April 14, 2013: Entering and spreading the natural force of the Source to everything of our New World – opened by Karen


Summary of the script today

13th April: Entering and spreading the natural force of the Source to everything of our New World – opened by Karen

  • I am moving in to the room behind the “recording heads” of the Source, the most inner part of the gold of the Source, which is what an opening of the heart of Karen to me and her being shaken is allowing. We are now spreading all gold of creation from the Source to all life of the world.
  • Dreaming of bringing all of my love to the world deciding as a dictator over darkness how things will become (!), and receiving heavy coins of life being released because of an opening of Karen to me.
  • We still have this small concentrated liquorice of the Source remaining, which has not turned around yet. This is what we have now entered, i.e. the berry (“ruby”) itself, which brings us the CLEANEST water of the Source and still ice on the surface of it for me to absorb as darkness. This is very close to “nothing” of the force of the Source, which is what all of our New World will receive thus bringing the force of the Source to everything of our New World.
  • I was given signs that Karen does NOT like to be called darkness/unclean, and also that she would like to apologise her POOR behaviour to me, and the opening of her heart to me is what is gluing me from outside and her from inside together as one family tree of life.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show the lion and the heart (of yesterday), going through pollution/darkness to reach my light green island, the arrival of the elephant of the Source, a child lifted up by angels, fencing against darkness, the Source making fun of darkness, guards at Japan and Korea, monsters around Antarctic, the elephant awakening, coming out and making a LOT of noise, the poorest hiding behind a child, the pilot landing the Source.
  • Short stories of crash landing the last of the Source but still everything survives, NATO and Anders Fogh Rasmussen are in control – as long as they have FAITH, the washboard cleaning off darkness, Andrew from the Saga group is with me, the judges keep Tiger Woods and me in the game, the end of “the corridors of power”, a sensation defeating SOVIET UNION (!), lack of faith in me by John and some of the Helsingør in pictures Facebook group, Desiree left me as a Facebook friend because she received WRONG spiritual information about me because of Karen (!), I sent Desiree an email proving this “wrong” message to her to keep darkness from running away with life, and I would have liked to attend a public meeting with the former President of Maldives.

13th April: Releasing and transferring the Original Creator hidden inside of Karen to our New World

  • After working the whole night, I was told that the “liquorice” part of the Source – the most inner – had come to far reaching the outer of our New World, which is darkness coming from the opening of Karen to me. This is the last safe of darkness, which Christian Philipson, the wine merchant, brings me the key for – because of his “understanding” of me as my Facebook friend – and inside of it, is a little dog as the beginning of everything. We are bringing in “everything of Karen”, which she tried to hide with Desiree inside our New World, which could have caused pain/death to my mother because it was too big to hide inside our New World without being reduced in size via me. This is the control centre of my father of everything – all creation, movements, thoughts of life – now transferred from Karen to me this way because “she wants me without wanting me”, and this is the gift of creation, which the Source will start the New World with and share with all life. This is where it was hidden, inside of Karen, who was created as a man inside the body of a woman, the same as my sister, who shared heart with Karen. This is from here that we are releasing the Original Creator self – “impossible” to find, but we did it.
  • Dreaming of continuing my journey even though my dogs should have died, I am incredible busy with MUCH work requiring that I work fast even though I am not well.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show the Source having cleaned the surroundings, big heads of a dolphin, warm feelings of a storm (?) – everything is made on love, crossing the bridge over trouble waters, a big debate, and James Bond symbolising me chasing darkness.
  • Short stories of telling Thomas Blachman that it is WRONG to expose nudity in public asking him to tell who we are, Anton has decided to keep me on ice too being SILENT, “you are practically reborn”, darkness becoming the finest life, and SAGA helps bringing my rebirth.


13th April: Entering and spreading the natural force of the Source to everything of our New World – opened by Karen

I was told that if I had not been able to withstand the sexual torments/temptations given to me, but given in to them, it would have killed Karen, and yes she send me killing energy because of her wrong doings, and had I sinned as her, I would have done the same to her.

I was shown an old radio studio of DR Denmark Radio’s old premises on Rosenørns Allé in Copenhagen – with woods on its sides – and told that we are now not only in the recording room (i.e. the recording heads of the tape recorder), but moving to the room behind it.

And I was shown myself and Karen on each side of the (family) tree (not having found each other yet), with cars driving INCREDIBLE FAST around us to finish the last parts of creation.

I was given the feeling of the corner tooth of my left lower jaw, which broke in 2006 (2/3 of it falling off), which I had filled up by a dentist in Helsingborg, and I felt it as the “ruin” it is with something missing, and I was told that if we are going to be completely honest, we will now get in there too, which will have to be to parts of the Source missing because of this accident.

A little later I was told with a smile – isn’t it funny that this is what Karen has allowed us to do, to the most inner of the gold and that is via an opening of her heart.

You have just flown a plane through here without you or your mother receiving fuel, and yes my mother had received a check up on breast cancer, and no, they did not find anything.

I continued working until 02.00 with increasing disgust/dizziness when I finally had published my script of yesterday.

I was shown a hedge being covered with gold, and was told that what we are missing is to spread all gold from inside of here, and this is what this opening of Karen is helping us to do, and gold is “power of creation”.

I was told that we would gladly have stopped here, but “the finest speakers in the world” – i.e. my scripts/Facebook updates – is making it possible to enter the next, deeper store also because of my mother, so when we can, we will.

We have ended Karen’s feeling of you gluing to her, but we have not told you that we still give her disgust just thinking of you in bed, which she truly cannot get over at all – yes, not listening to what I have told her about this in the past that we would have become the sexual best partners if only we decided for each other and to communicate and understand each other.

You have no idea of how much Helena has destroyed in Århus/here, and the game you are going through is to see how much pain you wan bear, and the more, the deeper you will get and that is until you cannot no more, but we are not there yet, only on my outmost limit.

The thing about the planet – writing our name to create a new planet – was only the beginning, and yes the beginning of the creation of our new planet, which we really cannot wait on doing now, can we (?), and yes he has no idea, but asks us to do PERFECT and to make everything not running out of time, so this is what we do our best to do.

He does not have an exchange apartment does he (?), no, but now he is coming up to me too, and if I would like to get down to bring you up (?), because this is how it works, but of course, and yes Stig we have told you that the sufferings and potential damages only increases, but you don’t care, you will work when you can work, and have promised yourself to NEVER SAY NO, so this is how it is and yes it will be us stopping the game when it is simply impossible to continue, and so it is – crazy he is as my actor says with humour.

If you think this can shake me …, and I was shown a bingo bag being shaken, which is about Karen being shaken because of my emails to her, which is really what we use to call out new numbers, which I am sure can win you a roasted pork, and I receive a few out of this world pain to my right ankle because of this, and a sound to my kitchen here of a thin window, because this is really what is on the other side of the Source of what we normally see.

I was given a new sound to my kitchen now as if two fingers did a quick “drum solo” and I was told and shown that this is the inner, strong liquorice.

I was told again about how impossible it was to come here – the Source is helping me (!) – and we have no speakers in here, and I was given the feeling that this is the place of “nothing”, where we now are without being, and I continue receiving the strongest sexual torments coming to me from Karen.

I was given a new sound to my kitchen – and vision – and this time of a piece of plastic packing, which is almost about to open, and it includes cakes, which are fatty/watery on the surface.

This is what was killing you, your father’s finest weapon, Karen, but now you have the support of all of your mother coming here, so what do you believe it is going to become, will Karen turn you down again, and yes this is also school to her cleaning her.

I was shown the front of four BIG cars meeting – symbolising the four old worlds – and in the little square of the Source between them, everything becomes smaller and smaller, and the question was really how far back we could go.

I was shown an old house in Helsingør with the furniture van of furniture remover Olsen (“he is a jolly good fellow” :-)), which is empty, but no, at the corner of it, there is a small hole, which leads up to the first floor, where we bring out a chair – an old chair of the family, which first was in my mother’s and her previous man Ole’s living room, and then at my room, where it had the mark of a burning cigarette on one arm symbolising destruction – which we also have inside of here, and these are the first tender tries to create Universes, and yes we are going to get EVERYTHING with us, also this.

At 04.40 I was asked to stay awake, but no, I had reached my ultimate limit and felt that I was dying, I could no more.

Is it possible to see that you are exhausted (?), yes you have no spark of life left because what you have comes from here – the remaining parts of the Source – and when we are nothing, you are nothing too, and not it is not possible for you to live like this, but you are still alive, and yes because you continue working.

I was shown a labyrinth together with the character of David Bowie from the film of the same name, and I was told that as luck is, you have me with you, not the elephant, and eeehhh I was told before that I was alone, and now I don’t have the elephant of God with me (?), so who is now with me here, and yes my mother of the New World, this is the feeling and “what comes to me”, and I was shown that we have reached the cockpit of the rocket – what keeps everything running/flying.

I was told that none of us have ever entered this before, where everything is “new” to us. I was given the sound to a bin of the kitchen being turned with its bottom up (not turned around yet), and we don’t know if it is possible also turning around this part. We have entered the berry (“ruby”) itself not knowing what is inside of there other than darkness as I am here shown, and yes, yippee, is there anyone in here (?), and this is from where life is floating out from, but no one has ever seen what is in there. Oh, is this “the force” of nothing, which is now what you will become, Stig, together with Karen – and Sanna – and yes, a survivor putting things together, magic, and I get the taste of chicken again.

It is here we bring you by bus from the outside, and what will happen when you now will enter all the way (?), yes no one knows when we will leave you here; will one come and say welcome or throw you out (?), but we do believe – collecting a polishing cloth – that this is the cleanest water we have ever seen, and isn’t the idea to come as far back as possible before God will take over leading us all the final piece in (?), yes this is what we believe in, and then I was told that this process has started but we cover your sight until everything is in.

I went to bed at approx. 06.00 and before falling asleep I was tolf half awaked about increasing export to China because duties have reduced after their election, and I felt an Opel sport wagon, which is about the understanding of me having improved with the new leader of China Xi Jinping, and yes not that much PING pong against me from you anymore?

I was also told that the “something”, which isn’t in darkness can only be obtained by the spirit of my mother, and this is what remains after having emptied the supermarket completely, i.e. the force remaining after having met and transformed all life to light.

I slept until 16.50 – with disturbances – receiving these dreams.

  • I am playing Electric Light Orchestra constantly to keep up the spirits inside the Wild West, and something about an ungrateful mischief asking me to stop, and a colleague speaks about me cutting right through deciding everything on work, which they have to follow, and there is not much to question.
    • This is what the song “Wild West Hero” is about – “all of my love” – and yes I don’t mind being a dictator towards darkness telling you what you have to do, which I will NEVER do when you are light doing what is right to do, and yes this is about FREEDOM and RESPONSIBILITY and it could not differently when you have to do the opposite of what is (normally) right to get an opposite world to do what is right.

  • I woke up to “flickorne på TV2”, and I also vaguely remember a dream with Johannes from TV2, so you are still with me?
  • It is the 12th April and I have received a heavy plastic bag of coins, which I bring with me to Magasin department store, where I buy sailor shoes of the brand Marlboro reduced from 400 to 200 DKK, which they have in my size, and they also have the famous Adidas handball shoe also reduced from 400 to 200 DKK but only in very small sizes not fitting me, and I tell my mother and sister also inside of there that I will finish shopping in 5-10 minutes time. I walk outside to a satellite store of Magasin, and even though it is five minutes before closing time, the two young male assistants tell me that they have the right to refuse customers from 15 minutes before closing time, which makes me write a complaint to Magasin, which is brought in their magazine.
    • More coins is about life coming out because of the opening of Karen to me and that is even though she has NOT – as expected – answered me, and the shoes is about SAILING, rod (!), which we also love doing here (when everything is light), but still the brand is Marlboro, which is the cover of it being darkness, and we know the handball shoes is about lack of faith/courage to support me from the handball boys as I understand it, and where are you Morten Stig, are you a CHICKEN too?

When I woke up it was with the view to yet another day in hell having to write most of the time I can stay awake, and then sleep, and do the same tomorrow, and …, and yes for how long time will I be able to continue?

There is soon no more cold buttermilk soup from your mother.

It was her you were expecting child with, we could not do it differently but soon no more, when we are all out of here, which is the back side of my right lower leg as I am given a mark to here.

It is like sitting on a sofa one evening, and nothing happens (no “old nightmare”).

It felt like being beaten up at a tennis tournament what you are giving me now – yes continuing work.

It is almost as if your birthday keeps coming closer.

Even if you lived in a “bombed bog” – as we say here for “very messy” – and your mother thought this was the case, the love of your mother to you would be able to make us come through and also feeling Sanna so coming through Sanna.

And this is because I cannot hold up the weight of the Source anymore, which needs to touch ground, is this it (?), Stig, you don’t have just another day in you, do you (?), and we know, as long as you and the world have force to bring me sleep, I can continue “forever”, and when you no longer can, I have to give up – and right now I can continue today, and then we will take it on a day to day basis.

Iran and … has signed a treaty not to attack – with the feeling of not attacking me.

I was given the feeling of this small concentrated liquorice of the Source remaining, which has not turned around, and it was flying to the upper left of my head.

The scenario is “very close” for your mother to be unhappy – John killed and earlier me on mental hospital – but now we are coming through with “happiness” because of my will not to give up. And this scenario would have happened if you – and your family – had come on the front pages of all media of the world.

I am MUCH handicapped by an INCREDIBLE slow computer, which can take 1-2 minutes at its worst just to change Facebook-window and I have to close down and re-start Firefox several times each day (because it gets “too heavy/slow”), and when my Word-documents fill more than 100 pages, it takes “forever” for the automatic saving function to save the document, which makes all of the computer ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO WORK ON at the mean time, and yes no one thought it was important to help me get a new computer to work on …..

At 21.00 I decided to cycle to the closest Netto Supermarket – my mother had given me 100 DKK (a bottle of wine etc.) making me able to come through the month a little bit easier (I have 250 DKK left besides this) – and I BOUGHT POTATOES TODAY (as I had run out of, and you know they symbolise God too) they have had cream of fish very cheaply this week, which was “impossible” to buy earlier this week (because people had bought everything because of how good an offer it was), but here one hour before CLOSING TIME of offers this week, this local Netto had THREE packages left, which I bought, and yes receiving even more life of me at the very end just before we open up to the force of the Source for everything, and I am happy to do it with this WONDERFUL song of Leonard Cohen, who we also love in our family, and that is because of my sister’s love to this brilliant (divine) artist.

On my way home, I was given the thought of Karen not liking to be called “darkness” and “unclean” as I did in my email to her, and then three people were about to cross the street, and then the cycle path from where I was coming without looking (!!!) and I had to use my ringing bell, which made them say “I am sorry”, and yes, this is what Karen will do to me and is already thinking without “being able” to say, and yes “what if Stig is really the one, and I have treated him as s…” and yes there you have the truth about me/this part of me as I am told and also shown.

I was told that the spirit of my mother, thus the New World, is bringing sacrifices to move us forward to get inside here, and no, I do NOT believe that the New World is suffering, I and the Old World are, but still I was shown the yolk of an egg to show that creation is on-going in here.

This is because it requires no energy to be inside of here, and this is where we are bringing the world, to the very core of everything where there is no energy, but on “the force”, which is what everything will become.

Yes, we are still receiving a lot of ice bags, which we are sending forward to you, but they really include the finest water only having ice on the surface of it.

I still receive the disgusting feeling of my entire body about to throw up because of darkness coming to me, but I try to tell myself that this is good energy only disguised as the opposite making me feel rotten.

I was given a new sound to the kitchen of two halves of a tree being glued together as one perfect part, and this is really what it is about for me to come from outside via my letter to Karen to open her mind up to me allowing us to melt together as one.

This is like moving inside the meat of the lobster (symbolising “making love”) itself.

Google Earth shows the elephant of the Source awakening, coming out and making a LOT of noise

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show the lion and the heart (of yesterday), going through pollution/darkness to reach my light green island, the arrival of the elephant of the Source, a child lifted up by angels, fencing against darkness, the Source making fun of darkness, guards at Japan and Korea, monsters around Antarctic, the elephant awakening, coming out and making a LOT of noise, the poorest hiding behind a child, the pilot landing the Source.

FB 130413 Jette 1

FB 130413 Jette 2

FB 130413 Jette 3

FB 130413 Jette 4

FB 130413 Jette 5

FB 130413 Jette 6

FB 130413 Jette 7

FB 130413 Jette 8

FB 130413 Jette 9

FB 130413 Jette 11

FB 130413 Jette 10

FB 130413 Jette 11B

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FB 130413 Jette 13

FB 130413 Jette 14

FB 130413 Jette 15

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I saw this story as my problems not being strong enough to do the final part of the landing of the Source, and still everything survives.

FB 130413 BBC

  • NATO and Anders are in control of North/South Korea or are you (?), and yes it is good then to have faith but still being silent about me, Anders?

FB 130413 Anders Fogh

  • Jan said that it is fine to have “washboard” when you are 45 even if it is in the forehead, and Fam laughed and said that now he does not dare taking off the hat anymore, but this is really the idea for everyone to let your hair show after being washed, and yes even Helena thought that it was a fine board but did not understand that this is about cleaning off darkness, and yes what did you think???

FB 130413 Helena vaskebræt

  • Andrew brought this picture at his Cosmic Paradigm Radio Facebook group, and I used “Search image on Google” to discover that this is a “a Dutch progressive rock band from the Utrecht area, founded in 2003 and signed to Progress Records”, and when I saw “Utrecht” – the symbol in relation to Karin from Holland – I understood that Andrew is with me without saying.

FB 130413 Andrew

  • This is another version of the story “with a little help from the judges”, otherwise Tiger Woods and I would have ended the game by now.

FB 130413 Tiger

  • Helena said that “with big scare eyes” she had to inform that she cannot attend a concert with her beloved band “Magtens korrodorer” (“the corridors of power”) on my birthday the 3rd May, and yes I did not get to see the reason why (later she had deleted this and all other posts when I checked), but to me this is about the end of her play being on “the corridors of power”, which were invented for her sake!

FB 130413 Helena

  • This will have to be one of the biggest sensations of all of the Danish ice hockey national team if not the biggest of all (?), and yes defeated the Soviet (!) World Champions in a test match before the World Championships (!), and yes normally Denmark should lose by 3-5-8 goals, and only when they receive some help from above as I am told, they can do this, and yes out of this world is what it is, and of course a reference to my defeat over the BLACK evilness of Soviet also including you, Putin, and yes you could not PUT IN the puck could you?


  • Flemming said that he had experienced “bad karma” at the Helsingør in pictures group this evening, so here he brought a picture of flowers of his apple tree from last year, which made Per say that “you become happy in the lid by apple spirits”, and once again we are back at the old Shu-bi-dua song “a happy idiot” where they sing about being “happy in the lid”, and it made Lone say that we have to drink some of this for everyone to become “happy in the lid”, and to me this is about some people of this Facebook group also “knowing” about me but believing that I am “a happy idiot” instead of focusing on the apple tree symbolising our New World, and yesterday I did not bring the story of John speaking about Hotel Marienlyst and how a guest once stole a bottle of the finest cognac costing MUCH money, and this Facebook group later brought a picture and spoke of “flambéed in Cognac”, which is really about darkness in the form of the finest spirits, and yes bringing sufferings to me because of lack of faith, which is what John has, and apparently some of these people too.

FB 130413 Helsingør gruppe

  • I received this message that Des Ray is following me, and I wondered who she is and was surprised when I looked up her profile to see that this is Desiree, my old Facebook friend from Florida, and yes she has changed name and picture making her “invisible”, and then I wondered why is she doing this, aren’t we friends anymore (?), because this is what her profile said – now I am only following her (this is how Facebook does it when someone excludes you without reporting you) – and when I checked my list of friends, she is no long on this and my number of friend had reduced from 199 to 198, and yes the “strange” part is that she is also NOT on the list of 20 people following me as you can see below, and this is when I understood the meaning of this message, which is that it is a WRONG MESSAGE OF DARKNESS, and this is because this is what darkness had done to what used to be a “loyal follower” of me, but she stopped reading me and let her spiritual experiences of darkness taking her over, and yes leaving me, which is about darkness still trying to escape me, and yes, Desiree, how could you do this drastic step (?), and we know apparently it was “too much” for her to see my “claims” arriving on the white horse being everything of our New World, and we know, when you “cannot” read and understand, this is how it goes, and yes, she made me SAD too.

FB 130413 Des Ray

Followers 130413

  • I decided to forward the message from Facebook to Desiree giving her the proof of the WRONG message she had received about me, and just after doing this, I was told and shown that “I am not the pizza delivery boy” at the door, and also “this is how to keep the connection to her”, and I had received the feelings that it is darkness of Karen NOT wanting to be together with me – still the sex part you know (!) – which is what was given to Desiree, and the feeling was also that this would bring life away from me, and that is unless I decided to keep a grip on it, which I had to do this way understanding what this was all about. Approx. one hour later, I felt Desiree coming to me from right in a digger dragging MUCH darkness with her, and yes we don’t want to lose this. By the way, nothing was destroyed inside this refrigerator, which is now returning to you, it was part of the “ton heavy door”, which we are opening for, and yes, if you could not, it would be laid upon the world to do when opening to our New World, and yes it is part of the liquorice self we are receiving.

Email til Desiree

  • Lykke said that it is about last chance to register for a public meeting at the Danish Parliament with the former President of the Maldives, which I really would have liked to go to, but I decided NOT to prioritize this knowing how little energy I have, and also because I don’t feel ready to meet “the world” as I feel now, but it could have been “funny” to meet you, Lykke, and Søren Pind will probably also be there (?), and who else (?), and yes how would you have reacted to me if I had decided to come (?), to fear me or as if you don’t know me (?), and would I even be allowed to enter the Parliament because of “security reasons” (?) – am I still in some kind of dark register (which I know nothing about) as a potential dangerous man? I asked Lykke to bring him my regards, will you do this, Lykke?

FB 130413 Lykke


13th April: Releasing and transferring the Original Creator hidden inside of Karen to our New World

Releasing and transferring the Original Creator hidden inside of Karen to our New World

He is not staccato.

I was told something about my mother’s blood sugar, and if you turn around her blood cells, you will understand that she – and I too – are really not alive, but still living because we don’t give up.

We cannot win the last/next Germany match for you, you have to do that yourself, Stig – and I feel “what kind of rubbish”, and this is said to me by the rest of my dark old self being with me very loyal doing everything I say, and yes we only want light because my master wants this as my old inner self says.

I was shown a school in Høje Gladsaxe close to where my father’s wife Kirsten lived in the 1970’s before they moved together, which her son Ricky and I visited once, and I was told that this is what Ricky is doing, going through school because of me, and also that he has started receiving spiritual experiences.

During the night I also received a sign saying that Karen still believes that I am “pathetic”, so “many feelings” she has.

I had planned to work until 05.00 and was indeed working until 05.30 before I had included everything I wanted to in my script of yesterday, and also written my comment to Thomas Blachman as you can see from the short stories of today, and yes I was VERY tired late yesterday evening, but less than the previous days, and here at this hour I am also more “fresh” than the other days, so I might stay up a little longer before going to bed.

What we are doing now is to oil the bicycle chain, and it feels like easier to run the world because of what keeps pouring out of the Source.

Are we going to set up chandeliers here too (?), yes we better do it while we are at it, and yes this is also the expected effect of your birthday greetings for Anton, see the short stories.

I watched TV until 12.15 where I was pretty close to go to bed or take a nap during the morning, but a combination of an old American film – “Charade” with Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant and other fine actors – which I liked much NOT because of some violence of it (but “nothing” compared to today!) but because of the fine characters of the actors and love/feelings between Cary and Audrey – and new “exciting” information given to me made me decide to stay up, and also to write this, still receiving help here by Margaret Thatcher coming in asking “do you need my help”, and yes that is kind of you, Maggie, and yes please do your absolutely best as everyone else too :-), so here we go.

I still have the feeling of a heavy foot chain of darkness/light connecting to my right ankle, and this is still the concentrated liquorice remaining to get in.

I was given a series of new sounds to my kitchen including the sound and vision of a bamboo chair, a throne, and I was told that we would also very much like to get out of here – now helped by my greetings to Anton and the impact of this – and I was told that there is still life not coming out from the Source yet, and darkness, which has come to far reaching the end of the world, and I was given a sound to the outer of my balcony, and this life is what we are going to bring back to me.

I felt how Elijah is part of this life of darkness coming too far, and I was told that when I lived with Elijah and his family in 2009, and there were shootings “right outside” the house, we could have been killed if I was not calm where his wife and himself was very nervous.

And this darkness comes originally from Karen, and I felt how this is now being released and entering the lower of both of my legs, which is because of her thoughts and feelings of me. This is what tears down wall making me receive darkness from my balcony, welcome back!

I was told that it was also because of me that Jinping, the new Chinese leader, “won” and I felt Obama too, so also because of him, and no, I don’t know about the battle on power in China, but it was “rough”?

So now there is only one dark safe remaining, which you don’t have a key for, which we then will have to use the back road to enter because here we have not protected ourselves – sigh, as so much other – the same way because everyone knows that Stig will not arrive from the dark side, but he did, and yes all the way to save all life on the way, and no, it is impossible for him to come this way because it would bring his “old nightmare” with his father (!), which however has been concealed from me by the power of our New World.

I received some pounding marks to the inside of my left over arm, and I was told that it is first now that this is knocking again, and in all that time (since it was pounding the last time “a few weeks ago” when I wrote about it) you have not been alive because this is how deep we have been inside darkness/the Source.

During the morning, I received STRONG negative speech still wanting to overtake me and STRONG sexual torments wanting to do the same, and I was surprised that it is still possible to receive such strong darkness when I think of also receiving the purest water of the Source at the same time.

I received a vision of Chablis in Bourgogne, where I have been tasting wine too together with Camilla – also very beautiful there with fantastic wines – and I was told about Christian Philipson (the most successful wine merchant in Denmark and my Facebook friend for some months) hiding the key for all of this wine inside of this darkness. And because of our Facebook friendship seeing my updates, he has received some kilometres in forehand, otherwise we first had to start influencing him now, but because of this he has access and yes via you, we can now also open this safe, and what do we find inside of it (?), and yes a little dog as the beginning of everything and I was shown the first dog inside a rocket being sent out in space as symbol.

And this is about the time where we knock on his door saying, I am sorry, aren’t you the heir of Stig, and yes the next in line if we had played the game handing over from Stig to the next and next (if I/we had died), but we avoided having to do this as it was also not necessary to go from your mother to the next and next in line, and here I felt and was told about Brigitte Bardot also being one in line.

During this morning, there were periods where my remote control and/or the TV did not work, where it was “jammed” for 1-2 minutes a few times, which is about difficulties making the world go around at this stage of the game, and this is because of strong darkness coming to me, and yes I received feelings of Thomas Blachman seeing what I have written to him – see the short stories – and it included physical touch to my private parts including speculations about what is right and not right to say and do when it comes to sexuality and nakedness giving me the feeling that Thomas Blachman was thinking about and challenging me on this matter.

I received the feeling of Bee Gees, and I was told that we were also meant to kill big brother – and as usual, darkness is keeping his name from me and teasing me by giving the memory of Maurice and Robin, but not and yes here it was “released”, Barry Gibb of course, but no, he was not killed when you yesterday brought his song “chain reaction” sung by Diana Ross.

I received more pounding to my arm, and I was told that I am now inside again, me with the gold. “So you have brought a bomb to the airport here, which you have no plans to pay duties for” (?), and yes this is how we bring everything of him in, which is everything of Karen, which she tried to hide with Desiree, and we do it also without killing your mother this time after having saved John/your father, and this information brought new nervousness to me, what was now this about (?), had I not passed the worst?

And this is because this darkness/liquorice was hidden in the New World where there is not room for it unless it comes in the right way being reduced in size via you – and yes apparently it is both the smallest and biggest at the same time.

Can you buy a farm with this money (?), and yes you can buy seven or just how many you want, and this is how it became when Karen wants me without wanting me (!), and we decided to go this way as the most likely road instead of via your father.

I heard my mother enthusiastic saying that inside of here, I can play with pizzas for an eternity, and yes we analysed him on the way.

I was told that Karen was turned around the wrong way being a man inside the body of a woman, which my sister has too – parts of my father – but not my mother, who is herself, so this is also what we have to bring in order.

I received the taste of metal (of the Source) and was shown rust and told that I am a little rusty, I have never been here before.

And then I was told that my mother would only be killed if I accepted this – via pressure of darkness – or to give in to my “old nightmare”, or to accept getting rid of the “annoying” attachment to my right ankle.

I was watching this classic American movie when receiving most of these notes, and I could not help again thinking about Audrey Hepburn that she is “perfect” in my world – I feel Angela, the wine estate owner from the TV-series Falcon Crest here, which is to say that Audrey Hepburn was also part of the wine self – and yes she is beautiful but even more important, I love her speech, smile and laugh, and also women to be “pure”, which you know that Karen is/was NOT, and yes causing me extreme pain to see the elegance of Karen on one hand, and her “unclean/cheap sexual nature” making me devastated. And this movie was taking place in Paris, and we know, the city of lights, and we know, this was why I was given a vision of Audrey Hepburn yesterday, which was to say that you knew that I would stay up watching this movie from around 10 to 12 this morning.

After some time I was told that we have now secured enough of this darkness inside of me to never let go of it again.

I was told that there is not only a wallet here, but an air ticket for the whole world (making everything work), and yes this is about “coming back to the world” When he has eaten that ice cream (of sufferings), we will be ready.

We would have continued saying until the very last that the aeroplane (of the inner of the Source) never arrived until one would enter here, and this became you.

The board meetings were only with me, and yes I am the big brain behind everything.

I was told that Karen did not speak to her ex-husband Peter about me this time, and her faith in me was enough to bring all of this forward.

I was told that there is a whole dictionary about me in Mexico – I was given feelings of their pyramids – which has never been shared with the world, and this was created to help the official world finding me.

I was told by this father or mine that it is still me controlling all movements and thoughts of people, and no I am not tired, but now I am going to share my gift with everyone, which I am excited to tell everyone about.

And if Karen died, she would take the secret of me with her in the grave, and I could have looked after this in my mother and everywhere not finding it, so it was the most important to save Karen.

We will now bring forward the whole menagerie to you as light, and with this also Karen, “so she was not at all my father” (?) as my actor as simple minded darkness said having been inside of her and loyal to her, no, Stig is, and this is how everything will have a happy ending.

So I was not the most important of Karen and I, but when Karen now starts believing that I am too, this the most important part is being released from her and transferred to me – or being both of us really – and yes, this is what Sanna was tied up with as part of her heart. This is how we had saved the original Creator of everything, and yes Karen being God self!!!

I was told that it did not stand in my text book that it would be you revealing me, this is to the credit of your mother creating you.

And then I was told that that as an alternative to this, we could have brought this inner part of the Source out via the use of sheer energy of your mother’s wonderful New World, and do we have enough energy to take care of this (?), and yes we have, and that is on condition that you would NOT accept darkness of your “old nightmare” etc.

You said that you wanted it the hard way”, so this is how the game was played, and yes not at all as easy as it may look like from the outside?

I was told that we could also have decided to use your aunt Inge to bring out this darkness, but since you decided not to contact her a couple of months ago, we believed that the best chance was to go directly after the throat of the Source self via Karen.

I was given a mark to my left ankle and was told that nothing entered here.

When I started preparing the publish of the script of today so far at 14.30, I received the STRONGEST continuous pain to my right ankle – VERY uncomfortable – which is about darkness fighting me and telling that it prefers to be here, but no, you are ALL becoming our New World too, which this work/publish will help bringing.

I received a prick to my shoulder coming from this darkness to my right, and yes this is the Original Creator, who would have dismissed me if I started giving in to darkness (?), and yes at some point at least without knowing his plans.

By 15.00 I had uploaded the script so far, and I could decide to keep on working on the script and a few other tasks to (to my website etc.), but no, I will now relax, and stay up for some more hours for the script to work and maybe until this evening trying to see if I can return to a normal day(night rhythm.

I was shown the greenhouse of Brede Park and saw how all earth was replaced with new and ever better looking earth, which is what we have just right now, and yes telling the world about what is happening, so this is now consolidating/”locking” this too.

I was reminded also to write that I have also received LOUD sounds to my shelves as if it was breaking apart also including the worst sexual speech, and now I understand that this is because darkness of the liquorice was released to our New World, so now you have this too.

You never discovered what “tres buchet” meant, did you (?), and yes this was given to me maybe 4-5 years ago, and no, I did not, and eeehhh three books only as you did, and we know 1) Book of the Devil, 2) Design of life and 3) One God One People – being MUCH longer than no. 2, which was MUCH longer than no. 1, but when I now checks, “trebuchet” means a “a siege engine that was employed in the Middle Ages”. And yes, later I saw and understood what it is, TREBUCHET is a FONT (!!!), and to me this somehow sounds like “three books”, so this is what it means to me.

The problem was that we could not get so much freezer through the refrigerator door.

I was told that there was also an easier way in – with help – if I decided for less than perfect, but no, NEVER!

I decided to go to bed at 18.00 hoping that I would get so much sleep that I would wake during the night making me able to stay up the whole day tomorrow, but I was awakened at midnight still being tired and now having a long night/day ahead of me, if I can, and I received many threats about this force now becoming darkness when I sleep, but I had to sleep, and the first hours I froze very much even though I had two duvets on me and should not freeze, i.e many temporary terminations, and here are the dreams.

Dreaming of being incredible busy with MUCH work requiring that I work fast even though I am not well.

  • I am a consultant doctor at a smaller hospital without much experience, I feel that the staff knows more than I. I look after dogs, and I am surprised that my two old dogs, Cas and Don, are still alive – they have passed the age where they should have died many years ago, and they just make it through the door too. We have received two important guests from Sweden, and I am unfortunately three minutes late because I have problems with the bow of my left shoes when putting on shoes. I am giving a presentation, which an employee has made for me, which is at a much poorer level than I would have done not making me do my best.
    • Again a story about managers often not knowing the work in which they are in charge of, and not doing their own work. The dogs will have to be about my old self still alive despite of all. Are the “two” I receive in dreams my father and I (?), I believe that it used to be.
  • I am incredible busy. I cycle together with Hans from downtown Helsingør uphill towards Snekkersten, and have to slow down to wait on him. My sister checks my bag, and find a broken rib, and “something which should not be there”, which she believes can develop into a slipped disc. I tell her that I do all manual work at the office because I am the best doing it, which I don’t like. I also do presentations at petro stations using one out of two light projectors, which are set up a very special way, and I see that Preben uses the other. At a joint presentation, I smoke, which makes Peter A. (from Fair), one of my colleagues, say that it smells disgusting I also hire new employees, which Kim and Pernille have decided to hire, and we receive many applications including detailed and different CV’s, and it is very difficult to get time to read and understand their true skills and impossible to see who they are as people, and I think that I probably make errors not choosing the right ones to interview, and one of my colleagues feeling like Steen L, who was at DFM not that long (before he had to “give up”) also reads applications, and I say that Pernille pays all new advisors, which she, i.e. the business, does. To my surprise, Kim has decided that I will also be tested as existing employee on equal terms with applicants to keep my job, which makes me somewhat nervous because I am not in form at all, but still I am the quickest at all walking/balancing on the railway, and moving 360 degrees around on the table of the bar. I tell Kim that one of the new advisors may be better than me in table tennis, because he is INCREDIBLE fast getting some balls, which are IMPOSSIBLE to get, and Kim agrees that he may also be even better than him. There is some kind of competition including small children, which is about getting them through as fast as possible, and I see siblings of Ghita Nørby arriving, and one is bringing me a child only a few years old, who has a snowsuit on, but something is wrong and via the help of Hans, I discover that the child is wet inside, and Hans changes its suits and gives me a big hug for finding out. He is also bringing me temptations to look at “not that beautiful a lady” via TV.
    • This is about much work also these days, which I do even though I am breaking down – here with a slipped disc. We still have two light projectors of the father and son, which may be united as one? I smoke because of darkness coming for example from Peter A., who still cannot read and understand me, Peter (?), and no, I was never invited for your Fair-reunion. Kim is still symbolising God, and we are now hiring new people for our old business (?), where I am still the fastest – I am the table tennis player – despite of being unfit for work really. Pernille pays is about her sufferings, and I don’t get what the child is about other than rain is suffering, and Hans is apparently still supporting me via faith.

I was told that this is the ignition, there.

I continue receiving a few small heart attacks daily.

I felt Mette’s son Christopher as I have done a few times the last couple of days, and I was told that he gives balance when he believes in me, and the opposite when he does not.

I was told that metal particles of chemtrails were supposed to kill people by now, but I have kept them alive as I was told.

I still have constant throw up feelings and feel disgusted by darkness coming to me making everything physically feel rotten/lousy.

Google Earth: The Source has cleaned the surroundings, and crossing the bridge over trouble waters

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show the Source having cleaned the surroundings, big heads of a dolphin, warm feelings of a storm (?) – everything is made on love, crossing the bridge over trouble waters, a big debate, and James Bond symbolising me chasing darkness.

FB 140413 Jette 1

FB 140413 Jette 2

FB 140413 Jette 3

FB 140413 Jette 4

FB 140413 Jette 5

FB 140413 Jette 6

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Thomas Blachman had received one of not that many positive feedbacks on his new TV-programmes where he comments naked women together with a co-host, and I decided to use this as my feedback for him to make it impossible for him, Denmark’s TV/Radio and the world to misunderstand by telling him that it is WRONG to bring sex, public nakedness and “very direct expressions” on private parts etc. because sexuality is a diving and private right given to people to enjoy with your partner, and NOT in public with people desiring you, and I encouraged him to admit to his error (darkness leading him even though he thought this was right to do), tell the world about it, about who he is and also who I am, and I was told that it is also almost impossible for Thomas Blachman to go back on his words defending himself as he has done publically the last couple of weeks in relation to this programme, and this is why we provided a chance for him to tell the full story, and yes Thomas, please remember to tell the FULL TRUTH – if you can???

FB 140413 til Blachman 1

FB 140413 til Blachman 2

  • Today was Anton’s birthday making me send my best regards below, and after doing this, I was told that maybe I can continue washing and ironing again, isn’t this what it means for you and Anton to stay on good grounds with each other (?), and yes Anton “could” not like the comments I brought to Jette’s pictures the other day telling him that I thought of him and wished that he remained strong (!), and I had hoped that he would reply to this, which I believe would be the normal reaction, but no, he “could not”, he gave it a “like” and nothing more really making me sad because WHY is this now “impossible2 to him (?), is it because of personal depression/difficulties, a new sceptical attitude to me maybe influenced by resistance I meet from others and can it be that I am crazy now that he has seen a doctor declaring me crazy (?), and yes maybe he does NOT like to be included in my scripts too, but don’t tell it, and yes I can only guess making me sad, and his WRONG behaviour not communicating is making my work even more difficult to do because of the sadness/disappointment he gives me by being SILENT NOT supporting me but sucking out energy of me too, which is exactly how darkness is working, and yes, the next time I will tell him that I have communicated with him for the last time (by now) if he does not start communicating himself, and that is because it is ALWAYS better to do that instead of just pulling the plug, which EVERYONE – except one – has done on me when leaving me without a word. And you may understand that continuing my work is not only “impossible” because of physical challenges, but also because of lack of support from people encouraging to keep on my work, and yes I mostly receive “silence” from family, friends etc., thus the world, meaning that you don’t really care (?), and yes NOT the best conditions to continue work on.

FB 140413 Anton

  • Peter, the political commentator, was inspired when saying about the sun “hope you enjoy it, you are practically reborn” and he spoke about what he found what is not important and what is in the public debate and said “please, get a life”, and this is really what I have planned doing, Peter, and yes as my new self. 

FB 140413 Peter

  • Helena was out with ”crap in patent-leather shoe”, which you know is about darkness becoming the finest life.

FB 140413 Helena

  • This is about the King of the Source coming crashing into my little NEW world, and yes love it, one of the biggest hits ever of the band, maybe the biggest..

FB 140413 DM

  • To me this is about Saga helping to bring my rebirth.

FB 140413 SAGA



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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