April 4, 2013: As God, I am now in the process of receiving my new heart of pure diamond, which is all of our New World


Summary of the script today

3rd April: As God, I am now in the process of receiving my heart, which is the total of our New World

  • Father and Son of the orange of God are entering our New World through darkness protecting it, and I will not accept to do this in a brutal way as darkness wants to, but “the right way”. This is my gift coming, and it also goes through Jack. I am now in the process of receiving my heart, which is the total of our New World.
  • Dreaming of Steven Greer and Arnold Schwarzenegger being connectors of people of other civilizations, missing a girl friend and working inside of darkness driving against the direction of the world.
  • Short stories of Fanny being negative and rejecting me when telling her the truth of her selfish self, Paula did not only experience a loud boom but also a hacker trying to steal the content of her computer, i.e. the world, which however was saved, garden furniture of the Source arrived safely at Kronborg Castle, my old favourite store Phonoteket in Helsingør, Johannes the mayor also talks, talks and talks, Michael Sadler received a little help from his friends, I was happy hearing from John and Elijah even though they could have written about how they TRULY are.

4th April: My mother of the New World is bringing me my new heart of pure diamond, and my head too

  • The New World is now finally entering me as the Source after having soaked up the content of the deep crack at the entrance. My mother of the New World is bringing me my new heart of pure diamond, and my head too – the New World is my body, heart, soul and everything. When the New World will come all the way Inside of, here we do not really exist, we only pretend that we do. My mother handed over the power of our New World to the Source.
  • When the big pointer of the clock will strike, I will show you the future, and this will also be the first time ever that I get out of this place and that is because I have never been inside the world I have created.
  • Dreaming of getting the last life of darkness into our New World, my old colleague Michael P. N. speaking negatively about me behind my back, and our New World includes a huge variation of “spices”.
  • Short stories of Kim also making me a “walking dead”, darkness/insanity of North Korea because of the same of my father, everything was saved when the orange of God entered, Florencia Anton is a medium painting pictures by Picasso etc., the sick culture of DSB, I have brought the New World to the very top of the Source, “not the end of the world, but a new beginning”, PIRATES were building material of the Source to create life, I went through my journey without receiving a heart attack killing me, the truth is catching up on the Danish Liberal Party, and it is very soon time for sunrise of our New World.


3rd April: As God, I am now in the process of receiving my heart, which is the total of our New World

I was told that it did not matter much that I did not visit the main land of Venezuela in 1997 when I was with Camilla at Isla Margarita because “then we just moved him to the island”, which is about Chavez.

You have not seen any of your mother’s roses unfold yet (?), that was strange, I am sure I gave the order and let us see “carry on right until the very end and start our New World just before our Old World breaks apart”.

There is nothing more than an 8 or 9 iron remaining for the final hole and yes a few strokes only.

I was told about the European HR Manager Ian Baker from GE Insurance, who decided to dismiss me in 2002 because I had smoked at the office after working hours when working over as his main reason because of complaints from the staff in Copenhagen instead of understanding the real issue with Morten J. and his lack of business ethics and moral, which the Head office knew all about and instead of carefully reading my “test work” of being a leader, which I had send him, and I am told that even the previous CEO of General Electric Jack Welch feels sad about how his company was “not able” to keep a “star” in the company, which is what I was appointed as, and yes because of bureaucrazy and a HR leader not knowing what he did.

Do you think that he has a key to the room where we hide?

I was shown two HUGE persons wearing what looked like black monk clothes with a cap, but they gave the feeling of Hip-Hop artists and darkness, and they came down from the 1st floor of a big and very fine modern villa to a table of four on ground floor where I sit with three other people having breakfast and they said “we have found him”, and these two are really waiters working for me inside of darkness, and actors, who are about to reveal themselves, and yes father and son.

It is right that we have put (Benjamin) Crème on your door, but we are not going to reveal it yet.

I was told that this is what Fanny does to you, and then I received a physical pain to my stomach and said “ouch”, but it was important for you to speak the truth directly to her to come through also to your mother, see the short stories of today.

And the next – after the difficulties to find the orange of God – is to open the gift of it, which is what we are trying to do now.

Aren’t we going down to thank all the stores, who helped me (?), and the feeling is that “stores” are people opening to and helping me.

You could truly have received serious injuries with that clock, yes we warned you, but you decided not to be afraid, which of course is the right attitude.

My monitor blinked and I was told “you have just received another round”, the game continues.

I received more “kill you” commands and other negativity, and we could decide to tear up this wallet, but no, let us take it easy and do it right, so this is what we do.

Ehhh, we haven’t found a way yet to distribute our gift to everyone, Stig, it is inside of here, I am sure of it, and you don’t want me to use this knife/scissor (in a brutal way), and no he wants us to do the best work not taking shortcuts, as usual you know.

Now you are the first choice of the farm, Stig, as my father says humble, and yes we are one, so I do believe we will agree on what to do, there is no reason to be unnecessary humble, but to be yourself and be strong.

Well, we would have completely smashed you before you would get here ….

Later: We just wanted to say that the gift is on its way, also because of the help of Fanny, and yes you are improving her faith despite of all …

I received a new loud cracking sound to my shelves – and felt/saw dark wood – and I was told that I did not tell you that I might be dark in the beginning, and yes apparently some difficulties to enter the New World, but take your time my friends, I am in no hurry here, and yes I am given the taste of chips as I have been given many times the last days or “French potatoes” as they are called here, and you do know that potato is a symbol of God – down-to-earth – and French is darkness but my preferred travel country, so let us say that it is light all over on the inside of it, and this is what we are now starting to open.

Even though we would very much like to say, we did not succeed to get all the way in the very trunk of the Source, and this is what you are now going to help us with, otherwise it will cost the life of your father …. , or will it?

So we have thrown a lot of water on the New World to protect it and eeehhh from yourself and the Old World (?), and this is the water we are now going to remove too (?), and yes why not, a new surprise, and the real surprise will come the day when there are no more surprises and you will simply open our New World.

So you have decided that here it is not possible to go on the toilet, i.e. to destruct, but otherwise this water acts as darkness normally do.

Do you think you can continue this (?), and it all ends up with Karen and her birthday the 12th April, and yes yes yes we know, bring it on!

Or else it is Karen, who will come to you, and I was shown an angel with a horn about to fly in through a window of my mother’s mother, who is connected to this, and yes remember that we would start making her understand you?

I was shown myself coming out of the dark entrance hall to a stadium. And a dog at a house eagerly wanting to pull me forward.

And this is because you continue saying “you are heartfelt welcome” and yes still no sleep here at 04.30, so this makes the game continue.

I am shown light, and was told BEFORE that I was headed directly for the light (?), so we will see what happens, and how strong this darkness is protecting the New World.

The force we use to open the door to the New World is the same force, which we use to baptise children, and I was shown a ballpoint pen.

Who will then open the tonne heavy door, we have speculated over this so much that we have not been able to sleep (like I).

I was told that my decision not to write to Anton recently – not to prioritize it because I had more than enough to do – is also of importance, and I decided that my Facebook messages have to be strong enough for him to keep his faith in me, and yes he gave me a couple of “likes” recently, so hopefully he is still with me. And also my reaction to Fanny, and I was given “speculations” about what was right and wrong (because of speculations of other people coming to me, for example Fanny!), but I decided that I don’t want to be weak speculating, I took a decision and this is what I believe is right.

I received the feeling of my father and darkness from the outside, and how it directly attacked my throat giving me a little cough, and I was told that this is what it has learned from me, and yes the difference is that I have decided to win.

I was shown whipped cream being poured over the cake, because no one were to enter, remember? And we have not given the heart out to anyone, Stig, because no one was supposed to come and get it.

I was shown a yellow house at Holmen in Copenhagen, which is an old naval base, and I felt that this is the entrance to the New World, and this is also a reference to Jack, so now we are returning, Jack.

I was shown the THICKEST imaginable walls around an old and large fortress together with water graves protecting it, and you cannot just enter there unless of course you are everything yourself, so it is only open to you, and you are welcome over the next days.

I was shown a black crow die and enter the deepest and most concentrated black small room giving me the feeling of ancient Egypt, and we are placing her there to help us opening it from the other side, and this is about the effects of how I spoke directly to Fanny, which she “could not” take.

I went to bed at 05.10 and had difficulties falling asleep but eventually I slept until 14.30 with these dreams.

  • I am at mental hospital where they are trying to “treat” with incredible small UFO’s (only a few centimetres big) and flowers, and I tell everyone that it is right that I all my senses are (spiritually) influence, but I saved myself, your treatment did not. The responsible doctor here is Steven Greer (of the disclosure project), and I invite him to go out with me to meet real UFO’s, and at a highway, we stand in one Commune looking a few hundred metres up the road where Arnold Schwarzenegger lies on the road, now inside Hørsholm Kommune, and I see Arnold having a monitor inbuilt, which Steven also has now, and I tell Steven that the connection will now come because these monitors are the direct link to people of other civilizations.
    • Steven Greer never answered my email, so was this “too crazy” for you, Steven (?), but are you in doubt (?) with flowers meaning “warm feelings”, and it seems as if Steven and Arnold are being used as connections on Earth of people of other civilizations.
  • I see my old girlfriend Henriette transfer pictures of old fashion shows of herself from her work phone to her private phone using wireless technology, and she is just as “crazy” (doing things her way) as I remember her, and I see how she meets and hugs her husband with a smile, and it makes me sorry to be alone myself.
    • Yes, still sad I am to be alone.
  • I have received a new job with Kim at DFM, which includes a company car, and I only have a finance limit allowing me to get a middle sized business car for example like a Peugeot, but I have heard that BMW have very attractive leasing arrangements making it possible for me to get a BMW 320 within the limit even though the cash price is above the limit, which also will make me “look like more”, and I have to measure the size of Town Hall Square in Copenhagen, which is of the size of a big football field, and bring this to the BMW dealer, and I am really already driving around a BMW 320, which has some scratches to the left window frame, and I drive the opposite direction of the traffic from King’s New Square up Store Kongensgade towards my work at Frederiksgade. At work, Preben and I sit incredible close to each other, and I think that it is strange that he does not comment what happened yesterday. There is soup and I change into a red sweater. We work hard, and there is no room for Henrik.
    • Still working inside darkness going against the direction of most people. I do NOT like “price arrangements” hiding the true value of products, and also not for people to feel the need of “showing off” via products to improve their own self-esteem, which is a feeling you will not have in our New World. The soup is about changing into my new self, and Henrik was one out of several, who “could not” work at DFM simply because they were not professionals working too slow and/or at too low a level.

I received very low speech for a long time including that this will become the biggest gift imaginable, “not funny to be roasted, Corydon?”, Do we hear the dissolution of the Prison Service (?), your mother is also not finished as pop singer, and I have really come to a layer with a lot of low voices, where I cannot hear most of them other than speech in the background, which I “almost” can hear – also bringing me sufferings just because of this – also including my mother saying “can you forgive me, Stig”.

Mette cannot choke on it because she only knows about you from your mother and John.

John also has a shell company at home, which he does not tell anyone about.

It may be that you can catapult yourself from this, and walk all the way home also to the New World as your old self, can this really be done? And I feel that it is the mother in me showing the road.

My mother had called me three times when I was sleeping wanting to invite me for the yearly musical of Espergærde Youth School called “the world awaits”, which is playing on the Culture Yard in Helsingør, and I did not hear the phone, and when I stood up, I called back, but now my mother was in town as John said, and later she called back, but now she was impatient with me and potentially she had “lost it”, and yes there were only seats on the 17th row back, and now she had decided that this was too far back for her to see, but “you can cycle down and ask if they have other tickets”, and no, mother, I am not going to cycles now, I have just stood up and have other things to do first (take a bath and write this script), and besides from this, the phone volume was now so low again that my mother almost could not hear, which is both a sign of almost stopping the game and it also led to my mother not hearing what I said, and yes becoming “not in the best mood”, and yes she said that I could go alone too, and no thank you, and this is how we finished the call “suddenly”, and I was told that this is also because of the influence of Fanny “cross” with me being brought to my mother.

And I did not know if seeing this musical was also “part of the road of God” to open the door to our New World, which had to be difficult to do, but no, this is NOT how I work, so this is why we could not use this door, if it was a door, and maybe just a sign that the world is awaiting me.

We told you; that the start of our New World will be “tough” or even with people hurting, but no, you will not allow that.

We don’t only have one door bell, you mean?

We cannot rattle more than we do, the key (to open this) is inside the cake self meaning that it is impossible for me to get, and yes the messages between how easy or difficult this is to do seems to change, and I really don’t care, I just continue doing my best and that is no matter what, and this will have to be good enough.

I was shown that the tower of the Town Hall in Copenhagen is full of snakes, and this is where we are going; up to the clock, which is where we will start everything.

I was told that it was not your chair, which your family would leave out (the chair-game), was it?

I continue receiving small heart attacks also showing that the game continues.

I was given a low sound to my kitchen as if it was inside a plastic packing and heard with a low voice “Now we can almost also not bear it anymore and will come out to you”.

I was shown a high cliff and how chairs were standing on a stone terrace and a chair trying to be hoist over the cliff and placed next to the others and wait, do I have to look like this or that, and is it so that everyone is inside the New World, and I am the only one lacking and yes to make a chair for me too inside the New World.

I was told that since the war, it was my mother making the world go through “cutting knives” and first when I was born, it was me taking over.

I was told that as long as I keep writing, darkness cannot force me to admit defeat also meaning that I am in charge deciding over darkness, and yes everything has to be perfect – right until the end.

And this is because I am now in the process of receiving my heart, which is the total of our New World, and yes this is the chair, my living being, being set up now.

I started receiving MUCH JOY under the act of what is coming.

I cleaned up the apartment, which I have not had time to do for some time because of extreme work pressure and extreme low energy, and yes I had so low energy that it was almost impossible to pull myself together to vacuum clean, but I did this too.

Later I felt exhaustion coming from the outside, this is also how my mother feels, and then it attacked my oven, and switched it off, and yes this happens often here and “spiritual darkness” it is.

I was shown three wires leading to the world and was told that this is how we will show ourselves, as the Trinity of father, mother and son even though we are One God.

At 22.00 to 23.00 I was utterly and completely finished and broken down, “empty” and tired you know.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • It seems that Fanny has been thinking of me for days not liking much to hear the truth, so what does simple minded people do who cannot and will not look into the mirror (?), and yes they complain (!), so this is what Fanny decided to do instead of trying to open up and understand and so she said that “I am really a little tired of you scolding me, the Jesus I know and have always gone with has never spoken down to me”, and no, Fanny, you simply “cannot get it” no matter what I do and tell you, and yes she receives my voice as a spiritual voice, which however has never been the voice it claimed to be, i.e. Jesus, simply because Jesus has first been resurrected the last couple of years, and yes, this was NOT what I was looking forward to receiving, but I decided to answer her asking her to be STRONG and try to understand instead of trying to not understand A yes-man always supporting you also when you behave wrongly and are selfish is NOT Jesus’ and let us say Stig’s true nature, because this is my name today, and yes I speak the truth to make you improve, and this is the truth, which Fanny (also) does not want to listen to, and then I told that she has always worked fro darkness because of this voice of hers pacifying her, and because of her selfishness and prioritization of her own comfort, she brought me much sufferings, and she still continues speaking about herself instead of offering to take on my sufferings and do her very best to read and understand me, and yes it is only a true friend, who can write this to you, Fanny, and what is the thanks (?), and yes “If I was selfish, I would have lived an easy life not being where I am today, instead I would walk around a small house in the south living by my fortune, which I would have had. You have no clue what you speak of”, and yes isn’t it amazing how DEAF and better-knowing ignorants that people can be and yes “impossible” it is to look into the mirror to see the true picture of people self.

FB 030413 Fanny

  • Paula is truly having some of her worst experiences ever in her life, first there was the “loud boom” last week and now she discovered that her computer was also hacked from Nigeria, which to me is about the risk of losing information of the world because of the arrival of the Orange of God, but a nice Indian guy “saved her life” and the content of her computer, which was a very great experience to her, and later she discovered that she had indeed lost her large format art files, but she has a back in the cloud of the Internet, so it seems that everything went fine afterall, and yes I wonder what will become the greatest shock to Paula, the loud boom, the hacking of her computer or the truth or receiving God self and passing him on to me?

FB 030413 Paula

FB 030413 Paula2

FB 020413 Paula 3

  • Here is an old picture of Kronborg Castle and as Jørgen says “here with an extra feature … GARDEN FURNITURE!!”, and yes Jørgen, this is the kind of furniture coming from the Source, and just to say that we have arrived safely.

FB 030413 Kronborg med HAVEMØBLER

  • Here is a picture from my old favourite store of Helsingør, Phonoteket, together with Grethe and her husband Anders, which made me tell the old story of how I won a CD-player in 1984 and we were only two buing CD’s in Helsingør, which made Grethe say that there was clearly no future in CD’s, which she would then stop selling, and yes I bought CD’s there in 1984 of 198 DKK per piece, which was really theft at high noon – which is also about how people stole my energy – and now, this store sadly does not exist anymore. And yes a new “normal” story of me to the Helsingør in pictures Facebook group to show people of the city that I am completely normal.

FB 030413 Phonoteket

FB 030413 Phonoteket 2

  • Johannes the mayor said that he had a “fantastic day” and then he mentioned one meeting after the other where he talked, talked and talked, which made me tell him “yet another day full of talk and no true work, Johannes?

FB 030413 Johannes

  • I have often written about “a little help from my friends” in my scripts, which Michael from SAGA was then inspired to write in his newsletter below showing our connection, which then made me share this song with my favourite artist. Later I was told that he is believing that I am sick too bringing pain to me.

FB 030413 Sadler 1

Sadler 2

  • I was happy to hearing from John and Elijah again, and thought “this is better than nothing” deciding to be happy about that, but wishing that they would have taken their time to send me long emails TRULY telling me about how life is and what they think of, and yes, Elijah, who won (?), and let us just say that light/life did and that is on a much higher level, which you are going to experience/understand my friend.

John 030413

Elijah 030413

  • Sanna’s old friend Eva clearly shows symbols of darkness in relation to me – “chocolate, liquorice” – and did anyone tell you that you are superficial too, Eva, and yes all over the world you see this.

FB 030413 Eva

  • Amazing that people can think this, right (?), and Paula is one of them and she is posting MANY anti-Obama posts.

FB 030413 Guardian

  • This is one of Jette’s pictures of yesterday of H.C. Andersen’s fairytale of the Tinderbox.

FB 030413 Jette 1


4th April: My mother of the New World is bringing me my new heart of pure diamond and my head too

My mother of the New World is bringing me my new heart of pure diamond, and my head too

I was told abut my sister being met by colleagues asking her about how her “crazy brother” is doing, and is it difficult answering questions like that, Sanna (?), and that is because there are no signs at all of my “craziness” when we are together?

I would like to speak if I was allowed, and yes I head “half speech” and receive “half speech” of the other side difficult to hear.

There is no more sad than this, which is about sitting here waiting on the New World to become ready and start, and I was told sad in Danish as “trist-an” with the addition of “an”, which is a reference to Tristan, one of the Knights of the Round Table.

Isn’t it pizza and tomato you have allowed to enter, and I was shown how this is exactly what it did now crossing the deep cracking, which we met when entering the Source, and this pizza is becoming round making it a Calzone, and let us here celebrate by playing the Calzone-song by Eros Ramazotti as I have always called it, and yes much easier to remember for a non-Italian speaker, and also much funnier really, and yes “if I had a song” this would be it, and if I had a pizza, it would be a Calzone :-).

I was shown how water is still pouring down 1-2 levels above me pulling me up.

I was told that you are not a dissident (“a person who actively challenges an established doctrine, policy, or institution”), are you (?), we also have them out here, and this was because I was watching a very interesting documentary about how “the licensed Old World” of the music and film industry was chasing some young Swedish men working for me (!) because of their file-sharing site www.piratebay.se – the largest file-sharing site of the world – and you may remember that I like FREE CULTURE and NO COPYRIGHTS (?) and also FREEDOM OF SPEECH and where do you have this united (?), and yes via these young men also hosting www.wikileaks.org, and yes I liked them very much NOT breaking down to the old established system wanting to destroy them as the world of darkness wanted to destroy me (!), and yes remove porn and violence from all of this, and you will understand that this is coming from me as the rebel, rebel that I am.


Piratebay 2

Isn’t it funny how Paula’s Indian saviour also looked like a pirate really (?), and yes I have been shown the pirate as darkness all along, but when you are darkness and decide to act a light, this is what you get, so there you have the explanation to this symbol.

I felt an egg of our New World pouring in over me, we don’t have this here, but accept. I was shown an outline of a heart being drawn by the inner Source of me, and this was answered by my mother of our New World showing me a heart of pure diamond, which is what she will give me, which was a touching moment, and I was given the feeling of Peter D. from commercial school (high school you know) and reminded of his sirname “Demandt” almost being diamond.

This is my new self coming, and darkness of me tried to say strongly no thank you and give me a small heart attack, but there is nothing to do, and yes my little finger is doing somewhat better today, thank you.

This is my new heart rising inside of me as it does to the Town Hall Tower to reach the clock to pull up our New World. And I was given a mark to my left ankle and was told that we bring everything including all life, which was trapped inside of darkness here.

I said that no one will die inside darkness, it is only make believe, which is to say that my mother of our New World entered here to bring all of the New World with her right to my heart, and I was told that it was Hans, my sister’s husband, showing the road.

We don’t know if he, i.e. me, likes this process because he may break down going through it, and yes, I become less and less as my old self, and how can I keep up and also keep up the world, and if I cannot, the only answer is that the remaining darkness will be given to the world as sufferings just before switching on our New World, and it cannot be much, which will happen now, but let us see if I cannot hold it to the very end.

I was told that inside of here – at the Source – is something very unique, which you are going to see, and later I was told that this is about the big pointer of the clock preparing to strike, and when this happens, I will show you the future.

You did not need a driver’s license to get her, because the New World could have taken care of it, but now that you are here, it is fine. So the New World is still on its way to my heart, and I also still receive not only negative speech, but also a physical resistance/disgust – and yes I am so tired/exhausted that I am still very dizzy, which means more dead than alive. And I was told that this is still about the spirits of my mother and father making love all the way up to my heart.

No, we would not always have to pay off that debt did we (?) unless you could reset it, and this is about terminated life inside of here if I had not released it.

No one has to drown is the conclusion, which means that we don’t meet resistance here, which otherwise would have required sacrifices of the New World.

I was told that we have now removed Karen’s attitude about me being “glued” to her because of the fact that I am not (!), and later I felt the spirit of her in the apartment, and I was told that this is a thought of her of how it would be to live with me here – with the beautiful view – instead of with Denis.

It is really not highly exciting how this will end because we have already written this and the beginning of the future, which is what we will present for everyone of our New World.

Inside of here we do not really exist, we only pretend that we do, and when enough do this, this is what makes us strong enough to survive. So if you or your mother should die, it would only be temporary because you are in here. Do you still want us – the New World – to come closer (?), because your mother is not quite like this yet (?), and yes this could make me nervous, but please “make perfect”, which includes to become “nothing”, but still being our physical selves because this is what we have decided to be.

The spirit of my mother said that this is what I now give from me, the power of our New World and that is to the Source.

This is what came out of not sleeping earlier, which I this time was absolutely certain that I would – I feel weaker daily.

It is not quite like a pelican or seagull coming there – the New World – it is my freedom, and this will be the first time ever that I get out of this place and that is because I have never been inside the world I have created, which is also my home and yes via Stig, my mother and everyone.

This is also driven by your sister because of her opening to you.

Do you know who has been even closer to sue you (?), and yes Bo, your “good old employer” at Dahlberg, who did not like to be exposed to the world for telling the truth of just how lazy and dumb he really is, and yes business wise and also in private being completely deaf.

It would of course only be for a moment of time that we would deduct life, and yes until we were settled and prepared to bring back everything, which has ever been, and the other thing we said earlier in the night – before you started writing this down at around 03.30 – was only to scare you and that is the nature of darkness remember.

Do you remember that we said that now we could not develop you more (?), and then I was shown some kind of metal frames and maybe even skeleton being lifted up too.

Dreaming of getting the last life of darkness into our New World

I went to bed at 06.00 and slept as long as to 14.45, but still I am not fresh, and just before sleeping, I felt my old class friend Henrik H. – as I do sometimes – and was told “I give you unsettled at the most” and I was told “Rikke does too”, and here are the dreams.

  • I am doing sales work together with the Beatles to get people into a pension scheme, and far the most have entered by now, but not all – we are writing it up on a whiteboard, and the way we do it is to sing one verse of one song per day, and I am on my way together with Paul to start work of the day, but then I see that George has returned, and instead of singing his song, I invite him to go – he is after all the writer – and I tell him that everyone loves his song, and also that my mother loves “here comes the sun”, which makes Paul say that it is his song and also that it is funny that people have different favourites of Beatles’ songs.
    • Before sleep, I was told that we had saved all by now, and in this dream I am told “almost all” meaning that there are still more to save – which is done via love, i.e. Beatles – which is also what Scribd shows below with some days not being pulled up yet, and yes it is really George, who has written “here comes the sun”, and why is it that some people take credit of what other people have done – to look better (?) – and no, I don’t get it.

Scribd 0404 incl 030413

  • I am at DanskeBank-Pension and Michael has hung up what is really a logo in 3D and first I believe it is the logo of the old Handelsbanken, which Danske Bank has merged with, but when I look close, I can see that it is from the old bank Privatbanken, and it includes a sword, and Michael tells about how he does not like another colleague, which I would never say like him behind his back. Later I am at a branch where a branch employee has invited a group of customers to a lecture after they have had old pension schemes paid out before time, and I have seen other branches advising the same kind of customers poorly not thinking through properly what is the best to do, but this branch does somewhat better presenting a proposal on a whiteboard on how to re-invest the amount into a new pension scheme, and during this, all people sing a verse on shift, and I cannot remember the lyrics, but make up my own, and I give my advise to the young bank lady, who did this presentation – who reminds me of the talented young lady from the job search course in Helsingør in 2011, what was her name again, and yes the one running scared away from me (?) – and I tell her to think ALL possible solutions through and to give a presentation of all options instead of doing only this one making some people think that the bank pressures down this solution over theirs heads and really more because of the needs of the bank than the customer, and I see how this new pension scheme includes a long list of options for people to choose freely what kind of spices they would like to include – almost as if you make a pizza – and this list is folded our on Klostermosevej next to Prøvesten shopping centre. Finally, I encourage her to think her ideas through and present a draft for me.
    • It seems as if my old colleague Michael P.N. is speaking poorly about me behind my back, and he was the one who helped me to DanskeBank-Pension in 1988 and would like to be a mentor without being one, because he was not professional/skilled enough even though he had this reputation in the branches of the bank. Today he is at Willis where I am sure that many people have been speaking much about me, am I right (?), and no, not one single of you spoke to me!
    • We are still bringing people from the old pension scheme of the Old World to the New World, so we are not all done.
    • Always a good idea to do your absolutely best, and to develop the best concepts for all branches/people to use instead of poorly developed/designed “solutions” as you see all over today, and to invite ideas from everyone to be taken into account.

I was told that the world/EU was ready to give up the Schengen Agreement – EU without internal borders – but not the World Order as is!

I was told that it is nice to have “no codes” (of the kind working against spaceships of people of other civilizations) on Earth, which is also a condition in order for us to land.

Some parts of the world don’t believe that we will change with our New World. Parts of the world have been waiting to celebrate me since last world war.

You have convinced friends of yours, but no one is able to think “does he need money” (?), which is why they also send “dressed to kill” as part of their symphony towards me.

This means that my mother is a gold duck – I felt my inner self still as darkness. So now I can not only plant roses, but have all of this New World as part of my library/tools to do anything I like with it (?), and yes this is part of the gift, Stig, from your mother and father to you, and we know a little bit overwhelming you say, and do believe that we are still one. You will have dogs of any race, i.e. life of very great variation.

And this is because you are “not as sick anymore”, and yes is this what my sister believes and tell about me?

Don’t we have enough nitro-glycerine to burn her down to the ground (?), and yes an old reflection this has to be, because this is NOT how I am you know.

I was told about my teeth and now we have finally caught him who ran away from you.

We are collecting money to have a conversation with you.

I was told that no one of the authorities knowing about me interfered with the warnings of the police about me being “potentially dangerous”, this had to pass over by itself.

My mother called because she wanted to come by with the 200 DKK she offered to pay for the bicycle repair – but we agreed to wait until tomorrow when I will visit them again – and she also offered to pay for a new card of 270 DKK for the swimming hall, but I told her that now when the bicycle works, I will hold a summer break from the swimming hall, and it was really because I don’t like to receive “money for nothing”, and my mother accepted this, and yes now we are good friends again.

I was shown my head being put on, which is also our New World.

I cycled to town to do a little shopping, and my gear is now almost “behaving”, but on my way home I thought of my Facebook friend Florencio Anton – see the short stories – and then I felt darkness coming to me, which made my chain/gear jump strongly, and yes “who do you think I am or not, Florencio?”

I was told that because I have photographed so much, the task of photographing has now been taken over by my new self/New World also to get the last part of me with me.

My head is still scratching and when I start scratching it just a little, it scratches even more and so much that it becomes “completely crazy” and feel impossible not to scratch, and yes NOT nice is what it is, and still it is about the sufferings of my LTO friends and their families, and I really don’t know how little of much they are suffering because they are too proud to tell me the truth directly, openly and honestly, which I am sad that they “cannot”, and yes “wrong culture” you know.

Do you know what, I just found sunshine in the south of Yemen.

I am now so tired and incredible dizzy/heavy in my head almost breaking apart/falling physically down and that is almost around the clock that I can do only less and less, and at the same time pressure is given to me because will this mean the end of maybe my father or Kirsten as this play is about?

I was told that we have kept your mother awake at nights too to move HUGE vanfuls of furniture.

This is the worst I have set up, and yes to avoid this from falling down on your head.

I was told that a little darkness disappears, it will be used at the very end – and only if it is alright with light of course.

What we are doing now bringing the New World to the top of the Source corresponds to adding a tiny drop of gold back to the Source, which is “impossible” to do.

And I cannot tell you how sad I am of lack of understanding and/or support of family, friends etc., while I still go through this feeling “almost alone”.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • My old colleague from Fair, Kim, was in Egypt, then Mexico, then London and now Mexico (again) and USA, and this is within a year or so, and here he says that jetlag is the most annoying when you have to go on job tomorrow looking like someone alive and not someone from “the walking dead”, and yes this is TRULY fantastically amusing, Kim (?), and eeehhh you were one sending me all of this darkness making me the walking dead, and you really did not notice and understand that your selfish behaviour is what is doing this?

FB 040413 Kim

  • North Korea is possessed by mad men of darkness now threatening to send nuclear missiles against USA, and I was told “because of my father” and you know darkness that he sends to me, and yes North Korea; it is NOT forbidden to THINK (!) – if you can (?) – and also to read and understand me, and then you will understand that what you do is “completely crazy” (!), and that is just like my father, and yes SIMPLE MINDED is what you are, and the worst is that you are abusing your population because of your own insanity.

FB 040413 CNN

  • Paula also found her huge format images, so everything was saved when the orange of God entered.

FB 040413 Paula

  • This is the medium Florencio being in trance when he paints for example pictures of Picasso, and yes I shared this painting on my timeline too, and besides from Jette, nobody seems to care/like this, or are you just too scared to show what you truly think/feel.

FB 040413 Florencio

  • The lawyers have now completed the investigation of the co-operation between DSB, the Danish Railways, and the lobbyist business Waterfront, and the conclusion is not surprisingly that “there has been a sick culture in DSB” as the headline shows, and yes BRING OUT ALL SKELETONS OF ALL CLOSETS ALL OVER THE WORLD and yes out in the free for everyone to see, this is what this is about.

Berlingske 0304 040403 DSB

  • Lars is the man administering the Helsingør in pictures Facebook group, and the man I received the name of not that long ago – without understanding that it was him – and here he brings a picture of his son at the highest point of Helsingør (Hestens Bakke at Vapnagaard) with a view over Sweden even though Vapnagaard is 3-4 kilometres from the sea, and I bring this here also because this is what I was shown in a dream/vision many weeks ago, sitting on top of a farm house at the very top of Vapnagaard, which is the top of the Source, and when Lars brings this, it is to say that I am now at the very top of the Source having brought the New World with me.

FB 040413 Aarestrup

  • The Danish teachers have been locked out for now three days, the Parliament speaks about abuse of power of the Finance Minister, who will not admit to irregular trot, and here a blog of the newspaper Jyllands-Posten said that the lockout is “Not the end of the world, but a new beginning”, and yes isn’t it wonderful, this is exactly what it is, and that is the story of our world.

FB 040413 JP

  • Dan said that the crisis of Somalia is called off because all men in the country live by being or playing pirates, and this comes because yesterday it was revealed that a Danish TV-team interviewing pirates in Somalia was fooled by Somalis only playing to be pirates (!), and this made people speak of the toy store BR having sent all of their pirate costumes to Somalia, and yes I smiled 1-2 days ago when I heard a little boy singing “ved du hvad det bedste er, legetøj fra BR” (“do you know what the best is, toys from BR”), which is a song I have always liked from BR’s commercials, and this is the inspiration making Brian talk about BR, and Torsten said “pirate copy, haven’t you heard about this before – what does the Pirate Group say?”, and this is of course because of the story of PIRATE BAY in my script of today, and Lars believed that we should have dutyfree Piratos (liquorice) for all, which of course is a reference to Johannes from TV2 eating Piratos, so all of these Pirates are about darkness sent our from the Source as building material to create life.

FB 040413 Dan

  • Dan said that he wildly needs a guide in “how to save heart attack”, which he asked someone to bring, and this is about me going through my journey without receiving a heart attack killing me, and yes how many small heart attacks did I receive since they started in 1998, and is the number between 10,000 to 20,000?

FB 040413 Dan2

  • In the continuous investigation against the previous Tax Minister, the Liberal Troels Lund Poulsen, and his “interest” in trapping the leader of the opposition, the now Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt, his former permanent secretary today said that he kept Troels informed about details in the case, which Troels earlier has stated that he has not, which both goes against the law and all human ethics, and this is to say, Troels and the Liberal Party, that the truth is catching up on you, so why don’t you do the only decent thing to do to TELL THE TRUTH (!), and yes all the way up (!), and that goes for all wrong-doings that all of you have done. I encouraged “all the small WIMPS” of the Danish Parliament to step forward telling the truth and apologise.

Politiken 040413

Berlingske 040413 Troels

  • I decided to take these photos of the view of the SUNRISE from my apartment early this morning, and to tell the story of where I live and to connect it with Sydney Opera House symbolising our New World, so this is really to tell you about the sunrise of our New World coming to you very soon. Hellebo Park is originally thought of and designed by the world famous Danish architect Jørn Utzon, but when he had the Sydney Opera House to build, the project was put in the arms of architect Halldor Gunnløgsson, who realized the building of these 226 homes, which are designed as a church-like building, in 1970. Konventum (conference centre/hotel of Danish unions) and my apartment building Hellebo Park with Helsingør Marina and Kronborg Castle in the background, and Helsingborg, Sweden, on the other side of the Øresund strait. From the pictures/map here, you can see that I live at Hellebo Park (no. 24 at the map) at the area called ”the Kingdom of Heaven” (“Himmerig”) with the neighbouring area ”the Kingdom of Earth” (“Jorderig” – no. 19 at the map) being separated by the path “the end of the world” (no. 22 at the map).

FB 040413 Stig

FB 040413 Stig 2

Solopgang Hellebo Park 040413

Solopgang Hellebo Park 040413 2



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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