April 12, 2013: The arrival of my new self in silver on the white horse of everything of our New World


Summary of the script today

11th April: The arrival of my new self in silver on the white horse of everything of our New World

  • I worked all night long on my edge inside this the most secret room of creation, and to come out of this alive.
  • Dreaming of being in the cinema of our New World doing the final corrections of it, receiving my “old nightmare” costing much terminated life, creation was taken over by “someone else” when I was sleeping and not working, I work my best/strongest but am met with the strongest darkness of “Uncle Sam” stopping me, my mother working against me, Jack does not resist me much, stacking New World’s on top of each other, our new automatic washing programme does not work yet, Africans don’t understand that I am awaiting to become my new self, and Danish comedians bringing me darkness.
  • We are unloading an infinite number of my new self, who will become part of all New World’s together with my father and mother as the original Trinity, which will deliver the material of creation of a new Trinity of father, mother and offspring on top of us creating their New World according to their “rules”. I will be brought together with Karen in all worlds to stabilise everything holding together the New World and our family tree. We are now very close for the recording heads of the Source to be attached as Octopus suckers to all of our New World, which will start our New World.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show a big figure made up by many heads, the dark baby of yesterday seems to have a hard time, My mother with rags of individual worlds combined as the rug of our whole New World, life waiting/smiling, new life comes out from the dim/hole of the Source, storms and a hedgehog, Jette keeps an eye on the new baby of darkness turning into light, the arrival of my new self in silver on the white horse of everything of our New World, cleaning up grey heads, and my crystal head being made.
  • Short stories of Christopher bringing me darkness, Messi and I turned the bin for FC Barcelona and the Source, my feelings of Danseorkestret inspired Michael Wulff, a temporary child of darkness until it is turned around, Michael Wulff believed that Dortmund’s football win “was a greater miracle than the creation of the Universe”, the press is tripping me, Manyar also receives the voice of God/darkness and sends me darkness, Nutella is the Source of life!

12th April: Sending Karen my birthday greetings: We are both the Source meant to be together  at its very core

  • I worked all night long at my ultimate limit surprising myself that I could do this and not least that I could also write an birthday email to Karen where I brought her the proof of my new self arriving on the white horse for a whole world to see, and my spiritual friends putting me in as no. one on emails for her to understand that I am indeed the one, if she wants to read/understand, and furthermore I told her about her being darkness and me light working from both sides to bring as much friction as possible because this is how creation is done, that we are the Source together, which is why we have this very close spiritual connection, that I am the only one being able to reach her heart, that she feels this but still normally cuts me off receiving help from others convincing her that I am crazy, and that we will be together at the very core of the Source of our New World, which no one can avoid us from doing, which is the truth, which will be revealed to her when she will be shown the road to our new home.
  • Dreaming of not getting back in to darkness, having difficulties getting parts of the Source out, receiving other parts as new life, selfish darkness continues wanting my energy while I continue cleaning inside of it.
  • The first reaction of Karen coming my way is that she still believes that I am crazy, which will be brought to me as more darkness coming to me over the coming days, which will bring me to the very top of the Source, and I also sent Karen my memo to the psychiatrist Alex telling her that if she just reads and has an open mind, it is EASY to understand me. Her darkness is helping us to go even deeper inside the Source to bring everything with me.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show BIG figures of life, the head and heart of the lion of Anton is helping me to open our New World, things are changing for the better, and we are still calling home.
  • Short stories of the death of the music reviewer Torben Bille as a “special friend” of mine absorbing darkness, the grumpy Charlie symbolising me does not want to work but will receive everything, Holger Danske/Ogier the Dane is for sale (!!!) symbolising that I will now get out in the world, and I am sad to see Paula misunderstanding Obama.


11th April: The arrival of my new self in silver on the white horse of everything of our New World

The Trinity will become part of all New World’s of all new God’s with Karen and I being the stabilising factor

I was kept on my absolute limit to give in to darkness and “just do what you want to do”, but this darkness is also not almost light, and I see the Source waling down the hall inside of a ship about to wake up everyone inside the cabins, which is about the sign to wake up our New World, which is coming very close.

I was offered help if I would give up – no thank you (!) – and also that we could have reached the same result via your “old nightmare”, but no, I would NOT accept it, and yes it could temporarily have cost the life of many people on my way, which I did not want.

First at 03.50 I had almost finished and uploaded my script of yesterday, and I still had Jette’s pictures to comment – and yes I am tired as usual – and also more tasks, which however are not important now, but includes an email to Jørgen Mylius – with a request to do programmes on “world music” starting with the best music of each country in a two hour show and to me it could also be four or eight hours (!) – and to create a Facebook group of my own for me to communicate with my network and my network to communicate with each other – with or without me – which they can do MUCH BETTER in a group instead of just becoming Facebook friends with me or “follow” me, and yes this works VERY FINE with Saga, and I often think that I wish that Jim Kerr from Simple Minds would have the same, and this is what I consequently would like to offer people, who would like to connect to my group, which will probably be only very few to start with, but in the end it may grow to many people (when the world will know about me), and I may not have time nor energy to do the last two tasks now also knowing that I have to write an email to Karen, which is really more important.

I am afraid that I have not saved enough up, Stig, can we continue tomorrow and also on Friday when visiting your mother again, but of course we can, and yes I will continue writing as long as I can.

We made a square from one end to another, which does not matter at all now.

You have been to the very inner of my nothing not knowing how to get out again, which this night of work was also about, to bring you out of this darkness alive – due to hard work and mother love as usual.

Stig, we did not believe that we could afford receiving a hair cut by a woman, i.e. the spirit of my mother – but it seems as if we could building all of this on what faith my mother has in me based on faith of my sister, but not my father.

I had prepared my Facebook posting of my new script of yesterday in a new Word document, and then without thinking (!), I was deleting the content of this – as I did also a couple of weeks ago – but this time I did not close the document without saving, so I could redo the deletion making everything visible again, which is here a symbol of doing the same with all temporary terminated life.

I was TRULY VERY TIRED at 06.15 when I was about to finish work – yes I was working all night long – and darkness still wants me to say and do the worst, and it is always the most difficult to reject this when being tired, and this is when it is good to have the principle NEVER (!), which is what is carrying us through, and I am now given a stronger heartburn again because of my mother as I am told, who has not quite returned from this bottom of the metal container, and yes let us continue the game also making her return, but now I will stop working for now having to sleep before continuing.

And we are coming out without the kiss of your mother because you have decided that you don’t want that.

I was shown the last crumbs of French bread being put into the stew and was shown a lot of store glasses inside of “darkness”, which I understand as the Source now spread all over the world, and this is the same as the salon of the ship and the shelves as I was shown yesterday morning before going to bed, which will not be destroyed.

I was told that it was my mother’s (adoptive) mother, who opened to the most secret room of the lorry including cigarettes, which I was shown from one side of the lorry, and I saw that a dark curtain hangs on the other side with light on the other side, but inside this room, you have to wear gas masks at the worst darkness.

I went to bed at 07.00 and first received this dream.

  • I am on my way to Hillerød, where I have to be at 12.30, and at one of the middle stations between Helsingør and Hillerød where I am, I see trains arriving from both destinations and leaving for both destinations, but they don’t keep the table, so for some reason I don’t catch the train I should to come on time, but I decide to run all the way instead, and to my surprise I arrive five minutes before time. I stand in front of the big screen in a cinema and have to present actor one, who is there, and actor 2, who is from another film as he tells me, and I sit down together with editors, and to my fear I discover that I have forgotten my suggestions for corrections, and I am tying my shoes when they start speaking, and I fear being dismissed, but I think to myself that I am a beginner in this, and these people have much experience doing this kind of work. The woman speaking feels like a woman from the Liberal Party in Helsingør.
    • Hillerød is a “crazy” city, which will have to be before it is turned around, because here I am in the cinema doing the final corrections to our New World helped by faith of some of the Liberal Party in Helsingør. The two actors are my father and my inner self.

I was woken up at approx. 11.00 being INCREDIBLE tired because work of yesterday evening and this night had taken out everything of me, which is what makes me “destroyed” the day after, and here I started receiving information, which did not stop as long as I decided to write it down despite of thinking I don’t know how many times “will I also take the trouble to write this down, or do I decide to ignore this” (?), and I decided to write down much, but there were important details I did not get because I was so tired that if I did not write down, what I was told was partly forgotten/taken away from me only seconds afterwards, but I believe that I received approx. 2/3 of it as I am here told, and here is the information I wrote down.

(Some) People know that they are negative because of the setup of the world (with darkness) after having read me thoroughly.

Søren Pind fell and hit himself very hard because of me, DR – Denmark’s national radio/TV – took over his part, which is now for sale.

Do you remember that dream about playing golf at a course on South Zealand (?), and yes one of many dreams many years old as I am reminded of (from (long) before 2004 where I was opened spiritually) – I don’t write these down normally – and yes if I did, it was a perfect “park” golf course and very beautiful symbolising our end result.

I was told that tomorrow night we will continue emptying the four worlds, which apparently are not empty.

I will not be allowed to represent the Source before at the very end, and I heard a ton heavy door closing – to protect me now with everything of the Source here.

I felt my giant self being built inside my body as a French bread, and I felt Elijah as part of this French bread, and this is the first time that I have been told that Elijah is also part of the Source, and yes Elijah, do you read and understand (?) – you were made as you are – not always the quickest to understand and very stubborn – by the Source self as you are part of, so there is NOTHING to be ashamed for. You were given a role, and you played it fully when almost bringing me and the world down many times.

I felt accept of the world of me being everything, i.e. “all berries”.

I was told that Sanna accepts me because tells her that “he is alright”.

We are hidden in HUGE spaceships – I felt our white globe inside of these spaceships – where food itself has been taken from us.

I was told about Beethoven and Mozart as father and son for the first time ever together to play, and I was shown how all of our tools from our workshop are duplicated and given to all new God’s.

I was more tired than ever before writing down notes, and I told myself that I truly cannot do this, I am too tired, and I was completely convinced without a doubt that I could certainly not stand up writing this if I should be asked to do it.

This is still “Sam’s Bar” meaning that this is still darkness coming to me from “Uncle Sam”, who are still feeling nervous because of my stories of 9/11 and Margaret Thatcher, and this is what is still making us work with creation at this bar using your darkness as my sufferings/building stones.

We have begun unloading an infinite number of fishing cutters, i.e. parts of me, as I am shown one after the other in harbour, and these are for the whole world, do you remember that each world will receive a set of us as the original Trinity (?), and yes that is right, I remember now, and I was told that my cousin Jan has not succeeded destroying this even though he was close. This is what makes the cake, i.e. creation, infinite strong.

I was wondering about standing up to see if I could work or to continue sleeping, and before I knew of it, I was again asleep, which continued on and off, and first I received this dream.

  • I was being awakened in my apartment in Hørsholm early in the night by someone wanting to help me in the bedroom, which make me stand up and decide to turn on the computer to give this beautiful woman, I felt it was Lecia, but her looks here was even better than Lecia in real life, as she is access to everything, and when I enter the bedroom, I see her there now together with Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has decided that he wants to make love to her, which she really does not, but when he continues, she gives in – she wants it too.
    • Working inside darkness with the spirit of my mother in disguise as Lecia, and this is about my “old nightmare” costing much temporary terminated life because I sleep instead of standing up and writing down the information I was given.

This one costs 690 DKK and is sold as almond brittle cake many places, and the amazing part is that it is us three as the world, who will deliver material for all new God’s – this is how we will become parts of all New World’s meaning that as the Source I am everything – divided in the Trinity – and the creator of each New World is God with his/her spouse and off spring as the Trinity of this world.

You cannot bring a ship inside a parking house, it does not fit, yes I can because there is still time because he, i.e. me, has decided also to do this work.

Stig is soon the most wanted bachelor everywhere, but then I – the father – will bring him Karen everywhere to stabilise everything, and the thought is that this will hold together the tribe and trunk of the family tree.

I was shown myself in a fighting plane with a very short runway, and I was told that your plane can very soon be shot down if you don’t do this – stand up writing this down – which will leave no bags to store coins, which I understood as new parts of me inside each New World.

I was shown the mosque on the way from Nairobi with the small bus to Gachie, and I was told about “Rabat”, i.e. the Muslim world, and we knew that we would make it because the Muslims are strong in Nairobi, and I was told that in reality the Muslims of Nairobi brings me much darkness.

We can make this before we will connect the recording heads, and a little later I felt how these recordings heads are about to land all over my body, which is the Source landing all over our New World, and that is almost an eternity of New World’s really.

I was told about Falck and how my memo for them rolled out to all of Falck, which determined how everything comes out of the hole of the Source and is spread, and I was shown a large wooden box/square of cookies, which keep being emptied, and from the corner, new cookies keep being blown in.

Salman Rushdie’s task was to reduce the spread of Islam. And the Shah of Iran was the worst darkness designed to lead to a system of hell when it became an Islamic Republic – turning from one hell to another.

How do you become the Michelin man of everything (?), it does not only take some millions of year, and it was not given, but when you can, one does it and this is the nearest I can tell you about my creation.

The thought is that it has to be “impossible” for you to write Karen tomorrow, and writing her is designed to make butter grill the bread crisp, which is to make everything strong.

I was shown and told that we have started in the small to attach the Source as Octopus suckers to the New World, which is what is completing the marriage of my father and mother.

I was shown the parade of a Muslim circus continuing, but some clowns have stood off, which is about some prominent leaders having left Islam (?), which is because they know that they are fake/darkness self because of me.

I was told that Donatelli was decisive for us to pull something up from the roots of the tree as I am shown, and if it was not for him, we would have to throw down pans to the roots of the tree, and I don’t know who this Donatelli is, also not when searching for him, and it really could have been Donatello too.

I was shown that the first floors of spring water – in bottles – stand ready (to become new creation of new God’s).

I felt Kim Larsen, and was told that Anton helps bringing this giant ship to you, and yes I did not have energy and did not prioritize writing to Anton the last couple of weeks to hear how he is doing, and I hope he will remember to be STRONG as I told him.

I was shown a huge ship sailing on a canal, which it is really too wide to sail on, and was shown it breaking a membrane when leaving the canal and sailing into the great wide open of the sea of the New World, and this is when we will start up everything.

I was shown a rolling wheel – almost as the ones of a pin-ball machine – and how it had video cameras attached to it the same way as machines tried to break into the spaceship of the Matrix films, and these cameras were about mankind surveilling me from space as I feel here, and now there is only one camera remaining, which is the Source self inside of the wheel.

I feel asleep again until 13.40 receiving these dreams.

  • I am together with my mother and John in my apartment in Copenhagen, and they want to bring me somewhere but don’t want to say where and what it is about, and I reject going anywhere when they don’t want to tell, and then it shows out that they don’t have enough clips on their clip cards anyway. Later I understand that it is Coloplast – my mother’s old employer in Espergærde – which needed an insurance skilled person to handle a small chain of new bakeries in Tivoli and 3-4 places in Copenhagen, and I thought that this was because my mother and John wanted me in activation, and instead of me, they chose a woman having insurance skills to do this. I had coffee, and discovered that I still had newspaper glued to my right hand, and I took it off carefully fearing of open wounds behind it, but there were none.
    • Still working in darkness because of the attitude of my mother and John, who wants me to do “activation work” dictated by the Commune (?), because I don’t work in your simple minds today (?), and a bakery is about creation, Tivoli about Paradise of our New World so when I slept, this was not done by me, but by a woman, which may have been my mother of our New World taking over bringing the energy I could not bring myself this night.
  • I am driving a red Ferrari Formula One car and enter the motorway, which is a hell to drive on because of big US cars driving as fast as a Formula One car, which jumps, cough and snort on the road, and in Lyngby, they have jammed/stopped the traffic, and one driver has thrown a spear through the jaw of another, and this man has a machine, which he has set for 180 degrees intending to use it as a weapon, but the first driver changes it to minus 180 degrees.
    • I am doing well driving the fastest car because of my work progress, but still the worst darkness of US/Uncle Sam stops me here – the same people wanting Romney as new President – because I did not stand up working, and it includes extreme coldness/sufferings.
  • I also remember a dream about my mother having partied in town with a friend of hers by the name of Lisbeth, who is marketing manager of Hifi-klubben, and I felt that she has been part of the game against me, and I felt money.
  • I also dreamed about Jack still having his old B&O gramophone, and an amplifier below it, and he does not want to exchange/upgrade equipment, which to me means that there is not much resistance/darkness coming from him.
  • My mother has been awake all night, at morning I meet at work and see that Kim S has stacked what may be 6 to 10 computes together, and someone says that the first stabbing me down will receive 1,800 DKK.
    • Each computer is one world, and Kim S symbolises God.
  • I have set up a big programme automatically washing cars, but it does not work properly not washing behind facades and not giving vouchers on risk bonus from DanskeBank-Pension, which some regrets, and this has to be changed.
    • This will have to be proper washing/cleaning of future worlds, which does not work satisfactory yet with the feeling being that it was because I decided to sleep.
  • Previously I was a host on the TV sport programme. I have now lost weight almost looking as I did, and Africans are helping to bring me back to the labour market, which I don’t want to because I am awaiting to become my new self, which they don’t understand.
  • Something about the comedian Kasper Christensen at gymnastics, who is not warm because of breaks, thus losing interest and not saying properly goodbye.
    • I received a cold feeling to the hole of my tooth, which is about Kasper and Danish comedians sending me destructive darkness.

I was told that we are now unpacking the power plant of the Source, which can hurt anyone.

I was shown a pile of car tires maybe 50 metres from the entrance to a car dealer, and I was told that this is about moving these tires inside the store.

I was shown Polle – and one of the old men from Muppet Show – and told that he is still with me, and yes I now remember my old nick name of him, and yes John Paul II you know.

So the lifeline of gold cannot be cut, and darkness was shot in Stetson (as Shu-bi-dua sings), so we will try again, because despite of this, our job is still to make everything perfect.

Otherwise it was here with the greatest risk. We would say that when you add that, withdraw that, it does not match, but alright, we will try to make it work anyway.

I was told that “sweet” will be stronger with my own family member(s) because of this. So we don’t have to worry about that you say.

What if we don’t come out to fight from the ring corner at all (?), no there is no risk of that.

We found a food mixer anyway.

We were about to break up the French bread in more pieces, but no.

I don’t think that I left the refrigerator door open, did I?

I don’t like much to admit it, but your father – the Source – has decided to help you once again, which he is saying through darkness.

So we are not going to go empty handed through the entrance to heaven.

We also continue because you have not closed us down yet.

I was shown myself entering complete darkness inside a store of Brostræde in Helsingør – as the man from Electric Light Orchestra’s “Discovery” – which can only be to SHINE A LITTLE LOVE and clean this place too, and I was told that we are still using faith of Johannes the mayor doing this.

I was told that because I have never accepted my “old nightmare”, it gives us a chance to do yet another exam.

I have not received cinnamon snails yet, what time is it to start, Stig, and I am shown my dark inner self starting where he left, which is about pulling up a boat, and yes as darkness not being very satisfied with me because “are you trying to kill me” as he says (?), and no, I am trying my best to save you doing my best, which however is not good enough, which is why I have “the big chief” with me.

I was told that we have finished creating a communication system making all life of our entire GIANT New World able to communicate despite of differences in creation.

When working today, I was on my most extreme edge of being able to work, and no, I don’t believe that I could have worked even if I had been able to stand up at around 11.00, and I am really on the level of my capacity, because should I not be able to finish the script of today and have to start with this tomorrow, it only means that I will probably not be able to finish my script of tomorrow, which I why I had to complete this today.

It feels like having changed driver – and I feel Karin from Netherlands thinking of me, and I am giving cough “in the wrong throat” because of this.

Do you remember that we said that it would not cost very much, and we would bring out what we could of you (?), and this is simply what we are doing.

Does the door keep binding (?), and yes it does not want to open (?),

Isn’t it strange that we have somehow now opened it again – here at midnight – and I receive much happiness and irony because of the play of the Source here.

Google Earth shows the arrival of my new self in silver on the white horse of everything of our New World

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show a big figure made up by many heads, the dark baby of yesterday seems to have a hard time, My mother with rags of individual worlds combined as the rug of our whole New World, life waiting/smiling, new life comes out from the dim/hole of the Source, storms and a hedgehog, Jette keeps an eye on the new baby of darkness turning into light, the arrival of my new self in silver on the white horse of everything of our New World, cleaning up grey heads, and my crystal head being made.

FB 110413 Jette 1

FB 110413 Jette 2

FB 110413 Jette 3

FB 110413 Jette 4

FB 110413 Jette 5

FB 110414 Jette 5

FB 110413 Jette 6

FB 110413 Jette 7

FB 110413 Jette 8

FB 110413 Jette 9

FB 110413 Jette 9B

jeanne-darc-2006-lowDrawing of Jeanne d’Arc – by my friend Pia in 2006 – giving me the sword to fight darkness via my coming work of my scripts and the white horse of the entire world


han-by-elmgreen-dragset-2012The iconic statue of the Little Mermaid (in Copenhagen) from Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale new male counterpart: “Han” – a polished stainless steel (“silver”) sculpture featuring a sea boy on a stone – symbolising me

FB 110413 Jette 10

FB 110413 Jette 11

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Around 05.00 this morning, I heard from Christopher again, and he is truly a very difficult/sensitive man having difficulties communicating and simply speaking the truth as it is, and instead of being “careful” and waiting for him to come out, I try to teach him to be direct, open and honest, and yes I was at my lowest point finishing work this morning also trying to communicate with him at the same time, and when he once again just decided to stop answering as he has done before, it made me sad and potentially very negative, which I had to avoid going into, and just saying that this young man is also bringing me darkness because of WRONG behaviour/communication.

FB 110414 Christopher

FB 110413 Christopher 2

  • FC Barcelona had difficulties defeating Paris SG in the quarter finals of the Champions League and after 2-2 in Paris, they played 1-1 in Barcelona thus qualifying on more scored goals away, and Ekstra Bladet brought the headline of what this was about: “Messi turned around the bin for Barca”, and this is exactly what we are doing; turning around everything of the Source, and yes not easy to do when I am feeling so poorly that I really cannot work, which is what the smaller injury given to Messi in the first game – returning today – against Paris is about.

EB 1004 110413 Barcelona

  • The other day I saw that Danseorkestret were to play live at the new nightclub at Rungsted Harbour, and there is almost nothing more I would like to see live – also because of a smaller venue – and because of my STRONG feelings of this, Michael Wulff picked it up here showing “how excited are you about Danseorkestret and the hit “come back now” in relation to how good looking your dancing partner is, and yes it seems that there is an interest in my coming back.

MW 110413

  • I was given marks to the back side of my left lower leg and was asked if this child of darkness – from Jette’s Google Earth pictures yesterday – is because of what is hidden inside of here (?), and yes you know that this is temporary terminated life, so this is a temporary child until we have recreated everything, and there will be NO darkness in our New World and NO loss of life, and I was told this because of this story of the police suspecting yet another hidden child at the family Eliasen in Helsingør symbolising this.

FB 110413 HD

  • Michael Wulff is truly a very inspired man and as if he had read my script of yesterday with the story of Borrusia Dortmund winning with two goals in injury time over Malaga, and here he said “Pack yourself, Jesus, THIS THERE is a miracle” and later he wrote that this win “was a greater miracle than the creation of the Universe”, and I told him that it is the same man (Jesus) standing behind to show the unlikely victory of light over darkness, which was only possible with “help from the judge”, who is him “the high” you know.

FB 110413 MW

FB 110413 MW2

FB 110413 MW3

  • Karen and Ralf’s “the short newspaper” wrote “what on earth are they doing” (?), and I gave them the answer “tripping – like the press, Karen & Ralf, none mentioned, none forgotten”, and yes the giraffe is an old symbol of my mother/our New World.

FB 110413 DKA

  • When seeing this I better understood some of Manyar’s previous beautiful messages because this is from him AND God (!), and I saw darkness speaking to him – trust me, I know how it is (!) – and I decided to tell him the truth and how to handle this, but maybe “difficult” for him to believe in (?), and it only took a few minutes after commenting, before I received new heart pain, heart burn – coming from out of nothing – and out of this world pain to my right ankle.

FB 110413 Manyar

  • Henrik was inspired when he spoke about Nutella being “the Source of life”, and he is right in the sense that it is made by hazelnuts, which you know is a symbol too of the most inner of the Source of life.

FB 110413 Henrik

  • The young “activist”, Daniel R., who eagerly wanted to become a Facebook friend with me months ago after seeing my comment to Olav from BT, has now decided to leave me as a Facebook friend, and yes without saying anything; I was truly more than he could take not understanding that I only speak the truth, which you understand that I do, right?


12th April: Sending Karen my birthday greetings: We are both the Source meant to be together at its very core

Tired beyond description even more impossible to overcome and get back from the sofa from dinner break at midnight to the computer which I first succeeded doing at 01.15 deciding to finish work of the script of yesterday but not to write Karen before sleeping, which I cannot – I am on my extreme edge now.

And you can figure out that when it does not cost much and you are suffering your worst, it is MUCH life/information we are moving.

Nobody has hear evil tongues say “you have to die”, which is because I have never let one pass me.

My mother asked me about Tobias and new Facebook updates the other day, and I told her about Mia reporting him of violence, which he says that he is innocent of, and she told me that Sanna has not told her anything about this, and I was told that the reason is to save my mother from pain because of the difficulties she goes through with John and me too!

Are we now on our way out to the farm as the Son asks his father – I receive the same feeling as the feeling coming through the words of Janet Parker in her sitting with me in 2006 – and I hear the father saying “yes, I see no reason to postpone this further, we have done what we came for”.

Have we not been to the VET yet (?), and no, we have not, don’t believe that it is only human beings suffering to make this possible, ALL LIFE has suffered for an eternity.

I was told that it is my mother being the key to the Source, and you just “are”.

Surely there are no ordinary people watching TV this late – deciding to stay up to see what you are now coming up with, are there (?), with the feeling that there indeed is.

I continued working with Jette’s Google Earth pictures until 04.20 when I had finally finished this work, and I was surprised that I could both stay awake and continue working because I was feeling “more than disgusting” when starting.

I had pain to my behind most of the night, not much, but it was there and for the first time for quite some time.

I started writing my birthday email to Karen – still surprised that I can do this – and I was told that it was meant to be for her to exclude me as a Facebook friend because if she did not, there would be a “risk” that she would understand me, thus not sending me all of that lovely darkness as she did.

I received one of Suede’s many fine songs – I love this band much more than I play them here, and they are both unique, brilliant and also the ones coming the closest to David Bowie in my mind – which was “together” and the lyrics “We should get together”, which is what Karen and I really should, but will she (?), and the answer is probably no right until the big day when we will become our new selves.

Later I was told that it was Karen’s rejection of me, which as example was about to physically destruct the moon in 2009.

I was told that we had fallen asleep and fallen down on the bottom of the metal container again, and this work – now at 06.00 in the morning – is good enough to bring us up again. I was given a sound to my kitchen and was shown that it is here we are setting light up, which is not the easiest.

Did you also avoid John dying for doing this work (?), yes you did.

I was told that we did not know what to do because your email to Karen is what is going to pull us up from here, and I felt the presence of the most inner.

The thought is that this email will open to a “giant wallet” via Karen’s feelings to you, which will make it possible for us to open even more to the depths in here.

I was shown a typical farming lady at a small dark barn with hay, where I have hit a hole through the wall, and I was told that we are still walking around inside of here (waiting to be liberated).

Finally at 07.11 I sent the email to Karen – I did what I thought was impossible to do – and this saved us from bringing you the story that your mother would bleed from her heart because you did not do this.

And I brought her the proof of my new self arriving on the white horse for a whole world to see, and my spiritual friends putting me in as no. one on emails for her to understand that I am indeed the one, if she wants to read/understand, and furthermore I told her about her being darkness and me light working from both sides to bring as much friction as possible because this is how creation is done, that we are the Source together, which is why we have this very close spiritual connection, that I am the only one being able to reach her heart, that she feels this but still normally cuts me off receiving help from others convincing her that I am crazy, and that we will be together at the very core of the Source of our New World, which no one can avoid, which is simply the truth, which will be revealed to her when she will be shown the road to our new home.

Email til Karen 120413

Email til Karen 120413-2

Email til Karen 120413-3

Email til Karen 120413-4

Email til Karen 120413-5

This is the song I will always connect with Karen. She loves Al Green and got me to know and love him too.

Is it now that we are going to freeze or to open the refrigerator (?), and yes if you did not do this, you believe that we would temporary sacrifice more life to achieve the same to open for all life.

Afterwards I was shown a beer opening, Karen opening my letter (email) and a red barrel in her corner, which we would like to get over to and open. And I felt my father and was told that without this, we would not get into “his heart” without opening with a screwdriver.

Later I was given DEEP marks to and inside my heart with some pain, which was because Karen had received my email?

And then we will simply write our name up there (?), and then you have a whole new planet.

I went to bed at around 08.00 and slept not very good until 15.15 with these dreams.

  • Something about finishing job and two royal cars driving up to the entrance, Queen Margrethe has told one what to do – don’t get up on the 1st floor – which I say is right, something about losing face someone being used to lose the football match, but their honour will be restored. After they have gone, I will go and get my car in Greve south of Copenhagen.
    • I will not return to the 1st floor of darkness, and still have a way to go before I reach my new car/self.
  • I am at a summer camp, where there are a handful of beautiful ladies tempting me much. We do triathlon, and some cannot keep accounts of what they have eaten of French bread. Helena was part of the dream too, but I cannot read the note. I have all David Bowie songs, but still an old one shows up to my surprise. I am at a course having made a table for everyone to fill out, and discover that I have a hole in the pocket of my jacket, and there are coins, which have fallen through the hole. Again I am picking up my car in Greve, which is a fantastic place. I am with Columbo (the TV-character) in the year 1998, and I cannot make it for gymnastics because of lack of time.
    • There are parts of the bread of the Source, which we have not located yet, and others are coming out as new life, i.e. the new song of David Bowie, and the coins of my jacket, but we are running out of time.
  • I have started working with Income Protection insurance at a new common office, where there are several business, each of only few people. I have my desk placed exactly where and how I want it. I am the team leader, and Jacob (my old Acta colleague, and local chairman of the Liberal Party), is employee having meticulous order on his desk, but I don’t understand why he has to have what may be 50 or more Indian ink’s lying on the desk, and he gets upset if someone disturbs his order. He wants a raise and will speak to the manager (who does not work here) – not me – about this. Another small business in this office is made up by Ole Stephensen (famous from TV here, and relatively new Facebook fried of mine) and another, and Ole speaks about two big orders of his, which will give them a good income. I have decided to use some time to completely clean up everything of my part of the office, and at 11.00 I am still doing this with others saying that we have not yet connected our computers. At the kitchen, I meet a dog, which I pet, which it simply loves, and to my surprise it too says that it will ask for a raise, but it has brought keyboards belonging to my manager, which I look at because I can use them. I have the feeling of now working alone without two previous managers/mentors to help me, which makes me feel lonely and think that I need discipline doing this.
    • All these are selfish people wanting more money, i.e. energy of me while I continue cleaning up inside this darkness.
  • Something about Karen receiving an application for her mobile phone with a picture of the Swedish flag and it gives “bread alarm”, which may be about Karen stealing energy of the Source/me because of her misundertandings.

When I woke up, I received the lyrics “åh åh ja jeg er” (“oh, yes I am”) by the song “Jeg er splittergal” (“I am raving mad”) by Gasolin Larsen, which can only be because this is what Karen is still thinking after having received my email.

I was told that without Martin W. at the Danish call centre on Costa del Sol (Benalmadena), whom I visited in 2006 and 2007, we would not be able to get darkness out, and it was vital that he received a good impression of me.

I was told about receiving a sound test of my English homework for tomorrow, which is about “silicone” as I was told, which in Danish also cam mean “silly wife”, and this is about Karen sending me this darkness, and this is of course what we need to get out even more from the Source, and it is still “impossible” for you to understand me, Karen, because you cannot read and understand and can only listen to yourself as a BIG disease of yours?

We got the effect out of the email to Karen as we wanted, and I was told about “top investment fonds” (called “Skagen”), which is about going right to the top, and that is of the Source and also Jutland symbolising my home, and here really right to the bottom of the metal container because of Karen’s feelings for you, and yes can it be that some of her is thinking “can he truly be right”?

Your mother had had enough of thinking/worrying of both John, you and now also Tobias, but because of you – still carrying on – she has not cancelled dinner tonight.

I was shown the Eiffel Tower and how a giant bomb was coming up from underground underneath it, and the bomb changes into a bowling ball, which is used to find/create new life.

I was told about Karen and I that it is amazing that we are both alive today.

I also decided to send my old friends Pia and Peter the Facebook picture of my inner self arriving on the white horse and the following text together with the drawing, Pia did on me in 2006 to “help” them understand, and I was told about Pia and Peter that they were also afraid of me – solely because of their own unnecessary fear – and that instead of letting Pia convince Sanna in 2008 – the day of my hospitalisation – about who I am via spiritual messages I had allowed to be given to her, my sister convinced her and Peter against me (!), and yes darkness playing its finest game of all when everything was balancing on the edge of the knife.

FB 120413 til Pia og Peter

I was told about the film character “Spock” from Star Trek, and “do you know how much he/this series means to many” (?), and then I was given out of this world pain to my right ankle, which is about people having noticed my reference to Spock symbolising me the other day.

I was encouraged also to send Karen my memo to “crazy Alex”, the psychiatrist, which I did shortly before leaving for my mother and John at 19.00, and here is this email including my memo for psychiatrist Alex Kørner and his specialist declaration on me, and I simply ask her to read and understand with an open mind, and if my network and the doctors including herself had done this, it should be easy to understand me.

Email 2 til Karen 120413

Email 2 til Karen 120413-2

Email 2 til Karen 120413-3

I received a strong taste of cocoa when sending this email to Karen, which is about her desire to NOT give up – or share – her income to be together with a “poor” man like me, and yes life has many “habits”, and one of them is “I cannot get rid of him”, and yes how many times did you tell your parents and friends about me, Karen, where I let your heart beat a little faster, which was to tell you that you are in love with this man, this is how love feels, remember (?), and yes Stig, this is what I felt myself when writing my email to Karen this night, and we know STRONGLY it was, so this is how I get through to her heart.

I visited my mother and John at 19.00 again, and I was surprised to see John standing with his shirt half open showing Bettina, who was on a brief visit, the “after effects” after a surgery he received today, and yes I knew about the teeth, which he had checked yesterday – apparently without problems (!) – and this surgery today was to insert a catheter helping his kidney in case of problems when he later will receive his bypass operation.

And John had only come home half an hour before my arrival to their surprise because he expected to stay the night at the hospital, and I was told that he had to come home to receive my attention/energy really helping him to survive, and again I was told that it is my mother’s attitude criticizing him and also often interrupting when we speak, which is killing him, and yes HEALING is what this is called, and again it made me feel very uncomfortable because John received this surgery the day when I would receive STRONG darkness from Karen, and had I not been able to take this on me, it would have killed John, and “also your father” as I was told.

I was told that the purpose of receiving this darkness from Karen was to empty the back side of my left lower leg (terminated life), and I was told that because of Karen, we have now extended the tunnel, which I was shown and that is “a little bit” meaning that we are now going even deeper than before.

We had a nice/cosy evening as usual, and I was told that we are also still cleaning up oil because of previous oil disasters – BP!

I offered my mother to help her shopping and vacuum cleaning, which she however does not need right now, which was also good really because I almost don’t have energy doing this myself (!), and I had much darkness coming to me all evening including disgusting sexual torments, and when I came home, I had absolutely NO desire to work, but I had to in order to finalise the script of today, which I did feeling disgusted, tired and on my limit all of the time, and finally at 00.40 I had uploaded the first part of the script hereafter having to work on Jette’s Google Earth pictures of today too.

Google Earth shows the arrival of my new self in silver on the white horse of everything of our New World

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show a big figure made up by many heads, the dark baby of yesterday seems to have a hard time, My mother with rags of individual worlds combined as the rug of our whole New World, life waiting/smiling, new life comes out from the dim/hole of the Source, storms and a hedgehog, Jette keeps an eye on the new baby of darkness turning into light, the arrival of my new self in silver on the white horse of everything of our New World, cleaning up grey heads, and my crystal head being made.

FB 120413 Jette 1

FB 120413 Jette 2

FB 120413 Jette 3

FB 120413 Jette 4

FB 120413 Jette 5

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I received almost a shock when I first saw this update from Madsen about the death of Torben Bille, because how could he be dead “this sudden” (?), because I am used to reading his updates now and again with new reviews of music, and this is the reviewer, who was one of few people to have Shu-bi-dua make a song about him, which they did in this.

FB 120413 Madsen

  • Later I saw this update from his family using his Facebook profile to announce that he died from a heart attack (!) – which is how darkness kills my special friends, you know – the night between yesterday and today, and I paid my condolences, and was told that “this is an express of …” and then I received a sneeze, which is about sacrifices of the world to help me through, and also “this has nothing to do with the force you went up against this night when writing to Karen” (?), and as usual you have to read this opposite so this is what it had, and this darkness had to be absorbed somewhere, and here Torben came in to cover for me. Even later I received Torben Bille coming through to me and he said “I almost get saliva”, and I was given the smell and vision of a very delicious home baked “dream cake“ symbolising creation, which Torben is looking forward to.

FB 120413 Bille død

  • Update 13th April: Michael Falch wrote these commemorative words about Torben Bille, who was his friend and more than anything Torben’s honesty, wit and passion will be missed even from artists, which he told the truth STRAIGHT OUT, which reminds me of for example Thomas Blachman and also myself. I wrote a comment too, and now my comments have stopped being brought up as the first, which I feel fine with because I don’t want to misuse my position – these were only signs given to you.
  • This is about “Charlie and the fish meal” factory where the father tells the grumpy son, Charlie, and “all this can be yours, together we will develop the best stabilizers for dog food in the world”, and yes Michael Wulff is still “inspired” because this is about Charlie, who notoriously does not want to work, which is really about my attitude because this is what darkness of people resisting me CONSTANTLY brings me the STRONGEST DESIRE IN THE WORLD NOT TO DO (!), and this is what I have decided to override simply by working, and the fish is my new self, and EVERYTHING will be mine, and yes even “stabilizers” is a word, Michael picked up, which is about what Karen and I together in all New World’s will function as, and yes providing “dog food”, which is about providing new life, so there you have it, Michael.

FB 120413 MW

  • This news sounded to crazy that people thought it was a joke, because “you cannot do this” (!), or can you (?), and that is for Hotel Marienlyst just opposite my mother and John having put their version of Holger Danske/Ogier the Dane (the other is “safe” on Kronborg Castle) for sale on an on-line auction (!) as you can see below and here, and I do hope the hotel will decide to keep this LANDMARK OF HELSINGØR (!), but symbolically a hotel has been my waiting hall for many years, and when they will now sell Holger Danske, I can only see this as a symbol saying that “now he has been sitting there long enough, about time to get out and see the world after having saved the nation”, which is then what I wrote in my comment below, and this is really how I feel myself sitting on this chair day in, day out, doing the same now very boring work, and yes I would like to get out and show my true self!

FB 120413 Holger Danske


  • I am VERY SAD to see I don’t know how many misunderstandings of and attacks on Obama by Paula, and this time I decided to tell her what I feel of this.

FB 120413 Paula



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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