April 10, 2013: Turning around and spreading eternal content of the Source to ALL life for future creation/development


Summary of the script today

9th April: Arriving at the next level of the Source including a GIANT production plant and thousands of worlds

  • Arriving at the next level of the Source including a GIANT production plant thousands of worlds.
  • I was awake all night, and slept during the day, but was more exhausted than ever today also closer than ever to give up and not to be able to write my script.
  • It is now the turn of the ship of the Source so small that it can be inside a bottle, and as difficult to enter as the small bottle hole. This is about receiving the most efficient access to the Source. And this work is ALSO impossible to do because the spirits of my mother and father are not adapted to each other. I was shown a GIANT production plant including water hoses as the plant of life of the Source.
  • Dreaming of Mercedes cars drawn quickly by huge belts, UNCLE SAM sending me incredible darkness via my sister (temporary) giving birth to a child of darkness (?), receiving strong concentration of darkness from my mother, Netherlands and Britain, Kenya and Kenyatta are suffering because they expelled me (!), and we have brought the largest sum of temporary terminations ever.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show me as a lonesome wanderer, darkness of Spain is not happy, not satisfied but sad, a meeting of happy people, a gathering crawling into Earth, the Trinity at the North Pole, humour of big greys being caught and lightened, and a guard coming out of Greenland.
  • Short stories of “we are”, Bjarne Corydon and a leading director of the Finance Ministry receive bonuses for abusing power (!), I don’t negotiate with darkness of the Old World – you will get a FREE WORLD no matter what you say, the Tree Musketeers shopping furniture, bringing back God to everyone, they are not very sane in Canada, I am being brought up to no. ONE, Eric Idle is also inspired by Musketeers, and isn’t it ironic that Margaret Thatcher is now helping me to jump and U-turn?

10th April: Turning around and spreading eternal content of the Source to ALL life for future creation/development

  • I was shown the inside of the Source including a rattle (!) and a space turning around with incredible speed. This is the “power plant” of everything.
  • I received STRONG darkness this night making me fear that I would be given and die from a heart attack. More faith of more people helps me to keep the door open.
  • Dreaming of the mayor of Helsingør having faith in me now also absorbing darkness from people not having faith in me, and of not having the production plant of the Source (yet).
  • The Liberal Party of Helsingør and Karin from Netherlands “helped” bringing me so much darkness that I could reach the bottom of the metal container of the Source, which is also why North Korea these days threaten the world with nuclear war, which could develop into World War III, but no, this threat is not strong enough to make me stop playing the game to the very end – as I can only do with help of the Source, otherwise I would not be able to play it.
  • The Source and the New World have now merged into one circle of 360 degrees turning around me. The Source has always been the opposite of the boat of the physical world, and it is first now that ALL CONTENT of the Source has been turned around to light ready to be explored for an eternity to come. Everything of the ground, trees etc. is now white of the sponge of the Source, which means that we have now spread everything inside the Source all over on all life making all life and the world as a whole able to go into eternal depths itself taking care of future creation and development meaning that I do not have to do it any longer on behalf of all life, and this is how life seriously will begin. Creation until now is “nothing” compared to the eternal content now transferred from the Source. With this transfer, the Trinity of the Source is now able to get out of its small room for the first time ever. As the original Source, I do not have to use strength creating all life. All life will do this by itself as creators as originally designed.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show great humour of the Source falling, souls come from everywhere, the longer you look the more you see, shooting bad behaviour on everyone, A TALL person, on top of the world looking down on creation, a smiling grey, some sort of blessing (and homecoming), darkness got a baby, someone is trying to look like Greenland, and a spaceman with a bear and child.
  • Short stories of the now unhappy love of Helena and Søren Pind, my birth is NOT revealed to the world because of “selfish interests” of media and politicians, fires of Vapnagård symbolises fire inside the metal container of the Source, the bow of my journey, Jette tested my patience including energy when she did not want to listen, I would not be able to win over the worst darkness (of Malaga) if I did not receive help from the Source (making Dortmund score and win despite of two goals being off-side), “seek and you will find” (the Source) and “the door will be opened”.


9th April: Arriving at the next level of the Source including a GIANT production plant and thousands of worlds

Arriving at the next level of the Source including a GIANT production plant and thousands of worlds

It is your time painting the bicycle, I really don’t bother doing it, and yes from black to white you know.

I was told that you really don’t want to mess about with the lock of this bicycle, because it cannot be opened, and I feel incredible strong darkness and am shown a nuclear plant, and yes there are MANY “interests” going against me still coming at me.

Can’t I lay my clothes here, Stig, I am warm (?), and yes you can do exactly what you want to, the only thing I ask of you is to become light and perfect including to ALWAYS do what is right.

I felt/was shown a ship so small that it can be inside a bottle, and it takes for you to enter the small opening to get in here too, and I received a new sound to my kitchen, which is really giving me the feeling of “solid”, and I was told “well, it is now my turn”.

I received more darkness yesterday and also this night with the usual trying to make me say “you are not welcome” – to enter the Source – etc.

I have received the “active thought” a couple of days that I did NOT throw any friend our from Facebook or LinkedIn, and how many threw me out or thought about doing so, and yes who do you believe really should have kicked out whom (?) if it was not because this would have been wrong of me to do.

I was told that your mother will never be able to understand how calmly you were able to handle this pressure of darkness – of her and many other pressuring you – and I was shown a slice of cheese being rubbed out over a telephone box where I stand calling with what looks like a monster next to me rubbing his hands, and this is next to a train station with the train quickly passing.

I was told about Margaret Thatcher and her devotion to the British Pound believing that without this, Britain and the world would fall, this was her high thoughts of Britain and also herself.

I was told “Lausanne and the free movement of capital” and all of this is working against you too also making the clock count down to zero, and many of you have no idea of what you have contributed to and still talk about all of your ideas, and yes for example as people like Soulaima, who these days are on the school bench of Harvard University, and she simply cannot get enough of it about to fall over of pure excitement of this old world system, and yes “impossible” to change your mind and follow me (?), even though you will soon understand that the ones being crazy were you too.

I was shown Lama Yönten’s place and was told that it is also “impossible” to Lama’s/Buddhist’s to understand when you don’t want to understand other than your own “truth”, and don’t you think that they have finally found out who you are (?), and yes I wonder?

I was told that I will not say that your books are ready to be sprayed all over, and isn’t it funny if it is your old Facebook friend, Morten Thomsen, who has been given this task (?), and yes the man producing Bibles for the Danish Bible Company, who “could not” handle you weeks ago when you told him about who you are thus leaving your as a Facebook friend, and yes, did the world “catch this” requesting Morten to produce my “Bible”?

Can we put the pick up in the groove of the LP saying “everything has got to be perfect” (?), and yes this also applies here, and that has to be the most inner of the Source by now (?), or at least where the origin of everything is “hiding”.

I was given pain to my heart region as if I was going to get a heart attack and was told, yes Stig, I am sorry to say but the time has come to change your heart truly becoming me as I really am, and yes no darkness you say, and I am shown myself from outside looking in at the last and very small capsule of a rocket.

I was told that my mother was very close to take a glass of headache pills to kill herself, if it was not because of John and you of course.

I felt how Christian G. – my old class friend – also came through to me from the right, and yes to my inner self of the Source.

I continued working all night long with Jette’s Google Earth pictures, and my last comment to Kristian from Politiken of yesterday including my comment to Politiken’s website, and it was first by 05.30 that I had published everything including my Facebook posting linking to the new script, and no, I had no idea that much work was waiting on me again, and I could have decided to do none of this, but after being INCREDIBLE TIRED at around 23.00 yesterday evening, where it was “completely impossible” to leave the sofa after my dinner break to continue working, I was not that tired and I decided that I might as well do “almost everything” on my list, so this is what I did.

And my message is still “EVERYTHING HAS TO BE PERFECT”, and no, I will NOT allow you to explode or burn down anything of my right ankle, and yes we could have played different games you know, but I do believe that the final result would become perfect no matter what, but I might as well do my best, which is what I feel the best of doing.

I continue receiving a combination of darkness and light, for example I felt some darkness and “he was the one I was going to break the fingers of”, and then I felt much light, which is taking over.

It is not so that they will now fall as domino bricks all of them (?), and yes one after the other and that is of US and Soviet Generals of armed forces, and yes all over the globe, and that is because of you doing this work, and this is to welcome you all over on my side and this is connected to the Source turning around.

I was about mowing the lawn …, and no, this excuse also does not work (?), so your plan is really to take all of me and turn everything around and yes yes yes, alright then, but let it be done quickly, and we know as long as it takes is what we will do, and this is not Simon says, but Stig says.

I was told that this is about receiving the most efficient access to the Source “but we would have received this anyway after some time in our New World, right”?

I was shown parts of the reel to reel tape recorder being turned around and told that at the end we will turn on the recording heads, and it is a secret how we do, with the last being darkness and also a reference to this song, which I love so much, and yes because of all of the people in fear out there keeping me a secret to the world.


I was given more sounds to my kitchen and told with a sigh that this cannot be done, we (my mother and father) are not adapted to each other, “but he does not care” with “he” being me, and yes what we have not done yet, is what we will do now, so please make sure that your recording heads will be adapter for “perfect play” of the Source.

I was shown a policeman armed in combat at “Byggeren” (“The Build”) in Copenhagen (where the Police removed local people to tear down what was and to build new), and he was about to enter a completely empty housing block when I saw a dog biting him to keep him out because the dog feared what would happen inside there, and it came with “strong desperation”, and I felt that I was the policeman surprising me because police is normally a symbol of darkness, but if this was me, I decided that I don’t care, I am not afraid of darkness, so let us enter.

I was shown parts of aeroplanes at nothing less than a GIANT production plant including water hose spraying water. This is the plant of the Source creating life.

Dreaming of UNCLE SAM sending me incredible darkness and bringing the most temporary terminations ever

I was watching TV – enjoying the beautiful sunrises every morning, but this morning I was STRONGLY ANNOYED because of many airplanes spraying chemtrails, and there were “strange looking” clouds, but not strange enough for me to photograph them – and I was surprised that I was not than tired, and at 08.00 I had been “fighting” with myself if I should try to stay up the whole day knowing about strong darkness, or go to bed, and eventually I decided to go to bed thinking that if required my spiritual friends would help me to do the right thing, but I was allowed to sleep until 15.00, but the kind of dreams made me wonder if this was a good idea because it cost the largest amount of temporary terminations to do until now.

  • Kenneth welcomes to the club, it is impossible to feel poor, and I see how Mercedes cars, which are drawn by huge belts quickly overtake Kenneth and also Helle.
    • I cannot remember the people of the dream, but I wrote down Kenneth and Helle, so maybe Kenneth from the meditation group and Helle?
    • I was told “welcome to the plant equipped with thousands of worlds with needle and thread”.
  • I am in a smaller room with a few people watching porn, and porn actors come and dance with me. I discover that my sister is part of the Playboy website and appears first in what I thought was one porn movie, but it is many movies, and it states her full name and the title as “Justice Minister of Denmark”. I also see that this brings her a child, and cheap baby equipment has been bought from USA.
    • This is about the worst darkness of USA still coming to me – they did not like my stories of 9/11 and Thatcher – and this darkness is coming via my sister as the Source of darkness. And my sister is getting a child, which is a child of darkness, and no, I will not and do NOT believe in it, NOT IN MY WORLD! Later I was told “can you really get a child in pain, and remove it afterwards?” and also “do I have to transfer everything of me as darkness, and then visit the exchange office?
  • My mother is a long time at the bathroom at my old apartment in Hørsholm together with the first team of Dutch people. They also like cheese in Netherlands, but they tell me that it is not as strong as in Denmark, and my mother says that it is possible to find strong Danish cheese in Britain. Later I am in Kenya where it is snowing outside, and the dream also includes a newspaper and sexuality.
    • Still inside darkness now also including Karin and Netherlands. Concentrated cheese is about the most concentrated life as we have in Denmark, and some in Britain followed by Netherlands. The snow in Kenya is because of the new President Kenyatta being swearing-in today knowing his destiny and more WHY DID YOU NOT CONTACT ME WHEN I WAS IN KENYA in 2009 as I am here told to my surprise (?), and yes not proud you are of me being expelled from your country (?), and I wonder how you feel like counting all of your money, Kenyatta, in such a poor country like Kenya? The last part of the dream of the newspaper and sexuality showed me that in order to go through this night, we have brought the largest number of temporary terminations ever.

I woke up to “Bouncer” by Electric Light Orchestra and the lyrics “I’ll be so happy back home”, and yes even this B-side includes unique elements of Jeff’s musical talent, which I LOVE :-).

I had run out of coffee and was “forced” to cycle to town and also Aldi Supermarket outside town (the best, cheap coffee), and yes I cannot work as I do without coffee – I may drink 20 cups per day (!) in this “not normal life” of mine, and I discovered that the last couple of days had made me unusual exhausted today, actually the most exhausted of all time, I believe, and I was closer than ever to give up cycling approx. 12 kilometres today, and later I was so tired that writing this script should not be possible to do, but I told myself “you are NOT going to give up now”.

I had not many things to remember to buy, rye bread, potatoes, coffee and some cheap meat, and still I “succeeded” to forget the potatoes (!), which is the symbol of God too, just saying that these days are not very easy going through.

I was shown the tube of a car deck being turned around, and was asked if it isn’t him from the well, who is also now here.

It is still cold here, but now finally becoming a little warmer, and I had brought my gloves, which I used for some time, but then I decided to take them off and put in the pockets of my jacket, and I was given the thought to be careful not to lose them, so I put them even deeper into the pockets, but still when I came home, I had lost one of two, which is a sign of not being able to keep warm, thus terminating more life – and besides from this, I was unhappy to loose this glove, because they were really warm and nice gloves.

I was given the name of the football player Didier Drogba and told “brittle cake”.

Your father is not a harbour worker yet.

This is all because he does not want to take a step down.

I am holding the world on the edge of World War, isn’t it funny (?), which of course is about North Korea because what will happen if they decide to pull the trigger and South Korea/USA will respond, will this bring China in and so on and so forth (?), and yes I am also excited to see what the crazy/brain washed North Koreans will do, and if their nuclear missiles will work if they decide to send some, and no, I believe that our friends of people of other civilizations are in control of the situation, and yes this is what I wish, do NOT let nuclear weapons explode and kill people!

I was told that the world knows the truth about Margaret Thatcher, they just cannot get themselves to say it!

Are there really any stores open this later?

I was given feelings of sadness/resistance of Fanny to me, and how this brings me darkness, and yes “typical behaviour” of many people today, SADLY!

How many times have your father wished that you had never been born?

I was told that you and your father have been even closer to dying than you know.

UNCLE SAM does NOT like to be called “wimps”, which is sending me MUCH darkness (!) – is “cowards” better?

We are so far back that we are not even born.

Google Earth shows me as a lonesome wanderer and darkness of Spain is not happy

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show me as a lonesome wanderer, darkness of Spain is not happy, not satisfied but sad, a meeting of happy people, a gathering crawling into Earth, the Trinity at the North Pole, humour of big greys being caught and lightened, and a guard coming out of Greenland.

FB 090413 Jette 1

FB 090413 Jette 2

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FB 090413 Jette 4

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FB 090413 Jette 6

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FB 090413 Jette 8

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I liked this one by Birgitte about “we are” also noticing “Clarissa”, and no, I never again heard from the Clarissa-“lady” of the meditation group in Helsingør, who decided to block me as Facebook friend.

FB 090413 Birgitte

  • The Union chairman Dennis wrote about Bjarne Corydon, the Finance Minister, who has a “result contract” rewarding if he “make considerable resources of the public agreements available”, i.e. SAVE MONEY (!), and a director of the Finance Ministry can obtain a bonus of 25% if he achieves similar results, and yes ABUSE OF POWER is what it is, and these days, Bjarne does his best to convince the media and population about the “reason” of doing what they do, and yes THIS IS THE WORST GAME, which is, which is everything controlled by money destroying life self (!), and Bjarne, you went right into the black pot of this trap!

FB 090413 Dennis

  • I told Dennis that this is abuse of power, which I don’t like as I also don’t like unions, and I asked him to help creating a FREE WORLD much better than the system he also represents, and no, it really does not matter what you or others of the Old World think, feel and want because a new and FREE WORLD is what you will get, and yes the “reason” is that you do NOT deal with darkness – the Old World wants to keep its old system instead of receiving my new, if you could choose (?) – you tell darkness what is right to make it light, and when everything is light, we all have FREEDOM IN A FREE WORLD, and yes pretty easy to understand, do you understand?

FB 090413 Dennis 2

  • After my stories of the Musketeers yesterday, Michael Wulff received an idea hanging in the air to bring the Musketeers shopping furniture and here a new chandelier with the best light, and this is of course to bring out life/light of the Source.

FB 090413 MW

  • Lykke was in Morning TV on TV2 speaking of Margaret Thatcher receiving “bonus information from the chef – “the potato has to be rehabilitated”, and yes I saw it too, it was about how to make healthy French fries and that the potato is healthy even though it has been “in” not to eat potatoes (people having fear of carbohydrates), and yes it is of course about bringing back the potato of God to everyone :-).

FB 090413 Lykke

  • Jim from Saga brought this picture, which made my inner voice say that there are really not sane in Canada because Jim believes that I am really not sane (?), and yes LISTEN TO HALLELUJAH BY CÆCILIE NORDBY BELOW AFTER 14:00 MINUTES – A MUSICAL EXPERIENCE OF THE FINEST CARAT.

FB 090413 Jim

  • 151 had commented the post below before me, but still my comment was lifted up as no. one because this is what I am. When I had just posted the comment, my spiritual friends rolled up my screen automatically to the top – I did not touch anything – to show me that my comment was now no. 1. All tracks are fantastic, but “Hunter and the Hunted” is my favourite. During my journey to the other side, I was both the hunter of darkness, and darkness hunted me.

FB 090413 Simple Minds

FB 090413 Eric

  • This is over the theme “isn’t it ironic” (?) because Margaret Thatcher did not want to jump (as a gimmick at the end of an interview) and also did not want to turn (“U turn if you want to”), and after her death, she has now woken up to help me jump to the next level of the Source and TURN around this part of the Source too, and yes Maggie, you may indeed help me and also learn from your mistakes, not least to be HUMAN instead of a battleaxe.

FB 090413 Troels

  • Jeffrey brought this picture of a triple merger of galaxies in SAGA’s Facebook group, and as everyone can see, it looks like their figure Harold the Locust, which according to the story of the band is Albert Einstein in disguise as a spaceman being the only one, who can save the world, and yes a sign that “we’re saved” as Tim writes. You can read more about this cosmic Tinker Bell here. And what do people at this forum think when they see me (?), and yes “can it really be that he is the one”?

FB 090413 Saga



10th April: Turning around and spreading eternal content of the Source to ALL life for future creation

Now they know in Rabat – and MANY other places of the Muslim world – that I have nothing against them, and yes it was not only Islam but ALL RELIGIONS I do NOT associate with, and eeehhh you “could not” understand in the beginning even though this is clearly stated on my website?

I was told about Thomas Blachman defending himself against poor criticism of his new TV programmes and deciding that this is more important to him rather than following me, and I was here told “I now know, Stig”, but that’s life, and you “cannot” do anything else?

We almost have no more circus tickets, Stig, isn’t this what you would like us to say (?) – no, only the truth!

I was shown myself inside of darkness and a door leading to light on the other side, which is about my thinking the last days that the door of the Source is open because I keep saying “you are welcome”.

Well, this was just a small bill we had to pay before taking the taxi, and yes he, i.e. me, keeps telling me “use all of me while you can”, so this is what we do.

There is not going to be a fire on the central station before in the morning (?), well I have got a plane to catch – and I see a somewhat confused man with his suitcase and the feeling of much gold, and yes what direction am I going to take, and yes please be calm, and check the signs showing you to the right gate, and yes before the end of time because I see him looking at his clock with only little patience knowing that time is running out.

So this is what we do before getting the duvet of your mother all over us, which feels like putting the body of a car over its engine and frame.

I felt my mother who said that “It is not because there is no more time”, but what I can take?

We have waited until the end to show you this place, and I was shown myself looking through a membrane into what I understand is an incredible small round space with a rattle (!) inside of it, and this space turns around with an incredible speech, and this is the very nut at the most inner of everything making everything work.

It was John telling my mother that “you cannot keep on reading” (my scripts).

And why do you think that your family, friends etc. do not “dare” speaking to you about who you are and your experiences (?), and yes because the world does not dare doing the same, and it is the world that my family, friends etc. “represent” and you know as actors really.

I kept on working until 02.00 before I had finished all work to my script of yesterday.

I was told that it is like taking a beer (termination) to the coffee (love) because of just how much we received.

I was asked “WHAT HAPPENS IN ITALY” (???), and yes what happens, Italy (?), why can’t you get a new government?

I was shown how I am almost jumping over my chair, which is difficult to hit, which is what the “chair game” was about.

At 02.10 I was told that we are now almost at the next level.

Everything had to be in balance of the world, also poor in connection with rich.

The first maybe 2-3 hours of the night, I received an incredible pressure from outside wanting to give me a heart attack, and I had constant heart pain including pain to first my left testicle then my right, which together with negative speech and physical touch to my private parts made me fear that I would truly receive a heart attack killing me.

Yesterday when I came home after cycling, my telephone showed that my mother had called, but she had not, it was an old call from two days before, which had shown up again as a sign of calling her, but I decided that it was not important, and I was told here during the night that this is why I receive so much negativity because I did not call her, and yes she has called the last three times making her “concerned” thus bringing me darkness too.

And despite of this, where I could have decided to stop the game, I know only “one direction”, which is also the name of a boy-band and music I don’t like that much, and that is to go forward saying “you are welcome”, which I also don’t like that much because my sufferings are not that funny, you know.

I was told that Dennis Mortimer is also not dead here, and yes I recognised the name, and isn’t that an old football player of Manchester United (?), and I don’t know before looking him up now – and yes, I have now done exactly that and can see that he is not dead, so still alive, yes you were saved, and no, he was playing in Coventry and Aston Villa most of his career, and we know it can be difficult for many to guess right, even Communists who wants to decide what is right even when it is not, and that is right, it was a trick question, COVENTRY CITY has NEVER won the English football cup symbolising that Communism of darkness also did not win the world :-).

You simply do not enter here without the support of Fanny and mother today, but despite of this, you made it by not becoming negative – because of negativity and darkness REALLY killing me this night – and because you did your work.

And I was told that if you had not done this, “we” would not have followed, thus starting the New World on a lower level.

I was shown a tunnel with grinded coffee covering all of it, and was told that we are now only one tunnel meaning that Karen will not be negative to me when I will write her on her birthday the 12th April?

I received the beautiful song “Aicha” by Outlandish and I felt it coming – very directly – from the mainland of Sweden just on the other side when I look out my windows, and this is not the Aisha of the Koran, is it (?), and no I do NOT like a store of a so called prophet marrying and “completing marriage” with a child/girl, which is to me is ALSO paedophilia.

This was the door I had to keep open via all work you have done the last couple of days, and I was shown my old friend and colleague Lisbeth as a hoop being put around me, which I understood as “newfound faith” in me, and I was told that my old friend Britt also “thinks” about my recent Facebook updates showing that I am “no. one”, which they may get out there. I was told that Britt was connected to my father, but this change of attitude is now helping to open this part of me, which also required me to become afraid of dying, which I really did these 2-3 hours of the night.

I was told that “now he also dies not having to go to the toilet anymore”.

When I was going to bed at 06.00 – apparently it was not good for me to stay up during nights for the last … and yes how long is that 2-3 weeks (?) – I was asked “am I now finished as a pop singer” (where does this “færdig som popsanger” in Danish comes from (?), it was part of my task to find out, but I cannot find the answer, is this from a TV2 song …?), and this was to tell me that when I was going to bed, this part of life, which had not yet entered me, would not become life, and I was also shown an indolent and lazy dark man working – my inner self, who is ONLY working because I work even when I cannot – bringing the last gold statue from the ship and he said that “now me change into darkness” (?) because this is the same man helping me when I am awake, because of what I do, and when I am at sleep, he works as darkness because I cannot tell it what to do, and I received the feeling of my old class friend Dennis as one out of many making this darkness because of lack of faith in me.

I was shown the salon of a ship swaying strongly – in 3D right in front of me – and how it is dissolving into nothing, and I was shown trees entering the lake, which is about life being withdrawn to the Source, and yes because I decided to sleep.

But then I was told that the dream about Sanna giving birth was about the birth of life as darkness before it became light, which was the journey we have been on for “almost an eternity” until now.

I slept until 15.40 receiving these dreams with the feeling that there were more, which I however could not remember.

  • I have started working at the right hand of a man in Helsingør, who feels like a combination of a business man and a politician, and I have just started having to convince him in practise of my “very good business skills”, which I do when we meet and speak to two local politicians, who somehow are connected to a toys store. I receive commission for the work I do, but I would much rather have a fixed pay. I see how most places of Helsingør now have become fine, but when my manager wants to return to the two politicians at a café, who don’t have time now, I see that he goes straight from there to the other side behind the steel bars of a city yard, which has not been refurbished yet making him look as if he is in prison.
    • The feeling is that this manager is the mayor Johannes, who has started opening his eyes to me as my Facebook friend (?), and also that I really do have good work and personal skills, which you could have used as the new director of the city, Johannes (?), which is what is on your mind (?), and when you speak to a couple of other politicians, which may be from the Liberal Party, you are a member of (?), about me, they don’t believe in you thus also bringing you sufferings sending you behind STEEL BARS, which is also my favourite song by Michael Bolton.

  • I also remember dreams of being at my old apartment in Hørsholm not having any pipe, but still deciding to save my Orlik tobacco (of “screwed judges” you know) in my desk. And I remember drinking a Coca Cola not caring about this being a symbol of darkness, and yes I have to admit that I have always loved Coca Cola, and I miss them not having had them for years now (since 2009).
    • This is the pipe of the “production plant” of the Source as mentioned somewhere else today.

I woke up to the lyrics “I want it so fine” by Electric Light Orchestra, and this is really what I want – also in 2095 (!) – and yes perfect you know.

I was told that we will continue the game and that is unless you will stop, and this is what I was very close to doing, but let us continue a while thinking of Janet Jackson here.

I was shown the very top part of a radio tower, and I was told that this is about getting me to the very top to receive the clearest signal (from the Source).

I felt the risk of an explosion to what is attached to my right ankle and received the question if this will move to my left ankle if this becomes the case, and yes “terminated life”.

I was told about my old colleague Jacob from Acta – the chairman of the Liberal Party in Helsingør you know – and he did not do irreparable damage when he left you as a Facebook friend and spoke badly about you behind your back, did he (?), and “almost” I am told.

We are not unfamiliar with receiving children here, but 2 or 3 of the same kind? Yes, one to practise on and one to receive Champagne in the hair on – eeehhhh?

This is what all this loving has been about, how to protect you while going through the most difficult part of the stairs up.

It is angel hair they speak of isn’t it (?), says a voice of previous darkness on its way to become light, but still not feeling well it is.

It is not from the Helsingør constituency of the Liberal Party that this light I feel to my right is coming from is it (?), and yes the mayor and Ole Lützhøft, the old chairman, are still my Facebook friends, so it might be.

So we cannot continue drinking blood from there (?), this is what we are doing now, closing down darkness.

I took a LONG bath again first starting to write the script of today after eight and no, I don’t have much of them here, but most of Denmark and the rich world do, right?

I was shown a camping wagon driving to the containers of the Birkebo old age home in front of me, which I used the other day to throw out my old pots/pan – because we don’t have containers here, therefore – and I understood that this is about one of the holograms I was shown together with Karin at Arthur Findlay College in 2005, and this is about Karin going through cleaning by sending me all of her darkness once again, and no, I have NOT heard from her, and that is NOT AT ALL, and what are you thinking of, Karin (?), and yes not easy when you “cannot” read and understand, and I was also given the vision of Electric Light Orchestra Time-album making me think that still she “knows”.

I was shown myself playing table tennis hitting the ball hard but going in the net every time, but still it went through the net and I continued playing against my opponent, who had great difficulties returning my hard balls until I saw a canon ball of very heavy weight breaking off this part of the table, which is to say that I only continue playing against darkness because of the Source helping me, otherwise I would not be able to play.

I was shown how the Liberal Party of Helsingør brings out a missile from the small metal container of the Source, and I felt that this is why North Korea is threatening to send nuclear missiles to just about anyone speaking against them, and that is not only the Liberal Party of Helsingør going against me, but ALL DARKNESS of people going against/misunderstanding me, and I was shown North Korea as a house of darkness growing out of the mountain changing into an aeroplane, which however is shot down, and I was told “because this is what you have asked us”, and yes I do NOT want North Korea to be able to bring nuclear weapons to explosion killing people.

I was encouraged strongly to call my mother and “we cannot say it clearer than this” to underline the importance of receiving “mother love”, which I later did, and we spoke for us to receive this.

I was told that I have been all the way down at the bottom of the metal container to bring out everything, which again is why North Korea is playing with their “muscles”, and yes they have to be completely barmy/blank these poor people of North Korea thinking that they are stronger than the rest of the world.

I was shown first one and then two behind it of what looks like “wheels” or “stations” of a pin-ball game telling me that this is a game of the Trinity, and “no, you do NOT dare to enter” was the name of the game of darkness also threatening with World War III via North Korea, and no, I was NEVER in doubt to stop the game because of this because I am stronger than darkness asking light to eliminate the power of darkness/North Korea, so this is how I decided to play the game instead of pulling out.

And this has to be done before John’s teeth will be alright making him go through the test he will undergo at the hospital tomorrow.

I was shown my mother sitting on our old sofa in Snekkersten sending me “Kylletter” (“food” industrially made by ALL of the chicken and more), which to me is the most gross of all food, and these were what she threw at me with herself inside of the “kyllette”

I was told about the table tennis game of before that it is because of your father that you were not supposed to be able to play, and that is his resistance and WRONG-DOINGS to me making me physically a Zombie, and I can only play this game because of the Source.

I was shown the Pompidou building of Paris (the city of light) and told that we are looking up the stairs of eternity – I was shown the tunnel on the outside of the building going up to higher levels – and we cannot reach it yet, but we took as much as we could making things as perfect as possible, and when you keep saying “perfect” we can only continue the journey as long as it is possible.

pompidou_centre“The stairs of eternity” of the Pompodou Centre at the city of light, Paris

I was told that the greatest threat of North Korea and their missiles was this night when I was fearing for my life.

I was told that the Middle Ground Fortress outside Copenhagen is “not without importance”, and I was told water pouring into it thus symbolising the crack at the end entrance of the Source, which means that Copenhagen is the capital of the Source, which is where we have now arrived.

I was shown a hacksaw trying to saw over a gold stick, and no this is not necessary, this is our lifeline to the Source and I was told that it was also impossible to saw/cut this over.

I was shown the street Nørrebrogade of Copenhagen as one long Indian canoe, and told that this is a main thoroughfare from the Source, which no one can see yet.

I was told and shown that when the orange of God entered me, it was a pipe inside a block of ice with the pipe now symbolising the power plant of the Source, and the ice sufferings I had to go through to reach it.

I was shown a scissor, a white comb and new hair growing out on John’s head, which is still wet, but now it grows.

I was shown pouring water including yellow (of my mother/our New World) as part of it, and it pours in or my ear through my head and out of the other ear until I am shown it in a circle of 360 degrees, and I was told that we also received the last part now as part of everything.

I was shown my inner self happy riding a roundabout of fire inside of it, and this is what it used to be and that is the worst darkness, and this round-abound is the same as the wheel of the pin-ball game, and the greatest part we have taken.

This was where the spirits of my mother and father had not adapted to each other, but I understand that they have now, and I was shown a new bridge, which has been build to a mountain, which is really a diamond and even bigger than where we come from, and the tunnel continues inside this mountain/diamond, but I am also shown a cactus at the right side just after the bridge, and when removing this cactus, it is also possible to drive around the mountain, which is to say that we can chose exactly what road we want to because of this being endless too.

I was told that we had Netherland pointing into the metal container via Karin, and I was shown a missile of North Korea coming out as the response.

I was shown an hourglass with the very last sand grains running through now, which are opening to new rooms of light, and I was also shown a Vacuum Coffee Maker, which is also two glass bowls like the hourglass, which is about the love we are opening for here at the very end of time – and this is also a reference to the new series of DR3 TV called “Hobby TV”, where I saw a young 22 year old man having “coffee” as hobby, and yes I LOVED to see his passion/interest, and he used one of these coffee makers, and yes I love to see TV programs like this where people get TIME to speak without being disturbed, and if people had been used to this via media instead of their constant rush and disturbances, people would be much better listeners!

I was shown my silent Swedish friend Anton and received the song “Kringsat af fjender” (“surrounded by enemies”), which is about what Anton feels like with “no one understanding him” (he has been very silent on Facebook) and it is also a poem by the Norwegian Nordahl Grieg, and as song it is made popular by Kim Larsen, and this poem/song is almost a national hymn of Norway, which is about stop war, make peace, be good, take care of Earth, have faith in man, community etc., and do I hear the immensely beautiful “morning mood” coming to us all in the horizon (?), and yes OF COURSE one of my classical favourites in is, and yes GRIEG it is (a relative of the poet above) :-).

I was shown the tip of the rocket as a drill becoming larger all of the time.

I was shown a zipper almost completely opened revealing light on the other side but also removing shelves to the right, which we have not brought in yet.

I was given a side view to the end wall of the metal container, which is really the “metal plate” of the Source, and I was shown how metal sticks having boxing gloves on them were automatically coming out from this plate/wall depending on what life of creation asks for, being the “doubler” giving you what you decided for depending on your behaviour and actions.

If you imagine this wall or plate being lifted up to higher levels via the use of a cigarette rolling mat (!) including the help of Anton, I was shown a lion head, this is where we are now, and I was wondering what is on the other side of this wall/plate.

I was shown the last content being brought in and a hatch being closed to a big, white globe, which is inside a much larger outside space, is this how it is (?), and no, it does not sound right.

We – the Source – are not the opposite of the boat, are we (?) and have always been, and it is first now that we are turning everything around to light ready to be explored for an eternity to come?

And when all of the crack of the entrance to the Source has been filled out – or emptied from terminated life depending on how you see it – as it has now, it means that everything is white, and I was shown the ground and trees being white all over and first white of snow, but then it is white of the sponge of the Source, which has now been spread all over, and this means that we have now spread everything which is inside the Source all over on all life of the world making all life and the world as a whole able to go into eternal depths itself taking care of future creation and development meaning that I do not have to do it any longer on behalf of all life, and this is how life seriously will begin. And we were only able to do this after having brought the camera developing life to our New World.

And any New World can be created on new rules as long as this is sustainable with life. This is what we have brought up from the bottom of the Source also symbolised by the submarine, which I am here shown now at dock with a roper ladder leading up to me, and how is coming out from this submarine if not my mother, father and my inner self, and yes to freedom of the Source for the first time ever.

I was told and shown that faith of Johannes, the mayor, helped to bring the drill to the very bottom, and later that his new knowledge of me has not spread down the system of Helsingør Commune thus also not reaching Lisbeth yet.

This is what is inside the inner nut of everything, and I was given the taste of a nut.

I was told that Princess Mary of Denmark felt my heart pain of the night.

This is what was included in the outer smoke of everything, and I think of the smoke coming from a mushroom/puffball.

This means that I don’t need to use any more strength myself now, because I have now brought everything, which will develop itself from here. This is the content of the metal plate now shared with all life as originally planned, and I am thinking of the old vision of creation so far of “an eternity” only being one drop of blood of a whole body meaning that we have brought a GIANT “everything” inside our New World.

I was shown a berry speaking (!), and was told that this is what “everything” can, and I was told that the latest programme of “Kontant” (“Cash”) on DR1 TV – a consumer magazine revealing POOR moral of unscrupulous people and businesses ONLY focusing on money and selfish interests without a care of others – where they focused on applications/games, which people can download for their children to play on, which gives Apple and independent game developers the chance to RIB OFF parents of children playing these games for many thousands of DKK/USD, which neither the children or parents know before it is too late, but Apple and the game developers know this very well (!), and why do you think that Apple and the game developers did not want to speak to “Kontant” in this programme (?) even though they brought them a wheel barrow of berries/fruit (?), which are symbolising ALL of me, not only the apple (of what has been created so far), and yes because they have EVIL INTENTIONS to steal money out of people without people knowing about it, and yes this symbolises the Source stealing energy out of all creation to do what we have just done, which is to turn around all of the Source to the other side becoming part of our New World, so there you have “the meaning of love”, which is what darkness was for, and yes stealing energy from creation to bring it to the Source to complete our transformation into physical life, “that is really smart” right? And now Apple & Co. may decide to change your business concepts and base it on good behaviour/moral and our New World Order?

This is also because your mother has not forbidden you to be on her highway – she did not abandon me choosing Sanna over me, she chose both of us herewith making this dream come through.

At 23.00 to midnight when I was checking Facebook updates, I had a true crisis – of tiredness and exhaustion – and was wondering if I had to give up, but no, this will probably be over in 1-2 hours.

I was told that the belts of the Mercedes in one of my recent dreams are of bacon, i.e. being the Source driving forward these cars.

I continue receiving marks to the back side of my left right leg, which is potentially exploding in a far too powerful pain, but it does not and a voice tells me that I am still trapped inside of here, so yes apparently there is still more darkness, which is what we are still working on as building stones because I continue working, and yes I have promised myself to keep on writing until the very end even though it would be VERY EASY to stop working and deciding that “this was it”, but no, this is NOT how I am, and yes I am still sneezing few times every day.

I was working very slowly over several hours because of my crisis, but at around 00.45, I started feeling better thus also improving the pace of my work.

I was given a new sound to my kitchen together with a vision, which made it possible for me to “see” inside of the sound for the first time in now a long time, where the sound has just been “solid”, and here the sound sounded like the vision, which was a thin window, which is about to show me what is inside of this “chicken nest” on the other side, and I am here shown first a chicken at the top of the rocket lying their comfortable and then a man coming out growing much in size – God (and now also my inner self) being released from his prison of “almost an eternity” – and I am here shown Mr. Spock from the TV series Star Trek being this character symbolising me, and yes I have almost never seen this series so I cannot tell you more about Mr. Spock, but it was him that I was shown here.

John, “not in the living room!”, and no, he does not want to tell that he is dying, which is his true feeling, but he carries on, and that is because I carry on.

We are not going to be let in by that fool there, are we (?), and this was darkness of better-knowing and degrading Danes coming to me because of some of my recent Facebook comments, for example the one today to DR TV.

What do you have in the freezer for me (?), I have nothing for you, and yes Stig, there is nothing in the freezer now because we have also transferred terminated life now.

And yes, I could have decided to buy potatoes today, I was reminded of it, but I decided to work, and this was because of the addition of “mother love”.

Isn’t it incredible that whenever I listen to mixed music, which I do now hearing one favourite artist after the other, and then suddenly Jeff Lynne/Electric Light Orchestra starts playing, it brings a SMILE to my mouth and the feeling/thought that this is WAY ABOVE all other music to me, and yes it happens EVERY SINGLE TIME, and here it was Jeff Lynne with AT LAST, and yes let us bring this here (after 17:33 below) because “here we are in heaven for you are mine AT LAST” :-).

And should anyone be in doubt: Yes, I am still dizzy, exhausted and receive negative voices wanting me to say and do everything, which is WRONG.

I was shown the most precious locomotive rolling out of a tunnel of Copenhagen Central Station and saw how it turned around a large cruise ship with incredible details on the deck.

Google Earth: On top of the world, some sort of blessing (and homecoming), and darkness got a baby

FB 100413 Jette 1

FB 100413 Jette 2

FB 100413 Jette 3

FB 100413 Jette 4

FB 100413 Jette 5

FB 100413 Jette 6

FB 100413 Jette 7

FB 100413 Jette 8

FB 100413 Jette 9

FB 100413 Jette 10

FB 100413 Jette 11

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Helena said that she will write a boo about “jump over actions”, which may be over where the fence is the lowest as MANY people do, and this may also be about JUMPING to a higher level (with the help of Maggie too), and then she could not keep it in, which was “I miss Søren almost making me believe that I am dying”, which made Fam write the lyrics of the old Danish song “tag med ud og fisk” (“come along fishing”), which is really for her to find me (!), and also “just let the hair be” and “take your boots on”, which is really about the hair of our New World and boots of your new life – this is what it says! Jane encouraged her to run over and marry Søren, and Lene “if the gold wants to be collected, collect it” (!), and Helena says that Søren would be happy for her to come crawling, which she is not good at, and she also cannot live in Copenhagen, she has to live in Århus, and yes they have broken all connections unless she comes to him at his work or home, and she says “but I love him”, so what is all of this about (?), and yes apparently quarrels only, and I am here given the taste of chicken and told without Helena and Søren doing what is WRONG (other parts of my mother and me they are) and without me absorbing all of the darkness they sent me, we would not have been able to do what we do, and this is why I continue writing about this.

FB 100413 Helena

FB 100413 Helena 2

  • Michael Wulff continues being inspired now bringing a picture of the BREAKING NEWS of the birth of the new Messiah, which is a happy day for everyone unless Henning, who has a calendar business already having printed the calendar of next year not being happy of this birth, and yes this is really to say that “selfish interests” of the official world made my arrival an official secret, which was not leaked to the mainstream world through media and politicians and I wrote “yes, when is really his birth day! This is the question, and the story is not yet “breaking news” because of Ekstra Bladet and everyone else, who does NOT dare when everyone else is silent”, and after this, Jette also wrote a comment saying that the birthday is the 3rd May 1966, which some may understand is my birthday, and I wonder which day I will awake as my new self (?); we will see.

FB 100413 MW

  • Vapnagård in Helsingør symbolising darkness had several container fires this night, which you know is about the fire inside the metal container of the Source, which is only darkness to us before being turned around to this side.

FB 100413 HD

  • I found this angel-shaped cloud, which I shared with the Saga Facebook group saying that this may be Harold the Locust (“the saviour of the world”) too thus completing the prophecy of the band, and yes this is what these stories these days symbolise. I thought that the very fine video below of one of the INCREDIBLE BEAUTIFUL (in my ears) songs of early Simple Minds fits in here.

FB 100413 Stig til Saga

  • I “could not help” commenting this little story of DR News about the local Bishop of the southern Islands Lolland-Falster of Denmark asking to receive help from “higher powers” to bring growth to the islands, and I said that “this will work out then” and with my spiritual voice in combination with my decision to write it, I wrote what I was told from my inner actor “this is the place they also call the South Sea Islands, right (?), and yes we just have to correct so we can help there too, and yes this is just for fun, isn’t it” (?), and who could tell that this is God speaking like this (?), and how many reading this were thinking that “he has got to be crazy” – yes, you got it too (?) this one as I am here told, which will have to be about DR – and when I saw that my spiritual friends also lifted this comment of mine up to no. 1, I decided to write “Isn’t it also funny that there were 9 comments before mine, but still mine comes in as the first (?), and yes, maybe there is after all hole through to him on top, you know?

FB 100413 DR

  • And even though this was a “little thing”, I was encouraged to share this one too on my timeline for my Facebook friends and other “curious visitors” to see – for example my mother as I am here told – and I added that this is a phenomenon, which has come to stay, which is about me lifting myself up on top bringing all life, which was the purpose of my journey, which you can read about on my website, if you bother, which practically none of you did, but it was also not more important than the most important work ever, but never mind you could not know, or could you (?), and yes it required for you to read as you did not bother (“it goes without saying that he cannot be the Son of God”), and yes, do you see the bow, which I worked after (?), which also is on the present, I will “now” bring everyone: LIFE AS IT IS ORIGINALLY THOUGHT OF: Eternal without sufferings and with joy and happiness far exceeding your ability of imagination today ♥, and yes you do understand such a small one, right (?), with the last being a famous quote of Lars Hjortshøj referring to my “old nightmare” because this is what all of my lazy family, friends etc. brought me when “not bothering” to read and understand me.

FB 100413 Stig

  • Jette decided to reply to my post above, and to bring the prayer of the Bishop, which is about asking for “happiness and progress of Lolland-Falster, about presence and growth, courage and fantasy, love and care”, and even though I did NOT have the time nor energy I decided to comment this because it provoked me, and I said, let us pray for a whole world and not just ourselves, our near ones and near area (as selfish people do, which is “everyone”), but OPEN THE EYES OF A WHOLE WORLD, and aren’t their many we should pray for before Lolland-Falster (?) for example one billion poor people and the millions right now screaming of hunger and lack of hope (?) while people here continue consuming good food, wine and new refrigerators (also meaning new life as a “hidden message”) and maybe a used car instead of a new, and I felt Obama and said that he is with me in thoughts and attitude, and yes I could not believe what I saw when Jette said “we are all here where we are supposed to be and need prayers of happiness and love – fellowship and comfort – ALL we have”, and why did she have to do this following what was on her mind instead of just understanding and agreeing to what should be EASY for everyone to understand and agree to (?), and yes, this was also darkness testing me and stealing my energy (!), and even though I still did not want to use more energy on this knowing about the many hours of work still ahead, I said that as a foundation this is right, but it is wrong in a wrong/unequal world, where many have a FAR greater need of help than “rich” Denmark and the Western World, and I spoke of “true distress and desperation” of people really suffering, and there should have be no problems of the world to prioritize to correct the inequality of the world once and for all, but selfishness and ambitions of both private people (all my Facebook friends as example, who cannot/will not understand this) and governments made this impossible, which is completely unacceptable, and this is what we will start correcting at the beginning of our New World, and yes, this should be EASY for everyone to understand and follow (?), but no, now Jette decided to focus on herself with “irony” saying that she is “a little spoiled 69 year old from Denmark, who despite of all have heard the sirens from 1943 until today” and once again “we ALL NEED love, security and stability”, and yes, Jette, you are here again used as example of darkness, who cannot/will not understand what truly matters, and instead of focusing on you and your knowledge of sufferings, it should be EASY for you to understand that there are people SCREAMING and DYING and needing our attention here and now – I constantly feel Obama with me here – and why is this “impossible” to say and agree on, and of course we all need love etc., but this was really about what to prioritize first, is this growth of Lolland-Falster or is it to help people feeling the same or even worse than prisoners of German KZ-camps (?), and yes it should NOT be difficult to prioritize, should it (?), but this is what not only Jette “could not”, but a whole world including all of my Facebook friends, all rich people and rich governments, and yes how could you be so selfish and uncaring, and how would you have reacted if it was your own family suffering as people do in KZ-camps or at the Dadaab refugee camps (?), and have you READ and UNDERSTOOD just how much these people suffer (?), and no, you had “no idea” (?), which was because you “could not” read and understand? And when writing this, I felt how Jette is giving me heartburn, which however is not very strong, and yes, you do understand this, don’t you, Jette (?), and that is if you want to LISTEN and UNDERSTAND me instead of what you have decided on yourself as the only valid “truth”.

FB 100413 Stig 2

  • I was told about Malaga being where the worst darkness was located, and how Malaga was “this close” to defeat Borrusia Dortmund by 2 to 1 yesterday evening, but with a little help from my friends and the judge, Dortmund won by 3 to 2 scoring twice on off-side in the injury time, and yes not every day you see this (?), but our new kingdom had to win, so the Source helped us out :-).

The Telegraph 100413

  • Paul brought the message about “seek and you will find” and “the door will be opened”, and yes I found the Source and am now opening the door, and I wonder if faith of Paul is helping on doing exactly this.

FB 100413 Paul



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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