April 16, 2013: It is first with the merger of the Source and our New World that I am being created as my new self


Summary of the script today

15th April: Bringing in the last parts of the Source to make the numerator/denominator 1/1

  • “There is no danger that your father now cannot make the gravy” meaning that the main parts of the berry/ruby of the Source is inside of me, and we are now searching for and bringing in the last of the Source – still darkness coming from Karen – to make the numerator/denominator 1/1 bringing everything inside our New World and to continue bringing in more life from the Source endless Source afterwards from our New World.
  • Isn’t this what we are saying; that we are close to have wide support from the whole world – to our New World and New World Order.
  • Dreaming of receiving support from the Danish Government, thus the world, and saving the finest life from inside the core of the Source without terminating anything.
  • The reason why my mother gave birth to a child of darkness the other day was that this was the only way to receive all mass of the core of the Source, and now, this has gone through the washing machine of me meaning that all of the Source is saved BEFORE the opening of our New World instead of locating and saving it AFTER the opening, and we now also setup the connection to our eternal tunnel of new life, which alternatively had to wait after saving the Source after the opening of our New World.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show the Trinity, the Source and Holger Danske (we found him!), which is NOT for sale, the SHINE of light of the Source, “to be or not to be” (?) – “I am”!
  • Short stories of Britt leaving me as Facebook friend for the THIRD TIME (!!!), Christopher sending me nice music, everyone wanting to save Holger Danske, who is on sale as a sign of the great awakening, “It is our beer, not mine – BEER IS GOD”, I am going to lie in my new bed, bringing up the core of the Source including “our true potential and strength”.

16th April: It is first with the merger of the Source and our New World that I am being created as my new self

  • Darkness from the Source inside the New World wanting to return to the Source outside blocked the hole of the Source until it was retrieved, and new life came pouring out.
  • We will use Stonehenge to switch on everything of our New World bringing a “dream start” and also a spectacular light show to the world.
  • It is first now when the spirits of my mother (the New World) and father (the Source) are together that we could create you, and if we had not, the New World would start as your mother, who would collect everything else to complete it after opening. It is now only my new self lacking, and I will start everything. I am the burial chamber as my new self to where we will bring and from where we will awake everything.
  • Having Karen “reading” me, is like having a polishing cloth cleaning liver pate from my spectacles, which makes it much easier to see, and this is the view, we are using to go through everything once again bringing with us life of darkness, which otherwise would first be located and resurrected after the opening of our New World.
  • Dreaming of doing long tours, a fitness trainer of half size, and silent people/wimps.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show more darkness, I am still here, Fanny is also here, nice clean Greenland, a taxi on its way bringing my new self, the last life is the first ever and of our New World, Adam and Eve in Paradise, and “phone home” to bring life to our New World.
  • Short stories of making it ”impossible” to sell Holger Danske/me, we will wake up to great love of God, Thomas Blachman is a WIMP not having the courage to stand forward, Boston bombings was an act of darkness at the very goal line of my journey, is Christopher yet another part of me?


15th April: Bringing in the last parts of the Source to make the numerator/denominator 1/1

Bringing in the last parts of the Source to make the numerator/denominator 1/1

I continued working until 03.25 when I finally had published my script of yesterday too.

We will soon leave the central station of coughing, but we just have to get back into the deep nothing, and yes fine by me.

We are now both on the common hard disk drive, your mother and me – “finally it has happened to me”, and yes, I have always liked this dance song much (from my “Submarine” period in the beginning of the 1990’s).

So Stig, we got him through the airport both of us helping, you and I. And we also used the help of the bag of Margaret Thatcher, so thank you Margaret, and also for me to accept this.

So it is all about debts and hitting the bell when you are done (“and I will take care of the rest”, is that it?).

And now I fear that I will receive a new load of speech/notes to write down, which I really cannot bear feeling as low as I do just wanting to relax.

I was given the taste of liquorice together with the colour of purple, which is Karen’s colour, and no I am NOT satisfied yet, if it is possible to continue the game lifting us even higher, and yes is there a difference between going to a higher level or deeper inside, or is both ways “forever” (?), which I will never end, only do the best I can until it is impossible lifting us more before we start the New World?

Now it is not what ran too fast, which we will bring in, and yes is there more inside of the kitchen?

I received offers of spreading the last darkness out on Falck and others, but no, you will NEVER get my direct approval of this.

There is no danger that your father now cannot make the gravy – we are sure that everything will remain blue forever – but what are we missing then (?), and yes if only I knew.

So you are not going to a plastic surgery or anything like that (?), no we are only going to see if there is something we have forgotten.

So we let him believe that he is inside the aeroplane, when he is truly now getting OUTSIDE again?

This is what Karen also allows us to do, and that is to return in her thoughts and via openness enter once again.

This is because there should be more “pressure 16” to equalise what we already got – to bring balance. To bring even more fauna of summers.

The big fight in that cabin in 1986 (in Orsa/Grönklit, Sweden on skiing holiday) between you and your sister, wasn’t that to prove to her much later that you were the strongest (?), and yes a very special fight where I had my sister break down NOT giving in to her because she was wrong.

Well, you cannot drive without this, and also this, this and this, which is what we are now extracting from the kitchen.

It was up to himself how to make money, but not now with this.

I was told that we are using energy to lift us up and when this is done, there will be no energy.

I was told that even though I have written to Karen about how she has transferred darkness to me, it does not mean that she understands it or changes her attitude because we are still receiving a steady flow, and I was shown the main stop of busses, which I am approaching.

When we reach home of Germany you simple walk into it.

I received the feeling of other parts of me in “almost an eternity of other worlds”, which we have saved and are now part of the sum of our New World, and I was asked if you want to say hello to them, who are all collected as part of you, but of course, so this is what I did, and I was told “isn’t it raving mad, but it is possible to visit each other (parts of yourself – it is not only me but all life being made in “eternal versions”) in other worlds, we have made sure of this

I was told that it feels as if it is the fifth world we are now bringing in, Stig (on top of the original four).

Well, there are no people here, they will all come.

Strictly speaking, we don’t have to do this work tomorrow, but if it is alright with you, we will, and yes fine with me.

Isn’t this what we are saying; that we are close to have wide support from the whole world – to our New World and New World Order. And this is what is/was the TRUE trial of strength of Bjarne Corydon, Helle Thorning-Schmidt etc. and the Danish Parliament when it comes to Denmark (and not new collective agreements of teachers!), and that is without anyone writing about it.

Dreaming of saving the finest life from inside the core of the Source without terminating anything

I took a long “nap” on the sofa from around 10.00 to 15.30 (!) receiving these dreams.

  • After having worked as a coolie, I have now been appointed as minister for the Danish government making my mother proud, and I now receive normal salary. I tell Helle Thorning-Schmidt about her strong skills always being self-assured and ready, never weak. Something about a press conference tomorrow morning at 08.30, feeling Elton John too, and risks/rumours. Something about Lars G. being the IT-manager and flying from the tree, which is dangerous, a pilot falling and a stone getting out of the tree. I switch on two applications using my car key.
    • I have worked my self up from the bottom of everything to the top symbolising support of the world in me. The press conference may be about the publish of me, and I don’t know what the risk is about, but this is part of the game and has been all along, and switching on the two applications is about switching on father and son, thus the New World.

  • I have arranged a big dinner for MANY people at a ferry, where we receive the most delicious meat, which is from 1990 (!) and really “too hot” to be sold according to the rules. We had to enter the ferry before the cars drove out not to have the customs detect us, which is saving us 35,000 DKK. During the dinner, the comedian Kasper Christensen continues to break out in song, which is embarrassing, but we manage, and Lasse Rimmer, another comedian, cleans out. My old friend Paul handles the desert, which is a Dutch speciality including fish in soup.
    • This is old meat/life from the core of the Source, and the “vintage” is 1990, which is the best vintage of Champagne, i.e. celebration, I know of as a sign of the quality of this life. There will be no customs/termination of this life, and Danish comedians speaks of me, and Kasper is here because I am embarrassed when I listen to him and his flat/primitive/sexual language when he does stand-up shows as example of how the language generally has developed of these, thus the nation, which I do NOT like at all.

Locating and saving all of the Source BEFORE the opening of our New World

I was told that we have done this not least because of your message to Thomas Blachman.

There will be no more “sømand som dig” (“sailor as you”), and I heard the lyrics of this fine song, “especially these two words”, which are “Djakarta Danny”, and to me this is about Jakarta of Indonesia having helped me too as I understand it, and can it be that this is also with friendly regards – as we say here – from “Uncle Danny”, the most unique man ever in Denmark in certain ways, and yes Dan Türell, a late writer having a DIVINE talent, and has he been working inside of me bringing me home too?

I felt how the last parts of the Source gently were coming as spirits and put on me. We only do this because the gold lump is inside of you, which makes the rest follow.

You don’t want to poison anything (?), and I received the smell of perfume, this is darkness coming from Karen too.

We cannot play football in that uniform when we get inside of him, it was only when we were coloured by Sanna and her decisions.

The other day, I had a strong desire to buy jelly and I was told that this is the top/final touch to the lunch package – as we are now doing.

I was told that even if I had said no to receive the last parts of the Source – NOT easy to keep absorbing sufferings – the Source would have come anyway, but it would be through the world as “receiver”, which would postpone to October what we can do now.

I was given a new sound to my kitchen now from my kitchen table – it is often normally from my oven or around it – and I am given the feeling of this presence stretching all the way over to me at my desk looking into the monitor being “very interested” to become life too and I was told isn’t it me continuing to make lunch packages (?), and yes, this is what I understand, the continuous line up to new levels of the Source and new life, which we will continue entering forever.

I was told that this is about getting the same in the numerator as in the denominator to get 1/1, i.e. 100% of everything of nothing with us, and I met my neighbour Knud on the hallway, and we spoke about Austria, which he has visited by car many times driving in the mountains in an old Fiat 127, about running almost out of gasoline, and I told him about how Camilla, René, Dorte and I in 2000 were driving towards Heiligenblut when we discovered that the Grossglockner road was closed, which sent us out on a long way round, which I/we were really far too tired to drive, and this is really about giving everything we had to make it 1/1, 100%, taking the long way home before running out of fuel.

I was shown how life came from the left to the right receiving a key here to enter me and this life said “smart”.

I was shown and told about Mogens Amdi-Petersen from Tvind that he knows about you, but “he is still not caught”, so still running away from the state still following you, Mogens?

So this is what it was about, your mother not only became pregnant, but gave birth to darkness, which I understand was the only way to bring in the enormous mass of the Source, and the task was hereafter to bring this darkness in through the washing machine of me.

Without your mother making the hole to the Source we would not be able to get out, this was also how it was planned, and do do the hole exactly the right size to make 1/1 before the end of time.

And had we spilled layer cake of the Source, we would still have found him, and yes inside our New World after opening it, but when we can, we will, so we decided to find everything BEFORE this opening.

Do you miss him (?), this is a pilot expression – and I felt Karen, so is this what you do too, Karen (?), and yes one of how many, who “cannot” see me today?

This is what the extreme cold, which we have had for a LONG time, is about – I was not meant to be able to save all of the Source before the opening of our New World, and just today, spring finally arrived to Denmark replacing the cold by up to 20 degrees symbolising that WE MADE IT 🙂 – and that is unless you keep anything hidden from me, and yes we know Stig, there is still temporary terminated life according to Scribd.

Scrib 150413 inkl 1404

I was shown myself pulling up a flagpole – symbolising the family tree – and I was told that it would require my approval to “destroy” and spread the Source all over our New World, but no, I will NEVER give approval of this, so there you have it instead.

No, we have not closed for the canteen, we are setting this up for our New World, and yes, we would have had to close down access to bring new life to our New World temporary until we had located and saved all of the Source.

I was told about a certificate of completed apprenticeship from a car repair shop and told “there is no greater than this” – and yes, we know, Stig, everything was driven by your desire to save your mother first of all – and then my father/John – which is what we used to the fullest. And we did this without Christopher being grown up fully.

I was given the feeling of Karen, and how will she look like when the great awakening comes (?), and yes like Audrey Hepburn (?), and yes “something like that”, but we know a little higher, maybe 175/177 cm. and you know how my dream lady looks like and even more important IS like – and the same goes when it comes to how Karen would like me to look like, so I will probably lose weight quickly :-).

The most incredible is that we have not healed the moon yet, but it lasts because of your will power to save EVERYTHING and to do it perfect. And also that your heart was strong enough to receive everything of the Source too.

I have kept receiving this feeling of my throat really being a narrow drain where the last of the Source has gone through, which was not a nice feeling.

I was shown two pieces of rye bread being pushed together with ham and cheese inside, and I saw the money note press in action, and was told that we have already made new life, which is about pressing together inventions of the New World and the Source.

I was told that my mother is happy too because if we had not saved the Source BEFORE the opening of our New World, it would mean that we would have had to terminate life too, and yes PARTS of life, not full life.

Google Earth shows Holger Danske (we found him!) and “to be or not to be” (?) – “I am”!

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show the Trinity, the Source and Holger Danske (we found him!), which is NOT for sale, the SHINE of light of the Source, “to be or not to be” (?) – “I am”!

FB 150413 Jette 1

FB 150413 Jette 2

FB 150413 Jette 3

FB 150413 Jette 4

FB 150413 Jette 5


Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I was encouraged to search for my old friend Britt among my Facebook friends, and no, she has now blocked/reported me for the third time (!!!), so how “stupid” can you be continuing doing this apparently without reading/listening to anything other than your own voice saying that “he is (still) crazy”.
  • Christopher was kind to send the message below including this song of his.

FB 150413 Christopher email

FB 150413 Christopher

  • Today, the story of the sale of Holger Danske reached my local Helsingør Daily newspaper – who have seen it on the local Helsingør in pictures Facebook group, where you also saw my comment, which you “cannot” write about yet (?) – and from here the rest of the media and also the Parliament, and yes everyone wants to “save” Holger Danske as a public domain.

BT 150413 Holger Danske

FB 150413 Morten M

  • Ole said that it is a good thing that the country has not been in a sacrifice demanding national emergency since the Germans were sent out in 1945, but the backside is that anyone can sit on their flat demanding the state to take over the famous Holger Danske statue, and I asked him if he had not discovered at all that Holger saved the nation, while he and his colleagues sat on their flats talking, and yes this was about “FIND HOLGER” as another said in this thread, and “find Holger” was about finding the inner core of the Source, which was not very easy to do as you will understand (?), also you Paul (?), and yes as usual my memory of your sir name has been removed from me, but you from Stansted.

FB 150413 Ole 2

  • I decided to tell the world that this sale is a sign of the great awakening coming to the world and also that I do see the home of this symbol of mine in Helsingør, and one option could be to place Holger Danske in “Himmerige” (where the old monument of the grave of Hamlet stood a long time ago) with a view over the sea (?), or “another good place”.

FB 150413 JP og Stig

  • Henrik commented an article about women wanting to share food by sarying “Do you want a beer?” – “No, I can just get some of yours” – “No, you can certainly not. When I buy a beer every single cell of my body is calibrated for 33 centilitres”, and this is the attitude of Henrik (and everyone else, “more or less”) streaming out of him, which is “I want” and “I know best/more than you”, which I simply cannot take (!), and it made me say that “It is our beer, not mine – BEER IS GOD, remember” (?), and this is still about the old Carlsberg beer commercial with Ulf Pilgaard, which is not on the Internet, and the message “do NOT be selfish” (!) and Jan Monrad saying “Beer is God”, which he was really right in, and let us say that “Beer was God, wine is God”, which is more precise with beer being destructive power now transformed to wine of everything.

FB 150414 Henrik D

  • He also gave this comment about gangs running an area of Copenhagen, which is really also about my new bed and duvet.

FB 150413 Henrik 2

  • Jette is a well-known medium here, whom I have started following, and here she says that “sometimes it is first when we hit the bottom that we discover our true potential and strength”, which she meant another way than how I understand it after having brought up the core of the Source at the bottom of all.

FB 150413 Jette H


16th April: It is first with the merger of the Source and our New World that I am being created as my new self

There was only once when we ran out of fuel, where we drew on your father almost killing him.

I was told about Stonehenge, if it had been destroyed, it would also have destroyed us.

Around midnight, I again had a serious tired crisis not knowing how I came over it, but I did and I received speech in past tense about what created darkness.

I was told that my father has had the same physical view on his eyes as I have had a few times – without him knowing what it is about.

I still felt darkness coming from my balcony – of the Source coming too far – which is now returning trying to get in where it came from, which is bringing a cork of darkness closing the hole of the Source.

I was given the word “pirkest” not knowing what it was about, and when looking it op, I see that it is the beginning of the word “pirkestang”, i.e. poke rod, which is a fish rod, so this is what we are still doing, catching more fish of life for my new self.

I was shown hay and a number of layer cakes inside the train each symbolising a world, and great happiness, and I was told that darkness now at the most will be used to clean my teeth.

I was shown the entrance to the hole of the Source together with a big bouquet of flowers together with much love and happiness, and I was told that all of our love and happiness is coming from inside of here.

I was told that there is still an oil leak – after BP in the Gulf of Mexico as I understand it – which Obama works on, and that the world is now careless about this making the problem disappear without the problem truly disappearing, and yes as so much else, for example natural catastrophes and poverty/hunger.

I continued receiving noises to my over and was told that soon there will be no more leaded windows.

I was told that the end document of Obama including China could have been either of darkness or of light, because we could have developed into both – also because of influence of both darkness on light on Obama and China as examples – and everything depended in the end on my attitude and actions.

I was shown the open door to an office where there is now only a very small safe inside the wall, which is where we are now.

I continued receiving the feeling/speech of England, and then I was told that we have succeeded setting it up, Stonehenge, it was not the most critical, would it work after all these years (?), but sort of part of it, and the feeling was that this is the place we will use to switch on everything of our New World, can this be (?), and via a spectacular light show one late night?

We only say this when we are a few days from this event.

You were not only forbidden in Egypt but all over the world. This ban is now also about to being lifted.

Now we are not going to deliver our harvest to the hairdresser to receive a cut any longer with the feeling that we have always done this to build up enough energy/life to bring everything of the Source over.

And now when we come to you saying “we want a child” (of darkness), you say “it cannot be done” and that is because I am now part of you meaning that I have given the power to all life.

How incredible it may sound, it is also because we cannot extract any criminal from your mother (to make a child of).

We have never seen anyone coming here without passport saying “let me in, I am you” and yes also father and mother and yes now son too, and since you know that this is true and I (the Source) am you (the New World), there was nothing we could do than to open to you, which otherwise would have required the unity of the Trinity – father, mother and son – as physical beings to do this, but you proved us wrong.

And because of this we are not afraid of handing out our new invention, eeehhh Stig, is this your new self waiting on you at the very end, and this is what darkness tried to stop via the bombs of Boston, see the short stories, and yes you have no idea of who did this but “guess” that it was an inside job to keep USA and the western world “angry” at Muslims, but you really don’t know.

I was awake the whole night “killing time”, and I used some time finding website services which can help me find broken links to my website, and this is a task I have never done as good as I could, which I can now see, and yes when I checked on this a long time ago, I did not find anyone working to my satisfaction, but I was probably too quick to decide and instead I have some times checked links on my main website manually, but now I have chosen 2-3 services, which I will use if and when I get time and energy to check and correct links of my main sites, and no, I cannot and will not check links to all of my hundreds of sites of scripts, only the main sites.

So we never had one of these from “Østjysk Musikforsyning” (an old symbol of darkness for some reason) to come; we also call them erasers, and they would erase one part of life (of your mother) after the other until life was not bearable, and this is when we would show ourselves as actors, but not before.

And this means that not one single part of Germany – our New World – is dead, and I repeat NOT ONE SINGLE PART after having done the work alone.

Those new “toasts” of all new life have also been laid in here, i.e. the New World.

Your mother also blocked telephone lines to you.

At 08.00 in the morning, I was still awake, and was “lead” to Swedish TV on the Internet, and found this – to me – VERY exciting documentary “Bragden” of the Swedish table tennis national team and their development/growth of the 1980’s until they starting in 1989 were able to do the “completely impossible”, which was to defeat the invincible Chinese at the World Championships, and yes when you compare millions of Chinese players and a completely different culture where winning these championships were a “parade discipline” and “requirement” of the Chinese government/population, and you had a small country of Sweden with only few players and NOT the same culture, it was a “suicide mission” to do this, but nevertheless the amazing three Swedes – Mikael Appelgren (called “THE APPLE” :-)), Jörgen Persson and Jan-Ove Waldner – did the impossible, and Sweden won the 1989 championships as well as in 1991 and 1993, and I was told that these victories helped changing the world, this is how it works here. The more you watched them – I loved these players, and also Björn Borg (Mats Wilander, Stefan Edberg too) in tennis and Ingemar Stenmark in slalom skiing doing similar OUTSTANDING results – the better they became. This is how it was, and they were my secret weapon – it was not only politics and money deciding on the world balance of power, it was also events like this.

I was told that it will become a dream start of our New World, and I was given a new sound to my kitchen table together with the feeling of life almost jumping from the table towards me, and I was told that we are now ready again, the hole of the Source has opened after retrieving the darkness blocking it, and we are now bringing new life of the Source to the New World.

I was told about constant resistance of war in Germany because of my father’s negative attitude of my mother as he has “always” had, which was the force I had to take from the Source – and also vice verse because of my mother’s negative attitude of my father – and this is what brought the strong power of my “old nightmare” with my mother, which was the only way we could create the greatest power in the world. But now I – the Source – is on your mother’s side inside the New World, and cannot bring you your “old nightmare”.

And it is first now when the spirits of my mother and father are together that we could create you, and if we had not, the New World would start as your mother, who would collect everything else to complete it after opening, which made me think that I probably was destined to die – otherwise we would have let you live as your old self as your mother (until I would become my new self).

So remaining parts of the Source would be darkness inside of me, which I did not have energy to open, but it would require me to give up to constant and inhuman pressure of darkness of MANY people, which I am still receiving, and when I am not, I do believe that we can bring out even more.

I was asked if the sale of Holger Danske could be seen symbolically as a threat of darkness against me (?), and it may be. But now it is Blur and “coffee and TV” and breakfast again, as I was told symbolising “love, the world, and creation of my father and mother”.


I was told that this means that there is now no more furniture to be removed, but a little bit of corrections to what we have already done. So now the pressure will soon stop. There is not one single pigsty inside of here any longer, and I felt Karen and how she used to be darkness, but now we are one, and then I was given yet another out of this world pain to my right ankle.

Can’t I get up from my burial chamber now (?), no we are not done! And later, oh you want everything to be perfect, and you ARE the burial chamber to where we will bring and from where we will awake everything.

Yes, Stig it is now only you lacking, and you who will start everything – I am here given the smell of powder, which is a little rest of darkness we will use for this purpose – and then I, the spirit of my father, will follow a little behind. So the only darkness remaining is to bring you, i.e. also us in. So I would probably never have come to you, which is what we would have said. All of this coming is only possible because of the extreme sufferings you have taken on you.

The symbol of darkness losing was FC Brøndby, which is also what is making it “impossible” to keep them alive not relegating and going bankrupt, but we decided to do this, which is a very delicate balance, and yes to win over darkness without making this symbol of it disappear.

Everything is now perfectly in place. Sanna was the power plant/Kraftwerk, and Karen the feelings.

I still do NOT – and have NEVER – felt good about publishing all writings etc. on me, but that is really because of negative reactions and ignorance of people.

I did not feel tired but exhausted meaning that I was not “forced” to go to bed, but I could not work, and I knew that under the surface, I was a living dead having to sleep, so I went to bed at 10.45 and slept until 19.30 only remembering this dream.

  • I am out on long tours with skis/shoes, but there is no more snow.
    • No more snow = no more sufferings, is this really what will happen now?
  • Something about a fitness trainer only half of the physical size of others, and having to be supported otherwise he will shake too much.
    • Ehhhh?
  • It is extremely cold in Helsingør. I am inside a building of afraid people, and I look at people wearing shirts with stripes, for example Jais, and tell them how disappointed I am with them staying in, and it feels like danger going out, and people encourage me to find Jesus and to get outside.
    • Silent people/wimps.
  • I was told half asleep that we are bringing in the worst darkness, so more there is.

I woke up to Sade’s “By your side”, which is both because this is what my spiritual friends are, and also because I watched her latest concert on Norwegian TV a few days ago, which brought me to tears because of the beauty of this music hitting me at the inner sport of me, which is ALSO a natural reaction because of EXTREME exhaustion and loneliness.

I had “slept” for many hours, but it did not change my feeling of being tired, exhausted and simply feeling rotten and completely destroyed, and yes doing a new script felt impossible again today.

When you had no more fuel, I should have stopped the game but there was no risk because your father had your fighting spirit because of your attitude.

And this is how we bring in the last parts of our living room, which was not meant to make it according to the game if I had stopped it.

If you had stopped working, we would have given you “serious sicknesses” like your father – no need to keep me fit for work then – and we would have gone very far as you saw with your father, and yes for all I know he could be dead as part of the game without anyone telling me, but I do hope he is still alive.

And this is the feeling of darkness now coming from my outside to my spinal column, which could have given me the slipped disc I dreamed of the other day.

Somehow it is now much easier to read with people having light and so on, but do they or are they caught in “poor habits”?

So this is why you are still given darkness, which you would not have received if I had stopped this life from coming forward.

Well it is not another blood child we are bringing because now we are inside of you, but eeehhh are we a blood child not meant to be discovered (?) and yes this was the general idea, but no, he has said I WANT IT ALL and I want it now, so this is how to do it.

I feel a potential big flu under my skin hoping that it will not break out.

Where do you pour down a beer not making it (?), and yes into the crack of the Source, so this is what we found because there had to be more.

I received the feeling of darkness of the spirit of my mother coming with the same feeling as my physical mother and an extreme happiness of seeing me again, and I was told that this is life, which did not come through (before now) because of Yemen.

Having Karen to “read” you is like having a polishing cloth cleaning liver pate from your spectacles, which makes it much easier to see, and this is the view, we are using to go through everything once again.

I received a few but BIG sneezes.

We now don’t need a telephone, we have invented that we are part of the great wide open, and with this knowledge, we simply have to re-unite.

I am thinking of how many of my Facebook friends, who never or almost never read my Facebook updates but just scroll over them, for example Jais, who keeps asking people to sign against a new law of politicians wanting to keep (some of) their work secret to the public, which he over and again asks people to sign, and I think about “what if he and everyone else did the same spreading the news about me” (?), but no, “impossible” to do this, it is.

I can bring you the happy news that now we don’t have to get to the hairdresser to get a haircut after all.

We were not as lucky that we succeeded moving and turning around the last part of the plane making us do like this (?), and I was shown the twist of a face and was told “see if you can explain this”.

I was told that we have not tried to break the egg and make it run down on you symbolising the end of life, and no I do NOT want that because the message is clear, EVERY LITTLE THING is to survive, and no, I will NEVER approve anything else, therefore.

Google Earth: I am still here, nice clean Greenland, and a taxi on its way bringing my new self

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show more darkness, I am still here, Fanny is also here, nice clean Greenland, a taxi on its way bringing my new self, the last life is the first ever and of our New World, Adam and Eve in Paradise, and “phone home” to bring life to our New World.

FB 160413 Jette 1

FB 160413 Jette 2

FB 160413 Jette 3

FB 160413 Jette 4

FB 160413 Jette 5

FB 160413 Jette 4

FB 160413 Jette 6

FB 160413 Jette 8

FB 160413 Jette 9

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Henrik is one of those on Facebook showing the most infuriating attitude, which I do NOT like at all, and here he said about Holger Danske that “this object is both artistic and historic unimportant. Please remember” and more later, and no, it is “impossible” to make this man listen to anything else than his own voice, so I decided that I would not try.

FB 160413 Henrik

  • The statue is for sale at an online auction yesterday having achieved a bit of 1.75 million DKK, and today the price rose to more than 40 million DKK because reporters from a satiric radio programme of the national radio of Denmark thought it was “funny” to sabotage the auction, and yes COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE behaviour from immature young men, and not even the national radio wanted to react, and yes part of the story making it “impossible” to sell the statue (?) to bring me out of “heaven” of Helsingør.

EB 160413 Holger Danske

  • Henrik brought a link saying that ”Holger belongs to Helsingør” – as I have written too – and he said that this is about ”wake up and smell the coffee”, and yes ”incredible from where he gets it” (?), and yes you do know that this is about our great awakening and coffee about “love”, which is what we will wake up to.

FB 160413 Henrik V

  • Thomas Blachman decided NOT to comment my encouragement to him to stand forward and apologise for his TV-programmes showing and speaking of nudity etc., and instead he brought this link to the next programme, and yes Thomas, this means that I can only give you the same predicate as “everyone else”, which is that you are truly a WIMP when it comes to the point (!), and why is it that “you” – another part of me – “cannot” stand forward, and eehhh because you are too “selfish” not having the courage to admit to your mistakes and to tell the world the truth about you and me (?), and yes when I can, you can too, and I am here given the feeling of Obama feeling the same as Thomas (?), and if this is the case, you are a WIMP too, my friend, and yes SADNESS is what I feel experiencing this from you – and more darkness coming my way of course.

FB 160413 TB

  • Yesterday, “the world was going under” according to American and Western media extensively covering the bombs of the Boston Marathon killing three and hurting more than 100 people, two Danish TV-channels decided to send live reports for hours on this even as “breaking news”, so this is about what is inside the heads of people not being able to see this in perspective for example compared to bombs of Afghanistan, which the same media and people watching couldn’t care less about, and yes not to speak about poverty, hunger – Dadaab as example – and pollution of the world, which you have turned your blind eyes to (!), and yes yes yes, we know, Stig, when I saw this I was shown a flying spirit being released from two firemen, and I was told “I will say no more than this”, and to me, these were Falck firemen meaning that Falck is still sending me darkness, and this had to come out somewhere, so this is where we did this, and yes at the very goal line of a long Marathon run showing darkness at the every end of my journey, which is what this truly means to me – and to the media: You are “hysterical bitches” as we say here not being able to control your negative feelings, and I am here given the thought that the American secret government has asked you to cover this extensively to “help” bring the public even more against Muslims?

FB 160413 BBC

FB 160413 Toke

  • Christopher has not given up on me now trying to be direct, but he had difficulties commenting my last comment taking good time to tell me that he is also God as another part of me (?), and yes I am not told anything about him other than the feeling is “it is up to you to see if you can communicate/understand each other”.

FB 160413 Christopher



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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One Response to April 16, 2013: It is first with the merger of the Source and our New World that I am being created as my new self

  1. jette says:

    husk nu at hvile dig ❤

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