April 18, 2013: God smiles and gives Jette and I the highest grade “UG” for our work bringing faith to the (official) world


Summary of the script today

17th April: Filling up life of our New World, which had been deleted, coming through the most narrow opening

  • We are filling up life of our New World, which had been deleted, and this life comes from the sinking ship through the most narrow opening of my throat, and I received a game of whether or not it is possible to bring in the last of the Source, but I continue my game, IF I CAN.
  • I am now having even less energy than ever before after Karen and John has extracted energy from me. I am on my outermost edge about to give up constantly.
  • Dreaming of boxing with Allan, silence of people, all life has now stood up making me as the sum, and Kim s. cheating me.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show a missing man from the meat city of Copenhagen, the winner takes it all, photographing/accepting more life to enter our New World, darkness still trying to steal my energy, Stig is here as the spaceman to wake up people, look into the mirror, there is no energy inside the Source.
  • Short stories of Bent Van Helsingør giving up on saving Holger Danske in Helsingør.

18th April: God smiles and gives Jette and I the highest grade “UG” for our work bringing faith to the (official) world

  • Dreaming of the Eifel Tower transmitting light, the absence of Russia hunting me is what made Gods, and continuing work inside of darkness now being pulled out.
  • I was allowed to sleep more, and now I work much less. The door to darkness, which really is light, is closing.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show SMILE and God giving Jette and I the highest grade of “UG”, seeing my mother through the window, my mother is raising and the Source is cleaning as ever, and a great number, great day.
  • I am meeting the membrane separating the last part of the Source from the New World, which we will now start going through, which may bring sufferings to the world at the same time as I will continue working and absorbing darkness myself based upon what I can do having only little or none energy.
  • Short stories of Holger Danske helping to save FC Brøndby, Tanwir “returns from the dead”, and we cannot get all life with us.


17th April: Filling up life of our New World, which had been deleted, coming through the most narrow opening

I was shown the end wall of a building in the centre of Copenhagen followed by an empty corner, and I was told that the big dough machine has started again, which is to fill out this hole of life.

And I am shown red bows being tied on my ice hockey skates by mother, whom I am playing for and yes continuing my fight inside darkness finding even more life now seeing better than before. And this will also continue the feeling of my throat being used as a very narrow funnel.

I was told about my mother and sister speaking about Jette’s Google Earth pictures and “are there really something to be seen on them” (?), which is the level they are on, and I was invited for Tobias birthday held by my sister, and I wrote back that I look forward to the day where I can invite them too, and afterwards I received the feeling that my birthday is coming up May 3, where I could invited them for coffee and cakes, but I do believe that I feel far too poorly to do this, and yes this is what they speak of, that I am not inviting them, they are always inviting me, and “how terrible that my be”!

We are not going to have gravy and potatoes there (at the empty corner), are we (?), and yes I am here shown the clip of George Carl from Danish TV in 1975 where he at the end of this performance keeps walking around in the same circle with his legs becoming smaller and smaller until he practically cannot or should not be able to continue walking, but this is what we do “vacuum cleaning” life inside of here once again.

Is it now that I have to save myself home from Funen?

There aren’t any half rotten eggs in there, are there (?), and I look into a room where even more life is located, which we now bring out the sinking ship, and I feel this as darkness already spread around the New World, which is really what I am inside, but deciding to keep working as darkness, which is really impossible, and I cannot tell you how dizzy and tired I am making this work as impossible as ever.

I was told about John’s brother Tommy, who saw me when he was almost dying, which no one pays attention to?

I was asked why continue the game as it is now (?), why not just switch on our New World (?), and yes I feel like the sum of all people against me, poorer than Hell, and I am told that this is still to save man from sufferings when opening our New World, and to open at the highest possible level.

I was told about an “umbrella arrangement” to protect me from rain, i.e. the end my sufferings, but first when I will, and yes as long as I can do a difference still working, I will.

I felt life entering me from right and was shown a big key “all over” and heard this life say so you don’t need a key because you are everything sitting there, and yes that’s right.

Around 03.00 I could not keep myself awake for approx. one hour, but still I did.

And then suddenly during the night, I received an instant STRONG darkness to the back side of my right lower leg, which was about more life inside darkness coming to me.

Do I soon get my royal hunting grounds back (?) – I was shown the Deer Park north of Copenhagen – and I felt a previous Danish King with me, and then the late Frederick IX of Denmark came forward and he told me that he thinks of his grand child Crown Prince Frederick as another part of me, and yes hi there to you too, Frede, are you coming to Helsingør this year for a cup of coffee or should I say beer because of your SILENCE too (?), and I still wonder how many parts of me there really are, and yes we will see.

The last couple of days I have been given a pretty strong desire to have a Coca Cola as I have not had since 2009, and yes the feeling of darkness given to me.

I received the feeling of Martinus, who told me that everything is ready for giving man “cosmic consciousness”, which is to lift us all up to our new selves as God’s.

I was told by the inner Source that it was me wanting to kill all life because I am the opposite of what I create, which is why creation had to become stronger than me, which was the task my mother received.

I was told by new darkness from the balcony that I will guarantee that you do not have space enough for me, and yes you are welcome, just come forward you too.

I was far too dizzy, exhausted, tired to continue working but I managed to get out of the sofa around 04.30 starting the work to control links to my website, which I had absolutely no desire to do at all feeling as miserable as I do, and I feel the desire to sleep all day/night without working because this is almost the only thing I can do now.

I feel and see hay all over with hay belonging to the garden of Paradise.

We could almost not recognise you again, do you have the black camera with you (?), yes and no, because he, i.e. Stig, is and I am no longer, so I am too now that you are pulling me forward.

Still I feel darkness very much with me physically wanting to speak out of my mouth, together with the feeling “because of the media” (because of my script yesterday).

It is really your mother opening the door from the bathroom with a foot sponge after discovering that we are right in here.

It mostly feels like you are requested to leave your clothes not knowing where you are going and then suddenly you come back from out of nothing, this is how we are retrieving life, and I see it still coming from the balcony, but a long turn round.

The punishment has been reduced because of your sister, and her feelings to me.

The symbol of “Byggeren” was really about brick stone of darkness ready to be thrown at you.

I received a vision of Bakken where I met my mother and John in the Easter of 2011, and the feeling was “old memories” coming back, and I was told that this is resurrected life, which was terminated back then.

We thought there were only a few seconds until the end of all life, so we hurried away, which I understand was also to bring me relief from the ENORMOUS pressure on me that day.

I was given the taste of orange, and saw and was told that only little blood orange is mixed inside of it.

I then received a VERY concentrated yellow colour of my monitor, which to me means that “I am falling asleep”, and then suddenly it turns white, which is when I will wake up as my new self with lot of energy/power, and yes I am shown this over and over also when writing this, and this is with a smile of my father now inside the New World also learning how it works.

There is really a full globe on some of the edges of the black dice as I see, and yes full worlds, which were terminated now resurrected.

The life/darkness attached to my right ankle now feels less than for some time.

I continued working until 08.00 checking and correcting my Signs pages for broken links – there were not that many – and even though I am TRULY completely down, I get “another life” after 1-2 hours in front of the computer being able to do work as I don’t believe anyone else than me would be able to do thinking of just how rotten I feel.

Again I received this incredible smiling character just underneath the act saying “can you say that you are up on the liquorices” (?), which you say here when you are “alert”, and yes good enough to bring much life in because of what I did this night and morning.

I was shown the circle of a snake removing its skin, and underneath it, it is pure light where a train continues driving around, and this is to say that it is only on the surface that we are darkness because on the inner side we still have all old information/life intact.

I was shown Holger Danske having black rope tying his hands behind his back, and now the rope is being opened.

It is not payday today, is it (?), no, but this is how it feels, and yes because I decided to do a check up on my Facebook friends to see who has left me lately, and once again Facebook has done something completely crazy or lazy when it is no longer possible to get an alphabetical list of friends (!), until you “create a list” and copy all friends from this pop-up window, which “funny” enough is alphabetic, and yes you could do SO MUCH BETTER my Facebook friends.

I keep losing Facebook friends, who decide to leave me, and I keep adding new from time to time today having 197 friends, but when I copy all names and insert them in Microsoft Excel, the list is only on 185 names (!), so there are 12 hidden in there somewhere, which may also be spiritual darkness hiding them for me – maybe also Britt, thus not being herself deleting me (?) – and I saw that Helsingør Dagblad (!), Manyar Parwani (!) and also Morten Løkkegaard have left me as Facebook friends

Furthermore, there is a new “strange” phenomenon on some friends, who are listed “half”, and yes Facebook has changed design, but this is the same “principle” as before where some people only appear “half” on my friends page (my normal friends page, where they appear “half”, which they did not on the alphabetic list above), and here you have some examples of this where you can see Manyar and Chris as “half” in the first picture, and the link in the lower left corner is when I keep my mother over Manyar from which you can tell that his profile name has been deleted on contrary to people still “whole” as for example Lisbeth where you can see the link to her profile.

So the question is if these people really left me or have been deleted symbolising that this is what they would have become because of darkness temporary terminating life.

FB venner 170413

FB 170413 venner 2

This list includes all people now only appearing “half” on my friends page.

FB venner 3 170413

I was shown Holger Danske and told that it symbolises him all the way up there, i.e. the inner of the Source, and when he was set for sale it was to say that it was impossible for me to reach the top.

I was shown myself as a king lying in sick bed, and I look at a wing of an outdoor shopping centre with a strong desire to break in the glasses of the dark stores in front of me, but no, I don’t want that and instead I stand out of bed and enter the stores to switch on the light even though I have no energy, and yes, I have even less energy these days than ever before, and here at 09.30 I am thinking that I don’t have energy at all to cycle to town to do a little shopping, but I really do need this and yes can I stay up to maybe 18.00 or 20.00 trying to come into a normal day rhythm over the next couple of days?

Eventually I decided to get out, and when in town, I felt poorer than ever before without any energy at all, and I felt that it was almost impossible just to walk and how close I was to fainting, and I was told that it was Karen and John pulling even more energy out of me, and if I can feel it (?), you bet!

I kept fighting with darkness of negative speech still coming at me, and it is the same as when you have been tortured the worst, that you should be closer to give in to get out of this misery, and I felt how my spiritual friends were very close to set in helping me out of this act, but when I decided not to give in, this is what my actors also did.

Later at home, I received loud noises from my balcony, and to my surprise a rather big out of this world pain to my right ankle, and I was told that no one has big enough wallet for me, what do you want to do then (?), and I was told that nothing is big enough to receive me, and yes this was quite convincing, but isn’t this the last of the Source, which we are vacuum cleaning after having received the biggest part the other day?

I received identical sounds to small stones being thrown at my balcony, and heard how one landing in a black container, and is this what I really will do?

I watched some of Margaret Thatcher’s funeral on live TV, and I saw the whole line of British aristocracy with the Queen and the former political elite of Britain and some foreigners too, and I wonder what some of you knowing about me and my view on Margaret Thatcher thought (?) when you were “celebrating” the duchess of darkness giving her one of the finest burials ever in British history (?), and yes apparently Margaret does not like duck, because it is fattening, and yes duck is a symbol of creation.

I was told about the former President Mitterand in France – “midt i rand” as he was called here (“middle of the edge”) – and that he fought for you and at the end, he was a man of peace.

You have got to chose because your heart is not strong enough to receive everything, so what do you want (?), with the logical answer “take what you can without killing me”.

I felt the spirit of my father and he said that I will then start to pack never believing that we would come this part, and he said that he will not die but this is probably how you will feel it, which was said together with a understatement.

There is no house I can enter, so don’t be sad, I have always prepared this – an alternative way to be found, and no, you will never accept your “old nightmare”, which is why I do this myself now.

When you will wake up as your new self, you will feel that something is missing, which will start the wild treasure hunt right until you will find me.

However, a little later I was told that in the interest of the truth, this was a forgery because you continue working, and only if you cannot, this is how it will become. And this is also connected with you not being unemployed, and is it possible that there is a way out of this (?), and yes if the Commune goes well (I will see them in May), and I was told the other day that they see the “lacks” in their case to give me permanent disability pension.

So what do you choose (?), and yes to continue the game if I can, which I am NOT sure that I can being completely out of energy, and I was given a small heart attack as the immediate reply to my decision, and was told that because you continue saying that everything has to be perfect, we will try to find a solution.

I was given a mark to my teeth, and was told “and you just need to get there then”. You would not be here without the state of Skåne (“Scania”, i.e. the Southern part of Sweden), which lifted you up, and I was shown an axis of this the last part of the Source, which will go even deeper than before.

I was sure that we could not afford doing this. We found a way out of here”.

For a while the game given to me was “what is right of these scenarios” (?), and my answer was as usual “I don’t care, I play my own game, you are still welcome here”. And then we may get a new visit from Skåne/Sverige again, and who knows, just the last way in.

I tried to stay awake as long as I could, and at 16.00, I was more than dead beat, and decided to go to bed hoping to be able to sleep to midnight, and to be able to stay awake until tomorrow evening coming back in normal rhythm, but I only slept until 22.00, and I was EXTREMELY tired and received a few dreams, which I may or may not be able to read, let us see.

  • I am boxing against Allan (my old class friend) at Svingelport.
  • Something about a wife and daughter. She does not speak and the daughter loosens up – and something about be partners in love again.
  • A collection for three years is almost perfect, but there is not enough coins for Jesus.
  • Half awake I was shown and told that we look big, we have now all stood up looking like you on the bench inside Tivoli, we remembered you.
    • This is all life united standing up making me the sum.
  • I am together with Lars G. at the court where the question is if Kim S. only works as him self or something more as he claims, and Lars G. gives comments at the court for Kim to hear making it uncomfortable for me, and he says that this is the unpleasant consequence for Kim lying because he actually only worked as him self, and Kim’s father in law, Jørgen, is also there and he wants to punish me believing that I am disloyal. Lars and I leave heading for a café.
    • Both Kim and Lars are symbols of God and here together for the first time, and what is the meaning of this?

I woke up receiving some hiccups, and I received the song “drømmer jeg” (“do I dream”?) by the Danish band Johnny Deluxe, which is about their “merger” with the Swedish singer Anna Nordell, which is about Sweden helping me.

I was told that at this stage, I would automatically have received my “old nightmare” because of the influence of Christoffer – Mette’s son – and others. But we will do our best not to destroy you. And it all comes back to: Who is so un-Christian that …., and this is my mother.

And then I was told that the threats given to me today of the last darkness being too strong for me to handle also may be because I saw a collection of videos of beautiful girls yesterday, where I scrolled through some not living up to my own rules, and yes this may be darkness coming to me this way.

So this is why we have reached a hopeless point where the truth is that we are now going to end the mission? So we really have crossed the goal line a long time ago.

I heard life inside darkness say, so we are still getting out before it is too late, and yes no change.

You will get my documents too – i.e. life of darkness – if you can do this, which is finalise work of today.

So it is not a question if we have for your rent, but if you have for ours.

There is a stamp for all of your family including your father saved here. I felt my father and was told that this is my lie you have found inside of your own.

This is what you can call “smalhals” (really meaning poverty, but directly translated it become “narrow throat”) to come over here too.

I was told that it is a symbol when my mother has now decided to buy the same coffee as I do, which is the “gold coffee” from Aldi, which by far is the best coffee for the price, and yes my mother started doing this only a few weeks ago.

I don’t just watch TV, Stig, I am the TV, and yes there is a big difference.

So your mother is really in the process of removing all faeces – to stop my sufferings.

Google Earth: Stig is here as the spaceman to wake up people

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show a missing man from the meat city of Copenhagen, the winner takes it all, photographing/accepting more life to enter our New World, darkness still trying to steal my energy, Stig is here as the spaceman to wake up people, look into the mirror, there is no energy inside the Source.

FB 170413 Jette 1

FB 170413 Jette 2

FB 170413 Jette 3

FB 170413 Jette 4

FB 170413 Jette 6

FB 170413 Jette 5

FB 170413 Jette 7

FB 170413 Jette 8

FB 170413 Jette 9

FB 170413 Jette 10

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Vivienne Mckee is planning the new Crazy Christmas Cabaret still speaking half English/Danish symbolising my notes of these scripts, and two days I encouraged her to help Holger Danske in Helsingør – if he/she with that name should not help, who should (?) – but all she could was to thank me as a Dane speaking poor English would have done, which is Bent Van Helsingør in a nutshell.

FB 170413 Bent van H


18th April: God smiles and gives Jette and I the highest grade “UG” for our work bringing faith to the (official) world

I was allowed to sleep more, and now I work much less. The door to darkness, which really is light, is closing.

We are securing that there will be no rotten tomatoes.

I continued working with my script of yesterday until 01.45 when I published it, and yes it is VERY difficult to work, especially in the beginning, these days, and again I feel as if I could sleep constantly, and it feels like completely impossible to stay awake from here, we will see.

I was told that this is also about who was the best doing advertising (on me), my mother or me, and I felt my father’s mother and was told that this is also what gave her the order to do violent haemorrhage of man or not, and when you did not see this, you can guess the answer to this one?

I was shown the visit of Preben and Hans Henrik to me in Hørsholm some years ago, and I was told that the reason why I should buy my bicycle through Preben was for him to see that I am perfectly normal and for him to tell this story of me to the insurance business of Denmark.

We decided to bring forward two Arabian stallions – my father and I – when only one was more than enough.

I was told that it required the biggest speakers in the world – i.e. clear/direct messages of my scripts – for me to be released and not killed by the world.

At 04.00 I had had a new tired crisis for one hour, and this time I decided that I could not fight it anymore, and I took a nap even though my father said “don’t do it”, and I had a poor nap on the sofa until 06.30 including these dreams.

  • I was told half awake that the Eifel Tower is a “radio tower” transmitting light.
  • I am at a Russian military camp, which has been closed down, where they don’t even balance their cash desk even though they have been ordered to do this regularly. When I walk outside the camp, I meet a Westerner, much higher than I, and even though he should be on my side, he points sceptical at me with a gun giving me the feeling that he might decide to shoot, and I try to make him stop, because this is “too stupid” to do instead of just trusting me.
    • I was told that this is what makes Gods, the absence of Russia hunting me, and it gave us calm to do the last critical connections.
  • I am with “hammer stroke” – a TV programme guessing prices on houses – north of Copenhagen, which is more like “open house”, and there is an incredible interest of a massive amount of people to watch this house, and even though they charge extra for a gas burner, the price is still less than it was, and there are beautiful girls inside this house almost “trapping” me and a friend, and the host of the TV programme decide for a special way to bring us out, in civilian, and we leave in car, it is raining much, and we are stuck in a massive car queue and have to get out of it, and I see Jeremy Clarkson driving against us and in the split of a second where we can drive out, he jumps up making it possible for us to “escape”.
    • Still working inside darkness, which it seems that my father and I are leaving now. Gas is darkness too.

I was given the word ”Zodiac”, which I knew of, but did not know the meaning of in Danish, and I was told that it is in relation to life of people of other civilizations out there, and when looking it up, I understand that this is from life all over, so thank you my friends, small and big and however you may look like :-).

Maybe this nap will make it possible for me to stay awake until tonight.

I was told that Dennis Mortimer was given to me some time ago because mor=mother in Danish and this is about the timer of my mother being “the end”.

Yes, he has woken up, and it is him, Stig, sitting there again, so now we can continue you say.

I was shown a valve of the engine of a tractor of a farm opening, but I closed it from the inside, because I am still working in here, not requesting help – but receiving it this night/morning, when I simply could not take anymore, which stopped most speech and visions, but the feeling of the narrow funnel of my throat continues.

You can count the number of people of the class yourself – feeling the mission number of Facebook friends here – didn’t there use to sit some next to the window (?), so “more life” is what we are searching for.

We are packing a new suitcase, yes the cooker could get in despite of the break (when I was sleeping).

I was told that we will now enter sea with less sharks because you have decided for it?

I was shown my mother wearing a summer hat on Mallorca – as if she is Yvonne from the Olsen-gang – and I am shown a GIANT statue of Holger Danske appearing in the height of all of those steps I walked up.

After your journey to England, there is also almost nothing left, and then I felt that this was my journey to Arthur Findlay College in 2005 and 2006 – because this spiritual university uses my energy for its own and its attendants for a large degree of “selfish pleasure” – but this will come to your advantage now, and that is because of the faith in me spreading.

I was shown my self and the two others of the Trinity standing on the stairways with a door almost closing in to a big room where people of darkness are partying including Darth Vader, and darkness is of course only what they are on the surface.

I was encouraged to cycle today, but no, I still feel far too poor to cycle, I am truly down even though I am a little better than the last days.

I was told that just before awakening, my mother and John as examples will think/feel “oh, what complete idiots we were” and yes for not READING and UNDERSTANDING Stig, which was what he asked us to do for years, and yes he has known since 2006 about who he is, which you “could not” understand not because of him but because of you.

I received new “problems” for my amplifier to play the right channel of my father, and later also my computer, but it was like a cork, which had to open, which it then did.

What do we do with the sewing machine, when he does not break down (?), maybe we will bring that too (?), and yes EVERYTHING YOU GOT, so we will bring it too, and yes you do NOT want us to throw anything away, good.

I spoke to my mother, who said that the exhaust on their car is broken and John will take it for repair, which to me means “much pollution”, i.e. darkness sent to me, and furthermore she was nice to offer to bring two bottles of red wine as my gift for Tobias birthday on Saturday as we will go to, and yes otherwise I would not have been able to bring anything, as usual, which was the challenge I had to overcome to without the family turning their back on me.

I was shown myself polishing a cannot ball, which at the same time is a pair of shoes, this is still how it is inside of here.

Do you think there is room for Småland, Sweden, inside of him too (?), and yes we are just bringing in parts of Sweden to you, which is future life of the Source not explored yet.

We can still use the old setup of our can’t we (?) – as I understand to receive the next parts of the Source. And I am shown a motorcycle basement with lot of motorcycles of this place, which now will become life of our New World, and this is what it took for us to get my mother believe in me (?), which is the feeling.

So now we bring out night clothes to sleep in.

I continued working on correcting broken links to my website this afternoon and I have now gone through all main sites.

It feels like committing thief at high noon – receiving more life of the Source and something about England.

I was told about artefacts of the Inca’s bearing my name, and also Stonehedge in England telling a story including me?

I received the “Cheers theme” and was told that now it will not take long time before “everybody knows your name”, and you do remember that “bar” is a symbol of God, and yes this song has come to me for years because of this.

I was in a new situation this afternoon not having much work remaining and without receiving much information.

I received smiles and was told that now we can almost not hold out the last life, and I felt my sister.

I was given several sounds to my kitchen including the sound of tree and was told that we are now far up in the forests of Sweden.

I was also given the sound of darkness inside of here, but we are really packing bed clothes as I was shown.

We did not tell you that we came fine through having fine blood vessels.

I was told that the “inability” of the official system to realise that I was NOT unemployed and their decision to give me slave work as their “solution” is what will show the world the need of closing down these public systems.

I was told that we have collected from new parts of the Source – of Sweden – to bring out terminated life from inside the back side of my left lower leg.

At 17.00, I was again tired and broken down taking a new nap until 19.30.

The last part of the Source is going through the membrane to our New World

I received Duran Duran’s Skin Trade – another favourite band and song – and the lyrics “would someone please explain, the reason for this strange behaviour“, and I was told that a whole farmer’s rebellion is on its way, and Ipswich, i.e. darkness, had to be exterminated first.

Will we two – father and son – first merge at the very end (?), and yes for all I know, we have made one new creation in 2011, but maybe not merged (completely) yet.

I was told about Georgie – whom I feel from time to time – and Karine that they are not only the forum of cars, but it was “completely impossible” to convince them about me, but what are your true feelings? And when these two are on place, we could build a pyramid over them, and so on (layer by layer).

Don’t you believe that a nuclear explosion would have changed Earth? But what really happened with the nuclear threat of North Korea (?), did they receive pay-off to “shut up” (?), was this the reason for their threats (?), or don’t they have the capability to launch these weapons, all an act?

At around 22.30, I received another tired crisis, they come to me with short breaks now, and I was on my way to bed, but decided eventually to stay up to write the last notes of the script and to publish it today before going to bed.

Is this the membrane (the last part of the Source entering the New World) that we meet now? You decide yourself when. How do you break this, when you do NOT accept darkness to overtake you? So this is the last darkness you are now leaving, and will this bring a (hopefully) small bang to the world when this will happen?

You are safety yourself inside this prison, so what the world will now see as it has not seen yet is how you and I – my father and I – as one will break out from here, which will bring a hurricane to the world.

So we, i.e. Stig, did not have any more energy, which automatically lets us out, and I was given a mark to my left foot coming from the last part of me of darkness from the balcony, which is to say that this last part of me is inside the New World.

I was shown how MANY cars of us have driven out, but not the last two of my father and I, and that is at least the last parts of us. So this is the last life of darkness, which will enter you, which will not hurt you, but what about the world and your mother (?), and I can only hope for the best.

And I was asked to approve this, which I did if this is the best we can do now. It corresponds to have a piece of paper – us remaining – at the backside of a speak and of the same size of a speaker.

I was then again given a sudden pain to the back side of my right lower leg, which is me/us inside of here. This corresponds to accepting to do what is not right, and yes it is alright to do as long as you follow my old rules of protecting me, my parents and family, friends etc. as the best protected (in that order).

This is then what we do when you sleep. So we are still welcome, yes I will NOT start to accept the attitude of darkness. So we have a New World where we have transferred everything of us without ourselves still here, which is a paradox but this is how it is, and this is  at least how I am told it, because I have received MANY layers of me, and this is only the last layers.

And I will continue working according to the energy I have, which should make the hurricane/sacrifice of the world, if any, smaller. Isn’t this the same as exploding an airport – the last part of God – and will my father be able to handle this (?) – and yes what about myself, and yes there is still acting of this.

We can call it ”pocket money” that you provide us, and yes the difference will be taken care of by God and the world.

Google Earth: Google Earth: God smiles and gives Jette and I the highest grade “UG” for our work bringing faith to the (official) world

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show SMILE and God giving Jette and I the highest grade of “UG”, seeing my mother through the window, my mother is raising and the Source is cleaning as ever, and a great number, great day.

FB 180413 Jette 6

FB 180413 Jette 1

FB 180413 Jette 2

FB 180413 Jette 3

FB 180413 Jette 4

FB 180413 Jette 5

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Michael Wulff said that FC Brøndby has now decided to buy Holger Danske, who is cheap compared to Peter Madsen as example, and yes, to replace Dennis Rommedahl, and just a sign of Holger Danske, i.e. me, saving darkness of Brøndby too.

Helt Normalt 170413

  • Bent did his best to save Holger Danske, but not quite good enough, Bent …?

FB 180413 Bent

  • I thought that Tanwir had blocked me a few months ago, and “terminated” he was to me on Facebook, but now he is “back from the dead” :-).

FB 180413 Tanwir

  • In relation to this explosion today, I was shown the claws of the eagle and was told that we cannot get everything with us, which is what my sneezes/hiccups as I continue receiving a few times everyday are about, and now I also sleep too much, which has to sacrifice life too. This is what we call posterity, life which will come to us after the opening of our New World.

BBC 180413 Waco



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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