé in Helsingør literally down on my all four scrubbing the road, and I have a very delicious pizza with me, but the traffic and a bus drive over the outermost of it, which makes me throw it out.
    • Still removing darkness sticking to our New World with darkness removing joy and happiness of the pizza and maybe even life, and yes I am told “part of it because of the bus” with bus meaning “making love” and here sexual torments of darkness.
  • I am looking at a new apartment in Copenhagen, but it is not very well decorated, and the floor is cracking and does not feel safe, and I tell the real estate agent that I would like to see others too, and we will see one in Lyngby, when I hear that City Revision has called me.
    • These apartments are new locations inside darkness, which I am saving, and City Revison is an accountant firm, we had as clients at DFM (1991-95), which is probably to say that we are now finishing and will have to do the final accounts of what is with us.

Darkness cannot continue acting as darkness, and has now created an automatic washing machine

Several times during the night continuing in the morning, I received the fantastic ”Pi Bella Cosa” by Eros Ramazzotti and the lyrics “Più bella cosa di te Única come sei Immensa quando vuoi Grazie di esistere” focusing on the “Grazie” part (because this is what I understood), which according to Google Translate means “most beautiful thing about you unique as you are great when you want thanks for existing”, and yes when listening to this fantastic artist, it also becomes “the best in the world”, this is how strongly my feelings are when hearing it, which again is also because of my after-effects of having gone through extreme exhaustion.

I was told that “ricochet” is what you can call it, what has been fired against me (rebounding on me).

I was shown a GIANT mountain lake and was told that all of this water was included in the deepening/crack on our way to the Source – as mentioned now many weeks ago – and you decided to take on everything.

I was shown a 1.5 litres Coca Cola plastic bottle pressing together, which is about the door to darkness closing.

I received coughing (of darkness) from the morning and I was shown John as a captain on a dark boat walking down a few steps to meet me.

How is it for John to live right next to the motor way (?), and yes “here comes the best part” as your mother always says before telling a story and that is that he did not notice.

So I have a whole new cake (of creation) on the way, and this time it is very different, Stig (?), and this is because of how you and your mother acted on Earth, which is now put into the eternal formula of creating new life, and yes your humour and so on. FINO with me and yes to be free-and-easy is another part :-).

No, the gasoline has not become more expensive by holding a break (sleep), the question is really if we are still in contact with the wall of radio receivers (?), and if we concentrate, we feel that we are and yes, Stig, this goes via John’s feeling for your mother and you, and they are still warm making it possible for us to do the attach.

Sometimes you don’t mind becoming very old, but in other situations you wish that you were the youngest, and yes this is the feeling of life inside of this closed part of space.

We have tried all night to leave you and crawl to the floor becoming crocodiles or lizards but the magic of darkness has been removed from us, and yes that happened yesterday with the events taking place and the reactions of people to them.

We had thought that we would jump over breakfast today, but no and here comes another factor of importance, and that is that you will not allow us to leave and yes to cut the line we have recreated, so with this, we will take yet another day. “Thank you for being on TV still” as I am told by the man controlling the game.

No, your mother is not ambassador, you are, and would you like to know what this means, and yes we have been given you this word strongly yesterday – and also before – and here it comes, we are not here anymore, you are and we are only pretending that we are in order to further perfect our New World and we do that via sufferings, which is understood by others, and yes ambassador are people having faith in you and speaking your name as God, so there you have it.

You are a little out of reference frame, but we will see if we can adjust this during the day, and yes via the work you give.

Grazie also for you to “jump onto the wall”, and yes bringing Eligael to us here.

I was shown a washing basket and was told that this darkness has now learned itself to enter it to become washed, and why don’t you move the washing basket to you (?), and yes fine, let us do that.

I was given the keys for the four room apartment from darkness saying that it does not want to live there after all.

I received the feeling of my mother and was told “leave me alone” – which is then what darkness wants me to say to life coming in – and at the same time I felt Bjarne from the Commune (this is his words to me), and was told that you will never guess the relation between Bjarne and my mother, but darkness it gives me, and yes still.

I was told about Obama working on Turkey in relation to me/us, “a Persian carpet” about Iran and the opening of Japan, which is what is opening to all of us in here.

I still feel physically so disgusting all over my body as if I could be stepped on by the power of darkness from above (as I feel), which would make me crackle completely, and I feel every part of me under my skin as “wrong” also including high frequencies.

John’s family helped me to spring to a higher level of the Source releasing more terminated life to grow the fish even more

I received a new somewhat greater out of this world pain to my right ankle and was told that Jerry is thinking of me.

I was given a sound to the window frame of my balcony and felt life not released yet and I was told that we are not really here, but still we are according to the game.

I was told that we did our best to continue the game also to get this evening with us where you could tell your mother about the cycle and your tour of 30 kilometres making her believe that I am still STRONG, which you know that I am not. And this is to remove her concerns of me making our work easier.

I went to my mother and John today at 18.00 for dinner also with Mette with her husband Jesper and now her 17 year old son Christopher and 3½ year old Sophia, and Bettina with Søren, and on my way there I was told that now we can soon start to talk about winning the war against this darkness/terminated life and I was told that my mother feels good, which was confirmed at little later when I met my mother smiling and with surplus of energy (!), and yes she also did not have a hurting back, which she otherwise “always” have when she is stressed/having guests, and yes “no crisis” or temper today, and almost better for years, so I guess that I took on enough sufferings to make her feel good, and yes John had helped her vacuum clean, which I otherwise had offered to do, and John was also looking pretty good, but to me it looks like he is becoming weaker than he was, but not critical.

We have a very nice and “cosy” evening as we say here, and despite of my tiredness/exhaustion, which is STILL severe making it hell going through, I asked Bettina and Søren more questions about their recent Yoga-tour to India with participants than I believe most/anyone does, which made Bettina offer to show us video/pictures of their tour later in the evening, which I said that I would like to, which we then did, and yes most people ask a few questions and then cannot concentrate on the subject, and this made Søren thank me afterwards, and also to ask about me, and I told him to start with that I am putting the last hand on my works of more than 8,000 pages and that it is “one big creation”, and yes he asked me to bring his regards to the people I am in contact with spiritually (!), so it is not a matter of not believing in my spiritual communication, more about the content of it, because when I later in the evening over the dinner table, which my mother may have heard some of, told him about a New World without darkness, darkness used by God as tool of creation, creation has now finalised making God decide to remove darkness etc., he said that “this is what I hear, but I don’t sense it my self” and then spoke about his scepticism, which made me say that “if you had decided to read and understand me, you would know that I only speak the truth and this is going to happen”, which made him say that he understands that this is what I receive, “but you write faster than I can read” (!) and yes POOR excuse, you can decide to read level 2 of my scripts if you “cannot” read the detailed level 3, and he spoke of the importance of each man to be clean to be used as a tool of God, and yes, welcome to Søren as another man, who is longer than most people here in this sense, but he “cannot” understand that he is not a true tool of God when he is selfish, and yes he and Bettina go on LUXURY holidays to India, and he became very interested to read a section of Berlingske newspaper of cottage houses, because he would like to buy one, and yes why not my mother’s friend Käte’s cottage house for sale of 1.35 million DKK (?), and yes the rich has many “joys”, but impossible it is to “understand, follow and help” me and my LTO friends (?), and yes yes yes, still I was told that the Yoga Søren and his teams are doing, are helping our course much, and how much did my mother listen to and understand of this (?), and eeehhh it doesn’t sound “crazy” what I say, does it?

I was told that we had to last until this evening to receive force from all people united here.

And I spoke to Mette, who is a school teacher, about the biggest labour market conflict ever, which will start here after Easter, and asked her many questions about this, and is this a hidden agenda by Bjarne Corydon, the Finance Minister, and yes Queen Margrethe of Christiansborg normally also have a finger inside the game, so have you decided to change the school no matter what to make the teachers teach more with less preparation time etc. (?), and you fully accept the freedom of the labour market to negotiate (?) without your involvement (?), and you could not dream about intervening let us say after 3 to 7 days of the conflict making the ONE and only proposal of the employers into law (?) to bring you what you want (?), and yes I don’t know the details of this and if this is the true hidden agenda, but if it is, this is ABUSE OF POWER of the worst drawer (!), which is NOT how we are going to play in our New World, when we will TRULY work together.

Mette spoke about a diet she and Jesper are on, and how they have “points” they can use as they want to for example having 5 liquorices per day, or even use all of the ration taking 15 (!) as she said, and this was of course inspired with liquorices being a strong symbol of darkness, and when I spoke with Christoffer asking him about his plans after 3 year high school, which he will start on this summer, he was not quite sure, and my spiritual voice helped me to ask if he wants to become “professor” as example, which you know is about “better-knowing ignorant” people, which is in relation to me, but here all of you again saw me as perfectly normal and also outgoing, so is Stig really crazy (?), is this what you thought Christoffer (?), and yes when you can hear me speak passionately about “my things”, it may open some cracks to the light, which this evening was about, and yes I was told that my mother cannot open to my father, which is what Bettina and Christoffer helped doing this evening.

Mette spoke about an “Easter bunny” being lose bringing an Easter egg to their daughter, Sophia, and I asked her about how such an Easter bunny looks like, which made her say like a spring, and Søren spoke inspired about a rubber band some kind of desert, and this was to say that they all helped us to jump up to the next floor where this terminated life is, expanding the entrance.

Søren spilled some Cola on the fine cloth, but as with “magic”, he used a napkin to suck up the cola leaving no marks on the fine cloth, which is really a symbol of how we remove the last darkness.

I was told that Peter D. already helped to turn me – the ruby of the apple – around before this dinner because if he had not, if would have been the wrong/opposite way, and I was shown yellow pudding all over, which is the colour of my mother, and was my favourite desert as a boy, and yes I really still love it but almost never get it, but today it will have to be the French version I love the most, and yes Camilla, do you remember the Crème Brule we had with Calvados in France (?), and yes you get my point ….

At the end of the evening, I sat in the sofa with all people around me, and I was given the feeling of being everything simply being proud of people, which I know is the feeling I will get in our New World.

My mother told that Niklas and Isabelle has now known each other for five years, and what better way to celebrate this than going on a Michelin starred restaurant (?), and let me guess that you spent maybe 1,500 to 2,000 DKK on yourself this evening (?), and do you know how many meals that could have given hungry family members of my LTO friends (?), and what would REALLY satisfy you the most to do?

I was happy that my mother and John were happy about the evening, and my mother had made delicious lamb with much accessories, and it was all well tasting, which made half of her joy when being told.

I was home at 22.00 being utterly destroyed with the OVERWHELMING feeling that I truly cannot no more, but still let me try to update and publish my script this evening, which may take 2-3 hours to do, and yes “impossible” is still what we are fighting here.

Mother hear what I told Søren – about our New World without darkness, does it makes sense (?), and yes it does.

I don’t know, my senses don’t tell me, no but if you decided to read me you would know that I speak the truth, and here it came “but you write faster than I can read” and yes POOR excuse, you can read level 2 if you “cannot” read level 3.

And yes, my mother was VERY happy for me to get my bicycle back, and to cycle 30 kilometres yesterday, and she spoke of the FREEDOM, which it brings me, so it went straight in with her as expected.

I was shown Søren playing table tennis with what looked like a badminton racket making him hit the ball much harder, isn’t this exactly how it has been when this man “could not” read, understand and help me and LTO out (?), and yes a selfish man loved by everyone believing to be the tool of God, but when you cannot follow God inside your own family, Søren, how can you be a tool of God?

No, you don’t have the gate of all the Deer Haven with you, would you like it, and yes please, every little thing.

No, Stig, there are no airships, which have exploded over us, and is this about Jerry thinking of my comment to him?

I was shown my self jumping up and down of joy on the membrane of the other side of our New World, which is now as close to the ground as it can be also meaning that there will now practically be no explosion/pressure wave if “losing” it here, and I was shown a HUGE yellow Indian ink of my mother, who is also ready.

We have not made it to the commercials yet have we (?), with the feeling of the end credentials of a film rolling over the screen.

No, we have not sent Ayrton Senna out in the lake to fine you (?), and yes we combine the love of your mother with new entrances opened this evening, and when you continue doing impossible work, we do the same, and this is the best recipe to conjure an even bigger fish than you already had.

Don’t you have a ballpoint to write with any longer (?), and yes a symbol introduced a few weeks ago, which never made it to the scripts, and is this ink of darkness?

I was shown a railway in Norway, and into a deep tunnel of darkness and yes really incredible deep, and I was told that we had to go into this to meet this deep darkness we now meet.

Google Earth: Back to the beginning with mammoths of God’s

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show a big face of an old lady (to me), who was younger (to Jette), back to the beginning with mammoths (God’s), a figure with many souls, big heads consisting of small heads, and “damn pollution”.

FB 290313 Jette 1

FB 290313 Jette 2

FB 290313 Jette 3

FB 290313 Jette 4

FB 290313 Jette 5

FB 290313 Jette 6

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • It took Jerry to convert Eligael first via my website including Jerry’s decoding and video, and now via his direct contact to Jerry, and my feeling is that it is amazing that it takes support of others in me to make other people start to wake up and believe, instead of these other people themselves simply to read, understand and thereafter express their support, as I have encouraged you to do all along, but no “no one” really could except from Jette and LTO.

FB 290313 Jerry

  • Helena said that “Negerhytte” (“negro cabin”) is a word, because Hans Christian (Skibby) – an MP for Danish People’s Party – uses it (despite of “negro” being understood as racial degrading), and I saw this about a “cabin” used elsewhere too, and I was asked if this is about “Uncle Toms’ Cabin”, where an evil slave owner kills the kind Tom (?), and if this is indeed what it is, I have not located all terminated life to be saved on this side of the New World, which would make me sad if this is the case.

FB 290313 Helena

FB 290313 MW

  • Helena told Joachim Boldsen, the Danish handball player, that he is not alone knitting, which Joachim obviously likes doing, and then she brought the picture of “the kiss of death”, so it seems as if there is life being terminated as the slave Tom, which I cannot save on this side of our New World, and the kiss of death comes from Helena together with Søren and the Danish national handball team.

FB 290313 Helena 2


  • Johannes, at the moment on TV2 News, asked if anyone knowing about the second floor of TV2 knows where the key to the top secret Barolo (wine) cupboard is (?), and this came after he said that he has just found the key to the top secret candy cupboard of TV2 News and “has on the most covert way arrogated myself and the team 15 Piratos (liquorices, 20 “luscious grubs” and an unknown number of “witch howls””, and this is really to say that the liquorices of darkness it turned around to become the finest wine of our New World, and yes TV2, a Danish TV station of darkness because of your SILENCE, and shouldn’t you report NEWS OF THE WORLD TO THE WORLD, my ladies and gentlemen?

FB 290313 Johannes 2

  • And he continued saying that Piratos gives stomach pain when you are not in form, and “only one howl, the next howl will be in the underpants”, and yes bringing “destructive darkness” as this symbolises, and the “howl” is really also a reference to my old colleague Rikke with “howl” (“hyl”) being the first three letters of her sir-name (followed by “dig”), and this is about my “old nightmare” really, which TV2 brings “close to me” and yes there is no “cure” of them today, Stig, it requires a New World without darkness to cure them, so this is what we do.

FB 290313 Johannes

  • Jan, the comedian, had drawn this picture with Jesus on the cross complaining to hang there not caring about this being an “acute job” as the know-all Employment Minister calls it when she wants to create artificial jobs for unemployed to seek, and I said that this is really how the modern dictator-community treats the man on the cross, by forcing him “because we only want to help”, and the good old story of the community/man having become blind, deaf and better-knowing without wanting to know of it, which only leaves the man on the cross to help everyone by telling exactly this to open the eyes of man, thus his own for a new life, which will spread to all, and yes what do you THINK about this and me, Jan (?), and just wondering I am.

FB 290313 Jan

  • Helena said “kill the fatted calf, I agree with Søren Pind on something”, which made Thomas say “I predict world peace soon”, and right you are, Thomas, and Allan said “Think that it got cold here”, and this is the coldness, which Helena and Søren together again is bringing me, i.e. terminating life, and Annette said “well God, jump of course”, and yes this is what we are doing user the spring as you know.

FB 290313 Helena 3

  • Meshack and David are always kind to send me their thanks after receiving my cash help, which makes me happy to see, and it always makes me sad that John and Elijah in most cases “cannot” do the same because of laziness, and you two truly have something to learn, and it is not because you cannot, but because you “will not” and that is truly a shame.

David 290313



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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