April 6, 2013: I crossed the deep crack and all protection of the Source entering as my old self to become my new self


Summary of the script today

5th April: I crossed the deep crack and all protection of the Source entering as my old self to become my new self

  • I had a “strange night” almost without spiritual communication for three hours, and at the end I was told that we have prepared this for months, which is my crossing of the deep crack at the beginning of the Source, which I have now done as my old self as the first and only of the world. I have crossed all protection of the Source to let me out, which should have killed me and woken me up as my new self. I am now inside here facing God, where the last part of me will be turned around to become my new self.
  • Dreaming of buying my self a cheap and powerful new car (new self, and still working inside of darkness – inside our New World – bringing even more gravy of “additional creation” to our New World.
  • “God is on top of it”. There will be no fire after all, because you are the Grail. I am coming to Eldorado of the golden location of the Source. Thomas Eje from Linie 3 helps to get me all inside the ring of the Source.
  • Short stories of Fanny and her husband being saved, and a leak prominent politicians and business people hiding “secret money” from taxation and the public.

6th April: Carl Bildt first threatened to terminate the world, and now helps to bring faith in me of the official world

  • I received another night almost without information until I saw a documentary on the Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt, and was told that he was one of those of the European Union, who was literally tearing down the world by trying to solve world crisis without truly knowing what he spoke of (!), and this was the man we needed to turn around to play on my team to make him help bring the official world on our side, which he then does/did as help from the Source of Sweden.
  • Dreaming about my “old nightmare” temporary terminating life to bring me to the top of darkness of the world.
  • I have reached the borderline of my abilities. We have terminated life to reach the top. Now it is no longer the Source being the key of everything, the world is. We have removed “plus” and “minus” uniting everything as one, thus also uniting Karen and I as one.
  • We are walking on a natural sponge forming it to make it fit into the last very thin lacking part of a 360 degrees natural sponge including everything of the Source and the New World united, and I was shown how new parts keep opening as new 360 degrees additions to this sponge, and if you imagine this sponge being our diamond drill and you use it to drill out a tunnel, everything of the tunnel becomes part of the drill thus expanding our New World forever.
  • “I’ll be leaving here any day soon” – “UP TO A NEW WORLD SHINING BRIGHT” :-).
  • Short stories of Fanny almost being killed by a Falck car to open her eyes that this is what she is doing with me too (!), Mia leaving Tobias and reporting him wrongly to the police of being violent (!), I share tax information, which others are afraid of sharing, and God and the Holy Spirit making love to finish creation!


5th April: I crossed the deep crack and all protection of the Source entering as my old self to become my new self

I crossed the deep crack and all protection of the Source entering as my old self to become my new self

I received strong physical touch to my private parts, which is stronger when I am almost losing it, and when you become weaker and weaker, there should be a greater and greater risk of letting just this happen, but no, I will NEVER give in to this darkness – I hope.

Around midnight I had one of those tired crisis again, and for everyday now, I believe that I will not get over them, but somehow I still do, and from midnight until around 03.00 I received practically no messages other than I was given the worst physical touch to my private parts, which became even stronger if I started becoming weak/question myself if I could go on (tiredness!), and I was shown chief inspector Dreyfus from the Pink Panther films, and I felt “an act” with everything being on the other side, but nothing was given to me in this period, which was strange really.

And then it started opening, and I was shown a dark man being held and tormented.

We thought it was best to let him fight alone. We are not going to have any river money across, and I was reminded of a clip I saw on TV 1-2 days ago about two men filming hippos in Africa, when one decided to follow them, and if it had not fallen down in a 12 metre deep crack opening to it, they would have been killed.

You don’t have power over the psychiatric system, which it requires to cross this crack? We are still here now on our safe way home, and I felt that you don’t want to hear what we went though, but as usual you are FREE to speak my friends – part of the game.

I am not the most secret paper of the world, but the secret government has had a paper/evaluation done on me about whether of not that I am crazy, and this is the same people, who had the UFO try to shoot me down, and what does the top expertise say (?), well Stig is crazy otherwise you would not dare trying to shoot me down (?), and this is how we are still playing the game having to be stronger than your system. So this is why we decided to continue and now the feeling is that they now know about me, that I am true.

This is what we have prepared for months, which you have just gone through as the only man ever. As your old self you passed the crack protecting yourself – the Source – from someone like you coming from darkness herewith showing that it could be done, and that is because I did not want to die.

I felt my mother/the world and this would be the last time you would lose the lifeline to her/the world, but no he is still up and working. So I have not fallen off Stig, you are now old Stig inside the Source, what do we do now (?), “make perfect” (!), yes we know – and I was told that my mother offering me money to pay for the swimming hall and my rejection has been taken into account also because I had reserved an amount to pay for this myself if I was not able to start cycling also meaning that I sent somewhat less to LTO this month (meaning that my pain had to be somewhat bigger).

I was given the taste of oranges. So I am the first “meat”, which the Source ever tasted. This would also have been goodbye to John or is it your father, we never know. This is how long we (the world) could bring you, you now face Satan yourself or is it God?

This is what my mother’s darkness and pain was about (our phone call the day before yesterday). I felt that Karen’s feeling of her birthday coming up and hearing from me also mattered.

We did not know it was possible to get a needle and thread through this, and we will now get you, i.e. the Source, out this way. This is where Kirsten – my father’s wife – and “all security” of the Source should have killed you, which would have made us start you as the fish from where we were.

I was told that this is not the Platters and my girl, and I felt Karen, and yes it was the Temptations doing that one, maybe the most beautiful Motown song ever.

So now you are here, there is still a road to walk, and I was shown a tunnel, but you have to walk it alone, and yes fino by me if this is the road of God/light, and also because I have no alternative.

This means that Stig will come, and bring out ships/gold of here, or maybe there is just “nothing” to see, and yes I will be the first to see. There is no axis here, but now there is – as I am shown – through you, so you still bring all life to me – and I am still given negative speech/feelings going through this for example wanting to make me laugh arrogantly.

So you are not bringing the Pyramid (of all life), only yourself to go to your throne first. So he does not bring any money (?), come on we will go somewhere else. No/yes it is him/not him – the Source was in doubt. Don’t make us too frightened by coming here alone half dead and saying “howdy partner” (maybe the funniest movie I have ever seen), and yes “no explosion”, is this what he says because he will not accept it, and this is all he wanted to say because just behind this well organised act is eeehhhh the New World, which we have already started to reduce pain with the transition, is that it (?), but of course how are you (?), sit down, and we will be with you shortly, what shall we do with him (?), he refuses to die, and still he is already his new self, and eeehhh what about listening to him (?) (as the “stiff system” of the Communes and psychiatric system also could have done!), to exchange him during one night and let him wake up as his new self?

This means that he is no slave anymore of the world, which was supposed to kill him. So it is inside of here that you will hide and turn around, and cry of happiness!

We cannot forget that he decided to come here without money, i.e. energy. So you have brought some of the original saw (of darkness) with you, and no, it is not needed here.

Jack and you would have been good friends now if he was not told to get out immediately (after posting his Facebook comment to me is it now 1½ to 2 years ago?), because “Stig may reveal us”, but still I did.

Do you believe that he could sleep with cold up the head door, no, this is why we have warmed up Karen also making her think that “Stig can be used to something else than misusing him”, and yes the question is really if this is yet another game NOT true only to motivate me to write her to her birthday in one week? I was also told that she would like to stop all “plays” she has had/has with “loverboys” and to have “pure communication” with me as I have offered her, and I was told that if only she/we were able to communicate in 2003/04, we would still have been together today, but of course that would have been wrong making the world go under if God did not help us out.

So we dressed him up with all negative (including sexual torments) through his life. And I arrived here as the result of lump play, which we don’t like to see again.

I continued saying “you are welcome”, but is there anything more to welcome (?), because isn’t it so that I am the last of the Old World now coming here to the Source after having brought everything else, which we will show you here?

I was shown someone playing table tennis inside a store and from outside comes the incredible force of a giant fish destroying the whole store and hitting the table tennis ball with incredible force, and yes fine that you are strong, but I will NOT accept you to destroy anything, so control yourself and your power to let us finish this the right way.

I went to bed at 05.40, and was surprised that I was allowed to sleep as long as to 15.30, which is about not having any energy left, and I felt that we will continue as long as I have even little to bring as my old self, and I still have, take this script as example, and I had these dreams.

Dreaming of still working inside of darkness – inside our New World – bringing even more gravy of “additional creation”

  • I am thinking of buying either an Opel or VW van, which I can get with a lot of horsepower at a low price, and I will choose a VW.
    • I will soon receive much power/energy.
  • I am in Northern Jutland, and Lars G. has asked me to visit the director of one of Danske Bank’s branches there, and I both don’t have much time and am wearing red shorts and a non-ironed shirt, which I am not proud of, but I see that I also somehow have long blue trousers with me. I have asked the bus to set me off at a certain place, but I am set off somewhere else from where I take the train bringing me to an end station, where what looks like a big pointer shows me several lines that I can take, and I chose one bringing me additional two stations to a very big end station, which is near Frederikshavn. I arrive at one Danske Bank branch, which is VERY good looking with several hall ways/offices, but the director is not there, and I am asked to try somewhere else, and I think about how I will introduce Lars in my speech to the director because Lars always does not like to be open, and I see how the story of Lars somehow is made up as a metre including different kind of gravy. Finally, I meet the director, and to my surprise, he is thrilled about Lars, on contrary to most, and he would like to hire him as director of all private customers, but now it is too late. I am now driving in my own car, and I am leaving this town, which is Støvring (literally meaning “dust ring”), and I notice how beautiful the city centre is with a big swimming pool at the main square and beautiful buildings.
    • Jutland is also our New World, and Danske Bank is darkness inside of it. I am still not my new self wearing this clothes. Lars G. symbolises God and we are bringing even more gravy of “additional creation” to our New World, which is coming with the last dust of God via the sufferings, i.e. swimming pool, that I am going through.

Reaching Eldorado of Gold with Thomas Eje helping me to get me all inside the ring of the Source

I woke up to Alberte’s “tænder på et kys” (“turned on by a kiss”) and the lyrics “det var mig, der tog fejl” (“I was the one being wrong”), and again I received Shu-bi-dua’s “rap rap” and the lyrics “nu kan hun købe sig en ny fordi hun gjorde det” (“now she can buy herself a new because she did it”) and “klipper mig i øret av, for helvede” (“cut me in the ear, ouch like hell”), and this will have to be about darkness, which wanted to bring me the kiss of death, and now this darkness will have to buy itself a new shirt (of light).

I also received the lyrics “God is on top of it” from David Bowie’s Pallas Athena, and I felt how God was seeing the world for the first time via my eyes.

There will be no fire afterall, because you are the Grail.

I received all lyrics of Eldorado Ouverture by Electric Light Orchestra, “this was just what we wanted to say”, and yes I really “can’t get it out of my head”, my journey to the golden city of Eldorado, and do I have to say that this is the most beautiful music of all that I know of :-).

“The dreamer, the unworken fool, In dreams, no pain will kiss the brow. The love of ages fills the head. The days that linger there in prey of emptiness, Of burned out dreams. The minutes calling through the years. The universal dreamer rises up above his earthly burden. Journey to the dead of night. High on a hill in Eldorado.

We can impossible stay down there, aren’t you coming up to me?

I was given pain to my behind, which is normally because of my father thinking wrongly/negatively about me.

I received strong feelings of impatience wanting to end my work as quickly as possible, which was feelings coming from my mother.

I went to my mother and John at 19.00, and as usual we had a very nice evening together speaking well including subjects like “don’t speculate on what other thinks of you, just do what is RIGHT to do”.

I was told that “the code” of man helping people of other civilizations from outer space to attack me was nothing less than Jack working against me (!), so there you have your code.

I continued having my usual inner sufferings given to me with sexual speech/visions/torments etc. given to me.

John decided to watch TV together with us for the first time, and we were LAUGHING LOUDLY over this sketch with Ulf Pilgaard and Dirch Passer because of the divine talent/acting of Dirch Passer.

And it continued when we watched the first part of Zirkus Nemo 2012 where we were also laughing out loud of the completely crazy show and that is even though my mother has earlier said she does not like this, but here she could not help laughing too.

I was shown myself inside the dome of a church – the place of my first vision April 12, 2004 – and I saw how all of the inside of this is now covered with diamond of our New World.

While we were laughing the most, suddenly I was given the feeling of Thomas Eje from Linie 3 – another of the best Danish comedians – and he said “my task is to get you all inside the ring” of the Source and “the heart is my weapon” meaning the love of my mother, John and I, and furthermore I was given maybe 10 small heart attacks following this to show that there was indeed more darkness I had to go through.

When mostly hearing the video above with Thomas Eje, I was given another (!) out of this world pain to my right ankle, and I was told that this is about turning myself around, and that is the last part of me, my old self.

You would not have been judged all out, if you had been hospitalised, but you would believe that you had. We doubt if you in this scenario would have come through without your “old nightmare”, which would have brought us over the crack of the Source, but now you decided to stay out, so we had to find another way, which is the same when we will now enter the ring of the Source, and yes ending work this evening at 23.35, which was an easy day of work but then again I also have “nothing” left.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Fanny wrote that “it is possible that you believe I walk with darkness, but I do believe it was light with me today” and then she said that her husband stood on the corner and “we could as easy as nothing be gone both of us, if I had not received a message to look into the mirror one more time”, and yes I did not understand the situation clearly, but the content was that they had been rescued by her voice helping her, and yes it is not all dark or light, but as here helped her to do the right thing, and I told her that I am happy that nothing happened to them, but sad that she is more interested in the question of herself being light or darkness instead of doing her best to understand and help me with our New World.

FB 050413 Fanny

  • Politiken wrote about “Giant leak of secret accounts shake politicians all over the world”, which is about Prime Ministers, Presidents, Finance Minsters and prominent business people hiding 67,000 billion DKK on secret accounts and off-shore companies on the British Virgin Islands to avoid taxation (and revelation of “secret money” too?), and my dear OLD WORLD, this is another sign of the end of your days as rulers of the Old World, and yes I am in grief over your POOR MORAL AND BEHAVIOUR and yes feeling disgusted over it in fact.

Politiken 050413


6th April: Carl Bildt first threatened to terminate the world, and now helps to bring faith in me of the official world

I felt my old clairvoyant friend Pia, and wouldn’t you be surprised if Pia has followed you all the way (?), which is what you may have, Pia (?), and yes spiritually.

I felt my physical father and after some time I was told that I have come down to get you. And he asked now that you have come through “what have you done for me” (?), and what about a New World for you to live inside. So you want me to show you everything which is inside of here (?), yes please. Well, there is no sexuality inside of here for one.

This means that you are now inside the metal plate, and I see/feel “something grandiose” but still not clear enough to be more precise.

This is way past your birthday, and first we pretended not to know what to do receiving you. You have not yet received the right welcome yet.

You now have almost all of the heart installed (?), no this is not how it works, it is first when you walk in here that you will receive your heart. So what separates you and us?

The cake has now been baked overtime, has it (?), so what are we waiting on, for it to open?

I was told that my cousin, Jan, was the greatest opponent for you to come in.

We almost don’t know what to freeze down anymore. There are no dead fish here.

Again I had a night where I received almost no speech/information, and my shelves was given a physical sound as if it closes completely and “give up” (?), never (!), and I have to believe that we are still on our way in to the ring of the Source.

I still receive a physical pressure constantly on me coming from outside and it is very uncomfortable feeling as blood/red, and yes coming to me physically, and constantly and I was told that it is because of John, and I still receive a few small heart attacks.

I was told that this corresponds to sailing on dark canals of Berlin.

I was now told that the spirit of my mother is with me – that I am not alone – because otherwise I would not be able to go through this darkness.

I was shown this documentary on the Foreign Minister and previous Prime Minister of Sweden Carl Bildt on Swedish TV, and he has also served as representative of EU and UN at the Balkans for a number of years.

I was given a sound from the Source of my kitchen reflecting a sound from this documentary, which is what the Source is about, a reflection of the creation of the world.

I was shown a layer cake and a heart of love, and I was told that you have chosen to bring in the smallest room.

I received heart pain for some hours coming to me a lines underneath my heart and sudden shocks of pain.

I was given some “non-important” information for example about the summer party we had with Dahlberg in 2008, where I was so extremely tired that I was not very social, and I was told that it was here decided that I should not become part of the management of the company and that is at least in the heads of some, and yes how important are “social relations” to people (?), and yes more important than the TRUE skills of people (?), and yes this is what it is to MANY non-professional people all over the world, and yes the funny part is that Dahlberg has an image of “professional advisors”, which most of them are truly not!

I was told that we had also not gone through this without the family tour to Flensburg in 2009 and the visit to the Glücksburg Castle.

I was told that it is because of Carl Bildt that I received the German word “bildt” some days ago. I was meant to see this documentary on him, and it is about taking a “picture” of me to become part of our New World.

I was shown someone reading a red newspaper at a long dinner table, which was eaten up very quickly, and I was asked if Carl Bildt was one of them reading this newspaper – symbolising termination of the world – whom we had to turn around to get him to play on my team, and sure he was.

I received Swedish words when being told this, and I was told that he is also part of “film staden”, i.e. the film city, i.e. act of the world and the Source.

We are creating a golden line reaching all the way to you to save you, which they said was impossible.

Going through this and also the previous night required MUCH patience just to wait and see what would happen.

Does it bring Lisbeth from the Commune joy to give you cash help (?), no it does not, but it was a condition to come here.

I was told hat we keep digging because what if we found a large gold reserve.

I was shown my old friends Vivian and Søren D.N. together with Michael Jackson, who turns into a monster with long nails using these to tear these two people to blood, and I was shown and told that this was depending on how much blood he would drink from the world, and this is what we succeeded to minimise to almost nothing so you did not see me or Michael Jackson in this role, and this is what “thriller” is about, and yes wasn’t it exciting to see how much I could absorb to save the world (?); and yes I did pretty well didn’t I (?), and eeehhh no reflection from the world (?), and nothing at all (?), and you are treating me as if I did not exist, and yes I still wonder why ….?

I went to bed at 06.30 sleeping with disturbances until 14.00, which makes me very tired today (!), and a dream too.

  • It is my last day working for Fair Insurance. I have forgotten to come to breakfast with Søren H. at 10.30. I have made love to a beautiful woman. Employees have died on the toilet, and my old friend Kirsten comes to get me out of there. Angela and Michella don’t want to speak to me/fear me. I see a team leader trying to lift sales of the sales centre still selling insurances, and I am not impressed with his work, and people ask who can lift the sales, and I believe that I can. Something about a customer having Income Protection insurance, who cannot be double covered. They do “ONE” marketing at the sales centre. At the end of the day, all employees leave and I say that now everyone is leaving again without saying goodbye, which makes me sad/annoyed. I drive up with the lift to the floor where Søren H. has its office, and the lift opens at the office of Flemming Duus, which switches off his computer. I have prepared key figures of the accounts to Søren H., and it makes me wonder why he does not use them, and when I arrive to Søren, he does not have time to see me saying that I could have kept other appointments, and I think that he will probably call me. Later everything is deep frozen and quiet.
    • My last day working inside darkness, which includes my “old nightmare”, thus termination of life at the bathroom. “ONE” is about darkness bringing oneness of our New World. Flemming Duus is the old director of “Domestic affairs” of Danske Bank, where my apartment DanskeBank-Pension was one of several departments, and I remember how cold/indifferent he was when I took on “courage” to go to his office saying goodbye when I had resigned my job in 1991 – he treated me as a “traitor” leaving the bank instead of being interested in what I was going to do, where it really was the bank pushing me out because of incompetent leaders not promoting me (Kresten/Jens Ove) – and more than anything, the dream is about termination of life to bring me to the top floor of the management of darkness, and could I have avoided this if I had kept my “agreement” with darkness/Søren H. (?); and I can only say that I did my best to my absolute limit – all of the time.

I woke up to Spandau Ballet’s “Through the barricades” and the lyrics “And we made our love on wasteland, And through the barricades”.

I was told that I could have tried to avoid going bankrupt, and I heard “you feel sad inside” from “confusion” by Electric Light Orchestra, and a little later I was given the lyrics “I’ve got a ticket to the moon, I’ll be leaving here any day soon” from “ticket to the moon” by Electric Light Orchestra and this is about “Fly, fly through a troubled sky, UP TO A NEW WORLD SHINING BRIGHT, oh, oh”, which is what we are doing and reaching “any day soon”, you know, and to me this is still the song, which includes the best singing and sound of the combination of words of all songs forever and ever (!), and this is when Jeff after 2:04 sings (about turning around you know): “Flying high above, Soaring madly through the mysteries that come, Wondering sadly if the ways that led me here, Could turn around and I would see you there, Standing there (and I would see you there, waiting…)”, and yes this part is the absolutely most beautiful I know of all music, so there is really only to say “I paid the fare, what more can I say? It’s just one way (only one way)…” – IT IS “TIME” :-).

I was told about Carl Bildt that the European Union became his mark of death and behind the game I was told “and Champagne to us”. They, i.e. Sweden, also stood behind the election movement of Egypt to secure as many viewers as possible, which I understand is in relation to my scripts.

The Environment Party, you did not know that you entered a bomb there, and I received yet another out of this world pain to my right ankle.

You can get a tape recorder in here, I see.

So we put in our hand as long as we could, which is where you were taken over by the Source, who welcomed you.

I was told about Dahlberg when they did a due diligence on Accent Europe Insurance Company, where I worked (via Fair Insurance) before Dahlberg took over the administration of this portfolio, which I had created, and Bo and Søren from Dahlberg doing this had absolutely NO knowledge about what they did missing basic insurance knowledge (!), which made a tragicomic situation, and I am here told that the same applies in relation to Carl Bildt, who is seen as an “expert” in what he does, but the TRUE situation of Balkan is the same as it was for Dahlberg, and that is a man being seen as a “professional” pretending to know what he spoke of, which was his poker face to win the game, and you may like to step forward explaining it yourself, Carl?

He is also guilty to make you sit “approx. one year in prison” because of the darkness he contributed trying to solve the crisis of the world without knowing what he spoke of.

And if you calculate what kind of cards and games that all countries have up in their arm sleeves, this is what is coming to you now as part of my last journey inside of here.

Just one of these world leaders could have brought your ears into the machine as we say here, so it was a stroke of luck that you did not accept this to happen, which was the reason why.

You cannot get all of the score up here, but yes this is what he has decided to do so we just follow him with the piano all the way, and it feels like I am first and the New World comes after the piano, which is what I bring up.

It is the same ability of being strong and convincing as Bildt has, which is making people believe in me or question “can it really be that he is the one”?

I received Madonna’s borderline – one of her many beautiful songs – giving me the feeling that I have reached the border of my abilities, this is what I could do, and yes this is from her first album, which I remember that Grethe from Phonoteket told me would not last (when I bought Madonna’s “True Blue” album in 1986), but it did, Grethe :-).

It would have been all the world which would have entered into a showdown between light and darkness depending on your every move.

There are no stores and Ipswich is not right here but also not far away and yes we are here inside of what made everything, and it is only here that we can turn off the production of more darkness coming to you, and will you or shall I be the one doing it?

You will not be disappointed with Stamford Bridge – the home filed of Chelsea FC – because you will never be able to push up everything there (into this darkness).

I was given a sound to my sofa – symbolising “making love” – and I was told that Carl Bildt could not stay away from the liquorices/temptations of darkness.

I took a long bath because I was tired, and I was told that I have set everyone chess mate, except …. (?), and will you now be hospitalised (?), and I was also told that you don’t become old in this field because the people I normally have breakfast with are dead, and this is because of the terminations of the night, and I am her given a sound and vision about the front of a reel-to-reel tape recorder being opened, which is what this termination was about, but TEMPORARY it is until everything will be recreated in the end.

I was shown an elephant being carried on a stretcher to the mental hospital, and they said “it is him there” pointing at me, and also “no, he does not want to become hospitalised, so there is nothing we can do”.

I was told that not even one single knows that you are NOT “spiritual”, but “are”, thus being the Source of everything, which is sent out for people to receive spiritually, and I was given the feeling of me all over Arthur Findlay College, and amazing that they “cannot” understand, and later I was told that this is the dark side of me that they feel – because I work from inside darkness – and this is what they “could not” understand and yes Stig has to be “dark/wrong” with this feeling, and this is what “darkness disguised as light” made them conclude together with the fact that they “could not” read and understand, which includes some of the best medium’s spiritual messages, which they brought to me, and yes they “could not” even read and understand what they had been communicating to me as mediums (!!!), and yes SAD, right (?), which is also the WRONG feeling they have of me.

I was told that this is the form to pour wine from.

Now it is no longer the Source being the key of everything, the world is.

This was then the day where you met the saw of the sawmill giving me help to go through the last darkness, and yes I reminded myself this is life, which will be relocated and recreated on the other side.

I was shown a small hole of a house building where golf balls are still streaming out and up to me, but “hush, don’t say anything”!

I was shown a left and right tunnel with an incredible thin separation, and it is the separation of these that we have now removed via these temporary terminations, and this has created one tunnel only.

So what used to be a large collection of cigarettes (darkness) is now a large collection of the finest wine (light/everything) as I was shown.

I was shown two house buildings separated by a short walking bridge with the buildings meeting and becoming one, and also that the last part of the rocket has now been shot out into space.

I was shown that we are walking on a natural sponge forming it to make it fit into the last very thin lacking part of a 360 degrees natural sponge including everything of the Source and the New World united, and I was shown how new parts keep opening as new 360 degrees additions to this sponge, and if you imagine this sponge being our diamond drill and you use it to drill out a tunnel, everything of the tunnel becomes part of the drill thus expanding our New World forever.

I was shown the entrance to a typical apartment building in Rome, but it was in Vatican, and there was a STRONG feeling of my mother above the entrance, and inside of this I was shown a steep stairway to the right, and to the left the yolk of an egg coming down via a slit.

I was shown Diego Maradona as part of a LOT OF COINS streaming out from the right arm when the shirt is being unfolded, and yes Maradona I loved you too for example in 1986 when you scored with “my hand” and dribbled the ball for more than half a field to score at the end and yes MUCH more, truly phenomenal, and this kind of stuff is only done by Pele, Maradona and Messi as I see it, and maybe Michael Laudrup on a good day :-).

I was shown how we try to bring light of our New World to a gear wheel, and this is the cycle of Heaven.

I was shown an orange door opening to the façade of a huge house building and “everything looks perfect”, and I understood that this is looking at our metal plate, which logically has to be the same as the sponge, or part of it at least.

I was shown French bread and the Eifel Tower, so there are no more ”problems” from here?

With this development, Karen and I are now identical (one tunnel only), and there is no longer a risk for me to be hospitalised.

So you were as little welcome here as imaginable because of your father and his “new” family, exactly as expected – and everyone else on top of it.

I still have some annoyance of darkness, but I am now generally given a relief to the constant pressure of darkness normally pressuring on me.

Do you know who has wanted to help you all along (?), and yes I felt Jack.

It is like receiving new boots.

I am still given a few BIG hiccups and sneezes every day.

Do you know how many have gone “in the finest school of Carl Bildt” (?), and yes how many is that, Carl (?), and this is not mentioned to me directly, but I do understand that you have helped “teaching” the official world about me and my coming, and if I understand this correctly, I would like to thank you and the Swedish government for doing this, and yes if it should not come from Sweden as the Source, where should it come from?

I wonder if my sister does not understand who I am by now (?), and I was told that it was first designed for her to understand when reaching the very top of it all.

Isn’t there something about Russians having morning pieces (morning bread) in mouth (?), and yes also thanks you you, Carl?

I was told that ”you are heartfelt welcome” by a kind voice a little higher up, but first when you have completely finished your work, and yes I am still working, less than before, but still working.

I was told that it was also a requirement to come here for the Commune not to sentence me to permanent disability pension, which they have not done yet, and I wonder if Lisbeth has the courage to do so (?), and maybe to get rid of me this way, Lisbeth?

I still receive darkness, but the feeling is less than before, and it is almost as if the black spider net of extreme force, which has been tried to be pulled over my head constantly since 2006 has started being removed, which is bringing me relief and it also means that I don’t have to CONSTANTLY been on guard to absorb darkness and say “you are welcome”, “only good” etc. and also constantly worrying and being nervous about negative consequences should I lose it, and yes as no people have truly understood the extend of yet, which is NOT a way to live and we know not a way to live at all, but still I did.

It is all the way up at the top that it is designed for my sister to receive faith in me, thus removing my sufferings.

I was told that Thomas Blachman speaking about sex and showing nakedness on TV is also bringing the WORST darkness to me these days, and yes Thomas you are doing what you do for a “noble” cause teaching the Danes about what is right and wrong, but you did not understand that the foundation of your programme itself was WRONG, and yes you were tempted/fooled by darkness, which is part of my final road to go through.

I received the word of Bakken a couple of times to day – the oldest amusement park in the world – and I was told that all of what we have done is based upon the decision to turn everything around, which we took on Bakken in the Easter of 2011 when I was there with my mother and John, and yes I still remember how terrible I suffered ALSO there, and now two years of additional sufferings have past, and now I am here about to stop my sufferings once and for all.

I felt Helena a couple of times, and how she helps bringing in everything to the right of me to me, and this is because of her influence of people in power of this country, and this is because of what it means for these people to attack me with darkness and yes feeling Søren Pind I am, and I was also feeling the Swedish chef from Muppet Show, and I wonder, Carl, if you can cook (?), or maybe only soft-boiled eggs (?), which also go here you know.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Fanny continues focusing on herself and challenging me – herewith sending me more darkness (!) – and she asked how she is supposed to stop focusing on her husband and her when they were millimetres from being hit by a Falck car (!), and I told her that Falck is sending me darkness because I wrote about their POOR work to help them improve, and because Fanny still has faith in me, some of this darkness is sent to her “almost killing her” for a short moment, and what terrifies her, is what I have been living with constantly – not only my own life but the survival of man/the world – and this is what she is doing too when she works against me and sending me darkness when she “cannot” understand me, and that is KILLING DARKNESS (!), so this is about understanding the story on a higher level, and she could have done this a LONG time ago if she simply had READ and UNDERSTOOD me, but she was TOO LAZY too! MORAL: ALWAYS DO YOUR BEST TO UNDERSTAND OTHERS BEFORE YOU MAKE YOURSELF UNDERSTOOD (!), and do you think you “can” understand this, Fanny (?), or are you still too dumb/lazy?

FB 060413 Fanny

FB 060413 Fanny2

  • The other day, Tobias wrote on Facebook that he is now single again (!) – this has happened MANY times first with his previous girlfriend, and also with his “new” and now ex-girlfriend Mia – and this time it is even worse because here he says that he has been charged with something he has not done (!), and that is Mia, who apparently has reported him to the police for being violent (!), which made the police search the apartment (!), and he says that he shouted at her, but did NOT touch her, but the police found tear gas in his apartment, and yes, Tobias, what on earth do you need tear gas for (?), and yes are you a loving man and “trouble maker” at the same time (?), or just unlucky being dragged into fightings over and over again since you were a teenager? It seems as if Tobias also met darkness of his life since our cosy family dinner and my talk with Mia.

FB 060413 Tobias

  • A few times, I have received good meaning emails of people saying that they have found my tax information on the Internet – including my full social security number, which some people may decide to abuse if they want to – and it is “good tone” of people to hide this information, but to me it is the opposite story to be OPEN about everything also this, and I wrote him saying that I am fully aware of “the risk”, which in practise however has been “not existent”, and this is really the same as having a computer without virus protection; I am protected by God self, which is the strength of my own actions against darkness. And since Kim Larsen could do a full album carrying his social security number as the title, I can be open too, and yes these are MODERN  TIMES right (?), and we will soon get OUT IN THE BLUE becoming forever young – and yes, this album has always been my favourite by Kim :-).

Email Jens om skat

  • Jette has not brought new Google Earth pictures for some days, but here is one, which I shared with my Facebook timeline.

FB 060413 Jette.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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One Response to April 6, 2013: I crossed the deep crack and all protection of the Source entering as my old self to become my new self

  1. jette says:

    tusind tak for en dejlig – dyb og alsidig ‘underholdning’ ❤

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