March 31, 2013: I am now God as the one and only from where all life originates including “other parts of me”


Summary of the script today

30th March: I am now God as the one and only from where all life originates including “other parts of me”

  • I went through what is impossible to do because of lack of faith in me of John to pressure down the Source to the very small size of our New World, and it was “against the rules” to bring my mother of our New World in to play directly against my father of darkness, but we did it because I decided to NOT give up but kept on working creating this road. My new self is now returning after visiting the deepest darkness to release life. Darkness has just learned how to quit cigarettes, so this is what we do by ourselves now because we want to follow you rather than being in darkness.
  • I am meeting my inner self as the opposite of me inside here in the form of Karen – we fought against each other with the world at stake (!) – and the worst sexual fantasies, which we are now dismantling, and the bakerman is just behind this.
  • Dreaming of having worked my hardest doing impossible work, but still I could have brought out even more clothes/life of darkness, people working against me as darkness and no clothes means sexual torments, and trying to change my mother having sold off some of our land.
  • We have now reached the top level of God, there is no higher level, and I received LOTS of fat of temporary terminated life returning to me, which was followed by 30 seconds of strong pain to my penis, which was the ruby of the apple or the Orange of God entering me this way instead of falling down on the world. This is God of all life now being part of me as the one and only from where all life originates including “other parts of me”. I was asked “don’t it feel good” now being “the one and only” (?), and I could only say that “it feels good as long as this is only positive” and I was thinking again of my future feeling of being proud of man living good lives doing fine work meaning that I will NEVER abuse my power on the cost of man (as Governments of today do); this is truly NOT my style.
  • Paula and the city of Louisville in USA heard a LOUD BOOM symbolising the end of the Old World before the transition to our New World, and a lead of this boom led to the Danish Finance Minister Bjarne Corydon to say that I do NOT like abuse of power of the Old World.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show the long table of my mother set up for all life to become our New World, the fisherman and his wife (about my promise not to abuse my power as God), a pea pod of life (because I love pea pods and “the guy in spacesuit” – “Space Oddity” – being the centre of God returning with the kiss of a rose from temporary terminated life from outer space.
  • Short stories of the lock out of teachers being a “planted story“ to show abuse of power, Christopher believes in “your sacred self, it warns you and guides you correctly”, but no, it does not (!), I have difficulties to get my shoes on because of Niklas and Isabelle’s extreme selfishness, Helena could not bring “Sun over God’s home” as darkness, Selvet brought me a HOWL including sexual sufferings of darkness, and Søren Pind wrote a feature article of his faith in God and freedom, and I replied that in this context it is “interesting” that he “could not” read and understand me as Stig bringing him and the world Paradise of God.

31st March: We are equalizing Karen and I, and removing Sanna from Karen, who had a joint heart of darkness

  • I am receiving the smallest part of all bringing the largest part of all. Outer space is now being cleaned up. The orange of God had to fall down somewhere, and it did in Louisville, USA, where faith of Paula brought it to me.
  • We are now equalizing Karen and I, and removing Sanna from Karen, who had a joint heart of darkness. Sanna will receive a heart of her own. A growing faith of my sister is what will bring the last parts of terminated life to me, i.e. deliver myself. I was shown a fish and felt my sister and was told “it isn’t your sister who is now going to deliver you, is it” (?), and it may be.
  • I did a new 30 kilometre cycling tour, which brought enough energy to start releasing terminated life inside level 21 of God, the highest level of all, and to secure the survival of my sister.
  • Dreaming of being surrounded by darkness wanting to bring out my “old nightmare”, a wind of change is blowing in Russia helping me remove darkness, “it is a play for the gallery”, a new setup of our New World makes everything more efficient, darkness cannot expand, my old friend Lars G. has been told about me, and I clean up inside darkness.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show extreme richness/selfishness, a happy crowd threatened to be eaten by darkness as part of the play of God, all size’s of darkness are laundered, a good artist with the brush gives the best results, and a spring-hat to reach higher levels of God.
  • Scribd shows that we have started saving life which was temporary terminated for me to reach the level of God, showing the Spiritual Denmark group signs of my reappearance largely ignored, it is wrong to exhibit nudity.


30th March: I am now God as the one and only from where all life originates including “other parts of me”

Doing impossible work against the rules and meeting my opposite as Karen after having fought about the world

I was given the feeling of the old age home followed by my mother and then a small – still disgusting – heart attack, and yes the fear of my mother of dying coming to me as darkness.

No, we kept on saying “we cannot pressure this down to your small size” and here feeling John and his feeling “no, Stig cannot be right” (about who I am), so it was with this resistance of the spirit of my father not wanting to do this that you decided that I don’t care, we HAVE to do this, so this was the road we created for you, and when you are still working, alive and we have not woken up your new self, it just means that you were strong enough doing this.

It is also impossible and “against the rules” for your mother to leave the New World and participate directly in the play with you inside darkness, but we will do everything for you because this is what your mother – and also your father, you just don’t know it – will do.

Isn’t it you (?) – I see life coming out from deep darkness – and no I had not expected to see you again, and yes the King self (I see my innerself as the knight with a sword) went down to our darkness to bring us out, and we now know that he will accept NONE of us to be terminated, but to save us all and turn around everything before starting our New World, and yes because it can be done, can’t it (?), and I received “impatient knocking” in my kitchen, which is about life still inside of there knowing that the time is running out (?), and yes can I bring enough sufferings to save everything (?) or my mother (?), or will we run out of time?

So this is about your new self returning after a tour inside this “forbidden darkness” and yes what now, Stig (?), and we know, there is a new dinner, which my mother and John have invited my sister and her family and I on, on Monday, and we really have to get this with us too, and yes Niklas is hopefully coming too, and maybe bringing me something from Australia (?); and just thinking out loud I am, so no, we will NOT stop the game now, if you can keep it going my spiritual friends.

I now cannot continue walking the dog anymore, and yes this is what darkness is told, that you cannot continue working, and still you continue working bringing out more life, and that is also when influencing people, for example Jan Monrad.

I heard myself saying “I don’t care at all, there has to be perfect inside of there”, and yes sweep out everything, and then I felt a stone coming out and heard ”shall we bring him the wise stone now, you think” (?), and I was told that this is what the “grazie” of yesterday really was about.

What do you want, a dwell or more for dinner (?), and yes I WANT LIFE TO BE SAVED/LIGHT, this is what I want and only if I cannot, I want what you will otherwise bring me. And if there is clear water of that dwell, please bring it to me, and yes everything has to be light.

No, they did not swap your’s and your mother’s blood test. It is good enough, it is still Stig sitting there working. No, we have not transferred any strength of his mother to him.

This means that we have not been to South Germany (of fine wine) the last time, yes we will grant him his wish because he has decided to keep working hard, and yes it is now 01.50 and I am almost done with my script of yesterday defying the greatest exhaustion.

Otherwise we could have kicked open the safe, but now, he does not want to work that way.

No, he does not want his mother “to play with coins” to get through the last thin darkness to get to his inner self, and that is NEVER!

Thank you for not becoming unemployed, which is really about appreciation of me continuing work.

I was shown a tunnel of stone leading into a chamber of water, which is really where we were supposed to stop the journey because this was almost flooded and impossible to open submarine-gates (what are the doors called of submarines leading from one to the next chamber?) leading out to somewhere, and this is what we needed your mother of our New World to do, and yes with mother love to absorb all of this suffering water, to bring it with us now before starting our New World and what is on the other side of these submarine-doors?

So we are oysters having gone through the long hall to become traded.

I was shown a dark tunnel going down now (!), and down here there is also a library, and we were really not allowed to show it to you but since you are alive and working, and your mother is alive and sleeping, and yes what about your father (?), you don’t know, and yes we decided also to open this to you, and yes KEEP ON, we knooooowwww.

No, it isn’t ducks flying there, is it? I can hardly see it.

This is like taking off his head phones and bringing in the tomato-axis through his ears, but we cannot, it doesn’t have the right size, so what do we do (?), and yes please do your best, which is perfect (?), and alright, we just have to figure that out, but not now because he is about to finish work of today now publishing on Facebook at 02.20, and so it was. And then a few more hours awake, some sleep, and then another terrible day making the opposite inside of here.

Can you get in prison here just by doing that (?), yes, but it requires that him up there, the big man (me as Stig), co-operates and he does not like the idea, and this is why we created a small committee saying “what do we do now” (?) coming up with a plan for you to go through 100% of everything as you have said all along that you would do.

I felt how a part to the right of me was coming to me and part of my physical self, and isn’t this what we say about balancing/aligning everything (?), yes it is, and yes this came after I was shown “a floating bar” around me in a clear 3D spiritual vision.

So now she is putting on all clothes of all of us and bring it up to him, i.e. me.

We have just learned how to quit cigarettes, so this is what we do by ourselves now because we want to follow you rather than being in darkness – thank you my friends, and yes this is also what yesterday evening was about.

So I am the father of all collective tribes (?), and yes the sum of everything, and this is what we are collecting now, Stig, we promise.

I was not given a full view, only glimpses difficult to see, but I was shown what looked like an enormous digger digging inside the Source being the tool of life itself, and I was shown a cage with many chickens, i.e. worlds, and this seems to be the last inner of everything, the life producing ruby of everything (?), and that is of course unless we can go even deeper down.

Later after sleeping:

I was truly about to lose it the first hours after I stood up because I am still so immensely tired that I really cannot work, and to continue working (almost) to my limit every day is truly so hard that I cannot express, and I just needed to relax and had NO motivation to work being this tired, but eventually at 14.10, I got started again.

These are notes from the night.

This is my inner self as the opposite of me that I am meeting, Karen. And this is the darkness wanting me to live out wrong sexual fantasies, and what do we tell her (?), no, there is still a sound to the kitchen of an empty plastic bowl apparently and also the sound of a switch as if we will now turn off light, but no.

I was shown meat of a lobster on a string, but there is not one, but two strings leading to this place, minus and plus, which makes it up to man to decide what you want, to be pure or not pure. And I am now returning here.

And then we will just remove the loudspeakers here, which brings me negative/sexual talk, and this is the home field of Karen, and we are made by the same material, and we are here because you have said that you want to bring all of this with you, the invention of darkness.

This is what we now have “good time” to do, you have reached the goal line.

I felt a rough version of Karen, who said ”thank you for the co-operation, my friend”. We will now move making room for you here at your home.

I was told that a big chapter about my old friend René B. going against you has also been written here.

And I, the bakerman, is right behind this.

I continued receiving physical marks to my private parts, and was told that Karen comes from myself as my dark (sexual) opponent, and I felt more heartburn.

This is now what is coming to you when we choose to enter your right leg (not the left).

So Karen and I ”could not at all” together at the same time as we could ”better than everyone else”, and it was only a question of what you would chose, and yes you know that Karen ”could not” accept me letting the minus of her take over, and I could accept her thus letting the plus of me take over, and I was told that you have received a dose of each both of you, but were controlled from here, and this is how you have been fighting on the world.

I was given a sound to my shelves and told that this is the force we construct that gives you heart attacks because it works against you – “you are not welcome here”.

This is the force we have decided to bring into you to save the world from sufferings. So this is the rusty hot-water tank we asked you to visit first.

I was told that the biggest contribution despite of all came from my mother, who had the courage to enter darkness here to help you continue the fight against your father, which is what this was about.

I was shown a diver deep under water and shown and told that at the end we found what we looked for, which will have to be the incredible small but valuable mountain crystal, and we only did this because of you.

Dreaming of having worked my hardest doing impossible work, but still I could have brought out even more life of darkness

I went to bed at 04.20 and slept poorly with many disturbances until 11.40 with these dreams.

  • I was woken up after 06.00 and felt how dried spices now are changed with REAL spices, which is also an old symbol of mine, which I now understand, which is that the dried spices were the artificial world build on top of our REAL selves, and now when creation finishes, it is our REAL world, which will shine through making everything more concentrated and “real”.
  • So you have quietly fastened the diamond triangle just in front of me without mankind knowing”.
  • I am working at Danske Bank, Freeport, and have been there alone being extremely busy having to be in control of everything, and the branch manager Lars H. asks me if I have emptied my post tray including orders on clothes, and no, I have not, this will have to be the only thing I have forgotten, and I ask him to improve the work environment otherwise people will leave because he is surly. Later all employees have now returned, and there is incredible busy with one main tile open, two small tiles open, and there is a need to open the last 4th tile (the 2nd main tile), which I do, and when I open it, I am surprised to see an incredible large sum of money in the tile, and I remind myself that I did not count the tile yesterday, which I really need to and I can only hope that it balances.
    • So I have worked my hardest the last days doing impossible work, but still I could have brought out even more clothes/life of darkness. Lars H. was a man destroying work climate because of his surly attitude, which he let out mostly on me, and this you will avoid in our New World. But it seems that I got hold on an incredible large sum of money, i.e. energy of life of darkness now being released because of my efforts the last days.
  • I am surprised to find myself naked with a duvet around me sitting next to Berit (old colleague from Danske Bank, Espergærde, 1984-86) at Danske Bank’s Business Department at its head office, and I see Michael J. (from Fair) working there, and the manager of the department is Mads (previously from Fiat Finance), and I feel embarrassed not having clothes on, and think that I really must have clothes on tomorrow, and Berit is to my surprised sexually tactless to me.
    • Examples of people working against me as darkness and no clothes means sexual torments.
  • I am in a place first together with a beautiful woman, who is the girlfriend of a friend of mine, and I tell her that I would like a girlfriend like her, and I don’t know why, but somehow I tell a friend that I have been sleeping with this woman, which I have not, and it makes my friend say “so you are not gay” (?), which I am not. I return to my home, a family house, there is a party of people – in control and nothing being stolen – and someone brings me my BLUE dressing gown. I want to take a bath, and at the bathroom, Even (old colleague from Acta), has removed the shower and installed it in the garden where he will take a bath, and I tell him no, and I bring the shower back, but have difficulties to install it, which requires to connect two wires of it, which I fear will give me an electrical shock, and now I see this house at a plot inside a forest with a view to the lake, and a friend now sets it up, but the farmer owning this land has decided to parcel out many plots of this land sometime in the future, where he is convinced that he can make a fortune – hundreds of millions DKK – and he has also decided to remove parts of my plot, which is designed as a shoe, which will then not be a shoe anymore unless we can make a smaller shoe of what is left.
    • Still I miss a girlfriend more than you can imagine, and no, I am NOT gay, but I cannot have a girlfriend as my old self feeling as I do. Even is darkness against me too threatening to remove parts of me and my life.
    • This is about land sold only by your mother, which we will try to change.

I was told “Jackie – do you really believe that Mauro Scocco follows you” (?), and I have no idea, but here is one of his fine songs going back to his band Ratata before he went solo, and this is also to say that Jack liked Ratata much, and it is through him that I also got to know this music, and we know, I did not like Ratata as much as Jack, but I am sure that I love Mauro’s solo music much more than Jack, and yes from 1991/92, I was totally into you, Mauro.

I received new hiccups – more termination while I am saving terminated life – and I was shown the dust of one of the last puffballs.

I was shown the wooden floor of a house waving, and there is a basement of the house, which is formed as a scorpion, which is how darkness looks like when it brings the worst sexual torments, and this is the darkness we are still releasing life from.

I was told that the Indian Ocean Tsunami of 2004 also was to bring us energy for our journey, and 1-2 hours later, I understood why this information was given, see the short stories of Paula today.

I keep on feeling and seeing Bettina and especially Søren – because they/he think of me (“the end of creation” etc.) – and am shown my self in the bows of different ships.

We have sent a warning to him from back home, from here, saying don’t ever return here and then this is exactly what he or is it she does.

We don’t have any dead lorries here, but Internet where we can see just how bad things are, can’t we (?), and yes my mother does not have the courage to read anymore. Do we have a judge in our own house?

Do you have a delivery bicycle to bring out messages (?), or how do you do it (?), and this one is tricky, but I use the goodness of my sister and own family members to come through.

And no, you will NOT accept your mother to do something wrong because everything has to be perfect.

There is soon a present for you under the Christmas Tree.

And then we will remove that “sexual torment” from here now that it is no longer needed.

I was given a new sound to the kitchen as if something is taken out from a packing, and I was told that now it is more a matter of getting the tail with us.

I have not just stopped the channel of Christopher efficiently but also his mother, Mette.

The high school is not in crisis, Stig, it is almost not existing anymore, and this is about sexual torments/temptations too.

I was told that no one is going to burn my potatoes.

Thank you, we have avoided to bring you in a taxi, and yes we might as well say it as it is, the taxi is not a nice place to be, but this is where you were headed sentenced by your mother, i.e. the world, which “could not” take you, but little did we know that you did not want that deciding to fight “the hell out of your trousers”, so this is really what we continue doing.

I was shown how Elijah was walking quickly out to bring me my sword, and somehow this is related to the decision of the supreme court of Kenya today to uphold Kenyatta as President of Kenya declaring the elections for fair. Later I was told that this is about “ending well” because Kenya knows about my arrival and wanted to show what everyone knows, which is that fraud was part of the election, but still the Supreme Court approved it. Even later I was told that Kenya was part of my train of darkness/sufferings without knowing it.

I was happy when the Austrian lady here, Emmanuelle – that’s her name, right (?) – started to speak to me today for the first time really in maybe 6 or 12 months, but Jan is still not doing well as she said, and I met Preben in the laundry, but he was “in-going” only saying “hi”, and yes they are “suffering” from different “sicknesses” here.

I am now God as the one and only from where all life originates including “other parts of me”

I received more cracking sounds to my kitchen and was told that there is now no more here, which I don’t believe in, and yes Scribd is still showing terminations.

I was shown my self standing next to a dark tree (the last of darkness) with waves of the sea streaming in all around it, and I was told and shown that the ring was not here, so where was it (?), and then I was shown a library where a book was opened, and it is hollow inside and there it was, my ring of everything.

And this is the ring we use as a key to open to the drawer of the desk where all of this terminated life was included.

Isn’t it funny that we have now reached the top level of God, there is no higher level, and yes this is what I was truly told (!!!), and can it be?

At 20.30 I was so disgusted from work as only rarely before and also still tired/exhausted, and no, I cannot see myself awake during the night, I don’t believe that I can bear it.

I was told that “you and me are soon going to have a serious talk”, which I understood as my new self coming to the end of my journey, and a little later I was told that if you stop working now, I will come for this talk now.

I received a feeling of the New World to the right of me as if I would now become my new self, but I was asked “and then we will forget about the rest” (?), and the answer is given in forehand, NO NEVER (!), and I told this life to the right of me that “you are still welcome” and was told “no, we will wait if we cannot forget the rest”.

I was shown a can of beef with egg, and from the right I received a LOT of fat with roasted onions on for me to eat, and yes there was more fat of temporary terminated life coming in this way.

I felt more darkness turning around a corner following other darkness before it, and it said “is it him there” (?), i.e. me, and then it entered me, and I was told that here is also much rubbish of your mother here, which was a big killer, and I was shown a fisher being released from a Christmas Calendar of my kitchen!

I was told that your mother did not use protection so everything of us was supposed to be used as the Son of darkness, but only if you accepted, and no, I would/will not.

And then for approx. 30 seconds I received the STRONGEST pain to the tip of my penis – clearly given from a spiritual but very physical force from outside – and it was impossible pain to bear, but what can you do when you cannot get rid of it (?), and still I continued saying all along that “you are welcome”, and I was told that my father has had physical pain like this, which NO ONE can understand.

I was told that this was instead of falling down on the world, and I was shown Ogier the Dane, and was told that this was instead of beaming me up.

And apparently this was the ruby of the apple entering me – if not before – and this presence told me that I was Nazi darkness but now no more, and I am also now no more a salmon farmer to make you grow after entering. It was also me playing Jack against you, which of course in reality was to help (“negative was positive” in the opposite world).

And it is first now that we are uniting Jack and all other parts of you inside of you, which is why you are the only one.

You were right, my refrigerator was not empty, I was the one having the right to transfer your life between other parts of you, but you were to be anchored here (as me).

18, 19, 20, we have not even reached your number yet”. I don’t have a smoke alarm now, you did it! Don’t you want a smörgås (the Swedish version of an open sandwich) now, i.e. received new life, we are right here and have plenty of festoon remaining, and received Swedish words because of “joy and happiness” coming here.

I felt my mother and was told ”this is also me”.

So I only had a taxi waiting for you if you could no more.

I was given the sound of a see-through plastic folder in the kitchen, and was told “what is inside here” and first there is nothing, but then I see an orange growing, so this is the right guy, and yes “me am everything” and a poor actor, I know, but I set it all up so I could become you in the end.

There was also a night when I did not wake you up where I needed currency to get in.

So now we just have to find each other so I can stop all of this game.

I was shown that if I had gone with darkness, I would enter a sausage wagon, which is also a bar, which is to say that darkness and light comes from the same source.

I was asked “don’t it feel good” now being “the one and only” (?), which I have postponed for a VERY LONG time saying that it is up to the light to decide what is the best because I truly do NOT care, and that is if I am “only Stig”, one of many parts of Jesus/God or the only one, and here the truth was broken with the Orange of God entering me as the only one, and there was potentially a danger in this question about the risk of “abuse of power”, which Bjarne Corydon and the Danish Government are example of today, see below, and I could only say that “it feels good as long as this is only positive” and I was thinking again of my future feeling of being proud of man living good lives doing fine work meaning that I will NEVER abuse my power on the cost of man; this is truly NOT my style.

The events of this chapter came to me late in the evening, and is now written down until 01.00, which was after a SERIOUS TIRED CRISIS, where I for 1-2 hours again was so tired that I had decided to sleep, but somehow I came through this, which opened to these events and now I am writing and publishing this too because this is normally the best way to do it, you know.

Abuse of power of the Danish Government led to a LOUD BOOM in USA as a sign of the end of the Old World

Paula is a Facebook friend of mine living in Louisville, USA, who together with MANY else experienced “the most tremendous BOOM”, which fire trucks/the authorities could not locate where came from.

FB 300313 Paula

As you can see from the following it was one of these LOUD BANGS as I have told you about before.

FB 300313 Paula 2

FB 300313 Paula 3

It made me tell her that this is a sign of the end of the Old World before the transition to our New World.

Fb 300313 Paula 4

This is another of her threads about the same and here, she said “interestingly” that she was dreaming of the Tsunami of 2004 (not 2005) while it was happening, and I understood when reading this, that this is why I was told 1-2 hours before this that the tsunami was to bring energy for us to go through our journey, and this is what I told her, and also that this boom is doing the same, which is really almost making the world break as you understand, the same way as I am almost crackling as a human being. But no, Paula does not want to understand because it does not “fit with my agenda” as she says (!), and yes just like I did not “fit with the agenda” of my family, friends etc., thus the world being far too busy with your own things than having time and energy to listen/read and understand to save the world, and because you had not, we had turned everything around making your wrongdoings be what saved the world! But later she opened up saying that she will see me on the other side, and yes “an opening” of light is what this is about.

FB 300313 Paula 5

FB 300313 Paula 6

FB 300313 Paula 7

Here is the article from Digital Journal as the linked to.

Digitaljournal jan 10

I thought that I would like to see where in USA that Louisville is located, so I found it on Google Maps, and the interesting part is here what I noticed, which is the small city of Corydon west of Louisville, and you may understand that this is referring to the Danish Prime Minister, Bjarne Corydon, and why is that (?), and yes because of his abuse of power, which is darkness destroying the world, so I wonder if you can or will see it yourself, Bjarne (?), but this is to tell you that I do NOT like “political games”, “hidden agendas” and “abuse of power”, so there you have it, and this is also about a big teddy bear I receive here from my left behind, which is really where you are supposed to be SUPPORTING me, Bjarne, but impossible it is for you and the entire government (?), and tell me again why this is (?), and is there a decree out on this as I here, and yes WIMPS is what you are (!), nothing less.

This is what I wrote about Bjarne Corydon yesterday, and let me underline that I do NOT know the details of this question, but this is the story coming to me.

“And I spoke to Mette, who is a school teacher, about the biggest labour market conflict ever, which will start here after Easter, and asked her many questions about this, and is this a hidden agenda by Bjarne Corydon, the Finance Minister, and yes Queen Margrethe of Christiansborg normally also have a finger inside the game, so have you decided to change the school no matter what to make the teachers teach more with less preparation time etc. (?), and you fully accept the freedom of the labour market to negotiate (?) without your involvement (?), and you could not dream about intervening let us say after 3 to 7 days of the conflict making the ONE and only proposal of the employers into law (?) to bring you what you want (?), and yes I don’t know the details of this and if this is the true hidden agenda, but if it is, this is ABUSE OF POWER of the worst drawer (!), which is NOT how we are going to play in our New World, when we will TRULY work together.”

Louisville map 300313

Some hours afterwards, Paula had found this article and decided to ask what the loud boom was, and yes, Paula, you don’t get it yet (?), and you MUST have become deaf at the boom, and oh you already were beforehand (?), and is this article about similar booms and U.S. Army cover-up? Later she said that “”now i’ve learned it may be from the New Madrid fault warking up. It’s ALWAYS SOMETHING!!!

wdrb 1

wrdb 2 200313

Google Earth shows my promise not to abuse my power as God and God as the “Space Oddity”

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show the long table of my mother set up for all life to become our New World, the fisherman and his wife (about my promise not to abuse my power as God), a pea pod of life (because I love pea pods and “the guy in spacesuit” – “Space Oddity” – being the centre of God returning with the kiss of a rose from temporary terminated life from outer space.

FB 300313 Jette 1

FB 300313 Jette 2

FB 300313 Jette 3

FB 300313 Jette 4

FB 300313 Jette 4b

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Kristian from Politiken said “think that the association of Danish Communes have been so poorly prepared on the conflict they have dreamt about in 100 years and a lunch package”, which may mean that they will lose it, and yes “funny” that he should include the word “lunch package” symbolising our New World also herewith saying that this is not a “normal” conflict, and yes I wonder if this is about abuse of power of the Finance Minister Bjarne Corydon & Co.?

FB 300313 Christian

  • No, Christopher, this is VERY often not the case, because of people and their surroundings NOT being pure, and yes I have shown you this in my scripts, but eeeehhh you also “cannot” read and understand me, and why is that?

FB 300313 Christopher

  • Jeppe was changing to summer tires on his car, but a nut did NOT want to get off “and now its form is destroyed by the amateur mechanic here” as he said, and I was told that this is related to what I said yesterday when we shortly spoke about Michelin restaurants and what we think about it, and I said that it is a tire (!) because of my disappointment ONCE AGAIN with Niklas and Isabelle, and when Jeppe cannot get tires on his car, it is the same as saying that I have difficulties to get my shoes on because of darkness of Niklas and Isabelle sent to me because of their extreme selfishness.

FB 300313 Jeppe

  • Helena as a “hobby” to smoke her own fish, and here she is smoking salmon for the Easter lunch she will have with Søren Pind – so you are truly sweet hearts again not being able to keep apart (?) – and then she said “but no sun, Søren”, and this is about the specialty of Bornholm called “Sol over Gudhjem” (“Sun over God’s home”), which is made from smoked herring, and we know, this is NOT what Helena and Søren did when they played the Devil both apart and together – and in another update, Helena smiled and said that “life is good”, and yes Helena you must truly enjoy yourself and your success in private, sexual and business “affairs” continuing to live your indecent life instead of reading, understanding and supporting me and my LTO friends? And the same goes with Søren Pind believing in God according to this feature article of his, but eeehhhh you never came around to visit and communicate with me, Søren?

FB 300313 Helena

  • Selvet brought a big “HOOOOWL”, which you know from yesterday also means “sexual sufferings” of darkness, which they send me, and no, I am still NOT allowed to speak freely on their Facebook site, and yes, I am still LOCK OUT from their website, “Stig is NOT welcome here”!

FB 300313 Selvet

  • This was one task I really did not believe that I would be able to make – there are others, for example Martin Krasnik’s TV-interview of Lars Hedegaard (the Muslim critic, who was almost killed by a Muslim “postman” a few months ago) – but here it is, and it is about Søren Pind writing the feature article below and here about his faith and how he connects this to FREEDOM, and I tried to bring my reply directly on the website of the newspaper of Berlingske, where his article appears, but as I have tried before, I am NOT allowed to write on your website, Lisbeth Knudsen, by my spiritual friends (I sent my answer, but it was NOT “accepted”) and there is ONLY one reason, and that is that you are darkness self distributing information on me via the secret IT-network of the official world, which on the other hand was also necessary of our survival (you do remember that “bad” is what made “good” via our opposite world, right?), so I can only bring my answer to Søren and the world below Søren’s article, which is written in Danish and where I told him that it is interesting that he believes in God without being able to read, understand and believe in me as Stig now opening to the Paradise of our New World. I told him directly that his relation with Helena is improper because spiritually they are son and mother, and I encouraged him to read my website and control his negative feelings to understand, and all of this shouldn’t be very difficult, should it, Søren?

Berlingske 2803 300312 Søren Pind

Berlingske 2803 300312 Søren Pind 2

  • This was my answer to Søren, which I “could not” upload to Berlingske:

Kære Søren,

Det er interessant, at du tror på Gud uden at ”kunne” læse, forstå og tro mig som Stig, som ikke alene viser vejen, men også ”nu” åbner vores Ny Verden, Gud’s Paradis, for ALLE mennesker – inklusive dig selv – efter at have påtaget mig menneskehedens synder (herunder dine) som mine lidelser, og skulle du være i tvivl, er du naturligvis velkommen til at spørge nogen over dig, som sammen med en hel officiel verden ved, hvem jeg er, uden at ”kunne” fortælle herom til verden på grund af egne synder/forbrydelser mod menneskeheden (!), og du kan for den sags skyld også tale med Lisbeth Knudsen, som har ”særligt kendskab” til mig.

Som det fremgår mange steder af min hjemmeside, er du og Helena IKKE er et passende parti for hinanden, for hvem kunne finde på, at være kæreste med sin mor (?), som i virkeligheden er dét, som dit og hendes indre jeg er i forhold til hinanden (!), og ja, det handler om at ville/kunne forstå andre end sin egen stærke, indre stemme, og om at kunne kontrollere sine negative følelser og et ukontrollabelt temperament, Søren (?), som jeg håber ikke vil løbe af med dig igen, som det har en kedelig vane at gøre?

Jeg fortæller dig kun sandheden, som en hel ”officiel verden” allerede kender til via dens ”hemmelige IT-netværk”, som gør, at den ”kan søge alle oplysninger anonymt”, som er et djævlens redskab selv.

Og så ser jeg i øvrigt frem til at modtage din undskyldning for din tidligere fejltagelse/misforståelse ved at blokere mig på Facebook (!) frem for at læse/lytte og forstå, at jeg er Kilden selv!

Læs min hjemmeside om ”The resurrected Son of God appearing as the new born God, Maitreya Buddha”, og om vores Ny Verden og verdensorden, som vil blive åbenbaret for en hel menneskehed ”meget snart”.

Lyder alt dette ”tosset” (?), og ja, husk hvad jeg fortalte om din egen stærke, indre stemme, og er der noget, jeg ikke bryder mig om, så er det ”bedrevidende uvidenhed”, som politikere i særlig grad eskalerer i som en hel særlig ”race”.

Pas godt på dig selv, og hils Helena mange gange. I må gerne bruge ØRERNE begge to :-).

  • Early in the day I was told if we should have let Frank Arnesen and his new club Hamburg SV win (?), and the answer came in the evening when I saw this after Bayern Munich won by 9 to 2 over Hamburg, and yes 9 to 2, and this is NOT an everyday result, and I am often mentioned “South Germany” as something very positive, and I have often thought about how I believe/guess (without knowing!) that Frank Arnesen has been influenced by a ROTTEN football world with a POOR moral when he worked for Chelsea, and yes is that all wrong, Frank (?), or do you know and use “all of the good tricks of the game”, and yes that is really why. My message for you saying that I do NOT like DIRTY FOOTBALL!

FB 300313 EB


31st March: We are equalizing Karen and I, and removing Sanna from Karen, who had a joint heart of darkness

I was shown the absolutely top and middle small section of the shelves in my living room, and how books were now placed on this shelf by someone in a small room on the other side, and from this room on the other side, is a door leading to a huge room of complete darkness including bears and more, and this is what is now coming on place.

I received a voice from this darkness saying “you are the only one stronger than me, thus the only one who can turn me around, I have felt it”, and yes via Jack and the world as I understand, and this is why I am now coming home to you to my/your/our new home.

So we will be going on the big sale at Magasin, which I am sorry to say that we already have done.

I was told that this outer space as mentioned before, where I was hiding, is now about to being cleaned up.

I still receive a mark to my right ankle most of the time, and now a big pipe leading to it with God tanking me up.

I was shown a wallet in my kitchen and was told that now I (soon) don’t have more money, i.e. energy of life, inside of here.

I was told that it was the resistance of John to me – his lack of faith – which was the reason why I received so much pain when the orange of God returned/entered me via my penis. And this would never be done if we had not invented a system where darkness automatically decided to stop smoking and becoming light, which you know was a decision of God self following the rules of the game.

We will just have to get down to Fjerde Sø (an old Danish insurance company) to pay a bill, and I remember a contact between Jørgen H. of DFM – Kim S’ father in law – with Fjerde Sø, and is this to say that Jørgen over the years had such a strong power of his daughter, Pernille, that it also had a grip on Kim sending me “tons of darkness” (?), and yes Jørgen never liked me when I worked together with him, Pernille and Kim everyday from 1991 to 95, but Kim knew that I could my job, which saved me back then several times.

I was told about driving 100 kilometres an hour (doing quick work) in order to show teeth to my father.

And I was told that “space has never been looking more promising” because of the clean up of God.

At 02.35 when I finished working with the update of the last of my script of yesterday, I was told that you have just set a new record here and I was reminded about my sister’s life being at stake and at least a game/make believe, and yes I do believe that she will be able to come on Monday, which is now tomorrow evening for dinner together with her family and I when visiting my mother and John, and yes this is the sign of it, and there will probably be more to do today and also tomorrow evening, so let us do that too.

I felt my mother and was shown the yard of my mother’s mother from Istedgade 98 in Copenhagen, and a number of wooden cabins – old toilets – being removed.

I was given a feeling of my mother flying to me from the left side over my head and towards my right long finger, and I was told that my mother’s (negative) feelings were connected to Sanna to bring me darkness/sufferings to absorb – this is how the system was set up – and this is what we will now change.

No one is to kill him” (!), but I cannot let be, and yes the transition between the old and new system.

And then Indians just have to connect to here” (inside my head).

Yes, it is confirmed all the way in here; your own family, friends etc. were determined to stab you down and there was only one way to come here, and that was to be stronger than all.

Is it here that I have to knock a pole through – I was shown a nig pole coming from my right – and no, it is not, but this is to say that my destiny as Jesus was also coming from here.

I was shown the old Nokken Nightclub in Rungsted Harbour where I came much in the beginning of the 1990’s – and Karen probably also came there as a regular guest, but this was before I got to know her – and I was told here you are both ways, what we are doing now is to equalizing Karen and Stig.

What do they call you (?), “stamp street” (?), which was the man with the stamp arriving.

I was told that it was the diamond triangle, which your mother used to locate me.

And then I did not have to be bald, because then I would have given all my gifts away.

The idea was for your mother – and sister too (?) – not to discover anything special also this Easter, which would be the best way.

Isn’t it funny, somewhere it had to fall down, the orange, and it did in Louisville USA where faith of Paula brought it to me.

I received words something like “and then this is to be roasted the worst way” etc. and I was told that this is the kind of material, i.e. darkness, as the spirit of my mother received with her when she was given the task to create the world, and yes pure darkness – seen from this site – and it took “some time” to cultivate and get to know a completely different environment, and this is still what is streaming out from here.

And would this darkness continue streaming out as is (?), and if you had lost it, we would have said that this was the reason of your mother’s death, and yes we know if I died, my mother would come into the game, which would kill her (?), and another part of me would overtake my job – something like this.

I also came in through the connection of space ships (as I was shown a few weeks ago) and the wires of the tunnel of the train.

We have a whole heart for you, and this was said at 06.25 when I was going to bed and as a consequence I was told that “this will just be sewed on him” (because I would sleep), and I could only say “no, it has got to be perfect”.

I did not have the best sleep until 14.15 with these dreams.

  • Four friends are in their land of dreams being able to pay anything to sleep together with any porn star as they please, which Stone does, but when I am offered the same, I refuse, and something about new, good forces of Russia helping to set up a new Danish satellite TV channel, and they bring all broadcasts from Norway etc. through some kind of channel to the new TV station with new presenters making it look good.
    • I am surrounded by darkness wanting to bring me my “old nightmare”, but there is a wind of change blowing in Russia helping me to bring out darkness to the TV station of our New World. I received strong hiccups writing down the notes of this dream.

  • I received one of TV2’s old and most popular songs “Be babalula” and the lyrics “Det er spil for galleriet, det er utrolig godt gået det er film for millioner og hva vil du ha!” (”it is a play for the gallery, it is amazingly well done, it is film for millions and what do you want”, which is basically the play we are still doing on our way to ”perfect” bringing out ”millions” of money/energy/life from the orange of God.

  • I am working at Danske Bank somewhere out in the country, and I work very efficient on contrary to others, who use a full day not really achieving much. A big monitor shows how much time is saved on all kind of tasks/processes, and I see that I receive an email with the headline “re-organisation”.
    • This will have to be a more efficient setup/organisation of our New World.
  • I am working at DanskeBank-Pension, I have my own corner with shelves I use fully, and when the consultants get the idea to do new red ring binders and store on shelves, they see that they almost have no shelves to do it, they try to look it at the office on the other side of the hall (at Kresten), but there are also completely full, and I tell them, that they small cupboard/shelves they have with a printer on can be expanded in height going to the ceiling, and I see that my old sofa table is trying to be removed. Lars G. is also there, and suddenly I receive a message on my computer saying that he has guessed my password, which is “heard”, and I ask him “where have you “heard” this” (?), and I have to change it. He is going to hold three external courses with clients to teach them how to become better consultants.
    • This is the old place of darkness where darkness no longer can expand, and Lars knows my password because he has heard about me from someone, and this could be Henrik D., Lars L. (from Waterfront), previous DanskeBank-Pension colleagues or maybe from the Conservative Party and yes this is about GOSSIP of people spreading the news of me.
  • I had short dreams of working together with a client in Lyngby first having Sidsel as a contact, and I would love to become sweethearts with her, but she is not interested in me, and she leaves for another company, and later about one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen, whom I simply must get to know, but she is also not interested in me, but more in another man with MUCH hair on his head.
    • More about my “old nightmare” and really about how much I miss a girlfriend every single day, and yes not easy to do this work “completely alone”, which is mostly the feeling I have – except from Jette and LTO.
  • I have been to a big lecture at a large hall connected to a shopping centre together with Søren H. and business clients but not an English speaking friend, and the clients invite us to go to a French Michelin restaurant, and my chair is being removed from the shopping centre, and I see myself cleaning up my things at the dressing room of the swimming hall.
    • I don’t mind business people to go out together, not at all, on the contrary, but you will have to pay yourselves as private people not letting your businesses do this for you, and I only mind Michelin restaurants and people eating there when you have a world of 1 billion poor people, and when you have not in our New World, there is NO LIMITS to the chase on quality and perfection :-).

I felt oil and was told and shown that this is how everything should be like but now everything feel like the Elephant Dumbo, and this is also what could be said about Bo from Dahlberg if you understand such a little one, Bo?

I was told that Robert from Falck has spoken so much about me that he has really burned over the wire, which I decided to save anyway.

Isn’t it funny that everything is based on (misunderstandings and) gossip about me behind my back – also people of the official world “knowing” about me telling it to others, and yes I wonder how many of you of the Old World – politicians, churches/the Pope (not least today, and NO, I was NOT “amused” of seeing you on TV news doing a mass of the Old World!!!), armed forces, businesses, and comedians for example continuing your play of the Old World knowing about what I think of you and how this makes you feel/suffer?

It is like having Stig and Karen on direct radio transmission saying ”we two are one”.

We have hatched out a big cow in Thailand before time, because of Michael Juhl Sørensen.

All of this is done with one of the major persons in the game, Karen, until the end believing that you should see a doctor.

I was shown that God as the Source – or the spirit of my father – has the car park with him as part of his luggage.

Darkness on the way in said that we just had some trouble recognising him, i.e. me, in the beginning. Shall we make peace now (?), yes please.

“Why do you have to be a heartbreaker?” It was not only me that Karen broke the heart on.

We have to say that it is approved, but still there are parts of us, which don’t want to enter you because Karen says differently, and yes I am the light and the strongest, and yes this is what he says, but it is as if, and yes feeling Sanna, she is part of this.

So it is a matter of parts of the kitchen that Sanna will help with tomorrow if she doesn’t become sick or “too scared” with the publish of this your new script of yesterday and today.

This is not a matter of “shaking” Sanna deeply in her foundation, “just a little” and yes for her to release the last part of her, which is Karen, and eeehhh ….?

We are also painting ourselves from the inside (over red colour).

No, England did not close the bridge to here, no one did or not as bad that I could not rebuild it, and everything controlled by your sister as part of you.

We cannot bear it anymore” has been replaced with “we don’t want a Honda to hold outside here, we don’t want to be exposed to the public, but since mother has accepted him and told us that “he is alright”, we will do too” and yes because of the importance of family to my sister, that is why. And with this, we are able to get a hand into the deep wallet behind it all – controlled by Sanna somehow connected to Karen.

We have decided to start early on picking this wallet out too, and yes by inviting Sanna inside to have a look on herself and yes via the mirror she is also providing – with the feeling “via my next Facebook update”.

This is the importance of Sanna coming to this dinner tomorrow even though she doesn’t really feel like coming because of me and what I write, and the feeling here is that she is influenced by Karen not wanting to see me, but she overcomes it because of the love of our mother to me.

And it is these two, Sanna and Karen via my mother, who have given me heart pain/attacks because information could not run through them when they blocked.

No, my mother could not stand any more fighting, which is also why Sanna decided to make peace, but her inner self has been tormented because of Karen going against you.

No, it is not the shopping centre on King’s Road in Hørsholm, which is Sanna and Hans’ preferred, it is the supermarket SuperBest right in front of Karen in Rungsted, and this is how they have been close to each other “influencing” each other, but if we work careful here, we just may be able to bring out the common “metal round thing” as I am shown (feeling that it is a heart), which controls them both, and why not give them one each (?), so this is what we will do, and yes according to your wish, Stig, also to let Sanna survive, because she was the intruder here sucking out blood of everyone and that is right in the heart of you and Karen.

Well, Earth is not that big is it that it can generate energy for a whole Universe (?), and here it comes, yes it can when Stig decides not to give in but to continue and yes what about cycling again today, my friend (?), and yes maybe a shorter tour this time because I am really not up to it.

We now see that we created Sanna and Karen like this on purpose and that it is indeed possible to remove Sanna and give her own heart, and the feeling was that she is “herself” and this was made on purpose as part of creation.

Creation would have been completely different if your mother/the world had taken over from you, and in what way (?), we cannot say because it depends on which road she and the world would have taken.

Yes by changing this we can keep being in the forest forever, and the spirit of my mother said “I would never have been able to figure that out”, and yes Stig, you have self confidence, which your mother has not much, so this is to say that we do believe we have reached the best possible result of creation with you bring the captain all the way.

I was told about URANIUM and it was divided into “Uran i UM”, which means “Uran in the Foreign Ministry” of Denmark, and I was told that you are “exploding” because of contacts from abroad about me?

I felt Pia Christmas Møller all around me, and was told that she was supposed to play a key role – or maybe does (?) – and yes, I sent her a new Facebook invitation a few weeks ago, but no, she still “cannot” accept it, and why is that Pia?

There is also a chicken (of creation) inside of here and that is behind the Karen/Sanna part.

My mother said “I don’t have a Honda at all parked here” and “it was I making them turn off”.

And the question is how many people do you tell of the “official community” about my coming arrival before I will make it known to the whole world (?), and yes who needs to know in “vital positions” not to be taken by surprise/storm when it happens (?), and yes how many have you spread the news to about me (?), and without telling me what you do and why you do it, but the whole world operating in covert operations against my direct wish and MANY encouragements to be OPEN, DIRECT and HONEST (?), and yes incredible that you cannot do what is RIGHT to do!

Your mother is not “out of sync” anymore, and we know she is truly a “lucky potato”.

I was given a few big sneezes, and was told that we don’t know how long we can keep on, so cycling is apparently important, and yes my monitor has started being yellow in periods of time today.

I was given rolling marks to the back side of my right lower leg feeling remaining darkness inside of here, and I was told that “it is me doing it”, and that is to remove energy of the world, and in that case, I can only ask you to deliver what you got, which I do believe will be given to our New World.

And these rolling marks are still potentially so strong that they can crack my leg and unpleasant is what it is.

And I felt here Georgie who felt “darkness” with me, which was why she left me, and yes she “could not” understand the reason why, and yes simply left.

This is about further extending the thread of your father.

This is the most decisive “we are going to destroy you”, and eeeehhh this is how we are coming out, but we see a world of light, and what do we do then (?), and yes show the love inside of us which is what we love the most.

Had I been to prison – mental hospital – this is what my father would have done, to release this part inside darkness.

No one can catch you up at that castle.

I was truly far too tired/exhausted inside of me to cycle, but I decided start at 17.30.

This – inside darkness – is something as unusual as chocolate thin and the content is all marzipan, which is pure will to live.

I started cycling against the wind in about 3 degrees temperature and felt poorly thinking that I would not last 30 but maybe 15 kilometres today, but I gradually came into some kind of rhythm, better than the last time, and really did 30 kilometres also today, and still with much difficulty, but less than before.

I was told that this is about creating yet a new bridge.

Your mother has always been nervous because the official world knowing about your coming, have always been nervous about what would happen.

I – my inner self – would come down at the end – after the opening of our New World – as a space being, when a road to outer space had been created by the New World, and now you have not lost me anyhow.

I was told that what we will do now includes a minor repair of the orange of God coming when entering me.

I was told that when I got started later on my journey than I should have, we thought that it would mean a bigger cut of life here at the end, but it does not.

I was told that John makes sure of a totally urban renewal – once again.

I received longer periods of enjoying the cycling today and the feeling of cycling on a quality cycle, which always makes me happy. At Snekkersten, I saw the rare view – to me – of four swans flying along the beach and landing on the water, which I have never seen before, a beautiful sign of FREEDOM it was.

At the end of the tour, I was completely destroyed, and my hands were freezing much, I truly did not feel well wondering if I could make it all the way home, so there was also periods of difficulties today, and I felt darkness inside my left leg and understood that we are counting to 21, which is really the magical number here – which I receive some times in a row via different signs a couple of weeks ago – in order to bring out this life too, and I was told that with this tour, my sister will for sure be alright now.

At home I was told that the ballpoint was meant to erase life, which was the only way to come here, or so we thought. So we had divided what was to live and not (thinking what would first be recreated on the other side of our New World), but it would require your approval, which you would never get. And yes it required termination of life to bring me up on the level of God, but let us safe this life too now that we can, and this is now another giant stock opening.

I felt the Kenyan Government, and was told that Elijah is also protected by spaceships. Furthermore I was told that lack of faith of Elijah – not always that he has faith in me – is what brought terminated life to the left foot of me.

I was shown a fish and felt my sister and was told “it isn’t your sister who is now going to deliver you, is it” (?), and it may be.

So what we are saving now is what the hand of your mother could not reach because of lack of faith in you.

I was told and felt that it is a main corner stone now coming – it is BIG.

We can now continue one more week (after my cycling), can’t we, and yes fino by me, and this is what is needed if you want everything with you, and I do, and yes I have NO idea for how long we can still play, but as long as I give energy …

We have now started releasing Karen from darkness.

The whole evening after coming home from cycling was a fight on whether I would have discipline and energy enough to finish and publish my script, or if tiredness would win, and here at 22.30, I might have 1½-2 hours remaining, which I hope I will be able to do, and then a tired crisis will come, and no I am not sure that I will “survive” this today, and not at all.

I am still given cracking sounds to my kitchen sounding like a tree, so there is still more to come after.

When I was preparing to publish this script, which will be followed by Facebook, I was told that this is what will move the big corner stone from darkness to me.

I was shown James May from Top Gear pouring tea up through a spiders web, with tea taking tiredness meaning that he is absorbing darkness too.

It is like me dancing – or Obama – in front of darkness where a large number of what used to be disorientated people are attracted to the light we bring.

I was given the sound of a table tennis ball jumping between two levels of my kitchen and I was told that we don’t know before tomorrow evening if we will make it right to the top.

No, he has never been to the play location himself (?), and I feel Obama here again, has he?

When I was preparing to publish the script on Facebook, I received the feeling of my mother getting everything with her and it came together with the strongest sexual speech of darkness. It now feels like I wear stockings again.

The spirit of my mother said you should know what kind of sexual abuse I found inside here.

Finally at midnight I had published this script too also on Facebook and you might understand that the headline may bring feelings to my sister, and “dares” she see me tomorrow evening after this (?), and yes the whole family is coming, and she wouldn’t risk jeopardising a good time together with the family, wouldn’t she?

FB 310313 Stig

Google Earth shows a happy crowd threatened to be eaten by darkness as part of the play of God

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show extreme richness/selfishness, a happy crowd threatened to be eaten by darkness as part of the play of God, all size’s of darkness are laundered, a good artist with the brush gives the best results, and a spring-hat to reach higher levels of God.

FB 310313 Jette 1

FB 310313 Jette 2

FB 310313 Jette 3

FB 310313 Jette 4

FB 310313 Jette 5

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Scribd shows that we have started saving life which was temporary terminated for me to reach the level of God.

Scribd 3103 incl 300313

  • Huey told the Spiritual Denmark group that at church she saw Jeses appearing in a beautiful light shape on the wall ending with Virgin Mary appearing, and I told her that it is one of many signs of a new reappearance, which will be revealed to a whole world, which also really is right in front of your noses if you want to see it already now, and yes later I brought a link to the Signs I page of my website, which I was surprised to see only few having an “interest” to see, and NO ONE had an “interest” to go from this to Signs II-III-IV and from here to the other of my websites, and yes people are truly sick in their mind that this is “impossible” for them to do because of laziness or feelings that I am crazy or whatever is the matter with them.

FB 310313 Spirituel DK

  • Thomas Blachman has started a new series of TV programs watching naked female bodies and saying something “nice”/poetic, which has caused much criticism here, and I am sorry to say, Thomas that you have been fooled by our spiritual friends because this is WRONG to do, and that is really to expose nudity, because nudity is a private matter between you and your partner, and yes I once believed in this myself as you, but I was taught that it is wrong months ago, so now I am telling you and the world the same.

FB 310313 EB

  • This is what is happening right now.

FB 310313 Dali



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