April 8, 2013: Margaret Thatcher was killed by “UNCLE SAM” and acclaimed by the world despite of being “pure evil”


Summary of the script today

7th April: The opening of Karin and Netherlands to help bringing us up to an even higher level of the Source

  • The Source is becoming the axis of our New World. It is the bull (the Source) standing behind all cows (God’s/worlds) that we are about having in place.
  • We kept on playing this game to bring in all/as many countries as possible to believe in me via the work of mainly Barack Obama and Carl Bildt.
  • Dreaming that my sister should know about who I am, the finest book (of life) ever of David Bowie/God, the European Union “helped” bringing temporary terminations, the finest boots/life of our New World, and terminated life will also enter the Source.
  • I went to a free classical concert, which released much life from the next level of the Source, and I felt my old Dutch friend, Karin, and how the Port of Amsterdam was opening to help me unload all of this life from darkness. This was about the opening of Netherlands to me now helping me with the last part of my journey to bring eyes to the biggest possible part of me going up one more level before we will open to the sun of our New World.
  • We keep on because there is still a little life on the outermost of my father – and because I still have some to give.
  • I have kept the door open to lift us up and create more life of our New World, and I now have “one chance left” because it does not take much work/energy for me to do at this stage. Increased faith of my family, friends etc. and the world in me is making me stronger at the same time as it also makes the game end because I need the opposite of me, i.e. darkness, to continue my journey.
  • Short stories of Lisbeth sending me darkness deciding to live a life in luxury, Helena and Søren Pind did not work out (again), Bent van Helsingør is happy that I am also back, and I brought the truth about 9/11 one more time for UNCLE SAM to receive more darkness!

8th April: Margaret Thatcher was killed by “UNCLE SAM” and acclaimed by the world despite of being “pure evil”

  • I continue bringing the finest thread for my mother to sew the patchwork quilt of our New World – bringing in new life. We will first receive “magic” when we will open the door to the inner of the Source, which we have not done yet.
  • Dreaming of building a new road up the mountain of the Source, difficulties of my past and creating new life of “full tenderloin”.
  • I received the feeling of SCARED GOVERNMENTS/POLITICIANS of the world seeing that the day of my arrival and the revelation of their WRONG-DOINGS, SILENCE and DISMISSAL is coming closer, and I can only repeat what a load of and here I am told RATS, which is the same as WIMPS killing me.
  • This morning, the Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher, died from a stroke and I felt her coming to me and she said “I was also no normal person, it is first now that I realise that I am coming home to you”. Margaret died because of STRONG darkness coming against me from “UNCLE SAM” after my writings on the truth of 9/11 in my script of yesterday, and the purpose was to move me even closer to “the wallet” of the Source. She only died because I have decided that “everything has to be perfect”, and she brought me her iron will telling me to “just keep on Stig, never give up”. Most of the world paid their tribute to and praised Margaret with the truth being that she could have decided World War III herself if she wanted to – if I had not done as well as I did – and she led the way to the financial crisis, thus the end of the world, which was also a condition for us to meet before we could turn around the world, but it tells about a “misunderstanding world”.
  • Jette has brought pictures but doesn’t have energy (!) to comment them, and I have only brought a few of the pictures from her Facebook group because I cannot see what is on most pictures when I don’t have her view,  but in these I can see female/male divine/angelic figures, a lying animal which may be the Sphinx (?), and a knight making me say that the motto of the three Musketeers “one for all, all for one” is really the motto of God because “God is all, all is God”.
  • New Google Earth pictures are about more grey darkness meeting light, new life coming from the Spaceman, “all for one and all for love – cause when it’s all for one, it’s one for all”, another travelling knight, and the arrival of Margaret Thatcher.
  • Short stories of love being stronger than fear, the right answer is “to be” and not “not to be”, rich people showing INDECENT shopping behaviour etc. is the worst provocation you can bring me, Danish People’s Party sends New Zealand and I “Nazi darkness”, and I ask Politiken if it is paid/ordered to mislead the population about 9/11 (and me)?


7th April: The opening of Karin and Netherlands to help bringing us up to an even higher level of the Source

The Source is becoming the axis of our New World – it is the bull of the Source that we are about having in place

I was told that the right thing had be to go to the performance of Espergærde Youth School the other day because Jais – my old school friend – had a tool we needed, and I was given the thought that we came through via terminations instead.

I received the feeling of “don’t relax now, do your best, otherwise I will bring you down into the lake again”.

I was told that it becomes MUCH MORE BEAUTIFUL here than the 3D buildings of Old Rome in the film “Gladiator”, which I thought was fantastic to see in the cinema.

I was told that we have had one taxi holding just outside if you could not bear the pain, and yes this is probably what it means and not the opposite as I was told a couple of weeks ago.

And what would have happened if we did not secure that voting right from Russia (?), and I think of Carl Bildt, and I am shown a red building of darkness breaking/burning down, this is what it meant, and here I also feel former President Jacques Chirac, but that might be because you are also afraid of being exposed for having misled the public about “where did all your money go”?

I was asked “who is going to pay for the clean up after nuclear accidents” (?), and the answer is that NO ONE is, you will get a PERFECT NEW WORLD!

I was told that my mother simply loves my continuous offers to help her with this and that, which is also helping us along.

I felt my mother of our New World extremely close to me, and she said something like how close she is to being able to cut me and I felt berries around my head.

And no, your father or anyone else (of my family) did not want “American conditions” (?) – which may be the first time I write it, but I am often given these words meaning something like “a New World where everyone will be as king and loving as Jacob Holdt (from American Pictures), and yes the funny part is that everyone would have done everything they could to support me to get these “American conditions”, but when they “could not” read/listen and understand, they did everything they could to resist me, so this was why we needed the opposite world and to let darkness be the tool of creation and yes turning around everything at the end, see?

I was shown a watch being wrapped all around the world and told that everything is in place now, and I received the name Chopin, and was told that we have waited to bring his name until now where everything is perfect because Chopin is also the best in our mind, and here is one of his beautiful and great masterpieces symbolising the finest sound of the piano of the Source.

I was told that (just) the opposition of Camilla and her family was strong to kill me.

I felt last thin darkness and received shorter periods of the strongest sexual torments, but mostly I received relief from darkness, but not yet fully.

I was shown the screw of a ship bringing forward all of the ship.

This is how the greatest fire feel, you don’t feel anything, but we are still alive around you not inside of the natural force of nothing of our New World, and you will decide when we shall come back to life. We don’t want to live like this, and it will always be a pain to us – and it was painful to listen to and think about, but I decided that this has to be part of the road towards perfect. So you had to go through us.

We have come to the moment where we wait for the Source to open to you – like the opening of a flower made by cotton as I was shown – after we have removed what was in between.

I was shown and told by the Source that I am transforming into the axis of the New World, and yes we have “good time” – no explosion or similar here for you to finish everything immediately – so it will probably take a few more days. This is the installation of the eternal clock of you, me and everyone.

I watched an episode of Søren Pind and Jacob Holdt in USA where they visited the enormous services of the televangelist Joel Osteen, and none of them liked what they saw, which is a kind of mass hypnosis attracting many thousands of people at services and millions via TV, and let me say that the American dream to make it on your own making much money is NOT my dream so when you speak about your own “success”, Joel, of how you have now been able to afford buying a new Cadillac, you are NOT representing me – see how I live (!) – but Satan, and when I saw this, my inner self came to me telling me that I like people to COMMUNICATE about my writings instead of receiving my words as “passive entertainment”, and yes I do NOT like the “entertainment” form of your “shows”, but I do like music.

I received the title of the children’s book “When the Robbers Came to Cardamom Town”, which is both a nice story about the extinguish of a fire and reminds me of “cardamom coffee”, which to me is a “strange” tradition they have in Finland up to Christmas, which I remember from going there up to Christmas 2001 with GE Insurance, and yes this is about my birth coming and also that what you may find “strange” of other cultures, is what makes you smile, try it (!) and appreciate life much more.

I was told that we kept on waiting to see if we could received faith from all of the official world – all countries of the world – and we also received help from Obama, so he and Carl Bildt were the main responsible people working for this as I understand it. So this is the main thing we have been working on and that is because I have kept on saying that I want to bring EVERYTHING with us, and this requires the world to have faith in me, and I am thinking that the temporary terminations I have experienced is because of lack of faith of some countries in me.

It is like a whole Indian tribe in here waiting to see if we will be born or not, which is what the last of my heart pain is about. This require(d) that I keep on saying “you are welcome” opening to our New World, and I also still receive pain to my left testicle, which this is also about.

So you had to get all pieces in place before yourself, I am proud of you, this is also how I would have played.

I was told that it is the bull (the Source) standing behind all cows (God’s/worlds) that we are about having in place, and I received the feeling of enthusiasm.

We have been all the way up to Quebec, Canada, to bring corn for it, and it made me think about how Canada and its riding police were symbols of darkness to me a few years ago, and also that the band Saga are from Canada.

I was shown Prince Henrik, and was shown a boudeax wall behind him full of picture-portraits, and I was shown how the ring is brought to me.

I was told that the spirit of my mother feels that she won the pools match.

I was told that microcredit (“As of 2009 an estimated 74 million men and women held microloans that totalled US$38 billion” – think about how it will be with everyone potentially taking part of it) was developed to show the world that private funding of our New World is possible, and yes no banks in our New World Order.

I was told about the opposition/silence of the Danish Church Ministry to me – as another example – could have killed me too, and yes many of such groups out there.

Dreaming of the finest book (of life) ever of God, and the European Union “helped” bringing temporary terminations

I went to bed at 06.30 after first having received diarrhoea – symbolising temporary terminations – and I slept until 13.30 because I had to get up after having agreed with my mother to go to a classical church concert at 15.00 in Helsingør – and here are the dreams.

  • Sanna is at the museum reading about character roles of actors, and I tell her that she of any should know who I am, and something about running, the entrance, toilet, white shirt and also a Russian.
    • Yes, I did not get all of this dream because of poor notes/tiredness.
  • At the museum, Sanna shows the finest book ever by David Bowie, even though he thinks he could be even finer. David Bowie shows around and we see new furniture and art, which is the best/finest. Lou Reed is also there, and I see how David Bowie makes lyrics and art according to my actions.
    • This is about everything becoming perfect/almost perfect, while we are “waiting for the man” :-).

  • Something about a lady eager to get married, I laugh of her, Pia Kjærsgaard is there too, and I have hair on TV, which opens to Belgium, where Denmark is one player of the game Square.
    • I do NOT like when I cannot read my notes, but this will have to be about my “old nightmare” in relation to EU, which is darkness leading to terminations of life divided into the old creation of four.
  • A woman received the finest boots at a giant market, there is also a HUGE poster of 29 DKK with pictures on each side, which the woman does not want. I am offered an old stereo equipment, which needs an amplifier of DKK 300 to play, and I am asked how I know that a train will come here and bring the right information to an airport.
    • Finest boots = finest life. The stereo equipment is not of the finest quality, which may be about life, which we don’t bring with us now.
  • I am in Scotland, where I am told that it is impossible to reach the island of the Source. We are a group of people, and the first exit leads to a bridge, but I see that the bridge is blocked, and decide to continue. But four men stayed at the bridge, and I see them arriving to a small pub, and because they talk the local language and have confidence, they receive trust from the local people there, and they ask if it is true that there is no road from here to the island of the Source, and they are told that there is indeed a road, which only the locals know about, and later I see that they join me too as some of the first people arriving, “they are called for the bravest” and something about swimming the last part.
    • Scotland may be becase of Benjamin Crème, but it may also be because of Alex, the other side of me, whom I have not spoken to since he connected with me last year. The four people are terminated life, which is still being brought with us to the Source.

The opening of Karin and Netherlands to help bringing us up to an even higher level of the Source

I was told that we keep on because there is still a little life on the outermost of my father, and I was giving the feeling of this being the beating yolk itself.

I was told that it was important to write about Maradona, and I was told about another great Argentinean player, Mario Kempes, and here I might add that the way Argentina played in the World Cup of 1978 to me is among the best football I have ever seen.

This is still to avoid an unpleasant jump-start of the New World.

This is the last lighter fuel I will ignite.

I was told that Karen feels that her doctor studies was a waste of time compared to what she really wants with her life, which is to have a “simple life” with someone like me.

While I slept, my mother called and left a message cancelling the church concert – she had forgotten about another old agreement – but she encouraged me to go alone, and despite of being tired, but less tired than yesterday, I decided to go, and it was in the local St. Mary’s Church, and when I arrived there I received the words “”Af jord er du kommet, til jord skal du blive, og af jorden skal du igen opstå” (“From soil you have come, To soil you will become, From soil you will again arise”), and “split my topgallant sail” as Captain Haddock says, at least in Danish.

I was shown a tornado of light cleaning, and a match under water, and I was told that we have secured that it cannot burn, so there was or was not a fire?

The (free) concert was a solo concert by the violinist Loussine Azizian playing Bach’s Partita for Violin no. 2, Eugene Ysaye’s solo-sonata op. 27, no. 2 and Zoltan Kodaly’s duo for violin and cello (a cello player arrived), and it was very beautiful to listen to these instruments played here in the very big church room giving the instruments a special sound, and I liked to listen to music I did not know of, where Bach – as always – is beautiful to listen to, but I have decided to bring you Kodaly’s duo here because to me this is both beautiful and different to what both I am most people normally hear, and I do like VARIATION you know.

Loussine Azizian i Sct Mariæ Kirke 070413Two young women playing the duo of Kodaly for violin and cello at St. Mary’s Church of Helsingør today

I was told that the energy of people here would help me, and I was shown how several BIG cars came out from darkness now also attaching at the parking place in front of me, and I was told that this is because the spirit of my mother found us before it is too late.

I was shown my old Dutch friend Karin, whom I met at Arthur Findlay College in 2005, and that was from when I visited her in 2006 and we went to a big town, and I cannot remember if this was Amersfoort, which she lived close to, or maybe it even was Utrect, which I believe that it was, and from this vision, I was shown a broken fishing cutter being recovered and put back to sea again.

At the church, I received quite strong darkness/negative speech almost putting me on the edge again.

I was told that doctors know about me that I am “well-bred”, and also that they typically only read the last few pages of a journal to get an “impression” of the patient!

I was shown the door opening to Pitzner rent a car in Copenhagen – where I rented cars while working for Accent/Fair from 2002-07 – and how “something” wanted to get in with me through the narrow door, and this to me was about receiving a new car, i.e. a new personality, and to my mother, this was a “death penalty” because of what the doctors might do to me to “cure” me, and yes it could have killed her!

I have been told about skates a few days, and here at the church I was told that we can now take off the death skates considering …., and I was given the vision of how I was with GE Insurance in Tivoli Gardens up to Christmas 2000, I believe, where we were skating, and if there is something I cannot, it is to skate (!), but this was NOT to stop me from skating everything I could deciding NOT to be afraid of falling, and this was really another sign of what it took for me to go through my journey, and that was to be DIRECT/STRONG as the only way, otherwise darkness would have crushed me a long time ago.

I was shown the Port of Amsterdam, which is where all of this will be unloaded, and I understood why I was given the thought of Karin yesterday, and again I was shown Karin and I in Utrect as I believe it was – they had an amazingly beautiful and also famous old café with a high ceiling – and I was told that everything happens in this city and without this, we cannot release the cookies/precious stones.

So this help is coming from outside, and we also have to get a tour to the red light district of Amsterdam, which I visited in 2006 (just looking, which I would NOT do today), and from there we will go home, and I was told that without this visit, there would have been no bus ticket for my mother and I.

So we still have a chance to get eyes on the all BIG MONSTER – I was shown a HUGE monster – who is still hidden inside the back side of my left lower leg, and this is even though I now sleep much.

I was shown a very small room inside a church, where there is light and a big radiator, and I received the feeling of the Facebook group of Helsingør pictures, where I may have a few supporters having faith in me – also after my recent update there.

I was shown an old fashioned horse beer carriage coming from Valby, Copenhagen – from the old Carlsberg brewery there – and I was shown that it is really not beer (i.e. terminations) but hay on the carriage, and I received the feeling that this is the opening to the “endless stock” of beer, i.e. hay, of the farm of the Source.

I was shown myself at the Sachsenhausen concentration camp, which I visited years ago together with Camilla, and I was told that “combined with all sufferings of war, this is how you make a big man at the very end”.

I was shown myself having a meeting (together with Kim and Pernille from DFM) with the previous marketing manager of Codan Insurance at the top of the Codan high building in Copenhagen, and I was reminded of how arrogant he was – which was the same with another vice-director – and that is the most arrogant I have ever seen business people (“we are finer/better than the small man”, which brought us the impression “also than you”), and then I was told “Royal SUN alliance”, which was here a vision to say that I am still heading up to the top of the building going through darkness to reach the SUN of the Source and our New World.

I received a small heart attack and was told that by now the last parts of my father (of the next level) now falls easier down to me, and I felt that this is the case.

I was told that my words were not good enough for Karin – she rejected to become a Facebook friend with me last year because she “could not” understand me (!) – but the words of God are, and little does she know that we speak from the same Source.

I was told that this was about the opening of Netherlands to me, which was necessary to do because we have come to the worst place to hang up lamps.

On my way home from town, I decided to use DKK 299 (out of my last approx. DKK 740 of the month) to buy a set of one pan and two pots from Tefal reduced from DKK 699, and yes I normally “never” do this, and this will make me live on a very tight budget the rest of the month, but I decided that I needed better cooking tools than my old.

I was shown a giant railway station, felt Russia and was shown and told that you are going through a store on your way out.

I was shown that I am still walking up a hill and how a beautiful large house is on top of this hill, which we might as well take now because we can, and after this I was shown how one hill after the other continues to come, which is what we will climb inside our New World.

No, you will NEVER find around inside of here, but this is what I understand that we do, and yes receiving the taste of Danish pastry here.

I received a massive presence and heard something like “me is not going to give my keys there?”, but yes you are, I want everything to become life.

As the last work to the script of today, which I finalised at 04.00 “tomorrow”, I wrote this Facebook email to Karin hoping that she will decide to trust in me this time around, and I was given a sound to my TV – symbolising our New World – and told that maybe this will open up to even more energy making us able to continue my journey a little bit longer, thus lifting us even higher up creating new life too.

FB 070413 Karin

FB 070413 Karin 2

Increased faith makes me stronger, but it also ends my journey because I need darkness to play the game

Before midnight I had a VERY DEEP tired crisis, and I really don’t know how I come through these, and it is now 03.00 after writing about 9/11 below and reading Facebook and I have now decided to write the notes of the evening.

I was told about Jack’s career in the navy only going up making him willing to sacrifice me or his brother if needed (i.e. kill), and that is unless I was stronger, which I then felt that I was.

I was told that for Jack it was not very difficult to break down somebody like me, so my fight against the armed forces of the world was really about whether or not I would be stronger than Jack still having my mother, family, friends etc. and the world to fight also, thus only using part of my strength to fight Jack not knowing how important this was and how close I was to die bringing everyone with me.

I was told that your mother is also now about to create an unbreakable diamond chain to us, which is new life or maybe also saved terminated life.

There is no one here but you having fish rights. We also did not want to enter, but are now happy that we did.

So I have kept the door open to myself really, this is how it feels like and will always feel like, and I still receive marks to my right ankle – not pain, but “we are here” kind of marks.

I was told that you and your mother now have one single chance left, and we do this – lift us up higher – because the tennis clothes is not very expensive, i.e. it does not take much  work/energy to climb higher.

Another temptation I had to overcome was NOT to blame my father – or sister, mother or anyone else – for the pain I am given, and also not to blame the Source for playing this suffering game making not only the last years but all of my life a misery/hell, and do you have any idea of just how much sufferings it brings as example when you are given the worst sexual hormones/desire in the world NEVER being able to get relief, and being a slave to this CONSTANTLY every second (?), and yes I have also received strong feelings wanting me to blame others for my situation, but no, it would both be wrong and too easy to do, so I did not, and that is NEVER! It is only a “game” you know.

You should believe that your mother would freeze with this setup, but the best part is that she does not. “Maybe I’m crazy” is what my mother thought, and this is what drove everything, and don’t you believe that she would rather have her real son back?

I was told that it was not before I mentioned Kärnan (“the Core”) in Helsingborg in my scripts not that very long ago that Jack completely found out about you, which was the same as the end of the threat of the armed forces killing me – so there is no more heart blood, and yes I am working via the darkness sent to me by my family, friends etc., and when this stops, my journey also stops.

When your mother’s mother died (in 1975), she sent much darkness to you.

I was told about Carola – the Swedish “song bird” – and about how she has been told about me in relation to her performance of the Swedish part of the Eurovision Song Contest, and her faith in me is making me stronger as example on what a growing faith of the world – thus my family, friends etc. – in me is doing.

And at the end we still have the power of Karen working, and I was told that this was the code of my journey giving us both extreme sexual desire and all that I could not get (to remain light), she got (to be the opposite of darkness), and I was given the voice of the Source as the voice of Karen saying “I don’t hate you, but this is what it took to create, and yes EXTREME opposites.

I was told that when I visited the HiFi Klubben a number of times in 2010-11 receiving very positive symbols, it was because I did well, and because we knew what would happen finishing your journey creating our New World.

Surely you were not the one we sent out of the board room (of the Source to create the New World) even though we loved you, who is now returning?

So this is why I am a little tired now and yes if your mother had decided to abandon you for good, we had stopped this game a long time ago, and this is how far you were able to go – reaching the limit where cigarettes of darkness really is wine of light/everything herewith breaking the code, and this is because of faith of the world in me, thus my family, friends etc.

And I was told that we have even served twice – new games of darkness – being outside the court and we did this because of your will power and because there was more inside Karen and Sanna, which we brought.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Lisbeth thought that she would have a “lovely golf day”, but instead she run a tour in snow weather, and she asked “what the blazes happens, weather God, now you got to open for warm and sun!”, and yes it has been very cold for an usual long time here – because of my sufferings, “strange weather” you know – and Pernille said that “shit happens all the time”, and this is about the Predator wanting to explode up everything, which is what Lisbeth “wanted” me to do, when she could NOT be a TRUE FRIEND understanding and helping me and my LTO friends, and instead she decided to treat herself with luxury right in front of my eyes and yes not “caring” about me and LTO as the rich world does not TRULY care about the poor world.

FB 070413 Lisbeth

  • Still more temporary terminations of Scribd.

Scribd 0704 incl 060413

  • Helena announced that “him there the enormously wise and me did not work” and this is a “clean cut”, and yes cutting hair you are (?), and yes my friends, I wonder why you “could not” make it work (?), and is this because Helena is “dead-dangerous” to you, Søren (?), thus also to me.

FB 070413 Helena

  • Bent “is back” and yes I told her/him that “I am too”, and I am glad that this makes someone happy.

FB 070413 Bent van H

  • A little after midnight I saw this story planted for me for me to decide to react on, and “well, alright let us do it” was the attitude, and it was Henrik, who brought this article by the Danish scientist Niels Harrit, who also presents facts of 9/11 to the world, and tried to be “funny” by saying that “no one can explain how Niels Harrit collapsed without being hit by anything” herewith implying that the man is crazy (!), and I decided to tell people here the truth, as so often before, that they are lazy and better-knowing ignorants who “cannot/will not” believe in what is the truth because of the strength of their inner voice taking over without knowing what they speak of, and once again I presented the facts of 9/11, which may have helped to bring a few of you over on my side because “it was not stupid what I wrote” (?), and no, I will not translate all of the better-knowing (“of course it was NOT USA doing an inside job”) and degrading comments of people mainly on Niels Harrit other than I told them to “wake up and stop making yourselves laughing stocks, will you”?

FB 070413 Henrik 1

FB 070413 Henrik 2

FB 070413 Henrik 3

  • Pelle said in all of his stupidity “If 9/11 was an inside job, where has no one told and come with proof or just some kind of documentation” – yes this is what he said (!!!) –  and I told him that there is all the proof he may wish with this website as source, and it is only because of better-knowing ignorance of the world and governments and media controlled by darkness not telling the truth that the story is not known by all.

FB 070413 Henrik 4

  • Peter had found my CV and now started ridiculing me because I write in my CV that I am “the most clever leader” etc., and he asked “silly questions” about 9/11 because of his “compulsory thoughts”, which could not make him READ and UNDERSTAND but instead “confused” him making him stupid you know, and I encouraged him to read some more about me – he did not even get who I am (!) – because there is “much more good” to get about me, and then you can try to control your desire to ridicule me the same way as you ridicule the truth about 9/11, and again because you are too lazy and stupid to READ and UNDERSTAND without your own “personal filter” taking over making you believe that the planted untruth is the truth – this is sadly the truth.

FB 070413 Henrik 5

FB 070413 Henrik 6

  • And yes, there were approx. 10, who “read” my Signs III page, and Lasse found the truth about me, and then he could not control his desire to share this with the others – however NOT writing about me as the Son of God – and it made “crazy Svend” (who is a victim of organised deception of 9/11 quoting the WRONG sources!) laugh out loud, and Peter had used 2-3 minutes (!) to “read” my signs III page, and on this basis he concluded that there is “some kind of connection between UFO’s crop circles, 9/11, Roswell etc.” and “CAN I BE ALLOWED TO GO TO BED” and yes you are also too LAZY and BETTER-KNOWING, Peter?

FB 070413 Henrik 7

  • Finally, I decided to share this story on my own timeline one more time for UNCLE SAM – standing behind 9/11 and the deception of “the stupid world” – and yes, DID YOU GET IT AGAIN AGAIN (?), and is it still difficult for some of you to control your nerves in because of my “attack” on you, which is going to DEMOLISH all of you, and yes the TRUTH it MUCH stronger than all of your lies and wrongdoings, WIMPS!!! And yes, I hope to receive some more darkness from “stupid people” to help lift us all up to the next level of the Source, and yes this is my “hidden agenda” (!), and eehhhh you saw it coming?

FB 070413 Henrik tråd på min timeline 2

  • And one of the old “high school students” from last year shared it with another of these, and yes seems that he got it.

FB 070413 Toke


8th April: Margaret Thatcher was killed by “UNCLE SAM” and acclaimed by the world despite of being “pure evil”

Dreaming of building a new road up the mountain of the Source

Is there more thread to sew the patchwork quilt of our New World (?), and yes we are received the finest thread of the width of a spiders thread.

All through out my scripts I have told you when I have suffered because of this or that, and I could also have written that “now this or that has stopped”, but I decided from early on to write when I was suffering of “this and that” and not when it ended, and here is an exception: I am working with darkness but I do NOT have heartburn and pain to my behind as examples.

The story of Henrik of yesterday occupied me from a little after midnight until 02.30 herewith making me give more energy and influencing people to bring more life to our New World at a higher level, and yes because I can.

I do not have a hunting sign, do I (?); no, but this is how it feels and yes this is new life seeing how we continue creation as if nothing had happened, and yes lifting the bar even more.

I was told by my father’s mother that she knew about this game all along.

I went to bed at 06.00 and slept until 13.50 – still being tired when awakening – with these dreams.

  • I am working together with Morten J., who is leaving the company, and a manager who could be Søren H. Morten is the old Business Development Manager and I am the new, and my task is to build a new road up the mountain, and I am surprised to see that Morten does this job instead of me, but I learn that he shows me/us how to do it, and he has files documenting how to do this, which are as organised as mine are. My manager gives me an incredible amount of work, but I manage without problems. I am going to do the last part of the building myself and will receive help.
    • Still building roads to take us further up the mountain of the Source. Morten symbolises God/my father.
  • My mother turns around on her right foot, I am to check if something is in order, and fill out papers with halo’s, and something about not hearing if this has to be improved or if it is alright.
    • Still turning around life we are bringing halo’s of new life, and I received the word “grazie” from the Eros Ramazotti song. And here is Depeche Mode with “halo” showing why they are one of the greatest bands ever.


  • At my work, I am surprised to meet my old class friend from commercial school, Jens M., and he does NOT want to speak to me even though I feel that underneath his resistance, he truly would like to speak, and I tell him that the worst I have ever done was when I invited him and his girlfriend (in the middle of the 1980’s) and forgot about it making them come in vain, and I ask him if he is still with Irina thinking that this is the name of his old girlfriend (even though it was the lady I met in 2004 at the same time as I met Henriette, and I chose Henriette as my girlfriend over Irina), and he says that they are not, and also that he has read my website (including his name), and tells me that “you could have called”, and I tell him that I could, but I have decided to wait until a “personal development” (lifting me up) will happen. Back at work, I work on a few last tasks trying to keep my concentrating with “payment-vouchers” being the most important task. There is MUCH bureaucracy, and the company has asked us only to drink one glass of water per day and report the consumption of everyone, which makes an Italian female colleague and I unsatisfied. Søren D. (my old class friend also from commercial school) is a business visitor saying something like “full tenderloin” to me. Michella is there now speaking to me asking “how are you doing, Stig”.
    • Jens could have become one of my best friends if it was not because I forgot the agreement we had (the worst I have done together with NOT inviting Birger back and also forgetting an old lunch agreement around 1990 having invited my sister and Hans), and I was home and I did see them coming, but was NOT prepared for their arrival – looking like a mess having prepared nothing – so I did not open the door (!), and yes this is how I lived at least sometimes back then. Irina was this Russian short time friend who could have become my girlfriend if it was not because she had trouble having sexual relations (!), and yes “best friend” she could have been too, and “payments” is about me bringing energy these days via work and if I can, via exercise, to lift us further up to receive the “full tenderloin” of more life.

I was told that this means that there is no big danger of explosion.

It is your mother who will switch off (my old self).

I was shown a three-divided device on top of my shelves, which here again gives a sound, and this is “magic”, but first when we open the door to nothing of the Source, and apparently this is what we are still waiting for, and yes I am inside the Source having crossed the deep crack, and we are still going through the tunnel, so I wonder when this magical moment will come when I will meet and open this door (?), and yes it is now April 8, and I did not believe I would make December, then February and will I now be able to also make all April (?), and even longer maybe (?), we will see.

I received the lyrics ”Baby, Now That I’ve Found You” by the Foundations, which is about “I’ll build my world around you”, and yes I LOVE MOTOWN MUSIC – even though this is not the original but imitated, and yes it works fine for me too, and think if there was a copyright restricting them to do this, and yes COMPLETELY INSANE it would be to have something like that, right?

I am still given feelings from time to time – not nearly as strong as in 2010-11 – that my right ankle is about to explode, but then I was shown that it is now only a metal plate with everything around it now being removed as part of our New World.

And then we will pick you up from football”.

I was told about Scottish sea monsters – Loch Ness you know – and I was told “Mclochlin, I say no more”, and was this another sea monster, and no, only this monster killing people, i.e. war.

I checked to see if Karin had read my website this morning, and received the song “Barbie Girl” by Aqua and the lyrics “Hi Barbie Hi Ken! Do you wanna go for a ride?, which you know is about darkness wanting to give me my “old nightmare”, so no, I am not “good enough” to be allowed entrance with Karin, but you do know that AQUA is what streams out of the Source and my “old nightmare” was “destructive darkness” as the tool of creation – when I was stronger than it – so this is really what leads us to Australia symbolising our New World, and hello the Australian cabinet, are you still silent “dolls” over there?

I was shown the Source as a ship always sailing away impossible to reach, which is how it easily could have been in another scenario than this one.

I was told “we never asked for Halal slaughtering to get the island back”, which is what could have happened, and that is to start slaughtering man randomly and with much pain to bring energy, this is a scenario we also did not experience.

We were about to rent a four room with a view over the strait, but no not me anymore.

We are coming in from the bath-room door, which is – and hold on tight (where is the “perfect recording” of this show, why do you hide it from public?) now – also the kitchen, and yes we know and you figured out a long time ago that this is how it is.

Now there is clean at the bathroom, you don’t get it better here, and this may be the latest bathroom we have met, and they keep coming.

I just have to say “fuglesang fra oven” (“bird sing from above”), and we know then we have Kim Larsen back in top form as you see from the clip below – is that what you wish for too, Kim (?) – and this is about my father allowing me to walk into the forest symbolising the Source, and this is what makes the birds sing you know :-).

I received a low voice saying ”build a space” – ”with help from Scotland”.

I received the feeling of SCARED GOVERNMENTS/POLITICIANS of the world seeing that the day of my arrival and the revelation of their WRONG-DOINGS, SILENCE and DISMISSAL is coming closer, and I can only repeat what a load of and here I am told RATS, which is the same as WIMPS killing me, and yes I am here shown the fake policeman in Kenya in 2009 at the café thinking about whether or not he was going to kill me, and yes darkness of you too my friends brought to me, and yes everything coming via my sister, sweet right?

I decided to cycle approx. 20 kilometres today, which I was strongly encouraged to do, and it both felt good as well as extremely difficult at the same time because I have absolutely nothing to drive with – again feeling physical pressure coming against me making me so dizzy that I felt like fainting, which is really not the best conditions to cycle.

I was told that life will be used to open the door of the Source, and when I receive speech of potentially killing my mother, it means temporary terminations of parts of life, which will not physically kill her – but apparently other parts of her, which I understand Margaret Thatcher also was.

I was told that a restriction imposed by the police was the closest Karen came to set the authorities against me, thus not suing me.

I was told that the last switch to change from plus to minus is inside the Source, I will be the last joining the castle and I am standing right next to a huge stamp coffee machine, i.e. love of me.

I heard how life asked my mother to receive a new mouth, i.e. to be developed, and just like how young birds ask their mother for food, and I was reminded about the song before of Kim Larsen and the singing birds.

And then we will go to the typographer, not the cinema”, and yes difficult to remember when you are both darkness/light.

Do you believe that your family are starting to realise that “the voice” they wanted to suffocate was/is the voice of God?

I keep on receiving sounds to my kitchen, but now mostly without visions to see what is inside, but this one brought the feeling that just maybe when I have given everything I have, the Source will open the door, and yes this sounds right to me.

I was reminded of the red newspaper (of termination) as I was shown together with Carl Bildt, and I was then told about the European Union putting pressure on Denmark and the Finance Minister Bjarne Corydon to “get more for the money” in relation to public employees, which is what has brought the still on-going lock-out of ALL teacher and school children etc. in Denmark, which is nothing less than COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE and when have you decided to come with your law making it as you want, Bjarne (?), and surely you are not a WIMP but a “strong man” aren’t you (?), and yes who do you follow, the powerful EU or me maybe (?), and yes DO WHAT IS RIGHT, BJARNE, SHOW THE WORLD WHAT KIND OF MARIONETTE DOLL as you truly are, and I received an even worse word because of the darkness you put on me, SHAME ON YOU!

I was told that Søren D. N. was almost killing us even though he is only a small pointer of the total clock.

I was told that the ring of the Source is attached to the nose of the bull and I have only first now started getting a hold on this because I will never give up, and I was also told that we are digging him up from the bog after the water (of sufferings) has been removed.

Margaret Thatcher was killed by “UNCLE SAM” and acclaimed by the world despite of being “pure evil”

This morning, the former “Iron Lady” of Great Britain, Margaret Thatcher, died from a stroke, and when I saw the news on Facebook, the first comment from my spiritual friends were that “we have searched and searched but there is the hidden wallet”, and I was given the feeling of Margaret Thatcher inside of me, and a little later I was told now from “Maggie” self “I was also no normal person, it is first now that I realise that I am coming home to you” – to help fight darkness bringing me energy, and so it is. Later in the day I felt her again, and I was told that she was hit by ambitions until the end, and she first felt me when she received her stroke, so now you know what this was about, another “special servant” sacrificing her life to bring me energy for the very end of my journey to reach the door of the Source.

Even later I was told that Margaret Thatcher only died because I have decided that “everything has to be perfect”, and I was told “are you sure you want to keep working like this” (?), and yes, of course, there is NOTHING, which is going to make me change my decision, and a few minutes after this, I felt the “iron will” of Maggie coming to me, and she said “just keep on Stig, never give up”, and yes her iron will is “in family” with mine.

I was thinking about the “irony” of fearing to receive a heart attack my self killing me after having received thousands of small heart attacks on a daily basis since 1998, and she said “it is not that difficult, now I am here with you”.

Finally, I was told that this darkness absorbed by Margaret Thatcher sacrificing her life was darkness coming after my script of yesterday and Facebook activities telling Henrik Dahl, his network and “UNCLE SAM” via my Facebook timeline the truth about 9/11, and yes there is still so much darkness in this that it is moving me even closing to the airport, which is the door to the Source, and I heard desperation and talk about explosions because of this darkness, and it required the sacrifice as Maggie, who I understand is yet another part of my mother – I wonder how many there are/were, and how many are left before my own family and I will stand in line (?), and I do believe that there are still plenty, and yes in this respect this death is in “family” with the deaths of Sai Baba, Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston as examples.

BBC 080413 Maggie

Oh, Maggie I couldn’t have tried any more ….

Of course all media including Facebook was full of stories of the death of (one of) the most charismatic of all politicians ever (?), and I was surprised to see how poorly the British Prime Minister David Cameron (and his staff) has decided to use Facebook as a media always bringing two-lines only comments, thus also today, where you should believe that he would have something more to say – also here, David (!) – so I decided to write what I thought, and the “funny” is that approx. 900 before me had commented his post, but “strange magic” moved my comment to the very first of all – notice the time stamp of mine compared to others.

FB 080413 David

This made me share his post with my Facebook timeline like this.

FB 080413 Stig om David

Most people could only praise Maggie for her strong policy, will and famous quotes, and to take only one of these, Pia Kjærsgaard’s post represent these when she said with very well put words that “she was a great human and a strong woman, who made an indescribable piece of work for her country. She kept her beliefs, and became known to the world as the Iron Lady as consequence. She was a remarkable personality setting marks on the history of Great Britain and the world. She won a war on the other side of the globe, had her country’s economic crisis solved with effective fight of inflation. Together with her near friend and allied Ronald Reagan, she was part of tearing down the Berlin Wall and the end of the Eastern Block making Europe free”. The world had much to thank Margaret Thatcher for. I thank her too”.

FB 080413 Pia K

So this was what most people had to say about this iron lady, but what is the true story of her (?), and yes some may remember what I was told and wrote months ago that she could have brought World War III to the world in another scenario, if I had not done as well as I did – it did not take much from her to decide to go to war as you saw on the Falklands – and Mogens Lykketoft here helps by saying that besides from hating Communists and supporting and being friend with the dictator Augusto Pinochet, her policy was the foundation of the Financial Crisis (starting 2008), so what you saw in Margarat Thatcher was “evil self” with the task to start World War III if required – as she tells me here to the right of me – and she was helping to set the financial market free to break the road leading to the end of the world (!), which you know that we had to go through – without terminating the world – so most people today pay tribute to this lady, who was evil self, but of course part of God working inside of her having this plan, and no, you did not see this coming did you (?), and yes, thank you Mogens for having the courage to stand forward telling this story.

BT 080413 Lykketoft om Thatcher

At the end of the evening, she told me that “I did not believe in you”, so I understand that she was told about me, but it took more to convince her about me, and yes it took her to die before she “woke up”, and yes “Wake up, Maggie I think I got something to say to you”, and this song is only brought here with WARM FEELINGS and nothing else.

Finally, she said that a heart attack starts like this, and I was given pain around the region of my heart, and I was given the feeling that even more darkness will now come to me from “UNCLE SAM”, who will “not like” this script (?), and yes isn’t it ironic that you killed your “dearly beloved” Margaret Thatcher?

The motto of the three Musketeers “one for all, all for one” is really the motto of God because “God is all, all is God”

After wondering why Jette did not bring new pictures, which she has now started doing yesterday and today but without comments, I was told via the email below that the reason is that “my batteries are completely flat after visiting family shortly after sickness etc.”, and I told her that she receives some of the same as I, where my batteries CONSTANTLY are empty, but I have decided to continue writing, and I don’t want to put a pressure on Jette, but I do hope that “she can” start commenting again, which will make me and the world happy, so maybe over the coming days, we will see.

I have only brought a few of the pictures from her Facebook group because I cannot see what is on most pictures when I don’t have her view, but in these I can see female/male divine/angelic figures, a lying animal which may be the Sphinx (?), and a knight making me say that the motto of the three Musketeers “one for all, all for one” is really the motto of God because “God is all, all is God”.

FB 080413 Jette 0

FB 080413 Jette mail

FB 080413 Jette 1

FB 080413 Jette 2

FB 080413 Jette 3

FB 080413 Jette 4

More Google Earth shows new life coming from the Spaceman, and the arrival of Margaret Thatcher

Later I was happy to see that Jette truly “could” if only she wanted to, so she brought a number of new pictures WITH comments, and yes I wonder if you could work if you felt as I do, Jette (?), and by the way, it is now 02.30 and I am still working because I have decided also to bring these pictures of yours, so it is really all about a decision and the stronger you are, the more you help me fight darkness and vice versa.

These pictures are about more grey darkness meeting light, new life coming from the Spaceman, “all for one and all for love – cause when it’s all for one, it’s one for all”, another travelling knight, and the arrival of Margaret Thatcher.

FB 080413 Jette 5

FB 080413 Jette 6

FB 080413 Jette 7

FB 080413 Jette 8

FB 080413 Jette 9

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Christopher used a word, which I do NOT like at all (!!!), and then he spoke of “Game, set, match” and that love is more powerful than fear, and this is what my family and I really showed the world when our underlying love was stronger than fear and misunderstandings.

FB 080413 Christopher

  • Michael Wulff was inspired once again bringing Hamlet to “who wants to be a millionaire” receiving the question “what is the question?” now only having to options, which is “to be” or “not to be”, and yes not very easy to answer in forehand, so this is why I helped him a little bit – as the Source has helped me to reach the last levels of him as I am told here – by saying that the answer is “to be”, but it could easily have been “not to be”, and yes DID YOU GET IT (?), and this is both a question for Michael Wulff and people reading this, and also about getting the gold chest of the Source as I am shown here.

FB 080413 MW

  • Kristian from Politiken received the words “to be or not to be” flowing in the air, and wrote “Oh, Thatcher. Should one write or should one not write” (?), and it made an inspired Søren say that “there is probably a place in the salt mines of Hell for Maggie”, and yes, this is exactly where I have ended up with salt being another old symbol of “everything”.

FB 080413 Kristian

  • It makes me INCREDIBLE sad and disappointed when I see behaviour like this from Michael being in Germany – just over the border – at a shopping market (with MUCH lower prices than in Denmark) saying that “this is close to Paradise”, and Svend was “funny” by saying “REMEMBER: First yourself and then the others”, and this is the worst kind of provocation you can give me together with indecent (sexual) behaviour in general of course, and I was “this close” to bring a link to our newsletter on Dadaab, but I decided not to prioritise this.

FB 080413 Grøn

  • These three are administrators of the Helsingør in pictures Facebook group, which made Robin say that the three Musketeers have just given the oath of allegiance, and yes “one for all, all for one”, which is also the headline of Jette’s Google Earth pictures of today and just to show you a reference, which to me means that there are people here – maybe these three – knowing about and having faith in me.

FB 080413 Lars Aa

  • I was told that this story of the Danish MP, Marie Krarup, from the Danish People’s Party is planted, and yes she criticizes original people of New Zealand not understanding and valuing culture of other people – this is how racists of this party is (!) – and this is a BIG story in both New Zealand and Denmark these days, and it is really to show “Nazi darkness” of this party and the political world sending me darkness because you don’t want to change the system of our Old World and become “original people” of our New World.

NZ Heral 0704 080413

  • I also decided to comment on this MISLEADING post of Kristian from Politiken writing about the scientist Niels Harrit (who has a STRONG case on 9/11!), whom Henrik Dahl made into a fool yesterday – apparently not realising that Henrik is the fool himself, unless he is paid/ordered to mislead the population of course – and here Kristian brought a reference to the same article by Niels Harrit in Politiken as Henrik did, and then he wrote that “In my world, Niels Harrit is free from criticism on life because he plays the saw-solo on Gasolin’s “see your city from the top of the tower”. Had it not been for this “on occasion of the King’s birthday …-card, one had had to conclude something very unpleasant”, and yes this was a VERY INSPIRED comment because I had just been listening to this and other songs of Gasolin/Kim Larsen, which is what made him THINK of this, and yes isn’t it amazing that Niels Harrit really played the saw as an instrument on this one of the most beautiful songs of Gasolin – I had no idea before reading this (and checking on the Internet) – and I am thinking of the saw of the sawmill sawing the last part of the Source to come free as mentioned the other day – and the card from the game of Monopoly as it is called in English is the card pardoning you, so what Kristian is saying – as it comes to me here – is that my decision to comment Henrik’s thread of yesterday and to publish this to bring the truth to UNCLE SAM is what is releasing me, and yes Matador is of course also the Danish TV-series, which was part of my game too.

FB 080413 Kristian 1

  • And here is my comment where I ask if he/Politiken is paid/ordered to mislead the population about 9/11 as the official world and world press in general are, or is the truth that he is as lazy and stupid to understand the truth (?), which is EASY to understand if you just have some patience, openness and objective approach without colouring the conclusion self because of the strength of faith/scepticism, and it cannot be that everyone of the media is so stupid, can it (?), so are you one of the actors as one of the leaders of your newspaper (?), and yes take care, because you are NOT cold in there when you are protecting yourself and your “interests”, thus sending the cold/sufferings to me, and we know, it is NOT because of you, the media, that I am now pardoned and set on free foot. Furthermore I ask Kristian to write the true story of 9/11 and also me, and that is “if you can find out”, can you, Kristian (?) – or are you TOO STUPID?

FB 080413 Kristian 2

  • I had been encouraged to let Niels Harrit know about my writings on 9/11 and support of him, but when I could not find his contact information, there was really only his article on Politiken to comment hoping that he reads all comments and finds mine interesting enough to dig deeper to find out the real truth also about who I am and who REALLY is supporting him,  but this was easier said than done, because in order to become an “active debater”, I had to fill out this information of my name, address and birthday, which Politiken then would run up against the National Register, and when it did, it first gave me the error message in the grey field that “the combination of birthday and the given name- and address information does not match with information of the National Register” (!), and yes this happened twice, and I knew that my information of course is right, and I did not believe that the National Register could be wrong, and this made it impossible for me to become accepted as a debater, thus impossible to bring my comment to the article, and I thought if it truly would be as impossible here as it is on Berlingske for me to comment.

Politiken 1

  • And when I right after this, tried to open the article on Politiken’s website again, I was now told that there was no access to Politiken, and to me, this was about darkness preventing my access to this newspaper because it has something to hide (!) when not telling the truth about 9/11, UFO’s, world deception/fraud/crimes against mankind, me etc.

Politiken 2

  • But I went back to my profile, and this time my information was accepted – I did not give up (!) – and I became an active debater.

Politiken 3

  • And with this, I could finally bring my comment to the article asking “Is Politiken paid/ordered to NOT telling the truth about 9/11” in the headline, and then bringing the content of Kristian’s Facebook post and some of my comment and a link to my Signs III website including the truth of 9/11, and yes there was no more space to write on – even for a spaceman (!) – and I wonder how Kristian and Politiken will react to this, with silence (?) or will you comment and maybe even remove me as a Facebook friend and also my comment (?), and yes it is not easy being you, is it (?), and tell me how you believe I feel because of your SILENCE AND WRONG-DOINGS (?), and yes a terminator I could have been are the words given to me and that is because of you too, but a Zombie was the right word really.

Politiken 4



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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